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Reviewed: 08/10/04 | Updated: 08/04/05

Sony shows why they are the kings of gaming

In the year 2000, many fans awaited the arrival of the PS2, it was said to be the best system of all time. Now more than four years, millions of units sold, how good is the PS2 actually? Well according to each individual owner and how many units they’ve sold, PS2 is still the fan favorite of the three consoles. Launching a year in front of competition Sony has influenced most of the gaming industry to buy their system.

Graphics: 9/10
Since the PS2 has so many of it’s own games, the designers can now focus on creating a great game on PS2. Their are many more polygons used in the games then the old PS1, and they move at a much faster rate. Facial animations are now a big part on the gaming world, “How well does their eyes move?” “Does his words match his lips?” many games are now improving how they make games and this system does it very nice. These facial expressions started in Final Fantasy X and are now used in mostly every great game out there.

System Extras: 8/10
A very nice and more unique than say the Xbox’s, the PS2 has the new vertical and horizontal stand. They have the fast and free network adaptor for free online play. The obvious DVD remote that is not need to play DVD’s. There are a few downsides that keep the add-ons from each greatness like the expensive memory card priced at $25, and it only holds 8MB of space. Unlike most other consoles the PS2 only has two controller ports, so you’re gonna have to fork over $30 if you wanna play some four or three player. Wireless controller are new for the PS family, unlike the Xbox counterpart where it’s basically the same controller, the PS2 wireless are so much different from the original controller you might need some time to get used to it. Lastly is the newly HHD (Hard Drive Disk) which is priced at $100 with Final Fantasy Xl, you’re also gonna need the network adaptor to use it.

Controller: 10/10
The definite controller of the video game gods. This controller fits everyone’s hand perfectly, the buttons are all perfectly placed so they’re easily accessed. There’s just one small problem, which would really only help out shooting games, some people prefer the R2/L2 buttons to be trigger buttons. Other than that the PS family started the double along sticks which are found on the up to date consoles.

Game Line-up: 9/10
PS2 has a very nice lineup of video games, they have every genre there his but seem to lack some big genres like shooters. Their RPG lineup is one of the best yet, and they are making a name for themselves on their action/adventure/platformers. In my opinion they have the best multi-platform games, for instance sports titles are much more simpler to play then say Xbox and Gamecube. Here is a short view of what each of PS2 games have that makes them stand out.

Shooters: 7/10
Not that big on PS2 but there are some like Medal of Honor, the multi-platform Timesplitters 2, and James Bond. Not that great of a selection but it still has some great titles that will keep you coming back for more. The shoulder buttons are nice to play with shooters but I would’ve preferred the Xbox’s trigger buttons.

Racing: 9/10
Racing is a very good genre on the PS2. With titles like Midnight Club, Gran Turismo, and Need for Speed, which could arguably be the best racing games of all-time. They also have some unique racers like Crash Nitro Kart and Auto Modellista, not saying they’re perfect, they’re just unique. These racing games control very nicely and have some of the best graphics off all racing games.

RPG: 10/10
The definite place for RPGers. With Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, Suikoden, Dark Cloud and a lot of soon to be greats this is the system if you want some great story lines and superb graphics. While it has only started some good RPG’s most of the ones that are on PS2 are sequels to already great games on previous systems that really get people to like them and buy more.

Action/Adventure/Platformers/Fighting 8.5/10
Games like Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Devil May Cry, Mortal Kombat, Virtua Fighter, Tekken, Def Jam Vendetta, and many other action titles. PS2 shines very highly when mention about these games. They got great graphics and a replay value that just makes you wanna sing. This is another area where if these are your games, then get it.

Sports: 9/10
PS2 has a lot, maybe even to many companies making sports games. Every year they get have five basketball, football, baseball, and hockey games, with only some that are even worth buying. The EA Sports company has really dominated the PS2 with it’s great selection of options and great graphics on their sports which make this the must have console for sport fans.

Extra Features: 9/10
Well PS2 has some very nice features, you can watch DVD’s without a remote. It’s backwards compatible with PS1 games so you don’t need to hang onto your old PS1 any more. There’s also some nice settings that allow you to make the PS1 games’ graphics a little better and speed up the loading times of games. You may have heard that some PS1 games do not work on the PS2, well that is completely bogus as I have tried some of those games they have listed and they work fine. Other than that you’ve got your basic high-power machine ready for gaming.

Use my self-made platform decider to see which system is right for you. I strongly recommend the PS2, but look what type of games you’re into and get that system.

What’s good about it:
-Great Controller
-Free online play
-Light and fairly good portability
-Huge Game Line-up
-Great RPG line-up
-Backwards Compatibility
What’s not so good about it:
-Only two controller ports
-Memory Cards (High Cost, Low Space)
-Mediocre Shooting Titles

Action/Adventure: 8/10
Platformers: 9/10
Shooter: 7/10
Racing: 9/10
RPG: 10/10
Sport: 8/10
Multi-Platform: 8/10

What’s good about it:
-Huge FPS, Action, Adventure Line up
-Great Storage Space
-No memory cards needed
-No multi-tap needed
What’s not so good about it:
-Bad RPG line-up
-Same multi-platform games
-Pay to Play online play
-Large Console (Not good for mobility)

Action/Adventure: 7/10
Platformers: 0/10 (None)
Shooter: 8/10
Racing: 7/10
RPG: 2/10
Sport: 7.5/10
Multi-Platform: 8/10

What’s good about it:
-New Controller Layout
-Great Platform Line-up
-Four Controller ports
What’s not so good about it:
-Many Memory Cards Required for Big Games
-Weak Shooter Line-up
-Small Online Play

Action/Adventure: 7/10
Platformers: 10/10
Shooter: 5/10
Racing: 8/10
RPG: 9/10
Sport: 7/10
Multi-Platform: 7/10

Final Evaluation: 10/10
Should you get it? Yes, I do believe you should, this is my favorite console right now and with its so many great features and games it should be a fan favorite for quite some time. At least until the new PS3, Xbox 360, and the Nintendo Revolution are out. If you’ve tried it out already and liked it, then go on and get it, otherwise if you can get it for a few weeks by renting it then try that.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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