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"A great game, even if your not a NFL lover"

NFL Street is a fantastic game which is extremely fun and is addictive. Based on the NFL in America, NFL Street allows you to use a variety of plays against NFL teams on some great levels, but not your ordinary levels, these levels are out on the street, from warehouses to beaches, you will be playing on all kind of different levels.

The game play of NFL Street is very fun. There is plenty to do, especially in NFL Street Challenge. In NFL Street you can create your own team and players and use them to verse all the NFL teams. In NFL Street Challenge you can help develop your team by using your tokens to try the challenge mode. In challenge mode there are a wide variety of different and difficult challenges. Also once you get enough tokens, you can verse a team and if you win, you get the honour of taking one of their players and using them in your team. Also besides challenge mode in NFL Street Challenge, there is NFL Street Ladder. This is where you verse the four team of that level and once you beat them all, you verse a team which has the best players of that level. When you beat that team you get to choose a new level and 800 tokens. There are three difficulties to choose from. They are easy, normal and hard. Hard is obviously hardest, but in some ways, more fun than the easier difficulties.

The graphics on NFL Street are very good. The players look almost perfect, which makes the game more fun. Also the graffiti art which is used in the game looks fantastic. Also there a variety of serious NFL clothes and some casual baggy cargo pants you can put on your player, which he will lay in. The clothes look great and yet again, there is a large variety to pick from. The jukebox which is in this game has a variety of different artists. Also if you download songs from other games and save them to your x-box, you can use them on the game.

No matter how good you are at this game, you will find yourself playing this game and trying to clock 100% for some time. You will definitely find yourself playing the game over and over again. So this game is fantastic and even if your not a NFL lover, you can still find yourself having fun playing this game. So you should buy it for a great time.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/14/05

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