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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Atracker

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/30/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Cabela's Dangerous Hunts Walkthrought and FAQ(PC, PS2 and X-BOX)
    Made by Fun Labs and Activision
    Walkthrough made by Atracker
    Version: 1.0
    E-mail: Bombardier_proxracer@hotmail.com
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
     Table of contents
     4-Hunting Stratergys
     6-quick hunt
     7-Career Mode
      A-Creating a profile
      C-Target Range
      F-So your done the game...now what?
     8-Action Zone
    1) Controls
     foreward	W
     backward	S
     Step Right	D
     Step Left	A
     Left 		Delete
     Right		PgDn
     Run		Left Shift
     Look up	Home
     Look down	End
     Crouch		C
     Fire		Mouse 1
     Reload		R
     Aim/Zoom	Mouse 2
     Firearm	1
     Defence	2
     windage +	RB Racket
     Windage -	LB Racket
     Track Search	T
     Use 		E
     Elevation +	.
     Elevation -	/
     Inventory	F1
     Vehicle Controls
     Accelerate 	up arrow
     brake/reverse	down arrow
     Steer Left	Left Arrow
     Steer Right	Right Arrow
     Horn		H
    2) HUD
     Tags: shows the tags you have.
     Compase: Shows direction also the blue that appears on some maps helps with 
     finding your vehicle or portal in action zone.
     Stamina Bar: Shows the energy your hunter has to run, if it runs out you wont
                  be able to run for some periode of time and your condition
     Health: Shows the avalable health you have. If it goes red or orange, you are 
             in real trouble. You lose health from animal attacks, falls, vehicle
             crashes and drowning. When all your health runs out, you must restart
             your hunt and/or challenge.
     Condition: How much avalable energy your hunter has, runs out if you run out of
                stamina for too long.
     Nutrition: How much nutrition you have, if you run out you must restart your
     Hydration: How hydrated your hunter is, as more of an affect in hotter areas 
                and your clothing.
     Wind Indicator: shows direction of wind witch helps in stalking game or can
                     blow a stalk.
     Ammo: Self explanitory.
     Stealh: How likely animals are to dictect you. 
    3) Items/Firearms
     a) Firearms
     270.Bolt Action Rifle
     Price: 350$
     Decent rifle for smaller animals such as deer, wolfs and coyotes because
     of its cheapness in price and desent range but its too weak of a rifle to 
     be reliable.
     7mm Mag Semi-Automatic Rifle
     Price: 900$
     Good all round rifle to use again'st almost any animal. It has good range,
     fast reload and shooting and so-so knock down power if your accurate.
     30-06 Lever action
     Price: 580$
     Another old classic the 30-06 is a good deer gun. It has a good rate of fire
     , power and can carry alot of shells but it has a very slow reload and
     limited range compared with most rifles.
     338. Magnum Bolt-Action Rifle
     Price: 714$
     This is as good as you'll get to a good all around gun. Has superbe range,
     power and accuratcy. The only thing its not good for taking down multiple
     targets because of its low rate of fire and slow reload.
     .358 Lever-Action Rifle
     Price: 910$
      This by far is the best dangerous animal rifle in the game whether your
      just hunting or in action zone. Fast rate of fire, knock-down power
      and good price makes it a good dangerous animal gun. Its draw backs
      are its slow reload and its not accurate at long distance.
     .416 Mag Bolt-Action Rifle
     Price: 1100$
     A good long range rifle, it excells in extreme ranges. While it has
     very good accuratcy and power, it has lots of recoil and low ammo
     capasity so shot straight.
     .460 Mag Bolt-Action Rifle
     Price: 1000$
     Similar to the 416 but with less accuratcy and more power. Unlike the
     .416 it has quite a drop over long ranges and is more affordable.
     .510 Mag Bolt-Action Rifle
     Price: 1300$
     Behold the biggest gun in the game! Its overkill for almost everything
     which makes it the perfect rhino and cape buffalo gun. It may have 
     extrem power but it has very slow reload, huge recoil and is the
     most expansive gun in the game.
     10GA Pump-Action
     Price: 450$
     The goose butcher is back with an attitude. The 10GA Pump can pretty 
     much pullverise everything with its fast rate of fire, power and accuratcy
     but you may want to put the slow reload into account.
     12GA Pump-Action
     Price: 329$
     The old classic deer shotgun, its mostly good for smaller animals 
     such as deer, duiker and coyotes. It has desent power and rate fire 
     but weaknesses are similar to the 10GA Pump.
     10GA Gas-Loaded Magnum Shotgun
     Price: 700$
     Similar to the Pump but with more power, accuratcy and faster rate
     of fire. Its weakness are similar just its less accurate at longer
     Recurve Bow
     Price: 175$
     The oldest of the bows, the recurve bow is the most challenging 
     weapon in the game to hunt with. Like all bows you only get 1
     shot, slow reload, expansive ammo and aimming for vital is manditory.
     Compound Bow
     Price: 300$
     Similar to the recurve but with pin sights which makes aiming alot
     easier and more power. Drawbacks are similar to the recurve.
     Price: 220$
     The king of all bows. It excels in power, range and it has a scope
     which helps aiming. Also it is faster at reloading.
     B) Defence
     .44 Mag Revolver
     Price: 750$
     Dirty Harrys old Handgun. It can take down any dangerous game with
     little to no problem. It has the knock down power, rate of fire,
     fast reload and minimal recoil however limited range keep this weapon
     .454 Revolver
     Price: 1200$
     Similar to the .44 with the exception of being more powerful and 
     better for long distance. It only drawback it that its pretty expansive.
     .45-70 Single-Action Revolver
     Price: 1500$
     The hand cannon of all handgun, it good agaist larger game such as
     cape buffalo and bears. While it has extreme power, rate of fire and
     range, it has lots of recoil, slow reload and is the most expansive
     gun in the game.
     5" Blade Knife
     Price: 30$
     The classic hunting knife every woodsman has, it is the fastest knife
     to use but its not very powerful and its range is severly limited.
     7" Blade Knife
     Price: 80$
     A bit bigger the five inch, it is alot better for dealing with most 
     animals. It gains more power but speed is a little slower.
     12" Blade Knife
     Price: 150$
     The big old machete is the most powerful knife. It has the power to 
     take down rhinos and cape buffalo but its very slow.
     C) Ammo
     .270 130gr 1.10$
     7mm 160gr 1.10$
         175gr 1.30$
     30-06 180gr 1.30$
           220gr 1.50$
     338 225gr 1.20$
         250gr 1.80$
     358 225gr 2.20$
         250gr 2.90$
     416 350gr 4$
         400gr 5$
     460 500gr 5.50$
     510 600gr 7$
     10GA Slug 1$
     12GA Slug 1$
     44 300gr 0.50$
     454 360gr 1.30$
     45-70 405gr 1.25$
     Wooden Arrow 5$
     Aluminum Arrow 3.80$
     Crossbow Bolt 5$
     D) Clothing
     Price: 170$
     Light Orange
     Price: 200$
     Price: 190$
     Medium Orange
     Price: 260$
     Price: 340$
     Heavy Orange
     Price: 400$
     Price: 380$
     Price: 440$
     E) Equipement
     Rattling Antlers
     Price: 22$
     Call that imitates buck/bulls fights, good to use for deer, elk and
     Grunt Call
     Price: 44$
     Call that attracts deer and pronghorn.
     Bleat Call
     Price: 15$
     Same as grunt call.
     Elk Call
     Price: 17$
     Used to attract elk.
     Moose Call
     Price: 23$
     Used to attract moose.
     Coyote Howler Call
     Price: 20$
     Used to attact coyotes and wolfs.
     Doe Estrus Scent
     Price: 8$
     Used to attract deer.
     Urine Scent
     Price: 5$
     Same as the estrus scent.
     Cover Scent
     Price: 5$
     Used to cover your scent, your most usful hunting equipement.
     Elk Bull/Cow Decoy
     Price: 120$
     Used to attract elk.
     Moose Bull/Cow Decoy
     Price: 120$
     Used to attract moose.
     Whitetail Buck/Doe Decoy
     Price: 120$
     Used to attract deer.
     Deer Feeder
     Price: 170$
     Used to attract horned/antlered game, very usful if you have a stand.
     Salt Lick
     Price: 40$
     Similar to deer feeder but cheeper.
     Fresh Meat
     Price: 30$
     Used to attract preditors.
     Tree Stand
     Price: 200$
     A portable stand that you can put on a tree. Very effective if you
     got a good tree, cover scent and attractents.
     Price: 200$
     An elevated stand that you can place in any flat ground that gives you a 
     good 180 field of view.
     Ground Blind
     Price: 59$
     A Stand on the ground which you have 360 of view.
     Price: 150$
     Something usful if your going to hunt for a while or if you wanna see the 
     areas what they look like at night.(trust me its pretty cool)
     Hydration Bladder
     Price: 20$
     Restores your hydration levels if it gets too low.
     Daily Rations
     Price: 20$
     Restores your nutrition levels if it gets too low.
     Self-Heating Meal
     Price: 20$
     Restores your condition levels if it gets too low.
     Medical Kit
     Price: 40$
     Restores health, very usful in many of the career challenges.
     Price: 20$
     Shows the layout, elevation and trails of the area.
     Price: 40$
     The most usful equipement of all. Shows the same as the map except
     it shows your current location and vehicles.
     Price for Rent: 20$
     The woodsmans vehicle. Its very usful to get to certain areas fast but it
     does  make alot of noise and scares game and its only avalable in 3 areas.
     Note that if your crash you vehicle around and flip, it will do you alot
     of damage.
     Price for rent: 20$
     Same as ATV except used during the winter.
    *Vehicles dont appear in challenges.
    4) Hunting Stratergys
     Spot and Stalk
     This is a methode used mostly for wide open areas. All it simply is is
     just spotting an animal and stalking up it by using the terrain and wind to
     your advantage to shotting range and then shooting it. This technique with a
     bow is considerably more challenging.
     Still Hunting
     This technique is mostly used in areas that your unfamiliar with or with
     dense cover. It envolves just walking or crawling slowly stopping every
     so often to spot or hear deer or other animals at the same time it also
     put you more at risk of being attacked so be prepared.
     Stand Hunting
     This hunting methode is one of the easiest to do. Just set up any stand 
     you want near where 2-3 trials met or a lake or pond.
     One of the oldest hunting techniques in history. Just simply find animal 
     tracks with the track search button key or the old fashioned way with the
     Once you've found a animals trail follow it sthealty and while keeping
     the wind in your face.
     *The track search can be used for more than just finding tracks it can
      also alert you to animals attacks, when it does it will be disabled
     Calling, decoying and scents
     Probably the best way for beigniers in this game to hunt. Call only
     sparingly has too much calling CAN spook animals as the same thing with
     using too much scents. When calling, decoying and scents are mixed together
     they are much more effective.
     Baiting is very very similar to decoying except your using food to stimulate
     an animal's hunger. This is a technique mostly used for bears and preditors
     with meat but also other animals with the salt lick.
    5) Hunting Regulations
     Much like in real life there are also regs in the game too except the offenses
     are not as severe. First charge you get a warning, second you get 200$ fine
     and third offense you get kicked out of the hunt. So heres whats illegal.
     -Shooting animals you dont have tags for(exception of self-defence)
     -Shooting animals you already tagged.(exception of self-defence)
     -Shooting from 50yards within inhabited buildings.
     -Shooting at evening or night
     -Killing animals with a vehicle
     -Killing/wounding animals and not tagging it
    6) Game Animals
     Bighorn Sheep
     Areas found: Pecos NM, Tuktu Nogait NWT and Foothills Alberta.
     Price of tag: 450$
     Danger: Low 
    	Will put its head down and charge if its cornerd.
     Black Bear
     Areas found: Foothills AB, Badlands AB, Mount Tremblent QB, Pend Orielle ID,
                  Red Forest NC, Bad River WC and Eastern Lowlands WS.
     Price of Tag: 225$
     Danger: High
            Will attack anytime they see/hear/smell you. They can do alot of
            damage on harder difficultys.
     Cape Buffalo
     Areas found: Dry River, Zimbabwe.
     Price of tag: 700$
     Danger: High
            Extremly aggressive, can do alot of damage if it plows right in to
            On harder difficultys it can kill you in 2-3 hits. Also most weapons 
            wont damage its thick head so aim for its body.
     Areas found: Tundra NWT and Guennela QB.
     Price of tag: 325$
     Danger: none
     Areas found: Eastern Lowlands Wi, Bad River Wi, Pecos Nm and Blackhills Co
     Price of tag: 50$
     Danger: high
            Relative weak but when in a pack of 2-3, they can be deadly as they
            are pretty fast.
     Dall Sheep
     Areas found: Peyto Lake, AK and Williams Lake, BC
     Price of tag: 425$
     Danger: low
            Only attacks when cornered and usally makes a funny goat noise
            before charging at you.
     Areas found: Masai
     Price of tag: 180$
     Danger: None
     Areas found: Pend Orielle Id, Pecos NM and Sierra Nevada NC.
     Price of tag: 350$
     Danger: none
     Areas found: Masai
     Price of tag: 870$
     Danger: Medium
            Attacks when you approch to closely but dosent usally runs off 
            after attacking.
     Grizzly Bear
     Areas found: Peyto Lake Ak, Badlands Ab and Kelowna BC.
     Price of tag: 500$
     Danger: (see black bear above)
     Areas found: Masai, Tanzania and Selous, Tanzania.
     Price of Tag: 200$
     Danger: High
           They attack similar to coyotes and wolfs except they do more
     Areas found: Dry River, Zimbabwee
     Price of Tag: 240$
     Danger: none
     Kodiac Bear
     Areas found: Kodiac, Ak
     Price of tag: 750$
     Danger: high
             (see Black Bear)
     Areas found: Selous, Tanzania and Nyanga Falls, Zimbabwee.
     Price of tag: 1200$
     Danger: None
     Areas found: Selous, Tanzania and Nyanga Falls, Zimbabwee.
     Price of tag: 2000$
     Danger: High
             Not only can they do alot of damage but they can leap on you,
             making them very diffult to shoot.
     Areas found: Kodiac, Ak and Kelowna BC.
     Price of Tag: 400$
     Danger: Medium
            Usally will only attack if you approche to close or disturb it.
            They do lots of damage but usally run away after attacking.
     Mountain Goat
     Areas found: Peyto Lake, Ak, Williams Lake Bc and Pend Oreille, Id.
     Price of tag: 300$
     Danger: low
             Attacks very very rarely.
     Mountain Lion
     Areas found: Mt Tremblent Qc, Grenwood Co, Hell's canyon, Blackhills Co
                  and Teen Canyon, NM.
     Price of tag: 300$
     Danger: high
             (see leapord above)
     Mule Deer
     Areas found: Glenwood Co
     Price of tag: 200$
     Danger: none
     Polar Bear
     Areas found: Tundra Nwt
     Price of tag: 1000$
     Danger: High
            (see black bear above)
     Areas found: Hells Canyon Id, Red Forest NC and Tean Canyon Nm.
     Price of tag: 200$
     Danger: Medium
            (see moose above)
     Areas found: Nyange Falls, Zimbabwee
     Price of tag: 2000$
     Danger: Very High
             The toughest animal in the game, not only can they take alot of hit
             but there are really fast and on higher difficultys can kill in 
             one hit.
     Whitetail Deer
     Areas found: Badlands Ab, Eastern Lowlands Wi, Sierra Nevada Nc and
     Glenwood Co,
                  Blackhills Co.
     Price of tag: 150$
     Danger: none
     Wild Boar
     Areas found: Red Forest Nc and Tean Canyon Nm.
     Price of tag: 100$
     Danger: High
            Attacks usally by charging at you, there very slow so there
            pretty easy avoid.
     Areas found: Kodiac Ak, Williams Lake Bc and Guennula Qc.
     Price of tag: 100$
     Danger: High
            (see coyote above)
    6) Quick Hunt
     Quick hunt is very simply a mode were you go in to get a quick kill, its
     recomended that you familarize yourself with the controls before starting
     career mode. In  quick hunt you gear can automactilly be equiped but your
     only allowed one animal and high scores here wont save.
    7) Career Mode
     A) Creating a profile
     Creating a profile is very similar to the other cabelas(or any other hunting
     game for that matter) as you choose your character model, appearance, name
     and diffculty but a new feature is skill points. 
     Skill points: there 5 catagories they apply to which are Strength, Resilience,
                   stealth, tracking and shooting that you add or substract points
                   for your caracter.
                   Strength: This is how much weigth can your hunter carry. This
                             skill increases naturally after almost every hunt.
                   Resilience: It is very simiply your stamina or how far can
                               your hunter run before pooching out. This skill
                               increases naturally...but very slowly and if you
                               tire out to often on a hunt, this stat goes down.
                   Shooting: This is the skill thats helps with accuraty, 
                             steadiness of scope, recoil and reload speed. It
                             increases after every kill you make.
                   Stealth: How easiely can animals detect you. The higher this 
                            skill is, the less spooked animals will be. Increases
                            after every stealthy kill you make.
                   Tracking: The range of your track search. Increases after every
                             time you find tracks.
     B) Difficultys
      Easy: This mode is peaple that are new to the game. Animals are less wary of
            your presence, you start off with alot of money, animal attacks are 
            relatively weak and many of the help features are on such as trophy
            beacon, auto-claim, bullet cam and auto-reload.
            Trophy beacon: helps you locate animals by showing a red dot.
            Auto-claim: as soon as you shoot an animal, you dont have to walk up
                        to it to claim it.
            Bullet Cam: Shows a camera view of your bullet flying.
            Auto-Reload: automactically reloads your gun when its out of ammo. 
     Medium: This difficulty is for more experienced players. Animals are more
             wary, you have less money, animal attacks do some respectable
             damage, track search range and time is reduced and the only help
             aids you get are bullet cam and auto-claim.
     Hard: This difficulty is for expert hunters. Animals are really wary, you 
           have alot less money(just engouf to buy the cheapest gun and camo)
           , animal attacks are crippling, track search is sevraly limited and
           you have no help aids what so ever.
     C) Target Range
     Theres 2 types of target ranges you can use to sight in your weapons, the
     indoor range to test the drop of the bullet and the outdoor to test the
     wind drift affect. The indoor range has a max yardage of 50m while the
     outdoor has a max range of 110m. Its important to sight in your weapon 
     and get familar with it before going out on any hunt.
     D) Charters
     Seasons: Spring and summer
     How to unlock: complete 20 challenges and get 8 single shot kills
      Legal animals: (spring) wolf and black bear
                     (summer) whitetail deer, wolf and black bear.
      Description: Very characteristic of parkland habitat, mostly open grassy
                   areas with brush and scaterred trees. The terrian is really
                   uneven for most of the area. Theres a stream that runs around
                   the whole area.
      Legal animals: (spring) black bear and brown bear
                     (summer) black bear, brown bear and bighorn sheep.
      Description: The area is extremly rugged with many small ponds and swamps.
                   Most of the areas vegetation is tall grass with many shrubs
                   and scattered evergreens.
     Seasons: summer and winter
     How to unlock: complete 8 challenges, take 8 trophies and have your
                    accuratecy over 20%.
      Legal animals: (both seasons) wolf, kodiac bear and moose.
      Description: While some places are open, most of the area is pretty 
                   dense with conifers and brush. Theres a u-shaped stream thats 
                   found North. Most of the terrian is rugged.
      Cool Stuff: The abandoned highway near your start point.
      Peyto Lake
      Legal Animals: (summer) dall sheep, mountain goat and grizzly bear.
                     (winter) mountain goat and grizzly bear.
      Description: Varied area. Open, grassy clearings with brush and some dense
                   forest, mostly conifers. Terrain is mostly mountainious. There
                   is a lake and stream South and a large inaccessible lake
      Cool Stuff: The lake and stream South will be frozen solid in the winter.
     British Columbia
     Seasons: Spring and Fall
     How to unlock: Complete 4 challenges, take 4 trophies and 4 singleshot
      Williams Lake
      Legal Animals: (spring) wolf
                     (fall) dall sheep, mountain goat and wolf.
      Description: Relatively mixed terrain, flat at most places and very
                   hilly in others. Vegetion is mostly really dense brush
                   with some trees. Theres a huge lake in middle of the area.
      Cool Stuff: Theres a cave to the Northeast and some glaciers in the fall.
      Legal Animals: (spring) grizzly bear
                     (fall) moose and grizzly bear
      Description: Mostly swampy near the rivers and ponds, brushy trails,
                   conifer trees and very tall grass in some parts. Terrain
                   is mostly flat but pretty hilly in some areas.
      Cool Stuff: This is one of the maps with the least boundries.
     Seasons: Fall and winter
     How to unlock: take 4 trophies.
      Legal animals: (both seasons) mule deer, whitetail deer and mountain
      Description: Classic rocky mountain country. Mountainious rugged 
                   terrain with lots of grasses and brush and conifer forest.
                   Theres a river that runs through most of the area.
      Cool Stuff: One of the few areas that has vehicles.(ATV in fall and
                  sled in the winter)
      Legal animals: (both seasons) whitetail deer, coyote and mountain lion.
      Description: Rolling prairie area. Lots of open grassy areas with 
                   treed hilltops.
     Seasons: Summer and Fall 
     How to unlock: take 4 trophies and completed 4 challenges.
      Hell's Canyon
      Legal Animals: (both seasons) pronghorn and mountain lion.
      Description: Desert area with really rugged terrain. Vegetation is 
                   mostly grasses and brush. Theres a river that runs through
                   the map.
      Cool stuff: The fissures in the south part. Just be careful not to fall in
      Pend Oreille
      Legal Animals: (both seasons) black bear, mountain goat and elk.
      Description: Really dense forest of conifers and thick brush with lots of
                   ferns and tall grasses.(makes bear hunting with a bow alot of
                   Terrain is mostly rolling with some ridges. Theres a lake in the
                   south-center of the map.
     Northern California
     Seasons: Summer and fall
     How to unlock: Default
      Red Forest
      Legal animals: (both seasons) pronghorn, black bear and wild boar.
      Description: Open mixed forest like area with lots of undergrowth, fallen
                   trees and rocks. Terrain is pretty hilly with some depressions
                   in the ground. Theres a very small pond in the center of the
      Sierra Nevada
      Legal Animals: (both seasons) whitetail deer, elk and mountain lion.
      Description: Mountainious conifer forest with lots of dense brush. Theres 
                   about 6 lakes in the area with most of them being in the center
                   of the area.
     New Mexico
     Seasons: summer and winter
     How to unlock: complete 12 challenges, take 10 trophies, accuratcy over 30%,
                    and take 1 of each kind of bear.(4 in total; black, grizzly,
                    kodiac and polar bears)
      Teen Canyon
      Legal animals: (both seasons) mountain lion, wild boar and pronghorn
      Description: Dry mountain area with lots of brush, grasses and some 
                   scattered trees. This area has lots of rock ridges and rugged
                   terrain. Theres 2 lakes in this area, both are found East.
      Cool Stuff: Theres lots of cave systems and crevises throughout the area.
      Legal Animals: (summer) coyote and elk
                     (winter) bighorn sheep, coyote and elk.
      Description: The area consists of mostly mountainous conifer forest witha
                   few hardwoods and lots of ferns and thick brush along the
                   stream and clearings. Theres a river that flows to a huge
                   lake NorthWest and a pond NorthEast.
      Cool Stuff: The waterfall where you cross the bridge.
     Northwest Territories
     Seasons: Spring and Fall
     How to unlock: complete 26 challenges including More Bear or Northern Strike,
                    and accuratcy up to 45%.
      Legal Animals: (both seasons) cariboo and polar bear.
      Description: Typical artic tundra. Lots of grass, mosses and brush with some
                   stunted trees. Theres a large river that runs through the
                   eastern part of the map and 3 small ponds.
      Tuktu Nogait
      Legal Animals: (spring) wolf and grizzly bear
                     (fall) bighorn sheep, wolf and grizzly bear.
      Description: Mostly open area with lots of grasses and brush with some
                   small trees and also very rugged terrain. Theres a large
                   river that flows accross the map.
     Seasons: spring and fall
     How to unlock: complete 24 challenges, take 16 trophies and accuratcy up to
                    40% or higher.
      Mont Tremblant
      Legal Animals: (spring) mountain lion and black bear.
                     (fall) moose, black bear and mountain lion.
      Description: Mostly mountain area with vast evergreen forest with little 
                   undergrowth such as ferns and grasses. Theres a river that runs 
                   through the western part of the maps.
      Cool Stuff: Theres a lodge in the SouthEast 
                  Old moose carcass on the other side of the bridge.
      Legal Animals: (both seasons) cariboo and wolf.
      Description: Very open forest area with rolling hilly terrain. Theres a river
      Cool Stuff: One of the few areas that has an ATV.
     Seasons: summer and winter
     How to unlock: complete 40 challenges including Rhino and Longhorn.
      Legal Animals: (both seasons) hyenas, gemsbok and duiker
      Description: Flat, tall grass area with lots of brush and some trees. Theres
                   lots of logs and rock scattered everywhere. Theres a large river
                   that flows through the eastern half.
      Legal Animals: (both seasons) hyenas, leopard and kudu.
      Description: Similar in alot of ways to Masai except for the large rock
                   outcropping in center of the area and the three large ponds
     Seasons: Spring and summer
     How to unlock: complete 30 challenges including Little Gems, Wolf Trap and
                    Leopard Huntin.
      Dry River
      Legal Animals: (both seasons) Cape Buffalo, impala and zebra.
      Description: Tall grass savana like area with a few huge trees and 
                   brushy areas. Terrain is rolling with lots of depressions.
                   Theres 3 ponds scattered thought the area.
      Nyanga Falls
      Legal Animals: (both seasons) Rhino, leopard and kudu
      Description: Rugged savana area with lots of trees, brush and grass. Theres
                   a river that flows through most of the area.
     Seasons: Fall and Winter
     How to unlock: take 8 trophies and accuratcy up to 35%
      Bad River
      Legal Animals: (both seasons) whitetail deer, coyote and black bear.
      Description: Mountainious area, mostly open with some trees and lots of
                   brush. A river runs thought most of the area.
      Eastern Lowlands
      Legal Animals: (both seasons) whitetail deer, coyote and black bear.
      Description: Old clearcut like area. Mostly open and flat but for the 
                   most part, very thick brush. Theres 2 small lakes.
      Cool Stuff: Has vehicles in it and is the most fun map to cruise around
                  in em. Have fun running over deer and coyotes.=P 
     E) Challenges
     i) Season: Summer
     1) Close up kill
     Location: Kodiac, Alaska
     Objective: Take 1 Kodiac Bear from less than 50 yards
     How to unlock: default
     Other Animals: wolfs(2) and a moose
     Difficulty: *
     Ready for your first challenge? Ok well this is an easy one. Just simply
     go around and kill a kodiac bear. Getting a shot over 50 yards in this map
     is not is easy so dont worry about a far shot. Just get a gun with engouf
     knock down power and your good to go.
     2) Intruder
     Location: Pecos, New Mexico
     Objective: Take 1 mountain lion with a handgun
     How to unlock: Take 1 animal within an hour and take 1 coyote
     Other Animals: coyotes(3) and a bighorn sheep
     Difficulty: **
     Hunting mountain lion is the same as hunting any other dangerous carnivore
     but here in Pecos, NM its really thick in some places. While the thick
     brush aint an issue on easier difficultys, on hard its pain to see whats
     after you. Using your track search often in this mission is a big help
     espically since its not just the lion thats hunting you. 
     3) Player's Bait
     Location: Sierra Nevada, Northern California
     Objective: Take 1 whitetail deer in mountain lion country
     How to unlock: Take 4 animals including 1 whitetail deer
     Other Animals: 1 mountain lion
     If you got a good set clothes on (i highly recomended the lightest
     clothing, perferably camo) you better be ready to cover alot of ground,
     espaicially on an area like Sierra Nevada. Because this area is so big 
     and theres so many paths, your track search is gonna be your most useful
     tool to find the whitetail deer. Calls and other attractents work but 
     your better off tracking. Also when stalking a deer here keep a close eye
     on your surroundings as whitetails are tough to spot the dense bush. 
     Something else you may wanna watch out for is the mountain lion which is
     also hunting the same deer as you, you may wanna take it out as fast as
     possible so it dont make restart this long and tiring mission.
     4) Get them all
     Location: Peyto Lake, Alaska
     Objective: Take 1 mountain goat and 1 dall sheep
     How to unlock: Take 1 black bear
     Other Animals: 1 grizzly
     If you tough the last mission was hard, try hunting 2 animals
     that cant even be called in. Your first priority here is to take 
     out that Grizz before it kills your game. Once your done that, you
     can hunt the sheep and the goat without worrying about it getting
     killed by some bear. Hunting mountain goat and dall sheep is harder
     most animals. Because Peyto Lake has lots of dense brush and lots of
     trees your bet here is to either track or concel yourself with a 
     blind or stand near the lake where 4 trails intersept. The dall sheep
     and mountain goat are both very white in color and therefore very 
     easy to spot at a long ways off, must easier than spotting a dang
     deer in the bush and shadows like the last mission.
     5) Choises
     Location: Pend Oreille, Idaho
     Objective: Take 1 elk or 1 mountain goat with a bow.
     How to unlock: Complete 8 challenges
     Other Animals: 1 black bear
     A good change of pace from the last misson, this time you get to
     chose what animal you wanna hunt..but you gotta use a bow. Bows
     are'nt that hard to use, you just gotta get a lil closer to animals
     than you normally would and you've got a slow reload. To shoot
     a compound bow(or recurve if your that intense) u have to draw 
     first b4 you shoot. You have quite choise on which animal you
     want to hunt. The elk is much easier to hunt because you could
     call or decoy it in easily but its hard to spot in a thick area
     like this. The mountain goat is tougher in a way because you cant
     attract it in with anything but it stands out like a sore thumb.
     6) Path of blood
     Location: Teen Canyon
     Objective: Take the wounded mountain lion.
     How to unlock: take 4 animals, 1 mountain goat over 200 pounds
                    and 1 pronghorn over 120 pounds.
     Other animals: wild boar(2) and pronghorn(2).
     Difficulty: **
     Yickes thats one nasty looking wound! Even if its wounded
     it still behaves like a normal mountain lion so theres no
     blood trail to follow or time limit b4 it dies. But what you do
     have to worry about is the wilds boars who will kill it.(boars 
     alwase own cougars in fights) If you got a good stamina stat
     and light clothing, this wont be a problem. Even if u dont u just 
     need a shotgun or some other fast firing weapon to take out boars or
     aggressive antelopes or even the mountain lion it self. The cave
     shortcut helps big time.
     7) One shot one tail
     Location: Parkland, Alberta
     Objective: Take 1 whitetail deer with a single shot from a bow.
     How to unlock: take 6 animals
     Other animals: wolfs(2) and 1 black bear  
     Difficulty: ***
     If your already good with bow hunting, you should have no trouble
     with this mission. If your still new at it, it aint that hard. Key 
     to beating this mission, get as close to the deer as possible and 
     try to get a still shot. Your best hunt stratergy here is the call/decoy
     it in, you could still spot and stalk or track since the area aint to
     thick. If u wanna drop the deer or any other animal, aim for the head or
     chest to drop ot instatly. Any bow will do, just bring good camo(forest
     camo recomended) and extra arrows to deal with the wolfs and the bear.
     8) Messanger of mercy
     Location: Sierra Nevada, Northern California
     Objective: Take the wounded elk
     How to unlock: take 11 animals
     Other animals: coy*ote(2) and 1 whitetail deer
     Difficulty: **
     Wow! Someown messed up there shot big time! Well time to put this
     elk out of its missery. This mission is very similar to the previous
     mission where you had to hunt a whitetail so basically use the same 
     hunting stratergys except with elk calls and decoys. There is some
     coyotes but they dont pose much of a threat to the elk. Dont be too
     surprissed if the elk dont have any antlers, its a glitch in the game.
     9) Tainted diner
     Location: Hell's Canyon, Idaho
     Objective: ;.Take 1 pronghorn then use it as bait for 2 mountain lions.
     How to unlock: Must have at least 16 trophies, 6 single shot kills with
                    1 taken over 100 yards.
     Other Animals: 1 pronghorn and mountain lions(2, spawn after u take the 
     Difficulty: ***
     My fav type of hunt! Baiting hunts are simply have to take down an
     herbavor such as pronghorn and then u use its meat to bait some preditors.
     The pronghorn here are much easier to hunt than in the Teen Canyon, as 
     its far more open and theres plenty of funels and bottlenecks. Easiest way to
     hunt the pronghorn here is to wait by the water hole with a blind or if 
     you dont like waiting around just spot & stalk. Make sure u have light 
     clthing and water as ur hydration and stamina will go down pretty fast. The
     mountain lions can be hunted the same way ur use to hunting them just that
     they're easier to spot in the wide open canyons of this area. Another good 
     stratergy to hunt the mountain lions is too set up the meat bait near the
     waterhole and setting up a blind far off.
     10)  Last Stand
     Location: Pend Oreille, Idaho
     Objective: Take the wounded, very aggressive black bear.
     How to unlock: accuratcy of at least 20%, taken 8 trophies with a single
                    shot kills and taken 1 trophy of over 1000 Ibs.
     Other Animals: 1 elk, 1 mountain goat and 1 black bear.
     Difficulty: * 
     Just when i though the last hunter's shot was worse... This is a much
     easyier hunt than it seems. Its just that it takes a long time to find 
     the bear in this dense forest area. Your best bet here is to track it
     down. U can still call or bait but its not recomended since this area is
     fairly large. As for gear you dont need anything special other than a
     shotgun or handgun to down the bear in close quarters.
     11) Help on the way
     Location: Masai, Tanzania
     Objective: Find the lost hunter
     how to unlock: Taken 10 trophies, 2 kills with the shotgun and 7 charters open.
     Other Animals: (4-5) Hyenas
     Difficulty: *
     Wow who knew that we had to do some search & rescue work in this game. This
     is not hard to do, just find the hunter and  presto your done the mission.
     The only problem is actually finding the hunter and no to mention the many
     hyeanas  looking for you. Make sure u bring light clothing, med pack and
     automactic weapon such as the 12ga or 44 mag. The hunter will be sitting
     on a rock near the large tree, he'll be in grey blue camo just sitting
     12) Longhorn
     Location: Selous, Tanzania
     Objective: Take the kudu with the long horns
     How to unlock: Accuratcy over 20%, taken 14 trophies and beaten
                    28 challenges.
     Other animals: 1 leopard and 3 kudu.
     Difficulty: ****
     Trophy hunting in Africa at its finest! If u where fimilar with the "King" 
     misson you should pretty much know how to find and remember the biggest kudu
     without much trouble and kudu are way easier to field judge than cariboo or
     whitetails. Because this area is very open and has lots of hills and very tall
     grass, a tripod stand here is a must and same goes for optics(spotting scope or
     1-10x will do)! Main way to hunt kudu here is either to stand hunt or spot &
     stalk. There not that difficult to spot since there gray/purple coats and
     tall horns stand out. Because actually hunting ur gonna want to take out
     that hungrey leopard. Any long range rifle will do.
     13) Leopard Huntin
     Location: Nyanga Fall, Zimbabwee
     Objective: Take 1 kudu, then take 2 leopards.
     How to unlock: accuratcy over 20%, taken 14 trophys, 8 charters open and
                    beaten 35 challenges.
     Other Animals: 1 kudu and 2 leopards(spawn after u kill the kudu)
     Difficulty: **** 
     This mission is very similar to the previous mission where u had to kill a 
     pronghorn and then kill 2 mountain lions...but your in Africa! Kudu are more
     challenging to hunt most other animals because they blend in good with their 
     surroundings, dont respond to attractents and they're fast. Best way to hunt
     kudu here is to track them. After you bag the kudu, the leopards wont be much 
     of an issue. Hunting leopards is mostly done by baiting, or if your brave
     enough you can track them too. Another tip when hunting leopards, use your
     track search often as they're hard to spot. The special equipement you need
     here is a med pack if you get attacked, leapords do more damage then mountian
     lions fyi.
     14) Suicide
     Location: Nyanga Falls, Zimbabwee
     Objective: Take 1 Rhino with a bow.
     How to unlock: complete all challenges and unlock all charters.
     Other Animals: leopards(4) and Rhyno(2).
     Difficulty: *****
     The last and final mission! What a way to finish the campaigne by killing a
     8-9 tonned, armoured and angrey animal armed with a massive horn with only
     a bow! This is the toughest mission in a sence because Rhinos take aaalot of
     hits with a bow  and they can kill you in 1 hit. Best way to get a stealthy
     kill on a rhino is to either still hunt or spot and stalk. Remember that shots
     to the head/neck have almost no effet on the beast so aim behind the shoulder.
     If the rhyno dosent drop shot it agian b4 it has the chance to charges at you.
     For gear the main thing i recomend is medium camo and as many first aid kits as
     possible. For bows bring a crossbow, its powerful, fast and easy to use. Make
     sure to bring lots of arrows too as theres many leapords on this hunt.
    ii) Autumn
     1) Moosing Around
     Location: Kelowna, BC
     Objective: Take 1 moose
     How to unlock: Taken 2 trophies
     Other Animals: 1 Grizzly bear and 2 Mooses
     Difficulty: **
     This is one of my favorite missions in this game! Gotta love being in Kelowna
     when its fall! Moose hunting is similar to elk hunting in so many ways except
     that they will attack if angered. The main way to hunt moose in this area much
     like elk is to call or decoy them in, track them or still hunt. Moose are 
     pretty big animals so u need a big rifle, the smallest gun id go with a 338. 
     As for anything else u might wanna bring a med pack or handgun just in case but
     thats it.
     2) Bait
     Location: Williams Lake, BC
     Objective: Take 1 Dall Sheep, then use as bait and take 4 wolfs.
     How to unlock: COmplete 1 challenge.
     Other Animals: 1 Dall Sheep and 4 Wolfs(appear after u kill the sheep)
     Difficulty: ***
     I hope you got a good a set of boots cuz this is gonna be a long one. Since
     you probably already hunted dall sheep in this game u kinda know what to expect
     but here in BC in even tougher cuz the dense brush hides the sheep pretty good.
     Because the of the dense brush you'll have to hunt it driffrently. Best way to
     hunt it is to Stand Hunt with a blind or tripod where 2 or more trails met.
     If your intence, you can alwase track or still hunt for it. Once u nail down
     the sheep the wolfs are'nt much of a problem, if u have a semi/pump/revolver
     action weapon with u and a health pack. Easiest way to hunt wolfs is too bait
     or call them in since the brush here is very dense. The wolfs will often
     be a pack so be ready if you encounter them. Most important thing to 
     bring here is forest camo, you'll be stealthyer than Silver Snake with
     it and health pack if u dont have a fast shooting weapon.
     3) Peacemaker
     Location: Hell's Canyon, Idaho
     Objective: Take 1 mountain lion with a handgun.
     How to unlock: Must have taken 1 animal in less than an hour and taken an elk
                    that scores more than 158.
     Other Animals: Pronghorn(2) and 1 mountain lion
     Similaritys, similaritys. This mission is identical to the intruder mission
     except that instade hunting in a dense mountain area, your now in the desert
     canyons of idaho. In some ways this mission is easyer because its not as dense
     as the other area but the lions can be tough to spot so moving slow is your
     best option here. Best way to hunt that lion here is to spot & stalk or track
     it. You dont need much important gear here other than your handgun(any will
     4) Stubborn
     Location: Red forest, Northern California
     Objective: Take 1 wild boar with a shotgun
     How to unlock: taken 4 trophies as single shot kills and 1 grizzly bear.
     Other Animals: 1 black bear, 1 pronghorn and (2) wild boars.
     Difficulty: *
     Blasting a berserk pig seems fun aint it? Well grab your birdgun cough
     shotgun and go hunting. Wild boar aint hard to hunt because there slow
     , stand out like a sore thumb and are aggressive. Still hunting and 
     tracking will be your best technics here in this open forest area. Any
     shotgun will do.
     5) Grizzly nearby
     Location: Kelowna, BC
     Objective: Take 1 grizzly bear from under 30 yards.
     How to unlock: Taken 5 trophies.
     Other animals: (2) moose and 1 grizzly
     Difficulty: *
     Grizzly bears at close range..hmmm makes me feel like Grizzly Adams. Ok
     well grizzly aint much driffrent to hunt than black bears, just that they're
     bigger. Getting a Grizz under 30 yards aint hard in an area like this. Just 
     call/bait or track or stalk like u would with black bears...just bring a 
     bigger gun cuz grizzlys can take quite a bit of punishment, any rifle
     bigger than the 338 would do fine. Also u may wanna bring a health pack
     just in case you just randomly get attacked by a moose.
     6) Great Moose
     Location: Eastern Lowlands, Wisconsin
     Objective: Take the impresive moose
     How to unlock: Taken 6 trophies and 5 one shot kills.
     Other Animals: 1 black bear, 3-4 coyotes and 1 moose
     Difficulty: ****
     Now heres a moose that rivals the Rackman's new World record! If your
     familar engouf with moose hunting, this is gonna be your toughest moose
     hunt yet. One word of advice...bring calls or decoys, u WILL need them, 
     trust me. Eastern Lowlans is a tough area to hunt because its very, very
     brushy area with lots of tall grass and many parts of the area are so
     dense you cant even see more than 5 feet ahead but not only that you'll
     a couple coyotes and a black bear to deal with on your hunt. Your best 
     technic like i mentioned above is to use calls and decoys but using a
     stand such as a blind or tripod in a opening, meadow or on a lake shore
     will be your odds of getting that bull. Another good stratergy is
     to track it, if u do use a handgun or shotgun, it will help with
     any bears or coyotes that want u for lunch. For gear i already mentioned
     a few things above, the most important thing too is Forest Camo and a
     med pack if your playing on hard. Good luck taking down that moose, it
     will surely be on your high scores.
     7) Lion Bait
     Location: Glenwood, Colorado
     Objective: Take 1 mule deer and then lure 1 mountain lion.
     How to unlock: 6 single shot kills.
     Other Animals: none other than the objective ones
     Difficulty: ***
     Theres something about hunting mule deer in the rocky mountains of
     colorado that makes it nostaliga! Dont get too distract by beautiful
     sceenery we got muleys to hunt. Mule deer are almost same to hunt as
     whitetails except that they blend in a bit more and there bigger. 
     The call/scent/decoy combo alwase works, tracking, still hunting
     and stand hunting are good techniques for this area since its
     pretty varied. After killing the mule deer, either bait an area
     or track the mountain lion like you normally would. Very similar
     to some of the previous lion baiting missions except u get to hunt
     a new animal.  
     8) More bear
     Location: Pend Oreille, Idaho
     Objective: Take 3 black bears
     How to unlock: Taken 8 trophies and a moose with a score over 200
     Other Animals: 1 mountain goat, 1 elk and 3 black bears.
     Difficulty: **
     Bears, bears and more bears. U should get the drill by now. Here
     use calls/bait, stand hunt or track to hunt these black bears. This
     is the same as any other black bear or any bear hunt for that matter
     except u got 3 bears. Close range weapons will do in this densly
     forested area. U dont need any other special gear other than Forest
     camo(which u should alwase be wearing in the fall) and a med pack
     for hard difficulty.
     9) Wolf Country
     Location: Guennela, Quebec 
     Objective: Take the wounded moose.
     How to unlock: Taken 1 trophy that scores over 210 or more.
     Other animals: 4 wolfs and 1 moose
     Difficulty: **
     Gotta love moose hunting in good ol Quebec! If done the mission where
     you had to hunt a wounded elk u should'nt be surprised that the moose 
     dosent have antlers.(its a glitch) Because this area is very open and
     you can see far, the best way to hunt that moose is too spot & stalk. 
     The moose is pretty easy to hunt just all the wolfs you'll be dealing
     can be a pain. A handgun or shotgun will fix that problem in a hurry.
     No special gear needed, well maybe a tripod but thats it.
     10) One boar
     Location: Red forest, Northern California
     Objective: take one wild boar before nightfall.
     How to unlock: Taken 1 trophy with a knife.
     Other Animals: 2 wild boar, 1 pronghorn and 1 black bear.
     Difficuty: *
     Same old, same old. Extremly similar to the "Stuborn" mission
     just that you can use any firearm u want and u gotta kill the 
     wild boar before nightfall. This is pretty easy, unless your hunting
     in a stand so spot & stalk, tracking and still hunting is the way to
     11) Rescuer
     Location: Bad River, Wisconsin
     Objective: Find the missing hunter
     How to unlock: taken 14 trophys, 5 charters open and 15 challenges 
     Other Animals: 3 coyotes, 1 black bear and 1 whitetail deer
     Difficulty: **
     Man do i ever love finding missing people espacially when they
     have camo and are found in not so obious areas. Okk well since were
     gonna be doing some search & rescue be sure to bring lots of ammo
     and a few med packs. To find our lost hunter cross the bridge from
     the starting point and follow the river Right, it will eventually
     lead into a path to the Left. Once there you will see him sitting down
     near a large rock. Hope this saves you the trouble of finding him.
    iii) Winter
     1) Chain Hunt
     Location: Glenwood, Colorado
     Objective: Take 1 whitetail deer and 1 mule deer b4 nightfall.
     How to unlock: take 1 trophie with a single shot kill
     Other Animals: 1 mountain lion, 1 mule deer and 2 whitetail deer
     Difficulty: ****
     This is one for hardcore deer hunters! Its pretty tough for one of
     the few first missions ill tell u that! First before hunting the deer
     your gonna wanna take out the mountain lion to save you annoyances of 
     getting your deer killed and having to restart the mission. Onces thats
     done, theres many ways to hunt them. The bests ways i know for this area
     is to set up a stand where 2-3 trails met and use calls and decoys. Tracking
     is also a good technic in this area too, same with spot & stalk in the more
     open areas. U dont need much special gear, just winter camo and your calls.
     2) Wolfs Trio
     Location: Kodiac, Alaska
     Objective: Take 3 wolfs
     How to unlock: completed 2 challenges and taken 1 trophie at over 75 yards.
     Other animals: 1 kodiac bear, 1 moose and 3 wolfs
     Difficulty: **
     Finally something new to hunt! Wolfs are pretty fun to hunt if you dont 
     mind shooting more than 1 attacking animal at a time. The main way to hunt
     them in the dense forest of Kodiac is too either call/bait them in or
     track them or if your brave, still hunting. Be sure to bring a big gun 
     just in case the moose turns ugly. The gear you will need is any fast 
     firing gun to deal with wolf packs.
     3) Northern Strike
     Location: Kodiac, Alaska
     Objective: Take 1 kodiac bear with a single shot of a rifle.
     How to unlock: Take 1 black bear
     Other Animals: 3 wolfs, 1 moose and 1 kodiac bear
     Difficulty: **
     Boom Headshot!!! Ready to hunt some bear FPSDoug style? Alright well
     u should already be very experienced in bear hunting. Bait/call, and track,
     got it? The only difference is that Kodiac bears take more hits than Black,
     Grizz or Polar bears so bringing a big caliber rifle is a exellent choise.
     Anything over 338 will do for this mission. Because u gotta kill the bear
     in one shot, only aim for the head and shot when its close to get an easy
     one shot kill. BOOOM HEADSHOT!!!
     4) Boar against time
     Location: Teen Canyon, New Mexico
     Objective: Take 3 wild boars before nightfall
     How to unlock: Taken 4 trophies and accuratcy above 35%
     Other Animals: 1 mountain lion, 1 pronghorn and 3 wild boars.
     Difficulty: **
     Well aint this something...snow in New Mexico!=0 Learn something everyday.
     This mission is veryyyyyy similar to the "One boar" mission. Hunt the boars
     like u normally would, spot & stalk would be your best stratergy since the
     pigs stand out like a sore thumb in the snow. Remember to take out the 
     mountain lion before it takes out any pigs and u should have no trouble
     beating this mission. The only gear i recomend is a rifle because this area
     is fairly open and long shots are very possible.
     5) Ambush
     Location: Pecos, New Mexico
     Objective: Take 1 elk than use it to bait 3 coyotes.
     How to unlock: 3 charters open
     Other Animals: none other the objective animals
     Difficulty: ***
     Man that sceenery in Pecos in the winter is pretty beautiful aint it?
     I hope brough good boots cuz where gonna treck through this winter 
     wonderland for elk and coyotes. Because of all the snow, tracking and
     spot and stalk is the best way to hunt for elk in this area. Once u doned
     your elk, its coyote hunting time. Coyote hunting is very similar to wolf
     hunting except coyotes are much smaller and go down easier and do less
     damage. In this area, baiting, tracking, still hunting, spot & stalk and
     stand hunting all work for coyotes in this area. No special gear needed!
     6) Three Coyotes
     Location: Blackhills, Colorado
     Objective: Take 3 coyotes b4 nightfall.
     How to unlock: Taken 5 trophies, 1 bighorn over 265 pounds and accuratcy
                    over 25%.
     Other Animals: 1 mountain lion, 1 whitetail deer and 3 coyotes.
     Difficulty: **
     Kinda remiends you of little house on the prairie dont u think?=P This
     hunt is gonna be alot like Randy Andersons hunt videos! Find a high place
     and either use your calls or spot & stalk in this wast prairie like area.
     For gear just remember your snow camo and a long range rifle and your good
     to go! U really dont have to worry bout the nightfall since you'll be done
     this quick if your experienced. 
     7) The King
     Location: Glenwood, Colorado
     Objective: Take the whitetail deer with the huge rack.
     How to unlock: Taken 1 moose, 1 cariboo and 1 mountain goat.
     Other animals: 1 mountain lion and 4 whitetail deer.
     Difficuty: ****
     Gotta love them huge antlers eh? Alright its time to make our own
     monster buck videos! If u got good memory and good field judging skills
     this hunt wont be as hard. In the preview cam, ur gonna want to pay VERY
     close attention since ur gonna have to remember the largest deer because
     theres about 3-4 other whitetails too and shooting the wrong animal will
     result in failour. First thing ur going to want to do in the hunt is too
     take out the mountain which will save u headaches and so no deer gets killed.
     Once thats done, hunt the whitetail like u normally would here, calls/decoys,
     stand hunting, still hunting, tracking and spot & stalk. The only thing i 
     would suggest for here is a spotting scope and the 1-10x power score for
     your rifle! Goodluck on your monster buck hunt!
     8) Bowing for deer
     Location: Bad River, Wisconsin
     Objective: Take 1 whitetail with a bow
     How to unlock: taken 12 trophies
     Other animals: 2 coyotes, 1 black bear and 1 whitetail.
     Difficulty: ***
     Bowhunting for deer in this remote mountain area sure makes me feel like
     Lewis & Clark! If u got a crossbow u got ur work cut for yah! Bowhunting
     here means most stand hunting with calls/scents/decoys and perhaps still
     hunting or tracking. U may want to take out the coyotes and the black bear
     to save trouble. No special gear needed here other than extra arrows.
     9) Skittish coyotes
     Location: Eastern Lowlands, Wisconsin
     Objective: Take 1 whitetail deer then use it to bait 3 coyotes.
     How to unlock: Taken 16 trophies and 1 moose over 1300 pounds.
     Other animals: no others besides objective ones.
     Difficulty: ****
     If u have a good memory of how hard that trophy moose hunt was in
     "Great Moose" you will know what to expect and because were hunting deer
     its just lil harder but fortunatly its winter. Best stratergys here are
     stand hunting, calls/decoy/scent combo, spot and stalk in open areas and
     tracking if your very skilled. Once u took out that deer, its coyote 
     hunting time! Its all downhill from here. Either call/bait, stand hunt
     or track, much easier than that deer!
     10) Little Gems
     Location: Masai, Tanzania
     Objective: Take 3 gemsbok
     How to unlock: Accuratcy over 20%, taken 14 trophies, 8 charters open and
                    beaten 28 challenges.
     Other animals: hyeanas (2) and gemsbok (3)
     Difficulty: **
     If your pumped about hunting African game, your in for a treat. Gemsbok
     are not difficult to hunt here because in this tall grassed savana they stand
     out like a sore thumb with their large horns and violet/grey fur. They cant
     be lure in thoo so you gotta track them or hunt from a stand(the latter being
     the best stratergy). As for equipement, the only major thing u need is a
     tripod and light clothing.  A long range rifle such as the 338 or 410 is
     recomended and a handgun to deal with hyeanas or aggressive gembok. Have fun!
     11) Hyenas Aplenty
     Location: Masai, Tanzania
     Objective: Take 1 duiker, then take 3 hyenas.
     How to unlock: Accuratcy over 20%, 18 trophies and 40 challenges beaten.
     Other animals: none other than the objective ones.
     Difficulty: ****
     Just when i though that game animals cant get any harder to hunt(Bighorn in
     foothills Alberta anywone?) u gotta hunt a tiny anteloppe that weights less
     than 30 pounds in some of the tallest and denses grass in the game. The duiker
     is probably the hardest  animal to hunt in the game. The only practical way to
     hunt that thing is too set up a stand wait for it to go in a clearing and pray
     to god that your shot hits or u can try tracking through all that grass. After
     your done killing the midgit pain in the rear anteloppe, its hyena hunting
     time! Hyenas are veryyy similar to wolfs except hyenas do MUCH more damage and
     are uglyer. Either call/bait or track them down they aint hard to hunt at all
     when compered to the dreaded duiker. 
     iiii) Spring
     1) Wolf in the dusk
     Location: Badlands, Alberta
     Objective: Take 1 wolf b4 nightfall
     How to unlock: Default
     Other animals: 1 black bear,  1 whitetail and 2 wolfs
     Difficulty: *
     Probably the shortest hunt in the game! U should be very familar with wolf
     hunting by now. Calls/bait, tracking and spot & stalk are the best ways to
     hunt  them in the badlands of Alberta. Just try not to take an hour to get the
     wolf. =P
     2) Sleepy Bear
     Location: Kelowna, BC
     Objective: Take 1 grizzly bear b4 nightfall
     How to unlock: taken 4 trophies with 1 that scores over 140.
     Other Animals: 2 moose and 1 grizzly
     Difficulty: **
     Its too bad we wont be shooting any sleeping bears but a rampaging hungry is
     just as eh?=P If this is your first bear hunt, this is nothing hard. This area
     here as long as u use calls or bait, spot & stalk in open areas or track using
     track search then this hunt will be over fast. You may want to bring a big
     rifle such as a 338 or bigger to down the grizz and any rampaging moose.
     3) Just a bear
     Location: Foothills, Alberta
     Objective: Take 1 Grizzly bear
     How to unlock: Taken 6 trophies and 1 with a score over 180.
     Other Animals: 1 black bear, 1 bighorn sheep and 1 grizzly bear.
     Difficulty: *
     Again i love that mountain sceenery! This hunt is almost the same to the
     previous grizz hunt except that u have no time limit! Tracking, still hunt
     and calling are your best bet here because of the ruggedness of this area.
     No special gear required.
     4) Spot the bear
     Location: Foothills, Alberta
     Objective: Take the black bear with the white muzzle.
     How to unlock: Taken 1 wolf with a single shot.
     Other animals: 1 grizzly bear, 1 bighorn sheep and 2 black bear.
     Difficulty: ***
     WOw we dont thoose often every day! If u dont have good vision than your
     going to have trouble with this mission because both bears look very 
     similar so if u have a spotting scope or binoculars that will help big time!
     Hunt the bear like u normally would here in the foothills of Alberta.(look at
     Just a bear, just above). Just remember to only shot the bear with the white 
     5) Survivor
     Location: Mont Tremblan, Quebec
     Objective: Make it back to the lodge alive with only a knife.
     How to unlock: Taken 10 trophies and 4 charters open.
     Other animals: 4-6 wolfs
     Difficulty: *****
     Well they were'nt joking when they said there would be actual survivor
     missions. This is probably one of the hardest missions in the game. First of
     all u dont have any firearms, second of all u cant have any gear and third of
     all the knife (no matter which one) is a random hit weapon so its pretty hard
     to a wolf with it. To reach the lodge, cross the bridge from your start point
     and stay right til you get to a trail, once on the trail keep going til you
     make it to an open area and go right again on the next trail, when you reach
     the end you'll see a bridge and on the other is the lodge once you make it to
     the lodge the mission is over. If your really hardcore try taking down every
     6) Picker
     Location: Tundra, NWT
     Objective: Take the cariboo with the large rack
     How to unlock: 14 trophies and 6 single shot kills.
     Other Animals: 1 Polar bear and 2 cariboo.
     Difficulty: ***
     For thoose of you that watch hunting videos this is nothing like what you see
     on tv. No theres no huge freakin herd of all trophies just stupidly standing
     in front of front of you like a deer staring at the headlights of an 
     automobile, instade you have 2 free rooming sketch-bag cariboo you gotta
     hunt down and kill with skill! The cariboo even thoo they cant really be
     called in like deer or elk can but the openness of the area mitigates
     that difficulty. Cariboo are mostly hunted here by spot & stalk and
     by still hunting since this area most open treeless tundra. They do
     sorta blend in with the rocks a bit so a good pair of optics will help.
     The cariboo are even easier to field judge than whitetails so killing
     the biggest one wont be much of a problem. Again bring a big engouf gun to
     down that polar bear before it your prize and you should end up with a 
     nice 'boo on your wall!
     7) Indian Hunter
     Location: Mont Tremblan, Quebec
     Objective: Take 1 black bear with a bow or knife.
     How to unlock: Taken 2 trophies with a knife.
     Other animals: 1 mountian lion, 1 moose and 2 black bears.
     Difficulty: **
     You should be familar engouf with bowhunting by now to be a proshooter
     with it but here theres a catch, u cant use any other gear, so your going 
     to have to hunt the bears much like deer. Tracking, spot & stalk and still
     hunting are the main stratergys. U may want to bring a few extra arrows
     just in case u gotta deal with mountain lions or moose.
     8) Wolf Trap
     Location: Tuktu Nogait, NWT
     Objectives: Take 1 bighorn and use it as for 3 wolfs.
     How to unlock: Complete 20 challenges, taken 14 trophys and 7 charters open!
     Other animals: none other than the objective ones.
     Difficulty: ***
     Ahhhhh i love this scenery! Dont get too distracted by awpiring sceenery
     as we some bighorn sheep to hunt. Bighorn sheep are almost the same to hunt
     as Dall Sheep except they dont stand out as much. Due to the openess of the
     area, spot & stalk and tracking are the main ways to hunt. Hunt the wolfs
     like you normally would and this mission should be over fast. Make sure you
     have light or medium clothing  as this might be a long hunt and make sure
     to have health packs or food packs.
     9) Rhino
     Location: Nyanga Falls, Zimbabwee
     Objectives: Take 1 rhino
     How to unlock: 20% accuratcy, 14 trophys, 8 charters open and 25 challenges
     Other animals: 2 leopards, 1 kudu and 2 rhinos
     Difficulty: ***
     Ohhhhh yeahhhhh! Theres nothing like hunting an animal that weights over
     10000 pounds and that can 1 hit KO you. Rhinos are not hard to hunt there
     just hard to kill. Spot & stalk, tracking and still hunting are the only
     ways to hunt them. Make sure you have a rifle thats bigger than a 400 caliber
     otherwise your gonna have a "fun" time takin it down. Bring ammo too to deal
     with leopards and DO NOT FORGET THE MED KIT! You will need it!
     10) Black Death
     Location: Dry River, Zimbabwee
     Objective: Take the cape buffalo with the broken horn
     How to unlock: 20% accuratcy, 14 trophys, 8 charters open and 30 challenges
     Other animals: 1 zebra and 3-5 cape buffalo
     Difficulty: *****
     Trust me the name black death for the cape buffalo aint no joke! This is 
     going to be the HARDEST  dangerous hunts mission in the game. Finding, let
     alone getting too the cape buffalo with the broken is hard as hell. The
     cape buffalo with the broken horn will be near the second clearing, either
     path you take your sure to encounter 1-2 cape buffalo and killing the wrong
     one will fail your hunt and not only that but if the target animal gets killed
     by another buffalo your screwed. Theres 2 ways to get to the buffalo, either
     you can stealth your way there like Silent Sam or you can go all intence like
     Master Chief and have a bunch of med packs! The only logical way to hunt this 
     buffalo is spot and stalk. For gear, for god sakes please a good scope or
     binoculars and med packs, we can forget thoose now can we! Best weapon
     for this mission is .510 Bolt cuz your really gonna need it! Good luck!
     11) Impaler
     Location: Dry River, Zimbabwee
     Objective: Take 3 impala with a rifle
     How to unlock: 20% accuratcy, 14 trophys, 8 charters open and 40 challenges
     Other animals: 3 cape buffalo and 3 impala
     Difficulty: *****
     Its too bad we cant spare anything in this game but we can still blast
     impala right?=P This mission is while so so on the easy difficulty, on
     normal and hard, this is easily the hardest mission in the game. Impala are
     very similar to hunt like the other african antelopes but their small size
     blends them in the grass and are tough to shot (although not as tough as the
     duiker). Because they are tanish brown and got long black horns their not well
     camoflauged to thier surrounding so there not as hard to spot. The main way
     your gonna have to hunt them is to either stand hunt with tripod or spot
     & stalk. One thing your going to have to really worry bout is cape buffalo
     so bring a heavy rifle and i suggesst you take them all out as it will
     save you from being attacked with stalking the very wary impala. Remember
     to bring a med kit, light camo, a tripod and extra bullet and you'll
     own this mission.
     F) So you beat the game? Now what?
     Even thoo you beat the game theres still a couple areas(diffrent seasons of
     area) that you havent hunted in yet if u only done the missions and a few more
     game animals to bag. And also theres alwase beating your high score! Heres all
     the areas witch you probably havent hunted yet;
     Guenalla, Quebec (Spring)
     Mont Tremblanc, Quebec (Fall)
     Peyto Lake, Alaska (Winter)
     Williams lake, BC (Spring)
     Foothills, Alberta (summer)
     Dry River, Zimbabwee (Summer)
     Selous, Tanzania (winter)
     Animals that are not hunted in the missions;
     Polar Bear
     Like all bears they are all very similar to hunt except that polar bears stand
     out like a sore thumb in the artic area! Best stratergy to hunt is spot & stalk
    , tracking and calling/baiting. Use large firearms to down them.
     *note that you will need to take 1 to unlock New Mexico.
     Zebras are something unique to hunt not only because there found in only 1 area
     but they are very tough to spot with their striped backgrounds. Best ways to
     hunt zebra are stand hunting near waterholes, still hunting, tracking and spot
     & stalk.
     8) Action Zone
     This is funest mode in the game if your looking for some fast paced fps
     shooting. Here all you gotta do is kill all the attacking animals in the
     vecinty and go trough the portal before it closes which you have 10 seconds,
     if the portal  it will spawn another animal for you to kill. Keep doing this
     til you complete the level. You can chose whatever weapon you want but u have
     no equipement what so ever.(dont forget to choose your clothing thoo) You can
     also modify the difficulty for extra fun!
     Level 1: Badlands, Alberta
     Animals: wolf and black bear
     Rounds: 4
     Level 2: Teen Canyon, New Mexico
     Animals: wild boar and mountain lion
     Rounds: 3
     Level 3: Dry River, Zimbabwee
     Animals: cape buffalo
     Rounds: 6
     Level 4: Tundra, NWT
     Animals: polar bear
     Rounds: 5
     Level 5: Sierra Nevada, Northern California
     Animals: black bear, coyote and mountain lion
     Rounds: 4
     Level 6: Foothills, Alberta
     Animals: black bear and grizzly bear
     Rounds: 5
     Level 7: Glenwood, Colorado
     Animals: coyote and mountain lion
     Rounds: 5
     Level 8: Kodiac, Alaska
     Animals: wolf and kodiac bear
     Rounds: 6
     Level 9: Kelowna, BC
     Animals: grizzly bear
     Rounds: 6
     Level 10: Nyanga Falls, Tanzania
     Animals: leopard and rhino
     Rounds: 4
     Level 11: Pecos, New Mexico
     Animals: coyotes
     Rounds: 6
     Level 12: Masai, Tanzania
     Animals: hyena and leopard
     Rounds: 7
     Once your done all the levels, sit back and enjoy the cutsceen u deserve it!
    9) Unlockables
     X-Ray option for scope
     How to unlock: Complete all challenges and unlock all charters.
    10) Q&A 
     Q: Hey is that true that theres a 27th animal in the game?
     A: No its all bullshit that u unlock another huntable animal.
     Q: Is it true that i could get unlimited tags for 1000 clean kill.
     A: Hell nooo! If u feel for that i feel sry for u bud.
     Q: How do i get a shot over 75 yards? Its sooo hard!!!!
     A: Easiest way to get this to unlock the Northern Strike and some other mission
        which i forget is to hunt a very open area such as Black Hills, Colorado or 
        Hells Canyon. Just make sure u got a rifle scope and rangefinding binocs.
     Q: I have lots of trouble getting animals with high trophy scores and weigths
        too unlock missions.
     A: Easyest way to this is to do this is too to hunt in an area and take a look
        at the preview cam, if u dont see a big engouf animal, then restart the
        hunt. When u do find it, make sure u take it down asap! b4 any preditors
        can! This is'nt too hard although on the expert difficulty it is much
        easier to find larger animals.
     Q: Are there cheats for this game?
     A: ...
    11) Credits
     Id like to thank activision and fun labs for creating/publishing this awesome
     hunting game.
     And also id like to thank myself for making this walkthough!
    Atracker all rights reserved!

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