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    Weapon Guide by Syffer Bidan

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    	Guide written by Syffer Bidan
    "If your opponent attacks like the sea, strike like the mountains; if
    your opponent strikes like the mountains, attack like the sea."
    -- Miyamoto Musashi
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    ISA Weaponry 					(IW)
    Helghan Weaponry 				(HW)
    Special Arms 					(SA)
    Body Damage (Head Shot)				(BD)
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    ISA Weaponry (IW)
    Extremely accurate despite high recoil, ISA weapons are manufactured 
    with meticulous care. Accuracy and versatility, however, compromise the
    rate of fire for most ISA weapons.
    M-82 Assault Rifle
    Primary: Rapid Burst
    Secondary: HE Grenade Launcher
    Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds
    Grenade Capacity: 1 grenade
    Scope: Yes
    Damage: Moderate
    Recoil: High
    Efficiency: Medium to Long Range
    Primary Magazine Munition: Banana Clip
    Secondary Magazine Munition: HE Grenades, several medium sized shells 
    with semi-round tips
    The ISA Assault Rifle serves as the mainstay weapon of the ISA marines.
    The weapon features a primary burst fire and a secondary grenade
    launching function. Cosmetically, the weapon offers a muzzle flash and
    a mid-range scope.
    The damage produced by the ISA Assault Rifle is devastating against
    soft or lightly-armored targets. Two quick three-round bursts aimed
    at the chest usually results in instant death. A quick three-round
    burst to the head will also result in immediate death. The accuracy of
    this particular assault rifle is far better than the Helghan Assault 
    Rifle. The bullets fired by the ISA Assault Rifle hardly stray off 
    target; however, the recoil may cause the user to over-shoot his or her 
    target. Keeping this in mind, at long ranges, this weapon may be 
    extremely lethal if one aims at the body of his or her opponent, in 
    hopes that at least one round makes it into the heart or head. It may 
    take several hours to fully understand the range and scope of this 
    weapon; however, the results are well worth the time and effort.
    The secondary grenade launching function acts like the Helghan Grenade 
    Pistol and ISA Grenade Launcher. The HE Grenade shells arch and 
    explode on impact. The damage that the shells produce is on par with
    the standard Hand Grenade--capable of destroying APCs and lightly
    armored tanks. If one becomes proficient at arching the grenades, one
    can easily take down squads of Helghast without firing a single
    ballistic round. It is highly suggested that, even though the ISA
    Assault Rifle comes without shells, one find the grenade ammo somewhere
    around the battlefield and practice using them in combat. If the
    grenades do not kill one's opponent, the explosion may blind them or
    even disturb their cross-hairs. This is a strategic maneuver commonly
    used by many ISA marines. One must also keep in mind that the Assault
    Rifle carries only one grenade in its chamber, and it would be unwise
    to miss one's intended target only to reload the weapon in a heated
    M4 Handgun
    Primary: Semi-Automatic
    Secondary: None
    Magazine Capacity: 7 rounds
    Scope: No
    Damage: Low
    Recoil: Low
    Efficiency: Short to Medium Range
    Primary Magazine Munition: Standard Clip
    The ISA Handgun is the standard sidearm for both special forces and
    marines alike. The Handgun is an extremely accurate pistol that is
    capable of taking down opponents with two to three well-placed shots
    to the head. The bullets usually do not stray off-course unless the
    intended target is at a relatively long distance away from the
    wielder, making it a useful tool for relatively silent takedowns at
    any range.
    While not extremely powerful, the Handgun serves as a backup in case
    one runs out of ammo for his or her primary weapon. If one wishes to
    pick up a more powerful or useful weapon, it is advised that this 
    weapon be discarded, as it is very expendable, and unnecessary for
    most field missions.
    M66-SD MP Silenced Submachine Gun
    Primary: Full-Automatic
    Secondary: Suppressed Semi-Automatic
    Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds
    Scope: Yes
    Damage: Moderate
    Recoil: Low
    Efficiency: Short to Long Range
    Primary Magazine Munition: Standard Clip
    The ISA Silenced Submachine Gun is the standard issued weapon for ISA
    Shadow Marshals. The Silenced Submachine Gun is equipped with a scope,
    flash suppresser, and a silencer for stealthy takedowns. Due to its
    light weight, it is extremely portable and easy to maintain.
    The Silenced Submachine Gun is an extremely versatile weapon with very
    little recoil and offers several strategies for the wielder to choose
    from. The weapon offers full-automatic fire, capable of dishing out
    quite a bit of damage. While not as powerful as the ISA Assault Rifle,
    its rapid rate of fire more than makes up for its standard .45 rounds.
    The silenced semi-automatic function acts as a sniper tool, capable of
    dealing mass amounts of damage if aimed properly. This weapon is
    capable of taking down an opponent with one well-placed shot to the
    head. This suppressed round is very accurate, and can be fired
    accurately from a long distance. Because it is silenced, it is possible
    to catch opponents off-guard. If one is detected, the primary 
    full-automatic fire can fair well in elevated fire-fights. The Silenced
    Submachine Gun is a very diverse weapon, and it is highly suggested
    that any soldier be familiarized with this weapon.
    Primary: Pump-action Single-shot
    Secondary: Pump-action Dual-shot
    Magazine Capacity: 8 rounds
    Scope: No
    Damage: High
    Recoil: Moderate
    Efficiency: Short Range
    Primary Magazine Munition: red 12-gauge rounds
    The ISA Shotgun is a 12-gauge, pump-action close-quarters weapon
    equipped with a flip-down stock to lessen recoil. The ISA Shotgun is
    not widely used in open combat; however, it can be a devastating tool 
    in the right hands.
    The primary fire of this weapon fires a single round. Because this
    weapon is pump-action and not automatic, there is a moment's delay
    between shots. Due to this, the Shotgun is best used in close-quarters
    to prevent having to pump or reload the weapon in the middle of a fire-
    fight. The primary fire is capable of taking down most opponents in one
    hit, providing that most of the pellets from the fired shell hits the
    intended target. The secondary fire discharges one shell from both 
    barrels. The secondary fire is easily capable of taking down all
    opponents who are unlucky enough to be in its line of fire. This
    secondary feature is dangerous to the wielder if the opponent is not
    taken down, because the weapon must be pumped longer to eject both
    empty shells. Also, firing two shells burns ammo quickly, thus the
    wielder must reload the weapon more frequently, usually putting him/her
    in harm's way. Because the Shotgun's reload is manual, it may take
    several seconds to reload all eight shells, thus it is advised that
    one takes cover when reloading, or reloads one or two rounds every
    time the weapon is fired, so that the wielder is not confined to
    reloading the weapon in the middle of a fire-fight. If one is capable
    of doing all of the said above properly, the Shotgun can be easily
    mastered. It is suggested that all soldiers at least familiarize
    themselves with this weapon, as it is one of the most devastating
    close-quarters weapons.
    M327 Grenade Launcher
    Primary: HE Grenade Launcher
    Secondary: Proximity Grenade Launcher
    Magazine Capacity: 6 grenades
    Scope: No
    Damage: High
    Recoil: Moderate
    Efficiency: Short to Long Range (Variable: Arch)
    Primary Magazine Munition: 6 round HE Grenade revolver insert
    The ISA Grenade Launcher is a revolver-type grenade launcher, equipped 
    with a flip-down stock, capable of firing six dual-type grenades. The 
    ISA Grenade Launcher is preferred more by ISA marines than the Helghan 
    Grenade Pistol.
    Unlike the Helghan Grenade Pistol, the Grenade Launcher is capable of
    firing six grenades--all of which are capable of impact detonation or
    proximity detonation. The impact grenades, primary fire, detonate the
    moment they come in contact with an object, while the proximity
    grenades are timed, and detonate after three-seconds. Both grenades
    are fired in the same manner, using an arch-like trajectory. The
    proximity grenades are capable of sticking to hard metallic or organic
    surfaces. Because these grenades are hard to spot, they can be fired
    in front of a moving opponent, or can be attached to a lightly armored
    vehicle or building. Both grenade types cause considerable amounts of
    damage, and should be used with caution.
    When facing an ISA marine wielding a Grenade Launcher, it is best to
    engage these menacing foes at close range, forcing them to switch
    weapons. By judging the distance of the sound of a grenade being 
    fired, experienced Helghast soldiers will sprint in the opposite 
    Primary: Anti-tank Missile
    Secondary: Laser-guided Rocket
    Magazine Capacity: 1 missile
    Scope: Yes
    Damage: High
    Recoil: Low
    Efficiency: Medium to Long Range
    Primary Magazine Munition: mid-sized rocket
    The ISA Bazooka is a standard tube-reusable anti-tank rocket launcher.
    Rarely seen on the field, this weapon is used for taking out bunkers,
    large gun emplacements, and tanks and APCs.
    The Bazooka fires a fairly accurate missile capable of damaging targets
    as far as six yards around the impact site. Because of the very
    powerful splash damage, it is advised that one fire a round no closer
    than forty feet away from him or her. It is also suggested that one
    takes a knee when firing the weapon to lower ejection recoil, which can
    cause the missile to stray off course. With this said, it is also wise
    to fire the weapon from a stationary position, preferably one with
    plenty of cover. Be warned, the Bazooka only carries one missile down
    the tube at once, so after each missile is fired, it is mandatory that
    one reloads the weapon. Keeping this in mind, it is best to seek plenty
    of cover, as many are likely to take aim at the wielder while he or she
    is reloading for he, seeing as the user is a threat to enemy squads.
    The secondary function of the Bazooka is a laser-guidance system
    capable of directing a moving rocket toward a large target or area of
    terrain. Once fired, move the laser-sights to send the rocket towards
    the intended target. At first, this will be very difficult to do, as
    distance is hard to measure from a kneeling position; however, skilled
    wielders will learn to fire the weapon, and slowly move the laser-sight
    to arch the rocket over obstacles or around fortified walls.
    Because of its bulk, the ISA Bazooka decreases the wielder's walking
    speed by one-forth.
    Primary: Full-automatic
    Secondary: Anti-tank Missile
    Magazine Capacity: Thermal Safety
    Missile Capacity: 1 missile
    Scope: No
    Damage: High (Variable: Rate of Fire)
    Recoil: High
    Efficiency: Short to Medium Range
    Primary Magazine Munition: Gattling Chain; a chain concealed in a
    small supply box
    Secondary Magazine Munition: mid-sized rocket
    The ISA Chaingun is widely used amongst ISA regulars and heavy weapon
    handling experts. The Chaingun features a waist strap to keep the
    recoil as low as possible and a thermal safety, meaning one can mount
    any sized chain (any number of rounds) into the weapon; thus, the 
    Chaingun does not need reloading. This does not mean, however, that the
    wielder can exhaust a full chain. The thermal safety will keep the
    weapon from overheating and jamming, which will prevent the wielder 
    from firing too many rounds at once.
    The primary fire of the ISA Chaingun is full-automatic, and capable of
    mowing down squads of Helghast or fleshing out immense amounts of
    damage to lightly armored vehicles, such as APCs. The thermal safety,
    as stated above, will prevent the user from continuous fire, and after
    a few seconds of continuous use, the thermal safety will lock the
    trigger, preventing the wielder from overheating the weapon. The rounds
    fired by the Chaingun are armored piercing and will take down most
    opponents in four or five shots (one medium-length burst). Despite its
    massive recoil, the Chaingun is very accurate for a full-automatic
    machinegun, making it one of the most lethal weapons in the ISA armory.
    Another devastating feature of the Chaingun is the Anti-tank Missile
    Launcher mounted underneath the twin barrels of the Chaingun. The
    missile fired is very similar to the ISA Bazooka, and capable of
    saturating a large area, destroying anything around the blast site
    within six yards.
    Because of its bulk, the ISA Chaingun reduces the wielder's walking 
    speed by a half, and increases the amount of stamina consumption used
    when running by one-forth.
    Helghan Weaponry (HW)
    Weapons carried by Helghast troopers are mass-produced and highly
    inaccurate; however, they are very powerful at close ranges. Helghan
    weapons have a high rate of fire and low recoil, meaning that hundreds
    of bullets can be fired within a matter of minutes.
    StA-52 LAR Assault Rifle
    Primary: Full-automatic
    Secondary: 12-gauge Pump-action Shotgun
    Magazine Capacity: 50 rounds
    Secondary Capacity: 1 round
    Scope: Yes
    Damage: Moderate
    Recoil: Low
    Efficiency: Short to Medium Range
    Primary Magazine Munition: Aluminum Cylinder Cartridge; medium-sized
    Secondary Magazine Munition: green 12-gauge rounds
    The Helghan Assault Rifle is the mainstay weapon of the Helghast army.
    Equipped with a reinforced grip, muzzle flash, and sturdy stock, the
    Helghan Assault Rifle is very durable despite being mass-produced. The
    weapon is equipped with a mid-range scope and is capable of firing
    full-automatic and 12-gauge rounds, making it a superb short to medium
    range weapon.
    The Assault Rifle's primary fire is full-automatic--highly inaccurate
    but extremely quick. Aluminum cylinder cartridges are this weapons
    primary ammunition. Due to this, the Helghan Assault Rifle can hold
    twenty more rounds over the ISA Assault Rifle. While lacking the punch
    of the ISA Assault Rifle, the Helghan Assault Rifle can still take down
    most opponents in as few as six to eight rounds. Despite its low
    recoil, it is recommended that one use short bursts, as full-automatic
    fire tends to be less accurate. Full-automatic fire, on-the-other-
    hand, can be very useful in saturating an area with bullets, keeping
    ISA forces pinned down until one can reach shelter or move in closer
    to get better shots off.
    The secondary fire of the Helghan Assault Rifle is a very accurate
    pump-action 12-gauge shotgun--the most powerful close-quarters weapon.
    While lacking the dual-shot capability of the ISA Shotgun, the Helghan
    Assault Rifle's secondary fire can be fired from a longer range than
    the ISA Shotgun and still be effective. At point-blank ranges, this
    weapon can take down all opponents in one shot. All Helghan troopers
    are provided one shotgun shell per Assault Rifle, making the Helghast
    troops unparalleled in close-quarters combat. The secondary function's
    only short-coming is the fact that only one round can be loaded at a 
    time, which means that the wielder must reload the secondary function 
    every time it is fired. With this said, it is best that one does not 
    miss, or takes cover after firing the secondary function. It is advised
    that, in the event that one misses or does not take down his or her 
    opponent with the shotgun round provided, one switch weapons to avoid 
    being killed during a forced reload.
    IvP-18 Tropov Combat Pistol
    Primary: Burst
    Secondary: Semi-automatic
    Magazine Capacity: 18 rounds
    Scope: No
    Damage: Low
    Recoil: High
    Efficiency: Short Range
    Primary Magazine Munition: Cylinder Pistol Cartridge
    The standard Helghast sidearm, the Combat Pistol is a versatile close-
    quarters tool used by Helghast troopers as well as officers alike. The
    Combat Pistol is capable of taking down most opponents in two to three
    well-placed shots to the head.
    The primary mode of fire is three-round burst, which is effective only
    in close-quarters to short ranges due to its high recoil. The burst,
    however, is easily capable of taking down any ISA marine if all three
    rounds sink into their skull. The 18 round cartridge provides this
    weapon with plenty of ammo, giving the wielder six chances to 
    successfully land three rounds.
    The secondary fire is semi-automatic, and slightly more accurate with
    moderate recoil. The secondary mode of fire is effective at medium
    range; however, due to the Combat Pistol's relatively weak nature, most
    Helghast weapons fair better in fire-fights. It is advised that one
    discard this weapon if a more useful or more powerful weapon can be
    found. Skilled players will, however, become proficient with this
    weapon, and, in the event that they miss with the Assault Rifle's
    secondary shotgun function in close-quarters combat, will draw this
    sidearm to finish off their opponent.
    StA-3 Stova S.A.W. Light Machinegun 
    Primray: Full-automatic
    Secondary: None
    Magazine Capacity: 100 rounds
    Scope: No
    Damage: Low (Variable: Rate of Fire)
    Recoil: Low
    Efficiency: Short to Medium Range
    Primary Magazine Munition: Aluminum Cylinder Cartridge; large-sized
    The Helghast Light Machinegun is a S.A.W. (squad assault weapon)
    equipped with a sturdy stock, revolving inner barrel, armored outer
    barrel, and tripod, making it versatile in all weather conditions.
    The Light Machinegun is used frequently by the Helghast elites, and is
    best fired in a prone or crouched position.
    The Light Machine gun fires full-automatic, standard rounds. While not
    as powerful as the ISA Chaingun, this weapon is a S.A.W., and thus is
    capable of firing solid-rounds at rapid speeds. For a matter of fact, 
    the Helghast Light Machinegun is the fastest firing weapon amongst both
    ISA and Helghan weaponry. The 100 round cylinder cartridge provides
    this weapon with hefty amounts of ammo to burn, and, unlike the ISA
    Chaingun, this weapon does not require a thermal safety, allowing the
    wielder to fire continuously until all 100 rounds are depleted from
    the cartridge. While not particularly powerful, the Helghan Light
    Machinegun is capable of fleshing out heavy amounts of damage if enough
    rounds hit the intended target. Because of its above-average accuracy,
    it is very easy for any soldier to barrage his or her opponents with
    a hail of bullets. Skilled soldiers will use this weapon to saturate
    an area, pinning down ISA opponents, providing cover-fire for allies.
    StA-52 SLAR Sniper Rifle
    Primary: Semi-automatic
    Secondary: None
    Magazine Capacity: 6 rounds
    Scope: Yes (Variable: Zoom)
    Damage: High
    Recoil: Moderate
    Efficiency: Long Range
    Primary Magazine: Aluminum Cylinder Cartridge; thick, moderate-size
    The Helghan Sniper Rifle is the weapon of choice for Helghast snipers
    and ISA snipers alike. The Helghan Sniper Rifle is equipped with a
    collapsible stock, flash suppressor, and an all-weather, long-range scope
    capable of zooming in for pin-point accuracy. The armored-piercing
    rounds fired by the Sniper Rifle can penetrate through multiple
    targets. One must keep this in mind at all costs, and should always be
    aware of what is on the opposite side of his or her target before
    firing the weapon, as not to injure an ally.
    This weapon's sniper zoom glows with an orange tint, which aids the
    wielder in spotting targets during rain, sand storms, snow, or the
    blackness of night. Unfortunately, the scope is light sensitive, and
    too much light may cause a glare, or a blinding effect within the lens.
    One should avoid staring into the sun to snipe airborne targets, or
    peering into the smoke left behind by an explosion. If dealing with a
    sniper, it is advised that one stirs up as much light dampening dust
    or smoke as possible, to throw off the sniper's sights.
    Despite its minor flaws, the sniper scope allows pinpoint accuracy over
    incredibly long distances. By holding down the zoom button, the sniper
    scope can be zoomed in to maximize accuracy. Another tap of the zoom
    button will disable the zoom. Unfortunately, there is no button to
    zoom the scope out, so one must reset the scope if he or she over-
    The Helghan Sniper Rifle has a rather long barrel and, in conjunction
    with the collapsible stock, is rather difficult to hold still. Thus,
    when sniping, the wielder is constantly battling with his own arm to 
    keep the sights stationary. The sights always want to return to a fixed
    center point. To prevent this, move the sights until a new center of
    focus is found, and the arm and gun rests comfortably. Usually, moving 
    targets are hard to hit due to a constantly changing center of focus. 
    To prevent this, aim at the target without the scope, then activate 
    the scope when one finds it opportune to minimize the constant changing
    of the center of focus. Kneeling also aids in holding the rifle steady.
    The armor-piercing rounds fired by the Sniper Rifle usually kill a
    target in one hit, despite where the shot lands. If a shot fails to
    kill an opponent, keep in mind that the distance between the wielder
    and the target may diminish the bullet's speed. Moving targets may
    also contribute to a round failing to kill in one shot. If a moving
    target is merely scratched or nicked by the round, there is a chance
    that he or she may survive, albeit for a short time. Even scratching an
    opponent with an armor-piercing round can result in greater-than-
    average damage.
    Be warned: the Sniper Rifle, unlike the multipurpose ISA MP Silenced
    Submachine Gun, is not suppressed, and may cause quite a stir if the
    wielder misses his or her target; thus, it is better to fire this 
    weapon from an elevated position, or one that is very far away, as to 
    diminish sound travel, or, if detected, remain concealed and out of 
    enemy sights.
    SiSKia Squad Cannon
    Primary: Explosive Single-round
    Secondary: Explosive Double-round
    Magazine Capacity: 6 explosive rounds
    Scope: No
    Damage: High
    Recoil: Moderate
    Efficiency: Medium to Long Range
    Primary Magazine Munition: 6 round explosive shell revolver insert
    An uncommon weapon used by Helghast heavy troopers, the Squad Cannon
    is capable of taking out ISA tanks, stationary guns, and other
    fortifications. The Squad Cannon, much like the ISA Chaingun in design,
    is equipped with a waist-strap to keep recoil as low as possible. Like
    the ISA Chaingun, the Helghan Squad Cannon is equipped with dual
    recoiling barrels. The explosive rounds are fired from the barrel so
    quickly that even the fastest moving ground targets cannot escape the
    round; thus, even at long range, leading (aiming in front of a target
    to increase the chances of hitting that target) should not be
    The Squad Cannon's primary function fires a single, accurate explosive 
    shell with an impact radius roughly the size of most HE Grenade rounds.
    The Squad Cannon has a major advantage over most grenade launching 
    weapons due to the fact that the explosive shells fire straight, and 
    not arched. 
    The secondary function fires both barrels simultaneously. 
    While rather inaccurate, two rounds can be enough to take down most
    heavy ISA tanks, or to completely annihilate a small squad.
    When facing a Helghast trooper wielding a Squad Cannon, it is best to
    silently snipe these threatening foes from a distance, or to engage
    them at close range, forcing them to switch weapons.
    Due to its bulk, the Squad Cannon decreases walking speed by half, and
    increases the amount of stamina used to run by one-forth.
    Grenade Pistol
    Primary: HE Grenade Launcher
    Secondary: None
    Magazine Capacity: 1 grenade
    Scope: No
    Damage: High
    Recoil: Moderate
    Efficiency: Short to Medium Range (Variable: Arch)
    Primary Magazine Munition: HE Grenade
    The Helghan Grenade Pistol, while not as effective as its ISA counter-
    part, is equally as versatile. The Grenade Pistol, unlike a flare gun,
    uses a reinforced grip which bends separately from the barrel, so that
    the wielder does not fracture his or her wrist when firing the weapon.
    Much like the ISA Grenade Launcher, the Helghan Grenade Pistol fires
    HE Grenades, which detonate on impact, making it slightly more useful
    than a standard Hand Grenade in open field combat. Because the grenades
    detonate on impact, they can be fired into trenches or fox-holes,
    killing ISA soldiers before they can react.
    The Grenade Pistol's only shortcoming is that, because it is a man-
    portable grenade launching pistol, it can only hold one grenade at a
    time, which means that the wielder must manually reload and cock the
    weapon each time it is fired. With this in mind, the Helghan Grenade
    Pistol is best used as an ambush weapon, or a weapon used at long
    ranges, to minimize any risk of being shot at while reloading the
    weapon after each round is fired.
    One aspect about this weapon that is better than its ISA counter-part
    is that this weapon can carry twice as much reserve ammunition than the
    standard Grenade Launcher.
    Also, one must keep in mind that the Helghan Grenade Pistol is safer to
    use at close-quarter ranges than the ISA Grenade Launcher.
    Rocket Launcher
    Primary: Anti-tank Missile
    Secondary: Tactical Missile Barrage; three missile rounds
    Magazine Capacity: 3 missiles
    Scope: Yes
    Damage: High
    Recoil: Moderate
    Efficiency: Medium Range (Variable: Primary or Secondary Fire)
    Primary Magazine Munition: mid-sized rocket
    The Helghan Rocket Launcher, much like its ISA counter-part, the 
    Bazooka, fires mid-range Anti-tank Missiles. Unlike the ISA Bazooka,
    the Helghan Rocket Launcher is comprised of three rocket tubes, 
    allowing the wielder to fire off a three round Tactical Missile 
    Barrage. While incredibly rare, the Rocket Launcher can destroy nearly
    any armored vehicle--heavy or otherwise. Few fortifications can
    withstand three overlapping explosions, making the Helghan Rocket
    Launcher a feared weapon in the Helghast arsenal.
    The Rocket Launcher's primary function acts like an average rocket
    launcher, firing one very accurate Anti-tank Missile capable of
    destroying anything within six yards of the impact area. With this in
    mind, Helghast troopers are advised to fire this weapon at medium to
    long ranges to avoid any damage one may bring to his or her self. It
    is advised that one fire the Rocket Launcher from a stationary or
    kneeling position, as movement tends to throw the rockets slightly off
    The secondary mode of fire ejects all three rockets at once in a 
    Tactical Missile Barrage, usually used to take down heavily armored ISA
    tanks. The three round ejection is very inaccurate, and is usually used
    to saturate an area, rather than to pick off individual targets. The
    secondary function is best used against multiple opponents, or small
    squads, where very many casualties may be inflicted. It is advised that
    the secondary function be fired from a kneeling position. If fired from
    a kneeling position, the wielder betters his or her chances of having
    all three rockets land around the same area. If all three rockets
    explode at the same point, it is possible to destroy anything in a
    twelve yard radius. Keeping this in mind, it is best to double check
    a target zone for any allies present before firing the Rocket Launcher.
    Unlike the ISA Bazooka, this weapon has a considerable shortcoming.
    Because of its size, the Helghan Rocket Launcher restricts sight. 
    Anything on the right side of one's peripheral vision may not be seen.
    One should be extremely cautious when handling the weapon, so that the
    wielder is not flanked by enemy troops.
    Because of its bulk, the Helghan Rocket Launcher diminishes walking
    speed by one-forth.
    Laser Designator
    Primary: Artillery Strike
    Secondary: None
    Artillery Capacity: (Variable: Allotted Time Target is Painted)
    Scope: No (Variable: All-Weather HUD Compatible)
    Damage: High (Variable: Artillery Payload)
    Recoil: None
    Efficiency: Medium to Long Ranges
    Primary Magazine Munition: None
    The Helghan Laser Designator is a hand-held, barely man portable, laser
    tracker, which sends a direct visual feed into a HUD-equipped helmet.
    The Laser Designator is used to "paint" targets for artillery strikes.
    The Laser Designator is best used against large towers, bunkers, gun
    emplacements, and motorcades.
    Special Arms (SA)
    In the midst of war, armies often steal, bribe, or copy one another's
    technology. This is no different for the ISA and the Helghan armies.
    M32 Combat Knife
    The M32 Combat Knife, preferred by covert Shadow Marshals, is the best
    method to stealthily take down opponents from behind. A quick slice 
    from ear to ear will fall most Helghan soldiers. When approaching a
    Helghan soldier from the front, which is never advised, the knife is
    thrown into the victim's neck, then is forcibly drug through the
    Hunting Knife
    Much like its ISA counterpart, the Helghan Hunting Knife is used by
    ISA Field Operatives, who undergo both heavy weapons training and
    covert-ops. The style of martial arts used with the Helghan Hunting
    Knife is the same as the one used with the M32 Combat Knife.
    HE FRAG Grenade
    Grenades tend to be the most reliable weapon in a soldier's arsenal.
    Capable of being thrown, rolled, and bounced off walls, the grenade is
    a five-second, timed explosive, which, upon detonation, throws small
    clusters of shrapnel up to eighteen feet.
    By holding onto a grenade, a soldier, be he Helghast or ISA, can "cook"
    the timer--that is to say, to allow the fuse to diminish a few seconds
    before throwing the grenade, so that the enemy has hardly--if any--
    time to escape the incoming grenade.
    Aside from the standard issued assault rifle, the grenade is one's only
    friend on the battlefield.
    Body Damage (BD)
    Killzone, like all modern first-person-shooters, features a body damage
    system, in which damage is multiplied and increased when certain areas
    are shot. For instance, shooting a person in the shoulder will deal
    quite a bit more damage to that person than shooting him or her in the
    foot. Likewise, shooting a person in the head tends to bring him or her
    down much quicker.
    Limb Damage: Damage X 1.0
    Torso Damage: Damage X 2.0
    Head Shot: Damage X 3.0
    Silenced Submachine Gun
    Limb Damage: Damage X 1.0
    Torso Damage: Damage x 1.5
    Head Shot: Damage X 3.0
    Sniper Rifle
    Limb Damage: Damage X 1.0
    Torso Damage: Damage X 3.0
    Head Shot: Damage X 5.0
    Assault Rifles
    Limb Damage: Damage X 1.0
    Torso Damage: Damage X 1.5
    Head Shot: Damage X 2.0
    Chaingun and Light Machinegun
    Limb Damage: Damage X 1.0
    Torso Damage: Damage X 1.5
    Head Shot: Damage X 1.5
    Did You Know? (DYK)
    IMPORTANT TIP: Did you know that holding down the secondary or primary 
    fire buttons will cancel the automatic reload? When the ISA or Helghan 
    Assault Rifles discharges their secondary function, the player will
    automatically reload the weapon, usually causing him or her plenty of
    problems, such as the inability to fire his or her weapon while there
    is still ammunition for the primary function. By holding down the
    secondary fire button, the player will not reload the weapon until the
    trigger is released. That makes the Helghan Assault Rifle that much
    better, huh?
    Did you know that there are five SKINS for the standard Helghast 
    trooper? This does not include camouflaged variations.
    Speaking of camouflage, did you know that Guerilla never intended for
    the Helghast troops to have camouflage? The grainy graphics filter they 
    used just so happened to produce the appearance of camouflage. Have you
    ever noticed that, when in the jungles, Helghast troopers tend to have
    a slightly green hue to them? Or that, when battling in the tundra, the
    Helghast seem somewhat blue in hue? Interesting, no?
    Did you know that Killzone was originally to be titled "Kin"? 
    Personally, I like both names, but I must admit, "Kin" would make a
    neat first-person-shooter title.
    Special Thanks (ST)
    I have no idea why you are reading this...
    Special thanks to:
    Adrian, my younger cousin: 
    Without him, and the hours upon hours of
    time we spent playing Killzone, I would not have had enough weapon
    know-how to write this Weapon Guide.
    [AI] Kluft: 
    for being my mortal nemesis.
    www.killzonegame.com : 
    for being the only fan-site on the 'net that is
    still devoted to the fans.
    Killzone's US website, 
    http://www.us.playstation.com/Content/OGS/SCUS-97402/Site/ : After
    scouring their site for a few hours, I came across the actual 
    production numbers for some of the weapons in Killzone. Unfortunately,
    at the time in which this Weapon Guide was created, the website did
    not yet have an "Armaments" section. Perhaps, if I am able to bring
    myself to doing it, I will update this Weapon Guide with more 
    production numbers in the future.
    Hell, they MADE the game, and took quite a bit of flak from the media
    for it. You have my utmost respect.
    So, that basically concludes my Weapon Guide. If you find anything in
    this guide to be erroneous, TOUGH. If you wish to contact me, don't.
    Hey, are you still reading this?

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