Review by rEnNiE

Reviewed: 01/15/04

The STREET blows the competition away


Throughout the history of NFL video games, it has had the same game style to it. Play on a field, and play by the “No Fun League” rules. However, the streets come alive and blow the competition away in EA Sports’ newest football game, NFL STREET. The game is a 7 on 7-football match up with absolutely no rules to it. One can play in 8 different hardcore areas and use all 32 NFL teams. Plus with experience, one can unlock secret teams and players from the past. This is a fun game that can be enjoyed by all.


During other NFL video games, one is limited to see only the players’ helmets. NFL STREET, on the other hand, goes exactly the opposite way. Not only can one see the players head, but they can also point out that it looks exactly like them! EA SPORTS did a great job on the graphics. Every player looks almost 100 percent like them; it looks like you’re watching an actual football game on the streets. Also, the fields are so detailed, from the cheering of the crowd to the laces of the football to the neon lights on the roof field. The graphics are the best part about this game.


Overall, the game play is ok. The playing is just like another football game, only here, you can put style into your throws and running plays. Also, one can be able to slam the other opponent onto walls, trash cans, and other non-football accessories without getting a yellow flag. The only problem is that the gameplay may be too tedious in the beginning. Especially if one is switching from MADDEN to NFL STREET. Buttons are used differently on both offense and defense. And if one cannot get caught up with the new buttons, one may have trouble with the game. This is the only flaw in this game. However, after time, one can get used to it and play on with greatness.

MUSIC- 7/10

The music is a total mix of hip-hop, rap, and a little rock. And with bands like Killer Mike and Korn, one knows that the music rocks in the game.


The extra feature in this game is pretty much the NFL Challenge mode. And here the mode is another awesome part of the game. One starts off with a created team with different logos and types of players to choose from. Then you take on challenge after challenge and earn points for extra clothing, fields, new plays, and players. And if one thinks they are ready, they can go up different ladders based on the actual NFL divisions. And if succeeded, one can unlock all-star teams and a NFL legends team. This mode is also a good way for one to go from beginner to a master.


All in all, EA Sports has outdone itself once again. Only minor bugs can be seen in this game. And if fixed for a possible NFL STREET 2, it might just be the best NFL video game ever.

rEnNiE's rating: 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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