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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AOL es Infern0 6t

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    "You know what, I think your of ****"- Rico, Killzone
                          `Author:AOLesInfern0      `
                          `Version:1.00             `
                          `Last updated:02/03/05    `
                          `Genre:Action             `
                          `Guide Type:FAQ/Walkthough`
                          `(Online and Offline)     `
      .Copyright 2004 Michael Dietz do not use this guide on any site without   .
      .my permission. You can ask for permission at smitty416[at]gmail[dot]com  .
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    * [##] (Table of Contents) *****************************************************
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    Note for the note: You must press crtl BEFORE F(Hold crtl down)
    [04]Weapons & Vehicles
    [07]Walkthrough(Walkthrough Table of Contents located there)
    [08]Game Modes and Online Features(Multiplayer is the same)
    [09]Online Levels(Online Levels Table Of Contents located there)
    [10]Getting Online(NA,Headset,disconnections,ect.)
    [13]Version History
    [14]Copyright Notice
    [15]Legal Notice
    * [01] (Introduction) **********************************************************
                    Welcome to my walkthrough for Killzone!
    In this walkthrough I will cover both single player and multiplayer levels as
    well as characters,weapons,story and so on. Stuck on level? Getting owned
    online? This is where to find help for your Killzone problems and questions.
    Feel free to e-mail me at Smitty416@msn.com. So lets begin.
    Killzone is a game set in the future between 2 forces: The ISA
    (Interplanetary Strategic Alliance) forces of Vetka , and the Helghast forces
    which are easily recognized by their glowing eyes. You will be able to play as
    1 of 4 ISA soldiers which all have different strengths and weaknesses to each
    situation. Starting with the first wave of Helghast forces you'll fight your way
    through the war protecting planet vetka which is now in ruins since the
    Helegast assault.
    The developers did something unique for this game. You have 11 missions which
    all have 4 or 5 sub levels much like Medal of Honor Frontline, but the missions
    are also divided in to different environments based on past wars such as WWI
    trench warfare or the jungle battles of Vietnam. So you won't be playing in the
    same style levels over and over again.
    As I said before you can play as 4 characters. There's 4 characters:
    An all-around soldier, a stealth character, a gung ho kind of guy, and a spy.
    Each one will have his or her(Yes her) path through the mission, and be able to
    do things easier or find things harder than other characters. So this more or
    less increases replay value by 4.
    Online is up to 16 players making it broadband only unfortunately for Dial-Up
    users. There are 8 online maps and 6 online modes which can be played on
    different maps respectively. There are some common modes like deathmatch and
    some more unique new ideas like supply drop.
    So that's a basic summary for Killzone, which is an extraordinary game. If you
    need any reviews for the game you can look here:
    and the reviews on gameFAQs.
    * [02] (Story) *****************************************************************
    Now how about a little pre-game knowledge on how this whole war began, and how
    your team came to be at the trenches outside the city of Vekta City.
    The history of Helghan is a sad and miserable one. Sent to planet of Helghan by
    the other planets of the ISA they were forgotten by Vekta and others like the
    them much. Helghan was much like a 3rd world country, and had a good reason to
    want revenge. Not only revenge though. A new commander of the Helghan forces
    rose up 10 years ago promising to fulfill "The Helghan Dream" of getting revenge
    , but also conquering the ISA.
    The effects of this new land were devastating to the new arrivals. Radiation
    caused many problems with breathing and eye sight. Also, there was loss of hair
    to point they were all completely bald. Eventually after many years the Helghast
    adapted to their new home, and grew stronger. Now stronger not only physically,
    but their military power was also greatly improved.
    The new general made a speech 10 years ago promising to rebuild the Helghan
    military strength, and now 10 years later he makes a speech reviewing the last
    10 years how they were oppressed by the ISA and it echoed the words of assurance
    to the Helghan troops:” I have rebuilt our nation, I have rebuilt our strength,
    and I HAVE REBUILT OUR PRIDE!" The speech was after all the final speech before
    the Helghan Assault of the ISA.
    The assault came quick and especially hard on the planet of Vekta. The planetary
    defenses were hacked and failed when the Helghast invaded. The soldiers of Vekta
    watched helplessly as Helghan vessels past by their ships without the slightest
    resistance. The ships landed in the cities of Vekta and troops poured out.
    Civilians ran for their lives only to turn the corner and be gunned down
    viciously by Helghast. The Vetkan troops unprepared retreated, and the
    Helghast surged forward. Outside of Vekta city the Helegast and ISA forces of
    Vekta battled in deadly trench warfare. With the city forces of Vetka failing
    and morale extremely low you assume control and have to get back to the ISA HQ
    to find out what’s going on.
    The rest of the story? It unfolds as you go through the walkthrough(Hint: Check
    the walkthrough)
    * [03] (Characters) ************************************************************
    There are 4 playable characters in the game each with his or her strengths and
    weaknesses. The 4 basic traits are all around, heavy weapons, stealth, and
    spying. (More characters will be added)(From Killzonegame.com)
    Templar is your all around guy. He's good at everything, and is also the squad
    leader. This guy seems the most battle-hardened to me compared to the others.
    He apparently from some cut scenes had a soft spot for Luger before the war, but
    the soft spots gone now ever sense he became battles-hardened. Being all-around
    makes him a good special forces captain.
    Weaponary:ISA assault rifle, ISA pistol
    Strength:He's good at everything and can handle all ISA weaponry effectively,
    especially the ISA assault rifle.
    Weakness:Not extraordinarily good at any weapons, and not that great with using
    Helghast weaponry.
    This character is the heavy weaponry guy. He's out for revenge ever since the
    Helegast killed all of his former squad, and has developed an extreme disliking
    of the Helegast since then. Whether he's a black guy or Hispanic is debatable,
    but I personally think he's black. He really doesn't talk like a black guy
    (No Offense), but he doesn't have a Hispanic accent ether. Let's what else...
    he likes to swear a lot.
    Complextion:Light Black/Hispanic(I'm not sure I have people e-mailing me that
    he's Hispanic and some Black. He has a black voice actor, but Rico is a
    Hispanic name are some of the arguments)
    Weaponary:ISA chain gun
    Strength:He's the best at handling heavy machinery such as his chain gun or a
    mounted machine gun.
    Weakness:Carrying that big chain gun really slows him down. Only available
    after the 3rd level.
    This is the only female member of the squad and is the stealthiest. She's
    sometimes dressed in black with a black mask, and sometimes she's not. Luger
    also has thermal goggles for advanced night vision! She's the only one with a
    knife, and is the quickest of all 3 of them. She is also able to reach areas
    the other's can't.
    Weaponary:ISA Silenced Sub-machine Gun
    Strength:She's the quickest, and stealthiest. She is able to reach areas
    such as air ducts, climb ropes and all ladders. Her silenced sub-machine gun,
    knife, and thermal goggles make her really deadly.
    Weakness:The reason she's quick and silent is because she's lightly armored,
    and lightly armed. She also cannot use some of the larger weaponry. Only
    available after the 2nd level.
    This member of the squad used to be in the mask of a Helegast himself. Why he
    defected from the Helegast is unknown which is why the squad trusts him the
    least. Hahka is the best at using all weaponry of the Helghast and can go be
    proximity mines and sensors due to the chip planted on all of the Helghast's
    Weaponary:Helghast Assault Rifle, Helghast Knife(Thanks to xvashxknivesx)
    Strength:He's the best you'll have at using Helghast weaponry, and is able to
    sneak past sensors due to the chip planted on his neck.
    Weakness:Not able to get in to certain areas like Luger, or man heavy weapons
    as well as Rico can he's only average. Also, he is only available after the 4th
    General Adams
    This is the general in charge of the SD platforms, and is also the traitor
    that traded to the Helghast. The squad of 4 is after him during the later
    parts of the game after he switches sides.
    General Vaughton
    This guy is the leader of the ground forces on Vekta. His favorite captain
    is Templar. Unfortunatly, he gets killed by the traitor General Adams during
    the game.
    Helghast Soldier
    Weaponary:Helghast Assault Rifle or Sniper Rifle
    This is your basic Helghast enemy you'll be fighting. Lowest, least powerful,
    and least strong. As well as least amount of body armor. Not to be under
    estimated though; a squad of these can be dangerous, and very deadly. These are
    either Snipers or assaulters.
    Helghast Elite Troops
    Weaponary:Helghast Light MG
    These guys come in in the second level, and carry big bad machine guns that
    practically light up the whole room. Not to be underestimated under any
    circumstances. These guys are also much harder to kill than the standard
    Helghast Grunt.
    Light Helghast
    (Thanks to c1107eyec)
    Weaponary:Helghast Assault Rifle
    Pretty easy to kill, and are hardly wroth a bullet. These guys hardly pose a
    threat. Shouldn't need to trouble over these guys.
    Helghast Officer
    Weaponary: Helghast Pistol
    These guys can take a beating of a round or 2. Although they aren't very
    destructive, they can pose a threat. Dressed in gray capes, and no eye goggles.
    They are very distinct to the other Helghast.
    Helghast Assault Forces
    Hair:Metal Helmet
    Weaponary:Helghast Missle Barrage, Assault Rifle, Grenade Launcher,
    or Light machine Gun.
    These guys are sooooo hard to kill. It only takes 4-8 headshots to kill, but
    Luger's gun is strangely effective. If you hit the with any other gun besides a
    machine gun it takes 2-3 clips. They were helmets that are metal, and metal
    Helghast Special Forces
    Weaponary:Helghast Assault Rifle or Light Machine Gun
    I wasn't sure what to call these either, but they only appear at the last part
    of the last level. They really can take a beating, and give a pounding. So
    they're worthy of the last level.
    * [04] (Weapons & Vehicles) ****************************************************
    Now we move on to weapons.(Note: not complete list)
    ISA Assault Rifle
    Primary fire: Full Auto
    Secondary fire: Grenade Launcher
    Scope/Zoom: Yes
    An assault rifle with a grenade launcher attached(Much like an M203) how
    well-rounded and useful. This should get you out of any trouble you could get
    yourself in to. Easily adaptable for all situations this is a great choice for
    a gun.
    ISA Pistol
    Primary fire: Single Shot
    Secondary fire: Single Shot
    Scope/Zoom: No
    The standard ISA pistol that you'll be carrying around. Only single shot no full
    auto like every other pistol(Except a Glock 18, Mauser Broomhandle, and VP70).
    A life saver if you run out of ammo for your primary gun, but of course this is
    less powerful than other guns. It has some good range especially for a pistol.
    ISA Shotgun
    Primary fire: Semi-Auto
    Secondary fire: Two Shot Burst
    Scope/Zoom: No
    This is the shotgun of the ISA which is predictably terrible for long ranges,
    but devastating at close quarters. The secondary fire throws 2 rounds a pump at
    the enemies. This shotgun isn't the most powerful in the game, but the most
    ISA Chain Gun
    Primary fire: Full Auto
    Secondary fire: Missle Launcher
    Scope/Zoom: No
    WOW! A machine gun with a...missile launcher. Seems noobish. At least online,
    but this gun causes some serious damage. Reloading this gun doesn't come up very
    often, in fact not at all. If you need to mow down tons of enemies this is your
    gun to use.
    ISA Missile Launcher
    Primary fire: Missle Launcher
    Secondary fire: Laser Guided Missile
    Scope/Zoom: No
    Let's clear up the Laser Guided Missile Part. What basically happens is you fire
    your missile, and get a laser to point. The missile follows the laser so you
    just keep your laser on the target, and the missile will head towards the laser.
    The primary missile goes straight ahead, but a lot faster than the laser 
    Luger's Sub-machine Gun
    Primary Fire: Full auto
    Secondary fire: Silenced single shot
    Scope/Zoom: Yes
    This gun fire's decently fast in the primary mode, but the secondary is single
    shot, but silenced. Pretty accurate with low recoil this is an overall good
    gun to use.
    ISA Mounted Machine Gun
    Primary Fire: Full Auto
    Secondary Fire: None
    Scope/Zoom: Yes
    This looks like it came right out of WWI. This seems to overheat faster than
    it's Helghast counterpart. However it makes up for it with zoom. You'll only
    see these in the earlier missions.
    Primary Fire: Explosion
    Secondary Fire: None
    Scope/Zoom: No
    Just press the grenade throw button to toss. Hold it down to cook the grenades
    , and the yellow lights show how close it is to exploding. You have 7 seconds
    to throw. You can only carry 6 grenades at a time.
    Primary Fire: Slash, cut, cut.
    Secondary Fire: None
    Scope/Zoom: No
    R1=Slash, and it is not fatal.
    X=Slit throat/chest
    Note: To exicute a knife throw make sure your semi-far away from the target, and
    press X when they are facing you. The character should prceed to throw the knife
    at the target, anf slit his throat.
    Helghast Pistol 
    Primary fire: Burst
    Secondary fire: Single
    Scope/Zoom: No
    This pistol is a lot different than the ISA pistol. This pistol has burst mode
    for a primary fire which can be good for close quarters, and single shot which
    can be good for longer distances. This is a handy weapon although not as
    powerful as the ISA pistol.
    Helghast Light Machine Gun 
    Primary fire: Full Auto
    Secondary fire: None
    Scope/Zoom: No
    This is the fastest firing weapon in the game. No secondary fire though only you
    and full auto. Not that great for long range this gun can be helpful in a tight
    situation foe close range and even for mid range. Good gun overall, but this
    takes up some ammo.
    Helghast Sniper Rifle
    Primary auto-Auto
    Secondary fire: None
    Scope/Zoom: Yes
    So Killzone started a new sniping system which is very debatable. Some people
    welcome the change and others hate it. It has a nice orange tint in the scope
    ,and fires semi-auto like the SASR.
    Helghast Missile Launcher 
    Primary fire: Single Missile
    Secondary fire:3 Missiles
    Scope/Zoom: No
    Yes 3 missiles at once, but of course they don't go across the level. They are
    like grenades since they have limited range. The Single Missile on the other
    hand goes farther, but only 1 missile at time. You don't have to reload after
    each missile. This thing really slows you down though.
    Helghast Pistol Grenade Launcher
    Primary fire: Single Grenade
    Secondary fire: None
    Scope/Zoom: No
    Just a pistol. I think it's Helghast not sure though. E-mail me if you know if
    it is or not OK. Just aim fire, but aim above the target because of the grenades
    arch ok?
    Helghast Assault Rifle
    Primary Fire: Full auto
    Secondary Fire: Shotgun
    Scope/Zoom: Yes
    This is the gun used by the Helghast infantry. Fast with a large clip, and low
    recoil it's quite devastating. Plenty of ammo around since almost all Helghast
    carry this gun in the earlier levels, and some in later levels as well. As well
    as being a Helghast gun this is also Hakha's gun too.
    Helghast Heavy Grenade Artillery
    Primary Fire: Grenade Bullet
    Secondary Fire: Double Shot
    Scope/Zoom: No
    This gun is very destructive, although it's ammo is limited. You'll hardly
    every get more than 12 bullets. This baby fires slow, but explodes right
    away at the exact spot you aimed. Other grenade launchers take a second
    to reach the target at long distances. Plenty of time to run, and they don't
    always hit where you aimed.
    Helghast Laser Designator
    Primary Fire: Missle Barrage
    Seconday Fire: None
    Scope/Zoom: Yes
    This is the ultimate anti-tank weapon. This weapon is exclusive to the single
    player level: Hunting the Traitor. It takes a second to lock on, and you only
    get 10 strikes or so. Once those are over your on your own.
    Helghast Mounted Machine Gun
    Primary Fire: Full Auto
    Secondary Fire: None
    Scope/Zoom: No
    This looks like it would shoot lasers, but in fact it shoots bullets. It's more
    of a mini-chain gun, and seems to take a little while longer to overheat than
    the ISA one.
    Primary Fire: Slash, cut, cut.
    Secondary Fire: None
    Scope/Zoom: No
    R1=Slash, and it is not fatal.
    X=Slit throat/chest
    Note: To exicute a knife throw make sure your semi-far away from the target, and
    press X when they are facing you. The character should prceed to throw the knife
    at the target, anf slit his throat.
    NOTE: You cannot drive vehicles
    ISA Lancer
    Side: ISA
    Purpose: Tank/Anti-tank
    Strength: Allied with you
    This appears in the earlier missions only 1 once, and takes out some tanks
    for you to help. Some much needed firepower for you when you don't have any
    ISA Missle Launchers on hand.
    Helghast Tank
    Side: Helghast
    Purpose: Tank
    Strength: Strong
    This is the standard Helghast tank that strikes fear in to infantry. It has an
    machine gun on top that it uses against infantry, and sometimes uses it's main
    gun too if you take out it's machine gunner. This hovering menace appears in
    earlier missions.
    Helghast APC(Armored Personal Carrier)
    Side: Helghast
    Purpose: Carrying and deploying Helghast
    Strength: Strong
    Uses tires instead of hovering this can go quite fast, and rips through
    infantry. Better take out that anti-aircraft gun atop of it before it deploys
    it's troops.
    Helghast Mobile SAM
    Side: Helghast
    Purpose: Anti-aircraft/missile barrage
    Strength: Medium
    Depends on where you hit it. Hit it with a grenade under the missile launcher
    atop, and it goes down in one shot. Hit it further down and it'll take a bit
    longer. Only appears in mission 6 though...
    Helghast Drop ship
    Side: Helghast
    Purpose: Deploy troops/covering fire
    Strength: Strong
    Flying high above you in the sky it is unbelievably quiet. It has 2 machine guns
    on either side that provides coving fire forcing you to hide until goes back for
    more troops. The only way to shoot it down is through an anti-aircraft gun, and
    it usually drops 4-8 troops.
    Helghast Jet bike
    Side: Helghast
    Purpose: Anti-infantry plane
    Strength: Medium
    Strafing ISA all day long, and almost impossible to shoot down. So...don't try,
    and instead run away. Your fellow comrades take care of them quite well.
    * [05] (Controls) **************************************************************
    Here are the default controls for Killzone which are the basic controls you'll
    see in a shooter. Although, there are some different things such as sprint and
    combining Action and melee attack. Don't like the set up? Fear not, Killzone's
    controls are customizable.
    L2-Change Stance      R2-Fire Secondary Weapon Use
    L1-Grenade Throw      R1-Fire Primary Weapon Use
    Up-Zoom in(Sniper)    Triangle-Reload
    Down-Zoom out(Sniper) X-Action/Melee attack
    Left-No use           Circle-Change Weapons/Equipment
    Right-No use          Square-(Hold)Talk(HS)Online, Heat Vision Offline
    Start-Pause           Select-Objectives
    L3-Sprint             R3-Zoom
    * [06] Basics ******************************************************************
    Sniping takes a more errr unqiue approach. Sniping with an auto center, and a
    moving scope causes trouble. So, many people find the sniping system hard to use
    , and stupid. I have no problem with it, but if given the choice I would pick
    something more like SOCOM's sniping system. The orange glow can be annoying, and
    super annoying when it's a sunny map. Offline you can save your self the
    suffering by equping the Infared goggles if your are Luger. Online your on your
    own. One thing your going to need is a steady finger, and the right sensitivity.
    If your too shaky go to options, and fix the sensitivity. However, if you go too
    low the scope will move too slow to hit moving targets. Which brings me to
    leading. The amount of leading needed to hit a target is amazing this game.
    Amazing in a bad way. Hitting targets becomes a matter of luck more than skill.
    Your best bet is to find positions to snipe in maps, and find the amount of lead
    needed for that position since it varies so much. Sniping out of the scope is an
    easy 1 shot kill. With some practice you can use it out of the scope, but kinda
    A cheap tatic, yes, but effective. About to die? Just drop a grenade, or cook
    it before you die, and boom. There dead if they go near or around the body of
    you. As for kamakizes just cook the grenade, and sprint towards the nemy. You
    have 7 seconds to get there. Idealy, you want to be there on the 7th second. And
    please try to make sure you kill 2 or more enemies. This is to make it worth the
    Destroying Generators-----------------------------------------------------------
    In order to win Assualt as the attacker or Defend and Destroy you'll need to get
    them generators. The best gun to use is the chain gun(About 10 or 15 seconds to
    destroy it), followed by the shotgun(About 1 min. to destroy). You will need
    someone to cover you while you destory, and you may want to attack it from cover
    .Or as far away as you can. If you are too far away you can't damage it though.
    The generator it's self is a great spot to hide behind. If all hope is given up
    , and you can't get near the generator just rush the generator and fire at it as
    soon as you see it.
    Capturing Beacons---------------------------------------------------------------
    It is very easy to capture the beacons. Just walk/run right up to them, and it's
    capture. The color the light is tells what side captured it. Red for Helghast,
    Blue for ISA. To re-capture them just walk up to them. Keeping them captured is
    the hard part. Mine around it if you can, and place a guard for each beacon.
    Once every beacon is captured you have won the game. The game can also be won by
    meeting the point limit.
    Supply Droping------------------------------------------------------------------
    In this mode you must capture the supplies and keep them. 2 teams work. 1 is
    offence and 1 is defense. As sson as the game starts go after the drops. They
    are little gray boxes. Once you get close you can see the box, and Run over it
    to pick it up. If the box is red or blue it is being carried by Helghast or ISA
    respectively. Cover your teammates as they come back with the drops. Run over
    the containers at your base to put them in your base. Try to keep at least 3 of
    5 in your base at all tie in order to win. Once you met the score limit you won.
    You want some people around your base and so in you base defending it. To steal
    supplies just run over them.
    Travel in Teams-----------------------------------------------------------------
    The ideal team has two teams; offense and defense. Unless it's deathmatch or
    team deathmatch. Each team should stick togather, and met up if they die. A
    sniper should be in each team if possiable, and a leader. Sometimes it is also
    best to travel in pairs.
    In death,atch the best things to do are;
    1)Split in to pairs and hunt down the enemy. However it you run in to a large
    amount of enemies your done for.
    2)Go in as a team and overpower any enmies you run in to. It may be hard to find
    enemies like this, but most of the time you can. Also, if you do [find enemies]
    you can surely kill them.
    3)Entreanch yourself in a high  traffic area, and ambush enemies coming across
    the area. The enemy may find out your stragety, and try to surprise you.
    * [06] (Walkthrough) ***********************************************************
    To find anything in this Walkthrough quickly:
    1)Press Ctrl+F(A box should appear).
    2)Find the section you want to get to and input the code next to it in the box.
     (Code ex."[W01]")
    3)Select "Down."
    4)Press "Find" or "Find Next."
    [W01]Level 1:Helghast Assault
    [W02]Level 2:Vekta Evacuates
    [W03]Level 3:New Allies
    [W04]Level 4:Strange Company
    [W05]Level 5:Escape
    [W06]Level 6:Misty Waters
    [W07]Level 7:Hunting the Traitor
    [W08]Level 8:Forging a Path
    [W09]Level 9:Hidden Pasts
    [W10]Level 10:Onwards and Upwards
    [W11]Level 11:Hope
     [W01] (Level 1)================================================================
              [Part 1]
    1)Defend the foxhole.
    2)Move to next foxhole.
    3)Defend second foxhole.
    4)Run to vehicle wreck for cover.
    5)Defend the main trench.
    6)Retake main trench.
    7)Enter the industrial area.
    This level is your introduction to the game where there will be a controller in
    the upper right hand corner of the screen that will show what buttons do what in
    the game. This particular part of the 1st level is based on trench warfare much
    like in WWI. You'll fight off hordes of enemies advancing through the wasteland
    ahead before moving on.
    [1)Defend the foxhole]
    Now you will start your career as an ISA soldiers in some heated trench battles.
    You start the game pinned down by enemy fire in a foxhole as your comrades get
    picked off one by one. "Open Fire" is the first thing you hear as the game
    starts and that's what you'll do. Wait about I'd say 20 seconds and out of the
    fog ahead you'll see your first Helghast running towards you. Press R3 to zoom
    in on your gun, and R1 to fire at the approaching hostiles. They'll take cover
    behind the dead trees and bushes in front of you so be aware. BTW L2 is to duck
    so use it while your reloading. You won't have to worry about your health during
    this level since it's meant to introduce you to the game's controls, not to die.
    Look around at your surroundings for any silhouettes moving in the background
    and fire on them. Use zoom when needed. Occasionally you'll meet an outgoing
    Helghast that will come quite close to the trenches, simply gun them down. Once
    you hear your comrade yell "let's get the hell outta hear" you can move on
    through the hole in the barbed wire he's cleared behind and to the right of you.
    [2)Move to next foxhole]
    Proceed through the hole and follow the private in front of you stopping to gun
    down any Helghast that come rushing the trench, and before you know it you will
    be at the second foxhole. No extra paths or obstructions in your way, and the
    private certainly won't lead a captain the wrong way. Foolproof.
    [3)Defend second foxhole]
    Do the same as before; shoot,duck,reload,shoot. The majority of the Helghast
    will be using the hill/mound in front of you for cover so just pop some
    headshots on them. A little action occurs as some ISA soldiers rush in to the
    trench, and you have to give them coving fire. Being the nice men that they are
    they give you some ammo including 1 M203 grenade for your gun's grenade
    launcher. Press R2 to fire it. Once enough Helghast have been slaughtered you
    will hear "Let's get our asses back to the main line", and that's you signal to
    move on. Behind you is the exit.
    [4)Run to vehicle wreck for cover]
    A bit misleading. The developers actually meant 'Run to the bunker'. So press
    L3 to sprint, but be careful you have a energy bar under your life bar which
    shows how far you can sprint. There's a health pack next to the wrecked
    Helghast tank to your left as you leave the foxhole, take it if you need it,
    proceed down the field. Take a left around the barbed wire then a right and
    jump down in to the trench to the left of the bunker, or just follow your
    comrades. Objective complete.
    [5)Defend the main trench]
    Now take right in to the bunker and get up to the window. Just like in the
    foxholes;duck,reload,fire. All of the Helghast will come from directly in front
    of you, and all they have to use for cover as bushed which just doesn't compare
    to a concrete wall.
    [6)Retake main trench]
    Now exit through the door you came in through and you'll find the way
    mysteriously cleared. Take you and 4 men through the trench. As you go through
    you'll get a chance to use your CQB move by pressing 'X' near an enemy that's
    gotten in to the trench. once in the next bunker you'll get a machine gun! Press
    'X' near it to mount it. The Helghast will come from the right and front right.
    Watch the gauge on the bottom right corner. If it goes too high the
    Machine Gun will overheat and you will not be able to fire for approx. 4 sec.
    [7)Enter the industrial area]
    Get off the MG and exit through the right door. Continue down the trench until
    you get to an ISA soldier up against a wall that will say to through a grenade
    in that little room next to him. Press L1 to through the grenade. Once it
    explodes you can claim your prize; an Helghast assault rifle from the Helghast
    you just killed. This rifle has a huge magazine and R2 fires the shotgun bullet.
    Now go out and left. You will come across yet another room. Throw a grenade and
    pick the ammo from the Helghast body, and go out and turn left. Once you turn
    corner kill the 2 Helghast above the trench, and keep going. A final room the
    grenade tells you to 'cook' the grenade. To do this hold L1, and the lights on
    the grenade will light up. Throw it in the room before it hits the final light.
    Grab the ammo in the room and proceed until you come across 2 ISA soldiers
    pinned down by 3 Helghast on your left above the trench. Kill them go up to the
    soldiers. He'll talk to you blah,blah,blah, and when he's done turn around.
    there will be a plank to walk up toe trench's 2nd level on the left side. Follow
    the path until you reach a room. Level complete once you enter!
    Now that you've completed your first level you shouldn't need such descriptive
    and literate directions, right? Don't worry I'm sure you'll do fine out there.
    Good Luck!
               [Part 2]
    1)Kill the snipers.
    2)Enter the shuttle repair bays.
    3)Destroy the APC.
    So you've made it through alive in your first level. Big timer now, huh? Okay
    then, let's see how you handle the next level. This one's based in a destroyed
    city where any wreckage is your best friend. Save your grenades!
    [1)Kill the snipers]
    You start out in a hole in the street. You deserve better than that! Let's see
    what we can do. Go down to the end of the 'hole' or rather trench?! Anyway, get
    out and run across the street to the water tower. Press 'X' to climb up the
    ladder, and walk over to the sniper rifle. Press 'O' to switch with your current
    gun. I suggest switching to your Helghast rifle so it switches that with the
    sniper rifle. BTW it's tap 'O' to switch your gun. So walk around to the other
    side of the water tower, and Press R3 to get in to your scope. Then, zoom in to
    the building past the tank down the street, and snipe the sniper(Rarely ever do
    you have sniper against sniper fights in real war incase you wanted to know).
    Now to the left across the street! Take out your ISA rife and shoot the Helghast
    the building. Go down the ladder, and the street to the tank wreck. Turn the
    corner, and take out your sniper rifle. Now for a real test of your sniper
    skill. Way down at the end of the street there are 2 snipers. Kill them both!
    Move around and own if need be.
    [2)Enter the shuttle repair bays]
    Once that is dealt with there are helghast in the building on the left side of
    street. Sprint through falling bombs to that building. Go under it and half up
    the stairs throw a grenade, cook it to 3. Now kill off the remaining Helghast.
    Go back down the stairs, and to the spot where you killed the 2 snipers near
    all the wreckage, and barbed wire. Quite a lot of damage I suppose. There should
    be a pipe that fell from one of the bombs on the rights idea of the street.
    Go up it, and kill the 3 enemies at the end. Go down to here the roof collapsed
    , and jump off to the ground from the ramp where the Helghast were. Go across
    the street to your comrade who somehow got here without passing you...ahh the
    imperfection of video games. Perfect enough let's continue. Follow him up the
    stairs, and through the building where you'll get a checkpoint. To be continued.
    [3)Destroy the APC]
    There's a tank down the street. This means you'll have to baby-sit your
    teammates there. Get down off the building to the ramp on your left and in to
    the "trench", and jump over the pipe using 'X' and grab the Missile launcher.
    2 missiles should take the tank out. Then, just get your gun you switched with
    the Missile Launcher back.
    [2)Enter the shuttle repair bays continued...]
    Now take out any Helghast near the recently retired tank. Once you've taken
    them all out the garage door will open to your right at the other end of the
    "trench." There's a medical pack, and grenades for your M203 inside. Go out the
    other side, and use the cover to kill the enemies to your left, and your done
    you where your comrades calling, telling you to come with them. To conclude this
    mission take a right down the street, and through the door with your comrades in
    Now you've beaten your second part, and I bet your pretty confidence boosted up
    there, huh? Still a ways before HQ. I got myself a stack of Pringles, and I'm
    ready to finish this mission.
              [Part 3]
    1)Reach the ISA HQ.
    2)Destroy Helghast tanks.
    Prepare for one helluva fight through the repair bays. The Helghast are just
    swarming here left and right. Once again your in the ruined city of Vekta on
    Vekta. Now for a nice section, action packed.
    [1)Reach the ISA HQ]
    You start out with your buddy talking to you, and how they want you at HQ. So
    move a bit forward, and..."Inbound Jet bike!" Quick get behind the box to your
    , and wait for it to pass by. Once that's done get out from uncover, and
    fight some Helghast! Once you've killed them go left, and up the stairs
    following your buddy. Once you get up there will be 2 Helghast coming around the
    corner that can really do some damage if they catch you off guard. Once that's
    taken care of grab the sniper rifle if you don't already have one. Go along the
    right side of the electro-machine things, and up the stairs. Be wary of the
    Helghast rushing down. Go halfway up, and kill the other helghast behind the
    stairs. Now take out your sniper rifle, find some cover, and snipe the guys on
    the building across from you. Watch for any Helghast sneak attacking your left
    side. Now see that bridge connecting the 2 buildings? Get ready to sprint
    across. Ignore any hits you take turn right ASAP. Go left around the electro
    machine things, and then go back, and take the right side. Go down the side,
    and clear out the Helghast. When you killed them another objective will come up.
    Ter be continued...
    [2)Destroy Helghast tanks]
    Pick off any Helghast on the building opposite you.
    Go down the stairs in front of you, but don't rush it. Take it slow picking
    off Helghast you see as you go down. A grenade works nicely. Pick up the
    Missile launcher near the Helghast you just killed, and fire it at the tanks
    in the street below. These suckers are much more powerful tanks not the APCs
    from before. 3 hit's for each 1, you got 7 shots, make'em count. Be careful of
    the machine gunners on top, and take out the tanks.
    [1)Reach the ISA HQ continued]
    Just rush across the bridge to the door, and mission complete!
    3rd part complete, huh?
    Almost there...
              [Part 4]
    1)Report to the ISA HQ.
    2)Defend the HQ perimeter.
    Here you are, the ISA HQ perimeters! A little defense of it wouldn't hurt, and
    what wrong with that? Nothing. So that's what you'll be doing; defending the
    ISA HQ until...mmm Pringles.
    [1)Report to the ISA HQ]
    The starts with you going down the stairs to the ISA soldier at the bottom.
    Follow him down the hall, across the street, and to a ruined building to where
    you'll have a talk with his CO when you'll get a warning of approaching
    Helghast! Continued on page...
    [2)Defend the HQ perimeter]
    Soon an APC will come to deliver troops. Be careful of that machine
    gun which will make menaced meat out of you. The Helghast will work their way
    up the hill. Just take them out. Most will hide in the trench in front of you,
    but a few will go up to the building, grenades help. When the second APC comes
    it's the same routine, but when the big bad tank comes watch out for your
    anti-tank tanks to come and save the day.
    [1)Report to the ISA HQ continued...]
    Once that is taken care of go to the gate where your comrade is calling your
    from. Follow him to the HQ.
    Make your way past all the boxes where the Helghast. You shouldn't need too many
    grenades since there's only 3 of them, in fact no grenades. Proceed through the
    room to the stairs, and to the MG. Remember that it over heats too. Kill the
    Helghast below, and the people in the building across are ISA. Just ignore their
    nagging about shooting the gun, and take your time. Once done get off, and turn
    left, and out on the porch. Now see that ladder? Go down it. Now once you get
    down watch out for the drop ship. Kill all the Helghast it drops and continue in
    to the HQ. To get the door open go up to the soldier he'll say something, and
    go and open the door.
    Your first level complete...hooray.
    FVM Sequence!:
    You reach HQ to find out you can't hold the city, and the general is being
    evacuated. Here you meet Luger for the first time(The girl in cut scene). Then,
    an attack happens and you get knocked out. When you wake up the general sends
    you on a mission to get the chip to activate the SD platforms to defend Vekta,
    but first must make your way through the Helghast infested HQ.
     [W02] (Level 2)================================================================
              [Part 1]
    1)Escape from the HQ
    This level will have you fighting your way through hordes of enemies to escape
    the HQ, and get that SD key! Now you'll meet many helpful soldiers here that
    will guide you, and provide some extra firepower. So move out before they get
    a bead on you.
    [1)Escape from the HQ]
    Your start out this mission with 2 ISA soldiers rushing down the hall in front
    of you to defend the HQ. Follow them down the hall. Once you get to the end
    you'll find a battle in a room recently blown up by a bomb. Go up to the railing
    start empting your rounds on the Helghast below. Watch out for the ones in the
    little room since there hard to see, and try to stop them from getting to the
    stairs, but if they do that's OK. Once your comrade says "You go on ahead, We'll
    secure the area" You can go down the stairs. Go in to the little room near the
    pile of rubble, and in the corner you'll find a grenade pistol. Switch that with
    your ISA pistol. You'll need it later not now though. So go down the hall in
    front of the stairs, and kill all the Helghast down the hall.
    Anytime you need ammo or health just search the offices, but these however
    don't have any ammo in them. The later ones do though.
    Continue down the Hall, and kill the Helghast which are usually right around
    the corner. Once you get to the need you will enter a lunge room with a lot of
    benches and such. Plenty of action here, and your comrades seem to be catching
    on to how hard it id to kill the Helghast. There are Helghast hiding behind the
    benches, and in the back right corner. Your grenade launcher can help right
    here. Once there all killed grab all the ammo of their bodies and move on down
    the next hall. You'll pass a check point then.
    *Check point*
    Now you'll run in to a private Billinghurst who won't do anything to help you
    except lead you to the next area...so follow him. Now you'll emerge in a room
    that looks peaceful, but is in fact not. As soon as you go up them stairs there
    are 4 or 5 Helghast waiting for you. Kill them all. Once that's done the
    cowardly private starts making an excuse not to follow you, and to "secure the
    area...yeah." So follow the next corridor down until you reach the dead
    body of an ISA soldier who seems to have met a violent death. Turn the corner
    there, and meet up with the other ISA soldiers. The doorway in the is where
    you'll want to shoot when you hear the Helghast. Take as many down as you can
    as they go through the doorway, and the rest out using the big generator in
    front of you as cover. Now proceed to the door where the Helghast came from, and
    enter the little room. Grab the ammo, and switch that grenade pistol with the
    shotgun. Next, go through the door the Helghast came from. Follow the hall and
    kill the 2 enemies creeping along at the end of it. Kill 2 more around the
    corner from them. Finally the 5th one across the room and rubble. Jump down from
    the ledge. 2 Helghast will come from the hall to your left, so obviously kill
    them. Enter the hall to find...at the end of the hall the room you just came
    from with the generators. Only on the bottom level. There are some Helghast in
    the room. Don't rush in just pick them off from the doorway, and rush in when
    there are only a few left. When they say "Requesting assistance in the
    courtyard" hurry up and follow the ISA soldiers that just came in before you
    have to go clean up the generator isle where some Helghast just sprayed blood
    all over. Level complete...after you follow them.
    You just escaped the HQ! Now to fight your way to the research building which
    is even more infested with Helghast.
              [Part 2]
    1)Repel the Helghast Attack.
    2)Enter the Research Building.
    SO you’ve made it out alive, huh? Well now you meet a group of soldiers ordered
    to escort you to the research building to get that key. First, however you must
    fight your way through jet bike battles, and Helghast attacks.
    [1)Repel the Helghast Attack]
    Start out by going through the door, and up to the ISA soldier. He'll start
    talking when you get attacked! Quick, Hurry L2. Duck until the Jet bikes are
    gone, and grab the MG when the Jet bike kills the gunner. The first wave come
    from the left. Try to get them before they grab some cover. Next, the Helghast
    will breach the wall in front of you behind those bushes. Mow them down, and
    the 3rd will also come through the wall. Zooming helps target more quicker.
    [2)Enter the Research Building]
    Once the general radios in telling you go to evac, and the ISA soldier tells
    you to follow him, DON'T. Instead turn to your right where a squad of Helghast
    will come. Just mow them down before going in to the research building.
    That was a quick level. Short, but intense I guess,...a little.
              [Part 3]
    1)Retrieve the SD platform firing key.
    2)Escape from research building.
    You'll meet some of the more elite Helghast soldiers in this level. Towards the
    end that is. So let's get started. You have to get that key ASAP! Before it's
    too late.
    [1)Retrieve the SD platform firing key]
    Start out by going up the stairs. Once atop these some ammo behind the desk to
    your left. Go down the hall to get to a staircase in a large empty room. Don't
    rush, it's an ambush. Instead creep a little out and fire at the Helghast on the
    second level. There's a few of them so take your time. Never go in the middle of
    the room or you'll be fired at from all sides. Go up the stairs, and done the
    "homemade" stairs at the second level and through the door in to a locker where
    there will be 2 Helghast, and 2 more will rush in. Go through the other door to
    get to the hall with the air things that clean off dust and stuff like in MGS.
    Now you will meet a few ISA soldiers pinned down by Helghast. Time to play Hero.
    Grenades work nicely for those Helghast on the bottom level. On the top you'll
    need to find some cover near the server room with ISA to get the damn Helghast
    at the top. The computers to next to the server room door is great cover. After,
    that mess grab the key and ammo in the server room.
    [2)Escape from research building]
    Now stay in the server room , and kill the Helghast that just rushed in. Then,
    go through the other door out of the lab, and down the hall. The next room is
    full of Helghast, but plenty of cover. Grab your shotgun, and go in and clear
    out. Go down the stairs in the back, and in to another then another before
    meeting some other Helghast. Clear out the 1 on the stairs in the end of the
    room, and the 2 on the bottom, the 1 in the window to the right, and finally the
    one to the right side of the room. Go up the stairs, and take you and your men
    down the hall, and enter the room with the pipes and red floor. Clear out the
    Helghast and the top level then the bottom. Next, go through the next to emerge
    at the beginning of the lev...el. You think you couldn't backtracked instead of
    going through all them Helghast. Damn comrades. Anyway kill the Helghast that
    come through the door behind the desk, and enter it.
    Level complete hoorah!
              [Part 4]
    1)Reach the communications room.
    Now all that's left to do is go to the communications room to evac Vekta city
    , and get that key to General V. So now must fight through the toughest enemies
    you've seen yet.
    [1)Reach the communications room]
    So just go down stairs and down the halls, there’s only 1 way to go. When you
    get to a basement passage with drains on the floor and stuff, before you
    exit the to the flooded room look to you right there should be a room with
    computers and desks. Go there, and shoot the Helghasts in the windows that just
    caught some unlucky ISA soldiers in a cross-fire. Kill them all, and when
    there gone some more soldiers should come from the back of the room. Wipe them
    out, and go down in the flooded room. Now you may get shot at from any left
    over Helghast so be careful. Go to the back left of the room, and down the hall
    to another hall with 2 Helghast in the middle. The next hall should have a
    stairway on it's right. Do go down. There will be Helghast from the right.
    Kill them, but watch out for Helghast from the left that will attack when
    you've got your back turned. Go to the other end of the circular room, and down
    the stairs there.
    *Check point*
    Helghast at the left! Then, proceed down the hall to a room with generators
    or something. There will be quite a few Helghast entering so finish them off.
    Grenades help clear out any behind some cover. You may want to switch your
    Helghast rifle with one of the bald guy's machine gun. So continue out of the
    room, and own the hall. You'd think the ISA might have some defenses be now
    hmmmm. So Continue down the hall, and down the stairs on the left. If your
    quite you can ambush the Helghast with your new MG coming round the right.
    Then, some more from the left come, and finally some all the way across the
    room. Now go across the room, and on to the platform lining the hole in the
    middle of the room. Maybe a picture will help:
       /   ____   \
      /  / room \  \
     /  /  _____ \  \
    /  /  /     \ \  \
    |  |  |     | |  |
    |  |  |     | |  |
    |  |L |     | |  |
     \  \ \____/ /  /
      \  \______/  /
    Go down the ladder to another level. Clear out 2 Helghast there, and down the
    ladder on the other side, and clear out that room. Go up the stairs there, and
    then you get a message:
    "Captain Templar-This is Vaughton, we had to abandon the evac point there's too
    many of them..."
    Dammit. You think he could have told you that a little sooner. So turn right.
    *Check point*
    Clear out the Helghast in the box room. Switch your MG with one their rifles
    since the MG doesn't have much ammo left, and you'll a lot of ammo. Helghast
    are dead everywhere so...2 and 2 make 4. Exit the room and go left. As soon
    as you enter the next you get locked in. So now your going to be trapped.
    You'll have to fight your way out if you want to live to nag the general
    about it. Stay on the top area near the door and use the desk for cover. Pick
    off the Helghast, and use grenades if got them. There's quite a few so take
    your time, and let your health regenerate if you have to. Afterwards exit the
    room through either the left or light doors. Go down the hall, they both lead
    the same way: to some stairs. Go down them. Level/Mission 2 complete!!!
    FMV Sequence:
    So You walk in to a room to find you have a welcoming party. No ones there just
    4 snipers ready to kill you. 3 of them already dead though. The last 1 has his
    scope aimed at your head when he get's cut in the throat by Luger. She jumps
    down, and says she's sent by the general to help you. So now it's you and her.
    Meanwhile tensions rise in the SD platforms as they wait fro the key to activate
    them. General Adams tell them to start praying.
     [W03] (Level 3)================================================================
              [Part 1]
    1)Reach the park.
    *This is written for Luger, however note there are few differences between the
    2 paths*
    Since you just unlocked her you probably like to play as her. So this level will
    involve A nice park to walk through, and enjoy...If it weren't for the Helghast.
    So let's get started on this OK, were going to have some fun fighting through
    the park.
    [1)Reach the park]
    You'll start out this mission in a subway system. Go on to the subway tracks
    ahead of you. Go down a little ways until Templar says he hears something. At
    this point you should slow down, and inch forward until you get to station where
    a Helghast is between 2 pillars. Shoot the Helghast with your secondary silent
    shot. Go to the body, and kill the other guy(Silently). Go in the door across
    the track, and kill the guy at the other end. Turn left, then go onto of the
    3rd mound of debris on the right. Kill the 2 guys around you, and go down the
    track, and out the left door. You should be at a room with a dead ISA soldier
    in it. Go up the ladder, and out the room, down the hall.
    The ISA soldier will tell you they are trying to get back to the base, and to
    follow them. SO follow them. You should be at a room with a garage door in it.
    The ISA soldier near Templar will open it a little. Crawl under it using the
    action button.(Note: If you are playing as Templar you will not need to blow the
    door, but instead give Luger covering fire) Now go up to the box, and work your
    way down the bridge from cover to cover taking out the Helghast in the windows.
    Press action at the charge and sprint back to the other side of the bridge.
    Go down the bridge, clear out the room, and go to the room and your
    right. Once in the room turn left, and crawl under the door. (If your Templar
    work you way to the other side of the room, down the stairs, and clear out
    the lounge room there) Kill the enemy in front of you, and the rest of the
    enemies in the hall way, and then cover the ISA down in the room below you.
    Once that is done go back out of the hall, and down the stairs Templar went
    down. Go across the room. Now in to the room down the other stairs. Finally, go
    though the room at the end of the stairs.
    Level complete yay yay nay.
               [Part 2]
    1)Traverse the park.
    2)Kill the Helghast anti-aircraft gunners.
    3)Reach the next park tier.
    The park I was talking about so let's fight our through. You'll a new character
    here. It's not Hakha so it must be ____. Now we must move on.
    [1)Traverse the park]
    Go to the ledge ahead of you. Kill the 2 guys below with your silenced shot, and
    grab the left one's sniper rifle. Either exchange it with your knife, or
    Helghast Assault Rifle. Now hurry, and go in to crouch on the stairs to your
    right. Mow down the guys coming on to the patio. Now get the guy at the end of
    the stairs. Go towards the other end of the patio, and a guy will come from
    behind you. Kill him, and move off the patio. It's important to stay on the road
    so you know where your going. So go down the road, and when you get the
    split go straight. Kill the guy behind the sandbags, and the 2 guys walking
    behind the gazebo. Continue down the path, and snipe your way in to the
    Helghast camp ahead. Once in clear out any more guys there, and  go back to the
    machine gun. Go down the stairs there. There's an ISA soldier in NEED!!! Hurry
    stay where you are. Hurry. Take out your sniper file , and snipe the 3 or 4
    guys in the distance. Now move right, and kill the 2 guys in the patio building
    like the one started the level in. It's in the distance BTW. Now go down the
    path to the patio building. Continue on to the next bridge. Be careful of an
    ambush across the river to your right. Once you have passed the bridge go on
    until the second one.
    Snipe the guy on the patio building ahead, and any other guys you see to your
    left, and ahead. Now go past the building, and clear out the Helghast camp
    down the path. Ignore the bridge, and stay on the path. Now you'll get to more
    stairs, and hear an ISA soldier ask for help...
    [2)Kill the Helghast anti-aircraft gunners]
    Oh, oh no a man is getting killed. Save him!!! So snipe the guys in the
    anti-aircraft gun ahead(Surrounded by sandbags). Once that's done snipe anyone
    in the Helghast camp, and clear out the other one in the Helghast camp
    (Which is to your left).
    [3)Reach the next park tier]
    OK the anti-aircraft gunners are down. So grab the anti-aircraft gun, and get
    ready to kill some Helghast from the drop ship. After that get back on the path
    , and just keep going down it until you reach the end of the level. Note that
    there is a fare distance to travel until you reach the end, but no Helghast!
    FMV Sequence:
    OK it starts out with Templar if Luger has any time for "fun", and if she has
    any new "friends." perhaps they had a relationship before hint, hint. Then, a
    tank with some troops goes by when Rico comes out of nowhere, and he's pissed.
    Blasting his way through the tank, and mowing down troops, Luger and Templar
    take advantage of the situation.
              [Park 3]
    1)Traverse the park.
    2)Free General Vaughton from the park gatehouse.
    The 2nd park of the park level you get a new companion Rico, and find General
    Vauighton. Gotta get that chip back:]
    [1)Traverse the park]
    Ok you start out in the middle of Rico's attack. You'll have to fight some
    Helghast now, and Rico will take care of the tanks. Just don't be near them when
    he does. Get on a hill(The right one works nicely), and start to help Rico. Once
    that's done there's some health nearby pick it up if you can find it...
    [2)Free General Vaughton from the park gatehouse]
    So now go down the path(straight), and clear out the Helghast once again in
    another camp. Snipe once again the guys on the patio building. Once again take
    out the guys near the machine gun nest further down. Now go up to the machine
    gun, and in to the gate house.
    FMV Sequence:
    Starts out with the 3 companions busting down a door, and saving the general.
    The General asks for the security key, and Templar gives it up. Now Rico
    introduces himself, and his quest for revenge against the Helghast. Now you 3
    are being briefed on a new mission when the cut scene ends.
    Wow one short level. Maybe they were hoping you would take the wrong way. Yeah
    I think that's it...wrong way...
     [W04] (Level 4)================================================================
              [Part 1]
    1)Access the slums.
    *Written for Rico*
    Seeing as he's your new character I think you should try him out if you want.
    This level goes very quick with him selected. Part 1 takes place in a building
    in which you travel down a never-ending staircase until you reach the end of
    the level. Interesting, no?
    [1)Access the slums]
    OK first of all if you are Luger go right around the elevators, and when you
    get to the door that leads to the start of the stairs there is a door to the
    left. Go through this, and down the ladders until you get to the bottom where
    there is an air duct to go through. That's only if your Luger if your Templar
    or Rico you walk. So go right, and though the door. Go down the stairs, and
    kill the Helghast there. Now go to the door on the right of that room, and down
    the stairs there until you reach another room with Helghast. Do the same as
    before. Do this 6 or 7(Maybe more maybe less) times. Then, you'll be at the
    bottom. You know your at the bottom when you get to a room with a little booth
    /mini room in the middles. Go out the only other door there, and down the hall.
    Wow what a short level. Only 2.5 min.
              [Part 2]
    1)Reach the Waypoint Mall.
    As you know this is Rico's level. Plenty of rushing Helghast, but no problem.
    If you are Templer/Luger you have less rushing, and more stealth. Luger has
    different paths, but it's all explained to you by Templar.
    [1)Reach the Waypoint Mall]
    Go down the hallway, and left. Kill the rushers going in to the room. Kill
    all the Helghast you can from up there to the street, but it may be pretty hard
    due to no zoom. Afterwards, go down, and slaughter all the Helghast left. Don't
    just rush in take you time working your way across the street and down that
    sidewalk. Then, once at the end of the sidewalk go through the door there.
    hard to stp keyboradis low on bataries??
    Yeah that was 11/09/04 I think. Well I have a wireless keyboard so when the
    batteries are low it starts typing things wrong, and sometimes 5 letters in a
    when you pressed the bbbbbbotton once. Like that. So afterwards I got wanted to
    finish the game, and I did. Really fun. So then afterwards I didn't feel like
    writing. Now I do.
    OK at the door. Kill the Helghast there, and go up the stairs. Turn right at the
    hall. At the end of that hall turn left, and kill the helghast in the room.
    There's ammo for your gun in the room if you need it. Now go out of the room,
    down the hall, and right. Kill the Helghast outside, and go in to the street
    sidewalk. Turn left, kill the Helghast, and at the end of the sidewalk go in to
    the street. Go down the street. Get behind some cover until the incoming
    drop ship goes away. Work your way down the street from cover to cover. Or you
    could just blast your way through. Either way, once you at the end there is a
    hole in the wall to your right. Go through it, and up the stairs to your left.
    There's Helghast that are in the room, and may rush down the stairs. Go down
    the other stairs on the other side of the room. Go down that sidewalk to the
    mall, but be careful for Helghast around the corners.
    Part complete. Time to go shopping.
    FMV Sequence:
    Your team walks in to a room with dead ISA soldiers. Executed by the Helghast
    ...,but wait ones alive! That's Private Sanchez from the trenches outside of
    Vetka! With his dying breaths he points out the way they took Hakha...
              [Part 3]
    1)Reach the slums.
    Well it's time to start your journey through the Waypoint mall. Full of Helghast
    , and ISA forces battling. You'll have to fight your way through these battles
    to the other side of the mall.
    [1)Reach the slums]
    Start off by going up the stairs. There's ammo to your right, but the way out is
    to your left. Go left, and kill the Helghast. There up on the walkways above. So
    go up there, and kill some, and kill some below. You'll have to travel lower to
    go on. So keep going down the mall. Go up the stairs, kill the Helghast, turn
    right, to "Planet Yummy":) Work your way down the right side of the food booths
    , and go to the left when the way is blocked off. Go down the rest of the way,
    and up the stairs, and the next staircase. You can only go up the right side
    of the 2nd staircase. You may want to pick some off from below first. After,
    when you go up grab some cover. Kill the rest of the Helghast on that level.
    Go to the other side of that level. Be careful of the squad of Helghast at the
    end, and go through the doors...
    Level Complete. On to the slums!
              [Part 4]
    1)Rescue Colonel Hakha.
    No the climax of the level. Here you will fight through the Vetkan slums to 
    rescue Colonel Hakha. Here you find a lot of battling between the Vetkan forces
    Helghan forces.
    [1)Rescue Colonel Hakha]
    You start out on a walkway. Kill the Helghast on the street below, and go to the
    end of the walkway. Go down the stairs there, and turn right, then left. Kill
    the Helghast there, and go the down the stairs at the end of the room. Get a
    Helghast gun if you don't already got one. Once at the end of the stairs run
    across the bridge, and kill the Helghast on the walkway above. Once that's over
    Helghast will come across the next bridge. Kill them, your chain gun works
    nicely if you have ammo. Go across that bridge, turn right, and down the street.
    Now go up the stairs, and go through the door on the other side.
    Go down the hall, and kill the Helghast on the sidewalk. Now go down the stairs
    , and across the bridge. Turn left after the bridge, and turn the corner.
    They'll be Helghast crossing the bridge too so be careful. Charge the machine
    gun, and fire your missiles from your chain gun if you didn't use them already.
    Once you got the Machine gun crew get up there, and kill the Helghast on the
    street. Go down the other stairs, and down the street. Turn the corner kill the
    Helghast at the end, and go across the bridge. Go in to the shacks, but be
    careful of 3 Helghast in them. Once at the end of them kill the enemies at the
    other side of the street, and cross the bridge. Go up the stairs on the right.
    Turn right once at the top, and in to the hall. Go down the hall, and in to the
    next room. Kill the Helghast on the streets below. Go down the stairs on the
    other side, and go across the bridge 'round the corner. Go in to the room with
    the big red doors. Go out the other side, and fight your way across the bridge
    , and in to the room on the other side.
    Mission Level Completed!
    FMV Sequence:
    So you all find the spy, and make a shocking discovery; He's half Helghast! So
    Rico's ready to kill him right off the bat. Now you have to take him back to
    General Vaughton so you and your team head out of Vekta. Meanwhile in the SD
    platform General Adams hears news that General Vaughton has the key, and is
    coming. The General says:” Have everything prepared for his arrival."
     [W05] (Level 5)================================================================
              [Part 1]
    1)Traverse the dunes.
    Here's the level where you start your journey. You and your team decide to head
    for the docks to get a boat to travel to the space port, and get Hakha off
    Vekta like the general said.
    *Written for Luger*
    Stealth can be useful in this level, and any heavy weaponry you'll need is
    already supplied. There's also some good alternate paths to take with her.
    FMV Sequence:
    General Vaughton is on a shuttle to get up to the SD platforms with the key,
    and the team of 4 decide to head for the docks to get a boat, and catch a
    shuttle off of Vekta at "The Fortress."
    [1)Traverse the dunes]
    First of all get on the ridge on the right, and dash down until you reach the
    rocks and hide. Now wait for the tank and company to pass. Once they stop and
    the rest of the team starts to attack them engage yourself. Kill anyone going
    on to the ridge across of you, and anyone below. Keep going down the dunes
    until you get to a building. Grab the sniper rifle and grenades atop, and
    someone will tell you to scout ahead. Proceed down the dunes and you will
    hear a Helghast urging his men to go faster to catch up. Hide until they get
    near you and open fire. Keep going and you will get to a stream. Follow that
    until you get to the ocean.
    Follow the coast until you get to some bush at which point you should hide
    until you see some landing craft. Get out your sniper rifle. Someone will say
    to keep quiet, but they'll spot you anyway so open fire. Get the guy on the
    tank if you can, and the Helghast coming out of the landing craft. Now there
    will be guys coming from the right. Take them out, and continue down the beach.
    Once you get to where the landing craft are turn right and go up and out of the
    beach to a valley. There will be snipers and other Helghast on the ridges above
    you. Take them out and the Helghast in the valley. Go to the end of the valley
    and get sniper ammo from the dead Helghast if you need it. Once at the
    end go in to the building ahead.
    Level Complete.
              [Part 2]
    1)Reach the docks entrance.
    2)Repel the Helghast beach landing.
    3)Defend the docks entrance.
    The Helghast are coming! The Helghast are coming! It's D-day for the Helghast
    and their launching a an assault on the beaches. You'll have to help repel
    them if you want to get to the docks.
    [1)Reach the docks entrance]
    Hurry up and get out of that room and on to the balcony. Go up to the ISA
    ahead and they will tell you the Helghast are ready to invade. Get on the
    machine gun, and wait for the landing craft...
    [2)Repel the Helghast beach landing]
    Once they come open fire on the Helghast. Once you've gotten all of them on
    the beach get off and kill the Helghast in the trench below using your
    primary gun and grenades, now grab the rocket launcher on the 2nd circular
    balcony on the right. It will be near wall. Take out the tank when it comes
    and finish off the rest of the Helghast. Take out the 3rd wave when it comes
    just like you did the 1st and 2nd.
    [1)Reach the docks entrance]
    OK get off the balcony (down the stairs on the right side), and go to the next
    building on the right side of the beach.
    In this building the invasion has already begun. Kill the incoming Helghast
    and when that is done go on to the beach and go right...
    [3)Defend the docks entrance]
    There is yet another Helghast invasion. Get to the top of the beach and find a
    nice rock to hide behind and take out some Helghast. Keep on fighting through
    the invasion. Once the 1st wave is over get to the other side of the beach and
    take out the second wave. For the 3rd wave get to the landing craft for the 2nd
    wave and toss a cooked grenade in their before the Helghast come out.
    [1)Reach the docks entrance]
    Now go to where the ISA are, and grab the ammo in the fenced area behind them.
    Now go back to the machine guns( Grab the ISA Assault rifle if you need it)
    and walk around and eventually someone will say "Over so quick", "Time to go
    to the docks." Or something like that.
    Part complete!
              [Part 3]
    1)Reach the evacuation point.
    Finally! The docks. Too bad it's overrun with Helghast. You'll having some
    big firefights here. If you find any vantage points use them, and be ready to
    for a long fight through the docks.
    [1)Reach the evacuation point]
    "I've see you got a Helghast prisoner" yeah and we let him keep his gun.
    Anyway, proceed to the ISA and Helghast Boats attack. There are some machine 
    guns nearby. Get on those and fire away. It may be a bit hard depending on you, 
    but it's possiable, and why pass up some kills? (Thanks to allenw) Get to the 
    middle of that part of docks you are in, and go in to the building and grab the 
    ammo. Now wait out the boats and get to the other side of that dock area. Go 
    around the building on the walkway. Once on the other side of the building kill 
    the guys in area with the boxes and the ones on the machine gun on the building 
    in the back. Now instead of going in to the boxes stay on the raised area that 
    the ISA are on, and go to the other side. Go up the ladder there on the 2nd 
    level. Go to the other side of that roof,and kill the Helghast below. Down the 
    ladder you will go, and go to the walkway just the like the one before that 
    circles the building ahead. Now go down the ladder on the side in to the water
    (If your Luger, if not fight your way through the box area to the other side), 
    now climb up the rob hanging fro the crane. Snipe the guys in that part of the 
    docks, and drop down in to the walkway on
    the crane with the sniper. Grab his ammo, and go down the ladders. Go to the
    stairs leading to the roof of the building in the back. If your Hakha go
    through the red lasers in the middle room, and grab the ammo in their. If not
    don't bother setting off the alarm. Instead go to the left side of the roof.
    Go through the room, and in to the door that leads inside the dock.
    Go down the stairs, and in to hallway at the bottom. Kill the Helghast there,
    and go in to the box room. If your Hakha don't worry about the alarms, but
    if your anyone else do be concerned. Go up on to the metal catwalk, and cross
    the room on that taking out the Helghast as you go along. You may want to use
    the windows to take out Helghast on the dock. Now go on to the dock and weave
    around the alarms and on to the walkway to the next part of the dock. This part
    is empty of Helghast so go across and in to the building ahead. Now continue
    through that to the other side.
    Wow 2 checkpoints...for once. Move to the middle of that area and you should go
    right on to the platform, and up the stairs. This part is hard sometimes.
    Threes a bunch of Helghast up here so dash left. Kill the Helghast coming out
    of the door. Now go down the door and ramp. Follow the Walkway around the
    building. Go through that area in to the building on the other side.
    FMV Sequence:
    So Hakha and Rico get in to a fight, and you'll be seeing a lot of that. Hakha
    wants to get in to the mainframe, and Rico doesn't like that Templar says he
    can, and Hakha finds out General Adam's computer is under Helghast control.
    Then, up in the SD platform General Vaughton arrives, and is Killed by General
    Adams. Adams then proceeds to use the SD platforms against Vekta. The cut scene
    ends with a nuclear explosion in the distance.
              [Part 4]
    1)Secure the boats to escape from the docks.
    This is the 2nd part of the docks level and the hardest half. Soon you'll
    be speeding off to the Jungle, but now you have to get a boat. Man the docks
    are big.
    [1)Secure the boats to escape from the docks]
    What a long objective title...So go around the walkway to the other side, and
    go up the ladder ahead. If you can't you'll have to take the long way. Once you
    see the Helghast take out the guy on the machine gun, and then the rest.
    Grenades can be useful if you gott'em. Now go up the nearby stairs to the roof
    if your not already on the roof. Continue across the roof, and take out the
    machine gunners further down the roof. Go to where you just took out the
    Helghast machine gunners, and some elite troops will come 'round the corner.
    Kill them quick because they have a grenade launcher. Your own M203 from the
    ISA Assault Rifle works nicely if you have it. Now go around the walkway to
    the other side. What! Route mined ahead. Damn, now we have to go through
    the sewage pipes. Go down the stairs in to the pipes. You'll emerge in a room
    blown up by something. Take out the Helghast there, and go out of the room
    (Grab the ammo if you need to). Now go up the ladder if your Luger, and if your
    not you should go around the boxes to your left and up the stairs. Fight your
    way through. Now for Luger crawl through the hole in the building at the top
    of the ladder. Take out the Helghast, and go through the ventilation shaft, and
    take out Helghast as you go along. Your team will be fighting above you as you
    keep going through the shaft. Eventually you will reach a ladder. Climb it to
    the roof, and follow the roof to the end. Shoot the window after your team has
    gotten there and drop down. Now exit the room, and follow the catwalk to the
    other side of the building. Use the building as cover, and start fighting the
    Helghast. Watch out for the GL, and try to stay in the building. Now go out
    and turn right. Go up the stairs, and kill the Helghast there, and take out
    some more from up there. Now go down to the other side, and finish them off.
    Then, go down to the boats.
    Mission Complete!
    FMV Sequence:
    So they get in to the boats, and take off. They finalize the decision to head
    for the ISA Fortress to get to the shuttles. So they start off and get out of
    the docks when a Helghast soldier starts launching missiles at them. Trying to
    avoid the incoming barrages Hakha crashes in to Luger and Templar's boat.
     [W06] (Level 6)================================================================
              [Part 1]
    1)Escape from the mangrove swamp.
    *Written for Luger*
    Some accuracy might be needed, plus some simpler objectives. Just conserve ammo
    as you go through the first part. It's misty and it's a river/water.
    Hence the name.
    FMV Sequence:
    Well it seems Templar fell asleep, and they ended up in a jungle. When they go
    to get their gear...Helghast!!!
    [1)Escape from the mangrove swamp]
    You start out under attack. Quick get up to the fallen tree in front of you
    and go prone. Shoot the 2 guys on the boats. 1 ahead and 1 to your left. Use
    the secondary fire, and then start to take care of the guys to your left. The
    infrared goggles help seem a bit farther through the mist here. Once that’s
    done pick up a Helghast Assault Rifle, and use it since you'll need the
    sub-machine gun later and ammo is rare. No go to the widest part of the river
    and go right. Soon you'll seem 2 Helghast further down shoot them. I give you
    permission to use lugers gun just this once, then switch back. Now go under the
    bridge/checkpoint thing. Continue until a fork in the river. Go left, and I give
    you permission to use da sub-machine gun once more on the guy up on the next
    checkpoint/barrier. This guy has a grenade launcher so take him out quick. Now
    go up on top the barrier and take his GL. Proceed down the river, up stream
    always, and shoot the Helghast that come towards you, and the one on the boat.
    Now keep going and take on the Helghast up river, and that boat, again. Which
    are "dinky little boats" and no match for Rico. Now go down, dum de ddum do,
    take out some more Helghast, use the trees on either side of the river for 
    cover. Next, shall use your SMG once more to take out the guy on the bridge 
    ahead. Now got to the end of that bridge and up the rope on to it. Run down to
    the next corner, and sprint to the tree ahead. Hide behind it and take out the
    Helghast in the boat below. Now just go to the end 'o the bridge. Down the 
    ladder next. But not before you use the SMG to take some enemies on the dock
    below too. Now get out your AR and clear out the rest. Don't forget the grenade
    launcher ammo and grenades in the units before you move on. This is getting
    long, what do you say we start another paragraph? Right after clearing out the
    first dock.
    Further down there will be an island, and on the right a enemy. Take him OUT!
    and then use the SMG to snipe the guy way down at the bunker(Use infrared
    goggles). Get that machine gunner on the boat as well. Take the machine gunner
    at the bunker 'round the corner, and proceed. Get some ammo from the bunkers
    if needed, but be wary of the reinforcements that will come as you pass the 1st
    bunker. Once past the 2nd bunker use the SMG to take down the enemy on the
    checkpoint ahead. Right about now infrared starts limiting your view instead of
    expanding for some reason. So, go past that bridge and behind the dock down
    over yonder. Sneak attack them, and don't rush in or you'll be shredded.
    Instead work you way through with jump shots around corners and grenades. I
    stress the word grenades. Once your done clearing that damn place out, thoughly,
    go up the river, and you'll get to one of the checkpoints with the net down.
    Kill the Helghast on top, and climb the ladder to the top. Press the botton to
    raise the net. Now continue down this Helghast free section of the river, and
    level complete.
    No checkpoints, swarming with Helghast, nice hard level. Long too, but get I
    hope you enjoyed it, because the next few are on the shorter end.
              [Part 2]
    1)Reach the ISA fortress.
    2)Infiltrate the firebase and open the main entrance.
    3)Blow up the missle launching APCs.
    4)Shoot down the dropships.
    FMV Squence:
    Just the typical. It seems they've come across a Helghast base, and Templar
    wants to bipass it, but Hakha disagrees, and so does Rico. Now you will begin
    attacking the base.
    This level is packed with Helghast, and will need some stragety to beat. If your
    anyone other than Luger you will have to defeat some sentry bots which are
    little flying robots with machine guns on them. Like Cythers from MGS2.
    [2)Infiltrate the firebase and open the main entrance]
    Go up to the bushes ahead, and snipe the guiy crossing the bridge, secondary
    fire, of course. Get off the ridge your on and across the vally below, and stay
    near the river. Once you get to a spot with abunch of metal plates over the
    river, and a crane hanging over, go up the rope connected to the crane. Once in
    you may or may not get hit by the Helghast in there. Either way seek and
    [3)Blow up the missle launching APCs]
    So now exit that spot with the boxes. Not over the bridge the other
    exit. You will now be at a vantage point over the APCs. Don't detroy them yet,
    but instead snipe the Helghast. Kill as many as you can before proceeding down
    the hill to clear out the rest. Watch out for the Helghast in the bunker well
    your on the hill. Now you might like to take notice of the fog on the ground.
    I really enjoy it, looks good. Anyway, time to destroy the APCs. Use the GL.
    The trick to not running out of ammo is to hit the APCs once between the missle
    launcher and the top, but most of the time that won't happen so it them on the
    top instead, and they should be out of the battle in 3 shots each. Now go
    back to where you came in(The spot with boxes and crane). Go across the bridge
    , and get the GL. Now just go back top the APC camp.
    Alternate Method from anthony:
    On the back of the APCs is a yellow circle.  It looks like a design at
    first.  But if you run up to in, the hand will appear.  Press X and
    you will plant an explosive charge on it.  Then do the other one, and
    run away.  They will explode, allowing you to keep the grenade
    launcher, and not blow yourself up.
    [2)Infiltrate the firebase and open the main entrance]
    To get in to the firebase face the bunker side of the APC camp, and go out the
    left way(The barrier will be down now). Go left, up the hill in to the firebase,
    and now go in to the bunker to your left. Time fore some CQC. Your Helghast
    shotgun is good for this. Kill the Helghast in there. Regenerate any lost health
    , and go out. Shoot 2 grenades in to the bunker to your left, and go in and
    clear it out. Keep doing this until they are all cleared(There are 4 bunkers
    including the first one). Once they are all cleared go to the bunker with the
    Helghast flag atop, and lower the barrier by pressing the green screen inside.
    Go back out of the base the way you came in.
    [1)Reach the ISA fortress]
    Wait for your allies to come, and follow them to the Helipad. Unforunatly, the
    Helghast just sent aome reiforcements, so kill as amny as you can from where
    you are bafore proceeding in. Clear the pad out, right side first. There's
    scattered all over so use it(Check the dead bodies), and please use cover.
    Once all the Helghast are dead, new objective!
    [4)Shoot down the dropships]
    Now get on the anti-aircraft guns once you have enough health, and shoot them
    Just kidding I'm going give a very helpful tip for one of the hardest parts of
    the game IMO. At first, I thought the dropships where ones that shread you to
    pieces, but in fact there are Helghast across the river on the left that do
    that. So kill them first. Try to get them while they are coming over the hill.
    As for shooting the dropships down it's actually easier if you don't use zoom.
    Try to hit them when you  see them, so you don't shoot at them all day. They
    just circle around the helipad. The dropships themselves hardly hit you. You
    know the objective is complete when the ships crashes in front of you. Then,
    just jump down in to the river, and go down it.
              [Part 3]
    1)Reach the ISA fortress.
    2)Repel the Helghast attack on the ISA fortress.
    Description: Now finally planned since the docks you will reach the ISA fortress
    , and help defend it. So we continued our journey. BTW we will be getting off
    the river soon so be prepared.
    [1)Reach the ISA fortress]
    Continue down the right side of the river until you see a dock. Kill the lone
    Helghast on the dock and then the one on the boat that's coming. Now finish off
    finish off the new arrivals on the dock. Your sniping them too by the way. Once
    that is all done go on to the docks. Use grenades...guns...and...CQC...to clear
    it out. Watch out for grenades launchiters. Go off the river, and in to the
    jungle. Firefight, and fotunatly for the ISA your coming has trapped the
    Helghast, and saved them. Take the ammo from the dead Helghast, and especially
    the grenades. Get some ammo from dead ISA while your at it. Now the newly
    rescued ISA are following you to the fortress. You will get to a desert looking
    spot with plenty of rocks for cover. Fight your way though some Helghast as you
    lead your squad. Your enter a canyon typr thing and
    Now continue down the canyon...You'll meet a squad of Helghast. You can just let
    your squad and comrades take care of that. Just contiue down the canyon.
    [2)Repel the Helghast attack on the ISA fortress]
    Take out the guys near the end of the canyon and go left, and up to the ISA
    fortress walls(It's building with the big comms tower). Now you should find a
    nice snug spot overlooking the battle. There will be 2 dropships during the
    attack, and you can't shoot these ones done, or they'll shread you. Instead hid
    until they are gone. Use grenades to root out the Helghast, and guns of course.
    Once you hear "Thanks for the helps" go along the walls until you reach a bunker
    with a hole in it. Go through the hole in to the doors, and fortress. Once
    inside go up the stairs, and left in to the other bunker, and switch your GL
    with the shotgun. Now go back in to the room that leads to the 2 bunkers. This
    level really reminds me of Deathtrap from SOCOM.
    Now follow the ISA soldier with rocket launcher. He will get mowed down by the
    dropship, so take his RL, and shoot the dropship. Take your shotgun out, and
    continue down the walkway. Go through the door and right. Up the stairs, and
    take out the Helghast at the top. Now go to the giant tower down the road. Take
    out the Helghast at the end.
    Level complete..after you go in to the tower.
    FMV Sequence:
    Well You go in to the computer room when an ISA soldier somes in. Ready to shoot
    you he reveals General Adams has marked YOU as the traitors. Eventually Luger
    knocks him down, and they leave him...
     [W07] (Level 7)================================================================
              [Part 1]
    1)Tranverse the Swamp.
    *Written for Templar*
    With his M203 combined with Gls and Grenade pistols it makes a good combo. Fight
    fire with fire. This level in the jungle/swamp area. Eventually leading to a
    denser jungle on the next level.
    [1)Tranverse the Swamp]
    You start out in a swamp were you and your teammates talk about the journey
    ahead. You need to get through the swamp, and it is agreed on that the streams
    will provide the easiest going. Go forward, and you'll run in to a centry bot
    if your anyone other than Luger. Noe continue until you can go left off of the
    stream, and kill the Helghast. Go do a 180 up on to the shore, and finish off
    the Helghast up on the shore. Go kill the only Helghast left which are the 
    ones at the other exit off the shore that doesn't lead back in to the stream.
    Grab the guy's grenade pistol, and pick up a Helghast AR. Switch the GP with
    your pistol. Proceed across to the next section of river with a big rock in the
    middle. Launch some 203's in to the enemies in the river. Be careful because
    one has a Grenade Pistol. So jump out, take the shot and get back in. Don't
    waste all your 203s. Go down and finish off the Helghast. Noe go down the river
    until you get to a spot with the big hill slope on the side. Someone will say
    they don't trust that or along the lines. Take your Grenade pistol, and wipe out
    the Helghast coming down the hill. Try to get them when they start to come down
    while they're grouped up. Afterwards, down the river a dropship will be flying
    crazy low. Some one will always comment on it. It won't shoot if your hiding,
    but even so it won't cause too much damage. Further down you will come across
    a fork in the river. In the middle of the fork is a tree. Hop over it, but if
    your Rico you have to go right until you come across a field on your left.
    So the field ahead of the tree is free of Helghast. Continue until you go to the
    2nd field with Helghast(Past the pond). Use your M203 and ISA AR to take care of
    them. New paragraph break!
    Go left and kill the Helghast coming over the hill same way as before. One has
    a GL pistol so take out him, and take the ammo. Over the hill is the crash site
    of the dropship from before. Take out the Helghast there, and the ones across
    the river. Then, continue.My favorite comment comes here:
    Rico: "Oh Yeah"
    Hakha: "Calm down we only killed a few more Helghast"
    Level complete.
              [Part 2]
    1)Reach the Beacon.
    Expect a lot of GLs. Just leave it at that.
    [1)Reach the Beacon]
    Continue the path until you get to a hill. You can hide and listen to thier
    convo about you. Take out your Helghast AR, and kill the 2 in front of you. The
    machine gunner on the APC, and then any others that have come. Move up to the
    1st APC(The first onw on the left without the machine gun). Hide shoot the
    Helghast manning the MG on the APC in the distance, and any Helghast left. Go
    past the last APC to the river, but don't forget the gl pistol ammo after the
    last PC. Go up stream in to the canyon. Kill the 2, rushing you, bad mistake on
    thier part. Make your you way up stream until you get 2 more Ghast, and a choice
    to go left or right. Sprint left so you don't get hit by the GL Helghast. It's
    too ridky, and damaging to take him on. You'll come across the start of the
    river, and a risge to hide behind if you crouch. Across the land mass in front 
    of you is an island with a Helghast on it. Kill him, and if there is a 2nd one
    up there. Now kill the ones below the island, and go up on to the island. Grab
    the GL. Watch for a 2nd GLer if there wasn't a 2nd one already. Coninue down the
    river. Oh well, not the start of the river before, I guess. Go up the river.
    Now the harder half is to come. FoLL0W the river up to Helghast. Mow them down,
    and to the right of them i a crack in the canyon wall to hide in. Soon you'll
    come across a pond. Stay by your new hidding spot. Look above the shore of the
    pond where a Helghast is on a ridge in the distance. Take him out before the
    one on the shore. Wait for the centry bot to come, and shoot that dowm. Now
    dash to the waterfall on the other side of the pond. Use your GL pistol to take
    out the rest of the Helghast. Go on shore, and up to the ridge. Once on shore
    stick to the ridge to avoid grenades. Now that your on the ridge wipe out the
    Helghast using whats left of your GL pistol. Once that is down go to the camp
    where the boxes are, and lower the barricade. The barricade is on the far side.
    Go through it.
              [Part 3]
    1)Defeat the Helghast with the laser designator.
    2)Acess the bunker.
    Dis level is quite fun. Best level in the mission.. and the last. No Gls! Just
    missle barrages! Hoo-rah.
    [1)Defeat the Helghast with the laser designator]
    Go along the path and..WAOH! Missle Barrage! Laser Guided according to Hakha.
    Go up to the trench. Go in to crouch, and go through the zig-agging trench.
    There will be some groups of Helghast along the way. Use any grenades/grenade
    lacunhers you have left against them. Of course, your weapons too. For the
    Missle Barrages just crouch will you walk so you won't be targeted very often.
    ...and stay away from you attention grabbing team. When you get to the bunkers
    just throw a grenade in to them, ot take out the gunners. You really don't have
    to worry about the bunkers until the last trench line. Once out of the trench
    make sure the bunkers are down, and go up to the radar tower object. There is a
    Helghast with a metal mask. He can take a beating, but take him out.
    [2)Acess the bunker]
    Follow your teammates past the radar tower.
    FMV Sequence:
    They walk in to the bunker. "Adams was never here." Rico convinced that Hakha
    set him up grabs him and gets in to a fight with him. Templar tells him to
    stop it. Meanwhile, up in the SD platform General Adams is scouring over the
    faliure of his plan to kill them. Guess it was a set up. General Lente
    (The Helghast commander) goes down to Vetka to organize an attack himslef.
     [W08] (Level 8)================================================================
              [Part 1]
    1)Tranverse the hills.
    This level is *Written for Hakha*
    Now this level is exclusive for the Laser Designator. Captured from the last
    level. You'll make your way through tank infested hills. SO let's begin this
    [1)Tranverse the hills]
    Note that the Laser Designator can be unequiped by switching weapons. Go up the
    edge of the ridge ahead, and target the tanks below. Switch weapons, and once
    the barrage comes throw some grenades(2). Your team will take care of any
    Helghast from the left. Once any enemies below are dead, Including the one to
    the left below the ridge, go down the ridge. Pick up the Grenade pistol from
    the Helghast officer. Go right(The side opposite the barricade), and up then
    down the hill. Wipe out any Helghast off the hill. You will come across 2 tanks
    and several infantry. Missle barrage the tanks, and kill the infantry. Next, you
    will come across a base on a ridge. Sprint to the ridge, and go over to the
    barricade on the left. Target the tank w/missle barrage, and kill the infantry
    man. Then, wipe out the Helghast. Proceed up the slope to the base. Back away
    the tower. Shoot the base pillars with the GL pistol. Grab the ammo from the
    HG(Helghast) officer. There's a GL nearby at the boxes. O yeah don't forget to
    clear the bunker. I wouldn't recommend picking the GL up. Now go out through the
    left side of the base. Contunie down the hills, and when you get to some centry
    bots   shoot   them   down. Then, kill the HG Assualt troops on the path further
    down. You will soon come across 2 towers. Use GLs to knock them down, and kill
    the HG there. Take out the first tower, and then the 2nd from cover before
    clearing the 1st and then 2nd tower debris. Misslle Barrage the tank near the
    2nd tower. Open the roadblock near the tower rubble, and go in to the dark wark
    Tigers and lions and bears. OH MY!
              [Part 2]
    1)Transverse the Jungle Vally.
    2)2)Destroy the Helghast Bridge.
    Description: Dense forest, and bridges to work your way through! Whether you
    have ammo left for your laser desginator or not you have no ammo now. I'll tell
    you when to switch.
    [1)Transverse the Jungle Vally]
    Go left once it starts, and when you go to a ridge were a tank passes by don't
    shoot 'cause it won't make a difference. Now jump off and go left. Go right
    since the other way is blocked. Downhill to...your first HG. Some more later on.
    Kill them and go right up hill this time. More HG to kill before you proceed
    forward not left. Shoot the HG past the bamboo, and then jump in to the trench.
    Shoot the Helghast from the trench and clear out the camp. Grab the ammo from
    the HG, and switch the Laser Desginator with the big dangerous looking gun.
    Or the Anti-tank gun. Near the rock to the side of the tent is a switch to lower
    the blockade. Do that, and gfo through the blockade. Turn left. Go down the hill
    , and kill the HG with SR at the top of the hill. He has the SR focused up in
    the trees. Must be bird watching. Evetnually, you'll come across some Helghast
    and a tank. There will be a Assualt Trooper with an Anti-tank gun. so aim for
    him. Once the HG are done use your own anti-tank gun to destroy the tank. 2
    shots should do it, and then grab the ant-tank rounds from the HG.
    *Check point*
    Now go to where you can see the HG base. There are 2 towers, and with the
    anti-tank gun you can destroy them with 1 shot in the upper part, and not the
    pillars. For an easy way to aim use your AR to zoom in where you want to hit.
    Now without moving your crosshairs switch to the anti-tank gun, and shoot once
    the crosshairs settle. Now wipe out the HG at the base. There are a few health
    packs around there I think. Watch out for the HG at the base although your
    team should be able to take care of that...
    [2)Destroy the Helghast Bridge]
    Go under the bridge, and there are 2 swicthes. Press both, but watch out for the
    jetbike. Once the 2nd is pressed part of the bridge will collapse,a and you can
    use that to get off. Once you get passed the 2nd rock you can turn and enjoy
    your work. 
    [1)Transverse the Jungle Vally]
    ...now continue up the path, and go forward not right. Use you Anti-tank gun
    here since it's easier. Blow up all HG you come across. Proceed down the path
    , and when you get to the next fork go left and uphill. If you run out of ammo
    shotgun your way through with the HG 2nd fire for the AR(Assualt Rifle). Once
    you meet up with your squad Rico will make a rude comment, and FoLL0W your
    team to the end of the level.
              [Part 3]
    1)Defeat Helghast Heavy Machine Gun Positions.
    2)Aquire Explosive Charges.
    3)Blow up the supply dumps.
    4)Access the command bunker.
    5)Kill the Helghast officers in the command bunker.
    One of the hardest levels in a long time, and one with more objectives than
    lately. Here is brown dirt, and a big helghast entrenchment. At least, you get
    to play with an anti-aircaft gun!
    [1)Defeat Helghast Heavy Machine Gun Positions]
    Go right and when you get to a tree hop over it, and go right after that. Now
    go right until you get up to the barb wire. Through some grenades in the nearest
    bunker. The GL pistol is good. Just use the bottom line in the crosshairs, and
    line it up with the window.Next, go back over the fallen tree, and go left along
    the tree to the barrier. Move along in crouch until you can get the gunner in
    the next bunker. If the objective isn't complete keep killing the HG in the
    bunkers until it is. It'll say objective complete, and the barrier will come
    down when it is.
    [2)Aquire Explosive Charges]
    Now go back over the tree yet again, and go as far back a possiable until you
    see the anti-aircraft gun. The barb wire will protect you just as good as 10'
    of solid steel. Once you get close enough throw grenades at the anti-aircraft
    gun. Once the gunner is dead go man it. Kill the HG near your team, and the ones
    up on the bridge checkpoint thing. Then, go in the bunker to the left, and grab
    the explosive charges.
    [3)Blow up the supply dumps]
    Go back on the ant-aircraft gun, and kill the HG coming through the barrier.
    Once that is done go to thier bodies, and grab alll ammo. Switch   the   pistol
    with the GL one of them droped. Go through the barrier, and turn left. Go down
    the left side of the tents. Once you see the Helghast at the hill at the end of
    the path, shoot. Then, kill the one on the machine making a total of 3 kills
    just now. Go up the hill and left. Here is the supply area. Once you enter
    there is one to the right. Plant a bomb in the orange circle. Sprint out to the
    rocks in front. Now keep going forward, and sprint to the next dump to the left.
    Plant 1 bomb. The next dump is right outside and to the left of the exit. Wait
    before you plant the bomb. You need to run out to behind the rocks directly in
    front of the 3rd dump. If the explosion doesn't kill you the falling debris will
    so stay away.
    [4)Access the command bunker]
    There is a bunker to the left of the 3rd bunker that you can hide behind while
    you get the incoming HG. Pick up thier ammo, and continue past the next
    checkpoint. There is another line of tents. Go along the left side of the left
    tents. Crouch if you need to, to squeeze through. Shoot the Helghast in the
    tents through the windows in the tents. Your teammates will take care of the
    other Helghast. Kill the machine gunner at the end of the path, and proceed
    down the path.
    [5)Kill the Helghast officers in the command bunker]
    The big building is the command bunker. A field command bunker. If your Luger
    there is a space to crawl in to the bunker on top of it. Otherwise, you'll have
    to fight in through the main entrance. Your team has elected you to go in to the
    base alone. So fight your way through the bunker using your Anti-tank gun and
    GL launcher to go through. Jump out and fire at them until you kill them all.
    [6)Locate the Hlghast mainframe]
    In the farthest room of thebunker lies the mainframe. Just keep going from room
    to room until you get to the mainframe.
    Now look back at what destruction you have caused, and I think you've made a
    difference. :)
    FMV Sequence:
    Well, for the 4 soldiers they hack the mainframe, and Rico and Hakha pass
    comments to each other. Then, they leave. General Lente Arrives on Vetka, and
    they will encounter him soon. General Adams kills his aide over some bad news
    of the recent destruction of the 32nd supply bridge, and some wiped out units.
     [W09] (Level 9)================================================================
              [Part 1]
    1)Reach the missle base.
    2)Defeat the Helghast APCs.
    *For use with Luger*
    Not the hardest level to use Luger, and stealth can help against some heavy
    enemy fire. Here you'll *spoiler* Kill Lente, and disbale a captured ISA missle
    base that is being used against Vetka. Hate to imagine how Vetka looks now.
    [1)Reach the missle base]
    Go along until your at a tunnel. Snipe all the Helghast there with your silanced
    SMG, starting with the top. Now go in to the tunnel, and along the right side is
    an entrance to a room with a ladder. Once on top of the upper floor make sure
    they are all down up there. Your team will take care of any left below, but for
    now pick up the Helghast missle launcher near the beginning of the tunnel on
    the second floor. Go to the other side, and put on the Infared. Use the missles
    against the tank, and snipe the guys. Tank first. Also, save the missles for
    later on. Go down, and continue. The path is pretty straight forward, and you'll
    only run in to a sauad of 4 Helghast soldiers Just stick by your team, and under
    cover to take them out. Then, you'll come across the missile base. Along the
    left side is a hole. Just go up the rubble, and in to the base...
    *Check point*
    [2)Defeat the Helghast APCs]
    Take out the guys to the left entrance, and you can activate the sentry bots if
    your Hakha just to the left. Now there will be a swarm of Helghat on the missle
    thing. Shoot between the railings, and a good spot is way over the far left past
    the 2nd GL. Use your missle launcher on the first APC, and you have to use the
    GL turrents on the rest. Don't stay on any longer then you have to, and you'll
    have to switch between turrents to get them all. Once this objective is complete
    a bridge will lower between the 2 GLs that leads to where all the APCs and
    Helghast are. 
    [1)Reach the missle base]
    ...Now go down to the base. Finish off the Helghast, and travel along the side
    of the building until you get to the big door the APCs came out of. To the left
    is the infantry came out of...go through there.
              [Part 2]
    1)Defeat General Lente and his bodyguards.
    2)Active missles clamps(Luger/Hakha).
    Now your in the base, and you'll be fighting all the way through it to the
    other side. Plenty of Helghast, and nice bunker, military look. Your first big
    objective differance occurs here.
    [1)Defeat General Lente and his bodyguards]
    First things first. Pick up the ISA assualt rifle by switching with your missle
    launcher you no longer need because you are now inside. Crawl under the hole
    in the wall, and go up the ladder after picking up the dead guys ammo. Put your
    Infared googles on when you get up and crawl through the air duct. Don't shoot
    up there or you'll get chewed up, up there. Once out the other side theres no
    need to use the ladder, just jump.
    If during all this you are someone other than Luger go through the door in the
    1st room, anf fight your way through the hallway.
    No go in to the next room. Help your teammates out when they come by killing
    HG. Go down the tunnel, and fight through the next room. Don't rush in take
    your time, and use grenades if you must. Once that is taken care of go up the
    stairs, and through the open door in to the eatery. Pick up the ammo, and go
    down the stairs. Whnr you get to the door it will swish open with a buzz. This
    means you must...kill the Helghast officer with his back turned to you. Clear
    this room out, and pick up the ammo from the dead bodies. Move on until you get
    to a MG. Eleminate the helghast near it. Fight your way through the tunnel, and
    down. Shoot the 4 more to the right. When you go near the red doors they open.
    Dash in to the MG room to kill them. Fight your way back through the door, and
    now go use the missle to the left for cover. Kil the HG up on the ledge to left
    of the left missle. Finish off that room, and Templar will tell you and Hakha to
    split up. You have to activate the missle clamps.
    [2)Active missles clamps(Luger/Hakha)]
    Follow Hakha through the door and down the ladder.
    Go through the door, and down the hall in to a concrete room. Hide behind a
    pillar to kill the Helghast barging in. Go down the hall, and in to a room where
    you have the advantage. If your Hakha you can activate the sentry bots. Right
    in front of the door. Once you can get all you can get from up there go down
    , and finish off the HG. Go across the room, and up to the other door. There's
    some dead ISA soldiers with SMG ammo to grab. Now go down the corridor and kill
    the Helghast atop. Go up the ladder, and press the green button. Next room;
    go in to it. The next button; press it. Go up the next ladder as well. Go in to
    the control room where Templar and Rico are waiting. Templar will talk to you,
    but nothing to worry about. Go down the right side stairs and through the door.
    The next area may seem like an ambush point, but it isn't. Grab the ammo of the
    ISA, and go down the atirs. The next room is a computer room. Kill the Helghast
    , and Lente will retreat when you get close. Grab a LMG from the Helghast well
    your at it. Switch it with your SMG. Go up either the left or right stairs. The
    next room where Lente was has some HG special forces. Use your shotgun against
    them. Once that room is done go outside. 2 more HG will come as you get close to
    the second set of stairs that go outside. Once outside pick a box, and use your
    LMG mostly, but anything left also. All grenades, and bullets. Once that's done
    go all the way to the other side of the shuttle...
    Lente Assinated.
    FMV Sequence:
    Looks like Lente is dying. Hakha comes and kicks his pistol away. Turns out
    Hahka used to be this guys Chief of Staff. Lente brings news of unfortunate
    family news, and that he killed Hakha's brother. With 1 shot of his shotgun
    Hakha kills Lente. Up in the AD platform Adams is watching Lente's death,
    and orders to get ready for the 4 ISA coming to town.
     [W10] (Level 10)===============================================================
              [Part 1]
    *Written for Hakha*
    A nice mountain with plenty of views, but it's just too bad there's a battle
    raging up here, and that's not why you came. Plenty of ambushes, elites, and
    GLs. For good reason too; it's the lest chance to stop you all until you
    reach the shuttle launch station. Pretty short level, only 2 parts. Long and
    hard, though.
    1)Tranverse the mountain pass.
    [1)Tranverse mountain Pass]
    FMV Squence:
    Almost there. One of the most popular cutscene previews before the
    game came out was this. My favorite as well. Anyway, they finally arrrived at
    the mountain, and ready to advance up to the shuttle launch platform. Coming by
    dropship they land when it seems Luger is having doubts about having turned down
    Jan. Hmmmmmm... Rico finally got it when Hakha explained it.
    Firstly, head straight ahead(Even on video games these hieghts give me a chill.
    However, I wonder at them, and love them just the same.) Once you turn the turn
    you'll meet a bunch of bushes, and rocks. Down below, with no surpise, are
    Helghast. I suggest some grenades. Throw them under the tents so the explosives
    blow up, and kill and/or damage a few. Now take most of the rest out from above
    with your HG AR. Once thats done(Use the rocks for cover) over to the right,
    near the end of the ledge, is the least steep past of the ridge. Sprint off and
    in to the canyon wall. You sould fall slide down without a scratch, and
    convientently end up behind rocks and bushes. Work your way out, once out, throw
    grenades to finish them off. Collet the LMG and GL laying near the remain of the
    tents, and press the road block control button over on the left side of the
    base. PS watch out for the sentry bot.
    *Check point*
    Once you pass the road block 4 enemies will come along in 2 pairs of 2. Take out
    your LMG and gun them down. Continue along until myou see the HG in distance
    just standing there... peculiar. DON'T SHOOT. And you better get away before he
    sees you. Sprint up to the small ridge ahead. Here's the deal. Your pinned down
    by Mr.Rocket Launcher who was just standing there. He's one of the tough ones
    that don't sie. So you better take the two behind you on the ridge. Once that's
    done, contue down the S pattern path. The first turn you'll get 3 Helghast, and
    a sentry bot. Get up against the wall. Use your LMG to take the HG out in front
    of you. The rock is a very vanuable place once he sees you(The HG w/ the RL).
    Work your way along the wall, and at the 2nd turn of the S you'll meet some HG.
    (Keep in mined your not quite at the 2nd turn yet) Take out your GL, and chase
    them out from behind the rock. Finish any off there, and you'll be told to go
    past the mines. Hakha advantage! Take this time to reload your guns. You'll
    come across 3 Helghast at the end. Use the GL off on them, and your LMG. Once
    you get to thier bodies you'll find a swarm off HG, and your team requesting
    support. Now, I didn't know that was a GL turrent. Use it. Once they are taken
    out... you'll have to continue. You'll find the bodies of fallen HG as you come
    through the canyon. What a fight you avoided. Well, shoot down that sentry bot
    , and oh nooooes! You have to take down a base. You'll want that AA gun down.
    Pick a gun, and fire on the 3 HG soldiers near it. One's bound to get on. Once
    that happens you'll have to go left down the ridge your on. But.. HG! Take them
    out when they come from both sides(Left and front). Once that's down watch out
    for AA fire, and work your way in the base. Dash from rock to rock to tent
    (The tents are bulletproof). Work your way around the right until the HG gets
    off when your too close. Killeth him, and get on. Take out all HG. All that's
    left now is to lower the barrier(The control is in the upper left hand corner).
              [Part 2]
    1)Reach the orbitial transfer station.
    2)Reboot the servers.
    3)Realign the communication dish.
    [2)Reboot the servers]
    Dash up to the stairs that lead up to building in front of you(If your Luger you
    can go to the left of the building and up the rope. This leads you right to the
    room before the server room). Work your way up until you can see the the HG.
    Shoot them through the stairs. Once your up, and killed the 2 there will be 2
    more inside the buliding on the inside stairs. Go up on top these stairs, and
    the first room you should kill the 2 HG in there, but be weary of grenades. Grab
    thier ammo also. Now when you go on to the cat walk shoot the HG on the other
    end, and shoot through the windows in to the room on your right. Be careful.
    The HG and you can shoot through the closed and armored window. Once you get to
    the end of the ccat walk go inside the room, to the otherside, and up the
    stairs. Inside the server room are 3 or 4 HG with LMGs. Take them out, and press
    the button to reboot the servers.
    [3)Realign the communication dish]
    Grab thier ammo, and work your way up the rest of the stairs. More Helghast, and
    damn this mountain is teaming with'em. Once at the top you can grab a drink from
    the pop(Or that would be soda if your not in NY), and continue in to the armory.
    This guy has a GL so rush in, and hide behind the advances quickly while
    shooting. Once the armory is cleared grab whatever guns you need, and I suggest
    you get a SR, and don't forget those grenades. Go out on to the ct walk, now,
    and snipe the HG once you get up to the Heliport. Keep under cover, but keep in
    mind those are exploive boxes(You may regret it later). Go up on the
    non-heliport platform, and snipe the MG. Now go to the control near the dish,
    and press it.
    [1)Reach the orbitial transfer station]
    Now I know these are out of order, but it's the best and only way to complete
    them. So with that said, you must gtet out your GL, and go down the ramp that
    just got deployed near the MG. Use your GL on those 2 HG rushing you. Now switch
    that same GL with a HG gun(Whatever one), then collet all the ammo laying
    around the bodies. From there go down the ramp, and
    *Check point*
    snipe the HG post up ahead with 3 guys in it. Next, continue along up against
    the left side of the canyon wall, behind rocks, to take out the HG on the MG.
    Up ahead is a HG slowly patrolling the area with his back to you. Shoot him,
    but it'll only 2 clips or so. But he's dead. Further up are 2 or 3 HG at the
    start of a bridge that's retracted. To activate it press the button at the start
    of it. Now, rush across before the HG can use thier anti-tank weapons on you.
    Once your in CQB range use the HG LMG to take them out. With those 2 taken care
    of(Take the one's anti-tank weapon), go along until you reach a HG on a ridge up
    ahead(Take him out), and one below that.(Do the same) Now, take out your
    anti-tank weapon, launch 2 special grenades to the HG below, and the rest
    of the clip of 6 at the explosives. Rush the camp you just bombed, and use the
    rocks as cover. DON'T GET TOO CLOSE! If you do you may get stuck, and have to
    restart the level. Almost there, go up the hill to station when you'll see 4
    elites coming out. Sprint up the hill and hide behind a rock. When they get
    the snadbags fire the rest of your anti-tank ammo at them. With your welcoming
    party dead go up the stairs, and in to the door at the end. Adams is thinking...
     [W11] (Level 11)===============================================================
              [Part 1]
    *Written for Hakha*
    Pretty soon you'll be in space! The climax of the game is approaching, your
    time for revenge counting down. The showdown starts. However, that's after you
    make it off Vekta. Right now, you have to get in to a shuttle, and there's still
    more to climb.
    1)Activate the shuttle lift
    2)Borad the shuttle
    3)Activate the shuttle gantry(Rico and Hakha)
    3)Activate the control button(Luger an Templar)
    [1)Activate the shuttle lift]
    Turn right around the corner, and kill the first HG down below on the 1st floor.
    Don't venture out and get shot from the side until you get some below. You know,
    I just realized how good the HG pistol is today. Whether it's good or not you
    have to kill all the HG in the shuttle room. Once that's done and over you have
    to go down to the control button, and press it to raise the shuttle to the roof.
    [2)Borad the shuttle]
    Go up the stairs from whinch you came. Oh carp, Helghast. Shoot'em with your
    LMG, and throw a grenade or 2 to clear out the remainers. Go through the door
    the door they came from, and up the stairs to a storage-looking room. Take out
    all 3 HG, and grab the ISA AR, and SMG. Be sure to keep your HG LMG, and if
    haven't got one grab on. Once up the next set of stairs take out the HG in the
    hall and on the MG, snipe the HG furthest down the hall with SMG. Go to the
    other end off the hall, and kill the HG in before proceeding upwards.
    *Check point*
    [3)Activate the shuttle gantry(Rico and Hakha)]
    There's a dropship incoming after you have destroyed the sentry bot, and
    Templar has talked about splitting up. Get behind a box further down near the
    first set of stairs, and give the Helghast hell as soon as thier feet touch the
    ground. When the next shuttle comes retreat furhter down, and up the 2nd set of
    stairs to the gantry. It should be up so hide behind it. Once the dropship is
    gone press the button to activate the gantry(It's on the stand thing) , and
    the rest of the team will come. At this point walk up to shuttle, and the level
    will be complete.
    [3)Activate the control button(Luger an Templar)]
    Go get that sentry bot right after the check point, and rush down to the other
    side of the roof. At the conrtol tower there will be some HG up on the cat walk.
    Kill them before going in, and once in fight up through the stairs to the top
    room. If your Luger you can crawl under the hole in the middle of the spirl
    staircase, and up the ladder to the top. Once at the top press the button,
    and go back down(Get the sniper rfile if you want). Once out fight your way to
    the shuttle staircase, and walk up to the shuttle to borad it.
    Finally! Were going to the SD PLatform. After all that work.
    FMV Sequence:
    Luger and Templar wasted no time taking off, or waiting for Hakha and Rico to
    get a seat. Now, they get thier first glimps of the SD PLatform. See those
    parasite craft? You'll see a lot of those in the coming mission if your Hakha.
    Including one rather intense part.
    "Ready boys?"
              [Part 2]
    This level leans towrds the shorter end. Great ending though! A nice ride though
    the SD Platform. Then,... split up. You'll get briefed once you get ot the
    transport module. Which fankly, is only a little ways off.
    1)Board transport module.
    [1)Board transport module]
    Yikes! Your down to minutes now! Prisa! Prisa! Prisa! Grab that ammo in the
    room. Grab the M203s, SMG ammo, and grenades(Assuming you have the proper
    gun.) DON'T USE THE M203s. You'll need it all in the end. Conserve your ammo.
    Anyway, exit that room, and you'll hear 2 HG talking about the lack of
    space suits. Blast'em away. Go down the hall, and take a right turn in to a
    room full of HG elites, and the bald guys. (There all bald, so the ones with
    no helmets. You get the idea.) First, you'll want ot toss a grenade or two
    in to the room. Don't forget to cook it. Inch a little ways out from the
    doorway, and take a shot with your SMG 2nd fire. 3 to the head kills the
    helmets. Once they are dwindled or gone continue past that room. Watch out for
    the two in hallway. Once through to hallways to the bodies of the first two HG
    you killed go up to the door and it will open. Do the same as before. Inch and
    scoot...I-I mean shoot. Once your down to a few go up to the control panal and
    use it as cover. Borad the module ahead. Now for a nice vi- Oh no your too late!
    I wasn't(Just kidding). The Earth fleet has arrived! Good news. The Earth fleet
    is getting destroyed! Dammit. Time to make a plan...
    Once off head straight to the room with your teammates, and either go forward,
    left or right depending on which one is open.
              [Part 3]
    A Hahka of a fight...I know that didn't make sense at all. Well, now you will
    have to disarm those explosives or else you won't be alive long. Those HG...
    a suicidal last ditch effort up thier sleeves. With that threat taken care of
    you will be able to take care of more important matters in taking over the
    1)1)Disarm the self destruct charages on the 3 leech modules
    2)Access the command module
    [1)Disarm the self destruct charages on the 3 leech modules]
    You start out all alone, take your SMG(If you have it). Now I'll say this now,
    once you run out of ammo switch it with a HG LMG. You'll be needing that during
    Part 3. In the next room there a 3 HG. Kill them, but don't rush in. You'll get
    annihalated. Proceed through the room. Now, another room you shou;dn't rush in
    to. Instead, do some jump shots to kill HG on the stairs, and wait for the ones
    on the bottom level to come to you. Go up the stairs,(Use your shotgun), and go
    in to the paracite craft(The thing amoungst all the wreckage on the 2nd floor).
    There's some ammo, and an LMG inside. In the back is a switch you must push to
    disarm it. Now go back out, and kill the 2 HG that will come out. Go through
    the door they came from, and kill the 3rd one. Turn left at the end of the hall.
    Watch for HG coming out of that room, and wipe them out like you did with every
    other room so far. Go inside the leech craft here, but wait HG inside. Throw
    some grenades if must, and it is important you pick up that GL at the entrnace.
    Now go back out and in to the next hall. The next room... empty?! CRASH! BOOM!
    "Charrrrrrrrrrrrage!" Crap. Get your GL, quick! Hurry! Hurry! Go into prone and
    fire 6 grenades in to the incoming HG. Back up in to the hall, kill any HG
    stupid enough to come towards you and to hall. Watch out they don't catch you
    reloading. Next, clear the room of any left over HG. It'll take some time.
    Following that battle go in to the module, and disarm it.(No HG here :])
    [2)Access the command module]
    Now that that threats taken care of you can concentrate on the bigger threat:
    Taking care of Adams. Grab all the ammo you can get in that craft, and head
    back out. Go in to the final hall, then...
              [Part 4]
    FMV Sequence:
    "No pity for the...the traitor"
    Your guy/gal(Whoever it is) kills the HG near Adams, and they have an obscene
    convorsation. Hmmm. Adams! HG just come pouring in! They don't stop!
    The final fight!
    First things first, kill those Helghast coming. Use the M203s from the AR if you
    have it, or any other GLs. Try to hit them when they are in a bunch, and pick
    the rest off with single grenades. Don't be catius with your grenades. Once the
    first wave is done in, grab the GL pistol on the right platform next to you. Use
    it to wipe out the HG on the left and right. Then, launch some in the glass
    globe. There is also health up there in that platform. Find cover! The doorways
    are best. Once the forces below die down, literally. Go up to them, and grab an
    HG AR. Grab all the ammo you can. There is more health up in the glass globe.
    To take that, go up to(but not in it) and back up a little so you can see the
    glass. Shoot any HG you can through the glass. "They couldn't hold us for long."
    Once a couple in the globe are taken out your firends now rush in and you can
    easily finish them off. Use your shotgun. Don't get to full of your self just
    yet. The hallways leading up, on the left and right are were you must go. Once
    of them(The right ussaly) has a door open with elites that keep coming. Mow
    them down with your shotgun, and force your way in. The room on your side
    contains Adams. Don't just rush in, Go in and fire some ammo, and then retreat.
    Reapeat that again. Again. Again, again, agian, agian, agian. Then, Adams is
    dead. Only shoot the HG attacking you the most, and concentrate the rest of your
    fire on him. Pour all your ammo out on him. Once that's done go down the stairs
    in the room you first went in ot after leaving the command globe, glass...
    FMV Sequence:
    Well, they're getting out of there, and fast. Rico and Hakha just
    made friends as Hakha pulls Rico out of a tight squeeze. With 10 seconds to
    launch the module Hakha hooks up something as Rico and Templar hold off the HG.
    Of cousre, that was before Hakha saved Rico, sorry. Witch the SD platform now
    breaking up, Luger and Templar both agree the Helghast will be back.
    Sequel anyone?
    Prequel might be cool. Killzone 2: The First Helghan War.
    * [08] (Game Modes and Online Features) ****************************************
    Game modes
    This is simplest mode. It's simple and easy, and what’s more is only kills count
    (+1)towards your score so this is going to help new players learn the game a
    lot. One thing that does count against your score is suicide which gets you a
    negative 1 (-1) so be careful with your grenades and where you jump. This may
    seem boring and repetitive, but if you ever played SOCOM or any other game with
    no deathmatch you occasionally feel like you want to played deathmatch...but you
    can't, so appreciate it.
    Maps: All.
    ===[Team Deathmatch]============================================================
    This is just like deathmatch except with teams. Just like before a kill will get
    you 1 point (+1), and a suicide will get you meditative 1 (-1). Unlike before
    team kills come in to effect. A team kill subtracts 1 point (-1) from your team,
    and adds 1 point (+1) to the other team's score. Also, the team killed person
    person will receive 1 death. Now on to your team's score, this doesn't count too
    much towards your rank, but it does somewhat.
    Maps: All.
    This mode is much like SOCOM's Breach mode. One team has to complete an
    objective while the other team must try to stop them from completing that
    objective. A kill counts for 1 point (+1), and a team kill get's you negative 1
    (-1). The team killed player gets a death and a suicide gets you negative 1
    (-1). Completed the objective? Good for you you get 5 points (+5).
    Maps: Delta Creek Canyon Crossing, Park Terminal, Southern Hills, Beachhead.
    ===[Defend & Destroy]===========================================================
    This is similar to SOCOM's demolition mode, and is like Assault mode. Except
    each team get's an objective and has to complete it while stopping the enemy
    from completing their objective. Points are scored like Assault, but now you get
    5 points (+5) for destroying an enemy held objective.
    Maps: Delta Creek, Canyon Crossing, Park Terminal, Southern Hills, Beachhead.
    ===[Supply Drop]================================================================
    This is a mode new to most games, and was probably made up by the creators. The
    object is to get all the supply drops that were dropped by parachute on the
    battlefield in your base simultaneously. The scoring is the same as always, but
    now you get 5 points (+5) for bringing a supply drop to your base, however you
    lose those 5 points if the supply drop is stolen (Yes you can steal supplies).
    Your team's score is bumped up by 15 (+15) for every 15 seconds you have the
    supply drop in your base.
    Maps: Delta Creek, Vektan Slums, Core Shaft, Southern Hills, Beachhead.
    Much like Supply drop except there are stationary areas you have to control at
    the same time to win the game. The areas once controlled can be used for respawn
    points for your team. The captor of the area will get 5 points (+5), but lose it
    (-5) if it's captured by the other team. For every 15 seconds you control a
    area you get 1 point (+1) for your team. Other scoring is the same as other
    the modes.
    Maps: Delta Creek, Canyon Crossing, Park Terminal, Orbital Station, Southern
    Hills, Beachhead.
    Sever Options
    Here all the options that make your online server(game) specified to your
    likings. The options include spawn limit to player names. So let's begin.
    -Game name-
    The name of game. Just enter it using a keyboard or on-screen keyboard.
    -Game map-
    Select the map this game will be played in. There are 8 maps.
    -Game type-
    Select the game type for the game; Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Domination,
    Supply Drop, Assault, or Defend&Destroy. Keep in mind that not all maps are
    available for all game modes.
    -Time limit-
    Select how long the game will last if the objectives are not met.
    -Spawn limit-
    Select how many times a player will be able to respawn in the game.
    -Friendly Fire-
    Do you want your grenades/bullets to hurt your teammates?(Seeing as theres no
    boot option I suggest you put it off to avoid TKers)
    What ranks do you want in this game? All or only certian ones?
    Select the maximum amount of kills you need to win the game.
    Do you want the game to be password protected? Otherwise do you want players to
    have to enter a pass to join the room?
    -Late Joiners-
    Do you want players to be able to join after the game has already started?
    (From Killzonehq.com)
    Rank: Rank
    Stats: Total points needed to get that rank
    Ratio:Kill:Death ratio needed to get that rank
    |Rank                    |Stats|Ratio  |
    |Private                 | 000 |  Any  |
    |Corporal                | 100 |  Any  |
    |Sergeant                | 200 | .25:1 |
    |Staff Sergeant          | 300 | .50:1 |
    |Sergeant First Class    | 400 |   1:1 |
    |Sergeant Major          | 500 | 1.5:1 |
    |Second Lieutenant       | 750 |   2:1 |
    |First Lieutenant        |1000 | 2.5:1 |
    |Captain                 |1250 |   3:1 |
    |Lieutenant Colonel      |1500 | 3.5:1 |
    |Colonel                 |1750 |   4:1 |
    |Brigadier General       |2000 | 4.5:1 |
    |Major General           |2250 |   5:1 |
    |Lieutenant General      |2500 | 5.5:1 |
    |General                 |2750 |   6:1 |
    |Five Star General       |3000 |   8:1 |
    * [09] (Online Levels) *********************************************************
    Note: Also applies to offline maps.
    [M01]Battlefield 1:Delta Creek
    [M02]Battlefield 2:Canyon Crossing
    [M03]Battlefield 3:Vetkan Slums
    [M04]Battlefield 4:Core Shaft
    [M05]Battlefield 5:Park Terminal
    [M06]Battlefield 6:Orbitial Station
    [M07]Battlefield 7:Southern Hills
    [M08]Battlefield 8:Beach Head
     [M01] Battlefield 1============================================================
    This map is set in the jungles of Vetka, and can be one of the most confusing
    maps of them all. Playable in some modes, and a lovely, even map at times.
    Sniping in this map is fairly good, and the most common mode is supply drop.
    Great map overall.
    This path is the most consealed of the sides. Same for the Helghast too, but
    were talking about ISA right now. Once you get outta your base you'll come
    across mountain and another, which make  a narrow, open area. Not too much worry
    since your in your territory. Once that part is done you'll reach a little hill.
    The hill itself has some cover to hide in. On the left is the river, or the end
    of it. On the right is a land path. The land path is more concealed so go that
    way. Now continue down past 1 mountain, and a 2nd one. Now turn left, or find
    some weapons. Once you've turned left keep going, and you'll eventually run in
    to some jetbike wreckage. The generators are here, and to the left, up the hill
    are the supply drops.
    The least concealed path. Well, from your base go forward up to a mountain.
    Below it is the river, so jump down(Not reccomended) or go around. Cross the
    river...fast. Once across you'll run in to another mountain, and this time you
    can't go around. Go left or right, and get back to the middle on the otherside.
    Straight ahead should be the Helghast base, and beyond that the generators.
    Another not so concealed path. Go along the left side until the river. Just
    cross the river. There should be a medi-pack in the island in the middle if
    y'all need it. So continue along the left side of the Helghast base. Eventually,
    after 2 mountians you should past to your right is the wreckage. Then go to it,
    and do the same as before.
    A not so concealed path. Go along the right side or your base side until the
    river. Just cross the river. There should be a medi-pack in the island in the
    middle if y'all need it. So continue along the right side of the ISA side.
    Eventually, after 2 mountians you should past to your right is the ISA base.
    The supply drops in the base, and the generators behind that.
    The least concealed path. Well, from your base go forward up to a mountain.
    Below it is the river, so jump down(Not reccomended), or go around. Cross the
    river...fast. Once across you'll run in to another mountain, and this time you
    can't go around. Go left or right, and get back to the middle on the otherside.
    Straight ahead should be the ISA base, and beyond that the generators.
    This path is the most consealed of the sides. Same for the ISA too, but
    were talking about Helghast right now. Once you get outta your base you'll come
    across mountain, which make  a narrow, open area. Not too much worry
    since your in your territory. Once that part is done you'll reach a little hill.
    The hill itself has some cover to hide in. On the right is the river, or the end
    of the river. On the right is a land path. The land path is more concealed so go
    that way. Now continue down past 1 mountain, and a 2nd one. Now turn left, or
    find some weapons. Once you've turned left keep going, and you'll eventually
    run in to the base. The generators are here, and to the right, up
    the hill are the supply drops.
    Pretty easy when the map is identical on both sides.
     [M02] Battlefield 2============================================================
     Description: Now Canyon Crossing is a very good map, and I just don't see why
    people don't play it more. It's set on a battle for a bridge in the mountains
    of Vekta, and is quite interesting, maybe a bit confusing at first. The control
    of the bridge is a very important thing otherwise you cut off from the other
    side , and can't complete the objective.
    Invading the enemy:
    OK the bridge should be taking be a large force, and quickly. The underside of
    the bridge is the safest way, but the topside is quicker and less covered. Once
    the bridge is down move on to the left or right. The left contains an abandoned
    base contains where the generators is, ad you should be able to get there
    quickly if you hurry, and beat the Helghast. Hold there, and fend off the
    Helghast by hiding in the bushes and buildings. The right has a big hill to the
    right, and a building in the left. Watch for Helghast on or in both. Once that
    is done you'll get to a split path. Some go right and some left. Circle around
    and you'll meet on the otherside. You've just searched the Helghast base.
    Taking the abandoned base:
    Hurry, and get on the main road. It'll be hard to get hier before the ISA, so
    you'll have to take by force. Put some people on the left side hill, and then
    invade the base. Stick in the buildings, and have someone start to attack the
    generator, or more than one(Only for Assualt). Don't forget to clear the area
    behind the base.
    Going beyond the bridge:
    Or otherwise getting in to the ISA base. Well, first go under the bridge where
    your likely to run in to some ISA. Destroy them, and divide and conquer. Some
    go on on side, and others on the other. Then, go back up on the bridge(Opposite
    side) and take out anny ISA on the tower to the right. Now rush up to the
    generator. Try to grab some cover, and attack it from a distance. If you shoot
    from your side it won't hit though. So your have to go from thier side. As for
    a less stragetic stragety. Rush across the bridge. You can get to cause some
    damage with 1 person(About 1/20th damage). So imagine the damage of a whole
    rushing team. As for TDM just spawn camp like the newbies you are.
     [M03] Battlefield 3============================================================
     Description: The map called Vetkan Slums is my least favorite, but I must
    describe. It is set from mission 4 (The one where you find Hakha), and is based
    on one of the old streets in the mission.
    Crossing the dangerous street:
    Either side you'll be running and sprinting, only to find you can't stop soon
    enough to fire. So just spint unless you have to, and watch out for grenades.
    Fallen debris make nice cover. If your in the middle of the street you have 2
    1)Go to either end to get on the sidewalk and in to the base
    2)Go to the very end of the street(Under the base) and go left or right in to
    the base from there.
    On the sidewalks theres more cover, but more enemies. So choose carefully. On
    both sides there is a door halfway down the sidewalk, and go in to it to find
    shotgun amoung other weapons. Usally there are no enemies there so it's a nice
    place to hide if you have supplies and wait for your team to escort you.
    The bases:
    Nearly identical(I think), but the fastest way in is the left doorway on the
    sidewalk, and there will be stairs nearby. Just go up them to get to the supply
    containers. Amoung the bases are weapons, and health. Incase you haven't noticed
    by now(Which is pretty easy not to) this map is mostly played on Supply drop.
    (Got a better stragety, I bet you do. E-mail @ Smitty416[at]masn[dot]com)
     [M04] Battlefield 4============================================================
     Description: This battlefield, uuuummmmmm let me see, ah yes Core Shaft is
    based on the ISA HQ mission. You'll be fighting in a 4 story building that is
    circled around a shaft. Hence, Core Shaft. The Helghast have the generator
    command room (Yeah, I just made that up, best description I could think of), and
    the ISA have the communications room.
    Getting to the Helghast base:
    Well this level IS Identical more or less. Well from your base go up the through
    the computers and stuff to the top. Exit through the door(Either one), and after
    the next room you'll get in to a brown room with boxes. This room makes a good
    last defense area before Helghast reach your base. So anyway, go exit left or
    right(Right is less traveled for some reason). Go up the nearest stairs(Left
    side for the right exit and vis versa). This octagon(?) shaped room is where
    almost ALL of the action takes place. Piticularly, the left side. So control
    this room and it makes the game easier. Go across the room and up either up
    stairway on the other side(The right is less traveled again). Once up there
    go in to the generator room(HG base). Go to the 6 generators in a row, and on
    either side some stairs lead up to the generators(A lot of stairs to climb,
    no?). On the left and right are the generators.
    The esiest way to defend is to stop as many as you can in the middle room
    where all the action is, and then stop the rest in the brown room. If you fail
    to stop them there the next best spot is your base. The spawn is right there
    for you and the HG are at a BIG disadvantage.
    Attacking the ISA base:
    My favorite side of this map although the harder side. Well to start out you
    may want to grab the nearby SMG, and head ou the base with either exit.(The left
    side is least traveld). Go down the nearest stairs, and you'll be in the room
    with all the action. Go across and down one of two stairs to the ISA base. Turn
    right if you went down the left stairs, and left for the right. You'll know
    your going the right way when you get to where the wall is burnt. Once your
    inside the brown box room go though 2 of the slimmer doorways. FoLL0W the hall
    to the ISA base. Now this where most Helghast get killed, so it's important to
    attack in groups. Travel down to the lower part of the base, and on the left
    and right are doors. Through both of these doors are stairs, and then the
    Well you'll want some people on the walkways on either side of the base with
    big windows as well as some people right by the base entrances. Finally, some
    people near the generators. If you have some men on the otherside of the stairs
    you can catch them in a crossfire.
     [M05] Battlefield 5============================================================
     Description: Park Terminal takes place in an abandoned subway system from
    mission 3 before the park level. There are 2 definite sides with 1 big and 1
    small bridge to connect them.
    Well as for defending the base, since some most games are Assualt, you'll be
    sticking close to your side. The generator room is a great place to hide out,
    but you'll want some guys farther up besides just at the room. Place some up
    around the walkways above the lobby room. This will help protect the lobby, and
    the other entrance to the generator room by going down the stairs up there.
    Now a soldier or too near the entrance from the small bridge wouldn't hurt, and
    niether will some near the main entrance.
    Invading(Big bridge):
    Gather near the main entrance, and rush across the bridge.
    Throw some grenades in the room on the other side. Now your can go right, but
    I doubt you'll find many HG. Instead go left through the lobby area on the HG
    side. At the 2nd room are some stairs that lead down in to the HG spawn. Here
    you'll find a sniper rifle, and the stairs there lead to the small bridge. Go
    across and repeat I guess.
    Invading(Small bridge):
    Get near the small bridge, but watch for HG snipers. Once you cross you can go
    through door at the other end. Up the stairs nextr in to the room with HG SR,
    and up the next set of stairs to the lobby and clear that out. Then, cross
    the big bridge. The other entrance is to the right after you crossed the small
    bridge. Go down the stairs there, and up to the other door where a shotgun is
    located. Go up thode stairs in to the lobby, and follow the instuctions for the
    bigger bridge.
    Big bridge:
    Cross quickly and take the next room. This is fairly good sniping spot for the
    lobby below. Go left in to the walkways above the lobby. Keep going along
    watching for ISA and ammo. Once you get to a small set of stairs go down to the
    ISA spawn and down the next set. This is the generator room. Go left to get to
    them. *Dashing helps avoid a lot of bullets here*
    Small brdige:
    Gather near your spawn and grab any ammo there. Take the down stairs to the
    small bridge, and cross. A sniper doesn't hurt to snipe the ISA on the other
    end. Go up the stairs, and fight your way through to the lobby. Go to the
    large staircase there (Down the stairs you go). Now enter the base. You have
    about 2x as much length to go as the other entrance. Sprint to the genrators
    destroy them. *Hidding the area behind the generators helps*
     [M06] Battlefield 6============================================================
     Description: Also, my least favorite map. This is based on the last mission,
    and although that was fun, this is not. By far the most confusing map of them
    all. Full of metal, and gray. Available modes are few here.
    General Stragety:
    Since it's more or less deathmatch map you won't find many more modes being
    played here if you find any at all. Noe that the stragety differs much between
    modes, even for domination. Except that invoulves guards for the beacons(See
    basics section). Well stay in groups and search for enemies. You find many
    deaths from behind, and people jumping out of nowhere. So cherish rooms with
    one way in, which can help ambushes and the like.
    (Better tatic? Hope so. smitty416[at]gmail[dot]com)
     [M07] Battlefield 7============================================================
     Description: Southern Hills...could very well be the biggest map. The level is
    from the 1st sub-section, or at least the ground and scenery. Contains an ISA
    bunker system, ISA base, and Helghast base. Also, a sniping tower.
    Start off by gathering any weapons and gear. Go along the right side keeping a
    look out for any Helghast. Along the way you'll come across a small bunker.
    Gather any weapons/ammo you need. Now the Helghast will start popping up more,
    so be a bit more careful. Sooner or later you will come across the Helghast
    generators(Helghast flag nearby a tower marks it). For the supply containers go
    along the wall some more until you have to turn, and there it is.
    Go gather any ammo needed and go in to the big bunker complex. Fight your way
    through any HG here, and don't go straight down, instead swerve. Once you out
    right ahead is the HG base. Although, you can go in to one of the bunkers in
    the complex and attack from there. Beyond the rock behind it are the supply
    Again gather any ammo, and proceed out of your base area. Along the wall your
    come across a large tower. Near one of the fences is the sniper rifle. Go up to
    the top of tower for sniping if want although there more traffic on this side.
    Now go down until the HG base to your right. Shoot the generators from here, or
    go 'round the rock to the supply containers. 
    Go along the end of the map until you get to a sniper tower, nearby is a sniper
    rifle of course. Now to the left is a big bunker complex. In there are the ISA
    supply containers, and in front of it the ISA base.
    Go to your base. In front is the bunkers. Go in, gather some ammo/steal supplies
    , and retreat back to base. If not continue past ans you'll see the ISA base.
    Either attack the base from bunkers, or go and rush the base, and estroy the
    Go to the left, and along the wall. Soone enough you'll come across a bunker in
    which there is some ammo. Proceed along the left side until you get near the
    ISA base which contain the generators. Just go up and shoot, or go from a
     [M08] Battlefield 8============================================================
     Description: The overrated map. 50% of the games are on this level, and that’s
    OK, but makes it get boring quick. The map is based on a beach where the ISA
    have the beachhead... which makes...The...Enowapi of Killzone.
    The beach:
    Well, the beach stragety is to find some cover and dash from spot to spot
    hidding from the other team's sniper. The pond, once in crouch, actually
    provides some good cover for the HG. The buildings on the right side for the
    ISA make good ambush/sniper points. The hill near the HG side isn't a good
    spot for either side, but can be covered for the ISA by a sniper on the side
    of the wall on the left. The beach in whole is easily covered by ISA snipers.
    So for HG the middle is good at first then sift over to the right side. As the
    ISA the middle and left are good. The trenches are a fair spot for the HG, but
    they are still easily visable.
    The Helghast base:
    Well, you could be a skilless person who spawn camps, but I'll give you other
    strageties. Once your near the base gether your forces. Attack at one, but if
    you want send some guys near the HG spawn to kill any attacking Helghast. The
    rest go to the shack, and attack the generators, but watch for grenades. To
    avoide this send a sentry outside to kill any grenade throwing/attacking HG.
    The ISA base:
    Once near there are 2 entranaces:
    The one on the left and one on the right. The left one has more traffic and is
    defended so go through the right. This one is more open which makes it harder
    to defend. With luck you can sneak to the back of the base, and up a ramp on to
    the tan platform. The two closest entrances lead to the genrators. Once inside
    the room the spot between the two ramps leading in is a good space to hide.
    Send some guys to cover the entrances to the room. Also, some snipers on the
    right tower don't hurt.
    * [10] (Getting Online) ********************************************************
    Getting Online
    Before one can get online one must buy the necessary equipment to get only
    which is pretty cheap considering you can use it for every online game for
    the PS2.
    Here’s a list of all the things you'll need to get online followed on how to
    install them:
    -PS2 ($180-$200)
    -Killzone disk ($50 new)
    -Network adapter ($30-$40)(Sony NA only)
    -Broadband Internet (DSL, Cable, ect.)($30 average, depends on type and
    -Ethernet cord ($15-$50 depending on length) (Cat 5e or Cat 6)
    -Router (Optional) ($30-$70 depending on company)
    -Extra Ethernet Cord (Optional) ($15-$50 depending on length)(Cat 5e or
    Cat 6)
    Okay you bought your network adapter and now you need to install it to get
    online okay here just follow these steps to get it installed:
    1.Remove expansion bay cover in the back of your PS2.
    2.Put network adapter in.
    3.Use a coin to tighten the screws to the network adapter.
    4.Insert Installation disk in your PS2.
    5.Install disc.
    6.Insert Ethernet Cord.
    NOTE: Insert the installation disc into your PS2 for an installation movie.
    Now how to get your Ethernet connection set up so follow these steps:
    With A Router
    A Router is just a way of splitting your Ethernet cord so you can play online
    and go online at your computer at the same time. The more expensive you router
    the better your connection will be and the less lag you will get on SOCOM II
    1.Plug 1 Ethernet cord from your Broadband modem into the modem and the
    router's IN jack. Much like a VCR a router has an IN jack and usually 4 out
    2.Plug 1 Ethernet cord into your router and the other end into your computer.
    3.Install router.
    4.Plug 1 Ethernet cord in to your router and the other end into your PS2.
    5.Go play Killzone online.
    Without A Router
    An established Ethernet connection is also possibly without a router and just
    with a direct connection between the Broadband modem and the Network Adapter.
    It results in less lag, but you'll have to switch your Ethernet cord between
    your computer and your PS2 every time you'll want to go online. Unless of
    of course you don't have internet on your computer.
    1.Connect 1 Ethernet cord between the network adapter and your modem.
    2.Go play Killzone online.
    If you need more help go here:
    Headsets are not necessary, but they sure do help and make playing Killzone
    online more fun. A lot more fun. Using headsets you will be able to
    communicate with your team members and make friends and get accepted into
    clans. They will also help in single as you can give voice commands to your
    team. You will have a speaker, which will be on 1 ear and a mic extending to
    in front of your mouth.
    There are only 3 major headsets for the PS2 computer headsets will not work
    with the PS2 unless they say different on the package/manual. These headsets
    however work with both computer and the PS2.
    The first Headset is the one with the original SOCOM I game/headset package.
    It has a small ear phone and mic, is rather flimsy, but is surprisingly the
    most durable IMO. You can only buy these with the original SOCOM I though.
    The second headset is the Sony one I personally never had this one, but from
    what I heard it's pretty small, and is the second most durable.
    The third headset is the Logitech headset. It has a rather big ear piece and
    the mic is pretty stiff were it bends, but it's a good mic. People have
    problems with these breaking, but I haven't had any yet. There’s a piece with
    a volume control and a mute button that mutes your voice when talking for
    future games where you don't have to hold a button to talk.
    Now headsets can be a pain in the neck if they keep breaking or people can't
    hear you, but here are some tips:
    *NEVER leave your headset on the ground this is a very good way to break it.
    *Careful about twisting the bendy part of the big for this increases ware and
    *Loose wires usually result in loss of hearing people or talking to people or
    *Don't have the mic too close to your mouth or else it distorts the sound and
    people can hear your breathing.
    *Don't have it too far away either or else people will not hear your voice.
    *Check you’re mute if you have one.
    *Careful not to drop your headset.
    * [11] (FAQ)********************************************************************
    Q. What are some good Killzone sites?
    A. Well a good site for Killzone is:
    It has some great info on the game and such.
    For a great clan ladder you can try www.gamebattles.com.
    Sign up for gamebattles at:http://my.gamebattles.com/signup
    Sign up your clan at:http://killzone.gamebattles.com/join.php
    Once you've got an account.
    Q.Are there any non-respawn games?
    A. No and Yes, if you can create a game where you can only respawn once which is
    closest you can get to a no respawn game.
    Q. Why do/does Rico's gun/Mounted Machine guns stop firing all of a sudden?
    A. Well, in real life if you fire a machine gun too long it will get overheated
    (Most of them), and you will have to wait for it to cool down. So in the game
    there is a gauge in lower right corner which tell you how hot the gun is. So
    the best thing to do is to fire in bursts.
    Q. How do you jump?
    A. No jumping action included.
    Questions? E-mail them to Smitty416 [at] gmail [dot] com
    * [12] (Credits) ***************************************************************
    Thank you:
    -Guerilla for developing this game.
    -Sony for the PS2 and NA.
    -Thank you killzonehq.com for rank reqirements
    -Thank you http://www.network-science.de/ascii/ for ASCII converter
    -Thank you c1107eyec for the info on another Helghast character.
    -Thank you xvashxknivesx for info on Hakha's knife, and auto-pistols.
    -Thank you anthony for alternate mathod on blowing up the APCs on level 6.2
    Your contributions to this FAQ will be listed here, and before your
    * [13] (Version History) *******************************************************
    The history of the making of this FAQ:
    Version History:
    Version:0.05(Unpublished version)Date:10/7/04
    -Well I got pretty board and made this FAQ for something to do. Sure the game
    is still 25 or so days away from released ,but it should be a good game. I am
    doing what I can from news articles and such.
    -Title Art
    -Section D,13
    -Section D,14
    -Section D,15
    -Section Headers
    Version:0.06(Unpublished version)Date:10/8/04
    -Not much improvement...
    -Online "Battlefields" and mission headers
    Version:0.15(Unpublished version)Date:10/28/04
    -Worked on this the first time in a long time
    -Ranks, Game modes
    -Section A,01
    Version:0.18(Unpublished Version)Date:10/29/04
    -Worked on this again
    -Section C,10(Copied from my SOCOM II Online FAQ)
    Version:0.22(Unpublished version)Date:11/01/04
    -Only 1 more day!!!
    -Names of online "Battlefields"
    -Section A,2
    -Started Section A,3
    Version:0.30(Ready for submission)Date:11/2/04
    -Shipping Day!!!
    -Section A,3
    -Section A,4
    -Section D,12
    -Section D,11
    -Spell check
    Version:0.40 Date:11/05/04
    -Server options
    -What maps are available for what modes.
    -Mission 1 completed
    Version:0.50 Date:11/06/04
    -Working on it...
    -Helghast Grenade Launcher
    -Mission 2 complete
    -Lugers sub-machine gun
    -Added characters: Helghast MG Gunner, Helghast Soldier
    Version:0.52 Date:11/07/04
    -FAQ delayed because my PS2 fried. I'll get a new one soon. I guess I'll do
    some much needed spell checking until then...
    -Helghast Character
    Version:0.38 Date:11/09/04
    -Still no PS2, should get one tomorrow
    -Fixed some minor things
    -Spell checked
    -Fixed version problems
    Version:0.42 Date:11/10/04
    -PS2 baaack!!!!
    -Mission 3 Completed
    Version:0.43 Date:11/11/04
    -OK getting back on track
    -Helghast Weapons
    -Plot Summary
    Version:0.47 Date:11/13/04
    -OK I feel like writing now. I beat the game!
    -Mission 4 complete
    -Updated Plot Summary
    Version:0.50 Date:11/20/04
    -Playing the game on hard now...
    -Fixed Helghast Character name
    -Added grenades
    -Mission 5 complete
    Version:0.52 Date:11/24/04
    -Now I work sa more
    -New section!
    -Start some little improvements
    -Added the online sections for the first 3 battlefields
    -All that's left is the walkthrough SP level!
    -The rest of the battlefields(3-8)
    -Spell checked
    -1 more mission
    -Mission 6
    -Taped missions 7-9
    -Re-did basics section
    -ASCII art Title 2
    -More mission
    -Mission 7
    -Mission 8
    -1 more mission
    -Mission 9
    -Redoing the multiplayer maps
    -Fixed Delta Creek
    Version:0.92(Just remembered about the date!)12/16/04
    -Fixed many MP maps
    -New and improved maps 2-8(The rest of them)
    -Yet again new ASCII art
    Versions:0.97 2/2/05
    -Now I know it's been a hella long time. But that FAQ bounty motavated me!
    I hope I win it! Have to hurry!
    -Mission 10
    -Mission 11, part 1
    Reminder: Switch all e-mail adresses to my new e-mail.
    Version:1.00 2/3/05
    -Yahoo! 2nd FAQ completed! Hope I win that bounty...
    -Rest of mission 11
    -Game/Guide complete
    * [14] (Copyright Notice) ******************************************************
    And now to alert people once again of the law that protects this FAQ and any
    other FAQ on this site as well as every other person's work ever published. Now
    this is simply saying you can't use my FAQ without my permission and FAQ being
    the whole walkthrough and not just the FAQ of the FAQ.
    Copyright 2004 Michael Dietz
    * [15] (Legal Notice) **********************************************************
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    Sites this FAQ is on:
    If you see this FAQ on any other sites please e-mail me @
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