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    GS Campaign #32 Guide by spoony_bard_ol

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    GS Campaign 32 Guide v1.00
    By spoony_bard_ol, spoonybardol (at) gmail (dot) com
    Table of Contents
    Hello Xenosaga fans. This is an FAQ for the GS Campaign #32. The game has
    saddled you with the monumental task of paying off Captain Matthews' debt,
    a whopping 10000000G! Normally this can be quite frustrating, and take
    quite a long time to do. There are several methods that are popular, which
    I'll cover, but the point of this FAQ is to highlight probably the fastest
    and most effective method, and one people seem to frequently overlook. Of
    course I'll also outline the other methods as well, so you can choose your
    own poison. The main method this FAQ will outline, however, will allow
    you to pay off the debt as soon as you can return to Second Miltia after
    completing the Ormus Stronghold.
    This is, in my experience, the quickest and most effective way to pay off
    Matthews' debt. But it's something you need to prepare for when the Second
    Disc starts. If you've already entered the Ormus Stronghold, it's really
    too late to effectively pull it off. This strategy will allow you to steal
    20 (or 21 rather) Awakening II items off of Orgulla. They sell for 500000G
    each, so 20 of them will pay off the huge debt.
    First and foremost: HAVE PSYCHO POCKET!! You get it by completing GS 01,
    which is started by talking to Jacqueline outside the clinic in the First
    District of the City Sector on Second Miltia, anytime after the Moby Dick
    scene with Shion, Jr, chaos and Jin. You HAVE to complete this GS campaign
    BEFORE diving into MOMO's Subconscious. Or else you will not get another
    chance to get Psycho Pocket until AFTER the Ormus Stronghold. If you're 
    already past that point and don't have Psycho Pocket, then it's too late
    to use this strategy. GS 01 is really straightforward, and Psycho Pocket
    comes in handy during the entire Subconscious Domain, especially in
    stealing an important item off of Albedo at the end.
    Also make sure Shion has Medica 2 and Focus I. Granted she can always go
    to the nearby Save Point to heal, and the enemies won't be dealing TOO much
    damage to her, but you never know. They could get lucky and hit her with a
    critical. Besides, giving her Medica 2 and Focus I will help out later on
    when you face Orgulla. Medica 2 is easy enough to get, but Focus I requires
    that you have unlocked Segment Address 06. But, since you really cannot
    miss that one, it's the first one you're presented with in Second Miltia,
    if you're missing Focus I, then you're probably not in good shape to
    tackle this strategy anyway.
    While Shion is alone on the Dammerung, take time to level her up to about
    Lv40 or Lv45. It may seem daunting when she starts off there at probably
    Lv21 or so, depending on how you played the first disc, but it really
    doesn't take as long as you would think, so long as you follow the right
    At any rate, what you have to do is find the room in the Dammerung that is
    made up of several smaller rooms, all of which you fall down into from the
    Conveyer Belt room above. Before you start actually leveling in here, go up
    to the Conveyer Belt room (via the catwalk and block puzzle in the adjacent
    room, which you open up by using the tank's guns. I'm operating under the
    assumption you at least know your away around the Dammerung, look at one of
    the several walkthroughs if you're having trouble finding your way) and drop
    down hole #4 in order to unlock the door to the stairs. This makes the
    process go by a bit faster. The room is organized like this ASCII map...
    |       |       |      |
    |       |       |      |         M1 - M4 = Monsters 1-4
    |M1                M2  |        Stairs 1 = Leads out to main Dammerung room
    |                      |        Stairs 2 = Leads deeper into the Dammerung,
    |       |       |      |                   you fall in here from hole #4 in
    |-------|       |------|                   the room above
    |  ||||||       |      |               \ = Segment Address 07 
    |  -----               |
    |Stairs2               |
    |       |       |      |
    |-------|       |------|
    |       |       |      |
    | M3               M4  |
    |                      |
    |       |       |      |
    |-------|       |------|
    |                      |
    |                      |
    |                      |
    |       |       |      |
    |-------|       |------|
    |       |       |      |
    |                      |
    |Stairs1               \
    |--|    |       |      |
    |--|    |       |      |
    This room is the optimal place to level Shion. Start at Stairs 2, and take
    out the four Mecha enemies in the four smaller rooms in this larger room.
    Return to Stairs 2, leave the room, then reenter, and they'll have respawned.
    Rinse and repeat.
    As for the battles themselves, there's one important thing to keep in mind. 
    There are three different types of enemies.
    VSS Emissive - HP 1840 - EXP  880 - Class Points 15 - Skill Points 44
    VSS Fresnel  - HP 2720 - EXP 1180 - Class Points 15 - Skill Points 48
    VSS Rayleigh - HP  960 - EXP  800 - Class Points 15 - Skill Points 40
    The VSS Emissive is the most frequently encountered enemy, which is a good 
    thing. If it starts a battle with one of the other types, preferably the VSS 
    Fresnel, it will summon another when the first one is defeated. It will only 
    do that once, however, so you cannot farm a single battle for tens of
    thousands of EXP, unfortunatly. But it's still ok. The optimal battles are
    ones with VSS Emissive and VSS Fresnel. Always target the Fresnel (or
    Rayleigh when they show up) first. The VSS Emissive never attack anyway, so
    they're harmless. Once the Fresnel or Rayleigh is down, another will be
    called. Once you take that out, then you can destroy the Emissive and move
    on. All of these enemies are weak versus Thunder, which is present on all
    of Shion's attacks, so  killing them will not prove difficult. Especially
    when she reaches Level 30 and above, they'll be dropping like flies.
    Out of the four monster encounters in the room above, M4 is the only one
    which is different. M1-3 will always give you the same set of battles.
    They'll either be a lone Emissive, or an Emissive with a Fresnel (sometimes
    you'll be pincered between the two). But M4 will either give you a lone
    Fresnel, or an Emissive with a Rayleigh.
    Once you're used to fighting them, it won't take very long. Just run 
    through the room, killing the four of them, exit and reenter. If you need to
    save, exit through Stairs 1, there's a Save Point out in the main Dammerung
    For me, it took about an hour and a half to get Shion from Level 21 to Level
    43. It will depend on the frequency you encounter the battle party with a
    VSS Emissive and VSS Fresnel, since that's the optimal enemy encounter for
    maximum experience. Once you're at around Lv40-45 complete the Dammerung
    and continue on. Again, refer to another walkthrough if you don't know
    what to do.
    I should note that even when you get to the Elsa, you can still return
    to the Dammerung via the UMN and level up some more. Up until you tell
    Matthews to go to Old Miltia Shion will still be in the party alone.
    Just use the UMN Dive Device and return to the Dammerung to do more
    leveling if you'd like. But once everyone else in the party rejoins
    after you tell Matthews to go to Old Miltia it'll be too late. When
    every one else joins Shion, their levels will have increased as well.
    They'll be a level or two behind Shion, but still significantly higher
    than they were at the end of Disc 1! That makes this method of leveling
    building worth doing even if you're not using this strategy for GS 32.
    The only downside to this is that the three ES's will not have leveled
    up with the characters. So the first part of the Ormus Stronghold will
    not be made any easier, but it's not an overly difficult section anyway.
    I'll assume you're familiar with the Stronghold itself, it's considerably
    longer than the Dammerung, but with your Lv40-ish party the enemies you
    encounter on foot won't prove to be much of a challenge. Refer to another
    walkthrough if you need help getting through it. Save right before the
    battle with Orgulla, now it's time for the main event.
    And now, the battle with Orgulla itself.
    Personally I start the battle off with Shion, KOS-MOS and Jin. I later
    switch Jin out for MOMO. Make sure at Shion and MOMO both have Medica 2,
    Revert, and Focus I. Medica All would also come in handy. Giving those
    skills to KOS-MOS as well would make things much easier. Also, it may be
    useful to give one of them Boost I. It would also be useful to give MOMO
    and Shion Blade Coat, Pierce Coat and Ice Coat, if possible. Orgulla tends
    to frequently target the party members with lowest HP. Having the skill
    which increases resistance to Poison helps too, because she uses that a
    lot when in her normal stance.
    I'll stress it here, Focus I is a MUST for your healers, otherwise you're
    going to run out of EP long  before you're finished with Orgulla. Also
    give Psycho Pocket to at least two characters, I had it on Shion and MOMO.
    Don't pull any punches when the battle starts. Stock Shion, KOS-MOS and Jin
    to full. While you're doing this, use Psycho Pocket until you steal the
    Awakening II item. You can also get a Skill Upgrade E. Once you've done
    that, when Jin's turn comes up have him use the BC combo, Boost KOS-MOS,
    and have her follow up with BB to Zone Break her, then use her stocked
    attacks. Boost Shion in the process and have her empty her stock, then do
    the same for Jin. Keep boosting if you wish, if you have extra boosts to
    use. Even single attacks do more damage while she's still Aired. Either
    way it is likely that the assault will leave her with around 10000 HP,
    give or take 1000. At this point she'll likely go into Manes mode. Here
    I switch Jin out for MOMO (but it's all up to preference. I use MOMO for
    her higher Ether Attack and healing abilities. But with her low HP she's
    frequently targetted by Orgulla.). Keep attacking Orgulla, but DON'T KILL 
    HER! You don't need be attacking her to get her to shift from Normal mode
    to Manes mode, but I've found that the lower her HP is the more frequently
    she shifts modes. At one point in the battle she'll probably use Medica on
    herself to restore 4500 HP, but in my experience she only does that ONCE. I
    personally got her HP down to about 2000, then left her alone.
    Eventually she'll go out of Manes mode, and back into Normal mode. When
    that happens you can steal Awakening II again. You want 21 of these items
    (20 to sell, 1 to use) so make sure and keep track! Once she returns to
    her normal stance she follows a set pattern. First she'll use Quick, then
    she'll up the effectiveness of her Poison. Then after a few attacks and
    scatter shots she'll shout something like 'Repent for your Sins, Pigs!' and
    a message will say her eyes shine blue. Anytime after this point she'll
    revert to her Manes stance, so be sure to steal Awakening II before then.
    If you haven't stolen the item by the time the message about her eyes
    shining blue comes up, start boosting if you have to, but get it stolen
    before she enters her Manes stance. Else you'll have wasted an entire
    cycle, and we don't want that. This is where having Boost I comes in handy.
    While in her Manes stance she'll use lots of Ice Attacks, and frequently
    target the character with lowest HP. She also frequently Boosts (even when
    she doesn't have any in her Boost Gauge!) and can Air your party members
    to do even more damage. You really need to be at Lv40 to even survive her
    onslaught long enough to steal the items you need. Having Focus I is
    critical here because you'll be healing, a LOT. And doing nothing but
    stocking in the turns inbetween. Once you get used to the pattern of
    Stocking, Healing, and Stealing, it's not difficult. Note that you can't
    steal Awakening II while she's in her Manes stance (but you CAN get a
    Skill Upgrade E, so do it if you get the chance). You can only steal it
    from her Normal (Green, Poison Sword) stance. Her Manes form is much more
    chaotic and unpredictible, but she doesn't tend to stay in it long,
    especially when her HP is low.
    So heal when you need to, Stock when you're doing nothing else, steal as
    soon as she returns to her normal stance, and do not kill her. Keep her HP
    low, around 2000, and she'll switch between her two stances frequently. It
    took me two hours to get 21 Awakening items. It's a long battle (make sure
    you got the time to sit down and do it when you start) but it's worth it.
    Altogether, with preparation and execution of the Orgulla strategy, it took
    me three and a half hours to get the necessary items to complete GS 32.
    That's still faster than the other more popular strategies. And since all
    the leveling that you do on the Dammerung comes in handy anyway this really
    is the best strategy.
    Once you're finished with Orgulla and have the items (go one over if you
    think you lost count, better to have one more than you need than one LESS)
    be sure to go out and save BEFORE destroying the pillars in her room. Once
    you do that the room outside technically changes and the Save Point is
    gone. You certainly don't want to mess up and die while trying to escape
    the Stronghold, or while fighting the ES Issachar. Once you're finished,
    and done with watching all the cutscenes you'll be back in the Durandal.
    Return to the Elsa and ask Matthews to go to Second Miltia (Be sure to have
    spoken to the droid on the lower level of the Elsa to begin GS 32) and then
    talk to K2 to the right of where you enter the Space Port from the Elsa.
    Give him 20 of the Awakening II items and that's all you need. The 10000000G
    debt paid off. Return to the Elsa and speak to Kamikaze near the Weapons
    booth to claim your reward!
    The first strategy is the most efficient, but it may not be your cup of tea.
    Or perhaps you're already past the Ormus Stronghold and still want to pay
    off the debt. Well another good strategy is by exploiting Rod Blondel. You
    face this enemy by starting GS 14, which you can access by talking to Kate
    in her apartment in City Sector One on Second Miltia, AFTER you visit Old
    Miltia. Get the campaign started and return to Old Miltia 14 Years Ago via
    the UMN, and you'll find Rod Blondel near Segment Address 14.
    The trick to Rod is that you can run from him, and you can steal a Skill
    Upgrade D and Skill Upgrade E from him. So all you need to do is steal from
    him, flee, and fight him again and repeat the process. Skill Upgrade E's
    are very handy anyway, so it's worth doing even if you're not working on
    GS 32.
    The downside to this trick is that the Upgrades don't sell for nearly as
    much as the awakenings. Skill Upgrade D's sell for 2000G, and Skill Upgrade
    E's sell for 10000G. So you'd need 1000 Skill Upgrade E's to cover the debt.
    And you can only carry 99 at a time. So it would take a long time to get
    what you needed.
    This strategy isn't as practical as the first one, but it can be done as
    soon as you reach the Submerged City on Old Miltia, and is worth doing if
    you were unsuccessful in the first strategy (or were unable to do it, and
    don't want to start a new game).
    Keep in mind you can't fight Rod again if you kill him in the battle. The
    reward for GS 14 is pretty good too. You recieve the Inner Peace skill
    which is one of the better ones to give to the entire party.
    This is the strategy you're all probably most familiar with. It's
    certainly the most popular strategy for completing GS 32. It's also
    the most time consuming, and you're unable to do it until you finish
    the game once.
    When fighting the Patriarch, you can steal the Awakening IV item off of
    him. It's too bad that you can only do it once, unlike Orgulla. The
    Patriarch has two forms, but the game will only let you steal it once.
    If you could do it twice it would shorten things considerably, but alas.
    I won't get into strategies for the Patriarch, as that has been covered
    elsewhere in greater detail. Basically you steal from him, then beat him,
    watch the ending, save your clear data,  then load that up, replay the
    Omega System and face the Patriarch again, and repeat the process.
    Awakening IVs sell for the same price as Awakening IIs, so you need 20
    of them.
    Suffice to say, the process of replaying the Omega System, beating the
    Patriarch, and watching the entire ending (you can skip a lot of the
    scenes, but not the credits or the final scene) and doing that 20 times
    takes up a LOT of time. Well over 10-15 hours at least. The upsides to
    doing this is that the Patriarch gives you a LOT of experience and Skill
    and Class points. Also the return trip through the Omega System has
    virtually all the obstacles and enemies removed from your path. You
    should only need to fight one group of enemies before fighting the
    Patriarch, depending on whether or not you take the on foot route, or
    the ES route near the end.
    You can certainly level up like crazy fighting the Patriarch, but it will
    take a huge chunk of time to get 20 Awakening IV items. But if you're at
    the end of the game and can't rely on the other two methods, and don't
    want to start a new game, then this is really your only other option.
    Finishing this GS campaign is well worth it, even if you aren't a
    completionist. The rewards are great. 40 Skill Upgrade Es, Ziggy and
    MOMO's Double Tech, KOS-MOS's X-Buster, and Jin's Swimsuit. If you
    follow the first strategy you'll have all that before even going to the
    Submerged City. You'll be at a high level, with plenty of Skill Upgrade
    E's to spend on your party, and with some new toys to have fun with. The
    rest of the normal game should pose no problem, and you'll be in good
    condition to tackle the extras once you finish the game. Not to mention
    Ziggy and MOMO's double tech, Power Strike, is hilarious. While it may
    be dull to run around in one area level building for an hour and a half,
    then spending two hours fighting one boss it is still the best way to
    complete the GS 32.
    I'd like to thank Namco and Monolith Software for making this fine game.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    If you have any questions or queries regarding this FAQ, please feel free
    to email me at spoonybardol (at) gmail (dot) com.
    Copyright 2005

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