"Don't Expect Alot & You Won't Be Upset"

Okay....first off I'll say this IS NOT a bad game at all, but the lack of innovation and progress as far as this series goes was very disappointing to me. I loved the first Ghost Recon even though it was sub-par as compared to other games in it's genre such as SOCOM or SOCOM II, and don't get me wrong I truly enjoyed this game as well....but there just wasn't enough IMPROVEMENTS to warrant a score over 6. The main reason being that the Online play & set-up is not going to please those of us that play on the flawless SOCOM II servers, and are used to ROUND based play without having to go back to the lobby after every round. So here's the breakdown.

These graphics are almost identical to the first Ghost Recon....so why the drop in score you ask? Because they didn't improve them.There is just NO EXCUSE! The environments, while sufficient enough to convey they are real and varied environments are still BLOCKY and the textures are horrid. The soldiers look fine, but it's the outdated environments that really take away from this games overall quality. Also it's time for this series to realize that either you show the gun and hands on the screen or move to 3rd person perspective.....the floating reticle doesn't take away from the game too much, it's just GHETTO.At least give us a choice of the view we want to use, for those of you that like the default view currently used. I personally would like to know how much of my body is exposed in certain situations without having to switch to another guy to see if my torso is sticking past the edges of buildings, rocks, ect. And the tilt peek on this game is WEAK, your screen moves MAYBE an inch either way.

SOUND: 6/10
The sound in this game is decent, but nothing to write home about. The weapon sounds are okay, as well as the environmental sounds. I do wish I could turn off the sound of my soldiers heavy breathing when I run around, that does tend to get on my nerves because it's not organic enough...it's more like Darth Vader. The sounds of footsteps and doors are still not impressive.....just like in the first Ghost Recon. So if yer all about game audio, don't expect to have yer eardrums tickled by this title.

For as many gripes I have about the display and mechanics of this game it's still pretty fun and accessible. There are things that could be improved in the control, for starters if yer going to implement voice command in the game, giving us a ''FOLLOW'' order would have been nice. I mean that's a BASIC command that was missed by the Brain Trust of Red Storm/Ubi Soft. Glad there's such attention to detail in games these days. Another thing I don't like is using hand grenades, I never use them, I didn't even use them on the first game. Maybe giving us a throw arc like that of SOCOM/SOCOM II would entice us to throw some frags at the enemy...the current system is weak and not predictable enough to ensure an effective toss. Another thing that would be nice is more of a fluctuation in Sniper range. The scopes basically give you Two zoom ranges with no ground in between.Other than these few points I think this game plays well enough not to enrage players, but still leaves alot to be desired.

This game is pretty fun online....WHEN THE VOICE CHAT WORKS !! Playing on TEAM or CO-OP maps with no voice communication just totally ruins the experience. When everything is working and the game is running well with little lag(not often)this game is a fun and unique experience separate from that of SOCOM II. I wish the set-up was more like SOCOM II though and you didn't have to go back to the lobby area after every game. Giving us the ability to play multiple maps in a single game would be nice too, instead of the host having to manually switch game types and maps after every game. There is now a code that must be entered at the ''Press Start'' screen before going online if you plan on hosting games with voice chat. Why Ubi Soft did this I have no idea, a simple toggle switch on the option screen would have been nice. I don't want to have to break codes to get a simple part of the game to work that was HYPED UP by the company as a part of the game package. Get the features of your game to work properly before releasing your product to the market please!I'm so sick of buying games I feel needed 2 more months to be finished but were rushed out the door so all the Fat Cat Publishers could make their money.

REPLAY: 8/10
This game offers plenty of missions, mission types and maps to play on. The addition of Online play also expands the replay value of this game. Great replay value again from the Ghost recon series.

Rent first unless you really enjoyed the first Ghost Recon. This is basically the same package with new missions and a FEW new features.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 04/06/04

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