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"Best Next-Generation Console"

The Playstation 2 Gaming Console is the best console out on the market today. Its generation has been challenged by systems such as the Nintendo Gamecube, and Microsofts Powerful Xbox. The Playstation 2 by Sony has been seen by many as the king of the consoles for quite some time… and it seems that they have prevailed with the generation’s best console. The Playstation 2 is a console that used to come around once in a lifetime. Sony now has a view of topping themselves with a Playstation 3 that is upcoming in the next few years. With all the add-ons such as wireless controllers, the online playability that is possible with the extremely cheap Network Adapter, and the unimaginable capabilities of the Hark Disk Drive that will revamp the whole Playstation 2 player field and hopefully jack up interest in the system. The total capabilities and the unique and compact design of this console are just totally stunning. Sony has finally done it, and designed the perfect system for today.

The Network Adapter is probably one of the best features that the Sony has provided for all of us Playstation 2 owners. X-Box has always bragged because of their Hard Drive built in to their powerful machine, but for a small fee of just $40, you can have your own Network Adapter to play online. This is extremely cheap, and you can experience the time of your life while playing this. Buying games such as Twisted Metal Black online, and Socom II online will really just blow your mind. It is really unbelievable how hooked you can get while playing online, and Sony has blended this feature in perfectly. Playstation 2 owners are really just gifted with the technology Sony has on their side, and for the cost of the Network adapter, it is an add-on that I recommend to all Playstation 2 owners.

The Hard Disk Drive is a little more upscale than the PS2 Network adapter. It is $100, and for a limited time, you get an extremely popular Final Fantasy XI to play online with it. The Hard Disk Drive and a Network Adapter will simply boost your PS2 Experience, and with these two things, that’s pretty much all you really need. The engine of this game is awesome, and really showcases some terrific graphics and sound effects. There are also a lot of other expensive goodies and tools you can buy to boost your PS2 Gaming experience, such as Leather Driving Wheels, Wireless controllers, USB Headsets and Keyboards and more. The possibilities are pretty much endless with this console, and that’s exactly why it is the best next-generation console on the market.

The concern of many people who have viewed the Playstation 2 Message board have been seen many PS2 owners fall to the Disc Read Error. What happens is the Lens gets dirty, and you have to send your PS2 away to get fixed. The good feature is that Sony will completely repair your system for free. Newer, also less costly versions of the Playstation 2 have fixed this… and are pretty much Disc Read Error free. All in all, you really don’t have to worry about your system ever being broke, unless it is in fact, your fault. Sony is really a top of the line company, and they prove it, being a class act all the way. Sony stands by their product, and why not? It’s the best one out there in this generation. The capabilities are just mind boggling there are tens of thousands of online players every day, and the different aspects can just reel you in. And when Nintendo had us hooked we thought it couldn’t get any better than that.

With Sony considering another price drop how could you go wrong? The newer models of the PS2 never experience Disk Read Errors, like older models, so you would never really have to worry about the system breaking on its own. The Sony Playstation 2 really is the best console out on the market. X-Box is good, but it just doesn’t have the gaming lineup and the capabilities the Playstation 2 has, and the Gamecube has nowhere near the engine the X-Box and the PS2 have. Anyways, out of all the gaming consoles in the next generation market, I highly recommend the Playstation 2 over the others. If you can afford it, get an X-Box as well; it really improves the Grand Theft Auto series the PS2 has. If you’re a big Role Play Game fan… The PS2 is also for you, Final Fantasy is considered the best RPG Series out there, which basically every gamer knows. So, all in all, the Playstation 2 has the engine, the unique design, and the capabilities over every other next-generation system, and is the sole reason it is the best Console to date. Period.

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Originally Posted: 04/24/04

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