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"Playstation 9 it ain't, but it's still very, very sweet..."

Now, now, what do we have here? Look, up in the sky! It's a DVD player! It's Iraq's latest weapon! It's... the Sony Playstation 2! I'm a very very lucky little man, as I've had mine since 2 days after release! (Only 2 days backorder! Thanks Sony! :) ) I believe we have gaming perfection right here.

Graphics: 11/10

4 words: Metal Gear Solid Two. 'nuff said. (And it can possibly get better than that!) This here system has it all. The mere 4 meg of VRAM is obviously enough, and the anti-aliasing thing seems to be no problem, as every single game I've played on this thing looks abso-freakin-lutely amazing! The polygon count is astonishing, and the fact that DVD streaming is very easy we get great FMV sequences. Plus, nearly every game is at 60 fps! We're in for a good ride, people...

Load times: 10/10

You can't really get any better for the CD format. No real problems here, all in the name of good sized games.

Controller: 10/10

They had a good design and they stuck to it. Bravo, Sony! The lighter weight and full analog really are just icing on the cake. Less than half the weight of the original DualShock, I'd say. The full analog buttons are a nice touch, as well, for now you can use the X button as a true to life gas pedal! (Sort of. :p)

DVD Functions: 10/10

An easy to use player, with no incompatibilities I've found yet. Probably the feature I'll use on this thing the most until MGS2 and FFX come out. (Mmmm... Princess Mononoke DVD with optional subtitling...)

System Design and Internal Menus: 10/10

The menus are cool (if not a bit dull) and are just as sleek as the system itself. Plus, blue & black look awesome together! I like the 'sleep' button, too. It makes it easier than ever to turn the system on & off! And, extra special thanks to Sony for using a tray CD drive. :)

Games: 10/10

The games section doesn't truly belong here, as I think it doesn't really count for the life of the system. But, the games are good, so I'm not complaining. :) Although I'd honestly say none of the games were crap, and quite a few were masterpieces, (Onimusha...) many of them were mediocre in terms of addictiveness. But none of them fell short of keeping me entertained for a few hours, and thats what really counts.

Overall: 10/10
This system will be used and used by me until it burns out. Then it'll be cheap enough to simply buy a new one. :) Life is sweet. I love every aspect of this MegaToaster (It looks a bit like a toaster... really...) and it'll definitely keep me from being bored.



Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/03/01, Updated 04/03/01

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