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"This Game Is Sweet"

Introduction- EA comes out with another addition to its ''street'' based games. This time instead of basketball it's football and it keeps the same concepts that made NBA Street 1 and 2 awesome, like the gamebreaker and the trick or stlyin' moves.

Gameplay/7-10/ Controls- All around the controls are easy to get used to and have almost the same format as NBA Street. The one part I do not like about the controls is the L1 button being used to do the ''stylin'''. I still don't feel that comfortable pressing it because if you get tackled while doing it you are almost guaranteed a fumble unless your running back has great carrying. Overall the controls are good all around but the trick moves could have been made better in my opinion.

Difficulty- The game isn't that hard all around and could have been made harder. Most of the divisions are easy but some of the challenges are really hard. Including the challenge where you have to stop the computer from scoring while they have a gamebreaker or the other way around. The game does though get a lot harder once you get into the second to last and the last division. The last team or the Legends may also be very hard to beat. The game does come with 3 different difficulty levels so you can chose how hard you want to play on. I recommend using the first and second just so the computer doesn't cheat to much. So overall the game isn't to hard but isn't to easy in some spots throughout the game.

Fun Factor- Oh yea this game is fun all around. Who doesn't like a fast paced arcade style football game that you play in the street? The game includes eight different street fields that are all sweet. You get to play on grass, sand, gravel, and dirt. Some of the levels include the roof, EA Field, The Pit, and more. The NFL Challenge is very fun but does get boring after a while but the quick game and pickup games are awesome all around. Overall the game is very fun and has is probably the best part of the gameplay.

The AI- If your wondering why I said everything was good and I still gave the gameplay a 7 it is because of the AI or computer. Throughout the game you will notice the computer will cheat so that they can catch up or win. An example of this is if you are up by 20 points it will be almost impossible for you to score or to stop the computers offensive from scoring. They will break tackles, get a fumble recovery, or pick the ball off just to try to catch up or win. The computer assist option can be turned off so the computer will not do this as often but you cannot turn the option off on NFL Challenge which really stinks. You can turn it off on quick game or pickup game though which is good. Overall the AI is definitely the worst part of the gameplay.

Graphics/8-10/ This game is based off of EA Sports Big NBA Street so the players look kind of like cartoons, but they still look good without the helmets. All or most of the players look bigger than they do in real life which is cool. All of the player models are still quite realistic even with the bigger than life animation. The jerseys, hats, du rags, shorts, and pants also look very realistic on each player. I think the best looking part of the game is the stadiums or street fields. Each one is different and has its own unique stuff about it, like running into walls and garbage cans or the ball hitting off the rafters in the warehouse level. All of this gives it a rating of 8 but it still lacks in some areas in the game.

Sound/9-10/ The soundtrack in the game is ok and seems like it doesn't have enough songs on it (It consists of mainly rap and some rock). What happened to the announcers though, they really should have been in there if you have ever play NBA Street 1 and 2 before you know what I mean. The trash talk the players use is good because they usually never repeat the same lines over and over again and a lot of then are used at the right time for what's happening during the game. So because of the good trash talking the sound is still good even though it lacks an announcer.

Modes and New Features/10-10/

Quick game- This mode is where you can play with up to 4 players and chose one NFL or created team to play with.

Pickup Game or All NFL Pickup game- This is probably the most fun mode in the game. Again you can pick up to four players and chose from 40 random players to play with. Each position they give you a random amount of players you can chose from. In All NFL pickup mode (which you get once you have beaten all the ladders in NFL Challenge) you get to chose from every player in the game, including the legends, to play for your team instead of just 40 random players.

NFL Challenge- This mode can be played with one or two people. It includes a ladder where you have to beat a certain division in the NFL (AFC East, NFC West, etc.)and a challenge mode which is new to the street series. In challenge mode you get do different tasks such as running for a touchdown on your first drive to get things like impact gear (to increase stats), development points, playbook plays (double reverse and stuff like that), and you can even get an NFL player if you want.

Value/7-10/ Play Time- The NFL challenge mode will take a while to beat but the multi player modes will keep you on the game for a while.

Replay Ability- The replay ability is low because once you've beaten the NFL challenge it will be very boring to beat it again, but again there is sweet multi player modes. Thats why I gave a 7 for the value.

1. Great new features and different modes
2. Very fun game to play
3. Includes an online mode in the Playstation 2 version of the game.

1. Bad AI
2. Could have made NFL Challenge better

Overall this game is worth buying and has great graphics. There are enough fields to chose from and it is always fun to play a pickup game. I paid 50 bucks for it and I think you will think it is sweet to if you are a football fan. If you aren't you may want to rent the game to try it out before you buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/20/04, Updated 01/30/04

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