Review by Ssj2_gamer

Reviewed: 07/06/09

The PS2-Where there is a game for you

The PS2, or the Playstation 2, has been around for quite some time now. With every year that passes, more and more games are made for it. Even after so many years, the system still provides a strong and wide selection of titles to play.

The Playstation 2 has an absolutely enormous gaming library. And within all of those games it is without a doubt that anyone can find a handful of games suitable and fun for them. No matter what type of game you're looking for, the PS2 has dozens of that genre. Whether it be a role playing, fighting, platformer, adventure, driving, or sports game--the PS2 has them all and more! The PS2 also offers many highly rated and top class games. And with newer systems out, the price of these great games have greatly reduced giving you great deals and experiences.

DVDs and and music CDs can be played with no other attachments. The system also has the ability to play PS1 games, which is quite nice. You can also use the ps2 controller to play these ps1 games if you wish. However, a little drawback is that you still need a ps1 memory card to save the ps1 game, a ps2 memory card cannot be used. There are a few other annoying things about the system however. For example, the standard controller has a somewhat short wire which also easily tangles. Also, the standard 'fat' ps2 is a little big and space consuming. It is not too large, but I would suggest buying a slim ps2 redesign, which are sleek and nice looking. Those minor problems don;t distract from a great gaming experience, however.

I actually did not buy a PS2 until earlier this year, around February '09. I thought about buying it after my 360 broke and I was unable to buy a new one. With no other gaming devices left to play, and with all the great and cheap titles available, I decided to go and buy one. I absolutely have no regrets-It is the funnest and best gaming system I have played so far.

All in all, the PS2 is an amazing system. Although compared to such systems such as the PS3, Xbox360, and Wii, it's hardware may be weaker. However, the quality and variety of it's games is hard to match. The games are cheap, and new slimline Playstation 2's can be bought for only $100. If you haven't already-do yourself a favor and get a PS2.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: PlayStation 2 Hardware (US, 10/26/00)

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