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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ManicLaugh

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 06/19/16 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    VERSION 1.4
    Written by ManicLaugh (Callum D Simpson)
    Writing began:                 22/06/2012
    Version 1.00 completed:        17/07/2012
    Most recent version completed: 20/06/2016
    |                               BEFORE WE START:                        [CNT] |
    |                                   CONTENTS                                  |
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    heading of the relevant section of the guide. ***
    Before We Start
    [CNT]   | Contents
    [LGL]   | Legal/Copyright
    [INT]   | Introduction                      *Please read*
    [VER]   | Version History
    Game Basics
    [BSC01] | Characters
    [BSC02] | Controls
    [BSC03] | Items
    [BSC04] | Gameplay Elements
    [WLK01] | Cat Village
    [WLK02] | Mystic Forest
    [WLK03] | Meridional Forest
    [WLK04] | Dragoncave
    [WLK05] | Wild Boar Boarax
    [WLK06] | Nebula Islands
    [WLK07] | Marshland
    [WLK08] | Frog City
    [WLK09] | Turtle Fort
    [WLK10] | Crocodile Temple
    [WLK11] | Lone Swamp
    [WLK12] | Forsaken City I
    [WLK13] | King's Palace
    [WLK14] | Ancient Dungeons
    [WLK15] | Forsaken City II
    [WLK16] | Beach of Waa-Lo
    [WLK17] | Harbour
    [WLK18] | Volcano
    [WLK19] | Showdown with Shun
    Additional Information
    [DMN]   | Demon Portal Locations
    [LOC]   | Rare Item Locations
    [EXT]   | Extras and Unlockables
    [TRO]   | Trophy/ Achievement List
    [MAP]   | Maps
    [FAQ]   | Frequently Asked Questions
    For Advanced Players
    [OVR]   | Overkill
    [SCR]   | Maximising Score Gain
    [PLA]   | High Scoring Playthrough
    [CRY]   | Big Crystal Quick Reference Guide
    [CHA]   | Challenge Playthroughs
    [SPD]   | Speedrunning the Game
    [THX]   | Contact Information and Thanks
    |                               BEFORE WE START:                        [LGL] |
    |                               LEGAL/COPYRIGHT                               |
    This FAQ/walkthrough is copyright 2012-2016 Callum D Simpson
    This guide is for private, personal use only. This guide cannot be reproduced,
    hosted on a website or otherwise distributed without explicit written consent
    from the author. Using this guide without permission except for private,
    personal use is a violation of copyright law.
    All trademarks and copyrighted materials mentioned or appearing in this guide
    are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    If you want to host this guide on your website, be sure to e-mail me first (see
    contact section).
    This walkthrough/FAQ is currently available on the following sites:
         - gamefaqs.com
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    |                               BEFORE WE START:                        [INT] |
    |                                 INTRODUCTION                                |
    Welcome to my FAQ/walkthrough for the 2005 action-adventure game Legend of Kay,
    and the 2015 re-release Legend of Kay: Anniversary Edition!
    The game stars Kay, a cat from the island of Yenching, who embarks on a quest
    to save the island of Yenching from the dictatorial "Din" regime of the rats
    and gorillas, with the help of his friend Su Ling and the Master, his martial
    arts sensei.
    The purpose of the walkthrough is essentially to show you how to beat the whole
    game on normal difficulty, and finish up with a really high score. There are
    additional sections after the walkthrough which provide extra information to
    allow you to find more treasure or hone your combat skills, and to provide
    further challenges for players who are more familiar with the game.
    I will be as thorough in describing the early areas of the game as I will be
    with the last boss, but please do not think me patronising- the guide is
    written for someone who is completely new to the game. That said, there will
    undoubtedly be some SPOILERS along the way, which will creep in without
    warning. The plot is quite predictable, so I make no apologies for this- you
    won't be missing out on many surprises.
    To make the best use of the walkthrough, set the minimap to ABSOLUTE rather
    than RELATIVE in "game settings" within the options menu. This holds north in a
    fixed position, and will allow me to give directions based on this.
    Unfortunately, this option does not save with your game, so you will have to
    re-select absolute every time you play.
    I would also strongly recommend turning autosave OFF in the options menu before
    you start playing. There are at least two bugs in the game that will ruin your
    save file if you are unlucky enough to encounter them, and you may have to
    start the game all over again. The best way to avoid this is to save manually,
    save regularly, and save on different files. This way, if one file is ruined by
    a bug, you can load up another file without backtracking too much in the game.
    Finally, I hope you find this guide useful and enjoy playing Legend of Kay as
    much as I have these past years. Best of luck!
    Please e-mail your feedback on the guide to the address in the "contact"
    section. Letting me know what you liked about the guide and what you would like
    to see improved helps me to keep making the guide better! If you found the
    guide useful, and are reading on GameFAQs, please "recommend" :)
    |                               BEFORE WE START:                        [VER] |
    |                               VERSION HISTORY                               |
    Version 1.4: Completed 20.06.2016
         - Rechecked the entirety of the walkthrough in some considerable depth,
           making dozens of alterations to improve accuracy, clarity, detail and
         - Added section on challenge playthroughs
         - Added maps
         - Expanded even further the section on maximising score gain
    Version 1.3: Completed 22.12.2015
         - Added section with strategies for high scores on every level
         - Added section on optimum colours for big crystals
         - Expanded section on maximising score gain
         - Updated FAQs section with questions asked since anniversary release
         - Updated extras/unlockables section to include information from T Murphy
         - Added T Deacon's information on a bug in the Crocodile Temple
    Version 1.2: Completed 31.07.2015
         - Added section on overkill
         - Added section on trophies and achievements following anniversary release
    Version 1.1: Completed 10.08.2014
         - Added section on rare item locations
         - Added section on gaining high scores
         - Added section on extras, and secret unlockable weapons
         - Included Alex R's information about Nong Bao's optional quest
         - More corrections and minor additions made, and formatting improved
    Version 1.01: Completed 11.07.2013
         - Included J Meleu's information about the +5 chest on the volcano
         - Guide generally polished up, corrections made and readability of some
           sections improved
         - Added locations of a few extra lives and chests
    Version 1.00: Completed 17.07.2012
         - Full walkthrough completed, including optional quests
         - Added sections on game basics including characters, controls and items
         - Added section on demon portals
         - Added FAQs section
    |                                GAME BASICS:                         [BSC01] |
    |                                 CHARACTERS                                  |
    Primary Characters
    Kay: An excitable young orphan who lives in the cat village with his Uncle
    Shen. When the rats and gorillas close his Master's fighting school, Kay
    springs into action to put an end to their torment of Yenching. He is athletic,
    confident and not afraid to charge into battle against the odds. Kay is the
    only playable character in the game.
    The Master: Kay's teacher at the fighting school. It has been said that he was
    once the greatest warrior in Yenching, and he teaches Kay everything he knows.
    The master does not fight any more- he would much rather sit outside in the sun
    and drink nettlemead. Throughout Kay's quest, the master is always with him...
    in spirit, or something like that.
    Su Ling: Kay's best friend and love interest, the game would not be complete
    without some cheesy romance and the presence of a strong female character. She
    is driven and wise, and her alliance with the pandas allows her to plan a
    counter-strike against Shun's armies on Waa-Lo.
    The Merchant: Conveniently, this enigmatic entrepreneur sets up shop in each of
    the areas Kay plans to travel through. He seems to lack political association
    and is prepared to help whoever has the coin to pay him. The merchant sells
    items, armour and weapons at increasingly exorbitant prices. Be sure to pay him
    a visit before venturing into a dungeon!
    Tak the Alchemist: The devious and scheming king of rats, Tak uses the power of
    Shun's armies to further his own malicious plans. He intends to betray Shun
    once the songstone weapon is complete to become the most powerful being in
    Minister Shun: The power-crazed lord of the gorillas, Shun makes up for in
    brute strength what he lacks in intellect. He relies on Tak's expertise for the
    creation of the ultimate weapon, which he will use to gain unimaginable power.
    Shun is the primary antagonist against peace on Yenching, and is considered a
    highly dangerous adversary.
    Shun's Bodyguard: A powerful, high-ranking gorilla that is well-trained in
    deadly combat techniques. He will protect Shun, even if it means risking his
    own life.
    Secondary Characters
    Uncle Shen: Kay's adoptive guardian, for whom Kay has considerable respect.
    Shen lives in the cat village and clearly has the patience of a saint to put up
    with Kay's loud and energetic nature.
    Mayor Ou Bai: Mayor of the cat village, Ou Bai has met the demands of the
    gorillas and rats to protect the cat population from a fight that would mean
    the loss of many lives. However, this makes him seem cowardly, and some cats
    would rather he stood his ground.
    Boarax: A dangerous boar that terrorises the cat and hare populations.
    Attacking him head-on is widely considered to be a bad idea, and the accepted
    response to his presence is running for one's life.
    Mayor Tu Lao: A timid but charismatic hare, and leader of the Haretree. His
    aversion to fighting means that he must look to the dragon Tor Chi for help in
    driving the rats from the forest.
    Tor Chi: This dragon remains hidden in his cave of treasures near the hare
    city. Few have ever seen him and lived to tell the tale. It is said that he has
    a particular hatred for rats. Explorers beware; he will kill first and ask
    questions later.
    Mayor Gu: The leader of the frog population, he resides in Frog City. Rather
    than fighting against the oppression that the rats and gorillas have brought
    upon his people, his concern is the preservation of the frog eggs that will
    ensure the continuation of his species.
    The Ferryman: With his shop set up near the Frog City, he is not at all happy
    that the gorillas have been dumping explosive waste in his river. He has a
    reward for any challenger who can prove they are a better boatsman than him.
    Pan: This crafty panda of the Forsaken City is part of Avalanche- the band of
    rebels led by Su Ling. His sharp wit and knowledge of the city and its history
    have been invaluable in generating Avalanche's plans to escape the city and
    attack Waa-Lo.
    |                                GAME BASICS:                         [BSC02] |
    |                                  CONTROLS                                   |
    *Please note that these controls apply to PlayStation controllers only
    Menu Controls
    Directional buttons - Navigate menu
    X button            - Accept
    Triangle            - Cancel/Back
    Cinematic Controls
    X button        - toggle subtitles on/off
    Triangle (hold) - Skip cinematic
    Movement Controls
    Left analog stick               - Move Kay
    Right analogue stick left/right - Move camera
    Right analog stick up/down      - Change camera zoom
    R3                              - Centre camera behind Kay
    R3 (hold)                       - First person view (press R3 to exit)
    Directional buttons up/down     - Change minimap zoom
    Directional buttons left/right  - Show/Hide minimap
    X button      - Jump
    Square        - Attack
    Triangle      - Block/Combo jump
    O button      - Crouch (while stationary), roll (while running)
    START button  - Pause
    SELECT button - Open quest menu
    L1 button     - Use item
    L2 button     - Change item
    R1 button     - Throw enemy
    R2 button     - Change weapon
    X + X - Double Jump
    Pressing X at the peak of your first jump will give you maximum height.
    Pressing X after the peak of the first jump will give you greater distance.
    O + X - Somersault
    Jump quickly, gaining a lot of height but very little horizontal distance. Good
    for evading enemy attacks and reaching high ledges. Can be performed while
    running or stationary.
    X - Reflection Jump
    The technique can only be used on reflection walls, and you can count on one
    hand the number of times it is actually useful in the game. With a bit of
    practice you can get the timing right and scoot happily up these walls to
    whatever interesting thing is at the top.
    Combat Controls
    Square + square + square - Triple strike
    A hard-hitting combination of three strikes that will knock over an enemy.
    Requires a brief recovery time. Enemies can block this attack.
    Jump + Square OR Double Jump + Square - Jump attack
    An attack that is especially effective against enemies on the ground. Requires
    a short recovery time. Enemies can block this attack.
    Somersault + square - Somersault attack
    A very powerful attack. Works best against enemies on the ground. Requires a
    long recovery time. Enemies can block this attack. Enemies killed with a
    somersault drop a heart.
    Hold square- magic attack
    A powerful attack that hits all enemies close to Kay. Will knock enemies to the
    ground. Takes a short time to charge up. Enemies cannot block this attack.
    Requires 5 magic points to use.
    Crouch + square - uppercut
    Will knock an enemy to the ground, and can inflict high damage to standing
    enemies. Cannot be blocked by most enemies, and requires very little recovery
    time, but requires Kay to be stationary for a moment.
    Roll + square - Roll attack
    Will knock an enemy to the ground, cannot be blocked and requires almost no
    recovery time. Useful when there are many enemies, especially when they are
    spaced out or capable of dodging attacks. The quick recovery time, range and
    speed of this attack make it a personal favourite of mine.
    Fully rotate left analog stick + square - spin attack
    Like a regular attack, but hits all enemies within a small radius. Requires
    very little recovery time, but having to spin around before the attack leaves
    Kay vulnerable. Useful in some situations, but not an attack to rely on.
    Square, while knocked to the ground- standup attack
    Like the spin attack, this hits all enemies immediately surrounding Kay. It
    also allows Kay to stand up faster, and requires very little recovery time. I
    can't think of a reason not to use this attack every time you get knocked over.
    Move left analog stick in direction of enemy + triangle + square - Combo attack
    You need a combo of at least +1 to perform this attack. This is more powerful
    than a regular attack, and requires almost no recovery time. This is also the
    attack with the highest range. It is quick and will knock enemies to the
    ground. It is a very useful attack to use against groups of enemies that are
    spread out or enemies that can fly.
    R1 - Throw
    For this attack to work, you must be behind the enemy. This is a very powerful
    attack that requires a moderate recovery time. It will knock the enemy to the
    ground. The throw attack takes a long time, but if it hits successfully, Kay
    will be IMMUNE TO ALL DAMAGE for the duration of the throw attack, and can only
    be hit again from the start of the recovery time. This is very useful to bear
    in mind late in the game and while playing on harder difficulties. Throwing
    with the hammer also knocks over other enemies within a small radius. Not all
    enemies can be thrown.
    Roll + triangle + move left analog stick slightly left/right - roll around
    This technique is difficult to get the hang of, but is very useful. Roll
    towards an enemy and press triangle, while also moving the analog stick to one
    side. You don't have to move the analog stick much- if the enemy is right in
    front of you (12 o'clock position), move the analog stick to the 11 or 1
    o'clock position. This move does not require any recovery time, and allows you
    to attack the enemy from behind, preventing blocking, or throw the enemy with
    R1. This technique is especially useful for hitting demons in the back, as they
    use shields and cannot be thrown.
    Boar/Wolf Controls
    Left analog stick - steer
    X button          - jump
    O button          - jump off animal
    L1                - skid left
    R1                - skid right
    Boat Controls
    Left analog stick forward  - accelerate forwards
    Left analog stick backward - accelerate backwards
    Left analog stick L/R - steer boat (note: you can't turn while stationary)
    X button                   - jump from the boat
    Dragon Controls
    Left analog stick - steer
    X button          - speed boost
    Square            - shoot fireball
    L1                - turn sharply left
    R1                - turn sharply right
    |                                GAME BASICS:                         [BSC03] |
    |                                   ITEMS                                     |
    Consumable Items
    Health potion: Restores all of your health points. A very costly item, but you
    should always have one in reserve for a big fight.
    Magic potion: Restores all of your magic points. Moderately costly, but very
    useful for high scoring playthroughs or for those who like to use magic in
    Berserk Potion: Doubles the damage of all your attacks for a while (the manual
    says 10 seconds, but in reality it is more like 30). Also gives all of your
    attacks the ability to break an opponent's guard. This is especially suited to
    the triple strike, as the first strike breaks through the enemy's defence,
    allowing the other two strikes to deal massive damage. This is a high-price
    potion, and is without a doubt the most useful and valuable item in the game.
    Demon potion: This trippy concoction lets you see and travel through the demon
    gates for a very brief 10 seconds. See the demon portal locations section of
    the guide so you don't waste any of these. They are cheap, and are not
    essential unless you want a big boost to your score. Players aiming for high
    scores should know exactly where and when to use these.
    Bottle of hornets: This cheap flask is very effective in some situations. The
    hornets attack enemies for about 20 seconds, dealing some damage and disrupting
    enemy attacks, making some larger fights easier to handle. Unfortunately, there
    are usually far more important items to carry around with you, and so hornets
    tend not to be used much.
    Bomb: Very cheap, and deal big damage. Useful near the beginning of the game to
    break enemies' armour before you have the hammer, and can also be used to break
    down crumbling walls in the hare forest and the beach of Waa-Lo. Enemies will
    regularly run from bombs unless they are backed into a corner or knocked onto
    their backs.
    Flash bomb: A cheap item that is not available at the start of the game for no
    apparent reason. It causes a blinding flash that prevents nearby enemies from
    blocking your attacks or moving for a brief period. I mostly use these to allow
    me to charge up a magic attack or position myself for a hammer throw when I am
    overrun with enemies.
    Keys: Cannot be bought in the shop, they must be found in boxes or given by
    friendly characters. It is not hugely surprising that these handy little
    doodads open locked doors.
    Collectable Items
    Crystals: Crystals exist only to give you points. Collecting five of the same
    colour in a short space of time increases your score multiplier, allowing all
    of your score-earning actions to give you even more points. The multiplier
    increases more on harder difficulties, allowing you to earn even MORE points.
    Collecting a different colour of crystal, or earning no points for a brief
    period resets your multiplier to x1. More information on score and crystals can
    be found in the Maximising Score Gain section of the guide.
    Big crystals: Big crystals cannot be collected directly, and must be broken
    with a magic attack. By hitting the crystal with a melee attack, its colour
    will change, allowing you to choose the colour of crystal that it will fragment
    into. They provide a great boost to your score multiplier.
    Coins: Coins can be spent in the shop, and also add to your score. Each type of
    coin has a monetary value and a score value, where score value is ten times
    monetary value.
    Copper coin        1               10
    Silver coin        5               50
    Gold coin         10              100
    Yuan Bao          50              500
    Jade coin        100             1000
    Heart: Restore one lost health point. If you have not lost any health points,
    it acts as a silver coin. Enemies drop these if they are killed with a
    somersault attack. You are more likely to find hearts in pots instead of
    treasure if your health points are low.
    Magic point: Restore one lost magic point. If you have not lost any magic
    points, it acts as a silver coin. Enemies will drop these unless they are
    killed with a magic attack.
    Heart container: Gives you an extra health point, and restores all of your
    health. Go the extra mile to pick these up, and put them near the top of your
    shopping list when visiting the merchant.
    Magic container: Gives you an extra magic point, and restores all of your magic
    points. Pick these up when you can; make them your third priority at the shop,
    behind heart containers and new weapons.
    Light potions: Let's be honest, they look nothing like potions. Still, they're
    moderately handy to keep you on track through the darker areas of the game, and
    don't take up an item slot.
    Extra life: Grants you an extra life, to keep GAME OVER at bay that little bit
    Tip of the Day: The merchant reveals information about combat, enemies, or the
    location of a nearby demon portal.
    Acorn: Allows you to keep the boar under control.
    Meat: Allows you to keep the wolf under control.
    Chilli pepper: Increases the speed of your animal for a brief period.
    Armour: Will save your ass in the later stages of the game. As well as
    extending your health by several points, it will limit any damage done to you
    to one point. That's right, getting hit by a giant hammer, skewered by Boarax
    or having bombs detonated under your feet will only cost you one armour point
    instead of 2-4 health points. Armour is pricey, rare, and absolutely worth
    getting at every opportunity.
    Green                    5
    Red                     10
    Black                   15
    It is worth noting that armour points are not restored by collecting hearts,
    and damage done by falling into pits, drowning or choking on smoke is not
    absorbed by armour.
    Weapon Upgrades: Obtain at all costs- these are indispensable. They are all
    fairly easy to find, and any optional weapon upgrades that are not collected
    are available from the merchant in the next level of the game.
    Wooden Sword       No         Given by the Master, Cat Village
    Ancestral Sword    No         Obtained after Cat Village
    Dragon Sword       Yes        Find all cat statues in the Dragon cave
    Shadowsword        Yes        Swamps of Death
    Basic Claws        No         Turtle Fort, Nebula Islands
    Razor Claws        Yes        Bought from Merchant, Forsaken City I
    Mantis Claws       Yes        Southeast room, King's Palace
    Basic Hammer       No         Given by Pan, Forsaken City
    Ancient Hammer     No         Obtain 3 keys from pandas in the Ancient Dungeons
    Bullhammer         Yes        Bought from Merchant, Harbour
    |                                GAME BASICS:                         [BSC04] |
    |                              GAMEPLAY ELEMENTS                              |
    Zhongs and Combo Mode
    Zhongs are large floating deelies that have silly faces on them. Breaking a
    Zhong, destroying enemy armour or defeating an enemy increases combo by 1.
    While combo mode is active you can zip around between Zhongs or enemies to your
    heart's content with the triangle button by pushing the left analog stick in
    the direction of the object you want to combo towards. When combo mode is
    active, "COMBO +X" will be displayed on the screen. X can be any number between
    1 and 20.
    After a brief period of not breaking Zhongs or armour, or killing enemies, your
    combo will decrease in a similar manner to score multiplier. It is important to
    try and maintain combo of at least +1, as this will allow you to use combo
    attacks. Additionally, the higher your combo is, the more damage your attacks
    will do. Attacking with COMBO +20 is a sure-fire way to end a fight quickly.
    Wooden Zhong    Brown colour           Takes one hit to destroy.
    Stone Zhong     Grey colour            Can take up to three hits to destroy.
    Metal Zhong     Shiny/metallic         Can take up to five hits to destroy.
    Sword Zhong     Has sword symbol       Destroyed in one hit by the sword only.
    Claws Zhong     Has scratches on it    Destroyed in one hit by the claws only.
    Hammer Zhong    Has hammer symbol      Destroyed in one hit by the hammer only.
    Energy Zhong    Dark with pink sparks  Cannot destroy. Cause damage if touched.
    For more information on how to exploit combo mode, see the Overkill section of
    the guide.
    Cat Statues
    Cat statues are found in almost every area of the game. They are usually linked
    to compulsory quests, but some optional cat statues lead to great rewards. Take
    the time to find all of these if you can.
    Demon Portals
    The demon portals are difficult to find, and the demon realm is a dangerous
    place to be. But fear not! The locations of the known portals can be found
    later in the guide, and the Tip of the Day sold by the merchant can often be
    helpful in leading you to them. Novice players need not worry too much about
    these, but for experienced players they are a valuable source of massive score
    Various challenges within the game are timed. No timers are displayed on
    screen, so the time remaining to you is given as an audio beat, which increases
    in tempo as the time runs out.
    Magical Barriers
    Magical barriers are conjured by rats to prevent Kay from progressing. Simply
    killing the rat is not enough to cause the barrier to dissipate- all enemies in
    the area must be disposed of. The barriers cause one point of damage if you
    touch them.
    It is perhaps useful to bear in mind that red chests contain consumable or
    collectable items like potions, lives, keys, armour or hearts. Green chests
    contain only coins. Use this information to determine whether or not it is
    worth jumping over bottomless pits and avoiding enemies for a green chest if
    your bank balance is healthy enough already.
    Save Points
    On easy/normal difficulty, save points restore all of your lost health, as well
    restoring up to five magic points. Don't bother using expensive potions if
    there is a save point on the horizon that can do the job for free. On hard and
    nightmare difficulty you lose this luxury- prepare for a tough fight!
    Stamina is used in three situations: it determines how long you can hang onto
    the back of an animal, it determines how long you can swim for, and it
    determines how long you can breathe in a smoke-filled room. The stamina display
    is a coloured circle that appears above the map when Kay is in one of the
    situations detailed above. If stamina runs out when on an animal, Kay will be
    thrown from the animal's back. If stamina runs out while in water, Kay will
    drown and lose one health point. If stamina runs out while in a smoke-filled
    room, Kay will asphyxiate and lose one health point. You can slow the loss of
    stamina while swimming by not jumping in the water.
    Acrobatic Objects
    Balance beams: These narrow beams are easy to fall from if you try to run
    across them, but if you move slowly enough, Kay will never lose balance. If you
    are in a hurry, it is usually not too difficult to simply jump across these
    Balance posts: Kay will stand still on these posts and resist movement with the
    left analog stick. It is easy to jump from post to post without falling.
    Swing poles: Timing your jump from these poles will determine the height and
    distance that you will travel. Vertical jumps are possible, and are sometimes
    needed to reach treasure. It is not possible to change the direction of your
    jump or your swing.
    Ropes: Ropes can be jumped from, or swung from to build momentum. The direction
    of the swing can also be changed.
    |                                WALKTHROUGH:                         [WLK01] |
    |                                CAT VILLAGE                                  |
      X - Start point                                          / Boss \
      C - Cat statue                       <-----------\       | Fight|
      K - Key                             |            |     /-+--##-/+---\
      T - Tang Mu's children              |            |     |~~     |Rat |
      # - Door                    /-------##------\    |     |~       Camp|
      @ - Padlocked door          |               |   Boar   \--\    \- --/
      ~ - Water                   |    Farm of    #-->Race       \       /
      * - End point               |    Nong Bao   /               \  /--/
                                  |              /                |  |
                                  |             /                 / K+----\
                                  \-/-#--\-\    \----\           |C  #Ai  |
                                    |Nong|  \         \------\    \  |Tan |
                                    |Bao |   \----\           \   |  +----/
                                    \----/         \--------\  \--/  |
                                                             \       |
                            /---\                            /----\  |
                           /Glade\-----\                     |Tang#  |
                           | T C        \                    | Mu |  |
                           \     /--\    \        /-------+--+----+  |
                            \   /     \   \       |       |Store T|  |
               /--------\   /  /       \   \   /--------------#---/  |
              /          \-/  /        |   |   |                     |
             /   Holey       /         |   |   |   /--@--\  /--#--\  |
             |    Hoop      /          |   |   |   |Jug  |  |Lib- |  |
             |     Hop     /           |   \   |   |Store|  | rary|  |
             \            /            \    \  |   +-----+  +-----/  |
              \          /              \    \-/   |     |  |Hist-|  |
               \--------/                \         |     |  |orian|  |
                                          \---\    \-----/  \--#--/  |
                                              |                      |
                               /----\         |   T /-----\          |
                               |Su  |         /   --| Ou  |       /--\
                               |Ling|        /      | Bai |       |  |
                            /--+-#--+-------/       \--#--/       |  |
                           /  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~                         #  |
                          /  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~              /---#-------/ X|
                         /   /-----------\            #  Uncle Shen  |
                     /--/   /---\ ~     ~ \-----------\--------------/
                     |          |    ~    ~   ~
                     | Saint    |--\~  /---\     ~
                     |Wellspring     ~   * |Cliffside
                     |          |--/~  \---/     ~
                     \----------/    ~    ~   ~
    After the opening cutscene, you will find yourself in Uncle Shen's house. Talk
    to Shen and leave the house to get your first quest (how exciting!).
    NEW QUEST- Take the message to the rat camp (obligatory)
    Reward: None
    After talking to Ou Bai, head north to the rat camp. Through the wooden arch
    just beyond the save point, there is a fork in the road. Head slightly right;
    the other path is not yet accessible. Continue to follow the path until you
    find yourself in the clearing with the waterfall. The rat camp is on the right.
    QUEST COMPLETE- Take the message to the rat camp
    NEW QUEST- Return to Ou Bai with another message (obligatory)
    Reward: None
    Another dead easy quest- just head south; back to Ou Bai. He is standing where
    he was before. If you get lost, Uncle Shen's house is marked with a yellow i on
    the minimap, and the mayor is not far from there.
    QUEST COMPLETE- Return to Ou Bai with another message
    NEW QUEST- Take your first fighting lesson with the Master (obligatory)
    Reward: Wooden sword, heart container.
    Now it's time to explore a bit more of the cat village. To the far south, near
    Uncle Shen's house is a river. Tai Bang will teach you how to cross is using
    the ropes if you walk near to him. Staying in the water too long will cause you
    to drown, but there isn't really much danger here. Follow the creek past the
    house and through the cave to reach Saint Wellspring. The master is on the
    porch of the house on the right.
    NEW WEAPON- Wooden sword
    In this lesson, you will learn three new combat techniques- the triple strike,
    uppercut and jump attack.
    QUEST COMPLETE- Take your first fighting lesson with the Master.
    Time for a cutscene- King Tak reveals his plans to utilise the songstone for
    some evil purpose. When you regain control of Kay, collect the crystals in the
    water and leave Saint Wellspring. You now have access to all of the areas of
    the cat village, and it's time to do some exploring.
    Head back through the main body of the cat village, and through the wooden arch
    near the save point, towards the fork in the road you passed earlier. On your
    immediate left as you go through the arch is a house. Go in and talk to Tang
    Mu, whose children have run off somewhere.
    NEW QUEST- Find Tang Mu's children (optional)
    Reward: Heart container
    Now that the quest has started, visit ALL of the houses in the main village.
    You will find a health potion and one of Tang Mu's unruly kids in the storage
    room, and a magic potion in Major Ou Bai's house. Another kitten can be found
    behind Ou Bai's house, and crystals and treasure can be accessed by jumping on
    the boxes here too. Note that one of the houses is locked- we'll deal with that
    Make your way back to the fork in the road at Tang Mu's house, and this time
    head west. You will be taught how to somersault, and if you can traverse up the
    cliff fast enough you'll receive some cash at the bottom. Following this path
    takes you to the farm area, where you can learn to ride a boar. Completing the
    boar race unlocks another path from the main village, and can net you come coin
    if you're really quick. Don't expect to do better than 17.00 seconds on normal
    difficulty. To complete the boar race you must break through all of the wooden
    barriers and make it to the end of the course within a set time. You can repeat
    the race as often as you like afterwards to try for a faster time.
    In the clearing where the boar race starts, talk to the cat wearing purple to
    start the honeycomb game. Jump on the grassy platform to access the rope
    overhead, and collect all of the honeycombs in 20 seconds to win some coin. You
    don't have to jump from the rope- all of the honeycombs can be collected by
    Run back to the fork in the road at Tang Mu's house, and go back northeast
    towards the rat camp. On the right, outside Ai Tan's house there is a metallic-
    looking grey stump thing on the ground. Stand on this and then somersault into
    the air to get up to the rope above, then jump off to the left at the end and
    activate the cat statue (1/2).
    NEW QUEST- activate the 2 cat statues (optional)
    Reward: 50 coin
    Go back to the main village and head west behind Ou Bai's house to the only
    path we haven't taken yet. You'll be taught about the reflection jump, where
    timing is key. Following this path up the cliff face lets you find the last
    kitten and cat statue (2/2), giving you access to the snazzy Yuan Bao on the
    QUEST COMPLETE- activate the 2 cat statues
    South of the pillar is the second boar challenge, a Holey Hoop Hop. This
    involves jumping through 7 rings before time runs out, and is much easier than
    the first boar race. You may have to skid left to line yourself up for ring
    number 4. When you are finished, collect your prize (a magic container), and
    return to Tang Mu's house at the wooden arch. Now that her children have
    returned, it's time to claim your reward- a valuable heart container.
    QUEST COMPLETE- Find Tang Mu's children
    Let's take a break from optional quests for a moment, and get on with the
    story. Return to Uncle Shen and he will send you to see Ai Tan, who is on the
    path to the rat camp, under the first cat statue. She is wearing blue and can
    be found next to the gorilla that is pacing up and down.
    NEW QUEST- Retrieve Ai Tan's pumpkins (obligatory)
    Reward: Key
    First, you need to pick up the bananas. These can be found in Ai Tan's house.
    Now head past the rat camp and talk to the gorilla at the gate. He'll open the
    front gate for you, and the three pumpkins are on the grass outside. Simple,
    until you try and head back into the village...
    BOSS: Boarax
    Difficulty: Tricky
    For your first enemy, Boarax is a punishing test of whether or not you are
    getting to grips with the controls. He will deal two points of damage with his
    charge attack, so if you haven't picked up the heart container from Tang Mu,
    you're dead in two hits.
    To win, run in a wide circle around the area, staying close to the trees at the
    edge. When Boarax charges at you, keep running- he will crash into the trees
    and become dazed. Now run right up to face him, and press square when prompted
    to perform an impressive attack that deals loads of damage. Repeat until he
    loses half of his health to win. You can also attack him normally when he
    raises his head to roar, but this only deals 1 point of damage and so is
    probably not worth the risk. Experienced players may wish to use the uppercut
    attack when Boarax roars, as it will make the fight go a little quicker.
    The rest of the game is the same regardless of the result of this battle. You
    don't lose a life and you still get the reward if you lose, so don't worry too
    much about the outcome. It's certainly not worth wasting a health potion over.
    QUEST COMPLETE- Retrieve Ai Tan's pumpkins
    NEW QUEST- Take your second fighting lesson with the master (obligatory)
    Reward: Magic container, extra life, berserk potion
    With your new key, open the locked house in the cat village to find loads of
    money in the clay jug store. Returning to the farm (west from the fork in the
    road at Tang Mu's house) and speaking to Nong Bao the farmer triggers a new
    optional quest.
    NEW QUEST- Free Nong Bao's hens (optional)
    Reward: Coins, extra life
    Big thanks go to Alex R for telling me about this quest, which I had completely
    missed over a dozen or more playthroughs! To free the hens, go to the rat camp
    in the north and sneak through the side entrance on the south side, which is
    unguarded. If any rats spot you, you will be thrown out of the camp. Avoid the
    rats patrolling around the tents and open the cage and chest here for some
    money. Speaking to Nong Bao about your success after the quest has been
    completed earns you the additional reward of an extra life.
    QUEST COMPLETE- Free Nong Bao's hens
    With all the optional quests in Cat Village now dealt with, return to Saint
    Wellspring via the creek in the southwest to take another fighting lesson with
    the Master. This lesson teaches you how to block, use the somersault attack and
    introduces you to combo mode and Zhongs. When practising your magic attack, a
    free magic potion is available to the right of the rat statues.
    It will then be time to head for the cliff. Swing on the poles to the left of
    the Zhongs you just smashed, pressing X at the right time to achieve maximum
    distance, then combo jump to the next platform. The cliff is on the other side
    of the cave. There is a chest on the south side of the cliff- you will have to
    jump down to get it. The Master will challenge you when you get to the green X
    on the map.
    He isn't tough to fight. The best strategy is to block his attacks, then use an
    uppercut or roll attack to knock him over and two jump attacks when he is on
    his back. Indeed, this is a good strategy against most rats in the early stages
    of the game. If he beats you, you will lose a life and have to try again.
    QUEST COMPLETE- Take your second fighting lesson with the master
    Another cutscene- the fighting school is shut down, and to Kay's disappointment
    the Master seems to have given up. Kay hatches his plan to go after Tak, and
    leaves cat village.
    |                                WALKTHROUGH:                         [WLK02] |
    |                                MYSTIC FOREST                                |
                                  | * |                X - Starting point
                                /-+-#-+-\              B - Big crystal
                                | Bear  |              D - Demon portal
                                | Fight |              K - Key
                           /---++ - - - +-+--\         M - Merchant
                           |   |~    ~    | K|         # - Door
                        /--+   |  ~     ~ \--|         @ - Padlocked door
                        |  @ B | /----\    ~ |         % - Crumbling wall
                        \--+---/ |    | ~    /         ~ - Water
                           | ~  ~|    \---\~/          * - Endpoint
             /---------\   \-----/        |/
            /           \       /O  /-----/
           /   /-----\   \      /--/
          /   / Swing \   \---+/------\                    /--------\
          |   | Poles  \      /# Rat  |                    |   M    |
          |   |         \----/+ Camp  |                    |       X|
          \ ~ \          /--/ |   B   |                    |        |
           \ ~ \--------/  O/ \-+-#-+-/                    |   /----/
            \ ~  ~  ~  ~   /    |   |                      |   |
             \------------/     |   \------\      /--------/   |
                                \           \    /       D     /
                                 \-------\B |    |~  /--------/
                                  Rolling|  |    |  ~|
                                   Logs  |  |    |~  |
                                         +@@+    |  ~|
                                         |  \----/   |
                                         \      B   /
                                     /--+-+-\ /----/
                            /------>    %   | |
                            |        \--+- -/ \---\
                          Boar          |  Boar   |
                          Race  <-------  Forest  |
                                        |    K    |
    NEW WEAPON- Ancestral Sword
    NEW QUEST- Head for the Haretree (obligatory)
    Reward: None
    You start this level next to a shop. Buy a demon potion and heart container. A
    magic potion may also be useful if you don't already have a couple from the Cat
    Village. Proceed along the forest path to discover the location of the first
    demon portal. Use your demon potion at the big tree stump and jump into the
    portal. There are two big crystals here, four chests of money and a chest with
    a magic potion. Choose red for both big crystals. You will need to use a magic
    potion if you want to collect both of them.
    When you leave the portal, rush off south to keep your score multiplier going,
    and cross the water using the Zhongs. Take out the rats that appear- they're
    not too tough, provided you don't get surrounded. Free the hare in the cage by
    attacking the cage. You'll have to do this many times throughout the game, and
    the freed animal gives you some money as a reward. Choose red at the big
    crystal next to the cage, and try to time your magic attack so that most of the
    rats are also hit. The gates at the next save point are locked, so head through
    the tunnel to the southwest.
    Talking to the hares in the Boar Forest reveals that their friend has
    catapulted himself to Godknowswhere and he has the key to the rat camp. The
    only thing to do is jump on the boar in the west tunnel and find the hare.
    Completing the race in any reasonable time will take you to the hare you seek.
    Chop down the bamboo behind the hare to obtain a bomb, and drop it against the
    crumbly-looking wall in the arch to the south. Note how the wall looks before
    you destroy it- you'll come across a few more crumbling walls in the coming
    levels, so it's always wise to have a bomb or two handy.
    Go through the space where the wall used to be and talk to the hares to receive
    the key. You can repeat the boar race for money now, but you won't beat 56.00
    seconds on normal difficulty.
    Leave the boar forest by going north, back to the save point. Open the gate and
    run along the forest path, somersaulting or double jumping over the logs that
    roll towards you. You can stand right behind the ramps that are set up to avoid
    logs too. Choose yellow for the big crystal, touch the next save point to
    restore MP and head into the rat camp. Choose yellow for the big crystal again
    here to really get a multiplier going. You'll only have to fight two rats to
    begin with here, but more will join the party as time goes on. After six of
    them have bitten the dust you can open the cage and proceed to the west.
    The plants here don't give you coins, but it may be faster to combo between
    them than run past, and if you can make it to the swing poles with a yellow
    multiplier going, your score will go sky high. Follow the crystals and drop
    onto another path with more plants that leads to a wide clearing with a lake.
    There is a berserk potion behind the hare and a save point to your left. Get it
    and jump down to deal with the rats. The usual strategy applies here- keep your
    distance and pick them off one by one with roll and jump attacks. Press the
    switch that the rats were guarding to activate the zipline to the south of this
    area. However, before using the zipline you should press the white switch
    beside it to start a timer and make some Zhongs appear. Combo up to the chest
    before time runs out to earn a key. Now use the zipline and choose any colour
    for the big crystal on the ledge. Open the locked gate next to the crystal with
    your key for loads of cash, and then use the second zipline to find a dangerous
    enemy waiting.
    This is the first bear you have faced and the first armoured enemy. He has
    loads of health and can block many of your attacks. I would recommend using a
    berserk potion, which will allow you to break through his defences, and just
    hammering him with the best attacks at your disposal. Consider also using a
    bomb on him when he is knocked over and cannot move away from it, but keep at
    least one bomb in reserve for the next level. When you are not berserk, use
    uppercuts and roll attacks to knock him over, then jump or somersault attacks
    when he is down. Note that you can block all of his attacks. The battle will
    probably be the longest so far, but you shouldn't lose too much health unless
    you fight recklessly. Proceed through the opened gate to finish the level.
    The Master meets you once again to give you a lesson in more advanced fighting
    techniques: the combo attack, roll around and throw, as well as teaching you
    about combo seals. Nothing else happens here; leave when you are finished
    |                                WALKTHROUGH:                         [WLK03] |
    |                              MERIDIONAL FOREST                              |
       /--------\                     /--------\
       |   G    |          Rockfall   |    R   |
       | Hidden |           Chasm     |Haretree|
       | Glade  \-----------------\   \ ~    ~ /
       \                      B   |    \---\  /
        \------/----\  /------\   |        |  |
                    |  |      |   |        |  \--\
                    |  |  /---/   +---\    |    C|
                    \--/  |       % C |    |  /--/
                          \---\   \---+    |  |  /---------\
                              |        \   |  /  |  Rat     <----\     Cave
                              \------\ |   | /   |  Camp   |     |    /-----\
           /--+---+---/---\          | |   | |   |         |     \--->    R |
           | ~| G |~     C|        /-/#\---/#\-\ \---\#/---/          \     |
      To   |  \   /   /---+-------/   Seven     \    | |              |B    |
      Dragon ~     ~                  Pillars   |----/ \              /     |
      Cave *    ~     \+---\   /--|   Clearing  #       \         /-->    R |
           | ~     ~   |   | M |  \ C         X /----\  |         |   \-----/
           |    ~     ~|   \---/   \---\#/-----/     |  \------\  |
           \-----------/               | |           \          <-/
              Broken                   | |   /----\   \---+-%-+/
              Bridge                   | \--/ ~  ~ \      | C |
                                       |~  ~  /-\  |      \---/
                                       | C /-/  | ~|
                                       \--/     |  |
                                 /-------\      |~ |      X - Starting point
                                /         +-----/  |      B - Big crystal
                                |  /--\   | ~  ~  ~|      C - Cat statue
                                |  \--/   +-----+--+      G - Dragon statue
                                \        /      |  |      M - Merchant
                                 \----\ /       |  |      R - Ruby dragon's eye
                                      | |       /  |      # - Door
                                 /----/%\------/   /      % - Crumbling wall
                               /-+                /       ~ - Water
                               | %        /------/        * - Endpoint
                               \-+        |
                                 |        |
                                 \--\   /-/
                                    | G |
    This level is the first which has a significant sidequest, as I will describe
    later. Kay runs headlong into a fight here, but fear not! If your health is
    low, don't use a potion- simply jump up to the save point at the northeast to
    restore all your health and 5 magic points. You will face four rats in the
    clearing, one of which is equipped with light armour. A magic attack would be
    useful, and it may be best to turn your attention to the armoured rat when you
    have an active combo, as you will do more damage. Winning the fight unlocks the
    tree portal to the Haretree in the northeast, but before we leave the clearing,
    there is a cat statue behind the bamboo in the southwest for you to activate
    NEW QUEST- Activate 6 cat statues (optional)
    Reward: Green armour, 360 coin
    Heading through the northeast tree portal now will take you to the bug nest.
    You should kill a bug here to get combo of at least 1, then combo up to a Zhong
    at the upper left side to access a chest with an extra life. If you kill all
    the bugs and let combo run out, you will not be able to access this chest. When
    combo is active, an orange arrow will point in the direction of the Zhong which
    you have to aim for. Follow the arrow of blue crystals to find another cat
    statue behind more bamboo (2/6). Stand with your back to the cat statue after
    you activate it and somersault to reach a set of swing poles that lead to
    another extra life. Now backtrack a little, and follow the red arrow to the
    In the water to the east there are islands with a heart plate and a Zhong.
    Break the Zhong to start a tricky Zhong challenge- you must destroy all the
    wooden Zhongs before time runs out and without falling into the water. The last
    Zhong setup is the toughest- a ring of energy Zhongs move into the centre of
    the island, followed by a group of wooden Zhongs. The trick here is to double
    jump in the centre when the energy Zhongs get close, and then use a spin attack
    on the wooden Zhongs when they draw in. You should still have enough time
    remaining to pick off any Zhongs which remain. I wouldn't recommend using combo
    attack at any point. If you are successful, you will be awarded a magic
    container. Now go through the only open door in the Haretree to meet Mayor Tu
    QUEST COMPLETE- head for the Haretree
    NEW QUEST- Activate the 3 dragon statues (obligatory)
    Reward: none
    NEW QUEST- Find Tor Chi (obligatory)
    Reward: none
    Your new task is to find three dragon eye rubies, which are used to activate
    dragon statues. This will repair the bridge leading to the dragon's cave,
    allowing you to visit and enlist the help of the dragon Tor Chi. Pick up the
    first dragon eye from behind Tu Lao (1/3) and leave the Haretree, returning to
    the seven pillars clearing.
    Tak will find you in the clearing and set his henchmen on you. There are 5 rats
    this time, but only one is armoured. Again, a magic attack is the best way to
    open the fight. Remember that a save point will restore up to 5 magic points,
    so you can save your magic potions for tougher fights or big crystals. Now that
    all of the tree portals are open, it would be useful to you to know where all
    of the paths from the clearing lead. Clockwise from north:
    NE - Haretree
    E  - rat camp (initially locked until another area has been visited)
    SE - the way you came in (blocked)
    S  - fish river
    W  - merchant, dragon cave
    NW - rockfall chasm
    Let's head to the fish river first (south). There are fish, bugs and plants
    here, but nothing major to worry about. Bear in mind that you can't kill the
    fish, so you'll have to time your jumps well to avoid them. When you get to the
    jump with the rope swing, intentionally fall- there's a chest down there, and
    it is combo locked, so you will have to kill the plants to be able to open it.
    After crossing the rope swing you will be confronted by five rats guarding a
    dragon statue. They all rush towards you at the start of the fight, so a magic
    attack will work well here again, although the fight is not particularly
    difficult in the first place.
    When the rats go down you can access the dragon statue (1/3). After it is
    activated, return to the clearing where you fought the rats and find the two
    crumbling walls that you can destroy with bombs. Bombs can be found in pots
    next to the dragon statue if you don't have any. One of the crumbling walls
    leads to a chest, and the other to a new path- go through it and take out the
    bug. Then head east and combo around the Zhongs in a circular path. Your combo
    should now be high enough to activate the switch here, causing wood platforms
    to appear above the river. Use the platforms to head back to the seven pillars
    clearing, but be aware that the darker, narrower platforms will fall shortly
    after you step on them. Making it across all the platforms and through the
    Zhongs will allow you to reach a cage and a cat statue (3/6).
    Upon returning to the clearing, more rats will come from the rat camp. It would
    be best to clear the rat camp next as rats will respawn every time you return
    to the clearing otherwise. Go through the gate to the rat camp (east), where
    you will meet two rats at a fork in the road. Go left at the fork to get into
    the heart of the camp.
    You will have to fight a group of three rats, then four rats, then two rats and
    a gorilla. The gorilla is armoured, and with a long axe he has a larger attack
    range than the rats. However, he is slow and so if you keep your distance from
    him you can take out the rats first without being in too much danger. Then use
    the standard roll attack/ jump attack technique to kill him, or you may wish to
    practice the roll around/ throw combination. If you have a berserk potion to
    hand, now may be a good time to use it, and if a lot of enemies get too close,
    consider using a magic attack.
    One of the pots around the camp contains a health potion, and another contains
    a bug. When you are done here, enter the cave to the east. In here you will
    find some plants, a cage, a big crystal (choose blue if you still have
    multiplier, yellow if you don't) and most importantly, the two remaining
    dragon's eyes (3/3). Leave the cave through the other side and jump over the
    dangerous plant to find bamboo on your left. Break it and destroy the crumbling
    wall with a bomb to access cat statue number four (4/6). If you don't have a
    bomb, pay a visit to the merchant. I'd also recommend having a berserk potion
    to hand shortly- there's a big fight coming up. When you're fully equipped,
    head for the rockfall chasm (NW at seven pillars).
    In the clearing with the yellow crystals there is a crumbling wall to the east
    with a cat statue behind it (5/6). Go north, jumping the rocks which roll
    towards you. At the next corner there is a big crystal below you. Choose yellow
    if you still have multiplier, otherwise choose red. There is an extra life in a
    red chest protected by falling rocks to the left, which isn't too tough to get.
    As you walk through the tunnel to the end of this area, make sure you have
    either a berserk potion or enough magic points for a magic attack, preferably
    with a magic potion in reserve. Use a health potion if you need it too, you're
    about to face a tough fight.
    Hidden glade is the toughest fight you've met so far, but there are things you
    can do to make it easier. You are going to face four bears (yes, four, but
    fortunately they are unarmoured), as well as an armoured rat. Bugs will also
    join the scene after a few seconds. I think of this battle as being split into
    two phases- the fast, aggressive phase, and the slow, tactical phase:
    Fast aggressive phase: Your best bet is to take out the bugs first, comboing
    from one to the other to finish as many of them as you can before touching the
    ground. This should increase your damage potential with a big combo. Only turn
    your attention to the land enemies when all of the bugs have been killed. Now
    cast magic near a few bears, or preferably bash in with a berserk potion. The
    rat will probably be easiest to kill and can be used to further build combo.
    Keep moving and make the most of being berserk. You may have to use a health
    potion, but it is important that you deal as much damage as possible. Use up
    all your bombs as well- there are no more broken walls to smash through. This
    phase of the battle lasts until combo and berserk have run out.
    Slow tactical phase: This phase of the battle is about playing smart and
    conserving health. If you need a bit of time to think and some breathing space,
    stand on the grassy steps to the north- the bears can't hit you there. Pick
    your moments to attack when the bears are more widely spaced apart. Make full
    use of the camera controls to keep an eye on your enemy's movements.  Take your
    time and remember that you can block all of the bears' attacks. Also, bears are
    highly resistant to being thrown, so roll attacks and jump attacks should be
    used instead. Good luck!
    To summarise the strategy for this fight:
     1 Build combo by
     2 Use a berserk potion
     3 Kill the rat with roll and jump attacks
     4 Target the bears with roll and jump attacks until combo and berserk run out
     5 Kill any remaining bears by fighting cautiously
    When then battle is won, you can activate the dragon statue (2/3) and get the
    heart container from the chest behind it (which will thankfully restore your
    health). Now it's time to head for the broken bridge, despite the fact that we
    still have two quests to finish here. The bridge is accessed by going through
    the tunnel at the west of Seven Pillars Clearing, past the merchant. At the
    bridge, leap across to the last dragon statue and activate it (3/3).
    QUEST COMPLETE- activate the 3 dragon statues
    From standing in front of the last dragon statue, cast your eyes to the east.
    Beyond the rope that is hanging down is a little alcove with that elusive final
    cat statue (6/6). It can be seen clearly on the minimap if you are struggling
    to find it, to the northeast of the dragon bridge area.
    QUEST COMPLETE- activate 6 cat statues
    Make your way back around the balance posts, up the cliff and to the Seven
    Pillars Clearing, where you can claim your reward for the cat statue quest-
    green armour! Now it's really time to leave the forest via the broken bridge
    and enter the dragon cave, we've been here more than long enough and it's time
    to chase Tak down. Make sure you have a magic potion with you for the next
    |                                WALKTHROUGH:                         [WLK04] |
    |                                 DRAGONCAVE                                  |
                         | |
                      /--/ \--\                   X - Start point
                  /--/         \                  B - Big crystal
                  |  |   Tor   |                  C - Cat statue
                  |W #   Chi   |                  D - Demon portal
                  \--\         /                  W - Sword upgrade
                      \--\ /--/                   ~ - Water
                         | |                      * - Endpoint
                       /-/ \-\
                       |     |  Dragon's
                       |     |   Belly
                       |  B  |
                       \-\ /-/
                         | |
                       /-/ \-\
                       |  D  |
                       |     |
                       \-\ /-/
                         | |
                         | \--/---------------\
                         \    ~   ~   ~   ~   ~\
                          \---\-\  /-------\~  |
                                | ~|  /----|  ~|
                  Dragonbreath /~  |  |  /-/~  /
                               |  ~|  |C  ~  ~/
                               \~  |  |  \---/
                          /-----| ~|  \----/
                          |   /-/  |
                          |    ~  ~/
                          |   \---/
                          +-  ---/
                          |     | Dragon's
                          |     | Gullet
                          |     |
                          \-\ /-/
                            | |
                 /---\    /-/ \-\  /----------\  /----------\
                 |   |    |     |--| Dragon's |--|          |-\
                 | /-/    |           Teeth             B    X|
                 |O|-------O    |--|          |--|          |-/
                 | |      \-----/  \----------/  \----------/
             /---/ \---\
            /           \
            |  /-----\  |
            |  \-----/  |
            \   |       /
             \--+ C|---/
    Pick up the demon potion in the first room and choose red. There is a green
    chest in the bowl in the southeast corner. In the next room, Tor Chi will
    attack you, and you will have to dodge his fireballs as you make your way to
    the other side of the room. When you get to Tor Chi's side, he will fly away
    and you can continue to explore. Be careful that you do not get hit with a
    fireball and consequently fall down the bottomless pit.
    When you reach Dragon's Gut (there is fire coming up through a grill in the
    floor), read the red notice on the left side, you'll get a new quest.
    NEW QUEST- Find 2 cat statues (optional)
    Reward: Dragon sword
    Don't leave this room by the main exit; instead jump down the hole in the
    southwest corner. Down here is a magic container , a health potion and a cat
    statue (1/2). You will have to crawl under low hanging rocks with the O button
    to find the latter two; follow the red crystals or look at the minimap to see
    what I mean. Once you have all the items climb up the ladder and head north to
    once again be confronted by the dragon.
    Allow Tor Chi to hit the boxes left and right of the entrance with fireballs-
    they contain Yuan Baos. This isn't much different to the first encounter, but
    the trick here is to wait next to the green chest while the moving platform
    comes towards you so you are not left vulnerable when you are on it.
    Collect the treasure in the next room and then jump into the water. Do NOT jump
    around in the water in this next area as your stamina simply won't last long
    enough. Be sure to stop at all of the platforms on the way too to allow stamina
    to fully recharge. When you approach the T junction, go right to access the
    second cat statue (2/2) at the east end of the water. You might have to cut
    corners and not follow the line of crystals exactly to shorten the route and
    ensure that you have enough stamina.
    QUEST COMPLETE- find 2 cat statues
    Great, your new sword is waiting for you in the last room of this area, but you
    still have much to do before you get there. Head to the next main room, back
    along the west branch of the T. This room is full of bright blue mushrooms. Use
    the save point and get ready for trouble- there is a demon portal at the bottom
    of the stairs in this room, between the obelisks. Use everyone's favourite
    hallucinogen (the demon potion you hopefully picked up at the start of the
    level) and jump in to the trippy demon realm.
    If this is your first time in the demon realm you won't like it one bit. If you
    stopped by at the beginning of the mystic forest, you're in for a big shock,
    because you're about to be introduced to the demon warriors, and boy do they
    pack a punch. Choose blue at the crystal and pick up the berserk potion from
    the chest- you'll need it. When you drop down into the main room you'll be
    greeted by two fat demons and a fire demon. Both are capable of casting up a
    shield that can block ALL of your attacks, and rolling into the shield causes
    you to get stuck under it, crawling near a very scary demon and unable to
    attack or defend. Therefore, normal rolling attacks are strongly discouraged.
    Fire demons breathe fire, which cannot be blocked, and to make matters worse,
    the fat demons can teleport right in front of you and hit for two points of
    damage. Your greatest ally here will be the roll around technique. This allows
    you to avoid attacks and get around shields to hit the demons in the back with
    a triple strike (since you can't throw them). Use a magic potion, choose blue
    at the central big crystal to keep multiplier going, and a berserk potion to
    keep the fight quick and to allow you to break through the demons' shields.
    Don't be afraid to heal if you have to. There's an extra life in one of the
    pots, and in the final room another crystal (choose blue) and a whole chest
    full of Yuan Baos. Worth fighting for, I think. Handled well, the portal will
    give you in excess of 1.5 million points, which will probably triple your score
    thus far.
    Back in the real world, use the save point, head up the stairs and meet the
    dragon again. Choose blue if you still have a massive multiplier from before,
    and red if you don't. Focus here on getting to the other side quickly, and
    collect the crystals after Tor Chi leaves. It's best to save the big crystal
    for then too. If you zigzag between left and right platforms, this room isn't
    too tough. Normal jumping gives you an ideal jump length here- doubling jumping
    actually makes things harder. Pick up the treasure from the green chest on the
    right of the far platform as before you move on.
    Now we just have loose ends to tie up- head to the final room to chat to Tor
    QUEST COMPLETE- Find Tor Chi
    NEW QUEST- Follow Tak to the swamp (obligatory)
    Reward: none
    NEW WEAPON- Dragon sword
    Your new sword is waiting for you in the west room. It increases your melee
    damage and the power of your magic attack, as well as making you more shiny and
    stylish. Anyway, head out to the north, we have some unfinished business to
    deal with...
    |                                WALKTHROUGH:                         [WLK05] |
    |                              WILD BOAR BOARAX                               |
                     /      Boar
                    /  <--- Race  <---\
                   /                  |
                   | K|             / | /
                   \  \------------/   /
                    \                 /      /------\
                     \---/           @\     /        \
                        /  /--------\  \---/          \--     To
                       |  |          \     #  BOARAX  #  -->* Cloud
                       |  |           \----\          /--     Forest
                       |  \--------\        \        /
                       |           |         \------/
                       |           |
                       |           |
                       \-----|-----/            X - Start point
                             |                  K - Key
          /------\           |                  M - Merchant
         /        \          |                  # - Open door
        /  Holey   \-/--+----|---+--\           @ - Padlocked door
       |   Hoop         |        | M|           * - Endpoint
        \  Hop     /-\  |        \--+
         \        /  |--/           |
          \------/   |              \---\
                     |                X |
    The sign at the start of this area tells you to "Make the Zhongs point the
    way". With this in mind, you can advance and find an arrow formed by energy
    Zhongs, with wooden Zhongs around it. You must clear out all of the wooden
    Zhongs, leaving only the arrow, which points the way to the next set of Zhongs
    that appear. It may be useful to you to note the arrangement of the Zhongs in
    the arrow before you clear the wooden Zhongs, as the next set of Zhongs
    contains only wooden Zhongs, and you must make an arrow the same shape as the
    first one. You should first make the arrow point east, as this will allow you
    to visit the shop. All of the Zhongs will then reset and you can make the arrow
    point west to move on. The diagrams below show the setups of the Zhongs, where
    0 indicates a Zhong that you should destroy, and # indicates a Zhong that you
    should leave.
    To visit the shop:       To move on:
    000#00                   00#000
    0000#0                   0#0000
    ######                   ######
    0000#0                   0#0000
    000#00                   00#000
    If you hit the wrong Zhongs, a warning tone will sound and the Zhongs will all
    reappear. The shop here sells green armour, and as we have already found out
    (the hard way), Boarax can deal two damage with every hit. Fortunately, armour
    reduces any damage dealt to one point, so it will be worth your while picking
    some up.
    Making the Zhong arrow point west allows you to access a high ledge, where
    there is a switch to activate the zipline in the north of this area. Also on
    the west ledge is a tunnel that leads to a Holey Hoop Hop which you can
    complete to earn a heart container! It's not particularly tough as the route is
    well defined, but you will have to skid quite sharply to the right to get hoop
    number nine.
    Following the zipline in the first area with the Zhongs, you will be confronted
    by three rats. The rat in the centre is more heavily armoured than most you
    will have faced so far, but don't let that put you off. Now might be a good
    time to try out your new sword's magic attack- as you will see, it packs a far
    greater punch than before. Midway through the fight you will be joined by three
    rats dressed in blue. They attack with odd fork-looking things ("hookknives",
    apparently), and become a real hassle later in the game, but for now, just use
    standard roll attack/ jump attack tactics.
    In the next area, you will have to complete another boar race. The switch in
    this area can also be used to reverse the zipline, presumably in case you wish
    to revisit the merchant. The boar race is tougher than those previously- you
    will have to watch out for rolling logs, and there are a lot more chilli
    peppers than usual. This is the first race that is a real coin-earning
    opportunity, even in normal difficulty, so if you want the money, commit to
    getting a time of 48.00 seconds or under. If you know the locations of all of
    the chillies, it isn't an unreasonable target to aim for. Finishing in a time
    of just over a minute (or better) will award you the key to the next area,
    where you will face an old adversary.
    BOSS: Boarax
    Difficulty: Straightforward
    He hasn't changed since last time, but you have significantly more health,
    armour, damage-dealing potential and many more hours of gameplay experience.
    The odds are now well stacked in your favour. That said, Boarax isn't going
    down without a fight, and you'll still get your ass handed to you if you're not
    on the ball. Also, the vines around the perimeter of this area are dangerous,
    dealing one damage point if they are touched.
    The best strategy here is the same as before- run around the perimeter while he
    charges at you, as he will miss if you keep moving. After crashing, he will
    become dazed and you will be prompted to grab him by pressing the square
    button, dealing high damage. After Boarax is hit, he will thrash around a bit,
    then raise his head and roar. Use this opportunity to hit the amulet
    controlling him. If you picked up the dragon sword, you can deal three points
    of damage with a regular attack, and five with an uppercut. This is much more
    significant than during the first fight in the cat village, and so I would now
    strongly recommend using the uppercut- it's a gamechanger here.
    When Boarax falls to below 50% health, he will cause boulders to roll outwards
    when he crashes into the wall. You should be quick here to move so that Boarax
    is between you and the point of contact with the wall, as his massive bulk will
    block the boulders for you. Then just grab him as normal to attack. It is also
    possible to jump over the boulders if you are finding it difficult to position
    yourself behind Boarax correctly.
    When you have finally defeated Boarax, congratulations! You have finished the
    set of objectives of the hare forest- now it's time to move on to the swamp.
    Save and continue through the only exit available to you. If you fought well
    your armour may still be intact.
    There are quite a few tricky jumps here to get your agility up to standard for
    taking on the challenges that the swamp presents to you. Failing any of these
    acrobatic manoeuvres will result in losing a health point to the bottomless
    The path itself is quite linear, despite the area being very open. Jump along
    the first two spinning platforms and use the hamster wheel to gain access to
    the upper level. Zipline down and use the second set of spinning platforms and
    second hamster wheel (there is a chest with a health potion near it) to make it
    up to ropes that you can climb across. The next platform only rotates in an arc
    before changing direction, so bear that in mind when timing your jump. From the
    next spinning platform, jump to the swing poles in the southeast. Next you will
    find another zipline that allows you to leave this area and view the
    introductory cutscene for the frog kingdom.
    |                                WALKTHROUGH:                         [WLK06] |
    |                               NEBULA ISLANDS                                |
     X - Start point            /---\ Small
     B - Big crystal            |C W| Turtle                               /---\
     C - Cat statue             \-#-/ Fort                    /----------\ |  C|
     D - Demon portal            | |                          |          | \---/
     M - Merchant              /-/ \-\    /---\               |  First   |  ~ ~
     W - New weapon (claws)   /Turtle \--/     \              |  Turtle  | /-$-\
     $ - Bamboo in water     |  Stage           ---- Boat ----   Fight   | |~ ~|
     # - Door               /    M B  /--\     /              |          | \-$-/
     * - Endpoint          /   /-----/    \---/               \------ ---/  ~ ~
                     /--+-/   /--/-\                                 |
                    / ~ $~  ~ $ ~ C|                                 |
                   / ~ /+-----+--\-/                             Logs and
                  / ~ /                                           Boards
                  |  |   /--\      /------\                          |
                  |  |   |   ------  Snail|                          |
                  |  |   |  |      |Island|                      /--- --\
                  |  |   |  |      \------/     /---\           /       |
                  |  \---/  \-----\             |   |          /    /- -/
                  \               |             |   \-----\   /    /  |
                   \-----\ /---\  |             |          ---    /   |
                          |    | D|             \-\ /------/  \--/  Zhongs
                         Lily  \--/               | |                 |
                    /--\ pads                   /-/ \-\            /-- --\
                    |  |  |                    /       \           |     |
                     \ \-- --\                |         |          | C   |
                     /        \                \   X   /           \-----/
                    /  Nodal   \                \-----/           Mushrooms
                   |   Point    |                                  /-\
                    \          /                                   \-/
                    /         /
    It's time for the first big jump in difficulty. From this point on, armour and
    health potions are going to be more valuable, and enemies are going to wear
    more armour, move faster and hit harder. You're going to be severely
    outnumbered most of the time- think hidden glade for every fight. Be ready.
    On arriving in this area you will be greeted by a frog who tells you that Tak
    is in the swamp and that you should go to the frog city to talk to the mayor.
    QUEST COMPLETE- Follow Tak to the swamp
    NEW QUEST- Go to the frog city (obligatory)
    Reward: none
    This area is vast and sprawling, and without a clear path through. To make it
    out, you will have to find a way to cut down bamboo while swimming, so let's
    get on with that first. Be careful about the mud here- if you stand in it and
    do not move, you will sink within a few seconds. You should try to jump out of
    the mud, but if you are not back on solid ground by the time you land your
    third jump, Kay will sink. Expect to lose a few points of health this way.
    There are three mission marks on our minimap; the first one to aim for is in
    the northeast. Cross the bridge from the first island, and follow the yellow
    crystals at the fork in the path. 5-10 paces before the next bridge, drop off
    the right hand side of the island- there are platforms below that you can land
    on, and some Zhongs to combo around. Following the Zhongs will land you next to
    a chest containing an extra life.
    Now head back to where you dropped from the island, and cross the bridge to the
    east. The path will take you past a save point to another Zhong. Destroy it and
    combo across two more. Dropping straight down at the third Zhong will let you
    land safely on a platform. There are other platforms to jump across that will
    allow you to access an island in the far southeast. On this island is a cat
    statue (1/4), and some treasure down a hole in the ground. It's risky, but if
    you jump on the mushrooms in the direction the cat statue is facing, you can
    find an extra life and some coin in chests behind the big tree.
    NEW QUEST- Find four cat statues (optional)
    Reward: Berserk potion, heart container, red armour
    Now you can use the Zhongs to the north of this island to get closer to the
    main path. Dropping at the fourth Zhong lands you next to a chest with a combo
    seal containing an extra life. You should now be able to see logs and boards in
    the mud to the north. Make your way across these to continue. There are also
    bugs here that will fly down to attack you, but don't be tempted to combo from
    one bug to another- you'll end up in the middle of the mud. Wait for the bugs
    to come to you. The green toxic gas that is intermittently released from the
    swamp causes your left analog stick controls to reverse (forwards becomes
    backwards, left becomes right). The best thing to do if you get caught in the
    gas is to stand somewhere safe until its effects wear off. Heading northwest
    over the mud instead of north will let you find a chest with another extra
    life, but be aware that the barrels close to the chest will explode if you get
    too close.
    On arriving at the island to the north (it is the most north-eastern of the
    nebula islands) you should see two rat tents and a ring of red crystals. Be
    ready for a fight. After dispatching the four rats (one is heavily armoured but
    the fight is still straightforward, especially if you use a magic attack) two
    turtles will arrive on a boat. They have heavy armour and block frequently. Use
    a similar strategy to the rats on them- roll and jump attacks or roll around
    and triple strike are the best methods. During the fight with the turtles, bugs
    and dark bugs will arrive on the scene (dark bugs are like bugs but with more
    health). You should use these enemies to build your combo before turning your
    attention to the turtles.
    After the fight, you can activate the cat statue (2/4), collect green armour
    and open a cage on the small island just to the east of the one you fought on.
    Jump into the water in the east to find a barrel that you can jump on to access
    swing poles. Swing straight upwards from the highest pole to catch some
    treasure, and combo across the Zhongs back to the main island to open a combo
    sealed chest with yet another life.
    Time to move on- head to the west side of this island to find a boat and press
    square to use it. Zoom all the way out on the minimap; you are trying to steer
    the boat west towards the next green X. Use speed to minimise the risk from the
    exploding barrels, as the boat turns best when moving quickly. If you do find
    yourself in a sticky situation here, jump out of the boat and into the mud, and
    jump back into the boat after the explosion- you won't lose any health!
    After leaving the boat, follow the red crystals to the turtle stage. Choose red
    at the big crystal to keep your multiplier going, and take on the rat, three
    turtles and the crocodile. The best strategy is to open with a well-timed magic
    attack that will hit as many of the turtles as possible. The crocodile should
    be targeted next, as the other enemies are more slow-moving and are less likely
    to blindside you. The rat can then be dealt with, leaving the turtles for last.
    This is a tough fight- make sure you don't get boxed in, and make the most of
    your magic attack to break the big crystal when lots of enemies are close.
    Enter the small turtle fort when you win.
    Crocs are going to be a real bugbear to you over the next few levels. They can
    use throwing weapons like boomerangs to damage you from a distance, they are
    very fast and their spin attack renders them invincible while they use it. They
    also tend to stand away from other enemies, which makes magic an inefficient
    way of killing them. When facing a few crocodiles, especially armoured ones,
    you may wish to consider the roll around technique, coupled with the triple
    strike or the throw. Otherwise, the usual strategy will suffice. Unarmoured
    crocs shouldn't give you major problems if you target them first.
    There are no enemies in the turtle fort- so explore at your leisure. Things to
    find include a cage down some stairs, a cat statue (3/4), plenty of coins, and
    of course, the claws.
    NEW WEAPON- Basic claws
    These weapons can be used while swimming and are more effective than the sword
    against unarmoured opponents. They have a fast attack speed and so are
    effective against flying enemies, but cannot deal any damage to enemies with
    armour. They claws can chain 5 regular attacks together, which is very useful
    when coupled with the roll around technique.
    When you leave the turtle fort, you will find the merchant has set up shop. Now
    you have the claws, you may wish to return to the island where you first met
    the turtles (you will have to steer the boat again)- there is some bamboo in
    the water that you can cut down to access a chest with a demon potion. You'll
    need one of them shortly.
    Return to the turtle fort area and drop into the water to the southwest,
    breaking through the bamboo to the southeast to find the final cat statue
    QUEST COMPLETE- Find four cat statues
    Next, cut through the bamboo in the west to find a long path leading south.
    This is made tricky by the bombs falling from above. Just keep moving as
    quickly as you can to pass through unscathed. Some of the boards will also
    crumble beneath you. At the corner of the boardwalk, you will see stone Zhongs
    that lead to a chest with an extra life, and from there you can jump to swing
    poles and reach a Yuan Bao. The pillars that you lowered with the cat statues
    can be found a little to the northeast of this area. Cross them to get to Snail
    Island, and claim your reward for the cat statues- a berserk potion and a heart
    container. Descending down the centre of Snail Island using the ropes, you can
    land on a lily pad that carries you across the mud, collecting coins and
    reaching Zhongs that combo together to let you open a combo sealed chest with
    red armour back on the boardwalks.
    Just south of Snail Island you will see a trail of red crystals. Follow them,
    and use a demon potion to enter the portal at the very end of the trail. As
    usual, this demon portal is full of treasure including two big crystals (choose
    yellow both times), a magic container, and loads of coins. It also contains two
    fat demons, an energy demon and a fire demon, but considering they are
    unarmoured, you should be able to make short work of them with the roll around
    technique and some regular attacks with your claws. Energy demons are capable
    of hitting you any time you go close to them, so it would probably be best to
    kill another enemy first so that you can combo towards them quickly without
    being hit. A berserk potion is recommended, and targeting the tricky fire
    demons early is likely to be a good strategy. Stay moving and you'll be fine.
    When you are back in the swamp, you should cross the lily pads to make your way
    south, towards the final mission marker on the minimap. The normal lily pads
    will sink after a few seconds, and the ones with thorns are capable of dealing
    damage, but it isn't tough to get across. There is a health potion in a chest
    near the lilies too. At the south island there are lots of red crystals, as
    well as a turtle and two rats. You will have to keep moving in this fight- rats
    in lookout towers are throwing bombs at you. Use the roll attack style of
    fighting with the sword- throwing takes too long to recover from. Fortunately,
    the rats can damage their own troops with bombs. When the first three are down,
    another armoured rat and two turtles put in an appearance. This time, dark bugs
    will be flying around overhead. Use the claws to build up a combo from the bugs
    first, and then take out the turtles with the sword to finish the level. The
    fight can be simplified by dropping bombs near the lookout towers, which will
    destroy the towers and stop the rain of explosives from ruining your combo or
    multiplier. To this end, bombs can be found in the jars and chests around the
    battlefield. Don't forget to collect any treasure on and around this island
    before moving on.
    |                                WALKTHROUGH:                         [WLK07] |
    |                                 MARSHLAND                                   |
     X - Start point                        2nd
     B - Big crystal       Turtle Fort     Island                 /--> Boat race
     D - Demon portal    /------------\    /---\                  |            |
     M - Merchant        |   /----\   |    | D  ------------\   /-#------\     |
     W - Sword upgrade   | ~ |    |  ~|    \- -/            |   |~   ~   # <---/
     # - Door            |    \##/    |      |              |   |  ~   ~ |
     @ - Locked door     |  ~ |  | ~  |      |              |   |   -----\
     ~ - Water           |   /    \   |      |    /----\    |   |Ferryman|
     * - Endpoint        | ~/      \ ~|      |    | W   ----/   \--- ----/
                         | |        | |      |    \----/            |
                         | ~\      /  |      |  Swamps       ~   ~  | ~
                         |   \    / ~ |      |    of       /--------/
                         | ~  |  |    |      |  Death      | ~   ~    ~
                         |   ~\--/  ~ |      |           /- -\
                         | ~     ~    |      \-----------  @ |Froghead
                         \----/~ /----/                  \- -/
                             /  /    /-----\             ~ |
        /-------\           / ~/     | M    --\            | ~
        |       |----\       |       |     |  |          ~ |
        |            |       |       \ ----/  |            | ~
        \-\   /-/-\  |     ~ | ~    ~ | ~     |          ~ |
          | ~ |   |  \-- ~  Whirl ~   | ~     | ~    ~  /-- ---\
          |~ ~|   |     --- Pools ----+       \---------  Mayor|
        /-/   \-\ \----- ~    ~    ~  | ~          ~    |  Gu  |
        |   B   |           ~   ~     |     ~   ~  /----+--##--+----\
        | \---/ |                  ~  |  ~/------\ |       *        |
        |       |                     \---       | |      Frog      |
        | /---\ |                  ~     ~|      | |      City      |
        | |~ ~| |  Croc               ~   |  X   | |                |
        |/  ~  \|  Temple                ~\------/ |                |
        |~ /-\ ~|                           ~     ~
        | ~|@|~ |
    Talking to the frog as you enter the marshes triggers a new quest.
    NEW QUEST- Open the Froghead (obligatory)
    Reward: none
    This is a massive quest that will take ages to complete, and is actually made
    up of many smaller objectives. It is therefore very easy to get lost and not
    know what to do next, wandering the marshes and not doing anything productive.
    To avoid this, I have summarised all of the important points in dealing with
    this quest, including the optional ones.
    (1.) Get the final sword upgrade from the swamps of death
         This is optional, but very much recommended. You should do this first.
    (2.) Visit the ferryman and earn the secret key for the crocodile temple
         Also optional, and not really important.
     3.  Enter the frog city and earn the key to the crocodile temple
     4.  Clear out the turtle fort to earn one part of the Froghead amulet
         This can be done at any time, but I tend to clear the turtle fort before
         the croc temple, as the fort is easier.
     5.  Clear out the crocodile temple to earn one part of the Froghead amulet
     6.  Exit the swamps through the Froghead
    Steps 2 and 3 can be done in any order, but must be done before step 5.
    Now, let us increase Kay's badass-ness by +5 and get him a really cool sword.
    Proceed over the platforms towards the icon for the merchant on the map. For
    the swamps of death you are going to need at least one bottle of hornets,
    preferably two. You may need to throw away some items or use them unnecessarily
    to clear some space in your inventory. There is also a demon gate coming up
    soon, so have a demon potion to hand if you want to boost your score. Talking
    to the frog next to the shop (don't you just love their accents bruddah?) will
    trigger a new quest, equivalent to step 3 in our quest breakdown.
    NEW QUEST- Find the crocodile tear (obligatory)
    Reward: none
    Run to the northeast corner of this area where the sand slopes down into to the
    mud, and cast your eyes to the southeast- you should see a boardwalk. It is
    difficult to describe because it is tucked well out of sight, but this is the
    boardwalk you must follow to find the frog city. If you do not see four pots in
    a row at the end of the boardwalk, you have gone the wrong way; go back to the
    merchant and try to follow my ropey instructions again. Following the correct
    path will take you to Mayor Gu.
    QUEST COMPLETE- Go to the frog city
    Gu invites you to enter frog city, but doing so will trigger a new quest and
    lots of fighting, and you'll want a new sword for that. We'll return here
    shortly, but first run north across the balance beams and you'll find the
    Froghead, currently locked. Head northwest at the Froghead to enter the swamps
    of death, where many hornets are waiting for you. While you have a flask of
    hornets active, you are immune to attack from other hornets, but speed is still
    of the essence here- you will want to avoid using your own hornets until the
    last possible moment, and will want to cover as much ground as you can before
    they disperse. Luckily, the route through the swamps is linear and
    If you are quick and don't bother to collect the crystals you can make it to
    the first island of the swamp without using hornets. From this island you will
    be able to spot a Zhong challenge, where Zhongs are circling a bent over tree.
    This challenge offers an introduction to weapon specific Zhongs. The idea here
    is to destroy all of the white Zhongs quickly by changing weapon with the R2
    button. Use the sword against the sword Zhongs (duh) and the claws against the
    Zhongs with scratch marks. It's an easy challenge, and you'll receive a heart
    container for your trouble. You'll probably have to use your bottle of hornets
    soon after leaving the first island, so don't stop at the second island;
    instead continue on at top speed, to make the most of your immunity. You will
    often find more bottles of hornets in pots along the way, and there is a cage
    off to the right to boost your bank balance. If you're really good, you will
    make it to the last island without using another bottle of hornets, but don't
    feel bad if you have to. On the last island is red armour, the final sword and
    two more bottles of hornets- more than enough to get you back to frog city
    NEW WEAPON- Shadowsword
    This is the most powerful sword in the game. If you are going to use a magic
    attack, switch to the sword first, as the more upgraded a weapon, the more
    magic damage you can do. The claws have not been upgraded and so won't be as
    effective in casting magic.
    On the way back, things are just as difficult. You should stop when you get to
    the second swamp island- this is between the cage and the island with the Zhong
    challenge and it has a ring of mushrooms on it- if you see the chest that
    contained the heart container, you've gone too far. Near to this island is a
    big dead tree with a Yuan Bao atop it. If you execute some very long jumps you
    can make it to the base of the tree from the island, but it probably isn't
    worth the hassle for 50 coins, especially since there is a demon gate on this
    Use your demon potion- the portal appears in the centre of the ring of
    mushrooms. Once in the demon realm, you'll notice that the main room is this
    time looking quite bare. Strange, but usual tactics apply, the claws are
    probably your best friend here, and you'll have to use the roll around to
    guarantee a hit. There are three fat demons, an energy demon and a fire demon
    here. Remember that fat demons are nigh impossible to hit when they are
    spinning unless you are berserk, and so using a berserk potion is encouraged.
    Your reward for surviving is an extra life and a butt-load of money. If you
    picked up the armour with the sword, you shouldn't have any problems here.
    Head out of the swamps of death and return to the Froghead. This time, take the
    route to the northeast, and follow the short path to the ferryman, who is
    probably my favourite character in the game. He is super cool, a really top
    guy, but he's worried about the lake being dangerous. After the first
    conversation, follow him into his store and continue to chat, and he'll propose
    a challenge to your boating skills. The boat is out front- it's time to race.
    Control the boat as usual, but bear in mind that it doesn't turn well at all
    when moving slowly. You must pass through all of the checkpoints in the river
    and finish in 1:20.00 or less to win the crocodile amulet. There are two forks
    in the course where you have to choose to go left or right- you should go left
    both times, as it makes subsequent turns easier. Finishing in less than 1:07.00
    is tough but possible, but don't go mad trying for a fast time- remember that
    those barrels do real explosive damage, and the few coins you get for going
    fast just aren't worth it.
    Now we should head inside frog city, where there is a lot of fighting, so it
    might be wise to visit the merchant first and stock up on some supplies- a
    berserk potion or two and a magic potion won't go amiss here. Upon entering the
    frog city, Kay takes a nap, but when he wakes up, it's time for action!
    |                                WALKTHROUGH:                         [WLK08] |
    |                                 FROG CITY                                   |
     | Gu|                                                             E
     \- -/                                                        /------\
      | |                                                        /        \
     /- --\ ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~ /-/  First   \
     |X  *     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~         Pontoon  |
     \----/ ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~ \-\  Fight   /
                                 ~                               \        /E
                              ~     ~                             \------/
                                 ~                  /-#-\
                              ~     ~          Holy |   |
                                 ~            Shrine| E |       X - Start point
                              ~     ~               |   |       B - Big crystal
                 Rice            ~                  \-#-/       E - Frog egg
                 Storehouse   ~  /--------------------/         # - Door
                /-----+-----\   /~                              ~ - Water
                |           #--/    ~                           * - Endpoint
                |     |     |    ~    /--/-----\
              /-\--#--+-----/ ~     ~ |  #     |    House of
             /             |     ~    |  |     |    the Chen
     House  /--#-\    /----/  ~     ~ |  \---+ +---\ Clan
     of the |    |   /     ~     ~    \      |     |
     Wu Clan|    |   |  ~     ~     ~  \-\   |E    #----+----
        /---+-- -+   |     ~ /---\     ~ |   |     |   ~ \   ~     ~
        |E  |    |   |  ~   /  B  \ /-\  |   \-----/~     \     ~     ~ /------\
        |        |    \    ~\     / |B|~ |   |  ~      ~   #---\   ~   /        \
        \---+----/     \~    \---/  \-/ /    /-----\~     /     \   /-/  Second  \
            \ /-----\   \  ~     ~     /     |     |   ~  \    E/ ~      Pontoon  |
             / E     \   |    ~     ~ /  /---+     |~      \---/    \-\  Fight   /
      House |         |  | ~     ~    |  |     +---/   ~  Dr Man  ~    \        /E
     of Prof \       #   |    ~     ~ |  #     |House     Chu Fu      ~ \------/
      Ping    \-----/----/ ~     ~    \--\-----/of the
                                              Pong Clan
    NEW QUEST- Find 8 frog eggs (obligatory)
    Reward: Crocodile tear
    Alright guys, this is tough. And not only that, but the map for frog city is
    fragmented up, and there's not a lot of flow to the quest. I've tried to get
    things moving in as linear a fashion as possible here, but if anyone out there
    has a better route, feel free to e-mail me.
    First, make your way east along the barrels, timing your jumps to avoid the
    toxic gas. Bear left at the fork in the river to get into the first big fight,
    and it's a really, really tough one. Three gorillas and a rat face you here,
    and that's just for starters. To make matters worse, the rat and one of the
    gorillas are wearing heavy armour. Stay agile, and try to take out the rat
    first, since he is fastest and weakest. Opening with a magic attack would be
    very beneficial. A berserk potion is also recommended, but you could also use a
    flask of hornets if you have some left over from the swamps of death, since
    they will interrupt the enemies' attacks. After the rat has been killed, equip
    claws and go after the unarmoured gorillas. Leave the armoured one for now.
    Midway through the fight you will be joined by two armoured crocs and two
    unarmoured crocs. At this point you risk being completely overrun, and since
    the crocodiles can attack from a great distance away, it will be very difficult
    to find a safe spot on the pontoon. Unarmoured crocs will now continually join
    the fight until all the gorillas are dead, so you should focus on bringing down
    the remaining gorillas quickly with your strongest attacks. Experienced players
    could consider using the claws on the unarmoured crocs BEFORE turning their
    attention to the armoured gorilla, as this will make the battle go faster, but
    if the gorilla is likely to take you a while to kill, then this strategy is not
    recommended. Kill the armoured crocs when the final gorilla is dead, and no
    more will spawn. You will be free to collect two frog eggs from the buildings
    when the fight is over (2/8). Expect to lose at least 5 points of health/
    armour there, and if you did better than that, bloody good job, it's one of the
    toughest fights there is.
    To summarise the strategy for this fight:
     1 Open with a magic attack
     2 A berserk potion is recommended
     3 Kill the rat
     4 Kill the unarmoured gorillas
    (5 Experienced players may use the unarmoured crocs to build combo)
     6 Kill the armoured gorilla
     7 Kill the remaining crocs
    Now follow the river south until you see a sword Zhong. Beneath it is a very
    quickly filling bubble of toxic gas which keeps the platform that you need to
    access the Zhong in a constant envelope of poison. It does seem that you would
    have to complete the Zhong challenge while under the influence of this most
    putrid of effervescences. But, an alternative strategy makes this tricky Zhong
    challenge really quite straightforward! Simply jump onto the platform and
    become contaminated with the filth spewing from the water below. Now jump and
    strike the Zhong with your sword- the Zhong challenge will start, and remember
    that to jump towards the Zhong you have to push the analog stick away from it.
    Then fall into the water, while still holding the analog stick in the same
    direction. Swim a few feet and stop, waiting on the poison to wear off. Since
    you now have COMBO +1, you can jump from the water, combo towards the Zhong and
    strike it with the sword. The Zhong challenge will start and you will be clear-
    headed! The challenge itself is easy enough; you have to combo towards the
    white Zhong of the two Zhongs that appear, as the other will be an energy
    Zhong. All the Zhongs are breakable by the sword only, and you will be rewarded
    with a heart container. I'm really proud of this strategy, can you tell?
    Now for another fight. Head south on the barrels and you will see the three
    turtles, two unarmoured crocs and one armoured croc in the distance, but you
    should bypass them for now if you want a big score. Jump into the water and
    head off to the right, where there is a save point and a big crystal. Choose
    red at the crystal, then run headlong into the fight with the turtles and
    crocs, and choose red once again. If you manage to hit all three of the turtles
    with the magic attack from your sword, it will knock their shells off, allowing
    you to take out five of your six opponents here with your claws alone. As
    always, deal with unarmoured enemies first, then switch to the sword. On the
    upper tier of frog city is a massive ring of red crystals, so if you finish
    this fight with both red multiplier and combo, you should zip up to the higher
    level using the Zhongs above your head, then run a quick lap for massive
    points. If your multiplier ran out, don't worry, head back to the save point
    near the other big crystal you just destroyed.
    From the save point on the lower level, climb up the netting to the northwest
    to find a chest with combo seal of 7. There is a corresponding chest on the
    opposite side, and a long chain of Zhongs that link them. Head across the
    Zhongs to get green armour from a red chest, and then head back to get loads of
    money from the green chest.
    We will start exploring the houses from the green combo sealed chest. If we
    imagine the upper level of Frog City as a clock face, this chest is found at
    the 10 o'clock position. Walk counter-clockwise (south) around the walkway a
    little to find a big gap. You'll need to jump between the houses to get across
    it. We are aiming to reach the house in the far south west of Frog City. When
    you enter it, "House of Professor Ping" should display on screen. In this
    house, you must time your jumps carefully to avoid debris falling regularly
    from the roof. The house consists of a single room, and has one frog egg inside
    We will make our way around the circle, moving clockwise, so our next house to
    visit is next to the green chest: the "House of the Wu Clan". The first room is
    very similar to the previous house- timed jumps are all that is required. The
    second room is like something from a Saw film: weird flaming bags and pulleys
    and arms and swinging and platforms coming out the walls... jeez. As well as
    dodging the bags, you should be careful of the poles that they are attached to.
    The large sacks can only hit you if you stand on the second board coming out of
    the wall- standing on the board closest to the wall is safe. Following the red
    crystals will take you to a good old box o' cash and, a little higher, an extra
    life. Backtrack to the earliest platform at which the higher of the two bags
    can hit you, then move clockwise around the room until you can drop in front of
    the target door. Look around mode (hold R3) might be useful in this case to
    plan your route. If you can find the large platform that is on fire and is
    throwing up a huge plume of smoke, your target door is just anticlockwise from
    there. Don't break the pots in the second room- they contain dragonflies, not
    treasure. In the third room there are ropes to swing towards the frog egg
    (4/8). There are also enemy hornets in one of the pots that you will have to
    run away from. And fortunately, it is easier to leave the third room than it is
    to get there.
    Back outside, ignore the next building. It is the Rice Storehouse, and we will
    come back here last. Use the ropes to go past the save point and run into the
    next house, at the upper level's 1 o'clock position. This is the House of the
    Chen Clan. The first room has ropes and a pot of enemy hornets, but this will
    not be a problem. The second room is a different kettle of fish, as it is
    filling with smoke. If Kay runs out of stamina here, you will have to start
    this puzzle again. Various buttons here can influence the fire, and you must
    clear the flames from the frog egg by pushing the boxes onto the correct
    buttons. Here is a diagram of the buttons:
             Entrance          The first box starts in the position marked A
          1           2        The second box starts in the position marked B
             B                 Switch 2 is engulfed in flame
    Frog     3  4  5
    Egg                 Exit
          A  6     7
          8           9
    Push Box A onto switch 7. This removes the flames from the frog egg.
    Collect the frog egg (5/8).
    Push box A into the flames on switch 2. This removes the flames from the exit.
    Leave the house.
    It's that easy! Two moves and you're done. You don't even have to move one of
    the boxes. Since you've gone out the back door of this house you have access to
    platforms leading out into the darkness. Collect an extra life from a chest you
    will see on the left and then follow the platforms to the right, where there
    are broken bridges which you can cross to get to the next house. This house
    belongs to Doctor Man Chu Fu, and I've heard he's crazy. There's a pot of
    hornets in his house, and some ropes that are easy to swing around. Another
    frog egg in the bag here- no problem (6/8).
    When you have the egg, head outside and around to the back of the house to find
    Zhongs that take you down to the lower level. A high combo will be handy here,
    since you're landing right into a fight with three heavily armoured gorillas
    and a heavily armoured rat. Get a berserk potion on the go right away, and you
    may also wish to throw magic, and hornets if you have some saved up. Since
    there are no unarmoured enemies at the start this time, I would recommend using
    only the sword when you go berserk and taking out the rat and gorillas before
    you turn your attention to the crocs that appear. When the gorillas are dead,
    take out the unarmoured crocs with claws, then the armoured ones with the
    sword. This battle follows exactly the same pattern as the first big pontoon
    fight, and the unarmoured crocs will continue to respawn again until all of the
    gorillas area dead. Refer back to the previous strategy if you're having any
    problems. It's going to be a really tough fight again, and definitely one you
    should use a berserk potion in; if you didn't use one during the last big
    fight, you'll really notice the difference in difficulty this time- it's a
    massive help.
    When you're done, pick up the frog egg (7/8) and if you still have combo you
    can head back up to the last house via the Zhongs. If not, there is a rope
    ladder below the house to help you up. Return to the main circle of Frog City
    via the broken bridges, platforms and then through the House of the Chen Clan.
    You may now proceed directly to the Rice Storehouse in the northwest to
    retrieve the final frog egg, or go to the House of the Pong Clan in the
    southeast for another room of swinging flaming sacks. The Pong house is
    entirely optional, but collecting all of the crystals inside and opening the
    green chest at the top nets you about a million points. There is also a health
    potion in this house, which you may need if you have been taking a beating in
    the last few fights.
    With one frog egg left to find it is time to return to the Rice Storehouse that
    we passed earlier; it's the first door on the right after the rope swings, at
    the 11 o'clock position in the City. The first room of the storehouse is
    another block and switch puzzle:
       B                 The first box starts in the position marked A
               1  Exit   The second box starts in the position marked B
           A             Switch 1 and box B are engulfed in flame
       2   3   4
    Push box A onto switch 4. This removes the flames around box B.
    Push box B onto switch 3. This removes the flames around switch 1.
    Push box A into switch 1. This removes the flames around the exit.
    Climb up the ropes in the next room to exit into the fresh air of frog city.
    Use the zipline here to land on a little platform next to another zipline. Take
    it down to the final building- the holy shrine. This makes a mockery of all the
    hardcore fighting you've been doing up to now: three turtles and a rat are
    hardly going to be much of a challenge. One magic attack with the sword is all
    that is needed to remove all of their armour, and they can thereafter be
    finished off with the claws, provided you can hit them all at once with magic.
    Collect the final frog egg (8/8).
    QUEST COMPLETE- Find 8 frog eggs
    Now return to Mayor Gu (the green X on the map, in the far northwest of the
    city). The zipline outside the shrine will take you most of the way. Now that
    you have achieved such a "sweet conclusion", it's time to head back out to the
    marshes, Boss.
    Have an interesting chat with Gu and obtain the crocodile tear from the chest.
    In theory, you could now go to the crocodile temple, but it is really tough so
    we will just put it off for as long as possible. It's turtle fort time!
    QUEST COMPLETE- Find the crocodile tear
    NEW QUEST- Find Su Ling in the Forsaken City (obligatory)
    Reward: none
    Head back to where the merchant is and replenish your items if you need to.
    Don't buy any armour, you will find some shortly. Head southwest from the shop,
    and take the path to the right, jumping over the rolling logs towards the
    whirlpools. To avoid the gas at the first whirlpool, go around it clockwise,
    jumping from lily pad to lily pad. You will see a trail of red crystals off to
    the left which lead to the croc temple, but as we do not want to visit there
    just yet, follow them only until you collect the green armour in the red chest,
    and then turn back around. The turtle fort is to the north of the whirlpool
    area. If you fall into the water, keep jumping to reduce the risk of being
    sucked into a whirlpool.
    You will face four turtles and an armoured rat outside the fort. As usual, open
    with a sword magic attack to de-shell all of the turtles. They run towards you
    at the start of the fight so it isn't too difficult to hit them all. You can
    then finish the turtles off with the claws to build as much combo as possible.
    Two heavily armoured crocs (the toughest you have seen so far) and two
    unarmoured crocs will then join the fray. Take down the unarmoured ones first
    with the claws, and leave the armoured ones till last. The fight is no more
    difficult than you are used to, but it may take a while to knock the crocs'
    armour off if you lose your combo. Consider using hornets against the crocs if
    you have some spare. After the battle, collect the health potion from the chest
    to the north; it is on a tree stump rising from the water. There is also a cage
    to be opened before you enter the fort.
    |                                WALKTHROUGH:                         [WLK09] |
    |                                TURTLE FORT                                  |
                    Armorchamber  /------------\       X - Start point
                    /----------\  |         C  |       B - Big crystal
                    |          |  |    B       |       C - Cat statue
                    \----\ /---/  |            |       F - Froghead amulet part
                         | |      |  Sports    |       K - Turtle amulet key
                   /-----/ \------/   Arena    |       # - Door
                   |                           |       @ - Amulet locked door
                   |  /---\    |----------+----/       * - Endpoint
                   |  |    \   #          |
                   |  |     \--+--\ Turtle|
                   |  | /-----\   |  Nest |
                   |  | |     |   |   B   |
                   |  \-/     |   \-------/
                   |    Kitchen---------------------------\
                   |  /-\-----/                           |
                   |  |                                   |
                 /-/  \-\   /----------\            /----/ \------\
         /-------|      |---|          |---\        |             |
         |*@ X                Elevator      \       |   /------\  |
         \-------|      |---|          |-\  |       |   |      |  \------\
                 \-\  /-/   \----------/ |  |       |   |      | Under   |
                   |  |                /-/  \---\   \---+      @ Elevator|
               /---|  |-----\          |Weapon K|       \------/---------/
               |   |  |     |          |Chamber |
        /----+-|-\ |  \--   |          \--------/
        |    |   | \    ----/
        |   F|   |  \----
        |    +-@-+
        | Prison |
    NEW QUEST- Find the turtle amulet (obligatory)
    Reward: Froghead amulet piece, extra life, green armour, approx. 750 coin
    You'll be greeted by two teenage mutant ninja turtles at the bottom of the
    stairs. Use roll attacks and jump attacks; this fight isn't worth wasting magic
    on. Follow the red crystals (north), and continue to the end of the corridor to
    face a single turtle. Go right at the light potion and then take a slight left
    to follow the stairs down into the sports arena in the far northeast of the
    fort. Fight three turtles and an armoured rat here (use magic) and choose
    yellow for the big crystal. Another two turtles will appear after you have
    taken out their comrades- use roll attacks on these guys. Collect all the
    treasure in here, including an extra life, and activate the cat statue to
    When you get to the top of the stairs outside the sports arena, head sharply
    left, almost doubling back on yourself to find a way that was not open before.
    This leads down to a dark room with four turtles and a big crystal. Choose
    yellow and try to get as many of the turtles as you can with the magic attack
    you use on the crystal. Two red chests will appear after this fight, one with a
    berserk potion and the other with an extra life. These turtle fights are
    becoming old hat now, aren't they? Hopefully you will still have a score
    multiplier active- as you leave the dark room, turn right to find the armour
    chamber and some more gold.
    Return to the original room at the entrance to the fort and go east- the
    passage opposite the door where you originally came in. That cat statue you
    activated has raised the elevator, allowing you to access the weapon chamber,
    after fighting two turtles of course! The weapon chamber contains plenty of
    treasure, as well as the turtle amulet.
    QUEST COMPLETE- Find the turtle amulet
    Before leaving this area you have to get a part of the Froghead amulet, and
    there is also some treasure for you to pick up. Head back to the first room
    again, and this time follow the blue crystals down a huge spiral staircase.
    This takes you to the prison, where there are three cages and a part of the
    Froghead amulet (1/2).
    Next, return to the original room and north through the corridor that led to
    the sports arena. This time, go right before you get to the light potion to
    find the kitchen. There is a magic container in here; be sure to pick that up.
    Continuing through the kitchen and down the stairs will allow you to get under
    the elevator, where there is a door that you can now unlock. In here is loads
    of treasure, green armour and an extra life. We've cleared the turtle fort, so
    go back to the first room and head west to find the exit.
    Head back over the lily pads and the whirlpools to return to the red chest that
    you found green armour in earlier (to the southwest of the whirlpools). If you
    need items, you can always pay the merchant a visit as well, then return to the
    red chest. Berserk potions are going to be pretty much invaluable for the next
    area- having at least two with you will be highly advantageous. From the red
    chest at the whirlpools, continue over metal walkways and past a save point.
    There is a potential bug coming up that could ruin a save file, and so you
    should make a backup. Thanks to T Deacon for letting me know about this one.
    At the end of the walkways you will face a group of crocs- FOUR unarmoured and
    one armoured. I bet you can guess what our strategy is going to be here: claws
    and combo against the unarmoured ones, and then roll attack or throw against
    the last man standing with the sword. It's still not going to be easy- you may
    not even have any armour left by the time you finish.
    Next is a really tricky set of platforms- they are safe to jump on when they
    are in the raised position, but jumping on one in the lowered position will
    cause arrows to be fired at you. The best way to tackle this is to hang on the
    edge of every platform, and haul yourself up onto it only when it is safe to do
    so. At the T junction there is a heavily armoured croc on each side- don't
    worry, they won't attack at the same time. Choose red at the crystal and take
    out at least one of the crocs to get the extra life from the chest. Get all of
    the treasure here, then press the big switch in front of the red crystal arrow
    to make platforms appear that will allow you to reach the temple. Before you
    enter, explore behind the crocodile head to find some green chests.
    |                                WALKTHROUGH:                         [WLK10] |
    |                              CROCODILE TEMPLE                               |
                           /---------\                    X - Start point
                           |    C    |                    B - Big crystal
                           |  Water  |                    C - Cat statue
           Northern        |Lily Pond|                    D - Demon portal
          Water Cycle      \---+@--+-/                    F - Froghead amulet part
                               |  1|                      K - Key
                          /----+--#+---------\            # - Door
                          |                  |            @ - Padlocked door
                 /--------+   /---@------\   +--------\   ~ - Water
                 |        |   |          |   |Training|   * - Endpoint
             /---/ Boxes  |   |Repository|   |  Room  |
             | K   Room  1#   | (Secret  |   #2    C  |
             \---\        |   |   Room)  |   |        |
                 |        |   |          |   |        |
                 \--------+   \----------/   +--------/
                          |                  |
                          \-------\ + /------/
                                  | | |
                                  | | |
             /------------+-------/ + \-----\   #1- Doors open prior to pressing
          ---|Entrance    |         B       |    the switch in the pump room
     * <--- X  Hall F B K @     Pump Room   |
          ---|            | D               |   #2- Doors open after pressing
             \------------+-----^-\ + /-----/    the switch in the pump room
                          /-----|-+ | |
                    /---->       C| | |
                    |     +-------/ + \------\
                    |     |                  |    Southern
                    |     |   /----------\   |   Water Cycle
                    |     |   |          |   |
                    |     |   |          |   +--+--------\
            /----------+--+   |          |   #1 |  Mud   |
            |Wildwater @ 2#   |          |   |     Vapor |
       /----+ Room     +--+   |          |   +--+  Bath  |
       |               |  |   \----------/   |  |        |
       |  /-+----------/  |                  |  \--------/
       |  \----\    |     \-----------+--#--+/
       |        ----/                 |  2  |
       \-------/ Upper level          |     |Interrogation
                 path back to         |     |Room
                 pump room            |K    |
    Right from the off, you will see why this is a tougher dungeon and best kept
    until last. Face the four armoured crocs and the rat here to progress to the
    main area of the temple. A berserk potion is advised, as magic will be of
    limited use due to the crocs keeping their distance from one another. Take out
    the rat first to build combo, before roll attacking and jump attacking the
    crocs. They should attack in pairs, which makes the battle just a little
    easier. LEAVE the big crystal for the moment. If for some reason you do not
    have a berserk potion (I did recommend bringing some!), there is one above the
    entrance. You will have to somersault up onto the torch bracket that has not
    been lit to be able to reach it. There is a red chest of hearts up there too,
    if you are running low on health.
    NEW QUEST- Find three cat statues (obligatory)
    Reward: Froghead amulet piece
    ********** CROCODILE TEMPLE **********
    Use the key from the red chest to open the door and descend into the pump room.
    T Deacon reports that sometimes the door will not open, despite having acquired
    the key. This means that you will be unable to progress through the temple, and
    so you should reload your last save game. If you have autosave enabled, then
    this bug could potentially ruin a save file. I hope you saved on multiple files
    before entering the temple! There is no known work-around for this bug, and no
    known cause. Please e-mail me if you have any more information on this bug.
    ********** END OF WARNING **********
    In the pump room there are two flowing bodies of water, a big machine, and a
    big crystal, which you should leave for just now. Jump into the water closest
    to the door where you came in- it will take you through the southern water
    cycle. During your time in the temple, you should jump onto platforms to
    restore your stamina as often as possible, as you will need lots of stamina to
    get into the rooms and around the water cycles of the temple. Both of the water
    cycles are arranged like squares, and the only room accessible from the
    southern cycle just now is on the third side of the square. This room is called
    mud vapour bath, and contains a cage, an extra life and some treasure. To get
    around you just have to jump from platform to platform, and so this is one of
    the easiest rooms in the temple. When you are finished here, return to the pump
    room and then head into the northern water cycle.
    In the northern water cycle there is a room accessible on the second side of
    the square, but you need a key for it, which you will not have just yet.
    Opposite the entrance to this room is another door leading to the secret room
    in the centre of the northern water cycle. If you paid the ferryman a visit in
    the marshes earlier you will be able to enter this room (the Repository), which
    contains lots of points, treasure, a health potion and red armour.
    On the third side of the northern water cycle is another room with an open
    door. You have to push the blocks here so that you can jump on them from the
    north-eastern corner of the room to the centre of the western side without
    touching the ground. A setup like this is ideal:
                                 0 - no box
             000000000000        # - box
    Target   00#000000000   Entrance
    Moving the boxes around is slow and tedious- advanced players may wish to use
    only three of the boxes in a similar configuration to the one shown above. This
    makes the jumps more difficult but requires much less setup time.
    Once the boxes are set up climb the ladder in the northeast and press the
    button to raise the water. If the boxes get stuck together there is a button to
    reset them in the southeast. When the water is raised cross the boxes to earn a
    key. There is also an extra life above the entrance to the key room, but you
    will have to somersault from the base of a pillar to reach it. Now return the
    way you came, drop the water level and leave.
    You will have to do another lap of the northern water cycle to open the door on
    the second (northernmost) side, opposite the secret room with the key you just
    earned. This leads to the water lily pond, another easy room. Remember to avoid
    the lily pads with the thorns. Activate the cat statue (1/3), then press all of
    the buttons in this room before time runs out, comboing across the Zhongs that
    appear. You will reach a chest of bombs, which you probably don't need.
    Return to the pump room and press the button near the save point. This reverses
    the water flow and allows you to access the other rooms of the temple. Jump
    into the water flow closest to you now to be taken back to the southern water
    cycle. A door on the second wall of the square will take you to the
    interrogation room. Two armoured crocs will confront you: use roll attacks and
    jump attacks to take them out. The Zhongs that will subsequently appear will
    allow you to reach the key in the southwest. A second door can be found in the
    southern water cycle. It is on the third wall of the square and requires your
    key to enter it.
    Don't worry too much about getting the crystals in the wildwater room; just get
    over the whirlpools and pass the save point at the other side. In the next area
    you will have to carefully time jumps across lily pads and then ascend up a
    room full of platforms and explosive barrels. The best strategy here is to jump
    onto the platform, then immediately backwards onto the one before it, to allow
    any explosions to go off before you proceed. At the top of this room, before
    you start following the blue crystals, you will find a demon potion in one of
    the pots. Don't miss it- you'll be needing one shortly. The next area involves
    fighting three crocs while dodging arrows that are being shot down the
    corridor. You can either run down the stairs at the end of the room to fight
    the crocs down there, or you can fight the crocs in the path of the arrows,
    since they will be damaged by the arrows too. However you do it, passing this
    area will grant you access to a cat statue (2/3), and bring you out at the pump
    Visit the save point to heal if you have to (I usually still have my red
    armour), then head through the northern water cycle. There is a cage on the
    left as you go in. The only door here is on the third wall of the square- it
    leads to the training room, and a very tough fight. Four armoured crocs on the
    go all at the same time is going to be tough to handle, and since we plan to
    visit the demon realm next, your battle strategy should be based on the items
    you have left. If you have two magic potions, use a lot of magic in this fight.
    If you have two berserk potions, use one of them here. Remember that there is a
    berserk potion above the entrance to the temple that you may not have collected
    already, which would be available for you to use in the demon realm. Don't
    bother switching to claws at all- these guys move so fast that when you think
    you are chasing an unarmoured one, an armoured guy will run in front of you,
    and you don't want to miss any opportunities to deal some damage here. Once
    you've started laying down some punishment with roll and jump attacks, use
    combo attacks to gain the upper hand speed-wise. When you are done, activate
    the button above the cat statue to unlock the statue itself (3/3).
    QUEST COMPLETE- Find three cat statues
    Return to the pump room and save. Before we collect the amulet, we have a demon
    potion to use. The portal is located in the southwest corner of the pump room.
    If you haven't already collected them, and provided you have a magic potion,
    choose blue for the big crystal in the pump room, then quickly go the entrance
    room and do the same. Return to the pump room, enter the demon realm, use a
    magic potion and rush on to choose blue at the next big crystal (it starts on
    yellow, but it's not easy to see, so hit it once before you cast). You will
    earn a massive multiplier this way, ideal for taking on the two energy demons,
    three fat demons and one fire demon that now stand in your way. I hope you
    still have a berserk potion in your inventory! You can obtain quite a few items
    from the pots in the main demon room. In the last room of this area there is a
    big crystal (why wouldn't you choose blue?), loads of health and enough money
    to buy a small west African republic. When you have everything, leave the demon
    realm, pick up the amulet piece in the pool (2/2) in the entrance hall and
    leave the temple. Well handled, this portal is worth 2.25 million points.
    I've had about enough of this place, haven't you? It's time to leave via the
    Froghead, now that we can open it. In case you can't remember where it is,
    follow the linear path from the croc temple to the whirlpools, head east to the
    rolling logs, northeast past the shop (buy items if you need them- as usual,
    two berserk potions wouldn't go amiss), southeast to the frog city and
    northeast to the portal icon on the map.
    QUEST COMPLETE- Open the Froghead
    |                                WALKTHROUGH:                         [WLK11] |
    |                                 LONE SWAMP                                  |
                     /       \
                    |         |            To             X - Starting point
            X-----#-|         |-#------> * Dragon         # - Door
                    |         |            Swamp          * - Endpoint
                     \       /
    It's been a while since we had a decent boss fight, don't you think?
    BOSS: Jia-Gu the Giant Turtle
    Difficulty: Average
    He is undoubtedly meaner looking than the turtles you have faced thus far, and
    he's probably been on the protein shakes or something, cos he is laaaaarge. He
    will lunge out with his long neck and try to bite you, so keep running around
    the ring of boardwalk and be ready to double jump out of the way. When he
    lunges forward, you have your chance to jump onto his tail and attack the
    amulet on his shell. Use triple strike with your sword to drain almost half of
    his health in a single fell swoop. Repeat this a second time, but after a
    single hit Jia-Gu will throw you from his back, and get really, really pissed
    He gains another attack when his health drops below 50%- he can spew out
    noxious gases, which do not disorientate like the gas in the swamp, just deal
    regular damage. You can't hit him when he uses this attack, but it is easy
    enough to jump over and dodge. His regular lunge attack now has the ability to
    destroy boards, which is a massive nuisance, so you want to finish the battle
    as quickly as possible, before the battlefield is reduced to only mud. Wait for
    him to lunge, then triple strike him in the back again, leaving him with just a
    little health. Repeat this once more to win.
    It is important to finish him off quickly, as the battle becomes really
    difficult when the boards get smashed up. If he has smashed all the boards and
    you don't want to lose a life, but can't see how you can beat him, deliberately
    drown yourself in the mud. You will lose one point of health, and respawn next
    to the save point, which you can use to restore all of your health. You'll have
    to start the fight again, but using this sneaky tactic will mean you never lose
    a life against him. There are also two health potions on the lily pads outside
    the circle of boardwalks, which you can use if the battle drags on. Be careful
    not to sink in the mud after you kill Jia-Gu; you will respawn at the save
    point and have to fight him all over again.
    The difficulty of this boss scales exponentially with game difficulty- his
    increased health on hard and nightmare difficulties make the battle last
    longer, which results in much more of the boardwalks becoming destroyed. Good
    luck trying to take him down on nightmare!
    Exit this area for a cutscene, where Shun shows that he's not as daft as he
    You will then have to make your way through the dragon swamp, where dragonflies
    try to attack you. They don't drop treasure, so just run through this short
    area and don't worry about killing them. If you absolutely have to fight, use
    In the next area you will have to fly on the dragon Tor Chang, who happens to
    be Tor Chi's nephew. Use fire against the mines with the square button, and be
    tapping X constantly to get enough speed to make it through the rings on time.
    For the most part, it is easier to dodge the mines than spit fire at them, but
    there are some which obstruct your path through the rings, and of course these
    should be destroyed with fire. Regular turning will suffice for most of the way
    through the canyon, but after rings 5, 16, 17 and 20 you may have to skid
    depending on how you are lined up. Breathing fire is really inaccurate, and
    those mines are a real pain, but this is the only dragon flight in the game, so
    you'll just have to put up with it and hope you get the hang of the controls in
    |                                WALKTHROUGH:                         [WLK12] |
    |                               FORSAKEN CITY I                               |
     X - Starting point                          /---------------------\
     A - Ancestor statue                         |  Palace             |      To
     B - Big crystal                             | Stairway      K B B @* -> King's
     C - Cat statue                              |                     |     Palace
     K - Key                               /-----+--@-----+------------/
     M - Merchant                          | Northern   A |
     O - Hammer plate                      |   Town       |
     W - New weapon (hammer)               |    /------   |
     # - Door                              |    |         |
     @ - Padlocked door                    |    |      O  |
     ~ - Water                             |    \----\-|--/
     * - Endpoint                          |         | |
                                           \-----\   | |           /---\Storage
                                                 | ^ | \------------>  | Room
                                                 \-|-/             |   \--\
                                                   |               |      |
                                                   |               |   /--/
                                        /----------|-\    /-----\  | C |
                                        | Old      O |    |~ ~ ~|  \---/
                                        | Pottery    +----+ ~ ~ |
                                     /--+----#-------+    |Dry  |
                                     |               #   M|Dock |
                        /--\         |               |    \ ~ ~ /
                        |C |         |      B        |     ~ ~ ~
                        |  |    /----+               |    / ~ ~ \
                        |  \----+    #               +----+-+---/
                        | B     @  /-+   Main        #  B   |
                        \-------+  | |     Square    |Prison|
                     /--------\ |  | |               |------/
               /---\ |        | |  | |               |
    /-----\  /-+ A +-+  Back  +-/  | +- -+-----------+
    |  X  |  |       #  Yard  #    | |   #  K K W    |
    \-\ /-+  | /-----+        +----/ \---+ Avalanche |
      | # |  | |     |        |          \-----------/
      | \-+--/ |     \--------/
      |        |
      \-+ B +--/
    Welcome to the Forsaken City! It's another big area, but it's far more varied
    and enjoyable than the swamp. Difficulty goes up another notch here, but we
    have access to a new weapon in the not too distant future- the game is about to
    get really interesting. Also, I'm sure you'll be glad to hear that there are no
    crocs in this area! :D For the most part, they'll be replaced with gorillas
    From the starting courtyard, you can go through a door on the left hand side
    into Li Na's house. It has a few points inside, and not much else, but there is
    a known bug associated with the door to the house- it will disable your
    minimap, which is very inconvenient. If you are following the directions of the
    walkthrough, then it's not worthwhile to pick up the hundred or so points from
    this house at the expense of being able to navigate the rest of the city- give
    this house a miss.
    At the top of the first set of stairs, Kay will meet two rats. What you don't
    see to begin with is that they have backup in the shape of a gorilla with a
    hammer/mace just round the corner. Choose red at the crystal around the corner
    and use roll and jump attacks on the rats first- with your upgraded sword they
    should go down easily. The gorilla is a different matter altogether- when he
    strikes the ground with his hammer a shockwave is generated that knocks Kay off
    balance, rendering him immobile and unable to defend himself. To make matters
    worse, the gorilla is capable of dealing many points of damage with a single
    hit, and is also in the habit of using a spinning attack that can be difficult
    to dodge. You may have to knock him over several times to kill him. Value the
    practice you are getting here- the gorilla is a standard enemy in this level.
    Just before you go through the big gates after Kay meets the panda, look right.
    There is a fence here that you can get over to earn red armour, and this will
    be invaluable in the next fight, just through the gates. You will face two
    heavily armoured hammer gorillas here, and four heavily armoured rats. A magic
    attack will be very handy if you have enough MP remaining. A berserk potion may
    also be required. Get rid of all of your hornets over the course of the next
    few big fights if you have any left; they are starting to outlive their
    usefulness. Finish the rats off first, then take on the gorillas. When the
    battle is nearly over, barrels will be rolled down from the corners of the
    courtyard- these can damage your enemies as well as you, and so should make the
    battle go a little faster. Be very conscious of not staying in one place for
    too long, as you will be a sitting target for the barrels. Single jump attacks
    will be preferable for finishing off the gorillas, as opposed to two jump
    attacks or somersault attacks. When the original two gorillas have been killed,
    four lightly armoured axe gorillas will join the fight. These are the guys you
    have been used to fighting, and cannot generate shockwaves like the hammer
    gorillas. Still, there are quite a few of them and so you should stay agile and
    cautious when fighting them. The first phase of the fight however, is much
    tougher than this second phase.
    Following the linear path for a little longer you will encounter three more
    armoured rats. When you fight them, bombs will start dropping from up above
    you. Fortunately, these interrupt the attacks of the rats and deal them damage,
    so as long as you can avoid them easily they can be moderately useful- keep
    moving! As the battle progresses, another three rats appear, equipped with
    forks. You may remember seeing these enemies before, prior to the fight with
    Boarax. This time, they are armoured and have the ability to throw bombs. When
    you encounter these enemies, you have to keep moving and take them down
    quickly. The trick is to use roll attacks constantly and to cycle your attacks
    around each of the bomb rats in turn to keep them all on their backs, only
    using jump attacks when they are all knocked over. Incidentally, this tactic is
    useful against large groups of rats for most of the rest of the game, as bomb-
    throwers become more common. The rats are more likely to use bombs if Kay is
    farther from them, as they will not damage themselves.
    The next area is the main courtyard of the Forsaken City. Our panda friend is
    in a spot of trouble, so Kay, being the top bloke that he is, will help him
    out. The first stage of this fight involves two axe gorillas and two armoured
    rats, but armoured rats will continue to join the fray until the gorillas are
    dead. Choose red at the big crystal and hope to catch some enemies with the
    magic attack. Then finish the gorillas, and finally the rats. Rats will
    continue to respawn until the gorillas are dead, and so this fight requires a
    departure from our usual battle sequence of rats then gorillas. The door to the
    prison will then open- head inside.
    Choose red at the big crystal to wipe out the armour of the four rats that you
    will encounter, and finish with claws if necessary. Next two axe gorillas and
    two rats will be sent to take you down. If you have a berserk potion, now would
    be a good time to use it. If not, another magic attack would be helpful here.
    Kill the rats first to build combo, then the gorillas with combo attacks and
    jump attacks. Finally two hammer gorillas and two axe gorillas will give you
    some hassle. If your combo and health are high you will be able to take them
    down without getting too much of a beating, but again, opening with a magic
    attack would be beneficial. When everything is dead, run up to the panda to
    talk. It turns out that by breaking into a prison and killing all of the
    guards, you are on the "side of justice". Despite this panda's clearly odd
    moral standing, he has connections with a group of rebels called the Avalanche,
    and shows you into their hideout. Head upstairs to see a familiar face...
    QUEST COMPLETE- Find Su Ling in the Forsaken City
    Have a chat with Su Ling to discover that the Avalanche have a boat to take
    resistance fighters to Waa-Lo, but they cannot launch the ship because the
    Drydock channel is, well, dry. You'll need to activate three cat statues to
    fill it back up.
    NEW QUEST- Flood the Drydock (obligatory)
    Reward: none
    Talk to Pan downstairs for a key, and then return to the main courtyard of the
    city. The rats here will respawn regularly. Kill them until they stop giving
    you money, after which time you should simply run past them. Be aware also that
    rats will now regularly use attacks that deal two points of damage, instead of
    the one damage attacks you have been used to so far.
    To the left of the prison door there is a gate. This leads through to a shop
    and the Drydock which you are trying to flood. There are chests in the Drydock
    which you should open now, lest they be lost to the rising waters you are about
    to release. A claw upgrade is available quite cheaply from the shop.
    NEW WEAPON- Razor claws
    Now head back through the gate that brought you into the main courtyard
    originally, and backtrack to where a locked gate is marked with a X on the map.
    Open it, choose whatever colour you like, and break the bamboo to find a chest
    and a hole in the wall to the right. Through this hole you can find and
    activate the first cat statue (1/3). Head back to Avalanche HQ at the main
    square and relentlessly flirt with Su Ling. Next, talk to Pan to receive a free
    one-way ticket to Damageville.
    NEW WEAPON- Basic Hammer
    The hammer is slow, very slow, but oh-em-gee will it tear enemies apart. You
    hit with a hammer, but rats appear to get hit by a bus. It is not ideal to use
    the hammer against aerial enemies, but it can do very heavy damage to enemies
    with armour, and at this point in the game, that's just about all of them. I
    would say that the hammer's speed makes some attacks unusable against large
    groups of enemies; you are simply too exposed while recovering, but the hammer
    throw hits all enemies within a small radius, and so is ideal for big fights.
    Wherever possible, stick to throws, jump attacks and roll attacks, and avoid
    triple strikes, combo attacks and somersaults.
    Go directly across the courtyard from the avalanche hideout and through the
    north door to "old pottery". Down the stairs here is a crumbling floor that you
    can break through with the hammer's jump attack. Emerging a little further on
    at the northern side of town, you will have to dodge barrels being thrown at
    you by gorillas. When you get up the stairs at the end of the barrel passage,
    you can go up a ladder to fight the gorillas. This is entirely optional, but is
    a good way to break in your new hammer, and you'll be rewarded with red armour.
    Behind the save point is a locked gate that we will come back to later. You can
    find a cage behind the tower with the golden statue in it. Southeast of the
    save point you will encounter three rats (use the hammer) and another ground
    plate for you to destroy with the hammer. The storage room below seems quiet...
    too quiet. Prepare for a fight when you activate the cat statue (2/3) and try
    to leave the area. You're going to be faced with three bomb rats and five spear
    rats, and of course they are all armoured. Take the battle to them by running
    ahead and meeting them before they have a chance to spread out, dropping a
    magic attack with the SWORD (not hammer!) right away. You may well be caught up
    in an explosion here courtesy of the bomb rats, but this will kill just about
    everything, provided you hit them all, so it's well worth it. If there are
    quite a few still left, use a throw or two with the hammer (rolling around the
    enemies will be tricky as there isn't a lot of space, but still worth the risk)
    to thin the crowds, followed by roll attacks to decimate the remaining foes.
    It's not going to be easy- if some of the bomb rats get lucky with their tosses
    you'll spend a lot of time on your ass.
    Return to Su Ling again to learn that you are on the wrong side of the river to
    activate the last cat statue. Damn, but not to worry, there is plenty more for
    you to be doing, like finding a nautical chart that will allow Avalanche to
    navigate safely to Waa-Lo.
    NEW QUEST- Obtain the nautical chart
    Reward: none
    Pan will give you a key downstairs. You will have to return to the northern
    town through old pottery. Before you do this, please visit the merchant. Aim to
    proceed to the next area with red armour, a health potion, a magic potion, and
    two berserk potions. If you're tight on cash, at least carry one berserk
    Next to the save point in the northern town, near where the gorillas were
    throwing barrels at you before is a locked gate, behind which lies a tough
    fight. Be ready. To begin with you will face two axe gorillas, a hammer gorilla
    and two bomb rats. There are another two axe gorillas waiting at the top of the
    staircase, so run up there first and have them chase you down to the other
    enemies- with the hammer throw, as with magical attacks, the more enemies that
    join the party, the better. Choose red at both big crystals and kill the rats
    with hammer roll attacks to build combo. The rats will eventually respawn, but
    will no longer throw any bombs, making them virtually harmless and allowing you
    to focus on the gorillas.
    Utilise hammer throws against the most heavily armoured gorilla- the slow
    attack speed of the hammer gives you long periods of immunity and hitting the
    most heavily armoured gorilla each time will gradually reduce the health of all
    enemies and make the most of the hammer's "splash damage". Once the first wave
    of gorillas have been defeated, reinforcements will arrive in the form of a
    hammer gorilla and three axe gorillas. As usual, you should avoid the shockwave
    attack at all costs, while using the hammer throw, or roll attacks when there
    are fewer enemies. The high damage potential of the gorillas means that armour
    will be invaluable here, and without it you may have to use a health potion. A
    berserk potion in the early stages of this fight will make things go a lot more
    To summarise the strategy for this fight:
     1 Run to the top of the stairs and have the gorillas there chase you
     2 Break both big crystals with magic attacks
     3 Kill the bomb rats to build combo
     4 Use hammer throws against the most heavily armoured gorillas
     5 Use hammer roll attacks when there are fewer enemies remaining
     6 Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the second wave of gorillas
     7 Kill the rats which have respawned
    After the fight, a key will appear at the top of the stairs that will allow you
    to proceed.
    |                                WALKTHROUGH:                         [WLK13] |
    |                                KING'S PALACE                                |
                 To Ancient   /---------\     B - Big crystal    X - Start point
                  Dungeons <- *         |     C - Cat statue     # - Door
                              |    B    |     D - Demon portal   @ - Locked door
                              \---\ /---/     K - Key            ~ - Water
                                  | |         M - Merchant       * - End point
                              /---/ \---\     W - Claw upgrade
                              |  Boss   |
                              |  fight  |
                              \---\ /---/
                                  | |
      /----------------\    /-----/ \-----\    /----------------\
      |   |  ~  |      |    |             |    |      |     |   |
      |C  @  ~  |   K  |    |   Central   |    |  K   |     @  C|
      |   |  ~  |      +----|     room    |----+      |     |   |
      |---/  ~  \---#--| B  |   K     K   |  B |--#---/     \---|
      |      ~         |    |      M      |    |                |
      |    West        @    #             #    @      East      |
      |     Area       |    \-------------/    |       Area     |
      |      ~         |                       |                |
      |      ~         |        Central        |                |
      |      ~         |-----    Area     -----|                |
      |--+-------#-----|                       |-----#-------+--|
      |C | K           | ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ |             | C|
      |  @             |~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~|     K       @ W|
      \----------------|                       |----------------/
                       |          X            |
                       |          D            |
    This place is brutal, gruelling, and the hardest single area in the game. Your
    best friend here is undoubtedly going to be the hammer. Use roll attacks and
    keep moving to minimise damage, and be prepared to spend a small fortune in the
    shop. Oh, and by the way, the crocodiles are back.
    NEW QUEST- Find four cat statues (obligatory)
    Reward: none
    The entrance to the palace is also the entrance to the demon realm, but I'll go
    on the assumption that you don't presently have a demon potion, so we'll come
    back here later. In the water channel, on the east side is a claw Zhong.
    Destroying it triggers a Zhong challenge that requires you to change weapon in
    the air while comboing and destroying Zhongs. Time is tight on this one, so
    there isn't much margin for error. The sequence of Zhongs is claws (the one you
    break to start the challenge), then claws, claws, sword, hammer, claws, sword.
    You will be rewarded with red armour from the combo sealed chest for completing
    the challenge.
    There are two pairs of rats in the first area, one on each side of the main
    central room. Choose blue for the two crystals here, and if you can catch both
    rats in the magic radius with the sword, it will kill them outright. Proceed
    into the main central room in the north when you think you are ready. You won't
    be ready, but you'll think you are.
    This is probably the toughest single fight in the game. I hope you picked up
    the armour from the Zhong challenge, and have a berserk potion to hand. Use it
    right away. There are four unarmoured crocs, two armoured crocs, two armoured
    rats and two hammer gorillas here. Of course, the unarmoured crocs should be
    your first targets with the claws, use combo attacks and roll around with
    regular attacks for speed. Then take out the rats with the hammer- use roll
    attacks and jump attacks here. Next, move on to the armoured crocs with the
    hammer, using roll attacks and jump attacks, then take down the gorillas either
    with roll around throws or roll attacks and jump attacks. If your combo is
    really high (maybe +10 or greater, which is not unreasonable to expect if you
    are overkilling enemies), then you no longer need the bolstered damage of the
    hammer, and switching instead to the much faster sword to deal with the
    gorillas and armoured crocs will make this fight much easier. When your combo
    is low, you will not be dealing enough damage to end this fight quickly, and so
    you should use the hammer over the sword.
    Attack priority in this fight:
     1 Unarmoured crocs with claws
     2 Rats
     3 Armoured crocs
     4 Gorillas
    But wait, there's more! Two hammer gorillas and two bomb rats will arrive to
    really get the party started. Open with a magic attack, roll attack the rats
    with the hammer, then throw or roll/ jump attack the gorillas. The second phase
    of this fight is much easier than the first. If you finish this with your
    armour still intact, you've done well.
    Collect the two keys you earned from here and go back out to the starting area.
    On the west side, where you fought two rats earlier is a locked door. We'll
    head in here first. Walk a few steps in this area, then immediately return to
    the main room where you had that big fight. A shop will have been set up, and
    you should replenish any items you have used. Return to the area in the west
    and explore the main room here. The chain of stone Zhongs leads to a locked
    door, which you should unlock to find the first cat statue (1/4) and a health
    In the northeast of this area is a door which does not require a key. Head
    inside to be confronted by a single unarmoured hammer gorilla. This seems far
    too easy with the claws on your side, and indeed when DOZENS of all kinds of
    rats start pouring in the difficulty is raised by a notch or two. I haven't
    been able to work out exactly what makes them stop spawning, as eventually they
    will stop giving you money, but one thing is for sure- you will have to kill a
    whole load of them. Don't be afraid to use a magic attack every now and then to
    speed things up a little, and otherwise rely on roll attacks only with the
    hammer, rolling from rat to rat to keep them all on their asses till they die.
    When your combo reaches +20, it won't take too long. With high combo, you could
    consider switching to combo attacks with the sword, which allow you to have
    more agility and evasiveness, but do the same job as hammer roll attacks- use
    whichever weapon you prefer. Target bomb rats over regular rats preferentially,
    as they pose a greater threat.
    After loads of rats have died, three more hammer gorillas appear, two armoured
    this time, and another horde of rats. Continue to roll attack everything that
    gets close enough, damaging the gorillas while keeping the rats at bay.
    Remember to use magic every so often to thin the crowds; any magic points you
    gather when your magic is full are wasted for a measly 5 coins, so it is much
    more useful to unleash magic attacks regularly. It's a long and tedious fight,
    but not any more difficult than you are used to. You will be rewarded with a
    key for winning. Return to the main central area for healing and items if you
    need to.
    Now head off to the south of the main western area, through another door where
    you will face a single bomb rat with... no reinforcements. Dead easy, get the
    key from the chest (you should now have two), pick up an extra life and then
    open the door and activate the cat statue (2/4). If you try to leave however,
    you will meet the rather frightening masked hammer gorilla. The mask is the
    highest level of armour in the game, and confers to this gorilla a quite
    ridiculous HP total. He has four unarmoured regular hammer gorillas and
    multiple rats with him. Opening this fight with a sword magic attack would be a
    really, really good plan- if it hits every enemy, all of the rats will die and
    the regular gorillas will be sweating. The claws can then be used to take down
    any enemies that are unarmoured. When only a few enemies remain, hammer roll
    attacks and hammer throws can be used to finish them off. The masked gorilla is
    likely to take many additional attacks after all of the rest of the enemies
    have perished.
    Return to the shop in the central area if you have to. There is also a save
    point to the north if this area if you need to heal. Proceed through the locked
    door to the east set of rooms. The main east area has plenty of treasure and
    some exploding barrels to dodge, and the first room you should visit here is to
    the south. In this room there is a single unarmoured rat (use claws), as well
    as a few skull bugs (the highest class of bug with the most health) and
    carnivore plants. Use claws and combo attacks here to win with ease- this is
    the easiest room of the palace. You will be rewarded with a key, and after
    testing your claw abilities you can look forward to a new set of claws and a
    cat statue (3/4) in the locked area of this room.
    NEW WEAPON- Mantis claws
    They are very powerful, but share the limitations of the rest of the claws-
    only useful when a reasonable proportion of the enemies you will face are
    unarmoured of flying. Your claw magic attack is now as powerful as your sword
    magic attack.
    Next we must clear the room to the northwest of this area. There are two masked
    hammer gorillas here and two rat bombers. Standard tactics apply here- use
    rolling attacks until the rats go down, then introduce jump attacks as well as
    your roll attacks to finish the gorillas. If you are unarmoured it would be
    advisable to use a magic attack against the rats to minimise the time you will
    be exposed to high damage. The key you earn here can be used to access the
    final cat statue in the northeast of the eastern area (4/4).
    QUEST COMPLETE- Find four cat statues
    Return to the shop or save point if you have to, and make sure you have a demon
    potion- before we progress there is a portal to explore through. The pandas at
    the front of the palace are facing the portal: indeed, it is pretty much on the
    spot that Kay starts. Proceed through and choose blue at the crystal. Avoid if
    you can the yellow crystals in the centre of the main room to keep your
    multiplier going as you fight the three fire demons and three fat demons here.
    As usual, roll around coupled with regular attacks from the claws and combo
    attacks once you get some kills under your belt are the keys to success here.
    In the final room you will find the usual lottery win in a chest, as well as a
    bottle of hornets and a berserk potion, amongst other goodies.
    Back to reality and it is time to head to the far north, where it is boss time!
    BOSS: Shun's Bodyguard
    Difficulty: Reasonable
    In the opening chat (in which we get my favourite line of the game from Kay:
    "You see one, but I am many") you will find that Shun's bodyguard has brought
    two rats and two hammer gorillas along to this private party. Additionally, you
    might spot many pots in this room. I'll let you into a secret- they're all full
    of skull bugs. But that's ok, since they'll let you build combo really quickly.
    Begin by running around a bit, claws equipped, until some bugs break free from
    the pots, then dispatch them for massive combo. Risk-takers may wish to break a
    few pots in each corner of the room, letting the bugs escape and speeding up
    the whole process. When all the bugs are dead and all the pots broken, go after
    the rats and gorilla henchmen with the hammer. If you've been fortunate, the
    falling bugs may have already weakened or killed them.
    You will now be mano-a-mano with the bodyguard. He's tricky, and fast, but you
    should still equip the hammer. Use a roll attack and a single jump attack, then
    get out of the way before he uses his standup attack. He doesn't have a health
    bar, but it shouldn't take too long to beat him. If your health is taking a bit
    of a hit, a berserk potion will make the battle go even more quickly. This
    certainly isn't as difficult as some of the other fights you've faced in this
    Choose red at the crystal in the next room and head down the stairs to
    encounter a handful of rats guarding the entrance to the ancient dungeons. Use
    a magic attack with sword or claws to put them out of their misery quickly,
    picking off any stragglers with the hammer or claws as appropriate. Head into
    the dungeon and if you are arachnophobic, put all of the lights on in your
    house. You're not going to like this one bit.
    To reach the dungeons you have to ride a wolf (controls are the same as the
    boar). Being hit by a spider along the way will impair your vision and make the
    controls less responsive. Overall, beating the target time of 1:10.00 is barely
    a challenge at all. As usual, you can always replay for money. After the second
    barrier that you crash through you can go to the left and get chillies while
    jumping explosive barrels. This is the faster of the two routes but will you
    will usually take one damage point going this way. With a bit of skill, you can
    beat 48.00 or even 47.00 if you're really good. The prize for beating 45.00 is
    1000 coins- you can decide whether or not it is worth the effort.
    |                                WALKTHROUGH:                         [WLK14] |
    |                              ANCIENT DUNGEONS                               |
      X - Starting point                    /------------\       /--------\
      B - Big crystal                    /--| Crypt of   |       |Killing |
      C - Cat statue                     |C # the King's #-------  Floor   ------\
      J - Panda giving Jade Lion         \--|   Guards   |       \--------/      |
      K - Trading panda (Key)               \------------/                       |
      W - Hammer upgrade                                          /------------\ |
      # - Door                    /-----\                  /------ Light in the -/
      @ - Padlocked door          |  W  |          /----\  |      |  Darkness  |
      O - Hammer plate            \-\@/-/          |The |  |      \------------/
      * - End point                 |@|         /--#Void#--+
                                    |@|         |  |    |  |
                                /---/ \---\     |  \----/  |
           /------------\       |         |     |          |
           |            |       |  /---\  |   /- --\       |      /----------\
           |       /---- ---\   |  | * |  |  /      \      |      |          |
           |       |Thousand|   |  | O |  |  |Abyss |      |      |  Riddle  |
           |       |Spikes   ---   \-@-/   --  of   |      |      |    of    |
           |       |   K    |   |   K     |  |Blades|      \------ J   the  C|
        /--#--\    \---- ---/   |    X    |  \      /             |  Ancient |
       /       \        |       \---------/   \----/              |   Kings  |
      /  Ring   \       |        /-------\                        |          |
      |B  of   B|  /----#---\    |       |                        \----------/
      |  Champs |  | Spider #----/       |
      \         /  | Pits B |            |  /-----\
       \O      /   \--------/            |  |Web  |
        |--#--/                          \--#Works|
        |  |                                | J C |
        |  |     /---------------\          \-----/
        |  |     |BBQ            |
        |  \----- Pits|--|K    |C|
        |        |             |B|
    /--- ----\   \--+-#-+----^-+-/
    |Heaven's|      |  O|    |
    | Stair  |      \--|/    |
    \--------/         |     |
    Talk to the panda in front of you as you start. There is also a save point next
    to you if you need to heal.
    NEW QUEST- Find three jade lions to trade with the pandas (obligatory)
    Reward: Key x3.
    NEW QUEST- Get three keys to obtain the new hammer (obligatory)
    Reward: Ancient hammer
    There are loads of pandas in this dungeon and by helping some of them you will
    earn jade lions. These artefacts can be traded with other pandas for keys. And
    those keys will unlock the gates to the new hammer. You should, therefore, talk
    to every panda here, to find out if he needs help, or wants to trade. The panda
    next to the burial chamber for example, is one that wants to trade.
    There's not much in the way of combat in the dungeons really, which provides a
    welcome break from the combat-intensive palace level. There are however, some
    nasties that you should be prepared for. The most significant of these nasties
    are the spiders that have hidden themselves in pots and are waiting to ambush
    you. This will really freak you out the first time it happens. You can
    intercept a spider attack by opening all pots with the claws, and you may also
    want to hit each pot multiple times to be extra careful, just in case a spider
    is lurking inside. Spider poison screws with your left analog stick in the same
    way as the toxic gas in the swamp, so avoid being bitten at all costs!
    Alright, let's get on with our exploring. Take the west exit from the entrance
    hall to find the tower of the thousand spikes. The panda at the bottom here is
    a trader. There are some spiders in the pots, an extra life above the entrance,
    and a green chest around the back of the tower. Make your way up the tower
    carefully, and note that any one group of spikes will raise every three clicks.
    Jump towards spikes that have just gone down to stay safe. Go to the very top
    of the tower, and follow the yellow crystals, not the red ones- we'll come back
    for them later.
    You will make your way through a dark corridor where there are bats. Be
    cautious about jumping up to kill the bats as it is easy to fall into the abyss
    below. Don't even think about using combo attacks. This leads to the ring of
    champions, where there is a known game-losing glitch.
    ********** RING OF CHAMPIONS **********
    To progress from the ring of champions you must kill all of the rats. There is
    a save point in the centre of the ring that you can use to heal. However, YOU
    turn off your console, any rats that you have killed may not respawn the next
    time you load your saved game, and even if you kill the remaining rats, the
    door to the next areas will not open. You cannot backtrack, you cannot proceed,
    and you are doomed to remain in the ring of champions forever. Your saved game
    is useless, and you will have to start again. I have lost a save file to this
    bug before, and I implore you- do not make the same mistake as me! My best
    recommendation would be to simply never use this save point to save, only to
    heal. Do not switch off your console when you are in the Ring of Champions.
    This bug can also be prevented/mitigated by saving often, and saving on
    different files.
    ********** END OF WARNING **********
    Anyway, there are six rats in the ring of champions. Kill them all with the
    hammer and open the chest near the entrance when you have combo. Choose yellow
    at both crystals for a score boost. Once the rats are dead and the doors have
    been reopened, you are free to save without risk of losing a save file. In the
    southwest of the ring you can find a very tough-to-spot crumbling floor tile.
    Break it with the hammer to get to Heaven's stairs, a difficult and really
    frustrating set of risky jumps that vaguely reminds me of a Led Zeppelin song.
    If you get to the top, you'll be rewarded with a heart container, and there is
    also green armour a short way up. This is by far the hardest heart container in
    the game to obtain, and since missed heart containers are later available from
    the shop, you don't absolutely have to get this one right now. Proceed south
    from ring of champions when you are finished here.
    The next few corridors are smoke filled, so you should jump around to move
    since Kay walks too slowly. Pay attention to the fire jets and time your jumps
    and rolls to get past them. Use combo attacks on bats in front of you to gain a
    bit of time. At the T, take the left hand path until you are clear of the
    smoke. You will see a panda to talk to- he's a trader- and can now head across
    the bottomless pit using the platforms on the north wall. When you clear the
    pit, there is a switch in front of you that opens a gate near the panda you
    just spoke to. Watch out for spiders here- they can jump at you from quite a
    distance away, but fortunately you can block against this and use claws when
    they get close. Combo attacks will also be useful against them. After you hit
    the switch head north and follow the corridor for more spiders, a big crystal
    (choose red) and a cat statue that acts as a quarter of the lock on the burial
    chamber door (1/4).
    NEW QUEST- Find four cat statues (obligatory)
    Reward: none
    Return past the switch and go south for another spider and what appears to be a
    dead end. Then go back across the bottomless pit via the platforms on the south
    wall. Head around the south side of the passage back towards the ring of
    champions and cut into the room on the left that was opened by the switch a
    moment ago. In here is a crumbling floor tile that you can break with the
    hammer, leading down to narrow passages with a spider and a cage. Freeing the
    Liang the panda from the cage awards you with a jade lion (1/3). Climbing the
    ladder here and crawling through a narrow gap returns you to the area near the
    switch- you will have to cross the bottomless pit again before talking to the
    panda next to the save point to receive a key (1/3). Don't forget to talk to
    the panda! He doesn't actively engage you in conversation, so you have to
    approach him and press square. There is nothing more to find along this path,
    so you should backtrack through the smoke-filled corridors and ring of
    champions to the tower of the thousand spikes.
    Descend down the tower a little and find the red crystals that we passed
    earlier. Follow them past some spiders to find the spiderpits. Oh dear. There
    are three rats down here, and perhaps half a dozen spiders. Take out the
    spiders first with combo attacks with the claws, then the rats with magic, the
    sword or the hammer. There is a combo sealed chest with health in it in the
    centre of the room- when you have built enough combo you can consider opening
    it, but honestly keeping all of your fighting to the outside of the room is the
    best strategy here, and opening the chest in the middle means you are likely to
    be blindsided by a jumping spider. The gate to the next area will open when all
    of the enemies area are dead.
    Following the linear path you will be diverted through the entry chamber to a
    room with a cobweb blocking the door. I think I am right in saying that along
    with weapon Zhongs and bamboo, this is one of the few objects in the game that
    is immune to the hammer. Pointless trivia aside, enter the next room where
    there are a few spiders and a cat statue. Don't jump into the middle of this
    room as you'll be bitten in the back (ouch, stingy). Instead, work from one
    side of the room to another, so that no spiders blindside you. Killing all of
    the spiders nets you another jade lion (2/3), and of course you should activate
    the cat statue (2/4) before you leave.
    Return to the entrance hall by dropping down from the ledge outside the
    webworks, and take the previously unexplored east passage to the abyss of the
    blades. There are crumbling pillars here which you should be quick to jump
    from, but across the blades and spikes you should take it easy- it is safer to
    take a moment and work out the rhythm of the blades and spikes than run through
    and hope you don't get cut down. When you see the blue crystals off to the
    right you should continue past them, where a tricky little blind jump will
    reward you with green armour. From the platform closest to the blue crystals
    you will also be able to jump to the big central platform for a green chest,
    but it's probably best to save that chest for the way back.
    Following the blue crystals will take you through a smoke filled corridor
    (timing is key there) to the Void, where there are trapdoors in the floor that
    you should avoid. Enemies will never make the mistake of stepping on them
    unfortunately. Here you will face four hookknife rats (use a magic attack then
    the hammer, fortunately they don't use bombs) and of course Kay will make an
    Elvis reference because he is just super cool. Collect the cash in the chest
    and move on, following the blue crystals right at the T junction to pass a save
    point on your way to the riddle of the ancient kings.
    This riddle is a sliding box puzzle, but is very different to the ones in frog
    city. There are two main aims here: to escape from the far side of the maze by
    not blocking yourself in with boxes and to have at some point stood on the
    switch within the maze to unlock a gate in this area. You can always use the
    switch north of the entrance to the maze to reset the boxes if you make a
              ##  ## ####
         Exit<--  #  ####          A-N - Boxes
              ##     N  #            X - Switch
               #####  # #            Z - Box reset switch
               ######   #
               ######  ##
               ##    KL##
               ##X#### ##
               ##    # ##
               ##  J # ##
               ## I ## ##
               ## GH## ##
               ##F   # ##                   E
               ## ##D E #                   |
               ##    # ##          North <--+--S
               ## #### ##                   |
               ## # ## ##                   W
               #  B  C  #
           #       ^
           # Z  Entrance
    This is the solution to the riddle of the ancient kings:
    1. Push box A two spaces forwards into the recess.
    2. Push box B two spaces to the left and into the recess.
    3. Go straight up and push the box above one space forwards (box F). There
    should now be three boxes in a row in front of you, like so:
               ##X#### ##
               ##    # ##
               ##  J # ##
               ## I ## ##
               ##FGH## ##
               ##    # ##
    4. Push the leftmost and rightmost boxes one space forwards each (F and H), and
    then push the box that was in the centre (G) one space left. There should still
    be three boxes in a row in front of you:
               ##X#### ##
               ##    # ##
               ##  J # ##
               ##FIH## ##
               ##G  ## ##
               ##    # ##
    5. Push the middle box of the three (box I) two spaces forwards.
    6. Step on the green switch (X) to open the gate.
    7. Backtrack to the very bottom left corner of the maze (to box B) without
    moving any boxes to get there.
    8. Go up a little and follow the first passage on the right. Push the box here
    (D) one space up.
    9. Moving this box allows you to push box E on the right one space to the right
    and into a recess.
    10. Stand next to the box you just pushed right into the recess, then head
    straight up to find two more boxes next to one another (K and L).
    11. Push box L, on the right, one space up and box K, on the left, one space
    left. This should allow you access to box M slightly further up.
    12. Push this box two spaces up so that it touches box N.
              ##     N  #           ##     N  #
               #####  # #            ##### M# #
               ######   #            ######   #
               ######M###    --->    ###### ###
               ######  ##            ###### L##
               ##    KL##            ##   K  ##
               ##X#### ##            ##X#### ##
                      ^                     ^
    13. Run around the pillar and keep pushing the uppermost box (N) to the left
    until you can exit the maze.
    There is a cat statue at the top of the stairs (3/4), and treasure around the
    outside of the maze. Be careful not to fall down or you'll have to go all the
    way back around for this next bit. Walk down the narrow strip on the north side
    of the maze (the left side if you were standing in the maze). This strip
    extends from the cat statue to almost the entrance of the maze, just on the
    other side of the wall from the box reset switch. There is a ladder here that
    will take you up to the gate you opened. Inside, you can free a panda and get
    some treasure. If you don't go back the way you came you can pick up even more
    treasure from the ledges surrounding the maze area. Talk to the pandas on your
    way out for the last jade lion (3/3).
    QUEST COMPLETE- Find three jade lions to trade with the pandas
    Return back the way you came and follow the red crystals that we left earlier.
    There is a T junction separating two paths with flames spurting from the floor
    and walls- take the path on the left (north). In the last alcove on the right
    in this corridor there is a switch that you should press. This opens a door on
    the opposite side of the flaming paths, and going through this door allows you
    to free a panda that gives you money rather than a jade lion or a key.
    Continuing on to the east past the flames you will meet a few bats in a
    corridor, and then come across a room called the killing floor. This is an area
    like abyss of the blades, but without a bottomless pit, so it is a little
    easier. If you are very lucky, you can combo up to the bats flying high
    overhead and drop onto one of the final platforms, skipping most of the room
    (happened to me once). Bear in mind that if you hang on the side of a platform,
    the blades can't hit you, and you can flip up when it is safe. Take it very
    slowly along the balance beams.
    When you reach the crypt of the guards choose red at the big crystal. Going too
    close to the cat statue awakens the terracotta warriors. These guys have laser
    eyes (well of course they do, that's totally normal), can only be damaged by
    the hammer and cannot be knocked over or thrown. The slow speed of the hammer
    and the fact that their attacks cannot be interrupted makes them actually tough
    adversaries. On top of that, their regular attack deals two points of damage.
    You'll have to just try and stay agile and expect to be hit a couple of times.
    The roll around technique, coupled with single swings of the hammer is the best
    way to avoid being hit. Activate the cat statue (4/4) in the end room when the
    gate opens.
    QUEST COMPLETE- Find four cat statues
    You may remember passing stationary terracotta warriors on the way into this
    final room. They are now all alive and ready to take you down. On top of that,
    loads of spiders have now spawned in just about every room from here to the
    entrance hall- be ready to switch between hammer and claws at a moment's
    notice, or to simply run past all the enemies since they don't give you much
    treasure. As you head back to the entrance hall via the killing floor, the void
    and the abyss of the blades, you will also be confronted by two rats. Kill them
    in whichever way you like- be creative!
    When you get back to the entrance hall, save and trade with the panda at the
    burial chamber (2/3), then head west and trade with the panda at the foot of
    the tower of the thousand spikes (3/3). This gives you the three keys you need
    to unlock the gates to the north of the entrance hall. Collect the new hammer.
    QUEST COMPLETE- Get three keys to obtain the new hammer
    NEW WEAPON- Ancient hammer
    Not much to say about this one- it's like the regular hammer, but who can say
    no to increased melee and magic damage? The hammer throw is now the clearly
    superior choice for large groups of armoured enemies.
    Break the floor tiles of the burial chamber, and descend into the darkness...
    BOSS: Qian Bei the Ancestor
    Difficulty: Easy
    How could you developers? How could you? Qian Bei really looks the part; they
    could have made him a brutal damage junkie with seemingly endless HP, but they
    didn't. They gave him a massive number 1 on his back and had him summon minions
    so you could combo him. How utterly disappointing.
    As for his attacks, the Ancestor will hit the ground causing a shockwave, just
    like the gorillas. Rocks will also fall onto your position simultaneously, so
    it the shockwave hits, you'll suffer two points of damage. He can also summon
    four terracotta warriors, but you need only hit one to then launch a
    counterattack with the hammer. Aim for the combo marker on his back and just
    bash away- three aerial strikes with the hammer will reduce his health by half
    on your first shot. Incidentally, the terracotta warriors can now be disposed
    of with a single rolling attack, due to the power of your new hammer.
    During the second phase of the battle, when he has 50% or less of his health,
    he will attack more quickly with the shockwave, he will summon more terracotta
    warriors at once, and while the terracotta warriors are attacking he will hurl
    fireballs at you. Overall, if you keep moving and jumping over the shockwaves,
    you cannot be hit by any of his attacks. Again, roll attack one warrior and
    combo to his back. Game over, kitty.
    Fetch the nautical chart from the next room and exit the area.
    Read the sign teaching you how to ride the wolf. I know you know how to do it,
    I just think it's funny that the pieces of meat you collect are called
    "bacons". ^_^
    Anyway, you have to finish the race in 1:15.00 or less to proceed. There is a
    shortcut in this race: after you go up a narrow flight of stairs that turns to
    the right and has rats on it, and down a narrow flight of stairs that turns to
    the right, you go through a small and large barrier at pretty much the same
    time (your timer will read about 32.00-35.00 on a good run), swerve sharply
    left. You will see a flight of stairs that you should go up, and then swerve
    sharply left again to break through some bamboo. Following this route cuts off
    a big corner and gives you access to some chillies. Using this shortcut will
    let you get times below 50.00 seconds. I don't see how below 47.00 seconds is
    possible on this difficulty.
    |                                WALKTHROUGH:                         [WLK15] |
    |                              FORSAKEN CITY II                               |
     X - Starting point                          /---------------------\
     A - Ancestor statue                         |  Palace             |
     B - Big crystal                             | Stairway        B B |
     C - Cat statue                              |                     |
     K - Key                               /-----+--#-----+------------/
     M - Merchant                          | Northern   A |
     O - Hammer plate                      |   Town       |
     W - New weapon (hammer)               |    /------   |
     # - Door                              |    |         |
     @ - Padlocked door                    |    |      O  |
     ~ - Water                             |    \----\-|--/
     * - Endpoint                          |         | |
                                           \-----\   | |           /---\Storage
                                                 | ^ | \------------>  | Room
                                                 \-|-/             |   \--\
                                                   |               |      |
                                                   |               |   /--/
                                        /----------|-\    /-----\  | C |
                                        | Old      O |    |~ ~ ~|  \---/
                                        | Pottery    +----+ ~ ~ +---\
                             From    /--+----#-------+    |Dry  |   |
                             City---># X             #   M|Dock |   |
                        /--\ Race    |               |    \ ~ ~ /   |
                        |C |         |      B        |     ~ ~ ~    |
                        |  |    /----+               |    / ~ ~ \   +---\
                        |  \----+    #               +----+-+---+   @   |
                        | B     #  /-+   Main        #  B   |   | B +-#-+-\
                        \-------+  | |     Square    |Prison|   |   |     |
                     /--------\ |  | |               |------/   | K |     |Suburbs
               /---\ |        | |  | |               |          \---+  C  |
    /-----\  /-+ A +-+  Back  +-/  | +- -+-----------+              \-----/
    |     |  |       #  Yard  #    | |   #        *  |
    \-\ /-+  | /-----+        +----/ \---+ Avalanche |
      | # |  | |     |        |          \-----------/
      | \-+--/ |     \--------/
      |        |
      \-+ B +--/
    We're back in the Forsaken City. Visit the hideout of Avalanche just south of
    where you start in this area, and talk to Su Ling. She's pleased to see you,
    and I'm not sure it's just because you have the nautical chart *_^
    QUEST COMPLETE- Obtain the nautical chart
    NEW QUEST- Awaken the ancestors (obligatory)
    Reward: none
    A really easy quest- head west outside the Avalanche's hideout, then south,
    then west again to reach the X on the map. Hit the golden statue with any magic
    attack to activate it, and we're halfway done already (1/2). Our next target is
    old pottery. If you can't remember where that is, head back to the courtyard
    outside Avalanche's hideout- it is the building to the north. Go down the hole
    in the basement and climb the ladder to emerge in the northern town. The
    ancestor statue is in a building in the northeast corner. Use a magic attack
    once again to activate it (2/2), then return to the courtyard outside
    Avalanche's hideout.
    At the northeast of the courtyard, head through the gate and the ancestors will
    join you. It may be useful to pick up some armour from the shop before you
    cross the drawbridge.
    QUEST COMPLETE- Awaken the ancestors
    Cross the drawbridge to get into a fight with two bomb rats and two hammer
    gorillas. Use rolling attacks and jump attacks with the hammer to get rid of
    the rats, and eventually two more will join the fray. Where this used to be a
    recipe for a tough fight, you should make short work of your adversaries now.
    You can rack up a high score if you choose red at the big crystal during the
    fight. Winning will grant you the key you need to proceed.
    Go through the house and into the yard behind. Leave the cat statue for the
    moment and instead turn your attention to the switch next to the pots and the
    cage. Standing on it triggers a Zhong challenge. You will have to hit five
    Zhongs and make your way to the chest behind the cat statue, but you don't have
    much time. The first Zhong is a sword Zhong, and the next three are hammer
    Zhongs. The hammer Zhongs move together, so by timing your swing right, you can
    take out all three at once. There is a claw Zhong on the stairs, and by hitting
    them all you can open the chest to get a heart container. It probably won't
    take you more than a few tries to get it. If you don't skip the cutscene that
    shows the Zhongs appearing, the position of the Zhongs in the final seconds
    seems to be more favourable. Activate the cat statue before you leave (3/3).
    QUEST COMPLETE- Flood the Drydock
    Now that we have finished the missions here, it is time to head back over the
    drawbridge to Avalanche HQ and talk to Su Ling. As she puts it, it's time to
    sail to Waa-Lo and kick some ass!
    Head up the stairs behind Su Ling, and up the ladder to find Pan at the wheel.
    Talk to him to proceed with the story, when you get bored of the pandas singing
    to you. Upon talking to Pan and returning to the deck, the ship will be
    BOSS: The Dreaded Chei Ni
    Difficulty: Fair
    This guy is one of those bosses you can't just take down in two hits. It's
    going to take a little more time and agility to do the job here- probably THREE
    hits! There are a few different ways to handle this guy, and you can choose
    between them based on your skill level and personal preference.
    In terms of the battle dynamics, you will be fighting up to three rats
    throughout the battle. These rats cannot be harmed by Chei Ni's attacks, and
    when three are killed, three more will take their place. The sea monster starts
    by using a few strike attacks, which you can avoid by simply running around,
    and then uses a breath attack, which you can jump over or roll/crouch under
    (jumping is easier). He then lifts his head right up, and is vulnerable to
    damage. Provided you are in combo mode, you can reach the Zhongs overhead, and
    then combo attack Chei Ni. The boss's breath attack lasts longer when his
    health is low, and will probably be Chei Ni's main source of damage.
    Standard strategy: I would recommend killing two rats and leaving one, as they
    will respawn very slowly as long as one is alive. Avoid all of Chei Ni's
    attacks until he lifts his head. Then kill the one remaining rat with the
    hammer to enter combo mode so that you can attack the boss.
    Alternative (advanced) strategy: For higher difficulties, it will be useful to
    deal additional damage to the boss by attacking with a high combo. As many rats
    as possible should be killed to keep combo well into the teens- hammer throws
    may be considered, as they will make Kay immune to Chei Ni's attacks. If combo
    is high enough, sword combo attacks could be considered, provided they can kill
    the rats in 1-2 hits. Damage inflicted to the boss will subsequently be greatly
    increased. If you are skilled enough to be able to handle the extra fighting,
    this method will make the battle go faster on harder difficulties.
    Ultimately, the rats will probably do more damage than the boss here. If you
    had full health on the way into this battle, you shouldn't have to use a health
    |                                WALKTHROUGH:                         [WLK16] |
    |                               BEACH OF WAA-LO                               |
                        Basalt Grottos          /---------- ~    ~     ~
                      /------\   /------\      /            ~ ~     ~
          To the      | ~   ~|   | ~   ~|     / D           ~    ~     ~
          Harbour * <-#   ~   ---    ~   -----              ~ ~  /---\
                      | ~   ~|   | ~   ~|     |             ~    |   | ~
                      \------/   \------/     | Clandestine ~ ~  \---/
                              /---\           /   Beach     ~    ~     ~
     X - Starting point       |   %+----------              ~ ~     ~
     B - Big crystal          \---/|          \             ~    ~     ~
     D - Demon portal              |           \----------- ~ ~     ~
     M - Merchant                  |
     # - Door                      |         /---\   /---\
     % - Crumbling wall          /- -\       | M |   |   |
     ~ - Water                   | B |       \- -/   \- -/
     * - Endpoint                \- -/        | |     | |
                                   #    /------%-------%--- ~    ~     ~
                                   |   /                    ~ ~     ~
                          /---\    \---       Second        ~    /---\ ~
                      /---    |        |      beach         ~ ~  |   |
                      |   \- -/        |      area          ~    \---/ ~
                      %     |   /---\  |   /--------------- ~ ~     ~
                      |     \---     --%  /
                /----- ----\    \---/  |  |
              /-|  Cave    |           |  \
              |    fight   |           |   \--------------- ~    ~     ~
              \-|          |        /--%      First         ~ ~ /---\
                \----- ----/        |  |      beach       X ~   |   |  ~
                      %             |  \      area          ~ ~ \---/
                      |      /---\  |   \--%--------------- ~    ~     ~
                      \------  B  --/     | |
                             \---/        \-/
    NEW QUEST- Get to the harbour (obligatory)
    Reward: none
    Behind your starting point you will find a small island with a save point and
    an unlimited supply of bombs- this will be useful for the areas ahead, and in
    this level you should probably allocate two spots in your inventory to bombs.
    On the beach you will be attacked by seagulls (use claws) and a crab will rise
    from the sand to challenge you in each of the rings of crystals. You can get
    "jammed" under the crabs with the rolling attack like you can with demons, so
    use roll around and regular attacks with the hammer to kill them and get round
    their block which they use frequently. Alternatively, you may wish to use the
    uppercut attack when they raise their claws. Roll around combined with
    uppercuts is an even more formidable combination!
    When you have killed the three crabs in this area, a Zhong will appear next to
    a high rock. Jumping on the rock causes more Zhongs to appear, and you must
    destroy all 17 without touching the ground. With a few attempts you will be
    able to plan your route in such a way that you do not end up with an isolated
    Zhong that spoils your attempt. Succeeding earns you a heart container.
    Now head to the far west of the beach, up against the cliff, and follow it
    north, past a save point and loads of bombs to the second beach area. This is
    similar to the first in that there are three crabs and some seagulls to kill.
    Upon killing all of the crabs, a new Zhong challenge will become available, and
    can be accessed from the island in the east. This challenge is similar to the
    one in frog city, but in fact is even easier. You must combo to the only wooden
    Zhong out of the ones that appear. Completing the challenge earns you a magic
    In the cliff to the north of the second beach area there are two crumbling
    walls that can be broken with bombs. One leads to a cage and the other to a
    shop- you should buy a demon potion here later, but for just now your inventory
    space is probably being used for other things. Remember that you can return to
    the island east of the first beach area to resupply with bombs if you have to.
    While back in the first beach area, open the cage through the rusty iron bars
    to the south for some extra cash: you will need a bomb to get in.
    Now that the beaches are cleared, it is time to turn our attention to the cliff
    in the west. Work your way from south to north up the west side of the cliff,
    destroying crumbling walls as you go. The first tunnel is just next to a sign,
    and leads to a big crystal (choose yellow) and a crab. Breaking the iron bars
    at the end of this room will take you to a larger cavern, in which you will be
    attacked by four axe gorillas, one masked axe gorilla, three lightly armoured
    rats and two heavily armoured rats. I would recommend using a berserk potion
    here, and as usual you should open with a magic attack, and take out the rats
    first to build combo. After a while a whole swarm of bats will appear which you
    can use to build your combo with the claws. Remaining gorillas can then be
    dealt with using the hammer. As usual, throws will be more useful if several
    enemies remain, while roll attacks are more beneficial when there are only a
    few opponents left.
    When the fight is over, press the switch to the west, and prepare to be
    ambushed by four crabs as you leave. Consider using a magic attack to soften
    these enemies up and save yourself some time and effort. On the way out of this
    area as you follow the path around there is more treasure, bombs and a single
    crab. This tunnel will take you out at the save point between the two beach
    The stone passage in the northwest has been opened by the switch we just
    pressed, so head there now. There is a cage to open here, two crabs to kill and
    a big crystal (choose red). On your way through the next tunnel to the
    Clandestine Beach, there is a crumbling wall on the left that hides a small
    alcove with a crab. Killing this crab awards you some money and bombs. A crab
    is waiting for you near the save point at the Clandestine Beach too, as is a
    Zhong challenge. This challenge is similar to the one in the King's Palace in
    the forsaken city, as you have to switch weapon very quickly to destroy the
    Zhongs. The sequence of Zhongs is: sword, hammer, sword, claws, hammer, sword,
    sword. To translate this into how many times you have to switch weapon between
    the Zhongs: once, twice, twice, twice, twice, not at all. You will be rewarded
    with red armour for completing the challenge. This is a tough one- don't expect
    to get it on your first shot.
    Use your demon potion before you move on. The portal is right next to the
    northwest tunnel away from the beach. This demon portal will be tougher since
    you have space in your inventory wasted by bombs. Consider throwing away bombs
    for a health and magic potion in the first room, provided you don't have one of
    each already. You should collect the blue crystals above the moving platform
    before breaking the pots in the first room to increase your score multiplier.
    In the main room there are four fat demons, three energy demons and a fire
    demon (oh my), so you're in for a tough fight. As usual, stay agile- go for a
    fat demons first to give you a combo, then target the fire demon as he will
    cause havok otherwise, clear up the rest of the fat demons and leave the energy
    demons for last, as they are the least aggressive. In the final room there is
    an extra life, a flash bomb (seriously?!) and not as much cash as you are used
    to in the demon realm (0.75 million points). When you return to the beach, take
    the exit to the northwest to find yourself in the grotto.
    The grotto is just a jump challenge, and is not terribly difficult when you
    have the timing worked out, since the red crystals lead the way. Don't worry
    about collecting all of the crystals. After the first set of platforms there is
    a set of Zhongs leading to the switch that turns on the second set. The next
    room uses the same idea as its predecessor, but with only one set of platforms
    this time. Pressing the switch in the second room opens the gate to a rainy
    harbour, and one stop closer to a confrontation with Tak.
    QUEST COMPLETE- Get to the harbour
    |                                WALKTHROUGH:                         [WLK17] |
    |                                  HARBOUR                                    |
     X - Starting point                                        /----\  /---------\
     B - Big crystal                              /---\        | K  |  | Throne  |
     K - Key                                      |   |     /--# B  @--#  Room   |
     M - Merchant                                 \- -/     |  |    |  |         |
     # - Open door                                  |       |  \----/  \---------/
     @ - Padlocked door                          /--+-------/
     ~ - Water                                   |
     * - Endpoint                                |
                                            /---- --\
                      To           /---\  /-|       |
                     Loading * <---     --   Smithy |
                      Lamp         \---/  \-|       |
                                            \---- --/
                                   /-------\     |
                            /------  |     |     |
                            |      |  Depot -> Elevator
                            |  /---  |     |
                            |  |   \-------/
                            |  B
                            |  |
                         /-- -- --\=====================
                         |        | ~     ~     ~     ~
                         |  Dock  |    ~     ~     ~
                         \        ---\    ~     ~     ~
                          \------/  ~ \      ~     ~
                               //~     \  ~     ~     ~
                              //    ~  /\    ~     ~
                             // ~ /---/  \ /    ~     ~
                            //   M   / ~  B  ~     ~
                           // ~   ~ X    / \    ~     ~
                                       ~     ~     ~
    NEW QUEST- Defeat Tak (obligatory)
    Reward: none
    There is a shop on the walkways at the start of this area- and it stocks
    something very, very exciting...
    NEW WEAPON- The Bullhammer
    Available for a very reasonable price, each strike with this hammer has the
    power of several metric tonnes of TNT. Prepare to destroy everything as the
    sword becomes all but obsolete. Only now use the claws against flying enemies
    and spiders- no other weapon can possibly compare to this. Masked gorillas
    beware, for now you have mere seconds to live. That is not an understatement;
    combat just isn't fair any more.
    Choose red at the big crystal and proceed on across the jetty to find three
    rats. Vaporise them with the hammer, and bask in its awesome greatness. That's
    right, you can destroy ALL of a FULLY ARMOURED rat's defensive plating with A
    SINGLE NORMAL SWING. There is an extra life under the jetty just before the
    rats. In the shorter of the two tunnels leading out of this area, there is a
    big crystal and some small blue crystals. Of course you should choose blue.
    In the Depot there are two hammer gorillas (one is masked), two axe gorillas,
    and four bomb rats, one of which is wearing heavy armour. Usual tactics apply
    here- open with a magic attack, take out the rats with hammer roll attacks
    while avoiding shockwaves, then turn your attention to the gorillas, roll/ jump
    attacking if they are spread out and throwing if they are close together.
    Stroll into the eastern elevator when you are finished, leaving a crumpled mass
    of endangered species behind you. A berserk potion will be handy here,
    especially if you find that the rats are throwing a lot of bombs in the early
    stages of the battle.
    When you leave the elevator, run north, opening a cage as you go and follow the
    corridor around to the east, where you will have to avoid the flames spewing
    from pipes. Visit the small room off to the left for some cash, then follow a
    very linear path past a save point to the rat barracks.
    The rat barracks consists of a series of fights:
    1 Three bomb rats- choose any colour at the big crystal and finish with hammer
    roll attacks.
    2 Three bomb rats, one of which is heavily armoured- use hammer roll attacks.
    3 Three heavily armoured bomb rats- use hammer roll attacks.
    You will then be rewarded with the key to the throne room (the next room to the
    BOSS: Alchemist Tak, King of the Rats
    Difficulty: Gruelling
    The toughest boss so far. His attack pattern is as follows: he will perform a
    series of lunging attacks, then a jump attack. These attacks may be repeated.
    Tak will then charge his bomb attack and will glow pink. You should be ready to
    evade bombs at this point, as he will throw a large number of them out randomly
    into the room. The number of bombs he throws is dependent on his health- less
    health, more bombs. At later stages in the battle, Tak can also use magic like
    the energy demons' that cannot be blocked or countered. You will be hit by this
    attack; it can't be helped unless you are a significant distance from him.
    Ensure you go into this battle with either 7 or so points of armour, or a
    health potion. Tak will also receive constant support from armoured spear and
    bomb rats, which you should just try to run away from rather than fight.
    The strategy for avoiding Tak's attacks is primarily to keep moving, and to
    stay far away from him. The fact that his henchmen can use bombs too makes
    standing still very risky. His spear attacks can be blocked and since he moves
    very quickly, blocking is the best way to avoid damage from them, but it does
    mean staying still for a few seconds. His bomb attack can best be avoided by
    keeping a good distance away from him when he uses it, and as has already been
    explained, you cannot dodge his magic attack at close to mid-range.
    Tak can be hit during the recovery phase after his jump attack, and also
    shortly after his bomb attack. However, what makes him difficult to fight is
    his ability to automatically block all strikes that do not land within the very
    narrow recovery window when he is vulnerable. Since it is unwise to be close to
    him during the bomb attack, the best time to damage him is after blocking his
    jump attack. Use an uppercut if you have time for higher damage, or a regular
    hit with the hammer if you need to get moving again quickly. Single hits will
    prevent you being vulnerable for too long. It is a fast paced battle, and there
    is a lot to remember, notice, and act upon, but hopefully you should pull
    through without too much difficulty.
    Like most bosses, there is a way to defeat Tak in only two turns. The trick
    here is to use a hammer uppercut immediately after blocking his jump strike
    (roll attack will not work!), which throws him onto his back. Follow this with
    two jump strikes of your own to decimate Tak's health. If you have any bombs
    left over from the beach, you can drop a bomb on Tak after knocking him onto
    his back for massive damage. These alternative strategies are more difficult,
    but arguably no more dangerous than fighting him normally.  Good luck!
    QUEST COMPLETE- Defeat Tak
    NEW QUEST- Find Shun (obligatory)
    Press the switch next to the throne to lower the elevator, and head back to the
    Smithy. Travel to the upper level in the elevator and collect the health potion
    from the chest before going through the arch to the loading ramp.
    The loading ramp is a short room in which you must head up the slopes to kill
    the gorilla at the top, while avoiding the barrels he throws down towards you.
    It isn't really that tough provided you don't get preoccupied by collecting all
    the crystals. The door leading to the volcano is behind the gorilla.
    |                                WALKTHROUGH:                         [WLK18] |
    |                                  VOLCANO                                    |
     | PART 1: VULCANOSIDE |                                   To
     O---------------------O                                   Hell's  *
                                                               Gate    ^
     X - Starting point                                             ~  |  ~
     B - Big crystal                                             ~  /--@---\ ~
     C - Cat statue                                                /        \
     D - Demon portal                                            ~ |  K B   |~
     K - Key                                                       \        /
     M - Merchant                                                ~  \---  -/ ~
     # - Door                                                       ~   \  \
     @ - Padlocked door                                                ~ \  \~
     ~ - Lava                                             ~   ~           \  \  ~
     * - Endpoint                                      ~ /-----\ ~     ~  /  /
                                                         |C    |         /  /   ~
       /---\                                 /---\     ~ |Bears| ~     ~/  / ~
       |   |                                 |   |       \-- --/    ~  / D/
       \-#-/                     /---\       |   |     ~    |    ~    /  /   ~
         |                       | M |       |---|      C ~ | ~     ~/  / ~
      X--+                       \-#-/ ~   ~ |~ ~|     ~|   |    ~  /  /
         |  /----\      /----\     | ~   ~/--/ ~ \---\  | ~ | ~    /  /   ~
         \--     |      |     -----+------        #   --+---+---+----/ ~
            |    |      |    |         ~  \---\  /---/ ~Blaze ~ |   ~
            \-- -/      \- --/       ~   ~    |  |      Valley  |~
               |          |               /---/  /            ~ C   ~
               | /------\ |               \-----/                ~
               \-  Bat   -/                Volcanic
                 |Cavern|                  Eruption
    To the left of the start of this area is a sliding box. Behind the box (push it
    out of the way) is a hole leading to a room filled with explosives. Detonating
    said explosives nets you loads of coin to spend in the shop. Proceed up the
    slope, avoiding the fire and falling rocks to get into a fight with some
    gorillas in hot air balloons that drop bombs. Skull bugs will arrive on the
    scene after a few seconds, so equip the claws and take them out. The balloons
    can be brought down by a hit or two with the claws, so treat them the same as
    skull bugs. You may be able to finish this fight without touching the ground.
    Continuing on up the hill will take you through a cavern full of bats. Use them
    to build enough combo to open the chest in this area and earn an extra life.
    There is also a cage and a rat in this area, but nothing too difficult.
    Upon leaving this cavern you will be forced into a more challenging fight
    against four armoured axe gorillas, a rat, two masked axe gorillas and two
    gorillas in balloons. Use the Zhongs in this area to combo up to the gorillas
    in balloons, and take them down with the claws. The gorillas and rat should
    then be dealt with using a berserk potion, and the hammer. Bear in mind that
    even with the bullhammer you are not invincible- without armour you may only
    survive four attacks without having to heal. Remember to keep the enemies on
    their asses with roll attacks, and consider using magic to knock over all
    enemies in range.
    Just before the next save point is a hole you can crawl through to reach a
    shop- buy a demon potion and some armour, as well as a couple of berserk
    potions if your bank balance allows. Your ideal inventory at this point will
    look something like this:
     1 Demon potion
     2 Magic potion
     3 Berserk potion
     4 Berserk potion
     5 Health/ berserk/ magic
    The next area along the path is called "volcanic eruption" and while you are
    traversing the narrow path over the lava you are vulnerable to damage from
    falling rocks- scoot through this area as quickly as you can to minimise the
    risk. Heading left and across the ropes after the narrow lava path will take
    you to five switches arranged like this:
       A    (BOX)
    You should press the switches here in the order B, E, C, D, and then push the
    box onto switch A to open the door to the next area. Just before leaving
    through the now-open door in the northeast, head south for a cage and some
    health. Meet Pan (he's the man) just beyond the door. He tells you about a
    mountain you have to move.
    NEW QUEST- Find three cat statues (obligatory)
    Reward: none
    Pass the save point and follow the red crystals as they lead away to the left.
    The path here is narrow, and there is a gorilla in a balloon overhead that you
    cannot reach to kill. Fortunately, very few of the bombs that he throws will
    land on the narrow path as you run along, so you should reach the cat statue
    (1/3) and make it back the way you came without any real problem. Back in the
    main chasm, follow the yellow crystals to the northwest.
    Along the narrow path here there are falling rocks, but they cannot hit you if
    you stay on the path. On the platform at the end you will face a rat, two
    masked hammer gorillas and four armoured bears. I tend to open this battle with
    a magic attack against as many of the bears and rats as I can, before resorting
    to hammer throws against the masked gorillas (you can't throw bears!) and roll
    attacks on the stragglers. Although this fight doesn't seem desperately
    difficult on paper, I always seem to take a bit of a beating from the bears
    here; perhaps I'm just not well-practised at fighting them since there are only
    a few of them in the game. If you also find yourself taking a few hits, use a
    berserk potion (I always do, this is probably my most hated battle of the whole
    game). Collect the extra life from the chest and activate the cat statue (2/3)
    before returning to the main chasm.
    Following the path highlighted by the blue crystals takes you through a series
    of platforms with bombs dropping from above, before reaching a cat statue (3/3)
    guarded by absolutely nothing at all. Head back to Pan to save and heal, then
    proceed to the northeast.
    QUEST COMPLETE- find three cat statues
    Beyond the top of the rocks you moved you will find that parts of the path
    crumble away into the lava when you step on or near them; they can be easily
    spotted and jumped over due to their different colour compared to the rest of
    the path. A little further along you will reach the bottom of a flight of
    stairs. Boulders and bombs are being thrown from the top, so move quickly and
    be ready to jump at a moment's notice to get out of danger. You can run up the
    stone on either side of the stairs themselves to avoid most hazards in this
    At the base of the staircase there is a combo +5 chest. HUGE thanks and a big
    shout out to Jack Meleu for explaining to me how to open this. He tells us to
    head back to the second last part of the path that falls and drop onto the
    platform created by it. A Zhong challenge will then appear, consisting of three
    hammer Zhongs, a claws Zhong and a sword Zhong. Completing the challenge allows
    you to open the combo +5 chest. Thanks for the information Jack, I'd never have
    found this myself. Fortunately, this Zhong challenge has no time limit. The
    sword Zhong floats back and forth across a distance of lava. If you destroy it
    right away, you will not be close enough to the chest to combo to it, and
    you'll fall to your death. Instead, you should keep the claws equipped and
    slash away at the sword Zhong until it is close to the chest, before switching
    to the sword and destroying it. This will keep the Zhong intact until you are
    in a safe position, and you will not fall into the lava. This is the only time
    in the game that you have to "ride" a Zhong in this way. If the sword Zhong is
    at the chest when you are at the claw Zhong, "ride" the claw Zhong by hitting
    it with the hammer. The chest contains black armour.
    Use your demon potion at the top of the stairs to find the last demon portal in
    the game. Collect the crystals in the first room and move into the main room,
    where you will be greeted by four fat demons, three energy demons and three
    fire demons. Holy crap, these guys will hand your ass to you if you're not
    careful. Choose blue at the crystal in the room and throw a berserk potion
    immediately. As usual, take down one fat demon for combo, then defeat the rest
    of the demons in the order fire, fat, energy. In the last room you will find
    thousands of coin, literally (7 million points!!!!!), as well as hearts, black
    armour and an extra life. Return to the top of the stone stairs. If you beat
    all of the demon gates in the game, well done you! ^_^
    Continue northeast at the top of the stairs, jumping over and around the jets
    of fire and steam to reach the next save point. Just beyond here you will
    receive red armour, which if you visited the demon realm is totally
    unnecessary. A really big fight is coming up.
    On the next big platform you will encounter four bomb rats (one has heavy
    armour) and a few terracotta warriors that can now be killed with a single
    rolling attack. The rats can be killed by choosing any colour at the big
    crystal in the centre of the platform. With the rats out of the way, four
    armoured hammer gorillas will join the party. Use throws if they are close
    together and roll attacks if they are far apart to keep shockwaves to a
    minimum. This is probably the best phase of the battle to use a berserk potion
    in. During the fight another eight terracotta warriors will start to converge
    on your position. For your convenience and speed, a magic attack can take them
    all out if you wait until they are close enough. Fortunately, their laser eyes
    will inflict high damage to the gorillas you are fighting. Phase three of the
    fight begins once the gorillas and warriors are dead. Enter stage left two
    armoured hammer gorillas, and enter stage right an armoured hammer gorilla and
    a masked hammer gorilla. This time reinforcements come in the form of crows,
    which you can tear apart easily with the claws to build combo. Use throws when
    the gorillas are on their own, and rolling attacks when reinforcements are
    there, as the battle will tend to open up more then. Sixteen or so terracotta
    warriors appear after the crows, and are best left until they close in before
    being zapped with magic. When you win, you will be rewarded with a key.
    Hopefully you manage to hold onto your armour during this fight- without it you
    may find that your health drops quickly. The key you just earned opens the door
    in the northwest and allows you to exit this area.
    To summarise this fight
     Phase 1: 4 armoured rats, 4 terracotta warriors
     Phase 2: 4 armoured hammer gorillas
              Then 8 terracotta warriors
     Phase 3: 3 armoured hammer gorillas, 1 masked hammer gorilla
              Then ~8 crows, 12 terracotta warriors
     O---------------------O               /--------\   /---------\
     | PART 2: HELL'S GATE |               |  K     |   | Last    |
     O---------------------O         /-----  Field  @---  line of # *
                                     |     |of lava |   | defence |
     X - Starting point          /---@---\ \--------/   \---------/
     B - Big crystal             |   K   |
     K - Key                     | Ammo  |
     # - Door                    | Depot |
     @ - Padlocked door          \--- ---/
     * - Endpoint                    |
                                 /      K\
                                 \   B   /
                                  \-- --/
                        /------\     |
                        |       -> Lava
                        |   /--/   Chase
                        |   |
                        |   \--\
                        |      |
                        |   /--/
                        |   |
                        | X |
    You will meet Su Ling as you enter the next area, who will tell you about the
    gorillas' last line of defence that you are now approaching.
    NEW QUEST- Break through the last line of defence (obligatory)
    Reward: none
    Black armour is available from the immediate right as you start this area, but
    you'll have to be quick as your stamina doesn't last long over there. Head to
    the northwest and follow the path past lots of things that are exploding, then
    go up the ladder. What action game through a volcano would be complete without
    running from an ever-advancing river of magma? A very original idea here from
    the developers. This isn't really that tough, provided you are already pushing
    the analog stick forwards when you regain control of Kay after seeing the lava.
    A split second delay can make all the difference here, so remember not to
    follow the crystal trail exactly. Be ready for areas of rock in front of you to
    collapse for you to jump over. You're not safe until you get to the top of the
    next ladder, so don't hang about!
    Next comes a fight with some bomb rats in a smoke filled room. Assuming you use
    a magic attack on the big crystal (choose red) and use the hammer to fight, you
    will finish the fight before even a quarter of your stamina is lost. Collect
    the extra life in this room before taking the key from the chest and moving on.
    The next room in the ammunition depot, where there is another big fight. For
    starters, you will face a masked axe gorilla, an armoured hammer gorilla and
    two armoured axe gorillas. Use whichever combat method you prefer- roll attacks
    or throws, and remember to watch out for the explosive barrels on both sides of
    the room. After the gorillas are out of the game, four heavily armoured spear
    rats and three heavily armoured bomb rats square up to you. Use either rolling
    attacks or preferably a magic attack to thin the crowds, and finish with the
    hammer as usual. This fight isn't any more difficult than the others you have
    faced, so finish up, grab the key and move on.
    In the next smoke filled room there are a series of platforms moving left to
    right. Use these to make your way to the far left where there is a key in a
    chest. You can use this key in the door to the east. After this very easy room,
    you will find yourself at the last line of the gorillas' defence.
    Alright, here we go. This is a hell of a fight, and you can make it even worse
    for yourself if you choose to flank enemies instead of keeping the fighting
    close to the centre. Explosive barrels around the sides of the room will
    release bugs and spiders if you go too close, so keep fighting to the centre of
    the room at all costs. You risk being surrounded very quickly here, so try to
    make sure you always have room for a roll around/ throw combination. You have
    to face a heavily armoured rat, six bomb rats and four masked gorillas- two
    with axes, two with hammers- to continue. This is the last big fight in the
    game, so just throw all of your items at it. Use a berserk potion if you have
    one, and if you have a magic potion then you could potentially have half a
    dozen magic attacks at your disposal! Magic attacks and berserk hammer throws
    in the centre of the room are without a doubt the keys to success here. Getting
    rid of bomb rats early will be very helpful. Finish with roll attacks as usual
    and clear the outsides of the room with claws only when everything else is
    dead. Proceed when you are ready- it's time to end this, once and for all.
    QUEST COMPLETE- Break through the last line of defence
    |                                WALKTHROUGH:                         [WLK19] |
    |                             SHOWDOWN WITH SHUN                              |
                         / \
                        | M \/----------\        /-------------------------\
                         \               \       |                         |
     X - Starting point   \     /----\    \   /--/                         |
     M - Merchant         |    /      \    |--|                            |
     # - Door             |X   |   *  |    #  #                            |
     * - Endpoint         |    \      /    |--|                            |
                           \    \----/    /   \--\                         |
                            \            /       |                         |
                             \----------/        \-------------------------/
    This is it. Before visiting the shop, note that there are health and magic
    potions at the ends of the beams extending out to the machine in the centre, so
    don't waste your money on them in the shop. Having said that, this is the final
    shop in the game, so feel free to go on a spending spree. Magic potions and
    indeed magic attacks are pretty useless now, so I would recommend taking five
    health potions into your inventory, as well as buying new armour, no matter how
    beat up your current suit is. When you are suitably prepared, go through the
    door to the east. Shun is waiting.
    Use the save point to your immediate right as you go through the second set of
    doors as it will soon be swallowed up by the rising lava. Meet your enemy at
    the top of the stairs; it's show time.
    BOSS: Minister Shun, Lord of the Gorillas
    Difficulty: Tough
    As per usual, gorilla henchmen are here to blindly support the Din regime, go
    to their deaths for their master and swing very hefty-looking weaponry in your
    direction. Prepare for four gorillas, either heavily armoured or masked and
    equipped with axes to be constantly on your back during this fight, and for
    that reason on the whole it is best to keep moving. As with the rats in the Tak
    fight, your best bet is to just run away from these gorillas.
    Like Tak, Shun has attacks similar to Kay's triple strike and jump attack which
    can be easily blocked and countered, provided it is safe to stand still. Shun
    opens with his physical attacks and then teleports, vanishing from the battle
    for a few seconds. Use this time to put some distance between you and Shun's
    henchmen. Shun will then reappear a good distance away from you and shoot
    fireballs with his lance. These are not too difficult to dodge with a jump or
    roll. Finally, Shun will dart towards you at lightning speed to deliver another
    physical attack, so be ready to move. He repeats this pattern over and over, so
    learn it and use it against him.
    The trick to damaging Shun is to defend during his physical attacks and then
    quickly counter with a triple strike before he teleports away. The window of
    opportunity here is very, very small, and as a result the hammer is too slow to
    connect with more than one hit before Shun vanishes. I would therefore
    recommend using the sword or claws against Shun, as you can land at least three
    attacks before he disappears, as long as you are quick enough with the attack.
    (Sword is probably preferable as the claws can do nothing to hold back Shun's
    henchmen.) After a short while the floor will open to expose a pit of lava,
    which restricts your movement by quite a bit. Keep your wits about you- it goes
    without saying that you should not fall in!
    With a sound battle strategy here, the fight with Shun is more predictable and
    ultimately (I think) a little easier than the fight with Tak. It still won't be
    totally straightforward, but the big ape is certainly a manageable adversary.
    Oddly, opening your quest menu will show that you have not yet "found minister
    Shun". Anyway, jump on the throne to ascend to the top of the Songstone
    machine. Use the save point, heal up on the heart plate if you have to, and
    ascend the ladder.
    It is final boss time. Hours of work have led to this moment. Kay is ready. You
    are ready.
    Now... now the sun rises on a warrior!
    Let's do this thing.
    BOSS: Monster Shun
    Difficulty: Gruelling
    Firstly, let us observe the battlefield. There is a ring of eight Zhongs around
    it, and falling off will cost you one health point and cause you to respawn at
    the save point you have just touched. The green smoke rising in the centre is
    not dangerous, so feel free to use all of the space you have. Going clockwise,
    the sequence of the Zhongs is: sword, hammer, claws, sword, hammer, claws,
    sword, hammer... Since the number of Zhongs is not divisible by three, you will
    have to change weapon twice at one of the Zhongs to make a complete circuit.
    This is confusing and easy to get wrong, and so I would advise against making
    complete circuits of the arena using the Zhongs. Moving in complete circuits
    also puts you at a greater risk of falling from the battlefield if you are hit,
    which restarts the fight and is tremendously frustrating.
    You should use the hammer for this battle, as it is not possible to hit more
    than once at a time, and the hammer does the most damage. Shun's attack pattern
    starts with a series of physical attacks which cannot be blocked. He then
    shoots fireballs from his lance and disappears for a second. Four "Shuns" then
    appear, with only one being able to take damage. This is the time at which he
    is vulnerable. After a few seconds, or after he is hit, the fake Shuns
    disappear and the real Shun starts the attack pattern again.
    So what can we do about these attacks? Firstly, you should always have combo of
    at least +1 during this fight, to allow you to combo out of trouble when you
    need to. Pick a hammer Zhong and break it, combo to the next Zhong and let
    yourself drop here without breaking it. Wait a second until Shun catches you
    up, then combo to the next Zhong and do not break it. Repeating this strategy
    means he cannot hit you with any of his attacks. Only destroy another hammer
    Zhong when your combo is about to run out.
    As for damaging Shun, the only opportunity you have is when he summons his
    three doppelgangers. Of the four Shuns, the true Shun has red sparks coming
    from the amulet on his chest. If you know what you are looking for, it isn't
    too tricky to spot. Combo towards the real Shun and give him a quick smash with
    the bullhammer. Repeat these strategies until Shun goes down, taking Din and
    his evil plans with him.
    Undoubtedly, you will be hit a few times- he has a massive lunge to his attacks
    and the fireballs are spread out across a wide arc, but keeping agile and
    keeping a combo of +1 will let you dodge most of his attacks, and if he can't
    hit you, you can't lose. Don't stand too close to the edge of the platform, so
    that you don't fall even if you do get hit.
    That's all our loose ends cleared up, right? We win, don't we?
    BOSS: ?????
    Difficulty: Brutal
    Whatever the hell *that* is, you're going to have to fight it.
    Like Shun, it starts with a physical attack. However, it then causes a
    shockwave which it follows up with a fast lunge attack, so be prepared to combo
    off the ground or double jump to dodge. Comboing around the Zhongs without
    destroying them is another useful strategy for staying out of trouble here too.
    This beast is much faster and more aggressive than Shun, so you will have to be
    a fair bit more agile with your jumps and combos to stay safe. The lunge attack
    is particularly prone to knocking you off the edge of the platform, and if this
    happens, you will have to do the first fight all over again. Make sure you stay
    away from the edge of the platform unless you are comboing around the Zhongs!
    After its physical attacks, the beast jumps into the centre of the arena, where
    it releases fireballs from its lance. Two sets of fireballs are released one
    after the other, and they do a pretty good job of covering most of the arena.
    Dodging the fireballs is really, really tough, and does require a degree of
    luck, or very quick reactions. Your best bet is to keep moving. Unfortunately,
    if you are hit by a fireball you are unlikely to be able to damage the beast on
    this turn. After the fireballs have been released, combo up to the monster and
    hit it with the hammer to deal some damage.
    The combat pattern may be easier to learn than Shun's or Tak's, but the attacks
    that your opponent uses here are much more difficult to dodge. If you are doing
    well, use health potions to keep yourself alive long enough to win- this is the
    last fight in the game and beyond this potions have no use.
    Best of luck, and enjoy the closing cutscene when you are successful.
    CONGRATULATIONS! You have beaten Legend of Kay! ^_^
    If you want to get even more out of the game, why not play on a harder
    difficulty, or try a speedrun?
    |                           ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:                     [DMN] |
    |                           DEMON PORTAL LOCATIONS                            |
    Here are the known locations of demon portals. Finding all of these earns you
    the "All cats are grey in the dark" achievement in the anniversary edition, and
    so it can be assumed that this is a complete list. I have also included an
    indication of the points available in each portal, measured on an average run
    on normal difficulty. As you can see, there is wide variation in the reward one
    earns for discovering these portals!
       Level             Location                                           Points
    1. Mystic Forest     Tree stump at the beginning of the level           100,000
    2. Dragoncave        Between the obelisks in the blue mushroom room   1,500,000
    3. Nebula Islands    Jetty near Shell Island                          1,000,000
    4. Marshland         On the second island in the Swamps of Death        750,000
    5. Crocodile Temple  Southwest corner of the pump room                2,250,000
    6. King's Palace     Entrance, in front of the pandas                 2,500,000
    7. Beach of Waa-Lo   To the right of the exit from Clandestine Beach    750,000
    8. Volcano           At the top of the stone steps                    7,000,000
    |                           ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:                     [LOC] |
    |                             RARE ITEM LOCATIONS                             |
    1. HEART CONTAINERS (12 available)
     1 Cat Village          Given by the Master during the first fighting lesson
     2 Cat Village          Find Tang Mu's children
     3 Mystic Forest        Bought from the Merchant
     4 Meridional Forest    Behind the dragon statue in the hidden glade
     5 Merid Forest/Boarax  Bought from the Merchant
     6 Wild Boar Boarax     Prize for winning the Holey Hoop Hop
     7 Nebula Islands       Found on Snail Island after activating the cat statues
     8 Marshland            Complete the Zhong challenge in the Swamps of Death
     9 Frog City            Complete the Zhong challenge
    10 Ancient Dungeons     Ascend Heaven's Stair (Ring of Champions)
    11 Forsaken City II     Complete the Zhong Challenge in the suburbs
    12 Beach of Waa-Lo      Complete the Zhong Challenge on the south beach
    2. MAGIC CONTAINERS (11 available)
     1 Cat Village          Prize for winning the Holey Hoop Hop
     2 Cat Village          Given by the Master during the second fighting lesson
     3 Meridional Forest    Complete the Zhong Challenge at the Haretree
     4 Dragoncave           In the tunnels below Dragon's Gut
     5 Nebula Islands       Bought from the Merchant
     6 Nebula Islands       Found in the demon portal near Snail Island
     7 Turtle Fort          Found in the kitchen
     8 King's Palace        Bought from the Merchant
     9 Beach of Waa-Lo      Complete the Zhong challenge on the north beach
    10 Beach/Harbour        Bought from the Merchant
    11 Volcano              Bought from the Merchant
    *Please note that if magic or heart containers are available from the merchant
    and the level simultaneously, you should buy from the merchant first.
    Collecting the container that can be found in the level first will result in
    the other container being removed from the merchant's inventory. It will not be
    available until a later level, and will be more expensive.
    |                            ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:                    [EXT] |
    |                            EXTRAS AND UNLOCKABLES                           |
    Many players wonder about how to unlock the extras, and it is a common topic of
    discussion online. I have had a good many emails and messages about what is
    needed to unlock all of the extras, and further discussion is always welcome if
    anyone can shed more light on the situation. I am very grateful to T Murphy for
    helping me to investigate this.
    A minority of extras (videos and races) are unlocked by game progress alone.
    The special weapons are unlocked by score gain alone. All other extras are
    unlocked through a combination of score gain and game progress i.e. models,
    pictures and music are unlocked by passing a certain point in the game with a
    score that is above a minimum value. Therefore all extras will be unlocked by
    completing the last level of the game with a sufficiently high score.
    The level being played dictates which extras are unlocked. For example, music
    from the Meridional Forest is unlocked by finishing that level (or any
    subsequent level) with a certain score. The model of Jia-Gu will not be
    unlocked until after the Lone Swamp, even if your score was sufficiently high
    earlier in the game. The final extras relating to the last bosses will not be
    unlocked until the end credits scene. If score is not high enough at when an
    extra becomes available, the extra may be unlocked at any subsequent level when
    the correct score has been achieved. No further extras can be unlocked after
    the last boss without starting a new game.
    I have managed to unlock all of the extras in a single game by scoring 69
    million points on hard difficulty. I'm not sure what minimum score is needed to
    unlock all of the extras, so I'd recommend aiming for >60 million on Hard
    difficulty. I have also played on nightmare difficulty and unlocked all of the
    extras, and so difficulty setting does not seem to be a factor affecting which
    extras are unlocked (although it will influence your score).
    However, T Murphy has reported scores of >100 million on nightmare difficulty,
    without unlocking the final extras associated with the last level. This seems
    like a lot of very hard work with no reward, and the only factor we can isolate
    as being a probable cause for this is playing the Anniversary Edition of the
    game on Wii U (my scores were taken from the PS2 and PS3 versions). Further
    concrete information on this topic is always more than welcome.
    Here is a complete list of the unlockable extras:
         - Kay
         - Enemies Vol. I
         - Cats
         - Weapons and Armor
         - Enemies Vol. II
         - Friends
         - Enemies Vol. III
         - Rendering
         - Bosses
         - Special
         - Prologue
         - Inspecting the fountain
         - Kay embarks
         - The slavery trail
         - Shun inspects
         - On board the Mi-Noh
         - The Din-Chi is disturbed
         - Launching dragonmouth
         - The happy ending
         - Uncle Shen
         - Master
         - Su Ling
         - Dai
         - Nong Bao
         - Guo Mei
         - Tang Mu
         - Sha Ma
         - Ai Tan
         - Ou Bai
         - Chicken
         - Carnivore plant
         - Lu Wu
         - Tu Lao
         - Spear rat
         - Bear
         - Scratch Bug
         - Tor Chi
         - Boarax
         - Boar
         - Kay without weapon
         - Tiao
         - Gu
         - Ferryman
         - Turtle soldier
         - Toad
         - Crocodile
         - Dragonfly
         - Fire demon
         - Jia-Gu
         - Kay with sword
         - Axe gorilla
         - Mace gorilla (hammer gorilla in the walkthrough)
         - Hookknife rat (light blue tunics, bomb rats in the walkthrough)
         - Lightning demon (energy demon in the walkthrough)
         - Han Tou
         - Wolf
         - Spider
         - Clay warrior
         - Kay with claws
         - Quian Bei
         - Bodyguard
         - Seagull
         - Crab
         - Fat demon
         - Tak
         - Bat
         - Kay with hammer
         - Shun
         - Shun Mutation 1
         - Shun Mutation 2
    MUSIC (I think this is one of the game's real strengths, so enjoy!) ^_^
         - Main theme
         - Cat village melody
         - Home town blues
         - Masters school
         - Let's go shopping
         - Riding the boar
         - Visiting the forest
         - Seven pillars clearance
         - Running rivers
         - There the hare
         - Inside the dragon
         - Dragoonia
         - Fighter's melody
         - Canyon Cadence
         - Boom Boom Boarax
         - Demons' realm
         - Swampland melody
         - Marshland
         - Fate of the Frogs vol. I
         - Fate of the Frogs vol. II
         - Crocodile style
         - Cha cha Jia-Gu
         - Hymn of death
         - Handle your weapons
         - Turtle march
         - Windy tunes
         - Sound of Forsaken City vol. I
         - Sound of Forsaken City vol. II
         - Call of the ancients
         - Tame the wolf
         - Dark deep dungeons vol. I
         - Dark deep dungeons vol. II
         - Qian Bei's song
         - Hit'em hard
         - Do Re Mi-Noh
         - Master your weapons
         - At the beach
         - Music from the harbor
         - Tak's overture
         - Gorillas' percussion
         - Shun's overture
         - Shun's mutation
         - Shun's crescendo
    WEAPONS (see below)
         - Sword
         - Claws
         - Hammer
    The races are at a high level of difficulty, and so there are a lot of chillies
    to cut down your time. Try and beat my best times from 5 attempts.
         - Forest race (0:48:51)
         - Ramp race   (0:45:85)
         - Palace race (0:43:02)
         - City race   (0:47:92)
    The special weapons are pretty cool. Probably included by the developers just
    for a laugh, they certainly add a bit of fun for a committed player. A really
    high score is needed for these- normal difficulty simply isn't enough to unlock
    the hammer. Activating the specials in the extras menu changes the appearance
    of the swords, hammers and claws in the game to something amusing or comical-
    enjoy playing with these :D
    Swords (around 12 million points needed)
         - The wooden training sword does not change
         - The ancestral sword becomes a banjo
         - The dragon sword becomes a viola
         - The shadowsword becomes an electric guitar
    Claws (around 21 million points needed)
         - The basic claws become cutlery
         - The razor claws become gardening tools
         - The mantis claws become a spray bottle and sponge
    Hammer (around 38 million points needed)
         - The basic hammer becomes a fly swatter
         - The ancient hammer becomes a tennis racket
         - The bullhammer becomes a giant hand
    *****END OF SPOILERS*****
    |                           ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:                     [TRO] |
    |                           TROPHY/ACHIEVEMENT LIST                           |
    In July 2015, Legend of Kay Anniversary was released for modern platforms to
    celebrate 10 years since its original PS2 release, and so you can now earn
    achievements for playing through the game. The trophy type (PlayStation) or
    gamerscore value (XBOX) is also listed here.
    Platinum (PlayStation only)
    Collect all the other trophies to unlock
    Story Achievements
    Weak as a kitten
    Bronze, 10
    Complete the first sword training
    Let the cat out of the bag
    Bronze, 15
    Complete the second fight training lesson
    Not enough room to swing a cat
    Bronze, 10
    Win the first fight against Boarax
    Turtle Twister
    Silver, 25
    Win the fight against Jia-Gu
    Gorilla Killa
    Silver, 25
    Win the fight against Shun's Bodyguard
    Hard as a rock
    Silver, 25
    Win the fight against Qian Bei the ancestor
    Cat versus Snake
    Silver, 25
    Win the fight against The Dreaded Chei Ni
    Silver, 25
    Win the fight against Alchemist Tak
    Is it over yet?
    Gold, 150
    Win the fight against Minister Shun
    Like the cat that got the cream
    Silver, 50
    Finish the game on Hard difficulty
    Gold, 100
    Finish the game on Nightmare difficulty    (GOOD LUCK!)
    Combo Achievements
    Look what the cat dragged in
    Bronze, 5
    Get a 5x combo
    Put the cat among the pigeons
    Bronze, 10
    Get a 10x combo
    Make the fur fly
    Bronze, 15
    Get a 15x combo
    Fight like Kilkenny cats
    Silver, 20
    Get a 20x combo
    Weapons Achievements
    Dancing with the blade
    Gold, 75
    Collect all swords in the game
    Cat in gloves catches no mice
    Silver, 50
    Collect all claws in the game
    Silver, 50
    Collect all hammers in the game
    Gameplay Achievements
    Fat cat
    Silver, 50
    Upgrade your health points to the maximum
    Cat Chi
    Silver, 50
    Upgrade your chi (magic) points to the maximum
    Enough to make a cat laugh
    Gold, 30
    Upgrade your extra lives to 9
    Steel Fur
    Silver, 50
    Collect all the three different armour types
    All cats are grey in the dark
    Gold, 75
    Find and activate all demon portals
    Race Achievements
    Like a cat riding a boar
    Bronze, 10
    Finish the first boar race
    Curiosity killed the cat
    Silver, 50
    Win an extra race without collecting a chilli
    |                           ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:                     [MAP] |
    |                                    MAPS                                     |
    Here is a collection of all of the maps from the walkthrough. The following
    symbols are used throughout the maps:
    X Level start point    A Ancestor statue         J Jade panda
    * Level endpoint       B Big crystal             K Key
                           C Cat statue              M Merchant
    # Open door            D Demon portal            O Hammer plate
    @ Padlocked door       E Frog egg                R Dragon's eye ruby
    % Crumbling wall       F Froghead amulet part    T Tang Mu's weapon
    ~ Water                G Dragon statue           W Weapon/ weapon upgrade
    $ Bamboo in water
    01: Cat Village
                                                            / Boss \
                                        <-----------\       | Fight|
                                       |            |     /-+--##-/+---\
                                       |            |     |~~     |Rat |
                               /-------##------\    |     |~       Camp|
                               |               |   Boar   \--\    \- --/
                               |    Farm of    #-->Race       \       /
                               |    Nong Bao   /               \  /--/
                               |              /                |  |
                               |             /                 / K+----\
                               \-/-#--\-\    \----\           |C  #Ai  |
                                 |Nong|  \         \------\    \  |Tan |
                                 |Bao |   \----\           \   |  +----/
                                 \----/         \--------\  \--/  |
                                                          \       |
                         /---\                            /----\  |
                        /Glade\-----\                     |Tang#  |
                        | T C        \                    | Mu |  |
                        \     /--\    \        /-------+--+----+  |
                         \   /     \   \       |       |Store T|  |
            /--------\   /  /       \   \   /--------------#---/  |
           /          \-/  /        |   |   |                     |
          /   Holey       /         |   |   |   /--@--\  /--#--\  |
          |    Hoop      /          |   |   |   |Jug  |  |Lib- |  |
          |     Hop     /           |   \   |   |Store|  | rary|  |
          \            /            \    \  |   +-----+  +-----/  |
           \          /              \    \-/   |     |  |Hist-|  |
            \--------/                \         |     |  |orian|  |
                                       \---\    \-----/  \--#--/  |
                                           |                      |
                            /----\         |   T /-----\          |
                            |Su  |         /   --| Ou  |       /--\
                            |Ling|        /      | Bai |       |  |
                         /--+-#--+-------/       \--#--/       |  |
                        /  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~                         #  |
                       /  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~              /---#-------/ X|
                      /   /-----------\            #  Uncle Shen  |
                  /--/   /---\ ~     ~ \-----------\--------------/
                  |          |    ~    ~   ~
                  | Saint    |--\~  /---\     ~
                  |Wellspring     ~   * |Cliffside
                  |          |--/~  \---/     ~
                  \----------/    ~    ~   ~
    02: Mystic Forest
                                  | * |
                                | Bear  |
                                | Fight |
                           /---++ - - - +-+--\
                           |   |~    ~    | K|
                        /--+   |  ~     ~ \--|
                        |  @ B | /----\    ~ |
                        \--+---/ |    | ~    /
                           | ~  ~|    \---\~/
             /---------\   \-----/        |/
            /           \       /O  /-----/
           /   /-----\   \      /--/
          /   / Swing \   \---+/------\                    /--------\
          |   | Poles  \      /# Rat  |                    |   M    |
          |   |         \----/+ Camp  |                    |       X|
          \ ~ \          /--/ |   B   |                    |        |
           \ ~ \--------/  O/ \-+-#-+-/                    |   /----/
            \ ~  ~  ~  ~   /    |   |                      |   |
             \------------/     |   \------\      /--------/   |
                                \           \    /       D     /
                                 \-------\B |    |~  /--------/
                                  Rolling|  |    |  ~|
                                   Logs  |  |    |~  |
                                         +@@+    |  ~|
                                         |  \----/   |
                                         \      B   /
                                     /--+-+-\ /----/
                            /------>    %   | |
                            |        \--+- -/ \---\
                          Boar          |  Boar   |
                          Race  <-------  Forest  |
                                        |    K    |
    03: Meridional Forest
        /--------\                     /--------\
        |   G    |          Rockfall   |    R   |
        | Hidden |           Chasm     |Haretree|
        | Glade  \-----------------\   \ ~    ~ /
        \                      B   |    \---\  /
         \------/----\  /------\   |        |  |
                     |  |      |   |        |  \--\
                     |  |  /---/   +---\    |    C|
                     \--/  |       % C |    |  /--/
                           \---\   \---+    |  |  /---------\
                               |        \   |  /  |  Rat     <----\     Cave
                               \------\ |   | /   |  Camp   |     |    /-----\
            /--+---+---/---\          | |   | |   |         |     \--->    R |
            | ~| G |~     C|        /-/#\---/#\-\ \---\#/---/          \     |
       To   |  \   /   /---+-------/   Seven     \    | |              |B    |
       Dragon ~     ~                  Pillars   |----/ \              /     |
       Cave *    ~     \+---\   /--|   Clearing  #       \         /-->    R |
            | ~     ~   |   | M |  \ C         X /----\  |         |   \-----/
            |    ~     ~|   \---/   \---\#/-----/     |  \------\  |
            \-----------/               | |           \          <-/
               Broken                   | |   /----\   \---+-%-+/
               Bridge                   | \--/ ~  ~ \      | C |
                                        |~  ~  /-\  |      \---/
                                        | C /-/  | ~|
                                        \--/     |  |
                                  /-------\      |~ |
                                 /         +-----/  |
                                 |  /--\   | ~  ~  ~|
                                 |  \--/   +-----+--+
                                 \        /      |  |
                                  \----\ /       |  |
                                       | |       /  |
                                  /----/%\------/   /
                                /-+                /
                                | %        /------/
                                \-+        |
                                  |        |
                                  \--\   /-/
                                     | G |
    04: Dragon Cave
                            | |
                         /--/ \--\
                     /--/         \
                     |  |   Tor   |
                     |W #   Chi   |
                     \--\         /
                         \--\ /--/
                            | |
                          /-/ \-\
                          |     |  Dragon's
                          |     |   Belly
                          |  B  |
                          \-\ /-/
                            | |
                          /-/ \-\
                          |  D  |
                          |     |
                          \-\ /-/
                            | |
                            | \--/---------------\
                            \    ~   ~   ~   ~   ~\
                             \---\-\  /-------\~  |
                                   | ~|  /----|  ~|
                     Dragonbreath /~  |  |  /-/~  /
                                  |  ~|  |C  ~  ~/
                                  \~  |  |  \---/
                             /-----| ~|  \----/
                             |   /-/  |
                             |    ~  ~/
                             |   \---/
                             +-  ---/
                             |     | Dragon's
                             |     | Gullet
                             |     |
                             \-\ /-/
                               | |
                    /---\    /-/ \-\  /----------\  /----------\
                    |   |    |     |--| Dragon's |--|          |-\
                    | /-/    |           Teeth             B    X|
                    |O|-------O    |--|          |--|          |-/
                    | |      \-----/  \----------/  \----------/
                /---/ \---\
               /           \
               |  /-----\  |
               |  \-----/  |
               \   |       /
                \--+ C|---/
    05: Wild Boar Boarax
                        /      Boar
                       /  <--- Race  <---\
                      /                  |
                      | K|             / | /
                      \  \------------/   /
                       \                 /      /------\
                        \---/           @\     /        \
                           /  /--------\  \---/          \--     To
                          |  |          \     #  BOARAX  #  -->* Cloud
                          |  |           \----\          /--     Forest
                          |  \--------\        \        /
                          |           |         \------/
                          |           |
                          |           |
             /------\           |
            /        \          |
           /  Holey   \-/--+----|---+--\
          |   Hoop         |        | M|
           \  Hop     /-\  |        \--+
            \        /  |--/           |
             \------/   |              \---\
                        |                X |
    06: Nebula Islands
                           /---\ Small
                           |C W| Turtle                               /---\
                           \-#-/ Fort                    /----------\ |  C|
                            | |                          |          | \---/
                          /-/ \-\    /---\               |  First   |  ~ ~
                         /Turtle \--/     \              |  Turtle  | /-$-\
                        |  Stage           ---- Boat ----   Fight   | |~ ~|
                       /    M B  /--\     /              |          | \-$-/
                      /   /-----/    \---/               \------ ---/  ~ ~
                /--+-/   /--/-\                                 |
               / ~ $~  ~ $ ~ C|                                 |
              / ~ /+-----+--\-/                             Logs and
             / ~ /                                           Boards
             |  |   /--\      /------\                          |
             |  |   |   ------  Snail|                          |
             |  |   |  |      |Island|                      /--- --\
             |  |   |  |      \------/     /---\           /       |
             |  \---/  \-----\             |   |          /    /- -/
             \               |             |   \-----\   /    /  |
              \-----\ /---\  |             |          ---    /   |
                     |    | D|             \-\ /------/  \--/  Zhongs
                    Lily  \--/               | |                 |
               /--\ pads                   /-/ \-\            /-- --\
               |  |  |                    /       \           |     |
                \ \-- --\                |         |          | C   |
                /        \                \   X   /           \-----/
               /  Nodal   \                \-----/           Mushrooms
              |   Point    |                                  /-\
               \          /                                   \-/
               /         /
    07: Marshland
                          Turtle Fort     Island                 /--> Boat race
                        /------------\    /---\                  |            |
                        |   /----\   |    | D  ------------\   /-#------\     |
                        | ~ |    |  ~|    \- -/            |   |~   ~   # <---/
                        |    \##/    |      |              |   |  ~   ~ |
                        |  ~ |  | ~  |      |              |   |   -----\
                        |   /    \   |      |    /----\    |   |Ferryman|
                        | ~/      \ ~|      |    | W   ----/   \--- ----/
                        | |        | |      |    \----/            |
                        | ~\      /  |      |  Swamps       ~   ~  | ~
                        |   \    / ~ |      |    of       /--------/
                        | ~  |  |    |      |  Death      | ~   ~    ~
                        |   ~\--/  ~ |      |           /- -\
                        | ~     ~    |      \-----------  @ |Froghead
                        \----/~ /----/                  \- -/
                            /  /    /-----\             ~ |
       /-------\           / ~/     | M    --\            | ~
       |       |----\       |       |     |  |          ~ |
       |            |       |       \ ----/  |            | ~
       \-\   /-/-\  |     ~ | ~    ~ | ~     |          ~ |
         | ~ |   |  \-- ~  Whirl ~   | ~     | ~    ~  /-- ---\
         |~ ~|   |     --- Pools ----+       \---------  Mayor|
       /-/   \-\ \----- ~    ~    ~  | ~          ~    |  Gu  |
       |   B   |           ~   ~     |     ~   ~  /----+--##--+----\
       | \---/ |                  ~  |  ~/------\ |       *        |
       |       |                     \---       | |      Frog      |
       | /---\ |                  ~     ~|      | |      City      |
       | |~ ~| |  Croc               ~   |  X   | |                |
       |/  ~  \|  Temple                ~\------/ |                |
       |~ /-\ ~|                           ~     ~
       | ~|@|~ |
    08: Frog City
     | Gu|                                                             E
     \- -/                                                        /------\
      | |                                                        /        \
     /- --\ ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~ /-/  First   \
     |X  *     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~         Pontoon  |
     \----/ ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~ \-\  Fight   /
                                 ~                               \        /E
                              ~     ~                             \------/
                                 ~                  /-#-\
                              ~     ~          Holy |   |
                                 ~            Shrine| E |
                              ~     ~               |   |
                 Rice            ~                  \-#-/
                 Storehouse   ~  /--------------------/
                /-----+-----\   /~
                |           #--/    ~
                |     |     |    ~    /--/-----\
              /-\--#--+-----/ ~     ~ |  #     |    House of
             /             |     ~    |  |     |    the Chen
     House  /--#-\    /----/  ~     ~ |  \---+ +---\ Clan
     of the |    |   /     ~     ~    \      |     |
     Wu Clan|    |   |  ~     ~     ~  \-\   |E    #----+----
        /---+-- -+   |     ~ /---\     ~ |   |     |   ~ \   ~     ~
        |E  |    |   |  ~   /  B  \ /-\  |   \-----/~     \     ~     ~ /------\
        |        |    \    ~\     / |B|~ |   |  ~      ~   #---\   ~   /        \
        \---+----/     \~    \---/  \-/ /    /-----\~     /     \   /-/  Second  \
            \ /-----\   \  ~     ~     /     |     |   ~  \    E/ ~      Pontoon  |
             / E     \   |    ~     ~ /  /---+     |~      \---/    \-\  Fight   /
      House |         |  | ~     ~    |  |     +---/   ~  Dr Man  ~    \        /E
     of Prof \       #   |    ~     ~ |  #     |House     Chu Fu      ~ \------/
      Ping    \-----/----/ ~     ~    \--\-----/of the
                                              Pong Clan
    09: Turtle Fort
                      Armorchamber  /------------\
                      /----------\  |         C  |
                      |          |  |    B       |
                      \----\ /---/  |            |
                           | |      |  Sports    |
                     /-----/ \------/   Arena    |
                     |                           |
                     |  /---\    |----------+----/
                     |  |    \   #          |
                     |  |     \--+--\ Turtle|
                     |  | /-----\   |  Nest |
                     |  | |     |   |   B   |
                     |  \-/     |   \-------/
                     |    Kitchen---------------------------\
                     |  /-\-----/                           |
                     |  |                                   |
                   /-/  \-\   /----------\            /----/ \------\
           /-------|      |---|          |---\        |             |
           |*@ X                Elevator      \       |   /------\  |
           \-------|      |---|          |-\  |       |   |      |  \------\
                   \-\  /-/   \----------/ |  |       |   |      | Under   |
                     |  |                /-/  \---\   \---+      @ Elevator|
                 /---|  |-----\          |Weapon K|       \------/---------/
                 |   |  |     |          |Chamber |
          /----+-|-\ |  \--   |          \--------/
          |    |   | \    ----/
          |   F|   |  \----
          |    +-@-+
          | Prison |
    10: Crocodile Temple
                              |    C    |
                              |  Water  |
              Northern        |Lily Pond|
             Water Cycle      \---+@--+-/
                                  |  1|
                             |                  |
                    /--------+   /---@------\   +--------\
                    |        |   |          |   |Training|
                /---/ Boxes  |   |Repository|   |  Room  |
                | K   Room  1#   | (Secret  |   #2    C  |
                \---\        |   |   Room)  |   |        |
                    |        |   |          |   |        |
                    \--------+   \----------/   +--------/
                             |                  |
                             \-------\ + /------/
                                     | | |
                                     | | |
                /------------+-------/ + \-----\ #1- Doors open prior to pressing
             ---|Entrance    |         B       |  the switch in the pump room
        * <--- X  Hall F B K @     Pump Room   |
             ---|            | D               | #2- Doors open after pressing
                \------------+-----^-\ + /-----/  the switch in the pump room
                             /-----|-+ | |
                       /---->       C| | |
                       |     +-------/ + \------\
                       |     |                  |    Southern
                       |     |   /----------\   |   Water Cycle
                       |     |   |          |   |
                       |     |   |          |   +--+--------\
               /----------+--+   |          |   #1 |  Mud   |
               |Wildwater @ 2#   |          |   |     Vapor |
          /----+ Room     +--+   |          |   +--+  Bath  |
          |               |  |   \----------/   |  |        |
          |  /-+----------/  |                  |  \--------/
          |  \----\    |     \-----------+--#--+/
          |        ----/                 |  2  |
          \-------/ Upper level          |     |Interrogation
                    path back to         |     |Room
                    pump room            |K    |
    11: Lone Swamp
                     /       \
                    |         |            To
            X-----#-|         |-#------> * Dragon
                    |         |            Swamp
                     \       /
    12: Forsaken City I
                                                 |  Palace             |      To
                                                 | Stairway      K B B @* -> King's
                                                 |                     |     Palace
                                           | Northern   A |
                                           |   Town       |
                                           |    /------   |
                                           |    |         |
                                           |    |      O  |
                                           |    \----\-|--/
                                           |         | |
                                           \-----\   | |           /---\Storage
                                                 | ^ | \------------>  | Room
                                                 \-|-/             |   \--\
                                                   |               |      |
                                                   |               |   /--/
                                        /----------|-\    /-----\  | C |
                                        | Old      O |    |~ ~ ~|  \---/
                                        | Pottery    +----+ ~ ~ |
                                     /--+----#-------+    |Dry  |
                                     |               #   M|Dock |
                        /--\         |               |    \ ~ ~ /
                        |C |         |      B        |     ~ ~ ~
                        |  |    /----+               |    / ~ ~ \
                        |  \----+    #               +----+-+---/
                        | B     @  /-+   Main        #  B   |
                        \-------+  | |     Square    |Prison|
                     /--------\ |  | |               |------/
               /---\ |        | |  | |               |
    /-----\  /-+ A +-+  Back  +-/  | +- -+-----------+
    |  X  |  |       #  Yard  #    | |   #  K K W    |
    \-\ /-+  | /-----+        +----/ \---+ Avalanche |
      | # |  | |     |        |          \-----------/
      | \-+--/ |     \--------/
      |        |
      \-+ B +--/
    13: King's Palace
                      To Ancient   /---------\
                       Dungeons <- *         |
                                   |    B    |
                                   \---\ /---/
                                       | |
                                   /---/ \---\
                                   |  Boss   |
                                   |  fight  |
                                   \---\ /---/
                                       | |
           /----------------\    /-----/ \-----\    /----------------\
           |   |  ~  |      |    |             |    |      |     |   |
           |C  @  ~  |   K  |    |   Central   |    |  K   |     @  C|
           |   |  ~  |      +----|     room    |----+      |     |   |
           |---/  ~  \---#--| B  |   K     K   |  B |--#---/     \---|
           |      ~         |    |      M      |    |                |
           |    West        @    #             #    @      East      |
           |     Area       |    \-------------/    |       Area     |
           |      ~         |                       |                |
           |      ~         |        Central        |                |
           |      ~         |-----    Area     -----|                |
           |--+-------#-----|                       |-----#-------+--|
           |C | K           | ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ |             | C|
           |  @             |~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~|     K       @ W|
           \----------------|                       |----------------/
                            |          X            |
                            |          D            |
    14: Ancient Dungeons
                                            /------------\       /--------\
                                         /--| Crypt of   |       |Killing |
                                         |C # the King's #-------  Floor   ------\
                                         \--|   Guards   |       \--------/      |
                                            \------------/                       |
                                                                  /------------\ |
                                  /-----\                  /------ Light in the -/
                                  |  W  |          /----\  |      |  Darkness  |
                                  \-\@/-/          |The |  |      \------------/
                                    |@|         /--#Void#--+
                                    |@|         |  |    |  |
                                /---/ \---\     |  \----/  |
           /------------\       |         |     |          |
           |            |       |  /---\  |   /- --\       |      /----------\
           |       /---- ---\   |  | * |  |  /      \      |      |          |
           |       |Thousand|   |  | O |  |  |Abyss |      |      |  Riddle  |
           |       |Spikes   ---   \-@-/   --  of   |      |      |    of    |
           |       |   K    |   |   K     |  |Blades|      \------ J   the  C|
        /--#--\    \---- ---/   |    X    |  \      /             |  Ancient |
       /       \        |       \---------/   \----/              |   Kings  |
      /  Ring   \       |        /-------\                        |          |
      |B  of   B|  /----#---\    |       |                        \----------/
      |  Champs |  | Spider #----/       |
      \         /  | Pits B |            |  /-----\
       \O      /   \--------/            |  |Web  |
        |--#--/                          \--#Works|
        |  |                                | J C |
        |  |     /---------------\          \-----/
        |  |     |BBQ            |
        |  \----- Pits|--|K    |C|
        |        |             |B|
    /--- ----\   \--+-#-+----^-+-/
    |Heaven's|      |  O|    |
    | Stair  |      \--|/    |
    \--------/         |     |
    15: Forsaken City II
                                                 |  Palace             |
                                                 | Stairway        B B |
                                                 |                     |
                                           | Northern   A |
                                           |   Town       |
                                           |    /------   |
                                           |    |         |
                                           |    |      O  |
                                           |    \----\-|--/
                                           |         | |
                                           \-----\   | |           /---\Storage
                                                 | ^ | \------------>  | Room
                                                 \-|-/             |   \--\
                                                   |               |      |
                                                   |               |   /--/
                                        /----------|-\    /-----\  | C |
                                        | Old      O |    |~ ~ ~|  \---/
                                        | Pottery    +----+ ~ ~ +---\
                             From    /--+----#-------+    |Dry  |   |
                             City---># X             #   M|Dock |   |
                        /--\ Race    |               |    \ ~ ~ /   |
                        |C |         |      B        |     ~ ~ ~    |
                        |  |    /----+               |    / ~ ~ \   +---\
                        |  \----+    #               +----+-+---+   @   |
                        | B     #  /-+   Main        #  B   |   | B +-#-+-\
                        \-------+  | |     Square    |Prison|   |   |     |
                     /--------\ |  | |               |------/   | K |     |Suburbs
               /---\ |        | |  | |               |          \---+  C  |
    /-----\  /-+ A +-+  Back  +-/  | +- -+-----------+              \-----/
    |     |  |       #  Yard  #    | |   #        *  |
    \-\ /-+  | /-----+        +----/ \---+ Avalanche |
      | # |  | |     |        |          \-----------/
      | \-+--/ |     \--------/
      |        |
      \-+ B +--/
    16: Beach
                        Basalt Grottos          /---------- ~    ~     ~
                      /------\   /------\      /            ~ ~     ~
          To the      | ~   ~|   | ~   ~|     / D           ~    ~     ~
          Harbour * <-#   ~   ---    ~   -----              ~ ~  /---\
                      | ~   ~|   | ~   ~|     |             ~    |   | ~
                      \------/   \------/     | Clandestine ~ ~  \---/
                              /---\           /   Beach     ~    ~     ~
                              |   %+----------              ~ ~     ~
                              \---/|          \             ~    ~     ~
                                   |           \----------- ~ ~     ~
                                   |         /---\   /---\
                                 /- -\       | M |   |   |
                                 | B |       \- -/   \- -/
                                 \- -/        | |     | |
                                   #    /------%-------%--- ~    ~     ~
                                   |   /                    ~ ~     ~
                          /---\    \---       Second        ~    /---\ ~
                      /---    |        |      beach         ~ ~  |   |
                      |   \- -/        |      area          ~    \---/ ~
                      %     |   /---\  |   /--------------- ~ ~     ~
                      |     \---     --%  /
                /----- ----\    \---/  |  |
              /-|  Cave    |           |  \
              |    fight   |           |   \--------------- ~    ~     ~
              \-|          |        /--%      First         ~ ~ /---\
                \----- ----/        |  |      beach       X ~   |   |  ~
                      %             |  \      area          ~ ~ \---/
                      |      /---\  |   \--%--------------- ~    ~     ~
                      \------  B  --/     | |
                             \---/        \-/
    17: Harbour
                                                     /----\  /---------\
                                        /---\        | K  |  | Throne  |
                                        |   |     /--# B  @--#  Room   |
                                        \- -/     |  |    |  |         |
                                          |       |  \----/  \---------/
                                  /---- --\
            To           /---\  /-|       |
           Loading * <---     --   Smithy |
            Lamp         \---/  \-|       |
                                  \---- --/
                         /-------\     |
                  /------  |     |     |
                  |      |  Depot -> Elevator
                  |  /---  |     |
                  |  |   \-------/
                  |  B
                  |  |
               /-- -- --\=====================
               |        | ~     ~     ~     ~
               |  Dock  |    ~     ~     ~
               \        ---\    ~     ~     ~
                \------/  ~ \      ~     ~
                     //~     \  ~     ~     ~
                    //    ~  /\    ~     ~
                   // ~ /---/  \ /    ~     ~
                  //   M   / ~  B  ~     ~
                 // ~   ~ X    / \    ~     ~
                      ~      ~     ~     ~
    18: Volcano
     O---------------------O                                 To
     | PART 1: VULCANOSIDE |                                 Hell's  *
     O---------------------O                                 Gate    ^
                                                                  ~  |  ~
                                                               ~  /--@---\ ~
                                                                 /        \
                                                               ~ |  K B   |~
                                                                 \        /
                                                               ~  \---  -/ ~
                                                                  ~   \  \
                                                                     ~ \  \~
                                                        ~   ~           \  \  ~
                                                     ~ /-----\ ~     ~  /  /
                                                       |C    |         /  /   ~
     /---\                                 /---\     ~ |Bears| ~     ~/  / ~
     |   |                                 |   |       \-- --/    ~  / D/
     \-#-/                     /---\       |   |     ~    |    ~    /  /   ~
       |                       | M |       |---|      C ~ | ~     ~/  / ~
    X--+                       \-#-/ ~   ~ |~ ~|     ~|   |    ~  /  /
       |  /----\      /----\     | ~   ~/--/ ~ \---\  | ~ | ~    /  /   ~
       \--     |      |     -----+------        #   --+---+---+----/ ~
          |    |      |    |         ~  \---\  /---/ ~Blaze ~ |   ~
          \-- -/      \- --/       ~   ~    |  |      Valley  |~
             |          |               /---/  /            ~ C   ~
             | /------\ |               \-----/                ~
             \-  Bat   -/                Volcanic
               |Cavern|                  Eruption
     O---------------------O               /--------\   /---------\
     | PART 2: HELL'S GATE |               |  K     |   | Last    |
     O---------------------O         /-----  Field  @---  line of # *
                                     |     |of lava |   | defence |
                                 /---@---\ \--------/   \---------/
                                 |   K   |
                                 | Ammo  |
                                 | Depot |
                                 \--- ---/
                                 /      K\
                                 \   B   /
                                  \-- --/
                        /------\     |
                        |       -> Lava
                        |   /--/   Chase
                        |   |
                        |   \--\
                        |      |
                        |   /--/
                        |   |
                        | X |
    19: Showdown with Shun
                 / \
                | M \/----------\        /-------------------------\
                 \               \       |                         |
                  \     /----\    \   /--/                         |
                  |    /      \    |--|                            |
                  |X   |   *  |    #  #            Shun            |
                  |    \      /    |--|                            |
                   \    \----/    /   \--\                         |
                    \            /       |                         |
                     \----------/        \-------------------------/
    |                           ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:                     [FAQ] |
    |                          FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                         |
    Q: I don't want to play on normal difficulty. How do I change difficulty in
    A: Difficulty cannot be changed in-game. To play on a difficulty other than
    normal you have to change the difficulty in the "Game options" menu on the
    title screen, before selecting New Game.
    Q: Can I use your guide for the Nintendo DS Version of the game?
    A: Unfortunately not, the Nintendo DS version of the game is completely
    different. The Wii U version of Legend of Kay Anniversary however, is the same
    as the PlayStation/ Xbox versions, and so this guide could be used for Wii U
    Q: Do I need a game manual?
    A: No, between the tutorials in the game and the "Basics" section of this
    guide, all of your questions should be answered!
    Q: I lost the first fight against Boarax in Cat Village; how will the game be
    different for me?
    A: A difference between games in which Boarax is beaten in Cat Village and
    games in which he is not has never been found. The fact that you don't lose a
    life when you lose all of your health against Boarax is testament to the fact
    that nothing happens, win or lose. In fact, even if you lose against Boarax,
    Tor Chi will still identify you as the guy that "took out" the boar. You still
    get the key to the clay jug store if you lose too.
    Q: I can't beat the minimum time in a race.
    A: Try playing on a harder difficulty. In nightmare for example, the
    checkpoints (barriers) that you have to knock down are smaller, but there are
    far more chillies. This means that the races are harder, but there is the
    potential for a really fast time. Not all minimum times can be beaten on normal
    Q: What items should I carry with me?
    A: There are a few safe bets that will always be useful and should be a staple
    part of your inventory; namely health potions, magic potions, and berserk
    potions. The remaining space can be allocated to items which suit your
    particular play style, or which would be useful in the current situation. For
    1   Health                     Magic
    2   Magic                      Berserk
    3   Berserk                    Berserk
    4   Health/Magic/Berserk       Magic/Berserk
    5   Demon/Hornets/Bomb         Magic/Berserk/Hornets
    1   Health                     Magic
    2   Health                     Magic
    3   Magic                      Berserk
    4   Magic/Berserk/Hornets      Berserk
    5   Magic/Berserk/Bomb         Demon/Berserk/Hornets/Bomb
    Q: How can I earn a lot of coins?
    A: Choose armour over health potions in the shop to save money, as armour is
    more efficient with its damage reducing ability. Also, consider investing in a
    demon potion, as the demon realm is full of treasure. Break every pot, complete
    every optional quest and kill every enemy, and money will never be an issue.
    Q: How do I unlock the special weapons?
    A: You need a very high score (around 38 million points)! See the extras and
    unlockables section of the guide for more detailed information.
    Q: How many points do I need to unlock all of the extras?
    A: Somewhere in the region of 60-70 million points are needed, which
    constitutes a near-perfect run on hard difficulty. Some versions of the game
    may be bugged, which could make unlocking all of the extras impossible. See the
    extras and unlockables section of the guide for further discussion.
    Q: The game is quite easy. How can I make it more exciting?
    A: Play on nightmare difficulty, try a speedrun or consider setting yourself a
    challenge. See the challenge playthrough section of the guide for more specific
    information on how these games might be set up.
    Q: I have a better battle strategy than you/ I know how to unlock the extras
    etc. Will you put me in your guide?
    A: Yes! E-mail me the information that you have. If the advice you have given
    is sound, it will be included in the next update. I especially welcome any new
    information on how extras are unlocked. All contributors to the guide will be
    credited within the guide and in the thanks section.
    |                            FOR ADVANCED PLAYERS:                      [OVR] |
    |                                  OVERKILL                                   |
    Overkill is a useful concept that I stumbled across by accident after too many
    years playing the game. Looking through various online sources and other
    walkthrough/FAQs, I have not seen it ever mentioned by anyone else; indeed, it
    is not ever mentioned in the game or manual. Overkill makes combat against
    multiple foes much more straightforward, allows you to kill faster to preserve
    score multiplier, and makes playing on nightmare difficulty much more
    manageable. Really exploiting overkill is one key aspect of playing Legend of
    Kay like a pro, so I felt it deserved to be discussed in its own section.
    What is overkill?
    Overkill is based on the principle that hitting enemies multiple times after
    they have been killed increases you combo by +1 for every hit that you land.
    When Kay lands a death blow against an enemy, coins scatter everywhere, and the
    enemy can no longer attack- he has been killed. However, most enemies fall to
    the ground slowly, or collapse backwards, and so are still moving for a second
    or two before they lay on the ground, still. During this short window of
    opportunity while the enemy is moving, overkill is active. Every time the enemy
    is hit during this period, Kay gains +1 combo. Continuing to attack enemies as
    they fall to the ground allows you to boost your combo by +3 or +4 for every
    enemy that is killed, instead of the usual +1.
    How can I best use overkill?
    Overkill can be used on any enemy that falls to the ground when it dies i.e.
    all rats, gorillas, turtles, spiders, crabs and crocodiles. It cannot be used
    on demons, bugs or terracotta warriors as these enemies disappear when they are
    killed. When an opponent is sweating, consider hitting them with a triple
    strike so that if they are killed by the first blow, a few extra hits can be
    landed before they fall to the ground. The claws make this much easier as they
    have a short recovery time between attacks. Somersaults, uppercuts and the
    hammer all make overkilling more challenging. You should continue attacking
    until the enemy is completely still on the ground. When surrounded by enemies,
    or when bomb rats are nearby, it may not always be advisable to continue to hit
    an opponent for longer than is necessary, but IN THE VAST MAJORITY OF CASES,
    achieve +3 combo on most enemies when using the sword.
    Which enemies have long overkill periods?
    Fortunately, some of the toughest opponents in the game provide you with the
    longest windows of opportunity for boosting combo with overkill. Most notably,
    the crocodiles have an overkill period of several seconds, as do some gorillas.
    This is incredibly useful on tougher difficulties when fighting multiple
    enemies at once later in the game. The fight between the marshlands and the
    crocodile temple springs to mind here- when facing half a dozen crocs at once
    in a relatively small area, being able to easily quadruple your combo could
    mean the difference between losing a life, and finishing the fight with your
    armour still intact.
    Seriously, the effectiveness of overkill cannot be overstated- use it, and use
    it often!
    |                            FOR ADVANCED PLAYERS:                      [SCR] |
    |                            MAXIMISING SCORE GAIN                            |
    If you have played Legend of Kay for a while, you may have already realised
    that there are many aspects of your gameplay which come together to determine
    whether or not you will achieve a really high score in a given area. These are:
         1. Game difficulty setting
         2. Utilising big crystals
         3. Maintaining score multiplier
         4. Finding demon portals
         5. Keeping your bank balance low
         6. Luck
         7. Maintaining full health
    Let us consider each of these factors in turn.
    1. Game difficulty setting
    Selection of difficulty before starting a new game determines how much of a
    score boost you will get for collecting 5 crystals of the same colour in quick
    succession. The harder the game difficulty, the higher and faster the score
    multiplier increases. However, this must be balanced against your ability to
    maintain a high score multiplier through long and difficult battles. On
    nightmare difficulty, enemies will take so long to defeat that it may be very
    challenging to keep a multiplier up. It should be noted that all of the bonus
    weapons can be unlocked by a very good run on hard difficulty. The score
    multipliers for the various difficulties are as follows:
    Easy        1 - 2 -  3 -  4 -  5 -  7 - 10 -  15 -  20 -  25 -  35
    Normal      1 - 2 -  5 -  7 - 10 - 15 - 20 -  25 -  50 -  75 - 150 - 200
    Hard        1 - 2 -  5 - 10 - 20 - 30 - 40 -  50 - 100 - 150 - 200 - 250
    Nightmare   1 - 5 - 10 - 15 - 25 - 50 - 75 - 125 - 175 - 250 - 500
    As you can see, from around the fifth column of the above diagram, the score
    differences are huge, and playing on a higher difficulty could easily double
    your score during areas of the game through which you have a reasonable score
    multiplier. For your first high scoring playthrough, I recommend using hard
    difficulty, but if you can maintain a multiplier when playing on nightmare,
    even higher scores will be possible...
    2. Utilising big crystals
    In the main body of the walkthrough, I have described what I think are the
    simplest and best colours to choose for each of the big crystals in the game.
    Knocking out the crystals should be the first thing you do before a fight, and
    before opening green chests, as they will provide the score multiplier
    necessary to increase the value of coins you earn.
    In areas where there is some degree of "backtracking" through the level, the
    best time to break big crystals may be on your way back towards the entrance.
    For example, I leave the demon portals in the King's Palace and the Crocodile
    Temple until the end of these areas, and so you may choose to leave the big
    crystals in the courtyard or the pump room until this time, to give a better
    score boost in the demon realm.
    If you are playing for a high score and know the game pretty well, then the Big
    Crystal Quick Reference Guide might be useful.
    3. Maintaining score multiplier
    Building score multiplier through a combination of difficulty selection and big
    crystals is vital, but the multiplier must be maintained for the duration of
    Kay's point scoring actions. The most difficult part of achieving a really high
    score is the fighting strategy that must be mastered to allow for a steady cash
    flow that prevents score multiplier from dropping. The strategy can be
    summarised as follows:
         1. Get a weak enemy on low health
         2. Target and kill other enemies until your multiplier is about to drop
         3. Refresh multiplier with coins or crystals lying on the ground, or by
            killing the weak enemy
         4. Repeat until all enemies are defeated
    This method is best demonstrated through examples:
    Example 1: Meridional forest, rat camp battle, third phase (2 rats, one axe
    Let's assume we have a good multiplier active and there are no more coins or
    crystals on the ground after dealing with the preceding two phases of the
    battle. The third phase of the fight involves two rats and an axe gorilla. It
    would be straightforward (and indeed sensible) to deal with the rats first,
    build combo, and then turn our attention to the gorilla, but this method risks
    us losing multiplier before we have time to kill the gorilla. The normal
    strategy must be changed to better suit a high score gain.
    The first action to take is to reduce one of the rats' health to as close to 0
    as possible, without killing him. Killing the rats early in the battle is a
    waste since out multiplier is not about to drop. When the rat is sweating, we
    should turn our attention to the gorilla, hacking away as quickly as we can.
    It is unlikely that we will be able to kill the gorilla before the multiplier
    falls back to x1. When we have only a few seconds to spare, we should kill (and
    overkill) the weakened rat and collect one coin to restore a healthy
    multiplier. The remaining coins should only be picked up when they are about to
    disappear (lost coins are lost points) or when the multiplier is about to drop.
    Now there are no enemies on low health, and so we should attack the one
    remaining rat until he too is sweating. We can now turn our attention back to
    the gorilla again, and we have the benefit of a lot more time and one less rat
    to worry about. The other rat should be left alive until the gorilla is dead or
    until we are about to lose multiplier with no coins left on the ground.
    The first priority in many larger fights is to reduce the health of a few
    enemies so that they can be easily killed when we need a quick injection of
    points. Other enemies which will take longer to kill should then be targeted,
    until the multiplier is about to run out.
    The decision over how many enemies should be left on low health is a difficult
    one. Leaving many enemies alive makes maintaining multiplier easy, but also
    makes you more likely to lose a lot of health. It could also be argued that
    leaving many enemies alive makes you more likely to get boxed in or knocked
    onto your back, which would make collecting coins at the last moment very
    difficult. Experienced players can probably get away with only leaving one
    enemy on low health, which optimises score gain without making the battle too
    Example 2: Harbour, depot (masked hammer gorilla, armoured hammer gorilla, 2
    armoured axe gorillas, 4 bomb rats)
    Firstly, I would recommend never leaving bomb rats alive with only a little
    health, unless you have no alternative, particularly if you are planning to use
    the hammer to fight. They can interrupt all of your actions with explosions,
    and it is easy to lose multiplier in the final seconds because you have been
    knocked onto your back.
    There is a ring of crystals on the floor, and you should already have a strong
    multiplier active from breaking an earlier big crystal. It is always sensible
    to collect only as many crystals as will actually increase you multiplier. So,
    if you are starting a fight with no crystals collected, and there are 17
    crystals on the floor, you should only pick up 15 of them. The remaining two
    will not increase the value of coins, and so can be left, and picked up to
    restore score multiplier when it is about to run out. In difficult battles
    (such as in the frog city, or towards the end of the game), leaving 2-3
    crystals can be the difference between keeping multiplier and losing it.
    After boosting your multiplier with crystals, take out the rats. This will
    allow you to build combo and scatter some coins around the battlefield which
    you can use later. Remember to collect coins if they are about to disappear,
    even if you don't need them for your multiplier- you're only losing points by
    leaving them.
    Once all the rats are down, turn your attention to an armoured gorilla and
    bring him down to low health- avoid killing him. Then attack the masked gorilla
    until your multiplier is almost lost. With a few seconds to spare, finish off
    the weaker gorilla and use his coins to restore multiplier (leave a few coins
    for later of course). Continue to alternate between the most armoured gorillas
    and the ones with lowest health until the battle is over. The hammer roll
    attack is useful for reducing the health of multiple enemies at once.
    I hope these examples have given a good sense of the methods for maintaining
    score multiplier through long battles. Essentially, having one enemy on low
    health at all times is the best way of ensuring coins will be available when
    you need them!
    4. Finding demon portals
    As much as half of your total score may come from visiting the demon realm and
    so it is absolutely essential to find the 8 demon portals in the game if you
    are aiming for a high score. The demon portal section of the guide shows the
    locations of the portals, and the walkthrough gives details on the enemies and
    treasure that can be found in each of them.
    To give the best chance of maintaining score multiplier, claws should be your
    weapon of choice, as the demons are capable of dodging attacks. The roll around
    technique should be utilised frequently to get around shields, but bear in mind
    that the demons cannot be thrown, and that normal rolling attacks will cause
    the shields to jam you in a crouched position. If you are attempting a near-
    maximum-score playthrough, then a berserk potion should be used for every
    portal (except the first), to ensure that score multiplier is maintained. If a
    high multiplier is lost in the demon realm, this may cost you between 500,000
    and 5,000,000 points. You may wish to reload your most recent saved game and
    attempt to clear the portal again.
    5. Keeping your bank balance low
    To prevent you from having too much money too early in the game, the loot
    available in pots will be dramatically reduced if you are carrying more than a
    set amount of coins. For example, if you are carrying more than around 7500
    coins in the Nebula Islands on normal difficulty, then the most treasure you
    will find in a pot is a single copper coin!
    Obviously, this will have a massive impact on your score, and so you should be
    keen to spend plenty of cash with the merchant at the early stages of the game.
    Don't be shy to make full use of berserk potions early, even though the combat
    is easy- at least you'll have something worthwhile to spend your money on. If
    you still find yourself carrying too much cash, it may be best to simply buy
    health potions and then throw them away. The threshold above which treasure in
    pots is reduced increases as you progress further through the game.
    6. Luck
    Getting a really high score is all about skill, but getting a really *really*
    high score has an element of luck attached. I reckon that the proportion of
    your final score that is dependent on luck is somewhere in the region of 2-3%,
    which might not seem like much, but for an excellent run on hard difficulty
    this could make a difference of perhaps +/- 2 million points.
    Luck factors into which pots have coins in them, and which pots are empty. This
    can be very frustrating, as one run through a level could yield cash in the
    majority of pots, while an identical run on a different day could yield cash in
    only half of the pots. As a result, 100 identical runs through a level will
    result in 100 different scores, which makes finding a maximum score on a level
    impossible, and may result in fairly significant variations between scores of
    similarly skilled players. Finding many pots in a row that are all empty may
    result in you losing multiplier, which could prompt you to reload from your
    last save if you are aiming for a really huge score.
    Luck also determines how many small crystals are released when a big crystal is
    broken, and this has caused me to reset many more times than empty pots. The
    variation in numbers of crystals released is somewhere in the range of +/- 2
    from an average value, and so this can easily mean missing out on getting a
    higher multiplier. In hard mode for example, not managing to gain 250x and
    having to settle for 150x instead would result in all subsequent treasure
    earning you 40% fewer points, which could severely impact on your overall
    7. Maintaining full health
    The loot found in pots in the game is based around supply and demand, and if
    you have been playing the game for a long period of time, you may have noticed
    this already. The lower your health is, the more likely you are to find a heart
    in a pot, and on full health you will not find any hearts at all- only coins.
    Since hearts do not refresh your score multiplier at all, you can understand
    how pots containing hearts instead of money could result in losing a high
    multiplier, especially in areas where there are only a few pots. Keeping your
    health as high as possible and using armour whenever you can is a good way of
    ensuring that you can maximise your chances of finding money in pots when you
    need it. When you are unarmoured, use somersault attacks to finish off enemies,
    to ensure that they drop as many hearts as possible. This will keep your health
    topped up and increase the chance of finding treasure in pots instead of
    |                            FOR ADVANCED PLAYERS:                      [PLA] |
    |                           HIGH SCORING PLAYTHROUGH                          |
    In this section I will share my high scores for hard and nightmare
    difficulties, and explain a strategy for each level that will enable you to
    match these scores. These may not necessarily be the perfect scoring strategies
    for every level, but they should come pretty close. Do feel free to get in
    contact if you know of a strategy that gives consistently higher scores than
    these! Please note that I have divided the scores from the swamps in the same
    way that the walkthrough is divided, so your scores may vary for these areas
    depending on when you visit the demon portal in the swamps of death etc. All
    scores are rounded down to the nearest 1000 points.
    I have tried to split each level into "runs". Each run starts with the first
    crystal that you collect and ends when you lose your multiplier, collect a
    different colour of crystal or end the level. Some runs are fairly basic e.g.
    at the first big fight in Frog City you collect the crystals that are around
    you, and your multiplier will run out before you get to the next area. I have
    summarised the more complex runs that span large areas or involve a lot of
    backtracking at the beginning of each section, where I describe them in more
    Remember to turn autosave OFF if you are aiming for a near-perfect score. You
    will have to reload from your last save if you lose multiplier at a key moment
    during a fight, or if you fall from a platform in the cloud forest, for
    example. I would recommend saving your game after every big run that you are
    happy with.
    01: Cat Village
    Hard score:       66,000
    Nightmare score: 129,000
    Big runs:
    1 Yellow:
      Yuan bao pillar
      -> Clay jug store
      -> Cat village houses
      -> Uncle Shen's house
      -> Base of cliff at Nong Bao's farm
    The map is small and the path is non-linear here, so it is easy to backtrack
    and clear much of the level in a single multiplier.
    Start by unlocking all areas and completing all challenges and sidequests, but
    do not open any green chests, break any pots or collect any crystals. Activate
    both cat statues, win the boar races and find all of Tang Mu's children. You
    may open the green chest and cage in the rat camp. When it is time for the
    second fight tutorial, you may start collecting coins.
    Clear the red crystals above Ou Bai's house first to allow you to come back for
    the chest here later with a higher yellow multiplier.
    The highest multiplier available in this level comes from the yellow crystals
    around the pillar with the Yuan Bao (cat statue optional quest). As much of the
    level as possible should be cleared with this multiplier.
    The only remaining crystals can be found at the zipline above the master's
    house. Collecting these crystals with combo +1 active will allow you to combo
    back up to the top ledge and get the green chest on the cliffside with a high
    02: Mystic Forest
    Hard score:      2,062,000
    Nightmare score: 4,119,000
    Big runs:
    1 Red:
      Zhongs at merchant
      -> Cage before boar race
      -> Demon portal
    2 Yellow:
      Rolling log area
      -> Rat camp
      -> Swing poles
      -> Final area with bear
    Pick up a demon potion from the shop and then proceed to the cage before the
    boar race area without collecting any coins on the way. This will start a red
    multiplier with the crystals surrounding the Zhongs over the river. Choose red
    for the big crystal here, then open the cage, kill the enemies and backtrack to
    the demon portal. Coming back for the demon portal allows you to clear the
    demon realm with a significantly higher multiplier, which nets you 1,250,000
    points more on hard mode than the conventional path through this area.
    Maintaining yellow multiplier through the rolling logs and rat camp is also
    very important in this level. The normal linear path can be followed as normal
    after the boar race.
    It might just be possible to open the green chest behind the locked gate in the
    last area with yellow multiplier still active, but it is not possible to do
    this consistently and so I do not recommend resetting for the sake of this
    03: Meridional Forest
    Hard score:      1,247,000
    Nightmare score: 2,408,000
    Big runs:
    1 Yellow:
      Big crystal at Rockfall Chasm
      -> Seven Pillars Clearing
      -> Fish River
    As with the Cat Village, this map has a focal central area that makes
    backtracking easy, and so all treasure in the Seven Pillars Clearing should be
    left until the very end of the level when all quests have been completed.
    Treasure in Rockfall Chasm and the Fish River between the cat statue and Seven
    Pillars Clearing should also be left.
    The highest multiplier available here is yellow from Rockfall Chasm. The big
    crystal here should be left, and not broken before the fight at hidden glade,
    and the small yellow crystals should also be avoided on your first pass through
    the area.
    When the level is cleared, my scoring run starts from the big crystal in
    Rockfall Chasm (choose yellow), back to Seven Pillars Clearing, where I collect
    all of the treasure here and claim my reward from the cat statue quest. I then
    proceed to the start of the Fish River where there are another few pots to
    Most of the points from this level will come from the run described above.
    Handling the rat camp well and opening the cage next to the dragon statue at
    the Fish River with a multiplier active also contribute a lot of points.
    04: Dragon Cave
    Hard score:      4,006,000
    Nightmare score: 7,718,000
    Big runs:
    1 Red:
      First room
      -> Dragon's Gut
      -> Cat statue in swimming area
      -> Dragon sword (final room)
    Complete all three Tor Chi encounters without collecting any coins or crystals.
    Make sure Tor Chi breaks the boxes during the first encounter to uncover Yuan
    Activate the first cat statue and collect the magic container and health potion
    from Dragon's Gut. Leave the crystals between the ladder in Dragon's Gut and
    the cat statue.
    Return to the start of the level.
    Choose red in the first room, then proceed through the whole level quickly,
    collecting everything as you go. Activate the cat statue in the swimming area
    on the way past, and ensure that you leave some crystals behind on the way to
    that cat statue, so that you can refresh your multiplier on the way back.
    Choose red for the big crystal at the third Tor Chi encounter.
    Do not use your demon potion yet- simply proceed through the rest of the level.
    You can make it from the entrance to the end of the level on a single
    multiplier. Now collect the Dragon sword.
    Finally, backtrack and enter the demon realm for even more points.
    05: Wild Boar Boarax
    Hard score:      307,000
    Nightmare score: 537,000
    There is no real secret to this area, and there are not a lot of points
    available. Don't fall in the cloud forest!
    06: Nebula Islands
    Hard score:      2,349,000
    Nightmare score: 5,309,000
    Big runs:
    1 Yellow:
      First islands
      -> Bridge (east)
      -> Zhongs to south
      -> Cat statue
      -> Mushrooms
    2 Red:
      Island with tents
      -> Boat across mud
      -> Turtle Fort
    Firstly, follow the red crystals off the side of the first main island and loop
    around using the Zhongs to the combo sealed extra life chest.
    Cross the bridge, collecting the yellow crystals and use the Zhongs to go south
    to the cat statue. Open the green chest in the mud by crossing the mushrooms,
    and break the pots underground next to the cat statue with yellow multiplier
    Move north to the first fight with the turtles, killing bugs on the way to
    increase combo and make the fight easier. Finish off the enemies and clear the
    whole island, including the cage, with red multiplier active, but leave the
    Zhongs and the blue crystals off to the east for the moment.
    Now quickly take the boat west towards the Turtle Fort. It is possible to
    choose red here and maintain red multiplier throughout the whole fight to allow
    you to gain a load of points in the fort. You may have to use a berserk potion,
    and you will have to be able to rapidly cross the mud in the boat.
    This run is very important in securing a high score for the level. You should
    not lose your multiplier between fighting the first group of rats and turtles
    and clearing the Turtle Fort.
    After the Turtle Fort is clear, return to the island with the tents and pick up
    the demon potion. Also collect the blue crystals and open the combo sealed
    chest if you have not already done so.
    Proceed to Snail Island using the normal route. Collect all of the crystals in
    this area so that you do not break multiplier with them later, but leave all of
    the treasure for now.
    Now clear the demon portal, choosing yellow, and then return to Snail Island to
    pick up all of the treasure.
    Finish the level by completing the fight at Nodal Point as normal.
    07: Marshland
    Hard score:      2,918,000
    Nightmare score: 9,018,000
    Proceed to the swamps of death as normal, but leave as much treasure and
    crystals behind as you can. Collect the shadowsword. On the way back, be sure
    to collect a few crystals prior to entering the demon realm, so that you can
    max out your multiplier with the crystals that you will find there. Failing to
    collect crystals prior to entering the demon portal will result in opening the
    final chest with 150x multiplier instead of 250x for example, which will have a
    huge impact on your score.
    When you return from the demon realm you should clear as much of the swamp as
    you can before your multiplier runs out.
    Visit the ferryman on your way back to Frog City.
    08: Frog City
    Hard score:       4,309,000
    Nightmare score: 10,636,000
    Big runs:
    1 Red:
      Save point on pontoons
      -> Pontoon fight
      -> Upper level
      -> Frog city houses
      -> House of the Pong clan
      -> House of the Chen clan
    As a general rule of thumb here, just don't open any pots unless you have a
    high multiplier active. When a multiplier is not active, you can focus on the
    frog eggs.
    From the fight with turtles and crocs on the pontoons in the centre of the
    city, you should have a red multiplier active. You should also remember to
    break the big crystal over next to the save point before the fight on the
    pontoon. Combo to the upper level of the city using the Zhongs, and make your
    way around the houses on the boardwalk with maximum multiplier. Leave every
    fourth crystal or so on the boardwalk to allow you to backtrack if needed- you
    will easily be able to max out your multiplier here.
    Most of the houses either contain crystals, or consist of a single room with
    pots at the bottom. Simply drop in, pick up the treasure, and leave again. Aim
    to come back for the frog eggs later. You should be able to clear the majority
    of the houses in the city in this single multiplier, as long as you are smart
    and leave some coins or crystals to refresh multiplier on the way back to the
    Be selective about which buildings to clear and what order to clear them-
    remember that leaving crystals on the boardwalk will allow your route around
    the city to be much more flexible and leaves a greater margin for error.
    Make sure you clear House of the Pong Clan with maximum multiplier. It is the
    biggest source of points here.
    Leave the rice storehouse and the House of the Chen Clan in your initial pass
    through the city, as you could easily lose multiplier here. Once all of the
    other buildings are clear, use House of the Chen Clan to access the big fight
    beyond the House of Man Chu Fu. Work your way back to the House of the Chen
    Clan using the multiplier you gain from that fight. You should leave all
    treasure on the way out unless you still have multiplier, so that you can
    collect it on the way back after the fight.
    You are likely to have to reset a few times here, not due to the difficulty of
    the area (fortunately, the toughest fights here don't have so many points
    attached to them), but because you will have to keep a single multiplier active
    for 5-10 minutes, which is very challenging. Mistakes will inevitably happen,
    but don't be disheartened- this is the highest scoring level you have met up to
    now. Save immediately after you are happy with how you handle the red
    The rest of the city, and the big fights with gorillas and crocs, can be
    completed as per the walkthrough. Once you have finished with your multipliers,
    collect any pots that may have been left and finish the main quest here.
    09: Turtle Fort
    Hard score:      3,663,000
    Nightmare score: 5,531,000
    Big runs:
    1 Yellow:
      Boxing ring
      -> Turtle nest
      -> Treasure room under elevator
      -> Weapon chamber
      -> Prison
    2 Red: (Marshland)
      Whirlpools in Marshland
      -> Unarmoured croc fight at Croc Temple
      -> Treasure around and behind Croc Temple
      -> Armoured crocs at extra life chest
    Clear the whole fort except the turtle nest (the dark room that opens after the
    fight in the boxing room). Kill all turtles, don't open any pots or chests, and
    collect small blue and red crystals only, as our main pass through this level
    will be with a yellow multiplier. Don't even enter the turtle nest, as Kay
    collects some crystals during a cutscene, and we are going to need every
    crystal that we can get here.
    Open all of the turtle amulet doors except the one that will allow you to leave
    the level. Opening these doors later can cost you a valuable few seconds.
    Return to the boxing ring and choose yellow. Then head to the turtle nest and
    choose yellow again. Clear the treasure from the whole fort with yellow
    multiplier. Your route around the fort can be flexible, but I tend to go from
    the turtle nest to the kitchen and the treasure room below the elevator, which
    clears one wing of the building. Then I cross the elevator to the weapon
    chamber, before returning to the central room again to take the stairs down
    into the prison. It is important to save some pots in the central room and
    kitchen to allow you to backtrack a few times.
    You may wish to repeat this level on a few different save files, as bad luck
    can result in reduced numbers of yellow crystals being released from big
    crystals. Use the save file that got you the highest multiplier, and head to
    the Croc Temple.
    On the way to the Croc Temple, don't lose red multiplier. It is advisable to
    use a berserk potion for the big croc fight outside the temple.
    Do not fight the heavily armoured crocs next to the combo sealed chest, as they
    take too long to kill, but do choose red at the big crystal here.
    Pass the armoured crocs to collect all of the treasure around the temple
    entrance. Don't forget the two green chests behind the entrance itself.
    Once you have all of the treasure, you can backtrack a little to kill the
    armoured crocs and open the red chest.
    10: Crocodile Temple
    Hard score:      3,940,000
    Nightmare score: 8,056,000
    Big runs:
    1 Red:
      Training room
      -> Wildwater room
    2 Blue:
      Corridor with arrows
      -> Pump room
      -> Demon portal
    Do not collect treasure in the pump room, and leave the big crystals in the
    pump room and the entrance hall with the pool until later.
    The first half of the croc temple is easy, as there are no long multipliers to
    deal with. Clear the rooms in the following order:
    Mud Vapor Baths- S cycle, east wall
    Boxes room- N cycle, west wall
    Water Lily Pond- N cycle, north wall
    Secret room (crocodile tear from ferryman) - N cycle
    The second half of the temple is much more challenging:
    Interrogation room- S cycle, south wall
    Training room- N cycle, east wall
    Start a red multiplier in the training room, then deal with the four crocs
    there. A berserk potion is recommended. Leave some treasure in that room until
    after you activate the cat statue, and then collect it as you leave.
    It is tricky, but not impossible, to make it all the way to the wildwater room
    on the west side of the southern watercycle without losing your multiplier. You
    will have to utilise pots in the watercycles and the pump room, and hope that
    they are not empty! You can then attempt the equally tricky job of maxing out
    your multiplier on the whirlpools before opening the chest next to the save
    You will lose multiplier while ascending the platforms with the explosive
    barrels. Don't forget to pick up the demon potion before starting a blue
    multiplier in the corridor with the three crocs and the arrows.
    Proceeding through this area returns you to the pump room, where you can choose
    blue at the big crystals and travel to the demon realm. Choosing blue in the
    demon realm will net you a really high score.
    This can be a frustrating level as you must rely on only a few pots to get you
    from the training room to the wildwater room. I have had to reset a few times
    due to losing a multiplier by opening empty pots.
    It would be a good idea to pick up a couple of berserk or magic potions on your
    way to the Froghead to make Forsaken City I easier.
    11: Lone Swamp
    Hard score:      1,000
    Nightmare score: 1,000
    There is no high scoring strategy for the lone swamp as there are no crystals.
    12: Forsaken City I
    Hard score:       7,202,000
    Nightmare score: 13,132,000
    This is the third highest scoring level in the game, but it is also one of the
    most challenging, as it includes two very long runs.
    Big runs:
    1 Red:
      Starting area
      -> Courtyard fight
      -> Main square
      -> Prison
    2 Blue:
      Palace stairway
      -> Store room
      -> Cage behind ancestor statue
      -> Gorilla fight on building
      -> Old Pottery
      -> Drydock
    Choose red at the first fight before killing the enemies. Leave pots until you
    are ready to proceed.
    The second fight is very tricky, and you should be prepared to use magic,
    berserk and hornets as much as is needed to maintain multiplier. It is perhaps
    better to leave several crystals on the floor and risk completing the fight
    with a slightly lower multiplier than to risk losing multiplier altogether by
    collecting all of the crystals.
    Choose red for the crystal in the main square and the prison, but leave all of
    the treasure in the main square until later.
    This first run should take you from the start of the level to the hideout of
    Avalanche without losing multiplier.
    Leave all of the treasure in the Northern Town and Old Pottery, but collect the
    yellow crystals on the ladder next to the gorillas throwing barrels. Don't kill
    the gorillas.
    Leave the blue crystals and rats on the way into the storage room. Reducing the
    health of the rats will make them faster to kill later. Activate the cat statue
    and kill the rats in the storage room itself, but leave all of the treasure.
    Be sure to save immediately before the fight on the palace stairway.
    Choose blue for both big crystals during the fight. Once all of the enemies
    have been dispatched, return to the storeroom, collecting most of the crystals
    and killing the rats on the way in, and picking up the final crystals on the
    way back out to refresh your multiplier.
    Then open the cage behind the tower with the ancestor's statue, and scale the
    ladder to kill the gorillas on the roof. This is one of the most challenging
    parts of this run, and you may have to reset a couple of times. A magic attack
    is strongly recommended, and you are likely to also need a berserk potion on
    nightmare difficulty, not because the enemies are tough, but because they have
    more health than you have time.
    Finally, make your way back to the merchant via Old Pottery and the main
    square, collecting all treasure on the way. You can also now open the green
    chest in the Drydock- even though it is covered with water, you can strike the
    chest with a jump attack with the claws during a dip between waves. Timing is
    key, but you will be rewarded with a lot of points. Despite the reward
    available in the Drydock, I would not recommend resetting for the sake of this
    chest- there will be an opportunity to pick this up again later, albeit with a
    lower multiplier. If you lose multiplier, leave this chest unopened.
    13: King's Palace
    Hard score:       6,852,000
    Nightmare score: 12,399,000
    Big runs:
    1 Blue:
      West big crystal in central area
      -> Central room
      -> Main room of west area
      -> South room of west area
    2 Yellow:
      East big crystal in central area
      -> Main room of east area
    3 Blue:
      Demon portal
      -> Central room
      -> End room with rats
    Leave the rats in the main central area to use for cash later whenever
    multipliers need to be refreshed. It may even be wise to reduce their health so
    that they are easy to kill if necessary.
    Choose blue for the crystal just west of the central room, and then clear the
    central room of enemies. Leave pots in the central room for later.
    Quickly move to the west area and enter the south room with your blue
    multiplier still active. Clear this room and then relax- you can let your
    multiplier run out. Visit the merchant if you need to resupply.
    Now clear the north room of the west area and then open the door to the cat
    statue in the west area. The west area should now be totally cleared.
    Choose yellow on the east side of the main central area, where you should still
    have left a rat. Then use this multiplier to clear the east area central room
    by collecting all of the crystals, then working your way back through the
    ruins, opening pots before finishing with the green chest on the pillar.
    Clear the rest of the east area. Multiplier is not important, so I usually
    start in the south to get the upgraded claws and then move to the north room.
    The cat statue room will be the last to be opened.
    Next, fight Shun's bodyguard and buy a demon potion. There should hopefully
    still be at least one rat alive in the central area and some pots left in the
    room with the merchant.
    Enter the demon potion with only x1 multiplier. Choose blue and avoid the
    yellow crystals in the centre of the main room. Clear the portal and make your
    way towards the end of the level, using the rat and the pots that we left
    earlier to keep a multiplier going. Choose blue in the final room and kill the
    rats to finish the level.
    14: Ancient Dungeons
    Hard score:       4,524,000
    Nightmare score: 10,380,000
    Big runs:
    1 Red:
      Entrance hall
      -> Tower of the Thousand Spikes
      -> Spiderpits
      -> Webworks
    2 Yellow:
      Tower of the Thousand Spikes
      -> Ring of Champions
      -> Cat statue
    3 Blue:
      The Void
      -> Riddle of the Ancient Kings
    4 Red:
      The Void
      -> The Killing floor
      -> Crypt of the King's Guards
      -> The Void
      -> Abyss of the blades
    Go west from the main burial chamber and take the red path to the Tower of the
    Thousand Spikes. Scale the tower rapidly to increase your multiplier further
    with red crystals there. Leave at least one crystal behind at the top of the
    Drop back to the bottom of the tower and collect all treasure from the bottom
    up. Use the red crystal you left to keep your multiplier going as you proceed
    past where the red crystals were to the Spiderpits.
    After choosing red and clearing the Spiderpits, proceed quickly to the
    Webworks. You may let your multiplier run out after clearing that room.
    Take the yellow path from the Tower of the Thousand Spikes to get to the Ring
    of Champions. Choose yellow twice here, then move quickly to the next area and
    avoid the fire while maintaining yellow multiplier. There is another
    opportunity to boost your multiplier by choosing yellow on your run out to the
    cat statue.
    Visit Heaven's Stair on your way back.
    Going east from the main burial chamber takes you to the Abyss of the Blades.
    You should leave all treasure here for the moment.
    In the room with the rats and the trapdoors, collect the crystals and kill the
    rats, but leave the green chest for later, as we are setting ourselves up for a
    long run back here. You should be able to maintain blue multiplier until you
    get to the Riddle of the Ancient Kings (by following the blue crystals).
    Despite there being a lot of treasure in this room, most of it cannot be
    accessed with a multiplier.
    If you wanted to be very clever you could backtrack to pick up the keys and
    hammer upgrade before going to the Crypt of the King's Guard. It takes a couple
    of minutes, but is probably worthwhile overall. Taking the red path after the
    trapdoor room allows you to pass fire traps to get to the Killing Floor. You
    should maintain your red multiplier and leave all of the treasure in this room.
    In the chamber with the terracotta warriors, choose red and try to maintain a
    multiplier. This is very difficult and may take a few attempts, especially as
    you must rely on only a few pots. If you lose health while fighting the statues
    then you may find hearts instead of coins, which could force you to reload from
    your last save. On nightmare, the statues have a lot of health and will prove
    very challenging, especially if you are trying to preserve your hit points. A
    health potion used after the fight will improve your odds of finding treasure
    in the pots. It may also be necessary to use a berserk potion to kill the
    armoured rats on the way out of the Crypt of the King's Guards, especially on
    nightmare. This is a frustrating waste of a valuable potion, but it may be the
    only way to maintain your 500x multiplier.
    You should endeavour to make it all the way back to the room with the trapdoors
    (or even the abyss of the blades) with your multiplier still active.
    Fortunately, there are spiders on the way back that will help you out a lot!
    You should now be able to get the hammer upgrade and fight Quian Bei to
    complete the level.
    15: Forsaken City II
    Hard score:      222,000
    Nightmare score: 260,000
    Choose any colour at the big crystal and try to get all of the treasure on the
    other side of the drawbridge with this single multiplier. Also open the green
    chest in the Drydock if you haven't already done so.
    You may as well use some items as you will need space in your inventory for
    bombs shortly.
    16: Beach
    Hard score:       8,956,000
    Nightmare score: 23,519,000
    This is the second highest scoring level in the game.
    Big runs:
    1 Yellow:
      South beach crystals
      -> Cave fight
      -> South beach chests and cages
      -> North beach chest and crystals
      -> North beach cage
      -> Clandestine Beach
    Open all of the exits from the two main beach areas with bombs.
    Kill all of the crabs in the main beach areas and complete the Zhong
    challenges. Collect the red and blue crystals, but not the yellow crystals. Do
    not collect any coins.
    Collect the yellow crystals from the first (south) beach area and then proceed
    through the tunnels to the west, choosing yellow just before the big fight.
    Maintain multiplier throughout the cave fight and leave through the other side
    of the cave system. Be sure to activate the switch in the caves too. Return to
    the south beach to open the green chests and the cage.
    Collect the yellow crystals at the second beach area and open the green chest
    and cage there too.
    Make your way through the second cave system towards the Clandestine Beach.
    There is a lot of treasure on offer as you make your way around, but you will
    not be able to reliably open the green chest on the Clandestine Beach with a
    multiplier still active.
    Once your multiplier has run out you can backtrack to any areas of the previous
    beaches that you missed.
    Kill the crab on the Clandestine Beach and complete the Zhong challenge here,
    then collect the red crystals on the beach.
    Enter the demon realm and clear the first room with a red multiplier still
    active. Then collect the blue crystals above the moving platform and finish the
    rest of the portal as normal. This method gives slightly more points than
    clearing the first room with blue multiplier. Open the green chest on the beach
    when you leave the demon realm.
    If you fall quite early on in the grottos then you may still be able to reach
    the end with a good multiplier on your second attempt. However, if you fall
    quite far along then you will lose your multiplier and give up a large point
    scoring opportunity- consider reloading from your last save. The difference
    between 350x and 500x multiplier will affect your score by more than 0.5
    million points, so use that to guide your decision on whether or not to reset.
    17: Harbour
    Hard score:      4,231,000
    Nightmare score: 8,581,000
    Big runs:
    1 Blue:
      Big crystal at merchant
      -> Depot
      -> Dock
      -> Smithy
    Collect the red crystals at the dock, but don't kill or collect anything else.
    Allow these crystals to be wasted for the greater good.
    Choose blue at the merchant, then keep the multiplier going through the big
    fight at the depot. Backtrack through the tunnel (you should leave some blue
    crystals every time you pass) to return to the dock, and then clear the dock
    and depot area with maxed out multiplier.
    Take the elevator to the smithy and clear as much as possible while your blue
    multiplier is active. Ideally your multiplier should last until the save point
    before Tak.
    Make short work of the rats and Tak in the smithy before completing the level
    as normal.
    18: Volcano
    Hard score:      12,315,000
    Nightmare score: 23,844,000
    This is the highest scoring level in the game.
    Big runs:
    1 Blue:
      Starting area
      -> Cave area with bats
      -> Hidden room in starting area
    2 Blue:
      Demon portal
      -> Cat statue area
    3 Red:
      Lava chase area
      -> Smoke filled room
      -> Ammunition depot
    Move the box in the first area but don't collect the treasure in the hidden
    room beyond. Proceed up the slope, leaving behind one blue crystal to refresh
    your multiplier later.
    In the second area with the balloons, leave all the treasure. Using the Zhongs
    to help you reach the balloons will get you some more blue crystals.
    In the third area (cave) collect all of the crystals and treasure, then
    backtrack all the way to the box that you moved earlier. You can allow your
    multiplier to run out after you collect the treasure in the secret room.
    In the fourth area there is a bigger fight that you can clear with red
    multiplier from crystals nearby. Pick up a demon potion from the merchant on
    the way past, and have a berserk potion or two to hand.
    The route is linear and there are no interesting strategies to speak of until
    after all of the cat statues have been activated.
    After the area with the cat statues, leave all treasure. Clear the demon potion
    normally with a blue multiplier and then return to the cat statue area,
    collecting all of the treasure that you passed on the way.
    This is probably the highest scoring run of the game (in excess of 18 million
    points on nightmare difficulty- that's more points than you score for the whole
    game up to the second Boarax fight).
    The last major fight can be completed with any colour of multiplier.
    After you escape the advancing river of lava, you will have a high red
    multiplier. You then face three rats in a smoke filled room. Kill the rats and
    collect the key before choosing red at the big crystal, as this will allow you
    to maintain your multiplier through the fight in the ammunition depot.
    19: Showdown with Shun
    Hard score:      1,000
    Nightmare score: 1,000
    Choose any colour at the big crystal.
    Hard Scores
    |            | Cumulative |   Level    | % of total score |
    |   Level    |   Score    |   Score    | from this level  |
    |Cat Village |     66,000 |     66,000 |       0.1%       |
    |Mystic      |  2,128,000 |  2,062,000 |       3.0%       |
    |Meridional  |  3,375,000 |  1,247,000 |       1.8%       |
    |Dragoncave  |  7,381,000 |  4,006,000 |       5.8%       |
    |Boarax      |  7,688,000 |    307,000 |       0.4%       |
    |Nebula Is   | 10,037,000 |  2,349,000 |       3.4%       |
    |Marshland   | 12,955,000 |  2,918,000 |       4.2%       |
    |Frog City   | 17,264,000 |  4,309,000 |       6.2%       |
    |Turtle Fort | 20,927,000 |  3,663,000 |       5.3%       |
    |Croc Temple | 24,867,000 |  3,940,000 |       5.7%       |
    |Lone Swamp  | 24,868,000 |      1,000 |       0.0%       |
    |Forsaken I  | 32,070,000 |  7,202,000 |      10.4%       |
    |King's      | 38,922,000 |  6,852,000 |       9.9%       |
    |Dungeons    | 43,446,000 |  4,524,000 |       6.5%       |
    |Forsaken II | 43,668,000 |    222,000 |       0.3%       |
    |Beach       | 52,624,000 |  8,956,000 |      12.9%       |
    |Harbour     | 56,855,000 |  4,231,000 |       6.1%       |
    |Volcano     | 69,170,000 | 12,315,000 |      17.8%       |
    |Shun        | 69,171,000 |      1,000 |       0.0%       |
    Total score:   69,171,000
    Turtle Fort, Forsaken City I, King's Palace and the Volcano are worth
    proportionately more points on this difficulty than on other difficulties.
    Nightmare Scores
    |            |  Cumulative |   Level    | % of total score |
    |   Level    |    Score    |   Score    | from this level  |
    |Cat Village |     129,000 |    129,000 |       0.1%       |
    |Mystic      |   4,248,000 |  4,119,000 |       2.8%       |
    |Meridional  |   6,656,000 |  2,408,000 |       1.7%       |
    |Dragoncave  |  14,374,000 |  7,718,000 |       5.3%       |
    |Boarax      |  14,911,000 |    537,000 |       0.4%       |
    |Nebula Is   |  20,220,000 |  5,309,000 |       3.7%       |
    |Marshland   |  29,238,000 |  9,018,000 |       6.2%       |
    |Frog City   |  39,874,000 | 10,636,000 |       7.3%       |
    |Turtle Fort |  45,225,000 |  5,351,000 |       3.7%       |
    |Croc Temple |  53,281,000 |  8,056,000 |       5.5%       |
    |Lone Swamp  |  53,282,000 |      1,000 |       0.0%       |
    |Forsaken I  |  66,414,000 | 13,132,000 |       9.1%       |
    |King's      |  78,813,000 | 12,399,000 |       8.5%       |
    |Dungeons    |  89,193,000 | 10,380,000 |       7.1%       |
    |Forsaken II |  89,453,000 |    260,000 |       0.2%       |
    |Beach       | 112,972,000 | 23,519,000 |      16.2%       |
    |Harbour     | 121,553,000 |  8,581,000 |       5.9%       |
    |Volcano     | 145,397,000 | 23,844,000 |      16.4%       |
    |Shun        | 145,398,000 |      1,000 |       0.0%       |
    Total score:   145,398,000
    Marshland, Frog City and the Beach (especially the beach!) are worth
    proportionately more points on this difficulty than on other difficulties. On
    nightmare difficulty, levels are more evenly weighted.
    *Please note that I was more selective over scores that I was happy with, and
    more inclined to re-load and try again, on my nightmare playthrough compared
    with my hard playthrough.
    |                            FOR ADVANCED PLAYERS:                      [CRY] |
    |                      BIG CRYSTAL QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE                      |
    Here you can find a list of all of the big crystals in the game and what colour
    I would recommend choosing for them to maximise your score. I hope that you
    find this useful- it should be easier than having to scour through the
    walkthrough to pick the best colour if you have a good handle on the game's
    maps already. Where there is no obvious colour to choose, I have tended to pick
    red by default.
    01: Cat Village
    02: Mystic Forest
    R    Demon portal
    R    Demon portal
    R    At cage before boar race
    Y    At rolling logs
    Y    Rat camp
    Y    Clearing with zipline
    03: Meridional Forest
    B/Y  Cave after rat camp- blue if multiplier from rat camp maintained, yellow
         if multiplier from rat camp lost
    Y    Rockfall chasm
    04: Dragon Cave
    R    First room
    R    Third Tor Chi encounter
    B    Demon portal
    05: Wild Boar Boarax
    06: Nebula Islands
    R    Outside turtle fort
    Y    Demon portal
    Y    Demon portal
    07: Marshland
    Y    Demon portal
    Y    Demon portal
    08: Frog City
    R    Pontoon next to save point
    R    Pontoon with turtles
    09: Turtle Fort
    Y    Boxing ring
    Y    Turtle nest
    R    Outside croc temple
    10: Crocodile Temple
    B    Pump room
    B    Entrance room with froghead amulet part
    B    Demon portal
    B    Demon portal
    11: Lone Swamp
    12: Forsaken City I
    R    Starting area
    R    In main courtyard, outside prison
    R    Prison
    R    Locked area with cat statue
    B    Palace stairway
    B    Palace stairway
    13: King's Palace
    B    West of central area
    Y    East of central area
    B    Demon portal
    B    Final area after bodyguard fight
    14: Ancient Dungeons
    R    Spiderpits
    Y    Ring of champions
    Y    Ring of champions
    Y    Far room beyond ring of champions, next to cat statue
    R    Crypt of the King's guards
    15: Forsaken City II
    R    Across the Drydock
    16: Beach
    Y    Southwest cave system
    Y    Northwest cave system
    17: Harbour
    B    Jetty
    B    Tunnel leading to depot
    B    Room before Tak
    18: Volcano
    B    Demon portal
    R    Last fight after red armour chest
    R    Fight after lava chase in smoke filled room
    19: Showdown with Shun
    R    Next to merchant
    |                            FOR ADVANCED PLAYERS:                      [CHA] |
    |                           CHALLENGE PLAYTHROUGHS                            |
    This section outlines a variety of different ways to play Legend of Kay for
    players who are very familiar with the game and looking for a new challenge
    beyond simply aiming for a high score. Some of these suggestions will be
    accessible to novice players, but many will be particularly gruelling, even to
    experience and skilled players.
    I haven't been able to play through and test all of these, and so while I have
    tried to give some estimation of difficulty, in reality some challenges may be
    even tougher than I have predicted. Select game difficulty based on your own
    skill level. On the whole, there will be a significant escalation in difficulty
    between playing these challenges on "normal" and "hard" modes. Of course for
    these playthroughs, as for Whose Line is it Anyway, "the points don't matter"!
    Focus on just finishing the game without aiming for a high score.
    No Magic
    Rules: Don't ever use magic attacks.
    Exceptions: Second fighting lesson with the Master in Cat Village, awakening
    the ancestors in the Forsaken City.
    Difficulty of challenge: Low
    This is probably the easiest challenge playthrough, and is comfortably
    achievable at whichever difficulty you usually play on without too much extra
    stress. If you collect a fair amount of cash over the course of the game you
    will find that you can simply use berserk potions more often for fights against
    multiple opponents.
    Sword Only
    Rules: Only use the sword for the whole game.
    Exceptions:  Claws can be used to break bamboo in the water. Hammer can be used
    to break floor plates or when facing Quian Bei/ terracotta warriors/ crabs.
    Weapon-specific Zhongs can be broken as normal (although all challenges related
    to these Zhongs are optional).
    Difficulty of challenge: Low
    A sword-only playthrough is probably quite manageable for the vast majority of
    players on normal difficulty. Experienced players could likely attempt this on
    hard difficulty without much trouble at all. In fact, you are unlikely to
    notice much of a difference in difficulty until after the Ancient Dungeons, as
    this is when the hammer usually comes into its own. Demon portals will be more
    difficult without the claws.
    Purists may wish to kill terracotta warriors with magic instead of the hammer,
    but unfortunately Quian Bei cannot be killed in this way, and so a true sword-
    only game is not technically possible. I allow myself to use the claws when
    roaming around and opening pots for reasons of speed and convenience alone.
    Ancestral Sword Only
    Rules: Only use the sword for the whole game, and do not collect or buy the
    sword upgrades from the Dragoncave or the Swamps of Death.
    Exceptions: Claws can be used to break bamboo in the water. Hammer can be used
    to break floor plates or when facing Quian Bei/ terracotta warriors/ crabs.
    Weapon-specific Zhongs can be broken as normal (although all challenges related
    to these Zhongs are optional).
    Difficulty of challenge: High
    Now we're talking. This can be challenging even on normal difficulty, and will
    certainly be very testing on hard. From around Frog City/ Croc Temple, most
    combat situations become protracted and difficult. Combo mode and berserk
    potions are still moderately effective, and magic proves useful through the
    middle of the game. Latterly (when magic becomes rather hopeless too) only a
    great deal of patience and good judgement will lead to success.
    Jia-Gu is especially tough as he will take much longer to kill and will cause
    more destruction to the boardwalks around him. During some fights, keeping bomb
    rats alive may be useful, as they will probably do more damage to their own
    allies than you can achieve with your sword! The final battles with Shun and
    Monster Shun take a really, really long time.
    Rules: Complete the game as fast as possible. Measure time from the beginning
    of the first cutscene to the end of the last cutscene.
    Exceptions: Do not use cheats, out-of-the-map glitches etc. to bypass huge
    chunks of the game.
    Difficulty of challenge: What you make of it!
    Speedruns are a huge part of gaming culture, and are taken very seriously, so I
    expect that this will be the most common challenge playthrough that players
    will take on. The level of challenge here is related to how strict you want to
    be with your times- there are some games that people have played over and over
    again to shave a second or two from a best time of several hours. I don't for a
    second think that Legend of Kay should be treated like this, but this challenge
    is certainly fast paced and enjoyable, and if players want to strive for
    perfection, then feel free to share your best times with the rest of us on the
    GameFAQs message board! You can select your own difficulty for this challenge.
    I suspect that a future update to this guide will include a section devoted
    entirely to strategies for speedrunning the game, and so I will not discuss
    them at length here.
    No Armour
    Rules: Don't collect or buy any armour throughout the game.
    Exceptions: None
    Difficulty of challenge: Moderate
    This is an interesting challenge that will allow you to feel the true brunt of
    enemy attacks. If armour is picked up by accident, then you should be hit on
    purpose at the start of the next fight until the armour is destroyed. It would
    be sensible to rely on the sword more than the hammer, as longer recovery times
    will leave you vulnerable to being hit. There will of course also be an
    increased reliance on health potions, which will be expensive. On normal
    difficulty, save points will do the majority of your healing for you, but on
    hard difficulty it will be useful to keep your health topped up by killing
    enemies with somersault attacks if they become separated from the pack.
    No Merchant
    Rules: Don't visit the merchant at any point throughout the game.
    Exceptions: At your own discretion, you may choose to pick up the Razor Claws
    and the Bullhammer, as these are not conventional items that can be acquired by
    any other means. Some players may also pick up heart and magic containers
    (provided they were not available from the merchant as a result of being missed
    in previous levels).
    Difficulty of challenge: Low if weapons and containers are permitted. Moderate
    if no weapons or containers are permitted.
    If weapons and containers are permitted in the shop, then the biggest issue is
    a lack of berserk potions, which should not have a major impact on your game
    and should make this a fairly easy challenge. If containers are not permitted,
    then you will have to finish the game with 13 health points and 11 magic
    points, which is still easily manageable, even alongside the lack of potions.
    There is so much armour available late in the game that a slight reduction in
    health will not pose a significant problem. If weapons are not permitted in the
    shop, then the absence of the Bullhammer from your arsenal will likely lead you
    towards using the sword through most of the latter stages of the game.
    Nonetheless, utilising magic and combo attacks with a fully-upgraded sword
    should make this challenge straightforward on most difficulties.
    No Items
    Rules: Don't use any items throughout the game.
    Exceptions: Bombs to break down crumbling walls are permitted only when these
    are compulsory to finish the level (i.e. not linked to optional quests/ cat
    Difficulty of challenge: Moderate
    Not having access to the "big three" items (berserk potions, magic potions,
    health potions) will be frustrating, but by far the biggest hindrance of these
    will be the lack of berserk potions. This challenge will probably be of similar
    difficulty to a No Merchant playthrough- on the one hand, a No Item playthrough
    has access to the Bullhammer, but on the other hand, a No Merchant playthrough
    has access to berserk potions. On the whole, I suspect that a No Item
    playthrough will be easier for players who favour the hammer, and a No Merchant
    playthrough will be easier for players who favour the sword. You should pick up
    armour whenever possible as you cannot use health potions.
    Ancestral Sword Only + No Magic + No berserk potions + Hard/Nightmare
     - Only use the sword for the whole game, and do not collect or buy the sword
       upgrades from the Dragoncave or the Swamps of Death.
     - Don't ever use magic attacks.
     - Don't ever use berserk potions, except in non-combat situations to make
       space in your inventory.
     - Play on Hard or Nightmare difficulty.
     - The Claws can be used when breaking bamboo in the water.
     - The hammer can be used when fighting Quian Bei/ terracotta warriors/ crabs.
     - Magic is permitted during the second fighting lesson with the Master in Cat
       Village, and when awakening the ancestors in the Forsaken City.
    Difficulty of challenge: Very high
    This is a combination of challenges that will take away your reliance on magic
    attacks and berserk potions when attempting the Ancestral Sword Only challenge.
    The beginning of the game is played entirely normally, but as the sword
    upgrades are left behind, difficulty will escalate very rapidly. Combat towards
    the end of the game is going to take a really, really long time due to the
    significant nerfing of your offensive abilities. Once again, bomb rats may be
    your main allies.
    No Merchant + No Items + Hard/Nightmare
     - Don't visit the merchant at any point throughout the game. (Strict- no
       containers or weapons.)
     - Don't use any items throughout the game.
     - Play on Hard or Nightmare difficulty.
     - Bombs are permitted to break down crumbling walls only when these are
       compulsory to finish the level.
    Difficulty of challenge: Moderate/High
    If playing on a higher difficulty setting, this becomes a more significant
    challenge. All of the factors together (lack of berserk potions, reduced armour
    availability, reduced health and magic points, absence of the Bullhammer) give
    this a more interesting spin, but ultimately it is the easiest of the
    combinations of challenges presented here. Armour is the cornerstone of
    survival, especially towards the end of the game, and of course you are likely
    to rely on the sword.
    No Armour + No health potions + Hard/Nightmare
     - Don't collect or buy any armour throughout the game. Purposely destroy any
       armour you collect by accident.
     - Don't use any health potions throughout the game. You may throw away any
       health potions that you collect by accident to make space in your inventory,
       but only when you are on full health.
     - Play on Hard or Nightmare difficulty.
    Difficulty of challenge: Very High
    Now *this* is a challenge. You have your normal arsenal of weapons, and you can
    buy and use items as much as you like, but will it actually do you any good?
    Obviously, the key here is to just not get hit, as you will lose health so
    readily and not be able to replenish it with potions. As you are also playing
    on a harder difficulty, save points will be of very limited use too. You will
    have to re-evaluate your entire combat style, and change the way in which you
    measure risk in relation to attacking enemies. When once you would have taken
    the chance for a hammer throw, it is now probably not worth the risk to try a
    roll-around in a densely packed group of enemies. Attacking at a distance with
    magic and combo and roll attacks while berserk will of course be the way to go,
    and you will probably have to use the sword out of necessity for the majority
    of the latter parts of the game, to reduce recovery times. Somersault attacks
    will be your sole reliable source of health regeneration between heart
    containers. You should leave heart containers and only collect/buy them when
    your health is low.
    Ancestral Sword Only + No Magic + No Items + No Armour + Hard/Nightmare
     - Only use the sword for the whole game, and do not collect or buy the sword
       upgrades from the Dragoncave or the Swamps of Death.
     - Don't ever use magic attacks.
     - Don't use any items throughout the game.
     - Don't collect or buy any armour throughout the game. Purposely destroy any
       armour you collect by accident.
     - Play on Hard or Nightmare difficulty.
     - The Claws can be used when breaking bamboo in the water.
     - The hammer can be used when fighting Quian Bei/ terracotta warriors/ crabs.
     - Magic is permitted during the second fighting lesson with the Master in Cat
       Village, and when awakening the ancestors in the Forsaken City.
     - Bombs are permitted to break down crumbling walls only when these are
       compulsory to finish the level.
    Difficulty of challenge: Impossible
    Plainly, this is absurd, and I don't really expect anyone to try it. As well as
    being unable to heal or defend yourself, you also have absolutely no firepower
    whatsoever. I suspect that by Hidden Glade you would already be losing
    patience, and by the Crocodile Temple you would either have either destroyed
    your console in a fit of frenzied rage or lost your sanity altogether. It's
    hard to think of a decent strategy to implement here, besides somersault-
    killing everything and really, *really* taking your time. I thought about
    including No Merchant too, but the only thing that would achieve is limiting
    your maximum health by two points, so I've omitted it to at least give you
    access to all of the heart containers. Please don't attempt this, I only really
    include it here as a discussion point about how far we could potentially go
    with challenge playthroughs, but if you do fancy giving it a shot, good luck.
    |                       CONTACT INFORMATION AND THANKS                  [THX] |
    I am happy to receive e-mails regarding Legend of Kay for as long as this
    paragraph appears here. If at any time I decide not to respond to e-mails
    regarding this game, this paragraph will be updated accordingly. E-mails should
    be sent to:
    Please e-mail your feedback on the guide to the above address. Letting me know
    what you liked about the guide and what you would like to see improved helps me
    to keep making the guide better! If you liked the guide, and are reading on
    GameFAQs, please "recommend" :)
    A few things to note when e-mailing me:
     - Make sure the phrase "Legend of Kay" appears in the subject line.
     - You can e-mail me to ask to host the guide on your website, offer
       corrections, point out mistakes, contribute new information or ideas, or
       give feedback on the guide.
     - You can write to me to ask for additional help with the game, but try to
       make sure that your question hasn't been answered in the guide already.
     - Please write in English or German. I will reply to most e-mails in English.
    I would like to say a huge thank you to:
     - J Meleu for contributing information on the Zhong challenge on the Volcano
     - Alex R for contributing information on Nong Bao's mission in the Cat Village
     - T Murphy for helping to investigate how extras may be unlocked
     - T Deacon for contributing information about a bug in the Croc Temple
    Thanks also to all of you for reading.
    All the best,
    "Tomorrow... tomorrow the sun will rise on a warrior."
    ==END OF FILE==

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