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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Connor01

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 10/18/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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          ##      ##  ##      ##  ##      ##            ##
          ##      ##  ##      ##  ##      ##     ##     ##
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    < game >      Dog's Life
    < system >    Playstation 2
    < version >   1.3
    < date >      December 15, 2003
    < contact >   tim_bryon@hotmail.com
    < location >  Antwerp, Belgium
    --------------------------[ 1 Copyright ]--------------------------
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    If you want to host this guide on your website too, please ask first
    by mailing me and providing a link to your site, instead of blatan-
    tly stealing it without permission. People put work in this sort of
    stuff, and it's totally not cool seeing your work getting stolen
    and somebody else takes credit for it. Remember, actions involving 
    the government can always be undertaken!
    And even if you do ask, it might not be certain you'll get permis-
    sion. You can never be too careful.
    Also, this guide is not spoiler-free. If you keep on reading and you
    spoil the game for yourself, it's your own fault, not mine. Please
    keep that in mind.
    Copyright 2003-2004, Tim "Connor" Bryon
    ----------------------[ 2 Table of Contents ]----------------------
    Table of Contents.................................................2
    Version History...................................................3
    About this guide..................................................4
     Clarksville - Farmhouse........................................5.1
     Clarksville - Watermill........................................5.2
     Clarksville - Big Field........................................5.3
     Clarksville - Chicken Farm.....................................5.4
     Clarksville - Village Houses...................................5.5
     Clarksville - Centre...........................................5.6
     Lake Minniwahwah - Cafe........................................5.7
     Lake Minniwahwah - Ski Slope...................................5.8
     Lake Minniwahwah - High Road...................................5.9
     Lake Minniwahwah - Hotel......................................5.10
     Lake Minniwahwah - Mountain Top...............................5.11
     Lake Minniwahwah - Mountain Side..............................5.12
     Boom City - Station...........................................5.13
     Boom City - Park..............................................5.14
     Boom City - Centre............................................5.15
     Boom City - Dog Pound.........................................5.16
     Boom City - Finale............................................5.17
    Sumbitted Information.............................................7
    ------------------------[ 3 Version History]-----------------------
    Date: December 15, 2003
    Started the guide, but didn't work on it much, since I only rented it
    for a few days, and had to return it to prevent getting a fine. But
    I got the game for New Year's Eve, and continued and finished after
    a few days of celebrating :). Polished it up here and there, and
    submitted it to GameFaqs.
    Date: March 6, 2004
    Whew, long time ago. A few people already asked me questions (and I 
    hoped my answers were useful), and also helped me to improve the 
    guide. Breed names and the name of the little structure in the Park 
    have been added, and a few more websites are allowed to use this 
    guide. Also corrected a few grammar mistakes.
    Date: October 10, 2004
    Little update: timsvault.com and faqs.ign.com added to allowed use
    of the guide. Also added a small FAQ section.
    Date: October 18, 2004
    Corrected a huge mistake (sorry), added some of the submitted info,
    hints and tips by various people in a new section. Cheatcc.com added
    to website list. Added my location ;-)
    -----------------------[ 4 About this guide ]----------------------
    * Enlglish isn't my mother tongue, so if you see any grammar 
      flaws that's bothering you, or you can't figure out my 
      directions and explanations, contact me. Better explanations and
      strategies for completing objectives or locating scents 
      are always welcome.
    * Feel free to mail me if you have any questions. HOWEVER, there is
      one kind of question I will not and cannot answer. If you send me
      a mail, asking me where to find a certain location of a scent
      (usually the purple ones, since the others are relativly close to
      each other), I will delete it right away. Why? Because it's im-
      possible for me to know which scents you already found. I hope
      you can see my point of view on this.
    -------------------------[ 5 Walkthrough ]-------------------------
    Well now, that all being said, let's start the game, shall we?
    5.1 Clarksville - Farmhouse
    In the beginning sequence, you are being introduced to
    the character you'll be playing most of the game with: Jake.
    His friend Daisy is also being introduced, but gets kid... I
    mean, dognapped a few moments later. Jake tries to rescue her,
    but gets caught as well. He, however, is released because the
    catchers didn't close the door quite well, and Jake's cage falls
    After that, a kid comes up to Jake (I'm gonna refer to you now
    when someone is talking to Jake) and challenges you to a race.
    You need to get back in shape to be able to rescue Daisy, so
    follow him. But first, the Smell-O-Vision (SOV) will be ex-
    plained. This allows Jake to see the world in scents. You'll be
    looking through this view a whole lot, since you need to collect
    scents to get bones, which you need to improve Jake's status.
    But more about that later. Just try to follow the kid for now.
    Yet another message pops up, this one explains how to control
    Jake. Easy enough: steer him with the left analog stick.
    Alright, now you can follow the kid properly. When you catch up
    with him, another sequence will begin. After that, just follow
    the kid again. He'll stop and cheer on you 3 times, and yet
    another sequence starts. The kid gives you a bone. Woohoow,
    your very first bone!!
    Now you can go whereever you like, but I'd suggest you do every-
    thing there is to do in this area, because you'll need it. Here's
    a list of things to do:
    - Power up that amp! : A hippie dude's batteries for his guitar
    amplifier are dead. He asks you to find 4 new ones. Note that
    in SOV, important items will appear on fire, such as these
    batteries. The locations are:
         ° Behind the small shack with the red scents, next to the
         ° In the trash can in front of the house. Make it fall over
           by running into it.
         ° In the cave behind the waterfall.
         ° At the tree the close to the hippie dude.
    If you got troubles finding the batteries, just sniff the hippie
    dude and you can see his footprints. Follow them to find the
    batteries. How hard can it be?
    - Wake up grandpa: Go further ahead and you'll see a house to
      your left. The kid is here again. He'll ask you to bark his
      grandpa awake. Do so by hitting the square button. After alot
      of talking, Grandpa will ask you to do some tricks. They are:
         ° Sit: press directional button down once.
         ° Stand: press directional button up twice.
         ° Lie down: press directional button down again.
    - Play ball: To the right to the white house is a shed. There is
      a basketball net and a ball lying around. Need I say more?
      Grab the ball and throw it in three times, to make a bone come
    And then there are the scents. Giving the location of all 50
    purple scents is nigh impossible, so just run around the entire
    area in SOV. It's not that big, and that goes for pretty much 
    every area in the game. A few of these scents however, can be
    found on the roof of the white house. Jump on the car if it's 
    there, then jump on the roof. Here are the locations of:
    * The 8 yellow scents: Around the wooden fence with the horse in
      it. Collecting them will start a peeing game, and you'll be
      facing Lopez, the chihuahua.
    * The 4 red scents: Around and on top of the small shack next to
      the white house. Use the crates on the left of the shack to
      jump up. Collecting them will start a Doggy-Do game, in which
      you have to copy Lopez' moves in order to learn a new beg
      The moves are: down; up; down; up
                     down; up; left, right, down
                     left, right, left; down; left, right, up
    * The 8 green scents: Around the white house. Collecting them will
      start a race against Lopez, a chihuahua. Collect as much treats
      as possible to win.
    - Bones: Now the only thing left to do, if I'm not mistaking, is 
    finding the remaining bones. Hit the Start-button to check howmuch
    more bones there are in the area. These are the locations of the
         ° Inside the shed. Pull and/or push the wheat stacks until
           you are able to jump on the tallest one. The bone is
           within your grasp *evil smile* :)
         ° Buried under the ground. Near the place where you had to
           race the kid. With SOV, you'll find the spot in no time.
           Hit O-button repeatedly to dig.
         ° Inside the white house; use Lopez to get. You can take
           control of Lopez when you beat her in the peeing game.
    Take the road to the right after crossing the bridge to enter...
    5.2 Clarksville - Watermill
    - Axe-travagant: The first guy you encounter, I suppose the 
      lumberjack, lost his axe. Since he got a bone, and you want
      that bone, sniff him to find his footprints and follow them.
      You'll be doing alot of jumping, but as long as you take it
      easy (no time limit) you should be fine. Return the axe to the
      lumberjack, and now wish he'd just shut up :)
    - Off, goose!: Once you get close to the bone on the small island
      in the lake, a goose (or swan?) comes running and grabs it.
      Jake is a slow swimmer, so you'll need the dalmatian to catch
      it for you. To take control of the dalmatian, look for the 8
      pink scents, all on the small island.
    - Rocket Scientist: Across the lake, take the path up. There is
      a scientist with a funny accent here (German I guess), and he's
      about to launch a self-made rocket to Pluto. But something goes
      wrong, it explodes while on it's way. He wants you to collect
      the pieces of the rocket, so he can repair and relaunch it.
      The locations of the pieces are:
         ° on the road below, you can't miss it
         ° on the small island in the lake
         ° inside the house, pull/push the wheat stack to gain acces
         ° near the flowers, close to the waterfall
      He gives you a bone. No wait, two :)
    The scents:
    * 8 pinks: on the small island in the lake. This starts a tag
      race. Try to tag the dalmatian before he hits the water, he's
      a fast swimmer. (When you tag him, you take control of him.
      Catch the goose that took the bone to get it.)
    * 8 oranges: also on the small island. This starts a tug-of-war.
      If you got more bones than him (should be), this'll be a 
      breeze. Tap the O-button like mad to win.
    * 4 reds: 1 in front of the house, 2 in the fenced-in area, and
      1 behind the house. Copy his moves to learn a new beg move.
      His moves are: down; up; left, right, down; left, right, down
                     down; left, right, up; up
                     down; left, right, up; up; right, down, up
    Now only the bones remain, but I forgot some. The ones I know
    of are:
         ° Top of the cave behind the waterfall
         ° buried, on the small island
    If I'm missing any, let me know.
    Return to the Farmhouse, then take the next intersection to go
    5.3 Clarkville - Big Field
    - Scary Scarecrow: The Drill sergeant - slash - farmer wants to 
      repair his scarecrow, but everytime he tries to do so, he gets
      'attacked' by the birds. All you have to do, is to keep barking
      near the farmer while he's on his way to the scarecrow. He'll
      fix it and you get your bone.
    - Sheep Count: You need the sheepdog in this area for this task.
      Bottom line is, you need to lead all the sheep in the den, and
      the farmer will give you a bone for your work. Don't worry
      about the sheep running out, you don't have to do it again.
    The scents:
    * 12 blue scents: you need to collect these in a limited amount 
      of time. Every time you collect one, another one becomes
      visible. You'll get a bit more time for each scent collected.
      The first one is at the beginning to the area, and you'll be 
      jumping alot over the fence back and forth to get all the 
      scents in time.
    * 8 cyan scents: all located in the field. This will start a 
      digging race. What you need to do, is dig on the white scent
      until it turns red. First one to reach the end, wins (duh).
      Tap the O-button fast all the time.
    * 8 yellow scents: also in the field. Try to get a square in
      your colour ASAP, because that's the only way to score points.
      25 is the target.
    The bones:
         ° 2 near the rocks behind the field
         ° 1 buried in the field
    Follow the road to end up in...
    5.4 Clarksville - Chicken Farm
    - Catch the fox: The farmer here is trying to get rid of an
      annoying fox that's grabbing his chickens. Let's get rid of it
      for him. All you need to do is tag him. Simple, no? Not quite.
      The fox is pretty fast. Just chase him, and when you think you
      can cut him off, take your shot. This can be hard, but you'll
      get him eventually.
    - Find the article: You need the other dog for this, a bulldog. 
      The farmer mentiones an article in the newspaper about Clarks-
      ville dogs disappearing, but he used it as bedding for his 
      chickens. Use the bulldog to enter each chicken coop, and grab
      a piece. Don't rush trying to get in, because the entrance 
      ramp is pretty small, and this dog ain't too nimble.
    The scents:
    * 8 oranges to start a game of tug-of-war. Tap the O-button like
      crazy (I'm going to be saying this alot :)) to win.
    * 8 pinks to start a tag race. Just chase him and cut him off
      around trees. No sweat.
    * 12 blues: This one's quite annoying, because the first four
      appear on top of the four chicken coops, which means you're
      gonna have to jump alot, and if you're not in a good position,
      Jake will miss his jump or not even jump at all. As said, the
      first 4 are on top of the chicken coops, the fifth one at the
      hole in the fence, and it's easy from there on.
    The bones:
         ° in the back of the pickup truck
         ° in the trash can near the pickup truck
         ° buried near the orange scents
    Backtrack to the Farmhouse and take the other road to find 
    yourself in...
    5.5 Clarksville - Village Houses
    - Child's Play: Near the playground is a woman with a cradle. She
      asks you to find her baby's lost doll. It's not that far off,
      it's inside the tube on the playground. Grab it, and throw it
      in the cradle.
    - Letter for the grounded: You need the tibetian terrier for 
      this. Talk to the boy on the playground. He's got a little job
      for you. His girlfriend Mary-Jane has been grounded by her mom,
      and he wants you to deliver a letter for him. It's the house
      where a woman is standing in the doorway. Grab the letter with
      the terrier, and walk up to her. She'll let you in, Mary-Jane
      gets her note and you get your bone.
    - Mailman Malice: The mailman has a problem: a Jack Russel is
      preventing him from delivering his mail. How cliché is that?
      :) It's easy to get rid of the dog. Walk up to him, and press
      the square button to tell him to follow you. Go to the garage
      of this house, and press the button to open the garage (press
      the O-button). Walk in, and tell the terrier to stay by 
      pressing the garage button on the inside to close the door.
      Walk out on time and the terrier should be locked inside.
      That's done!
      (Note: this will only work if you have more bones than the
      Jack Russel. You should have more, but if you don't, complete
      other assignments first.)
    The scents:
    * 12 voilet scents: This is like the blue scents, only ALL of
      them become visible at once. You should see them while
      collecting. They are around the back of the playground, and
      in and near the backyards of the 2 closest houses. Don't
      forget the one in front of the garage close to the playground,
      I missed this one alot.
    * 8 cyan scents: to start a digging race. Hammer the O-button
      on a white scent until it turns red, then move on to the next.
    * 8 green scents: in the back of the area, to the left. Same 
      race strategy as usual.
    The bones:
         ° In the trash can, behind the house next to the kennel
         ° Buried in the yard of one of the last houses
         ° In the greenhouse in the backyard of one of the last
           houses to the right, use the other dog to get inside
    Follow the road, and welcome to...
    5.6 Clarksville - Centre
    - Egg-citement: The two kids on the pavement want you to find
      some eggs, so they can have a little fun with the grumpy
      butcher across the street. And where do you get eggs? Exactly,
      from a chicken. Go in the alley to the right of the butcher
      shop, and run into the planks that look slightly different from
      the others. They'll break, and you can go in. There is a
      chicken here. Bark to scare it, and it should drop an egg. Grab
      it and deliver it. The boy will throw the egg to the butcher,
      and he'll start walking towards them. when he's far enough,
      sneak in his store and grab the bone that's behind his counter.
      Rob his store while you're at it, gna gna :)
    - Dog Catcher 1: Oops, the butcher didn't like that and called
      the dog catcher! He sends his dobermann after you. All you
      gotta do, is run away from him until he becomes tired.
    - Shop Lady, Bone to be Grumpy: You need the dobermann for this.
      The lady in the supermarket has a bone, but won't hand it over
      to you. Control the dobermann and walk in the store. She'll 
      give it out of fear.
    The scents:
    * 12 voilet scents: start behind butchery. There are a few in
      this place, while the others are near the small roundabout, 
      where the kids are. Remember to go through the alley with the
      wooden fence, you know.
    * 8 orange scents: Tug-of-war against the dobermann. Hammer the
      O-button to win, same as always.
    * 8 green scents: to race the dobermann. Beware of sharp turns.
    The bones: 
         ° Buried in alley with wooden (breakable) fence
         ° In trash can behind breakable wooden fence
    That's it for Clarksville! You should have 49 bones by now. If
    you don't, hit the Start-button and skim through the pages to
    check in which area there are some bones left. Or if I missed
    one, contact me. Hop on the train to travel to...
    5.7 Lake Minniwahwah - Cafe
    - Coat for the Snowman: This task requires you to go to the next
      area. Talk to the girl on the parking lot, and you'll learn 
      that some boys took her coat to dress their snowman. Get her
      scent by sniffing her, and follow her footprint. When you got
      the coat, return it to her. But you're not done yet! She'll
      tell you about her missing dog and wants you to follow her
      to the spot where she found a collar. But oops...
    - Dog catcher 2: Yup, here's the dog catcher again! Just run
      away from the dobermann until he gets tired. Now go to the
      girl, who is now standing near the frozen lake. Talk to her
      and she'll give you a bone eventually, finally :)
    - Waiter's woes: You need the other dog for this. It's a boxer.
      The waiter of the cafe has a problem for you to solve. A bunch
      of pidgeons are annoying his customers. Bark to scare the 
      pidgeons, and follow them. When they land, bark again, and 
      keep following, even on the ice. Repeat until they're gone for
    The scents:
    * 8 cyan scents: for the digging race. You know how it goes: tap
      the O-button like there's no tomorrow on a white scent until
      it turns red, and move on to the next one.
    * 12 voilet scents: this is annoying, really. The first one is
      on the other side of the lake. 10 others are on the ice, and 
      one on the small island in the middle. My best advice to you
      is not to rush things, because if you run on the ice at full
      speed, it takes way too much time before you can change your
    * 8 green scents: as you can guess, part of this race takes 
      place on the ice. Don't worry if you fall behind, there are
      plenty more dog treats on solid ground. In my case, he got 39,
      and I got over 80.
    The bones:
         ° In the trash can near the lake, behind the cafe
         ° Top of the hill, where the snowscooter is going
         ° Buried behind, near hill
    5.8 Lake Minniwahwah - Ski Slope (area where you had to find the
    girl's coat)
    - Snowball Fight: Close to the parking are two boys throwing
      snowballs at each other. One of them will talk to you. Take
      some distance, then return. He should say something to you
      about hitting him with 3 snowballs. Keep an eye on the snow-
      ball they throw at each other, and pick one up if it 'sur-
      vives'. Wait until the boy holds still, aim, and throw the
      ball. If you hit him, you should hear a sound. Hit him 2 more
      times to get a bone from him.
    - Snowman Building Contest: on top of this 'mountain', are a girl
      and 2 boys holding a snowman building contest. The girl asks
      your help in beating them. First she'll ask you to make a big
      snowball. Roll the one she makes with the O-button to make it
      big enough. When it's big enough, she'll put it on top of the
      heap of snow. Then, she'll ask you to find pieces of coal for
      the eyes and button. There's coal in the hut nearby, so that's
      easy. Bring 5 pieces. Let's get the arms next. She'll ask for
      something else, but it doesn't really matter in what order you
      bring the items. See the trees to the right of the hut? The
      arms (branches) are there. Bring them over, and fetch the hat
      that's on the terrace of the restaurant near the building 
      where the skiers were exiting. The last item she needs is a 
      carrot for the nose. It's at the building where the skiers are
      exiting. Finally, no more fetching... for this girl :-p
    - Hat on the Top: You need the other dog for this, a weimeramer.
      Talk to the guy at the bottom of the ski lift. His hat gets 
      caught by one of the lift chairs, and the wind blows it on top
      of the peak. Jump up, and jump/run towards the peak. Don't rush 
      things though, the camera changes angle often and if you're
      not careful, you might accidently jump off, and we don't want 
      that to happen. Grab the hat to complete this task.
    The scents:
    * 8 greens: They might be tricky to get. At the girl with the
      snowman, look for a small wooden barrier, and go down there.
      The scents are mostly on an icy path, but I had no trouble in
      getting them actually. If you do, go back up and try again.
      Beware of the skiers while racing, they might block your 
    * 8 orange: Tug-of-war again. Do I have to repeat it? Of course
      I will: hammer the O-button to win :)
    * 4 reds: near the hut with the girl with her snowman. Copy the
      moves to learn a new beg move. 
      The moves are: down; down; up; up
                     down; []; down; up; []; down
                     down; down; []; up; up; left, up, down
      (Note: [] represents the square button.)
    The bones:
         ° Buried next to the parking lot
         ° In the hut on top of the ski slope
    Return to the cafe, then follow the other road to...
    5.9 Lake Minniwahwah - High Road
    - Antenna Panic: Go around the building on your left and go 
      upstairs. The guy in the radio room has trouble sending his
      message. He says the antenna is probably the problem. It is 
      actually: there are alot of pidgeons sitting on it. Here's what
      you do: go back to the front of the building and up the ramp,
      next to the stairs. Grab the pidgeon... feed... thing... and
      take the cable car up. Follow the sign with the antenna on it.
      (Note: the cable car operator is stuck in his cabin because of
      the crate if front of the door. You can move it out the way if
      you want to, but it's not necesarry yet.) After a walk on the 
      mountain, you'll see the antenna in front of you. And yup, it's
      infested with pidgeons. Drop the feed box near the antenna and 
      that should take care of those lousy ledgepeckers. Backtrack to
      the guy in the radio room, and receive your bone.
    - Heli Hell: You need the other dog, a husky, for this. In front
      of the building is a boy with a remote control. But what is he 
      remoting? Talk to him to learn his helicopter might be busted.
      Control the husky (my second favourite dog :)), and go the 
      same way you went to find the pidgeon feed box. Only keep 
      going up, and on the roof. Jump down the balcony below and 
      grab the helicopter. Reward: one bone.
    The scents:
    * 8 cyans: Behind the building. Another digging race. You should
      know what to do by now.
    * 8 yellows: Also behind the building. I hated this, because I 
      lost often, even with alot more bones than the husky. My 
      advice: try to stay on your side, and go for the big squares
      first to have a head start. Don't forget the smaller sqaures
      too, the more points the better.
    * 12 voilets: across the street from the big building. All the 
      scents are on this side of the road, and in front of the 
      smaller building where the kennel is.
    The bones:
         ° In the trash can near where you found the pidgeon feed 
         ° Inside cabin next to cable car
         ° Buried next to the cabin of the cable car
    Follow the road to reach...
    5.10 Lake Minniwahwah - Hotel
    - Wigs-R-Us: His performance will be terrible if the pianist
      inside the hotel doesn't has his wigs! As always, you have to
      take care of business. The wigs are located:
         ° at the hotel lobby, you can't miss it
         ° on the road to the church (or I assume it's a church)
         ° on the left parking lot
         ° in the corner of the right parking lot
      Follow his footprints if you need to. Not quite successful, 
      this guy :)
    - Rat Catcher: You need the other dog for this, a miniture 
      pincher. Go to the entrance at the right parking lot. The 
      manager, I assume, will give you a task: to get rid of all the
      10 rats in this place. Grab a rat by walking over it and pres-
      sing the O-button, and try to throw them in the trash cans 
      against the wall. If you miss, quickly grab it again, because
      the rat will stay immobilised for an instant. When all the rats
      are disposed of, you get your bone.
    The scents:
    * 12 blues: it starts at the back of the hotel, goes via the way
      up, then on the road and finally leads to the other side of 
      the hotel.
    * 8 pinks: on the way up, together with the 8 yellows and a 
      bunch of purples. This tag race is incredibly easy. I got him
      within 10 seconds.
    * 8 yellows: another peeing game, another easy victory. Just be
      fast enough, it's a big grid.
    The bones:
         ° buried near the tree on the way up, on your left when you
           enter the level
         ° one next to the hotel
         ° in the trash can behind the church
    Backtrack to the High Road, then take the cable car up to find 
    yourself in...
    5.11 Lake Minniwahwah - Mountain Top
    - Door Jam: If you haven't done it already, release the cable car
      operator from his cabin by pulling the crate away from the 
      door. He'll reward you with a bone. He also mentiones his 
      brother being stuck on the mountain after a climb. Great, more
      humans to help out ;)
    The scents:
    * 8 yellows: near the radion antenna. Another peeing game. 
      Easiest way to win: mark the row of squares on the outside of
      the grid. The big middle one looks tempting, but it takes too
      much time to mark it completely and the Mastiff will score 
      points while you focus on one particular place of the grid.
    * 8 pinks: Yup, another tag race. But this dog is soooooo slow,
      you'd have to be a very bad player if you can't catch him.
    * 12 blues: start from the radio antenna, and go down from there.
      You really can't miss any.
    The bones:
         ° behind radio antenna
         ° buried, across the bridge
         ° go down the fallen tree up ahead to find another one
    - Now what to do with that Mastiff dog? After crossing the
      bridge, go upwards, and you should see another fallen tree.
      Grab hold of it, and start pulling until you can reach the
      other side of the 'gorge'.
    Go across this tree to reach...
    5.12 Lake Minniwahwah - Mountain Side
    You probably noticed the fallen boulders. If you get hit by one,
    you will be returned to the beginning of this level, and Jake
    will move slower. This is pretty annoying, so move carefully and
    see where you can walk, avoiding getting hit. There are also many
    scents on the boulder's track, so sniff them then move.
    - Rescue Canine: You need the Saint Bernard for this. Just walk
      up to him. Now you need to return his helmet to the cable car
      operator, using Jake. Do so and this guy is saved.
    The scents:
    * 8 cyan: digging race. Same as always, tap the O-button like
    * 8 oranges scents: Tug-of-war. See above :)
      All cyan and orange scents are near the kennel.
    * 4 reds: another game of Doggy-Do. This time against the grownup
      Saint Bernard.
      His moves are:  left, up, down; down; up
                      []; []; []; down; []; up; []
                      left, up, down; down; down; up; up; left, left,
    The bones:
         ° next to the stranded mountain climber
         ° buried, on the slope near the logs which form a bridge
         ° on the right after crossing these logs
         ° buried near where the Saint Bernard is
    Backtrack to the cafe, because this is the end of the Lake
    Minniwahwah chapter! You should have 95 bones now. If not, check
    the book (Pause Menu) to find out in which area(s) you're 
    missing some. If I forgot one, contact me. Hop on the train,
    behind the one which you use to get in Lake Minniwahwah, to end
    up in...
    5.13 Boom City - Station
    - Get the Sleeping Bandit: Talk to the police officer to find out
      about this crook. Sniff his bag to find his footprint. Follow
      them and you should end up at a warehouse, but the gate is 
      closed. Press the button on your left to lower a loading dock
      (jump on the crate). Now walk up the planks/jump on the crates
      on your left to reach the roof. Jump on the moving platforms,
      and go indide. Enter SOV and have a look around. See the 3 gaps
      in the wall? The first one leads to nothing, the third one to
      a bone, and the middle to the crook. Pull/push the big crates
      until you can enter the third gap. Grab the bone, then pull the
      crates again until you can enter the middle gap. Return to the
      police officer, and take control of the Alsation if you can. Go
      the same way you did with Jake, and continue on. You should see
      the Sleeping Bandit behind a window. He's asleep, so don't wake
      him up. That means no barking and walking slowly. Go down-
      stairs, grab the lock of the gate and pull it. The gate is now
      open. Now go in with Jake again, slowly walk to the SB, and 
      grab his mask. Return this to the police officer. He'll now go
      in and arrest the Sleeping Bandit after a shootout. Task 
      complete! Although, not really. The Sleeping Bandit has got a 
      partner, who also needs to be put behind bars. He's not here 
      though, so carry on.
    The scents:
    * 8 pinks: on the pavement leading to the fire escape. This tag
      race should be a breeze, because the Alsation needs to 
      turn around first before he can run away.
    * 8 yellows: inside the fenced-in area, for a peeing game. Mark
      all the scents on this side quickly, then get the closest 2 on
      the other side.
    * 12 blues: go up the fire escape and enter the building. The
      first one is in a room. Next, they appear in the hallway, on 
      the fire escape, alley leading to the park and around the 
    The bones:
         ° in a gap in the wall in the warehouse (see the Sleeping
           Bandit task on how to get)
         ° buried in the park
         ° in a hotel room, use fire escape
    Follow the road to end up in...
    5.14 Boom City - Park
    - Air Waves: The guitar player in the park lost his music because
      the wind blew them away. The locations of the music sheets are:
         ° 2 near the small statue in the park
         ° behind the tree behind the ice cream stall
         ° in the small frontyard of one of the houses
         ° on top of the bush surrounding the park, behind the guitar
      Follow his footprints if you need to (which doesn't makes much
      sence, seeing as the wind blew away his music... Oh well.)
    - Dog Catcher 3: Yup, the dog catcher is also present here. He's
      sitting in front of a big wooden gate (which leads to the dog
      pound). He'll send his dobermann after you when you get near 
      him. This time, he will come dangerously close to you, but as 
      long as you keep running, you should be fine.
    - Kitty Catcher: You need the Sloughi/greyhound for this. Some-
      where in the streets in a lady. She'll tell you her kittens ran
      off. Control the dog, find the kittens and put them inside. The
      kittens aren't far off, there are 3 on the other side of this 
      street, and 2 on this side. Grab them by pressing the O-button,
      and put them inside the house. Sounds easy, but these kittens
      just walk out again! They're not so fast, so just put them back
      in when they get close to the front door.
    The scents: 
    * 8 pinks: around the rotunda. Tag this dog to be able to control
      him. You can tag him behind the ice cream stall, because he 
      makes a big turn there.
    * 8 cyans: Located all over half of the park, I think. You know
      the drill, hammer the O-button on a white scent until it turns
    * 4 reds: near the rotunda. Copy the dog's moves, which are:
             down; up; []; left, right, down
             down; []; down; []; up; []; up
             left, right, down; down; down; up; up; left, right, up
    The bones:
         ° in a trash can, close to the dog pound entrance
         ° in the park, behind the ice cream stall
         ° in a corner of the park, near the guitar player
    Now onto the second last area in the game:
    5.15 Boom City - Centre
    - Dog Catcher 4: in the back of this area is a cafe. Enter it and
      the dog catcher will be on your tail again. Avoid his dobermann,
      as usual.
    - Busted Cheater: Talk to the guy in front of the cafe, sitting on
      a trash can. Listen to what he has got to say, then enter the
      cafe and go in the backroom. Pick up the deck of cards on the 
      floor and this job is done already.
    - Get the Sleeping Bandit 2: You need the greyhound for this. No
      doubt you noticed someone saying his partner is late. That's the
      Sleeping Bandit's partner. He's on the balcony above. Stand on 
      the pavement below him, facing the building. Start and don't 
      stop barking. Slowly move to the left of the building, and around
      the corner. Keep going until you reached the second corner. You
      can't see it, but the Bandit is following you, as long as you 
      keep barking and don't move too fast. If you hear him telling you
      to pipe down, you know he's following you. Now, quickly run to 
      the other side of the building (you can stop barking now), go up
      the stairs and grab his bag before he returns. Task complete!
    The scents:
    * 8 oranges: in the small backalley. Same old same old: hammer the
      O-button to win.
    * 8 greens: in the street between the small backalley and the cafe.
      This race should be easy, just beware of the zig-zagging and the
      little elevators.
    * 12 violets: the first one is in a room. Enter it by stepping on
      the first little elevator you encounter when you enter the area.
      The next 3 are on the road, and number 5 is behind the breakable
      wooden fence up ahead. Take 2 more on the road, and in the small
      street leading to the cafe, take the elevator up. Collect the 
      scent inside. Go back down, and go back in 'town'. Follow the 
      pavement on your left until you reach another elevator with a
      scent in front of it. Go up and take the scent inside this room.
      Go back down and further down the street. Take this last 
      elevator up, and in this room should be your last scent.
    The bones:
         ° in the trash can in the small backalley
         ° parking lot of the cafe
    Now, let's go to the last area of the game:
    5.16 Boom City - Dog Pound (entrance via Boom City - Park)
    - Dog Releaser: You'll see 3 dogs trapped in cages, and also 3
      keys lieing (lying?) around. You don't have all the time in the
      world to release them, because this time, the dog catcher's 
      dobermann will be constantly following you, so don't stop
      running! Grab the keys one by one and run past the cages to see
      if it fits. There are 2 keys around the fence of the cages, and
      one in front of Miss Peaches' house. Once all dogs have been 
      set free, the dog catcher will quit his job, but tells his
      dobermann to guard the house before he leaves. No problemo,
      if you collect all the bones in this last level, you should 
      have 125 bones! 
    The bones here are located:
         ° 5 on top of the cages
         ° in the trash can behind the house
         ° buried near the entrance to the cages
         ° buried near the entrance to the house
         ° near the tree, close to the entrance of the house
      Go to the dobermann in front of the house's front door, and he
      will run away, the coward. Save your game and get ready to 
      resque Daisy!
    5.17 Boom City - Finale
      Examine the blackboard on the wall. Jump on the crate and press
      the button. Oh no, Daisy is the test subject for the big 
      machine! Go down the small ramp and press the button. That 
      takes care of this part of the machine. Go back up, continue
      your way until you reach another small ramp. Go down and press
      the two buttons here. Continue on, grab the lever and pull it, 
      that disables this part. Move on and pull this lever too. You
      should have plenty of time now before Daisy faces death again.
      Jump over the crates and push the button near the fire 
      extinguisher. Move on and press the button behind the crate 
      with catfood. Continue. To take out the last part of the big
      machine, you need to throw in 3 screwdrivers to jam it. Grab
      on, face the machine and press the O-button to throw. Enjoy
      the ending sequence.
      Congratulations, you have just successfully completed
      Dog's Life !
    ----------------------------[ 6 FAQ ]----------------------------
    People have already asked me a bunch of questions, and I hope my 
    answers were useful. In case people still are having trouble, 
    check here first, then contact me with any questions you may
    Q: Do you have any tips on winning the peeing game against <name
       of dog here>?
    A: Just try to get a square in your color as soon as possible. 
       Bigger squares give more points, but also takes some time and
       it might happen the other dog takes over a spot that you need.
    Q: What do you have to do with the dog at the Cafe?
    A: Bark at and pursue the birds bugging the clients.
    Q: What is the basket with eggs at the chicken farm for?
    A: As far as I know, it has no use, unless making Jake look silly.
    Q: What is the black coat for that's near the Cafe?
    A: Read above.
    Q: I got inside the chicken coop using Jake, but can't get out 
    A: Normally, it's impossible to enter a coop with Jake, since the
       entrance is way too small for him. If this happens though, 
       your only option is to reset the console or load a game.
    Q: While dismanteling the big machine, you say at one point I
       need to press 2 buttons. But I can only find one! Where's the
       other one?
    A: Move a bit to the left and you should see it. You can tell
       you're near a button when there are black and yellow stripes
       on the floor.
    Q: I can't find # scent(s) in <this or that level>. Where is it?
    A: I don't know. How am I to know which scents you've already 
       collected? Just run around the entire level, none of them are
       really that big. Check around breakable fences when applyable,
       and hope for the best.
    Q: Whatever happened to the dog of the girl near the Cafe?
    A: I think you release it when you have to release the dogs in 
       the Dog Pound.
    -------------------[ 7 Submitted Information ]-------------------
    Here is where I'll put the information that have been submitted 
    by the people who've played the game from all over the globe, and
    credit them for it! You'll find also information which doesn't
    have a more appropriate section.
    # 1: Submitted by Saskia
    All the names of the different breeds of dogs throughout the
    game, although I am still convinced the dog in the Boom City - 
    Station level is still a German Shepard. But I'll trust you 
    enough for it ;-)
    # 2: Submitted by Marlene
    Said what the hell the wooden structure in the park is called.
    # 3: Submitted by Ted Whitten
    On the Lake Minniwahwah - High Street level, take control of the
    husky. Stand in front of a female person (it doesn't work with
    men for some reason), and you'll hover over the woman. This is 
    probably a bug in the game.
    Also, the parrots in the game spit out oneliners. Try walking, 
    barking, pooping and farting around them, and listen to their
    Ted, if you're reading this: I've tried out the other things you
    mentioned, but it didn't work for me, therefor it's not mentioned
    here. Sorry.
    # 4: Submitted by funkymushroom
    In the first level, get the purple scents on the farmhouse roof
    as soon as possible, because the car drives off at one point and
    never returns. (PERSONAL NOTE: I've started a new game, and the
    car did indeed drove off, but returned as fast as it went. There
    must've been something wrong with your game - sorry.)
    Press the R1 button in SOV. Jake's snout will turn to the
    direction of a location of a scent - ANY scent. This will make
    it a whole lot easier for you to find certain scents you missed.
    # 5: Submitted by Ruth
    About the eggs in Clarksville Centre: the basket can be used to
    collect more eggs. If you take the basket to the chicken you can 
    drop up to six eggs in the basket. Bring the whole basket to the
    kids. The more eggs they have to throw, the longer you can stay
    in the butcher shop.
    # 6: Personal entry
    - Jake will be sparkling clean every time you load a saved game.
    - The Dog Groomers clean Jake up, and supply him with a new 
      collar with matching 'J'. This will make begging a whole lot
      easier, since people don't give out treats to dirty dogs. The
      collar will change back to the default one when you load a 
      saved game though. The Dog Groomers can be found at Clarks-
      ville - Centre, Lake Minniwahwah - High Street and Boom City -
      Station. They look like a big yellow curtain with the word
      'Pedigree' on it, hence the dogfood.
    - There are some vending machine to be found throughout the game.
      Press the button on one of these to get a can of dogfood. Jake
      will eat it in whole. How do you digest one of those?
    - The feeding bucket next to the kennel will be filled with food
      each time you load a saved game, or visit the area.
    That's all I can really think of myself, more might be added in 
    the future.
    --------------------------[ 8 Credits ]--------------------------
    Thanks to:
     - Frontier, for making the game;
     - Myself, for making the guide :-) ;
     - To all the people that have asked me questions, commented on
       how good the guide was and for their (sometimes) valuable 
       information ;-)
    This is Connor01... Signing off.

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