Review by Scarface2125

"Best EA Big Game Yet"

Graphics: 9/10
This games graphics are amazing. They bust it out in all places of the game. The footballs look really awesome, they have like an orange and black color to them, you know like something you would use to play street ball. They graphics only lack in one place, and that is in the players looks. Most of the players in the game look like the real thing. But there are some that just dont look like them at all. But all in all the graphics are great.

Controls: 8/10
The controls are set up really good. But they are a bit confusing and take a while to get used to. If you have played other EA games like madden then L1 is the juke button. But in Street the L1 button does Stylin' Moves. This tends to confuse you until you get used to the game and it's controls. The controls are set up good. I like games where you can use either the analog or the digital pad for movement, and this game comes with that feature.

A.I.(Artifficial Intelligence): 10/10
This games A.I. is very intelligent. In some of the past football games I have played the A.I. won't recognize it if you do the same play over and over and over. But in NFL Street, they will if you do it twice or sometimes even once. Even on easy mode the game is a challenge.

Modes (NFL Challenge,Pickup Game): 10/10
The choice of modes in this game are great. My favorite aside from actual NFL challenge mode, is Pickup Game. In this mode you take turns with the computer or your friend picking from a group of randomly chosen NFL Stars. Then you play the game with those players. NFL Challenge mode is very much a challenge. In here you must go up every ladder in the AFC and NFC Divisions then culminating in an All Star Game which has the best players from each team you just played. Then the quick game mode is just like an exhibition match, you pick your team and play another team plain and simple.

Sound/Soundtrack: 9/10
The soundtrack in this game is great aside from a couple songs. If you have played other EA Games you will recognize a few songs. The sound itself is good. You can clearly hear what the players are saying unlike some other football games I have played.

Replay Value: 7/10
The replay value is alright in this game but it isn't the greatest. It is a normal replay system. You push circle after a play if you want to see it again. In replay mode you can change the camera view and slow it down and that is about it. The one thing that lowered the rating on this replay mode is that it doesn't give you the option to save replays. It would be cool to save some of those awesome plays or tackles.

Buy/Rent: Buy
You should buy this game if you are a football fan or even just a sports gamer. If you are unsure about it though definitly rent the game first. If you don't like it then you'll know you won't waste fifty bucks.

Overall: 9/10
This game is great game to say the least. I recommend to anyone who enjoys football games or even just sports games in general. Everything is great about it. It's one great game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/20/04

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