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    FAQ/Walkthrough by sephirosuy

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      Game  : Phantasy Star Universe (PS2)
      Guide : FAQ/Walkthrough (SEP)
      By    : sephirosuy (Screen name) / Seph
      e-mail: sephiroth_y@yahoo.com
    This guide is written and compiled by sephirosuy / Seph.
    You may not copy or reproduce ANY PART of it under any circumstances except
    for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of the guide on
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright. If you really needed to use it for any reasons,
    you must tell me before anything, I want to know what would you going to use
    it for.
    I know there's somebody even worse than theft site, they stole and sold FAQs
    from the actual authors. Trust none of FAQ authors allow to them to do so
    including myself. If you found any business like this, please do not support
    or buy these stolen hardworks which made by other people. Why still buying it
    since you can read this document here for free?
     Table of Contain
     Press 'Ctrl' and 'F' keys together, then fill in the codes for the
     topic that you want to find, click 'Find' to seach it.
         TOPIC                               CODES
      1. Intro ............................. sep01
      2. Basic ............................. sep02
      3. Menu Translation .................. sep03
      4. Walkthrough
          Chapter 1 ........................ sep04
          Chapter 2 ........................ sep05
          Chapter 3 ........................ sep06
          Chapter 4 ........................ sep07
          Chapter 5 ........................ sep08
          Chapter 6 ........................ sep09
          Chapter 7 ........................ sep10
          Chapter 8 ........................ sep11
          Chapter 9 ........................ sep12
          Chapter 10 ....................... sep13
          Chapter 11 ....................... sep14
          Chapter 12 ....................... sep15
      5. About P-Machinary ................. sep16
      6. Contact ........................... sep17
      7. Credits ........................... sep18
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     |  1. Intro  |
    Thanks for clicking on the guide.
    This is a FAQs/Walkthrough for the game named Phantasy Star Universe, based on
    Sony Playstation 2 NTSC/J version, it might had some differents with other
    version (it's released for PC and Xbox 360 as well). Also the guide has only
    cover the Story Mode, nothing about online stuffs. I will not explain much
    about the events during the game, but still contain SPOILERs of the game.
    Both English and Japanese were not my first language, but I still wishing to
    guide all gamers with everythings that I can, hope everyone understand. Also
    I'm not a profesional game FAQ author and writing game FAQ isn't my proper
    job (although I wish to be), so the guide won't go in depth to some parts of
    the game, I won't explain each single detail of the basic which you can learn
    from the in-game tutorial, since I have limited times to do this. However, the
    guide has cover all the main stuffs of the game, it's enough informations to
    complete the game well.
    Another thing is about the walkthrough, since some places got branch routes,
    the walkthrough I made was just based on my run, I won't go details on the side
    area if there's nothing important.
    Current guide's version:
    - 0.1 - 05 Sept 2006
       - Walkthrough to Chapter-2
    - 0.2 - 07 Sept 2006
       - Walkthrough to Chapter-5
       - Menu Translation added
    - 0.3 - 10 Sept 2006
       - Walkthrough to Chapter-8
    - 0.4 - 13 Sept 2006
       - Walkthrough to Chapter-10
       - some more information in Basic section
    - SEP - 19 Sept 2006
       - Walkthrough completed and some details on Chapter 4
       - more information in Basic and Menu Translation section
       - About P-Machinary section added
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
     |  2. Basic  |
     < Gameplay >
    Phantasy Star Universe is an Action-RPG, character exists in the 3D real-time
    action and movements. Character can run or dodge the enemy's attacks depends on
    the players controlling skill. Player can also perform the special attacking
    styles combos to defeat the enemies.
     < Control >
     Left Analog - Move character
    Right Analog - Turn camera view
          D-pad  - Move selection
          Circle - Confirm/examine function
               X - Cancel function, display quite item use menu
          Square - Attack/use the existing equipment
        Triangle - Attack with skill/technique
              L1 - Log-on target, center camera view
              R1 - Draw weapon (gun)
              R3 - Zoom into first person view
           Start - Open menu
     < In-Battle >
    - Press "Square" button for normal attack
    - Press "Triangle" button to perform skill move
    - Hold "R1" to switch for gun attack
    - Hold "L1" to log-on the target
    Inventory Change
    - Hold "X" button to display the fixed item, then move the selection to the
      item or equipments that you want, release X to use or equip. Of cause you
      must set the items under 'Inventory' menu first.
    PP bar
    - As you can see the blue line at right bottom, it's the PP bar which used to
      perform your skills.
    - The amount of PP affected by the weapon.
    - Each time you did your skill will reduce the PP. It will restore slowly
      while going through the battle.
    - To restore the PP bar faster, you can either use the appointed item or
      charge it from the Photon Charger. As for the Photon Charger, it's an
      object like save point but with the cube. It costs you for each charge.
     < Skill/Ability/Magic Set >
    Of cause, you must learn the skill for first, before you can use it, you must 
    set the skill into the weapon. Skill/ability is selling in the weapon shop. 
    #- For Skill
      Skills is only used on the close combat weapon such as Sword, Dagger, Spear..
      Different weapon has the different skills. For example, you can't bring over
      the skill which is belong to Knife and set it on the Sword. 
      Under Inventory option, select the weapon that you want to use, then choose
      the second option (Photon Change) and select the skill for that weapon. Once
      you've done, press "Triangle" button during the battle to show it.
    #- For Ability
      Each ability has a elemental effect, set it to the weapons can add elemental
      effect in each of the shot. The elements are Fire, Ice, Lightning, Earth,
      Light and Dark based on the abilities.
    #- For Magic
      You need a Staff type weapon. Choose the magic under your Staff like how you
      set the skill, and select the button that you like to use (Square/Triangle).
     < Elements >
     - Fire
     - Ice
     - Lightning
     - Earth
     - Light
     - Dark
    Weapon Icon
      As you can see the icon under the weapon which is listed in second last line,
      it's indicated the element of that weapon (%). Below is the icon colour.
       - Red    = Fire
       - Blue   = Ice
       - Yellow = Lightning
       - Orange = Earth
       - White  = Light
       - Purple = Dark
       - Green  = Physical attack
    Elemental weakness
          Fire -> Ice
           Ice -> Fire
     Lightning -> Earth
         Earth -> Lightning
         Light -> Dark
          Dark -> Light
     < Weapon Upgrade >
    #- First, you must own the Grinding item, you can buy them in the Item Shop,
       which listing like "Grinding C+2, Grinding B+3, Grinding A+1" and more.
    #- The "C+1, C+2, C+3, B+1, B+2..." means that item is for what class of
       weapon and the number means the quality of upgrade.
    #- Another thing is about the weapon's company, you can only upgrade the weapon
       under the comapany which made it, and different company's shop located at
       different planet, so you hace to find the weapon's company shop for upgrade.
     - Grinding 'B+3'
       - B = this item is for upgrading to rank-B weapon.
       - 3 = this is the quality of upgrade.
           = only 1-3, 1 is less and 3 is highest, of cause it costs you more.
    Example of upgrade:
     - Weapon I want upgrade  = Crimson (rank-S, from GRM)
     - Grinding item I needed = Grinding S+1/S+2/S+3 (as long as it's for 'S' rank)
     - Shop allow to upgrade  = GRM company, located at Parum Planet
    #- The number at right top under weapon detail screen indicates the times of
       you had upgraded the weapon. The more upgradeds were done, the lesser
       chances of success for the next upgrade.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
     |  3. Menu Translation  |
    Just only the translation, might not the actual name. Right click on the empty
    area, click 'Encoding' -> 'Japanese (Auto-Select)' or 'Japanese (ShiftJIS)' to
    read the Japanese words.
    I just list them down according the arrangements in the game.
    Title Screen
    - Story Mode   - ストーリーモード
    - Extra Mode   - エクストラモード (after Chapter 4)
    - Network Mode - ネットワークモード
    - Story/Extra Mode
      - New Game        - ニューゲーム
      - Continue        - コンチィニュー
      - Return To Title - タイトルに戻る
    In Game
    - Menu Screen
      - Character Info - キャラクター情報
      - Inventory      - 所持品
      - Map            - マップ
      - Party          - パーティー
      - System         - システム
    - Character Info
      - Status          - ステータス
      - Equipment List  - 装備品一覧
      - Photon Art List - フォトンアーツ一覧
      - Type List       - タイプ一覧
    - Party
      - Party Group   - パーティー結成
      - Party Dismiss - パーティー解散
      - Cancel        - 戻る
    - System
      - Option   - オプション
      - End Game - ゲーム終了
    Photon Charger
    - Photon Charger - フォトンチャージャー
      - All weapons together - 全所持武器一括
      - Weapon select        - 武器ごと
      - Cancel               - 戻る
    - Buy       - 買う
    - Sell      - 売る
    - Exit Shop - 店を出る
    PETE Menu
    - Use warehouse     - 倉庫を使う
    - P Machinary usage - Pマシナリー機能
    - Cancel            - キャンセル
    - Use warehouse
      - Move in  - 預ける
      - Take out - 持ち出す
      - Return   - 戻る
    - P Machinary usage
      - Chat            - 話す
      - Present an item - アイテムを与える
      - Item Synthesis  - アイテムを合成する
      - View status     - ステータスを見る
      - Return          - 戻る
      - Synthesis item/item creation
        - Board entry   - ボードのエントリー
        - Start mixing  - 合成をおこなう
        - Item take out - アイテムを取り出す
        - Mixes hint    - 合成のヒント
        - Return        - 戻る
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
     |  4. Walkthrough  |
           - Chapter 1 -
     < Of Light and Darkness >                                               sep04
    Once you gain control of the character, head to the elevator and take it to 4F.
    At 4F, go to the right front area, enter the Linear Line Home for to trigger a
    scene. After that, you got the map, make your way to the West and cross the
    door for some more scenes.
    Now back to where you came for another event, then return to the passage, move
    to the North. Get pass the doors and you will eventually found the save marker
    and then will enter the first battle. It's just like the tutorial battle, your
    opponents are very weak. Defeat the enemies and continue the only way here.
    Second save marker, two NPC join the party, heal yourself on the green light
    (healing plate). Continue the passage and defeat some more enemies. Go on to
    West area, kill all enemies there to obtain the ID, use it to unlock the door
    to North. Obtain few more ID to unlock the door in Block C-2 and C-3 as well.
    Reach to the Linear Line Home, run down to the middle where the save marker by,
    save your game if you want. Head to the South, you will be ordered to use the
    Goggle for the blocks. Like how you set the items, then press "X" button and 
    select it, press "Square" button to scan. Once you spotted the blue circle,
    change back to your weapons and destroy it to save the NPC. Follow the way to
    South can find more blocks, use the same way to destroy them. Come to next
    save marker, use it to save your game. Before moving forward for the boss
    battle, let the PP bar fill up some more.
    - Boss
    When the battle start, move away to evade the tentacle attack. Now you can shot
    it as many shots as your gun had, but you should get closer to log the target
    on the boss, also make sure dodge the fireball. If you want to close combat,
    stay beside it and use your skill (Triangle) attack when it's going to swing.
    Once it's down, hit it few more times before it wakes up. Not hard, just keep
    using your skill before the boss can hit you. When the battle is over, the
    chapter end.
       - Chapter 2 -
     < Typical Lives >                                                       sep05
    After several scenes, speak with the PETE (robot) to activate the warehouse.
    There's also a save marker around this room. Once you've done, leave this room.
    Now go to the Gaurdians HQ at 5F, but the elevator is under maintenance, so you
    have to take the slope to above level. 3F encounter Lumia, after the scene, go
    up the slope that's near. 4F can found a save marker and photon charger.
    At 5F, talk to the girl by the counter, then back to 4F after some scenes.
    Go to the right front exit (blue board PPT Gate), select to Parum Planet.
    After the scene, head to East Area which is on your right, then take the
    left route where the photon charger and save marker by, enter the Branch of
    Guardians and talk to the girl by the counter. Afterwards, go to West Area
    through the Central Section. In West Area, go to the right side will trigger
    a scene, Karen Erra will explain about the party details. For the testing,
    talk to Karea Erra to join the party, then talk to her again to release her.
    Afterwards, tell Karen Erra to join the party, then go Central Scetion and
    find Hyuga Ryght to join the party too. When prepared, go to Eastern most to
    Raffon Plains to start the mission. 
    Begins in Block A-1, go North until you get to Block A-3, defeat all enemies
    for the ID, unlock the laser that's blocking the way. Explore around if you
    wish, the Western most area can find a healing plate. Continue the way until
    the military base, now take the South-East door the Block B-1. After the scene,
    you can see the healing plate, photon charger on the left, and save marker on
    the right. Assumed your HP is not full for now, better use the healing plate to
    restore you and your partners HP. Once you've done, get into the cavern to
    Block B-2.
    After the scene in Block B-2, use Goggle to scan on the spheres around that
    flaming thing. Let Hyuga to shoots the sphere until it turns gray, now destroy
    it with your weapon. Move on to the near area, like before, defeat all enemies
    for the ID to unlock the laser or door. If there's a panel beside the laser,
    it means you should unlock it with the ID, for somewhere has no panel, just
    kill all enemies to unlock it, remember on the way don't step on the fire area.
    In Block B-3, you will face a monster like the boss you fought in chapter-1,
    you, must defeat it for the ID key, so save some PP to blast it with your
    skill. Later on, just keep going and kill more enemies to the next area.
    After crossing the GrinGrin Farm, you will get to Block C-1 area. Likewise,
    explore the areas and defeat all enemies to unlock the laser. From Block C-1,
    to C-2 and eventually reach C-3, on the way you should go after the boy. In
    Block C-3, make sure save your game on the save marker before go through the
    - Boss
    The boss will mainly attack to its front area, so try to attack it from the
    side or back. Run away when it's raised up the legs, this move can damage all
    targets in the nearer area. When the targeting on you, lure it close to your
    teamates and let them attack the boss. Be prepared to heal yourself, if your
    teamates die, keep running to the further area before they revive.
     - Chapter 3 -
      < Relics >                                                             sep06
    After the scene, leave the room and go 5F Guardian HQ, now you can use the
    elevator. In 5F, talk to the girl by the counter and choose both option to
    know some details about Free Mission and Type Select. Leave for 4F, find Lumia
    and Hyuga aroundthe right front side. You will obtain Hyuga's party card, and
    you can summon his to join the party. Afterwards, go Parum Planet PPT Gate and
    head to Planet Parum to find Karen then will obtain her party card, call her to
    join the party too. Head to the East and enter the Branch of Guardian for some
    scenes. Later on, go East and take the flyer, select the first mission.
    Begins in Block D-1, finish off all enemies for the ID to unlock the doors.
    While going to the East, there's an ID on the separated part, you should take
    the warp to obtain it. Lately, you will found another separated part which you
    have to kill all enemies there for the ID. Keep going through D-2 will reach to
    the base, then head to North-East, pass the save marker come to Block E-1. Go
    until E-2 to face the boss, better save your game in E-2 before entering the
    - Boss
    Keep attacking on its back, can try from the side also, but when it moves you
    will get some minor damages. When the boss flying, be sure you dodga all its
    fireballs, wait until it lands down, continue attack it from the side or back.
    You will come to Block C-3 after defeating the boss. Enter the passage besides
    the save to A-1. Run forward for a scene, then move to left for another scene.
    Back to the middle and follow to the front, enemy is stronger than before,
    especially the Golmoro monster is quite annoying, be sure you work well with
    your team. In Block A-2, you will face Paravohila, recommend attack from its 
    side. Likewise, kill all enemies to unlock the next area. Until A-3, some
    enemies will only appear when you destroyed certain crates, so you must find
    the crates everywhere, destroyed them to spawns the enemies. Later on, you
    will encounter two Paravohilas, needless to say, you should focus on defeating
    one of them. After this, you can find the healing plate to restore you HP.
    Once you've done, forward to the only ways here. Defeat all surrounded enemies,
    move on to Block B-2 can find another healing plate and save. Go to right side
    to enter the boss fight.
    - Boss
    When the boss charging laser or fire, run to either side to dodge its straight
    attack. The boss has a move can knock down all target in its range, and it will
    perform this move when it get hits or you're closed to it. However it can only
    damage the small area, so make sure you run away after hitting it one or twice,
    get close to it and attack again after it does the move. You can also lure it
    to charge the laser, so that you can have more chances to close to it.
    The battle overs trigger a scene. After the scene, ignore all the enemies here,
    just keep going forward, eventually you will get to the Block A-1, run up the
    stairs on the right to end this chapter.
     - Chapter 4 -
      < Rogues >                                                             sep07
    When the chatting is over, go out to meet with Lumia, then lead her to 3F and
    enter the second shop on the right (Red board). After the scene, go down to 2F
    and enter the armor shop (Light Blue). Afterwards, lead her to the weapon shop
    which is beside the armor shop, watch some scenes.
    Now you will receive a call from Karen. Call up Karen and Hyuga to join the
    party, then head to 4F and go to Parum Planet. Move to the Branch of Guardians
    at the East, talk to the girl by the counter. After the scene with the old man,
    Lucaim Nav, call him to join the party as well. Now go to the West Area, down
    to the bottom and head to the Linear Train Home, select the only mission here.
    After several events, go until the next section. Remember the first boss you
    fought in chapter 1? Now you have to defeat three monsters like it to end this
    mission, don't worry, you're not fighting them in once. Basically it has not
    different, just a little faster moving speed, use the same tactics to defeat
    them for ending the mission.
    Now Karen and Hyuga come with you. Heal yourself on the healing plate, then
    save the game if you want. Go to North, reach to next section will encounter
    enemies which you had to defeat them all. When the enemy goes down, stay away
    from it, because it will explore! Beware of the third group, there's two laser
    shoot you at the front, you can destroy them before focus on the enemies.
    Continue to next section and defeat few more same enemies to end the mission,
    watch a scene.
    Afterwards, open the door in front can find a healing plate and save marker.
    On the way to South, encounter some enemies, remember the robots can explore
    when it was destroyed.
    When come to No.4 Car, make sure heal your party with the healing plate, the
    following enemy is getting stronger. Talk to the NPC beside the save if you
    need some weapon or healing items. Keep going to South, kill the enemies
    that're blocking your way. Until No.7 Car, explore all area and defeat the
    enemies. After the scene, photon charger, save marker and healing plate all
    here, fully restore your HP here.
    Next destination, go back the ways where you came (North). Some enemies can
    be ignore, but some you must defeat them to unlock the door. No.5 Car got an
    optional area, you can obtain the ID from the enemies if you want some items.
    Come to No.4, healing yourself and restore your PP is recommended. If you have
    low healing item, buy some from the NPC here, at least prepare 5 of it for the
    next battle. Once you've done, continue to North.
    - Boss
    1 on 3 match, the leader can attack you with his magics or even freeze you, so
    I suggest to kill the leader for first. Blast your PP skill to knock him down,
    keep chasing him and attack. When he's going to escape from your range, perform
    your skill to knock him down again, make sure you don't be surrounded by other.
    Don't hesitate to heal yourself when necessory. When their leader goes down,
    focus to kill either one of them, up to you. Later on defeat the remaining.
    About Extra Mode: 
     This chapter end after the battle, and "Extra Mode" will be unlocked.
     The Extra Mode allow you to create and customize your character. The gameplay
     status is still depending on the Story Mode, let say your game just reach to
     Chapter 5, and the event to Neudaiz Planet has not beed triggered yet, so in
     the Extra Mode, you can't go Neudaiz Planet.
         - Chapter 5 -
     < The Divine Maiden >                                                   sep08
    First of all, head to 5F, talk to the counter girl. Speak with her again after
    the scene in meeting room. Back down to 4F found Lumia and Karen, then follow
    Karen to right side. Afterwards, use the Neudaiz Planet PPT Gate beside, enter
    Neudaiz Planet to watch some scenes.
    Now appear in the Branch of Guardians and obtained Maya Shidow's party card.
    Talk to the girl in counter, leave here and go to the flyer at left. Call
    Hyuga, Karen and Maya join the party. Take the flyer and enter the mission.
    Start in Block A-1, go forward and turn right can see the save marker. Take the
    door that's near to Block A-2. Defeat the enemies to unlock the doors, come to
    A-3, then A-4 to trigger an event. Now defeat the only enemies (boss?) here,
    very easy, shoot it before it comes closer, you can kill it instantly. After
    that, go forward and take to path to right, another scene trigger in Block B-1.
    Healing plate a save marker is here, heal your party on the plate, save your
    game if you want, then open the door to Block B-2. After the scene, use Goggle
    scan that red circle on the ground, then equip Photon Reflector and stand on
    the red circle, press "Square" button to shoot on the crystals around, then
    destroy the spheres inside.
    After that, follow the path to next area. Beware, the enemy is more stronger
    than before, and all of them can blow the ice which can freeze your characters.
    If got freezed, you might probably get some more damage from other blows, so be
    sure always dodge their ice blowing. This place is quite long to go for next
    healing plate, and you will face lot of enemies, make sure work well with your
    team. Pay attention on the items drop by enemies, you might get Tangou Bow
    (Atk 459) in this section, I got two of it in my run, I guess it's a random
    When you get pass Block B-3 will trigger a scene, you can also find the save
    marker and healing plate. Run forward for another scene, then head to right
    side (North-East) will come to Block C-1.
    After the first warp point, you will come to a two way junction, basically you
    just need to follow the left path, however if you go through to right path, you
    can find some items and Halisen (Atk 190), which is quite good weapon for your
    current level. To get pass the right laser, you need 3-ID. To get this ID, back
    to the area where you warped here just now, you can see two other warp points
    there, one is bring you back to the previous area, another one is bring you to
    the 3-ID area, it was the South one, so just take to to obtain this ID, then
    take the following warp to return. After the right laser, destroying the crates
    for the items, but you will trigger out some monsters, so prepare to fight.
    When you done, follow the left path which leads to North-East, defeat some more
    enemies for the ID to unlock the door to Blcok C-2. Now follow the path until
    you get to the branch, there's a locked door to North-West and another leads to
    South-West. Take the South-West path and you will see a small cave on the right
    hidden an ID. After defeating the enemies in the cave, pick up the ID inside,
    then back to the area before and use the ID to unlock the door to North-West.
    Continue defeat more enemies to next area. After this section, you can find a
    save marker, use it to save your game before the boss fight.
    Before the actual boss shown, you have to defeat three flying monsters, TenGhog
    with only Hyuga helps. Focus on one of the side, kill them one by one. Maybe
    use gun is better when it goes to fly. Afterwards, a scene shows the boss,
    OnmaGohg appear.
    - Boss
    Awhile after the battle begins, Maya will come to help, but probably she's the
    first person KO'd :P The boss always flying, you can only attack when it's land
    on the ground, and normally it will lands after three attack in the air, its
    dashing move consider an attack too. Keep on running while the boss is flying,
    you can dodge all its attacks easily, also try to track it while dodging. Once
    it's landed, take this chance to reduce its HP, the time is not much before the
    boss flies again, so blast it with your skill.
          - Chapter 6 -
     < Captives of Moatoob >                                                 sep09
    Start from now you can change your character costume, go to the costume shop at
    3F if you want some tries. Now what you need to do is find Hyuga at 1F, he's
    near the fountain. After this scene, go 5F and talk to the counter girl to
    verify Moatoob PPT. Back to 4F, move to right which is the Moatoob Planet PPT
    Gate, take it to Moatoob Planet. Once you've reached there, go right and enter
    the Branch of Guardians for some events.
    Obtain Leoginio S.B. and Tonnio Rhima's party cards. Leave the Branch of
    Guardians, then call Leoginio, Hyuga and Tonnio join the party. After that,
    take the flyer at right to start the mission. But before this, prepare your
    inventory, make sure your healing item is enough, at least have 20. There's
    some shops opposite of the photon charge and save marker.
    Mission begins at Block A-1 with a save point. Enemy isn't that stronge, but
    you will face many, just spend some times to finish them off. Make your way to
    North-East where is Block B-2, heal your team on the plate and save the game
    if you want. Now the path to right (East) is actually leads to a dead end, but
    you can found some healing items there. Head to North, then turn to East, kill
    the enemies for the ID. In the last area, you will face two Cog Nad monsters
    in once, focus to kill off one of them, otherwise you might have some problems.
    Come to Block B-2, go right (East) from the junction end up with some treasure, 
    go left (North-West) is your destination. Eventually you will come to another
    junction, take the warp point on the left to North area, defeat all enemies for
    the ID. Return to the junction and go East where the healing plate by, unlock
    the door with the ID you got. Get pass the passage, you can find some green
    doors in the following area. Defeat all enemies inside and outside, you would
    get two ID-4 and one ID-5. Now head to West area and unlock the door with ID-5
    for some additional items. Afterwards, open the door to North with two ID-4.
    Next section, just go forward to trigger a scene, then you will be bought to
    Block A-1. Save marker and healing plate can be found here. Finish off the
    enemies here for the ID, unlock the North-West path, follow it to next area.
    After the next laser gate, head to East for the ID. Back to where you came
    and go to North-West. Kill the enemies that you can see for another ID appears.
    Unlock the door to North
    Reach to Block B-1, cross the beside beside the save point, use the healing
    plate to restore your team HP. Take the right door for some items if you want,
    beware of the hidden mines. Go left door to your goal, defeat all enemies for
    the ID. After passing the red door, head to the right, destroy the crates and
    all enemies for ID-2. Reach to North area obtain ID-3 after killing all enemies
    there. Now use ID-2 to unlock the door to South for some extra items. Use ID-3
    to unlock the door to North.
    Block B-2, cross the bridge to right to spawn the enemies, defeat them for the
    ID-1, also beware of two hidden mines on the bridge. Afterwards, get pass the
    door to North, there's also two hidden mines. Defeat more enemies for the ID-2.
    Now go North and use the ID-1 for the area with some possible random items, use
    the remaining ID to North-East. Reach to the Inner Area to face the three
    brother that you fought before.
    - Boss
    1 on 3 match again. Like the battle before, take down the leader (pink head)
    for first. Knock him down with your skill combo, hits him some more before he
    awakes, then use your skill attack to knock him down again. Repeat until the
    leader goes down, same time be sure keep up your HP with the healing items.
    Until the last target, you can just use your gun to finish him off for saving
    some PP.
    Now don't relax yet, the YG-01Z bugs are coming after the boss fight, however
    your partner back to the team. Just keep fighting with these bugs until the
    scene, then finish off all the bugs. After the scene in Block B-2, you will
    get to the other section and face more bugs and bugge, sometimes shooting can
    be more useful for these enemies. Keep on going until the save marker, photon
    charger and healing plate area, make sure use them before going on to the next
    boss fight at North.
    - Boss
    This battle opponents is three Grina Beat, needless to say, focus on killing
    one of them. At the start, get close to them and give them a few hits, run
    away before they surrounded you. When they're stiil in group, shoot them as
    many as possible, be sure always stay in a distance with them so that you can
    clearly see their moves. Lure one of them separate out the group and close
    combat with it, when the other comes, keep a distance again. After awhile,
    Hyuga and Leoginio will come for help (they won't appear at the beginning of
    the battle). If you see all Grina Beats disappear, stop attack for a moment,
    make sure find out where's their locations after warping. Now they will be
    barriered and dash to many area randomly, and you have to dodge them until
    they stop, then only continue the fight. When you run out of PP, and if you
    don't have any charging items, you can run surrounding on a Grina, so that
    your teamate could still staying near to the Grina, and they will attack it
    while you're charging the PP. Again, don't fight them in group, their attacks
    is quite powerful, and also don't keep the close combat too long, you should
    always run and attack to avoid some damage.
        - Chapter 7 -
      < Photon Sealing >                                                     sep10
    Head outside found Lumia. Go 4F to Neudaiz Planet PPT Gate, directly enter the
    Branch of Guardians for some scenes. After that, leave the room and call up
    Hyuga and Maya join the party. Exit the branch and go left for another scene,
    then select the first mission.
    Run down to the river and ride the boat there. Press "X" button for accelerator
    and left analog stick to move, dodge the mines and collect the yellow items to
    boost up, have fun. Get pass Block A-3 to end this, a scene triggered in A-4.
    Afterwards, fight all monsters in Block B-1 for the ID, do the same thing in
    B-2. The enemies are same as before, but with the higher level. The only one
    harder in Kamatouz which has lot more HP than other, but normally you will
    face it after beating the other monsters. Also be sure you dodge the ice blow,
    especially when close combat, once you get freezed, you will get lot damage.
    Come to Block C-1 can see the save marker, save you game before go for the
    boss fight.
    - Boss
    OnmaGhog, the annoying flying type boss you fought before. Dodge its attacks
    until it lands on the ground, then attack. Repeat until it dies, exactly like
    how you did before.
    After the scene, come to Block D-1, heal your team with the healing plate on
    the left. Likewise, kill the enemies to unlock the next area. The tough place
    is  the cave in D-2 where you have to fight two Kamatouz in once, suggest you
    save the PP for this battle. Do remember you should stay away when this monster
    casts the area blizzard. Some areas seen have branch route, but you will go
    through all route actually, so just explore everyway for the ID. Eventually
    you will get to the scene in D-3, then enter the door in front after defeating
    the enemies.
    Block A-1, the healing plate, save marker and photon charger all here. Make
    sure fill up the PP before moving on, the following enemies would be more
    tougher. In the Block A-2, you can see there's a passage leads to East, follow
    that way can find the Real Handgun (Atk 132), but of cause you should beat the
    enemies guarding there. Take the passage to North, after the scene in A-3 will
    come the A-4, follow the only way here for another scene. In the room, you can
    find healing plate and save marker, leave here when you done.
    Now appear in Block B-1, just take down the two enemies at the start, go until
    the next scetion. In B-2, there's a healing plate at the North, you will face
    some enemies before you could get it. Afterwards, head to South-East for B-3,
    a save marker can be found at the beginning of B-3. After saving, use the door
    at the right front corner.
    - Boss
    There's a trick for this giant machine, as you can see it would try face on you
    and attack, so keep running to its back and attack. First, you can try lure the
    boss attack you, then immediately run to its back, tight to the boss and stay
    in between its two blocks (legs?). If you done correctly, the boss will keep
    turning, and you will be pushing by the block (leg), that's mean the boss is
    trying to find you, but your position was keeping on its back. Now use this
    chance to attack the boss as many as you can. If the boss warp to other area,
    do the same tactic continue reduce its HP. Again, mostly the boss will attack
    when it's spotted you, and some moves are the powerful attack, so make sure 
    don't stop moving in front of the boss. Equip two-handed blade if you got it,
    the Tornado Break skill works well on this boss. But if you don't have it, just
    spend a little more times to finish it off.
          - Chapter 8 -
      < In Mellvore's Wake >                                                 sep11
    Begin with the mission. In Block A, where the start point, go destroy all the
    crates in the right area to spawn the enemies, defeat them for the ID. Go North
    will face more enemies, take the ID from them and unlock the path to Block A-2.
    Tonnio and Leoginio will join the party. Now explore all enemies and kill them
    for the ID, you need four of them for the panel which is operating the laser.
    Later on, clear all enemies in A-3 for ending the mission.
    Back in the mall, down to 1F and back to the hostal. Talk to PETE, you must
    choose P-Machinary (second option) and select chat with him. Afterwards, leave
    the hostal should see Lumia. Now go to the Guardians HQ at 5F for some scenes,
    then trigger another scene while leaving 5F. After that, go pass the save and
    photon charger, you will travel to Parum Planet during the scene, and obtain
    Lou's party card. Before this, take a look on the shops since got some advanced
    staffs added.
    In Parum Planet, call Maya and Lou join with you before starting the mission,
    the flyer base at East Area, take it and choose the first mission. When the
    mission begins, another character, Kou will join the party too. Start at Block
    A-1 with the save point, go North-West to A-2, then head to North-East to B-1,
    you will pass a healing plate before here.
    In Block B-1, you need to operate 10 switches, the first switch will be done
    in the scene, so there're 9 remaining. First, take the left path (West), go
    pass the junction with laser gate, you can actually find 3 switches. After
    that, back to the laser gate and follow the opposite path of it. In  the end
    can find another one. Run up the slope, operate 2 more switches in both side,
    then go the right side operate another switch in the next corner. Afterwards,
    you will come to the slope to down, before going down, head to the opposite
    side for 9th switch. The last switch in at the bottom, also defeat all enemies
    down there for the ID. Now back to the laser gate, unlock it and follow the
    path. Some of the enemies can be ignored but not the group at the North area,
    you have to kill this group for the ID.
    Come to B-2, you need to operate 10 switches again. This first would be done
    in the scene as well. Now explore the North-East area, you can find 4 switches
    there. Back to East area and operate the remaining switches. Obtain the ID and
    unlock the laser gate. There's a warp point just right after the laser gate,
    take it to the hidden area with some treasures, you can find Zitosheen saber
    (Atk 255). Afterwards, take the next warp point return to where you came.
    Defeat all enemies for the ID to next section.
    In Block C-1, defeat a few groups enemies for the ID. Go North will trigger a
    scene, then use the save marker and healing plate. Once you've done, go North
    for C-2, then defeat the existing enemies. Lately the Lv 55 SEED form appear,
    besides it has stronger attack and defend point, it couldn't be knocked down,
    so you can't hit it in a row, better keep moving your position.
    After some rest, come to next area, begin at A-1. You need the ID to unlock
    the area, so just defeat all enemies. Some events happen after A-2, go South
    can see the save marker, and there's a shop NPC nears it. Continue to South
    for reaching to B-1, keep going until C-1 got another save marker, go North
    for C-2, the boss await.
    - Boss
    A giant dragon with two heads, slow moving speed but powerful attack. When the
    dragon is moving, your better keep away from it, otherwise you will get hits
    in combo or even been knocked down. Shoot it from the side when it's moving,
    close combat when it's stop. Normally it stops for attack, so make sure pay
    attention on that two heads, move aways when the dragon starting moving again.
    Until you've reduced certain amount of the boss' HP, it will flies, now you
    just need to run. Once it's landed down, continue attacks.
      - Chapter 9 -
       < Hot SOS >                                                           sep12
    First off all, return to Guardians Colony, back to your hostal in 1F for the
    scene. Now head to 5F, talk to the girl in the counter for several scenes.
    Afterwards, talk to Lou near the entrance and tell her to join your party.
    Back to 4F and use the Moatoob Planet PPT Gate, directly enter the Branch of
    Guardians there. Now the area available in the flyer base. Call Leoginio and
    Tonnio join the team, then go to the right and take the flyer, start the first
    Begin in Block A-1 with the scene. Come to A-2, get out from the cave, examine
    the Longe for the tutorial of riding it. Press "Square" to breath, "Circle"
    to ride or stop riding, "Left Analog Stick" to move. Use the Longe to get pass
    A-3 and A-4, if burn down the tree that's blocking and the tree by other way
    for the HP restoring items. If Longe's HP down to 0, you have to find another
    After some scenes, come to the Cavern, just get pass Block A-1. In A-2, follow
    the right path and you should see the door require ID-1 to unlock, it can be
    found after defeating the enemies at North-East. On the way to this group of
    enemies, right after you cross the bridge, turn right, there's some crates and
    rocks behind, search behind the rock for the ID-3. You can check the map for
    the actual location, the ID-3 shown as red dot. It was used to unseal the 
    treasure area later. Continue going as usual, until you've passed the ID-2
    gate. Now turn left can find some barrels and crates blocking by the laser
    gate, just unlock it with the ID-3 that you got just now. One of them is the
    Dual Slasher, the dual sword with Atk 174. Afterwards, kill all the remaining
    enemies and get pass the ID-4 door.
    Next area, go forward until the scene. Now defeat three enemies here without
    Tonnio in the party. Another scene shows.
    Come to Block B-1, you can found the save, photon charger and healing plate
    around. Get pass B-2 and B-3. Another save marker and healing plate in C-1.
    Watch a scene in C-2, now the team becomes Lou, Tonnio and Lina. Head to the
    door at North-West, there's a save and healing plate too.
    Reached to Cavern Block B-1, all you need to do is just as usual, go through
    this area until B-2, eventaully get out of the cavern. Use the healing plate
    and save marker here. You're going for the next boss battle. 
    - Boss
    Since the arena is very wide, trust you won't have trouble on dodging the shots
    and attacks from the boss, even in close combat. Remember the final boss in
    chapter-7? This boss is a similar thing like that, keep your position on its
    side while attack, especially when the barries was builded, you may delay its
    next attack by doing so. Pay attention when the boss raised up its hands, it
    would damage all targets in the area when it smack on the ground, be sure you
    get away now. Lately it will light up the blue blade at the legs, now you can
    only damage his hands. Use more on shooting if you have the guns.
    This chapter end here.
         - Chapter 10 -
     < Rite of Divination >                                                  sep13
    Begins with the scenes, and now you're in Moatoob. Back to Guardians Colony, 
    choose 5F. Speak to the girl in the counter for some scenes. Go down to 4F
    found Lumia. After this, take the PPT Gate to Neudaiz Planet, then head to
    the huge circle building (Communion). You will come to Guardians Meeting Room,
    before you left here, talk to Lou and invite her join the party. Now move to
    the flyer just located at left of the Guardians Branch, select the first
    After scene at A-2, Kanal and Mirei join the team as well. Now the enemies can
    use ice to attack, like those you faced before, they can freeze you anytime,
    once you got freezed, you might get combo hits, beware of it. Perform more your
    attacks from side or back.
    Go through A-3, lately reached A-4. In this area, search the left (West) area
    for the ID-2, the ID-2 laser gate is near the area where you get ID-1 later,
    and it leads to some healing items.
    Eventually come into the temple, Block A-1. There's no enemies here, just get
    pass here to A-2. As usual, collect the ID and unlock the doors for this area.
    In A-3, you can find the healing plate at North-West. After collecting two ID-1
    here, go East to next area. Get pass Block A-4 likewise, come the the place in
    front of Holy Ground can find the save marker. Following area face a Lv 55 mini
    boss, make sure you save your game. As for the mini boss, you should find out
    his attack style and tactic here, you will encounter more of this enemy later.
    Afterwards, watch the scene at the Illusion Altar. Go near North-East, defeat
    the enemies and then destroy 4 seeds here. Remember you have to scan it with
    the Goggle, the seeds are invisible before you use the Goggle. Lou will shock
    them when you discover them, or you can do it yourself with the Photon Eraser.
    Once it turned gray, destroy it with your weapon, then destroy the giant seed
    too. Also remember, all these giant seeds you found later, each of it has 4
    seeds around, and you must destroy all of them before you can destroy the giant
    Likewise, you need to unlock the doors or laser gates with the ID accordingly.
    Destroy the seed at where you can see. Block B-3 is the last area with seed. 
    After that, watch the scene in C-1, then use the save, healing plate here, as
    well as the ??? shop is here. Buy some healing items for the next battles.
    Hence, go North face some enemies. Take the ID to unlock the door. North-West
    path leads to D-1 where you don't need to go, so just move on to North until
    C-2 to face the boss of this chapter.
    - Boss
    Most of his moves can damage all targets near his range, so don't recommend
    close combat. Somehow you could hit him once or two time and run away before
    he counterattack. Try run to his back and attack him from behind if possible.
    The best chance to attack is when the boss targeting on Lou, if she was down,
    it's pretty hard to hit him without getting damage, so just run around until
    she revives herself, then continue the tactics.
        - Chapter 11 -
     < Unification Point >                                                   sep14
    After serveral scenes, find Lumia at 5F, the Guardians HQ. Also talk to the
    girl in counter for more scenes. Leave for 4F, go to the Moatoob Planet PPT
    Gate, take it to enter the Branch of Guardians. Talk to the girl in counter
    to enter meeting room. Now new mission available, call up Tonnio and Leoginio 
    join with you, and buy some healing items before starting the mission.
    Thing to notice is about the enemies of next chapter, all of them were belong
    to Dark elemental type, which is weak against Light. So you're using the gun,
    or other weapon can mix with Light elemental attack, buy the Light element
    photon and use as many as possible on this mission to get higher level it.
    Once you've done, Select the first mission in the flyer base.
    After scene, enter the tank in front. To control this tank, press "X" for
    accelerator, "Square" to fire and "Circle" to leave or re-enter the tank. Use
    this tank to go through the next section, shoot to destroy the rocks which are
    blocking your ways, you can also shoot the monsters, it deals tons of damage.
    Passed A-2, you will leave the tank. Go pass the save marker to B-1, then B-2.
    Go pass through 4 laser gates will trigger the scene. After that will come to
    the Frontline Base, now you can use the photon charger, healing plate and the
    save, prepare your team well before move on to the next sections which is quite
    long to go and lot of enemies you have to fight. Once you've done, take the
    right door to Area A:1.
    Start from here, you need to go through the icicle area, and your opponents
    were became the icy monsters. Same like those you fought before, they're all
    can freeze you randomly with their special attacks, the bad things might happen
    if you get freezed, beware!
    Get pass Area A:2 will back to the Frontline Base. Assuming you had spended
    some healing items in the previous sections, so buy some more from the shop.
    Besides, the save marker, photon charger and healing plate can be found also.
    Afterwards, take the left door to Area B:1.
    Now the enemies look easier that before. Go until Area B:2, defeat the enemies
    for the ID as usual. Before the ID-3 laser gate, you should see another laser
    gate blocking to the West which is require ID-2 to unlock, unlock it can find
    two ScapeDoll (the one can revive yourself when KO'd) and a healing item. To
    find the ID-2, head to North-West area after where you got the ID-4 key, then
    defeat the flying enemies there and the ID-2 will show. Again, it's an optional
    place, if you don't need the ScapeDolls, just directily enter the door with
    After that, another save marker can be found here, save your game here, then
    go on to face the next boss, which is the final boss of this chapter.
    - Boss
    The flying boss again, using wind attacks. Blast it when it's landed on the
    ground, sometimes it would slash you down, so is better attack from its back.
    When the boss flying, just keep running to dodge all the attack. After two or
    three moves, the boss will land down again, so track it and prepare to attack.
    Basically it's same like the one you faced before, just use the same tactic to
    defeat it.
    Watch the scene after this battle, the chapter is end here.
      - Chapter 12 -
     < Life Choices >                                                        sep15
    Begin with the scenes, start at 5F Guardians HQ. Go to the entrance trigger a
    scene with Leoginio and Tonnio. Afterwards, go 4F and travel to Parum Planet
    through the PPT Gate, you need to go Alliance Base which is near the GRM Shop,
    so just enter the GRM Shop. Get close to the guard in front of the base for
    some events. After that, head to Central Section found Lou. Now take the PPT
    Gate to Moatoob Planet.
    After scene in Moatoob Planet, go to the Inn for another scene. If you don't
    know where is the Inn, just go right from the PPT, until the junction with the
    save point and photon charger, get pass them and go until the end, there's the
    Inn. Afterwards, travel to Neudaiz Planet and head to the Gurhal temple (the
    building with a big circle). You will back to Guardian Colony after the scene.
    Now you're going to the final battle, and the enemies you will fight are much
    more tougher than previous chapter, so you should prepare lot of healing items
    and better weapons. For the items, you can find it easily in any shops. As for
    the weapons, you may survey the shop from different companies to find the
    suitable weapon for your own. Same as the armor, different company shop has
    slightly different quality.
    After all, go Guardians Colony 4F, enter the Dock Space Ship to the final
    mission, remember, you have to enter alone. Inside the ship, talk to everyone
    for some scenes.
    The mission starts at Inside HIVE A-1, and you will team with Karen at the
    beginning. Go North to HIVE A-2, start encountering enemies. Keep moving your
    position during the fights, and don't ever fight them in a group, do remember 
    currently you have only Karen in the team. In the middle area, you can see a
    branch routes there, North-East leads to some healing items, but you will also
    face more enemies, South-East leads to A-3.
    Inside HIVE A-3 will trigger a scene, Hyuga and Maya will join the party. Now
    follow the East path until next section. Although you have extra two partners
    from now, but still don't become the vanguard, and don't be surrounded by the
    enemies, keep these in mind for the following battles.
    Come to HIVE A-4, you will find another branch routes. Move to North is your
    destination, however, a rank-A two-handed blade, Hansou (Atk 585) can be found
    at the Eastern most area. Of cause, you wouldn't get it easily, you have to
    defeat all enemies there to unlock this weapon.
    Passed A-4 reach to B-1, and there's branch routes again. South-East leads to
    C-1, which is a dead end area, exploring this area can find some healing items,
    of cause lot of enemies there. Head to North will trigger a scene, then fight
    the mini boss.
    Afterwards, you will back to B-1, use the healing plate to restore your HP and
    better save you game also. Before leaving, buy more healing item from the shop,
    recommend buy the Atk, Def, Vit boosting items too.
    Once you've done, head to West. In B-2, go to South-West. B-3, make your way
    to North. On the way will face more groups of enemies, some were very tough
    especially the group in B-3 North area, make sure you work well with your team.
    Reduce enemy's HP with shooting attack in a distance, sometimes you can even
    shoot them down before close combat. But some stronger enemies got lot of HP,
    you must close combat with them, so make sure you have PP to perform your skill
    Eventually come to HIVE B-4, use the save marker here, then move on the North
    for the final boss battle.
    - Boss
    Go forward until you tight to him, start attack. You might probably get pushing
    away by the blue smock, but nevermind, you won't get much of damage from this
    stupid move. When the boss cover himself, means the time you can't damage him,
    run abit further from him, a giant hand would smack on the ground and then push
    everyone away. It's easy to be dodged actually, if the hand down at left, you
    just need to stay at the right side, if the hand down at right, just stay at
    the left side to evade it. And before the hand starting pushing, you can hit
    it serveral times. Continue attack when the sector is clear. Always stay aside
    of his facing direction while attacking, the boss will shoot out the laser with
    large damage, but it's only hit on the straigth direction, so if you attack him
    from the side, you don't need to worry about this move, just beware the giant
    hand. If you've been pushed away by the blue smock again, needless to say, you
    should run close to the boss and continue attack.
    - Boss
    After defeating the first type, now will be bring to the other arena face
    against the second type. He's became something like scorpion, the weakness
    points are the body and the head on the tail. But most of the times you won't
    able to hit his body, so just focus on the head. Attack the boss from the side
    is still better, so move and keep your position at the side. Hitting on the
    tail would deal lesser damage, but if you have no chance to close with the
    head, you can deal some more damage on his tail. Certain moves from the boss
    will have different camera view, remember when the camera view goes far away,
    make sure heal yourself, at least keep over 90% HP before the comet down!
    There's another move would probably shown before the comet, whic the boss
    will go away for moment, then return and try to scratch you from below. When
    this move over, he will become like up side down, now you faster close to him
    and blast whatever to his body for more damage. Some other moves isn't that
    powerful or can be dodge easily, no need to worry much, just keep your HP bar
    in green is okay.
    Some scenes play after the battle. Lately, move your character to the right
    door for the ending scene, the story END HERE, hope you enjoy it.
    After all, the game will prompt you to save the data. Load back this data
    to revisit the game, and you're free to travel everyway including the final
    stage through the Dock Space Ship. You can take some more mission if your
    level is higher enough. There's a mission in Parum Planet, Linear Train Home
    which require level 55 to start. And two more mission in Moatoob Planet flyer
    base which require level 60 to start. Basically they're the mission you've
    beaten before, just slightly different and of cause, the stronger enemies,
    have fun~!
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
     |  5. About P-Machinary  |
    Remember the PETE (robot) in your hostal? It's the PM allow you to used the
    warehouse, synthesis, and you can even raise it to be stronger, so that you
    can team up with it.
    #- Warehouse
       - This function allow you to move and manage the inventory items. And you
         will be able to take them out anytime.
    #- Raise PM
       - Under P-Machinary menu, select "Present an item" and select the item
         that you've decided to give.
       - Each item that you gave will affect its status, some of them can reduce
         the status.
       - Once the PM got enough of items, it will transform to be different form
         PM according to the items (Check below).
       - When the PM has fully transformed (Lv30) to any of the forms, it will give
         you the party card, and now you can call it to join your party.
       - The higher level PM can also combine the better item for you.
       - Below is how's the item affected PM statuses.
          - ATK = Attack Type
          - SHT = Shooting Type
          - TEC = Technique Type
          - DEF = Defense Type
          - INC = Increase more
          - Inc = Increase
          - DEC = Decrease more
          - Dec = Decrease
         |  Item to present  | ATK | SHT | TEC | DEF |
         |  Combat Weapon    | INC | DEC |  -  |  -  |
         |  Shooting Weapon  | DEC | INC |  -  |  -  |
         |  Magical Weapon   |  -  |  -  | INC | DEC |
         |  Armor            |  -  |  -  | DEC | INC |
         |  Armor Enhancer   | DEC | DEC |  -  | INC |
         |  Item             | Inc | DEC | INC | DEC |
         |  Costume          | Dec | DEC |  -  | Inc |
         |  Mixes Item       | Inc | Inc | Inc | Dec |
    #- Synthesis
       - You can create a new item(s) by mixing with other items that you got.
         But first, you must put it the appointed board under "Board Entry" option.
       - Select "Start Mixing" (below Board Entry), you can see the require item
         and the quantities of them. Just put the items into your warehouse, and
         then select each of the slots to confirm it. The item will be combine
         when all slots item has been confirmed.
       - Choose "Item take out" when the mixing process is over.
       - The value of the item affected by the PM level, so is better raise the
         PM before doing the item mixes.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
     |  6. Contact  |
    Sephirosuy / Seph,
    here is my e-mail address, you can e-mail to me if:
    -feel that you want to use the guide.
    -question about the game, I'm glad to help if I know the answer.
    -suggestions or advices for the guide.
    -having the useful informations, if it does work well I will use it in
     the guide, sure your name will be credited.
    To read all my latest guides and other contributions on GameFAQs, please visit
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     |  7. Credits  |
    - for listing down how're the items present affected PM statuses
    - share his speed run walkthrough
    - notifies mistake on the ASCII art.
     COPYRIGHT (C) 2006 by sephirosuy
     All Right Reserved

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