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"My knight in shining can't get any better than this!"

Rumors and speculation has been circling around the PlayStation2 (PS2) ever since it was announced way back in the past at E3. It received fan support, saying it will be even more impacting than the original Playstation and even more fun. Then it got critics. The people who were saying that the PS2 would be nothing except a speed bump in the way of the XBox's glory. I agree with the supporters. Ever since I got my PS2 (which was sometime in November) I have simply been glued to it, almost forgetting that there is life besides the PS2. Well, now, I seem to have completely forget that there is life elsewhere. With a line of games getting only better as time progresses, the PS2 will stay alive in (if not win) the battle of the next generation consoles.

Look of the System - 10/10
The PlayStation2 just plain looks great. It has a very odd and unique design, yet it fits it perfectly. With it's black and blue colors, the little twisty PlayStation symbol on the front, and its nice heavy feel, the PlayStation2 looks just amazing.

Controller - 10/10
The original Duel Shock controller was thought to be unmatchable in every good quality that makes a controller. That has now been proven wrong with the Duel Shock 2. Looking almost the exact same (except for the Duel Shock 2 written in the corner) you will not notice with the naked eye why this controller is so different and so great. When you pick it up however, you will find that it is substantially lighter. Another feature of the controller that most do not even know about is the fact that every button is analoged (pressure sensitive), not just the analog sticks. The controller fits perfectly and comfortably in your hand, and works only better than the already perfect original Duel Shock.

Games - 7/10
I will admit it, as of right now the games specifically for the PlayStation2 are not great. There are only a handful that actually use the graphics capabilities, and even less that are fun. But because of the backwards compatibility function (plays original PlayStation games) you will have a lot of fun playing your old or even new PlayStation games.

Audio - 10/10
The sound is simply magnificent. Using Dolby Digital 5.1, and DTS sound, its plays like a dream. To even improve on that perfect feature, there are new speakers released only for the PS2 that makes the sound indefinably clearer, and sharper. Sound doesn't make the system, but it really does help. The PS2 sound doesn't the system, but it really is perfect.

Video - 10/10
The graphics are amazing. Using a 128 bit Emotion Engine graphics processor, the images will be almost lifelike. (The Dreamcast also has a 128 bit processor, but due to the lack of the Emotion Engine, the graphics fall far short of the PS2.) With the games also increasing in graphics by the day, the quality of the PS2 will improve with the games, and it looks like it is climbing in a hurry.

Features - 10/10
The PS2 is the home entertainment system. It offers it all, at unbelieveable quality. The ability to play original PlayStation games (faster and smoother than the original Playstation), the ability to play PlayStation2 specific games, the ability to play DVDs (the PS2 actually has a pretty good quality DVD player), and finally, the ability to play music CDs (which the sound is so crisp). The PS2 offers so much in such a tiny little package.

*The Last Word*
You must go out and purchase a PS2 (if you can find one :P). It will leave you breathless and wanting nothing more. With the line of games getting only better (Black and White, Final Fantasy X, Metal Gear Solid 2) you will find the PlayStation2 the system to buy and you will pat yourself on the back after doing so.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/12/01, Updated 05/12/01

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