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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Ethel

    Version: 3.3 | Updated: 06/05/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ++++++++++++++++++++++Growlanser IV: Wayfarer of the time+++++++++++++++++++++
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Story + walkthrough+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Created by Ethel
    Copyright (c) Ethel
    Author's note: This FAQ is to appear strictly on GameFAQs website only. NO
    part of this FAQ is to be copied or used anywhere else without my permission.
    Last Updated: Version 3.3 - 2008 June 6th
    Growlanser IV, by its name, is obviously the fourth installment for the
    Growlanser series. This FAQ is based on the Japanese version of the game,
    though it is currently known that it hasn't been scheduled for a US release
    as yet.
    NOTE: I have separated the walkthrough into various chapters of my own. The
    'Walkthrough' section will list the steps to proceed through the game as well
    as information on the dungeons and mission battles. The 'Plot events' section
    includes description of the events that happened for that particular chapter.
    I believe this format is better because if you want to know the story, you
    don't need to rummage through the walkthrough(which was the case before) and
    vice versa.
    Expect full spoilers. In cases whereby official names are known, they will be
    used. For the rest, feel free to correct any errors. Email address is up
    You might want to go to the 'Software manual translation' section and have a
    short read before you begin your game.
    Section A: -Chapter 1                                                     [S1]
                        ->Mission 1-3
                        ->Ruins of Hope
                        ->Mission 4-5
                        ->Tower Ruins
                        ->Mission 6-9
                   ->Plot events
               -Chapter 2                                                     [S2]
                        ->Mission 10-11
                        ->Underwater ruins
                        ->Mission 12-13
                        ->Mission 14-15
                        ->Waterfall Ruins
                        ->Mission 16-19
                        ->Anti-angel weapon research lab
                        ->Mission 20-24
                        ->Anti-angel weapon construction factory
                        ->Mission 25
                   ->Plot events
               -Chapter 3                                                     [S3]
                        ->Mission 26-27
                        ->Hidden ruins of Sansel
                        ->Mission 28-33
                        ->Ruins of Hope
                        ->Mission 34
                   ->Plot events
               -Chapter 4                                                     [S4]
                        ->Mission 35-42
                        ->Mission 43-45
                        ->Mount Izenbant
                        ->Mission 46
                   ->Plot events
    Section B: Choosing replies
               -->Chapter 1                                                 [CH01]
               -->Chapter 2                                                 [CH02]
               -->Chapter 3                                                 [CH03]
               -->Chapter 4                                                 [CH04]
               -->Vacation+ character sidequests                            [VAC1]
    Section C: Character Side Quests                                          [C1]
    Section D: Fate events                                                    [F1]
    Section E: Characters profile                                             [P1]
    Section F: Battle mechanics                                               [B1]
    Section G: Items and books listing                                      [IB00]
    Section H: Equipment listing                                            [EQ01]
    Section I: Skill and magic listing                                      [SKM0]
    Section I: Colosseum                                                      [C2]
    Section J: Optional Dungeon                                               [O1]
    Section K: Familiar                                                      [FA1]
    Section L: Appendix                                                     [APP1]
    Section M: Tips and frequently asked questions                          [TFQ1]
    Section N: Software manual translation                                  [SOF1]
    Section O: Song lyrics
    -Version History-
    ---Game start--- 
    Select start and you get to choose whether you want to configure your
    settings, unless you are that particular about small details, just skip it,
    since the setting of the controller buttons for this game is fixed, and I
    presume that is your greatest concern. 
    Then you get to input your main character's name. The default is Crevaniel, my
    game and this FAQ uses the default name as well. If you are okay with it, just
    choose the 6th choice, if not just type in whatever you want and confirm twice
    to proceed with the game.
    -Follow Regiena and pick up the shiny item on the ground for a colored stone
    -Talk to man at the lower right for a colored stone
    -Approach Bower and Decsen for a conversation
    -Pick up shiny item near the boat
    -Talk to Rems and he will join as NPC
    -Go to the right and talk to the soldiers
    -Move up and view conversation
    | Mission 1 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Lanplast Island                                                 |
    | Enemies  - Occupation army: Lv 16 captain, Lv 1 soldiers                   |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat all enemies                                      |
    | Game Over conditions - Death of Crevaniel, Rems or Regiena                 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Leave the captain to Regiena(she will automatically aim for him). Move a   |
    | bit and one soldier will pop up to land an ambush on Rems, thereafter      |
    | Regiena will ask Crevaniel to direct the freaked-out Rems, and so Rems     |
    | will follow your command from now on. Attack normally to wrap this battle  |
    | up quickly.                                                                |
    |                                                                            |
    -Talk to the merchant to buy or sell
    -Try to exit via the right of the screen to choose to save if you want to
    -Exit the screen via south
    | Mission 2 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Lanplast Island                                                 |
    | Enemies  - Occupation army: Lv 3 Alex, Lv 2 captain, Lv 1 soldiers         |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat all enemies                                      |
    | Game over conditions - Transporting group managed to escape, death of      |
    |                        Crevaniel or Rems                                   |
    |                                                                            |
    | Once battle starts, aim straight for the captain leading the animals. He   |
    | will drop a flute when dead. Quickly pick it up(shiny item) by moving      |
    | Crevaniel while having Rems rain arrows on the other soldiers. After you   |
    | have killed all on the screen, Alex(researcher from Dulkheim who name      |
    | himself after the great Alexander) will appear. Finish them all to end     |
    | this.                                                                      |
    -Walk around a bit until explosion occurs
    -Follow everyone
    -Approach Decsen and group for another conversation
    -Talk to Regiena, Bower and finally Decsen
    -Explore around Marcuria and talk to the man at the item store to meet Eraiza
    -Go to the inn and enter the room
    -Go back to the front counter and choose to sleep
    -Head for the harbor and board the ship after conversation
    -Explore around Trochmare and meet Silvernale
    -Exit Trochmare and proceed north
    | Mission 3 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - North of Trochmare                                              |
    | Enemies  - Unknown creature                                                |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat the unknown creature                             |
    | Game over conditions - Death of Crevaniel or Rems                          |
    |                                                                            |
    | Fight this monster for a while(by moving Crevaniel away and using Rems to  |
    | attack once or twice) and Regiena should appear. She will join in the      |
    | fight so just run away from the creature and leave it to her. After a      |
    | while, she will use her limit ability and it will be over.                 |
    |                                                                            |
    -Talk to Regiena to learn about limit ability
    -Go up north to meet with Mortis
    -Head northwest and listen to conversation again
    -Proceed north
    -Follow Decsen and talk to him, watch scene
    -Enter the ruins
                                     | Dungeon:      |
                                     | Ruins of Hope |
    Enemies: -Giant bat
             -Living Sword
    Treasure chest items: None
    The topaz you have represent yellow, therefore choose to go the paths which
    are indicated by yellow, going through the rest will bring you back and is of
    no use. Reach the inner area and save. Rems will try to open the closed door
    but to no avail. Try again using Crevaniel and it will open. Go in and get the
    egg(north stand) and examine the middle stand for the pendant, the western
    door will open, go in.
    -After scenes, screen will switch to a dormitory.
    -Go and get a magic gem from lieutanent Abram. You can use fire, wind, ice or
     stone. Rems will take a different one from what you chose for Crevaniel.
    -Read the instruction manual if you wish to
    -Next scene, go to the table and get the egg and badge
    -View the map and save if you want to
    -Talk to Rems and leave the dormitory
    -Sit down and listen to briefing
    -Prepare your characters and head west out of the hall
    -Position Crevaniel and Rems where you wish and press Square button to confirm
    | Mission 4 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Lynfaluz magic research base                                    |
    | Enemies  - Abram, Brown 1, Red 2, Blue 1, Green 3                          |
    | Clear conditions - One team remains                                        |
    | Game over conditions - None                                                |
    |                                                                            |
    | Brown 1 consist of the seniors so they are stronger. Get 1 point when you  |
    | beat each member of the red, green and blue team, get 5 points for each    |
    | brown senior and... don't worry, you will never get to beat the Abram.     |
    | Mission complete comes with your team obtaining the highest points.        |
    |                                                                            |
    | To get the highest points, aim for the weak enemies first and gather at    |
    | least 3 points. Once only the Brown 1 team and Abram are remaining, wait   |
    | for Abram to slash away at one of the seniors and quickly direct Crevaniel |
    | and Rems to attack or use magic on that particular guy. If you are quick   |
    | enough, you can get 5 points. So long as you can get at least 3 points     |
    | earlier, 3+5=8. That will allow Abram to get at most 5(the remaining brown |
    | 1 senior)+2(Crevaniel and Rems)=7 points. So you win. You'll get a secret  |
    | manual from Abram if that is the case.                                     |
    |                                                                            |
    | P/S: secret manuals gives you 100 gem technique points, pretty good stuff  |
    | at the earlier parts of the game I'd say.                                  |
    |                                                                            |
    -Talk to Blunteer and return back to dormitory
    -Talk to Vallery
    -Go back to where the mock battle took place
    -Knock on the door of the building on the left
    -Return back to dormitory and place the doll house on the table
    -Place the egg in it and save
    -Talk to Vallery to begin the Familiar developing process
    You get a series of questions and choices, which will determine the stats of
    the Familiar:
    (A) Thickness of amniotic fluid
    (B)Temperature of fluid
    1)Around another 50 degress warmer
    2)Around another 40 degress warmer
    3)Don't warm, remain normal
    (C)A part of Crevaniel
    (D)Other elements
    1)Red Stone
    2)Blue Stone
    3)Green Stone
    After selection, you get to load your Growlanser III data. Just skip if you
    don't have it.
    When Vallery asks Crevaniel 'A cute girl is the best right?',
    If you choose 'yes',
    1)Cheerful girl who talks a lot (D-TP Type, short hair)
    2)Calm girl (D-LN Type, the one who appears in the opening movie)
    3)Confused girl who isn't very intelligent (D-LM Type, Rummy look-alike)*
    If you choose 'it's fine as long as she can assist in battles',
    1)Look forward to her direct attack ability (D-TP)
    2)Look forward to her direct defense ability (D-TP)
    3)Look foward to her magic attack ability (D-LN)
    4)Look forward to her magic defense ability (D-LN)
    5)Look forward to her mental care after the battle (D-LM)*
    *Type D-LM is only available if you have loaded your Growlanser III data.
    -Go to the hall if you want to
    -Return back to dormitory to sleep
    -Give a name for Familiar 1(my faq will refer to her as Familiar 1)
    -Exit the building and go east
    -Follow the path until Rivoka village
    -Head all the way in and watch short conversation
    -Talk to man standing by the huge stone
    -Head into the forest past 2 screens
    -Agree to lend a hand and move up until a strange creature appear
    | Mission 5 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Forest north of Rivoka                                          |
    | Enemies  - Lv 17 grauger, Lv 7 worms, Lv 10 timberwolves, Lv 8 scorpions   |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat all enemies                                      |
    | Game over conditions - Death of any villager, all party members fallen     |
    |                                                                            |
    | If the other monsters are left alone for too long, some will attack the 3  |
    | men. Spread your characters out, you may want to have Rems kill those      |
    | wandering monsters while you have Crevaniel and Vallery focus on the       |
    | grauger. If you are not > or = lv 7, you won't do any significant damage   |
    | and may end up dead soon. Once all enemies are gone, mission ends.         |
    |                                                                            |
    -Knock on the door of the house beside the inn and watch various scenes
    -Talk to Decsen's wife and ask for any significant stuff Decsen left behind
    -Exit village and attempt to go back to Lynfaluz
    -Follow Rems and Vallery back to Rivoka village after scene
    -Talk to man lying on the ground
    -Try and talk to Rems
    -Return back to Lynfaluz's hall
    -Go up the stairs to the right and knock on Abram's door(1st door from left)
    -Enter Rudvich's room(just beside Abram's)
    -Return back to dormitory and have a short discussion
    -Go to Abram's room
    -Leave Lynfaluz through the western exit
    -Follow the path until a split and take the left
    -Follow straight path to Saudorix
    -Talk to the man at north of the screen to agree to a short side-quest(rather
     important if you want to get Rems' final limit ability)
    -Escort him to Trochmare(at the split, take the right path and continue until
     another split and go right again)
    -Return back to Saudorix and enter the inn
    -Talk to innkeeper and watch a short conversation
    -Exit the inn
    | Mission 6 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Saudorix                                                        |
    | Enemies  - Lv 7-8 rogues(gorotsuki)                                        |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat all enemies                                      |
    | Game over conditions - The man who is carrying the professor escaped,      |
    |                        all party members defeated                          |
    |                                                                            |
    | Use Rems or Vallery to aim for the man carrying that sack of...hmm flesh.  |
    | If they cannot catch up, have them clear Crevaniel's way so he will reach  |
    | the town's entrance before the enemies. Make sure you don't take too long. |
    | Get rid of all enemies to finish the mission.                              |
    |                                                                            |
    -Save and head out of town
    -Take forest path up northwest to reach the ruins, enter and an alarm will
                                       | Dungeon:    |
                                       | Tower ruins |
    Enemies: Floor keeper, Executioner, Puppet
    Trasure chest items: Chemist's knowledge(gem), Soul breaker(gem), 244 ril,
                         Life apple, Nectar, Killing blow(gem)
        | Mission 7 |
        |                                                                    |
        | Enemies  - Lv 11 executioner guardians                             |
        | Clear conditions - Defeat all guardians                            |
        | Game over conditions - Death of NPC, all party members fallen      |
        |                                                                    |
        | Roomise will wait at the entrance because he doesn't want to get   |
        | in the way(good thinking there mister), so the best way to go      |
        | about things is to have each go a different way, since 3 lanes,    |
        | and you have 3 persons. It doesn't matter who goes which way,      |
        | just separate them. Roomise will prompt that there must be a       |
        | switch somewhere to turn this off. Well he's correct, but there    |
        | are 3 switches altogether. Press square button to have an overall  |
        | view of the map. Move around and I believe you should have spotted |
        | the switches. Yes they are the shiny orange lights at the end of   |
        | each room. Direct your characters to them and you automatically    |
        | get a message asking whether you want to turn it off(1st choice)   |
        | or wait for a bit or wait for a short while.                       |
        |                                                                    |
        | It is better to just switch it off the moment you reach it, just   |
        | make sure you grab the items in those treasure chests first, since |
        | the access in each room will be shut off once you trigger the      |
        | switch. After getting all the items and pressing all the switches, |
        | just kill whatever enemies that remain and you are done. In my     |
        | opinion, don't rush to get the +bonus, I actually prefer using the |
        | time to kill more enemies(since they wil keep coming back unless   |
        | you press the switch to shut them out) and getting more experience |
        | points. But it's up to you.                                        |
        |                                                                    |
    -Check the eastern stand
    -Go up the stairs
    Each level has a treasure chest which requires a key. Get the key after
    beating the Floor Keeper, which is the one that looks like a mini-boss. He
    doesn't do anything but chant. And the sad thing is: if you are too busy
    killing enemies blocking your way to him, once his chanting is finished, he
    will fly off, basically the spell he's chanting is Teleport. And the key is
    gone for good. Do take note of that
    When you reach the top(please make sure to save at the save point on the lower
    level), you get into a battle with more guardians of the ruins.
        | Mission 8 |
        |                                                                    |
        | Enemies  - Lv 11 executioners, Lv 12 puppets, Lv 18 will o' wisps  |
        | Clear conditions - Defeat all enemies                              |
        | Game over conditions - Death of NPC, all party members fallen      |
        |                                                                    |
        | Have everyone chant their magic spells, level 1 is usually enough. |
        | After chanting is complete, use the spells immediately on the      |
        | wisps. You should be able to rid all 4 before they land a spell.   |
        | but even if they did, if your levels are okay, the characters      |
        | should still be alive, Roomise will help out in healing, but be    |
        | prepared to use items if he's slow. Don't use earth magic, since   |
        | they are considered "flying" units.                                |
        |                                                                    |
        | After you got rid of the Will'o Wisps, you can relax a bit, heal   |
        | if necessary and hammer your normal attacks on the rest, kill them |
        | all and it's over.                                                 |
        |                                                                    |
    -Move past the left door
    -After scene, control Crevaniel and get out of the ruins
    -Go back to Saudorix
    -Escort the merchant to Trochmare again
    -Return back to Lynfaluz
    -Knock on Abram's room
    -Go back to dormitory and watch some conversations
    -Save and sleep
    -Go to the hall and listen to briefing
    -Talk to Vallery outside the hall
    -Approach group in front the research room and agree to talk to Frane
    -Return back to dormitory to sleep
    -Go to hall and talk to Roomise
    -After conversations, follow the man outside
    -Talk to man
    -After conversations with Abram and Roomise, return to dorm and sleep
    -Go out of building
    | Mission 9 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Lynfaluz magic research base                                    |
    | Enemies  - Munzer, Valcaneer soldiers                                      |
    | Clear conditions - Hold off enemies for a time period, defeat Munzer       |
    | Game over conditions - Munzer entered the research lab, death of Roomise,  |
    |                        All party members fallen                            |
    |                                                                            |
    | You can try to heal Abram for this battle to gain some chant time so the   |
    | others can cast some spells, especially Roomise, since he can cast Level 3 |
    | Attack. But the main thing is to move Crevaniel and Rems to the various red|
    | switches around the area to push up the lines of training statues, the most|
    | important being the one on the western wall and upper left wall. Sooner or |
    | later, Abram will die. You will need to hold out till the barricade        |
    | is finished, and that's around 3 turns.                                    |
    |                                                                            |
    | Munzer and his soldiers will move towards the research room, so setting up |
    | the statues on that side will keep them out. Use Crevaniel to block the    |
    | path and have him heal with items whenever he got hit by Munzer. Have Rems |
    | kill the 2 soldiers(if they are not dead yet) and have him use healing     |
    | drugs on Crevaniel as well, remember to keep Roomise out of Munzer's       |
    | way or it's game over with 1 hit.                                          |
    |                                                                            |
    | It can be trying to have to move and block and heal and attack to balance  |
    | things out, but do it successfully for around 2 turns past the completion  |
    | of the barricade and a Valcaneer soldier will come from the east and       |
    | report mission done, and Munzer will retreat.                              |
    |                                                                            |
    -Follow Munzer after conversation up till the bridge
    -Move forward and watch a short scene
     (((Plot events)))
    A forest with Crevaniel and a girl named Regiena. Regiena will talk about how
    Crevaniel has been with them for 15 years, and her father mentioning that
    without Creveniel, there will be no future for mankind.
    Both of them then discovered a young man lying on the ground and decided to
    bring him back to the camp. A message appears saying of how Rems and his
    father was attacked by robbers, and his father was killed. Since their age was
    the closest, Crevaniel was given the task of watching over Rems.
    At the mercenaries camp 6 months later, Decsen(Regiena's father and the leader
    of the mercenaries) informed the group that the next contract is to go to
    Lanplast island, south of Marculey. The island is not under the rule of any
    kingdom, that's why many are eyeing to gain privilege to the gold mines there,
    it was thought at first that the battles that broke out on the island will end
    soon, but it didn't. The Arten Shevalt mercenaries are to assist in the safety
    of the people living on the island.
    The first fight soon broke out in Lanplast. The enemy used a device which
    pumps oil to shoot out a line of blazing fire. Decsen ordered his archers to
    destroy the tank by letting off fire arrows and the tank blew up along with
    the enemies using it. In the discussion on the next day, the mercenaries talk
    about the technology used to create the device they saw at the last battle,
    that it must be the technology that existed 2000 years back.
    A merchant then informed Decsen on the enemy transporting the fire devices,
    and this batch has been remodified from the last, having a longer shooting
    distance. After some nagging, the mercenaries decided on making a sneak attack
    and grab the devices for themselves. So Decsen appointed Rems and Crevaniel to
    make the sneak attack from the side whilst he and his group attack the front.
    The screen switches to Bower and his group fighting while wondering what was
    the enemy plotting, he then decided to retreat and join up on Decsen's side.
    The enemy troops mentioned something about using an excavated item. With that,
    a voice was heard saying of how human foolishness won't end, and again they
    wanted to touch that which is forbidden and a bright light comes along with a
    huge explosion.
    Back at the camp, another explosion occured. Bower came in and told Decsen
    what has happened. Decsen then pushed everyone to head for the harbor. At the
    habor, Decsen looked up to the sky and saw 'something', but Rems didn't see
    anything. The group then quickly set sail from Lanplast to Marcuria.
    Afte reaching Marcuria, Decsen informed everyone that he wished to dissolve
    the Arten mercenaries and will pass the chief title to Bower. He asked the
    mercenaries to decide what they want to do from then on. Bower will take over
    the group and Decsen advised him and his mercenaries to side with Dulkheim and
    not Igredias because there's no point in fighting for a losing country.
    Crevaniel didn't have a choice so together with Rems, he followed Decsen.
    At the Marcuria inn, Decsen asked Crevaniel whether did he see what was in the
    sky at Lanplast, a being with 6 widespread wings. An angel. He then elaborated
    on how the human civilization was once destroyed 2000 years ago, and it was
    the doing of the angel. The blasts at Lanplast were also attacks by the angel.
    He then referred Crevaniel as the 'key to stopping the angels', and requested
    Crevaniel to accompany him to Dulkheim because if the angels were not stopped,
    the tragedy of 2000 years back will happen again.
    Upon reaching Trochmare, Rems started wondering why the place is called 'The
    dry sea'. The reason is actually due to buildings constructed below the sea
    surface level. They also met Silvernale and learnt more about the Royal Guard
    of Valcaneer, who are so strong that one Royal Guard can take on 100 people.
    The Royal Guards seems to be a very knowledgable bunch as well.
    On their way past the route outside Marcuria, a strange looking creature
    appeared along with Rems screaming his heart out. The group was only able to
    defeat the creature with Regiena's help.
    After a small conversation about setting up tent and looking for food, Rems
    left the party. Decsen showed Crevaniel to a ruin and continue to talk about
    the destruction of civilization 2000 years ago again before giving Crevaniel a
    Topaz, saying that the yellow shine of the Topaz represents hope and life. He
    added that the ruins before them is called the Ruins of Hope.
    A mysterious man then popped in with Decsen commanding Crevaniel to escape
    while he attempted to take on the guy but failed miserably. Regiena and
    another mercenary joined in the fight only to fall as quickly as the rain.
    When Crevaniel regained consciousness, Rems told him that the other 3 were
    dead and due to the extent of the damage done, there weren't much remains
    left. Rems was surprised that the wound on Crevaniel has disappeared. They
    decided to enter the ruin. In the deepest part of the ruin, Crevaniel fainted
    after spurting blood. Guards rushed in and the screen switched to an
    interrogation room where Crevaniel met with a man named Rudvich who gave him
    the egg found at the ruin but confiscated the medallion. He also persuaded
    Crevaniel to join the Dulkheim army.
    At the Lynfaluz base, the group heard Rudvich's speech and the other guys in
    the class talk about his impressive feats on the battlefield. They got
    introduced to the purpose of the class and the Lynfaluz base which is actually
    used to research magic. Since it is as yet too dangerous to expand magic use
    throughout the country, a small group of 'testers' was set up to experiment
    which will hopefully lead to more doubts and mysteries solved. 
    After 3 months, the group met Blunteer at the hall and Rems commented that
    Crevaniel feels similiar to Blunteer, but can't say how.
    After the mock battle where groups fight against one another in a battle
    royale, the instructor Abram splashed cold water on everyone by saying that
    with his standard, it would be trying to face a Royal Guard. Back at the
    dormitory, Rems informed Crevaniel that they can go to Rivoka on the coming
    rest day and that there will be a new member for Black 4.
    A man walked in introduced himself as Vallery, and asked about the 'ruin
    child'. The group then went on to talk about how half of the people at
    Lynfaluz are ruin children. A ruin child being a child who was discovered
    'hibernating' in the deepest area of the ancient ruins, and that only they
    can open the door to the innermost part of any ruin, Valley being one of them,
    not to mention Crevaniel.
    Rems asked Vallery whether he had the wings of blood as well, to which Vallery
    responded in doubt saying he has never heard of such a thing, which rendered
    Crevaniel to not be a normal ruin child, since anyone will die after losing
    that much blood.
    Vallery explained about the Familiar, that there 3 main types: the Doll which
    takes the form of human, the Pet which takes the form of an animal, and the
    3rd which belongs to neither called the Azaz. He also gave instructions to
    Crevaniel on how to "use" the Familiar egg, and Familiar 1 was "born".
    The next day, Blunteer confirmed the group's rest day. Familiar 1 commented
    on how she think Blunteer is similiar to Crevaniel, while Vallery disagreed.
    The group helped out a group of men in obtaining the Hord fruit by defeating
    an unknown monster(one that looked the same as the one Crevaniel and Rems saw
    back near Trochmare).
    The group then went on to visit Decsen's wife and she was devastated that both
    of them(Decsen and Regiena) were dead, she had hoped that at least Regiena
    survived. Late in the night, Rems woke up to comfort her and she told him to
    treat her as his mother.
    The next morning, the group discussed about a vision Crevaniel had the night
    before on the secret meeting between Rudvich and Deringer regarding the chief
    elections. Decsen's wife then passed a letter to the group saying the
    deliverer is someone from Marcuria and Rems suggested checking out the
    sender's idenitity the next time they get to go to Marculey. 
    Halfway through the route back to Lynfaluz, an explosion occurred with Rems
    and Vallery hurrying back in the direction of Rivoka. The man lying on the
    ground -being the only survivor- struggled through his last breath to tell the
    group that an angel attacked the village before passing on.
    Vallery urged the group to look up to the sky, and this time round it's a
    female angel and Rems can see her as well. Crevaniel then collapsed and had a
    vision of a group of soldiers hurling useless attacks on the angel and
    eventually getting slaughtered. Crevaniel regained consciousness and Familiar
    1 will wonder what was that vision about, as it seemed to be a fragment of
    Crevaniel's lost memories unlike the previous one he had at Decsen's wife
    house. Rems started blaming the angel, because he has lost yet another one of
    whom he treated as his family.
    Back at Lynfaluz, the group reported the happening to Rudvich, who reminded
    them to keep it a secret for now and commented on how Crevaniel's familiar
    seems different from others, and supposes that the potential of each is based
    on the familiar's master.
    Back at the dormitory, a small discussion ensued on how there are more than 1
    angel and the group begin worrying about the grand power and destruction that
    the angels have and will cause upon.
    In one of Crevaniel's dream, a scene occurred on the king of Valcaneer and 2
    of the Royal Guards Munzer and Alphonce talking about research of the ancient
    technology/magic and the angels. Munzer reported on no new progress, and
    Alphonce interupted saying that entering the deepest of the ruins requires a
    child who was supposed to be discovered 'hibernating' in the ruins(in other
    words, a ruin child) and that none of such has been discovered in Valcaneer
    The next day, Abram gave orders to the group to go and escort the great
    researcher Roomise back, as there is a high possibility of he being attacked
    by people from Valcaneer. At Saudorix, the group spotted some rogues wandering
    about and headed for the inn. Inside the inn, the group spotted two men
    carrying something out. After a battle, the group managed to rescue Roomise.
    He expressed thanks and requested the group to accompany him to the nearby
    ruins since a ruin child can access the deepest areas.
    Upon approaching the ruins, a tower appeared. Furthermore, the door opened on
    its own. As the group walked in, a warning alarm sounded: there is a presence
    of A Astral. The group asked Roomise what is A Astral, and Roomise replied
    that it is a component in a Familiar, but do not think it is caused by
    Crevaniel's Familiar 1. After a battle to shut down the warning system,
    the group attempted to check out the image projection in one of the
    compartments. Roomise then took the projection device with him.
    The group saw a girl lying in the highest room of the tower. Roomise begin to
    set up the system which will take around one or 2 hours to awaken her.
    However, an angel started attacking the tower, the group had no choice but to
    escape before the tower shield was blown off.
    Outside the annihilated tower, a discussion started regarding the angels with
    Roomise mentioning about ruins 10000 years ago with murals related to the
    angels, but whether they really depict how they are like is unknown and Frane
    (the girl they found inside the ruin) expressed that somehow she feel that the
    angels are not that bad. On the way back to Lynfaluz with Vallery and Frane
    absent, the group saw a man named Crestfer and a girl walk towards the
    direction of Saudorix.
    At Lynfaluz, Roomise proceeded to report the happening to Rudvich while
    Crevaniel's party tried to go to Abram's room.  Abram exited Rudvich's room
    commanding them not to tell anyone of what happened, not even him and that it
    is enough that the escort of Roomise was successful. Back at the dormitory,
    Vallery returned and made mention of how he met an irritating guy named
    Cres-something who tried to hit on Frane, and if not for that he was still in
    the middle of the mission, he'll show him some pain(not knowing it will end up
    the other way round though >.>).
    Next day at the hall, Roomise told the class that there will be a promotion
    party the coming day and gave instructions to begin with the preparations. In
    actuality, he has been promoted to lieutanent and will be taking over. After
    the short session, Rems told Crevaniel that their duty is to serve as guards
    to the guests at the party, and Crevaniel as guard to Roomise in the
    afternoon. Crevaniel met Frane again and she told him about how she is the
    same as him, that even though Vallery is also a ruin child, but they are
    different from him and the others. Later at the hall, Roomise informed
    Crevaniel that the same wings of blood situation happened with Frane when they
    brought her to the Ruins of Hope.
    At night, Crevaniel saw a vision of that man Crestfer visiting his younger
    brother Alphonce and meeting with Simonz and Silvernale. Simonz has been
    transferred from under the command of Munzer to Silvernale and is really
    unhappy about that.
    Next day at the hall, Crevaniel spotted Rudvich talking to Deringer. Roomise
    told him that it is weird for a top political figure to be on such close terms
    with Rudvich, and pondered about the danger of the situation as it is not good
    for the army to intefere with political matters.
    A man approached Rudvich and Roomise dismissed Crevaniel saying there is no
    need to stay with him as now is his turn to interact with Deringer. After
    following the man outside the hall, he introduced himself as Vester, and gave
    a warning to Crevaniel not to do anything stupid as he is now helping Rudvich
    and can easily request for Crevaniel and his group to be sent to the
    frontlines of war and die. 
    After the party was over, a soldier entered in with a report of how the guard
    troops at Saudorix are requesting for reinforcements. There has been no
    serious losses, but the townspeople were in distress over the sighting of
    around 60 mountain bandits.
    Abram thought for a while and agreed to dispatch soldiers at Lynfaluz, Roomise
    sensed something weird about the entire situation, but Abram decided that if
    reinforcements are sent only when losses happen, then it will be too late.
    The next day, Rems and Crevaniel were given the command to protect the base.
    Outside the hall, the two saw Munzer and Abram. Roomise managed to solve the
    puzzle: there were no mountain bandits, it was just some soldiers who passed
    through the border without a high alert, and there weren't really 60 men, it
    was all a trap to lure soldiers from Lynfaluz to Saudorix so an attack can be
    During the fight, Munzer used a magic spell which greatly affect the morale of
    the Lynfaluz soldiers. Abram was unable to stop the enemy's advance and died.
    Roomise quickly gave instructions for barricades to be built for the research
    lab and a messenger to be sent to request closage of all borders until
    reinforcements arrive.
    Even though Munzer and his troop was unable to obtain the documents from the
    research lab, he expressed that the mission was a success and retreated.
    Blunteer returned and chased after the enemy after everyone realized that the
    enemy was actually after a ruin child, and having fallen into the plot, it
    made sense why Vallery never returned. During the chase, Familiar 1 was hurt
    while trying to protect Crevaniel. Upon seeing it, Munzer decided to destroy
    the connecting bridge and made his exit.
    Roomise caught up and commented on how the bridge was made of very ancient
    metal, and to be able to destroy it with just a swipe of the sword was
    unbelievable. He expressed his gladness in seeing both Crevanial and Rems
    safe and noted that Crevaniel's familiar seemed to be sapped of energy and
    requested the group to return quickly and put her back in the doll house.
    --- Chapter 2 ---                                                         [S2]
    -Go to hall
    -Head to Trochmare
    -Go straight down to the lowest area of Trochmare for short scene
    -Head further in and talk to Alphonce
    -Rest at the inn
    -Head out and go back to where the fountain is, watch scenes
    -Head back to Lynfaluz
    -Take a seat inside the hall
    -Go back to dorm for a long conversation, rest
    -Choose to take the doll house and exit Lynfaluz
    -Head to Trochmare's inn and speak to the soldier
    -Move and drink the water at the table using Circle button
    -Walk around if you want and choose to rest again
    -After scenes, talk a bit(especially with Ellena, refer to fate events for
     steps) and choose to rest again
    -Talk to Ellena, Robel and try to rest
    -Save at save point and talk to Rems
    -Proceed north up the short stairs
    | Mission 10 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Prison barracks                                                 |
    | Enemies  - Lv 10-16 Dulkheim soldiers                                      |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat all enemies                                      |
    | Game over conditions - Frane is being led away, death of Crevaniel, death  |
    |                        of Rems                                             |
    |                                                                            |
    | This battle is very flexible, so fight it as you wish. Just make sure not  |
    | to let any of the escort soldiers get away with their prisoners. Everytime |
    | you kill an escort soldier, the prisoner will become free and assist you   |
    | with some forms of magic but take note that the other enemy soldiers will  |
    | start to attack them as well. The captain can cast cure so get rid of him  |
    | first if you can. Save Frane and she will join you. Kill off all soldiers  |
    | to end the battle.                                                         |
    |                                                                            |
    -Enter the experiment room and take the doll house
    -Exit the barracks
    -Head east and follow the road path to Trochmare
    -Go to the harbor and attempt to board ship, watch short conversations
    -Return to scene on ship, walk around/talk to Rems, watch scenes again
    -Wake up and exit the room
    -Go down the stairs and talk to Rems
    -Go upper left and more conversations
    -Leave the house via left
    -Go south and west to enter Marcuria
    -Go to the item store and talk to Prakk
    -Head south for the harbor
    | Mission 11 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Marcuria harbor                                                 |
    | Enemies  - Lv 22 Mauler, Lv 12/16 Dulkheim soldiers                        |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat all enemies except Mauler                        |
    | Game over conditions - More than 3 enemy soldiers made it into the town,   |
    |                        all party members fallen                            |
    |                                                                            |
    | Soldiers will keep coming out from the ships so the only way to cut off    |
    | the 'flow' is to destroy the planks. It will be done automatically when a  |
    | character reaches the plank. After a few turns, Baker along with a few     |
    | Marcuria soldiers will join in as your allies. This battle is easy,        |
    | destroy all planks if you want, if not just keep beating the enemies until |
    | only Mauler is left on the screen and he will order a full retreat soon.   |
    |                                                                            |
    -Go to the castle(west of the town) and proceed until the throne room
    -After conversations, head back to Eraiza's house
    -After scenes, go back into the house and talk to Eraiza
    -Agree to help her and head to the item shop at Marcuria again
    -Talk to Prakk and suggest Mell to go and have a talk with Goldrian and Sydney
     for opening her shop
    -Talk to Prakk twice
    -Try to walk to the exit and watch a scene
    -Return back to Your Land(default name I'm going to use for this faq)
    -Follow Rems to Marcuria's inn
    -Exit Marcuria, head northeast for a cave and enter it
                                   |Dungeon: Tunnel to |
                                   |         Ordineil  |
    Enemies: Zombie, Will o' wisp, Viper, Gremlin, Skeleton, Dire wolf
    Treasure chest items: Multiple magic casting+1(gem), buff coat, 823 ril,
                          recovery medicine
    Use magic on will o wisps because weapon attacks doesn't really work on them.
    Head in the northeast direction paths and you will reach the end soon.
    -Talk to guard
    -Head north to the city of Ordineil
    -Explore around and talk to the guy at the item store and ask about the letter
    -Go north and west and watch scenes
    -Talk to Alphonce and exit the room
    -Exit Ordineil and head north through the forest
    -At path split, head into Krasdahl for a rest
    -Once done, exit and continue north until more conversations
    -Short party split, move to examine the tail and attempt to chase after her
    -Exit and continue path to Lezel(just 1 more screen to go)
    -Talk to Munzer, and other party members
    -Enter inn to rest/save and exit
    -Talk to Crestfer and gather everyone to set off for Fandelsia
    -Head northwest for a couple of screens until you can't proceed anymore, then
     go to the east to enter Fandelsia
    -Explore around town and talk to guy at inn
    -Exit inn and head further in the town and up the stairs, watch a long scene
    -Wake up and talk to Bower, exit the mansion
    -Search around the pile of junk beside the staircase for a crystal
    -Return back to the inn
    -Attempt to leave the town
    -Chase after Frane and talk to her
    -Go back and exit the town
    -Return back the way you came for 2 screens, then head east
                                    | Dungeon:         |
                                    | Underwater ruins |
    Enemies: Caster, Ghoul, Vampire bat, Bone golem, lizardman, Onrein
    Treasure chest items: 5 Crystals (non-optional), Bandit tome, MOV UP +2 (gem)
    This is quite a dungeon. But it should take a short while to understand how
    to get through. If you walk down from each level, you would have noticed some
    walls with holes that would fit in your little crystal right? Forget about
    it for now. Just keep exploring each level completely and get all the items
    in every treasure chest. Soon you will find 5 of such crystals.
    Next thing to do is simple: look for every hole and insert a crystal in. For
    some blocked off areas, you will have to go a level up and fall through the
    uncovered area down to reach those areas to use the crystal, but a bit of
    observance should be enough to finish putting in all 6. I'll list a summary:
    Entrance to ruins: 5th Floor
    Chest containing 5 crystals: chest in middle of 4th floor
    Walls to place crystals in: floors 1, 2 and 4 has one each, 3rd floor has two
    Once done, make your way to the 2nd floor and go east. You will spot crystal-
    like platforms for you to step on to the other end. Keep to the right sid for
    the final platform or else you'll fall.
    Go up the stairs, SAVE. And go east again. You will come to a door that Rems
    failed to open. He ended up using mere brute force to open the door, that's
    by shooting tons of arrows. Well, help him out a bit by moving Crevaniel to
    the door and Crevaniel will slash at the stupid door and it will open.
    Once again you see the girl whom Crevaniel met back at Crestfer's ruins of
    dreams. She will get very anxious and refuses to listen to anything and try
    to move the switch to open the opposing door to get away. But the switch
    failed and she started banging and kicking and slaughtering the poor switch
    that it finally gave way, but not without triggering the alarm.
        | Mission 12 |
        |                                                                    |
        | Enemies  - Lv 25 diener, Lv 21 defenders                           |
        | Clear conditions - Eliminate all guardians                         |
        | Game over conditions - All party members fallen                    |
        |                                                                    |
        | This battle will be all about magic. Make sure your characters     |
        | have magic of different elements. The main thing is to destroy the |
        | guardian globes(defenders) first. If the globe is of red color,    |
        | don't use fire magic on it or you will end up healing it. Use any  |
        | other magic besides fire and earth(it's a floating unit in case    |
        | you didn't notice), same thing goes for the rest, if the element   |
        | is the direct opposite(as in fire to ice), a level 2 should be     |
        | enough to kill one. If not, just keep using magic. After you have  |
        | all the globes gone, chant your characters' magic to the highest   |
        | level that they have and cast them to finish off the big bulk of   |
        | metal. Remember to heal in between if needed and the fight will be |
        | over in no time.                                                   |
        |                                                                    |
    -Once you regained control of Crevaniel, have him escape as well
    -Go east once and west twice to return back to Lezel
    -Rest if you want to(recommended) and exit
    -Go back in the direction of Marcuria until the split paths
    -Talk to the man and agree to help him
    -Take the western path to reach Krasdahl
    -Once inside the village, head west instead of south
    | Mission 13 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Krasdahl                                                        |
    | Enemies  - Lv 26 Kergil, Lv 17/18 Dulkheim soldiers                        |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat all enemies                                      |
    | Game over conditions - Death of old swordsman, all party members fallen    |
    |                                                                            |
    | Hien(the old man) is not very strong and Mortis is not that powerful to be |
    | able to withstand attacks from 4-5 enemies, so if you want him to live,    |
    | chant Cure as early as possible since it will take some time for Crevaniel |
    | or any other character to reach where he and Hien are rooted, and Kergil   |
    | will target him for most of the fight.                                     |
    |                                                                            |
    | Kergil is average in fighting skills, but the constant magic attacks from  |
    | the magicians can be trouble if left alone for too long. Get rid of all    |
    | all enemies to finish the mission.                                         |
    |                                                                            |
    -Watch scene
    -Talk to everyone
    -Return back to inn, watch more scenes
    -Once done, exit the village and return to Ordineil
    -Talk to guy at item store
    -Leave the town and head north until you come to a big rock
    -Follow him to next screen
    -Continue past the 1 screen to reach the destroyed village
    -Go to the upper left and enter the house
    -Watch more conversations and choose to rest at the bed
    -Talk to Maggy again to have Familiar learn how to create Trans-gates
    -Exit the place and return to Your Land
    -Choose to have the holiday at Your Land
    -Head to Marcuria's castle and watch scene
    -Talk to soldier near item store
    -Enter inn to look for Alicia
    -After conversation, leave and exit Marcuria
    -Head east, then north
    | Mission 14 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Path east of Marcuria                                           |
    | Enemies  - Valcaneer soldiers Lv 18,19,24 and Lv 15 transporting animals   |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat all enemies(transporting animals included)       |
    | Game over conditions - More than 4 animals exit the screen, all party      |
    |                        members fallen                                      |
    |                                                                            |
    | Use magic for characters with faster chant times, I used Crevaniel to do   |
    | direct attacks instead of magic. You will need to defeat all animals to    |
    | get back the items so don't let them run too far off. Magic is key so use  |
    | it and this battle should end with a perfect.                              |
    |                                                                            |
    -Go back to Marcuria to rest, save and head to the harbor
    -Choose character you want to accompany Crevaniel
    -Follow the path down and you will reach the castle hall
    -When the enemy spots you, battle time
    | Mission 15 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Marcuria castle                                                 |
    | Enemies  - Simonz, Lv 18/19/24 Valcaneer soldiers                          |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat all enemies                                      |
    | Game over conditions - Death of more than 2 hostages, all party members    |
    |                        fallen                                              |
    |                                                                            |
    | No healing is necessary for this battle unless your levels are that low.   |
    | Try to have Crevaniel move up and attack(he has a good MOV stat) any       |
    | approaching soldiers while having the other character chant magic to level |
    | 2 or 3. 3 is usually enough to kill off a soldier. The archers will move   |
    | back to inform their commander Simonz(it doesn't matter if they make it or |
    | not since Simonz will pop up after a short while). Keep killing as many    |
    | enemies as you can.                                                        |
    |                                                                            |
    | After most of them are gone, Simonz will appear and he and the soldiers    |
    | will have a change of plan and proceed to slaughter the hostages(who are   |
    | officers and helpers of the castle but were too late in escaping during    |
    | the siege and thus got caught and used as hostages). A turn after Simonz,  |
    | your 2 other characters will enter from the top right pillar. They will    |
    | join in the battle so it should take only a while more to finish the       |
    | battle and save all hostages.                                              |
    |                                                                            |
    -Watch a couple of scenes
    -Once you regained control of Crevaniel, exit the room and go down
    -Talk to everyone and return back to room
    -Go to the castle to talk to Alicia
    -Talk to Carnos at the entrance of Eraiza's mansion
    -Return to Your Land and back to Crevaniel's room
    -Talk to Sydney to ask for a 2 days vacation
    -Once vacation is done, go back to the entrance of the tunnel that leads to
     Ordineil and go east for 2 screens to reach the ruins, enter
                                    | Dungeon:        |
                                    | Waterfall ruins |
    Enemies: Salamander, Gargoyle, Larva
    Treasure chest items: Seibo's medicine, Knock-out guard(gem), All elements
    Take the stairs up north, cross the bridge and go up the next stairs you see.
    Follow path and turn off the switch at the end wall. Go back to the entrance
    and this time, take the right stairs down. Go up and the take the northwestern
    stairs, then the east and follow path to turn off switch. Return back 2
    screens the way you came by and opt for the stairs to the right. Follow the
    path and go down the stairs at the end.
    If you get confused from my directions above, you'll have to explore for
    yourself, basically just turn off switches to do away with the ground
    mechanism that takes off 5 HP every few seconds, then just keep on going down.
        | Mission 16 |
        |                                                                    |
        | Enemies  - Lv 34 Blunteer, Lv 20-21 Valcaneer soldiers             |
        | Clear conditions - Defeat all enemies                              |
        | Game over conditions - All party members fallen                    |
        |                                                                    |
        | Blunteer will pull down the switch to activate the HP-consuming    |
        | device. In order to reach his side, you need to crawl a long way   |
        | there. He has quite a number of magicians on his side, so all the  |
        | magic blasts will deplete even more HP. Always have someone ready  |
        | to heal.                                                           |
        |                                                                    |
        | Have your characters stand on any blue patch which doesn't take    |
        | away HP and use magic to get rid of everyone besides Blunteer. A   |
        | level 3 will be enough to take down one. Each time you defeat an   |
        | enemy, they will use return to get out of this hideous place.      |
        |                                                                    |
        | After doing away with most enemies save for Blunteer, move         |
        | Crevaniel and Rems towards him, have Rems attack him from afar and |
        | Crevaniel up front. Unless you have overpowered levels, only       |
        | Crevaniel will be able to take his blows. The rest will die fast   |
        | if near him. Use your other 2 characters to cure Crevaniel or do   |
        | it all in your own preferred way and Blunteer should fall soon.    |
        |                                                                    |
    You better save before heading down the next stairway.
    You might want to observe the structure of this floor as well as try out how
    the power mode of the laser device works - verticle and horizontal. Plates
    lighted in a line of either will serve as a barrier to keep out guardians
    (in other words, enemies), this also means your characters will be blocked
    off as well.
    Walk to the inner part where the closed door is and Frane will mention that it
    can be opened with something, that's a lever btw. Go to where the laser device
    is, see that little gadget on the wall, pull it and a battle will start.
        | Mission 17 |
        |                                                                     |
        | Enemies  - Lv 27/33 guardians                                       |
        | Clear conditions - Cut off the supply while the door is open        |
        | Game over conditions - Unable to operate the laser device anymore,  |
        |                        Only 1 party member remain                   |
        |                                                                     |
        | This is the most frustrating battle as yet so be prepared for some  |
        | level of patience. The alarm will prompt 2 ways to disactivate this |
        | meddlesome system. 1 is if you have the system key and can stop     |
        | this mess immediately, which obviously: you don't have. The 2nd is  |
        | by force, and it requires someone to open that door while cutting   |
        | off the supply of the system with the lever, this will send a       |
        | signal to the guardians to stop attacking and get lost.             |
        |                                                                     |
        | How you go about this is up to you. For me, I chose to have Frane   |
        | remain where the lever is and have Crevaniel move in the left       |
        | direction and Rems and Eraiza in the right. This way, I can have    |
        | Frane heal(for my party, she has the best healing ability and since |
        | her attacks and MO stat aren't good, it's no point having her face  |
        | the enemies when you have other better choices) while my other      |
        | characters work their way through the walls and barrier. Crevaniel  |
        | is strong enough on his own, so I think it's better for Rems and    |
        | Eraiza to go together, that way their speed of advance will somehow |
        | beeven out. This is important I believe because Frane needs to      |
        | control the laser device as well to change the direction of the     |
        | plate barrier. But like I have said, it's really up to you.         |
        |                                                                     |
        | Once one of your characters reaches the door and open it, have      |
        | whoever is located at the lever to trigger it and it will be done.  |
        |                                                                     |
    Go in and search around. Read the report. Exit the dungeon.
    -Back at Your Land, rest.
    -Go to the castle and watch more scenes
    -Talk to Sydney and ask for vacation
    -Leave and go northwest to reach Sansel(from the entrance to Ordineil tunnel,
     head west and north)
    | Mission 18 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Sansel                                                          |
    | Enemies  - Lv 28 Vallery, Lv 21-22 Valcaneer soldiers                      |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat all enemies                                      |
    | Game over conditions - More than 3 guards died, all party members fallen   |
    |                                                                            |
    | You are not to allow too many village guards to die, because it's of no use|
    | chasing out the enemies but having no guards left in the village. So try   |
    | to keep all alive. You can choose what you want them to do: Stay at        |
    | position and defend, attack freely or move towards the entrance to escape. |
    | 3rd choice seems better but it's your call. I chose the 1st though.        |
    |                                                                            |
    | Vallery is not hard to tackle at all, the main problem is really just      |
    | keeping those guards alive. After every enemy is done away with, the fight |
    | is over.                                                                   |
    |                                                                            |
    -Rest and save
    -Allow Familiar 2 to set up transgate at entrance, continue northeast
    -Talk to man standing on the lower right of the screen at the short border
    -Agree to escort him to Your Land
    -Don't let him die, don't go to the next screen before him and follow after
     him within 2 turns once he has gone on to the next screen, escort to the
     transgate at Sansel
    -Rest and save at Sansel if you wish to and go back northeast to the border
    -Continue north for 2 screens, take a west at path split to reach Ida bridge
    | Mission 19 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Ida bridge border                                               |
    | Enemies  - Valcaneer soldiers, Lv 19/25/29                                 |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat all enemies                                      |
    | Game over conditions - All party members fallen                            |
    |                                                                            |
    | This battle is a piece of cake if not for some really pesky magicians, and |
    | they are on the other side of the bridge. So you can use magic attacks if  |
    | you want, but you only have 4 characters, therefore determine who you want |
    | to set as a healer.                                                        |
    |                                                                            |
    | If you can afford not to heal too frequently, use cooperation magic and it |
    | will save you plenty of trouble. In case you missed it, you get the        |
    | cooperation magic gems at the entrance of Eraiza's house: talk to Carnos.  |
    |                                                                            |
    -Go back to Sansel(optional), rest and save and come back again
    -1 screen past the bridge, go northwest instead of following main road
    -Continue north for 2 screens
                                  | Dungeon: Anti-angel |
                                  | weapon research lab |
    Enemies: Spirit, Specter, Onreinorf, Mutant gel
    Treasure chest items: -1st floor-
                           ->Albsorb bell
                          -2nd floor-
                           ->Secret manual
                           ->Dandy book
                          -3rd floor-
                           ->Multiple magic casting+2(gem)
                           ->Rete dew
    The dungeon is very short, there are treasures laid all around, but you need
    an Energy Crystal to provide power for the operation of the door. And there is
    not enough in this angels' forsaken place apart from the upcoming event
    battle. You will need 9 crystals to all the treasures. Go up 2 simple and
    short levels and it will be a boss fight, remember to save.
        | Mission 20 |
        |                                                                    |
        | Enemies  - Lv 33 Master guardian feyleris, Lv 30 thunderballs      |
        | Clear conditions - Defeat the master guardian                      |
        | Game over conditions - All party members fallen                    |
        |                                                                    |
        | The master guardian will cast level 1 barrier on each of the       |
        | guardians which will block off the first attack/magic, however as  |
        | soon as the barrier is gone, it will immediately use barrier again,|
        | so the main idea is to attack the master guardian once. It will    |
        | take around 2 turns to perform a system recovery, and during this  |
        | period of time, you can attack the thunderballs without worrying   |
        | about new barriers being set up. 1 thunderball defeated drops 1    |
        | energy crystal. Once all 3 are gone, the master guardian will pop  |
        | out another 3. Continue the process until you've got at least 8    |
        | crystals(if you want to get all of the treasures). When you are    |
        | ready, use all your characters to plunge whatever attacks you have |
        | on the master guardian to end this battle.                         |
        |                                                                    |
    Go into the room, find the small size cannon on the table. After short
    conversation, rest and save at the save point below. Leave the lab.
    -Walk back to Ida border bridge, war has started: Dulkheim vs Valcaneer. And
    you Marculey guys are mixing around in such a dangerously dangerous place!
    | Mission 21 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Ida bridge border                                               |
    | Enemies  - Lv 33 Mauler, Lv 32 Simonz, Lv 27 Valcaneer and Dulkheim        |
    |            soldiers                                                        |
    | Clear conditions - 1 party member made it to the lower right of map with   |
    |                    no one remaining on the map                             |
    | Game over conditions - All party members defeated with no one making it    |
    |                        past the escape point                               |
    |                                                                            |
    | This event battle is a lump of mess as the Dulkheim soldiers will attack   |
    | the Valcaneer troops, and you are supposed to bring Crevaniel's group down |
    | the bridge and escape via the top right screen. But of course Marculey is  |
    | enemy to both, they will attack your group when they feel like it.         |
    |                                                                            |
    | The best thing is to bring your characters behind the main force on the    |
    | bridge and cast some magic to heal and attack. Have them kill each other   |
    | to clear the path before commanding your group to walk through. Since      |
    | soldiers WILL KEEP ON coming in from both sides no matter how many are     |
    | killed, your best bet is really just to keep moving on. Once your          |
    | characters have reached the eastern end, make sure you set their movement  |
    | route correctly so they don't blocked off by the reinforcements.           |
    |                                                                            |
    -Go back to Marculey and ask Sydney for rest days
    -After your vacation, take Transgate to Ordineil and go south, and up north
    -Talk to captain and agree to help out
    | Mission 22 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - North of Ordineil                                               |
    | Enemies  - Lv 25 Valcaneer soldiers                                        |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat all enemies                                      |
    | Game over conditions - More than 5 healers dead, all party member fallen   |
    |                                                                            |
    | There are 14 healers altogether, and you must make sure at least 9 stay    |
    | alive. They will appear from the bottom screen around 2 by 2 and walk up   |
    | to exit by the upper right direction. Your mission is to make sure they    |
    | don't die halfway being killed by all those Valcaneer soldiers who keep    |
    | springing out from various areas of the forest. There is a limit to the    |
    | number of enemies that will appear, so the only way to get a Mission       |
    | Complete is to protect and cure the healers(don't let any die) as well as  |
    | kill the enemies as fast as possible before the +50 bonus turn negative.   |
    | Some of the healers will use Cure level 1 as they walk, but it doesn't     |
    | help a lot compared to the Cure effect your characters can use.            |
    |                                                                            |
    -Bring the cannon to Maggy. In case you forgot where: head north of Ordineil
     and at the big rock go through east past the hidden path. 
    -At night, exit the house and explore the northern area
    -Try to talk to the ghost
    -Go back to rest
    -Go back to where the ghost was before, examine to get a magic research book
    -Head on to Marcuria castle for an audience
    -Save and teleport to Ordineil transgate
    -South, and east at the path split, continue east past 1 screen
    | Mission 23 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Cliff east of Ordineil                                          |
    | Enemies  - Lv 33,39,41 monsters                                            |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat all enemies                                      |
    | Game over conditions - Death of girl, all party members fallen             |
    |                                                                            |
    | In this fight, you have to protect the girl. If she is being attacked by   |
    | the monsters, you need to heal her as well. The Titan will cause faint     |
    | with his big metal ball at times, especially on weaker characters like     |
    | Frane and Rems at the first hit. The thing is here to have Crevaniel run   |
    | up so the monsters are kept far away from the girl as well as whoever you  |
    | left back there as magic casters.                                          |
    |                                                                            |
    -Retrack back to Ordineil, rest and save
    -Note: Do Familiar TP's side event if you are using her(refer to side quest
    -Head back the same way and further east until you come to Alphonce's camp
    -Agree to help him out
    -Have Crevaniel talk to the other characters and wander around for a bit
    | Mission 24 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - East of Ordineil                                                |
    | Enemies  - Lv 37 Norman, Lv 29/33 Valcaneer soldiers                       |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat all enemies                                      |
    | Game over conditions - More than 2 flag poles destroyed, all party members |
    |                        fallen                                              |
    |                                                                            |
    | Your job is to protect the flags, but the enemy will aim for the flags.    |
    | Each flag has a bar of HP, and so if the bar reaches 0, the flag will      |
    | collapse.                                                                  |
    |                                                                            |
    | But the main problem is: the flag doesn't have very high HP, and you       |
    | cannot heal its HP, and neither can you put the flag back on the pole      |
    | after it falls.                                                            |
    |                                                                            |
    | You have to make sure anyone who can attack the poles from afar(archers    |
    | and Norman who can use magic) die first. But of course it's obvious Norman |
    | won't go down that easily. And he has got a rather high MGC DEF so for     |
    | your flags' sake, have Crevaniel and Rems attack him by weapon. Melee      |
    | skills such as all-round attack(zen shuu-i kougeki) will be a flag saver   |
    | here. Hold out for some time, and a soldier will inform Norman they are    |
    | being attacked from behind. Defeat Norman and he will order a full         |
    | retreat. Familiar 2 will suggest reducing the enemy's force as much as     |
    | possible, and that is to kill everyone on this screen.                     |
    |                                                                            |
    -Heal any depleted HP and continue east
    -Walk past a few screens and you will come to the waterfall, and the lab
    -Familiar 2 will set up Transgate, go back to rest, save and come back
                                  | Dungeon:             |
                                  | Anti-angel weapons   |
                                  | construction factory |
    Enemies: Shard demon, Golem, Skeleton
    Treasure chest items: Spellbook of Shinkon[T1], Elixir[T2], Remedy(a.k.a
                          Teriaka, gem)[T3], Seal of All-round attack(gem)[T4],
                          Unbalance(gem)[T5], Interceptor(gem)[T6]
    Go inside the ruins, open the door and you will have activated a stupid alarm
        | Mission 25 |
        |                                                                    |
        | Enemies  - Guardians(golems, skeletons)                            |
        | Clear conditions - Defeat all guardians                            |
        | Game over conditions - The shutter leading to the floor below is   |
        |                        shut off, all party members fallen          |
        |                                                                    |
        | One of the Guardians will trigger a lever to start the countdown   |
        | system which will shutter out the stairs for good, so you must pull|
        | the lever back to stop the crap. You have 20 turns. There are      |
        | various ways to go about this battle, so it's your choice to weigh |
        | the options.                                                       |
        |                                                                    |
        | 1) The treasure chests around the place will disappear one by one, |
        | with a fixed time interval in between and the game showing you     |
        | which treasure chest will vanish next. If you choose to pull the   |
        | lever down, all treasure chests will be gone, so if you want the   |
        | treasures, don't touch the lever yet.                              |
        |                                                                    |
        | 2) If you can't be bothered with treasure hunting, use the lever   |
        | and concentrate on finishing the Guardians off.                    |
        |                                                                    |
        | You might want to use characters with high MOV coupled with dash if|
        | you have it or just equip them with a MOV UP gem and have at least |
        | 1 character remain at the entrance to replenish the Attack and     |
        | Cycle-up effect as well as to heal with items if necessary. This   |
        | will make getting all treasure an easier task.                     |
        |                                                                    |
        |                       ---------------------------                  |
        |                      |            ___            |                 |
        |                      |           | S |           |                 |
        |                      |      T3           T4      |                 |
        |                      |                           |                 |
        |                      |   T5                 T6   |                 |
        |                      |                           |                 |
        |                      |      T1    ___    T2      |                 |
        |                      |           | E |           |                 |
        |                       -----------     -----------                  |
        |                                                                    |
        | E: Entrance                                                        |
        | S: Shutter                                                         |
        | T1: 1st treasure chest to disappear                                |
        | T2: 2nd treasure chest to disappear and so on until T6             |
        |                                                                    |
        | Battle will end once all enemies are gone.                         |
        |                                                                    |
    After the fight, go down the stairs. Get the Energy Pack to the right, it's a
    shining item. Go up and search the stand for an instruction manual examine
    the panel. Do not switch the panel on as yet. Leave the factory.
    -Go back to Your Land and watch scene, Leona will join party
    -Take the Energy Pack to Maggy and rest
    -Go back to Maggy's lab and listen to conversations
    -Choose members and talk to Maggy again and she will join as NPC
    -Save and make preparations(stock up on recovery items, equip gems etc)
     (((Plot events)))
    The attack was never officially announced, and it was treated as though it has
    never happened. Vallery never came back, and there were no news of Blunteer
    either. 1 month passed and Familiar 1 was all recovered and happy.
    Roomise gave more details on the group's next mission: they are holding a 
    meeting with Valcaneer and the group is to serve as guards at Trochmare.
    While in Trochmare, the group met Alphonce, one of Valcaneer's Royal Guards
    who came to attend the meeting. However, on the next day, an explosion was
    heard. Crevaniel rushed to the town square only to see Alphonce fighting a
    huge monster but couldn't even scratch it. He looked up the sky to spot the
    female angel. The monster exerted a blast attack, sending Crevaniel down but
    artfully Alphonce jumped out of the way and knowing he doesn't stand a
    chance, made for a retreat.
    The next scene(a vision) showed a conversation between the male and female
    angel, the former saying that humans should be punished, and the other making
    no reply though she looked sad. After the scene ended, Crevaniel spouted wings
    with the monster banging against the wall and exiting with one of the angels
    going after it.
    Back at a Dulkheim room, Rudvich requested reports about the safety of the
    president's group and was confirmed by one of the soldiers. After the soldier
    has left, he said to himself: "That old man, if I don't shut his mouth..." 
    When Crevaniel woke up, Rems informed him that war has been declared on
    Valcaneer because everyone believed it was Valcaneer who sent the monster and
    the various attacks which caused much casualties. Instructions were given for
    the group to go back to Lynfaluz. 
    At Lynfaluz, the group obtained orders for the next mission, but in different
    squads, Rems was very sad about that. Back at the dorm, the two talked about
    the old mercenary days.
    Crevaniel woke up the next day with Familiar 1 telling him that Rems has left.
    As per Roomise's instruction the day before, he is supposed to head to
    Trochmare's inn and meet up with a person named Kergil. At the inn, a soldier
    was talking with Kergil asking for help because they were no match for a
    certain person. Kergil affirmed the situation before dismissing the soldier.
    When Crevaniel entered the room, he told him to take a drink which resulted in
    the former blacking out.
    When Crevaniel regained consciousness, he was located inside a prison.
    According to the vision on Rudvich's conversation with Kergil, Dulkheim is
    conducting extensive research on the ruin child to gain a greater power. Since
    Valcaneer has already gotten their hands on magic usage, it ain't a surprise
    that Dulkheim wants a more powerful weapon/ability.
    Meanwhile, war has started, and Rudvich stationed 2000 soldiers each at the
    Ida and Izenbant border bridges and sent another 1000 under Roomise to join in
    the war with Igredias. Dulkheim is now facing 2 enemies in war.
    To fight back the invading Dulkheim, Igredias hired the mercenary group named
    the Death Wings. At the mist village of Solcorina, Roomise met Bower. And
    while Bower is in a haste to finish preparations for attacks, Roomise advise
    on taking their own sweet time. Bower warned that they are facing up against
    the Death Wings.
    Roomise responded that he know who the Death Wings are but didn't know that
    Igredias has hired them with Bower wondering in surprise that such info wasn't
    passed on to Roomise. Roomise said it must be because General Drangus(the one
    who is leading the fight against Igredias) hates Rudvich but assure Bower not
    to worry because Igredias will lose without the Death Wings at the frontlines,
    and Solcorina is some distance from them, so Igredias can't really launch an
    attack on Solcorina with the Death Wings.
    Back at the prison, another person in the same cell as Crevaniel was gone.
    More news on the war. In an earlier vision at Valcaneer, the King asked the
    Royal Guards about Rudvich and they praised him to the skies. So it made sense
    that with Rudvich commanding the Dulkheim troops, Valcaneer has to be very
    careful and this has led to both sides still stationing at the borders.
    On the other hand, Drangus' troops were being slaughtered by the Death Wings
    and hurried for a retreat. The backdrop changed to Solcorina and Roomise
    asking Bower to take chairs or tables or anything he can find and place them
    in messy lines of a formation at the wide grassland before the village. Then
    have a few archers shoot arrows at the enemy from behind the set-up while
    moving down towards the village. Doing that will create an illusion among the
    mist that there may be hidden troops wating to ambush at the village and thus
    the enemy's advance will slow down.
    Bower asked in agitation about the command to retreat. Roomise then explained
    that he wished to buy some time for the villagers to escape first. Bower
    started arguing that the instruction from the top is not so, and no follow
    commands means no money, and no money means it's bye-bye for the mercenaries.
    But seeing how persistant Roomise is, Bower gave in and acted accordingly.
    Back at the prison, Robel died. Nevertheless, Rems came to the rescue and
    managed to save everyone including Frane. Outside the prison barracks, Rems
    mentioned about the increase in monsters happening not only in Dulkheim but
    also in Valcaneer, thus he doesn't think that it's the doing of Valcaneer.
    He went on to ask Crevaniel to head to Trochmare where he has got a boat
    ready. At the harbor, they decided to board the ship along with the prisoners
    who has escaped even though there weren't enough supplies on board.
    Screen switched to the Death Wings and its leader and the massacre of the
    Dulkheim soldiers as well as some commoners. Drangus' troops has retreated
    with high casualties but due to Roomise's strategy and Bower's mercenaries,
    the villagers of Solcorina were able to escape without any harm.
    Roomise was not only not reprimanded for disobeying orders, but he got a
    promotion to senior lieutanant and said to be another hero of war after
    Rudvich.  Drangus' troops has regrouped and wanted to attack the Fortress of
    Liozrock. But Roomise advised to attack the Fandelsia harbor instead. Drangus
    refuses and Roomise requested to make an attack on Fandelsia with just his own
    troops and Bower's mercenaries.
    Back on the ship, more people died and Frane has gotten a fever as well. The
    storm on the sea has depleted everyone's energy, and soon Crevaniel fainted.
    Switch scene again: Silvernale has started the advance against Rudvich's
    troops and on Igredias' side, Drangus is fighting a bitter battle without
    Roomise's soldiers. Rudvich did not retaliate and this made Silvernale more
    cautious and uncertain since the name of Rudvich is enough to send shivers
    even to the Royal Guards of Valcaneer. Silvernale assumed that Rudvich is
    buying time for the soldiers fighting in the battle against Igredias so they
    can join up with him later on and it would be better to attack now and cut off
    the troops supply route but still it's Rudvich we are talking about, so she
    decided to wait for a while to see how things go.
    A short old vision of Vester slaughtering people of a certain village while
    Decsen escaped with Crevaniel.
    Crevaniel woke up and met Eraiza, formerly a citizen of Igredias. When war
    broke out, she escaped and settled down in Marculey. Rems explained that the
    ship sailed south and reached Marculey, and Eraiza saved the group, but only
    4 people survived.
    During their conversations, Crestfer appeared and after some teasing, he let
    out the news of Fandelsia falling under Dulkheim's control(Roomise was
    successful in his attempt). At Marcuria's harbor, soldiers from Dulkheim
    arrived to take control of the town for resources to serve the war: since
    Marculey can be considered an ally to Valcaneer, and its troops are not very
    Together with Baker(Marcuria's general) and some Marculey soldiers, the group
    managed to drive Mauler(one of Dulkheim's general) away. Baker requested for
    the group to go to the castle and meet with the princess, who had her face
    covered because there was an old culture which says that women not married
    can't show her face in public like that, so as royalty, it is her duty to
    follow such a tradition.
    Alicia informed the group that in return for helping defend Marcuria from
    Dulkheim's invasion, the group is given a piece of land, which is to the
    east. She mentioned that Marculey pays money to Valcaneer for army support,
    but since Valcaneer is currently at war with Dulkheim, they have to order
    their men to fight for them instead of stationing at Marculey. This also
    explains why Dulkheim attacked Marculey, taking advantage of the lack of
    After the group has talked enough, the group headed back to meet Sydney,
    officer for paperwork applications. She explained that owners of land in
    Marculey must pay taxes. Good for the group when Goldrian asked to build an
    art museum on the land, because taxes for land used for such purposes are
    different and it will become an income for the group(by taking entrance fees
    from visitors), which can be split up between Goldrian and the group. Sydney
    also agreed to the group's request in hiring her as a personal officer to
    handle the group's land and related property matters.
    After agreeing to escort Eraiza to Fandelsia, Crevaniel agreed to accompany
    her to the item shop at Marcuria to get preparations in place. They met a girl
    named Mell who is looking around for a place to open her store to sell
    accessories and both invited her to do so at the art museum. On their way
    back, they saw Crestfer and a girl named Alice in front of the inn. Eraiza
    got mad at Crestfer for flirting around again with Alice making her exit.
    After more names calling and argument with Crestfer defending his behavior
    with "I'm doing this to make up for my younger brother's part as well" since
    Alphonce is stuck in the army all day long and doesn't get to interact with
    girls much, the entire episode finally ended.
    After Crestfer has gone off, Familiar 1 wondered where she has seen the Alice
    girl before. Back at the house, both Familiar 1 and Eraiza realized that it's
    Rems. He then rushed out. At Marcuria, Rems told them that he has a twin
    sister, but was separated long ago. The group then went to Ordineil where they
    went to Alphonce's house and met Crestfer as well. Alphonce suggested for the
    group to head back, referring to Eraiza as a girl who may get in the way due
    to the dangerous situation in Igredias with Eraiza storming off. The next day,
    Eraiza appeared with shorter hair insisting on her decision to go to Fandelsia
    and that she will protect herself. Crestfer offered to lead the group to
    After speaking to the deliverer in Ordineil, he asked for 1 week in doing his
    current errands before bringing them to the sender who sent the letter to
    On their way to Fandelsia, the group was attacked by rogues who are up for
    the bounty reward set by Dulkheim to the capture of those who has escaped from
    the barracks. They came across the Ruins of Dreams just south of Lezel and
    Crestfer elaborated on how the material that the statue is made of was
    so ancient that nothing can be done about it in this age. Rems added that the
    attack on this ruins 2000 years ago was of one with such high temperature that
    it actually melted that.
    Even as Crestfer helped the group during the journey, and hated monsters more
    than men, by the time he reached Lezel, he was all out of breath and struggled
    away looking pale. He had a short greeting conversation with Munzer and the
    latter gave Norman(an army personnel in Valcanner) orders to obtain a certain
    item for him.
    During the trip to Fandelsia, Crevaniel had a vision of Vester and his unknown
    helper talking about the expansion of use of summoning in Dulkheim's army as
    well as going somewhere before the angels do. Vester then turned back and half
    agitated, commanded Crevaniel to stop the eavesdrop and get lost. Familiar 1
    wondered what does all that conversation mean. Nevertheless, it's obvious that
    the vision was being forcefully cut off by Vester.
    In Fandelsia, Eraiza was shocked to see her parents' house being taken over by
    the Dulkheim soldiers. She ran off with Frane asking around to see if there
    were any news of where her parents has gone.
    Rems and Crevaniel met Roomise and Bower and during their conversation, an
    explosion was heard. The group rushed out to see the female angel hurling
    attacks on the battlefield where Dulkheim and Igredias were fighting. Bower
    couldn't see the angel though and Crevaniel fainted again. A view was seen of
    a modern city and the angels saying how much they want to protect it and the
    Crevaniel and Rems returned back to the inn only to be informed that Frane
    fainted as well. She told of a dream where the angels blessed humans. Rems
    assumed that it was just a dream, because obviously it doesn't seem possible
    that the angels in reality will like humans considering what they have done.
    Familiar 1 added in that Crevaniel had the same dream, making Rems half
    doubting. Eraiza told them that her father has escaped from the city and even
    as she doesn't know where he is, he should be able to get in touch with her at
    her house in Marculey. At the entrance, Eraiza asked Frane how would she feel
    if it were her in such a situation and Frane got a moment's outburst of
    sadness and ran off. Her waking up process wasn't complete due to the angel's
    attack on the ruins tower, therefore she has no memory of anything at all.
    After apologies on both sides, the group went to the underground water ruins
    which lead back to Valcaneer's territory.
    On their way back to Marculey and stopping at Krasdahl, the group engaged in
    battle against Kergil in an attmept to save an old man named Hien. They
    succeeded but Hien fell due to being poisoned, and after some nursing by Rems,
    recovered from a fatal condition, but at the expense of his memory. The group
    got to know that he is Silvernale's uncle and while Silvernale wanted to bring
    him back, he refused to and expressed that he will join Crevaniel's group to
    repay the kindness.
    The man at Ordineil led the group to the hidden village and they met Maggy,
    who told them that the letter was not sent by her, but rather by the already
    deceased village elder. She told them all that she knew:
    -2000 years ago, those who escaped from the attacks of the angels gathered to
    live in this small town. The knowledge of the advanced magic was kept. It is
    the duty of these people to teach the next generations on how to protect
    humans from the threat posed by the angels. The small population and eluded
    location helped keep away attention from the angels. The knowledge of
    defeating the angels was written in the Book of Truth. However, the book no
    longer exist.
    15 years ago, a man attacked the village and burned the book, saying "The
    wisdom of the ancestors ain't appreciated." He was one who used magic, and
    powerful ones which no one have known or seen. Decsen escaped with Crevaniel
    and his mission was to search ruins throughout the land to find out the way to
    defeat the angels.-
    The group questioned the motives of the angels. Frane cited that maybe it was
    to destroy the humans, but if that is so, why did they not attack big cities
    and towns. Rems took note of the locations that has been assaulted: Lanplast,
    ruin tower, Rivoka and the Igredias battlefield. Maggy replied that the best
    way is to ask the angels directly, and she mentioned about the Angel's letter
    which may provide more answers. To learn more, the group will have to search
    more ruins.
    Meanwhile, Silvernale deployed some troops to protect Marculey after that
    incident at Krasdahl, and Rudvich expected that.
    Back at Marcuria, the group saw Valcaneer soldiers guarding the Marcuria
    castle with Alicia kicked out to the inn. She explained her decision to
    fight against the Valcaneer troops and to take back the castle. After
    enlisting the group's help, the castle was returned but the alliance with
    Valcaneer was gone and Familiar 1 died while trying to protect Crevaniel
    from the attack by an enemy disguised as a Marculey soldier, leaving behind
    a memory crystal.
    Crevaniel kept himself in his room for days mourning but finally turned for
    the better. Meanwhile, The King of Valcaneer was greatly shocked that the
    control of Marcuria failed. He announced war on Marculey. Alphonce tried to
    persuade him out of this decision because the war with Dulkheim has only
    started and more battles will just reduce the strength of the troops. Not
    surprising that it didn't work, and worse, the King ordered him to take
    command to attack Marcuria.
    Alphonce seeked advice from Crestfer on what should he do, and Crestfer made
    no reply but only asked him what exactly does he want to be, a Royal Guard,
    the Lord of Ordineil or simply just Alphonce?
    Later, a scene happened showing King of Valcaneer ordering Munzer to lead
    troops against the betrayer Alphonce for rebelling against Valcaneer.
    Rems and Frane also managed to create Familiar 2 who looked exactly like the
    1st and possessed the same memories and skills. After obtaining permission
    from Alicia, the group went on to waterfall ruins NE of Marcuria. Inside,
    both Crevaniel and Frane fainted again and had a vision of conversations
    between various people in what seemed like a surgery room. They also met
    Blunteer who is working as a Valcaneer soldier and after a battle, the latter
    In the deepest part of the ruin, the group learnt of how the angels almost
    always attacked something that was related to magic study and development. But
    it seems that they can't really locate underground research and so all
    underground ruins and whatever were left out. An example being the ruins where
    Frane slept in. It was originally underground and wasn't destroyed until it
    rose up. So the group derived at one thing: the appearance of the angels and
    their wrath is linked to the use and study of magic. 
    To learn more, more ruins and places must be searched, Rems mentioned 2 of
    such: 1)the anti-angel weapons research lab at Ida lake and 2)the anti-angel
    weapons construction factory at Kafmahn. Kafmahn is a name used in the long
    past so it should have changed by now. Regiena then appeared, causing much
    shock to Rems and Crevaniel. She did not explain anything about the incident
    and instead harped continously on the importance of destroying the angels.
    She also warned the group to beware of Blunteer before taking her leave. 
    War situation: Silvernale continued the advance against Dulkheim, Munzer
    informed Alphonce that he was placed in command of overthrowing the rebels.
    Alphonce replied that it was his own decision to do so. 
    During Crevaniel's rest, he saw another vision of Alphonce fighting off a
    huge monster(which looks alike to a Titan) which his troops greatly failed to.
    A short conversation between Roomise and Bower: it's time to put an end to
    At the castle, Crestfer informed the group that Ordineil has requested for an
    alliance. When asked what to do next, Rems answered that they intend to go to
    the 2 places mentioned earlier. Crestfer is totally clueless of where is
    Kafmahn, the princess said that she will get someone to do some investigation.
    More war info: Munzer and Alphonce has started battling, this was the first
    time in history that the Royal Guards fight against each other. On Igredias
    side, Roomise avoided participation at the main battlefield, and instead
    attacked Liozrock fort from the east and managed to conquer it. A scene shows
    Bower and the leader of the Death Wings fighting with the former winning and
    instructing the Dulkheim soldiers to clear the dead bodies. Interestingly,
    the death wings leader faded and vanished(which Bower didn't notice).
    The group headed on to Ida border. Halfway through near Sansel, a scream was
    heard and the group rushed in to see the village being invaded by Valcaneer
    soldiers, their leader being the familiar old comrade Vallery. After a fight,
    Vallery retreated. The group continued on to Ida border where they fought with
    Valcaneer troops. After a successful battle, they proceeded on to the anti-
    angel weapon research lab. There, they found a small size cannon and decided
    to take it back. During a rest, a vision is shown of Vallery and Munzer.
    Basically Blunteer has deserted the Valcaneer army. Munzer knew that Blunteer
    joined the Valcaneer army for his own benefits, thus ordering him to explore
    around ruins instead of taking part in any major battles and plans. However,
    Munzer believed Vallery to be different.
    On their way back at Ida, the war between Valcaneer and Dulkheim has started.
    The group managed to break through and escaped. With that the Valcaneer troops
    cursed and shifted their full attention on Dulkheim. But sadly, Rudvich made
    his entrance and did a summoning of a ferocious monster which lay waste to all
    the Valcaneer morons. A messenger emerged and informed Rudvich that Drangus
    has died in battle along with his vice-captain. Therefore, the one who holds
    the highest position in the army is Rudvich. Rudvich decided to take over
    Drangus and lead the troops against Igredias to quickly end the war on one
    side and meanwhile placed Roomise(the newly promoted Colonel due to his feats
    at Liozrock) in charge of the war against Valcaneer in his absence. Roomise
    ain't too happy about this in his talk with Bower and considered that to be a
    big headache.
    Thr group brought the cannon to Maggy who requested to shift over to stay at
    Marculey to ensure easy communication and that the cannon is in good condition
    but just out of energy and she will need some time to figure out how to get
    that going.
    In another vision, Regiena introduced summoning to the Valcaneer King,
    explaining that it is done by connecting to another world and summoning the
    monsters to this world, and the latter agreed to a full scale summoning
    training session for the Valcaneer army.
    By the time the group returned, Crestfer has found out where Kafmahn and they
    made their way there. Halfway through, the girl they met before fell from the
    the top of a cliff and became unconscious(somehow). The group realized that
    she was running away from a bulk of monsters and protected her by killing them
    all. Ordineil soldiers appeared and brought the girl to the hospital while the
    group continued their travel to Kafmahn.
    In a Ordineil camp some distance away from Kafmahn, Alphonce requested help
    from the group. The idea is that he has a strategy to attack the enemy from
    the rear, but wishes to lure them to head this way first. He will need his
    whole army to launch the assault but someone must stay to watch over the army
    flags. If the flags fall, it will be a great blow to the morale of the
    soldiers and defeat is for certain. After a tough fight with Norman and his
    troops, the result was a success.
    At the Kafmahn, unmoving female angels were seen in tanks. It was presumed
    that the system was cut off of power to prevent the angels from discovering
    the place. They were creating angels to pit against the real angels, but left
    out most likely because they realize that it didn't match up to the abilities
    and power of a real one.
    Back at home, the girl whom the group saved earlier, named Leona, joined them
    as a party member and the group gave the energy pack found at the Kafmahn
    ruins to Maggy to repair the cannon.
    Updates on war: with the help of Crevaniel, Ordineil managed to advance as far
    as the city Lebrant. Meanwhile, at the Ida border, Roomise continued to halt
    the progress of the Valcaneer army. But in order to set up a strong defence,
    he did not retaliate more. And on the other hand, the battle at Igredias
    gradually shifted to a victory for Rudvich who, using his daring tactics to
    make up for the loss of army strength and morale during the command of
    Drangus, ended this 5 years war within 3 days under his leading. Igredias have
    lost and Rudvich hurried back to Dulkheim for his participation in the
    president's elections, making a flowery speech requesting for votes. Deringer
    was very unhappy over that because it is obvious that Rudvich, being the hero
    of Dulkheim and having won the hearts of the citizens through his achievements
    in the war, especially keeping his promise of drawing a close to the Igredias
    war and returning to Dulkheim within 10 days to make his election speech, will
    be elected to be the next Chief President.
    At the lab, Maggy informed the group that the magic cannon can only fire once
    due to the huge amount of energy processes that were required, basically first
    having the machine within chant the magic, 2nd is to transform the energy, and
    the final process to charge and execute the shooting of the transformed
    magical energy. She will take it upon herself to do the firing while the group
    start the ruins system working to lure the angels in.
    --- Chapter 3 ---                                                         [S3]
    -Go to Kafmahn waterfall via Home gate
    -Go west 2 screens and Maggy will position herself
    -Go into the ruins and press the main switch button. Exit and head west
    -After event, battle begins
    | Mission 26 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - West of Kafmahn waterfall                                       |
    | Enemies  - Lv 49 Angel, Lv 49 undead knight, Lv 39 volbugs, Lv 32 borvelks,|
    |            Lv 44 devil's servants, Lv 42 tiny dragons, Lv 40 dihei         |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat all enemies                                      |
    | Game over conditions - The angel escaped, all party members fallen         |
    |                                                                            |
    | This battle may be the toughest you have met with until now. 20 turns is   |
    | all you have to defeat the angel, and she has the ability to regain 45 HP  |
    | every 2 turns or so. If you have Crevaniel equip MOV UP 3rd level, and he  |
    | has Dash, use it and then select move to have his end destination to be    |
    | located south of the angel to divert some of the attacks from those        |
    | monsters to the angel instead of him.                                      |
    |                                                                            |
    | Hopefully you already used Attack and Protect Level 3 on Crevaniel before  |
    | the battle. As for your other characters, it's your call on what you want  |
    | them to do, but one very important thing is: Don't kill off too much of    |
    | the monsters if possible as they will fight each other as well as attack   |
    | the angel mindlessly to deplete her HP since she's got has VERY high def   |
    | and mgc def.                                                               |
    |                                                                            |
    | Once the angel is dead, the counter will be removed and you can concentrate|
    | on the remaining monsters. The devil's servants have got some very wicked  |
    | spells, kill them first. The undead knight can cause faint easily on weaker|
    | characters. Volbugs can chant Death which is a sudden death attack,        |
    | therefore angel's secret gems can help, borvelks can induce petrification  |
    | easily so make sure you've got at least 1 character with the Fine magic    |
    | learnt, if not, take note to purchase enough recovery items beforehand.    |
    | When you have reduced all to dust, the tedious fight finally comes to an   |
    | end.                                                                       |
    |                                                                            |
    -Watch a long scene
    -Go back to Your Land
    -Rest and save
    -Note: Remember to talk to Mell at her shop and get the leaflets to do a short
           side-quest (refer to character side quest section)
    -Take Transgate to Sansel, enter
    | Mission 27 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Sansel                                                          |
    | Enemies  - Lv 30/31/36 Valcaneer soldiers                                  |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat all enemies                                      |
    | Game over conditions - Party members fallen                                |
    |                                                                            |
    | You are supposed to kill them all. Use lotsa magic and Dash and special    |
    | techniques. The archers are really cheap in hidding behind those big piles |
    | of clay, a normal Lv 3 magic will kill them.                               |
    |                                                                            |
    -Rest, save and go into the ruins.
                                      | Dungeon:     |
                                      | Hidden Ruins |
    Enemies: Valcaneer soldiers, Skeleton, Golem, Shard demon
    Treasure chest items: -1st floor
                           ->2340 ril
                           ->Secret manual
                           ->INT apple
                          -2nd floor
                           ->Manual of magic principles
                           ->Dandy book
                          -3rd floor
                           ->Vit's medicine
                           ->Quickness manual
                           ->Gale apple
    This ruins consist of only 4 levels, each level still having some Valcaneer
    enemies to beat. To get the treasures, you have to go check the egg look-alike
    thing and accept the challenge. This short mini game is simple: if a Triangle
    appears directly north, you are supposed to use the left analog stick so
    Crevaniel faces north and then press the Triangle button. Another example
    being if a Circle appears southeast, you use the analog stick and point to
    that direction and press the Circle button. The faster you manage to finish
    the game, and the less mistakes you make: you get more keys. You'll only be
    rewarded the full 3 keys if you score a perfect. Same thing for the next 2
    If you don't want to fight anymore for now, you can use the Silent Steps
    Save before going down to the fourth level. Once again, it's boss time.
        | Mission 28 |
        |                                                                    |
        | Enemies  - Lv 40 center core, Lv 35 mana-makers, Lv 30 magic       |
        |            energy(balls)                                           |
        | Clear conditions - Defeat the center core                          |
        | Game over conditions - All party members fallen                    |
        |                                                                    |
        | This big gadget has a master core, which if destroyed, will end the|
        | battle straight away. Mission complete don't work that way though, |
        | you'll have aim for its smaller counterparts(mana-makers) and      |
        | destroy all before the center core. Both magic and weapon attacks  |
        | work the same. If you see a will'o'wisp look-alike thingy(magic    |
        | energy) being sent out, have a character use a level 2 magic to    |
        | kill it. If it reaches the master core, you will receive a rather  |
        | painful magic attack.                                              |
        |                                                                    |
    When the fight's over, go search around the rooms, in one of it you find a
    structure drawing cum manual of a much bigger size magic cannon. Exit the
    -Rest and save(IMPT)
    -Head up north and listen to soldiers talk about the situation
    -Use Attack, Cycle up and Protect and head to the next screen north
    | Mission 29 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - North of Sansel                                                 |
    | Enemies  - Lv 32/33/37 Valcaneer soldiers                                  |
    | Clear conditions - 1 party member exit to next map, one party member       |
    |                    return to the previous screen                           |
    | Game over conditions - All party members fallen without anyone passing to  |
    |                        the next map                                        |
    |                                                                            |
    | For this screen, don't do anything drastic, just have all your characters  |
    | go up north to exit the screen, don't bother to heal or help any Ordineil  |
    | reserve soldiers who will also try to get past this place, save your own   |
    | butt first. Getting attacked along the way is expected, so spending a      |
    | little time to heal and kill some enemies is fine. But don't waste too     |
    | much time and resources round here. Once all 4 characters made it up north |
    | past the screen, the fight will end.                                       |
    |                                                                            |
    -Use Attack+Cycle-up+Protect again and proceed up north
    | Mission 30 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - North of Sansel                                                 |
    | Enemies  - Lv 40 Vallery, Lv 32/33/37 Valcaneer soldiers                   |
    | Clear conditions - 1 party member exit to next map                         |
    | Game over conditions - All party members fallen without anyone passing on  |
    |                        to the next map                                     |
    |                                                                            |
    | You see another larger and stronger group of Valcaneer defence troops,     |
    | which includes Vallery. Once again, your job here is to break through the  |
    | set-up, NOT kill everyone. You can choose to defeat Vallery if you want,   |
    | but he will escape anyway. This battle is quite a nightmare. Because there |
    | are lesser Ordineil soldiers, so the enemies will definitely have your     |
    | characters as their main targets. If you don't have Dash for whoever you   |
    | chose to lead the way, prepare to get caught in a circle attack.           |
    |                                                                            |
    | If you have cooperation magic, you can try using it here to kill the enemy |
    | magicians. It will take quite some time though, so you might want to have  |
    | one character as a lure to be the main target of the fighters and the      |
    | other one as a healer, by item or magic. But it's up to you. My only       |
    | advice is actually to escape as quickly as possible, even if it's only one |
    | character who make it past the screen up north. And ***DON'T EVER use up   |
    | all your MP and items in this fight.                                       |
    |                                                                            |
    -Use Attack+Protect+Cycle-Up again and go on for the 3rd and final battle for
     this batch
    | Mission 31 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - North of Sansel                                                 |
    | Enemies  - Lv 51 Munzer, Lv 33/34 Valcaneer soldiers                       |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat all enemies                                      |
    | Game over conditions - Death of Alphonce, all party members fallen         |
    |                                                                            |
    | Even though Alphonce have a sky-reaching 900++ HP, it will soon go down    |
    | after some time. Have Crevaniel move up to kill the soldiers behind        |
    | Alphonce. By the time you make it there, the 2 Ordineil soldiers will have |
    | already been sent to the other world. If not, good for you. But my         |
    | suggestion is not to heal them(you can if you have the spare items etc),   |
    | instead heal Alphonce if you can. If he dies, it's the end of the game. If |
    | you have Rems, he can shoot down the magicians on the second level of the  |
    | fort so you don't have to waste time chanting magic to kill them. Once the |
    | soldiers on your side are gone, take note that every few turns or so, a new|
    | one will pop up down south so it's best to have one character stationed    |
    | there to take them on.                                                     |
    |                                                                            |
    | Munzer does 100+ damage with each attack to Alphonce, so don't expect your |
    | much weaker characters to fight him head on. Anyway, keep up the situation |
    | for a while and soon Munzer will fall, Silvernale will take him away and   |
    | it won't take more than a few seconds for the whole fight to be over.      |
    |                                                                            |
    -After conversations with Alphonce, head back to Your Land
    -You can take some rest days now but I recommend you to wait till you have
     completed mission 33
    -Once ready, go back to where you previously was and up north
    -Take the west split to reach Ida border...AGAIN
    | Mission 32 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Ida border                                                      |
    | Enemies  - Lv 42 Mauler, Lv 34/35/36 Valcaneer soldiers                    |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat Mauler                                           |
    | Game over conditions - All party members fallen                            |
    |                                                                            |
    | Those archers are annoying, kill them first. Cooperation healing magic can |
    | play a big part. The 2 magicians in front will use Lightning, which is a   |
    | real killer. However, they have very low HP. So do start chanting healing  |
    | magic as soon as the fight starts. Your main goal in this battle is to     |
    | defeat the captain Mauler. There is no need to kill everyone, as you       |
    | probably won't be able to anyway(low chance). It is better to have Mauler  |
    | and his fighters move towards you instead of moving over to their side.    |
    |                                                                            |
    | The moment Mauler runs out of HP or when you have defeated all enemies on  |
    | screen, Alphonce will jump in to save the day. Be thankful, because just   |
    | his appearance and the link to Royal Guard is enough for the enemy to do   |
    | a full retreat.                                                            |
    |                                                                            |
    -Detour, find a place to rest, save, stock up supplies
    -Return to Ida border and proceed west and south through the road path
    -After 2 screens,
    | Mission 33 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Southwest of Ida border/North of Trochmare                      |
    | Enemies  - Lv 42 Mauler, Lv 33/36/39 Valcaneer soldiers                    |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat more than 35 enemy units                         |
    | Game over conditions - Death of Alphonce, all party members fallen         |
    |                                                                            |
    | How many enemies you kill is added onto a counter, kill as much as you can |
    | and want to pay back all the trouble they gave you earlier. It is          |
    | possible to catch up to Mauler(with Dash) and defeat him, but he will      |
    | scramble off the screen immediately(then why is he walking at such a slow  |
    | pace earlier?)                                                             |
    |                                                                            |
    | Either way, the moment Mauler jumps off from the screen, Alphonce will     |
    | join in the fight. You are supposed to annihilate 35 soldiers, not         |
    | including Alphonce's share. Complete that count and Bower will tell the    |
    | remaining Dulkheim soldiers to retreat because Mauler has already returned |
    | safely. End of fight.                                                      |
    |                                                                            |
    -After conversations, go down south
    -At entrance to Trochmare, familiar will set up Transgate
    -Enter Trochmare and go to the ship landing point with Frane in party
    -Sleep at the inn
    -Exit Trochmare and head east to the prison barracks with Frane and Hien in
     party and choose to rest, watch scenes
    -Take Transgate to Home gate and to the Ordineil transgate
    -Go down and up north to get into a mission to save Vallery (refer to fate
     events for more details)
    -If you did not take any rest days earlier, do so now
    -Talk to Kate in her room multiple times
    -You will want to put Leona in your team from now on in order to give her the
     acorns after every important mission battle(least no. recommended:7)
    -Head to Marcuria and on the 1st screen, go northwest and pick up shiny item
     in the bush for the gem to give it to Kate
    -Once done, head to Ordineil for Leona's side quest and Trochmare for Eraiza's
     side quest(again, refer to side quest section)
    -Take Home gate to Trochmare Transgate again
    -Go to the screen where you saw Bower earlier and take the left path
    -Continue the path till the screen where Dulkheim soldiers are blocking the
    -At that screen, go northeast and you should reach the Ruins of Hope.
                                   | Dungeon: Revisit |
                                   | to Ruins of Hope |
    This place is the same as when you first came, which includes the level 4
    enemies. Once again, go the path indicated by yellow, and at the 2nd screen,
    go south and search that spot on the wall which looks out of place and you
    should get Frane's diary.
    Go to the same place where you saw the wings of blood event. You cannot save
    here because the save point is not working. Examine the square symbol just
    beside the door to the inner room. Then enter and search the green circle
    right of the resting pod to get the Excrishov Rod. Finish reading the research
    report and Blunteer will enter. Go out of the room and use Return(you can't
    use it in the room because it has blocked out magic), if not you can walk
    your way back.
    -After scene, Achiel will appear and after a short conversation, battle begins
    | Mission 34 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Entrance to Ruins of Hope                                       |
    | Enemies  - Lv 53 Achiel                                                    |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat Achiel                                           |
    | Game over conditions - Achiel escaped, death of Blunteer, all party        |
    |                        members fallen                                      |
    |                                                                            |
    | Have your characters who are not strong with weapon attacks and do not     |
    | have a high DEF to chant magic as soon as the battle begins. Blunteer will |
    | chase after Achiel, but seems to fail pretty badly, so help him by having  |
    | Crevaniel(best option here) use Dash and run in front of Achiel to block   |
    | his escape for a short moment while Blunteer catches up with him and       |
    | attack him. You can use Cycle Up on Blunteer to make things easier.        |
    |                                                                            |
    | Once Blunteer landed an attack on Achiel, immediately hack and slash and   |
    | abuse whatever magic you can on Achiel. If you did not manage to kill him  |
    | in this time period, just continue to attack, even though it may cut off   |
    | very little and Achiel has auto 65 hp recovery every few turns, but the    |
    | purpose of attacking him now is to slow him down a bit so Blunteer can     |
    | catch up to him the 2nd time. If you find that this doesn't work in your   |
    | case, you can create your own strategy. When Achiel's hp is reduced to 0,  |
    | fight is over...                                                           |
    |                                                                            |
     (((Plot events)))
    At the Kafmahn waterfall, the group did according to what was planned only to
    have Blunteer attempting to stop Maggy. Regiena entered in to fight Blunteer,
    and Maggy ended up in taking down the angel successfully. However, the angel
    was still alive and it took a long fight before the group won.
    The reward for the tough battle was getting to know that the angel they have
    killed is a replica, not a real original angel.
    Regiena added that there is ONLY 1 angel left, but Frane wondered if it really
    is so. The vision that she and Crevaniel saw was of a male and a female angel,
    and the female angel they have killed just now seems different from the one in
    their vision. Amongst much doubt, the real angel Achiel arrived and destroyed
    the ruins. Having done that, he descended and mocked the party for killing
    something they themselves(humans) created. 
    With that, Frane and Crevaniel spouted wings with Achiel in a little bit of
    surprise, mentioning something of "Youriel" before letting the party stay
    alive and flying off.
    Back at Eraiza's house, the group had a discussion on what has happened. Note
    how they say the difference between a real angel and a replica is the number
    of wings, also Rems mentioned that Crevaniel had 2 grey wings and 2 white,
    while Frane had 3 white and 1 grey. To find out more about the wings of blood,
    the next stop will be the Ruins of Hope. 
    The group made their way to Sansel only to find the entrance to the ruins
    guarded by Valcaneer soldiers.
    After a few battles and trekking to the deepest part of the ruins, they found
    a structure drawing cum manual of a much bigger size magic cannon. The group
    then continued their way up north and was informed that Ordineil's troops has
    been caught in a pincer attack(thanks to Alphonce for being so stubborn in
    charging ahead even though he knew something is up) and they were urgently
    sending soldiers to serve as support, however penetrating through the
    Valcaneer's defence line was very difficult. After much tedious fights, the
    group succeeded in defeating the Valcaneer troops with Alphonce while
    Silvernale left with the seriously injured Munzer.
    Alphonce felt bad for what happened, but he had his own responsiblities to
    take care off. A scene is seen of Munzer passing a pendant to Silvernale to
    give it to his adopted daughter. Magic healing doesn't work on someone who
    is already on the extreme verge of death, so no matter how hard the Valcaneer
    healers tried, Munzer died.
    At Ida border, the group fought Dulkheim soldiers and their captain Mauler.
    Thanks to Alphonce, the enemy did not manage to hold off until reinforcements
    arrive and had to retreat. In the crossroads leading to the Dulkheim camp,
    the group caught up with the retreating Mauler and attempted to stop them.
    Mauler escaped with Bower ordering the remaining Dulkheim soldiers to stop
    the fight. Alphonce placed on a strong front, saying he's interested in
    knowing the strength of the one who defeated the Death Wings. That did not
    happen and Alphonce was somewhat disappointed. Crevaniel's group then
    proceeded down to Trochmare.
    Once the group left the screen, Alphonce toppled over. The fight with Munzer
    has taken more out of him than he could withstand. Crestfer arrived in time
    and seeing his twin brother, called him a fool who slept in the enemy's
    territory. Later on, a scene was seen of Alphonce ordering troops back instead
    of preparing to fight against Dulkheim led by Roomise and Bower because on the
    Valcaneer side, reports said of Silvernale approaching Krasdahl with 20000
    soldiers. It's more important to defend the troops home base route and
    At Trochmare's inn, Crevaniel had a vision of Vallery escaping from Valcaneer
    troops. Responding to that, the group went to the forest north of Ordineil and
    managed to save Vallery and the latter joined them as an ally.
    The group headed on to the prison barracks where Frane remembered something of
    'the 3 brothers/sisters', Hien finding a pendant which stirred up some form
    of emotions within him and Crevaniel having a dream of 2 boys hiding their
    sister's diary at a location inside the Ruins of Hope and securing with a
    At the ruins of hope, the group came to know about the truth:
    -The real angels belonged to a much higher level of Astral body, which can
    also be called A level Astral(which explained why the alarm sounded after
    sensing an A level Astral in the tower ruins). 
    Long ago, the angel Youriel came to the humans, wanting to deliver a message.
    But she ended getting caught and research was being carried out on samples
    taken to find the way to defeat the angels. It was known that there is only 1
    angel left after Youriel, and that's Achiel...obviously. To act as a counter,
    replica angels was created after study on the structure of Youriel. However,
    the real reason why the process was stopped is not to prevent Achiel's
    discovery of the lab and system, but the man-made angel no.1, who is also the
    1st to be created, came to be controlled by the will of Achiel instead of
    fighting against him.
    After the failure, the researchers realized that they should create fighters,
    not weapons. And the last and final method at the end of the research is the
    only one which will defeat Achiel - by transferring the soul and power of
    Youriel into 3 children who fitted the criteria: Frane Robins, Blunteer Soro
    and Crevaniel, and the 3 are called the Angelic Child.-
    (Frane and Blunteer are not of the same family name, so it would make sense
    that the 3 are not real siblings).
    Outside the ruins of hope, Blunteer asked whether Crevaniel and Frane have
    seen the vision of Professor Schtyman. Both did not and Blunteer elaborated
    that it was a vision that showed what Youriel wanted to tell the humans:
    Summoning is dangerous.
    Achiel then appeared and in serious frustration that humans refused to listen
    and insisted on using summoning, that's why what he has destroyed are all
    stuff related to magic summoning. In his extreme anger, Achiel decided to end
    things once and for all with no more concern about Youriel's soul in the 3...
    but was stopped by Blunteer, who took Frane's Astral Power to himself and
    snatched the rod away from the group and used it.
    Achiel was shocked, commenting on the Anti-Astral barrier that emanated from
    the rod, referring it as the 'Diablos Cell'. The main purpose of the barrier
    was to neutralize the astral force field, thus sealing Achiel's wings,
    which meant that he couldn't fly away while trapped within the barrier.
    Blunteer told the group to attack Achiel after he used the Astral Power on
    him because that is the only time whereby Achiel will become vulnerable.
    After a long fight, the group won with Achiel lamenting over the foolishness
    of humans for 'choosing a moment's peace over a future doom' and vanished in
    agony and regret, leaving behind a crystal which held his memories, and a
    right side piece of medallion.
    With that, Blunteer fell as well, telling Crevaniel and Frane to stop the use
    of summoning before the world meet its end, making his last request and
    calling Crevaniel his younger brother one last time before dying.
    --- Chapter 4 ---                                                         [S4]
    -Go back to Your Land
    -Take crystal to Maggy
    -Go back to Lynfaluz(at screen before ruins of hope, go left and follow path)
    -At path splits, go south for Saudorix and set up Transgate
    -Escort the merchant to Trochmare again
    -Go to the next screen(lower) and you will get a short event with Ellena,
     after a couple of greetings, choose to tell her about Kate and she will give
     her report to you. You can give it to Kate when you get the chance
    -Return back to previous path split and take the north towards Rivoka
    -At Lynfaluz, enter the building to the left
    -Locate the projection device, blast report and costume for familiar
    -Once you've gotten all 3 items, prepare your characters and leave the place
    | Mission 35 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Lynfaluz                                                        |
    | Enemies  - Lv 45 Mauler, Lv28/39 Valcaneer soldiers                        |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat all enemies                                      |
    | Game over conditions - All party members fallen                            |
    |                                                                            |
    | This event battle is so easy you can win while half asleep. The magicians  |
    | take a long time to chant so using Dash will guarantee their lives gone    |
    | before they even manage to get more than 1 cooperation magic out.          |
    | Equipping the Continous Attack magic gem(which gives the wearer 2 attacks  |
    | instead of 1) will help a lot.                                             |
    |                                                                            |
    -Go to Sansel and get Youriel's memory crystal and the Angel's letter from
     the guy at the inn
    -Return to Your Land and get some rest days.
    -Give blast report or Kate
    -Give device to Maggy
    -Go back to room and save before resting
    -Prepare your characters and head down the stairs
    | Mission 36 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Eraiza's mansion                                                |
    | Enemies  - Lv 55 Regiena, Lv 50 Titan, other monsters                      |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat Regiena                                          |
    | Game over conditions - Death of Maggy, all party members fallen            |
    |                                                                            |
    | When battle starts, immediately use Dash and chase after Regiena.          |
    |                                                                            |
    | This battle is difficult because of those pesky Liches. They can cast      |
    | Meteor (which, if you have given the Blast report to Kate, and after some  |
    | time get the Material Master gem from her, you will know it's a combi      |
    | magic of Fire Arrow and Blast, I seriously recommend you to learn those    |
    | magic) as well as Death Cloud(sudden death area magic) and also very quick |
    | Cycle Down Ext. The worst thing is: they have rather high DEF so it will   |
    | take some time to kill them by weapon. And this, I think is not worth the  |
    | effort in this battle. Magic works well on them, but they will probably get|
    | in a couple of spells before your character reaches level 3 chanting.      |
    |                                                                            |
    | Of course you can kill all monsters if you are confident, take note that   |
    | the Titan is chocked with HP and will require quite an amount of time to   |
    | kill. But if you just want the battle to end quickly, just defeat Regiena  |
    | and those monsters(summoned by her it seems) will disappear...             |
    |                                                                            |
    -Watch scenes
    -View Achiel's memories in the projection device and read those that cannot
     be viewed
    -Once done, go and rest
    -Walk out of room, more scenes
    -Put Youriel's memory crystal in the device and watch a short scene
    -Give the letter to Maggy and view it at the device as well
    -Have familiar view the section on spirit interruption technique to have her
     learn it(if you want Regiena to join as ally)
    -Use the magical vibration radar from the menu
    -Go for an audience at the castle
    -Leave and use Transgate to Kafmahn waterfall
    -Go east till a path split, head north
    -At the next path split, choose east for Lebrant(create a Transgate there)
    -Rest and save if you want to and when ready exit and choose to head west
    -Continue the paths until Fort Baltrick
    | Mission 37 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Fort Baltrick                                                   |
    | Enemies  - Lv 39/43 Valcaneer soldiers                                     |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat all enemies, escape via right of screen          |
    | Game over conditions - All party members fallen                            |
    | This is a very simple fight and should be done in no time.                 |
    |                                                                            |
    -Heal + use status magic and go in
    | Mission 38 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Fort Baltrick                                                   |
    | Enemies  - Lv 55 Vester, Lv 47 Simonz, Lv 39/45/40 Valcaneer soldiers      |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat all enemies                                      |
    | Game over conditions - Time limit up, all party members fallen             |
    |                                                                            |
    | In this battle...don't heal Alphonce. Concentrate on killing the other     |
    | enemies. Use magic on the magicians and have your melee characters use     |
    | Dash again and hit the other enemies up front. Remember to heal when       |
    | needed. Halfway through the fight, something will happen. With that,       |
    | Vester will leave the fight...that bastard. Anyway, you should resume your |
    | fight. The enemy is intending to block off the exit up the mountain, so    |
    | there is a time limit. You'll have to kill all enemies left on screen.     |
    |                                                                            |
    -After conversations, rest and save and go south.
    -Use silent steps if possible
    -Note that once you missed the treasures at this point in time, they will be
     gone by the time you come back.
    Treasure chest items: -1st screen
                           ->Spellbook of mental conveyance
                          -2nd screen
                           ->Blessing bell
                           ->8630 ril
                          -3rd screen
                           ->Time censer
    -When you reach the top, a fight is awaits.
    | Mission 39 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Mount Baltrick                                                  |
    | Enemies  - Lv 55 Regiena, Lv 40 Valcaneer soldiers                         |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat all enemies                                      |
    | Game over conditions - Shooting of magic cannon, all party members fallen  |
    |                                                                            |
    | This battle is rather easy, especially if you made haste on your way       |
    | here. The magicians will summon monsters, if you want the exp, you can try |
    | and kill them, if not just aim straight for the summoner, once she falls,  |
    | the summoned creature will be gone as well. As usual, Dash is a great      |
    | asset here, no harm using it. Once all are dead and Regiena has been taken |
    | care of, fight ends.                                                       |
    |                                                                            |
    -Refer to side quest section on steps to save Regiena, if you do not, she
     will leave and will be an enemy until the very end
    -Move to cannon and destroy it
    -Trek down the mountain back to the fortress, watch more scenes
    -If you want Crestfer to be alive at the end of the game, head to Ordineil
     to start doing the side events(refer to fate events section for steps)
    -Once ready, head back to Your Land and take some rest days
    -Once done, go down to the 1st floor
    -Choose members you want to bring with you
    -Note: If you wish to change members, you have to take your Transgate to
     Sansel and go north to talk to any one of them
    -Use Transgate to go to Trochmare and head in the direction of Ida border
    -Use the familiar to go around the map(won't work very well because the
     enemies can see her)
    -Once done or discovered,
    | Mission 40 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Northeast of Trochmare                                          |
    | Enemies  - Bower, Lv 40/42/43/46 Dulkheim soldiers                         |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat all enemies                                      |
    | Game over conditions - All party members fallen                            |
    |                                                                            |
    | It doesn't matter whether that guy moving to request for reinforcements    |
    | make it there or not, Bower and his soldiers will still pop in. You are    |
    | supposed to kill everyone in this battle, Bower can deal a huge amount of  |
    | ATW increase, beware of that. Your other allies will join in the battle    |
    | after a while, but don't depend too much on that.                          |
    |                                                                            |
    -Go back to Your Land and rest.
    -You can make your way to Krasdahl and Lezel now to set up Transgate and do
     the various side events if you wish to
    -Take the Home Gate to reach Lebrant. Use status magic, check the equipment.
    *There is an optional event battle outside Lebrant which can be skipped so
    long as you head on immediately into Lebrant the moment you warp in. Should
    you head in any other direction, the optional battle will trigger. If you are
    in need of some experience points and doll house energy, do it.
    | Mission 41 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Entrance to Lebrant                                             |
    | Enemies  - Lv 42/43 Valcaneer soldiers                                     |
    | Clear condtiions - 1 party member made it to Lebrant                       |
    | Game conditions - All party members fallen without any entering Lebrant    |
    |                                                                            |
    | The clear condition is to escape to Lebrant, but I will presume you took on|
    | this battle because you want the experience, therefore kill as much        |
    | enemies as you can(number is infinite) and have all characters reach the   |
    | top right screen before the time counter is up.                            |
    |                                                                            |
    -Enter Lebrant, use status magic/heal etc and move a lil bit further in.
    | Mission 42 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Lebrant                                                         |
    | Enemies  - Lv 54 Silvernale, Lv 42/43 Valcaneer soldiers                   |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat Silvernale                                       |
    | Game over conditions - All party members fallen                            |
    |                                                                            |
    | The battle with the only Royal Guard that is left in this world...no       |
    | worries, as you probably know by now, they are quite a menace in the       |
    | beginning of the game, but soon you realize that anyone can be as strong   |
    | if you spend 20 hours fighting monsters.                                   |
    |                                                                            |
    | If you have Cycle Up, then this battle really is a joke. Enemy soldiers    |
    | will enter from the entrance as well as up northeast and what you really   |
    | need to do it defeat Silvernale. You can delay it by killing others to     |
    | get more experience if you want.                                           |
    |                                                                            |
    -Go out of the town
    -Note: now is the time to do the final criteria for Crestfer's fate event
    -2nd note: Remember to complete the fate events for Rems, Ratika, Lord
     Mayfield and Merick if you you want to get a full fate listing
    -Return back to Your land
    -Head for audience at castle
    -After long conversations, exit and rest
    -Go to the castle again
    -Return to the mansion and request for the last set of rest days
    -Once done, put Hien in your party(you will need to finish all of his side
     quest events), take the Transgate to Lebrant and head west to Baltrick
    -Continue west and head in the direction of Izenbant fortress
    -Remember to let familiar set up transgate at the bridge
    -At Izenbant fortress, use status magic and step past the entrance
    | Mission 43 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Entrance to Fort Izenbant                                       |
    | Enemies  - Lv 54 Bower, Lv 42/43/48 Dulkheim soldiers                      |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat all enemies                                      |
    | Game over conditions - All party members fallen                            |
    |                                                                            |
    | This battle is easy apart from some unexpected cases like Crevaniel going  |
    | faint and being hammered. Otherwise, it should end soon. Just remember not |
    | to waste any resources here.                                               |
    |                                                                            |
    -Heal, use status magic again and enter the fort
    | Mission 44 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Fort Izenbant                                                   |
    | Enemies  - Lv 54 Bower, Lv 47 Roomise, Lv 42/47/48 Dulkheim soldiers       |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat all enemies                                      |
    | Game over conditions - All party members fallen                            |
    |                                                                            |
    | The archers hiding behind the barricades are just plain irritating, have   |
    | someone use Dash and hit them up front. Roomise will heal most of the time |
    | unless you fail that terribly in injuring the other enemies. Once you have |
    | gotten rid of everyone, fight ends.                                        |
    |                                                                            |
    -Talk to Roomise
    -Rest at the bed, strangle the save point
    -Use status magic and go up the next level.
    | Mission 45 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Location - Fort Izenbant                                                   |
    | Enemies  - Lv 60 summoned creature/Rudvich, Lv 43/48 Dulkheim soldiers     |
    | Clear conditions - Defeat the summoned creature(Rudvich)                   |
    | Game over conditions - All party members fallen                            |
    |                                                                            |
    | The first thing to do it to kill off all the soldiers so you can           |
    | concentrate on Rudvich alone. Once you have done that, throw whatever you  |
    | can on Rudvich. Don't heal by magic if you can because it takes too long,  |
    | use items to restore full HP instead. Magic doesn't work too well on       |
    | it/him, try to use special techniques like 'Critical Strike', and have     |
    | your weaker characters heal as well as kill off any drain cloud(the purple |
    | cloud which takes off 100 HP every turn and gives it to Rudvich). Remember |
    | that you MUST have Hien attack Rudvich in order to get to know where his   |
    | daughter is being taken hostage. Once Rudvich falls, it's done!            |
    |                                                                            |
    -Go down, rest and save and head out.
    -Watch more scenes
    -Go to castle for audience
    -Exit and go back to talk to Sydney to ask for a non-optional 1 day holiday
    -SAVE and rest
    -Choose the character you want to get ending for, if a message pop up saying
     the person is asleep, this means you can't get their ending.
    -After rest day, go to Maggy's lab
    -After conversation, pick characters you want for the final battle
    -Go to the Izenbant transgate
    -Keep going west till you come to a crossroad, go the upper left.
    -Follow the path till you reach a screen whereby 4 soldiers are standing in a
     horizontal line
    -Go down and there should be a forest path.
    -Continue the path(there's only 1) but be careful when fighting the liches,
     their magic is very powerful.
                                    | Dungeon:       |
                                    | Mount Izenbant |
    Enemies: Lesser demon, Undead knight, Lich, lizardman lord, basilik
    Treasure chest items: Elixir, Seibo medicine, Knock out advanced(gem), magic
                          barrier advanced(gem), Shift arrow(Rems' final limit
                          ability), Valkyrie suit(Frane's armor), Master ribbon
                                                                  (Leona's armor)
    The final dungeon. I will do a brief layout(not map) for this dungeon(may not
    be totally accurate to the details, I'm no good at such things but it's pretty
    much usable to show you where ya supposed to go) below:
           1st level
     | Sa2  J  []  A     |
     |                   |
     |                   |
     |     E       Sa1   |
    E  : Main Entrance
    Sa1: Stairway 1
    Sa2: Stairway 2
    J  : Slab to insert Jade jewel
    A  : Slab to insert Amethyst jewel
           2nd level
    | Sa2     |     Sa3  |
    |         |          |
    | Le1     |          |
    |   T Sa4 |      Sa1 |
    Sa1: Stairway 1 from level 1
    Sa2: Stairway 2 from level 1
    Sa3: Stairway 3
    Sa4: Stairway 4
    T  : Go out to find slab for inserting Topaz jewel
    Le1: Master Ribbon(Leona's strongest armor, okay it's a ribbon)
           3rd level
    |Sa5  |  D  0   Sa3  |
    |     |              |
    |     | Sa4      ge1 |
    |     | ne1          |
    Sa3: Stairway 3 from level 2
    Sa4: Stairway 4 from level 2
    Sa5: Stairway 5
    D  : Slab for inserting Diamond jewel
    0  : Hole to drop down for slab to insert Blue Sapphire jewel
    ge1: Go out for a treasure chest
    ne1: Link to Stairway 5 area
           4th level
    |         Sa5        |
    |                    |
    |             DP     |
    |   ge2          Sa6 |
    Sa5: Stairway 5 from level 3
    Sa6: Stairway 6
    ge2: To area where Valkyrie suit is(strongest armor for Frane)
    DP : Look for a hidden hole here to drop down to 3rd level to activate the
    warp point
           5th level
    | Sa7      WP        |
    |    R          Sa6  |
    |             SP     |
    |           X        |
    Sa6: Stairway 6 from level 4
    Sa7: Stairway 7 to an area with a simple treasure chest
    R  : Slab for inserting Ruby jewel
    WP : Warp point
    SP : Save point
    X  : Exit to the summit
    1)To get the master ribbon, lure the Sting Balloon monster(near the slab) up
    to the cracked wall. It will take around 2 screen movements to reach the wall,
    just make you don't end up escaping from the battle. Once the balloon is near
    the wall, have a weaker character reduce his HP to around <25% and have
    everyone defend until it explode on its own.
    2)To get the valkyrie suit, have Frane as the lead and examine the square
    plate on the floor, then start from the right steps of the statue on the right
    and round down to the left, continue to the left steps of the statue on the
    left and round about the statue to the right steps(simply put, a horizontal
    8 starting from the right side of the right statue), then go and examine the
    plate again. A stairway will pop up.
    3)Final limit ability for Rems(Shift Arrow) is located inside the treasure
    chest in the closed door beside the Ruby slab, I don't think you need me to
    say this, but the door will open when you've placed all jewels correctly.
    Save and go out of the tunnel just south. Heal and use status magic, check
    your gems and equipment. Oh and one important thing is to go to your menu and
    select either the right or left medallion and use it: the 2 pieces will come
    together to form the darkness sealing medallion. Make sure everything is in
    order and head up the stairs.
        | Mission 46 |
        |                                                                    |
        | Enemies  - Lv 57 Vester, Lv 56 Death wings leader, Lv 52           |
        |            Arch-demons                                             |
        | Clear conditions - Defeat Vester                                   |
        | Game over conditions - All party members fallen                    |
        |                                                                    |
        | I hoped you have already used Cycle Up on your characters. Use     |
        | Dash and have Crevaniel kill the Death Wings Leader and then have  |
        | him aim for Vester straight away while your other characters can   |
        | kill off the Arch Demons. Keep Vester's chanting bar busy by       |
        | attacking him continously to increase his atw bar because if you   |
        | are the one who is busy, his Level 3 tornado(without the need for  |
        | cooperation) can hurt quite some. If you can afford not to use any |
        | full-hp healing items like Elixirs, don't.                         |
        |                                                                    |
        | After you have taken enough HP off Vester, he will turn to a mist  |
        | of darkness and this is gonna hurt with HP being taken off every   |
        | few seconds. Go to your menu immediately and choose to use the     |
        | completed medallion and you should have avoided any hurt done by   |
        | the mist. Now it's really the final fight.                         |
        |                                                                    |
        | Lv 60 Vester, also noted as Destroyer/Lord of the other world      |
        |                                                  (ikai no ou)      |
        |                                                                    |
        | My advice to you is: cast Cycle up for Crevaniel or whoever is     |
        | strong in weapon attacks and has relatively low ATW. Have him      |
        | attack Vester up front. Don't bother about killing the balls that  |
        | he vomits out unless you have a spare hand. They will burst on     |
        | their own, taking away some HP to characters nearby, but it        |
        | shouldn't do too much of a damage. Instead concentrate on hammering|
        | at Vester. At times Vester will cast a small ring of green circle  |
        | on the ground under your character, once he did this, have that    |
        | character(or any characters near it) run as far away from the      |
        | circle as possible. Don't wait, because after some time, Vester    |
        | will cast Dark Force that will slaughter whoever is on it, and     |
        | will take away almost all HP of those near to it(further distance  |
        | means reduced effect), so if your characters are around a finger's |
        | distance away, then they won't be hurt at all.                     |
        |                                                                    |
        | Try to cast Cycle Up for that character whom you chose to attack   |
        | Vester directly when the earlier Cycle Up effect has run out. Watch|
        | your HP carefully and do some maintenance every now and then,      |
        | continue the strikes and sooner or later, Vester will die.         |
        |                                                                    |
    You get to control the group again, but don't bother going back down to try
    and save, because it makes sense you are not allowed to. Now, walk to where
    the final form Vester was standing earlier and go to your menu and use the
    magic dispersing device. Whatever happens after this depends on which
    character you chose to have his/her ending. Wait till the credits roll to
    save a clear game data. Go to the menu and listen to the voice-actors's
    comments and view whatever stuff you have collected under Appendix.
    And that's it: you have completed the main game of Growlanser IV: Wayfarer of
    the time. Congrats. Now go on ahead and replay the last few mission battles to
    get the other character endings. You have a lot to get in order to complete
    the list for this game =)
     (((Plot events)))
    A scene of Valcaneer summoners chanting and the soldiers firing off the big
    sized magic cannon was shown. Rudvich received reports of the casualties on
    Dulkheim after that shooting and thought up a plan to counter the attack.
    Vester has been providing a lot of help to his army in terms of summoning,
    but were not seen around much lately. Kergil pondered about who exactly is
    Vester to be able to come up with the magic cannon using summoning, Rudvich
    in turn replied that if yet even Kergil(expert in gathering information and
    whatnot) couldn't obtain even a single bit about Vester, it's really of no
    point thinking about it. He then requested Kergil to become his right-hand
    man instead...as though Kergil wasn't already yet.
    At Eraiza's house, the group had a short chat, with Frane wondering if there
    is any way to use the crystal so they may know Achiel's memories. Maggy told
    them that for people to view and listen, they need something to show it out.
    Rems remembered(no, not a pun) how happy Roomise was back at the ruins where
    they discovered Frane due to that twiggy little projection device. They went
    on to Lynfaluz managed to bring the device back after a fight which costed
    Mauler his life.
    Maggy requested for 1 day to set things up. During sleep, Crevaniel saw a
    vision of Vester telling Baker that for summoning to take place, the last
    thing to do is to draw a pact with the other world, and that can only be done
    on a full moon's night.
    Halfway through the night, someone broke into Eraiza's house. The group woke
    up to see that it was Regiena and her group of powerful monsters. She was
    after the life of Maggy.
    It became known that the Regiena was not the real Regiena, as she was being
    controlled, but before the group could do anything about, she fled.
    The party then gathered together to view Achiel's memories at the projection
    Basically, Achiel and Youriel are Familiars from the future. In their time,
    the world was destroyed by what they call 'The Darkness', therefore Professor
    Schtyman ordered them to go back to the past and kill all the summoners so
    such a thing may not happen in the future((think Crono + Lavos and you get
    the idea, just that it's reversed. Of course if you want a better example,
    then think of Trunks who came from the future in the Dragon Ball manga)
    Thereafter began the long years of massacre, of which finally Youriel have had
    enough, she asked Achiel to give her 5 years to persuade the humans.
    After 4 years, Achiel is still waiting even though by that time he already
    knew Youriel has been captured by humans. Then came man-made angel no.1 who
    attempted to attack Achiel but to no avail and came to be controlled by Achiel
    Various topics which cannot be viewed said of how summoning is done - by
    making a pact with the summoned creature in the other world, an Outer Gate is
    created, whereby the summoned creature appeared in this world through.
    However, if summoning became widely used, it would be impossible to monitor
    all the gates and therefore many monsters will come to this world via the gate
    even when they were not summoned. That explained the increase in unusual
    monsters seen around the continent. The magic cannon was an improvised form of
    magic summoning, but the theory was the same. This served as reason why so
    many monsters suddenly appeared in the fight with man-made angel no.1: it
    happened after Maggy used the mini size cannon. And so long as summoners
    exist, the gates won't vanish.
    Achiel's memory:
    We Familiars are created for serving humans. Yet even so, for the sake of the
    majority, we have no choice but to kill the summoners. I can tolerate with it
    one way or another, but Youriel seems to have reached her limit. If nothing
    is done about this situation...
    <Magic dispersing>
    To get out of the current circumstance, Youriel and I made some discussions.
    We have come to a conclusion that is [Magic dispersing]. If magic is
    eliminated from the world, then there will be no more summoning. With our
    knowledge, it is possible to create a magic dispersing device. We have to be
    the medium for using this method, and thus after that we will perish. But if
    it is for the future of mankind, then it's fine with us. The only problem is
    whether humans will accept the disappearance of magic usage.
    <Youriel's desire>
    The humans ignored our warning and attacked us instead. For who are we doing
    all this for...
    Today, Youriel left for the final persuasion. She says to wait for just 5
    years. If she is successful and magic is gone from this world, we too, will
    vanish as well. Then finally, these weary days will be over...
    Foolish humans! Using the technology of the magic dispersing device to create
    a weapon called the magic cannon! Worse, it's a weapon that uses summoning,
    and causes greater casualties. I'll hide for a while to prevent them from
    using the cannon. There is still some time left...to the promise with Youriel.
    Just how foolish can humans be...Not only have they captured Youriel, but also
    created a replica of her to assault me...
    Even though I know she is not Youriel, still I can't bring myself to kill her.
    Because she has no will of her own, I controlled her to attack the humans
    instead: to destroy any device and facilities related to magic as soon as they
    are discovered.
    Just how long am I going to continue this act of annihilation...
    When the group have finished reading everything, they came to a decision: that
    is to stop summoning once and for all and the way to do that was to destroy
    all the summoners, after which to stop magic use once and for all. The
    principle of magic use is the gathering of magic mana in the surrounding
    atmosphere, if the mana was destroyed, there would be no way of using magic
    even if one desired to.
    With that, Rems asked Maggy to help out and the group was reminded that
    Marcuria's summoning ceremony will take place at night, and they must stop it.
    Screen switched to Vester starting his ceremony, but the group arrived in the
    nick of time to stop the mess he's gonna create. Vester made his escape and
    Alicia then requested for more details on what's exactly going on.
    Having finished explaining, Alicia was thankful that the ceremony was
    unsuccessful and agreed to lend a hand by spreading around the news of how
    dangerous summoning is, and Crestfer offered a hand as well, declaring that
    his assistance is for the sake of all the beautiful women in the world...
    On the next day, Maggy gave Crevaniel the magic vibration radar. Using it
    pinpointed high magical energy concentration at Baltrick Mountain. At the
    castle, it was known that Valcaneer planned to use the magic cannon on
    Ordineil(which Crevaniel already knew it from the vision on the night before)
    and Crestfer requested the group to destroy the cannon from the east while
    Alphonce make his attack at the west.
    At Baltrick fortress, the group will spotted Alphonce fighting against Vester,
    while Simonz and his subordinates watched from the side, too cowardly to fight
    against a Royal Guard.
    Halfway through the fight, Alphonce shouted in pride: "There is no defeat for
    a Royal Guard!" and launched a critical strike at Vester. Vester, a little bit
    wounded and very agitated, in return used a weird move, smashing the ground to
    ashes, Alphonce managed to evade quickly enough, which surprised Vester. He
    then tried for the second time which was much more powerful and faster than
    the first, and of which snatched away the life of the Royal Guard almost
    Vester regained his calm countenance and expressed that he has gotten too
    serious in the game for a while there before making his exit. The group
    continued to fight and defeated Simonz and the remaining Valcaneer soldiers.
    After the fight, an Ordineil soldier entered and was in a major shock at
    Alphonce's death. Still that wasn't yet the time for mourning, as substitute,
    the group promised to stop the magic cannon from destroying Alphonce's beloved
    town and hurried to the summit. They managed to destroy the cannon after a
    tedious fight with Regiena and Valcaneer summoner before making their way
    back to the fortress.
    At the fortress, Crestfer was agonizing over Alphonce's death, he felt that
    something wasn't right and rushed there, but never expected such a thing to
    happen. He started blaming himself for being such a useless older brother
    and after a while more of anguish, he girded himself and finally acted more
    like a real man by declaring that he will take over the command of the
    Ordineil soldiers and lead the battle in place of Alphonce.
    Thereafter, the group took part in a few battles in fighting against the
    Dulkheim troops and one of which was against Bower. With success after
    success, they returned back to Marcuria only to hear that while they were
    busy fighting near the Ida region, Valcaneer took the opportunity to occupy
    Baltrick fortress again and advancing down towards Ordineil territory with
    Crestfer being caught in between Dulkheim and Valcaneer's army led by
    The group made haste to Lebrant where they fought Silvernale and won. The
    latter gathered her lost pride and ordered a complete retreat. With Igredias
    and Valcaneer gone, the only country left was Dulkheim. Resting back at
    Eraiza's mansion, a vision of Vester making his way to Izenbant was seen. At
    the castle, Silvernale expressed regret and sadness that she as the Royal
    Guard, failed to protect her lord, and as a matter of fact, had to bring his
    head to ask for a surrender. Nevertheless she cooled down after some comfort
    from Crestfer.
    In the audience with Alicia, the princess expressed that she wished to throw
    away the kindgom of Marcuria and instead set up a federation of all the
    countries on this continent, in other words: changing the ruling system to a
    constitutional one instead of the current dictatorial running. Messages have
    been sent to the various countries asking for favorable responses, but most
    likely not from Dulkheim.
    The only problem being that the new parliament, being divided into upper and
    lower, had around half of the members chosen from Marculey and Ordineil for
    the former, which determined the one that will make decisions for the most
    critical issues and apparantly, the idea wasn't accepted by Rudvich nor
    Roomise, who affirmed that the fight was not over. The group was asked to
    head to Izenbant and lend a hand in the fight against Dulkheim. At the fort,
    the group fought Bower and Roomise who refused to surrender.
    The group won with Bower dead and Roomise telling the group that Rudvich was
    the only summoner left in Dulkheim. Before dying, Roomise advised that to
    forcefully convert the political system of a country just to make it common to
    the mainstream would not reap good fruits, even if one managed to do it, it
    would only bring the country down to further depravity.
    In the fight against Rudvich, the latter summoned a huge unknown creature and
    hid himself within to do away with the weakness of summoning where the
    summoned creature will disappear once the summoner is dead. Hien recalled
    that he was being chased after by Kergil and Dulkheim soldiers because he
    and his daughter witnessed Rudvich summoning the creature that destroyed the
    blockade back in Trochmare which created a reason for starting the war with
    Valcaneer. He got to know that his daughter was taken as hostage in the
    capital Dulkcan. After a tough fight, Rudvich died and dropped the other part
    of the medallion which was found at the ruins of hope.
    Outside the fort, the group saw Crestfer and Silvernale completely worn out
    (together, they have taken on around 1500 enemies, not counting the few
    hundred Crestfer defeated before Silvernale came in). Crestfer gave way and
    soldiers affirmed Silvernale to be just too depleted of strength, but for
    Crestfer, he's not really breathing. Back at the medical room, the group
    waited with much anxiety. Silvernale regained consciousness and Dilan came out
    from the surgery room. If you have done his fate event, Crestfer will be fine
    and Silvernale will be so happy that even the most brainless person in the
    entire world can see that she likes him. If not, Dilan will declare Crestfer
    dead and Silvernale will be so upset that even the most brainless person in
    the entire world can see that she liked him.
    The next day at the castle, Alicia informed the group that they received the
    white flag from Dulkheim. The war has finally ended. During the rest day, the
    other members gave Crevaniel a present to thank him for all he has done.
    Crevaniel then put it on seemed really happy. The next morning at Maggy's lab,
    the magic dispersing device has been completed. Maggy told them that they will
    need to find the correct place to use the device, where all the force of the
    earth, the atmosphere and humans gather together. Well straight to the point,
    at the top of Mount Izenbant. She then asked to speak with Frane, Crevaniel
    and the familiar. In Achiel's memories, using the device will cause not only
    magic to disappear, but also him and Youriel. The same thing goes for the 3,
    even though Crevaniel and Frane are half human, still it is hard to think that
    they can make it alive past the disappearance of magic.
    The group made it to the summit of Mount Izenbant and met Vester who expressed
    that the device must be destroyed. Withe death wings leader, and other
    monsters, he began a fight with the group and it became known that he was
    actually that 'Darkness' the angels were talking about. How he really came
    into existence was not explained(or I actualy missed it), but it was known
    that he's the destroyer from the other world. All the things that happened was
    planned by him. If the past was not changed, the future will end up as what
    the group saw from Achiel's memories: an overwhelming darkness which could no
    longer be curbed by using the sealing medallion and the world being
    annihilated. It is not explained who the leader of the Death Wings really was
    besides that Vester is his master, so he will always be revived so long as
    Vester is alive. He mentioned something of 'creating a world where there is no
    space-time interval differences.'
    The group managed to defeat Vester's current human form and the latter decided
    to end things once and for all by turning to a mist of darkness(like what was
    seen in the destroyed future where the angels came from, only in a much lower
    quantity...is that the correct word to use?) with the group immediately using
    the sealing medallion. Vester then...hmm compressed himself into a physical
    being, referring to his previous form as his true form, but since that
    couldn't be done, he will fight the group in the new form. He revealed abit
    about his goal which he mentioned in 'summoning will open up the hole in
    the wall of space-time, which will allow my practical existence to expand.'
    The battle resulted in the group standing and Crevaniel used the magic
    dispersing device.
    Note: The rest of the scenes will depend on which character's ending you have
    opted for.
     (((Choosing replies)))
    Various options picking that occur throughout the game of which I presume will
    affect Crevaniel's personality OR the affection point system for your other
    playable characters OR both. (C) are choices that I believe to be the best,
    (OK) are acceptable ones as well. Solely my own speculation here thus don't
    take them as absolute. Use them as a side reference.
    Listed according to occurance in game. If I should ever missed out on any,
    do give me the details.
    Vacation and character side quests are located after the ones for Chapter 4
    [CHAPTER 1]                                                             [CH01]
    -Shopping with Regiena-
    1)I'm happy (C)
    2)It's not bad (OK)
    3)It's not fun having to carry the items
    4)Not interested in shopping
    -Going shopping for Regiena's sake-
    1)Point out the word 'sister' (C)
    -Remember childhood times?-
    1)Yes (C)
    -Crevaniel looks like any normal person-
    2)Smile vaguely
    3)Apologize sincerely (C)
    4)Remain silent
    -Return back to camp-
    1)Affirm (C)
    2)What about the shopping
    3)Heavier than shopped items
    -Not together with Rems today?-
    1)He's attending to something (C)
    2)What's the meaning of that?
    -Rems learning medical treatment-
    1)I knew it (C)
    2)Didn't know that
    3)Say nothing
    -Finished drawing water-
    1)Thank him for his work (C)
    2)Acknowledge without saying anything
    -Making ring weapon appear-
    1)Do it (C)
    2)Refuse to
    -Next contract?-
    1)Has the next battlefield been decided? (C)
    2)It's a pity that the vacations are over
    3)Let it pass without expressing boredom
    -Regiena is nice and pretty-
    2)Her father is scary
    3)Agree (C)
    -Next contract on the floating island Lanplast-
    1)Acknowledge (C)
    2)Do nothing
    -Guard Rems-
    1)Understood (C)
    3)It's a pity I won't be able to go to the front lines (OK)
    -Existence of magic-
    1)Didn't think of it
    2)Believed it exist
    3)Shocked at the comment "magic doesn't exist" (C)
    -Rems in shock-
    1)Are you okay? (OK)
    2)Praise him (C)
    3)Reprimand him for bad performance
    -Any good idea?-
    1)Destroy it during transportation
    2)Snatch it (C)
    3)Inflitrate into enemy's camp and destroy it
    -Participate in mission with Rems-
    1)Understood (C)
    -Talking to Decsen: want to go to the front lines?-
    2)No (C)
    -What Bower intended to do-
    1)Because you like fighting? (C)
    2)Because fighting is your only ability? (OK)
    3)Suggest him to look for something else
    -Regiena's question-
    1)Follow (C)
    2)Choose my own path
    3)Smile vaguely
    -Decsen's request-
    1)Ask him why
    2)Understood (C)
    -Follow Decsen?-
    1)Intend to (C)
    2)Refuse at a later time
    3)Because I don't have any special objective
    -Item shop: the ones who came this morning?-
    1)We are the ones (C)
    2)Not us
    3)Remain silent
    -Angel in the sky-
    1)Saw it (C)
    2)Saw nothing
    3)Remain silent
    -Go to Dulkheim with Decsen?-
    1)Yes (C)
    -Bower's thoughts about Trochmare-
    1)You been here before? (C)
    2)What is the speciality of this place?
    -1st meeting with Silvernale-
    1)Greet her politely (C)
    2)Greet her normally (OK)
    3)Don't greet her
    -Decsen is impressive-
    1)Shocked that he knew the Royal Guard (OK)
    2)Shocked that he was invited to join Valcaneer (C)
    3)Don't think so
    -Conversation with Hobson-
    1)Suits you (C)
    2)Doesn't suit you
    3)Worried whether it will be okay
    -Encounter with the unknown creature-
    1)Gird ourselves (C)
    2)Encourage Rems (OK)
    3)Suggest to flee
    -What is this creature?-
    1)Creature from another world (C)
    2)Creature that has not been discovered
    3)Some sort of bizzare being
    -Parting with Mortis-
    1)Sounds like a nice place (C)
    2)Sounds boring
    3)Because you don't really want to fight anymore?
    -Rems lamenting-
    1)We will meet again (C)
    2)It's better than parting by death
    3)Everyone has a path that suits them best (OK)
    -Watch over Rems' growth-
    1)Understood (C)
    3)Remain silent
    -In front of the ruin-
    1)Pay attention to the door (OK) 
    2)Think about the inner parts
    3)Remain silent
    -Will be destruction again-
    1)Accept it
    2)Find a way out (C)
    3)Remain silent and wait for him to continue
    -Enter the ruins?-
    1)Yes (C)
    -Wake up-
    1)Don't want to
    3)I will get up even if you don't ask me to
    4)Thank her (C)
    -Crevaniel survived-
    1)What about the others? (C)
    2)Remain silent
    -Did Decsen teach anything?-
    1)We will know once we enter the ruins (C)
    2)The way to defeat the angels
    3)The ancient technology
    -Using the save point-
    1)Can't you see this thing? (OK)
    2)Can't you see this light? (C)
    3)Explain to Rems that it's none of his business
    -Opening the door-
    1)I didn't do anything special (C)
    2)Rems has weak strength
    3)Lie to him that I removed the key
    4)Don't know
    -Taking the egg-
    1)Can't you see this egg? (C)
    2)Don't joke around
    3)Explain to Rems that it's none of his business
    1)You mean the egg? (C)
    2)I didn't take anything
    3)Remain silent
    -1st meeting with Rudvich-
    1)Yes (C)
    -Enter the army-
    1)Yes (OK)
    2)No (C)
    -Rems learning magic-
    1)Possible (C)
    3)Work hard
    4)Magic can be one of the ways to defeat the angels
    -Ruins exploration-
    1)Talk about this base
    2)Talk about Decsen's house (C)
    3)Talk about the free time given here
    -How to inform her?-
    1)Write a letter (C)
    2)Request for a holiday to make a visit (OK)
    3)Not necessary
    -Got used to life at the base?-
    1)Yes (C)
    2)Not yet
    3)Remain silent
    -Mock battle-
    1)Why are you being so pessimistic even before the real thing?
    2)Believe in yourself (C)
    3)I'm fighting
    4)Don't expect much from Rems
    -Same as the other 5 teams-
    2)We are going to win (C)
    -Become like Blunteer?-
    1)Of course (C)
    2)Not really
    3)I will work hard
    4)You should buck up
    -Rems going to the office-
    1)Understood (OK)
    2)For what?
    3)Try to make an apology
    4)Is it about the holiday? (C)
    I received an email from a gamer named A.S who told me that I'm missing out
    on a couple of options and replies for when meeting Alicia and Blunteer
    (thanks for telling me that). I will get to that when I have the chance and
    time to replay the game, but for now please just take note of this.
    -Conversation with Blunteer-
    1)Talk to him politely (C)
    2)Talk to him normally (OK)
    3)Talk to him as though we are on very good terms
    4)Talk to him using a challenging tone
    5)Talk to him with a hesistant tone
    6)Remain silent
    -Meeting Valley-
    1)Greet him (C)
    2)Ask for his name
    3)Remain silent
    -Connection to the angel-
    1)I am the key (C)
    2)I am going to defeat the angel
    3)I am an angel
    4)I am going to be an angel
    5)Not interested
    6)Remain silent
    -Know about the growth mechanism?
    2)No (C)
    -Lights out-
    1)Return back to dorm immediately (C)
    2)Tell him to return as well
    -Birth of Familiar 1-
    1)Ask for her name
    2)Are you the one who woke me up? (C)
    3)Be angry that she woke me up
    4)Are you the Familiar? (OK)
    -Angels are familiars?-
    1)Agree (C)
    2)Don't think so
    -The angel who destroyed civilization 2000 years ago?-
    2)My goal is to defeat the angel
    3)Want to search different ruins for the sake of defeating that angel (C)
    -Need Vallery's help?-
    1)Yes (C)
    -To where?-
    3)Holiday (OK)
    4)Village to the east (C)
    -Vallery's reaction-
    1)It's fine if you want to remain here
    2)To deepen our bonds as a team (C)
    3)Are you not happy?
    4)Tell him to perform guard duty
    5)It's a rule therefore come along with us
    -Alike to Blunteer?-
    1)Yes (C)
    4)No need to answer
    -Entering Rivoka-
    1)Decsen's house (C)
    2)A personal matter
    3)You will know once you reach there
    -From Lynfaluz-
    1)Just say it
    2)You want us to check it out?
    3)You want us to get rid of it? (C)
    -Lend a hand?-
    1)Yes (C)
    -Identity of creature-
    2)Fought it before (C)
    3)See it for the 1st time
    -Troubled expression-
    1)Had a weird dream (C)
    2)Don't bother about it
    3)Let the Familiar explain
    -Letter to Decsen-
    1)Take it (C)
    2)Let Rems read it (OK)
    3)Don't take it
    -Rems' sadness-
    1)Cheer him up (OK)
    2)Comfort him (C)
    3)Let's report to the lieutenant
    -Report to Rudvich-
    1)The monster in Rivoka
    2)Annihilation of Rivoka (C)
    -Regret joining the army?-
    2)Glad to be able to work for the General
    3)Miss the days of being a mercenary (C)
    4)It's the truth that free time is reduced (OK)
    -Similarity between Rivoka and Lanplast-
    1)Previously, it was a male angel (C)
    2)There's not just 1 angel
    3)Don't know what they are thinking
    -No usage of magic in fights with Valcaneer-
    1)Understood (C)
    -What kind of man is the professor?-
    1)Old man
    2)Stern guy
    3)Difficult guy
    4)Intelligent type (C)
    -Chasing after the mastermind-
    1)Go to the place of meeting
    2)It's pointless to go (C)
    -Going to the ruins?-
    1)Go (C)
    2)Return to base
    -Roomise is a one-minded person-
    1)A guy's romance (OK)
    2)All-knowing (OK)
    3)Doing it without bothering about others
    -Meeting Frane-
    1)Greet her (C)
    2)Are you hurt?
    3)Who are you
    4)Get away from me
    -Response to Rems' sudden outburst of anger-
    1)Apologize on his behalf (C)
    2)Apologize (OK)
    3)Reason for shielding the angels
    4)Remain silent
    -Bring Frane back to the base-
    1)I will
    2)Leave to Vallery (C)
    3)Leave to Rems
    4)Leave to Roomise
    -Frane's refusal-
    1)Persuade her (C)
    2)Leave her there
    3)Leave to Vallery (OK)
    -Roomise's obsession-
    1)Yeah (C)
    3)Don't think so
    4)I'm tired, gonna get a nap
    5)Think about other things (OK)
    -Keep silent regarding events at the ruins-
    1)Understood (C)
    2)Why? (OK)
    -Familiar will be tight lipped- <--TP type
    1)Agree (OK)
    2)Remain silent (C)
    3)Doubt her
    -What kind of secret?- <--LN type
    1)The ruins
    3)Attacks by the angel (C)
    4)Don't know
    -Kate asking for help-
    1)Yes (C)
    -Calming Frane down-
    1)What are you doing here?
    2)Has your memory returned? (C)
    3)Do you feel alright? (OK)
    4)Remain silent
    -Who are you?-
    1)Tell her your name
    2)Never seen you before
    3)Saw you in a dream (C)
    4)Smile vaguely (OK)
    5)Say nothing without any movement
    -What purpose?-
    1)I'm searching for that as well
    2)Feeling insecure is temporary
    3)No choice but to tolerate
    4)Promise to find it together (C)
    5)Say nothing and walk away
    -Conversation with Roomise-
    1)What is the General doing?
    2)Who is the one standing beside the General?
    3)Is that the President? (C)
    -Political on close terms with the military-
    1)That's an allegience
    2)Nothing to do with allegience (C)
    3)Remain silent
    -It's a dangerous thing-
    1)Agree (C)
    3)Don't get it
    -Keep the conversation a secret-
    1)Remain silent
    2)Understood (C)
    3)Smile bitterly (OK)
    -Confrontation with Vester-
    1)Who are you?
    2)Do you remember me?
    3)Why did you kill the leader? (C)
    1)Take out weapon
    2)Bear with it (C)
    -Lack of trust in a researcher's words-
    1)Can't be helped
    2)Ask about happenings at ruins (C)
    3)Silent acknowledgement
    1)Acknowledge (C)
    2)Tell them about what Roomise said
    3)Say nothing
    -Black 4 to remain at the base-
    1)Understood (C)
    [CHAPTER 2]                                                             [CH02]
    -Recovery of Familiar 1-
    1)Yes (C)
    3)Remain silent
    -Valcaneer releasing the monsters?-
    2)Don't think so (C)
    3)Say nothing
    -Lynfaluz soldiers to serve as guards in talks with Valcaneer-
    1)Inappropriate (C)
    2)A soldier can't be affected by personal emotions
    3)Remain silent
    -Trust from Rudvich-
    1)Yeah (C)
    2)Can't be bothered
    3)Let's have fun around the town today
    4)Say nothing
    -Meeting Alphonce-
    1)Dulkheim's technological strength
    2)A dangerous town (C)
    3)How do you intend to invade?
    -Easy to defend, difficult to attack-
    1)Agree (C)
    -How do you feel?-
    1)Thank him (C)
    2)Head hurts
    3)Body hurts
    4)Affirm things that happened while I'm unconscious (OK)
    -War with Valcaneer-
    1)For what reason? (OK)
    3)Silent acknowledgment (C)
    -Keep mission details a secret-
    1)Understood (C)
    3)Remain silent
    -Parting with Rems-
    1)Console him (C)
    2)Scold him
    3)Remain silent
    -Talk about the happenings of the past-
    1)Acknowledge (C)
    2)I hate it
    3)Remain silent
    -Rems fallen in the forest-
    1)I was shocked that time (C)
    2)Don't have to go shopping
    3)Thanks to that I didn't have to go shopping
    4)It was heavy carrying you
    5)Should have left you there
    -All because of Crevaniel-
    1)Same for Rems
    2)Thank Rems (C)
    3)Admit that it is so
    4)Make him thank me
    -Back to Trochmare-
    1)A lively town
    2)Was a lively town (C)
    3)A sad town
    4)Hurry to meet that Kergil guy
    5)Tired therefore rest at the inn
    6)Say nothing
    -Meeting Kergil-
    2)Raise opposition
    3)Ask for reason why they gather everyone individually (C)
    4)Remain silent
    -Wake up in cell-
    1)Are you Robel? (C)
    2)Good morning
    3)What is this place?
    4)Remain silent
    -Petan's words-
    1)Ask about the current situation (C)
    2)Remain silent
    -Valcaneer's situation-
    1)Vallery has been captured by them (C)
    2)Remain silent
    -Been a month-
    1)How fast
    2)Only 1 month (C)
    3)Remain silent
    -Talking with Ellena part (I)-
    1)Tell her the truth
    2)Pretend to be Raul (C)
    3)Remain silent
    -Return message-
    1)I'm tired
    2)Is Ellena alright?
    3)Do you remember the promise (C)
    4)Wait without saying anything
    -The promise?-
    2)Migration (C)
    -Talking to Ellena part (II)-  <--Talk to her again immediately (IMPT for her
                                     fate turnout)
    1)I love you (C)
    2)Hang in there (OK)
    3)Wait for the chance (OK)
    -Talking to Ellena part (III)-
    1)Keep hanging in there
    2)I want to see you (C)
    3)Raul isn't here anymore
    -Robel's last words-
    1)Are you alright?
    2)Don't give up (C)
    3)Hold his hand without saying anything
    4)Remain silent and do nothing
    -Rems to the rescue-
    1)Thank him (C)
    2)Why are you here?
    3)Ask him about the explosion just now
    4)Tell him to help the others (OK)
    5)Remain silent
    -Killing those not needed anymore-
    1)Can't understand what's going on
    2)Let's help them as well (C)
    3)Let us escape alone
    4)Be prepared to die
    -Bringing Frane along-
    1)Acknowledge (C)
    2)Do as you please
    3)Can't be helped
    -Hobson again-
    1)Greet him (C)
    2)Ask him about his job (OK)
    3)It's not tough
    4)Acknowledge without saying anything
    5)Ignore him
    -Bringing the others-
    1)Bring them along (C)
    2)Can't fall together
    3)Leave to Rems to decide (OK)
    -Meeting Ellena-
    1)Tell her the truth (C)
    2)Remain silent
    -Ellena leaving-
    1)Watch her leave without saying anything
    2)Stop her (C)
    -On the ship, in the storm-
    1)Confirm the current location (OK)
    2)Express concern for Rems (C)
    3)Remain silent
    -You aright?-
    1)I will keep to the promise with Decsen (C)
    2)Respond honestly with a weak voice
    3)Don't respond with a weak voice no matter what
    4)Smile vaguely
    -Meeting Eraiza-
    1)Your name?
    2)What is this place?
    3)What about the others (C)
    4)Say nothing
    -Meeting Revan-
    1)Greet him (C)
    2)Where is Eraiza (OK)
    3)Where are you going?
    4)Remain silent
    -You have regained consciousness-
    1)Silent acknowledgment
    2)Thank him (OK)
    3)What about the others
    4)Confirm the situation with him (C)
    -Frane and Carnos is fine-
    1)What about the rest? (OK)
    2)Able to be make an assumption somehow (C)
    3)Remain silent
    -Rest more-
    1)I'm fine (C)
    2)I will sleep later
    3)I will rest if I'm tired (OK)
    -Staying at Eraiza's house-
    1)Accept her offer thankfully (C)
    2)We will leave after Carnos is better
    3)What happens tomorrow happens *nonchalant*
    4)Leave it to Rems to decide
    -Frane's concern-
    1)You don't have to worry about pursuers here
    2)Come with us (C)
    3)Do as you please
    4)Remain silent
    -To be back at Marcuria-
    1)Led by fate (C)
    2)Just a coincidence
    3)The sea current
    4)Remain silent
    -Deliverer of letter-
    2)Prakk (C)
    4)Don't remember
    -Came for us?-
    1)High possibility
    2)Don't think they will mobilize the army for that
    3)Marcuria is one of Valcaneer's monetary resource (C)
    4)In any case, let's just fight them
    5)None of our business
    -Meeting Baker-
    1)You are late
    2)Back us up
    3)Concentrate on the battle for now (C)
    4)Remain silent
    -Christopher is late-
    1)You are extremely late
    3)Were you waiting back there until everything is over before popping in? (C)
    4)Say nothing
    -Eraiza's guests?-
    2)We are not guests (C)
    3)Remain silent
    -Conversation with Alicia(you can ask all 3 questions)-
    1)No need for thanks
    2)Ask for reason to why she cover her face
    3)Ask her about the plot of land
    -About Rems-
    1)Don't understand the meaning of your question (OK)
    2)He's my subordinate
    3)Comrade since the mercenary days (C)
    -Defeating the Dulkeim soldiers and obtaining a plot of land-
    1)Be proud
    2)Be modest (C)
    3)Please be kind to us from now on as well (OK)
    4)Remain silent
    -Meeting Goldrian-
    1)Yes (C)
    3)Who are you? (OK)
    4)Remain silent
    -Setting up an art museum-
    1)I get what you want to say (C)
    2)Continue to listen to him
    -Accept Goldrian's request?-
    1)Interesting (OK)
    2)Accept Sydney's suggestion (C)
    3)No other choice
    4)Can't be bothered
    -Hiring Sydney-
    1)Understood (OK)
    2)Since both of you said it, okay
    -Views of setting up the art museum(talking with Frane)-
    1)Don't think much of it
    2)Great idea (C)
    3)Can't believe it
    -Living on this land(talking with Rems)-
    1)Intend to
    2)Don't intend to (C)
    3)Remain silent
    -Sydney's acceptance of request-
    1)I am depending on you (C)
    2)Silent acknowledgment
    3)Don't fail me
    -Eraiza's request-
    1)Came because you called (C)
    2)Ask her what she wants
    3)Wait without saying anything
    -Bring her to Fandelsia?-
    1)Accept (C)
    3)Can't decide on my own
    -Meeting Mell-
    1)Think so
    2)Don't think so
    3)Tell her about Goldrian (C)
    -Going to Ordineil-
    1)Thank her (C)
    2)Go there now
    -Using Eraiza's pass-
    1)Respond to the word "just" (C)
    2))In any case, just remain silent
    -Crestfer's speech: I love Eraiza as well-
    1)Focus on the words "I love Eraiza"
    2)Focus on the words "as well" (C)
    3)Tell Eraiza that we should hurry on (OK)
    4)Remain silent
    -Rems rushing off-
    1)What happened? (C)
    2)Angry that he made us worry
    3)We are setting off for Fandelsia
    -Royal guard's mansion-
    2)The general we met at Trochmare (C)
    3)Remain silent
    -Same as Crestfer-
    1)Agree unconditionally
    2)The faces look alike
    3)The personalities are similiar
    4)The content of the speech is the same (C)
    -Frane's parents-
    1)You can't remember your parents?
    2)What a cold person
    3)Rebuke Rems (C)
    4)Remain silent
    -Originally from Dulkheim-
    1)Tell him what happened (C)
    2)No need to answer
    3)Remain silent
    -Alphonce's suggestion-
    2)Refuse (C)
    3)Can't answer immediately
    -Meeting Mortis again in Krasdahl-
    1)I was fine
    2)Many things happened
    3)Glad that you are doing fine as well
    4)How do you know?
    5)Remain silent
    -Conversation with Munzer- <---You can ask all 3 questions
    1)Ask him about the comrade who was taken away (C)
    2)Ask him about the stolen magic gems
    -Remember that Valcaneer general?-
    1)I do remember (C)
    2)I don't
    3)Can't be bothered
    4)Remain silent
    -Vallery and Blunteer-
    1)Can't be forgiven
    2)It was too much
    3)He has his mission to do as well (C)
    4)Remain silent
    -Woke up from vision-
    1)I'm fine
    2)Express concern for Familiar 1 (C)
    -Vision was cut off-
    1)He noticed us (C)
    2)Remain silent
    -Mansion being taken over-
    1)Calm down
    2)Express sympathy
    3)It's expected (C)
    4)Remain silent
    -Bower's concern-
    1)Thank him
    2)I have been on the verge of dying numerous times
    3)I'm immortal (C)
    4)Remain silent
    -Regained consciousness again-
    1)Sorry for making you worry (C)
    2)Thank him
    3)Make haste to set off
    4)Remain silent
    -Staying with Bower-
    3)Leave to Rems (C)
    -The dream-
    1)I had the same dream (C)
    2)A dream is just a dream
    3)Remain silent
    -Frane's sadness-
    1)What is it?
    2)Tell her to apologize to Eraiza
    3)Console her (C)
    -What is she supposed to do?-
    1)You should look at the future instead of the past
    2)You should interact with people (C)
    3)Don't be bothered by it
    -Shut door-
    1)Look for the key
    2)There must be some sort of device somewhere, let's search for it
    3)Use force to open it (C)
    4)Give up
    5)Remain silent
    -An important secret-
    1)Never thought of the reason
    2)Don't think so
    3)Agree (C)
    4)Remain silent
    -Mortis: know about the master swordsman?-
    1)Yes (C)
    -Speaking with Frane by the statue: the image of the angels-
    1)But angels are the enemies of us humans
    2)Do you have any attachment to them?
    3)The image I have of them is the same as yours (C)
    -Eraiza worrying for her parents-
    1)Cheer her up
    2)Are you having a hard time? (C)
    3)Remain silent
    1)Pat her head
    2)Be kind and acknowledge (C)
    3)Make a shocked expression
    4)Make a disgusted expression
    5)Remain silent
    -Seeing a fairy-
    1)There's no such thing
    2)Explain to him about familiars (C)
    3)You can see familiars if you have the potential for magical abilities
    4)Remain silent
    -Meeting Maggy-
    1)Ask her about the person who delivered the letter to Prakk
    2)Tell her about Decsen (C)
    3)Remain silent
    1)I will do the explanation (C)
    2)Don't say anything
    -Burning of the book-
    1)He also possessed the knowledge against the angels
    2)There's something written in it that was a disadvantage to him (C)
    3)Because he has no interest in it
    4)Don't make any assumptions
    -What the group wants to know-
    1)The man who attacked the village
    2)THe contents in the Book of Truth
    3)About the others
    4)What exactly does the angels want to accomplish? (C)
    -Searching for the Angel's letter-
    1)Yeah (C)
    2)How troublesome
    3)I don't wanna do it
    4)Silent acknowledgement
    5)Remain silent
    -What to do after returning to Marculey?-
    1)Let's have a short rest (C)
    2)Search around ruins (OK)
    3)We'll think about that then
    -Revan's worry-
    1)You should have waited
    2)You ain't wrong (C)
    3)Remain silent
    -Tired?- <--TP type
    2)No (C)
    -Which left a deep impression?- <--LN type
    1)Culture of other countries
    2)Encounters with various people
    3)The girl with the tail
    4)The time spent with comrades (C)
    5)Nothing in particular
    -Lend your strength to fight Valcaneer-
    1)Yes (C)
    -Help fight to get back the castle-
    1)Agree willingly (C)
    2)Accept since there isn't any other choice
    3)Not interested
    4)Silent acknowledgement
    -The others-
    1)Have no worries (C)
    2)Worried about them
    -Bad premonition-
    1)Be careful (C)
    2)Is it one of the familiar's abilities?
    3)Not an omen
    -Death of Familiar 1-
    1)Thank her
    2)Express concern for her (C)
    3)What was that you did just now?
    4)Remain silent
    -Going out for a walk-
    1)Ask her where
    2)Follow her without saying anything
    3)I want to go to the castle (C)
    -The angel was just a legend-
    1)The angels were the ones responsible for the tragedy 2000 years ago
    2)Want to know what the angels wish to accomplish (OK)
    3)Want to look for the way to defeat the angels
    4)Going to solve the mystery of the angels' contradiction in their actions (C)
    -About the familiar-
    1)Please don't say it (C)
    2)Please don't bother about it
    3)That was just a tool
    4)I'm not bothered by it
    5)Remain silent
    -Familiar in room-
    1)Hug her without any thought (C)
    2)Shocked that she is still alive
    3)I always believed that you are fine
    4)Doubt because she should be dead
    5)Who are you?
    6)Too shocked to move
    -(IF)Choosing a different name-
    1)That is the name of the previous familiar (C)
    2)That name is for her alone
    3)Because I will feel bad for this girl
    4)Because I'm sick of that previous name
    -(IF)Choosing the same name-
    1)The name is for familiars
    2)Because it suits her (C)
    3)It's convenient to use the same name
    -Speaking to Eraiza with Familiar 2-
    1)Apologize for worrying her (C)
    2)It's not good at all
    -Wanting to tell something in the letter-
    1)Find out the truth (C)
    2)Finding the way to defeat them is more important
    3)Current focus is the ruins
    -Regaining consciousness (again)-
    1)I had a dream (OK)
    2)Sorry for worrying you (C)
    3)No need for worries
    -Blunteer working for Valcaneer-
    1)He was an acquaintance back when we were soldiers(in Dulkheim) (C)
    2)He became an enemy
    3)Remain silent
    -After the battle-
    1)I'm depending on you next time (OK)
    2)Order her to do it from now onwards
    3)Not necessary to do the same (C)
    4)If you don't want to say it, it's okay not to (OK)
    -What is inside-
    1)We will know once we go in (C0
    2)Everything has been taken away
    3)Something to do with angels
    4)Remain silent
    -What about their current motive?-
    1)Something else
    2)Army facilities
    3)Still has to do with magic (C)
    4)Troops during army advancements
    5)Don't know
    -Know what they want-
    1)Our course of action from now on is decided (C)
    2)Affirm the course of action from now on
    3)Remain silent
    -Defeat the angels-
    2)Have no confidence in myself
    3)It's not the angels' goal to destroy humans (C)
    4)What about Regiena? (OK)
    5)Remain silent
    -Familiar 2 events- <--This will determine which familiar you will get for the
                           rest of the game(new or get back the old one), choice
                           is entirely up to you
    1)What are you doing?
    2)Don't be a nuisance
    3)I came to get you
    4)Rems told me to come
    5)What exactly are your thoughts?
    6)Remain silent
    -Meeting Vallery at Sansel-
    1)Aren't you the same?...
    2)I'm glad you are fine (C)
    3)What are you doing?
    4)Remain silent
    -Lucky to meet Eraiza-
    1)Agree (C)
    2)Acknowledge vaguely
    3)Don't answer
    -What to do next?-
    1)Go to the castle (C)
    2)Return to the mansion
    3)Leave the decision to the others
    -Are the ears decorations?-
    1)Check if the ears are real
    2)Check if the tail is real
    3)Think about the reason why she is being chased after (C)
    4)Not interested at all
    -Alphonce's explanation-
    1)What are we supposed to do?
    2)Are we going to be the decoy? (C)
    3)Listen to his explanation without saying anything
    1)Confirm the battle plan (C)
    2)Understood (OK)
    -Speaking with Eraiza-
    1)Owe that to Eraiza (C)
    2)Owe that to me
    3)Owe that to everyone (OK)
    -Speaking with Rems-
    1)Easy win (C)
    2)Same as Rems
    3)Smile vaguely
    -Speaking with Frane-
    1)Agree (C)
    3)Remain silent
    -Enemy general has deciphering skills
    2)Captain Norman (C)
    3)Remain silent
    -What is going on-
    1)These angels started a revolt
    2)Don't have the same abilities (C)
    3)Don't know why
    -Press the main switch?-
    2)No (C)
    -Purpose of the factory-
    1)Create angels
    2)Create weapons for pitting against the angels (C)
    -Reason for stopping operations-
    1)Prevent from being discovered by the angels (C)
    2)There's a defect in the factory
    3)Energy destroyed by angels
    -What happens if the factory is being reactivated?-
    2)Angels will come after detecting reactions (C)
    3)The angels here will start a riot
    -Meeting Leona-
    1)Doubt that she will be useful
    2)Encourage her (C)
    3)Can't be bothered
    -Magic cannon-
    1)Think about the reason (C)
    2)Listen to Maggy's explanation
    1)Because magic is required
    2)Because magic is strong (C)
    3)Because there's meaning in chanting magic
    4)Don't know
    -What to do?-
    1)I don't know
    2)We will just have to search for it
    3)We just need to lure them out (C)
    4)Remain silent
    [CHAPTER 3]                                                             [CHO3]
    -Replica being controlled-
    1)The one we defeated is a replica (C)
    2)The one we defeated is an original
    3)Remain silent
    -Another female angel-
    1)Explain on Frane's behalf (C)
    2)Let her speak
    3)Let familiar explain
    -Seeing visions-
    1)Saw them when angels were nearby
    2)Saw them when an original angel was nearby
    3)Saw them when a replica angel was nearby (C)
    4)Nothing to do with angels
    1)Talk about other matters (C)
    2)Remain silent and watch the conversation progress
    -Choosing the 1st choice above-
    1)Recall what happened during first entrance to the ruins of hope (C)
    2)About ruin child
    3)About the Angel's letter
    -Going to the ruins-
    1)Next destination will be the ruins that Decsen led us to (OK)
    2)Let's rest first (C)
    -Can't use a boat-
    1)Break through the border (C)
    2)Gather ideas from everyone
    1)Able to blow away a mountain (C)
    2)We can't use it to defeat the angels if it's not powerful
    3)Remain silent
    -Alphonce's remorse
    1)Express sympathy (C)
    2)Make a sad face 
    3)Glad we are fine
    4)Remain silent
    -Bower's request-
    1)Let it pass (C)
    2)Fight with Bower
    -Crevaniel's secret-
    3)Our secret (C)
    -Using summoning destroys the world-
    1)Let's return and come up with a strategy (OK)
    2)Let's check up on the crystal left over by the angel (C)
    3)Let's just head back for now
    [CHAPTER 4]                                                             [CH04]
    -Familiar at Lynfaluz: only if you chose to retain the new familiar-
    1)Now that's some thoughtlessness
    2)Can't be helped
    3)That shows that we have gotten real close to <name of familiar> (C)
    1)Ask for a name
    2)You aren't Regiena are you?
    3)Try to remove parasite being from Regiena (C)
    4)Be frustrated
    5)Remain silent
    -Destroying summoning-
    1)We just need to defeat the summoners
    2)We just need to get rid of magic
    3)Defeat summoners and make magic vanish (C)
    4)Don't know how to get rid of it
    -Defeating the summoners-
    1)A small sacrifice for saving much
    2)Even as it's tough, we've got to do it (C)
    3)Don't feel like doing it
    -World being destroyed?-
    1)Invasion from the other world
    2)The angels attempted to destroy summoning for the sake of protecting the
      world (OK)
    3)The increase in appearance of monsters is due to summoning
    4)Because of the effect of summoning, the future where the angels exist were
     being annihilated (C)
    -Unnecessary disruption-
    1)Take revenge for Decsen (OK)
    2)What is your motive? (C)
    3)We will end it right here and now
    4)Stare at him silently
    -Difficult decision-
    1)Have got to do it despite the difficulty
    2)Do help us out as well (C)
    3)It may be impossible
    -Attack from the east-
    1)Understood (C)
    3)Ask for the fort's location (OK)
    -An eyesore-
    1)Persuade her to stop this
    2)I won't allow the shooting of the cannon
    3)I will save you (C)
    4)Remain silent
    -Be controlled again-
    1)Doubt my ear
    2)Proceed with the spirit interruption (C)
    3)Don't use the spirit interruption
    -Decsen & wife-
    1)These are imposters
    2)Believe in me (C)
    3)Kill the imposters without saying anything
    -Where are they?-
    1)They are not here
    2)This is your inner self (OK)
    3)This isn't reality (C)
    -What happened?-
    1)Leave explanation to later
    2)I came to save you (OK)
    3)I came to set you free (C)
    -Cheated by Vester-
    1)Be strong (C)
    2)Don't be confused by the illusion
    3)Look at the reality
    1)Regiena died once (C)
    2)Regiena is being controlled by him
    3)Remain silent
    -Death of Alphonce-
    1)He didn't blame anyone (C)
    2)It's your turn to make a move (OK)
    3)He won't be happy if you are sad (OK)
    4)Remain silent
    -Dulkheim's surrendering?-
    3)Doubt they will just surrender like that (OK)
    4)They won't surrender (C)
    5)Remain silent
    -Doing away with monarchy-
    1)Please explain in details (C)
    2)Please explain in brief (OK)
    -Force surrender by capturing Dulkcan-
    1)Accept the mission to attack the fort (C)
    2)It's gonna be difficult to make them surrender
    3)Remain silent
    -Meeting Roomise again-
    1)What do you mean by 'my end'? (OK)
    2)Tell him about the danger of summoning (C)
    3)Tell him about our goal
    -Roomise's advice-
    1)Remember Roomise's advice (C)
    2)We will create a world without that sort of worry
    4)Remain silent
    -Dulkheim's surrender-
    1)For the sake of Marculey
    2)For the sake of the world
    3)Crestfer did his best as well (C)
    4)Silent acknowledgment
    -Final rest day: nice comrades?-
    1)Yes (C)
    -Use the device?-
    1)Use it (C)
    2)Look at Frane (OK)
    3)Don't use it
    4)Remain silent
    -Crestfer: saving the world-
    1)Promise to do it (C)
    2)We will try our best
    3)Remain silent
    -Spoiling the fun-
    1)What is it you want to achieve?
    2)Who exactly are you? (C)
    3)Remain silent and glare at him
    [VACATION + CHARACTER SIDE QUEST]                                       [VAC1]
    This section list the replies for vacation and side quest related
    conversations for your characters. Pair usage of this with the side quests
    and fate events sections for a more detailed reference to get your character
    Note: Does not include Familiar type LM(I only have the US version of
    Growlanser III which obviously does not work with this JPN Growlanser IV.)
    -->Bringing her to the art museum for the 1st time
    1)You should have a try (C)
    2)It's tough
    3)Anyone can do it
    -->Draw what?
    2)Something that touches you (C)
    3)Things of the usual days
    4)Are you really going to do a drawing?
    -->Drawing the painting
    1)What kind of memories?
    2)Is it similiar to the prison barracks? (C)
    3)Tell her to say it straightaway
    -->Showing her painting to Goldrian
    1)Let him see it
    2)Have more confidence (C)
    3)Do you intend to refuse him?
    4)Indeed it's better not to show it
    -->Putting it up at the exhibition
    1)You will get reviews if you put it up (C)
    2)Leave to Frane to decide
    3)It's better to refuse
    -->Painting of the ocean
    1)Let's go and have a look (C)
    2)I will help you
    3)Not necessary to do the painting
    -->Frane at Marcuria: adapting
    1)Have you gotten used to it? (C)
    2)Can't be helped
    -->Try a game?
    1)Yes (C)
    -->How was it?
    1)You were poor at hiding
    2)Interesting (C)
    -->Painting at Trochmare
    1)Yes (C)
    -->Her passion
    1)Owe that to me
    2)It's her strength (C)
    3)I helped a little
    -->Drawing a silm
    1)Leave to Frane to decide
    2)I'll help search for the silm (C)
    3)It's better not to
    -->Dream of Frane's diary
    1)Where is that place? (C)
    2)Don't bother about it
    3)Is there diary still there? (OK)
    -->Locating Frane's diary
    1)Apologize for hiding the truth from her (C)
    2)Be proud that I found the diary
    -->Interacting with people
    1)It's not too late to start doing it from now on (C)
    2)You just need to change it from now on
    3)What do you intend to do now?
    -->Lacking much
    1)You can overlap it with your memories
    2)Do depend on us (C)
    3)Is it okay to carry on being like that?
    -->Unable to contibute much but yet wanting to paint
    1)It's stubborness
    2)That's not the case (C)
    3)Work hard
    -->Eating at the restaurant
    1)I'm not
    2)I'm nervous as well (C)
    -->Bringing Rems to Mell's shop
    1)Agree that he has a girl's face
    2)Praise him that he is a fine warrior (C)
    -->Know anything about his sister
    1)Do you want to meet her so badly?
    2)Ask him about her (C)
    3)Just give up
    -->Crestfer's probing
    1)Are you interested in guys?
    2)Tell him about Rems' sister (C)
    -->Princess at the castle
    1)Why are you anxious?
    2)I have an idea (C)
    3)Listen to what familiar had in mine
    1)In front of the inn (OK)
    2)In the ruins
    3)The name Alice (OK)
    4)The girl who resembled Rems (C)
    5)The shop assistant
    -->The prediction
    1)Won't allow Rems to die (C)
    2)It's better to exile him
    -->Having a reason
    1)Do as you wish to
    2)Praise his kindness (C)
    3)Don't be a nuisance
    4)Do you think destiny can be changed?
    -->Bringing Rems to talk with Alicia
    1)It's about Rems (C)
    -->Keeping it from Rems
    1)I kept quiet for your sake
    2)Apologize (C)
    -->Rems' hesistation
    1)You should leave
    2)Do as you please
    3)Don't do that (C)
    -->Return of Rems
    1)You are not staying in the castle? (C)
    2)Get angry for making me wait so long
    -->Travelling together
    1)Welcome (C)
    2)Point out that he's royalty
    -->Eating at restaurant
    1)it's better to eat in silence
    2)It's fun to have lots of people (C)
    3)It's good to just be able to eat
    -->Knocking on her door
    1)Want to talk (C)
    2)Want to see your face
    -->Revan's decision
    2)How do you think? (C)
    3)He is correct
    4)About other things
    -->Waiting for her to come back
    1)Do you feel terrible that he didn't wait for you?
    2)There wasn't enough time to wait for you to come back (C)
    3)So what if he told you?
    4)Remain silent
    -->Listen to Eraiza's idea
    1)Yes (C)
    -->Selling furniture to get the money
    1)What are you going to do once that money is used up? (C)
    2)It's a good idea
    -->Doing the same as Lord Mayfield
    1)You are able to
    2)Cheer for her
    3)Warn her that it will not work (C)
    4)Don't know
    -->Losing temper on Sydney
    1)Your speaking tone was not acceptable (C)
    2)She was right (OK)
    3)Put the blame on Sydney
    4)Remain silent
    -->Way to get income
    1)You have no choice but to search for it
    2)You just need to labor for it (C)
    3)Remain silent
    -->Working with own hands
    1)That's the spirit
    2)If there's anything I can help, just say (C)
    3)See how long can you last
    -->Help out?(after choosing Marcuria as rest day location)
    1)Yes (C)
    -->Do you remember where Revan is working as a home tutor?
    1)Yes (C)
    -->Pet pig is lost
    1)Kidnapped (C)
    3)The mistress ate it
    -->Listen to steps?
    1)Yes (C)
    2)No (OK)
    -->The culprit-
    1)The fisherman
    2)The old man
    3)The guy in front of the inn (C)
    4)Don't know
    -->What to do next?
    1)Let's go to the inn and check it out (C)
    2)Remain silent
    1)I'll let it pass this time (C)
    2)Bring him to the officials
    -->Money for helping out
    1)The reward just now is enough (C)
    2)If possible, give it to me asap
    -->Accept the new request?
    1)Accept (C)
    -->Trochmare's reporter
    1)We met before (C)
    2)Leave it be
    -->Konrad's hesistation
    1)Do you love Katarina? (C)
    2)What are you worried about?
    -->And become like them?
    1)There's me (C)
    2)Search for him
    -->Going to Lezel
    1)Accept (C)
    -->Eraiza's worry at Fandelsia
    1)Don't think of unecessary stuff
    2)I'm here (C)
    3)You are thinking too much
    -->Bringing Eraiza to the theatre
    1)Agree (C)
    3)Don't know
    1)Possible (C)
    -->Eating at the restaurant
    1)It's not just about eating (C)
    2)No matter where, let's go and eat together
    -->Fight for what?
    1)For peace
    2)To protect myself
    3)To protect people (C)
    4)Because it is fun
    1)I don't need comrades
    2)I'm very thankful for them (C)
    -->Which has more advantage?
    1)The long sword
    2)The short one (C)
    3)I don't know
    -->Weapons with hidden mechanism
    1)It's interesting
    2)It's cowardly
    3)Be careful (C)
    -->Cutting himself
    1)Weird thinking
    2)Express admiration for that resolution (C)
    3)It's pointless
    1)Very useful
    2)Scary (C)
    3)Just the way it is
    -->Saw something that shouldn't be
    1)Think too much
    2)Yeah (C)
    -->Slashing water
    1)Don't think you can make it
    2)Did you succeed? (C)
    -->Bringing Hien to the theatre
    1)It's a difficult issue
    2)That is a form of talent
    3)It's the same as martial arts (C)
    -->Eating at the restaurant
    1)It's best to consider the age
    2)It's a good thing (C)
    -->Talking to her in her room: Leona is a pet?
    2)No (C)
    -->Explain to everyone?
    1)Yes (C)
    -->Leona's silence
    1)Stop Frane (OK)
    2)Shield Leona (C)
    3)Remain silent
    1)Wait for Leona to talk
    2)Leona is a comrade, just like everyone else (C)
    3)Let familiar do the explanation
    -->Bringing Leona to Ordineil's item shop
    *Choose to ask about Merick
    -->Getting the flowerbulb back: teaching manners
    1)Have a go at it
    2)Won't go well
    3)How about challenging a guy (C)
    -->Like Leona
    1)Yes (C)
    2)Nothing much
    -->Giving order to Leona
    1)What are you good at? (C)
    2)Don't ask for anything
    1)Don't ask for anything
    2)Please hunt something for me (C)
    -->Hunt for what?
    1)Didn't think of it
    3)Some accompaniment for dinner (C)
    1)Refuse to eat
    2)Refuse to eat no matter what!
    3)Be firm in refusal to eat
    4)Can it be eaten!?
    5)Point out to her that it cannot be eaten
    6)Have interest in it thinking that it may be delicious (C)
    1)Give an acorn (C)
    2)Don't give
    1)I love you (C)
    2)There's nothing of that
    1)Hug her (C)
    -->Bringing Leona for Marculey food at the restaurant
    1)Don't worry about it (C)
    2)It's better for you to eat some veggies as well
    -->Saving Vallery
    1)Help us out (C)
    2)Do as you please
    -->Have not been with you guys for a long time
    2)Vallery is a comrade (C)
    3)Let it be
    -->Fight for what?
    1)World peace
    2)Chasing after justice
    3)Random stuff
    4)Protecting someone (C)
    -->Killing Vallery-
    1)We just need to remain hush
    2)Can't be helped since it's a war
    3)There must be another way (C)
    -->Talking to boy again
    1)He's defeated
    2)Do you really want Vallery dead? (C)
    -->Killing people
    1)I killed as well
    2)Do you know how Vallery's friends will feel if he's dead? (C)
    -->Boy's silence
    1)Revenge is not a good thing
    2)Your father wouldn't want you to think of revenge (C)
    -->Vallery's fault
    1)You just need to keep it low
    2)Let's go make an apology (C)
    1)Yes (C)
    1)Even so, we must fight
    2)Until the war ends, we will have bear with this sorrow (C)
    -->Calling Vallery a comrade
    1)Meant it (C)
    2)It's just for that boy's sake
    -->Eating at the restaurant
    1)He is a sincere person (C)
    2)He is a bad person
    3)Don't really remember
    -->Bring Vallery to the art museum
    2)Not necessary (C)
    2)None of such a thing (C)
    -->Bringing Vallery to the theatre: can you understand what is it all about?
    2)It was a lil bit difficult (C)
    -->Talking to Maggy
    1)I'm happy as well (C)
    2)Be proud
    3)It's because of Familiar's ability (OK)
    -->Looking for a heart
    1)Yes (C)
    -->Talking to Maggy
    1)Wish to create a heart (C)
    -->Dilan's advice
    1)Yes (C)
    -->Blood type
    3)O (C)
    1)-20 to +30 (C)
    2)-30 to +20
    3)-30 to +30
    4)-40 to +40
    1)Yes (C)
    -->Begin operation at Dilan's
    1)Please do (C)
    2)Wait for a while
    1)Don't worry
    2)Yes (C)
    -->Talking to Frane
    1)It's alright (C)
    3)May be hopeless
    -->Talking to Rems
    2)Believe and wait (C)
    3)Can't trust in Dilan
    -->Talking to Eraiza
    2)Not worried (C)
    -->Talking to Hien
    1)Believe and wait (C)
    -->Talking to Leona
    1)To cure illness by cutting the body
    2)It's better not to know
    3)A ceremony to make a person healthy again (C)
    -->Talking to Vallery
    1)Comfort Vallery as well
    2)That's why there are doctors
    3)That's not careful (C)
    -->For Regiena
    1)Don't let familiar speak anymore (C)
    2)Of course, since Regiena is like my sister
    3)Remain silent
    -->Finding the oak
    1)Yes (C)
    -->Talking to merchant in Ordineil
    1)Sold to who? (C)
    2)Give up
    -->Talking to man in mantle in Ordineil
    1)Want it no matter what (C)
    2)If possible, I'd like to have it
    3)Don't really want it
    -->Defending Marcuria
    1)Be proud
    2)Owe that to allies (C)
    3)The enemies were weak
    -->Entering the castle
    1)Gotten used to it
    2)I'm anxious as well (C)
    3)Paranoid person
    2)No (C)
    -->Eating at the restaurant
    1)Regiena's home
    2)The mansion here (C)
    3)None of that
    -->Hurting others
    1)We are now comrades (C)
    3)Can't be helped
    -->Bringing Regiena to art museum
    2)Difficult (C)
    3)I can, for that kind of standard
    -->How to learn?
    1)Taught by others
    2)Don't know
    3)No choice but to go around and see many stuff (C)
     *Familiar TP*
    -->Bringing Familiar to the theatre
    1)Can you act? (C)
    2)Point out to her that normal people can't see her
    3)Advise her that it's not suitable for her
    -->Remembering the lines
    1)Just read it many times (C)
    2)May be very difficult
    -->Following her to the dining hall
    1)Yes (C)
    -->Hearing her performance
    1)Praise her (C)
    2)Now that's one
    3)What are you doing?
    -->Liked the play a lot
    1)Let's go see it again (C)
    2)It's good you liked it
    3)It's not really a great one
    -->Goldrian helping out with the 1st part
    1)The 1st was boring
    2)Looking forward to the 2nd part (C)
    3)Ask him about the 2nd part
    -->Talking to the scriptwriter
    1)Leave him
    2)Listen to him (C)
    3)Are you the scriptwriter?
    -->Image of the fairy
    1)Didn't think of it
    2)Use Frane as the image
    3)Use Eraiza as the image
    4)Consider it while looking at familiar (C)
    -->What kind of image?
    2)Lovely (C)
    -->Bringing her to the theatre for the 2nd part of the play: act together?
    1)Accept (C)
    2)Not interested
    1)Follow her for practice session (C)
    2)Sleep without bothering about her
    1)Say them seriously (C)
    2)Say them with a can't-be-bothered attitude(monotone)
    3)Remain silent
    1)Pro class (C)
    3)Quite poor at it
    -->Gathering everyone to watch
    1)All for it
    2)Ask how familiar think (C)
    -->Performance request
    1)Act as the main character (C)
    -->Go ahead and rest
    1)Go to sleep
    2)Stay with her until the end (C)
    -->Performance day decided
    1)OK (C)
    -->Before performing
    2)Have confidence (C)
    3)Remain silent
    1)Yes (C)
    2)Wait for a while longer
    -->Acting out the play
    1)Get close to the familiar (C)
    2)Get away from familiar
    3)Stand on the spot
    1)Let's hurry
    2)We're going out
    3)It's about time we move out (C)
    1)Whisper to her "friend" (C)
    2)Whisper to her "servant"
    3)Whisper to her "outsider"
    4)Remain silent
    1)Hug familiar (C)
    2)Move close to her
    3)Don't move
    1)Be silent and watch
    2)I want you to be always by my side from now on (C)
    3)Thanks for everything
     *Familiar LN*
    -->Getting to learn some things
    1)That's great
    2)You just need to enjoy it (C)
    3)Not really
    -->Still have many things to learn
    1)Do you like learning?
    2)You ain't immature (C)
    3)Encourage her
    -->Entering the lab
    1)Why didn't you discuss that with me? (C)
    2)Scold her for keeping it a secret
    3)Apologize to Maggy
    Note: I was unable to get the options script for the latter parts. Please
    refer to last part of Q&A for more details.
     (((Characters Side Quests)))                                             [C1]
    Growlanser IV has multiple endings, but they aren't separated into good and
    bad endings. They are different only in which character ending you choose to
    get. In order to get a character's ending, it is important to complete
    his/her side quest. This is mainly because through that, you can gain large
    amounts of friendship points. Of course don't think of side quests to be just
    the route to getting the ending, it is essential to remember that for most
    characters, their final abilities as well as strongest armor can be gotten
    once you complete the necessary events.
    Try to plan ahead in mind or on paper where you wish to locate each rest day
    and who you are going to tackle starting from the very day 1 to the last(there
    are altogether 8 periods of holidays, of which around half are 3 days if you
    have got Vallery/Regiena). That way, you won't lose out on time and it is
    possible to have all characters as valid choices when picking time comes.
    Bracketed items refer to locations which will commence event conversations
    with that character, and it will be good to lump similar ones together, e.g:
    tackle Rems and Vallery when rest day is at Marcuria and never waste time
    slots by talking to people like Eraiza/Leona who have all their event
    triggering points at Your Land.
    1)  Frane (Your Land)
    2)  Eraiza (Your Land)
    3)  Rems (Marcuria)
    4)  Leona (Your Land)
    5)  Hien (Any)
    6)  Vallery (Marcuria)
    7)  Regiena (Your Land, then onto Marcuria if you can afford the slots)
    8)  Sydney (None)
    9)  Mell (None)
    10) Familiar D-LN Type (Your Land)
    11) Familiar D-TP Type (Your Land)
    ***NOTE: Do create the Homunculus(refer to Regiena's side quest) if you wish
    to get your familiar's ending as well. Though I haven't tested it out, it's
    better not to take the risk IMO.***
    Below, I have listed an example of my PERSONAL plan for all vacation days when
    using Familiar TP(of course I made sure I did the necessary stuff to trigger
    the next rest day event for the characters). I was able to get all characters
    as available choices when picking time comes. Remember that there are many
    ways to go about it and with careful planning, you will be able to easily come
    up with one that works better than mine. Use it as a reference. You can
    replace slots for Familiar TP with whichever Familiar type you are using, if
    more slots are required, you can always use the extra ones(such as bringing a
    certain character to the restaurant which is not absolutely necessary so long
    as you have been nice to him/her and finished the side quest).
         Vacation/When     |  Day  |  Location    |  Do what
    1st vacation, taken    |   1   |   Your Land  | ->Talk to Eraiza in her room
    after Mission 13       |       |              | ->Talk to Frane & bring her to
                           |       |              |   art museum
                           |       |              | ->Talk to Hien & bring him to
                           |       |              |   art museum
                           |   2   |   Your Land  | ->Talk to Frane & bring her to
                           |       |              |   art museum
                           |       |              | ->Bring Rems to Mell's shop
                           |       |              | ->Talk to Hien
    2nd vacation, taken    |   1   |   Your Land  | ->Talk to Eraiza
    after Mission 15       |       |              | ->Talk to Hien
                           |       |              | ->Talk to Frane & bring her to
                           |       |              |   art museun
                           |   2   |   Your Land  | ->Talk to Eraiza
                           |       |              | ->Talk to Hien
                           |       |              | ->Talk to Frane & bring her to
                           |       |              |   art museun
    3rd vacation, taken    |   1   |   Your Land  | ->Talk to Eraiza->Goldrian->
    after Mission 17       |       |              |   Mell
                           |       |              | ->Talk to Hien & bring him to
                           |       |              |   the theatre
                           |       |              | ->Go alone to the theatre
                           |   2   |   Your Land  | ->Talk to Hien
                           |       |              | ->Go to theatre alone
                           |       |              | ->Talk to Eraiza
    4th vacation, taken    |   1   |   Marcuria   | ->Finding pet pig
    after Mission 21       |-------|--------------|-------------------------------
                           |   2   |   Marcuria   | ->Talk to Hien
                           |       |              | ->Talk to Frane & play game
                           |       |              | ->Talk to Rems->Alicia
    5th vacation, taken    |   1   |   Your Land  | ->Talk to Leona in her room
    after Mission 33       |       |              | ->Go alone to the theatre
                           |       |              | ->Bring Leona for Marculey
                           |       |              |   food at restaurant
                           |   2   |   Marcuria   | ->Talk to Vallery
                           |       |              | ->Talk to Rems->Crestfer->
                           |       |              |   Alicia
                           |   3   |   Your Land  | ->Talk to Leona
                           |       |              | ->Talk to Frane
                           |       |              | ->Talk to Hien
    6th vacation, taken    |   1   |   Marcuria   | ->Talk to Vallery
    after Mission 35       |       |              | ->Talk to Rems
                           |       |              | ->Talk to Hien
                           |   2   |   Your Land  | ->Talk to Eraiza
                           |       |              | ->Talk to Frane
                           |       |              | ->Talk to Leona
                           |   3   |   Your Land  | ->Talk to Rems
                           |       |              | ->Bring Vallery to theatre
                           |       |              | ->Bring Eraiza to theatre
    7th vacation, taken    |   1   |   Marcuria   | ->Talk to boy in the house on
    after Mission 39       |       |              |   the right
                           |       |              | ->Talk to Regiena
                           |       |              | ->Talk to Hien
                           |   2   |   Marcuria   | ->Talk to Vallery->boy
                           |       |              | ->Talk to Regiena
                           |       |              | ->Talk to Rems/Leona
                           |   3   |   Your Land  | ->Bring Regiena to Mell's shop
                           |       |              | ->Bring Eraiza for Igredias
                           |       |              |   food at restaurant
                           |       |              | ->Bring Rems for Marculey food
                           |       |              |   at restaurant
    8th vacation, taken    |   1   |   Your Land  |->P/S: Bring and chose to give
    after Mission 42       |       |              |  the oak to Regiena, Mell or
                           |       |              |  Sydney at this point in time
                           |       |              |-------------------------------
                           |       |              | ->Bring Leona to Mell's shop
                           |       |              | ->Bring Vallery for Valcaneer
                           |       |              |   food at restaurant
                           |       |              | ->Bring Frane for Valcaneer
                           |       |              |   food at restaurant
                           |   2   |   Your Land  | ->Bring Hien for Dulkheim
                           |       |              |   food at restaurant
                           |       |              | ->Bring Regiena for Dulkheim
                           |       |              |   food at restaurant
                           |       |              | ->Bring Vallery to the art
                           |       |              |   museum
                           |   3   |   Your Land  | ->Bring Frane to Mell's shop
                           |       |              | ->Bring Eraiza to art museum
                           |       |              | ->Bring Regiena to art museum
    As you can see, I was pretty much free for the final vacation.
    Frane has lost her memory and her side quest involves helping her regain that
    memory as well as finding a new purpose and goal in life.
    Firstly, bring her to the art museum and encourage her to try taking up art
    drawing/sketching. On another rest day, bring her to the art museum again and
    once again give more encouragement to her and tell her if she put her work on
    display, she will know her work's standard/comments from people.
    Next rest day, bring Frane to the art museum again, Goldrian will inform Frane
    that her work display has gotten good responses and gives her a new idea, that
    is to draw an artwork based on the sea.
    The next time you can progress with the side quest will be when your group
    gain access to Trochmare(the 2nd trip to the Ruins of Hope). In between that
    time period, you can always bring her to the art museum or talk to her to gain
    some friendship points while you concentrate on doing the other character side
    Once you reached Trochmare(I hope you brought Frane along), go down to near
    the item shop, and Frane will automatically ask to be given some time to make
    a sketching. When being asked by a party member, choose to answer 'that's her
    strength'. Once finished, go to the prison barrack just east of Trochmare.
    Inside, Frane remembers something(I wrote in it the story walkthrough above so
    I'm not gonna repeat it here again) and just choose to rest to view a scene.
    At the Ruins of Hope, get Frane's diary.
    Next rest day, talk to her and choose to encourage her and she should show
    Crevaniel a part of the diary and thus obtain her final limit ability.
    On another rest day, talk to her and she says that the next request is to draw
    a creature named Silm. Choose to help her.
    Once you gained access to Krasdahl and the areas around such as Lezel etc
    again(the last few battles with Valcaneer), go to Lezel with Frane in your
    party and talk to the guy at the bottom right to get the Masirm grass. Go to
    Krasdahl and talk to the guy behind Mortis(the one inside the farming area)
    as many times as you can, until he mention where to use it.
    Then go up north(the road to Lezel) and under the overhead bridge(which you
    will later pass through in the main game to Baltrick fortress), a silm will
    appear and Frane will automatically use the grass and start her drawing.
    This will complete her side quest.
    For Eraiza, please refer to Eraiza's dad under Section B: Fate events of this
    FAQ. The events which lead to saving her father are her side quests, complete
    them and her ending becomes available. 
    For Rems, please refer to Rems under Section B: Fate events of this FAQ.
    For Leona, please refer to Leona under Section B: Fate events of this FAQ.
    After you have saved Merick, go out of the village and immediately on the next
    screen, pick up the shiny item to get 9 of what I presume to be acorns
    (donguri). Each time you have Leona participate in an event battle, choose to
    give 1 to her. If you managed to give all(or at least as much as you can), you
    can increase her friendship points significantly. This, I believe is
    important. Furthermore, if you managed to give her 7, you can bring her to
    talk to Merick to get her final limit ability...but that's another issue.
    Anyway, after you have saved Merick, on another rest day at Your Land. Talk
    to Leona and watch a funny scene. Basically, after the Merick's event, Leona
    is all out for Crevaniel as her master. So here, she volunteers to do
    something for Crevaniel. Let her do her hunting and she will bring back a
    caterpillar. Choose to eat it and Leona will feed Crevaniel by...popping it
    into his mouth just like that.
    Crevaniel got dizzy and fainted. He will wake up after a while, choose to
    give Leona an acorn.
    In the night, Leona comes visiting, choose 'say I love you' and 'hug her' and
    it's completed. You should have gained enough points to get her ending. One
    important thing is the acorns, give it to her whenever possible.
    To do Hien's side quest, just keep talking to him each time you have a rest
    day, he will ask you various questions, of which you just have to choose what
    seems to portray justice and samurai's way of thought or whatever is
    After he no longer asks anymore significant questions, bring him to the prison
    barracks after you regained access to Trochmare(you can do this anytime, it
    doesn't have to be interwined with Frane's side event at the barrack). After a
    rest, Hien will mention about finding a pendant. Next rest day, talk to him
    about the pendant. Next rest day, talk to him again and ask him whether he's
    successful in the technique he has been training at, this should get him his
    final limit ability Mind's eye.
    For the next few rest days, you can talk to him or just bring him to some
    places(e.g: restaurant) to gain more friendship points. At the battle of Fort
    Izenbant, bring Hien along and have him attack Rudvich to learn of his
    daughter's whereabouts. After the battle is over, go out to where Crestfer and
    Silvernale is and his daughter will appear, apparantly being safely escorted
    by Ordineil's soldiers, and she gives Hien his strongest armor. This concludes
    Hien's side quest.
    After you have him as your ally, talk to him on a rest day. At night, Vallery
    comes visiting Crevaniel. Next rest day, talk to him and meet the boy who live
    at the right house near Marcuria's entrance. His father is a Marculey soldier
    who died in the war with Valcaneer. The boy wants revenge and will tell the
    duo that his father's killer is a Valcaneer army personnel named Vallery.
    The boy then returned to his house after his mum came running apologizing, but
    asked the 2 to look for him if they should ever locate the killer. Vallery
    got all depressed and told Crevaniel that his head is ready for the taking
    if Crevaniel wishes to do so. Choose 'there must be another way.'
    Next rest day, don't talk to Vallery. Instead go to the house and talk to the
    boy. Ask him if he is serious, and ask him how will Vallery's friends feel.
    Tell him that his father won't be happy that his son, at such a young age, is
    thinking all about revenge. The boy remain stumped for a while before saying
    that he at least demand an apology. After the door closes, Vallery will
    appear and says that he heard everything, but require some time before he can
    apologize. Basically, the poor guy thinks that an apology in exchange for a
    human life is too unbelievable and just doesn't make sense.
    Anyway, next rest day, talk to him and ask him to go to the boy to apologize.
    You will get Vallery's strongest armor. At night, Vallery visits and asks if
    Crevaniel is serious in him being a comrade, choose 'that's how I truly feel'
    and his side quest is complete. Now all you have to do is talk to him or bring
    him to the art museum/theatre/restaurant to gain more friendship points.
    Talk to Regiena on a rest day after she became an ally. Bring her to Mell's
    store to learn of a thing named Labaaz Oak. Go to Ordineil and up to where the
    armor store is. Notice there is one extra person standing on the left. Talk to
    him and he says that he has sold the twig to someone else already. Go down and
    to the left, talk to the guy who wears a green(if I remember correctly) mantle
    and take his short quiz. If you get them all right, he will give the oak to
    your group. Don't ask me to write down the questions here, because seriously
    speaking, I have forgotten, and they are random. It doesn't matter no matter
    how many times you answered wrongly, keep the correct answers in mind and keep
    trying. The guy is obviously dying to give the twig away to allow infinite
    times of play at his quiz.
    On another rest day, bring the little twig to Mell alone. After some time, go
    talk to Mell(doesn't have to be a rest day) and Mell will pass Crevaniel the
    completed oak. Now this thing can be given to not just Regiena, but also Mell
    or Sydney. But since we are talking about Regiena here, go give it to Regiena.
    Note: the below can be done as soon as you have gained Regiena as your ally.
    No rest day is required.
    Bring Regiena and go talk to Dilan(take note that if you have already passed
    him Crestfer's medical report, you cannot do Regiena event until the whole 
    mess with Crestfer is over, but that will be at the last parts of the game, do
    Regiena's first as soon as you can) and Regiena will let in on her situation
    to Dilan: she was dead due to a stab straight to the heart by Vester and in
    place of her heart, Vester "planted" a parasite being so she can continue to
    live, only that the parasite is controlling her will, body and all due to her
    inner world and emotions being fully consumed by illusions created by Vester
    (we've seen from the saving her sequence). Which means that if the parasite
    is forcefully taken out, Regiena will die(since she has no heart). This also
    implies when magic dispersing happens at the end of the game, the parasite
    could no longer survive and will perish. Either way, she will die.
    Dilan suggested a heart transplant, but that will require various criteria,
    and in most cases, usually from a twin sibling. Anyway, he will urge Crevaniel
    to start searching for a suitable heart.
    Now head over to the colosseum and have Crevaniel take part in the free battle
    1-to-1 until the free battle 4-to-4 section opens up(refer to colosseum
    section for more info). Win the free battle 4-to-4 rank B match to get the
    ancient technology book. Give it to Maggy and ask her to create a heart.
    Now go back to the ruins east of Marcuria where you fought Blunteer(you can do
    this on your first trip there as well) and head on to the inner room where
    Regiena made her first appearance after ruins of hope. Examine the safe on
    the left side of the wall and choose to turn the dial, select 6-4-3 to get
    the power stone, a part needed to create a heart. Bring it back to Maggy and
    make the correct choices. Now head over to Dilan and choose to begin the
    At night, Regiena will pay a visit. Choose 'it's a promise'. Next day is the
    operation, talk to everyone and choose answers as you see fit. It will be a
    success and Regiena's side quest is done.
    Talk to her on the remaining rest days to gain friendship points.
    After you have gotten the Labaaz Oak from Mell. You can choose to give it to
    Sydney has no other side events. For Mell, talk to her whenever you are free
    (doesn't have to be rest days). Firstly, she will give you leaflets asking
    you to help give to people you see fit to draw customers for her.
    Each time you go to any town/village near Your Land(or at least easy to travel
    to and fro), look out for young ladies and give them the leaflets . It should
    be easy to spot. As for guys, try for Mortis and the merchant at Trochmare.
    That should gather up to 12 people(the requirement).
    After that, go to Mell's store and see a young girl interested in the stuff
    but she doesn't have the money. So Mell will dig out a spare item from her
    making process(but which doesn't make it to the display board) and give it to
    the girl.
    For Sydney, give the oak to her on a holiday. On the night where you've to
    choose your character, go down the stairs and talk to her, she will mention
    that Goldrian told her what the oak represents, reply 'I know that.'
    For Mell, give the oak to her on a holiday. She will ask to consider for a
    while whether to accept Crevaniel. You won't be able to catch her on the night
    where you're supposed to choose the character you wanna get the ending for,
    therefore head straight to bed and rest. Next day(which is the last rest day),
    go talk to Mell and choose 'ask for reply'.
    For both Mell and Sydney, you will still spend the final vacation alone, thus
    don't worry about getting Crevaniel's ending so long as you have done the
    ((Familiar D-LM Type))
    For the D-LM type, I can't play through it(my III save data doesn't work), so
    I can't elaborate more.
    ((Familiar D-LN Type))
    For Familiar D-LN Type, time is of essence. Plan your holidays well or else
    you won't be able to finish her events in time.
    Go to the theatre on a rest day alone(after Maggy has moved over to Eraiza's
    mansion). At night, follow Familiar to lab to hear her request Maggy to teach
    her deciphering skills because unlike other members, she's only a familiar and
    can't fight. Maggy will tell her to learn a type of medicine skill(it's sorta
    like acupunture as in using needles to treat certain points of the body) so
    she can help heal Crevaniel when injuries occur. Next rest day, go to the
    medical room, she will find the needle she required and an explanation to
    Dilan. Talk to Dilan again and agree to be a test subject. Be supportive even
    though she failed. Still she will comment that she wishes to give up. Next
    rest day, go to the theatre alone. There will be a short event at night with
    Dilan, agree.
    Next rest day, talk to Maggy about finding the documents. At night, there will
    be a short conversation. Another rest day, talk to Maggy again and watch Dilan
    rush in calling her Margaret(they are lovers in the past). Once she has
    finished the translation, go and talk to Dilan and anesthesia + operation will
    begin. Watch till the end and it's done.
    ((Familiar D-TP Type))
    Rest day, go to the theatre alone. Familiar will mention how much she like
    the heroine's acting and wonder if she can act as well. At night, follow her
    and see her practice on her own and praise her.
    Next rest day, go to the theatre alone. It seems that the scriptwriter is
    MIA, so the 2nd chapter can't start.
    Once rest day is over, go to Ordineil and go to where the person is selling
    Growlanser cards(refer to tips section if you don't know where), and talk to
    the man standing there, he's the scriptwriter, he will ask what sort of image
    does Crevaniel want regarding the heroine for chapter 2.
    Rest day, go to the theatre, agree to help her.
    At night(you must rest first), wake up and go down to the dining area and
    the acting will start, choose to be serious throughout the entire thing, and
    Eraiza will come in and ask Familiar to perform in front of everyone. Agree.
    Next rest day(if it's not a rest, you will have to keep waiting), Familiar
    asks about the day of performance, say yes.  When the date of performance
    will really take place is beyond me, because in my play it took me 2 periods
    of rest days starting from Eraiza saying that she will talk to everyone and
    gather them.
    And for my case, the performance did not take up any rest day, it happened on
    the day when I have Crevaniel talk to Sydney to ask for the next period of
    rest days, and she agreed. Then immediately Eraiza came in and inform
    Crevaniel+Familiar that the performance is tonight. So if you have done what
    is necessary, just keep waiting till the event occurs.
    Before the performance, read through the script on the table to know what
    should be done. At the performance, just choose the correct things Crevaniel
    should do for the play and enough friendship points should be gained via this
    side quest to get D-TP type's ending. Remember to always choose the best
    choices, because without enough friendship points, even if you have completed
    the side quest, the ending still may not be available(same thing goes for the
    rest of the characters)
     (((Fate events)))                                                        [F1]
    For those who are curious, Growlanser IV has no plot branches. However, there
    are things you can do in the game to make a small difference. And it falls
    under the Fate section. You just need to check the doll house, and one of the
    options in the menu is the Fate events. Basically, it shows who you managed to
    help and therefore changes their original destiny. All events are optional,
    and the game will still carry on with no changes in the main storyline even if
    you did not save anyone, but of course if you want to get the ending for a
    certain character, you have to see whether it will be affected by anyone else
    other than your friendship points and their side quests.
    The most significant characters you would want to help change their fate will
    be Rems, Vallery, Regiena and Crestfer. Sorry to you and me but Blunteer and 
    Alphonce will die no matter what.
    Ellena is Raul's girlfriend whom Crevaniel first met at the prison barrack.
    Once you get to talk to her without she realizing you are Crevaniel(after Raul
    is dead), choose to pretend to be Raul, and reply her question on their
    promise to migrate. Later on, talk to her again. Once the next prison scene
    comes, talk to her twice telling her to keep striving on and that you wish to
    see her. After Rems have rescued Crevaniel, she will appear at Trochmare
    before the group try to board the boat, talk to her again then and she will
    fall under the Fate section.
    Ratica is Munzer's adopted daughter. Whenever you are in Krasdahl(the only
    time you can access Krasdahl is on the journey to Fandelsia as well as much
    much much later in the game), go to the inn and talk to her. You will have
    seen past events between her and Munzer(there are 2, on your way to Fandelsia
    and on your way back). On the 3rd time, which is in the later part of the
    game, talk to her and reply "I was there at that moment"(referring that they
    are the ones who battled Munzer in his last fight) and her fate will have been
    Mortis is your comrade way back during the time of the Arten mercenaries.
    After the group was dissolved, he went to Krasdahl to settle down and started
    a farming life. During the attack on Krasdahl by Kergil, he will take up arms
    to protect Hien and the village. Keep him alive past the battle and his fate
    is changed.
    Merick is Leona's brother. After Leona has joined your group, during a rest
    day, go to her room to have a small chat. Leona will say that everyone treated
    her like a pet instead of an ally. Choose to help her by gathering everyone to
    elaborate the matter and next rest day, Leona will be outside Eraiza's house,
    looking at a flower. Talk to her and hear about Merick.
    Take her to Ordineil and talk to the guy at the item shop, choose last choice
    to ask about Merick, and you get to know he is at the ruined village where
    Maggy used to live. Go there and see a small talk, Merick then collapse due to
    a fever. Go to Ordineil and talk to the guy standing near the inn to get back
    the stolen Orbrion flower bulb and return to give to Merick. His fate then is
    changed. This also makes it possible to move on to get Leona's ending.
    Vallery is...alright we know who he is. After Munzer has died, Vallery lost
    the determination to fight for Valcaneer due to much despise and suspect from
    the Valcaneer soldiers(since he's from Dulkheim, so nobody believed him apart
    from Munzer) and deserted the army. In the main game whereby you are supposed
    to go to the Ruins of Hope the 2nd time, rest at the inn in Trochmare to see a
    vision of Vallery being hunted by Valcaneer soldiers. You now have a time
    period to go save him or he will die.
    For my play, I still managed to locate him after defeating Achiel, but to
    prevent any risk, do it as soon as possible. Use the Transgate and go to
    Ordineil. Then keep going north into the forest and you should see Norman and
    his group trapping Vallery. Kill off everyone and asks Vallery to lend a hand,
    and his fate is changed. By the way, he will join as an ally so you can get to
    use him, better yet: now you have 6 allies, your rest days will increase to 3
    days instead of the earlier 2.
    Rems is the earliest ally you get, and is the only guy in the game whose face
    and features Mell thinks look so much like a girl's(even his seiyuu is a
    To change his fate of a neverending search in Marculey for his older sister,
    start off by having a rest day located at Marcuria. Talk to him and he
    mentions about his older sister and runs off. Crestfer will then come into the
    screen. Talk to him and ask about the girl who was with him, and he will guide
    Crevaniel to the castle to meet with Alicia. Alicia wishes to know the name of
    Rems' father. So on another rest day(can be the next if you want it fast),
    locate it at Marcuria again.
    Talk to Rems to learn his father's name: Lenish. Go talk to Crestfer at the
    groceries shop. Meet with Alicia again to know that the father of Rems is the
    lord of Marcuria, but due to a prophecy saying: 'the twins will fall one by
    one and Marculey will be no more', he took Rems away from Marcuria. Alicia
    will ask for some amount of time before she will meet with Rems.
    Once again, on another rest day, locate it at Marcuria again. Talk to Rems
    and Alicia will appear(under the name Alice), she will have a short talk with
    Rems. On another rest day, in the morning, just talk to Rems and he will
    scurry off to find his sister again. Now, put Rems in your party, and go to
    the castle. Alicia will be standing outside of the audience room talking. Tell
    her it's about Rems and after the talk, Rems' fate is changed. You might want
    to have Crevaniel apologize for keeping the secret when given the choice. I'm
    not sure whether it will affect the outcome. Anyway, with the end of this
    event, you will get the best armor for Rems and make his ending possible to
    To save Regiena and have her join as an ally, you will need to have your
    Familiar's stats at at least level 5, with the exception of skillfulness and
    enthusiasm at a lower level. If you run out of energy via event, go to the
    colosseum and enter the 'monster massacre' match. It's a simple battle whereby
    there are 4 groups of 2 persons each(so you can choose who you want to go with
    Crevaniel), and you are supposed to defeat the most number of monsters to win
    (sorta like the mock battle at Lynfaluz 'sides that it's not counted via
    points). For example, if you win and altogether killed 6 monsters, you get to
    choose 6 color stones of your preference. Use it at your doll house menu to
    increase the Familiar's stats.
    Then, after watching Achiel's memories at the device, choose to view the
    section on Spirit Interruption Technique to have the Familiar learn it. In the
    fight to destroy the cannon on Mount Baltrick, have Crevaniel move towards
    Regiena and choose to try and help her. After the battle and the cannon
    destroyed, the Familiar will ask Crevaniel to let her use the technique she
    learnt, choose to do so and you will enter into Regiena's inner world of
    thoughts. You will view various sections whereby the memory cannot be tackled.
    Finally on the fourth try, move Crevaniel up to where Regiena is and choose
    'believe in me'. After Crevaniel slashes away at the fake Decsen and wife,
    choose 'that is not reality' and I have come to set you free' and move onto
    the next memory.
    Choose 'be strong' and Regiena will attack Vester. Talk to her and move to the
    last memory. Make this different from the earlier memory and talk to Regiena
    before she reaches the fake Rems. Crevaniel will block the attacks for her,
    choose 'Regiena died once' and that's it, Regiena will recover back to her own
    self and join the party.
    However, you must take note to do Regiena's side quest or else at the end of
    the game, she will still die.
    After the event at Mount Baltrick, go to Ordineil and talk to the butler
    standing outside Crestfer+Alphonce's house, choose to ask about Crestfer, and
    the truth is known that his heart and lungs are pierced by pieces of his
    broken rib bone which resulted from a sparring match with Alphonce. The moron
    did not put on armor and ended up getting injured. He did live, but is sorta
    handicapped in the sense that he can't overwork his body or run the risk of
    his organs being damaged. Therefore he never graduated from Valcaneer army's
    academy even though he could have fared even better than Alphonce.
    Doctors refused to carry out operation on one of the Ordineil family, being
    scared if something goes wrong. The butler then passes Crestfer's medical
    record to the group.
    Go back to Your Land and give it to the doctor(Dilan) at the medical room(the
    one facing the equipment/item store). Then wait for a chance to talk to
    Crestfer(at Lebrant), and that is after Silvernale is defeated, tell him to go
    see the doc at Your Land. Return back to Your Land and talk to Dilan. The
    group will wait for the surgery to be completed and Dilan will come out saying
    it was a success. With this, you just need to advance further past the event
    at Fort Izenbant to have his fate changed.
    9)Eraiza's dad(Lord Mayfield)
    This one requires quite some effort, but it involves Eraiza's side quest
    events, and for people who wants to get Eraiza's best armor(it's a dress)
    as well as her ending, you actually need to do this one. 
    Firstly, after Eraiza shouted at Revan for sending away all the servants(at
    the early parts of the game), go to her room and ask to talk to her. Then on
    every rest day which you chose to locate it at Your Land, talk to her to
    advance further, this would means her argument with Sydney, she asking advice
    from Goldrian and Mell about setting up a personal business, and following
    Revan to Marcuria to discover that he is working as a part-time tutor to earn
    some income for the household.
    Then on the next possible rest day, agree to help Eraiza in the short
    investigation of the missing pet. First thing is go to the house where Revan
    is teaching to learn more, then Eraiza will suggest talking to people around
    the city to get clues within a time limit. You start from the city's entrance.
    Go up the stairs and talk to the man at the end. Then go talk to the guy
    standing outside the inn, next to the left soldier at the castle entrance,
    then the man and old man in the harbor area, as well as the girl at the
    groceries stall(you can talk to them in any order). You then get to choose who
    you think is suspicious, say the man in front of the inn. Head inside the inn
    and talk to the owner, he will go inside the room and check before coming out
    to report that he found the pet. Go talk to the man outside the inn and he
    will admit his wrong. Go back to the lady's house to report and this marks the
    end of this case.
    Then, on the next session of rest days. Another case emerge: this man from
    Trochmare is looking for his missing fiancee. Even if she is dead, he just
    wishes to know it for certain. Go to Trochmare and with Eraiza as the lead
    of the party, talk to the reporter standing on the overhead walkway. Then go
    talk to the merchant standing besides the pile of goods below. Go back and
    talk to Revan who will direct the group to a house in Marcuria. Go to the left
    house and knock on the door, the woman will affirm that she picked up a woman
    who drifted on the sea from Trochmare, but the girl is in a shock that she
    cannot respond at all. The group will automatically report this to the man who
    is staying at the inn and after some scenes, case closed(you get Eraiza's
    final limit ability Slience at this point).
    Then, once again at next session of rest days, accept the new case from the
    reporter you met earlier at Trochmare. After the rest days, bring Eraiza to
    Lezel's inn to talk to Klonkite. Follow him to meet Eraiza's nanny Maria, who
    will inform her that mayfield is starting up an underground faction to rebel
    against Dulkheim's control of Fandelsia. Go to the docks and talk to the
    boatman, choose 'Let's go'. Head to Fandelsia(enemies are same levels as when
    you came earlier in the game. Talk to the innkeeper. Next day, follow Eraiza
    to her father's house and start a battle with Lv 50 Kergil and Lv 42/46
    dulkheim secret organization members. Don't let Eraiza's dad die(you must heal
    him immediately whenever he got hit), or it's game over. After that, just head
    to the inn and talk to him and it's finally finished.
    10) Familiar 1 & 2: This is NOT a fate character, but since it is rather
    similiar, I thought I had just note it here. During the course of the game,
    Familiar 1 will die(this you know), after some time Rems will come and talk
    to Crevaniel about Familiar 2(the new Familiar Rems and Frane got for him),
    and you have to bring Crevaniel to talk to her. In your answer options,
    choose the harsh ones and the old Familiar will be revived. If you choose
    responses that are good, Familiar 1 will vanish and Familiar 2 will stay with
    you. So it depends on who you want.
     (((Characters Profile)))                                                 [P1]
    This section, as the title says: lists the characters and for playable
    characters, this includes their limit abilities + where to get strongest
    armor(I understand that the main walkthrough doesn't go into details on how
    to). Take note that limit abilities occur in battles automatically(fits
    certain conditions to happen), so don't bother searching for the option to use
    them manually. Also, you must have gotten the 1st level in order to get the
    2nd, and you can only get the 3rd after the character has learnt the 2nd level
    limit ability.
    <<Playable Characters>>
    Age: Between 17 to 19
    H: 175cm
    Likes: Up to the Player
    Dislikes: Up to the Player
    Ring weapon: Sword
    As with most main characters, Crevaniel is one of the best characters in the
    game whom you can use for either direct or magic attacks and is one who can
    learn all the gem skills(besides indirect attack skills). His magic is not
    very powerful but using Wisdom apples can help a bit. More often than not, it
    is better to use him for direct attacks though, as his Critical Attack and
    related skills are very good and if his ATW is reduced with the help of status
    magic and with the appropriate gems equipment, Crevaniel can slaughter packs
    of enemies in no time at all.
    I)Ukemi(DEF stance) - Get it automatically(after learning from Regiena about
    limit ability)
    II)Hard Attack - After Ukemi is used 80 times
    III)Sword Dance - Top the colosseum chart(can be either DMG or MGC DMG)
    Short explanation: Ukemi triggers when Crev is attacked 3 times consecutively.
    It's easy to get, since you have to use him for 100% of the game. Sword dance
    will trigger when Crevaniel gather 10 active battle points(those little stars
    that increase amount of exp points you get).
    STRONGEST ARMOR (Final Guard): Top both DMG & MGD DMG charts at colosseum
    Age: 15
    H: 160cm
    Like: Reading
    Dislikes: Troubling others
    Ring weapon: Bow and arrow
    VA: Nagata Ryouko
    Rems is the only archer in the game, and has the largest attack range. His ATW
    is probably the shortest with lower ATW gem + Cycle Down and can land a hit
    every second or so. Though his arrows tend to be blocked off(as with all
    indirect attacks), the rate is not too high. He can prove to be a very strong
    support character in battles, attacking and healing by magic or goods when
    needed. Trick Prey is definitely a must since it can nab you many many rare
    items and gems from enemies.
    I)Wild Shoot - Get it automatically(after learning from Regiena about limit
    II)Trick Prey - After Wild Shoot is used 20 times
    III)Shift Arrow - Mount Izenbant***
    Short explanation: Wild shoot triggers when HP of Rems is below 20%. When
    Rems does a critical hit, there is a chance that he may use Trick Prey, which
    will steal/obtain an item from the enemy with 100% success rate.
    STRONGEST ARMOR (Fenrir Garb): Complete Rems fate event
    ***To get the various gems to place in the final dungeon of Mount Izenbant for
    Rems' final limit ability - Topaz: Decsen gives it to you at the start of the
    game, Ruby:escort the merchant for the 3rd time at Saudorix, Blue Sapphire:do
    the Balgana event(knock on door of house in Lebrant after Mission 42 and head
    to MT Baltrick to enter into a mission in saving the Valcaneer soldier Balgana
    from a whole bunch of Level 50+ Titans), Amethyst: do the Kate events(bring
    all required magic related reports to her), Jade: do the armorer event to
    search for his children(located at Marcuria, Sansel and the bridge border
    north of Sansel where you had the fight with Munzer), Diamond: at the lowest
    level of the optional dungeon***
    Age: 16
    H: 155cm
    Likes: Observing things, spending free time doing things at own pace and
    Dislikes: Disputes
    Ring weapon: Magic globes
    VA: Makishima Yuki
    Frane, no doubt, is the the best magic user of all playable characters. This
    is simply because she has a real weak point in terms of direct attacks and 
    normal DEF, so it's no surprise that they have to up her magic abilities to
    make up for the weaknesses. She has very low HP(and she can't learn the HP UP
    skill normally), so always keep her away from strong melee enemies.
    I)Quick - Default
    II)Healing Prayer - Quick is used 9 times
    III)Overrun - Do the first part of Frane's side event(prison barrack dream and
    the diary)
    Shor explanation: Quick may be triggered when Frane is attacked while she is
    chanting magic. Healing Prayer has 50% of resurrecting a fallen ally when
    Frane is the only character left.
    STRONGEST ARMOR (Valkyrie Suit): Mount Izenbant
    Age: 18
    H: 158cm
    Likes: Drinking tea and relaxing
    Dislikes: Making use of people
    Ring weapon: Spear
    VA: Asano Masumi
    To be frank, I don't find Eraiza very useful, even though she is one of the
    characters I use for the final battle in my first gameplay. Her magic chanting
    speed is almost the same as Frane(sometimes a lil bit faster) and has
    relatively high HP compared to the rest, but other than that, she doesn't have
    any impressive stats or abilities that I know of(Silence is pretty good
    though). Using the correct magic and skills can make her a good character in
    battle, though not a strong one.
    I)Quick - Default
    II)Restore - Use Quick 5 times
    III)Silence - Eraiza's side quest(refer to section D)
    STRONGEST ARMOR (Dress of light): Complete her dad's fate event
    Age: 45
    H: 183cm
    Likes: Training
    Dislikes: Nothing in particular
    Ring weapon: Katana
    Va: Tsuji Shinpachi
    Hien is more of an attack-based character than magic, and seriously it would
    be such a mistake to have him be a back support character. He can be as good
    as Crevaniel when it comes to direct attacks, so if you want another fighter
    in your party to unleash some pincer attacks or just to serve as a decoy to
    lure enemies to attack him instead of the rest, Hien's probably your best
    I)Ukemi - Default
    II)Atemi (various striking techniques) - Ukemi is used 20 times
    III)Mind's eye - Part of Hien's side events(refer to section D)
    STRONGEST ARMOR (Battle God garb): Complete Hien's side quest(refer to
    section D)
    Age: 14
    H: 148cm
    Likes: Eating, taking afternoon naps
    Dislikes: Difficult stuff
    Ring weapon: Claws
    VA: Rie Kugimiya
    I feel that Leona is quite similar to Hien in the sense that it's better to
    make use of her rather high HP for direct attacks rather than keep her behind
    the scene, her magic is no good. Her MOV stat though, is the best and together
    with Level 5 MOV UP+Skill effect Lv 3+Shorten Attack Time, she will be one of
    the fastest characters. Always use her with Crevaniel in upfront assaults.
    I)High Tension - Default
    II)Rage - Use High Tension 13 times
    III)Revenge - Talk to Merick after giving Leona 7 acorns
    Short explanation: High Tension triggers when Leona defeated the 2nd enemy in
    a short period of time.
    STRONGEST ARMOR (Master Ribbon) - Mount Izenbant
    Age: 19
    H: 178cm
    Likes: Training, things that polish his skills/character etc
    Dislikes: Twisted stuff, things that neglect preparations
    Ring weapon: Sword
    VA: Takahiro Sakurai
    Vallery is a very good character to use. He has decent HP and MOV and DEF and
    his indirect attacks do bigger damage compared to the rest, though the range
    is more limited. That can be solved easily with the rangex2 gem. He can be
    used for all sorts of strategies you might have come up with for various types
    of battles as his fighting abilities are flexible and it is easy to find
    something useful for him to take the task upon. Brace raises his attack, def
    and mgc resistance, a bonus.
    I)Brace - Default
    II)Trance - Use Brace 15 times
    III)Uproar - Optional Dungeon 11th floor
    STRONGEST ARMOR (Lobar Armor): Part of Vallery's side quest(refer to details
    under section D)
    Age: 20
    H: 162cm
    Likes: Stuff that works her body
    Dislikes: Things that require her to be still and silent
    Ring weapon: Boomerang
    VA: Kozue Shimizu
    Regiena is somewhat inferior in terms of indirect attacks as compared to Rems
    and Vallery, but she makes up for that in her magic. Same as Frane, she can't
    learn HP UP normally, so take note of that when using her.
    I)Wild Shoot - Default
    II)Grace - Use Wild Shoot 6 times
    III)Lucky 7 - Optional Dungeon 11th floor
    STRONGEST ARMOR (Angel's bustier): Optional Dungeon 11th floor
    Age: 42
    H: 182cm
    Likes: Drinking with subordinates, helping and watching them grow up
    Dislikes: Easily giving up
    VA: Yanaka Hiroshi
    Age: 25
    H: 193cm
    Likes: Afternoon naps
    Dislikes: Troublesome faction disputes
    VA: Kouji Ishii
    Comments: There's a girl in Fandelsia who is madly in love with Bower. How
    Age: 35
    H: 174cm
    Likes: Chess
    Dislikes: Acting without plan
    VA: Takumi Yamazaki
    Comment: As mentioned many times, Rudvich is as good with the sword as he is
    at battle tactics. In a conversation with Kergil, Rudvich mentioned that the
    reason why there isn't any one who is able to achieve what the great Alexander
    did 800 years ago(conquer the entire continent) is because if one aims for the
    control of a country, he will only be able to obtain a town. If one aims for 
    the entire continent, he will only be able to obtain a country. He further
    explained that he is not interested in shooting for the continent, which
    pretty much implied that world domination is his goal.
    Age: 23
    H: 177cm
    Likes: Searching to solve mysteries, situations he can't get out of
    Dislikes: Living a lazy life
    VA: Takehito Koyasu
    Comment: Blunteer is very popular with people, not because he's a very
    sociable and cheerful person, but because he is so nice to anyone who
    interacts with him. He is that sort of person who is so hard on himself but
    gives a lot of leeway for others. This is probably why he died in the end,
    because it is obvious that he is not the only candidate who can sacrifice his
    life to defeat Achiel, but he chose to bear all the burden himself.
    Age: 30
    H: 172cm
    Likes: Magic research
    Dislikes: Disputes
    VA: Okano Kousuke
    Comments: Roomise has got the brains and intellect, but he can't use the
    sword at all. Many times, he is so involved in magic research that sleep and
    food no longer plays a part in his life.
    Age: 31
    H: 185cm
    Likes: Listening to music
    Dislikes: Meaningless fights
    VA: Inada Tetsu
    Age: 25
    H: 177cm
    Likes: Reading
    Dislikes: Injustice and any and everything bad
    VA: Takahashi Hiroki
    Comments: Alphonce is a very kind man and a very good lord who places the
    well-being of Ordineil citizens as his no.1 priority in life. He holds a
    meeting session with citizens frequently to listen to their views and comments
    and is said to be one of the best and most outstanding Ordineil rulers blah
    blah blah I could go on praising him to the skies. Once he has decided on
    something, he remains very firm and stubborn over it.
    Age: 25
    H: 177cm (Even the height is the same huh?)
    Likes: Flirting with women
    Dislikes: Appeasing men, things that require too much effort to do
    VA: Takahashi Hiroki
    Comments: Though Crestfer may seem to be such a failure of a loser(double
    downfall) at first, it is known later on that he is actually an even better
    fighter than Alphonce if not for his crippling injury. This causes him to be
    unable to overwork himself and thus he spend his days away from home and
    wandering around the continent looking for girls to hook up with.
    Nevertheless, he finally turns for the better after Alphonce's death(and a
    surgery which cured his injury) and  took over the lordship of Ordineil,
    setting much more time concentrating on the important issues in leading and
    controlling a country.
    Age: 25
    H: 168cm
    Likes: Making cakes and the sort
    Dislikes: Nothing in particular
    VA: Mie Sonozaki
    Age: 30
    H: 182cm
    Likes: Enjoying games
    Dislikes: Anything that interrupts or stalls the game
    VA: Matsuyama Takashi
     (((BATTLE MECHANICS)))                                                   [B1]
    The battle system for Wayfarer of time is very much similiar to earlier games
    with some twitches. It is usually impossible to have a game over unless a
    mission requires some special conditions to clear through. As usual, it is
    best to level up as much as you can if you want to breeze through the game.
    Event battles requires certain conditions to have a perfect finish: Mission
    Complete. If the main conditions are met with some flops that doesn't have
    too big of an effect, it will be Mission Clear. If you make more mistakes,
    you get a Mission Failed. Mess up terribly and it's Game Over.
    In most situations, a Mission Complete can be achieved by keeping all allies
    alive, do whatever is required by common sense, and finishing the fight before
    the clock (+50 bonus) section turns negative.
    Mission Clear usually appears if you did everything well, but accidentally
    allow a npc ally or to to die. Or, if everything is okay but you finished the
    battle after the clock turns negative.
    Mission Failed seldom appears, if an ally accidentally die if he/she was
    supposed to escape, but so long as some others remain.
    Game Over is game over.
    The above is just a summary, many event battles require different things, so
    you just have to see what they are.
    I) Rings and magic gems
    Throughout the game, you can obtain rings(identified or not) which you can
    equip on your characters. Each ring has 3 numbers in this format: X-X-X
    X is the level of each slot of the ring, each ring has 3 slots. And each
    slot has a different color of pink, green or yellow. You can equip different
    rings as and when you wish as each gives a different boost, for example: a +4
    in MOV. Look to the right of the equip ring screen and you can spot the
    difference in stats. Equipping rings in battles will increase the levels of
    the slots through experience points gaining, so you don't have to keep
    changing rings in order to use higher level gems if you don't want to...now
    that's something to be very thankful about.
    After equipping the ring, you have to equip magic gems in the slots. There
    are different levels of magic gems throughout the game, to be able to equip
    a level 4 magic gem for the 2nd slot of your ring, that slot should be at
    level 4 or above. If the color of the slot matches the color of the gem, full
    experience points can be earned during battles to learn and level up whatever
    skills or magic that particular gem provides.
    If the color doesn't match, the experience points obtained will be 3/4 of the
    II) Direct/indirect attacks and magic
    Direct attacks requires a character to move near to an enemy before it can be
    performed, so a high MOV stat can make things faster and easier. Indirect
    attacks can be performed right off the bat, but has the tendency to be blocked
    off by enemies. After each move, the character cannot attack until the wait
    bar(the yellow bar below the HP and HP bar) is cleared.
    Magic requires chanting, the higher the level, the longer the chanting. That's
    common sense. Earth magic doesn't work on flying units, and wind magic works
    the best on them. Status magic such as Attack and Protect can be very helpful
    so in any big battle, casting them right before a battle or at the start can
    prove to be very useful. Have characters chant magic past level 1 and if they
    have the cooperation skill, coorperation magic can be performed, which is a
    stronger and more widespread form of magic such as blizzard, earthquake etc.
    III) Items and escape
    Using items to heal is common knowledge, and in this game you can do the same
    during battle. If a certain character has the Chemist's gem equipped. The
    effect of HP recovery items will increase, e.g: heal by 1.5 times. Using
    items and performing the next command requires waiting time as well. To
    escape, bring Crevaniel or whoever is the leader to the end of the screen. Of
    course you can't escape in missions, only during dungeon/field encounters.
     (((Items and books listing)))                                          [IB00]
    This section lists the items and books and their uses.
      Name of item   |                Description                 |  Use
    Elixir           |Precious liquid medicine invented while     | Restore full
                     |researching a medicine for immortality.     | HP of party
    Seibo's medicine |A mysterious medicine created by the seibo  | Restore full
                     |Claudia who passed the knowledge on to      | HP of one
                     |injured travellers.                         | unit
    Recovery         |Medicine made from herbs gathered from the  | Restore 100~
    medicine         |mountain tops. Though it's somewhat highly  | 115 HP for
                     |priced but the recovery effect is higher as | one unit
                     |well.                                       |
    Healing drug     |Drug made from boiling herbs. Increases     | Restore 30~
                     |the rate of recovery by applying it on the  | 37 HP
                     |wound.                                      |
    Ambrosia         |Magical fruit which gives off a sweet smell.| Restores 30~
                     |Very precious due to difficulty in growing  | 37 MP
                     |it.                                         |
    Poison removal   |Herb that is able to neutralize poison in   | Cures Poison
    herb             |the body. Just rubbing it on the wound      | and Venom
                     |produces sufficient effect.                 |
    Mind tonic       |Medicine made from herb essences. Able to   | Cures Faint
                     |heal slight faintness and numbness.         | and Paralysis
    Henloda          |Medicine made from boiling herbs picked from| Cures Petrify
                     |the southern areas. Allow for blood         |
                     |circulation of the entire body.             |
    Panacea          |Magical herb created by the sages. Due to   | Cures all bad
                     |its ability to heal all types of poison, it | status effects
                     |is called all-purpose medicine.             | apart from
                     |                                            | Fallen
    Nectar           |Wine made from celestial fruits. Able to    | Restore from
                     |restore a fallen person during battle.      | Fallen
    Star fragment    |A fragment from a faraway star. Gives off a | Adds 4 more
                     |mysterious light.                           | Active Battle
                     |                                            | Points
    Vit's medicine   |Drug made by the great sage Vit. Able to    | Reduces
                     |relieve stiffness and enable instant        | rigidity time
                     |movment.                                    | period
    Lucky symbol     |Medallion drawn on by the goddess of luck.  | Limit is
                     |Increases rank of obtained items by 1.      | rank 24
    Alsorb bell      |Bell owned by the legendary bandit Alsorb.  | Obtain an
                     |Gives off sounds indicating where the       | item from
                     |treasure is located.                        | enemy
    Time rune        |Coin carved with the rune of time. Able to  | Remove enemy's
                     |to distort time.                            | time down
                     |                                            | effect
    Time censer      |Censer made from the fragrant wood of the   | Reduce all
                     |World Tree. Possess a mysterious power.     | enemies' time
                     |                                            | down effect
    Gale apple       |Blue apple picked from the tree protected by| DEX increase
                     |the Wind Sprite. Only produces 1 apple a    | by 1~4
                     |year.                                       |
    Life apple       |Fruit picked from the great tree by priests | STR increase
                     |worshipping the land goddess.               | by 1~4
    INT apple        |Fruit picked from the tree that existed     | INT increase
                     |since the world was created. Contains       | by 1~4
                     |knowledge from the origin                   |
    Blessing bell    |Golden hard bell imbued with blessings.     | Reduce 10
                     |However, cracks upon one ringing.           | levels while
                     |                                            | retaining
                     |                                            | abilities
    Dandy book       |Book written for making a man dandy. Gains  | Charm UP
                     |attention from both genders after reading it|
    Spirit tear      |A vial containing tears from spirits. Use it| Increase the
                     |on a ring to increase it's ability.         | lower level
                     |                                            | of a ring slot
                     |                                            | by 1
    Lete dew         |Vial containing water flowing from the      | Match color
                     |netherworld's river. Use it on a ring slot  | of ring slot
                     |to change its color.                        | with the
                     |                                            | equipped gem
    [BOOKS]: Get books at the Exhibition match over at the Colosseum
    Spellbook: madousho
    Manual: ougisho
    Tome: hihon
     Name of book         |  Type          | Skill/magic given 
     Miracle              | Spellbook      | Healing
     Shinkon(mind&spirit) | Spellbook      | MP drain
     Death                | Spellbook      | Death
     Mental conveyance    | Spellbook      | Cycle Up
     Gale                 | Spellbook      | Wind edge
     Earth                | Spellbook      | Sand shot
     Fire                 | Spellbook      | Fire arrow
     Snow                 | Spellbook      | Ice barette
     Sacred flame         | Spellbook      | Holy
     Berserker            | Manual         | Berserk
     Summoner             | Manual         | Strengthen magic
     Killer               | Manual         | All round attack
     Bandit               | Manual         | Plunder
     Counter              | Manual         | Counter
     Increase movement    | Tome           | MOV UP
     Strengthen life      | Tome           | Status prevention
     Increase stamina     | Tome           | HP UP
     Quickness            | Tome           | Shorten attack atw
     Magic principles     | Tome           | Reduce MP usage
     Tranquility          | Tome           | MP regeneration
     Judgment             | Tome           | Judgment
     Increase spirit      | Tome           | MP UP
     Strengthen eyesight  | Tome           | ACCURACY UP
     Chants               | Tome           | Shorten chant time
     Stone attack         | Tome           | Petrify attack
     Body collaboration   | Tome           | HP absorb
     Spirit collaboration | Tome           | MP absorb
     Exchange             | Tome           | Mirage
     Healing ability      | Tome           | Regenerator
     (((Equipment)))                                                        [EQ01]
    The equipment as well as my translations of their descriptions. Listed
    according to STR required.
    Cre = Crevaniel
    Rem = Rems
    Fra = Frane
    Era = Eraiza
    Hie = Hien
    Leo = Leona
    Val = Vallery
    Reg = Regiena
    (XX) = STR required to equip
    [SHOP]: Can be bought at equipment stores
    [BO]: Bonus equipment that can only be obtained via special events(the
          strongest equipment for characters)
    [DE]: Available by default(character comes with it)
     Name of Equipment | Description                         | Characters who can
                       |                                     | equip it
    Clothes(1)         |Don't depend on this as a protective | Cre, Fra, Rem, Era,
    [DE]               |equipment since this is just a set   | Hie, Val, Reg
                       |of normal clothing. However, it's    |
                       |better than not wearing anything.    |
    Thick clothing(4)  |Wear made from thick cloth. Has been | Cre, Fra, Rem, Era,
    [SHOP]             |greatly preferred by travellers since| Hie, Val, Reg
                       |a long time ago. Can be somewhat     |
                       |dependable when used as a protective |
                       |equipment.                           |
    Soft leather(7)    |Clothing made from animal skin.      | Cre, Fra, Rem, Era,
    [SHOP]             |Quilting done between each skin which| Hie, Val, Reg
                       |increase the defense ability.        |
    Fur coat(11)       |Fur coat made with beautiful milky   | Cre, Fra, Rem, Era,
    [SHOP]             |white feathers taken from the Newt.  | Hie, Val, Reg
                       |Not only beautiful, but is decent as |
                       |protective equipment as well.        |
    Stadead leather    |Soft leather strengthen with metal   | Cre, Fra, Rem, Era,
    (20)               |rivets. Due to the head area being   | Hie, Val, Reg
    [SHOP]             |made huge, it requires just a slight |
                       |admendment to increase the protective|
                       |ability.                             |
    Hard leather(26)   |Armor made from thick hide immersed  | Cre, Fra, Rem, Era,
    [SHOP]             |in hot oil. Has got a steadier       | Hie, Val, Reg
                       |defense than soft leather.           |
    Leather jacket(28) |A decent jacket made using hard      | Cre, Rem, Hie, Val,
    [SHOP]             |leather.                             | Reg
    Buff coat(31)      |A type of hard leather. Has got a    | Cre, Fra, Rem, Era,
    [SHOP]             |hard hide for the upper body where   | Hie, Val, Reg
                       |attacks are frequent dealt with.     |
    Ancient suit(33)   |Common suit used during the ancient  | Fra, Era, Reg
    [SHOP]             |civilization. Can't really be        |
                       |depended upon but it does possess a  |
                       |defense ability higher than assumed. |
    Protector robe(42) |A thick robe made by attaching thick | Cre, Fra, Rem, Era
    [SHOP]             |hides to the shoulder and chest area.|
                       |Its weight allow for comfortable     |
                       |movement and though it possess a     |
                       |decent protective ability, it is not |
                       |advisable to depend too much on it   |
    Fairy robe(51)     |The name of this robe comes from the | Cre, Fra, Rem, Era
    [SHOP]             |fact that wearing it makes one look  |
                       |like a cute fairy. Has got a definite|
                       |level in terms of defensive ability  |
    Battle jacket(59)  |Thick hide jacket made with the      | Cre, Rem, Hie, Val,
    [SHOP]             |battle purpose in mind. Quilting is  | Reg
                       |present on the inner side and chain  |
                       |protectives are used on areas where  |
                       |attacks are frequently dealt with.   |
                       |Has much more defense ability than   |
                       |assumed.                             |
    Earth robe(63)     |Robe given to a kind farmer by the   | Cre, Fra, Rem, Era
    [SHOP]             |Earth Spirit Lord. Having the        |
                       |protection given by blessings from   |
                       |the Earth Spirit Lord, it possessed  |
                       |much greater defensive abilities than|
                       |assumed.                             |
    Pesack ribbon(64)  |Used as a decoration by Pesack women,| Leo
    [DE]               |it is fitted with a bell for         |
                       |protection purposes. Imbued with     |
                       |magical powers to protect against    |
                       |savage demons.                       |
    Cyber jacket(68)   |Jacket which gives off a shine. Has  | Cre, Fra, Rem, Era
    [SHOP]             |got decent protective abilities and  | Hie, Val, Reg
                       |absorbs impact well.                 |
    Short dress(72)    |Common dress worn by aristocrats but | Era
    [DE]               |Eraiza cut it short for fighting     |
                       |purposes.                            |
    Seven colored      |Sewn with 'Feia', a type of light    | Leo
    ribbon(72)         |silk only found in the celestial     |
    [SHOP]             |realm. This is a ribbon which flash  |
                       |out seven bright colors.             |
    Sage robe(75)      |Robe given to his disciples by the   | Cre, Fra, Rem, Era
    [SHOP]             |Great Sage Alvince. Imbued with a    |
                       |magic barrier for protective purposes|
                       |                                     |
    Chain jacket(78)   |Made by famous craftsmen using thin  | Cre, Rem, Hie, Val,
    [SHOP]             |chains to weave into the jacket. Is  | Reg
                       |actually lighter than assumed and has|
                       |got a high defense ability           |
    Premium ribbon(80) |Ribbon and bell made with the magical| Leo
    [SHOP]             |metal Mythril silver. Due to the     |
                       |silver's ability to seal up evil     |
                       |energy, the ribbon possess a high    |
                       |defense functionality.               |
    Apron dress(86)    |Dress with a pure white apron        | Era
    [SHOP]             |attached worn by maids. Though it    |
                       |does not have any magical abilities  |
                       |imbued, the protective purpose is    |
                       |existent.                            |
    Holy robe(87)      |Sacred robe made by the prayers of 12| Cre, Fra, Rem, Era
    [SHOP]             |maidens on a new moon's night after  |
                       |diping the high quality silk robe in |
                       |a silver dish of sacred water.       |
    Infinity ribbon(88)|A ribbon possessing infinite power   | Leo
    [SHOP]             |said to be made in another world.    |
                       |In exchange for that power, stamina  |
                       |is being absorbed away.              |
    Metal jacket(89)   |Made by weaving thin steel threads,  | Cre, Rem, Hie, Val,
    [SHOP]             |this metal-based jacket has some     | Reg
                       |significant weight but doesn't       |
                       |sacrifice mobility to give an        |
                       |effective defense ability.           |
    Leather guard(97)  |A jacket imbued with a magic barrier | Cre, Hie, Val
    [SHOP]             |by a high position enchanter. Chain  |
                       |protectives are used on the inner    |
                       |side, making it a good protective    |
                       |equipment.                           |
    Master ribbon(99)  |A magic ribbon that was said to be   | Leo
    [BO]               |obtained by a summoner who was over- |
                       |confident in his abilities when he   |
                       |summoned a Demon Lord from another   |
                       |world. Though the summoner himself   |
                       |was dragged off into the other world.|
    Dragoon jacket(104)|Jacket used by Dragon Calvaries. Sewn| Cre, Rem, Hie, Val,
    [SHOP]             |with dragon scales, its weight and   | Reg
                       |defense ability is brought to a high |
                       |level.                               |
    Magical bustier    |Bustier created by the Great Sage    | Fra, Leo, Reg
    (106)              |Alvince who managed to decipher the  |
    [SHOP]             |mysteries of magic principles.       |
                       |Attached with a strong magic barrier.|
    Elvin bustier(118) |Bustier sewn by the Forest sprite    | Fra, Leo, Reg
    [SHOP]             |using a cloth imbued with magical    |
                       |powers. The beautiful design can be  |
                       |used as an art piece.                |
    Crimson jacket(119)|Said to be worn by the legendary     | Cre, Rem, Hie, Val,
    [SHOP]             |Crimson Knight. A jacket that is dyed| Reg
                       |deep red.                            |
    Angel bustier(123) |Bustier worn by angels in the sky.   | Reg
    [BO]               |Can't be amended nor worked on by    |
                       |human hands, it is imbued with       |
                       |incomparable magical strength.       |
    Mysterious dress   |Imbued with nature's strength, this  | Era
    (125)              |dress gives off a white light. Said  |
    [SHOP]             |to be passed from generations to     |
                       |generations by the witches living in |
                       |the northern forest.                 |
    Protective mantle  |Mantle with a protective rune        | Cre, Fra, Rem, Era,
    (132) [SHOP]       |attached on the back area. Fantastic | Hie, Val, Reg
                       |collaboration make this a trend      |
                       |among the aristocrats.               |
    Crescent suit(132) |Suit made by imbuing the moon's      | Fra, Era, Reg
    [SHOP]             |energy during a lunar eclispe. A     |
                       |magic barrier will emerge the moment |
                       |an attack is impact is dealt with,   |
                       |protecting the wearer.               |
    Chaos jacket(136)  |An evil jacket made in the deepest   | Cre, Rem, Hie, Val,
    [SHOP]             |depths of the demon world. An        | Reg
                       |anecdote says of how it's imbued with|
                       |evil power and brings calamity.      |
    Mirage guard(140)  |A strong jacket made with moth's     | Cre, Hie, Val
    [SHOP]             |cocoon, it is imbued with magic,     |
                       |giving it an illusionary effect. It  |
                       |the twists the points of attack and  |
                       |reduce the damage done.              |
    Variable suit(143) |Suit made by gathering fragments of  | Fra, Era, Reg
    [SHOP]             |the ancient technology, this bustier |
                       |changes the form of the wearer to    |
                       |disperse attack impacts.             |
    Royal dress(144)   |Protective dress ordered to be made  | Era
    [SHOP]             |for his tomboy daughter by a king.   |
                       |Made by famous craftsmen around the  |
                       |continent, it provides great defense.|
    Champion clothes   |Hunting clothes worn by champion in  | Hie
    (147)              |an unknown country. It is soft in    |
    [DE]               |normal situations but is made of a   |
                       |special material that turns sturdy to|
                       |absorb impact                        |
    Wind mantle(148)   |Mantle with the protection of the    | Cre, Fra, Rem, Era,
    [SHOP]             |Wind spirit. Imbued with the power of| Hie, Val, Reg
                       |in the space between the mantle and  |
                       |wearer, it reduces impact by attacks.|
    Dragon guard(159)  |A leather guard with its shoulder and| Cre, Hie, Val
    [SHOP]             |chest area sewn with dragon scales   |
                       |that are much lighter but stronger   |
                       |than normal metal. Has got a very    |
                       |high level of defense ability.       |
    Material suit(161) |Legendary suit made by the Great Sage| Fra, Era, Reg
    [SHOP]             |Alvince by reforming properties. Has |
                       |got the highest limit of enchant.    |
    Star dress(164)    |Dress with a magical stone attached  | Era
    [SHOP]             |creates shooting stars effect. This  |
                       |light turns into a magic barrier to  |
                       |protect the wearer.                  |
    Hama clothes       |Clothing worn by a incantator from an| Hie
    (165)              |unknown country when he drove demons |
    [SHOP]             |away. Able to deflect magical energy.|
    Enhance garb(167)  |A protector made with Mythril silver,| Cre, Fra, Rem, Era,
    [SHOP]             |this garb retains the advantages of a| Hie, Val, Reg
                       |normal leather garb yet possess a    |
                       |high level of protective abilities.  |
    Valkyrie suit(167) |White shining suit worn by the       | Fra
    [BO]               |battle maiden. Protector made with   |
                       |unknown materials, has got an        |
                       |unbelievable defense ability.        |
    Sacred Maiden dress|Thin dress worn by the legendary     | Era
    (181)              |sacred maiden Sofie. Surrounds the   |
    [SHOP]             |wearer in a light.                   |
    Spirte garb(187)   |Garb belonging to the Sprite King.   | Cre, Rem, Fra, Era,
    [SHOP]             |Said to be given by the Sprite King  | Hie, Val, Reg
                       |to the berserker warrior Reeveig.    |
                       |Imbued with strong magical powers and|
                       |possess great defense abilities.     |
    Fenrir garb(193)   |Said to be made with the skin of the | Rem
    [BO]               |demon wolf Fenrir. Whether that is   |
                       |true or not, the garb is very light, |
                       |allows for easy movement and possess |
                       |an unmatched protective ability.     |
    Black armor(199)   |Said to attract dark powers, this    | Cre, Hie, Val
    [SHOP]             |plate armor is made with a type of   |
                       |magical black metal. Has the same    |
                       |weight as normal metal armor but its |
                       |protective properties are much higher|
    Mermaid dress(201) |Dress dedicated to the water god.    | Era
    [SHOP]             |Though it has lost the ability to    |
                       |allow for mermaid transformation, the|
                       |high defense ability has not dropped.|
    Moon dress(216)    |Dress made by the Great Magician Vit.| Era
    [SHOP]             |The name comes from how the dress let|
                       |off a dim light as though being      |
                       |exposed to the moonlight.            |
    Aura plate(222)    |Made with the magical metal Mythril  | Cre, Hie, Val
    [SHOP]             |silver, this armor strengthens the   |
                       |aura of the wearer, creating a       |
                       |protective barrier.                  |
    Light dress(225)   |Shining dress made with cloth that   | Era
    [BO]               |has magical crystals sewn on it. Even|
                       |as the cloth is so thin, it is able  |
                       |to greatly absorb impact.            |
    Duel guard(225)    |Made by aristocrats using fine golden| Cre, Hie, Val
    [SHOP]             |threads, this is a strong jacket made|
                       |for duels. Having an unsuitable color|
                       |combination usage, this guard has got|
                       |a high protective ability.           |
    Battle God garb    |Garb worn by a battle god from an    | Hie
    (226)              |unknown country. It is impossible to |
    [BO]               |affirm the truth but it does possess |
                       |extreme defense ability.             |
    Brave guard(249)   |A guard greatly treasured and used by| Cre, Hie, Val
    [SHOP]             |the legendary hero who defeated much |
                       |high level demons. Even as much time |
                       |has passed, it retains the same look |
                       |protective abilities as before.      |
    Spriggan guard(270)|A strong jacket imbued with the      | Cre, Hie, Val
    [SHOP]             |power of the Earth sprite, Spriggan. |
                       |Due to the magic protective barrier, |
                       |the surface gives off a faint light. |
    Final guard(279)   |This enhanced jacket is made of a    | Cre
    [BO]               |type of silk thread called 'Grepnil'.|
                       |The metal plate is strengthened with |
                       |magic, bringing the defense ability  |
                       |to the highest.                      |
    Lobar armor(306)   |Armor given to the legendary hero    | Val
    [BO]               |Lobar by the battle maiden. Only the |
                       |chosen ones can wear it, and it has  |
                       |much greater protective effects.     |
     (((Skills and spell listing)))                                         [SKM0]
    Listing of the skills and magic in the game as well my explanation on what
    they do.
     Name of spell/ | Target:        | Use/Purpose/Explanation
     highest level  | INDIVIDUAL(IN  |
     achievable     | or GROUP (GR)  |
     Cure/5         |       IN       | Heal slight HP. Useful only for earlier
                    |                | parts of game
     Protect/3      |       IN       | Increase a unit's defense against physical
                    |                | attacks. Always use this before a mission
                    |                | battle
     Attack/3       |       IN       | Increase a unit's offensive ability via
                    |                | physical attacks. Never forget to use this
                    |                | before a mission battle. It will help alot
     Fire arrow/5   |       IN       | Fire based spell
     Ice barette/5  |       IN       | Ice based spell
     Wind edge/5    |       IN       | Wind based spell
     Sand shot/5    |       IN       | Earth/land based spell
     Return/1       |       IN       | Use it to get out of a dungeon
     Fine/1         |       IN       | Remove any status abnormalties apart from
                    |                | a unit except fallen
     Sleep/5        |       IN       | Chances to causing sleep to enemies
     MP drain/5     |       IN       | Drain MP from enemies(may not work)
     Silence/5      |       IN       | Silent a unit thus unable to chant magic
     Resist/3       |       IN       | Increase a unit's magic defense
     Cooperation/5  |       IN       | Allow for cooperation magic
     Holy/5         |       IN       | Holy based spell
     Cycle down/1   |       IN       | Lower speed of atw reduction time
     Death/5        |       IN       | Sudden death magic. As with sudden death
                    |                | items, it's never a sure-hit
     Healing/5      |       IN       | Heals more HP than Cure, but takes an
                    |                | awfully long time to chant that it's better
                    |                | to just use recovery items...unless you ran
                    |                | out of them
     Invisible/1    |       IN       | Prevent a character from being targetted
     Magic shield   |       IN       | Increase chance of rendering a spell void.
                    |                | Pretty pointless unless you are fighting a
                    |                | whole group of magicians
     Raise/1        |       IN       | Resurrect a fallen ally, using a nectar is
                    |                | faster, or you will end up with more fallen
                    |                | characters in a tough battle
     Fear/5         |       IN       | Decrease a unit's resistance to magic
     Bind/5         |       IN       | Prevent a character from moving
     Cycle Up/1     |       IN       | Increase speed of atw reduction time. USE
                    |                | IT
     Rust/5         |       IN       | Lower attack power, you will seldom see
                    |                | enemies use it, thankfully.
     Weaken/5       |       IN       | Lower resistance to physical attacks
     Blast/5        |       IN       | Physical based spell. Also the most
                    |                | powerful individual spell in the game
                    |                | The main use of it is really just the
                    |                | highest MGC DMG at the colosseum
     Cooperation magic
     Name and       |     Target     | Description
     Soul Force     |   Individual   | Fire arrow + Ice barette
     Flare          |   Area         | Fire arrow + Wind edge
     Blizzard       |   Area         | Ice barette + Wind edge
     Eruption       |   Individual   | Fire arrow + Sand shot
     Sand gush      |   Individual   | Ice barette + Sand shot
     Thunderbolt    |   Line         | Wind edge + Sand shot
     Ext Cure       |   Area         | Cure + Wind edge
     Ext Healing    |   Area         | Healing + Wind edge
     Ext Fine       |   Area         | Fine + Wind edge
     Holy cross     |   Cross        | Wind edge + Holy
     Inhale         |   Area         | Wind edge + MP Drain
     Death cloud    |   Area         | Wind edge + Death
     Ext Sleep      |   Area         | Wind edge + Sleep
     Ext Silence    |   Area         | Wind edge + Silence
     Ext Bind       |   Area         | Wind edge + Bind
     Ext Weaken     |   Area         | Wind edge + Weaken
     Ext Fear       |   Area         | Wind edge + Fear
     Ext Rust       |   Area         | Wind edge + Rust
     Ext Cycle up   |   Area         | Wind egde + Cycle up
     Ext Cycle down |   Area         | Wind edge + Cycle down
     Ext Attack     |   Area         | Wind edge + Attack
     Ext Protect    |   Area         | Wind edge + Protect
     Ext Resist     |   Area         | Wind edge + Resist
     Meteor         |   Area         | Blast + Fire arrow
     Tornado        |  Area(cannot   | Blast + Wind edge
                    |  be specified) |
     Earthquake     |  Whole screen  | Blast + Sand shot
     Summon Thunder |  Area(cannot   | Blast + Ice barette
                    |  be specified) |
    [SKILLS & TECHNIQUES]: AUTO(A) means the skill will provide a certain form of
                           enhancement to the character who has it.
     Name of skill/ | Target:        | Use/purpose/explanation
     highest level  | INDIVIDUAL(IN),|
     attainable     | GROUP (GR) or  |
                    | AUTO(A)        |
     Judgment/5     |        A       | Increase ability to decipher obtained rings
     Critical/5     |        A       | Increase chance to dealing a critical hit
     Accuracy UP/5  |        A       | Increases chance of dealing a successful
                    |                | physical attack
     Night vision/5 |       IN       | Use it in dungeons and you can see further
                    |                | in the darkness
     Analyze/5      |       IN       | Use it on an enemy to view the stats and
                    |                | strengths and weaknesses
     Poison attack  |        A       | Increase chance of dealing poison to an
     /5             |                | enemy by a physical attack
     Venom attack   |        A       | Increase chance of dealing venom to an
     /5             |                | enemy by a physical attack
     Petrify attack |        A       | Increase chance of dealing petrification to
     /5             |                | an enemy by physical attack
     Faint attack/5 |        A       | Increase chance of dealing faint to an
                    |                | enemy by physical attack
     Shorten item   |        A       | Shortens atw after item usage. Learn it.
     ATW/5          |                |
     Decoy/1        |       IN       | Increase chances of enemy setting the unit
                    |                | on whom this was used as attacking target
     Silent steps/5 |       IN       | Reduces the encounter field. Very useful
                    |                | for avoid field encounters
     MGC resistance |        A       | Increase all magic resistances
     UP/5           |                |
     Critical       |       IN       | Deals a bigger damage to an enemy
     strike/5       |                |
     Time bomb/5    |       GR       | Deals damage to all units near it, and
                    |                | that include allies
     MOV UP/5       |        A       | Increase movement
     Mirage/5       |        A       | Increase chance of creating a mirage while
                    |                | being attacked to avoid any hurt
     HP UP/5        |        A       | Increases maximum HP
     MP UP/5        |        A       | Increase maximum MP
     Plunder/5      |       IN       | If successful, will steal an item from an
                    |                | enemy while dealing dmg at the same time
     Piercing       |       GR       | Attack all enemies in a designated straight
     attack/5       |                | line. Will hurt allies as well if they are
                    |                | in the range
     Chanting       |       IN       | If successful, it will be able to decrease
     delay/5        |                | the magic level the enemy is chanting.
                    |                | Highest is 2 levels, e.g: from lv 4 to 2
     Concentration  |        A       | Increase chance of preventing a higher
     /5             |                | damage done when being attacked during
                    |                | chanting
     Indirect range |        A       | Increase range of indirect physical attacks
     UP/5           |                |
     Magic range    |        A       | Increase range of spell(area)
     UP/5           |                |
     Shorten chant  |        A       | Shorten chant time
     time/5         |                |
     All-round      |       GR       | Deal dmg to all enemies in area around the
     attack/5       |                | character but only 75% of the normal dmg
     Soul break/5   |       IN       | Takes away both HP and MP from target
     Sharp eye/5    |        A       | Increase chance of avoiding attacks
     Continuous     |        A       | Chanting is not disrupted
     magic/5        |                |
     Sudden death   |       IN       | The name explains it. VERY low chance of
     attack/5       |                | happening unless the unit executing this
                    |                | has a much higher level, e.g: lv 40
                    |                | character using it on a level 10 enemy. But
                    |                | then you just need a normal attack to kill
                    |                | the weak enemy. This is useful only if you
                    |                | need to use a melee technique but ran out
                    |                | of the others
     Dash/5         |       IN       | Increase MOV by twice for a limited period
                    |                | of time. VERY USEFUL for characters in the
                    |                | front line
     Prevention of  |        A       | level 1:poison+venom, level 2: halt
     bad status     |                | movement(caused by bind), level 3: silence+
     effects/5      |                | sleep, level 4: faint, level 5: petrify+
                    |                | sudden death. Forget about this and spend
                    |                | the time learning the one below
     Immunity to    |        A       | Not really necessary, but won't kill to
     bad status     |                | have it, especially if you are gonna fight
     effects/5      |                | at the colosseum
     Chanting       |       IN       | Reduce dmg done when attacked during
     guard/5        |                | chanting. Not much use IMO
     Reduce MP      |        A       | Reduce the amount of MP used, will be
     usage/5        |                | good if your magic characters(such as
                    |                | Frane) have it
     Berserk/5      |       IN       | Changes your character into berserk, in
                    |                | other words, uncontrollable. Use it at
                    |                | your own risk. I mean it. Well, just equip
                    |                | the penance gem, that work better than this
     Death curse/5  |       IN       | Use a death curse, once time is up, enemy
                    |                | will die(if successful), that is if you
                    |                | are still alive by then
     MP absorb/5    |        A       | Use Inferno with this skill and you'll
                    |                | make fights so much faster and easier
     HP absorb/5    |        A       | You gain a certain amount of HP back after
                    |                | attacking an enemy. Decent, but not
                    |                | absolutely necessary.
     Strengthen     |        A       | Makes your magic stronger, but requires
     magic/5        |                | 50% more MP. Use it in dangerous situations
                    |                | such as healing dying characters with
                    |                | weaker magic such as Cure(but faster)
     Counter/5      |       IN       | Increase chance of a counter. Good for
                    |                | your frontline characters
    Prolonged       |        A       | Same effect as concentration, only longer
    concentration/1 |                | and better
     Magic LV UP/5  |        A       | Increase magic levels
     Regenerator/5  |        A       | Regenerates a certain amount of HP past
                    |                | every fixed time period
     Inferno/5      |       GR       | Strongest melee technique in the entire
                    |                | game. The more MP your character has, the
                    |                | better the effect
     (((Colosseum)))                                                          [C2]
    The colosseum is located the east of Mell's shop. If there is anything about
    Growlanser IV that's really annoying, it's the colosseum. I seriously think
    that whoever is the one who set up the colosseum is just trying to earn some
    unworthy money from those hero wannabes, especially the free battle items,
    meaningless for most part many ranks can be done away with. I thought I'm a
    goner by the time I finished everything. The only thing that's rather
    interesting is that after you've given Maggy the ancient technology book+
    power stone to create the Homunculus machine, examine it(the big brown
    machine on the left of the lab) and you can choose to import(not really)
    characters from grow 2 and 3 to the colosseum.
    NOTE: Make sure you have extra inventory space(max for each item is 9) before
    you take part in the various matches because if the max 9 is reached, they
    will give you Ril instead.
    ->DMG chart battle
             Ranking chart
      Character            | Score
      Crestfer.O           | 930
      Death wings leader   | 873
      Bower                | 819
      D.Silvernale         | 755
      Alphonce.O           | 683
      B.Munzer             | 631
      Simonz               | 569
      Norman               | 492
      Mauler               | 403
    Use Attack + penance gem(ku-gyou sato-ri) -advanced- + berserk. If your Crev
    doesn't have high HP, make sure he has got HP absorb as you can't control him
    while he's using berserk. I've got 999 but for me, I've already trained Crev
    to have very high stats(999 for all besides MOV and MP) with blessing bells so
    a simple penance -advance- gem + M2 + weapon attack UP 2 got me 999 using a
    normal attack. Try different combinations if you have low levels, it doesn't
    really matter.
    ->MGC DMG chart battle
            Ranking chart
      Character            | Score
      Vester               | 622
      Rudvich              | 573
      Roomise              | 529
      D.Silvernale         | 485
      Alphonce.O           | 443
      B.Munzer             | 411
      Crestfer.O           | 379
      Death wings leader   | 352
      Simonz               | 331
      Norman               | 308
    Use mgc instead of physical attacks in DMG battle. Shorten chant time + Magic
    UP Lv 3 gem + Strengthen magic(ma-hou kyou-ka) + Lv 5 Blast got me a 999. 
    ake note that the magic up gem only boosts the effects of blast and healing
    magic, it does naught for elemental ones like fire arrow and so on.
    ->Elimination matches
    Copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each battle will pit Crevaniel against
    groups of monsters in consecutive matches. These are rather straightforward.
    So long as you don't attempt Platinum at Lv 30, it will be fine.
    ->Bonus battle soul
    Battle against 10 souls.
    ->Bonus battle gold gel
    Battle against 10 gold gels. 
    ->Free battle 1-to-1
    3 consecutive matches in 1 battle using only Crevaniel.
    Junior Class: Lv 1-2 enemies                        ---
    Beginner Class: Lv 4 enemies                           |
    Normal Class: Lv 24 enemies                            |
    Great Class: Lv 24/25/30 enemies                       |
    Special Class: Lv 32 enemies                           |------>Prizes are low
    Ultra Class: 32/36 enemies                             |       level rings, 1
    Champion Class: Lv 36 enemies                          |       for each match
    Hero Class: Lv 36/39/40                                |
    Excellent Class: Lv 42/43 enemies                      |
    Legend Class: Lv 43 enemies                         ---
    Master G rank: Lv Lv 43/48 enemies                  ---
    Master F rank: Lv 42/43 enemies                        |
    Master E rank: Lv 45/48 enemies                        |
    Master D rank: Lv 45 enemies                           |------>Prizes are 1
    Master C rank: Lv 45/46/49 enemies                     |       average leveled
    Master B rank: Lv 47/48//49 Roomise/Baker/Abram        |       ring for each
    Master A rank: Lv 49/49/49 Norman/Mauler/Simonz        |       match
    Master AA rank: Lv 50/51/51 Kergil/Blunteer/Munzer  ---
    Master AAA rank: Lv 54/54/54 Silvernale/Bower/Alphonce, Prize: 2 average
                                                                   leveled rings
    Master S rank: Lv 56/56/57 Death wings leader/Crestfer/Vester
    (Death wings leader and Vester has HP regeneration ability. Vester is the
    easiest if you allow him to chant magic first instead of hitting at him
    straight away)
    Prize: 4 high leveled rings. For my plays, this is the only place of certainty
           where I got my 2 types of best rings:
           1)9-9-9 Gen-ryuu (illusionary dragon Vizuril)
           2)9-9-9 Gen-pou (illusionary phoenix Vizuril)
           The type of rings they give you(as with the other matches) are random,
           keep fighting this match until you get what you want.
    ->Free battle 2-to-2
    Same as 1-to-1, only that you pair one more character with Crev. This section
    will open up when you've completed 1-to-1 Legend Class. 2-to-2 is the only
    item in the colosseum that's worth the time and money imo. This is the only
    place where you can obtain infinite blessing bells(as in infinite plays). If
    your Rems have already learnt the Trick Prey limit ability, use him with the
    killing blow -advanced- gem equipped. You can get some really sweet items from
    the enemies.
    Master rank G: Lv 1-6 enemies, Prize: Life apple
    Master rank F: Lv 8/24/25/30 enemies, Prize: 4 INT apples
    Master rank E: Lv 32/36 enemies, Prize: 4 Dandy books
    Master rank D: Lv 36/39/40 enemies, Prize: 1 Secret manual
    Master rank C: Lv 42/43 enemies, Prize: 2 Lucky symbols
    Master rank B: Lv 42/43/48 enemies, Prize: 2 secret manuals
    Master rank A: Lv 43/45/48 enemies, Prize: 3 Elixirs
    Master rank AA: Lv 45/46/47/49 enemies/Roomise/Baker/Abram
                    Prize: 3 Time censers
    Master rank AAA: Lv 49/49/49/50/51/51 Mauler/Norman/Simonz/Kergil/Blunteer
                     /Munzer, Prize: you get to pick ONCE from [#LIST] below
    Master rank S: Lv 54/54/56/56/56/57 Silvernale/Bower/Alphonce/Death wings
                   leader/Crestfer/Vester, Prize: you get to pick TWICE from
                   [#LIST] below
    Death wings leader and Vester has HP regeneration ability. For the final
    match, lure Crestfer to your side while leaving Vester alone. This way Vester
    will chant magic, if you attack him instead, you'll get into lotsa of trouble
    as he has an even lower ATW than Crest from my experience.
    1)9 Life apples
    2)9 INT apples
    3)9 Gale apples
    4)9 Dandy books
    5)5 Lucky symbols
    6)5 Secret manuals
    7)5 Elixirs
    8)1 Blessing bell
    9)25000 Ril
    ->Free battle 4-to-4
    Same as the other free battles, use all 4 characters. This will open up along
    with 2-to-2 when you've completed 1-to-1 Legend Class.
    Master rank B: Lv 32 enemies, Prize: Book of ancient technology
    Master rank A: Lv 32/36/40 enemies, Prize: Familiar cursors(all 3 types)
    Master rank AA: Lv 42/43/48, Prize: Familiar costume G
    Master rank AAA: Lv 43-49 enemies + Roomise/Abram/Baker, Prize: Sound gallery
                                                                   in the appendix
    Note: Master S rank can be very difficult at lower levels, make sure you bring
    along more melee characters instead of magic based/healers and a full
    inventory of healing items. Have ATW of your melee characters be at most 30 or
    else it's gonna hurt alot. Use cycle up+attack+protect beforehand. Save your
    skills until the 3rd match if possible.
    Master rank S:
    1st match - Lv 49/49/49/50 Norman/Simonz/Mauler/Kergil
    2nd match - Lv 51/54/51/54 Munzer/Silvernale/Blunteer/Bower
    3rd match - Lv 54/54/56/57 Alphonce/Crestfer/Death wings leader/Vester
    Death wings leader and Vester has HP regeneration ability.
    Prize: You'll get M2 gem when you finish this. It's a very useful gem which
    raises STR, DEX and INT stats by 100 points each.
    ->Exhibition match
    This will become accessible when you've completed all free battle 4-to-4
    matches. You'll have all story characters from the free battles(3 teams x 4
    members = 12, Death wings leader and Vester won't appear in this match) as
    opponents in a battle royale. Team which defeated most amount of enemies win,
    and get to choose the same amount of skills/abilities/magic manuals/books etc.
    ->Exhibition match 2
    This will become accessible once you've registered and created ALL characters
    for Growlanser II at the Homunculus machine. When you win, you will get to
    pick the same amount of characters you defeated to learn the 'Prolonged
    concentration'(max level is 1). E.g: if you defeated 5 enemies, you get to
    pick 5 characters from your list to learn to skill. Meaning you only need to
    defeat 8 enemies in 1 match to have all of your playable characters learn the
    skill. You get pit against 3 groups as below in 10 turns:
    GROUP A: Lv 53/55/56/41 Wein/Carmine/Ernest/Hans
    GROUP B: Lv 53/51/44 Wolfgang/Maximillian/Arieta
    GROUP C: Lv 50/43/43 Xenos/Charlone/Riviera
    GROUP C should be your first target. Do bring Rems along since he will be a
    great asset(as with most colosseum items). By the time you are finished with
    C, you should get rid of GROUP B next. Rems+Vallery should be able to defeat
    Arieta very quickly at level 40 or so and you can have all 3(including whoever
    your 4th character is) attack Max while you take care of Wolfgang using Crev.
    Wolfgang is not difficult at all so no worries. Once GROUP B is done, you can
    take your time knocking GROUP A out, healing if necessary and so. With that
    you should be able to defeat all 10 characters with your team.
    ->Exhibition match 3
    This will become accessible when you've registered and created ALL characters
    for Growlanser III at the Homunculus machine. When you win, you will get to
    pick the same amount of characters you defeated to learn the 'Immunity to
    status effects'(start at level 1, max is level 5). E.g: if you defeated 5
    enemies, you get to pick 5 characters from your list to learn to skill.
    Meaning you only need to defeat 8 enemies in 1 match to have all of your
    playable characters learn the skill. You get pit against 3 groups as below in
    10 turns:
    GROUP A: Lv 54/48/51/40 Slayn/Annete/Huey/Monica
    GROUP B: Lv 56/49/48 Zion/Clive/Barbara
    GROUP C: Lv 54/52/41/46 Vincent/Orpheus/Victor/Yayoi
    GROUP B should be first target despite Zion being there. Note that Yayoi's
    strong blow tends to be able to cause faint status to characters such as Rems
    and Frane so remember to heal immediately if that happens. Once GROUP B is
    done, GROUP A and C should be approaching. Do take care of GROUP A first since
    Slayn and Annete has got only 1 attack(while characters such as Vincent has
    got 3, just like Alphonce). GROUP C should be your last target and you can
    relax a lil bit. With that you should be able to defeat all 11 characters with
    your team.
    ->Monster massacre
    Okay, not really. You are up against another 3 teams to see which team can
    defeat the most amount of monsters(use magic on the gurururu ^.^ gel). Winning
    team get to choose the same amount of red/green/blue stones.
     (((Optional Dungeon)))                                                   [O1]
    Look for the Dungeon Lady at the following places in order to access the
    underground dungeon maze:
    ->Izenbant Fortress
    ->Hidden village(where Maggy lives)
    ->Your Land(talk to her, rest and talk to her again)
    The optional dungeon consists of 11 floors, first 10 having enemies. Position
    of entry and exit stairways are random(changes everytime you exit the entire
    thing), as well as the treasures and their locations. Soul and Gold Gel are
    also random(I encountered soul on my first trip down and gold gel only after
    I have cleared the dungeon once, but I believe appearances of the 2 rare
    monsters ain't fixed.), take note that they will attempt to escape from
    battles(especially gold gels). Defeat 1 of each to access the hidden bonus
    battles at the Colosseum.
    Other common enemies include:
    1)Arch Demons, Lv 57 on 1st floor
    2)Mythril Golems, Lv 54 on 1st floor
    3)Samaeru, Lv 55 on 1st floor
    Enemy levels increase by 1 every 2 floors. Use magic on golems but
    physical/melee on the others. Once you've reached the 11th floor, Dungeon lady
    will...drop down like a fairy and congratulate you. Open the treasure chest at
    the right end for the diamond jewel. The left and right of the 3 treasure
    chests row are the final limit abilities of Regiena and Vallery respectively
    (mark of Boomerang and Sword). The middle is Regiena's strongest armor. Once
    you are done, talk to the Dungeon lady to leave the dungeon. Oh, and one more
    thing: You can steal blessing bells from the enemies in this dungeon, but as
    always, instead of using plunder which may not work, I recommend using Rems to
    make the job easier.
     (((Familiar)))                                                          [FA1]
    -->Main details
    Once you have gotten through the process of getting and creating the Familiar,
    you will need to develop her to obtain new skills which will serve to be very
    useful as well as interesting. Vision sighting and Inspect are the only skills
    a Familiar starts off with at master level. As for the rest, you will need to
    have her learn through increased levels in various stats.
    The Doll House menu:
    -Develop Familiar: refer below
    -Fate: Check out whose fate you have helped changed and what happens if you
    -Costumes: Change costumes for your Familiar
    {Develop Familiar}
    Energy from Crevaniel is needed for this, if not you can use the color stones.
    However color stones are very rare to come by(you can get them later on at the
    colosseum), so the energy from event battles is the main force that will allow
    for development of the Familiar.
    The choices you can choose are(in order):
    1)Make her exercise: Increase physical strength and sharpness
    2)Make her study: Learn anything related to magic
    3)Learn manners: Polish feminity
    4)Talk to her: Increase friendliness with Familiar
    5)Add other elements(where you can choose to add the color stones):
    red-increase progress, green-increase relationship, blue-replenish energy
    At the side of the screen, you will see the Familiar stats which shows various
    parameter bars:
    -Physical Strength
    -Magic ability
    -Conversation ability
    -Mental ability
    Once energy is used up, the supply is cut off and so no more upgrading for the
    In the main menu, you can see a Familiar section. Select it for the various
    skills and abilities the Familiar has. 
    1)Enemy scan(MAX LEVEL- 2): Look at the detail box whenever you highlight any
    enemy. You will see enemy's level as well as whether it/he/she can drop items
    or whether you can steal from them
    2)Active battle points(MAX LEVEL- 5): You will get a certain amount of active
    battle points(those little stars) whenever you enter into an encounter/fight.
    The amount of stars you start with is determined by the level of this skill.
    E.g: level 2 lets you start with 2 stars.
    3)Physical defense(MAX LEVEL- 5): Familiar will help block an enemy's
    physical attack. Rate of occurance = LV*2%, e.g: level 3 skill will give you
    6%(2*3) chance of it happening.
    4)Magic defense(MAX LEVEL- 5): Familiar will help block enemy's spell. Rate of
    occurance = LV*2%, e.g: level 3 skill will give you 6%(2*3) chance of it
    5)Counter(MAX LEVEL- 5): Familiar will counter back part of damage dealt to
    enemy. Amount depends on her strength.
    6)Chatter/Hitori-goto(MAX LEVEL- 5): Familiar will speak and ask questions
    when group is idle outside dungeons and battles.
    7)Affection rating(MAX LEVEL- 1): View affection ratings for characters
    8)Event memo(MAX LEVEL- 1): Familiar will write a summary on main story
    events and progress.
    9)Personality(MAX LEVEL- 1): Familiar will determine Crevaniel's personality.
    10)Treasure Search(MAX LEVEL- 1): Use this in a dungeon to have the Familiar
    search for treasures. If there are none, she will report it accordingly.
    11)Investigate(MAX LEVEL- 1): Only usable in certain situations to have the
    Familiar explore around the map.
    12)Vision(MAX LEVEL- 1): Use of vision is totally non-optional and you can't
    choose when you want to use it. This is what enables you to view all the
    blurry scenes during Crevaniel's rest and beyond.
    13)Negotiate(MAX LEVEL- 5): This will affect the price of items.
    14)Fate(MAX LEVEL- 1): This will become available the moment you cleared a
    fate event.
    15)Transgate(MAX LEVEL- 1): Necessary to create Transgates(you get it
    automatically as game progresses)
    16)Spirit Interruption Technique(MAX LEVEL- 1): Learn it from Achiel's memory.
    You only get to use it once throughout the entire game.
    This section lists the steps on how to obtain Familiar's costumes(some of
    which are really replicas of characters from previous Growlanser games) as
    well as translations of their chatter(dependant upon the skill 'hitori-goto'
    a.k.a talking to own self). You can press the START button when not in fights
    and dungeons to have Familiar talk about various stuff. End current speech
    with X button and repeat the process until you get what you want to hear.
    Since speeches are spoken in random, I may miss out some here. If so, do
    inform me. Any mistakes, do correct me since I'm solely depending on my
    hearing here and while most of the characters' voices can be distinguished,
    there are some that sound weird...e.g: one of Hien's speech >.>
    Costume A: Comes together with the familiar.
    Costume B: Comes together with the familiar.
    Costume C: Get automatically after the event of getting back the Marcuria
    Costume D: Help Mell with distributing her leaflets and get 12 people to visit
               her accessories shop.
    Costume E: Get it from the lab in Lynfaluz.
    Costume F: Get it from the upper right room in the prison barracks.
    Costume G: Get it from the Colosseum 4-4-B match.
    Costume H: The researcher will give it to you after your familiar is born. You
               will have to knock on the door. Take note that obtaining this
               costume has a time limit. Do it before the fight with Munzer(when
               he attacked Lynfaluz).
    Costume I: Get it on the screen leading to the waterfall ruins northeast of
               Your Land after talking to Peyton at his ring store.
    Costume J: Only if you chose to get her ending. She will wear it on the final
               non-optional rest day.
    TP: Hmm...if I don't move around, I just can't settle down...huh?...did I say
        something weird?
    TP: Ah! It's a bird! I'm envious...but I can't fly that high, and too high a
        place is scary.
    TP: Master, don't waste time away by snooping around with a pointless
        lifestyle, get up and on!
    TP: New discoveries are found ahead of you. It won't appear if you were to
        wait or turn back. So Master, let's get moving!
    TP: Just standing on the spot without saying anything is so boring isn't it?
        Wouldn't it be interesting to walk around and see various things?
    TP: Frane has such beautiful skin! I'm so envious! Can I just prick a little?
    Frane: You...you're scary!
    TP: Nah, just a joke!
    TP: Is Rems more of a mercenary? Or more of a soldier? Hmm, I can't get the
        image clear.
    Rems: I was said to have the face of a girl's and there were times where I
          was thought to be a girl...
    Regiena: HAH!
    TP: W...what is that for!?
    Regiena: I can't stand doing nothing, so I thought I'd try screaming a bit to
             let it out.
    TP: It makes me want to fall asleep like this.
    Vallery: That is the most dangerous situation. Because of that, I was trapped
             and paralyzed in the forest for 3 days.
    Hien: Talking while standing is tough. I'm tired, so can you carry me?
    TP: That won't work.
    Eraiza: You are born from an egg weren't you? Considering how hard the shell
            is, you really managed to break it open.
    TP: When I gained consciousness of the surroundings, it was already cracked.
        So I didn't really do much to break it or what.
    TP: <Name of character in party>, are you the sort of person who likes to move
        around? Or do you prefer to laze around?
    Frane: Yes. I like to relax. However, if I have anything that I need to do, I
           can't take it easy.
    Rems: I like walking around. Since I have been travelling all over, it feels
          weird to just stay at a single spot and not do anything.
    Eraiza: Hmm...neither. It depends on the situation. If I have stuff to do,
            I'll move around and during free time, I will just take it easy.
    Hien: I don't like to work for pointless things. There are times when I will
          just set aside some time to relax.
    Leona: I like relaxing and doing nothing. If I keep moving around, I get
    Vallery: A soldier just can't laze around can he? Taking it easy is
             unacceptable in most cases, even for someone who deserted the army.
    Regiena: I like moving around alot. I just can't stand doing and saying
             nothing. It won't work to have no sense of urgency.
    TP: Sorry for the sudden interruption! but it's Q&A time now! What kind of
        food do you like?
    Frane: Eh?...hmm...I like food that is somewhat light and Valcaneer cuisine
           seems to be like that.
    Rems: Right...Marculey food seems real easy to eat.
    Eraiza: Yeah...I like food like lasagne and cheese as well as the hometown
            taste. --->She's from Igredias so she's referring to Igredias food
    Hien: I like spicy food so Dulkheim cuisine will be good.
    Leona: I like anything, but in particular meat is my favorite! Marculey food
           has got plenty of meat so I like it a lot!
    Valley: Valcaneer cuisine. Though I travel around a lot, I dislike oily food.
    Regiena: Huh, me? Dulkheim food suits my taste the best, but since I'm a
             mercenary, I've got no extreme likes or dislikes.
    Costume A: Familiar comes with it. Default design.
    Costume B: Familiar comes with it. Default design.
    Costume C: Get it automatically after event of getting back the Marcuria
    Costume D: Help Mell with distributing her leaflets and get 12 people to visit
               her accessories shop.
    Costume E: Get it from the lab in Lynfaluz.
    Costume F: Get it from the upper right room in the prison barracks.
    Costume G: Get it from the Colosseum 4-4-B match.
    Costume H: The researcher will give it to you after your familiar is born. You
               will have to knock on the door. Take note that obtaining this
               costume has a time limit. Do it before the fight with Munzer(when
               he attacked Lynfaluz).
    Costume I: Get it on the screen leading to the waterfall ruins northeast of
               Your Land after talking to Peyton at his ring store.
    Costume J: Only if you chose to get her ending. She will wear it on the final
               non-optional rest day.
    LN: Master, no matter how great one's abilities are, it won't mean anything if
        he doesn't work towards it.
    LN: I understand that there are times where rest is necessary but it is also
        important to act when the time calls for it.
    LN: If you wish to take a rest, please do look for an inn. It's no good to
        say it's already late and you may catch a cold as well.
    LN: Travelling is great isn't it? During travels, we get to discover new
        things and gain new knowledge beneficial to us...and memorable encounters
        as well.
    LN: To stand around doing nothing is such a waste of time isn't it?
    Frane: Not really. If we were to stop to look around the surroundings and pay
           more attention, we may discover or realise something new.
    Rems: Don't you want to scream your heart out at times? Since you always seems
          to be bottling up your emotions.
    LN: Well then...REMS IS AN IDIOT!...just kidding.
    Leona: HAHA!
    LN: I...is that a rat?
    Leona: Huh? That didn't shock you? It I were to show it to Frane all of a
           sudden, she will be freaked out.
    LN: You should stop playing that prank.
    LN: Vallery is really a soldier all in all...in other words, can it be called
        a murderer?
    Vallery: Don't ever put it that way. I didn't join the army and become a
             soldier in order to kill people.
    Eraiza: Are familiars always by their masters' side? Even to the shower or
    LN: O...of course that is not the case...
    LN: Regiena has got an unusual weapon.
    Regiena: Interesting isn't it? A woman do not have that sort of arm strength,
             but this weapon makes it easy to use indirectly.
    LN: I am sorry for the sudden interruption, but what kind of food do you like?
    Frane: Eh?...hmm...I like food that is somewhat light and Valcaneer cuisine
           seems to be like that.
    Rems: Right...Marculey food seems real easy to eat.
    Eraiza: Yeah...I like food like lasagne and cheese as well as the hometown
            taste. --->She's from Igredias so she's referring to Igredias food
    Hien: I like spicy food so Dulkheim cuisine will be good.
    Leona: I like anything, but in particular meat is my favorite! Marculey food
           has got plenty of meat so I like it a lot!
    Valley: Valcaneer cuisine. Though I travel around a lot, I dislike oily food.
    Regiena: Huh, me? Dulkheim food suits my taste the best, but since I'm a
             mercenary, I've got no extreme likes or dislikes.
    LN: Do you like to move around or say and do nothing?
    Frane: Yes. I like to relax. However, if I have anything that I need to do, I
           can't take it easy.
    Rems: I like walking around. Since I have been travelling all over, it feels
          weird to just stay at a single spot and not do anything.
    Eraiza: Hmm...neither. It depends on the situation. If I have stuff to do,
            I'll move around and during free time, I will just take it easy.
    Hien: I don't like to work for pointless things. There are times when I will
          just set aside some time to relax.
    Leona: I like relaxing and doing nothing. If I keep moving around, I get
    Vallery: A soldier just can't laze around can he? Taking it easy is
             unacceptable in most cases, even for someone who deserted the army.
    Regiena: I like moving around alot. I just can't stand doing and saying
             nothing. It won't work to have no sense of urgency.
     (((Appendix)))                                                         [APP1]
    Complete the game and you can make your system save. Doing this will allow you
    to view appendix items that you have collected. A complete listing is as below
    but take note that as mentioned multiples times throughout this faq, I do not
    have the data to play using Familiar LM, but since I have gotten the endings
    for all other characters, I knew that the missing parts in my appendix belong
    to LM and thus the complete listing below:
    -->Chips card folder
    -->Movie gallery
    -->Character gallery
    -->Visual gallery
    -->Sound gallery
    -->Seiyuu's comments
     001: Carmine     | 042: Wolfgang
     002: Tippi       | 043: GROWLANSER 2
     003: Tippi       | 044: SPECIAL 9
     004: Tippi       | 045: SPECIAL 10
     005: Tippi       | 046: Slayn
     006: Tippi       | 047: Annete
     007: Tippi       | 048: Huey
     008: Tippi       | 049: Monica
     009: Tippi       | 050: Yayoi
     010: Ruise       | 051: Victor
     011: Ruise       | 052: Michele
     012: Eliotte     | 053: Rummy
     013: Wallace     | 054: Vincent
     014: Ariost      | 055: Orpheus
     015: Misha       | 056: Zion
     016: Misha       | 057: Barbara
     017: Karen       | 058: Clive
     018: Xenos       | 059: GROWLANSER 3
     019: Juria       | 060: SPECIAL 11
     020: Juria       | 061: GROWLANSER, LEGEND HERITAGE
     021: Juria       | 062: CHARACTER COLLECTION
     022: Juria       | 063: Crebaniel
     023: Oscar       | 064: D-TP
     024: Ernest      | 065: D-LN
     025: Gevel       | 066: Frane
     026: GROWLANSER  | 067: Eraiza
     027: SPECIAL 1   | 068: Leona
     028: SPECIAL 2   | 069: Regiena
     029: SPECIAL 3   | 070: Rems
     030: SPECIAL 4   | 071: Hien
     031: SPECIAL 5   | 072: Vallery
     032: SPECIAL 6   | 073: Alicia
     033: SPECIAL 7   | 074: Vester
     034: SPECIAL 8   | 075: Blunteer
     035: Wein        | 076: Munzer
     036: Hans        | 077: Silvernale
     037: Charlone    | 078: Alphonce
     038: Riviera     | 079: Crestfer
     039: Ernest      | 080: Rudvich
     040: Arieta      | 081: Roomise
     041: Maximillian |
    ->Explosion at Lanplast
    ->Attack on tower ruins
    ->Tower ruins destroyed
    ->Blockade at Trochmare destroyed
    ->Replica angel
    ->Annihilation of Kafmahn ruins
    ->Shooting of magic cannon
    ->Shooting of magic cannon
    ->Future covered in darkness
    ->Main male characters
    ->Male enemy characters
     -->Valcaneer King
     -->Death wings leader
    ->Female party characters
    ->Other female characters
     -->Angel Youriel
     -->Replica angel
     -->Princess Alicia
     -->Familiar type T-P
      --->Costume A-J
     -->Familiar type LN
      --->Costume A-J
     -->Familiar type LM
      --->Costume A-H
    ->Leona's graffiti
    ->Angel Achiel                ->Frane
    ->Vester                      ->Eraiza
    ->Replica angel               ->Eraiza
    ->Frane                       ->Hien
    ->Frane                       ->Leona
    ->Eraiza                      ->Leona
    ->Leona                       ->Vallery
    ->Regiena                     ->Regiena
    ->Eraiza                      ->Familiar TP
    ->Schtyman                    ->Familiar LN
    ->Achiel and Youriel          ->Familiar LM
    ->Silvernale and Munzer       ->Bracelet
    ->Alphonce and Crestfer       ->Crevaniel
    ->Rudvich                     ->Frane
    ->Darkness                    ->Hien
    ->Crevaniel                   ->Regiena
    ->Bracelet                    ->Vallery
    ->Crevaniel                   ->Familiar TP
    ->Rems                        ->Familiar LN
    ->Frane                       ->Familiar LM
     (((Tips and Q&A)))                                                     [TFQ1]
    1)Always keep an eye out for any shiny items on the ground.
    2)Always use status magic such as Cycle Up, Attack Up, Magic Barrier etc
    before an event battle.
    3)Once you gained access to the town of Ordineil, go near the item shop and
    walk through the open space at the upper screen. Go up the staircase and walk
    to the end, press O. There is someone there selling Growlanser cards. In the
    earlier parts you can buy Growlanser 1 to 3 random packs. Much later in the
    game, Growlanser 4 cards will be available. Use them on injured characters to
    regain some HP(30-37) and get a card for each pack you use. At the game start
    screen, go to Appendix and you can view which character cards you got. Buy
    more and use more to get the complete sets for all 4 games for some nostalgic
    value if you want. 
    4)Always make the time for doing side quests. it can reap some nice rewards.
    5)Save Vallery or Regiena(or both) so you can get one more rest day.
    6)Use the Blessing bell whenever you find any, it will lower a character
    level by 10 levels while retaining all the stats he/she has. This makes it
    easier to gain experience and become much stronger in a much shorter time.
    7)At the title(game start) screen, press X to view the opening movie. After
    the movie is finished(or you can end it immediately by pressing X) and
    switches back to the title screen, press X again to view introduction of the
    game characters. You can repeat this process for as many times you want
    without having to wait for them to load.
    8)The 1st limit ability of each character is by default existent and the 3rd
    limit ability is obtained via doing side events for the characters. However,
    as mentioned throughout the faq, you NEED to learn the 2nd before you can get
    the 3rd ability, and I think some people may have problems mastering the 2nd
    one. So here I have a list of how I have my characters learn the 2nd ability:
    Crevaniel - You probably don't need to do much for him since you are using him
    throughout the entire game so he will learn Hard Attack sooner or later. If
    you want things to be quick, enter into encounters and have all other 3
    characters guard. Now have Crevaniel approach the enemies until they are
    surrounding him and have him guard. This way, the enemies will(usually) keep
    attacking him instead of rounding around and moving up to attack your other
    3 characters who are further away. When necesssary, have one character who
    is guarding chant healing magic to heal Crevaniel whenever his HP bar is
    low. If you pay attention to the amount of DMG being dealt, you will realize
    there's a pattern similiar to something like this(if the normal DMG dealt is
    50): 50-50-50-25-25-25-50-50-50-25-25-25-50
    This implies that Crevaniel is using Ukemi(which reduces DMG dealt by around
    50%) and from the string above, the limit ability has been used twice, so you
    will just need to remain this way for as long as you want while making sure
    to heal him when needed and sooner or later, he will learn the Hard Attack. As
    mentioned many times before, it's not really necessary to spent the extra time
    for Crev to learn it since it's really just a matter of time before he does.
    Rems - Do this asap because I just couldn't say enough that Rems' 2nd ability
    is the BEST in the entire game especially when you can sell away the stolen
    items to earn some extra Ril as well. Put Rems as the leader and enter into
    a field encounter. Have all 4 characters guard and let the enemies attack
    Rems until his HP is below 20%. Kill all enemies to end the encounter. Now
    remove Rems from leader position and put him as the last in line. Enter into
    an encounter and have him attack any enemy while the other 3 characters use
    guard. Rems will keep using Wild Shoot automatically. Once all enemies are
    dead, enter into another encounter and do the same thing. Repeat the process
    until he has learnt Trick Prey.
    Frane - Healing Prayer is a lil difficult to learn especially when Frane has
    such a low HP bar, therefore make sure you bring along a full inventory of
    healing items/characters who has the Heal magic. Put Frane as the leader of
    the pack and enter into a field encounter. Have her chant any magic while
    you can have other characters to either guard or chant healing magic. As the
    enemies attack Frane, there is a chance that Quick will activate. There is
    no need to wait till the effect is over before the next Quick can occur, it
    just happens by random without any time limit. That said, you will just need
    to remain in such a situation for as long as required(remember to heal her) to
    learn Healing Prayer.
    Eraiza - Learning Eraiza's 2nd limit ability works exactly the same way as
    Frane's, but probably require less effort since she has higher HP
    Hien - Learning Atemi works exactly the same way as Crevaniel's.
    Leona - Find a place where enemies are weaker(ruins of hope is fine but there
    are very little enemies there so I wouldn't really recommend it) and put Leona
    as the leader. Enter into an encounter and have all other 3 characters guard.
    Have Leona defeat the enemies(every 2 enemies defeated = 1 High Tension
    activated). If the enemy is rather strong, have your other characters help
    reduce their HP before having Leona strike the final blow. Repeat this until
    she has mastered Rage.
    Vallery - Learning Trance works exactly the same as Leona's.
    Regiena - Learning Grace works exactly the same way as Rems'.
    9)To allow your future replays of the game to be as quick as possible and a
    total breeze for most parts, you will need to spend a significant amount of
    time to gather various items in your 1st play:
    I)9 Blessing bells (get from Colosseum)
    II)9 Secret manuals (get from Colosseum)
    III)9 INT, GALE & LIFE apples (get from Colosseum) <--this is optional
    IV)9 Dandy books (get from Colosseum)
    V)At least 5 M2 gems (get from Colosseum)
    VI)At least 4 of the best ring types: Vizuril class (get from Colosseum)
    VII)At least 5 variants of armor for EACH character, e.g: armor that require
    50 STR, 75 STR, 100 STR, 150 STR and 200 STR, strongest armor for each
    character preferred.
    Retain these items in your inventory and complete the game. After credits,
    save the clear data. Load the clear data to start the NEW GAME+. Turn off
    voices under Configuration menu. Use blessing bells whenever Crevaniel reaches
    level 11, and repeat(it's your call whether you want to divide the use of
    bells among other playable characters as well). Have him equip the most
    required gem skills you want him to learn first(recommended is Dash, Inferno,
    MP absorb and Shorten ATW) and use all secret manuals you have on him. Use all
    apples and dandy books on him. In mission battles, switch to M2 gems(at least
    2 for Crev and 2 each for the remaining 4 characters or whichever combination
    you want, you can have Crev equip 3 M2 if you want to). Learning skills is
    still important so I wouldn't recommend you equip M2 throughout the entire
    game, but it's up to you. Equip characters with the best armor they can afford
    to and you will save a whole lot of time in your gameplay, making it totally
    possible to finish the game in 50% of the original time required, even more
    if you were to skip texts and conversations and all optional stuff. Well, and
    it is possible to defeat Abram and Munzer this time round.
    Q: I couldn't get the ending for <insert character name>, what has gone wrong?
    A: Their side quests. Each character has a side quest you must finish till the
    end in order to get their ending. Along the way, you must also make sure you
    choose answers and responses that will gain enough friendship points for their
    ending. Don't ever use the Familiar's character relationship page as a guide.
    Q: Mission complete conditions missing from faq?
    A: Most of the mission completes require you to keep all NPCs(if there are
    any) alive, complete the mission before time bonus turns negative, having all
    characters escape if the clear condition requires at least 1 person to,
    killing all enemies on the screen(if the clear condition say to defeat only a
    certain enemy). I have nothing to keep from you so I admit that there are a
    couple of missions that I couldn't figure out how to obtain complete. E.g
    being Mission 3. If you need any advice in getting complete for a certain
    mission, feel free to email me and if I am able to get it for my play, I will
    be glad to help.
    Q: Perhaps it's possible for other characters, but I don't get why Eraiza is
    able to use magic in a split second with no one teaching her.
    A: All games have their loopholes so this is one of them.
    Q: What is the difference between the skill I get from Exhibition match 2
    and the skill I can learn from equipping the gem?
    A: Status prevention, as the word implies, prevents your character from being
    afflicted with the stated status, but there is still a chance of it happening.
    Status immunity(the one you learn from match 2) will render your character
    immune to the corresponding status abnormalties.
    Q: Now, it's Christopher, and not Crestfer.
    A: Most of the character names I have here in my FAQ are taken from the game's
    characters introduction which loads after the opening movie as well as the
    ending credits roll. At first, I too thought it was Christopher, but watching
    the ending credits and the artwork book, I have to admit it's indeed Crestfer.
    But if you've found other official sources which list him as Christopher
    instead, please do inform me.
    Q: Where do I locate the various chefs for my restaurant?
    1)Marculey: he will pop up at the main screen of Your Land(which leads to the
    item shop and art museum) near the bench.
    2)Igredias: Will be available the moment the restaurant opens
    3)Valcaneer: In Krasdahl's inn(only when you regained access)
    4)Dulkheim: In Saudorix's inn
    Q: Do I need to get a character's 3rd limit ability to get his/her ending?
    A: If their side events are intertwined with getting the ability(Frane,
    Eraiza, Hien, Leona), then yes(because you have to finish the side quest), if
    it's separated(Rems, Vallery, Regiena,), you don't have to.
    Q: Does Crevaniel have an ending of his own?
    A: Yes. That's the ending you will get if you opted not to talk to any
    characters on the night before the last battle.
    Q: How does the new game+ work?
    A: Load the clear data you've saved after completing the game. A new game will
    begin. All common items, gems, rings and armor(including the strongest ones)
    will be brought over. Levels, skills and friendship points won't.
    Q: Any glitches or weird situations to take note of?
    A: If you did not do Ellena's fate event, you will find her report at the
    prison barracks after talking to Kate. If you did, you will need to find her
    at Trochmare after talking to Kate to get her report BUT there will still be
    a shiny item(same location as where her report is if you did the former) over
    at the prison barracks which you CANNOT pick up no matter what.
    And secondly...well I wouldn't say for sure that it's a glitch BUT out of my
    5 game plays through the game, thrice I met with some problems for the
    familiars' side events. I chose TP for my 1st, 3rd and 4th replay and LN for
    my 2nd and 5th play and the results were as follows:
    1st play: I managed to finish all side events but when picking time comes,
    I was not allowed to choose TP to get her ending. I believe that may have to
    do with A)not enough affection points(most likely situation since it's my 1st
    play and I was messing around) or B)I didn't ask Maggy to create the home
    cruise(also a likely case)
    2nd play: I managed to do LN's side events and did obtain her ending with no
    problems. In this play I asked Maggy to create the Homunculus and did almost
    90% of all optional items.
    3rd play: I managed to complete TP's events until the night where Eraiza
    discovered them performing at the dining area and asked for a day to gather
    everyone. And from my experience from the 1st play, in the next morning, TP
    was supposed to ask Crevaniel whether the next rest day is an okay date for
    the performance BUT I DID NOT get that conversation. I continued to the end
    of the game past 3 vacations and the final event never happened, even when I
    used plenty of dandy books and chose the nice options and got many mission
    completes. I did ask Maggy to create the Homunculus machine.
    4th: I used TP again, and I managed to get her ending(finally) and did almost
    80% of all optional items including the Homunculus. And that allowed me to
    be able to gather her side events's option scripts for this faq.
    5th: I used LN(to want to gather the option scripts for this faq), and
    finished the 1st event whereby familiar went to talk to Maggy. The next
    morning(on a rest day of course), there was supposed to be a short
    conversation regarding finding the needle, BUT I DID NOT get it. Well, as
    expected, when I have Crevaniel go to the medical room alone to get the next
    event to happen, it did not. I then went on to ask Maggy to create the home
    cruise and did as much optional items as possible, increasing the familiar's
    stats to at least level 7 for all. And past 2 vacations, still nothing.
    Well, and that explains why the remaining parts of the 'Choosing replies'
    section in this faq for Familiar LN is missing. I will try to play the game
    for the 6th time if possible but since I have played this game twice for the
    past 2 weeks or so, I need to take a break there and another replay takes time
    as well, so don't expect too fast an update with that(especially since I still
    haven't figured out why I couldn't trigger the event and if it were to happen
    again the next time I play it...well you know). But if anyone knows the
    reason why, PLEASE DO TELL ME.
    Anyway, from the above, you can see that the same problem happens for my 3rd
    and 5th try. I would recommend that you keep to doing all character's side
    events as required(skip no one) and also the fate and other optional items.
    Whether is it a glitch or not, I wouldn't know(and apparantly I have not seen
    anyone having with this problem after searching through the internet and
    boards). But one thing that is for sure: do your familiar's side events on
    rest days asap, always keep the save data before every vacation. If that
    should ever emerge, you know you can give up trying to get your familiar's
    ending and if you must, you can always reload an earlier data and retry so
    you don't have to restart all over again.
     (((Software manual)))                                                  [SOF1]
    Section where I translate the software manual(I think it was mentioned before,
    mine is the BEST OF ATLUS COLLECTION that came out in 2003). Refer to this
    section if you still have some questions or doubts regarding the game
    [PAGE 1&2]
    -The cover page and page describing use of the game and memory card which
    I'm gonna skip since that's common knowledge. 
    [PAGE 3]
    -2000 years since the mysterious annihilation of a prosperous ancient
    civilization-. Until now, on one knows what happened then, and simply struggle
    to survive in a war-torn land. Head to the rivers for water, gather firewood
    for keeping warm. Hunt for food using weapons or traps, catch fishes using
    nets and harpoons, farm using the hoe and ploughing, living a simple life by
    laboring with own hands. If that's not preferrable, it's common to pay for
    the same using gold. This is that sort of generation. Even so, there are times
    where myths still go around regarding the 'angels who punished the humans' and
    Swiftly following a democracy ruling, the Dulkheim country to the west of the
    continent started a war with Igredias to the north. The Valcaneer kingdom to
    the east is also planning for a time to join in the battle. Due to that, many
    mercenaries around the continent gathered for the sake of the monetary rewards
    via participation.
    Prologue                       PG02
    The world of Growlanser IV     PG04
    Characters                     PG06
    Basic mechanics                PG10
    Starting the game              PG12
    Field                          PG14
    Battle system                  PG24
    Ring weapon                    PG30
    Magic                          PG32
    Familiar                       PG36
    *Small note: Thank you for purchasing this game Growlanser IV. Please read the
    manual before beginning the game. Please do keep this manual as it won't be
    published again.
    [PAGE 4 & 5]
    Surrounded by much mysteries, the Noievarl continent containing 4 countries.
    An introduction of countries which make up the stage of adventures.
    *An image of the continent with various number markers
    (1)Capital Marcuria        (2)Sansel
    (3)Capital Dulkcan         (4)Trochmare           (5)Saudorix
    (6)Lynfaluz base           (7)Rivoka
    (8)Capital Kilgrid         (9)Lebrant             (10)Lezel
    (11)Krasdahl               (12)Ordineil
    (13)Capital Iskendros      (14)Fandelsia          (15)Solcorina
    -Marculey kingdom
    A small country to the southeast of the continent. Due to the temperate
    weather and flourishing land making it easy to live in, it is also a famous
    travelling spot. This is the reason why the country was faced with much
    risk of invasions in the past. Currently in alliance with the neighbouring
    country Valcaneer by paying protection fees which are in actual fact taxes.
    -Valcaneer kingdom
    Located in the eastern part of the continent, said to be a country posessing
    brillant cultures is Valcaneer. It is also a famous fact that this country
    owns a strong army, and among that the highly esteemed is the 'Royal Guard',
    the king's personal calvary and the representation of the country.
    -Igredias kingdom
    This northern kingdom invaded Dulkheim due to the harsh living conditions
    and non-productive land. However, the counter made by Dulkheim which has got
    a high knowledge in terms of army defense made the Igredias kingdom enter
    into a bitter battle with much failures.
    -Dulkheim country
    The only democratic country located on the continent, situated west of
    Valcaneer, and the country which successfully crossed swords with Igredias.
    Due to all these, the citizens possess high morale and gather under the name
    of protecting their country. Also, the Chief president elected by the citizens
    has the right to order movements of the army and the army is also able to
    control movements of the political personnel. Therefore, it is called the
    military country.
    [PAGE 6 TO 9]
    *Refer to the character profiles section of this faq for the information since
    they are practically the same apart from that the manual only list the main
    playable characters.
    [PAGE 10 & 11]
    ==Basic mechanics==
    This section includes explanations regarding the various functions and
    mechanics of the controller that can be used differently on the field and
    in battles.
    -Controller and functions
    Below is a list of the controller functions for use in playing Growlanser IV
    which only allows a single player and only respond to the CONTROLLER 1 SLOT.
    The LED indicates analogue mode and there will be vibrations during certain
    parts of the game. Please refer to PG23 for vibration configurations.
    The game can be played using a normal controller but the left analogue stick
    will not function, however the other button functions are the same.
                           FIELD MAP FUNCTIONS
     D-pad/left analogue stick   | Move characters or cursors
     L1 button                   | Switch between menus
     R1 button                   | Switch between menus
     L2 button                   | Scroll through the list
     R2 button                   | Scroll through the list
     START button                | Not used
     SELECT button               | Not used
     CIRCLE button               | Examine, talk, confirm selections
     X button                    | Cancel selections/menu, fast walk
                                 |                 (while pressing it)
     TRIANGLE button             | Open the command menu
     SQUARE button               | Slow walk(while pressing it)
                            BATTLE MAP FUNCTIONS
     D-pad/left analogue stick   | Move cursor
     L1 button                   | Not in use
     R1 button                   | Not in use
     L2 button                   | Scroll through the list
     R2 button                   | Scroll through the list
     START button                | Have all characters attack except
                                 | the protagonist
     SELECT button               | Not in use
     CIRCLE button               | Confirm a selection
     X button                    | Cancel selection, skip effect of
                                 | spells
     TRIANGLE button             | Bring out the command menu again
     SQUARE button               | Check out the map
    Press the START button while holding down L1, R1, L2, R2 and SELECT button for
    a soft reset and return back to the title screen.
    [PAGE 12 & 13]
    On the title screen, you can choose START or LOAD. The APPENDIX option becomes
    available when you have met the conditions.
    -><START>: Beginning the game
    Start a new game. You will be given a choice to configure the game settings
    when you select <START>. Choose 'Yes' if required and 'No' if it is not
    necessary. After that, the protagonist naming screen will appear and
    thereafter the main game.
    The configuration screen is the same as the configuration section listed on
    PG 23. You can make changes to the configurations throughout the entire game.
    --->Naming screen
    Name the protagonist. The initial setting is at 'Crevaniel'. Use the X button
    or select the <Delete> option to remove the name. The various mechanics are
    listed as below:
     D-pad           | Move the cursor
     CIRCLE button   | Enter a character
     X button        | Delete a character
     SQUARE button   | Confirm the name
     L1, R2 button   | Change the position
     R1, R2 button   | Change the character
                     | type
     START button    | Confirm the name
    -><LOAD>: Continue a game
    Begin the game from a saved data. Please load the data from a Playstation 2
    memory card(8MB) in the memory slot 1. At the load screen, use the D-pad keys
    to scroll up and down the files. Press the CIRCLE button to confirm the
    selected data.
    --->The save data
    You can save during your adventures various locations such as inn or save
    points. Apart from these, there are also other locations where saving is
    possible. To save, choose 'Save' with a Playstation 2 memory card (8MB) in
    memory card slot 1. At the saving screen, use the D-pad keys to scroll up and
    down to the desired file slot and press the CIRCLE button to confirm the
    selected data.
    You will need at least 83KB of free space in your Playstation 2 memory
    card(8MB) to be able to create a save file. During saving, please do not
    remove the memory card from the slot.
    -><APPENDIX>: View movies, illustrations etc
    After fulfilling certain conditions in the game, the <APPENDIX> option will
    appear on the title screen. Here, you can view characters, movies, visual
    galleries, collected chip cards and many others.
    [PG 14 TO 23]
    You move around the field map and enter into battles. Let us remember the
    mechanics before starting the adventure.
    There are various castles and towns in Growlanser IV. Remembering the controls
    will allow for smoothness in using the facilities in these places. As the
    game progress, the party will also be able to have their own city where
    shops will be set up.
    --->Civilian buildings
    In towns and villages, stand before doors of buildings and press the CIRCLE
    button to start a conversation with the people inside. You may be able to
    obtain important information so please do start as many conversations as
    Stay at an inn to recover all HP and MP. You can also save and look at the
    map of the Noievarl continent. Please refer to PG 13 directions on how to
    Staying at the inn only only restores lost HP and MP, you may get to view
    various events. Should you ever be stuck in any part of the game, please do
    rest at the inn to see if that is the triggering point.
    --->Goods shop/merchants
    You can purchase items necessary for your adventures here. There are also
    places where equipments are sold together. The option for purchasing gems will
    also become available as the game progresses.
    Purchasing gems: Buy gems(PG31) to equip gems on rings. Use the D-pad keys to
    select the desired item and press CIRCLE button to confirm. The 'Buy after
    equipping' and 'Buy only' options will emerge. Choose 'Buy after equipping'
    to test out the effects on a character before buying it or choose 'Buy only'
    to purchase the item immediately without equipping it.
    Purchasing goods: Buy items such as healing drug and so on. Use the D-pad keys
    to select the desired item and press CIRCLE button to confirm. The highest
    inventory limit is 9 for each item.
    Sell items: Sell items from categories of rings, gems and equipment using this
    Decipher rings: Decipher unknown rings obtained from battles and treasure
    chests at a price. Use the D-pad to move cursor up and down to make a
    selection and press the CIRCLE button to confirm. Use 'Decipher all' to
    decipher all unknown rings in the inventory in one session.
    --->Equipment shop
    Purchase protective equipment for the characters. Use the D-pad to move cursor
    up and down to view the details in the box at the bottom of the screen.
    Thereafter, choose 'Buy after equipping' to equip on a character before buying
    or 'Buy only' to purchase it without equipping it on. Also, please take note
    that equipping equipment requires the necessary STR and if equipment is
    forcefully done when STR is not enough, the character will suffer a penalty of
    slower MOV and lower evasion ability.
    -><System menu>
    Bring out the system menu by pressing TRIANGLE button on the field map. You
    can use items and magic from this screen as well as affirm the status of
    characters. Do make sure of this menu to make preparations for an unexpected
    battle encounter.
    --->Menu screen
                               ------------------          (4)<--|Money          |
                               \ Crevaniel      /                |       XXXXXRIL|
          ---------------        ---------------                  ---------------
         |     SPELL     |      ------------ --------- ------------
          ---------------      |Unit|       |Condition|Status      |
         |     SKILL     |     |----        |--------- ------------
          ---------------      |            |         |STR    XXX  |
         |     ITEM      |     |            |         |------------|
          ---------------      |            |         |DEX    XXX  |
    (1)<-|     EQUIP     |     |            |   (3)   |------------|
          ---------------      |            |         |INT    XXX  |
         |   FORMATION   |     |            |         |------------|
          ---------------      --------------         |ATK    XXX  |--->(5)
         |    FAMILIAR   |     |LV  XX      |         |------------|
          ---------------      --------------         |DEF    XXX  |
         |    STATUS     |     |HP  XXX/XXX |         |------------|
          ---------------      --------------         |MOV    XXX  |
         |   CONFIGURE   |     |MP  XX / XX |         |------------|
          ---------------      --------------         |ATW     XX  |
                    (2)<------ |            |         --------------
                               |            |         |            |
                               ------------- --------- -------------
            -------------   -------------   -------------   -------------
           |        XXX _| |        XXX _| |        XXX _| |        XXX _|
           |         XX| | |         XX| | |         XX| | |         XX| |--->(6)
           --------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------
           |             | |             | |             | |             |
           --------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------
    (1) Various commands in the system menu. Please refer to PG 18 for details.
    (2) Current level, HP: current/max, MP(magic points): current/max
    (3) Current status. Will have icons representing any bad status or status
        effects via magic use.(PG17)
    (4) Money
    (5) Various stats of a character. Please refer to list below more details.
    (6) Window showing summary of characters' statistics.
    Shows the statistics of a character. Will be affected when a character level
    up or by equipping rings.
    STR     | Represents the strength. Affect weapon offensive ability, rate of
            | HP increase and required stat to equip armor.
    DEX     | Represents agility. Affect movement, chanting time, accuracy and
            | evasion.
    INT     | Represents intelligence. Affect rate of MP increase and effect of
            | spells/magic.
    ATK     | Represents the offensive ability. Affect DMG dealt using weapon.
    DEF     | Represents the defensive ability. Affect the DMG received.
    MOV     | Represents mobility. Affect speed in battles.
    ATW     | Represents time period of rigidity. Affect the time period of
            | waiting after dealing attack to an enemy. The smaller the amount,
            | the shorter the wait time.
    During battles, support magic from allies and attacks from enemies can cause
    changes in a character's status. An introduction of the bad status as well as
    how to deal with it is given.
    A layout example:
    |  | **<Name of bad status>
    |Field effect  | Effects caused on the field map
    |Battle effect | Effects caused on the battle map
    |How to recover| Way to recover from the bad status
    |Auto recover  | Indicate whether the status can be
    |              | recovered automatically
    **Since the little square is an image, I will take it away from the tables
    [Bad status that won't be recovered after a battle]
    |Field effect  | -5 HP every 10 steps(until 1 HP)
    |Battle effect | -5 HP every fixed period of time
    |              | (until 0 HP)
    |How to recover| Fine, poison removal herb, panacea
    |Auto recover  | No
    |Field effect  | -25 HP every 10 steps(until 1 HP)
    |Battle effect | -25 HP every fixed period of time
    |              | (until 0 HP)
    |How to recover| Fine, poison removal herb, panacea
    |Auto recover  | No
    |Field effect  | Unable to use magic or skills
    |Battle effect | Unable to move
    |How to recover| Fine, restorative, panacea
    |Auto recover  | Yes
    |Field effect  | Unable to use magic or skills
    |Battle effect |  Unable to move
    |How to recover| Fine, henlouda, panacea
    |Auto recover  | No
     [Bad status that will recover after battle]
    |Battle effect | Unable to move
    |How to recover| Raise, nectar
    |Auto recover  | No
    |Battle effect | Unable to move
    |How to recover| Fine
    |Auto recover  | When dmg is received
    |Battle effect | Unable to chant magic
    |How to recover| Fine
    |Auto recover  | Yes
    |Battle effect | Attack down
    |How to recover| Attack
    |Auto recover  | Yes
    |Battle effect | Defense down
    |How to recover| Protect
    |Auto recover  | Yes
    |Battle effect | Magic defense down
    |How to recover| Resist
    |Auto recover  | Yes
     Cycle down
    |Battle effect | Speed for ATW to reduce is down
                   | by half
    |How to recover| Cycle up
    |Auto recover  | Yes
    |Battle effect | Unable to move
    |How to recover| Fine, poison removal herb, panacea
    |Auto recover  | Yes
    |Battle effect | Unable to move
    |How to recover| Fine, restorative
    |Auto recover  | Yes
     Death curse
    |Battle effect | Character will die once time is up
    |How to recover| Kill the unit casting the curse
    |Auto recover  | No
    On the right side of the system menu, there are 8 commands which can be
    chosen from. Take note that the 'Familiar' command will not be available until
    she appears in the game. Below are explanations on the functions of the
    various commands.
    Use a learnt spell. Use the D-pad or L1/R1 buttons to switch between
    characters. Use the D-pad keys again to move up and right through the list and
    confirm with the CIRCLE button. Select the character on whom the magic is to
    be used with the D-pad keys or the L1/R1 buttons.
    Magic such as Attack, Protect and Resist can be used on the field map as well,
    this makes it possible to prepare characters before a big mission battle.
    Use a learnt skill/technique. Use the D-pad or L1/R1 buttons to switch between
    characters and the D-pad keys again to move up and right through the list. The
    amount of times a skill can be used will go up as its level increase. Rest at
    inns to restore.
    Check out the rings, gems and items in the inventory. Choosing the Items
    option brings up the 6 sub-options below:
    Choose to equip, use, or throw away items. Move the cursor with the D-pad or
    the L2/R2 buttons and press the CIRCLE button to decide. Grayed out
    instructions cannot be performed.
    Equip or throw away armor.  Move the cursor with the D-pad or the L2/R2
    buttons and press the CIRCLE button to decide. 'Equip', 'Use' or 'Throw'
    cannot be used for armor that are already equipped by any character.
    Equip or throw away rings. Move the cursor with the D-pad or the L2/R2
    buttons and press the CIRCLE button to decide. Then select the character
    to equip by using the D-pad keys and confirm the parameter changes as well
    as gem levels.
    Equip gems. Move the cursor with the D-pad or the L2/R2 buttons and press the
    CIRCLE button to decide. Then select the character to equip by using the D-pad
    keys or L1/R1 buttons.
    -Rare items
    Use a rare item. Move the cursor with the D-pad or the L2/R2 buttons and press
    the CIRCLE button to decide. In cases whereby item is to be given to a person,
    just stand before him/her and select the item.
    Sort out all items in the entire inventory.
    Equip rings, armor as well as gems under this screen. Move the cursor with
    the D-pad or the L2/R2 buttons and press the CIRCLE button to decide. Then
    select the item. Use th D-pad keys or L1/R1 buttons to switch between
    -Equip window
    Armor: the current equipped armor
    Ring: the current equipped ring. This will affect the gem color, status and
          level below
    Gem: The colors of the gem slots. There are various levels for gems and though
         you can equip a gem which is not of the same color as the ring slot, the
         obtained technique points will be lower and you cannot equip a gem that
         has a higher level than the slot.
    -The ring equipment screen
    *An image with number markers.
    (1)The name and properties of the current equipped ring
    (2)A window showing the ring inventory
    (3)Shows the properties of the various rings
    (4)Shows the changes when equipping a certain ring. A green arrow up
    represents increased ability and a red arrow down represents decreased ability
    (5)Shows the increased stats after equipping the ring
    -The gems equipment screen
    *An image with number markers.
    (1)The skills that can learnt with the current equipped gem. LV refers to the
    levels of the various skills. NEXT EXP is the amount of technique points
    required to reach the next level.
    (2)Shows the skills that the currently selected gem give
    (3)Shows the level and color of the various gems
    (4)The gem inventory
    (5)The count for each gem in the inventory
    (6)Shows the name and properties of the current equipped ring
    Change the party formation. Select a character with the D-pad or L1/R1 buttons
    and press CIRCLE button to decide, pick the desired position to confirm
    As the story progress, the familiar will join you. Under the Familiar menu,
    there are the 'Treasure Search', 'Affection rating', 'Event memo',
    'Personality' and 'View special abilities' options. Please refer to P36 for
    more details.
    Check out the status of various characters. Press the CIRCLE button to switch
    from Skill list to Spell list to Limit abilities screen. Use the D-pad or the
    L1/R1 buttons to switch between characters.
    *An image with number markers again
    (1)Experience points required until the next level
    (2)Money owned
    (3)Current level, HP(health): current/max, MP(magic point): current/max
    (4)The magic resistances(defense abilities against different types of magic
    elements). 0(weakness)~6(Immune) and 8 for absorb. The normal rank is 2.
    Immune will render the element magic void while absorb will recover HP.
    (5)Statistics for each character(please refer to P16)
    (6)Current equipped armor, ring and gems
    Change various settings for the game such as sound and voices. Same as the
    screen that appears when you start a new game.
     Sound         | Change BGM to stereo or monoaural
     Voice         | Toggle between ON/OFF for message voice
     Menu voice    | Toggle between ON/OFF for Familiar's voice in menu usage
     Battle voices | Set battle voices
     Battle cursor | Set the cursor movement in battle to be in accordance with
                   | characters that are being attacked
     Cursor memory | Set the memory for cursor's last position
     Range         | Set whether to ask for acknowledgment in the magic range
     acknowledgment| when casting a line magic during battles
     Spell pop-up  | Set whether to ON/OFF the pop-up window for magic chanting
     window        | to a specific level. OFF=chant to the highest level
     Vibration     | Toggle between ON/OFF for the analogue controller vibration
     Cursor        | Change the cursor look
    The spell pop-up window option is set to ON as default. This will enable the
    player to decide what level of magic the character is supposed to chant to.
    OFF will allow character to chant to the highest level. Due to that, it is
    recommended for new players to stick to the default ON.
    [PG 24 TO 29]
    --->Control the party to destroy the enemies
    In battles, the leader Crevaniel will give the orders. It is important to
    analyze the situation and give correct directions. On the field map, battles
    will begin when the party approach an enemy. Press the TRIANGLE button during
    battles to bring up the command menu to give or change directions to the party
    --->Attack window and charge time
    When the ATW(yellow bar at the attack window) becomes 0, the character will be
    able to perform an action. Also, when the Charge Time(CT) green bar for
    chanting a spell becomes 0, it implies that 1 level of the spell is completed.
    --->Command screen
    *An image with number markers
    (1)Various commands that can be given during battles(P26)
    (2)Active battle points obtained in that particular fight. The active battle
    points will change the experience points obtained by a character at the end of
    a fight.
    (3)The current given command
    (4)Radar which shows the position of the enemys and the party. Red=enemy,
    green=party members
    (5)A brief summary of characters' status. In the command window, the ATW and
    CT won't move.
    --->Battle flow
    There are plenty of steps that can be done during battles. It is important to
    pay attention to the smallest details and give suitable commands. Below is an
    explanation of the battle flow. Take note that there are also mission battles
    in the game where victory and fail conditions play a part.
    -Start of encounter/mission battle
    A battle will begin when the party approach the enemy on the field. The
    starting positions of the units remain the same therefore it is recommended to
    approach the enemy from an advantageous position. There are also situations
    where the enemy will be surprised.
    -Options for character movements
    When a battle begins, the command window for all characters will emerge. In
    the case of a physical weapon attack, choose the enemy target. In the case of
    spell usage, choose the type of magic and the level(Default configure->P23) to
    start chanting. Press the START button to automatically have all party members
    apart from the protagonist to attack with their weapons.
    Press the TRIANGLE button to bring up the command menu again to make changes.
    When HP is low, it is important to stop attack or spell chanting commands and
    heal instead.
    -After a battle
    When all enemies are destroyed or if the mission clear conditions are met, the
    screen will move on to the battle results screen. Here, active point battles
    and time bonus will add on to the experience points obtained. If all party
    members are fallen or if fail conditions are met, it will be game over.
    --->Battle menu
    1.Attack  5.Spell
    2.Item    6.Skill
    3.Equip   7.Guard
    4.Move    8.Assault
    There are 8 commands under the battle menu, take control of the circumstances
    and give the correct directions. The protagonist's battle menu do not have the
    'Assault' option.
    Have characters attack with weapons. Use the D-pad keys or the L1/R1 buttons
    to select the enemy target and press the CIRCLE button to confirm. Please do
    take note of the weapon range of the characters.
    Use items in the inventory. Use the D-pad keys to select from the 'Goods' or
    'Gems' and press the CIRCLE to confirm. Thereafter, pick a target and press
    the CIRCLE button again to use the item. If a gem is being equipped, it cannot
    be used.
    Different from spell and weapon attacks, items have no range. You can use it
    no matter what the distance is, therefore it is very important to use recovery
    items when needed.
    Change the ring or armor equipment during battle time. Use the D-pad keys or
    L2/R2 buttons to scroll through the list and press CIRCLE button to confirm.
    Take note that you cannot change ring equipment in battles.
    Move characters to a desired location. Bring the cursor to the position and
    press CIRCLE button twice to give the command to start movement. Pressing the
    CIRCLE button once will fix the cursor at a desired point. You can fix up to
    3 points and press the CIRCLE button twice to confirm the destination.
    Should a character be blocked by an enemy while moving in the destinated
    route, he/she will stop and attack. Due to this, do take note to set the
    correct route points to reach the destination successfully.
    Use the D-pad keys or L2/R2 buttons to scroll through the list and press the
    CIRCLE button to confirm. Then pick the level and press CIRCLE button again to
    start chanting. Choose from 'Cast magic', 'Cooperation', 'Wait' or 'End'
    options once chanting is completed.
    Use the D-pad keys or L2/R2 buttons to scroll through the list and press the
    CIRCLE button to confirm. If count is lower than 1, you will not be able to
    use the skill. Rest at the inn to restore the count.
    Enter into guard position which will reduce damage received. Untill another
    action is issued from the command menu, the character will continue to guard.
    Have characters attack by weapon until end of battle. The option cannot be
    used for the protagonist.
    Press the START button during battles to have all characters apart from the
    protagonist to attack by weapon. For the protagonist, you will have to
    manually issue the attack command.
    --->War situation
    This is a system which determines the difference in strength between the party
    and the enemy as well as effect of the clear time. Finishing a battle in the
    shortest time possible will enable better rewards in terms of experience
    points, money, rings, items and many others.
    -Familiar's navigation voice
    When entering into a battle on the field, the familiar will determine the
    strength difference between the party and the enemy with comments such as
    "This should be easy", "A very dangerous opponent' and so on. Please do be
    very careful when facing strong enemies.
    -Event timer
    A timer will appear during event battles, this is a counter which starts from
    50 and will affect the experience, money, technique points and other factors
    depending on the remaining count left after a battle. The counter's speed will
    change according to the difficulty level of the mission battle.
    --->After the battle
    For field battles, the fight will end when all enemies are gone or it will be
    game over when all party members are annihilated. In mission battles, meeting
    clear conditions will end the mission while failure to do it will result in
    game over. The 3 result ranks are as below.
    Met all clear conditions perfectly with much bonus time left. Gives a lot of
    bonus experience points.
    Met all clear conditions with a remaining time bonus that is above 0. Gives
    much bonus experience points.
    Clear the mission with the lowest possible conditions. It does not mean game
    over but the bonus experience points given are very little.
    --->Victory and active battle points
    You will get experience points and Ril at the results screen after a battle.
    Representing the activity of a character in battle is the active battle
    points. This will affect the experience points obtained and in the case of
    a mission battle, the clear and time bonus will create changes as well.
    --->Level up
    When a character's level has gone up, the parameters go up as well. Also, the
    properties of an equipped ring will change by defeating enemies in battles.
    The levels of skills, magic will go up as well.
    [PAGE 30 & 31]
    Let us look at the effects of combining the use of ring weapon with magic
    --->Ring weapon
    A ring weapon is a weapon that changes its form from a ring. The type of
    weapon differs with characters and has the ability to increase a character's
    abilities. You can obtain rings by defeating enemies, do try out various rings
    in your adventures.
    -Increasing the status
    Rings can affect the parameters when equipped. As the level increases, you
    will be able to equip higher level gems.
    -Learning magic and skills using gems
    There are 3 ring slots for equipping gems. The skills and magic that comes
    with the gem will become available for usage. The level of the equipped skills
    and magic will increase by defeating enemies.
    -Ring properties
    The 3 slots of rings consist of various numbers and colors. These represents
    the ring properties and makes it possible to equip gems of the listed level as
    the slot. This properties will increase by defeating enemies.
    -Technique points
    To learn or master magic and skills, you will need techniquie points that will
    be obtained by defeating enemies. Only characters who strike the final blow
    will obtain technique points(different when using cooperation magic). Once you
    have the familiar learn the 'Enemy Scan' skill, you will be able to see how
    much technique points an enemy will give.
    POINT 1
    When the color of the ring slot and equipped gem is different, the obtained
    technique points will be 3/4 of the original. Match the correct colors to
    obtain the necessary technique points.
    POINT 2
    You can use a skill when equipped with a gem that gives the ability. Also,
    when the level of the skill is more than 1, you will be able to use it even
    when the gem is removed. However, as compared to equipping it, the technique
    points added to the skill counter will become 1/20 of the original.
    POINT 3
    When you equip the same type of gems in the ring slots, you will be able to
    learn the skill/magic 2 or 3 times faster.
    [PAGE 32 TO 35]
    Magic is an important aspect in adventure. It is also possible to use them
    on the field map.
    --->Using magic
    You learn magic from equipping gems and increasing the level by defeating
    enemies. This makes it possible to use a high level spell be it in battles or
    on the field map.
    -On the field map
    Unlike in battles, you cannot select the level of the magic you want to use.
    You can use support magic such as Protect and Attack.
    -During battles
    You can get to choose the desired level after picking the magic you want a
    character to chant(if the magic pop-up window under the Configuration menu is
    ON). You can also use cooperation or continuous magic when conditions are met.
    --->Charge time
    Using a spell in a battle, the chanting time will be reflected on the CT
    gauge. Each time the bar is down represents 1 level completed. After the
    selected level is done chanting, the Cast window will appear.
    --->Spell level
    There are levels for each spell and the higher the level, the greater the
    --->Casting a spell
    Using a spell in battles involves various steps. Listed below is the flow and
    it may differ for cooperation and continuous magic.
    -Select the type of magic and level
    Use the D-pad or L2/R2 buttons to select from the list and press CIRCLE
    button to decide. Thereafter, use the D-pad keys to select the desired level.
    The lower the level, the smaller the effect and the faster the chant time. The
    higher the level, the greater the effect and the longer the chant time.
    After confirming the magic and level, chanting begins with the CT gauge
    showing the chant time(P32). The CT gauge will continue until chanting reaches
    the chosen level. Take note that being attacked during chanting without any
    form of defense ability will result in a higher damage done.
    To stop chanting, press the TRIANGLE button. Choose 'Cast' to cast the magic
    at its current level, 'End' to enter other commands, 'Continue' to continue
    the chanting until the highest level.
    -End of chanting
    Once chanting is done, the menu will appear. Choose to cast on a selected
    target, 'End' to enter other commands, or wait to have character standby with
    the chanting. You can always press the TRIANGLE button to bring up the menu
    and make changes.
    [Special spells]
    You can use special types of spells by learning magic and skills from gems.
    --->Continuous magic
    Once you have learnt the continous magic skill, you can choose to have the
    magic be cast on a destinated area. Enemies within the range will receive
    damage. However, you cannot choose areas where other characters or obstacles
    Choose the 'Continous magic' command. In cases wherby character has already
    began chanting or if the character doesn't have the skill, this action cannot
    be performed.
    The spell list appear automatically after you choose the command. Use the
    D-pad keys to select and press CIRCLE button to confirm. There will emerge
    names such as "Fire line' or 'Ice line' representing that only attacking forms
    of magic can be used.
    Similiar to normal spell usage, a cursor will appear once chanting is done.
    Use the CIRCLE button to select the location and when an X symbol appears,
    just press the CIRCLE button again to begin the casting.
    --->Cooperation magic
    Use powerful cooperation magic after learning the 'Cooperation' skill. This
    action cannot be performed if the required spell has not been learnt.
    -2 person coorperation magic
    You can use coorperation magic once 2 characters have learnt the 'Cooperation'
    skill. Select the desired cooperation magic and chanting will begin. Do learn
    Wind edge since it plays a part in area spells.
    -Choosing to cast spell once both characters are done chanting
    Choose 'Cooperation' once chanting is finished on both sides. In the case of
    one character completed chanting earlier than the other, choose to have
    him/her wait. Once chanting is complete, use the D-pad to select the target.
    In the situation of using an area spell, select the location to cast the
    -Examples of cooperation magic
    There are all type of combinations for using cooperation magic, including area
    support spells. Do test them out.
    Wind edge+Ice barette = Blizzard
    Fire arrow+Ice baratte = Soul force
    [PG 36 & 37]
    These 2 pages are about the familiar. Refer to the 'Familiar' section of this
    faq since I've already translated part of this in that section right from the
    beginning and the other notes are pretty much similiar.
     (((Game opening song lyrics)))
    <<Before the Daylight>>
    kono sora ni kizutsuita tsubasa hiroge
    kimi wo mamoru tame ni
    mada owaranai yami ga, machi wo sotto tsutsumu
    marude yume no naka hitori, samayotteru mitai de
    kuchi hateta toki no naka, kiseki wo
    tachi-agari mezasu shikanai
    soko ni aru no nara
    sono hitomi nidoto kumorasenaide
    itsu no hi ka utsuru ashita no tami ni
    kono sora ni kizutsuita tsubasa hiroge
    ai wo mamoru tami ni
    <<My brief translation>>
    Spread out the wounded wings in this sky,
    for the sake of protecting you.
    The endless darkness silently enveloped the city,
    as if a person is wandering about in a dream.
    Create a miracle in the fleeting time,
    start working towards it,
    if it is there.
    Don't mask those eyes again,
    for the tomorrow that will be reflected someday.
    Spread out the wounded wings in this sky,
    for the sake of protecting love.
     (((Ending song lyrics))) <--Ending credits song
    <<Your memories ~Sepia colored memories~(sepia iro no omoide tachi>>
    Nagare kieyuku kaze, hitori kanji tsuzuketa
    itsuka kisetsu wa sugi, ano hi to onaji keishiki
    sayonara sae mo ienai mama, itamu kokoro sae kakushite
    dare mo ga kitto wasuresatte yuku kedo, kiseki wo shinjite
    ima demo kokoro wo somaru, sepia iro no omoide tachi
    futatabi deaieru toki made mune no oku ni shimau yo
    mado wo tataku ame wo, hitori mitsume tsuzuketa
    itsu ka toki ga nagare, ano hi to onaji omoi
    sayonara nante ienakutemo, wakariaeru donna toki mo
    shinji tsuzukeru koto ga dekiru no naraba, kiseki wa kanau to
    ima ni mo hitomi wo tojite, anata no koe kikoetekuru
    hakanaku kasukana kibou, sonna yokan kanjiru
    ima demo kokoro wo somaru, sepia iro no omoide tachi
    futatabi deaieru toki made mune no oku ni shimau yo
    futari ga deai naosetara, donna toki mo hanasanaide
    konna ni ai suru hito ga soba ni iru no, itsu demo
    <<My brief translation>>
    To continue feeling the passing wind alone.
    The season will pass away someday, just like the scenery on that day.
    Even as goodbyes weren't said, the painful heart was hidden.
    All will leave but do believe in miracles.
    Even now, the sepia colored memories,
    I will place it in the depths of my heart until the day we can meet again.
    To continue looking at the rain beating on the window alone.
    Time will pass away someday, just like the memory of that day.
    Even as reluctant in saying goodbye, know that no matter when,
    as long as we continue to believe, the miracle will come true.
    Until now, I can still hear your voice when I close my eyes.
    Feeling the premonition of a small hope.
    Even now, the sepia colored memories,
    I will place it in the depths of my heart until the day we can meet again.
    If we can start our encounter all over again, let us not separate no matter
    when. To always have such a loved one by my side.
     (((Version history)))
    Summary of updates for Version 1 and in-betweens: Story walkthrough and
    character side quests completed. Names revamp and various slight amendments.
    2007 19th August - Version 2.0: FAQ being reformatted/revised + new sections +
    much amendments.
    Version 3.2 - 2008 March 15 - A late update, but I finally added in the
    software manual translation. I also added in the cooperation spells under
    the magic listing.
    Version 3.3 - 2008 June 6th - Amendments as well as some notes.

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