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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Tomas

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    |                        Xenosaga Gurus Complete Guide                        |
    |                                     for                                     |
    |             Xenosaga: Episode 2  Jenseits von Gut und Böse (US)             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                     Author:  Tomas                                          |
    |                     E-mail:  xenosaga@gurus-network.com                     |
    |                     Website: http://www.gurus-network.com/                  |
    |                                                                             |
    |                          Version:     0.8                                   |
    |                          Last update: March 2 2005                          |
    This guide is copyrighted (C) 2005 Tomas Liem & The Gurus Network and may not
    be reproduced electronically, written, in print or through any other means,
    partially or completely, under any circumstances except for personal, private
    use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly
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    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
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    <> Section 1: FAQ Information <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><
    //// 1.1 Index ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    NOTE: Due to the FAQ still being written as of this time, a lot of sections are
          still empty. Finished sections will be marked with a *.
    Section 1: FAQ Information
       1.1 Index
       1.2 Introduction
       1.3 Conventions
       1.4 Version History
       1.5 Frequently Asked Questions
       1.6 Contact Information
    Section 2: Game Information (incomplete)
       2.1 The Story
       2.2 Characters
       2.3 Gameplay
    Section 3: Walkthrough (partially complete)
       --disk 1--
       3.1 Old Miltia*
           3.1.1 Before starting*
           3.1.2 Landing on Old Miltia*
           3.1.3 Familiar Faces*
       3.2 Second Miltia*
           3.2.1 The Chase is On*
           3.2.2 Exploring the City*
       3.3 The Encephalon*
           3.3.1 Subconscious Domain (Summer)*
           3.3.2 Subconscious Domain (Winter)*
       --disk 2--
       3.4 The Dämmerung*
           3.4.1 Research Block*
           3.4.2 Elsa*
       3.5 Ormus Stronghold*
           3.5.1 Fortress Surface*
           3.5.2 Inside the Stronghold*
       3.6 Intermission*
       3.7 Submerged City*
       3.8 Labyrinthos*
       3.9 Intermission*
       3.10 Omega System*
       3.11 Space-time Anomaly*
    Section 4: Complete Information (incomplete)
       4.1 Skills
          4.1.1 Ethers
          4.1.2 Learnable
          4.1.3 Equippable
          4.1.4 Other?
       4.2 Tech Attacks
          4.2.1 Single Techs
          4.2.2 Double Techs
       4.3 E.S. Attacks
       4.4 Items
          4.4.1 Items
          4.4.2 Special Items
          4.4.3 Accessories
       4.4 Bestiary
       4.5 Segment Addresses & Decoder Keys
       4.6 Global Samaritan Campaign
    //// 1.2 Introduction /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse (from this point on just Episode
    2 or Xenosaga 2) is the sequel to Namco's Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur
    Macht (February 2003). That game introduced us to the researcher Shion, battle
    android KOS-MOS, the enigmatic chaos, the cute Realian MOMO, her guardian
    cyborg Ziggy, and the mysterious gunslinging Jr.
    As they made their way through disaster after disaster, not much was revealed
    about their purpose, except for their destination: the planet of Second Miltia.
    Before they could get there, a lot of things happened however, and Xenosaga 1's
    story ended as our heroes descended to Second Miltia on the spaceship Elsa.
    That is where Xenosaga 2 begins.
    The intention of this guide is to help you make your way throughout the game,
    past the difficult points and with all the extras that have been hidden all
    throughout the game.
    If you do not want the game spoiled for you in any way, do not use the guide
    until you have finished the game at least once. Although spoilers are being
    kept to a minimum, it is impossible to ensure that they will not ruin your
    gaming experience. If you have no qualms about that, you should find the
    walkthrough a useful assistant to get you through the game with as many of the
    secrets as possible.
    //// 1.3 Conventions //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    In this guide several conventions are used so that the reader/player can find
    his/her way through the game with the help of this guide.
    Directions are described as the four compass directions (or a combination
    thereof). Assuming the character is in the middle of your screen, north means
    pushing the directional button (or left analog stick) upwards so that the the
    character will walk further into the background. South means pushing the pad or
    stick downwards, causing the character to approach the front and bottom of the
    screen. West and east are synonyms for the left and right side of the screen
    The four buttons are described by the image on top of them, i.e. TRIANGLE,
    CIRCLE, X and SQUARE. They will always be capitalized to avoid confusion. The
    same for the START and SELECT buttons, or the R1, R2 and L1 buttons.
    The guide is divided into several main sections, each of which are divided into
    subsections and have been numbered to make locating a specific section much
    //// 1.4 Version History //////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    Version 0.1  : - Old Miltia Walkthrough completed
     02/15/2005    - Second Miltia Walkthrough completed
    Version 0.2  : - Encephalon Walkthrough completed
     02/18/2005    - Disk One completed
    Version 0.3  : - Dämmerung Walkthrough completed
     02/19/2005    - Ormus Stronghold Walkthrough completed
                   - Intermission Walkthrough started
    Version 0.4  : - Intermission Walkthrough completed
    Version 0.5  : - Submerged City Walkthrough completed
     02/22/2005    - Labyrinthos Walkthrough completed
    Version 0.6  : - Intermission #2 Walkthrough completed
     02/26/2005    - Omega System Walkthrough started
    Version 0.7  : - Omega System Walkthrough continued
    Version 0.8  : - Omega System Walkthrough completed
     03/02/2005    - Space-time Anomaly Walkthrough completed
    //// 1.5 Frequently Asked Questions ///////////////////////////////////////////
    Send an email with your question to the email address listed under Contact
    Information and if it is something unanswered, it will be added here.
    //// 1.6 Contact Information //////////////////////////////////////////////////
    Email:       xenosaga@gurus-network.com
    Website:     http://www.gurus-network.com/
    Make sure to put "Xenosaga Guide" in the topic, and no attachments, or the mail
    filter will delete your email as spam.
    <> Section 3: Walkthrough <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><
    ------------------------------[ DISK ONE ]-------------------------------------
    //// 3.1 Old Miltia ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    --+ 3.1.1 Before starting +----------------------------------------------------
    When you start a new game, the first thing you will be asked is whether or not
    you want to load a Clear Game savegame file from Xenosaga Episode 1. If you
    have completed Episode 1 before and saved the Clear Game save file as you were
    prompted, then loading this at the start of Episode 2 will get you a few very
    useful extras.
    First of all, loading a Clear Game save will give you the Swimsuit skill for
    KOS-MOS and Ziggy, which is unavailable for them in the game in any other way.
    This skill will increase the amount of Skill Points (S.Pts) after a fight. It
    will also increase your Agility by 1. And last but not least it will increase
    the damage you deal as well. You will also gain the Geriatric Swimsuit
    (Allen's?), but the purpose of this item is unknown right now.
    Second, each of your six Xenosaga characters will gain an amount of Skill
    Points based on the level that character had after finishing Episode 1. This
    will help immensely in the first stages of the game, as some of the skills you
    can get early on with these points are lifesavers. The formula for this is:
    S.Pts = 600 + (character level * 30)
    So basically every level that one of your Episode 1 characters has will give
    him/her 30 extra Skill Points to spend at the start of the game.
    If you do not have an Episode 1 Clear Game save, you can still play the game
    without too many problems, but you may need to spend some more time in random
    battles to earn some extra Skill Points to earn specific skills.
    --+ 3.1.2 Landing on Old Miltia +----------------------------------------------
    Enemies:                 Weak zone:
    Stole Marine             N/A
    Kfuga Lily               N/A
    After the introduction and a spectacular aerial combat cutscene, you will find
    yourself controlling E.S. Asher. It has just landed in a commercial district on
    Old Miltia. The next few screens will mainly be used by the game to explain
    the controls and combat concepts of the game. If this is your first time
    playing this game, or even if you are a veteran Episode 1 player, make sure to
    read the tutorials thoroughly. The knowledge acquired here will make the
    battles go a lot easier.
    Once you are ready, move southwest and you will encounter a yellow save point.
    chaos will explain how it works. When you move over it, you will hear a sound
    and you can then press the CIRCLE button to access the save menu and save your
    game. You will also gain full HP and EP if you touch one, so keep this in mind
    for when you are low on HP/EP and there is a save point nearby. Feel free to
    save at this point.
    Head southwest into the next screen and continue moving in that direction until
    you encounter a large truck blocking your path. Canaan will explain how to
    destroy objects such as these. Use the SQUARE button as he tells you to blow up
    the truck. Move further down the road and blow up all the other objects you
    encounter. When you get a little further, Canaan will explain how to blow up
    multiple items and how to change which one you are targeting.
    Now go further west and destroy the big tank to the north. Blow up the two
    pieces of debris behind it to uncover a treasure chest with a Power Shield, an
    accessory for your E.S. If you equip it on E.S. Asher, you will gain 20% extra
    damage reduction when defending. To do this, bring up the game menu with the
    TRIANGLE button and use the R2 button to go to the Status menu. Use the CIRCLE
    button and the directional pad or left analog stick to move the cursor to E.S.
    Asher, and thenselect it with the CIRCLE button. You will find the Power Shield
    in the list of available accessories. Now equip it by selecting it and pressing
    the CIRCLE button. Press the TRIANGLE button again to return to the game.
    Continue further southwest down the path, destroying any debris on the way. You
    will see another cutscene, after which you will enter combat with an enemy
    A.M.W.S. Read the tutorial to understand the basics of E.S. combat. Other than
    using boost when the tutorial tells you to, feel free to kill the enemies in
    any way you want.
    As you will notice after the battle, in Xenosaga 2, even S.E. units will gain
    experience! This will raise their stats, making them more powerful. They do not
    have any skills however, so there is no need to time enemy deaths on turns
    where the Skill Point boost event is active.
    Continue further west and you will encounter the first colored trap. Blowing
    these up before engaging the enemy next to them will give you a certain edge
    during the battle. The yellow trap will give you some free Stock energy, which
    means you can pull off a special attack on your first turn. Blow it up before
    the enemy spots you, then while it is stunned from the explosion, run into the
    enemy to begin combat. Always be sure the trap has blown up before you engage,
    or you may enter combat without said effect.
    You will notice that almost every enemy you defeat will drop an item. This can
    be anything from a consumeable item to recover HP to an accessory you can equip
    on your character or E.S. Be careful when using recovery items, as they cannot
    be bought from stores in this game.
    After defeating the enemy, move north into the parking lot and blow up the cars
    and tanks to uncover a Nano Repair A and a Nano Sphere. Then continue west,
    destroying the A.M.W.S. unit, and blow up the debris to uncover another Nano
    Repair A. Walk north and blow up the red trap, which will give you a filled up
    Boost Bar when fighting the nearby enemy. Once you defeat it, move northeast
    into the next area for another cutscene.
    --+ 3.1.3 Familiar Faces +-----------------------------------------------------
    Enemies:                 Weak zone:
    U-TIC Soldier A          BB
    U-TIC Soldier B          CB
    E2 Hauser                CC
    Your party will now consist of chaos and Jin Uzuki. Canaan is also part of your
    party but he is not an active participant in combat. Use the status menu to
    check up on your two partymembers. Jin will be level 5 and start off with 600
    Command Points (C.Pts) and 600 Skill Points (S.Pts). chaos will be level 4 and
    by default he will also have 600 C.Pts and 600 S.Pts. If you loaded a Clear
    Game file from Episode 1 however, he will probably have about 2000 S.Pts,
    depending on his level in your Clear Game file. Note that Jin will not be
    affected by this, as he is a new character introduced in Episode 2.
    Since you already have some S.Pts, now is a good time to have your characters
    learn a few useful skills for the upcoming battles. Compared to Episode 1
    however, the skill system has had a major overhaul. The skill tree is made up
    of four levels, each of which is divided into eight or less classes. Each of
    these classes contains four skills you can learn by spending Skill Points
    (S.Pts), but you need to spend a certain amount of Class Points (C.Pts) first
    to make a specific class available.
    For starters, teach chaos the Medica skill by selecting Level 1, moving right,
    selecting class A, and then pressing the CIRCLE button to spend 300 C.Pts to
    make class A accessible. Now move right again to see the list of skills
    available in class A. Press the CIRCLE button when Medica is selected to spend
    200 S.Pts to teach chaos the Medica ether. Do the same thing to teach him
    Refresh L, which is an ether to heal L status effects.
    From this point on the location of skills in the skill tree will be referred to
    by level/link/skill. For Medica this means 1/A/1, for Refresh L this means
    1/A/2. Now teach chaos the STR+2 (1/B/3) and VIT+2 (1/B/4) skills. You will
    probably have noticed the different icons next to the skills. The green icon
    with the blue drop represents ether skills which can be used in combat. The red
    icon with a person in it represents skills that once learned are always active.
    The red icon with a golden ring is for skills that can be equipped in the
    Status menu. STR+2 and VIT+2 are two such skills, so go to the Status menu to
    equip them on chaos.
    You will notice that making class A and B accessible has used up all your
    C.Pts. Unlike S.Pts which you will receive after every character battle, you
    can only get more C.Pts by having a character be in your battle party for a
    boss fight, or by having a character learn all skills in one of the classes you
    already have access to. In other words, try not to learn skills from too many
    different classes at once, or you will need to spend a considerable amount of
    S.Pts to get new C.Pts to access new classes.
    In a similar way, the higher levels will not be accessible until you master
    several classes in each level. Take all this into account when teaching your
    characters new skills. Some skills in the tree are unavailable until you have
    acquired certain items in the game.
    If you have some extra S.Pts left on chaos from the Clear Game bonus, go ahead
    and teach chaos Poison Guard (1/A/3) and Blind Guard (1/A/4) to finish up with
    class A. Doing so will earn chaos 450 C.Pts and make the level 2 skill branch
    available. There is no point learning those yet however, as they require a lot
    more S.Pts than you have at this time. Having the extra S.Pts bonus from the
    Clear Game save will really help you out here, as you will have enough S.Pts to
    learn some of the more helpful skills like Medica 2.
    If you have the necessary S.Pts, you may want to consider teaching chaos
    Analyze (1/C/1) and Memory (1/C/2). The first one will let you see more
    information about the enemy you are fighting, and the second skill will let you
    remember so-called Break Zones, which will make defeating enemies considerably
    Jin comes with Medica and Refresh L already learned, which saves you some S.Pts
    for other skills. Teach him STR+2 and VIT+2 and equip them. Also, if you have
    not taught chaos Memory, go ahead and teach it to Jin. Make sure at least one
    of them has the skill before you go into battle. Teach Jin the Poison Guard and
    Blind Guard skills as well to round up class A so he has more C.Pts and can
    learn level 2 skills. Since they are always active, learning them is never a
    There is a save point nearby which you should use to save your game at this
    point. Redoing all the skill customizing can be a pain if you happen to die.
    Explore the area slightly to the east, destroying all the rubble to uncover a
    chest with a Revive S. Now go fight the U-TIC soldier a little to the north.
    The battle will start with another tutorial which you should pay close
    attention to because understanding the battlesystem is the key to winning a lot
    of the much tougher battles later on. The U-TIC Soldier A enemy has weak zone
    BB. Having learned Memory, any known enemy weak zones will be displayed when
    fighting an enemy of that same type, so make sure at least one member of your
    party always has this skill! For more information about weak zones and the
    combat system, see the the Gameplay section.
    Once you win the battle continue further east to the next screen. The treasure
    chest is unreachable right now, you will come back for it later. On the next
    screen, destroy the car and the nearby wall panel to uncover Segment Address
    No. 14! Examine it to have it added to your Segment File. You will come back
    here later once you find the appropriate Decoder.
    Continue further down the road and fight another U-TIC Soldier. This one is of
    a different type than before and also has a different weak zone, CB. The E2
    Hauser enemy has weak zone CC. This battle has another tutorial that will
    explain about the Stock command, boosting and Double Attacks. Note that Jin
    and chaos can use the Ice Brand Double Attack together.
    Once you have defeated the enemies, climb the ladder and go all the way west,
    then destroy the rubble at the end of the path for Skill Upgrade D x3. Climb
    back down and go east to the next area. Fight the U-TIC soldier and move on
    until you reach the four moving green rings. Blow up all of them to obtain a
    Bio Sphere.
    Go further east and use the trap to make the fight against the U-TIC soldiers a
    little easier. Ignore the door to the north for now and move on.
    After the cutscene, save at the save point and destroy the ad towers further
    down the road. Move into the next area for another cutscene and a boss fight.
    | BOSS 01 | Margulis                                                          |
    | HP:        1000 | STR:   24 | DEX:  23 | Item:      Revive DX               |
    | E.Pts:     2500 | VIT:   11 | EVA:   0 | Rare item: Skill Upgrade E         |
    | C.Pts:      400 | EATK:  34 | AGL:  10 |                                    |
    | S.Pts:      150 | EDEF:  18 |          |                                    |
    | Weak zone:  CB                                                              |
    | Weakness:   physical attacks, ice, slash                                    |
    | Other:      counter boost                                                   |
    | Special Attacks:                                                            |
    | 1. Dakshina Marg (Slash) - Slash damage vs one character                    |
    | 2. Amavasya (Slash) - Slash damage vs one character                         |
    | 3. Brahma - Increase Aim - Raises Margulis' accuracy                        |
    | 4. Matrika Shakti - Break Block: prevents break status for six attack turns |
    | 5. Coercion (Strike) - Ether damage vs all characters                       |
    Look who we have here, an old friend! Although he may look rather intimidating,
    Margulis is just the first boss of the game and fairly easy to defeat, even
    with just two partymembers. His attacks do 30 to 70 damage per hit, and he gets
    a turn in between each of your characters' turns, so keeping yourself healed up
    is important.
    At the beginning of the fight have both of your characters use Stock until they
    both have a full Stock gauge, then do regular attacks (weak zone is CB) until
    Margulis has 500 HP left. At this point he will use Matrika Shakti, which will
    prevent you from doing a Break on him for six consecutive attacks. Instead of
    doing a break chain, hit him with a few more regular attacks to get his HP down
    to about 450. Make sure both your characters have more than 50 HP left or heal
    up first.
    During your next turn, try to time it to the Boost bonus event, boost up
    your other character and use Jin and chaos's Ice Brand Double Attack, which
    should hit Margulis for almost 500 damage. Just as he goes down, Margulis will
    use his Coercion attack to hit both characters for about 40 damage, but that
    should not matter much at this point. Once he has done his final attack, he
    will die in the Boost bonus turn.
    After a very energetic cutscene, the flashback will end and you will be given
    the option to save. Note that this usually means that there will be a lot more
    long cutscenes following, so saving is usually a good idea.
    //// 3.2 Second Miltia ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    --+ 3.2.1 The Chase is On +----------------------------------------------------
    Enemies:                 Weak zone:
    O-78 Grisly              CB
    U-TIC Soldier B          CB
    U-TIC Soldier A          BB
    Revised E2 Houser        CC
    Executus Sagitto         N/A
    PSS - P                  BB
    PSS - B                  BC
    Rotus TI Mk II           N/A
    VOS Testud               CC
    Cornicos I               CC
    Once you arrive at Second Miltia and finish with the cutscenes, feel free to
    explore the spaceport. The booth where Ziggy made his call can be used to look
    up useful battle tactics and a short summary of the Episode 1 story. There is
    also a robot to the northeast that mentions Captain Matthews' debt and lets you
    help him pay it off by selling items. Ignore it for now as you will most likely
    need every item you can find, since there is no such thing as money or a shop
    in this game. When you come back for this later in the game and pay off the
    debt, you will get some very nice rewards.
    Once you are ready, save at the savepoint and exit the spaceport for another
    action-packed cutscene. When it is done, you will find yourself in a new area.
    For starters, have your characters learn a few helpful skills. All characters
    should learn Medica (1/A/1) and Refresh L (1/A/2). Ziggy and Jr should also
    learn and equip STR+2 (1/B/3) and VIT+2 (1/B/4). For MOMO, EATK+2 (1/C/3) and
    VIT+2 is a good idea since ethers are her forte and she has low defense. Once
    again, be sure at least one person in your party has Memory (1/C/2). If MOMO
    has a lot of S.Pts remaining, you may want to invest them in some ethers in
    class E to G. Since she does not have a lot of EP yet though, you may want to
    wait till she has gained a few levels.
    Save at the savepoint, then try to go up the ramp. A new enemy will appear to
    ambush you. Its weak zone is CB, and taking it out should be easy now that you
    have three characters. Once it is dead, go up the ramp and reach the exit by
    blowing up all the crates.
    Outside, go down the stairs to the west and blow up the crate to obtain Skill
    Upgrade A x5. Then go back east and down the stairs to reach the streaming
    water. Go north and keep running, eventually some U-TIC soldiers will catch up
    with you. Their weak zone is CB and BB, but you should already know that since
    you already fought them on Old Miltia.
    Blow up the grate blocking you from going down further, and drop down only to
    crash into another enemy. The weak zone of the Revised E2 Houser is CC. Climb
    up the ladder and blow up the crates for an Antidote L. Continue up the ladders
    and exit back outside for another cutscene.
    Once you have control back, blow up the gate and head further down the path.
    Blow up the container for an Ether Pack S, then head onwards. Occasionally an
    enemy will catch up with you as you run. Blow up another container for Revive S
    x2. At the end of the path is another trap that may help you fend off the last
    soldier that is chasing you.
    In the next area as you run down the path, a large mech will follow you. Just
    stop and fight it, because it will eventually overtake you anyway. Executus
    Sagitto is more like a mini-boss because you do not get any C.Pts from this
    battle, nor is it very hard.
    The enemy is slow and weak against ether attacks, making MOMO your primary
    attacker for this battle. There is no weak zone, and because you were being
    chased, your characters start with their back to the enemy, making them very
    vulnerable. To remedy this have MOMO move behind the enemy and have your other
    two characters attack on their first turn to have them face the enemy. From
    then on just have MOMO stock to full and let her full attack chain unleash once
    she is ready. Once again, remember to do this during a Skill Points bonus event
    Once Executus Sagitto is defeated, head up the stairs at the end of the road.
    At this point you will probably want to replace MOMO in your party with your
    reserve member because the next few enemies hit very hard.
    As soon as you run into the area, you will be engaged by a chopper and some new
    soldier enemies with very nasty attacks. Focus on taking them out one at a time
    and heal when needed because you will be dead before you know it. Also try to
    take out enemies on one side first, because you will be suffering from a lot of
    back hits in this battle, which can kill your party pretty quickly.
    Once the battle is over, immediately run over to the northwest before the net
    catches up with you. If it touches you, you will be forced into another battle,
    which is probably not a good idea since you will be heavily wounded. Blow up
    the object on the north side of the road for Revive S x2, then cross over to
    the southern side for Skill Upgrade A x5. Cross over to the western side and go
    north where you can blow up the gate to reach another savepoint. Be sure to
    heal up here and save. If you feel weak, you can fight some battles by running
    in to the nets for some extra experience and S.Pts.
    When you are ready, go back to the save point and take the elevator up. Destroy
    the objects along your path, receiving Bio Sphere x2 in the process. Once you
    reach the open area, you will enter another boss fight.
    | BOSS 02 | O-88 Libro                                                        |
    | HP:        3360 | POW:   40 | DEX:  20 | Item:      Auxiliary Armor B       |
    | E.Pts:     5800 | ARM:   24 | EVA:  18 | Rare item: G ST Double             |
    | C.Pts:      600 | EATK:  42 | AGL:   7 |                                    |
    | S.Pts:      450 | EDEF:  10 |          |                                    |
    | Weak zone:  AA                                                              |
    | Weakness:   ether attacks, thunder, pierce                                  |
    | Other:      boost                                                           |
    | Special Attacks:                                                            |
    | 1. Octo Ray (Beam) - Beam damage vs one character                           |
    | 2. Sonic Boom (Strike) - Physical damage vs all characters                  |
    | 3. ASM 1229 (Strike/Fire) - Fire damage vs all characters                   |
    First things first in this battle is the new type of weak zone. AA can only be
    performed by characters with ranged attacks, in this case Jr. and MOMO. To
    accomplish this, they will need to perform two CIRCLE attacks in a row, meaning
    they will need at least one Stock. To benefit the most from this weakness, use
    both MOMO and Jr., have them charge to full stock and then do a full CIRCLE
    attack chain, boost the other character into it and unleash all his/her CIRCLE
    attacks as well. That should already pretty much kill the boss. If that is not
    enough, just rinse and repeat.
    What you need to be careful of in this battle is the boss's area attack, ASM
    1229, which has a wide arc of damage that will hit three characters standing
    right next to eachother. What is special in this fight is that there is a
    fourth character slot to the left that you can move a character to. Move either
    your leftmost or middle character there as soon as possible to prevent all
    characteres from getting hit simultaneously.
    Once the boss has been hit a few times by AA attacks, it will mention breaking
    its monitor, after which it will be able to use the Sonic Boom attack. Be sure
    to keep HP up at all times as this can quickly wipe out your party.
    After the battle, target the crane and destroy the lock on it to form a bridge
    to the other side. Cross over and go into the next area.
    Blow up the barrier blocking your way and a new type of enemy will ambush you.
    Its weakness is CC, so put that to good advantage. Further down the path you
    will find four objects which can be destroyed. The one on the top left contains
    another enemy, while the one bottom right contains Revive S x2.
    Further down the road you will encounter a new type of crab mech with weak zone
    CC. It is accompanied by another chopper, so use Jr., chaos and Ziggy to take
    on the crabs before switching MOMO back in to have her and Jr. take out the
    Go inside the building and save. Then examine the red sign in the back. Exit to
    the west then run up the stairs. A group of crabs will follow you up the stairs
    so run as fast as you can. You can fight them if you want, but this will leave
    you wounded for the upcoming boss fight. As soon as you go outside, you will
    encounter your next two enemies...
    | BOSS 03a | Scutum                                                           |
    | HP:        4800 | POW:   50 | DEX:  20 | Item:      Auxiliary Armor B       |
    | E.Pts:     6800 | ARM:   24 | EVA:   8 | Rare item: Charge Boost            |
    | C.Pts:      150 | EATK:  22 | AGL:   4 |                                    |
    | S.Pts:      500 | EDEF:   5 |          |                                    |
    | Weak zone:  N/A                                                             |
    | Weakness:   ether attacks, beam, aura, thunder, pierce                      |
    | Other:      boost, counter boost                                            |
    | Special Attacks:                                                            |
    | 1. Fine Ray (Beam) - Beam damage vs one character                           |
    | 2. Lightning's Grace - Adds Thunder damage-type to attacks                  |
    | 3. Armor Field - Raises ARM                                                 |
    | 4. Medica - Recovers a minor amount of HP                                   |
    | 5. Refresh L - Removes an L-type status effect                              |
    | 6. Sentenza (Strike, L Slow) - Physical damage vs one character, induces    |
    |                                L Slow                                       |
    | 7. Down Dex () - Lowers target character's DEX                              |
    | 8. ??                                                                       |
    | BOSS 03b | Pilum                                                            |
    | HP:        3360 | POW:   40 | DEX:  30 | Item:      EF Circuit B            |
    | E.Pts:     6200 | ARM:   16 | EVA:  12 | Rare item: Tuned Circuit           |
    | C.Pts:      450 | EATK:  35 | AGL:   5 |                                    |
    | S.Pts:      400 | EDEF:  22 |          |                                    |
    | Weak zone:  N/A                                                             |
    | Weakness:   physical attacks, beam, aura, thunder, pierce                   |
    | Other:      boost, counter boost                                            |
    | Special Attacks:                                                            |
    | 1. Impulsion (Pierce, L Weak) - Pierce damage vs one character, induces     |
    |                                 L Weak effect                               |
    | 2. Transfer Additional Ammo - Enables Egalite Launcher                      |
    | 3. Attacker - Raises POW, lowers ARM                                        |
    | 4. Egalite Launcher (Fire) - Fire damage vs all characters                  |
    During this battle you will be facing two A.M.W.S. units at the same time.
    Scutum is the large, bulky A.M.W.S. and your primary target. Pilum has less HP,
    but Scutum's ability to heal means it needs to be taken out first. The pilots
    of both units will waste several turns talking to you, so that gives you a good
    chance to raise your Stock to maximum.
    For this battle be sure to include MOMO, as she will do massive damage against
    both enemies. Have her charge up Stock to full and unleash the full 4x CIRCLE
    combo on Scutum, preferably in a Critical event turn. This will do a good 1000
    to 1500 damage at once. While you do this have the other characters heal or
    attack. Be sure to use Refresh L to remove the L Weak effect that Pilum keeps
    inflicting with his Impulsion attack.
    Once Scutum drops to about 2400 HP, it will start using Lightning's Grace and
    Armor Field to boost its defense and attacks. When it does this try to kill it
    quickly with more CIRCLE combos from MOMO, because it will hit a lot harder
    Once Scutum is dead, concentrate all fire on Pilum. Halfway through the battle
    Pilum will enable its Egalite Launcher attack and raise its POW for more damage
    with the Attacker skill. This will also lower its armor strength however, so
    use that to finish it off quickly before it can use its Egalite Launcher attack
    more than once.
    --+ 3.2.2 - Exploring the City +-----------------------------------------------
    After the battle you will see another series of cutscenes. You will then be in
    control of Shion on the Second Miltia city map, which is layed out like this:
                U.M.N. Control Center
                  /       |       \
                 /        |        \
                /         |         \
    Jin's house+----------+----------+Government office
               |\         |         /|
               | \        |        / |
               |  Central City Area  |
               | /                 \ |
               |/                   \|
    Feel free to explore the areas. When you are ready, head to the Central Area.
    The city district is divided into two areas with several buildings you can
             SECTOR ONE
    |             |                   |
    |             > Research Lab      |
    |             | Doctor's Office   |
    |             +-------------------+
    |                                  > to second area
    |             +  +----------------+
    |             |  |                |
    |             |  |                |
    |             |  |                |
    |             |  > Other Professor|
    |             |  |                |
    |             |  +----------------+
    |             |  > Ballet Award   |
    |             |  |                |
    |             +  |                |
    |                |                |
    |             +--+-----------+----+
    |                 UMN  Save  |
    |                            |
    |             +--------------+
    |             |
      to city map
    In the first area feel free to explore a bit. Then use the UMN Plate to enter
    the Encephalon and access Old Miltia again, this time with just Shion. You
    will end up in the area where you landed with E.S. Asher in the intro. You can
    use the enemies here to get Shion some much needed S.Pts, as she will be quite
    lacking in that department due to having missed two full stages of the game so
    Once you reach Old Miltia, you will probably want to teach Shion some skills
    first. As always, Medica (1/A/1) and Refresh L (1/A/2) are a given. Aside from
    those, STR+2 (1/B/3), VIT+2 (1/B/4) and EATK+2 (1/C/3) are also quite helpful.
    Remember to equip them! If you have some S.Pts left, learn the rest of the
    skills from class A to get some more C.Pts.
    When you are ready, head southwest into the next area and go all the way to the
    end of the road where you can destroy several objects to get to the mall. Head
    east and destroy a vending machine there for Med Kit S x2. Then head all the
    way west again, up the stairs into another area that should look quite familiar
    to you.
    Run all the way across the walkway, then go west and press the button to lower
    the ladder and open the fence. Climb down and run all the way west to the
    treasure chest you were unable to get earlier. Open it for a Bio Sphere. You
    unfortunately still cannot open the Segment Address we found here, so unless
    you want to get some more S.Pts off the enemies here, go to the menu, select
    the U.M.N. Menu and return to Second Miltia.
    Once you return from the Encephalon, head northeast to the exit to the second
    area. On your way you will encounter a white bunny, which will explain to you
    about the so-called GS Campaign. This is a series of optional side quests and
    mini-games that once completed will reward you with some of the best items and
    skills in the game. That makes them worth the trouble, even if some of them are
    a bit of a pain to finish. You can find a list of all the different GS missions
    at the end of the FAQ. GS-related actions in the walkthrough will be denoted
    with ** at the start of a paragraph, so if you wish to skip them, feel free.
    You will be missing out on a lot of good skills however!
    The second area is laid out like this:
                    Address No. 6
         |                    |    |Moby  |   |
         |  +------------+    | +  >Dick's| + |
         |  |            |    | |  |Cafe  | | |
         |  |            |    + |  +------+ | |
         |  |            |      |           | |
         |  > Publishing |      +-----------+ +-----
         |  | Agency     |                         > City map
         |  |            |                 +--------
         |  |            +-+              /     > down
         |  |              |             /  +---+ a level
         |  +--------------+     +------/  /
         |                                /
         |                               /
         +  +----------------------+  +-/
         |  |       down a <          |
    First<  |       level  -----------+
    area ---+
    Go all the way north past the Publishing Agency and head east. On the way you
    will encounter Angelina, who will give you a Segment File to keep track of your
    progress finding all Segment Addresses and Decoder Keys. To speed things up,
    she will also give you Decoder 06. Conveniently, Segment Address No. 06 is
    right next to her. If you wish to access the Segment File, you can select it
    from the main menu. Open the Segment Address to obtain Secret Key 3, which will
    allow you to learn the Focus 1 skill (1/H/3). Teach this to all your characters
    as soon as possible, as it will recover 10% of their EP while stocking.
    Head into Moby Dick's Cafe for a series of cutscenes where Shion meets up with
    her friends again. When they are done, you will control Shion, chaos, Jr. and
    Jin. Your next stop to continue the storyline is Jin's House on the other side
    of the city map, but now that you have access to them, you may want to do some
    GS missions first to obtain some useful items and skills.
    **To begin with, you need to talk to a number of people to start their GS
      missions. To minimize travelling time, this walkthrough will describe as many
      of the GS missions simultaneously as possible. If you wish to view each
      mission separately, check the GS Campaign section in the later part of the
    **GS missions available at this point:
      01. Jacqueline - Second Miltia Sector One
      02. Sikes      - Second Miltia Sector One Hospital (once 01 is finished)
      03. Sheila     - Kukai Foundation Sector 27 Lavare
      05. Jun        - Second Miltia Jin's House (after visiting Jin's House)
      07. Miguel     - Second Miltia Sector Two Publishing Agency
      08. Lizzy      - Second Miltia Sector Two
      09. Maple      - Second Miltia Sector One
      11. Ciaran     - Second Miltia Sector Two
      19. King       - Kukai Foundation Sector 27 East 6 Warehouse
      25. Stella     - Second Miltia Sector One Ballet Award  (after visiting Jin's
    Go into the Publishing Agency in Sector Two of Second Miltia and head into the
    room in the back. Blow up all the crates here for a Boost Max and Segment
    Addres No. 3.
    **Talk to Miguel to start mission 07. He needs you to place 20 posters for an
      upcoming contest all over both sectors of Second Miltia's City District.
    **01. Sector Two - Next to Lizzy to the south of the Publishing Agency, down
                       the ramp, next to the high voltage sign.
      02. Sector Two - Against the wall of Moby Dick's Cafe where the Second
                       Miltia sign is.
      03. Sector Two - Against the wall below the previous poster location.
      04. Sector Two - Against the wall, next to the previous one.
      05. Sector Two - Against the wall, next to the previous one.
      06. Sector Two - Against the wall, next to the previous one (4 in a row).
      07. Sector Two - Right of Segment Address No. 06.
      08. Sector Two - Left of Angelina, just north of the Publishing Agency,
                       next to the purple sign.
      09. Sector One - Behind the bunny.
      10. Sector One - Next to the previous one.
      11. Sector One - Also behind the bunny, next to the other two.
      12. Sector One - In the hospital in the easternmost room against the right
      13. Sector One - In the hospital, underneath the "The Kind Doctor" sign. When
                       you exit the hospital talk to Jacqueline just outside to
                       start mission 01.
      14. Sector One - Between the bar tables and the blue sign against the stairs.
      15. Sector One - The wall behind the Savepoint.
      16. Sector One - Up the stairs, between the two doors.
      17. Sector One - Inside Ballet Award, at the bottom of the stairs.
      18. Sector One - Inside Ballet Award, against the beige wall at the top of
                       the stairs.
      19. Sector One - At Other Professor's, behind the tube with the glowing rock.
      20. Sector One - At Other Professor's, downstairs.
    **On your way back to Sector Two, talk to Maple, the little girl next to
      the bunny, to start mission 09. Head back to Miguel to obtain your reward:
      Skill Upgrade D x3, MOMO's Swimsuit and Jr.'s Swimsuit.
    **When you exit the Publishing Agency, head down the path to the south of it
      to get a cutscene where you meet Bonny, the thief that stole Maple's Teddy
      Bear. Follow Bonny east and down the ramp until she gives up and drops the
      Teddy Bear. Pick it up from the ground (it will be blinking).
    **Talk to Ciaran a little west of where the Teddy Bear was dropped to start
      mission 11. When you are ready, go down the sewer hole and talk to the guy
      in overalls downstairs.
    **Basically your goal for this mission is to blow up the broken down nano-
      dispensers and leave the ones that are working alone. You can determine which
      ones are broken by using the monitors in the area. This requires memorization
      or some map-making skills, so here is a helping hand:
    |OO XX|     |                    |    O = working nano dispenser
    |XX XX|     |                    |    X = broken nano dispenser (blow up!)
    |  +--+     +--+--+--+--+--+--+-#+    # = stairs
    |  |    #                       #|    M = monitor
    |  |    #++++++++++++++++ X X   #|    B = barrier
    |  +--+-#+--+-----------+        |
    |M    B                 | X O    |
    |     B             X   | O O ++++
    |  +--+--+--+--+--+--+  +     +--+
    |  |          X XX X |  |     |  |
    |  |          O OX X |  |     |  |
    |  +--+--+           +  +  +--+  |
    |    X X |           |  |  |X  XX|
    |        |          M|  |  |O    |
    |  +--+-#+           +  +  +     |
    |  |    #    XX      |  |BB|     |
    |  |    #     X O    |  |  |     |
    |  +                 +  +  +--+  |
    |  |                 |  |     |  |
    |  |  +++++++++++++  |  |    M|  |
    |  +  +--+--+--+--+  +  +     +  |
    |XX|  |XX XX OO O |  |  |     |  |
    |XX|  |           |  |  | X   |XO|
    |  +  +--+--+  +--+  +  +     +  +
    |  |        |  |     |  |   O |XO|
    |M |  +--+  |  |   OO|  |     |XO|
    |  +  |OO|  +  +     +  +     +  |
    |  |  +  +  |  |M    |  | X O |  |
    |  |  |XX|  |  | X O |  | O X |  |
    |  +  |  |  +  +     +  +     +  |
    |  |  +  +  |  | X X +-#+ X O |M |
    |  |  | #|  |  | X X   #      |  |
    |  +  | #|  +  +       #   +--+  |
    |  |  +-#+  |  | O X   #   |     |
    |  |        |M | O X       |     |
    |  +--+--+--+  +           +  +--+
    |   XX XX      | X X       |  |  |
    |   OX XO      |           |  |  |
    |              +--+--+--+--+  +  |
    |                             |  |
    |                             |  |
    +--+--+--+--+--+  +--+--+--+--+  |
    |              |^^|              |
    **Once you are done blowing up all the broken nano dispensers, head back up and
      talk to Ciaran for your reward: Secret Key 11! This will open up the skill
      "ST Resist 20" in level 2, class H.
    **Now head back to Lizzy where you put up one of the posters earlier. He is
      located down the ramp to the south side of the second area, next to the High
      Voltage sign. Talk to him to start mission 08.
    **Your goal for this mission is to reach the power switch located in the very
      rear end of the area within five minutes. To do this, you will have to cross
      several obstacles and moving tracks, and evade bolts of electricity.
    **Once the timer starts counting, head west onto the tracks, just ignore the
      ladders to the right. Head up the ladder and move past the electricity bolts
      by waiting till they die out then running past them quickly. You may have to
      pause in between them. Be careful not to get hit or you may be pushed back
      to the entrance!
    **Once you reach the crates, hurry and blow yourself a way to the switch to
      the north. When you get there, activate the safety device, then collect the
      items from the remaining crates: Class Upgrade C x2, Bio Sphere, Skill
      Upgrade A x5. There is also a path to the west that leads to a treasure chest
      containing a Rejuvenator M.
    **Head back to the entrance and talk to Lizzy for your reward: Double Tech
      "Burst Veil" for Shion and MOMO.
    **Head back to Maple in Sector One and give her back her Teddy Bear for your
      reward: Double Attack "Elemental Nocturne" for Jr. and chaos.
    **Go to the entrance of the Hospital in Sector One and talk to the girl there,
      Jacqueline, for another mission. This will open up the route to the Durandal
      and Kukai Foundation.
    **The last few GS missions will involve some travelling back and forth. As
      soon as you exit the Central City, an announcement will pop up that you can
      fly to the Durandal now. Head to the Spaceport and use the left boarding gate
      to take the shuttle to the Durandal.
    **You will arrive in the Dock area of the Durandal. Take the moving ramp to
      the northeast and take the shuttle to the Kukai Foundation.
    **The Kukai Foundation is laid out like this:
    Fishing Lab-------------------------------------Launch Boarding Area
               \                  |                /
                \                 |               /
                 -------------Urban Area----------
    **Head to the urban area. Blow up the cars for three items: Skill Upgrade A x5,
      Bio Sphere, and a Med Kit S. Enter the Ironman Bar and talk to Sidney, the
      blond guy at the counter. He will give you a letter to bring back to
    **To the left of the counter are a bunch of crates. Raise the fence to get to
      them, then blow them all up for a Boost Max. Now head to Sector 27 to the
      west and go into the East 6 warehouse right near the entrance. Destroy the
      crates here for an Ether Pack M and a Med Kit M.
    **Talk to King, the goofy blond guy in the weird outfit, to start mission 19.
      He needs a veterinarian for his cat, Josephine.
    **Exit the warehouse and head all the way west to the Lavare Dry Cleaning shop.
      Inside, talk to Sheila, the big woman next to the laundry machines, to start
      mission 03. Time to clean out some mice! Head to the ladder in the back to
      reach the attic and talk to the old lady to start the timer.
    **You have 90 seconds to take out all ten mice. Some of them hide underneath
      old crates and junk, so feel free to blow that up to get to them. One of the
      mice will keep hiding behind a wall as soon as you approach, but you can take
      care of that problem by blowing up one of the paintings to prevent him from
      using the mouse hole.
    **When you are done, go back to Sheila to receive your reward: Secret Key 6,
      which opens up the skill "Rare +10" in level 2, class D.
    **You are done in the Kukai Foundation for now, so head back to Second Miltia.
      Go to Sector One of the Central City and talk to Jacqueline to finish mission
      01 and obtain your reward: Secret Key 1, which opens up the skill "Psycho
      Pocket" in level 1, class H. You can use it to steal items from enemies, and
      if combined with the Analyze ether, it can be used to steal a rare item!
    **Enter the hospital again and talk to the doctor to have him come to the Kukai
      Foundation to take a look at Josephine. After that, head to the room all the
      way to the east and talk to Sikes to start mission 02. He wants you to
      deliver some letters for him.
    Before doing any more GS missions, go to Jin's House on the west side of Second
    Miltia. After the cutscenes go back in and explore the garden. Blow up the
    wooden boards resting against the wall to uncover Segment Address No. 09! Blow
    up the pots in the back of the garden for a Bio Sphere.
    **Go inside the house and talk to Jun hiding between the bookcases to start
      mission 05. Basically this is a slide puzzle where you have to line up the
      blocks correctly both horizontally and vertically. There is a time limit of
      three minutes. Finish it to obtain Decoder 01 and Double Attack "Archangel's
      Requiem" for Jr. and Shion. You can talk to Jun again to try more puzzles.
    **Head to Sector One of the City Central and go into the Ballad Award building.
      Talk to Stella, the old woman lying on a couch in the back to start mission
    **Go to Sector Two where you will find the three people that hold Stella's
      items. Get the hairpin from Anila in front of the Publishing Agency. Get the
      corset from Rachel near the staff exit of Moby Dick's Cafe. You can get the
      last item, the shoes, from the old woman Tess in the lower area of Sector
    **Head into the Publishing Agency and give one of the letters to Enrico in the
    **Head back to Stella and give her the three items to obtain your reward: Class
      Upgrade C x2, chaos' Swimsuit and Shion's Swimsuit.
    **Go to the spaceport to deliver another letter. Give it to the old woman
      Ulrica near the entrance to the shuttle. Board the shuttle to the Durandal
      for the next delivery.
    **On board the Durandal take the tube train to the Park area. Head into the
      park and look for Eugene, the hyperactive guy in the back. Give him the third
    **Head back to the Dock area and take the shuttle to the Kukai Foundation. Head
      to Sector 27 (the western section) in the urban area. Go up the stairs as
      soon as you enter, past the East 6 warehouse to the fountain area in the back
      of the sector. Give the final letter to Patricia.
    **Head back down to the East 6 warehouse and talk to King. Your reward: Revive
      DX x2
    **Time to return to Second Miltia. Take the shuttle back to the Durandal and
      the second shuttle down to Second Miltia. Go to Sector One and visit Sikes
      again in the hospital to finish the mission and obtain your reward: Secret
      Key 2, which opens up the skill "Break B10" in level 1, class H.
    Now that you have finished all the possible GS missions available at this point
    in the game, it is time to continue with the storyline. Head to the U.M.N.
    Control Center on the northern side of the Second Miltia map.
    After the cutscene head through the large U.M.N. door to the north and go to
    the hallway all the way in the back. There will be three doors there. The door
    to the left is blocked off by a guard until later. Go into the eastern door for
    another cutscene and Jr. will join up with you.
    Go back into the hallway and head back to the south past the reception. Go east
    to Ziggy's maintenance room. After the cutscene Ziggy joins your party.
    Time for MOMO's analysis to begin! Head back to the hallway with the three
    doors. The guard is still posted there, but this time he will let you in.
    After the series of cutscenes, you will control Shion again. Head out into the
    hallway, take the elevator outside and head for the U.M.N. Control Center. More
    cutscenes to be viewed, and after that it is time to get ready for another
    Encephalon dive. Save at the Savepoint at the entrance of the U.M.N. Control
    Center, then head back to Allen and talk to him to enter the Encephalon.
    //// 3.3 The Encephalon ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    --+ 3.3.1 Subconscious Domain (Summer) +---------------------------------------
    After entering the Encephalon, your party will consist of Shion, MOMO, KOS-MOS,
    Ziggy, chaos and Jr. Enter the house and blow up the telephone to reveal a
    music box. Blow away the screen at the bottom of the stairs to get to the
    kitchen where you can blow away another screen to obtain Skill Upgrade C x2.
    Go upstairs and enter Sakura's room for another cutscene. Go back outside and
    follow the U.R.T.V. trio into the yard. Use the teleporter there to transport
    to the Yuriev Institute where you will see some more cutscenes.
    Head out of the lab to see the trio run out into the garden. Follow them out
    and head west after them. At a certain point you will see another cutscene
    after which the trio will head off in eastern direction. You will see another
    cutscene when you reach the garden.
    Follow them back into the lab and this time head into the eastern hallway. The
    door on the northern wall will trigger another cutscene. Go back into the
    hallway and enter the central lab. Walk up to the dive units for another
    You will end up in Sakura's subconsious domain, the way the trio perceived it
    when they entered it. Gnosis will be around, so be prepared to fight. As this
    is your first opportunity to play with KOS-MOS, you will want to teach her some
    skills. As with all the other characters, teach her all the skills in level 1,
    class A. STR+2 (1/B/3) and VIT+2 (1/B/4) are recommended, as well as EATK+2
    There are a few skills that you should definitely learn while gaining new Skill
    Points in the area. Have your characters equip their Swimsuit skill to earn 10%
    more S.Pts than normal if you wish to speed up the process. This will change
    the appearance of your character, and also boost their Agility by 1.
    Skills you should learn for your active party members:
    Medica         1/A/1  All characters              Healing.
    Refresh L      1/A/2  All characters              To cure L status effects.
    Poison Guard   1/A/3  All characters              To protect against poison.
    Blind Guard    1/A/4  All characters              To protect against blindness.
    Analyze        1/C/1  At least one character      To help steal rare items if
                                                      cast together with Psycho
    Memory         1/C/2  At least one characer       To memorize enemy weak zones.
    Psycho Pocket  1/H/1  At least one character      To steal (rare) items.
    Break B10      1/H/2  All characters              Higher chance of getting a
                                                      break bonus.
    Focus 1        1/H/3  All characters              Recover 10% EP while using
    Revert         2/C/1  At least one character      To revive a character during
    Medica 2       2/C/2  All characters              Healing.
    Medica All     2/C/3  At least one character      Healing.
    HP Mind 10     2/D/2  All characters              Recover 10% HP more when
    ST Mind 10     2/D/3  All characters              10% higher chance of status
                                                      effect recovery.
    Enemies:                 Weak zone:
    Expression               BB
    Necessity                BC
    Vacillation              ABB
    Information Type         BB
    Infected U.R.T.V.        CC
    You will arrive at an abandoned gas station. Save here if you wish. Blow up the
    crates right next to you for a Gnosis (fight) and Revive S x2. Destroy the
    wooden shutter on the little stone building in the back to reveal a toilet.
    Destroy the poster on the wall to reveal absolutely nothing.
    An important trick to keep your party healthy between battles is to use one of
    your characters from the Reserve ranks to heal your battle party, because after
    every battle, the characters in Reserve will recover some EP and HP. This way
    you can keep your battle party's HP up without using up valuable items!
    Proceed northward and destroy the yellow trap to make the fight against the
    nearby Gnosis easier. Kill the other Gnosis as well and climb on board the
    truck that is blocking the road. Destroy the crate it is carrying to reveal a
    treasure chest containing Med Kit M x2.
    Go back south and take the small road east to the next area. There is nothing
    to see here, so just keep running east until you enter another area. You can
    destroy the rocks here if you wish. Be careful however, because the second rock
    contains a Gnosis!
    Go to the wooden shed in the back, fighting the Gnosis on the way. You will
    encounter the Vacillation type Gnosis which has a weak zone ABB. To create a
    Break effect here, you will need to perform a CIRCLE attack to get A, then
    boost another character in to get BB, following up with any other destructive
    combos you have in store.
    Once the Gnosis are dead, proceed to the wooden shed and blow it up (you will
    need to hit it a few times). This will reveal a secret spot which for now will
    be labeled as a Forbidden Device. You will come back here much later for a
    special sidequest.
    Go back to the main road and proceed east again. Use the yellow trap to make
    the Gnosis fight easier. Use the same tactic as before to get an ABB effect on
    the Vacillation Gnosis to take him out quickly. Proceed east into the next area
    of the Subconscious Domain.
    Keep following the path until you encounter another Gnosis. At the crossing go
    west, fight another Gnosis and blow up the rock at the end of the road to find
    a treasure chest with Skill Upgrade B x4.
    Go back to the crossing and this time walk down the tree trunk between the
    bushes. There will be two roads leading north. Take the leftmost one, as the
    right one is a shortcut you cannot use yet. Fight the Gnosis you encounter.
    Feel free to blow up the two rocks in the stream, but that has no noticeable
    Continue to the end of the path and attack the tree there to create a bridge
    across the stream. On the other side you will find a Gnosis near a red trap. Do
    it a favor and help it out of its misery.
    Keep following the path past a rock you can blow up. At the crossing go east
    into another screen and blow up the tree you find there to create a shortcut to
    the southern part of the area. Return to the crossing and this time take the
    northern exit into a new area.
    You will encounter a new type of Gnosis here, the Information Type, which at
    first will not do much damage, but it has the nasty ability to counterboost and
    then self-destruct, which could possibly wipe out your party, so be careful to
    keep your HP up at all times.
    Further down the path you will reach a river with four rocks in it. At the very
    west side is a tree that you can blow up, causing it to fall into the river and
    forming a bridge at the first rock it bumps into. Destroy any rocks in its path
    to determine where you want the bridge to appear.
    For starters just blow up the tree without destroying any rocks to cross over
    to the savepoint. In the bushes behind it is a treasure chest containing
    Antidote H x2. The tree on the riverside a little to the east can be blown up
    to create a shortcut back to the other side of the river.
    Now exit the area either from the north or south side and come back to have the
    tree bridge disappear. Destroy the first two rocks in its path then blow up the
    tree again to make a bridge to the crate at the riverside. Cross the river and
    blow it up to reveal a chest with Decoder 04!
    Leave the area from the north side. In the new area you will spot a rock off to
    the west side, but contains a Gnosis. Feel free to fight it for experience. The
    two logs to the north can be used to cross the small chasm, but you will want
    to fall down anyway, so try to cross the left log and fall down. Run all the
    way west and blow a hole in the wall to create a shortcut to the first area.
    Run east through the chasm where you will encounter more Gnosis. Go back up to
    the ledge and this time cross the right log. A little to the east is a tree you
    can blow up to uncover a secret passage leading to the ledge with the chest you
    spotted earlier. Jump down when prompted and open the chest for a Boost Max.
    Jump down to the bottom of the chasm and go up the ledge again, crossing the
    right log to the other side. There is another Gnosis next to a yellow trap,
    waiting to be exterminated. Why not oblige it? For the upcoming fights, be sure
    to put your strongest fighters like KOS-MOS and Ziggy in your party as their
    high HP will help immensely. As third person use a healer like Shion for
    instance. MOMO will die too quickly, even if she is a more effective healer.
    Continue north for another cutscene and you will end up fighting three Infected
    U.R.T.V. These enemies have low HP but get far more turns than you do. Their
    weak zone is CC, so use KOS-MOS and Ziggy to smash them to bits. If it takes
    too long to buid up stock, consider using regular attacks. Focus on one enemy
    at a time to prevent being overwhelmed.
    Be sure to save at the savepoint because there is a boss fight coming up. Then
    continue along the path, taking out the U.R.T.V. on the way. Heal up before you
    go into the next area, where you will have to fight...
    | BOSS 04 | Level 4                                                           |
    | HP:        5760 | STR:   52 | DEX:  40 | Item:      Ether Pack DX           |
    | E.Pts:    15000 | VIT:   12 | EVA:  30 | Rare item: Skill Upgrade E         |
    | C.Pts:      600 | EATK:  42 | AGL:  11 |                                    |
    | S.Pts:      900 | EDEF:  38 |          |                                    |
    | Weak zone:  CCBB                                                            |
    | Weakness:   physical attacks, aura, thunder, pierce, slash                  |
    | Other:      boost, counter boost                                            |
    | Special Attacks:                                                            |
    | 1. Armed Bug Now (Strike) - Pyshical damage vs one character                |
    | 2. ESW OUtput 20% (Strike/L Heavy) - Ether damage vs one character,         |
    |                                      induces L Heavy                        |
    | 3. ESW Output 50% (Strike/L Poison) - Ether damage vs one character,        |
    |                                       induces L Poison                      |
    | 4. Alchemy - Summons an Infected U.R.T.V. to its side                       |
    | 5. Cannibalism (Strike/Drain HP) - Drains HP from one character and adds it |
    |                                    to its own HP pool                       |
    | 6. Unlimited Program - Raises attack?                                       |
    | 7. ESW Output 100% (Strike) - Ether damage vs all characters                |
    | 8. Medica - Recovers a minor amount of HP                                   |
    | 9. ??? - Recovers lots of HP?                                               |
    Considering this boss's weaknesses, KOS-MOS will be your ultimate fighter for
    this battle. Aside from keeping your party alive, your main job will be to set
    up a zone break effect right before KOS-MOS unleashes her fully charged CIRCLE
    attacks. Because the boss has weak zone CCBB, you will need to use two of your
    characters to create a zone break. One will start with CC, then the second one
    will boost in and create BB. This second one can be KOS-MOS herself, or the
    third partymember so KOS-MOS can get an extra CIRCLE attack in (but this will
    cost more boosts).
    If you did the Psycho Pocket GS mission (Jacqueline), this is your first boss
    battle where you can steal the rare item from the boss instead of hoping to
    obtain it when it dies. To do this, you need one character with Psycho Pocket
    and one character with Analyze. Boost one character into the other's turn and
    use the Ether Combo method to join the two ethers: press the TRIANGLE button
    in the Ether menu when you have Psycho Pocket or Analyze selected, and a list
    of possible Ether Combo spells will show up. If your characters have those
    skills, Pocket Rare will be on there. Use this on the boss to immediately
    obtain the rare item.
    The boss has some damaging attacks, but nothing really dangerous. The only
    thing you need to watch out for is the extra Infected U.R.T.V. that he summons,
    because if there are too many of those out, you will take a lot of damage. Take
    them out as quickly as possible so you can concentrate on Level 4.
    When you get the boss to about 20% of his HP be sure to keep your HP up, as he
    may possibly do the EWS Output 100% attack, which will hit all your party
    members for about 400-500 damage if they are not guarding.
    --+ 3.3.2 Subconscious Domain (Winter) +---------------------------------------
    After the battle with level 4 you will find yourself back at the Yuriev
    Institute. Go out of the lab and save (or not), then head outside to the park
    area of the institute (east). You will find the U.R.T.V. trio near a memorial
    stone of some sort.
    After the cutscene head into the tree-covered area between the stone walls for
    another scene. Head back into the building and follow the trio into the lab for
    another one of their Encephalon Dives.
    Once again you will end up at the abandoned gas station, but the area has
    changed just a bit. Snow is covering everything now, and the enemies have
    changed as well.
    Enemies:                 Weak zone:
    Glare                    BC
    Catharsis                CB
    Piercing Scream          ABB
    Infected U.R.T.V.        CC
    Creation Type            BB
    Save at the savepoint and blow up the crates for a Med Kit S. Head east to the
    next area. Keep going until you reach an area with more Gnosis. Pay attention
    to the new weak zone for each enemy! Be sure to include Ziggy in your party for
    his fire attacks, as all the Gnosis here are weak to them.
    Do not destroy the first rock you encounter, unless you want to fight the
    Gnosis hiding underneath. The second rock contains Ether Pack S x2. Keep going
    east, killing Gnosis on the way until you reach the next area.
    Keep heading east past a Gnosis until you reach the tree you used earlier to
    get to the lower ground. Once again the right path is a shorcut you still need
    to open up, so take the left path along the river. Fight the Gnosis on the way
    and blow up the tree at the end of the path to create a bridge to the other
    On the other side of the river you will encounter more Infected U.R.T.V.s. Kill
    them and further down the path you will find a rock you can blow up to reach a
    treasure chest containing Bio Sphere x2. Go east past the U.R.T.V. and blow up
    the tree to create a shortcut. Then leave the area by the road to the northeast
    Keep following the path and after defeating a Gnosis you will end up at the
    river with the four rocks and the floating log again. Blow up the tree first to
    reach the savepoint to heal up and save and blow up the other tree to create a
    shortcut to the other side of the river. Repeat the same routine as before in
    the Spring area. Leave the area and come back, then blow up two rocks to cross
    at the third one for a Bio Sphere. Then repeat and blow up three rocks to get
    to the rock at the far east side for a treasure chest underneath the rock,
    containing Skill Upgrade B x4.
    There is another treasure chest just north of the savepoint containing a
    Rejuvenator M. Be sure to get it and save at the savepoint, then head to the
    northern exit of the area.
    It is the canyon with the two logs across again. Kill the U.R.T.V. if it gets
    in your way to get to the rock on the elevated path of land. There is an Ether
    Pack M hidden underneath. Try to cross the canyon by the left log so you fall
    down. Once again, destroy the wall on the utter left side of the canyon for a
    shortcut. Head back up to the logs and cross the right one.
    Destroy the tree in the bushes like before to create a secret path to the ledge
    you see nearby. Drop down there to find Segment Address No. 15! Since you do
    not have the Decoder for it right now, drop down again and climb back up to the
    log. Cross to the other side and make your way to the exit to the north.
    In the next area make use of the savepoint, since it is the last savepoint of
    this disk and there is another boss fight coming up. Proceed north along the
    path, taking out any Gnosis along the way, until you reach a large crossing.
    The western path will lead to two rocks containing Skill Upgrade A x10 and a
    treasure chest with Ether Pack M x2. The eastern path leads to a treasure chest
    with Skill Upgrade C x2. Last but not least the northern path leads to the
    final boss battle of disk 1, so before you go there, make sure you have saved
    at the savepoint to the south.
    When you are ready, proceed north and after a number of cutscenes, it's time to
    face another familiar face...
    | BOSS 05 | Albedo                                                            |
    | HP:        7680 | STR:   65 | DEX:  40 | Item:      Skill Upgrade E         |
    | E.Pts:    21000 | VIT:   50 | EVA:  99 | Rare item: Awakening I             |
    | C.Pts:      750 | EATK:  53 | AGL:  12 |                                    |
    | S.Pts:     1200 | EDEF:  48 |          |                                    |
    | Weak zone:  BCCB                                                            |
    | Weakness:   fire, pierce, slash                                             |
    | Other:      boost, counter boost, Break resistance for 8 attacks            |
    | Special Attacks:                                                            |
    | 1. Thunder Blast - thunder ether damage vs one character                    |
    | 2. Carrion of Souls I (Strike/L Ether DD) - ether damage vs all characters, |
    |                                             induces L Ether DD              |
    | 3. Carrion of Souls II (HP Drain/Boost Drain) - ether damage vs all         |
    |                                                 characters, steals boost and|
    |                                                 HP                          |
    | 4. Release of Desire (Pierce/Thunder) - physical + thunder ether damage vs  |
    |                                         one character?                      |
    | 5. Ice Blast - ice ether damage vs one character                            |
    | 6. Regeneration - restores arms                                             |
    | 7. Soul Blast (Aura) - ether damage vs all characters                       |
    | 8. Carrion of Souls III (EP Drain/Stock Drain) - ether damage vs all        |
    |                                                  characters, steals stock   |
    |                                                  and EP                     |
    Due to Albedo's Break resistance, you will be unable to deal any major damage
    until you destroy his arms. Save up your stocks until his arms disappear, then
    let go all at once to deal maximum damage. MOMO's circle attacks work great
    here, and KOS-MOS' slash attacks and Ziggy's fire attacks as well.
    Be sure to use Pocket Rare in this battle to steal Awakening I, which will let
    you learn another Double Attack after this battle.
    Start the battle by stocking and pounding away on his arms with regular
    attacks until his arms disappear, then try to combo as much on him as you can
    until they regenerate.
    A combo that works well is to have Ziggy start with BC, KOS-MOS boosts in and
    follows with CB and several CIRCLE attacks to get Air status, and then MOMO
    goes nuts on Albedo with CIRCLE attacks. You can do more than 3000 damage in
    that one chain. Be careful however that you have enough HP before you attempt
    this, as Albedo will most likely counterattack with Soul Blast right after you
    do this.
    Once you have damaged Albedo enough, his arms will come back but you can still
    get Break status on him. At this point he will start doing lots of damaging
    attacks, so kill him as quickly as possible. Any attack will do at this point.
    Once you defeat Albedo you will see a few more cutscenes before you are asked
    to insert disk 2. Congratulations!
    ------------------------------[ END OF DISK ONE ]------------------------------
    ------------------------------[ DISK TWO ]-------------------------------------
    //// 3.4 - The Dämmerung //////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    --+ 3.4.1 Research Block +-----------------------------------------------------
    After a string of cutscenes you will be controlling Shion on board of the
    Dämmerung. Leave her room and save at the savepoint just outside if you want.
    Go east through the corridor to the Observation team's room. To the southwest
    is the communications room where you will find Miyuki and Allen. Talk to him to
    get some useless help and return to your room.
    Shion will take a nap and have a weird but interesting dream to clue you in on
    your longterm objectives. Run back to the communications room for another scene
    with a familiar face. Go back to the main hallway and run all the way west to
    the elevators. The westernmost one will be operational now and take you all the
    way down to the Restricted Area.
    Enemies:                 Weak zone:
    VSS Emissive             CB
    VSS Fresnel              BB
    Shion will have to fight the battles in this area by herself. The enemies are
    weak to Shion's attacks however, so that should pose no major problem. If you
    have a lot of skillpoints left from the Albedo battle, be sure to teach her
    Medica 2 (2/C/2) and Focus 1 (1/H/3) if she does not have those skills yet.
    Also remember to use the Awakening I item from your inventory to learn the
    Double Attack "Silver Duet" for Jr. and MOMO.
    Run down the hallway and blow up the red trap, then open the door and engage
    the mechanized enemies there, which will still be paralyzed by the trap you
    just blew up. Since Shion can only do CIRCLE attacks on these enemies, just
    stock up and hit them a few times to kill them. Because you fight these battles
    alone, you can get a lot of S.Pts here, so be sure to use that to your
    advantage. Especially if Shion was lagging a bit behind the other characters in
    the skills department.
    Continue down the hallway taking out any enemies in your path. Go down the
    stairs at the end to enter a huge storage facility. Take out the mechs in the
    area and destroy the crates to the southwest for Med Kit S x2. The large crates
    to the southeast contain Ether Pack S x2. The ones near the elevator platform
    on the east side of the storage facility contain a Med Kit L. You can save at
    the savepoint if you wish, but there is no real need to yet.
    Enter the large armored battleship docked here to the south and blow up the
    crates inside for a Med Kit M and Rejuvenator DX. The wall on the western side
    can be blown up to reveal a treasure chest with Decoder 18! Climb up the ladder
    in the central area of the ship to reach the roof. You will find two cannons
    here that you can control.
    Use the right cannon and fire it on the crate to make the item pop out and drop
    to the floor below. Use the left cannon to blow up the truck blocking the door
    to the north. Climb back down and exit the ship to the east. Pick up the Secret
    Key 7 you blew out of the crate with the cannon. This will unlock Junk Beam
    Go through the door next to the savepoint (not the one you uncovered with the
    cannon), and downstairs enter room A. Blow up the crates to uncover Segment
    Address No. 07! The other rooms contain nothing of interest so go back up and
    this time take the left door (the one you uncovered).
    Inside destroy the crates in the back for an Ether Pack M. Then blow up the
    pillar underneath the ramp in the center to create a pathway up. Go up, fight
    the Gnosis with the trap and blow up the crate to the south to get Bio Sphere
    x2. Exit through the door to the north.
    You will enter a room that is filled with crates. The idea here is to create a
    path to the other side by blowing up some of the crates. Before you do this,
    blow up the crates to get to Segment Address No. 01! It is on the north wall
    behind the third stack of crates from the right. You have the key, so open it
    up and acquire Secret Key 8 inside. This will unlock Boost 1 (2/H/1). Go back
    outside and use the red control panel to the south to reset the puzzle.
    Note that to get to the other side, the stacks of crates you will walk upon
    need to be exactly 2 crates high. This means that if you destroy too many of
    the crates in an important stack, you will need to start anew.
    The room looks like this:          This is what you should turn it into:
    +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+                  +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    |2 3 2 6 1 5 5 3|                  |2 2 2 6 1 2 2 2|
    |3 1 3 1 2 4 1 2|                  |2   2 1 2 2 1 2|
    |X 1 3 3 3 1 2 X|                  |X   2 2 2 1 2 X|
    |X 2 1 2 1 2 3 X|                  |X         2 3 X|
    |X 1     1 1   X|                  |X 1       1   X|
    |            X X|                  |            X X|
    When you are ready go back up the ladder and cross to the other side, then exit
    through the door to the south. Fight the Gnosis that you encounter and exit
    through the door to get back to the giant storage facility, but this time on
    the higher level.
    Run east and Shion will use the control panel there to locate the ship she is
    looking for. Use the nearby elevator to go down to the savepoint and save. Go
    back up and use the door to get to a room with a lot of conveyor belts. Your
    target is the hole marked 04 all the way to the northwest side of the room. To
    do this take the third conveyor belt that's heading west. You will end up in
    a room that was unaccessible before. Unlock the door and examine the red panel.
    Go downstairs and keep following the path back up, destroying the crates for
    Skill Upgrade C x2. Enter through the door and cross the walkway. You can see
    your target in the background, but it is unreachable from here. Go through the
    door and run downstairs, then through yet another door.
    You will reach a large room with a large transparent plate resting on several
    blocks above a pool of water. Blow up the three northwesternmost crates (so
    basically leave only the one on the northeast), then get on the plate and go
    stand on the northwest edge. This will make the plate tilt and lift up the
    southeastern edge. Go stand on that to make a treasure chest drift to the dry
    area to the northwest. Open it up for Decoder 15!
    Go stand on the northwest corner of the plate again, then run to the southeast
    side, but do not stand on the corner! Instead move to the solid floor right
    next to it and enter the door there.
    You will end up in a large wind tunnel with several sentries. You need to reach
    the control panel in the back to turn off the wind. Hug the right wall to get
    as far as you can go, then quickly run against the wind to the elevated area in
    the center. That will block the wind enough to let you get to the control panel
    on the right wall.
    Run to the ladder on the elevated platform, climb up and run south to the
    platform which turns out to be an elevator up! You will have to fight two VSS
    Fresnel sentries. They should be easy enough to defeat. Once you have finished
    them off, exit through the door to the north. Run to the ship and Allen and
    Shion will make their escape.
    --+ 3.4.2 Elsa +---------------------------------------------------------------
    After a series of cutscenes Shion will be reunited with KOS-MOS and you will
    end up on the revamped Elsa. The rooms are laid out like this:
            |Living | Living |   |Elevator |
            |Room F | Room M |   |  to B1  |          Outside
    |Dining <                <                              |
    |Room   |                |         +-----------+        +
    +-------+-------+--------+         |           |        > Bridge
                    |E.S.    <         +-------+---+      +-+
                    |Hangar  |                 |UMN  Save |
                    +--------+\                |          |
                            +---------+     +----+
                            | Elevator|     |    |
                    Weaponry|  to 1F  |     |    |
                   +--------+---^^----+-----+    |
                  /                              |
       ----------+                               |
    Robot Academy                                |
    Save your game at the savepoint to the southeast. Go ahead and explore the new
    Elsa a little. While you are exploring, blow up the wall panel in the western
    Living Room for Segment Address No. 2!
    **Head all the way west past the transparent doors to the Dining Room. Talk
      with ADONIS behind the bar to start GS mission 27! You need to mix a hangover
      fixer for Captain Matthews. ADONIS wants you to find the correct ratio for
      mixing the three drinks he mentioned. The other droids in the Dining Hall can
      give you hints on the ratio. Talk to ADONIS again and enter 3-2-2. Give it to
      the MATTHEWS ROBOT to the west to have it analyzed, then talk to ADONIS again
      for your reward: Decoder 14!
    **Now that you have Decoder 14, use the UMN Plate to go to Old Miltia and open
      Segment Address No. 14 for Decoder 07 and Robot Part Right Arm! Now use the
      UMN Plate again and go to the Dämmerung again to open Segment Address No. 07
      and obtain Robot Part Left Arm.
    **Return to the Elsa and take the elevator to B1. Talk to KAMIKAZE to start GS
      mission 32. What you need to do is trade unneeded items and accessories to
      K-2 at the Second Miltia spaceport to pay off Captain Matthews' debt of a
      staggering 10,000,000! Doing so will grant some very nice rewards, but most
      likely you are going to need your items right now as there is no money in the
      game to buy any. You can pay off the debt at a later time.
    **Head down into the Robot Academy and talk to Professor to obtain the Ether
      Erde Storm for Shion. Note that if you loaded a Clear Save from Xenosaga 1
      and obtained the Geriatric Swimsuit, you can talk to the pink android,
      CABRILLO near the Weaponry, you can have Professor wear it...
    Since you have Decoder 15, use the UMN Plate on 1F to go to Subconscious
    Domain (Winter) and open Segment Address No. 15 for Secret Key 05. This will
    teach you the skill Stock 1 (2/D/1). Because that area is fairly dangerous, you
    may want to proceed with the next few cutscenes first so that you get a full
    party before doing this.
    Once you are ready to proceed, go to the bridge of the Elsa for a cutscene,
    then talk to Captain Matthews to head to Old Miltia.
    //// 3.5 Ormus Stronghold /////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    --+ 3.5.1 Fortress Surface +---------------------------------------------------
    Enemies:                 Weak zone:
    Executus Arma            N/A
    Cera 6F                  N/A
    Cera 7F                  N/A
    Cera 6S                  N/A
    Cera 7S                  N/A
    Yacud Cannon             N/A
    After landing on the fortress, you will gain control of your full party,
    consitingof Shion, chaos, MOMO, KOS-MOS, Ziggy, Jr. and Jin. If you did not get
    Segment Address 15 in Subconscious Domain (Winter) earlier, do it now as you
    should have enough people. Use the shortcut you created earlier to get there
    When you are ready, head into the E.S. Hangar. You will appear on the Ormus
    surface where you can save at the savepoint if needed. Your party will consist
    of E.S. Asher controlled by Jr. and chaos, and E.S. Dinah, controlled by
    KOS-MOS and Shion. E.S. Zebulun with MOMO and Ziggy is in reserve. Because
    Zebulun is the only E.S. that can use ethers, remember to switch them out in
    mid-combat if you are badly in need of healing. Zebulun inherits MOMO's ether
    skills, so it is very important to teach her important skills such as Medica 2
    and Focus 1. Also Psycho Pocket will be very useful to steal useful E.S. items
    from enemies.
    Since this is your first time controlling E.S. units since the beginning of the
    game, start out by outfitting your E.S. with some accessories if you have them.
    Also you may or may not want to switch copilots for the E.S. units. This is
    because the copilot determines which special attacks the E.S. can use. Keep
    this in mind if you have trouble taking out a particular enemy with your E.S.
    Head southwards to the next area when you are done. Keep following the path and
    fight any enemies you come across. Remember that you do not gain S.Pts from
    these battles, so there is no need to try to time enemy deaths to the Point
    Bonus event slot.
    Once you reach a fork in the road, head east and destroy the device at the end
    to reveal another of the Forbidden Encephalon Dive devices. Return to the fork
    and head south this time. You will reach another fork here. Take the northwest
    In the next area you will reach a group of four controls that can be activated
    using the SQUARE button. These controls will rotate the locks you see further
    down the path. Manipulate all four locks in such a way that the opening points
    downward. Once all four of them are in position, the hatch will open.
    (from the E.S.'s perspective)
    1: hit the right switch 3 times
    2: hit the right switch 1 time
    3: hit the left switch 2 times
    4: hit the left switch 3 times
    Take the elevator that has appeared to the bottom of the shaft and enter the
    airlock. Exit the airlock to the west and at the boarding pads choose to
    disembark from your E.S. units. Save at the save point to the west if you wish
    and exit through the door.
    Press the red button you find inside to activate the nearby E.S. elevator. That
    is all you can do here for now, so head back to your E.S. and return to the
    surface. Head back to the fork and this time take the south path.
    You will end up at a dead end with a hatch you can blow away. Go inside and you
    will end up in a large room with several narrow paths blocked by metal plates
    that can be destroyed. Be careful as most of these plates conceal enemies. In
    the northeast corner of the room is a treasure chest containing a Charge
    Recover accessory. In the southwest corner is a chest with a G Slow Guard
    accessory. When you have acquired both (remember to equip them if you want),
    head to the northwest corner of the room where the exit is.
    In the elevator room blow up the vehicles for Nano Repair Z x2, Nano Repair A
    x4, Nano Repair A x2 and Nano Sphere x2. Save at the savepoint before taking
    the elevator up. As the elevator moves up, be sure to blow away the crates
    against the wall with your E.S. Once you reach the top, head into the large
    room to end up in another boss fight.
    | BOSS 06a | Scutum                                                           |
    | HP:       19200 | POW:  500 | DEX:  30 | Item:      Anti-Fire Armor         |
    | E.Pts:     5000 | ARM:  300 | EVA:  25 | Rare item: Charge Boost            |
    | C.Pts:        - | EATK: 300 | AGL:   5 |                                    |
    | S.Pts:        - | EDEF: 220 |          |                                    |
    | Weak zone:  N/A                                                             |
    | Weakness:   ether attacks, beam, aura, thunder                              |
    | Other:      boost, counter boost                                            |
    | Special Attacks:                                                            |
    | 1. Sentenza (Strike) - Physical damage vs one E.S.                          |
    | 2. Fine Ray (Beam) - Beam damage vs one E.S.                                |
    | 3. Lacteus Orbis (Thunder) - Thunder ether damage vs all E.S. units         |
    | 4. Lightning's Grace - Adds Thunder damage-type to attacks                  |
    | 5. Armor Field - Raises ARM                                                 |
    | 6. Sentenza (Strike/L Slow) - Physical damage vs one E.S., induces L Slow   |
    | BOSS 06b | Pilum                                                            |
    | HP:       17700 | POW:  320 | DEX:  48 | Item:      Anti-Thunder Armor      |
    | E.Pts:     4000 | ARM:  180 | EVA:  50 | Rare item: Tuned Circuit           |
    | C.Pts:        - | EATK: 380 | AGL:   9 |                                    |
    | S.Pts:        - | EDEF: 320 |          |                                    |
    | Weak zone:  N/A                                                             |
    | Weakness:   physical attacks, pierce, strike                                |
    | Other:      boost, counter boost                                            |
    | Special Attacks:                                                            |
    | 1. Impulsion (Pierce) - Pierce damage vs one E.S.                           |
    | 2. Egalite Launcher (Fire) - Fire damage vs all E.S. units                  |
    | 3. Boost 1 - adds 1 Boost turn to Pilum's Boost Gauge                       |
    | 4. Naglfar Third Portable Weapon (Beam) - Beam damage vs one E.S.           |
    | 5. Raucous Dance - Madness (Pierce) - Pierce damage vs one E.S.             |
    | 6. Impale (Pierce) - Pierce damage vs one E.S.                              |
    Remember these two from Second Miltia? They are back, and considerably stronger
    too. Thankfully so are you. For this battle doing lots of damage and keeping up
    your HP are the most important factors. Other than that there is not much to
    worry about. Your E.S. units are very powerful.
    As before, concentrate all your attacks on Scutum first or he will heal Pilum
    again. You may want to use Zebulun to steal their E.S. accessories while you
    stock up with Dinah or Asher. You can steal both regular and rare items, but
    for rare items, you may have to attempt to steal several times before you will
    get it. Remember to Stock to restore MOMO's EP a little.
    Pilum will occasionally change its defense attribute, meaning that using that
    particular type of attack on Pilum will be resisted. When you see Pilum use
    Boost 1 be ready to heal up your E.S. units to maximum as it is about to use
    its most devastating attack. Naglfar Third Portable Weapon will hit one of your
    E.S. units for more than 50% of its HP, so be sure to keep your HP up. Survive
    that and the rest of the battle will be easy. Pilum will start doing more
    damage the lower its HP gets, so stock up and deal as much damage as you can
    while keeping your HP up.
    When the battle is over, press the button to create a bridge on the level above
    you, then exit to the south. Take the elevator back down (destroy the crates if
    you had not done so already) and heal up at the savepoint. Exit the room to the
    Pass through the large room with the narrow paths and exit in the southeast
    corner. You will end up on the surface again. Head east to the fork and turn
    northwest. Take the elevator down the shaft again, go into the airlock and
    disembark in the E.S. Hangar. Save at the savepoint if you wish. Time for some
    action on foot!
    --+ 3.5.2 Inside the Stronghold +----------------------------------------------
    Most likely this will be the first time that you are using Jin in your party
    since the first mission on Old Miltia. Although he is only slightly behind in
    levels, he will probably lack a lot of the skills that you taught your other
    party members, so if you saved up your Skill Upgrade items, now would be a good
    time to use them.
    Be sure to teach Jin at least the following skills if he does not have them
    Break B10 (1/H/2)
    Focus 1 (1/H/3)
    Medica 2 (2/C/2)
    HP Mind 10 (2/D/2)
    ST Mind 10 (2/D/3)
    You may also want to teach some of your characters with high EATK (like MOMO)
    the Refresh H skill (3/A/1), as you will be encountering enemies with H status
    effects here for the first time.
    Enemies:                 Weak zone:
    P.S.S. - B2              BC
    P.S.S. - P2              BB
    P.S.S. - C               CB
    P.S.S. - A               N/A
    Vive II Prototype        BB
    Calx II Prototype        CB
    When you are ready, exit the E.S. Hangar through the door to the west and
    follow the path all the way to the door on the western side of the room. You
    can pick up a chest on the way, which contains Secret Key 14. This will teach
    you the Rapid Refresh skill (3/C/2).
    Climb the ladder up to the next level and head west. The enemies here tend to
    hit quite hard, so proceed with caution. Use chaos, Jin, Ziggy or KOS-MOS here
    as main damage dealers.
    Head up the conveyor belt to the level above and head east down the corridor.
    There will be a panel in the wall that you can destroy, revealing Class Upgrade
    B x6 and a treasure chest a little further inside with Decoder 02!
    When you reach the ladder, head south and blow up the wallpanel to create a
    shortcut to the exit and reveal Class Upgrade C x6. Then go up the ladder and
    save at the savepoint.
    Go through the door and cross the bridge you created earlier after defeating
    Scutum and Pilum. Once you exit through the door, you will arrive in an area
    with a long path down, guarded by some new enemies. Start heading down, taking
    out the enemies on the way.
    Halfway down you will encounter a new enemy type, P.S.S. - A, which will need
    the use of Shion in your party to get rid of quickly. KOS-MOS's Dragon Blade
    special ability is also very useful here. Another option is using Thunder Sword
    to gives your attacks Thunder damage.
    Keep going down until you reach the door at the bottom. Time for a puzzle.
    The elevator to the west goes up or down depending on how many of the blue and
    green blocks you push onto it. To push a block on it, stand east of the pile
    and use the SQUARE button. To destroy one, stand south of the pile and use the
    SQUARE button. You can access the terminal nearby for instructions or use it to
    reset the puzzle if you unintentionally blow up the wrong blocks.
    To begin, push the first three blocks on the elevator, destroy the next two,
    and finish up by pushing the last two on the elevator as well. Use the ladder
    to climb down to the platform and destroy one block to reach the exit.
    In the next room is yet another puzzle. You need to push the crates across a
    slippery floor to create a bridge to the north. Any crate that you push will
    keep on sliding until it hits another crate, or until it hits the wall.
    The crates are laid out like this:
    B   X
    C X    X X
    E   X
    G   X
    Push the crates around in the following order:
     1. C2 -> C6
     2. E4 -> C4
     3. C4 -> C5
     4. C5 -> ^  one down, four to go
     5. G4 -> C4
     6. C4 -> C5
     7. C5 -> ^  two down, three to go
     8. B4 -> A4
     9. C6 -> A6
    10. A6 -> A5
    11. A5 -> ^  three down, two to go
    12. C7 -> A7
    13. C9 -> A9
    14. A7 -> A5
    15. A5 -> ^  four down, one to go
    16. A9 -> A5
    17. A5 -> ^  done!
    Segment Address No. 13 is to the right, but to reach it you will need to push
    the green blocks in position. Unlike the last few, you can just move these one
    spot at a time, so it is not that difficult. Push them down to make a path like
    +---- #1---+
    |     #2345>
    |     #    |
    |     #    |
    |     #    |
    Unfortunately you do not have the Decoder for this Segment Address yet, but
    remember how you got here as you will obtain it later. When you are finished
    playing around, exit to the east.
    Save at the savepoint and head east. You will see a whole bunch of yellow and
    blue tubes. These are elevators that will take you in one direction only. Your
    goal is the green tube at the very bottom, but to get there you will have to go
    up and down several times. The yellow tubes will take you down, whereas the
    blue ones will take you up.
    Go down the yellow tube and fight the enemy you encounter there. Instead of
    going down another level, walk to the east side of the platform and take the
    blue tube back up. Take the second yellow tube down. This will bring you to
    another enemy and Segment Address No. 4! Inside you will find Secret Key 9,
    which will teach you Expansion Pack (2/H/2), a skill that will let you equip
    not 3, but 4 skills! Have all your characters learn this skill as quickly as
    When you go outside you will have to fight the same enemies again, but that
    should not be a problem anymore at this point. Try getting Air effect with Jin
    and following up with a full CIRCLE combo from KOS-MOS for maximum damage. The
    other way around works too.
    Take the blue tubes back up to the top, then take the yellow tube back down
    and the blue tube back up to reach the entrance again. Heal up at the savepoint
    if needed, then take the yellow tube back down. Skip the next yellow tube and
    fight the enemy that respawned.
    Take the blue tube back up and go down using the first yellow tube you find. Go
    down another level and once again take the next yellow tube you find, skipping
    all the blue tubes. Go down another yellow tube and fight the enemy you find
    there. Take the blue tube back up. Go back down the yellow tube right next to
    it to reach the bottom. Head southeast and then west at the fork to reach the
    green tube.
    You have reached the Ormus Core Unit System. Save at the savepoint and learn
    some useful skills if you managed to gather a lot of skillpoints. When you are
    ready for a boss battle, take up the blue tube to the east. Enter the core for
    some more cutscenes and an interesting boss battle.
    | BOSS 07a | Orgulla                                                          |
    | HP:       18000 | STR:   72 | DEX:  54 | Item:      Skill Upgrade E         |
    | E.Pts:    27000 | VIT:   35 | EVA:  50 | Rare item: Awakening II            |
    | C.Pts:     1800 | EATK:  80 | AGL:  16 |                                    |
    | S.Pts:     1800 | EDEF:  25 |          |                                    |
    | Weak zone:  BCBB                                                            |
    | Weakness:   ether attacks, thunder, strike                                  |
    | Other:      boost, counter boost, Orgulla will switch to her alternate form |
    |             after taking a certain amount of damage                         |
    | Special Attacks:                                                            |
    | 1. Sealed Throne (Vaccine) - Boosts resistance to status effects            |
    | 2. Byron's Cain (Slash/L Poison) - Slash damage vs one character, induces L |
    |                                    Poison                                   |
    | 3. Byron's Cain Shot (Slash/Pierce/L Poison) - Slash and pierce damage vs   |
    |                                                one character, induces L     |
    |                                                Poison                       |
    | 4. Scatter Shot (Pierce) - Pierce damage vs all characters? (just 2?)       |
    | 5. Manes Awakens - Switches to Manes personality                            |
    | 6. Eve of the Assassination (Vaccine + Poison Up) - Orgulla raises her      |
    |                                                 resistance to status effects|
    | 7. Medica - Restores a large amount of HP                                   |
    | 8. Quick - Raises turn speed by 25%                                         |
    | BOSS 07b | Manes (Orgulla's alternate personality)                          |
    | HP:       18000 | STR:   86 | DEX:  54 | Item:      Skill Upgrade E         |
    | E.Pts:    27000 | VIT:   25 | EVA:  42 | Rare item: -                       |
    | C.Pts:     3600 | EATK:  60 | AGL:  8  |                                    |
    | S.Pts:     1800 | EDEF:  35 |          |                                    |
    | Weak zone:  CBB                                                             |
    | Weakness:   physical attacks, fire, pierce                                  |
    | Other:      boost, counter boost, Orgulla will switch back to her first form|
    |             after taking a certain amount of damage                         |
    | Special Attacks:                                                            |
    | 1. Vigrid (Slash/Ice/L Weak) - Slash and ice damage vs one character,       |
    |                                induces L Weak                               |
    | 2. Valhalla (Slash/Ice) - Slash and ice damage vs one character             |
    | 3. Kiss of Death - Manes spends a turn talking (?)                          |
    | 4. Ice Blast - Ice ether damage vs one character                            |
    | 5. Manes Restraint - Second Virus - Stats decrease to normal levels         |
    | 6. Blood Oath - Raises physical attack power by sacrificing HP              |
    | 7. A Pound of Flesh - Raises Boost by sacrificing HP                        |
    | 8. Manes Restraint Program - Switches to Orgulla personality                |
    | 9. Einherjar (Slash/Ice) - Slash and ice damage vs one character            |
    At the start of the battle, Orgulla will boost her resistance to status effects
    and drain your Boost bar to 0, while raising hers to full. She will attack your
    party with area attacks and poisonous attacks. If you get hit with Poison, get
    rid of it quickly or you will lose a lot of HP to it. Be sure to steal the
    rare item Awakening II from her at this stage of the battle, because you will
    be too busy trying to stay alive later on, and the item is lost once Manes
    wakes up.
    Build up your stock and get some hits in on Orgulla, but do not waste all your
    Stock on her. Once her HP drops to a certain level (around 14000 it seems), she
    will switch to her alternate personality, Manes, which has considerable power,
    but lower attack speed.
    Manes has some very damaging attacks, most of them Slash damage and Ice damage.
    If you have Ethers to protect against these two damage types, USE THEM! The
    biggest danger is that when Manes gets a full boost bar, she will use several
    of these powerful attacks in a row, sometimes doing up to 3000 damage without
    you unable to interrupt her. Naturally, that means certain death to whoever she
    is hitting.
    While Orgulla is in her Manes state, you can try using Break ethers on her to
    make her a little weaker, but success is not guarenteed with that.
    Because Manes is weak to fire and physical attacks, Ziggy will be a lifesaver
    in this battle. What you want to do in this battle is create a down effect for
    Ziggy so that he can do a full CIRCLE combo on Manes while she is in a Down
    state. This means that you either need chaos to create Down in the turn before
    Ziggy, or you need to create Air with KOS-MOS or Jin, then Stock a turn while
    Manes falls down, then unleash Ziggy. This will take some trial and error, but
    it is the best way to win this part of the battle, as the other characters
    simply cannot do that much damage.
    Once she has taken some damage, Manes will start using Blood Oath and A Pound
    of Flesh to raise her physical attack power and Boost bar by sacrificing her HP
    instead. Try to keep your HP up at this time, but since whoever she is going to
    hit will likely end up dead, do not waste too many turns on healing, but
    instead raise your Stock and Boost. If a character does end up dead, Raise him
    or her and heal. After a while Manes Restraint will kick in and she will lose
    any stats boosts she had.
    Keep using Ziggy's CIRCLE attacks while Manes is Down and she will soon revert
    back to Orgulla. This is a good time to recover if you were badly injured, but
    do not wait too long, or she will start healing herself. She will also use the
    Quick ether to increase her turn speed, which makes her even more dangerous.
    Start attacking Orgulla again as fast as you can and start building up Stock
    again, because soon after (around 3000 HP) she will revert to Manes again.
    That is when you get her Down and unleash Ziggy's CIRCLE combo on her to finish
    her off completely.
    After the battle use the Awakening II item you stole from Orgulla to learn the
    Double Attack "Gravity Bomb" for Shion and KOS-MOS. Destroy one of the pillars
    in the room and head back outside. Take the yellow elevator down to the
    savepoint to heal up and save, then enter the core room that fell down. Time
    for another little puzzle.
    The idea is to adjust the length of the fuses using the 6 switches so that they
    all hit the detonation device simultaneously. Numbering the switches from left
    to right, top to bottom, hit the following switches to adjust the fuse length
    of every fuse to 30:
    1: right                 1
    2: left              2        O
    3: down                   3       4
    4: right
    5: down                   5       6
    6: down                        C
    When they are in position, access the purple panel to ignite them. If you did
    it succesfully, the detonation device will initiate and a timer will start,
    showing that you have 30 minutes to get out of Ormus! Run outside and take the
    green tube back up. Be sure to evade enemies as much as possible, because the
    clock will keep ticking while fighting!
    To get back to the upper level quickly, run to the blue tube northwest of the
    green tube that you start at. Take it up a level, then step into the next blue
    tube that takes you up all the way to the top. Go down the yellow tube next to
    it after killing the enemy, and up the blue tube at the end to reach the top.
    Cross the bridge of crates you created earlier and leave to the southeast. Take
    the elevator up to the top and exit through the door. Make your way up the long
    ramp to the top, taking out any enemies on the way. Kill them as quickly as
    possible, using KOS-MOS's Dragon Blade for the flyers, combined with Shion's
    ether attacks. For the regular soldiers use melee fighters.
    When you reach the bridge across the large room you should have about 5 to 10
    minutes left most likely, unless you took a large detour. Keep running to the
    exit to the west, go down the ladder and take the shortcut to the south to run
    to the southeastern exit down the ladder.
    Run to the other side of the elevator room to reach the E.S. Hangar. Board your
    E.S. units, but before you go into the airlock, update your equipment and
    pilots, because there is another boss fight coming up. A good combination is
    E.S. Asher with Jin as co-pilot, and E.S. Zebulun with either Shion or chaos.
    When you are ready, head through the airlock to the elevator shaft where you
    will face...
    | BOSS 08 | E.S. Issachar                                                     |
    | HP:       30400 | POW:  420 | DEX:  52 | Item:      EMAX300                 |
    | E.Pts:    10000 | ARM:  250 | EVA:  50 | Rare item: -                       |
    | C.Pts:        - | EATK: 480 | AGL:   8 |                                    |
    | S.Pts:        - | EDEF: 320 |          |                                    |
    | Weak zone:  N/A                                                             |
    | Weakness:   aura, ice, pierce, slash                                        |
    | Other:      boost, counter boost                                            |
    | Special Attacks:                                                            |
    | 1. Merciless Rain (Strike) - Strike damage vs all E.S. units                |
    | 2. Vicious Crimson (Pierce) - Pierce damage vs one E.S.                     |
    | 3. Falling Rose (Fire) - Fire ether damage vs one E.S.                      |
    | 4. D Field - Increases interception rate?                                   |
    | 5. Genesis (Thunder) - Thunder ether damage vs all E.S. units               |
    | 6. In the Beginning - ???                                                   |
    To begin with, steal E.S. Issachar's EMAX300 accessory with Zebulun. Then use
    regular ranged attacks with Asher and the occasional Stock 200 special attack.
    Zebulun can heal and attack as well if healing is not necessary. Be sure to
    keep both your units' HP up, as later on in the battle, Issachar will use its
    most damaging attacks, Genesis, and In the Beginning, both of which will deal
    considerable damage to your E.S. units.
    //// 3.6 Intermission /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    Now that you have finished the Ormus Stronghold, a series of new GS missions
    has become available. Although you can go straight to Old Miltia at this point,
    it is highly recommended that you do these GS Missions first, because there are
    quite a few substantial rewards to be obtained.
    To obtain some of the GS Missions however, it is required to visit Old Miltia
    first and view the cutscenes there to make them available. If you wish to skip
    the GS Missions, you can skip to the next section (3.7) once you have arrived
    at Old Miltia.
    Once you regain control after the cutscenes, you will be on the bridge of the
    Durandal. Take the elevator down to the tube train and head to the Dock area.
    Board the Elsa and head to the western Living Room to open up Segment Address
    No. 2 with the Decoder you found in the Ormus Stronghold. Inside is Secret Key
    22, which unlocks Combo Boost (3/H/3).
    Head to the bridge of the Elsa and talk to Captain Matthews. Choose to head to
    old Miltia for another series of cutscenes. Once you arrive at Old Miltia, go
    outside in your E.S. units. If you wish to skip the GS Missions, skip to 3.7,
    else head back into the Elsa.
    The rest of this section will not be marked with the usual **, because the rest
    of 3.6 is a long stretch of nothing but GS Missions. Although it will take a
    while to finish all the missions available at this point, the rewards will make
    the rest of the game a lot easier.
    Missions now available at this point:
     4. SPUMONI    - Elsa, B1
     6. Chop       - Second Miltia Sector Two, Moby Dick Cafe
    10. Luty       - Second Miltia Sector One, Hospital
    12. Ray        - Second Miltia Sector Two, Sewer entrance (must have finished
    14. Kate       - Second Miltia Sector One, Ballet Award (cannot be completed
    15. Mallory    - Kukai Foundation, Our Treasure Inn, second floor
    17. Bonny      - Kukai Foundation, Fountain
    18. Janet      - Second Miltia Sector One, Other Professor's Lab
    20. Kramer     - Kukai Foundation, Our Treasure Inn, second floor
    22. Johnny     - Kukai Foundation, Sector ??
    23. PANACHE    - Elsa, B1
    29. Butch      - Kukai Foundation, Fishing Area
    30. Clive      - Kukai Foundation, East 6 Warehouse
    31. Layla      - Kukai Foundation, Our Treasure Inn
    32. KAMIKAZE   - Elsa, B1 (need to pay off the 10 million debt to K-2 at the
                     Second Miltia Spaceport)
    33. Hugo       - Kukai Foundation, Launch Area
    34. Carlos     - Second Miltia Sector Two, near the escalators
    See the Global Samaritan Campaign section for more information on a specific
    To begin with, head down to floor B1 of the Elsa to start two missions given by
    robots on the Elsa. First talk to SPUMONI just east of the elevator to start
    mission 4. Once you have accepted the mission, head into the room with the
    brightly colored monitor and talk to PANACHE to start mission 23.
    That is all you can do on the Elsa for now, so head to the bridge and talk to
    Captain Matthews to fly back to Second Miltia.
    Head to Sector One of the Second Miltia Central City and enter Ballet Award at
    the top of the stairs. Go up to the second floor and talk to Kate to start GS
    mission 14. You cannot finish it until after Labyrinthos however.
    Head back outside and enter Other Professor's Lab. Talk to Janet to start GS
    mission 18. Now head to the Hospital and talk to Luty to start mission 10. You
    will need to find her some seeds and fertilizer to help her grow flowers. You
    will find these while you travel around finishing the other GS missions. Talk
    to the old woman, Padma, further inside the hospital for some Hyper Fertilizer.
    Head to Sector Two and talk to Carlos, who is standing just down the ramp east
    of the escalators to start mission 34. Head into the Publishing Agency and talk
    to Hammond in the southeast corner of the building for a Winter Seed.
    Head back outside and go to Moby Dick's Cafe. Enter the kitchen and talk to
    Chop with a female character in the lead. Offer to help him create his special
    dish to start mission 6. Chop will name the buttons that you need to press to
    put specific seasonings in the dish. Press the buttons he calls in the right
    order within the 90 second timelimit to finish this mission succesfully! As a
    reward, you will obtain Decoder 17 and a Curry Recipe (?).
    Leave the kitchen through the staff entrance to the south and talk to Carlos
    again. Tell him to take his date to Second Miltia to finish mission 34. Leave
    the area and come back to talk to Carlos. It seems his date was a success! He
    will give you your reward: Double Attack "Lion Heart" for Jin and Shion.
    Head for the sewer entrance where you helped out Ciaran on disk 1. Talk to Ray
    this time to start mission 12. Head down into the sewer again and run to the
    northeast corner. Take the elevator down a level to reach the area for the new
    puzzle, Water Tank A.
    Go to the northwest corner of the area and examine the valve. Rotate the right
    analog stick 15 times to open Valve 1. You will know that your rotation is at
    the right speed because the controller will vibrate.
    When you are done, head all the way east and go down the stairs into the water.
    Head south and pass underneath the two transparent tubes, then head west to the
    stairs. Go up the stairs and head to the northwest corner. Open Valve 2.
    Straight south of Valve 2 is Valve 3. Open that one as well. Head back east and
    this time go south past the stairs to a platform with a blinking red button.
    Activate the hover platform to reach the southeast corner of the room. Just to
    the southeast you will find Valve 4. Open it.
    Go down the stairs to the northwest into the shallow water and cross to the
    south, going up a set of stairs and heading west to Valve 5. When you are done
    with it, head back southeast to Valve 6. Open the last water gate to finish up.
    Go north to the stairs and through the shallow water. Go back up on the stairs
    and walk northwest to a red button to create a bridge to the other part of the
    room. Retrace your steps back to the elevator. Return to Ray for your reward:
    Secret Key 12, which opens up the skill Safety Level (3/A/2).
    Leave the Central City area and head to Vector's Second Division building. Talk
    to Woody, the guy in overalls to the southeast for your first clue on ZAZA's
    whereabouts. Enter the room near the elevators and talk to Narcissus, the blond
    guy in the flashy outfit, for a Power Battery.
    Head to the Second Miltia space port and once there, talk to the old woman near
    the savepoint, Rosa, for some Hyper Fertilizer. Talk to Atash, the guy next to
    her for a Summer Seed.
    Board the Elsa and head into the Men's Living Room (the eastern one) and talk
    to KINGSTON for a Hyper Fertilizer. Head into the Women's Living Room and talk
    to DUBONNET for the Spring Seed.
    Take the elevator to B1 and examine the monitor next to PANACHE. You can use
    the Power Battery five times to make the image appear. Every time you use it,
    one of the possible eight colors will be selected randomly. If the color has
    not been picked before yet, it will be removed from the picture. Keep repeating
    until the Hyper Battery runs out of charges.
    Head back to Narcissus at the Vector's Second Division building to recharge it.
    Keep using the battery on the monitor until the entire picture is visible. Most
    likely you will have to return to Narcissus at least one more time. You will
    receive a reward from PANACHE for clearing the picture out: Double Attack
    "Fiery Ritornelle" for Ziggy and Jr.
    When you are ready, head back up to the bridge and talk to Captain Matthews.
    Tell him that you want to go to the Foundation, because that is where a lot of
    the new GS missionstake place. Once you reach the Durandal, board the shuttle
    down to the Kukai Foundation.
    Talk to Theodore, the young kid walking around the Launch Area, to obtain a
    Hyper Fertilizer. Talk to Hugo near the stairs to start mission 33.
    Once on the Foundation map, head to the Fishing Lab and put one of your male
    characters in the lead. Talk to the little girl, Mika, to obtain ZAZA's Clue 2.
    Then talk to the man psyching up at the counter, Butch, to start mission 29.
    What you need to do is find a spot on the dock, toss your line with the CIRCLE
    button and then reel it back in at a certain pace by rotating the right analog
    stick. The controller will vibrate if you do it correctly. This mission is
    mostly based on luck, so just keep trying until you get the fish that Butch
    wants. Once you have it, Butch will award you with Decoder 16 and a Red Eye
    Fish Print (?).
    When you are done, head to the urban area. Enter the Ironman bar and talk to
    Vimala twice for some clues. Talk to Althea, the chatty girl in the skirt next
    to the counter for another Hyper Fertilizer.
    Head back outside and enter the Our Treasure Inn. Go behind the counter and put
    either MOMO or Jr. in the lead before talking to Layla. This will start mission
    31. Head upstairs and climb up the ladder to the attic. Talk to Kino to obtain
    the Autumn Seed. Examine the picture on the wall to learn the name of the
    Climb back down and talk to Kramer near the stairs to start mission 20. You
    will need to wipe a bunch of windows using the now familiar method of rotating
    the right analog stick. Vibration will mean you are doing it correctly. Wipe
    all 9 windows within the time limit of two windows to obtain your reward: 
    King's Key.
    Head into the westernmost room of the inn to find Mallory. Talk to her to start
    mission 15. Can you believe she lost her wedding ring AGAIN?!
    Head outside and west to Sector 27. Go inside the East 6 Warehouse and head all
    the way to the control panel in the back at the top of the stairs. Examine the
    key item "King's Key" in your inventory to find the secret code. Enter it and
    talk to the guy to find a hidden corridor with a treasure chest at the end
    containing Skill Upgrade D x5!
    Talk to Clive just to the south of the control panel where you entered the code
    to start mission 30. He wants you to find new homes for King's new kittens.
    Pick up the five kittens from the repair shop before you head out.
    Go up to the fountain in the back of Sector 27. You will find Bonny the thief
    here. Talk to her about the stolen Captain's Log. Offer to help her find a job
    to start mission 17.
    Go back down and enter the Lavare laundry store. Talk to the old woman Kagari
    to give her one of King's kittens. Right next to her is Mallory's lost wedding
    ring, so pick it as Match and pick it up. Talk to Nikita near the laundry
    machines for a pink maid uniform for Bonny.
    Go back outside and down the stairs, then blow up the car blocking the Parking
    Area. In the back is a guy, Darrel, who will give you the Statue Blueprint to
    take back to Janet.
    Go save at the savepoint in Sector 37 to the east, then come back to the Smile
    Bakery and talk to Johnny to start mission 22. If you mess up, you can reload
    the game from that point.
    You need to talk to 12 people in the area and play rock-paper-scissors with
    them. You do not need to win every game, but unless you win enough, you will
    fail the mission. Just the people outside is enough. You do not need to talk
    with anyone inside or outside the area. When you are done, return to Johnny.
    If you have had enough wins, he will reward you with Double Attack "Cross Fist"
    for Ziggy and KOS-MOS.
    Head east and go back into Our Treasure Inn. Return the wedding ring to Mallory
    to finish her mission and obtain your reward: Secret Key 17 which unlocks the
    skill "Break B15" (3/F/2).
    Head all the way east past the stairs, into the storage room. Blow up the empty
    book case to reveal a path into the Ironman bar. Talk to the little boy,
    Adelaide, to obtain the book "Rules of High Society" for Bonny. Head to the
    Ironman bar and talk to the owner behind the counter to finish the mission. He
    will teach you the Double Attack "Dual Spell Ray" for Shion and chaos. Talk to
    Nastya near the piano to dump another of King's kittens.
    Head outside and save at the savepoint. Access the UMN through the EVS plate
    and go to Subconscious Domain (Summer).
    Go into the outhouse of the abandoned gas station (blow away the poster if you
    had not done so before already) and examine the wall for Hugo's note. Run all
    the way north to the truck and check the box next to the billboard for the
    first protection to disarm.
    Head south and go east to the next area. The patch with red flowers conceals
    Protection 02. Head two areas eastwards to the log that you can walk down. At
    the bottom you will find a patch of white flowers and the third protection
    as well.
    Take the path to the right and cross the log across the river (you did blow it
    up back on disk 1, right?) and exit the area to the north. Cross the river by
    blowing up the log at the first rock, and head to the cave to the north where
    the river comes out of. Examine the wall for Protection 04.
    Exit the area to the north and look for a patch of blue flowers. Examine the
    tree to the north of the patch to find Protection 05.
    Use the shortcut in the canyon to return to the entrance and head to the
    Forbidden Encephalon Device. Remember how there used to be a shed standing
    there? Examine the nearby boulder for Protection 06.
    Head back to the area with the floating log and check the broken hollow log
    near the path at the south entrance of the area for Protection 07.
    Head north to the next area and examine the mushrooms north of the two logs
    crossing the chasm for Protection 08.
    Return to the area with the floating log and blow up the first three rocks to
    have the log float to the easternmost point of the area. Check the rock there
    for protection 09! Almost done!
    Head south, back to the area with the white flowers. When you enter the area,
    head southwest a bit until you encounter a rock you can blow up with a large
    tree in the background. Examine it to disarm the final protection!
    Hugo will appear and give you Secret Key 18, which unlocks the skill "Rare +30"
    (3/F/4). Exit the UMN and head to the Foundation Launch Area. Talk to Hugo
    there to finish up the mission.
    Take the shuttle back to the Durandal and board the Elsa to return to Second
    Miltia. When you return at the space sport, look for Marcela to the south. One
    more kitten gone!
    Head to Sector One of the Central City and visit Janet at the Other Professor's
    Lab. You will receive the Unlock Code to the statue which you will put to use
    later on.
    Go back outside and visit Luty at the hospital. Examine the purple-ringed
    device nearby to plant a seed. Pick the Spring Seed and use Hyper Fertilizers
    until the seed grows out to a big blue flower. Talk to Luty for your reward:
    Secret Key 15 which opens up the skill "Last Revenge" (3/C/4).
    Head to Sector Two and visit the Publishing Agency. Talk to Augusta for more
    information about Layla's parents. Talk to the little kid Agnese to hand out
    another kitten. Lastly, talk to Lorraine at the computers to learn about ZAZA.
    Go back outside and head to Moby Dick's Cafe. Talk to Valentino to give him the
    final kitten.
    You are done on Second Miltia for now. Head to the Durandal and go to the Park
    Area. Talk to the Naive Mass-Produced 100 Series and choose the second option
    to obtain Decoder 11 from her. Then talk to Sean to obtain another clue about
    ZAZA's whereabouts.
    Back to Second Miltia you go, this time to Yolanda in Sector Two. She is
    standing near the ramp down to the sewer entrance. Another clue about ZAZA, and
    off to the Foundation this time...
    When you reach the Foundation, go to the urban area and visit Layla at the Our
    Treasure Inn. Talk to her to receive the Vault Key. Examine it in your key
    items list for the access code (0813). Use the key and access code to open the
    vault west of the counter. Inside you will find a treasure chest with med Kit
    DX x4.
    Head to King's East 6 Warehouse and talk to Clive to finish the kitten mission.
    Your reward: Double Attack "Cross Hilbert" for KOS-MOS and MOMO!
    Go back outside and examine the Unlock Code item in your key items list for the
    unlock code for the statue down below (3859). Use it on the statue to reveal
    Segment Address No. 11! Since you picked up the Decoder from the Realian in
    the Durandal earlier, you can open it up. Inside is Secret Key 23, which will
    unlock the skill EP Half (3/H/3). If you can afford the huge Skill Point cost,
    teach this to your Ether users like MOMO and Shion.
    Talk to Jessica, the old woman east of the fountain for another ZAZA clue. Head
    back to Second Miltia and visit the UMN Control Center. Talk to Sylvia in the
    room where Dr. Mizrahi worked on Ziggy for the last ZAZA clue.
    Time to finish up. Head back to the Elsa and go to the Foundation. Take the
    shuttle from the Durandal to the Kukai Foundation and at the Launch Area you
    will find a scrap heap, formerly named ZAZA. Talk to it and enter the code
    you found on the ZAZA clues: 2587643.
    Return to the Elsa and talk to SPUMONI to finish this mission. Your reward:
    Skill Upgrade D x20 and a Rejuvenator E.
    Now that you are done with all the missions (except 14 which cannot be comleted
    at this point, and 32 which requires a lot of valuable items), it is time to
    continue with the main story. Go back up to the Bridge and tell Captain
    Matthews to head back to Old Miltia.
    //// 3.7 Submerged City ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    Enemies:                 Weak zone:
    Kfuga Valy               N/A
    Leviat                   N/A
    Auto Intercept Pod       N/A
    Leviat Officer           N/A
    O-88 Delphinus           N/A
    First of all, be sure to equip our main attacking E.S. with the EMAX300
    accessory you stole from E.S. Issachar. This very useful item will let that
    E.S. use the ultra-powerful 300% Stock attacks. This includes X-BUSTER and Iron
    Blade for Dinah, Odin Buster and Moonlight Blade for Asher, and Aird and Meteor
    Blast for Zebulun. Since Zebulun is usually too busy healing, stick it on Asher
    or Dinah. You will be able to obtain another EMAX300 accessory soon, so that
    you can have both your combat E.S. units use their strongest special attacks.
    Remember to steal from the enemies here to obtain new accessories for your E.S.
    From the spot where the Elsa landed, head west into the next area. Destroy the
    block that is obstructing your path and engage the enemy. Attack the road in
    front of you to create a ramp. Destroy the rubble to continue onwards and fight
    the enemy a little further down the road.
    At the fork go west and move to the red door where you can choose to disembark
    from your E.S. Examine the red door to find Segment Address No. 10! Approach
    your E.S. to get back on.
    Head back east and destroy the truck for G Blind Guard. Head northeast into the
    next area. Go down the ramp and take out the enemy you encounter. Head further
    northeast and blow up the rubble to reveal a G Weak Guard accessory. Head west
    onto the ramp and blow up the wall at the end to reveal a treasure chest
    containing a Quick Charge accessory.
    Head further norheast and engage the Leviats. Blow up the rubble at the end of
    the road and continue into the next area.
    Head east, destroy the rubble and take out the Kfuga Valy, then proceed east
    where you can disembark on another ledge. Blow up the rocks to reach Segment
    Address No. 18. Since you acquired the key on the Dämmerung, go inside to find
    Secret Key 16, which unlocks the skill First Combo (3/E/4). Head outside and
    board your E.S.
    Go back west and engage the Kfuga Valy units again. Go south and blow up the
    rubble for a Nano Repair Z and a Nano Repair A. Keep heading east, taking out
    the enemies on the way. Blow up the rubble to clear a path and leave the area
    by the northeastern exit.
    In the next area you will encounter a new enemy type. It seems to be closely
    related to the one you fought back on Second Miltia while you were being chased
    by U-TIC. Be sure to steal its G Power Charge item and use Aura and Slash
    attacks to take it out quickly. If you were using Dinah, switch it out with
    Asher, as this enemy absorbs beam attacks! Wings of Light is very useful here.
    When you defeat it, save at the nearby savepoint. Head east and destroy the
    crates there for a Nano Repair A. Climb the ramp and blow up the elevated road
    to create a way across. Follow the road into the next area.
    Head southwest, destroying all the rubble in your path. Fight the enemies that
    appear and continue on, destroying more rubble for a Nano Repair Z. Keep going
    west and move up the ramp where you have to fight another O-88 Delphinus. Blow
    up the nearby rubble to reveal a treasure chest containing Decoder 08.
    Go back down and take out the rubble to the north for Nano Sphere x2. Engage
    the nearby enemy. To the east is the Toy Universe building that you saw when
    you visited Old Miltia at the beginning of the game. You will be offered the
    choice to disembark, but just stay in your E.S. You will come here some other
    time. Head west and engage another enemy, then exit to the next area.
    Engage the Delphinus, then clear away the rubble to proceed further up. Make
    your way to the huge metal balls and push them into the water. Go back down and
    blow them up. You will now be able to use the savepoint further down. Equip the
    EMAX300 accessory on Dinah and set the copilot to Shion so you can use X-BUSTER
    for the upcoming battle. When you are ready, head northeast...
    | BOSS 09 | Naglfar Cannons                                                   |
    | HP:  35200+6000 | POW:  400 | DEX:  40 | Item:      Charge Clean            |
    | E.Pts:    15000 | ARM:   50 | EVA:   0 | Rare item: EMAX300                 |
    | C.Pts:        - | EATK: 500 | AGL:   6 |                                    |
    | S.Pts:        - | EDEF:  50 |          |                                    |
    | Weak zone:  N/A                                                             |
    | Weakness:   beam, aura, thunder, fire, ice, pierce, slash, strike           |
    | Other:      boost, counter boost                                            |
    | Special Attacks:                                                            |
    | 1. Defense Shield - All damage reduced                                      |
    | 2. Transporting Autotechs - Summons more Kfuga Valy units                   |
    | 3. Defense Shield at 50% - Status message                                   |
    | 4. Defense Shied Down - Damage reduction gone                               |
    | 5. Engine Room Damaged - Unable to use ethers                               |
    | 6. Engine Room Repaired - Ether use re-enabled                              |
    | 7. Readying Cannon - Status message                                         |
    | 8. Energy Load at 50% - Status message                                      |
    | 9. (cannon firing)                                                          |
    At the start of the battle the Naglfar Cannons will set their Defense Shield.
    It has to recharge every four turns, meaning its power will drop in the turn
    indicated. Be sure to use this to your advantage by attacking will full power
    in that turn. Also be sure to steal the EMAX300 item from the Cannons as soon
    as possible.
    The Naglfar Cannons will summon Kfuga Valy units to support it every now and
    then. Be sure to take them out so that you do not waste too many turns healing
    from their attacks. Use Dinah's X-BUSTER attack to take them all out at the
    same time if possible.
    The cannons are weak against all types of attacks, so just hammer away at it,
    and try to keep your HP up at all times because occasionally the cannons will
    fire, dealing some serious damage. Taking out the Kfuga Valy units will also
    save you some time, because the Naglfar Cannons will waste a turn resummoning
    Once you ake out the Naglfar Cannons' main shield, it will have 6000 HP left.
    Unleash your strongest attacks to take it out quickly. If you handle this well,
    you will not even get fired upon by the main cannons once.
    After the battle, continue east. Blow up the truck for a Nano Repair A. Head
    northwest, blowing up the gate and crates for a chest with a G ST Double
    accessory. Blow up the security gate and you will find a place to disembark
    your E.S. units. Choose to do so and climb down the ladder to enter the U-TIC
    organization's Labyrinthos.
    //// 3.8 Labyrinthos //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    Enemies:                 Weak zone:
    O-78 Grisly 2            CB
    Revised Cornicos I       CC
    P.S.S. - P2              BB
    P.S.S. - B2              BC
    Revised Testud           CC
    P.S.S. - F               BC
    Vive II Revised          BB
    Calx II Revised          CB
    P.S.S. - S               CC
    Save at the savepoint that you encounter when you enter. Head west along the
    waterway to a bridge. Cross it and head south where you can destroy the crates
    to obtain Med Kit S x2. Go down the stairs and take out the enemies to proceed.
    Go north and climb the ladder back to the upper level. Blow up the door to find
    another enemy and a treasure chest containing Secret Key 13, which unlocks the
    skill Limiter Up (3/A/4). Head southwest to the control panel to open up the
    red gate.
    Climb back down the ladder, go up the stairs, and this time go down the stairs
    to the west through the gate you just opened. You will end up in a new area
    with another puzzle for you to solve.
    First examine the console numbered 6 to lower the water level on the right side
    and raise it on the left side. Now examine both panels 2 and 5 on the right
    side to raise the water level by 7. Lower it again by 6, then raise it by 2 to
    set the water level on both sides to 0.
    When the water level has been set to 0 on both sides, go down the stairs to the
    west and follow the path all the way to the exit on the east side.
    Follow the path and take the stairs down into the water. Head southeast back
    up the stairs, climb the ladder, and blow up the metal containers to reveal an
    enemy. Head through the door for a cutscene.
    Head through the door to the north and go east. If you encounter any of the
    U-DO webs, blow them up to pass through. Blow up the boxes at the fork in the
    path for Skill Upgrade A x5.
    Head north, destroying the U-DO webs and the soldiers you encounter. Head north
    past the fork in the road and follow the road north, curving east. Follow it
    east and then south, taking out the U-DO webs and enemies you encounter. Blow
    up the crates at the dead end for Antidote H x2. And right next to you is
    Segment Address No. 5! Unfortunately, you do not have the key yet at this point
    so come back later.
    Head back to the last crossing and this time take the stairs on the west side.
    Fight the enemy at the bottom and take out the U-DO webs behind it. Go through
    the large door into the next area.
    Save at the savepoint, then go downstairs and step into the train. Climb up the
    stairs and take out the containers there for a Med Kit S. Exit the area through
    the door to the northeast. You will arrive at the Labyrinthos Core!
    Head east and take the door to the southeast. You will enter a large room full
    of crates. Blow up the first few crates and climb the ladder up a level. Take
    out the crates to the west for an Antidote L.
    Destroy the two crates to the east and get ambushed by an enemy. Blow up the
    other two crates as well for a Med Kit M. Climb the ladder down all the way to
    the bottom and destroy all the crates in northeastern direction to reveal a
    treasure chest with a Rejuvenator DX.
    Use the nearby ladder to climb up two levels and destroy the three containers
    for another ambush. Behind the third one you will find the exit.
    In the next room you need to rotate the walls by hitting the switches on the
    transparent floor above. Numbering them from 1 to 5, from left to right, top to
    bottom, like this:
    1 2
    4 5
    Climb up the stairs and hit them in the following order:
    5, 4, 3, 3, 3, 1, 1, 1, 3
    This will allow you to reach the treasure chest to the southwest, which will
    give you Class Upgrade B x6. Now go back up and hit the following switches:
    2, 2, 2, 3
    Go and grab the Boost Max from the treasure chest on the northeastern side. To
    finish with the puzzle, hit the switches like this:
    4, 4, 3, 1, 1, 3, 3, 2, 2, 3
    You can now reach the exit to the northeast.
    Go through the corridor and you will reach the large core room where you came
    in earlier, except you are now one level higher. The elevator is inactive at
    the moment, so ignore it.
    Head southeast and take out the enemy on the way. At the end of the path you
    will find a control panel that unlocks one of the barriers of the main core
    elevator, while also activating the elevator nearby. Get on board and take it
    down a level where you can defeat another enemy to get to the treasure chest
    containing Decoder 05! Save at the savepoint if you wish.
    Leave the room through the southwest exit. Head up the stairs and use the trap
    to make the next fight easier. You might remember these enemies from Ormus, and
    this time they are even stronger!
    Destroy the boxes to the south for a Boost Max, then climb the stairs to the
    north and press the button to raise the bridge. Continue underneath the
    second one and kill the enemy near the yellow trap. To the northwest is a
    treasure chest containing a Rejuvenator E.
    Pass underneath the second bridge again and lower it with the button on the
    eastern side. Head underneath the first one, climb the stairs and lower it with
    the button you find up there.
    Cross bridge 1 and 2 and fight the enemy you encounter. Cross the third bridge,
    press the switch to raise it, then proceed to the fourth bridge, where you can
    blow up the crates for a Bio Sphere.
    Operate the panel to lower the fourth bridge. Cross it, go down the stairs and
    pass underneath bridge 3 into the next area. Time for another puzzle.
    The blocks are laid out like this:
     C     E        C = chest    E = exit   L = ladder
    |       |       1 = 2 crates high
    +       +       2 = 2 crates high
    |1 2    |       3 = 3 crates high
    +       +       4 = 2 crates high
    |      3|       5 = 3 crates high
    +       +       6 = 3 crates high
    |       |
    +       +
    |  4 5  |       The idea is to form a bridge by pushing these stacks of crates
    +       +       onto their sides. Start by pushing stack 1 and 3 so they topple
    |6      |       to the north. Push stack 2, 4 and 6 south. Finally, push stack
    +       +       5 north and your bridge is complete.
    |       |
    + +-+-+ +       Open the chest to the northwest which contains Skill Upgrade D
    | |L L| |       x5. Then proceed to the exit at the northeastern side of the
    +-+   +-+       room.
    Make your way to the main shaft of Labyrinthos. Move south to the second
    control panel, removing the final barrier and activating the elevator you just
    passed. Take the elevator down and save at the save point. Then get on board
    the main shaft elevator.
    Exit through the door to the north and a scene will occur once you enter. Get
    on the elevator to the northwest and once at the top use the control panel
    there to raise the terminal structure.
    Go back down and head underneath the terminal structure. Press the button there
    to undo Lock A. Take the elevator back up, go across and use the control panel
    to lower the terminal down again. Take the stairs down and move southwest to
    the door you just opened into the terminal.
    After the cutscenes use the control panel located behind Canaan to undo Lock B
    in the main room. Exit the terminal and take the elevator to the east back down
    to the bottom. Go through the door to the north that is now unlocked and take
    the large elevator down to the Zohar Isolation Area. Blow up the cabinets on
    the eastern side for a Bio Sphere and the ones to the west for an Antidote H.
    Save at the savepoint, then head through the large door to the north. You will
    encounter a new enemy every time you open a door. Engage all three enemies,
    then when they are defeated, head back to the savepoint to heal up (save if you
    wish). When you are ready, head all the way north for another boss battle...
    | BOSS 10a | Margulis                                                         |
    | HP:       20800 | STR:  100 | DEX:  60 | Item:      Skill Upgrade E         |
    | E.Pts:    36000 | VIT:   27 | EVA:  64 | Rare item: Awakening III           |
    | C.Pts:     2400 | EATK: 110 | AGL:  10 |                                    |
    | S.Pts:     2400 | EDEF:  38 |          |                                    |
    | Weak zone:  CBCB                                                            |
    | Weakness:   ether attacks, beam, pierce                                     |
    | Other:      boost, counter boost                                            |
    | Special Attacks:                                                            |
    | 1. Shakti (Slash/Pierce) - physical damage vs one character                 |
    | 2. Shiva (Slash/Pierce/Fire) - physical + fire ether damage vs one character|
    | 3. Summon Chaaya - summons a shadow                                         |
    | 4. Kalagnirudra (Strike) - physical damage vs all characters                |
    | 5. Suppress Chaaya - erases Margulis' shadow                                |
    | 6. Syama (Thunder) - thunder ether damage vs all characters                 |
    | 7. Krita-Yuga - 3 turns left till H Stop                                    |
    | BOSS 10b | Margulis (Shadow)                                                |
    | HP:         650 | STR:  100 | DEX:  60 | Item:      Skill Upgrade E         |
    | E.Pts:    36000 | VIT:   27 | EVA:  64 | Rare item: Awakening III           |
    | C.Pts:     2400 | EATK:  90 | AGL:   8 |                                    |
    | S.Pts:     2400 | EDEF:  38 |          |                                    |
    | Weak zone:  N/A                                                             |
    | Weakness:   ether attacks, beam, pierce                                     |
    | Other:      boost, counter boost                                            |
    For this battle you will be in control of Jin and the first two partymembers of
    your original party. Since Margulis is weak against piercing and ether attacks,
    be sure to include MOMO and someone like Jr.
    First of all, steal Awakening III from Margulis. Stock up and keep pounding
    Margulis with regular attacks. Because you are attacking him from both sides,
    you can do a lot of damage using Back attacks.
    At a certain point Margulis will use Summon Chaaya to summon a shadow of
    himself to make this a 3 versus 2 battle. The interesting part is that each of
    his shadows ALSO has the Skill Upgrade E and Awakening III items, so you can
    actually steal multiple of them in this battle. Be sure to do so, as these
    items will make it considerably easier to pay off Captain Matthews' debt later
    Instead of fighting the shadow, concentrate on the real Margulis. Keep your HP
    up at all times, and other than that just keep hitting him over and over. After
    a while he will erase his shadow. Then at a certain point around a third of his
    HP he will resummon it again.
    When he finally erases his second shadow, stock up to full as quickly as you
    can and fill your boost bar, because Margulis will use Krita-Yuga, which means
    that after three of his attacks, he will do a H Stop attack on all of your
    characters, causing an instant Game Over. Boost up all your characters and kill
    him off before he can do so.
    After a series of amazing cutscenes you will be asked to save. Go ahead and do
    //// 3.9 Intermission /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    After more cutscenes, you will be in control of your party on the Durandal. Use
    the Awakening III item you stole from Margulis to learn Phoenix Blade for Shion
    and Jin.
    At this point in the game there are a few things that need doing before going
    to the Omega System. First of all enter the Elsa and tell Captain Matthews to
    fly to Second Miltia.
    Once there, sell your extra Awakening III items to K-2 to help lower Captain
    Matthews' debt. Sell him any of your Junked Circuits and Scrap Iron as well.
    Now head to Jin's house and open Segment Address No. 9 with the Decoder you got
    earlier. Inside you will find Secret Key 4, which unlocks the skill EP Regen
    Head back to the Elsa and use the EVS plate to return to Labyrinthos. Head west
    across the catwalks and down the stairs leading west, underneaththe gate you
    opened when you were here earlier.
    In the room with the water levels go down the stairs to the left and circle the
    room clockwise to reach the exit to the east. Head down into the water and take
    the stairs to the southeast back up. Climb the ladder and destroy the boxes to
    fight the enemy hiding behind them. Exit through the door.
    Head north into the hallway with all the U-DO webs (which are now gone). At the
    first fork head right and at the next few forks keep heading north until the
    path curves east. At the end you will find Segment Address 5. Use the Decoder
    you found in Labyrinthos earlier to open it up. Inside you will find Secret Key
    20, which unlocks the skill "Skill Up 10" (3/H/1). If you can afford the very
    high cost of this skill, be sure to learn it as soon as possible.
    When you are done, either kill some more enemies for experience and S.Pts, or
    return to the Elsa through the U.M.N. Menu.
    If you choose to skip GS missions, at this point you can head on over to the
    next section to continue with the main story. If that is not the case, read on
    to finish the last few available GS missions before the last dungeon.
    Missions now available at this point:
    14. Kate        - Second Miltia Sector One, Ballet Award
    16. Margoyles   - Kukai Foundation, Our Treasure Inn, second floor
    26. Pitt        - Kukai Foundation, Launch Area
    35. Camille     - Kukai Foundation, Our Treasure Inn, on the roof
    First of all fly the Elsa back to the Kukai Foundation. Board the shuttle down
    to the Kukai Foundation, and when you arrive, talk to the panicky man near the
    gate, Pitt, to start mission 26. Head up the stairs to exit to the Kukai
    Foundation worldmap.
    Head to the Urban Area and enter the Our Treasure Inn. Head up to the second
    floor and talk to Margoyles, the old man in the room west of the stairs, to
    start mission 16.
    Now put a male character in the lead, go back into the hallway and climb the
    ladder to reach the attic. Head outside through the window to the south and
    talk to Camille, the woman in green to start mission 35.
    Talk to her again to begin. Look for the cracks in the roof and use the CIRCLE
    button to fix all of them within 60 seconds time. Your reward: Decoder 13!
    Head west and go down the ramp to fall to the street level. Head west into the
    next area and enter the East 6 Warehouse. Talk to the guy, Riggs, underneath
    the car to obtain the Music Box.
    Head back to Margoyles in the Our Treasure Inn. Give him the Music Box to get
    the Iron 4 Music Sheet. Head down into the Ironman Bar and play the Theme Song
    on the piano to uncover Segment Address No. 16! Inside you will find Decoder 03
    and Robot Part Righ Leg!
    Head outside, save at the saveplate and use the EVS plate to return to Old
    Miltia (14 years ago). Go southwest into the next area, blow up the big blocks
    that prevent access to the HHH building, and head up the stairs to the west, to
    reach the catwalk across the next area.
    Go down the ladder and blow up the car at the bottom to find a Gnosis-type
    enemy just to the west. Engage it with Ziggy, chaos and a third character of
    your choice, like KOS-MOS.
    | GS 14 BOSS | Rod Blondel                                                    |
    | HP:       17600 | STR:   75 | DEX:  52 | Item:      Skill Upgrade D         |
    | E.Pts:    24000 | VIT:   40 | EVA:  44 | Rare item: Skill Upgrade E         |
    | C.Pts:     1200 | EATK:  90 | AGL:   8 |                                    |
    | S.Pts:     1200 | EDEF:  26 |          |                                    |
    | Weak zone:  BBC                                                             |
    | Weakness:   beam, aura, fire                                                |
    | Other:      boost, counter boost                                            |
    | Special Attacks:                                                            |
    | 1. Venom Touch (Strike/L Poison) - physical damage vs one characer, induces |
    |                                    L Poison                                 |
    | 2. Hedo ????? (Strike/L Poison) - physical damage vs all characters, induces|
    |                                   L Poison                                  |
    Rod Blondel is weak against beam, aura and fire attacks, so be sure to use
    chaos, Ziggy and someone like KOS-MOS. Rod Blondel is not very strong, but he
    uses a lot of poison attacks which can inflict some serious damage on your
    party if you do not use Refresh L to get rid of it quickly. Use Double Refresh
    L (combining the ether using Boost) to remove the poison effect from your whole
    party if more than one member has it to save time.
    Just keep hammering away at him (remember to steal Skill Upgrade E), and he
    will fall quickly.
    When you are done, heal up if necessary and head northeast into the next area.
    Take out any enemies you encounter and keep on going east past the Toy Universe
    store until you reach the saveplate near the place where you fought Margulis at
    the first stage of the game.
    Save at the saveplate and head back west to the Toy Universe store. Examine the
    key you got earlier from Pitt for the security code to unlock the door: 4949.
    Inside the building you will find Henry cornered by an enemy. Blow up the junk
    that is in the way to engage...
    | GS 26 BOSS | Grips Sister                                                   |
    | HP:       22400 | STR:   75 | DEX:  52 | Item:      Skill Upgrade D         |
    | E.Pts:    30000 | VIT:   40 | EVA:  44 | Rare item: Skill Upgrade E         |
    | C.Pts:     1800 | EATK:  90 | AGL:   8 |                                    |
    | S.Pts:     1800 | EDEF:  26 |          |                                    |
    | Weak zone:  BBB                                                             |
    | Weakness:   ether attacks, aura, thunder, pierce, slash, strike             |
    | Other:      boost, counter boost                                            |
    | Special Attacks:                                                            |
    | 1. Grips Claw (Slash) - physical damage vs one characer                     |
    | 2. Flame Blast - fire ether damage vs one character                         |
    | 3. Telepathy (EP Drain) - steals EP from one character                      |
    | 4. Fire Breath (Fire) - fire ether damage vs all characters                 |
    | 5. Evil Eye (L Stun) - induces L Stun on all characters                     |
    | 6. Telepathy (HP Drain) - steals HP from one character                      |
    For this battle use any combination of your characters as this boss is weak to
    just about every existing type of damage. chaos, Shion and MOMO do considerable
    damage to this boss.
    At the start the boss will mainly use its Grips Claw attack which deals some
    physical damage to your character. Later on it will start using fire ether
    attacks, and when it is near death, it will use very strong area attack fire
    ether spells. Be sure to either use Fire Veil on all your characters or use
    Down Ether on the boss to prevent it from killing all your characters at once.
    After the battle blow up the remaining crates to reach Henry. Blow up the crate
    underneath him to get a cutscene. Once that is done, exit the U.M.N.
    Return to the Launch Area on the Foundation and talk to Pitt to finish his
    mission and obtain your reward: Secret Key 10, which opens up the skill "Inner
    Peace" (2/H/3).
    Fly back to the Durandal and board the Elsa to go back to Second Miltia. Find
    Kate in the Ballet Award building in Sector One to finish her mission and get
    your reward: Secret Key 10, which will teach you the skill "Experience Up 10"
    (3/H/2). This skill together with Skill Up 10 (3/H/1) is a must-learn!
    When you are done head to Sector Two and enter the Publishing Agency. Go to
    the room in the back (where Miguel is), and open up Segment Address No. 3 for
    Robot Part Left Leg.
    Return to the Elsa, save at the saveplate and enter the U.M.N. again. Head to
    the Ormus Stronghold. If you got the second EMAX300 accessory off the Naglfar
    Cannons in the Submerged City earlier, go ahead and equip it on one of your
    other two E.S. units. There is a third one of these available in the game, but
    you cannot obtain it until after you defeat the final boss.
    Keep heading south for a while, and at the second fork go northwest to the
    elevator shaft. Take it down, enter the airlock and disembark from your E.S.
    In the next area jump down the hole where the elevator switch used to be, and
    you will end up in the area with all the crates you pushed around when you were
    here before. See the Ormus Stronghold section on how to move the blocks if you
    have not made the bridge to Segment Address No. 13 yet. Go inside and locate
    the Robot Part Head.
    Exit the U.M.N. and head to floor B1 of the Elsa. Head down into the Robot
    Academy. Talk to Professor to unlock Erde Quake for Shion. After the cutscene
    talk to him again to unlock Erde Beam.
    //// 3.10 Omega System ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    Unless you want to pay off Matthews' ten million debt right now, you are ready
    to head to the final dungeon, the Omega System. Now would be a good time to
    level up your characters some more in the Ormus Stronghold or Labyrinthos.
    When you are ready, talk to Matthews on the bridge of the Elsa to fly to the
    Omega System. When you arrive, disembark using the E.S. units (if necessary).
    Enemies:                 Weak zone:      Weakness:
    Anathema                 N/A             Beam, aura, thunder, slash, strike
    Maranatha                N/A             Beam, aura, thunder
    Ormus Knight A           BB              Fire, pierce
    Carnicos II              CC              Ether attacks, beam, thunder
    O-78 Grisly 2            CB              Ether attacks, beam, thunder, strike
    Ormus Knight B           BC              Beam, thunder, slash
    Anathema Officer         N/A             Physical attacks, beam, aura, thunder,
                                             slash, strike
    Head south into the large golden hallway. Keep going until you reach an
    electrical barrier. Blow it up to make an elevator appear. Since this is the
    only way to go right now, board it and go down.
    When you go down one level, you will be offered the choice to continue down, go
    back up or stay at the current level. For now get off the elevator on the east
    side and fight the enemy nearby. Conveniently enough, they carry some useful
    E.S. accessories, so be sure to steal from hem.
    Blow up the wall panel behind the enemy to reach a hidden room where you can
    disembark from your E.S. Here you will find Segment Address No. 17! If you did
    GS mission 6 (Chop), you should have Decoder 17. Inside you will find Secret
    Key 28, which opens up the skill "Best Ally" (4/D/1).
    Head back outside and board the elevator again. Go down one level and fight the
    enemy to the west. Blow up the panel behind it to uncover a Nano Sphere. The
    area to the east is empty, so board the elevator again and go down one more
    Get off the elevator on the east side and blow up the panel to obtain a Nano
    Repair Z. Cross to the other side and save at the saveplate. Take the elevator
    down to the bottom, use the trap to take out the enemy and disembark from your
    E.S. units at the small door to the west.
    Engage the enemy in the room using the trap, then blow up the crates for a Med
    Kit M. Destroy the two large ones in the northwest corner to uncover a hidden
    passage. Run up the stairs and fight the mechanical enemy you find in your way.
    Enter the glowing door on your way and cross the bridge. Use the trap to engage
    the Ormus Knights that are blocking the path. This can be a pretty tough fight
    as you may have to fight five of them at once. Use characters like KOS-MOS, Jr.
    and Ziggy to take them out quickly. Be sure to concentrate on one at a time! If
    it is too much for you, Escape, exit to the south and come back. The enemy
    party's makeup may have changed.
    At the fork head west to a green control panel. Use it to unlock one of the
    E.S. doors further ahead. Run east and take out the enemies, then blow up the
    strange green-glowing blocks behind them to uncover a treasure chest containing
    Secret Key 24, which opens up the skill "Curse" (4/A/2).
    Return to the bridge across the gap and exit to the south. Head east to another
    glowing door. Go through and access the green control panel to unlock another
    of the E.S.-size doors. Go back inside and backtrack all the way west, down the
    stairs and back east to the E.S. units.
    Head north, through the door you opened up earlier. Head forward along the path
    by blowing up the obstacles and fighting the enemies you encounter. At the end
    of the path, disembark from your E.S. units and enter the small door, which is
    an elevator that will bring you to the lower levels.
    The first control panel will tell you that it needs to be activated downstairs.
    Head down the stairs, examining the panels as you go. At the very bottom, save
    at the saveplate and head through the door. The elevator will take you to the
    bottom where you need to activate another control panel. This will enable the
    elevator you just passed.
    Head back up the elevator and run up the stairs to the very top to the now
    active control panel. Activate the panel to start the elevator with your E.S.
    on it. Run down to the first red button and when your E.S. gets near, hit it to
    open the barrier. Then run down to the second red button and repeat the same
    procedure. If you timed it well, your E.S. will make it to the bottom.
    Run all the way to the bottom and save at the saveplate, go down the elevator
    to reach your E.S., board them and put Ziggy as co-pilot of E.S. Dinah. Use
    Jin as co-pilot of E.S. Zebulun. When you are ready, head north for a boss
    | BOSS 11 | Inversion                                                         |
    | HP:       49600 | POW:  300 | DEX:  70 | Item:      Auto Recover            |
    | E.Pts:    52000 | ARM:  220 | EVA:  70 | Rare item: N/A                     |
    | C.Pts:        - | EATK: 600 | AGL:   8 |                                    |
    | S.Pts:        - | EDEF: 350 |          |                                    |
    | Weak zone:  N/A                                                             |
    | Weakness:   physical attacks, aura, fire                                    |
    | Other:      boost, counter boost                                            |
    | Special Attacks:                                                            |
    | 1. Spiral Ray (Beam) - beam ether damage vs one E.S.                        |
    | 2. AEE (Beam/Ice/L Ether PD) - beam and ice ether damage vs all E.S. units, |
    |                                induces L Ether PD                           |
    | 3. AEE (Beam/Ice/L Ether DD) - beam and ice ether damage vs all E.S. units, |
    |                                induces L Ether DD                           |
    | 4. High-altitude Guided Laser (Beam) - beam ether damage vs all E.S. units  |
    | 5. Quick                     - increases turn speed by 25%                  |
    | 6. Ether Jaming (H Lost)     - induces H Lost on all E.S. units             |
    This boss is very weak to Fire and Aura, making Dinah's Meteor Storm and
    Zebulun's Golden Bow extremely useful in this fight. Keep charging to 200% and
    let go of your special attacks as quickly as possible.
    Every now and then Inversion will analyze your attack pattern and enable one of
    its counter boost plugins, which means it will counterattack if you use a
    certain kind of attack.
    Just keep yourself healed and use Meteor Storm and Golden Bow, and the fight
    will be over in no time. Do not forget to steal the useful Auto Recover
    When you are done head north through the door to encounter another puzzle. The
    blocks in this area can only be destroyed by shooting them from the side that
    is glowing green. You can shoot across the walls, so this puzzle is easily
    solved. Destroy the tiny boxes for some items: a G Ether PD Guard, a Charge
    Boost, and a Nano Sphere. When you have destroyed all the blocks, exit through
    the door to the northwest.
    Head north and save in the next room. At this point you can choose to continue
    west with you E.S. units to make it to the end of the dungeon quickly, or you
    can do the block puzzle here and continue on foot. You will have to fight a lot
    more enemies, but you will also find some things you will not find while in
    your E.S.
    If you wish to continue by E.S., head west and go along the path, taking out
    any enemies you encounter. At the end you will need to disembark from your E.S.
    units, go through the door, east, and down the stairs to reach a large golden
    destroyable object containing the last saveplate of this dungeon. Continuing on
    will pit you against the next boss mentioned below.
    If you wish to continue by characters, you will need to finish the block puzzle
    to create a path. If you destroy a particular block in this puzzle, any block
    of the same color next to it will be destroyed as well. To finish this puzzle,
    you will need to create a path with a layer of two crates on the bottom and
    none sticking out on top.
    The columns will look like this:   And when you are done should look like this:
         A B C D E F G H I J                A B C D E F G H I J
    8      B     R B     Y             8
    7      Y B Y R B Y Y B B           7
    6    B Y R B R R Y B B Y           6
    5    B Y R B Y R B B Y Y           5
    4    B B B B Y R B B Y Y           4
    3    R Y Y Y R R Y R R R           3
    2 == R R Y B R Y B B R B ==        2 == R R Y Y Y Y B B Y B ==
    1 == Y R B R R Y R R Y Y ==        1 == R R Y Y Y Y R R Y Y ==
    Destroy the following blocks in this order:
    D-2, D-1, D-2, C-1, C-3,
    C-3, B-3, B-3, A-1,
    F-3, I-2, J-3, G-3, I-3
    Save at the saveplate again (you do not want to have to redo that puzzle), then
    disembark at the easternmost boarding plate. Run all the way east to a green
    crate you can blow up for Skill Upgrade B x4.
    Run up to the purple door you just passed and blow it up. Go inside and blow up
    the crate for a Med Kit DX. Go back outside. Enter the greenish door and use
    the trap inside to fight the mechanical enemies. You may want to use MOMO and
    Shion to take them out quickly. Blow up the crates in this room for a Boost
    Go back outside and go west across the path you made earlier. Blow up the door
    to gain entry and go inside. Continue along the path, destroying the crate and
    taking out the enemies you encounter. While you are running east, there will be
    a fork in the road that leads south and east. Go south here and blow up the
    crate at the end to find a treasure chest containing Secret Key 27, which opens
    up the skill "ST Double" (4/C/3).
    Head back north and go east, taking out the enemy. Before you head out through
    the door, be sure to press the blinking red button.
    You will appear in a room with lots of glowing golden objects. Some of these
    contain items, others will contain strong enemies. Numbering them from front
    to back:
    1 contains an enemy
    4 contains an Ether Pack DX
    5 contains an enemy
    7 contains an emey
    8 contains an Ether Pack M
    The next room has more of these objects, once again, some containing items,
    others containing enemies:
    1 is an enemy
    3 is a Skill Upgrade C
    4 is an enemy
    5 is an enemy
    Continue into the next room. Walk up to the large glowing golden object and
    destroy it to make a saveplate appear. SAVE YOUR GAME! For the next battle you
    will mainly want to use Ziggy and chaos for their Down effect. The third member
    of your party can be anyone, but preferably someone that has a fair bit of HP.
    Get on the platform behind the saveplate to proceed to the area for the next
    boss fight.
    | BOSS 12 | Cathedral                                                         |
    | HP:       32000 | POW:   70 | DEX:  50 | Item:      Skill Upgrade E         |
    | E.Pts:    42000 | ARM:   40 | EVA:  30 | Rare item: N/A                     |
    | C.Pts:     4800 | EATK:  65 | AGL:   9 |                                    |
    | S.Pts:     3000 | EDEF:  65 |          |                                    |
    | Weak zone:  CCCC, BCCB                                                      |
    | Weakness:   beam                                                            |
    | Other:      boost, counter boost                                            |
    | Special Attacks:                                                            |
    | 1. Memories of Guadalupe - reveals character's soul                         |
    | 2. Purification of the Soul - kills the character whose soul got revealed   |
    | 3. Wheel of Memory - changes personality                                    |
    | -- White Robe personality--                                                 |
    | 4. Love of the Virgin (Beam) - beam ether damage vs all characters          |
    | 5. Advent of Sweet Whispers (L Stun) - induces L Stun on all characters     |
    | 6. A Lily Bathed in Deception (L Weak) - induces L Weak on all characters   |
    | 7. Four Shining Wheels (L Poison EP) - induces L Poison EP on all characters|
    | -- Call to Arms personality--                                               |
    | 8. Instigate Massacre - increases Call to Arms physical attack damage       |
    | 9. Sodom Quake (Strike) - strike damage vs all characters                   |
    |10. Roar of Lucifer (Strike) - strike damage vs all characters               |
    This is one of those boss fights that can be over really quickly or drag on
    forever depending on your luck. Like Orgulla in the Ormus Stronghold, this boss
    will occasionally switch personalities. With that, both the stats and special
    attacks of the boss will change, including the weak zone.
    The first form is White Robe, which uses beam attacks and ether spells to make
    your characters weak. This form is weak to physical attacks and strong to ether
    attacks. Its ether attacks are strong however, so watch out.
    The secondary form is Call to Arms, which uses physical Strike area attacks
    that can quickly wipe out your party if you do not keep your HP up. This form
    is weak to ether attacks, so use that to your advantage.
    Occasionally, the boss will use the "Memories of Guadalupe" attack, which picks
    one of your characters and will eliminate him/her after 3 turns using the
    "Purification of the Soul" attack. Before this happens, switch the character
    out for another to prevent this.
    Because of the weak zone, you will need two characters to break through its
    guard. Be careful while attacking it physically in its Call to Arms form will
    make it counter boost.
    Also, this boss has an Air Block ability preventing Air status. Therefore use
    chaos and Ziggy to create a Down status for maximum damage. Be sure to do this
    while the boss is in its White Robe form or you will most likely get counter
    boosted in the middle of your attacks.
    Once you have defeated Cathedral, head back to the platform and across to the
    savepoint. Be sure to save your game here, learn any new skills you might find
    useful and head back to the control panel you were examining earlier for the
    next boss fight. Be sure to make a party of KOS-MOS, Jin, chaos and/or Jr.
    | BOSS 13 | Patriarch                                                         |
    | HP:       21600 | STR:   75 | DEX:  50 | Item:      Skill Upgrade E         |
    | E.Pts:    72000 | VIT:   20 | EVA:  55 | Rare item: Awakening IV            |
    | C.Pts:     5400 | EATK: 100 | AGL:   8 |                                    |
    | S.Pts:     6000 | EDEF:  50 |          |                                    |
    | Weak zone:  BCBB                                                            |
    | Weakness:   physical attacks, pierce, slash, strike                         |
    | Other:      boost, counter boost                                            |
    | Special Attacks:                                                            |
    | 1. Death to the Wicked (Aura/L Blind) - aura ether damge vs one character,  |
    |                                         induces L Blind                     |
    | 2. Invitation to Death (Aura/L Slow) - aura ether damage vs one character,  |
    |                                        induces L Slow                       |
    | 3. Sublime Blast (Aura) - aura ether damage vs all characters               |
    | BOSS 13 | Patriarch (second form)                                           |
    | HP:       32400 | STR:   75 | DEX:  50 | Item:      Skill Upgrade E         |
    | E.Pts:    72000 | VIT:   20 | EVA:  55 | Rare item: Awakening IV            |
    | C.Pts:     5400 | EATK: 100 | AGL:   8 |                                    |
    | S.Pts:     6000 | EDEF:  50 |          |                                    |
    | Weak zone:  BCC                                                             |
    | Weakness:   physical attacks, pierce, slash, strike                         |
    | Other:      boost, counter boost                                            |
    | Special Attacks:                                                            |
    | 1. Death to the Wicked (Aura/L Blind) - aura ether damge vs one character,  |
    |                                         induces L Blind                     |
    | 2. Invitation to Death (Aura/L Slow) - aura ether damage vs one character,  |
    |                                        induces L Slow                       |
    | 3. Sublime Blast (Aura) - aura ether damage vs all characters               |
    | 4. Fool's Punishment (Aura/L Blind) - aura ether damage vs one character,   |
    |                                       induces L Blind                       |
    | 5. Rite of Initiation (Aura/L Slow) - aura ether damage vs one character,   |
    |                                       induces L Slow                        |
    | 6. Quick - increases turn speed by 25%                                      |
    | 7. Gravestone Lock (H Boost Lock) - induces H Boost Lock on one character   |
    | 8. Curse of Gartes (Curse) - induces Curse on one character                 |
    | 9. U.M.N. Phase Cannon - Scatter (Beam) - massive beam ether damage vs all  |
    |                                           characters                        |
    The Patriarch is very strong against ether attacks and weak against physical
    attacks, so using KOS-MOS, Jin, Jr. and/or chaos is important. He will use a
    lot of aura attacks, so Aura Veil is very useful if you have it.
    Stock up all of your characters to full and unleash your combos on him. He will
    use a lot of status attacks on you, so be sure to have Refresh L or Antidote L
    items ready. Keep stocking and attacking him until he falls. With all three
    characters at maximum stock, you can easily do 10000+ damage before you run out
    of boosts.
    After you take him out, he will return in his second form, this time assisted
    by the powerful Proto Omega. The tactics remain the same, but this time it is
    very important to keep your HP up. If you have skills to protect you against
    Beam attacks, use them! Once the Patriarch's HP drops below 10000 he will use
    the mighty U.M.N. Phase Cannon attack to deal 1000+ beam ether damage to all
    your characters. Unless you are at full health, this will most likely kill you.
    Other than that, keep pounding on him and he should be dead in no time. Do not
    be afraid to use your rejuvenator items to recover from the U.M.N. Phase Cannon
    as this is a life or death situation.
    Once the cutscenes are over, you will be controlling Rubedo in the Bridge area
    of the Durandal. Use the Awakening IV item you stole from the Patriarch to
    learn Double Attack "Blessed Miracle" for chaos and MOMO.
    When you are ready, head to the Park Area. Go into the park for another string
    of cutscenes.
    //// 3.11 Space-time Anomaly //////////////////////////////////////////////////
    Once you appear inside the Space-time Anomaly, save at the savepoint and head
    north further inside. After the cutscene head further north for another scene.
    Head all the way east for yet another cutscene. Head west for more cutscene
    goodness, then run northeast to teleport to the next area.
    Run all the way to the end of the path for another cutscene and to begin the
    fight with Albedo.
    | BOSS 14 | Albedo                                                            |
    | HP:        5300 | STR:   10 | DEX:  60 | Item:      N/A                     |
    | E.Pts:        0 | VIT:   20 | EVA:  60 | Rare item: N/A                     |
    | C.Pts:        0 | EATK: 100 | AGL:  10 |                                    |
    | S.Pts:        0 | EDEF:  34 |          |                                    |
    | Weak zone:  random                                                          |
    | Weakness:   physical attacks, aura                                          |
    | Other:      boost, counter boost                                            |
    | Special Attacks:                                                            |
    | 1. Safety Level - character will remain at 1 HP when dying                  |
    | 2. Resentment - talking                                                     |
    | 3. Provocation 3 - weak zone BC                                             |
    | 4. Provocation 1 - weak zone CC                                             |
    | 5. Provocation 2 - weak zone CB                                             |
    | 6. Provocation 4 - weak zone BB                                             |
    | 7. Miracle Star - non-elemental ether attack vs one character               |
    | 8. Regenerate Consciousness - healing                                       |
    | 9. Provocation 9 - weak zone CC?                                            |
    |10. Eternal Chain (Aura) - lowers HP to 1                                    |
    This fight is mainly for story purposes and cannot really be lost. Build up
    stock and just attack Albedo till he dies. He will occasionally change his weak
    zone, zo keep that into account. Other than that, once he dies he will cast
    Eternal Chain, which will bring you close to death as well and ends the fight.
    After some cutscenes and the ending movie, you will be prompted to save a clear
    savegame. Do so, as this will allow you to play through the epilogue by loading
    that savegame from the main menu. Congratulations, you finished Xenosaga 2!

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