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Just click the damn thing.10/05/04bluberry
Simplistic and inovative09/30/04dante219
Oh those silly people over in Japan10/05/04Disrespected
An absolute joy to play.04/12/10DKBAHAMUT
Hey, look! It's a Katamari! Wait, no--Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!08/14/08DragonHerald
WARNING: We are not responsible if a family member becomes a star-literally!12/03/07Fin_Obelius
A Katamari so fresh, it can't be ignored!10/05/04Geno
Lead the pint-sized Prince on his journey to roll up garbage and restore the stars to the cosmos.. yeah, something like that.11/12/04guru_roodypoo
Who would have thought rolling balls would be this fun?11/16/04i love food
Possibly the most addicting game ever.01/18/05Janus5k
The top Action/Puzzle pick of 2004!12/28/04jeffx
Have you ever played Katamari Damacy? Maybe you can during todays rolling. Like that will happen.12/02/04Kingdom Key
From the makers of Soul Calibur 2, comes a very unorthodox game...01/03/05KrystalsLover
Oh! I feel it. I feel the cosmos!10/04/04MasterVG782
Bad acid trip? Good mushroom trip? Good game!01/21/05Neo987
There's only one thing to describe this game that isn't already stated...11/02/04Niton Lover
Oh, I feel it. I feel the cosmos!10/04/04paco1524
So original even the cats in the game say WOW!10/05/04polar bear
"OOOOHHHH YEEEAAAH" says Koolaid Man09/29/04Rabid Mammal Wax
An original game in an unoriginal world. In other words, a gem.11/29/04Ratchet Fanatic
Need a cheer up? Get this!10/18/04slhj
You're lonely rolling star...04/12/05The Evil Sunny 1
Rolling ball of crap...good crap that is!10/18/04Vashcaflowne
Rolling with the good times01/19/05XBLfunkymonkey678

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