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"just an update of the previous ghost recon"


Well I have played the previous ghost recon a lot and I liked it, so I was hoping this game would be better than the previous one and now the online play was announced this couldn’t be worse than the previous game well look are deceiving because this is just an update..

Graphics 6/10

Don’t expect anything spectacular from this game, the graphics are exactly the same as the previous game ghost recon, only now the enemies are lagging when they run you can’t seem to hit them when they are running, the interface of the game and the menus are also the same. Also the detail level of this game is pretty lousy because you can’t see far in the distance and that is why it is annoying because enemies just pop-up in front of you because you can’t see them in the distance, so the graphics are not good. There are much more games out on the ps2 that have much better graphics

Sound 6/10

The sound in the game is pretty good, the sound of the guns are great and you even hear the empty magazines falling only there’s one major glitch though..each time you open a certain door the door get stuck and you hear a real nasty sound that keeps going for 4 seconds or something its real annoying, but only some doors have that and you get used to it after a while but all the other sounds are good you can hear also birds so the sound is pretty detailed.

Gameplay/story (singleplayer) 7/10

The purpose of the game is off course to get your team in the enemy defense and do some missions, there are two campaigns but this is a little deceiving because one of the campaigns “Thunder Island”it takes place in Cuba and that is already released on the computer, so for many players there are only 8 new missions and that isn’t worth it to buy this game, then the other campaign “Jungle storm” takes place in Columbia and is actually a bit of the same, for example almost in every mission you got the mission neutralize a certain part of a level or plant demo charges or rescue hostages but that’s it so the single player gets boring after a while because there’s not much variation in the missions. Also do NOT expect much from the story either because its just crap, both campaigns got some terrorist and you got to kill them all that's it.

Gameplay online 7/10

Why did i gave the online play just a 7? I will explain. The online play is extremely fun, you can play solo, team and co-up missions. Also solo and team contain Last man standing, mouse-hunt domination, hamburger hill, so the online play won’t get dull. Only the main problem is that the servers are messed up.For example if you are host of a game(only 30 % f the gamers can host because there are also problems with that) and you’re playing then every 8 seconds the game freezes because you’re the host. That’s just one example also the points are messed up everybody got a score of –33346112 and that’s not correct. Also after six games you have to restart your playstation 2 because the game gets stuck, I hope they are going to fix it because it’s not much fun now, every time getting disconnected, if they can fix it( this situation is already two weeks old and they didn’t do anything about it) then I would give the online play a 9.
Buy or rent

This game is cheaper than normal games so if you liked the previous game you will probably like this too , but for people who have never played this game I would rent it first because it’s a stealth game and you cant rush in an enemy base also if you can’t go online i wouldn’t buy this game because the story mode is boring.Only buy this if you can accept that the servers of ghost recon are still messed up, then this game is pretty good.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/05/04

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