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"First NBA, Then NFL, Are EA SPORTS Going To Make FIFA Street?"

EA SPORTS returns with its new NFL game, the NFL STREET. Even though American Football is not very popular in my country (not since the Superbowl 38 where Janet Jackson flash her breast), my passion for sports have bought my heart to buy this game. After a huge success in NBA STREET V2, EA SPORTS finally transformed the style of streets from NBA STREET V2 into a football version where it is become more exciting, faster, brutal and aggressive. American Football fans who looking for a new different style in the football game will definitely enjoy this game as much as the real football game.

GAMEPLAY (10/10)
NFL STREET is a football game but it uses street concept like in the NBA STREET series. In this game, each team has 7 players where users can select the teams and the players which are from the real life NFL roster. The rules of the game is like the real football game but the only different is that it thus not have goal kicking play and thus no goal post in the pitch (HELL YEAH! No more boring kicking game). In this game, the first team to score 36 points wins the game. One of the cool things that make this game good is that users can performed multiple skills and tricks which cannot be done in the real football game like bouncing the ball like basketball, making tornado spin to avoid the tackle, as well as ridiculous but smart plays that cannot be done in a real life football game. The basic moves like tackling and passing is even better than the real life football game. The tackles in the game is more brutal and aggressive while the passing in the game is faster and more accurate even if it pass with a style. Users also can use GAMEBREAKER after users have collected enough points by doing tricks and combo.

Beside normal match, users also can play in Pick-Up mode and NFL challenge. In Pick-Up mode, users pick a team from 40 top NFL superstars and legends. In the NFL challenge mode, users pick any team from NFL and build a team from scratch and customize the team into what users want the team to be. Users also can create-a-player and create-a-team in this game. The game also included easy movie tutorial so users can understand how to play the game better. The game also has a multiplayer mode where it can be played to up to 4 players at one time.

NFL STREET included all the teams from NFL where each team has their top superstars’ talent in their roster. The game also included bonus teams such as the AFC all-stars, NFC all stars, and even the X-Cutioners (the rock band) team. The game also included legend players which is selectable in pick-up mode as well as NFL challenge. There also multiple football fields that can be choose from even it is such a ridiculous location to play like beaches, warehouse, parks, and parking lot. Users also can unlock some items such as teams and players if users earn enough points. The selection menus and option menus also not very complicated and make it is very easy to browse and choose a selection.

The players in the game look excellent. Unlike the real football game, players in NFL STREET didn’t where their helmet and thus revealing their true faces. The faces and body of the players maybe in a cartoonish look but it still look like a real life players. The graphics in game play also look excellent with every move and tricks are excellently displayed smoothly. The uniforms and attire of the players look great as each players worn their street or casual attires in the game. The cut-scene of the players celebrating the touchdown is quite funny and interesting which also a really worth to watch.

SOUND & MUSIC (9/10)
What an EA SPORTS games about without their cool soundtracks. The soundtracks of the game consists of variety of music style such as hip-hop, rap, R&B, and even dance music from famous known artist such as X-Cutioners, Fuel, and Nate Dogg. The sound effects also sound excellent as the sound of tackle which is more aggressive while the play calling by the Quarterbacks is like a real life football game.

OVERALL (9/10)
Overall NFL STREET is an excellent game to play especially for football gamers who is looking for something different in a football game. The game play is excellent and could be said as good as MADDEN series even though the moves and play is not realistic. This game also recommended for those who don’t understand on how to play football and willing to learn how the game is played as the game play in this game is simple. This game is definitely a must buy for any football fans or sports fan even those not understand the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/06/04

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