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    Dual Shock 2 FAQ by ATadeo

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/08/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            D U A L   S H O C K   2  F A Q
                   FAQ for the Playstation 2 Dual Shock 2 Controller
                                     Version 1.0
                                  Model: SCPH-10010
                                    By: "A" Tadeo
                                Created: May 8, 2001
                               Date last Updated: n/a
                         Mail me at: aaron20@edsamail.com.ph
                          Home Page: http://surf.to/aaronph
    Greetings again! Here I am exploring new horizons again. I’ll just explain to 
    you what you need to know about the Sony Playstation 2 Dual Shock 2 
    Controller (SCPH-10010). How to use it and how to take care of it for your 
    gaming pleasure. Hopefully, I’ll be able to go as in-depth as I can to 
    explain it. If ever I commit any mistake, please feel free to send in your 
    corrections/suggestions. They will be most welcome. 
    Now, my goals in writing this FAQ is to let owners of PS2s to have a greater 
    experience by knowing more about the Dual Shock 2 Controller. Take note that 
    I’m putting everything in my own words. That means, I’ll be explaining almost 
    everything from experience. Also, the layout I’ll be using would be 
    Frequently Asked Questions Style. Here we go.
                      I.     Updates/Revisions
                      II.    The Dual Shock 2 Controller
                             A. Why is it called Dual Shock 2?
                             B. How do I use it?
                             C. What does Analog Control mean?
                             D. What does Analog Buttons mean?
                             E. How do I know if I have an Original Controller?
                             F. Some issues regarding the Dual Shock 2 Controller
                                1. Third-party Controllers
                                2. Compatibility                     
                                3. Warranty
                      III.   Taking Care of your Controller/Troubleshooting
                      IV.    Credits and Acknowledgements
                            THE DUAL SHOCK 2 CONTROLLER
    Manufacturer:   Sony
    For use with:   Sony Playstation 2 (tm) Console, Sony Playstation and PS One
    Model no:       SCPH-10010 u / 97026
    Retail Price:   $24.99
    Just like its predecessor, the Dual Shock controller for the PS, the Dual 
    Shock 2 controller features vibration function and analog controls for the 
    Sony Playstation 2 Console. But then, the Dual Shock 2 looks the same as the 
    Dual Shock controller. They both have 2 Analog Sticks, X, Triangle, Square, 
    Circle, L and R buttons and a D-Pad all in the same location. The only 
    difference is the Analog Buttons (see its section below).
    It’s quite simple, just plug in your Controller in the Controller Slot 1 or 2 
    at the front of the console. 2 Grips are available for comfort in playing and 
    the buttons are well-placed so that you’ll have easy access to all of them. 
    Now, with regards to the games, you can easily customize them (on most games) 
    within the game itself. If you want to switch to Analog Control, press the 
    Analog button in the center of the controller. The LED display will light up 
    beneath the button. 
    Analog controls will give you much stability and precision in your games. 
    Example, your character in a game will walk if you slightly push the analog 
    stick and runs when you push the stick all the way. Most likely, the Analog 
    functions work in harmony with the Directional Pad. Let’s say you move using 
    the D-Pad and change the camera view using the Analog Stick.
    This is a cool feature of the Dual Shock 2 Controller. Just like the Analog 
    Sticks, the Analog Buttons (X, Triangle, Square, etc.) will give you much 
    precision while playing. A perfect example would be racing games, where how 
    hard you press the button determines how the gas pedal is forced down. Unlike 
    in the PS, the buttons will only function 2 ways. Either activated or not. 
    The PS2 will let you take absolute control of the game. Although this is only 
    a supported feature, some games may not utilize it.
    First of all, consider where you bought your Controller. If you bought it 
    from respectable stores (or online stores for that matter) you need not 
    worry. Samples are Toys ‘r Us, Electronics Boutique, Amazon.com, and much 
    Now, to know if your controller is an original by looking at the controller 
    and packaging itself, you can do it in many ways. First, Original controllers 
    comes with your PS2 consoles so if you have only one controller, it’s an 
    original one if it came from the console. Now, for retail controllers (those 
    that are sold separately), you can check it packaging by looking at the Sony 
    logo as well as the Playstation logos. You should also check the Model 
    number. The model number is SCPH-10010. Also, buying from friends or other 
    non-retail or wholesale person may net you a controller that isn’t original. 
    So, don’t be afraid to ask if it is an original one and ask them a proof that 
    it is definitely an original one.
    1. Third Party Controllers
    Right now, there are lots of third-party companies that make Dual Shock 2 
    controllers. Examples are Nyko, Pelican, Mad Catz, etc. These controllers 
    have their own design and thus they have their own advantages and 
    disadvantages from the Original Dual Shock 2.
    Some advantages are Turbo Functions that enables your button to be pressed 
    numerous times by just holding the button. Another advantage is the 
    programmable function. You can program a button to function as 2 or more 
    buttons pressed at the same time. One more advantage is that some Controllers 
    are remote controlled so you can just relax and finally forget worrying about 
    tripping the cord of the controller. But most likely, the controls are 
    sluggish. That’s the disadvantage. Another disadvantage would be comfort. 
    Some controllers (no offense) are designed improperly and will give you 
    discomfort in holding them. Examples are: buttons are far away from each 
    other, the grips are too big, the grips are short, the buttons doesn’t work 
    sometimes, the Analog Controls aren’t precise, and sometimes the rubber of 
    the buttons wear out quickly.
    It would hurt to buy third-party controller as they give new ideas on how to 
    control your game. What’s not good is to buy bootleg controllers. Those that 
    try to copy the Dual Shock 2. First, they aren’t supported by Sony in any 
    way, and most likely their performance is very much substandard. 
    2. Compatibility
    If you may ask, the Dual Shock 2 CAN be used, I repeat, can be used on your 
    Playstation or PS One consoles. It works pretty much the same except for the 
    fact that PS games aren’t capable of Analog button function as the PS2 does. 
    But you can just take it for fun and try it on your PS. =)
    3. Warranty
    The Memory Card has a 90-day warranty from Sony. It is stated that it is only 
    applicable in the US or Canada only and factory defects are the only ones 
    covered by the warranty. Accidents aren’t covered in most cases but it’s rare 
    (examples are: when you have your Controller shipped through a Courier 
    Service and the damage was incurred during its delivery). 
    What will void your warranty? Here are some instances. Opening up the 
    controller and modifying or replacing the contents of the controller, 
    accidents such are tripped cord (by tripping from it or cutting it 
    deliberately) and button wear out. Basically, just do what the Dual Shock 2 
    is intended for and you’ll be just fine. Dual Shock and Dual Shock 2s are 
    known for longevity.
                          TAKING CARE OF YOUR CONTROLLER
    Proper care of your Playstation 2 Dual Shock 2 Controller will ensure long 
    life. I’ll enumerate everything in this section according to what you should 
    do and what you must not do.
    Things you should do...
    1. Before playing, plug in your controller firmly and gently in and out the 
    controller port of the Playstation 2 console.
    2. When storing your PS2, remove the controller from the controller port.
    3. Keep it in a safe place after usage where it has room temperature.
    4. Placing the controller in the case or inside the PS2 box is also 
    Things that you must not do are...
    1. Do not yank the controller by the cord.
    2. Do not forcefully plug-in or pull-out the controller from the port.
    3. Do not experiment on opening up your controller and mess around with 
       what’s inside.
    4. Do not dump/submerge it in liquids.
    5. Do not try to cut the cord at any time.
    6. Don’t throw your controller or step on it when you lose.
    7. Finally, do not try to cut the cord and do something that will enable it 
       on other systems.
    As you can see there are a more things that you should not do than the things 
    you should do. There your have it, just follow these and I’m sure your Dual 
    Shock 2 Controller will live a happy long life. 
    Sometimes the inevitable happens and something weird happen to your 
    controller. There are lots of things involved here and I’ll list the most 
    common problems you might encounter.
    Problem:  The controls aren’t responding
    Probable Causes: The controller is not plugged-in correctly. The controller 
              is damaged. You forgot to initialize the button setting for this 
              particular game.
    Solution: Check that the controller is firmly placed in the controller port 
              and the best way to check if it is damaged is to test it in the 
              menu of the Sony Playstation 2. If it works, try to set the button 
              configuration in your game.
    Problem:  My controller doesn’t fit in the controller port
    Probable Causes: You’re using a non-PS2 controller
    Solution: Read the manual of your controller and make sure it is compatible 
              with your console.
    Problem:  The controls are sluggish and respond quite late
    Probable Causes: The controller may be worn-out
    Solution: First, check with various games if the controller is still 
              sluggish. If it is, then there’s a possibility that you need a 
              replacement for your controller. Of course, this happens very 
              rarely and will be likely to occur after years of usage.
    Problem:  The vibration function doesn’t work
    Probable Causes: The controller is damaged, you didn’t activate the vibration 
              function in a particular game you’re playing.
    Solution: Check if you enabled the vibration function within the game you’re 
              playing. Take note that some does not support vibration function. 
              If it is enabled and the controller doesn’t vibrate during times 
              when it should be, the controller is most likely to be already 
              worn-out. You may need to buy a new controller to have a vibration 
    Problem:  The cord accidentally fell off, or cut
    Probable Causes: accidents or the one you bought is substandard
    Solution: When the cord is cut, you can still repair it yourself by 
              connecting the different wires with matching colors. If it doesn’t 
              work, you’ll need to buy a new controller. Also, some bootleg, or 
              even third-party controllers, have substandard controller where the 
              wires aren’t attached correctly and might induce the falling off of 
              your controller’s cord.
    Problem:  My Dual Shock 2 doesn’t work on my PS
    Probable Causes: Third-party or bootleg controllers
    Solution: This happens mostly on third-party or bootleg controllers. So my 
              advice is, use an original one from Sony.
    Problem:  The Analog stick doesn’t work and the indicator isn’t lit
    Probable Causes: The controller is damaged. You forgot to activate the analog 
    Solution: Check the Analog function of your sticks on various games and 
              configure them to use Analog controls. If you can’t activate it in 
              the game, or even by pressing the button in the indicator, your 
              controller’s analog functions might be defective. But most of the 
              time, when this happens, you can still use the other buttons.
    - Very Special thanks to Sony for bringing to us the best gaming console and 
    for their excellent Dual Shock 2 controller, now with Analog Buttons.
    - And last but absolutely not the least, thanks to GameFAQs where you can 
    view and download this FAQ. CjayC deserves all the credits given to him. 
    These are all that I would like to thank as of now. If I happen to forget 
    anyone, please inform me. I’ll check it out on my inbox if you really have 
    something to be credited (I never delete important ones). Note, that if there 
    are same info sent to me, it is on a first come first serve basis. Any 
    suggestions, comments, additions, etc. will be duly credited to you once 
    you’ve submitted one to me through my e-mail address written at the very top 
    of this FAQ. Thank you very much!
             Playstation 2, Playstation, PS One and their accessories(tm)
               Are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment
               All other images and instances are registered trademarks 
                            of their respective owners
                   The Unofficial Sony Playstation 2 Memory Card FAQ
                              May 8, 2001, "A"  Tadeo

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