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Reviewed: 06/27/03 | Updated: 06/27/03

You must own this system! It rocks!

Back in 1994, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. releases the PlayStation in Japan. It was then released later in North America and Europe in Q4 1995. It was successful. It had many great games. The RPGs is what kept this system alive mostly.. mainly Final Fantasy VII.

Then in early 2000, Sony CEI launched Sony PlayStation 2 in Japan. And then it was released later in the year to North America and Europe.

Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.(who allied with IBM and Toshiba)
Released worldwide.

The PlayStation 2 has a lot of features you can play around with. First of all, it can play back DVD movies and you can use your controller as a remote or buy one separately. Don't treat your PS2 as a standalone DVD player, because its DVD is designed to play DVD-ROM games, and you want to pet it as a gaming machine.

The best feature overall about the PlayStation 2, and a major strong point about the PlayStation 2, is that you can play back all your old PlayStation games. Some games wont work, and I'm thinking Sony released a list of games that doesn't work on your PlayStation 2. While you play some games, you can also enhanced the graphics and speed up load times by turning the options on in the Driver menu. I'm glad Sony add this in, because then you won't have to pay the extra cash to buy a PS1. Not only you could play your old PS1 games, but also use your PS1 peripherals such as your controller, memory cards, etc..

The inside of the hardware includes a powerful processed Emotion Engine which runs at about 294.913MHz, 32MB of Rambus technology RAM running at 800MHz, and a 24X/4X CD/DVD drive. The system includes 2 USB ports(for future add-ons), a S400 iLink port(connect one PS2 to another), 2 controller and memory card slots, and the ability to twist the logo outside the disc tray if you stand it vertically.

The controller is so far the best one I've used since I started playing video games. The Dual Shock 2(more advanced than the original Dual Shock) adds the Analog feature to all the buttons except for Start and Select. All the buttons are positioned correctly and it makes life more easier to play games with it. There is a MultiTap 2, which allows up to 4 controllers to be connected so you can play multiplayer games. Also there's a Memory Card, which allows you to save games up to 8MB.(PS2 Memory Cards use Bytes[like computers] rather than Blocks which the PS1 memory card uses.) The remote controller(which sells now for $14.99) lets you control your DVD Movies more than what the controller has to offer. A controller port is required to use the remote controller. Not only you get the remote, but you get a disc where you can update your DVD drivers to v2.12... Other accessories you can get for your PS2 are a Vertical Stand and an Horizontal Stand. Both stands add color to your PS2, so you don't have to see it in black all the time. The Vertical Stand lets you put your PS2 vertically, while the Horizontal is self-explanatory.

For more information on the accessories, read the guides posted here on Gamefaqs about the compatibility of each hardware unit.

The design of the PlayStation 2 looks incredible! Sony always makes their products sleek and futuristic.

Games/Graphics/The Future
First-generation games(games from launch year 2000) that came out the same time as the system wont look graphically detailed. So Sony decided to makes games so that other top-quality developers can get an idea of how to use to hardware of such a complex machine. One game by Sony is Ico, their most artistic masterpiece. Other games from Sony include Primal, The Mark of Kri, etc.. Other games that use compressed power of the PlayStation 2 would be Gran Turismo 3. By Q4 2001, the PS2's strong point, games tend to look better and better. Konami releases Metal Gear Solid 2 and Silent Hill 2. Square releases Final Fantasy X. As technology gets better, these developers can get to the max performance of the PS2 hardware. Any game, as of up to Q1 2003 can be improved upon, because not one game has yet to use more than 50% of what the system has to offer. The PlayStation 2 can do a lot of physics and neat effects that'll last for 3-4 more years.

The future of PS2 is among us. Better games will come out for the system, making this happy for our lives. Future games include Metal Gear Solid 3, Silent Hill 3, and Final Fantasy X-2 and XII. Long live PlayStation 2! Adn to remember, the PS2 is more than just gaming and DVD. It's a Sony product!

The PS2 has a Optical output so you can connect Sound hardware to give your PS2 more sound quality. The PS2 can produce up to 48 channels of sound. Anyone who complains about the sound of the PlayStation, then you should have your ear checked out. While the original PlayStation only can produce to about 24 sound channels, this system merely doubles it with exciting new features, such as Dolby Surround support for games like Metal Gear Solid 2.

Buy this system. It'll last you for a while before PlayStation 3 comes out. Somes games I recommend are the ones from Sony, Konami, Sega, Capcom and Squaresoft. The others you choose for yourself.

Some people do tend to get Disc Read Errors in the PS2's and blame it on Sony's development of the hardware. Well, for such a sophisticated machine like this(as of 2000), it cost Sony a lot to make a system like this. While Sony is taking a loss of each system sold, they gain back their loss from licensing fees.

The system now costs $179.99 at retail stores now that Sony has made a price drop again. Buy it, you'll love it... but it's definitely your choice.

My final rating for this would be 10/10. Yes, a full score. I've had my PS2 for two and a half years and it's working along fine..

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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