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"The Best Console Ever."

The Playstation 2 (PS2), the follow up to the magnificent Playstation. The console was developed and manufactured by Sony. The console perhaps has the most games ever developed for it. With it's variety, and numerous top notch titles, it became an instant hit. It may be getting old now, but if you've never owned one, you'll have lots of choice to choose from. Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto, God of War, and tons of more titles. If you're not impressed yet, keep reading on, and find out why the PS2 is the best console of all time, and why it's the only console you'll ever need.

Graphic-wise, the PS2 had on par power than the Gamecube, and the Xbox had more power. Although in it's later years, the PS2 excelled in Graphics, and God of War I and II are beautiful, and some games like Okami have a great graphic scheme to it. Like I said though, the system isn't a powerhouse like the Xbox. Hopefully in later titles, the Developers will push the PS2 graphics to their limits, and create amazing visuals.

Although in the end, graphics didn't matter that much, as there were tons of great games, even without great graphics. But don't fret. Games like God of War, Resident Evil 4, Final Fantasy XII, and Metal Gear Solid 3, had some of the best graphics of this generation. If you're looking for a console with good games, but still good graphics, this is the console for you.

The Sound quality of the console was great. Rarely would the Sound drop. Developers went the extra mile to make great soundtracks for most games, and you'll be quite impressed with most of the sound in games, especially some of the addicting battle music in RPG's.

The Console had tons of variety of games, and tons of top notch games to play. As of 2007, the console is still getting tons of releases. Tons of Genres like RPG's, Sandbox, Stealth, Survival-Horror, FPS, Puzzle, Platformer, Adventures, and many more.

The Genre that is the most popular one and what is praised, RPG's. The PS2 had plenty of RPG's, especially the ones from Square-Enix. It had Japanese RPG's (J-RPG's), Action-RPG's, and a few new styles of RPG's.

I'll start off with Final Fantasy (FF), one of the most popular series ever. And the games were exclusive to PS2. I believe the most popular game on the PS2, Final Fantasy X, released in 2001. While it may seem old now, it is my favorite PS2 game, and many peoples favorite PS2 game too. That's not all. Final Fantasy XI released for the PS2 in 2004. It was a Massively Multiplayer Online RPG (MMORPG). It's an online game with 500,000 users. The most current one is Final Fantasy XII, with a completely different battle system than Final Fantasy X. Instead of facing random enemies, enemies show up on the map. Final Fantasy will be the series you'll be playing the most on the PS2 if you love RPG's.

On to Action-RPG's. An extremely popular series on the PS2 was Kingdom Hearts (KH), a crossover of Final Fantasy and Disney Characters. It may sound cheesy, but it really is amazing. It's another series by the folks at Square-Enix. The original Kingdom Hearts, released in 2002, was named game of the year by many gaming sites and magazines. The main characters are Sora, Goofy, and Donald Duck. You meet many Final Fantasy characters, like Tidus (FFX), and Sepiroth (FFVII). It got a sequel, released in 2006. It was another work of art from Square-Enix, and proves that the people at Square-Enix are gods.

Another amazing exclusive series on the PS2 was Metal Gear Solid (MGS). The original was released on the Playstation (PSX), and Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 were made on PS2. Metal Gear Solid is known for it's spectacular Storyline. They both got remade for the PS2, with the remake of MGS3 spanning online play, dubbed Metal Gear Online (MGO). Sadly, the server was shut down on April 3rd, 2007.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) was yet another popular series on the PS2. The first two appeared on the PSX, while GTA3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas were on the PS2. Although they weren't exclusive, they were still some of the best titles on this console. If you're looking for a good sandbox game, this is it.

Another major 1st party exclusive series was Ratchet and Clank. It spanned 4 games on the PS2. It's a an action-platformer. These games are some of the few great Platformers the console has, so be sure to check them out.

You'll be playing your PSX games a lot because the PS2 is completely backwards compatible. So all the titles you loved on your PSX, you can now enjoy on your PS2. There isn't many issues regarding the Backwards Compatibly, so playing your PSX games shouldn't be a problem at all. And if you didn't own a PSX, check out some of the amazing titles that had.

Overall 10/10

Like I said already, best console of all time. With the wide variety of games, you shouldn't ever be bored with the PS2. If you're still using your PSX, upgrade to the PS2 and be amazed. Right now I believe the console is $120 new, and I've seen it as low as $80 used. Have fun.

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Originally Posted: 05/21/07

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