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    G2 Campaign FAQ by EChang

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/06/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    (v1.1, 7-6-04)
    by Edward Chang (chang.459(at)osu.edu)
    Revision History
    v1.1 (7-6-04)
       Some typos fixed.
    v1.0 (7-5-04)
       All data complete. Added a timetable/checklist.
    v0.9 (7-3-04)
       More new data.
    v0.8 (7-2-04)
       Most of the data now added. A few areas still missing.
    v0.5 (7-1-04)
       First version. Partial data on G2 Campaign.
    1. Introduction
    2. G2 Campaign Clients
    3. Timetable/Checklist
    4. Credits
    This is an FAQ for Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose (XS2). It
    deals with one of the big minigames in the game, the G2 Campaign. The G2
    Campaign is basically a series of miniquests packaged together. Once you
    get to Second Miltia, by speaking to the "Agent U" (the rabbit-looking thing)
    in the central city block, you'll have the chance to participate in the G2
    Campaign. He'll explain the basics of the Campaign to you, and if you
    continue to express interest in it (by continually picking the top option),
    he'll eventually designate you as an "Agent" of the G2 Campaign and give you
    a "G2 Path", which will then be accessible from the main menu. After you
    become an Agent, your job will be to talk to various citizens in the cities
    and help them out on odd jobs. Though it sounds boring and/or mundane, as
    a miniquest, there is no requirement to ever participate in the G2 Campaign.
    However, participating will net you several rare items you can get nowhere
    else, so participation is highly recommended.
    You won't know who you have to talk to offhand, so part of the challenge
    is figuring out who needs help in the first place. Oftentimes there will be
    certain conditions, so people who need help may not ask for until after
    a certain event, or if a certain member of your party is the leader, and so
    on. The exact conditions for success are also not necessarily obvious, so
    you'll have to think about it a bit. You can keep track of what G2 missions
    are active by checking the G2 Path option in the menu.
    This FAQ makes use of SJIS encoding in order to display Japanese
    characters. I included this feature so that if you do not know
    Japanese, you can easily match up the characters on your TV screen
    to the characters in this guide. You will need to have support for
    viewing Japanese characters on your computer, however. Certain versions
    of Windows should have it built in; otherwise, you'll either need to
    get a program like NJStar Communicator, or you'll need to get 
    Japanese character support for Internet Explorer (free from Microsoft)
    and open this file in IE instead of Notepad/Wordpad.
    This will list all of the G2 Campaign Clients as well as the conditions
    for triggering their quest, the conditions for fulfilling them, and what
    the benefits are. Entries are made in the same order as the entries
    would appear on the G2 Path screen. 
    1. Jacqueline ジャクリン
    Location: Second Miltia, Sector One (第一セクター), just outside the
    Conditions: Must be after the Moby Dick Cafe event.
                Must speak to Jacqueline with a female character.
    Reward: Secret Key 1 (Unlocks Lvl 1, Class H: Psycho Pocket)
    Content: Jacqueline will give you a love letter to send to Sydney (シドニー).
    You'll have to go to the Kukai Foundation via the Second Miltia Spaceport
    and find Sydney in the bar. Once you give him the letter, he'll give you
    a letter to give back to Jacqueline. Do so to complete this quest.
    2. Sikes サイクス
    Location: Second Miltia, Hospital (病院), lying on the bed in the far right.
    Conditions: Must have cleared #1, Jacequeline's quest.
    Reward: Secret Key 2 (Unlocks Lvl 1, Class H: Break B10)
    Content: Sikes will give you four letters to give to four different people.
    It's possible to give the wrong letter to the wrong person, so be warned.
    The Spade Letter スペードの手紙 goes to Enrico エンリコ; he's in the
    40 Publishing Agency 40 エージェンシー in Second Miltia. The Heart letter
    ハートの手紙 goes to Eugene ユジェーヌ, who's in the Durandal, Park Area
    パークエリア. The Club Letter クラブの手紙 goes to Urlika ウルリカ, who's
    in the Spaceport. Finally the Diamond Letter ダイヤの手紙 goes to Patricia
    パトリシア, who's in the Foundation, west section, near the fountain.
    3. Sheila シーラ
    Location: Kukai Foundation, City (市街), western block, in the laundromat.
    Conditions: Must be after the Moby Dick Cafe event.
    Reward: Secret Key 6 (Unlocks Level 2, Class D: Rare +10)
            Small Secret Box (rare item, no practical use)
    Content: Sheila wants you to help her clear the rats in the attic. You'll
    have to eliminate 10 rats in 1 minute 30 seconds to finish successfully.
    You can try again and again, and even after completing this quest you
    can continue clearing rats as a minigame. The rats are pretty hard to chase
    down sometimes, so you might need several tries; also you can climb the
    small stairs and make the pictures drop down to block their escape route.
    4. Spumoni スプモーニ
    Location: Elza B1
    Conditions: Must have cleared the Ormus Stronghold.
    Reward: Skill Drug Dx20
    Content: Your task will be to track down fellow robot "Zaza". In order to find
    him, talk to the following people:
    1. Woody, Vector Section 2 ウッディ ヴェクター2局
    2. Mika, Foundation Fishing Lab ミカ フィッシングラボ
    3. Loraine, Second Miltia 40 Agency ロレイン 40エージェンシー
    4. Shaun, Durandal Park Area ショーン パークエリア
    5. Yolanda, Second Miltia Sector 2 ヨランダ 第二セクター
    6. Jessica, Foundation, West Area ジェシカ
    7. Sylvia, Second Miltia UMN Center シルビア
    After finding all of the clues, head to the Foundation Launch area and find
    the broken robot. Look in your rare items menu and find the 7-digit password
    as printed on the clues. Then input the password to revive Zaza, and head
    back to Spumoni to finish.
    5. Jun ジュン
    Location: Uzuki Residence ウズキ家
    Conditions: Must be after the Shion Visiting Home event.
    Reward: Decoder 01
            Learn the Double Tech, "Angelic Requiem", for Jr. and Shion 
    Content: Jun wants your help in cleaning up the bookshelves. You'll have
    3 minutes to finish a sliding-block type puzzle, where you must align
    each block into its proper row and column (look at the kanji characters
    at the top and the pattern on each side of the block to determine which
    row/column it belongs to). You can try as many times as you need, and
    after finishing you can replay this as a minigame. Even though you have
    three minutes, you can also pause the game, oddly enough.
    6. Chop チョップ
    Location: Second Miltia Sector 2 第二セクター, in the Moby Dick Cafe Kitchen.
    Conditions: Must have cleared the Ormus Stronghold.
                Must speak to Chop with a female character.
    Reward: Decoder 17
            Curry Recipe (rare item, no practical use)
    Content: Chop needs help in cooking a special curry. He wants you to assist
    with the spices; you'll have 1 minute and 30 seconds to respond properly to
    his prompts 45 times, at which point you have to add pepper (O), sugar (X),
    salt (T), or soy sauce (S). The buttons appear with his prompts so
    thankfully you don't need to memorize which button goes with which (or
    even be able to read the kanji!). If you make a mistake, however, the
    recipe fails.
    7. Miguel ミゲール
    Location: Second Miltia, Sector 2 第二セクター , in the 40 Publishing
    Conditions: Must be after the Moby Dick Cafe event.
    Reward: Skill Drug Dx3
            MOMO's Swimsuit
            Jr.'s Swimsuit
    Content: Miguel wants your help hanging posters. Simply find suitable
    blank walls. You should be able to hang up 20 posters around the city
    (there is no need to leave Sectors 1 and 2). You should be able to hang
    the posters in the following locations:
    -near the save point
    -near the advertisements
    -in Kyouju's lab (2)
    -on the wall between Kyouju's lab and the ballet building
    -in the ballet building (2)
    -in the hospital (2)
    -on the wall behind Agent U (3)
    -near the entrance to the lower power grid
    -on the same wall as the segment address door (2)
    -inside Moby Dick Cafe
    -on the walls around Moby Dick Cafe (5)
    8. Ligi リジー
    Location: Second Miltia City 市街
    Conditions: Must be after the Moby Dick Cafe event.
    Reward: Learn the Double Tech, "Burst Veil", for Shion and MOMO 
    Content: You'll have to navigate your way through the power station and
    hit the switch in the back within 5 minutes. The lightning won't hurt you,
    but it'll delay you and in one case make you backtrack, so proceed slowly;
    you should have plenty of time to reach the end. Afterwards you can play this 
    quest again as a minigame.
    9. Maple メイプル
    Location: Second Miltia City 市街
    Conditions: Must be after the Moby Dick Cafe event.
                Must have cleared #1.
    Reward: Learn the Double Tech, "Spirit Nocturne", for Chaos and Jr. 
    Content: Maple wants you to get her stuffed animal back from the thief.
    Chase her down to the lower level in Sector 2 of Second Miltia (there should
    be three cutscenes). After the third, examine the sparkly item on the ground
    to get the stuffed bear. Afterwards return it to Maple for your prize.
    10. Ruti ルーティ
    Location: Second Miltia Sector One, 第一セクター Hospital
    Conditions: Must have cleared the Ormus Stronghold.
    Reward: Secret Key 15 (Lvl 3, Class C: Last Revenge)
    Content: Ruti wants you to help her grow some legendary blue flowers.
    To do that you'll need to collect fertilizer and seeds, from the following
    -Old woman in the hospital
    -Men's Cabin in the Elza
    -Foundation Launch Area
    -Foundation Bar
    -40 Agency
    -Women's Cabin in the Elza
    -Foundation Hotel, 3F
    The seed to use to get blue flowers is the Spring Seed スプリングシード.
    You can only plant one seed, but you'll need to fertilize it about 4 times
    (until a big blue flower grows).
    11. Ciaran シアラン
    Location: Second Miltia Sector 2 第二セクター, Water Reservoir
    Conditions: Must be after the Moby Dick Cafe event.
    Reward: Secret Key 11 (Lvl 2, Class H: STA-Resist2)
    Content: You have to destroy the defective machines, and only the defective
    machines. Check the consoles to see which ones are defective (red are 
    defective, green are fine). Afterwards talk to Ciaran for your reward.
    There's no time limit, so take it nice and slow.
    12. Ray
    Location: Second Miltia Sector 2 第二セクター, Water Reservoir
    Conditions: Must have cleared the Ormus Stronghold.
                Must have completed #11.
    Reward: Secret Key 12 (Lvl 3, Class A: Safety)
    Content: The problems with the water reservoir aren't over yet. Take the
    key you received and go down to the level from #11, then use the elevator
    in the back to go down to B2. Now you have to open 6 valves, simply enough.
    When you find each valve, you'll be prompted to rotate the right stick
    as indicated. Hit each valve in order and you'll be fine. When rotating
    the stick clockwise, you need to maintain a certain tempo; you'll know
    if you're doing it right if you hear the valve being turned.
    13. Glen
    Location: Second Miltia City, Second Sector, Water Reservoir
    Conditions: Must have a clear save file.
                Must have completed #11 and #12.
    Reward: Decoder 08
    Content: More problems with the water system. Glen gives you a key and
    wants you to check the southeast corner of the lower floor and see what
    the problem is. Use the key on the door, and once you do, you'll get
    attacked by a boss. He's got two tentacles with him that suck up your EP and
    HP; he's weak against beams, lightning, fire, and pierce, so Shion, Ziggy, 
    Jr., or KOS-MOS are all good choices. He's not terribly difficult, so you
    shouldn't have too many problems with him. After taking care of him, report
    back to Glen for your reward.
    14. Kate ケイト
    Location: Second Miltia City, First Sector, Ballet Building
    Conditions: Must have reached Old Miltia.**
    Reward: Secret Key 21 (Lvl 3, Class H: ExpUP10)
    Content: Kate wants you to find the her brother, Rod, in the Miltia 
    Disturbance 14 years ago. Use the UMN Simulator to go to Miltia 14 Years Ago, 
    and search for Rod. You'll find him quickly enough; he's been transformed
    into a giant monster, and you'll have to fight him. He's not too hard;
    he's weak against Aura and Fire in particular, so have Ziggy and Chaos
    bash on him. After the fight, he'll drop a locket. Take the locket back
    to Kate.
    **Note: Even though you can activate this mission after reaching Old Miltia,
    Rod won't actually show up until you've cleared Labyrinth.
    15. Maroly マロリー
    Location: Kukai Foundation Inn, 2nd Floor
    Conditions: Must have reached Old Miltia.
    Reward: Secret Key 17 (Lvl 3, Class F:Break B15)
    Content: Maroly dropped her wedding ring and needs you to find it. It has
    a special vibration function, so basically look around town until your
    controller vibrates. However, there is more than one vibration ring in
    town, so you need to check if it's the right one by seeing the vibration 
    pattern. (Or you can just read this guide and see that it's the one in
    the laundromat). Be warned that you will fail this mission if you give her
    the wrong ring.
    16. Margoyles マーゴイルズ
    Location: Kukai Foundation Inn, 2nd Floor
    Conditions: Must have cleared Labyrinth.
    Reward: Iron 4 Score
    Content: Margoyles wants you to get his orgel. Riggs リッグス has it; he's
    working under a car in King's shop (Kukai Foundation, west area) so talk to 
    him there to get the orgel, then return to Margoyles.
    Note: Take the Iron 4 Score to the Iron Man bar, and then play the piano
    with it. This will reveal Segment Address #16.
    17. Bonnie
    Location: Kukai Foundation, Water Fountain
    Conditions: Must have reached Old Miltia.
                Must have cleared #9 and #23.
    Reward: Learn the Double Tech, "Duo Spell Ray", for Shion and Chaos
    Content: Bonnie, the thief from #9 and #23, is trying to go straight. You
    need to help her find a job at the Iron Man bar as a waitress, but to do
    that you'll need two things: A manners guide and a dress. You can get
    a dress at the laundromat; choose the pink maid dress (second option).
    The manners guide can be obtained from the kid on the second floor of
    the bar. Once you have both of these, speak to the bar's owner to finish
    the mission.
    18. Janet ジャネット
    Location: Second Miltia City First Sector 市街, Research Lab
    Conditions: Must have reached Old Miltia.
    Reward: Release Code
    Content: Janet sends you after the defective statue of her father in the
    Foundation. She doesn't know exactly what's wrong with it and wants you to
    find out. Talk to Vimara ヴィマラ in the Foundation, then talk to Daryl
    (hidden behind the car on the west side of town) to receive blueprints for
    the statue. Take these back to Janet, and she'll give you the Release Code.
    Now go back to the statue and input the code on the key (again, look at it
    in the rare items list). The statue will rotate and you'll find Segment
    Address #11.
    19. King キング
    Location: Kukai Foundation City 市街
    Conditions: None
    Reward: Zetazist DXx2
    Content: King's cat Josephine is sick, so you'll have to get a doctor from
    Second Miltia's First Sector 第一セクター and bring him there. Once you
    do you'll finish the mission.
    20. Kramer クレイマー
    Location: Kukai Foundation Hotel 2nd Floor ホテル
    Conditions: Must have reached Old Miltia.
    Reward: Key to King's Storehouse
    Content: Kramer gives you the glorious task of window wiping. You have
    a time limit, but you can try as many times as you want, so go for it.
    In two minutes you'll have to wash at least 9 (?) windows to win. Approach
    each window and press O to activate, and then after the message window
    disappears, rotate the right stick slowly 4 times to wipe the window.
    Unlike the other games, there is no indication that you are going the
    right speed, although once you finish the controller will vibrate and
    you can move on.
    Using King's key, you can get Skill Drug Dx5. Look at it in your rare items
    menu for the code.
    21. Roy ロイ
    Location: Kukai Foundation, Water Fountain  
    Conditions: Must have a Clear File save.
    Reward: Skill Drug Ex6
    Content: Roy wants you to find a time capsule he left behind a long time
    ago and bring him the contents. The time capsule is in the Industrial
    Factory (the second secret dungeon post-game); when you reach the end,
    you'll face the boss "Duria Soul". He's an insect-like boss who's weak
    against Ice and Pierce, so have Jr. along and cast Ice Sword on him for
    good effect. During the battle, the boss will say the following: Aqua 1,
    Yellow 3, Blue 5, Red 7, Orange -2, Gray -4, Purple -6, and Green -8. This
    is a hint for the puzzle that's coming up at the end of the factory. Here
    you'll find 8 boxes colored as above, and an indicator with 9 lights.
    Your task is to light up all 9 lights in exactly 5 moves, with the number
    of lights being lit up equivalent to the numbers Duria Soul gave you.
    So in order to get all 9, trigger the following boxes: Yellow, Red, Orange,
    Gray, Blue. Now the treasure chests in the back will be accessible; one
    is the item Roy is looking for, the other is Sequencer A, with which
    you can access the third secret dungeon.
    22. Johnny ジョニー
    Location: Kukai Foundation City 市街, west area
    Conditions: Must have cleared the Ormus Stronghold.
    Reward: Learn the Double Tech, "Cross Fist", for Ziggy and KOS-MOS 
    Content: Johnny just wants you to play paper rock scissors with everybody
    in the area (a total of 12). Losing a few doesn't matter, but you need to
    win a certain amount to succeed, so save and reload. Just picking the first
    option over and over again when you play should get you enough wins, unless
    you're really unlucky.
    23. Panache パナシュ
    Location: Elza, B1
    Conditions: Must have cleared the Ormus Stronghold.
    Reward: Learn the Double Tech, "Heat Chorus", for Ziggy and Jr.
    Content: Panache needs to find out who stole Gimlet's memories. Go to
    Vector's Section 2 on Second Miltia and talk to Narcissus to get a
    battery, then return to Panache. Now operate the console next to him to
    operate the scan. The battery has only 5 charges, and the color you get
    is randomly chosen; you need to get each color at least once, so you'll
    need to return to Narcissus to charge the battery as many times as
    24. Shimon シモン
    Location: Foundation, Dock Area
    Conditions: Must have a Clear File save.
    Reward: EMAX300
    Content: Shimon quizzes you on various aspects of the game. He'll give you
    a medal; you have to take this to the quiz arcade machine in the Iron Man
    and play it to take the quiz. The answers are as follows:
    1: 4
    2: 2000
    3: 8
    4: 4
    5: 40
    6: 229
    7: 3
    8: 6
    9: 10
    10: 5
    11: 12
    12: 82
    13: 4
    14: 10
    15: 25612
    16: 34
    17: 01
    18: 9
    19: 7
    20: 28080
    Once you've succeeded, go back to Shimon for your prize.
    25. Stella ステラ
    Location: Second Miltia First Sector 第一セクター, Ballet Building
    Conditions: Must be after the Shion Visiting Home event.
    Reward: Class Drug Cx2
            Shion's Swimsuit
            Chaos's Swimsuit
    Content: Stella wants you to bring her three of her belongings. The three
    belongings are "Stella's Hair Accessory" ステラの髪飾り, "Stella's
    Bustier" ステラのビスチェ, and "Stella's Shoes" ステラのシューズ. The
    hair accessory is held by Anila アニラ in front of the 40 Agency. Rachel 
    レイチェル in the upper deck of Sector 2 has the Bustier. Todd トッド in
    the lower deck of Sector 2 has the Shoes. Take all of them back to
    Stella for your prize. Be warned that if you take less than 3 back,
    you will fail the mission.
    26. Bit ビット
    Location: Kukai Foundation Launch Area
    Conditions: Must have cleared Labyrinth.
    Reward: Secret Key 10 (Lvl 2, Class H: Clear and Serene)
    Content: Bit's son has Encephalon dived and now can't get out. Bit wants
    you to go and get him, and gives you a key. The key is for the storeroom
    to "Toys Universe". Dive into Miltia 14 Years Ago and use the code on the
    key (view in the rare items menu) to access the storeroom. Inside
    you'll find Bit's son Henry cornered by a huge griffin-like boss. Take
    the boss out - lightning and ether attacks are effective, so use Shion -
    and save Henry. Then dive out and talk to Bit again.
    Incidentally you can also use the key Bit gave you at the Submerged
    City (which is just current-day Miltia); if you do you'll find Henry's
    bones instead of Henry, and you'll fail.
    27. Adonis アドニス
    Location: Elza Bar Counter
    Conditions: None
    Reward: Decoder 14
    Content: You'll have to mix up some drinks. You'll get 7 parts apiece of
    sweet 甘味, salty 辛味, and sour 酸味. Adonis will give you the following
    hints on what proportions to mix them in:
    1. He likes sweet drinks
    2. Salty and sour should be the same
    3. It can't be just sweet
    4. Balance is important.
    The proper combination is 3-2-2. Mix this up and feed it to the "Matthews
    Robot" in the bar area, then go back to Adonis for your reward.
    28. Kite カイト
    Location: Foundation, Ironman Bar
    Conditions: Must have a clear save file.
    Reward: Learn the Double Tech, "Dancing Rondo", for KOS-MOS and Chaos
    Content: Kite wants you to find and defeat Mad Skeltar. He's hanging out in
    the Heavenly Ruins, but you won't find him there the first time you're 
    there. Go back to the top once you've cleared the Space Colosseum, and
    you'll find another enemy waiting for you - Mad Skeltar. Unfortunately for
    you, Mad Skeltar is one of the hardest bosses in the game. He doesn't
    have much HP compared to some of the others, but he doesn't take much damage
    at all (and he dodges a lot anyway); also, virtually all of his attacks
    cause some sort of status effect, and he often cheats by going 2 or even 3
    times in a row without boosting. Beam attacks seem to be the most effective,
    so have KOS-MOS stock and use Dragon Tooth as much as possible; you can
    also use the "Iwashime" ether (Binding) so that any damage he causes to
    you, he takes himself.
    Once you manage to beat him, go back to Kite and claim your reward.
    29. Butch ブッチ
    Location: Foundation, Fishing Lab
    Conditions: Must speak to Butch with a male character.
                Must have cleared the Ormus Stronghold.
    Reward: Decoder 16
    Content: Butch wants you to catch the huge fish "Redeye". It seems to be
    mostly luck, so just keep trying. You have one minute. Go anywhere along
    the dock, press O to cast your rod, then rotate the right stick clockwise
    with a certain tempo (not too fast, not too slow) to reel your catch in.
    You'll know if you're doing it right when you hear the reel being spun.
    30. Clive クライブ
    Location: Foundation City, West Area, King's Shop
    Conditions: Must have reached Old Miltia.
    Reward: Learn the Double Tech, "Cross Hilbert", for KOS-MOS and MOMO
    Content: Clive wants you to find new places to live for the 5 small cats
    that were just born. Pick the 5 cats up, then talk to the following people
    in the following locations:
    -Marcello マルセロ, Second Miltia, Spaceport
    -Valentina ヴァレンティナ, Second Miltia City, Moby Dick Cafe
    -Anuze アニューゼ, Second Miltia City, 40 Publishing Agency
    -Nascha ナーシャ, Kukai Foundation City, Bar
    -Kagari カガリ, Kukai Foundation City, Laundromat
    31. Leila レイラ
    Location: Kukai Foundation City, Inn
    Conditions: Must have cleared the Ormus Stronghold.
                Must speak with either Jr. or MOMO.
    Reward: Get the decoder key for the hotel's locked door.
    Content: Leila wants you to find out where a recently published picture
    of her and her family was taken. Go to the third floor and look at the
    picture; you'll find it was taken by an "August Hanson". Return to Second 
    Miltia and talk to August in the 40 Publishing Agency; then return to Leila.
    Note: The key unlocks the passworded door in the inn; inside you'll
    find Zetazist DXx4. The code for me was "0813"; it may be random, so
    check the key in your Rare Items menu to find the code.
    32. Kamikaze カミカゼ
    Location: Elza
    Conditions: After boarding the Elza.
    Reward: Skull Drug Ex40
            Learn the Double Tech, Ziggy Strike, for Ziggy and MOMO
            Secret Key 19 (Lvl 3, Class G: Ether Burst)
            Jin's Swimsuit
    Content: You must sell items to the robot K2 in the Second Miltia spaceport
    to eliminate Matthews' 10 million G debt. Try stealing rare items and
    selling them, especially in the endgame/postgame.
    One strategy is to face the bosses from G2 Campaigns #14 and #26. You 
    can steal Skill Drug E's from these bosses, which sell for quite a bit;
    however, unlike other bosses, you can run from these guys, so you can
    repeat as many times as you need. Also, you can steal from the last boss
    several times (every time you do though, you'll need to see the ending
    and save another clear file). Note that the ether skill Inori 祈り
    (Prayer) can also give you Skill Drug Es.
    33. Hugo フーゴ
    Location: Kukai Foundation, Launch Area
    Conditions: Must have cleared the Ormus Stronghold.
    Reward: Secret Key 18 (Lvl 3, Class F: Rare +30)
    Content: Hugo will explain that a long time ago he used to work on
    Encephalon dives, and he left traps in an outdoor area that he used to
    relax in. He wants you to go into the Encephalon and take care of the traps
    for him.
    First, dive into MOMO's Deep Domain (Summer), then go into the outhouse
    and read the first memo. It'll give you a clue as to the location of the
    first trap. Once you disarm the first trap, there will be a clue there for
    the second, and so on. The locations of all the traps are as follows:
    -the box behind the billboard just north of the starting location
    -on the next screen, the cluster of red flowers
    -two areas further, the white flowers next to the fallen log that you
     can run down
    -in the next area, north of the river, the wall left of the hole in the
     rock where water is flowing from
    -in the next area, the tree north of the cluster of blue flowers (this
     one may be random; try all the trees in the area if this doesn't work)
    -looping back (use the tunnel for a shortcut), the red flowers next to
     the cabin. In the event that you destroyed the cabin, there will be a red
     "forbidden device" on the ground.
    -in the area where you made the log roll down the river, the pipe near
     the south entrance
    -in the area with the two log bridges, the mushrooms growing on the log
     north of the bridges
    -in the area where you made the log roll down the river, the group of rocks
     to the far right (make the log roll as far as possible)
    -in the area where #3 was, the huge tree in the north of that area
    The virtual Hugo will give you your reward; return to the real Hugo to
    finish the G2 campaign entry.
    34. Carlos カルロス
    Location: Second Miltia City 市街
    Conditions: Must have cleared the Ormus Stronghold.
    Reward: Learn the Double Tech, "Hero's Sword Dance", for Jin and Shion 
    Content: Carlos wants you to survey people in various locations and find
    out what area is the best for him to have a date. You'll find the following 
    Second Miltia: 4
    Foundation Bar: 3
    Durandal Park: 3
    Durandal Garden: 1
    Second Miltia is thus the best answer. Leave the screen once, then come
    back and talk to Carlos to finish the mission.
    35. Calvo カルボ
    Location: Foundation Hotel ホテル
    Conditions: Must speak to Calvo with a male character.
                Must have cleared Labyrinth.
    Reward: Decoder 13
    Content: Calvo wants you to help fix the roof. Run along the planks and
    when you find a cracked area, stand in front of it and mash the O button
    as fast as possible. You have 1 minute to do it. It should be easy enough
    to finish, just go from top to bottom.
    36. Valtell ヴァルテル
    Location: Second Miltia, Second Sector
    Conditions: Must have a clear file save.
                Must speak to Valtell with Shion.
    Reward: Learn the Double Tech, "Duo Buster", for Shion and KOS-MOS
    Content: Valtell turns out to be a fellow (rival) G2 Campaign agent.
    She'll challenge you to see who can complete more G2 missions. Accept it,
    and then don't talk to her again until you have as many G2s as possible -
    in other words, all of them except #36 itself. Now talk to her and
    say "yes" twice (top option); you'll compare your completion rates. If
    you try this without completing everything, you'll lose, and thus fail
    #36. Otherwise Valtell will give you your reward.
    Since the G2 Campaigns are spread out all over the place, I've put together
    a checklist that goes in chronological order of the game so you can see
    at a glance exactly when you can do the G2s, so that you can get the
    rewards from these miniquests as fast as possible. The checklist is as
    Once you reach Second Miltia, activate the G2 Campaign by talking to Agent U, 
    then see the Moby Dick Cafe event and the Shion visits home event.
    Finish #1.
    Finish #2.
    Finish #3. 
    Finish #5.
    Finish #7. 
    Finish #8.
    Finish #9.
    Finish #11.
    Finish #19.
    Finish #25.
    Now continue playing the game through the next three dungeons. Now you'll be
    on the Elza.
    Finish #27.
    Activate #32.
    Next dungeon is the Ormus Stronghold. Clear it, then watch the next event
    as you arrive at Old Miltia. Once you do, leave and go back to the Elza.
    Finish #32.
    Finish #4.
    Finish #6.
    Finish #10.
    Finish #12.
    Activate #14.
    Finish #15.
    Finish #23.
    Finish #17.
    Finish #18.
    Finish #20.
    Finish #22.
    Finish #29.
    Finish #31.
    Finish #33.
    Finish #34.
    Continue playing through the next two areas, the Submerged City and the
    Finish #14.
    Finish #16.
    Finish #26.
    Finish #35.
    Now finish the game once and make yourself a Clear Save file.
    Finish #13.
    Activate #21.
    Finish #24.
    Activate #28.
    Activate #36.
    Now play through the first two secret dungeons, the Desert and the Industrial
    Finish #21.
    The third secret dungeon is the Heavenly Ruins. Play through this and then
    finish the Space Colosseum event, then go back to the Heavenly Ruins to take
    on Mad Skeltar.
    Finish #28.
    Finish #36.
    4. CREDITS
    Thanks go to:
    Namco and Monolith Soft for the great RPG.
    This FAQ Copyright 2004 to Edward Chang. Redistribution in any form,
    including reprinting in electronic or print media, without express
    permission of the author is strictly forbidden.

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