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"The PS2 proves that the new generation of consoles are amazing..."

I recently bought a PS2 and am amazed at what the PS2 can do. I've had PCs and an N64 for three years, but the PS2 blows away the competition (courtesy of BuyRite) of consoles. How? Read on...

Graphics: 10

As I mentioned earlier, I recently bought a PS2...and am amazed at the graphics, since I have never played and Dreamcast games (unfortunately) The graphics are incredible. Now that some of the games (like GT3: A-Spec) are DVD-roms, the game's graphics are even better...the graphics are even better than some PC games, like Driver. Overall, the graphics rule.

Sound: 9/10

The game sounds differ for each game (obviously), but the PS2 offers options for awesome speaker systems and digital sound (or Dolby). There's not much to say about the sound, but overall, the sound's great, like a lot of consoles.

Gameplay/Features: 9/10

The PS2 has many games with great controls...and the system has many features. The features are a DVD player, the ability to play music CDs, and game CDs (PS games, PS2 games, and PS2 DVD-rom games). When you start up the system without a CD in, the screens look awesome. When you insert a CD/DVD after you start up the system without a CD/DVD in it, it'll detect what's connected to your PS2 (not controllers). It even detects memory cards, and when you look at what's on the memory card, there are pictures that show what games are saved on the memory card. For example...Crazy Taxi has an icon of a taxi jumping up and down. I don't have an original PS or PS One, so I don't know if the icons are available in past Sony consoles. The PS2 is the computer entertainment console, so it has a fan in the back, a main power switch (the system can also go on standby), USB ports, and a little slot with an icon that looks like an i. I remember reading in an Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine that the PS2 will support the Iomega zip drive, so I'm assuming that the i is for the Iomega zip drive. The bad things about the PS2 are that the third-party stuff (like controllers) break too easily. I would recommend buying Sony products only.

The current selection of games are not too great (as of 6/25/01), there are not that many games that are great; maybe seven or eight)...I would recommend buying or renting the following games...

Tekken Tag Tournament
DOA 2: Hardcore
The Bouncer
GT3: A-Spec
(as soon as it comes out)
Crazy Taxi
Street Fighter EX 3
WWF Smackdown! 3
(as soon as it comes out)

Sony has promised many good games in the future...I hope so. The current selection of PS2 games are getting better, which is good...

Overall, the PS2's features are...plentiful. Unlike other current consoles.

Overall: 9/10

This consoles rules. The only bad things about the PS2 are the manufacturing problems* or whatever** and the prices.

Console: $299 (if it becomes $99 after a couple of years, that'll be pretty disappointing for the people who bought it for $299; but if it does become $99 (which I doubt will happen) like pretty much ever other console (like the DC, N64, and PS), then you're gonna have to get it...what a deal!)

Games: $49.99

Official Sony controllers ***/memory card: ranging from $24.99 - $34.99 (I got an official Sony controller for $24.99 at The Wiz)

Another bad thing is the competition the PS2 will be having in the future. But I'm not here to talk about that, so all I'll say is that I'm sure the PS2 will dominate. The WWF was popular and the XFL failed...Microsoft is a big name, but Microsoft making a console?

Overall, the PS2 rules. The only reason I'm sorta concerned about my PS2 is if it breaks, since the system's so expensive. All together, with an extra controller, a memory card, and a game, the whole system will cost about $450...whoa. But if you have a lot of money to spend or just want to get the new console, I would definitely recommend you buy the console.

* Many people have been complaining that some PS2 consoles won't play PS2 DVD-rom games, but I'm not sure about that, since I haven't played a DVD-rom game yet. I'm sure that that occurs in certain consoles only. Some people have problems with the DVD player, but luckily, my PS2's fine; the DVD player stops for about a second every now and then, but that's not bad since it rarely occurs (maybe once or twice during a movie).

** The PS2 games freeze every now and then...but you can always reset it.

*** The new PS2 Dual Shock 2 controllers are light and they rumble. Not as heavy as PS and N64 controllers (with the rumble pak).

Even though the PS2 has some bad points, it still rules. I would recommend buying the console from Wal-Mart, since they have a better and longer return/exchange policy than Best Buy and KB Toys. Just in case something happens (I'm always worried and cautious of my systems and stuff)... might sound like I'm just writing about negative points about the PS2, but that's not true. I'm just talking some minor problems about the PS2. Overall, as I mentioned before, the PS2 rules.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/26/01, Updated 07/16/01

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