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"From the Fields to the Streets"


Wow From NBA Street to NFL Street, whats next hockey. When EA Sports-Big decided to create NBA Street, the world was excited to see the first ever game that wasn't your regular
kind of basketball game, instead a street version of it. Not
to long later, NBA Street Volume II was released, and soon
later the time had come to create NFL Street.


Unlike other NFL Games, NFL Street dosent have anyone of those confusing season/franchise modes but the NFL Challenge Mode where you can create a team from the ground
up and put your team up against other teams on 8 different fields to try and see if your team can be a true team. There are also other modes such as Quick Games and even Online. Many people think that the NFL Challenge Mode can shatter your dreams quickly but as long as you never give up NFL Street can be a blast


Wow these graphics are amazing, everyone looks pretty real and the fields look stunning. This is one of NFL Streets strong points. When it comes to creating your team, you have a O.K amount of choices but still the graphics of NFL Street are a overall great thing.


Dont get me wrong, about the songs, its just about what music you like and my favorite type of music is rap and this game is 50% rap but the 50% rock part throws it off.
I hate the type of rock this game has and a little bit of the rap but if your a hip hop/rap/rock fanatic then add 2 points to this score.


I never thought controls were a big deal in any game but since people would like to know I think that the controls are just fine. Like any other football game you pass with everyone having a different icon you run with the D-Pad and the R1 button (turbo) and like other Street Games L1 is your style mode, (gotta love the gamebreakers).

Overall Performance(8/10)

So when you throw everything together this game is about a B grade or a 8 out of 10. I you ask rent of buy then rent to see if you like it then you pick rent or buy but for lovers of the Street Franchise then this game is for you.
And one more thing, if you just hate the NFL Challenge Mode, remember that you can always get some friends over buy a pizza and your chillin out Street Style.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/14/04

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