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"Sony does it again!"

Let me start off by saying that the PlayStation2 is not my favorite system, nor is it my least favorite system. I find it to be a very good system, just not something spectacular. The biggest reason for it not being amazing is probably because the expectations Sony put out on it where huge. The only thing that it can do is play PlayStation games, PlayStation2 games, play DVD’s, and play CD’s. What I just said may have seemed like bashing, because I said “The only thing it can do is”, but what I meant was that those are the only things it can do, compared to what they said it could do. What it is capable of is by no means something to sneeze at (although I prefer a system just to play video games and nothing else). What I was saying was just that it was said to be able to do a lot more things than it could actually do (not false advertising, of course, but they said it when they where making the system) such as: Burn CD’s, burn DVD’s, surf the internet, and have a memory hard drive. Those are the things it can’t do, but now are expected to be on the PlayStation3. Anyway, I like this system a lot and, owning all three systems, I would have to say that this is my second favorite (GameCube being first and Xbox being last). When Sony’s first system came out I didn’t really expect them to become anything big in the console market, but they did. They became the biggest system out there. The reason there first system became so big was probably because at the time Nintendo and Sega where the only consoles out there, and people wanted another choice, which was a big factor in it. The reason the PlayStation2 has succeeded so much is because it is a great system, plus it got a year head start, and a lot of people are not willing to wait a year just to get another system. I’m not saying that that is the only reason, a lot of people would have gotten it anyway if it didn’t come out first, but if the Xbox had gotten a head start, then it would probably be a lot bigger, just like the PlayStation2 is now. That is about all of the random stuff I’m going to say about the PlayStation2, now on to the category’s.


The design of the PlayStation2 is actually really good. It has the best of both worlds. 1. It looks good, because of it’s rectangular design, and 2. You can set it flat, or if you don’t have that space, you can set it sideways and the system will still work, it’s just saving space. I don’t find it to look as good as the Xbox or GameCube, but it definitely saves a lot of space.


The PlayStation2 controller is obviously the most famous of all the controllers. I find this controller to be to small. It is really hard to get to the buttons, and I don’t like that there are two L and R buttons. Really, I don’t like the PlayStation2 or the regular Xbox controller. The only controllers I like are the GameCube and Xbox “S” type controllers. I use the PlayStation2 controller, but it just ruins a lot of the games for me because it is so small. If they used the exact same design, and just made the controller bigger I would like it a lot more, but as far as the current controller goes, I really don’t like it.


The graphics of the PlayStation2 are amazing, while they are the least impressive graphics of the three systems, they are still spectacular graphics. A good example of some of the great graphics of the PlayStation2 would be the cut scenes in Final Fantasy X. That really shows some amazing graphics. When I first saw those cuts scenes I thought that it was real. That’s about all for the graphics.


The PlayStation2 has tons of good games. While it does have a lot of crappy games also there are none that really stand out that everybody bashes all of the time. Some of the spectacular games the PlayStation2 has to offer are: Red Faction, Red Faction 2, Final Fantasy X, Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, The Bouncer, Virtua Fighter 4, Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution, and Enter The Matrix, Just to name a few. All of those games are definitely “must have” games. So if you want good games, the PlayStation2 would be a good choice for a console.


The PlayStation2’s sound really depends on the speakers you have, just like the other two systems sound does. As far as the PlayStation2 controls the sound, it’s great.


You do have to buy memory cards for the PlayStation2, unlike the Xbox which has a built in memory hard drive, But one PlayStation2 memory card does hold a lot of memory, unlike the standard GameCube memory card. So it’s pretty fair to say that the memory of the PlayStation2 is pretty good, because chances are you will only have to buy one memory card, or maybe two.


In conclusion I would like to say that the PlayStation2 is an amazing system, and that it is definitely worth buying if you have the money. So basically, The PlayStation2 is a spectacular piece of machinery.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/16/03

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