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"Does it overheat, how quiet is it, all questions answered (Slim Version Review)"

Well the original version of the PS2 was released way back in 2000.. It's hard to believe that such a machine for gaming can come such a long way and build such a path for itself.. I used to own an original PS2 (I will call it the "Fatty" version) and I unfortunately traded it away for an xbox, but in the midst of everything gaming had to offer, I quit completely.. I sold everything gaming-wise and went on in my life until recently when I decided to get the newly made slim Playstation 2s.. These ones look very sleek and very sexy with the black paint job... Some were limited edition silver.. I went with black and I payed $140.00 for it and brough it home..

First Impression - Well I got it into my room and I opened the box and I started opening the bags containing the wiring and the controller.. To my surprise, this slim PS2 was alot smaller than I originally imagined.. It's about the size of 1 1/2 CDs put side by side and it's not slim.. It went on more than a diet.. It's no bigger height-wise as your index and middle finger together.. Infact a little bit thinner than that. My first thought was honestly this... "Oh god, I am going to break this thing before I get it set up..".. That was my first sentence out of my mouth.. It looked so fragile and breakeable.. I've had it for a few days and it has been in top shape and condition.

So Does it overheat you ask? - Nope, it doesn't overheat at all and I have played Tony Hawk Underground 2 on it for 3 hours straight and all it has done is get warm on the top and a little more warm underneath on the bottom of it.. Please note that I do have it in a wide open space and it's not confined.. Also note that my room temperature is 70 or below which is a pretty cool temperature for a game system.

Design 10/10 - This is sleek and alot more sexy than the original ps2.. Yeah it's ALOT smaller than the original, but the size doesn't hurt it.. All the problems the fatty version had like DREs and all that bull, it's all gone in this version.. I guess Sony finally stepped up and made a ps2 that could stand up and not break down easily. You will want to handle this one with alot of care because of it's design, it is alot more breakable than any other game system meaning don't drop it or put it in an area where it can't breath and get a decent amount of air... Moving on..

Noise 10/10 - I've heard people complain that it's noisy sometimes.. It's so quiet for me that I don't even hear the fan spin at all or turn on.. I have never heard a sound out of the playstation 2. It's just awesome how quiet it is. No weird annoying clicking sounds like some people claim and no buzzing noises.. Just pure great silence.

Price 10/10 - $140 bucks does seem alot to pay on a console that has been out for almost 7 years now, but I can say that I don't regret spending that much on it. It was the best thing I have bought in a very long time and I think for this new sleek ps2 design, this is an awesome deal.

So what exactly is a dissapointment in this version? - The fact the way this version was packaged.. I came with the bare essentials.. Nothing extra.. For $140.00 I would've expected a new console like that to come with a memory card since my original playstation fatty did when I bought it new way back. This didn't.. It was a little bit of a let down since I didn't have any memory cards at all. but I am not going to let that hurt this awesome console's score. It gets a perfect 10..

Controllers 10/10 - The controllers a nice and the same exact controller we have seen from sony all along and nothing has changed. It's a flawless design and it's something that easily fits in my hand and all the buttons are simply there at my fingertips and the control gives you everything you'd expect from a controller for major gaming. This system if bought new, does come with 1 sony official controller.. I don't know if it does if you buy the console used..

Online 10/10 - Yeah so what, it's no Xbox Live, but it's free and what do you expect from a free internet service? Apparently Sony thinks they should provide you with a good one and they do it pretty well. You can get online free (Except with MMOs example: The ff online game) and paly against your friends or strangers around the world and just have fun..

Overall 10/10 - How could I not give this console a 10? It's perfect.. sleek and sexy in design, the controllers are awesome, the online is superb, the games are amazing, it's just the right score for this perfect console... Buy it now while you can still find it new! They are selling pretty fast at the moment. Also one last thing, games are still being made a developed for this console so it is far from being over with new ps2 games coming out.. It's still going to be awhile before there is no new releases for this system so get it now while it's still hot.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/18/06

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