Review by Rayn247

Reviewed: 01/17/04

EA Big Does It Again...

NFL Street, is the epitome of the phrase ''Go Big, or Go Home.''

Graphix: 8/10
Keep in mind that this is from EA Big, so it looks like NBA Street 1&2, SSX, and SSX Tricky. Kind of Cartoony, but looks great just the same.

Sound: 9/10
For 14 guys (very few wearing pads) hitting each other, the sound is just brutal. Often the sound of the hit makes you wince more than the actual hit. When you add in the trash talking and music, the game sounds great.

Multiplayer/Online: 10/10
Haven't actually used this feature yet, but the fact that this game is online is sweet. The core of the game will still be laying waste to your buddy's offencive line and talking trash, all in the comfort of your living room.

Gameplay: 8/10
The gameplay is either easy or difficult depending on the gamer. I didn't find it as in depth or as complicated as Madden, but some people might find that as a downside. I felt familiar with this as I used to be a big fan of the Blitz series. Either way, with in a few games you should have the control sceme down. The game is lacking in the number of plays and a play editor (unless I just haven't found it yet) would have been a nice addition. Audibles are a little difficult, and I constantly find I'm holding the trick button instead of the turbo button. The tricks are very easy to pull out, Hold L1 hit the X, [], or O to pull the move off. Under hand bullet passes, insane spins and jukes, are bone shattering tackles great entertainment. Gamebreakers are annoying, the only way to not feel their effects is to counter your opponents by sacrificing a gambreaker yourself. Defence is a little troublesome, it seems like the opposing team is always a step ahead of you when using turbo and you are left eating dirt (grass, sand, and pavement too) on a regular basis. Picking off passes and causing fumbles is fairly easy, which is nice.

Replay Value: 10/10
Hello, it's football. All the NFL teams are their, along with with unlockable Champion and leagends teams, two music teams (Xecutioners and Kayslay) and the ability to create your own team. Four (I think) actual game modes means there is always something to do.

Overall: 9/10
I sat there for roughly 5 minutes trying to figure out why there was no Punting/Kick Off/or Field Goals. There's no bloody Goal Posts, so it seems they decided to leave kicking out of the game entirely. Now, when I played streetball growing up we rarely kicked, but we did throw off. Even stealing a gimick from the (now defunct) XFL would have been cool, I liked that scramble for the ball idea. One member of each team lines up and races to gain possesion of the ball for their team. That would have fit with this game perfectly.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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