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    FAQ/Walkthrough by thelordmiga

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    Legend of Kay
    Walkthrough and Faq
    Composed by TheLordMiga
    1.  Welcome
    2.  Basics
       2a. Combat Basics
       2b. Weapon Basics
       2c. Item Basics
       2d. Riding Basics
    3.  Walkthrough
       3a. Cat Village
       3b. Enchanted Forest
       3c. Merodinal Forest
       3d. Dragoncave
       3e. Wild Boar Boarax
       3f. Nebula Islands
       3g. Lost in Haze
       3h. Giant Turtle & Dragon Flight
    4.  Locations
       4a. Weapons
       4b. Demon Gates
    5.  Extras
       5a. Maximising your Score
    6.  Frequently Asked Questions
    7.  Version History
    8.  Disclaimer Thingy
    9.  Special Thank Yous
    1.  Welcome
    I really don't know why Legend of Kay isn't a very popular game.  It offers
    solid platforming, above-average graphics and design and a resonable challenge.
    I fear that it wasn't marketed properly.  I pre-ordered my copy for the same
    price as other Platinum games on the PS2.
    You're not here to read the intro.  You want the walkthrough.  I have chosen
    to make it spoiler free for both your sake and mine (it's shorter to write).
    Also, I have not included character information and everything else that is
    covered in the manual.  If you don't have access to one, pay attention to the
    the tutorials.  Everything else isn't worth knowing.
    2.  Basics
        2a. Combat Basics
    Here's a list of the various attacks and how I suggest they be used.  How to
    do these attacks are found in the manual or taught during the game.
    Triple Strike     - Pretty standard this.  When there's more than one enemy,
                        don't use this more than once in a row.
    Uppercut          - Don't bother with this one unless you feel like being
    Roundhouse Attack - Use this if you can't see what your doing because there are
                        so many enemies.  And occasionally when you can see.
    Block             - You can use it if you want but you don't need it.  I don't
                        think it would work at all in the later game.
    Jumping Attack    - Use this if an enemy is on the ground and you won't be
                        surrounded.  I would sometimes suggest making the most of
                        grounded enemies by using this repeatedly.
    Throw             - Personally I found this too complicated to attempt to use
                        in battle.  I don't know how effective it is.  I think it
                        may be too slow to use in battles.
    Somersault Attack - This one is just for show.  Always avoid this attack in
                        battle unless you're bored.
    Rolling Attack    - This is really useful when you can't use the combo move.
                        It pierces armour, knocks small enemies to the ground and
                        when used correctly can avoid you getting surrounded.
    Roll Behind       - I used to think this was too hard but now I strongly
                        recommend it.  When your enemy is blocking your attacks,
                        roll behind to stab their back.
    Magic Attack      - Use at the start of battles as you have time to charge it.
                        Usually by the time you're able to use it during a battle
                        there aren't enough enemies to make it worthwhile.  Save it
                        for those coloured diamonds.
    Basically, to keep alive in battle you must keep moving.  To do this I suggest
    running round the arena and using the roll attack.  When you can use the combo
    technique, USE IT.  It can get you from one place to another fast which avoids
    you being surrounded.  It is also powerful enough to destroy armour.
    You must also be aware of what your enemies are doing.  You should watch out
    for these attacks:
    Bears charging with their arms outstretched.
    Turtles charging, spinning their blades.
    Crocodiles throwing ninja stars.
    Crocodiles spinning or just charging.
    Gorillas about to swing their huge weapons.
    Gorillas thumping the ground causing shockwaves.
    Rats throwing bombs.
    Spiders leaping.
    These can all be avoided by jumping over the attack or moving.  But you have to
    know they're coming first.  Most cannot be hurt while charging.
        2b. Weapon Basics
    Weapons, Kay can't fight without them.  But which one?  The Claws are fast and
    weak and the Hammer is slow but strong.  For most of the game I suggest
    sticking with the sword.  It is decently fast and decently strong so (unlike
    the other two) doesn't have a down side.
    The hammer is also useful in various situations.  In the late game, iff you are
    just fighting a few larger enemies (gorillas and bears) then by all means.  It
    is also REALLY useful in boss fights.  Since bosses have windows where they can
    be attacked, to make the most of those windows and deal the most damage use the
        2c. Item Basics
    Here is a list of items and how to use them:
    Keys              - Always collect these.
    Key Items         - Always collect these.
    Sword             - Always collect these.
    Claws             - Always collect these.
    Hammer            - Always collect these.
    Heart             - Useless unless you're not a max health.  Important
                        inbetween battles when you're unable to return to a save
    Heart Container   - Always collect these.
    Health Potion     - Save these for the later game or until you run out of room.
                        They get really expensive later on.
    Magic Point       - Collect these if you have a chance as they'll disappeer
                        after a while.
    Magic Potion      - Keep one to gain the most out of demon gates.
    Magic Container   - Collect most of these.
    Coins             - Collect these unless you'll get stabbed trying to.
    Yuan Baos         - These are coins as well.
    Bomb              - Really useful on some levels, useless on others unless you
                        like using them in battle.  Always carry a couple.
    Flashbang Bomb    - If you are having trouble defeating groups these may be
                        your answer
    Extra Life        - Always collect these.
    Crystals          - Snap these up just before you gather coins to maximise your
                        score.  But if your not interested in unlocking extras,
                        don't bother.
    Large Crystals    - Change their colours by attacking them then use magic to
                        turn them into little crystals.
    Beserk Potion     - In my opinion, better to defeat groups than the Flashbang
                        Bomb.  Makes the average attack pierce armour.
    Bottle of Hornets - Annoying. Useful in the Lost Marsh and Frog Village but 
                        very weak in later levels.
    Armour            - Finally a game with realistic armour.  Armour has to be 
                        managed.  Strong armour has to be saved and preserved for
                        tough battles.  If you die in battle, you have to go back
                        and buy new armour.  Always buy armour from the vendor
                        if you can.
    Demon Potions     - Demon gates are where most of your score comes from.  Extra
                        lives and potions can be found in them but so can enemies.
        2d. Riding Basics
    Personally I'm not a big fan of the riding sections.  The only real tip is to
    know how to use L1 and R1 to drift.
    3.  Walkthrough
        3a. Cat Village
    You begin the game weaponless.  Unfortunately you can't do much until you
    aquire your first sord.  As you can't break any pots just leae Uncle Shen's
    house.  Upon leaving Ou Bai will call you over.
    Remember to display the minimap to make things more
    easier.  You should always have this displayed.  Don't bother exploring yet
    just head towards the green cross.  Once the rat has finished, trace your way
    back to where you just came from.  Make sure you know what save points look
    like.  Saving manually is annoying plus the health refill doesn't hurt.  Find
    the green cross again.
    The rope guy will now let you pass.  Practice swinging here.  Note that it
    doesn't matter where you grab the rope and you can control the rope completely
    by moving the analog stick.  Also take note the timer that appears when you
    fall in the water.  When that runs out, Kay drowns but you only lose one piece
    of health rather than a life.
    Master will give you a wooden sword (once you reach him) and teach you your
    first few techniques.  I never use the uppercut so don't bother learning that
    one too hard.  Make sure you know what the triple strike and jumping attack
    are.  And that heart containers are very important.
    Take the time now to explore every area you are offered.  Enter every house,
    find every pot and chest and collect every diamond and coin.  Don't miss the
    magic potion in Ou Bai's house, the chest ontop of it and the health potion in
    the storeroom.
    Yun Xun will give you a bunch of coins if you scale a wall in five seconds.  To
    do this you must use the somersault technique.  Nong Bo will teach you how to
    ride a boar in the farm at the top of the wall.  Also up there Tang Rong will
    give you a prize for collecting honeycombs.
    Tang Mu will give you a heart container if you find her three kids.  One is in
    the storage room, the second is behind Ou Bai's house and the third is in the
    Glade after the reflection walls.  Also in the Glade is a cat statue.  Pull
    it's arm to lower the pillar.  The other statue is above Ai Tan's house.  Use
    the somersault to reach the rope.  Also ride the boar in the Glade to collect
    the magic container prize.
    Visit Uncle Shen then Ai Tan to receive your next mission.  First grab the
    bananas in her house and give them to the gorilla standing at the front gate.
    Collect the three pumpkins scattered in the field then try and return to the
    Now, your first boss fight.  This guy is pretty straight forward.  Dodge him
    when he charges and whack the medallion when he roars.  I have found that
    roll attacks do more damage than normal attacks so try them for a shorter
    fight.  If he gets dizzy, jump on him and hit square to whack the medallion
    while swinging from his tusks.  Eventually he'll run before his health is
    reduced to zero.  Your reward is the key to the Clay Pot room.  Collect all the
    Return to Master to receive another lesson and another magic container.
    Personally I never use defend and somersault attacks are useless in battle as
    they leave you vulnerable.  Master will also tach you the combo technique.
    Don't cheat on this one, it is important.  Use triangle to move between the
    Zhongs.  Collect the life then do the same thing to reach the nettlemead.
    There is no difference between Zhongs on the ground and Zhongs in the air.
    To use magic, stand in the middle of the statues, hold square and release it.
    Note that if you hold square longer, you don't do extra damage.  To get to the
    cliff top swing round the poles then use the Zhongs to cross the gap.  Master
    is easily beaten, I don't class him as a boss as the only diffence between him
    and a normal enemy is that he has slightly more health.  Take your time
    fighting him.  Practice the triple strike, rolling attack and jumping attack
    when he's lying on the ground.  When he starts sweating he is almost defeated.
        3b. Mystic Forest
    First things first, go to the wagon and purchase the heart container, a demon
    potion and the tip of the day.  These tips are really useful as they act as
    reminders.  When you find a second rabbit, use the demon potion and jump
    through the gate.  There are a lot of coins here.  Collect the diamonds first
    to maximise your score.
    Further on is your first battle.  Don't worry too much about this one.  Just
    remember, don't focus on one enemy at a time.  Free the rabbit and go through
    the cave.  Ride the boar to the end then cut down the bamboo to reveal the bomb
    respawner.  Fill your inventory with bombs and blow up the wall inbetween the
    pillars.  Take note of what the destrucible walls look like as there are going
    to be a few.  Often you can see if a wall is destrucible as there is something
    behind it on the minimap.
    Unlock the gate to continue and avoid all the trees by jumping over them or
    them over you or simply run away.  Your next battle is considerably harder than
    the previous.  If you are on low health there are hearts in the pots.  The
    plants in the next section are easily killed with the sword and combos.  Then
    platform your way to the quarry.
    Collect the beserk potion, kill all the rats, press both buttons and use the
    Zhongs to grab the key.  Then take the flying fox across, grab the pots behind
    the gate and use the other fox.  Then a bear appears.  This guy gives you an
    idea to how tough enemies will become.  He has a LOT of armour and a lot of
    health.  Until his breastplate falls off, use the rolling attack then the
    jumping attack repeatedly.  Don't give him any chance to attack.  Once the
    breastplate is gone, feel free to use the triple strike.  There are hearts in
    the pots if you need them.
        3c. Merodinal Forest
    Master will appear and teach you more about combos and the rolling attack.  But
    you should already know this attack and the combo stuff is easy.  He'll also
    teach you how to roll behind and throw enemies.  It's worth knowing how to do
    but it can be quite hard to master.  If you don't have room in your inventory,
    make room for the bomb hiding off to the side.
    Beat the rat in the next area and collect everything in the pots.  Chop down
    the bamboo to find a cat statue to pull.  Enter the cave and buy the containers
    from the merchant.  Also make sure you have at least one bomb.  Then go back
    to the Seven Pillars and follow the hare.  In the next section, kill the bug
    then combo up into the trees to gain a life.  Cut down the bamboo to find
    your second statue and yet another life.
    At the rabbit village, complete the zhong test on the small island to receive
    a magic container.  Don't bother with combos and use the hearts to keep
    yourself from dying.  When you're done, talk to the mayor and collect a dragon
    eye.  Return to the clearing, beat the rats and choose a path.
    Path One:
    There is a waterfall at the start of this path.  Follow this path killing the
    bugs and flowers and dodging the fish and spiny plants.  After you kill the
    rats, use your bombs on opening the secret passages.  There are spare bombs
    in the pots but don't open them until you need them.  Activate the dragon
    statue and free the rabbit then start retracing your steps.  On your way back
    you'll find another rabbit and your third cat statue.
    Path Two:
    This path is only open once you have defeated three lots of rats at the Seven
    Pillars.  Everytime you return to the Pillars you'll have to fight them again
    until this path is completed.  This path leads to the rat camp itself.  There
    you will fight three waves of enemies, one with a gorilla.  Don't be afraid to
    use a health potion here as you can pick up a replacement one after the battle.
    There are also hearts in the pots if you need them.  Enter the cave and grab
    the dragons eyes.  On the way back cut down the bamboo and destroy the wall to
    find your fourth statue.
    Path Three:
    This path starts with you having to spin around a pole in order to clear a vine
    pit.  Make sure you collect the bomb and destroy the wall to reveal the fifth
    cat statue.  Dodge the rocks to gain an extra life and enter the Hidden Glade.
    Now this battle is hard.  Four bears, a rat and a bunch of bugs.  The bugs are
    actually there to help you set up combos so you can kill the bears easier.
    Also don't be afraid to use a beserk potion as they make short work of them.
    Stay away from charging bears as they cannot be harmed.  At least you get a
    heart container as a reward.
    Finally, go to the broken bridge and activate both statues.  Then run back and
    climb the pillars to receive some armour before leaving the area.
        3d. Dragoncave
    Grab the demon potion and coins hiding in that bowl thing then run up the hill.
    When Tor Chi starts attacking, run towards him avoiding the flames (for obvious
    reasons).  Collect all the diamonds and coins then run up to the next room.
    Collect everything then jump down the sink.  In the sewers you will find a
    health potion, magic container and a cat statue to activate.
    In the gullet collect everything dodging the flames again.  In the next room,
    collect everything then jump in the water.  You have to act quick here
    otherwise you'll drown.  One path here will lead to a second cat statue.
    Carry on until you find a save point.  Use a demon potion to find a demon gate
    at the base of the stairs.  Through the portal use the berserk potion you find
    to easily kill the enemies.  Back in the real world carry on to face Tor Chi's
    last test.  Once he decides to stop trying to roast you, grab your new sword
    and continue out of the cave.
        3e. Wild Boar Boarax
    Before helping yourself to the zhongs, run around the clearing and collect
    everything.  Now destroy all the wooden zhongs, avoid the evil ones.  Then like
    the sign says, build an arrow in the direction you want to go.  Like so:
    ( )( )(X)( )( )( )      ( )( )( )(X)( )( )
    ( )(X)( )( )( )( )      ( )( )( )( )(X)( )
    (X)(X)(X)(X)(X)(X)  or  (X)(X)(X)(X)(X)(X)
    ( )(X)( )( )( )( )      ( )( )( )( )(X)( )
    ( )( )(X)( )( )( )      ( )( )( )(X)( )( )
    Use the zhong that appears to scale the cliff.  The merchant has some armour
    for sale if you want it.  On the other side, press the button then enter the
    cave.  Ride the boar through the twelve hoops to receive a heart container.
    This is a bit tricky as the track isn't straight forward all the time.
    Back in the Dragon's Backyard take the flying fox to the arena.  Not a rather
    difficult battle.  In the next area collect all the pots then hop on the boar.
    Don't be worried if you struggle with this one.  It takes a while to get the
    right timing to jump over the logs.  Grab the key then jump don and unlock the
    gate.  Before you continue, there is a button you can press if you need to
    return to the merchant.
    This next boss battle is just like your first.  Roll attack him when he roars
    or grab his tusk usuing square when he roars.  Everytime you strike him, run
    away on an angle so he doesn't just charge you down again.  Avoid boulders by
    jumping them or grabbing his tusks straight away.  This section shouldn't take
    too long, especially with your new sword.
    In the next section your platforming skills will be put to the test.  Don't
    rush this section and remember this:  To jump up to a higherbar, press cross
    when Kay's body is completely vertical.
        3f. Nebula Islands
    Advance until you find a trail of yellow diamonds.  Instead of following them,
    take the jetties to their right and use the zhongs to gain an extra life.  Now
    follow the diamonds across the bridge to the save point.  Use the zhongs off to
    the right then jump down onto an island with a cat statue.  Jump down the hole
    (gathering everything) then use another path of zhongs to gain another life.
    See the floating wooden things, jump onto them.  Don't worry if you fall in the
    mud, you get three jumps before it pulls you under.  Kill the bugs and avoid
    the green explody thingies.  These switch your controls round for a short
    period of time but can really be annoying.  Make sure you pick up yet another
    life on these platforms.
    At the rats camp you'll have another skirmish.  Watch out for the turtles
    though.  Use combos or roll attacks to flip them on their backs then jump
    attack to remoe their shell.  Also, kill the bugs early as they can be quite
    annoying.  Once it's over, go behind the chest that appears and bounce up to
    discover more zhongs which will help you open it.  Also, find the planks
    nearby that lead to another statu, a frog, and some armour.  Now go to the boat
    which the turtles arrived in.
    Sail your way to the island opposite, avoiding the mines when able.  If you
    can't, jump out of reach of the explosion then continue.  Save before attacking
    the turtle village.  Just keep moving and jumping in this fight.  Note that
    when you knock a turtle's shell off you start a combo.  Collect everything then
    enter the fort.  In there are a lot of coins, a cat statue and your first set
    of claws.  Now leave and find the jetty that leads to water, not mud.  Use the
    claws to find a cat statue and your next path.
    Continue quickly to avoid the bombs and path collapsing.  When you see pillars
    on the left use them to get to snail island (spiral on the minimap).  Collect
    everything then jump into the center and ride the lillipad out.  Use the zhongs
    to retrieve some red armour.
    Near the save point are some pillars which lead to an extra life.  Then follow
    the trail of red diamonds, using a demon potion when you get to the end.  Tada,
    a demon gate.  Once that's over, use the lillipads to hop to the next island.
    Don't spend too long on the spiky ones.
        3g. Lost in Haze
    Long section this.  Jump from platform to platform until you find the merchant.
    Make sure you have two hornet potions then continue to the city gates.  Don't
    enter the city yet, instead take the other path into the Swamp of Death.  When
    you reach the turtlehead the path will split.  Off to the side you can race a
    boat for a crocodile amulet.  This isn't too hard.  Remember, take your corners
    wide in order to keep your speed up.
    Once completed, continue along the Swamp of Death.  Ignore the pots for now,
    just use a hornet potion and see how far you can get before you need to use
    another.  Only break the pots if you need more potions.  On the way back, free
    the frog then use a demon potionon the island after it.  This demon portal
    shouldn't be too hard using your new weapon.  Also grab the heart container by
    completing the zhong challenge on a nearby tree root.  Now, enter the city.
    Follow the barrels until you get to an arena.  The battles you will fight in
    the city are rather dificult, made that way by the crocs.  Just keep running,
    jumping and jabbing when you can.  Collect both frogs eggs the backtrack a bit
    and take the other path.  If you have trouble with the green smoke, just swim
    round it.  When you see a large circular platform with enemies ontop, swim
    round it to the save point.  You can jump over here to regain your health if
    the battle goes sour.  Now you must find all the frogs eggs by looking for X's
    on the minimap.  All of them are in tree houses.
    Here's some tips for exploring the city:
    -Don't jump off anything.  If you can't see any path, your not looking hard
    -Hold R3 to search rooms for safe routes to the egg or the next door.
    -Be cautious when opening pots.  They can replenish hearts but a good deal
    contain enemies or hornets.
    -In houses filled with smoke you can move faster by jumping.
    -Leave houses filled with smoke to regain your breath if need be.
    -Jump on the floating flowers to regain your stamina while swimming from one
    place to the next.
    -Extra lives can be found in the house of Wu Clan and on a platform out the
    backdoor of the house of Chen Clan.
    If you find the battle in the Southeast Frog City hard, try building up your
    combos using the row of zhongs to deal extra damage.  If your health gets low
    (which it might (those gorrillas are really strong)) you can always swim back
    to the save point.
    Once all the eggs are safe, leave Frog City by the exit you came in through.
    Gu will give you a Crocodile Tear for your efforts.  Now if you can still
    remember where to go, backtrack to the wagon and take the path with all the
    green explody thingies.  Swim around the whirlpools and take the path that has
    a strong current flowing against you.
    At the turtle fort you'll battle again and again it will be quite challenging.
    Free the frog, collect everything then enter the fort.  I'll let you explore
    but here's a list of everything you should find.
    -Cat Statue and Extra Life in Sports Arena
    -Extra Life in Turtle Nest
    -Magic Container in Kitchen
    -Turtle Amulet in Weaponschamber
    -Froghead Amulet piece and trapped frogs in Prison
    -Green Armour and Extra Life in Treasure Chamber
    Once your done here, return to the whirlpools and follow the red diamonds.
    Kill the crocs (returning to the save point if need be) then jump quickly
    through the section with moving platforms.  Kill the crocs here and use the
    combo to open the chest (another life, yah).  Collect all the pots and the
    chests behind the crocodile mouth then enter the temple.
    Another battle, meh.  In the second room is a save point and a demon portal in
    the opposite corner to the save point.  Now I'm going to be lazy again and just
    tell you what you need to find.  Jump in the waterways and explore every door.
    Find all three cat statues to lower the water level in the first room.  Then
    collect the turtle amulet piece and scadadle your way out.  Open the turtle
    head in the Swamp of Death to finish this mission of a section
        3h. Giant Turtle & Dragon Flight
    A lost section past, now just two short ones.  To beat the giant turtle keep
    running in circles (jumping his bite attacks) until he roars.  Then use the
    triple strike on the amulet.  When he starts breathing chemicals keep running
    in circles.  Collect all the health potions you need then continue.
    The dragon flight is hardly worth a paragraph.  If you need help, read the
    signs.  If you lose health, return to the save point.  It shouldn't take you
    more than three attempts.
        3i. Forsaken City
    To be continued...
    4.  Locations
        4a. Weapons
    Wooden Sword - You receive this when you first visit Master
    Sword 1      - You receive this before you enter the Mystic Forest
    Sword 2      - This is found at Dragons End in the Dragoncave.  Both cat
                   statues must have been activated.
    Sword 3      - Get to the end of the Swamp of Death in Lost in Haze.
    Claws 1      - In the turtle fort in Nebula Islands
        4b. Demon Gates
    1 - Enchanted Forest - The tree stump where the hare appears.  Near the
                           beginning of the section.
    2 - Dragoncave       - At the base of the stairs in the room with the save
    3 - Nebula Islands   - Near Snail island and just after a save point.  Right at
                           the end of a trail of red diamonds.
    4 - Lost in Haze     - The island before the frog, second after the turtle
    5 - Crocodile Temple - Against a wall in the Pump room (the room with the
                           button that switches the current)
    If you have found any demon gates that I haven't, please email me them.  My
    address is thelordmiga@gmail.com
    5.  Extras
    Extras are unlocked inbetween sections and the number unlocked depends on your
    score.  Listed here are what I have unlocked, where I unlocked them and the
    score I unlocked them with.
    Cat Village      - 16,270    - 2 Videos
    Enchanted Forest - 173,445   - 1 Race, 1 Video
    Merodinal Forest - 211,818   - 1 Music
    Dragoncave       - 2,312,820 - 6 Music, 9 Models, 2 Pictures
    Wild Boar Boarax - 2,598,540 - 1 Video, 1 Races, 1 Model, 1 Music
    Nebula Islands   - 3,841,194 - 5 Models, 2 Music, 1 Picture
    Lost in Haze     - 8,430,000 - 9 Music, 13 Models - score approx
    Giant Turtle     - 8,439,286 - 1 Models, 1 Videos
    Dragon Flight    - 8,439,286 - 1 Picture
    I would greatly appreciate it if you sent me your scores for each location and
    what you unlocked there.
        5a.  Maximising your Score
    The score is determined by the crystals and coins you collect.
    Copper Coins: 10 points
    Silver Coins: 50 points
    Gold Coins  : 100 points
    Yuan Baos   : 500 points
    Jade Coins  : 1,000 points
    This is then multiplied by the score bonus.  Everytime you receive 5 crystals
    of the same colour in a row the score bonus increases.  But if you don't
    collect any coins or diamonds for a certain length of time or you start
    collecting a different colour, the bonus will drop to zero.  The bonus
    increases like this:
    1  -  2  -  5  -  10  -  20  -  30  -  50  -  100  -  150  -  250  -  ???
    *This may only be for Hard difficulty*
    To gain the highest score possible, make the most out of the demon world.
    Don't be afraid to use lots of magic potions.  If you want proof, these are
    my scores for each area in the hard difficulty.
    Cat Village      - 16,270    - N/A           - doesn't have a demon portal
    Mystic Forest    - 173,445   - 966% increase - has a demon portal
    Merodinal Forest - 211,818   - 22% increase  - doesn't have a demon portal
    Dragoncave       - 2,312,820 - 992% increase - has a demon portal
    Notice the big jumps in the areas that have portals.
    Note:  In the manual it says that you can reach higher scores in harder
    difficulties.  I used to think that this was because there was more
    collectables but now I think it's because the maximum bonus is higher in harder
    dificulties.  This theory hasn't been tested yet.  The maximum for hard is 250.
    6.  Frequently Asked Questions
    Q:   Where are the bananas to give to the gorilla in the Cat Village
    A:   In Ai Tan's house (the cat that wants pumpkins collected).
    Q:   I can see a sword in Dragon's End but the gate won't open.
    A:   Oh dear, you need to backtrack a lot and find both the cat statues.  One
         is in the swimming section, the other is down the sink in the room after
         the first section where Tor Chi attacks you.
    Q:   I can't find the way out of the first part of Dragon's Backyard.
    A:   You need to build an arrow using the zhongs, (keep failing and it will
         give you clues) then combo up onto the ledge opposite the merchant and
         press the button.
    Q:   I've searched the entire Marsh but can't find the Crocodile Tear.  Where
         is it?
    A:   Enter the Frog City, collect all the frog eggs then leave.
    Q:   I'm missing a piece of the Turtlehead Amulet.  Can you give me a clue to
         where it is?
    A:   One piece is in the turtle fort.  The other is in the Crocodile Temple.
         The paths to either of these sections lead from the whirlpools near the
         merchant.  You'll need to the Crocodile Tear to access the Temple though.
    Q:   If I have a question not posted here, will you answer it?
    A:   Of course!  Email it to thelordmiga@gmail.com.  Alternately you can post
         it on the Legend of Kay message board on Gamefaqs.com
    7.  Version History
    Stuff still to do:
    *Confirm the scoring system for each difficulty
    *Add more demon portals
    *Add more weapon locations
    *Complete the walkthrough
    *Add more frequently asked quesitons
    *Spellcheck everything
    24/10/05 - Finished Lost in Haze, Giant Turtle and Dragon Flight sections.
    23/10/05 - Nebula Island and most of Lost in Haze - Completed.  After viewing
               the message board, a FAQ section has been added.
    18/10/05 - Another section - Wild Boar Boarax - done
    16/10/05 - Three more sections done.  Mystic Forest, Meridonal Forest and
               Dragoncave.  Also ammended some of the already finished sections
    14/10/05 - Added more to Combat and Item Basics.  Began Extras and Locations
    11/10/05 - Wrote Intro, Combat Basics, Item Basics, Cat Village and Disclaimer
               Thingy.  A very long way to go but it's a start.
    8.  Disclaimer Thingy
    DO NOT copy parts of this guide.  I took the effort to write this out.  Ideas
    can be copied but must not be copied and pasted.  Credit for the ideas is
    always welcome.
    This guide is for personal use only.
    I am happy for this guide to be posted on other websites.  But I must be
    emailled BEFORE it is posted.  My email is thelordmiga@gmail.com.
    Currently this guide is posted on the following websites:
    Copyright 2005 Luke Davison
    9.  Special Thank Yous
    Thanks to everyone who designed, produced and distributed Legend of Kay.
    If you want to be mentioned here, send me a tip, hint, question, answer etc.
    My email is thelordmiga@gmail.com.  I will always answer any emails until this
    message is removed.

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