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    Story Translation by jetfuel

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    |                          XENOSAGA MADNESS PROJECT                          |
    |                      Xenosaga: Episode II, JP version                      |
    |                    complete story guide and translation                    |
    |              editor: jetfuel (xeno saga at metal bat dot com)              |
    |                           >>>version 0.1.1<<<                              |
    This document is (c) 2004 William C. Van Hecke (jetfuel) and may not be 
    reproduced, in whole or in part, for purposes other than private, personal use. 
    This document may be redistributed only if the entire file remains INTACT and 
    UNMODIFIED (THIS MEANS YOU, CHEATCC.COM). This guide is, obviously, a work in 
    progress. The newest guide version can always be found at
    (jetfuel.metalbat.com/madness.html). (zenosaga.com) or (www.gamefaqs.com)
    should also have recent copies. Don't trust anyone else to have the latest
    version; check at one of those sites. This guide should *NOT* be available at
    cheatcc.com, because they are filthy lying clowns who  have posted a modified
    copy of our previous guide against our wishes. Questions, section requests,
    suggestions, or corrections can be directed to xeno saga at metal bat dot com.
    |               BOOK 0: GUIDE TO THE GUIDE               |
    Info about the guide itself, how it came to be, and how it might be useful.
    |       0.0: TABLE OF CONTENTS       |
    You can search the guide by copying the name of a chapter and pasting it into 
    the "Find" dialog of the application you are using to view this file.
            0.0: TABLE OF CONTENTS
            0.1: INTRODUCTION
            0.2: CREDITS
            0.3: VERSION HISTORY
            0.4: NOTES
            1.0: INTRO MOVIE
            1.1: MILTIA
            1.2: SECOND MILTIA
    |       0.1: INTRODUCTION            |
    Wow, here we are again. It's been over two years since Xeno-fans around the
    world first tore the shrinkwrap from our copies of Episode I. We popped the
    dual-layered DVD into PS2s in darkened basements and bedrooms, and fell into
    a game that we'd live and breathe from that moment forward. Dramatic, perhaps,
    but this is no ordinary video game.
    For those of you who're just joining us, welcome to Madness. I imagine there's
    a lot of you who who've been turned on to the Saga since it came out in the
    West and are now itching for a peek at what's ahead. Greetings to you all. For
    those who've been along since the beginning, welcome back. I hope you're as
    excited as I am.
    The Xenosaga Madness Project is dedicated to the assembly of a complete guide
    to the Japanese release of the Playstation 2 series _Xenosaga_, for English
    speakers. The project was conceived by WVH (jetfuel) as a way to play the game
    early, to practice Japanese, to avoid potentially bad English localization
    (this is not so much of a concern now that we've seen the English version of
    Ep I), and most of all to help Xeno fans around the world enjoy this fine game
    in a language more familiar to them than Japanese.
    Our Episode II guide wil focus on the story of the game, since Kouli and Split
    Infinity at GameFAQs have already started putting together their gameplay
    guide. If you're stuck in a certain part of the game, try their guide. If your
    Japanese just isn't that hot but you want to understand the story, check this
    |       0.2: CREDITS                 |
    Mr. Sean: translation
    Mr. jetfuel: scene capture, editing, translation, assembly
    |       0.3: VERSION HISTORY         |
    0.0.1 (2004.4.10) Welcome back to Madness. We're glad you could make it.
    0.0.2 (2004.7.3) Okay, the game has arrived, but I've been struggling with
    some form of hepatitis, which has precluded me from doing very much translation
    at all. I hope I can catch up with your playing somewhat. Some of the opening
    and the first three scenes in the present time have been translated.
    0.0.3 (2004.7.4) Added scenes to Second Miltia section: R & D Report, Arrival,
    A Peaceful Drive, Backup.
    0.0.4 (2004.7.7) Finished some more Second Miltia scenes.
    0.0.5 (2004.7.8) Added more Second Miltia.
    0.0.6 (2004.7.12) Mr. Sean is now a member of Madness; he'll be lending his
    commendable translation skills to our project. His first contribution is the
    introductory scenes, with Canaan and chaos in Old Miltia. Thanks to Shiro at
    GameFAQs and Jared Andrews who simultaneously figured out Albedo's bizarre Paul
    McCartney reference. Also, I added more Second Miltia work.
    0.0.7 (2004.7.15) Okay, I finished the meeting between Margulis and Sellers,
    and the Uzuki house scenes.
    0.1 (2004.7.17) I beat the game two nights ago, so now all of my Xeno-energies
    will be devoted to translation. Things seem to be going so much more smoothly
    this time around. It's probably because I had the discipline to capture every
    single scene the first time through, the disk space to actually keep it all, and
    about two more years of Japanese experience to understand it all. This update
    includes several scenes from the U.M.N. Administrative Center.
    0.1.1 (2004.8.02) Hi, I'm in the process of moving across the country, so I
    haven't had a lot of time to translate. I added some more to the MOMO analysis
    scene. The creepy part is coming up next.
    |       0.4: NOTES                   |
    Real-world background on the game itself and other miscellaneous info.
    __Playstation 2 Software____________________________
    __Xenosaga Episode II_______________________________
    _______________________"Jenseits von Gut und Bose"__
    ________________________________"Zen'aku no Higan"__
    ____________________________"Beyond Good and Evil"__
    -- On sale 2004.6.24 --
    Regular Edition: ´6,980 (´7,329 with tax)
    Premium Box: ´17,800 (´18,690 with tax)
    Memory Card: at least 292KB required
    2 DVD-ROMs
    5.1 channel Dolby Digital support
    |               BOOK 1: STORY TRANSLATION                |
    Summaries and word-for-word translations of the script. This is the main part
    of this guide.
    |       1.0: INTRO MOVIE             |
    This is the movie that plays when you start a new game, as translated by Sean
    and jetfuel.
    (Credits start as a ship gates out over a blue planet.)
    Female Announcer: As you can see, since some time last night, Realiens have
    been rioting everywhere. They seem to have all started at once, and for
    whatever reason it is happening, it is quite possible that this is an act of
    terrorism. About these realiens, the government is saying... Ah, some new
    information has just arrived. According to information from the Federation
    office, the rioting realiens are all of particular types. The realiens
    concerned are all of a type created within the last 2 years, or have been
    readjusted at Miltia. Now I will read the types of realiens that have been
    affected: DZ-1006448, DZ-2000330, DZ-1001007.
    (Helmar appears on Canaan's screen)
    Helmar: What you saw there is only part of what's happening all over the
    federation. This is spreading to all of the realiens in a chain reaction. By
    around this time tomorrow, they'll be spending the whole time slot just reading
    off model numbers.
    Canaan: What does this operation have to do with that incident? Tell me why
    you're using me for this operation. I heard the army suppressed all of the
    realiens. I can't believe that the military harbors no apprehensions towards us
    Helmar: Only towards the standard type. Canaan, Because of Vector's
    modifications, you are a special type realien. You won't go out of control like
    the other realiens. We have the CEO's personal guarantee of this.
    chaos: Besides, no ordinary pilot could pilot "that vessel". And removing you
    is not among our choices.
    Helmar: Ah, I haven't introduced him yet. His name is chaos. He'll ride
    with you as a navigator.
    Canaan: Thanks, but he shouldn't be here. A normal human can't ride in THAT.
    chaos: Right. So I am here. Don't worry about that.
    Helmar: So that is why he is here. Please take care of him.
    Operator: Mission Briefing. This mission is classified.
    There is no identification code for this mission. There is also no backup from
    the mothership.
    Your insertion and extraction will be unaided.
    Naturally, the U-TIC organization is not the only opposition present; they are
    currently being engaged by the Federation army. [?]
    Please exercise caution.
    Canaan: No need to worry. I'll be back for sure.
    chaos: Operator, please confirm. We should head for point MN441, correct?
    Operator: Yes. At present, a U.R.T.V. unit is engaging at that point.
    Protection is your top priority.
    Chaos: Of all involved?
    Operator: If possible. After that, break into the U-TIC organization's
    mainframe and aquire the Y-data which triggered this whole incident.
    Chaos: Understood, we'll try.
    Canaan: E.S. Asher, preparations complete. Requesting permission to launch.
    Operator: Permission granted. Now guiding you to deck B.
    |       1.1: MILTIA                  |
    Canaan and chaos on Miltia 14 years ago.
    |       1.2: SECOND MILTIA           |
    Shion and the others on Second Miltia in the present. This is after the save
    point with chaos and Canaan's portraits.
    __1.2.1: Canaan's Assignment__
    (Canaan awakens from his 127th records-updating procedure. The engineer
    mentions some data, stored in Canaan by some soldier, that they have been
    trying to retrieve. The engineer asks Canaan to respond to Helmar's order for a
    report, because it is the engineer's son's birthday.)
    (In Helmar's office)
    Helmar: Is that so. Then, we have no choice.
    Canaan: It seems to be data related to the Miltia Incident, but, is it really
    that important?
    Helmar: Yes. The true reason that incident occured, that's the kind of data it
    could be. The soldier who hid that data in you, he was one of my subordinates.
    Peculiarly he [something]
    Canaan: Jin, you said? Do we know his circumstances since then?
    Helmar: I've heard you are a emotion-restrained type; do the circumstances of
    another worry you?
    Canaan: They interest me. Because he is the one who put this burden on me.
    Helmar: Ha ha ha. Don't worry. He has retired from the army, and is living
    happily. Now then, there is a long-term mission I would like you to undertake.
    Look. (A screen opens) The 100-Type Realien Prototype MOMO. They'll be doing a
    deep-region dive on her at the administrative office. I'd like you to provide
    Canaan: The agenda?
    Helmar: We just heard that some "related parties" have arrived at the airport.
    If you could go meet them in your "vehicle", it would be a help.
    Canaan: It doesn't sound like I'll just be "meeting them".
    Helmar: Not just U-TIC Foundation, but also the immigration fleet have been
    making movements. Those are the conditions.
    Canaan: Roger.
    __1.2.2: Margulis' Assignment__
    (Scene is a chapel. A ceremonially-dressed woman approaches a
    ceremonially-dressed old man.)
    Woman: Your Grace. Information about the Y-Data situation. Interrogation
    Bureau Head Margulis would like to discuss the details of it with Your Grace.
    Man: Mm.
    (She bows and leaves; Margulis' image appears, kneeling.)
    Margulis: It is a true honor to appear before Your Highest Holy Grace.
    ("kyoukou" suggests "pope")
    Pope: Enough superficial greetings. Allow me to ask... The Realien holding the
    Y-Data fell into the hands of the Kukai Foundation; There is an explanation
    for this?
    Margulis: Yes... The 100-Type Realien Prototype that holds the Y-Data,
    currently in possession of the Kukai Foundation, is being given refuge by
    Second Miltia. However...
    Pope: You are aware, what kind of situation this is?
    Margulis: According to that man, Albedo, the Y-Data is very strongly
    protected, the removal of which requires the use of the U.M.N. Administrative
    Center. Based on that, and the present situation, we will make our next move.
    Pope: Margulis. About the initial invasion of Second Miltia as being a plot by
    Cardinal Heinlein making use of the upper levels of the Federation Army...?
    Margulis: I know nothing of such an event. Perhaps it was a judgment made to
    achieve a certain goal? [?]
    Pope: Can I believe that just from your words?
    Margulis: The thought of betraying that to which I swore myself never even
    entered my mind.
    Pope: Very well. Soon our fleet will be considering an invasion of
    demilitarized space. I simply do not want to be disappointed.
    Margulis: I understand. I will certainly be bringing you good news.
    Pope: Margulis.
    Margulis: Yes.
    Pope: I do not like that U.R.T.V. He reminds me of a certain common man. Just
    remember that for me.
    Margulis: As you wish.
    __1.2.3: Pellegry's Assignment__
    (Margulis walks in to what looks like the bridge of a ship)
    Margulis: Heh. I guess as you get older you get more paranoid. He barks like a
    weak dog. (Pellegry appears on a screen) Pellegry! How are things there?
    Pellegry: Favorable. Presently, Herman and Richalt are pursuing the targets.
    Margulis: This mission belongs to us, the Heresy Interrogation Bureau. So I
    approve of the use of E.S. Isacal.
    Pellegry: E.S.-- I've heard it's from thousands of years ago; will such a
    thing be of any use?
    Margulis (nodding): E.S. have "Anima Vessels" equipped.
    Pellegry: "Anima Vessel"...
    Margulis: The "Anima Vessels" are objects excavated at the same time as the
    Zohar. Their power can be matched against the army of an entire star. Be very
    careful of how you treat it. It wouldn't be very suitable to syntaxerr up
    something we spent so much effort restoring.
    Pellegry: Roger.
    __1.2.4: R & D Report__
    (Shion's voice over a montage of the Elsa's arrival at Second Miltia. [This is
    part translation, part summary.])
    R & D Report. File number 026643. The Anti-Gnosis android KOS-MOS, while still
    in testing, self-activates during an attack. She is capable of operating
    independently, but her emotional programs are in need of work. After escaping
    the Woglinde, we meet up with the Elsa, and visit the Kukai Foundation. We head
    toward to Second Miltia to deliver KOS-MOS to the 2nd branch. The U-TIC
    Foundation, a man by the name of Albedo, and others unknown are in pursuit of
    the 100-Type prototype Realien, MOMO. They make use of phenomenon known as the
    Song of Nephilim and Proto Merkabah, but with the help of KOS-MOS we are able
    to overcome them. A chain of actions taken by KOS-MOS can be hypothesized to be
    a black-box program left behind by primary designer Kevin Winnecotte. Vector
    Industries 1st Development Branch, KOS-MOS development operation, developmental
    Chief, Shion Uzuki.
    __1.2.5: Arrival__
    The Elsa arrives at the space port, and Jr. announces that he (presumably with
    chaos, Ziggy, and MOMO) is going to the governmental building. Shion says
    she'll deliver KOS-MOS to the Vector 2nd Branch. They agree to meet up later.
    Ziggy says that he'll be calling to give a progress report to the subcommittee,
    and tells MOMO that Juli Mizrahi will be arriving soon. She asks him to tell
    "Mama" that she's looking forward to seeing her. During the call, Mizrahi calls
    him "John Zauer", which he corrects: "Now I am Ziggurat 8". Ziggy then requests
    that Mizrahi meet with MOMO; she reluctantly agrees. Jr. overhears this and
    says that she sounds scared to meet MOMO.
    Ziggy: "Eavesdropping is a hobby I never had much interest in."
    Jr. proposes that Ziggy get his body upgraded to a carbon frame, installed by
    specialist realiens.
    Ziggy: "I don't see any need to extend my life span any longer."
    Jr.: "MOMO would be happy to see you live longer."
    Ziggy: "No, I'll pass. I don't intend to live long."
    Jr.: "All right... Let me know if you ever change your mind."
    __1.2.6: A Peaceful Drive__
    (Ziggy walks down to the car where the others are waiting.)
    MOMO: Ziggy: What did Mama say?
    Ziggy: Oh, yes. She seemed very busy.
    MOMO: Oh, I figured...
    Ziggy: She seems to support the subcommittee very much. It must be a very
    demanding job.
    MOMO: I suppose so. MOMO has to work hard to help her!
    As they are driving along the highway, two huge freaking robots fly up out of
    nowhere and start attacking them!! Jr. shoots them with his pistols and MOMO
    takes over the controls of the car, heading for a location specified by Jr.
    They are chased by the robots a bit longer until chaos tosses a fire
    extinguisher, Jr. shoots it, and they escape down a big flight of stairs. Jr.
    has taken them to the fully automated area of town so as to minimize
    involvement of civilians. What a guy.
    __1.2.7: Backup__
    Jr.(telepathically): Gaignun! We're headed to 2089! Tell Helmar we need some
    backup! (Gaignun is in some sort of unconscious state at his desk) Hey!
    Gaignun: Sorry. What's the situation?
    Jr.: 2089!
    Gaignun: Got it... (to himself) What the hell. What was I doing just now?
    Helmar(on phone): Understood. Backup is on its way. It's headed for the
    rendezvous point. (hangs up) So, now even out in the open is not safe anymore?
    (After a while, Jr. and the others are found by the two huge robots.)
    Richalt: It's been a while! You look well! You remember me, don't you? Richalt
    is my name. You should remember it, before you die.
    (A cool and Xenogears-esque battle. Afterwards, another huge robot with some
    sort of big claw appears.)
    Pellegry: Both of you, out of the way! I'll take care of the rest! (Her big
    claw divides into what look like Aerods, which fire at the group.) Any further
    resistance is pointless. Quietly hand over the 100-Type!
    (The Aerod-looking things are blown up, and E.S. Asher appears.)
    Jr.: That vehicle! Canaan!?
    Canaan: Rubedo! Get down!
    (They have a fight in which time seems to stop. Pellegry says her E.S. seems to
    be "resonating" with Asher. Pellegry, Herman, and Richalt fly away. Jr. scolds
    Canaan for calling him Rubedo, but Canaan says his old memories are strong. Jr.
    thinks back to 14 years ago.)
    Rubedo: Someone! Someone! Help us! It doesn't stop! Nigredo's blood won't stop!
    Nigredo: It's all right, Rubedo. No more.
    Rubedo: Stupid! You can't give up!
    (A light shines on them)
    Canaan: U.R.T.V., two units found. Confirmed.
    chaos: A red horse brings war. A black horse, famine. In their small shape,
    they carry such great strife.
    Canaan: The voice channel is noisy; I couldn't hear you. What is it, chaos?
    chaos: Nothing. Let's save them.
    Jr.: Me. It's my fault. Even though I'm the leader, I broke the ring. That's
    why Albedo...
    Canaan: Albedo?
    Jr.: He's... A fragment of me. The beating in my chest.
    Canaan: I got a result. Albedo-- Unit number 667. Conjoined to Unit 666 in
    development. Even with artificial incubation, an imperfect separation can
    chaos: The white horse's rider was polluted, as well... We'll bring peace to
    your wounds and your spirits. Even if it's just a moment's rest...
    (Back in Second Miltia)
    Jr.: I guess you could say I owe those two my life.
    MOMO: You've known chaos for a long time too... Um, would it be all right for
    me to call you Rubedo? It's a very nice name!
    Jr.: Uh... Sorry, that's...
    MOMO: I'm sorry...
    Jr.: Uh, no, it's just, not a name that brings back good memories.
    MOMO: Jr. and Ziggy both dislike your real names.
    Jr.: It's because names have good or bad memories associated with them. Pops
    over there probably has all sorts of burdens on him. But that's all right. Pops
    seems to like the name "Ziggy".
    MOMO: Then I'm happy!
    Jr.: Even if it does make him sound like a dog!
    __1.2.8: Second Branch__
    (At Vector Industries 2nd Development Branch)
    Shion: Project Zohar?
    Guy: Yes. Its spread is evident by the acceleration of the Gnosis phenomenon.
    It has been predicted that in the worst-case scenario, within several years the
    entire human race could be ruined by Gnosis. Already, more than 120 solar
    systems have been annihilated. Even without its having been made public, this
    truth is bearing down upon us.
    Shion: I understand the situation. But, what does any of it have to do with
    Guy: Come this way.
    (They are taken to a room in which some vaguely cool-looking designs are
    Allen: This is amazing.
    Guy: KOS-MOS Mark Three. Designed to prevail in the absolute worst possible
    Shion: What do you mean, absolute worst situation?
    Guy: Project Zohar is a grand strategy to completely wipe out Gnosis from this
    universe. For that purpose, we must salvage the Original Zohar stored away
    on Miltia. The Original Zohar has, for over half a century, been researched as
    the most powerful energy source in this universe. But, the key of the Zohar is
    this: the core unit needed to restrain the Zohar is a double-edged sword.
    Shion: A double-edged sword?
    Guy: This. (He shows a screen.) A phenomenon called U-du. Other than that early
    on the core unit goes out of control, the details are completely unknown. It's
    because of this that Miltia is the way it is today. What we must not forget is
    that Gnosis appeared in unison with this phenomenon.
    Allen: Do you mean to say that more Gnosis will appear with it again?
    Guy: It can't be determined for sure. But it is a definite possibility.
    Shion: So then, in KOS-MOS, you want to install... units on both shoulders-- a
    general transference system?
    Guy: The flower of First Branch, it could only be Chief Uzuki.
    Shion: Don't make fun of me.
    Guy: I'm sorry. Also, something created for the archetype version, but which
    was refit for the current KOS-MOS. The system's radius is 130 nanometers.
    Allen: 130!?
    Shion: Can you control something on such a scale?
    Guy: Leave it to us and the military research office. That is why we moved KOS
    MOS here.
    Shion: What if I told you I can't hand her over?
    Guy: This is an officially planned government project. A chief who wrote one
    piece of software does not have the authority to overrule it.
    Shion: I suppose not.
    Guy: I can understand that you would be uneasy, considering the circumstances
    of KOS-MOS's activation, but it is all right. With the data from KOS-MOS's
    previous activity, the main company thinks we can perform it correctly. We
    agree. Our preparations are complete.
    Shion: I guess I have no choice but to trust you.
    Guy: You should. After all, the one who designed this system is Kevin, from the
    First Branch.
    Shion: I understand. I will deliver KOS-MOS to the Second Development Branch at
    14:00. I'll send the documents, so if there's anything you need, contact me.
    I'll leave the software delivery to him, so if there is anything you don't
    Guy: Understood. Thank you very much.
    (Shion walks out; she starts reminiscing)
    Shion: To save people's lives?
    Kevin: Yes. You could say that's why she's being born. Her awakening will mean
    the future to a lot of people. I can't wait for that day.
    Shion: This spaceship is also part of KOS-MOS's equipment, right? A vehicle
    that can reach hyperspace even without contact with the U.M.N. Column. This
    exists to save people's lives too?
    Kevin: Yeah... If you look at it the big picture, I guess it does. I hope it'll
    be useful to her some day. It may sound weird to say this, but I believe-- no,
    I *want* to believe-- that she's not just a weapon used to destroy, but that
    the future she makes will be a better one, with no destruction or slaughter. An
    ideal world. (Shion laughs) Ah, I guess I'm pretty weird.
    Shion: Oh, no, just... How should I say it... Ah, your eyes just looked so
    pure, like a child's... Kevin-sempai.
    Kevin: Ah, I was just so happy... When I'm in an official capacity I'll try to
    be careful.
    Shion: But, I'd like to see her too. KOS-MOS, when she wakes up.
    (Back in the present)
    Allen: Chief! Wait, chief. What's wrong? You seem strange today.
    Shion: No, I'm the same as always.
    Allen: Where are you headed?
    Shion: To the town for a bit. It's been a while...
    Allen: Been a while...? Oh yeah, you are originally from...
    Shion: Right. The 8th district. Hey, Allen... Don't take your eyes off of KOS
    MOS, okay?
    Allen: Oh, all right... Why? (Shion walks away) She is very strange today.
    __1.2.9: Moby Dicks Coffee__
    Shion: Ah, I thought so! Hey bartender!
    Bartender: Eh?
    Shion: Hello!
    Bartender: Ah, I thought "who could that be?" and it's Shion! You've become a
    woman since I last saw you, when you were in high school!
    Shion: Haven't I? It's been so long. Have you moved here?
    Bartender: Well, I couldn't compete with the redevelopment... But at least the
    inside of the store has remained the same.
    Shion: Yeah, Moby Dick's has to look like this!
    Bartender: Well, sit down! The usual?
    Shion: Sure. And I'm kind of hungry, so something to eat too.
    Bartender: Got it. So, is it your day off?
    Shion: I wish it was. Unfortunately I have work. I've got some business at the
    Second Branch.
    Bartender: That's right, you are working for Vector. I heard from your brother.
    Shion: Oh, my... brother... comes here?
    Bartender: Oh yeah, quite often. What, you haven't seen him yet? You came all
    the way back, you should at least see him once.
    Shion: Even you... Even though you know I am uncomfortable around him...
    (Someone comes in)
    Bartender: Ah, speak of the devil...
    Jr.: Look, chaos! The atmosphere is just like [B-quad?] in here!
    chaos: Shion?
    Shion: What are you two doing here?
    Jr.: Ah, we were just hungry...
    chaos: ...and we happened across this place.
    Bartender: Oh, friends of yours?
    Shion: Ah, something like that...
    chaos: "Something like that" is not a very nice way to say it...
    Shion: Oh, I'm sorry, I'm just a little shaken up.
    chaos: Shaken up? Why?
    Bartender: Shion's family is a little complicated.
    (in Helmar's office, Gaignun and the Godwin sisters arrive)
    Gaignun: I'm terribly sorry we're late.
    Helmar: Welcome! Ah, Shelley and Mary have gotten quite big!
    Mary: Uncle Helmar! Been a while!
    Shelley: Mary! It's "Helmar-sama"!
    Helmar: Ah, don't worry about it. I feel like I have two daughters of my own.
    So, Mary, have you been keeping up your accomplishments?
    Mary: Oh, yes. I have been busy but I'm trying to become the best comedian in
    the star cluster! My sister won't act as my partner, so lately I've been
    thinking of scouting the Little Master!
    Helmar: That's great. Make sure to invite me.
    Mary: Yes!
    (Helmar and Gaignun nod; Godwins leave)
    Helmar: It's not very pleasant news, but... In addition to U-TIC's there have
    been some other suspicious actions.
    Gaignun: Yes.
    Helmar: The peace treaty of 14 years ago was the best plan of action during the
    chaos of the time, but I can't say that everyone has been upholding it
    completely. That strain is now becoming apparent in the Federation. According to
    Captain Roman, one faction seems to have the threat of an armed rebellion. The
    Second Miltia government is observing lookout procedures, so you at the
    Foundation should be very careful as well. Because as it is, right now you have
    the Zohar Emulators and the 100-Type prototype in your pocket, and that makes
    you a target.
    Shelley (returning): Gaignun-sama... I have brought MOMO-sama.
    Helmar: The 100-Type prototype.
    Gaignun: Thanks. Bring her in.
    MOMO: (Very polite introductory greeting). I am the 100-Type Observational
    Realien Prototype, MOMO. I have completed brief internal-data research.
    Canaan: 100-Type Realien.
    MOMO: You are a Recording Elemental Expansion Type? (Polite phrase expressing
    gratitude for future acts).
    Helmar: She indeed looks much more like her than the mass-production models do.
    Gaignun: Yes. She is surely Professor Mizrahi's posthumous child.
    Helmar: I see. Fate is truly a mysterious thing. You have overcome much danger,
    and done well. Now you will be analyzed at the U.M.N. Administrative Center. We
    are prepared to support you in every way we can. Please accept your duty without
    MOMO: Yes. Thank you for your concern. (Leaves, bows)
    Helmar: Nigredo. There is a job that I must ask of you.
    Gaignun: Search out the enemy?
    Helmar: I'm sorry.
    Gaignun: Don't be. It's my responsibility in the first place.
    (Gaignun steps out and telepathically links with... Albedo!)
    Gaignun: All right boy, where are you?
    Albedo (Flying in E.S. Simeon somewhere): Nigredo!
    Gaignun: Hey. I see you're doing hopelessly well as always.
    Albedo: I see you're as skillful a talker as always. What's wrong? Were you
    lonely? You worthless thing.
    Gaignun: What. I'm just looking for a little information. And leaving the
    possibility for a peace agreement.
    Albedo: A peace agreement? McCartney said that black and white should get along.
    Hahahaha... I know what you truly are. "Executioner".
    Gaignun: I threw away that position long ago.
    Albedo: Is that so? Aren't you just sticking by Rubedo hoping for a chance to
    perform your professional duties? I'll be borrowing Rubedo. You're on the
    outside of this, anyway. I'm really looking forward to what you'll do!
    Gaignun: Wait! That-- (his eyes flash, and Albedo's arm blows up)
    Albedo: Scary, scary! You've always been that kind of guy... Showing such a calm
    face, but hiding fangs of death. Hahahahaha... (fades away)
    Gaignun (to self): He is going to try linking to U-Du after all. And, what is he
    planning to do to Rubedo?
    (Back at Moby Dicks)
    Jr: Mmmmmm!
    chaos: I see, this place is Shion's roots, when it comes to curry.
    Shion: You figured me out! Oh by the way, how is MOMO? All right?
    chaos: They say the main scan will be tomorrow. Looks like there's no problems
    so far.
    Jr.: That's how it is. We had some extra time, so we came to town.
    Shion: Oh.
    chaos: What about you? Did you turn over KOS-MOS yet?
    Shion: Yeah. I kind of left it up to Allen. It could take a while depending on
    the situation.
    Jr.: Did something happen? You look depressed.
    Shion: Oh, some things... And, I'd been with her for a long time, so parting was
    kind of difficult.
    Jr.: Hmm, is that how it is.
    chaos: Well, for example, what if you were told you had to give up your
    treasured Carles [is this some type of gun? help me, gun people] scope, how
    would you feel?
    Jr.: Oh, that would be terrible. My wallet and my heart would both be sad.
    chaos: See?
    Shion: Could you please not compare Jr.'s collection and KOS-MOS?
    Jin: Good day, bartender.
    Bartender: Ah, welcome! It's funny that you should come in; Shion just-- Uh?
    (Shion is no longer in her seat)
    (Jr. gives away her presence)
    Jin: "Shion"? And, that's a voice I've heard somewhere...
    Shion: Uh... It's been a while...
    Jin: I am Jin. Jin Uzuki. It's a pleasure to meet you.
    chaos: The pleasure is mine. [as if they haven't met]
    Jin: So, you are Shion's companions. Has my foolish little sister been troubling
    Shion: "Foolish" is a bit much.
    chaos: Not at all. Shion has been taking quite good care of us.
    Jin: Is that true? You don't need to mind just because she is here.
    Shion: Brother!
    Jin: Hm, I am not feeling very welcomed...
    Shion: It's not that, I just--
    Jin: Bartender! I'll have the same thing. Extremely spicy.
    Shion: Hey, would you listen when people are talking?
    Jin: I'm listening. So, what were you saying?
    Shion: Nevermind, I'm tired of it.
    Jin: Really, if you had told me you were coming I would have come out to meet
    you. How long are you here?
    Shion: Oh, I was very busy, and as soon as we arrived I had work to do... And I
    have to be ready to go back to the main branch by tonight--
    Jr.: What?? You said we had a while--
    Shion (kicks Jr.): It's nothing! Nothing! (Her phone rings) Oh, who could that
    Allen: Chief! Hello. About KOS-MOS... It's going to take two or three more days
    before [some technobabble about coding]. It looks like we're going to be
    lounging around here for a while. Uh, what's wrong, chief? You seem unhappy.
    Shion: (sigh)... Could this be [harassment of newcomers]?
    Allen: Huh?
    Shion: Nothing. The timing of your report was good enough to bring me to tears.
    Thank you.
    Allen: Wait, chief!
    Jin: I see. Lounging around for a while, is it?
    Shion: I understand. I'll go. I'll come home. Are you happy?
    Jin: Ah yes, how would you two like to come to our home? It's not very far from
    Jr.: What should we do?
    chaos: If we were to come, we would interrupt the two of you siblings being
    reunited... (Shion begs) Ah, uh, sure, we would love to come, for a bit. Thanks
    for asking.
    __1.2.10: At the Uzukis'__
    Jr.: chaos, look, this house is made of *wood*!
    chaos: Yeah, and on top of that, look! It's amazing; this place is a bookstore!
    Jr.: Awesome! Super-antique! I should have brought Gaignun!
    Shion: I knew it.
    chaos: You knew what?
    Shion: Brother! What is this? I thought you were going to start working as a
    Jin: What's wrong with you? When you return to your home, shouldn't you first
    say something like, "I'm back"?
    Shion: Yes, if it's a *normal* home! What happened? Don't tell me you got bored
    and changed jobs again. It hasn't even been half a year!
    Jin: being a doctor did not suit me very well. The main task was being a
    conversational partner for the neighborhood's old folks; mental care. The
    medicine and nanomachines cure everything other than mental illnesses, so that's
    all that's left to do. Even without making the investment to become a doctor, I
    can still have conversations. But I thought, if I had something to sell, I might
    be able to gain a bit from it.
    Shion: What do you mean, gain from it? Didn't you just decide to try making a
    profit on a hobby you already had? You never made much of an investment into
    becoming a doctor anyway. Most of all, what about this mountain of books? Isn't
    this even more of an investment? Where did you get all of these books anyway?
    Jin: Half of them were stored away in our grandfather's cellar. You've seen them
    before, when you were younger. The other half are from customers. Lots of very
    distinguished people come here. I have no lack of sources. But, more
    importantly, our guests...
    Shion: Oh, right! I was so wrapped up in how different this place looks that I
    forgot... Jr.! chaos! Please, come on in-- Uh, what are you doing?
    Jr. (with tall stacks of books): Oh, uh, I was just thinking of buying these...
    chaos: Oh, thank you for having us...
    Jr.: But-- These books!
    chaos: You can buy all the books you want later, come on.
    (Sellers is sitting in a nice chair, in Margulis' place)
    Sellers: About Pleroma. It's been disposed of. We can't just leave what has the
    Federation's handprints all over it. Though, it is the fortress named for the
    Earth-sphere-escape immigration ship. [!?] Perhaps we should have taken into
    consideration your sentimental feelings about disposing of something so
    Margulis: How trivial, Sellers. It was named on the whim of our current Pope. I
    don't care what happens to such a thing.
    Sellers: A whim of the pope? How like to you put it that way.
    Pellegry (approaching): Margulis, what is this about?
    Margulis: Pellegry. Albedo says the seal of Old Miltia will be broken soon. In
    addition, the Pope's armada, in order to secure the Original Zohar, is preparing
    to invade Old Miltia.
    Pellegry: Are you telling me to be its vanguard?
    Margulis: No, we'll have you move independently. Our commander wishes it. Tell
    Richald and Herman as well. Do not show us the same defeat you showed us last
    Pellegry: Understood.
    (Back at the Uzukis', having tea)
    Jin: And, you say you want to help them?
    Shion: Yeah.
    Jin: I can't understand that. Aren't they professionals in that field? It's not
    something that an amateur should stick her nose into.
    Shion: An amateur? I've been quite helpful to them! Right?
    Jin: Well, anyway, rest up today and tomorrow we can go visit Father and
    Mother's graves.
    Shion: Brother, wait! That again? How many times have I told you I'm not going
    there? I hate it. I never want to go.
    Jin: Even if you say that, it's your duty as a child to at least put one flower
    before your parents' graves...
    Shion: Stop it! And what do you mean, "before their graves". Father and Mother
    aren't even in that cemetery! You know where the two of them are, don't you?
    Yes, the only ones there then were me and you! If you... If you had only come a
    little earlier!! Father and Mother would...! ...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...
    I... (gets up) But, I still don't want to go to the cemetery... (walks out)
    (The rest of them walk into another room)
    Jr.: W-well, I'd better get going... It's about time there...
    Jin: I am sorry for showing you something so embarrassing.
    Jr.: Oh, don't be... Is it all right?
    Jin: Do not worry. We are brother and sister of the same blood.
    chaos: Sorry, would you mind if I stayed? Of course, only if you would not mind.
    Jin: I don't mind at all. Please stay over. Shion will surely be pleased as
    Jr.: All right. Don't worry about us. MOMO's analysis is tomorrow, so just come
    back in time for that.
    chaos: All right. Thanks.
    (Jr. leaves; next scene is Jin outside at night)
    chaos: You're out here?
    Jin: It's a nice voice, isn't it? Whenever I can't sleep, here always relaxes
    chaos: Is it about Shion?
    Jin: Yes. Well, it's been two years... I still thought she was a kid, for some
    reason. I think she gets that personality from her grandfather.
    (A moth burns itself on the candle)
    Jin: So, what did you want to ask? You're here because you want to talk, yes?
    chaos: Well, Jin... I was wondering if you... The U-TIC Foundation...
    Jin: It's about that incident, is it... 14 years... It was so long ago, but it
    seems like something we did yesterday. Anyway it seems to be a spell from which
    I cannot escape. Did I bring it upon myself? The hunter-gatherers of mankind who
    started that history, soon they discovered how to manipulate fire. From there
    they took up blades. A consciousness reaching toward the future, with time, is
    also changing it. When they started making offerings to gods, those people acted
    having forgoten the existence of their origins. If you think about it, we humans
    may be fluttering into the candlelight, just like moths [actually leaf-beetles],
    without knowing the end waiting for us there. (blocks the moth from the candle
    and it flies away)
    chaos: Jin...
    Jin: I'm sorry to have bothered you with all of this. She's an awkward little
    sister, but please continue to take care of her for me.
    chaos: It's not...
    Jin: I could not be by her side for that "most painful time". And now, I still
    cannot be close for her. I must be scared. If I try to be any closer to her, she
    may not accept me as her own family, as her own brother. I am afraid of that.
    chaos: Shion mentions your name in any context. I think that means she cares for
    you. That's what I think it means.
    Jin: ...And then, she suffixes it with, "my worthless brother", right?
    chaos: Well, sometimes...
    Jin: But, it's strange... I feel like I can talk to you about anything. Like
    you're much more mature than I, like you've lived hundreds of years. That's the
    feeling I get from you.
    chaos: Nah, it's just my relaxed nature. That's why Jr.'s always saying to me,
    "You're slow!" (They laugh.)
    (Morning at the Uzukis')
    Shion: Sorry to keep you waiting!
    chaos: You have a very different atmosphere when you're out of uniform.
    Shion: Really? Do I look weird?
    chaos: Not at all. It looks good on you.
    Shion: Thanks.
    chaos: Is it all right to leave without saying anything to your brother?
    Shion: It's okay. Because of what happened yesterday, I wouldn't even know what
    to say if I saw him. Anyway, I'm sorry that I can't come with you to MOMO's
    analysis. I'm pretty busy too; I can't just leave Allen on his own, and I'm
    worried about KOS-MOS.
    chaos: It's all right, there's no need to worry. The analysis itself won't be
    that difficult, and everyone from the Foundation will be helping.
    Shion: Tell MOMO to do her best for me.
    chaos: Okay, I will. See you. (leaves)
    __1.2.11: U.M.N. Administrative Center__
    Gaignun: (She) should be arriving soon.
    Jr.: But, meeting with a specialist member of the subcommittee...
    Gaignun: That just shows how important it is. To the subcommittee, and to her.
    MOMO: Mom?
    Juli Mizrahi: It's been a while.
    Gaignun: I'm glad to see you are well.
    Mizrahi: I'm very grateful for your efforts in the Proto Merkabah incident.
    Allow me to offer my thanks as a representative of the subcommittee as well.
    Ziggy: MOMO played a major part as well. Her work was excellent.
    Juli: I see. Good work, MOMO.
    MOMO (brimming with excitement): Mom!!
    Mizrahi (walking past MOMO): I'd like to sort out some materials. If you could
    arrange for a room where I can get organized, I'd be thankful.
    Jr. (obviously disappointed in her disregard for MOMO): Gladly.
    Mizrahi: MOMO.
    MOMO: Yes!
    Mizrahi: Once this business settles down... Wouldn't it be nice to live
    (MOMO barely squeaks out a noise of agreement. Mizrahi and Jr. leave.)
    Ziggy: That's good.
    MOMO: Yes.
    Shelley (appearing): Now, MOMO-sama, come this way.
    MOMO: Yes!
    [some gameplay]
    (Jr. approaches Mizrahi as she is working)
    Jr.: Ms. Juli... What's going on?
    Mizrahi: With what?
    Jr.: With you suddenly saying nice things to MOMO.
    Mizrahi: Is it unnatural? Joachim designed that realien to evoke motivation from
    familial warmth, correct? If so, then in order for this research to go smoothly,
    isn't fulfilling that parameter required as my professional duty?
    Jr.: I knew it, it's just for your work. If you keep acting like such a cold
    person, you'll end up being the one who gets hurt.
    Mizrahi: The one who made that realien was Joachim. I'm scared of it.
    Jr.: I don't know what kind of person Joachim Mizrahi was. I don't know what
    purpose he had in creating the 100-Type. But, I have a promise with Sakura.
    Mizrahi: with Sakura?
    Jr.: So I plan to treat her appropriately as the child she appears to be.
    Mizrahi: What kind of promise do you have?
    Jr.: She said, "protect my mom and my little sister". Ms. Juli, laugh again.
    Sakura would have wanted you to.
    (chaos walks in, and Mizrahi leaves)
    chaos: Was I interrupting something?
    Jr.: No, nothing! But, is Shion all right?
    chaos: Yeah, I don't think there's any need to worry. That family just seems to
    be complicated.
    Jr.: Pretty complicated... Well, I guess I can't really say anything about
    (Mizrahi wakes up Ziggy in his chair)
    Mizrahi: How are you feeling?
    Ziggy: Professor Mizrahi!
    Mizrahi: MOMO asked me to come. "Mom, you're a famous scientist, so you should
    know a lot about cybernetics, right?"
    Ziggy: But... my tuning...
    Mizrahi: I'm not a young woman. Don't worry. "Famous scientist"? If you ask me
    I'm more "infamous".
    Ziggy: You seem uncomfortable with MOMO. Why?
    Mizrahi: Can I love a thing that looks like my daughter, but is not my
    Ziggy: That is a difficult question.
    Mizrahi: Even if she looks just like my daughter, her spirit will not return.
    100 Types all around the star cluster, looking like that, just keep painfully
    reminding me of her death.
    Ziggy: The one who made them look that way, was your husband?
    Mizrahi: Yes... Do you have any children?
    Ziggy: One son. He was a very energetic and intelligent child, but he died in
    an accident.
    Mizrahi: I'm sorry. Is that the reason you committed suicide?
    Ziggy: Yes, it is.
    Mizrahi: Perhaps, when my daughter died, I should have done so as well. But the
    places that should have held sadness, were filled up by anger at my husband.
    Ziggy: Maybe you are just a strong person.
    Mizrahi: No, I am just wicked.
    Ziggy: Professor Mizrahi. This is my personal opinion, but, is it possible for
    you to think that you had two daughters?
    Mizrahi: What do you mean?
    Ziggy: One has died, and one is still alive.
    Mizrahi: Are you telling me to treat MOMO not as just a copy of my daughter, but
    as an individual person? You bring up such a difficult subject!
    Ziggy: Please consider it.
    Mizrahi: I will think about it. I had better be going.
    Ziggy: Thank you for the tuning.
    Mizrahi (leaving): You are welcome.
    Ziggy (trying out his hand-mechanisms): Why don't you come in? I said that
    eavesdropping is a bad hobby.
    (Jr. and chaos enter)
    Jr.: Ah, we didn't intend anything bad by it. But hey pops, I really can't pin
    you down.
    Ziggy: What do you mean. I don't understand what you are saying.
    Jr.: Hmph! You're tough.
    Ziggy: More importantly, I think it is almost time for MOMO's analysis. People
    with responsibilities should not be hanging around here.
    Jr.: Oh, oh no. We'd better hurry up and get back.
    (In the lab, MOMO is standing in a circle of lights)
    Mary: No need to be nervous, MOMO! This is all just preliminary preparations
    for the analysis.
    MOMO: Yes. I'll do my best. (Ziggy nods to her) MOMO is a self-tuning type, so
    I have always performed tuning while in bed. Receiving tuning like this makes
    me feel like Ziggy.
    (She starts floating and light is swirling around her)
    Ziggy: It's all right. You don't need to be scared.
    100-Type: For the analysis, I will be shutting down your personality
    simulation function. Simultaneously, your emotion display function and your
    abstract recognition function will be shut down. Please do not worry.
    MOMO: [something; kiji?] emotion...
    100-Type: Personality simulation is a completely personal option, so it has no
    effect on the observational function.
    MOMO (thinking): MOMO's heart is... just an optional function?
    Ziggy: MOMO...
    (Their hands reach out to each other)
    100-Type: Personality layer, sleep mode complete. Shutting down function.
    MOMO: Ah-- (goes limp)
    (Ziggy closes his eyes and Mary keeps typing. Fade out. Fade back in on the
    group watching from the next room.)
    Helmar: How is she doing?
    Mary: MOMO's analysis preparations don't seem to be making much progress. Not
    only are there difficult barriers, but because of the hacking that occured,
    some routes have been damaged.
    Jr.: Hmm... Her personality layer is shut down right now?
    Mary: Yes. I feel like we are doing something terrible; my heart hurts. On Old
    Miltia when we were prescribed medication, I felt empty inside. I hated it.
    Jr.: Right.
    Mary: Even us bold, human-like creatures feel that way. If we're told our
    heart is something like a lie, I think it'd really hurt us.
    Jr.: Our hearts could just be toys created by God. (Makes to leave)
    Shelley: Little Master. Is it acceptable for you not to be present?
    Jr.: I can't watch... I'm scared.
    Shelley: Little Master.
    Jr.: Because I'm a coward...
    (Jr. Leaves. Fade out. Fade back in on the procedure continuing.)
    100-Type: [Technobabble and countdown]
    Mary: Just a little longer, MOMO. The pain will be over soon. When it's over,
    let's go play somewhere fun.
    100-Type: Final barrier pattern decoded. Releasing all protection.
    Mary: MOMO?
    MOMO (struggling to speak): ...No!
    Mary: MOMO, what is it? Are you trying to say something?
    MOMO: This... is... a... trap!
    (The 100-Types collapse)
    Shelley: This...?
    Guy: High levels of interference from an invisible region on the high-speed
    Mizrahi: Defensive logic 68% destroyed. Emergency abort... rejected! Terminal
    being opened to the U.M.N. network. Invasion cannot be intercepted!
    Guy: Multiple axons being connected in the deep zone! Large-scale holographic
    network being reorganized!
    Ziggy: Professor Mizrahi. This is--
    Mizrahi: Even if we study every system individually, we won't find anything.
    The low-resolution bits of every layer-- Like splinters of memory inlaid, all
    activate at once, and link all of the images. Joachim set it up this way.
    [sourei na something]. Re-execute abort sequence! Reconstruct external hacking
    defense logic!
    Girl: Yes ma'am! Restarting defense logic! ...It was rejected.
    Ziggy: MOMO!
    Mary: MOMO!
    MOMO: I'm... sorry... MOMO... didn't... notice...
    Gaignun: No, this is--!
    Mizrahi: An internal trap is present. This is not Joachim's design. It's
    newer... This was done while she was captive in that "Tower of the Song".
    Gaignun: Albedo's trap!?
    Girl: Defense logic will be destroyed in 20 seconds! (Mizrahi takes the seat
    from her) All developmental data could be compromised!
    Ziggy: Professor Mizrahi. What do you intend to do?
    Mizrahi: To use the emergency code and delete the data.
    Ziggy: Ridiculous! If you do that, MOMO will--
    Mizrahi: I have no choice! If we do not prevent the Y-Data from falling into
    enemy hands...
    Ziggy: Professor Mizrahi!
    Mizrahi (hesitating over the button): MOMO... (She withdraws her hand)
    Guy: Professor Mizrahi! The holographic network has begun to self
    disintegrate. The developmental data will be deleted!
    Mizrahi: What!? I haven't--
    Ziggy: What is this?
    Mizrahi: MOMO... MOMO herself is rejecting her nervous circuits and dispersing
    her memories! To protect what Joachim has hidden, she is self-destructing her
    Ziggy: What!
    Mizrahi: MOMO! (MOMO collapses)
    Girl: 100-Type prototype system functions stopped!
    Mizrahi and Ziggy (rushing to her): MOMO!
    Albedo (appearing on all screens): Hey there!

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