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"NFL Street -- Doesn't live up to expectations"

NFL Street was expected to be like NBA Street, a great game that you could pick up anytime and everyone would love it. Now, I'm not saying its a bad game, I'm just saying it's not worthy to be rated among NBA Street. Anyway, to the review!

GRAPHICS -- 10/10

Beautiful work. I don't see how they made the characters look so real. The only thing I could ask for is a better Create-a-player. Yet, your created player still looks wonderful. Everything moves as if it was real. If your player t=has a giant afro, it won't stay stiff throughout the whole game, it will move around like jello. Everything looks realistic, even the sides of the field and the objects lying around on the field.

GAMEPLAY -- 6/10

This is the bad part... The gameplay in pick-up mode and quick mode are great, but once you get into NFL Challenge it starts to drop. At first you may think that this is crazy, but wait until you get to the very last conference. It gets to where it is practically impossible to pull off a pass without it getting intercepted and this was against the Redskins! Plus, the gameplay was to short, the only other thing after NFL Challenge is to take it online. Yep, thats it. Have fun creating your team and everything, beating NFL Challenge and thinking, "why did I just do all of that? All of that screaming and cursing at the T.V. got me nothing.... Time for ESPN NBA 2K5!"

SOUND -- 9/10

Great on-field chatter as well as menu music. The menu music is all customizable and has got some good bands (GC and Korn) Its got Rap, Rock and some kind of other genre and the music that plays on field is really pumping, especially when you get a gamebreaker.


This game is great but I suggest renting it. Its just a bunch of fun smashed up into 3 hours of repeating tasks and other things. You play every team in the NFL and Every all star team and the Legends team. Sounds fun huh? It's more of a multi-player game. So if you have a multi-tap and some friends, this is a great game. If you don't have a multi-tap, get one. If you don't have friends, well, tape the controller to your dog. If you don't have a dog, your out of luck.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/14/05

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