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"Most anticipated system in history, is it worth your $300?"

After two years of waiting on my part and denial on Sony’s, the PS2 finally arrives in a launch that will truly go down in history. With 28 launch titles (the largest in history) the PS2 hits America shores greeted with praise by some and ridicule from others, the launch was perfect with only one little problem. According to the original launch plan, Sony was supposed to release over 1,000,000 PS2’s in North America. Unfortunately, due to low supply on components, Sony had to cut the figure into half, releasing only 500,000.
The low supply aside, this launch was the best in history, and Sony’s promise to ship out an additional 100,000 per week following launch should insure that everyone who pre-ordered their PS2 should get it by Christmas season 2000 (1,000,000 pre-orders were allowed, by Christmas time, there should be 1.3 million of the little suckers floating around). October 26, 2000 will be a day that will go down in my journal (that is, if I had one).

Graphics – 10
Man, even the launch titles look great. And this is only the first generation, just imagine what the third, fourth and even fifth generations will look like. There has been a lot of talk about the anti-aliasing problem concerning the PS2, well, give them a break. It’s a totally new language to learn, anyone who’s ever learned any programming language knows that it takes a long time before you can start getting good at it. They’ve only had the North American developer’s kits for a little over a year now, give ‘em a break. There is yet another issue I wish to address here, complaints about the amount of VRAM (Video RAM) which is 4MB. Now, some of you may say that this is extremely low when compared to the Dreamcast’s 8MB. But the fact is, 2MB is sufficient for a video game console. The human eye can only see a 24-bit color palette, and even 2MB supplies that. With 4MB of VRAM, the PS2 can produce a 24-bit color palette at an extremely high resolution.

Sound – 10
Sound quality is just like any other system, CD quality and stereo. Except there is one little difference between the PS2 and other systems, the PS2 supports full Dolby 5.1 Surround.

Features – 10
The PS2 is the mother of all systems when it comes to features. It’s a CD player, it’s a DVD player, it’ll play PlayStation games and it’ll even use original PlayStation peripherals (controllers, light guns, joysticks, memory cards) except for the multi-tap.
Want to play your favorite PlayStation game? Simply pop it in, and start playing. But you may ask, “I already have a PlayStation, why do I want to play the games on my PS2?” Well, with the PS2, you can enhance the graphics and increase the speed (less loading time). You can select both of these options at once or you can use them individually. On some games, the faster loading setting does screw the game up, so watch out for that. Also note that fast loading time may actually slow some games down. Will you notice the enhancement on all of your PS games? Not all of them, but most of them will have a slight to major improvement.

Games – 5
Well, of the 28 launch titles, I saw only 3 or 4 are worth getting.
Noteworthy games are:
Tekken Tag Tournament (no matter if it’s a new or old game, Tekken is always a classic)
Ridge Racer 5 (when a game’s this fun, who cares about jaggies)
Silent Scope (if you’re into those spy and snipe kind of games)
DOA2: Hardcore (just an all-around fun fighting game)
And of course you have the whole PlayStation library (except for those 24 titles that won’t work)

Overall – 10
Despite the games, this system is at the top of my recommendation list. I even recommend it over the Dreamcast or the N64*. A system that plays CD’s, DVD’s, PS games as well as it’s own games, can a system get any better? Just wait for the PS3 (which has, by the way, been mentioned by Sony).

*Now, before the hate mail starts rolling in, I do have the Dreamcast and the N64. And I can without a doubt say that of all the three, my PlayStation gets used by far the most.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/17/00, Updated 11/17/00

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