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"The future of gaming starts HERE!"

After months and months of speculation, rumors, and above all else, waiting, Sony's PlayStation 2 is finally here! But many unsure gamers aren't ready to lay the 300 big ones down for the system just yet. I mean, let's get honest here, Sega's Dreamcast DOES have an impressive lineup in it's ''Coming Soon'' list, along with a pretty nice library of existing games already. So, to answer the commonly-asked question, ''Is PS2 worth it?'', the answer is a resounding YES!

Graphics - 10/10 These are the best graphics I have EVER seen coming out of a video game system. This thing uses the new ''Emotion'' engine, allowing for smoother textures and more realistic graphics. And as we all know, excellent graphics can quite often make it easier to get totally absorbed in whatever game you are playing. Just check out the visuals in Tekken Tag Tournament and see what I mean. The backgrounds are incredible, and the characters are incredibly smooth.

Sound - 10/10
Now, while it is true that we haven't had a PS2 game yet that fully uses the audio features of the PS2, but what we DO have so far is amazing. I loved the voiceovers in Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore, and the music was great, too. Once the developers become more comfortable with developing PS2, we will no doubt hear crystal clear voiceovers and wonderful background music in games.

Controller - 100/10
Perfection. That basically sums up the Dual Shock 2 controller. It may look like an ordinary PS1 Dual Shock, but go past the surface and you have a totally new and improved controller. First, the Dual Shock 2 is much lighter than the original. Second, every button (except start and select, of course) are analog. What does that mean? Well, now, different actions take place on-screen depending how much you tap an analog button. For example, applying different degrees of pressure to a button in Madden NFL 2001 can throw the ball different distances. The controller fits like a glove, and one simple hand position gives you access to every button. It's simply the best controller on the market today.

Besides, I like how the controller is all sparkly. ~_^

Games - 8.5/10
Ok, I'll admit that even though the PS2 had more launch games than any system to date, not ALL of the games were must-haves. Some games, like Fantavision and Surfing H30 are far from perfect. But still, there ARE several high-quality games that no PS2 shouldn't try out, such as Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore, Madden NFL 2001, Tekken Tag Tournament, Timesplitters, SSX, and Unreal Tournament (my favorite PC game ~_^). There is still room for improvement, but it is definitely the greatest system launch of all time, so I'm not complaining. ^_^

Feautures - 10/10
The ability to play PS1 games. The ability to improve the graphics and load times of PS1 games. The ability to play DVD movies. The ability to play music CDs. That is all that needs to be said.

Overall - 10/10
The PlayStation 2 is the greatest console that you can possibly buy today. It has the brightest future of any of the competing systems, and it will no doubt be legendary. The current game library is great, and the upcoming games list looks impressive. There is no question that the PlayStation 2 is the console to buy this holiday season.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/03/00, Updated 10/06/02

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