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"Lacking Depth..."

With all the hype surrounding this game i have to say i was pretty excited when i went out to rent. however after getting home and trying it out my first impressions were not very good.

Story (2/10)

It's basically non-existent. You take a bunch of scrub football players and turn them into the best team on the street. That's it.

Graphics (10/10)

The game looks great. The fields look very realistic and are fun too play in. The player's features all look overdone, but that just adds the arcade type feel. Most of the NFL models look more or less like their real world counterparts which is very nice. Lastly the create a player has tons of features and they all look great, you can customize a ton of things on your players which is nice.

Sound (7/10)

The sound effects are all done nicely. When you slam someone into a wall there is a sickening crunch and when you meet someone in the backfield the hit is monsterously loud. The player taunts are also great and most of theme are very funny to listen too (''I thought I was going to have to play today and then they told me I was covering you''). There are also a ton more of these taunts so it takes a while for them to start getting old. However most of the music is rap and I'm not a huge fan of the genre which lead to the score of 7.

Gameplay (4/10)

The single player mode in this game is fun for about an hour and then that's it you really don't want anything to do with it. This is because single player consists of you doing NFL Challenges, which are mindless tasks such as perform two spin moves in a game against the Rams and incredibly hard ones like make a goaline stand against the Bills. These challenges once completed are give you certain rewards which come in the form of development points, impact gear, new plays, and NFL players. However most of the impact gear is pointless, you don't really need new plays, any challenge that doesn't give you at least 250 development points is worthless because of the high cost of new skills, and NFL players aren't worth the cost because you cant edit their skills. After you've gone through the challenges you cant beat the tournament ladder. This is where you beat all the teams in a particular division to gain more tokens which are used to take more challenges.
Another gripe i have with this game is the defense. It is practically impossible to keep your opponents from scoring, but there are quite a few turnovers which kinda balence this out.
The last noteworthy feature in this game is the Gamebreaker. A gamebreaker charges up your team and gives your players a huge advantage almost guaranteeing a TD or a turnover depending on what side of the ball your on. Gamebreakers are achieved through style points. However the game breakers Don't always help much if your in the lead.
Lastly the only reason to play this game is if you have friends to play it with. That is until you and your friend figure out that if you both run the ball every play noone can be stopped.

Replayability (3/10)

I couldn't even sit through the single player mode once forget twice. However i played with my friends for quite a while since multiplayer is the only mode worth playing.

Buy or Rent

Rent it just to get the urge to play it outta your system and maybe buy it used in a couple of months if you still feel like playing it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 02/22/04

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