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    Console Features FAQ by ATadeo

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 06/27/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

            S O N Y   P L A Y S T A T I O N   2   F E A T U R E S    F A Q
                     FAQ for the US Playstation 2 Console Features
                                     Version 1.2
                                  Model: SCPH-30001
                                    By: “A” Tadeo
                                Created: May 7, 2001
                          Date last Updated: June 27, 2001
                         Mail me at: aaron20@edsamail.com.ph
                          Home Page: http://surf.to/aaronph
    Greetings again! Here I am exploring new grounds again. I’ll just explain to 
    you what you need to know about the Sony Playstation 2 Console’s (US SCPH-
    30001) uses and features. Hopefully, I’ll be able to go as in-depth as I can 
    to explain the parts/peripherals and their uses. If ever I commit any 
    mistake, please feel free to send in your corrections/suggestions. They will 
    be most welcome. But please remember that I won’t be including any other 
    models of PS2.
    Now, my goals in writing this FAQ is to let owners of PS2 have a greater 
    experience by knowing more about their system. As for those who’re still 
    planning to buy the PS2, this will give them a look ahead and see the cool 
    features of the system. Take note that I’m putting everything in my own words 
    and some infos here are not included in the PS2 manual. That means, I’ll be 
    explaining almost everything from experience. I also won’t delve into the 
    specifications and configurations as it would be the manual’s turf, I’ll just 
    concentrate on what you can do with your system. Here we go.
                         I.     The Console
                                A. The Package
                                B. Console Body
                                C. Plugging in your PS2
                        II.     Features
                                A. Playstation 2 Games
                                B. Playstation (PS One) Games
                                C. DVD Playback
                                D. CD Audio Playback
                                E. Video CD Playback
                                F. Peripheral Backward Compatibility
                                G. The Expansion Bay
                                H. USB and IEEE Ports
                                I. Internet Capabilities
                       III.     Issues
                        IV.     Frequently-Asked Questions
                         V.     Credits and Acknowledgements
    Version 1.2 (Started: June 27, 2001)
            - Internet Capabilities Update
            - New Issue
    Version 1.1 (Started: May 16, 2001)
            - more DVD info
            - Peripheral backward compatibility info
                                   THE CONSOLE
    The features of the console are the powerful 128-bit Emotion Engine, a 
    specially designed processor for the system, running at approximately 300 mhz 
    (300 Million Instructions per second). It has a 32 Megabyte RAM and a 
    powerful 128 mhz (approx.) Graphics Processor. It is able to read DVDs and 
    CDs and play games, movies, and audio. The system also features pure digital 
    sound with Dolby Digital Surround Sound that will literally rock your place 
    with its immense power.
    Here’s what you’ll get when you purchase a US (SCPH-30001) Playstation 2 
    Console. First, it will be encased in a blue box with the Playstation 2 logo 
    in front and some specifications at the back. You’ll see the black console 
    itself, a Dual Shock 2 Controller, an audio/video Cable, and a plug. There 
    will be a manual inside where you can read about the configuration of the 
    The PS2 in a rectangular black box with Memory Card and Controller Slots. 
    There’s also a 4X DVD-ROM Drive (compatible with CD-ROM at 24X speed). There 
    are 2 USB ports and an IEEE port at the back. It also has an empty Expansion 
    Bay at the bottom the console and you’ll also find the AC and AV Cable 
    connectors. In front, you’ll find the Reset and Eject buttons at the right 
    side. All in all, the system is well-designed and looks very cool. 
    This is where first-time users sweat the most. The plugging in of your 
    console into the electrical outlet. The US Playstation 2 is for 120 volt 
    outlets. 110 volts is also fine. So, make sure that you plug in your console 
    in these voltage specifications or else you’ll destroy your console, 
    literally. I saw my friend plug-in a 110 volt PS into a 220 and it smoked and 
    eventually burned out. That will most likely be what will happen to the PS2 
    when you plug it in the wrong outlet. There are many ways to plus the console 
    in voltages other than 110-120. You can use an AVR (Automatic Voltage 
    Regulator) or a Transformer. I really recommend using AVRs because most of 
    them also have surge suppressors incase of blackouts or power surges. 
    Transformers will work fine but they overheat very quickly.
    Now, the Playstation 2 is designed to play Original Sony Playstation 2 games 
    in either DVD or CD Format. DVD Playstation 2 games will have a Silver CD 
    (bottom side) and CD-ROM Playstation 2 games will have a Blue CD (bottom side 
    also). These Playstation 2 games use the immense graphics power of the 
    Playstation 2 to deliver unbelievably realistic graphics at lightning speed.
    It’s true. The Playstation 2 can play original Playstation games. You can 
    even experiment on texture smoothing (using the system configuration in the 
    main menu of the PS2) to enhance the graphics. But some games will slow down 
    when textures are smoothened. Another option will be the CD read speed. You 
    can actually increase (selectable in the system configuration too) the speed 
    in reading PS games, therefore minimizing load times as you experienced in 
    the PS console. The catch is that some games won’t work if the Speed is 
    increased. Choose Standard if you want to play the game normally. The PS2 
    also uses the original Playstation Processor by the way.
    Another cool feature of the Playstation 2 is its ability to play DVD movies. 
    That’s a lot of thumbs up from different people, even those who do not play 
    games. The US Playstation 2 can play Region 1 DVDs or those DVDs that are 
    all-region compatible. Japan PS2s will play Region 2 DVDs and the other 
    countries/places are designated as region 3-8 (the list is quite long so I 
    won’t include it yet). Remember that the DVD feature of the PS2 is very much 
    the same as with most DVD players out there. The only difference is that 
    you’ll be watching your movies using your controller. Don’t worry, there are 
    remote controllers out there for the PS2.
    I’ve used the DVD feature a couple of times and I’m shocked to see that the 
    PS2 actually makes the movies look excellent (applicable also to dedicated 
    DVD Players). DVDs look a lot better then VCDs, VHS Tapes, and even Cable 
    Movies. Take advantage also of the System Diagnosis feature of the 
    Playstation 2. It will automatically configure your PS2 to be able to play 
    DVDs on your TV. To enable this, choose the playstation Driver (by selecting 
    it in the driver menu) and enable Diagnosis.
    Note in playing DVD: Read the back portion of your DVD Movie to see whatever 
    feature it has. Examples are subtitles, multi-language support, and 
    audio/video features (Dolby Digital, Wide Screen, etc.)
    The Playstation 2 can play Music CDs just as the Playstation did. With 
    Digital Audio, you’ll never experience listening to music as good as with the 
    PS2. It even beats out some dedicated CD Players. The interface is easy, just 
    put the CD in and select the track you want to hear.
    To the dismay of many, the Sony Playstation 2 does not provide Video CD 
    Support. Time will come, third-party companies will create movie cards and 
    such that will enable you to play Video CDs. But remember that Sony doesn’t 
    recommend Video CD playback from third-parties. Sorry folks.
    Minor note to those who have Movie Cards for the Playstation 2, that enables 
    VCD playback. These peripherals (especially for the 9xxx series of the 
    Playstation) will NOT fit anywhere in the PS2. So, don’t force ‘em.
    One excellent feature of the Playstation 2 is its ability to use your old 
    Playstation peripherals such as Controllers and Memory Cards. This way, you 
    can just use your old Dual Shock controller and you won’t have to buy a new 
    Dual Shock 2 controller anymore. But then, if you’re a hardcore gamer, you 
    probably will still buy a new one.
    Some other peripherals might not be compatible (repeat, might not) with the 
    PS2. These are the Dexdrives and some controllers (third-party). So, be sure 
    to check the peripheral that you are buying is they’re compatible before 
    actually purchasing it.
    You might be wondering what the expansion bay at the bottom of the console is 
    for. It will be used to house the hard drive that Sony is planning to 
    incorporate into the system. You can then, download software/updates from the 
    internet and maybe even store save games, who knows. I’m a little excited 
    about this. 
    These ports, found at the back of the console, will be used for future 
    peripherals such as digital cameras, printers (maybe, who knows), modems, 
    palm tops (who knows too), and more. But as of now, I’ve never heard of any 
    use about these ports yet. I’ll post it up once something is released for 
    their use.
    As you may now, the Sony Playstation 2 is capable of going online for 
    Multiplayer gaming and even Internet surfing/downloading. Sony planned for a 
    Modem and will be released in the future.
    Update (06/27/01): Well November (when most of the PS2 peripherals are 
    expected to be released) is near and Sony unveiled a couple of plans already. 
    Here are the news I got. Sony and AOL will be teaming up to give PS2 its 
    online capabilities. Parallel to the Internet Capabilities of the PS2, Sony 
    will be releasing a Modem, Mouse, Keyboard, and its own Monitor to make the 
    PS2 a PC-like Internet Machine. There are also news about Sony integrating 
    Java into the system. More to come.
    Chipping your PS2
    This is a delicate topic but it needs to be explained further. Chipping or 
    modifying your PS2 to play bootleg or out-of-region discs is definitely 
    Illegal. Why? First, when you open up the console and put in custom parts 
    that makes the PS2 do something it was never intended for, violates certain 
    laws that prohibit manipulation of registered electronic devices (if I 
    remember correctly). Plus, Sony will ignore your questions and your warranty 
    will automatically be removed. Also, it requires delicate work and you’ll 
    risk destroying your system so don’t dare even if “amateur” electricians 
    offer to do it for you. Love your system and take care of it. 
    Pirated PS2 Games
    Some people doesn’t have conscience eh... I got some news that in Singapore, 
    DVD copies of games are already selling. Tsk tsk tsk... That is a terrible 
    news for the developers and publishers. It goes the same for us legit PS2 
    gamers. When will this stop!!
                            FREQUENTLY-ASKED QUESTIONS
    Well, this will be the place where I’ll put in FAQs from readers if there are 
    any. You can e-mail me at my address on top of this FAQ. If your question is 
    relevant to the features of the system, most likely I’ll put it up here.
    - Very Special thanks to Sony for bringing to us the best gaming console 
    ever. At first I was very hesitant to get the system but it’s very well worth 
    - Thanks to Maulrat70@aol.com for asking about the Diagnosis Function of the 
    PS2 (DVD playback). I forgot that in the first release.
    - And last but absolutely not the least, thanks to GameFAQs where you can 
    view and download this FAQ. CjayC deserves all the credits given to him. 
    These are all that I would like to thank as of now. If I happen to forget 
    anyone, please inform me. I’ll check it out on my inbox if you really have 
    something to be credited (I never delete important ones). Note, that if there 
    are same info sent to me, it is on a first come first serve basis. Any 
    suggestions, comments, additions, etc. will be duly credited to you once 
    you’ve submitted one to me through my e-mail address written at the very top 
    of this FAQ.  Thank you very much!
             Playstation 2, Playstation, PS One and their accessories(tm)
               Are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment
              All other devices and instances are registered trademarks 
                           of their respective owners
                   The Unofficial Sony Playstation 2 Features FAQ
                             May 7, 2001, “A”  Tadeo

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