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"About 4 games mixed into one."

I was excited when Tom Clancys: Ghost Recon came out. I bought the game, and was mildly impressed. One big turnoff of the first Ghost Recon was the plain looking levels, for most of the game. I decided to give Ubisoft another chance at this series, and went out to buy Tom Clancys Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm. Try saying that 5 times fast. I was a little skeptical at first, especially when I saw that this game had levels from Island Thunder, Jungle Storm, and Desert Storm. Then I started to play the game, and was impressed more than I was for the original game.

The gameplay has stayed the same, with the usual snipers, riflemen, demolition, and support team members. The controls have changed a little bit, instead of R2 to zoom in, you have to push in the right analog stick(or R3). But the good part is, you have the ability to change the controls back to that of the original game. You also have "points" in campaign mode, where for each kill, you get one point to upgrade a stat. The stats include endurance, stealth, etc, etc. The campaign mode is especially fun, it allows you to play as one player, on either Team Alpha, or Team Bravo. It also forces you to make good use of each, and every different kit, and class of soldier.

The graphics for this game have improved by a slight margin, not significantly. When your using the sniper rifle, and have it zoomed to the max(x10 magnification), the enemies look almost one dimensional. Also, the grenades blast radius isn't that good, it's very small. From close range, and when your looking at your teammates though, they both look very realistic, and have facial expressions, and almost all look different. The gun recoil is also realistic, along with the reload time. Their are voice commands, and whenever you're being fired at, someone will tell you so, and that there are enemies nearby, along with much more dialog.

This game is hard, even with 5 fellow soldiers. They can, and will get killed by enemy fire, and will not come back to life. Also, whenever you die, you have to restart the mission, but sometimes you are able to save during the middle of a mission. This game gets a 8/10 on difficulty, as it is very difficult throughout ANY level. Most levels have taken me at least 2 tries, and very rarely have I been able to beat a level on the first try, I have found Island Thunder to be more difficult than Jungle Storm. After every level that you beat, you unlock the next level, with a total of 16 levels combined between Island Thunder, and Jungle Storm.

The multiplayer has stayed the same, it allows you to play against somebody in a firefight(you and him/her against a lot of enemies.) Or survival (you against him/her.) Those are the notable two. When you aren't playing campaign, you can still play single player, firefight, and defend the base are the notable two.(you and your team defend a base against oncoming waves of enemies.) The cheats are also handy, especially when you want to play split-screen, but have not unlocked a whole lot of levels. It unlocks every level for you.

Grand Finale: 8/10
Mainly the graphics, and sometimes lag are what prevented this game from getting a higher rating from me. But I still say this: Get this game right away, you will enjoy this game, it is very replayable!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/12/06

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