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"EA Big Makes a BIG new football game"

NFL Street just falls a little bit short of what NBA street captured. The urban feel of it is a little off but it still fits pretty well and makes for a great arcade style football game. Anyone a fan of the Blitz series will definitely take a liking to this game.

The controls are easy to master and you will get them very quickly. The game it self feels pretty smooth. The jukes the pitches the passes and the runs are done well without any problems that I have seen yet. You do tend to fumble a lot though and that is what I didn't like. Although you forcing turnovers on them feels pretty good.

SOUND 7/10
The feel of the hits is done very well. You can hear every bone crunching detail of the hit. The voices aren't done that well though. It seems at times there were only about three people who did voiceovers for the hundreds of characters in this game. The sound of the level your in is decent and the soundtrack is good. You will hear tracks from killer Mike, Fuel, Lost Prophets and more!


Not exactly the best graphics you'll see but the hit graphics are done well. The graphics are pretty much the same as that of NBA Street.

I'm sure there are plenty of other categories but I felt these are the basic three you would need to know. I rated this game a 9 because I thought it was great but it kind of fell a little short of expectations. There are two more things I should discuss however

I bought mine because I loved Blitz and I love arcade style football. If you love that then buy it otherwise rent it first. If you just like football itself no hard hitting 7 on 7 action stick with Madden.

Well a lot actually. It's seven on seven action. You start with a bunch of rag tag created people. But you can do challenges and build them up and eventually unlock NFL players for your team. you play ladder tournaments in each division such as AFC west and such. At the end you choose the next division you wish to unlock. But be careful. Your offense is your defense so that skinny Quarterback might be amazing on offense but may get ran over on defense.

In closing I hope you find this review helpful and explanatory. I hope now you can choose whether or not this game is for you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/29/04

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