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"Definitely better than Madden!"

Even though I'm not that big of a sports fan, this game really got me hooked. Simple as it is, its quite addictive.

NFL Street is part of EA Sports Street series. The Street series is just like regular sports games but with the nice Style/Gamebreaker element. The Gamebreaker is basically like a super-charge bonus. It pretty much guarantees a touchdown if you're on offense or a fumble if on defence. Gamebreakers are awarded after roughly 100 000 style points and is very deserving of its name. A Gamebreaker can either clench a win for you or destroy you if your opponent gets one. Style points are basically points awarded for being a showboat and taunting the other team. Excellent addition for those showoffs out there.

Gameplay: It plays like a watered down version of Madden in terms of gameplay. You can choose an NFL team (or one of the Legends teams) and from there 7 of its players. You have a choice of running, a short pass or a long pass with quite a few different plays for each. You can edit how many points you play to, whether you want to play with Gamebreakers on and the 3 difficulty settings; easy, normal, and hard.

In season (NFL Challenge) however you can either choose a type of team that suits you best (rush offense, rush defence, balanced, etc.) or create your own from scratch. I mean that literally. You can customize your attributes, gear, looks, number, uniforms, team names, logos and other things. Excellent tool for those veteran football gamers. In season you can do the challenges, you're given an objective and you must complete it within the restrictions. Such as getting a touchdown before your opponents do. Or play the ladder. In the ladder you must beat 4 other NFL teams to a game of 36 in order to challenge the Legends team. Once you beat the ladder you may continue with the newly unlocked challenges and move on to another division and even recruit players from other teams to come play for you!

The challenges reward you with new plays, new ‘Impact Gear' (Gear that will increase your attributes), and attribute points. They range in difficulty from Weak skills to Got Skills.

Graphics/Sound: The sound effects are pretty amazing. You can hear the bone crunching tackles and the strained grunts of the defence as they desperately try to stop you. The music complements the game adequately but it doesn't do much to get you into it. I'd rather play it with the sound effects cranked up and the music lowered. The graphics are decent but nothing amazing, the players don't look as good as they do in other sports titles out there. Rather bad actually. During gameplay its not even noticeable that much because you'll be worried about other things than your players appearance, but with all the customization available in the game its disappointing to see your All-Stars look like coneheads. However it has its good points, the animations are great. You'll realize how much this matters after you make your opponent somersault through the air and it brings a smile to your face.

Replayability: A lot. The style and Gamebreaker elements are not just cheap gimmicks. They add an extreme amount of replayability to a game that lacks a bit of depth. The season is, in my opinion, the most important part of the game. There is no greater challenge than taking a team of nobodies to the top of the ladders in every division… and then benching them when you get the chance to recruit a new player. >_> You can play season over and over trying new teams and new strategies without getting bored. Seeing as it's a sports game there is no definite amount of time it takes to complete it, seeing as it will never end if you want it to. Although a single game is roughly 15-20 minutes. Its perfect for a quick play now and then when you have a bit of spare time.

Recommendation: A buy. A definite buy. Its currently a greatest hits game, so for $20 ($30 Cdn.) it's one of the best gaming investments you can get. Never ending replayability, great action and in-depth customization will have you playing it again and again. So definitely buy this if you like football games. Even if you don't like football this is still a must buy. I was never a fan of football, or the Madden series for that matter, but this game has changed my opinion. I still don't watch football, but now I don't find it as boring and actually know what the heck is going on thanks to this game. See, this game is educational too!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/22/05

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