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"An Excelent Console to your Colection"

The Sony's Playstation 2 Entertaiment System is now the older of the consoles, and the weaker in the terms of graphical power, but is still the best one. Because the graphics doesn't make a console superior, but the games.

Hardware: I don't know to much about hardware, but i can say the now 3 years old console ps2 have some muscle under that black case, the emotion engine work pretty well on games add some pretty cool effects, particles, lighting, etc... With a DVD playback you can see your favorites DVD movies, also the PS2 is compatible with your PSone games, so if you own a PSX and bought a PS2, you can sell your old console and still play your old games, that's a very good idea from sony. 9.0

Graphics: Even with the weaker hardware, the PS2 always amaze me showing that he will no fall so easly, Some games have some pretty poor graphics, and others looks better than most Xbox and Gamecube games, and these games always came with something special, MGS2 have excellent animations, SH 2 have excellent lighting, Devil May Cry show his artistic level of design, and Final Fantasy have some of the best models i ever see. 9.0

Controls: The PS2's Dual Shock 2 haven't change to much, but is fine with me, i don't like big sturdy controls like N64 and Xbox. But the Dual Shock 2 have analog sensibility in the bottons. If you are a fan of first person shoter and can get with the controls, you can connect a mouse and a keyboard. That's pretty cool. overall controls are excelletns. 9.0

Games: Well, now we are in the mere important the games, and believe me the ps2 have more games than the others 2 consoles, some kick ass, other are very good, other are very solid, and other...cough... But the PS2 have a place for all kinds of player. Do you like to be a spy you can get your hands on Metal Gear Solid 2, a longer version of Splinter Cell or wait for Metal Gear Solid 3: Sneak Eater. If you like RPGs, you will like the PS2, with games like Final Fantasy X, Kindoms of Hearts, Dark Cloud 2, Breath of Fire 5, Xenosaga now in stores you will be hooked for about 200 hours of gameplay. Do you like Sports, you came to the right place, there is countless of sports games. Do you like to be the villain, destroy everything, kill everyone you like, cast chaos to a city, steal everything you pleased, well you came to the only console who host the Grand Theft Auto series, If you haven't played it, now is your chance to do it. But what about action games, well Devil May Cry, Zone of the Enders:2nd Runner, Onimusha 2, are some of the action games your will be player for hours. What about horror games.... mmmm....well the RE series leave the Sony Black Box, but We still have the Silent Hill Series, the game that make Resident Evil look like a joke in the Terror Departament, Also the Resident Evil Outbreak(ONLINE!!) is for the PS2. Talking about Online games, the PS2 have some online games, is not as loaded of Online games like the Xbox, but have some solid online games, Midnight Racing 2, Tribes 3, the upcoming Final Fantasy XI, and the return of Resident Evil Outbreak. And you can still play PSone games, what else do you want? 10.0

Future Games: The PS2 is still releasing some of the best games and will continue for a long time, Metal Gear Solid 3, Silent Hill 3 will hit the States in August, Grand Theft Auto San Andres, Gran Turismo 4, Final Fantasy XI, and many, many more.

Against Other Consoles: Well, i can say this console wars is very intense, I can say this can be a good thing because the Developers have the motivation of kick out the other games of his kind, As a said before, the PS2 have the weakest hardware, but share a lot of adventages over his companions(ENEMIES!!), The console have DVD playback, Internet Connection, Lot's of controls opcions, some games have multi lenguaje, that's a good thing because i am Mexican. I have own the Xbox and Gamecube before, but it doesn't entertainme enough(If you want to hook me to a game you have to do it fun, not only to make it look good, DO YOU HEAR ME MICROSOFT!!! NINTENDO!!! ?)so i sell them and buy a PS2 in the end, after all the VideoGames are for entertaint and not to eyecandy.

Pros and Cons:
+DVD playback
+Can play PSone games
+Online Games
-But you need a Adapter
+Lot's of GAMES
-Some of them are very poor
+And others can be considered classics
+Emotion Engine is very strong
-When it was released
+But still look good
+Best Controller
+A lot lighter than Xbox
-but not as light as GC

Hardware: 9.0
Graphics: 9.0
Controls: 9.0
Games: 10.0

Last Words:
I can say the PS2 is the Best console, but is up to you to chose, after all is your money. I am here only to tell you about how good is this console, Remember is your choice.

Final Score: 9.25 (I hope the PS3 get a 10)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/02/03, Updated 07/02/03

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