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""Vomit? Revolting!""

Rehashing Potter's first year of Hogwart's is starting to wear me out. The book, the movie, the first time that this game came out... Purportedly, the team set out to upgrade the graphics and the gameplay of Sorcerer's Stone on PSone. What they put out was a slightly less painful version of the earlier, incredibly painful version. In Sorcerer's Stone, you still collect grotesquely flavored beans, execute laborious stealth missions, fly an uncontrollable broom, and cast spells in a very slow manner. In case anyone familiar with the other Potter games are curious, you still don't jump on your accord. Instead, the game employs a Zelda-like automatic jump and button-mapping system. It's cool in Zelda, because the puzzles and gameplay make up for the simplistic control scheme. The same can not be said for Sorcerer's Stone. Unless you're six years old and a mad Potter fan (who didn't play this game on the PSone), don't go anywhere near this one.

Second Opinion
Yes, this is another game based on the first Harry Potter movie from EA - one that stingily doles out the fun at a dreadful, Chinese-water-torture pace. Maybe they thought that making two crappy games would be the same as making one good one? It's not. This game looks nice, but it's one big bug! So many bugs and wrong elements. For example: when you are flying outside the castle you can't go off your nimbus in the field, you have to go back inside. And if you got the wrong order, you can't go further! Every time we had to start over and over again. Now at last we are in conflict with dr Snape. And his dogs, and we can't go further. Perhaps because we missed some elements, but we can't go back! I think the makers wannabe quickly rich! My advice: don't buy! I love this game. But I own Chamber of Secrets already, and I find it much better with graphics and sound. It is a weak follow up to the Chamber of Secrets. Anyways they did their best in making it just about the same so I gave it a 5. If you already have the chamber of secrets get this one. I like this game a lot but the camera is really bad. I'm a huge Potter fan and absolutely loved this game! My friend and I have been playing it for hours straight! (My friend is the one who writes the introduction, the concept, graphics, sound, and stuff like that and he also writes part of the second opinion. But I do the rest) I would recommend it to anyone! I love it. Even though I'm not a fan of some of the other games, it was a really great game, surprisingly! lolz! Yes, the graphics and camera angles may be...............nasty at times, but still! The quests are wonderful! Though the potion ingredients were hard to find. Oh well! But if I were to give a description of it, I would say, two thumbs way up! BUY THIS GAME! I liked this game, me and my friend found this game in my closet and we started playing it. Yes, the camera is fidgety and a bit messed up when glitches or corruption happens. But overall this game is great for the kids and has imaging like the second PS2 game. Unlike the PS1 game, better graphics and more places to explore. We've been playing it for hours, so it makes a great time killer. Buy! Very good game. But bad graphics, when I first played this game I immediately loved it but when I got to Hogwart's it had bad camera movement and everyone kept saying the same thing, "I don't think the fat lady's really fat, she's just big-boned". This is still a good game which is why I gave it a 5 :o)

Recreate Harry's first year of wizard school with mind-numbing gameplay

Weird lighting, unbelievably chuggy framerates, and lots of collision issues

Some really excellent voice work

Dumbed down, but inconsistent control

Personally, I'd rather watch the movie or read the book - this doesn't live up to my version of wizard school

*Replay Value:

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 10/11/11

Game Release: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (US, 12/09/03)

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