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"Budget Price, Budget Game, Budget Priced Development Team"

You think of arcade basketball games and you think of NBA Jam, NBA Street or NBA Ballers. You think of NBA licensed games really. It seems anyone can get an NBA license these days but Tamsoft didn't get one, I don't think they even got anyone to test the game properly, hell I don't think they even thought the game through properly at the start!

Supposedly, its a 3-3 Arcade basketball game. You play on a half-court in a variety of dynamic *cough* environments. These Include and outdoor court, an indoor court and a court on a roof of a building. All of which play the same and have no effect on what the game does.

The game itself......uh.....has no AI to speak of until you get a certain distance away from them. Seriously, not joking! You can run to the net without anyone moving! Its a joke! The game also has a gauge to show when to shoot to get a basket everytime. Sorry, is this a game for pre-schoolers? Scratch that, not even pre-schoolers could enjoy this frisbee shaped turkey!

The graphics are solid at least. No glitches, clipping or texture problems but then, there is very little to go wrong. The character model is the same for every person in game, just the skin colour and hair style changes. They all have the same gormless expression with strange eyes. You know the woman who can pop her eye's out of her sockets? She was on the Guinness book of world records, you know the one. Anyway, if you don't, the expression in game of the person will sure as hell remind you of her!

Sound wise, there is nothing to comment on. There is sound and thats all you need to know. Poor Music, Poor Effects and im glad the game only lasted 42 minutes before It was 100% done.

Fortunately, it only takes 42 minutes to complete. You can win every game without the other team scoring and the supposed reward was a new team. This was something which the game said it had unlocked for me but it never was revealed to me on the menu'

To sum up, this game comes very close to Big Rigs in how bad it is. Actually, Big Rigs is more fun than this and I actually think this is the worst game ever made.

+ You can Check your appearance on the disk
+ The Disk makes a good frisbee
+ The inlay can be recycled and you can feel good for helping the world
+ You have a spare PS2 case just incase you break an old one
+ Many stores offer a good returns policy just incase you get it for Christmas
+ The Graphics are solid....

- ....if very unspectacular
- It costs money to buy this
- The AI isn't there
- The Sound makes me what to be deaf
- It takes 42 minutes to complete

This is the game to show exactly why budget games which are budget on release are so bad! Seriously, get NBA Street, an old console and NBA Jam or hope your store has sold out of Basketball Xciting just so your well meaning Grand parents don't get it for you for christmas.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 11/29/04

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