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    Oda Nobunaga by Uptown877

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 07/24/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Samurai Warriors AKA Sengoku Musou
    Nobunaga Oda Character FAQ v1.3
    Written by: Shaun Danis
    Online GameFaqs Alias: Uptown877
    Email me at Savin877@yahoo.com
    Copyright 2004, Shaun Danis
    Table of Contents:
    1. Introduction
    2. Legal Information/Disclaimer
    3. Updates
    4. How do I unlock Oda Nobunaga?
    5. Brief History of Oda Nobunaga
    6. Move Sets
    7. Weapons
    8. Stats and other info
    9. Skills Chart
    10. Stages and Paths
    12. Mission Completion
    13. Frequently Asked Questions
    14. Credits
    -- Note at any time you wish to jump to a certain section just hit "ctrl+f"
       on your keyboard and type in the "Number." and you should go to the section
       you wish.
    1. Introduction
    Well then, if you are here then you must be wondering how to play Nobunaga,
    how to unlock Nobunaga, or you have nothing better to do while surfing the 
    Samurai Warriors section of the site.  In any case this is the character guide 
    for Oda Nobunaga and I will try to inform you as much as I can about him in 
    the game Samurai Warriors for the PS2.
    Before we go further you should know that this guide is for the North American
    version of Samurai Warriors and while I do know some about the Japanese 
    version I will not be able to answer any questions about it.
    This guide was composed with the intent of making you familiar with using the
    character Nobunaga in the game.  It does not contain secrets for any other
    characters besides Nobunaga himself and does not contain cheats for the game.
    This guide is to try to help you become better at using him and getting the 
    most out of him that you can.
    2. Legal Information/Disclaimer
    Yes, I know some of you hate reading this stuff, however there are many 
    people out there that wish to steal stuff and claim it as their own.  So
    without further delay:
    --This FAQ is copyright to me, Shaun Danis(Uptown877), and only me.  You may 
      never copy this FAQ and claim it as your own.
    --You may use this FAQ on your site AS LONG AS you give full credit to me and
      do not make any profit off of it whatsoever.
    --This guide is in no way ever going to attempt to make a profit of any sort 
      nor will it be distributed to an article, journal, or magazine without my
      prior consult.  This guide was written by me for you.  I claim no ownership
      of Samurai Warriors whatsoever.
    --All characters, logos, and trademarks in this game are copyright of their
      respectful owners and creators.
    If you see anyone hosting this guide or taking credit for writing it please do
    not hesitate to email me at Savin877@yahoo.com
    I appreciate all of your cooperation.
    3. Updates
    24th of July, 2004 V 1.3
    -- Wow, school kicked my butt there for a while, did some updates to the 5th
       weapon acquiring while finished filling out Odas missions.
    26th of May, 2004: V1.2
    -- Quotes, Skills Tree, and Ranks updated/added, minor spelling changes.
    23rd of May, 2004: V1.1
    -- Quotes, Skill Chart, Mission Completion and some minor spelling changes.
    21st of May, 2004: V1.0
    -- First version of the FAQ is released and uploaded to Gamefaqs.
    4. How do I unlock Oda Nobunaga?
    Oda Nobunaga is one of the most "time consuming" characters to unlock.  To
    play as Nobunaga you  need to clear Oichi's Story Mode, Magoichi Saika's Story
    Mode, and Noh's Story Mode.   
    -- Oichi is one of the base unlocked characters so you can play her right from
       the start of the game.
    -- Saiga Magoichi is unlocked after you beat the game with any other character
       once in their story mode.
    -- Noh(or Nouhime in JA version) is unlocked after you beat the game by
       clearing Ranmarui Mori's story mode once. To get Ranmaru Mori's story mode
       clear Mitsuhide Akechis story mode once.
    Once you have these three characters, proceed to clear their story modes once
    each, it matters not which ending you get, and you will unlock Oda Nobunaga,
    the Demon Lord himself.
    5. Brief History of Oda Nobunaga
    Nobunaga was born Oda KippĂ´shi, the second son of Oda Nobuhide (1508? -1549), 
    a minor lord whose family once served the Shiba shugo. Nobuhide was a skilled 
    warrior, and spent much of his time fighting the samurai of Mikawa and Mino. 
    He also had enemies closer to home - the Oda were divided into two separate 
    camps, with both vying for control of Owari's eight districts. Nobuhide's 
    branch, of which he was one of three elders, was based at Kiyosu castle. 
    The rival branch was to the north, in Iwakura Castle.
    -- Many thanks to www.samurai-archives.com for this information.  I do not 
       claim ownership of this information.  If you wish to find out more please 
       visit their website.
    6. Move Sets
    This section deals with all the moves Nobunaga can perform in the game.  The
    table of symbols and keys I am using is listed below.  Nobunaga is one of the
    more powerful characters in the game.  That does not mean however you will
    blow through enemies with him.
    [] = Square
    /\ = Triangle
    () - Circle(Musou bar must be full)
    Moveset on Ground:
    []       = Nobunaga slashes left.
    [][]     = Nobunaga slashes left then right.
    [][][]   = Nobunaga slashes left, right, and then a quick spin slash
    [][][][] = Nobunaga slashes left, right, quick spin slash, and a final slash
               that sends the enemies flying back.
    []x8     = If you press the square button up to eight times Nobunaga after the 
    	   4th slash will proceed to do 3 quick slashes followed by a final spin
               slash which will send enemies flying backward and falling down. Note 
               you can only do more then four slashes if you have Nobunagas 2nd 
               level weapon or higher.
    /\       = If you just press triangle Nobunaga will proceed to lift into the air
               and then shoots a blast of shockwave energy at the ground.  If you 
               keep pressing "triangle" Nobunaga will lift higher into the air and
               shoot a  more powerful blast of energy at the ground with a bigger
    	   radius.  Very DragonBall Z looking.
    []/\     = Nobunaga slashes at the enemy and then slashes upward sending the
    	   enemy flying into the air.  If you keep pressing "triangle" Nobunaga
    	   will leap into the air and continue slashing the enemy 4-5 more 
    	   times and then finally slashes them downward into the ground which
               sends any enemies near flying backwards.
    [][]/\   = A bit difficult to describe.  Nobunaga does 2 slashes and then
    	   proceeds to quickly charge, flip and smash some energy into the
    	   ground stunning the enemy.  However if you keep pressing "triangle"
    	   Nobunaga will then do a drill attack flying through the enemy which
    	   looks like a 3D version of M. Bisons Psycho Crusher move from Street
    [][][]/\ = Nobunaga does three slashes and then quickly charges and releases a
    	   360 degree shockwave around him that sends all enemies flying back.
    	   If you keep pressing "triangle" however Nobunaga will charge up a 
               more powerful blast that creates a purple shield around him which
    	   looks quite badass.  He then releases a much more powerful shockwave
    	   with a bigger radius and sends enemies flying.  Very useful if youre
    	   surrounded by hordes of enemies.
    Jumping  = Nobunaga slashes with his sword horizontaly.
    /\in air = Nobunaga slams his sword down into the ground very quickly.
    Moveset on Horseback:
    []       = Nobunaga slashes right
    [][]     = Nobunaga again slashes right
    [][][]   = Yet again slashes right
    [][][][] = Guess what?  He slashes right
    []x8     = Nobunaga proceeds to slash to the right all 8 times......wow.
    [][][]/\ = Nobunaga slashes three times and then charges and releases a 360
    	   degree blast similair to his ground attack.
    Musou Attacks:
    () Normal Musou: My God this is pitiful.  Nobunaga proceeds to charge through
    		 the enemy which usually makes him miss the enemy your aiming
    		 for and its very difficult to control.  The best thing to do
                     is just tap "circle" and then do his 8 hit "square" attack.
    Kanji "Meaning": Heaven
    () True Musou:   The exact same thing except Nobunaga does a little spin hit
    		 combo at the end.  Its sad that the Demon Lord got such a
    		 crappy musou attack but hey he's already powerful.
    Kanji "Meaning": Supreme
    Nobunaga is a very powerful fighter.  He has decent range with his sword and
    his maxed attack value is one of the higher ones in the game.  While he doesnt
    have the best crowd control he is still a very versatile fighter but is a bit
    on the slow side.  Not Goemon or Keiji slow but hes slower then some.  His
    []/\ combo is incredible against a general with a powerful weapon in hand.  
    Just keep smashing the "triangle" button afterwards and let the damage be done.
    While his [][][]/\ attack may sound awesome it does take a bit to charge up his
    more powerful version so be careful if you are close to dying.  When all his
    stats are maxed Nobunaga is a very nice and powerful character.  Add some 
    +35-50 items to him and you've got the Demon Lord on your hands.
    7. Weapons
    Of course as your probably know every character has 5 weapons available to him
    or her.  This section will give you a quick breakdown of Nobunagas 5 available
    weapons as well as tell you how to go about getting his 5th weapon.
    1st Weapon - "Kumo-giri" - 4 attacks - Attack: 15
      --A blade that belonged to Raikoh of the legendary Genji clan.
    2nd Weapon - "Oni-giri" - 6 attacks - Attack: 25
      --Said to be the sword used by the ancient hero Tsuna Watanabe.
    3rd Weapon - "Hasebe" - 8 attacks - Attack: 32
      --An exceptional blade forged by the great smith Kinishige Haseba.
    4th Weapon - "Muramasa" - 8 attacks - Attack: 43
      --A dark masterpeice crafted by the legendary smith Muramasa.
    5th Weapon - "Orochi" - 8 attacks - Attack: 48
    			Night Element
    			Musou +45
    			Attack +26
    			Mounted Attack +49
    			Attack Radius +35
      --The blade that was used to slay Orochi, the great serpent.
    5th Weapon Obtaining
    Mode: Story or Free
    Level: Battle of Okehazama
    Diff: Hard or Chaos(Hell)
    Requirements: Beaten Nobunagas Story Mode at least once, doesnt matter which
    ending you got.
    At the start of the battle Nobunaga will claim that if he can kill some sub 
    generals then he can delay the Imagawa Army.  2 blue dots will flash on the
    screen.  Head to them and defeat both the "Defense Captains" you see.  Each
    time a gate should open up to a little fort with sub generals in them.  You
    dont have to beat them to get the weapon, but feel free to do so if you want.
    After this you should hear that Hideyoshi has arrived in the Top-Middle part
    of the map.  Nobunaga claims he wants to meet up with him.  However, do not
    go to the fort and help out or meet up with Hideyoshi.  After about 3-5 minutes
    Hideyoshi should be eliminated and you will get a message telling you so.
    The Imagawa army will then recieve some reinforcments.  Nobunaga of course 
    being the demon that he is claims he will destroy them all.  You will then
    receive a mission that says to eliminate all the Imagawa elite officers.  Kill
    all but 2 of the elite officers, one of them you should leave alive should be
    Ieyasu Tokugawa.  Once you have done so, head towards the main entrance of the
    Imagawa camp.  Hanzo will appear in the very South-East corner of the map.  
    He claims he will kill Imagawa first, well this cant be allowed to happen so 
    QUICKLY rush for the enemy base.  Hanzo is very fast so you might wanna have 
    a horse preferably Matsukaze
    (see the Items/Rares Guide on how to get him).
    If you get to the enemy base first you will complete the mission and Hanzo will 
    withdraw from both the map and the "fakes" he sent to your main base.  The 
    supply team should then show up South-East of where Hideyoshi first appeared 
    on the map in this little circular hole area.  Rush there and kill the captain 
    and congratulations, the sword is yours.  Now go back and kick Imagawas butt 
    and complete the mission.
    A quick runthrough again
    -- Defeat the 2 "Defense Captains" at the start of the mission.
    -- Allow Hideyoshi to die by not helping or rendevozing with him.
    -- Kill all the Imagawa Elite Officers
    -- Rush to the enemies main camp before Hanzo
    -- Kill the supply captain that appears.
    8. Stats and other info
    These are Nobunagas starting and final stats respectively.  They are taken
    from the game when he was Rank 1 and when I maxed his stats out later on.
    Please note that Item effects do not apply here.  These are all his BASE stats
    without item add-ons or his 5th weapon implemented.
    Base Atk: 56
    Final Atk: 176
    Base Def: 58
    Final Def: 190
    Base Ranged Atk: 61
    Final Ranged Atk: 174
    Based Ranged Def: 57
    Final Ranged Def: 186
    Base Mounted Atk: 66
    Final Mounted Atk: 178
    Base Mounted Def: 77
    Final Mounted Def: 198
    Base Speed: 100
    Final Speed: 180
    Base Jump: 135
    Final Jump: 175
    Base Evade: 120
    Final Evade: 170
    Nobunagas Ranks
    Rank 1     : Fool of Owari
    Rank 2-4   : The Upstart
    Rank 5-7   : Fiend of Gifu
    Rank 8-10  : Dark Hero
    Rank 11-14 : Conquerer
    Rank 15-19 : Chaos Being
    Rank 20    : Demon Lord
    Nobunagas Default Costume: Nobunaga in his black armor with his red cape.
    Nobunagas Alternate Costume: Nobunaga in his purple and white samurai outfit.
    9. Skills Chart
    Nobunagas skill tree is listed here.  Some people have asked what skills are
    good for him.  Everyone has their own style of play.  I tend to love Reach
    as attack range is always good for crowd control. Guts and Parry are a must so
    you never stagger, and they both help on castle stages.  Mastery is always
    nice but since Nobunagas musou attack is so horrible you might want to not
    get it.  Other then that experiment and see what suits you best.
    Note these are not level 2 and 3 costs.  These are base costs from which they
    are initially available
    Vitality --------- Guts
    Life 166           Life 170
    Attack 150         Attack 170
    Skill Pts 150      Skill Points 1000
    Reach    --------- Pressure  --------- Resist
    Life 150           Life 159            Life 170
    Attack 60          Attack 110          Attack 170
    Skill Pts 150      Skill Pts 150       Skill Pts 1000
    Rage     --------- Precission
    Life 153           Life 170
    Attack 75          Attack 170
    Skill Pts 250      Skill Pts 1000
    Vigor    --------- Frenzy
    Life 156           Life 162
    Attack 90          Attack 130
    Skill Pts 100      Skill Pts 150
    Cavalier --------- Mastery
    Musou 182          Musou 195
    Defense 110        Defense 170
    Skill Pts 100      Skill Pts 1000
    Drive    --------- Parry
    Musou 170          Musou 195
    Defense 60         Defense 170
    Skill Pts 150      Skill Pts 1000
    Acclaim  --------- Pierce
    Musou 174          Musou 195
    Defense 75         Defense 170
    Skill Pts 250      Skill Pts 1000
    Rally    --------- Potence
    Musou 178          Musou 190
    Defense 90         Defense 150
    Skill Pts 100      Skill Pts 250
    Fortitude--------- Counter   ---------- Block
    Musou 174          Musou 182            Musou 195 
    Speed 120          Speed 140            Speed 170
    Skill Pts 150      Skill Pts 300        Skill Pts 1000
    Celerity --------- Grace
    Musou 170          Musou 195
    Speed 110          Speed 170
    Skill Pts 150      Skill Pts 1000
    Discern  --------- Resilence
    Musou 186          Musou 195
    Speed 150          Speed 170
    Skill Pts 250      Skill Pts 1000
    Fitness  --------- Focus
    Musou 178          Musou 190
    Speed 130          Speed 160
    Skill Pts 150      Skill Pts 150
    --Note you do not have to unlock anything on the element branch, they
      are all initially available.
    --All Element Branches cost 200 skill points
    Kesa-giri    Ward       Element-Shot
    Blast        Torrent    Down-Slash
    Shock        Up-Slash   Rampage
    10. Stages and Paths
    Battle of Okehazama (Base Path):
      --Pretty simple and straightforward.  Kill the guards, then head North and,
        assist Hideyoshi by killing the named general and all his guards. Then
        proceed to eliminate all other generals, then kill Imagawa.  Note that
        depending on the order you complete the missions in Hanzo could show up
        in two different places.  One above the enemys main camp, or below it.
    Battle of Ise (Base Path) (Branching Point):
      --A complex mission, not difficult, but a bit of running around.  Start off
        by eliminating the 2 pilgrims closest to you.  Then protect Hideyoshi as
        he moves towards the center to set it on fire.  After its success and 
        Magoichi decides to surrender go into the main fortress and slay the head
        commander Shoukei.  After that either kill all the rebel groups or let them
        escape to win the mission, next.
    If you wish to move along Nobunagas(upper path) and get the "movie" ending, do
    the following in the Battle of Ise.  When the mission starts kill the rebels
    marked with a green dot.  You only need to do this until it says "Oda Army has
    the upper hand".  Afterwards protect Hideyoshi until he sets the fort on fire.
    When Magoichi decides to surrender with Shoukei, enter the main fort and slay
    Shoukei, you don't have to kill Magoichi.  Then when all the rebels decide to
    escape kill ALL of them.  That means every single green dot on the map you need
    to kill.  They have the name "Pilgrim" above their head.  If you did all this
    correctly you should go onto Nobunagas upper path.  I will continue the FAQ 
    from there and then goto the lower path.
    Battle of Nagashino(Upper Path)
      --Probably Nobunagas hardest mission on the upper path.  Start off by going
        to the South-East and occupying the supply depot.  Then rush back all the
        way North and help Mitsuhide defend the mountain by killing all the basic
        units around him.  Then do not allow the 2 generals to meet up by killing
        either one of them or better yet both.  Then kill Yukimura and the enemy 
        general will try to retreat.  Slay him and the mission is completed.
    Revolt at Honnouji(Upper Path)
      --Ah yes, the mission everyone on the message board hates.  But guess what?
        This time you are the escapee himself, praise the Lord right?  Start off by
        rescuing Oichi.  Lead her out and all is well.  Or you can let her die, but
        that would be mean.  Then go and grab you wife Noh.  However, she decides
        she hates you and defects to the enemies side.  So kill her of course, after
        all thats what true love is.  Then proceed out of Honnouji on the West side.
        Proceed towards the Southern part of the map and Nobunaga will tell Ranmaru
        that he cant protect him by himself.  Go join up with Ranmaru and then 
        proceed towards Mitsuhide and whip his butt.  Then get to the escape point
        and that takes care of that.
    Recovery of Azuchi Castle(Upper Path)
      --This is a 2 part mission.  The first part is in the field, the 2nd is in
        Azuchi castle.  The quickest way to get through her is proceed North and
        protect the fire unit while it sets your home ablaze.  Then kill all the
        generals in this area.  Protect the fire unit again and keep proceeding
        North.  Then head all the way West until you run into Keiji.  Kick his
        butt and protect the fire unit again.  Then head North/North-West until you
        run into Noh.  Slay your wife yet again and then finally meet up with 
        Mitsuhide and show him whos the boss.  Inside the castle.......well go up.
        Once you get to the top show Mitsuhide who the true Demon Lord is once and
        for all and congratulations your done with Nobunagas upper path.
    Battle of Nagashino(Lower Path)
      --Same as his upper path except this time Shingen Takeda is the leader.  So
        be extra careful and dont lose any missions otherwise your muskeeters will
        not fire correctly.
    Defense of Gifu Castle(Lower Path)
      --I hate this stage on Nobunagas side.  Dont ask me why I just think it takes
        too long.  Anyway, head south and secure the perimeter.  Then destroy the
        siege machine and occupy the castle.  Kenshin will head out from the East
        side of the map.  Get to him before Keiji does and he will disappear.  Then
        head to the bottom of the map and kill all the Defense Captains around the
        main enemy base and the gates will open.  Kill the two generals inside and
        Kenshin will appear near your base.  Rush back up and kill him before he
        enters your main base.
    Battle of Yamazaki(Lower Path)
      --This mission is a pain in the butt because for the most part of the mission
        you have no map visibility which makes it hard to find out where to go.  At
        the start try to kill the 3 generals surrounding Mt Ten-Oh.  Kill as many
        Gate Captains as you can along the way.  Yukimura will show up near the
        Mid-South part of the map.  Kill him and hes gone for good.  Then Magoichi
        will show up near the Mid-North part of the map.  Kill him and hes gone for
        good.  Ranmaru will then want to "persuade" Mitsuhide to come out.  Protect
        him as he head for Mitsuhides location near the Mid-Southern part of the
        map.  Once he arrives wait for Mitsuhide to come to his position and then
        kick his butt.  Hooray lower path completed.
    If anyone finds any tips/tricks or other info about the missions feel free
    to let me know.
    Musou :  -Musou Begins-
             -Musou Ends-
    True Musou:  -Musou Begins-
    	     -Musou Ends-
    	     "Return to Dust!"
    Stage Completion:  "Useless!"
    General Kill:  "All too easy!"
    Praising Oichi(when she achieves certain amount of kills or mission 
                  completion): "It appears you have some use to me."
    --If anyone finds some more that are unique, let me know.
    12. Mission Completion
    All missions complete, note that my guide just lists Nobunagas missions, if
    you wish to see how to unlock them view EChangs or the Left Wings mission 
    unlocking/completion guide.
    --The Battle of Okehazama--
      -- Attack the Imagawa Outpost
      -- Eliminate the enemies near the Zenshouji Fortress
      -- Attack the Imagawa main camp from the mountain pass
      -- Eliminate Hanzo Hattori!
      -- Eliminate Tadakatsu Honda!
      -- Eliminate all of Yoshimoto Imagawas generals!
      -- Defeat Yoshimoto Imagawas main generals!
      -- Prevent Hanzo Hattori from overtaking you
    --The Battle of Ise--
      -- Eliminate the fortress defense troops
      -- Protect Cannon unit until the cannon attack begins
      -- Protect and secure a path for the task force
      -- You failed to secure task force
      -- Take forts on all 4 sides
      -- Defeat the enemy commander
      -- Obliterate the Ikko Army
    --The Battle of Nagashino-- (Upper Path)
      -- Defend Mt. Chasu
      -- Occupy the enemy stronghold!
      -- Defeat 20 Naito soldiers
      -- Eliminate Yukimura Sanada
      -- Eliminate Katsuyori Takeda
      -- Eliminate Takeda Calvary
      -- Defend against Takeda advance
    --The Betrayel at Honnouji-- (Upper Path)
      -- Escape from Honnouji with Oichi
      -- Escape from Honnouji with Nouhime
      -- Escape from Honnouji with Ranmaru Mori
      -- Defeat Akechi Mitsuhide
    --Retaking of Azuchi Castle--(Upper Path)
      -- Assist the Oda fire attack unit
      -- Eliminate Magoichi Saika!
      -- Eliminate all enemies by the castle gates
      -- Assist the Oda fire attack unit(2nd time)
      -- Assist the Oda fire attack unit(3rd time)
      -- Assist Oichi and defeat Keiji Maeda
      -- Assist Ranmaru Mori and defeat Keiji Maeda
      -- Eliminate Keiji Maeda!
      -- Eliminate Nouhime
      -- Eliminate Nouhime (different conditions needed)
      -- Search for and eliminate Hanzo Hattori!
      -- Eliminate Magoichi Saika!
      -- Eliminate Noh!
      -- Eliminate Keiji Maeda!
    ------------------LOWER PATH------------------
    --The Battle of Nagashino--(Lower Path)
      -- Assist the Tokugawa by occupying the enemy stronghold.
      -- Join up with and assist Mitsuhide Akechi!
      -- Defeat either Masatoyo Naito or Masakage Yamagata!
      -- Eliminate Shingen Takeda
      -- Prevent Takeda Calvary from entering base
      -- Protect the musket unit until it can fire
    --Defense of Gifu Castle--(Lower Path)
      -- Destroy the siege ramp, and protect the west gate
      -- Take Sunomata Castle and defend the main gate
      -- Do not let Kenshin Uesugi near Keiji Maeda
      -- Defeat Keiji Maeda
      -- Do not let the spies escape!
      -- Occupy the Uesugi main camp!
      -- Do not allow the Uesugi army to enter Gifu Castle!
    --The Battle of Yamasaki--(Lower Path)
      -- Defeat the enemy officers anf surround the Mt. Ten-Oh
      -- Eliminate Magoichi Saika!
      -- Eliminate Yukimura Sanada!
      -- Go and assist the isolated Hideyoshi Hashiba!
      -- Prevent Kunoichi from joining with Yukimura Sanada
      -- Escort Ranmaru Rori to Mitsuhide Akechi's position!
      -- Use the fog to ambush Mitsuhide Akechi!
    If you find any errors feel free to email me
    13. Frequently Asked Questions
    This section will be updated as I receive more questions or see certain topics
    on the message board that need attention about Nobunaga.
    A: In this game yes he does.  While it may seem strange Nobunaga was not really
       evil.  While he had a very serious attitude and stern look he was a very 
       smart general.  His army was so strong partially because his troops believed 
       in him so much even though they feared him.  Nobunaga was actually very fond 
       of Western culture especially religion.  He was also very well educated and 
       he lived quite a long life for his time.  Be sure to visit 
       www.samurai-archives.com for more information.
    Q: Why did Nobunaga and Ranmaru have a gay/intimate relationship in real life?
       Thats just gross and horrifying.
    A: This question has been answered many times on the message board and their
       was even a topic started by an Owari descendant himself about it.  If you
       would like to know more visit the message board.
    Q: Nobunaga kicks major butt in this game!!!
    A: Yes I know, thats why I wrote this guide, to help you kick more butt with
    Q: You have something wrong in your guide!!! FIX IT!!!
    A: That is very possible.  Humans are prone to making mistakes as the human 
       mind is highly illogical as they say.  If you see something wrong or you 
       found an alternative route to an event feel free to email me at 
       However please be polite and also put something in the topic of the email
       such as "Samurai Warriors FAQ" so I can address it immediately.
    Q: I helped you out in your guide, dont I get credit?
    A: Of course, If you help me out by adding something that can possibly help
       future Nobunaga players then you most definately will be praised for your
       efforts in the credit section.
    14. Credits
    Many thanks to:
    --Gamefaqs for hosting this guide.
    --Samurai Archives for information about such an awesome topic.
    --Koei and W-Omega Force, and EA for making an awesome game.
    --Myself for writing this guide because they take time effort, and research.
    --Devren for grammar and content.
    --Nelstar and Keiji Maeda, as they are the ones whose guides and topics
      inspired me to write an FAQ.
    --Super Rad for finding some stupid mistakes on my part
    --Way too many people to name for help on Nobunagas 5th weapon, I must of had
      like 100 emails in my box at one time with people telling me different things.
      Thanks for all your help and testing.
    --And to all of you who read this!!!  After all, whats the point of a guide if 
      no one reads them.
    Copyright 2004, Shaun Danis
    --End of Guide-- 

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