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    Ex File Key Data FAQ by Kouli

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 01/27/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    -- Wild Arms Alter Code: F --
    -- Ex File Key Data --
    -- By Kouli {aka Ken Zhao, kenzhao99@yahoo.com} --
    -- Version 2.0 --
    This is based on the Japanese Version of Wild Arms Alter Code: F.
    Number: 1
    Content: Ex New Game
    Location: Riritia No Kan/Lolithia's Tomb (Ema/Emma Required)
    Number: 2
    Content: Status
    Location: Eruu No Hokora 2/Elw Pyramid 2
    Number: 3
    Content: Illustration Gallery 1
    Location: Eruu Kai Taajen Mura/Elw World's Tarjon Village
              (Trade With 99 Gimiru/Gimel Coins)
    Number: 4
    Content: Illustration Gallery 2
    Location: Saafu Mura No Niwatori/Surf Village's Hen (Screw Staff)
    Number: 5
    Content: Illustration Gallery 3
    Location: Kuran Shuudouin No Suzannu/Curan Abbey's Suzannu/Suzanne (Music Complete)
    Number: 6
    Content: Illustration Gallery 4
    Location: Mazaa Ga Otosu/Mother Drops (Dropped By Mother At Photosphere)
    Number: 7
    Content: Illustration Gallery 5
    Location: Gooremu Zen-gekiha/Defeat All Golems (Dropped By Last Golem)
    Number: 8
    Content: Illustration Gallery 6
    Location: Kuran Shuudouin No Torisshu/Curan Abbey's Trish (Four Witches Complete)
    Number: 9
    Content: Illustration Gallery 7
    Location: Burakku Maaketto/Black Market (9999999 Gella)
    Number: 10
    Content: Illustration Gallery 8
    Location: Takarabako Kaishuuritsu 100%/Treasure Box Recovery Rate 100%
    Number: 11
    Content: Character Picture Book
    Location: Pandemoniumu/Pandemonium (Magic Key Needed)
    Number: 12
    Content: Monster Picture Book
    Location: Minatomachi Timunii/Port Timney (Monster Picture Book 50%)
    Number: 13
    Content: Voice Collection 1
    Location: Rodi Reberu 100/Rody Level 100 (Drops On Next Battle)
    Number: 14
    Content: Voice Collection 2
    Location: Zakku Reberu 100/Jack Level 100 (Drops On Next Battle)
    Number: 15
    Content: Voice Collection 3
    Location: Seshiria Reberu 100/Cecilia Level 100 (Drops On Next Battle)
    Number: 16
    Content: Voice Collection 4
    Location: Jeen Reberu 100/Jane Level 100 (Drops On Next Battle)
    Number: 17
    Content: Voice Collection 5
    Location: Zetto Reberu 100/Zet Level 100 (Drops On Next Battle)
    Number: 18
    Content: Voice Collection 6
    Location: Ema Reberu 100/Emma Level 100 (Drops On Next Battle)
    Number: 19
    Content: Voice Collection 7
    Location: Mizu No Gai Miraama Ni Iru Neko/Cat At Water Street Milama
              (Map Completion Rate 100%)
    Number: 20
    Content: Voice Collection 8
    Location: Himitsu No Hanazono No Marieru/Secret Flower Garden's Mariel
              (All Growth Rate Reach Max)
    Number: 21
    Content: Voice Collection 9
    Location: Mazaa Furiido/Mother Fried (At Maruduuku/Malduke, Steal From Her)
    Number: 22
    Content: Voice Collection 10
    Location: Shin Ragyu O Ragyura/True Raguragula (Defeat It In Abyss)
    Number: 23
    Content: Op Movie
    Location: Fune No Hakaba Yaado No Pakiita/Ship Graveyard's Pakita
              (All 30 Puzzles Completed)
    Number: 24
    Content: Ed Movie
    Location: Deal Over 14000 Damage On Final Boss And Then Use Lucky Shot One Time
              (It Doesn't Matter Which Turn). After That, Just Defend All The Way Until It 
              Reach Enemy Turn 5
    Number: 25
    Content: Event Movie
    Location: Search On World Map Approximately At X:16900 Y:7900
    <The End>
    - Me
    - GameFAQs User 'Gahleon' (For The Location Of Ex File Key 24 And Confirms It)
    - CJayC
    - Japanese Sites
      - http://gamecafefta001.cool.ne.jp/wa/data/topic/08.html
      - http://park6.wakwak.com/~gamejin/wildarms/waf/exfile.htm
    This Document Copyright 2004 Kouli

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