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"Falls short of out expectations..."

Gameplay: 8/10
The heart and soul of any game is its gameplay. The makers of Street put together good gameplay. Big hits, big plays, big plays, but also a few big problems. The most noticable problem here is that it has all been done before. As much as I would hate to admit it, this game is the spitting image of NFL Blitz. There is no way around it. Sadly the game is filled with nothing but ''big plays''. To some it sounds good at first, but what is the fun of getting a 75 yard run if you can do it every time you hand off the ball. Also Stopping the offense in this game is near impossible, dispite the dificulty. When you get down to the basics, it seems alot better. The trick system is easily mastered and sometimes quite amusing. The gamebreakers are also great, although they are very cheap. When you finally achieve a gamebreaker it won't disapoint you. Using a gamebreaker on offense results in almost an imediate touchdown, and on defense an inevidable turn over. The only problem here is that gamebreakers are very easy to get, even if you don't do tricks. Even by doing basic run and pass plays a gamebreaker can be easily achieved.

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics are nice. And when I talk about the graphics I am talking about the fulency of the game. When you run the ball, it actcually looks like you are running the ball. In most other games like Madden and ESPN football games, the players run upright with short chopy steps. In Street, they get down low and take long realistic strides, resulting in more apealing visuals. The coolest part of the graphics is the character creation, which to my suprise was pretty good. Although it is basic, it still allows enough in depth customization to satisfy the general audiance.

Controls: 4/10
As most of us who will be interested in this game have probably played Madden or some other football game, it seems almost nessisary to compare. The controls are very frustrating at first. Especally if you are acustomed to the ESPN Football controllers because every time I go to scramble with my QB I hit the L1 button, which causes me to do ''stylin'' moves. This always results in an imediate fumble. After a long while you get used to them, but they are still uncomfortable...

Story: 2/10
When I say story, I refer to a Franchise Mode or Season Mode. Niether exist in Street. Street has a NFL Challenge Mode, which in my opinion is very boring. Bascially the object is to play a game, trying to achieve goals to earn points that improve you created team. This gets old very fast. After 2 or 3 hours of attempting challenges, all you have left are a few different forms of exibition matches.

Pickup 9/10: This is cool. They randomly select 40 players and put them into a pool. Each person takes turns picking players until thier seven man roster is complete. The great thing about this is that the players selected arn't nessisarily the best players. Therefore it actually takes some skill to pick a team, and everytime you play you don't get all of the same guys.

NFL Teams 6/10: Exibition games using NFL Teams. Sadly they leave alot of players out of this game that emerged as starters by the end of the season. Players like Rudi Johnson, Dominick Davis, Marc Bulger, and other are left forgotten. <With no option to download updated rosters I might add>

Online 8/10: This is very good. Everyone can appreciate this. All you need is the $40.00 network adapter and a broadband ISP and you are ready to go. It keeps track of stats and records. They have a pretty cool system where you earn levels as you get better. This in my opinion is the best part of the game.

Replayablitiy: 2/10
Plain and simple, this game is very repeditive. It gets old fast. Although personally I am a big football fan, I can't bring myself to say that this reached my expectations. I firmly believe this game will not appeal to even the most die hard football fans for very long.

Rent/Buy: Rent
Don't get me wrong. I would definetly suggest that you rent this game. It should be worth your five bucks. However if you plan to buy this game, I would wait a few days, and slowly but surely, this game will make its way to the used game shelf.

Overall: 6/10

Its all good fun, for the fist few days at least.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/17/04

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