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    Game Script by Psycho_Crack

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    Wild ARMs Alter Code: F Game Script
    Written out by/Copyright 2005 "Ushcabob"
    For contact purposes, reach out to Psycho_Crack (at) yahoo (dot) com.
    or 'Psycho Crack' on the GameFAQs message boards.
    NOTE: The script contains SPOILERS. I'm telling you this right now because I
    care for you. No, really. Listen, don't blame if you carelessly scroll through
    this document and accidentally read something you hadn't experienced in the
    game yet. I'm warning you; you'll regret it if you haven't played WAACF yet.
    1. The Disclaimer
    2. Updates
    3. Actual Game Script
    4. Credits
    I do not own the Wild ARMs franchise, any game in the series, Agetec, good
    ol' Media Vision, or even the rights to the translator's soul. I merely took
    time out of my day -- time that could be spent actually playing this game --
    to type this up. Do not try to sue me, you jerk, because you will make a
    little girl cry and probably not get anything out of it. Don't steal the 
    script either. Nyah. Do not take this guide without my permission because I
    really did spend a lot of time typing this up. It's also free to view at any
    given point in time, so it's not like you would need to steal it...
    1/19/2006 - I'm stupid when it comes to formatting, so I finally fixed
    that and sent in the script to GameFAQs.
    1/12/2006 - Completed one or two more things.
    1/11/2006 - Completed first version of the script.
    11/25/2005 - Commenced writing the not-so-official Wild ARMs Alter Code: F
    Game Script for, first and foremost, my convenience and, second, your
    *Please use the "Control + F" keyboard function so that you may jump right to
    the desired section.
    Part I. -Arctica Introduction-
    Part II. -Prologue 1: A boy traveling alone-
         Part IIb. -Prologue 2: Treasure hunter-
         Part IIc. -Prologue 3: A girl at a convent-
    Part III. -Downtown Adlehyde and Lolithia's Coffin-
    Part IV. -Ancient Culture Exhibition- 
    Part V. -The Mountain Pass, Milama, and the Guardian Shrine-
    Part VI. -Baskar Village and Mount Zenom-
    Part VII. -Saint Centaur, the Caging Tower, and the Abduction
    Part VIII. -Port Timney, the Wedding, and the Third Seal-
    Part IX. -The Sand River, Ship Graveyard, and the Ghost Ship-
    Part X. -Rosetta and the Volcannon Trap-
    Part XI. -Giant's Cradle, Court Seim, and the Sea of Wind Epitaph-
    Part XII. -The Photosphere-
    Part XIII. -The Sea Guardian-
    Part XIV. -The Fallen Sanctuary and the Demon's Lab-
    Part XV. -The Gate Generator-
    Part XVI. -The Elw Dimension-
         Part XVIb. -Forest Prison (again) and De La Metalica-
         Part XVIc. -The Surgery and the Dream-Demon-
    Part XVII. -Protowing-
    Part XVIII. -Pandemonium-
    Part XIX. -Arctica Castle-
    Part XX. -Rudy's Despair and Hope-
    Part XXI. -Character Recruitment-
         Part XXIa. -Emma Hetfield- 
         Part XXIb. -Jane Maxwell-
         Part XXIc. -Zed- 
    Part XXII. -Ka Dingel and Malduke-
         Part XXIIa. -Last Stand-
         Part XXIIb. -ENDING-
    Part XXIII. -Optional-
         Part XXIIIa. -Guardians- 
         Part XXIIIb. -Battle Arena- 
         Part XXIIIc. -Battle Arena: Accept a Challenge- 
         Part XXIIId. -Vassim and the Doom Bringer- 
         Part XXIIIe. -Sweet Candy II- 
         Part XXIIIf. -Elmina- 
    Part I. -Arctica Introduction-
    We see a burning castle amidst a raging snowstorm. We then get a glimpse
    inside of the castle: chaos, fire, and a suspicious-looking figure in great
    blue armor. Meanwhile, the screen focuses on four figures running through the
    dark. They stop on an elevator, which begins to move downward.
    Prince Melcover:
    I'm exhausted! Can't we slow down?!
    I'm afraid not, sir. We have no other option but to run since we are
    in the dark about their intentions. As Fenril Knights, our duty is to protect
    the king. 
    Prince Melcover:
    Preposterous!! Now that my brother has fallen, I'm the king! Listen Colbird,
    with or without a coronation ceremony, I am the king!
    ...Huh! You're nothing without our help. Just try to get out of here 
    on your own!
    Silence, Garret! We are in the presence of the king! You are to serve His
    [Three lizard-demons drop down upon them. The three knights brandish their
    swords and vanquish them easily.]
    Prince Melcover:
    Bravo, Fenril Knights! Bravo! Those creatures never had a chance!
    A surprise attack within the snowstorm... Maybe they're after... Commander
    Coldbird, maybe the demons are after the Arch?
    The Arch...it's a possibility. Do you the Arch is worth something to them,
    Prince Melcover:
    What?! They came to get my Arch?! No, Coldbird! Do not let them take it!
    They'll use it for no good! 
    [The elevator comes to a stop and they all proceed into the next room.]
    Prince Melcover:
    What a relief... The Arch is safe... 
    [A swordswoman comes limping in from a door off to the right.]
    Elmina, your leg!
    Hah! And my nickname is supposed to be the 'Sword Princess', right?
    Commander... was the rest of the group...
    Huh?! Is that Asprilla's...?! ...Ugh! 
    [Ryan's right shoulder is impaled with an axe. He sinks to his knees and
    vanishes without a trace.]
    Prince Melcover:
    Aaggh... Who could take down a knight so easily? 
    Greetings! I am the demon, Alhazad.
    Nonsense! The demons were destroyed a long time ago!
    And yet, here I am right in front of you... But I'm afraid I don't have time
    for this nonsense. Let's get down to business... I'm here to ask you for an
    object which you call the Arch. 
    Prince Melcover:
    Yes, by all means, go ahead and take it! Take anything you wish, just please,
    spare my life!
    No, your Majesty, you must not do that!
    [Prince Melcover vanishes in a swirl of black and pink after getting too close
    to the demon.]
    I'm sorry... all I can give in you return is a 'Painless Death'. You will just
    have to live with it. Hahahaha! 
    You bastard! How could you?! 
    Garret, Elmina, get ready! You must escape from Arctica Castle! Let everyone
    in Filgaia know what has happened here!
    [Garret and Elmina run off, leaving Coldbird to face Alhazad alone. He 
    raises his sword, runs towards Alhazad, and leaps. The screen fades to black
    and then to Garret and Elmina.]
    Oh God, the Commander... I'm sure the demon took down others as well...
    Hey Garret... you're a bigger coward than I thought...
    Huh?! What are you talking about? Why are you calling me a coward?
    You have no 'Courage'... you're probably thinking of a way to defeat the
    demon now. Aren't you?
    Of course! No matter what it takes, I'll kill that thing!
    So you call throwing your life away 'Courage'? We will not be able
    to defeat them yet. I know it's hard to admit... [pause] Look at your
    terrible wound... 
    [Elmina takes her ribbon from her hair and ties it around Garret's arm.]
    It's not as bad as yours, Elmina.
    I won't hear of it! You think an unbeatable enemy is courage? I don't
    agree with that!
    Then, what do you consider the 'brave' thing to do?
    Hahaha... I hate to interrupt your tender moment...
    Run, Garret!!
    [The two of them dash off. However, Elmina is limping somewhat. They
    finally make it to the exit of the castle. Garret is in the lead. After
    making it outside, the gate closes on him from behind.]
    What?! What are you doing, Elmina!? 
    I can't get away with this wound!
    Open the gate! Elmina!! You're the one who said wasting your life is not
    ...We gain nothing from fighting the demon. I fight to protect something
    important to me. I won't gain anything, but I will not lose anything...
    We gain nothing from violence, but I can at least protect what's mine...
    Protecting something important is not a waste of life. Garret... I don't 
    want to lose you.
    Nor I you... Open the gate, Elmina! I'll fight with you! Open the gate,
    You must tell the world what has happened here!! Don't worry about me...
    I have no intention of dying here. I am the 'Sword Princess', remember?
    Besides, the ribbon I wrapped around your arm was expensive... I can't
    die until I get that back.
    [Alhazad appears.]
    There you are. It was not easy finding you. You are the last humans left
    in the castle. It is your turn to die now.
    Have courage! Go on, Garret, and take this memory with you! Deliver the Fenril
    spirit to our friends! Run, Garret, you can overcome anything! 
    ...I will return the ribbon to you soon...
    [Garret runs off into the snowy wilderness.]
    Keep running! Don't look back!
    There's no way out. Hahahaha... You are noble and beautiful. . . Can't you see?
    My body is trembling with joy.
    [Elmina charges at Alhazad and then we see Garret running through the snow.
    Garret falls face-forward into the snow and then pushes himself to his knees.
    He looks angrily at the sky. The screen shows one last look at the burning
    castle of Arctica. We see then a figure in blue armor standing before a large
    cocoon, and Alhazad appears next to him...]
    A few years later...
    Part Ib. -Reunion-
    [We see a vast blue sky and green fields blossoming with white flowers.
    In the distance we see the Earth Golem, which acts as a roost for songbirds.
    We see a girl kneeling in those flowers.]
    Girl who loves flowers:
    Flowers have so much to say, if you listen. They told me I would see 
    everyone again.
    [The screen pans over to an older man standing next to a young blonde
    girl of fourteen.]
    We arrived early, didn't we? It was because my lady rushed me.
    Blonde girl:
    What?! Is being early a bad thing? 
    [The green-haired scientist stands and looks to them.]
    Lady Scientist: 
    He's not blaming you. Anyway, it should be anytime now. Look, 
    someone's coming! Speak of the devil... You know, that's a dumb saying.
    Smiling middle-aged man:
    [Everyone looks to Bartholomew who is running towards the group. A look
    of utter disappointment crosses Jane's face until she sees a group of
    three approaching in the distance. She runs forward past Bartholomew
    to meet them. Jane collapses to her knees a short distance away from
    Blonde girl: 
    Let me... catch... my breath... It's not polite to keep a girl waiting...
    [Rudy's hand is extended from off-screen, and Jane takes it. The screen
    blacks out.]
    ...At last, we meet again.
    Part II. -Prologue 1: A boy traveling alone-
    The world has become a wasteland. The beautiful green of the globe has
    faded gradually to brown. [Filgaia]. People have banded together for 
    survival, uniting to fend off the harsh elements and the menace of
    monsters. Those few who travel the withered world seeking adventure 
    are called 'Wanderers'. 
    A young wanderer staying at Surf Village in the Frontier. Though he
    looks quite young, he is skilled beyond his years. What does the young
    wanderer seek, traveling the world all alone? 
    [Rudy was stroking a horse lovingly. He turns around upon hearing one
    of the village's men taking to him.]
    Hey, you can finish up now. Thank you very much. The ranch looks twice
    as big now that you've cleaned it. 
    [The man walks forward.]
    I hired you through our village chief, but I didn't expect you to work
    so hard. Oh! I still don't know your name. I still keep calling you, uh,
    'boy'. Tell me, what's your name?
    OK... Then Rudy is what I'll call you. That's a good, strong name.
    [Bambollo pats him on the shoulder.]
    You're a great guy, Rudy. You have power and a tireless work ethic. Best
    of all, you took care of my horses as though you understand their feelings.
    Why don't you stay in this village and work for us? Ahh, I'm kidding, I
    know you're a wanderer.
    [Bambollo reaches into his pocket, withdraws some heal berries, and hands
    them to Rudy.]
    Here is the payment for your time. It's not much, but it's all I can afford.
    Say hello to the village chief for me. Thank you very much for your work 
    today. I'll ask you for your help again, I am sure.
    [Rudy approaches the mayor's house; a small red-headed boy, Tony, stops him.]
    Thank you for your hard work! Do you know about Holy Berries? 
    1. Of course I know.
    Really? That's no fun... I was waiting for you to finish work, because I wanted
    to tell you about it.
    2. No, never heard of it.
    Hah, that's what I thought! A Holy Berry is a very effective herb, which people
    say grows in a cave near here. When used, any injured person can be healed, 
    and their strength revived. If I only had a Holy Berry... ... ... ... No, it's
    nothing. Nevermind. 
    [Rudy talks to him again.]
    Father is the strongest man around. He may not look like it right now... He
    was injured and has to rest at home. It's true, though. He's a strong and brave
    man, who can beat any monster. That's why I want to heal his wound. I want my
    brave father back. 
    [Rudy enters the mayor's room.]
    Mayor Tallman
    Hello, Rudy. You seem to be settling in well. I understand that the horses are
    thriving under your care. There must be something I can give you to show our
    gratitude... ... ... ... [He bows his head in thought.] The world is decaying,
    Rudy...even here in Surf Village. Once this village beneffited from the herbs
    we collected from the Berry Cave west of the village. But that was long ago...
    Forgive me, Rudy, sometimes an old man's mind wanders. In the storage area next
    to this room, you'll find a supply of bombs. We used them to explore the Berry
    Cave. Please take them. They're worhtless to the village now, but they might
    be useful to you. 
    [Rudy goes into the room and takes the bombs. Before returning into the room,
    however, he hears talking.]
    Voice of a villager:
    Village chief! Mr. Tallman! We've got a serious problem!! 
    Mayor Tallman: 
    It's all right, please continue. Tell me what happened.
    [We see Mayor Tallman talking to a chubby villager with light brown hair named
    It's Tony! He broke the village ban! He went to the Berry Cave! 
    Mayor Tallman:
    What? Why would he do something so foolish? [He bows his head In thought.] 
    What should we do...? 
    Mayor Tallman:
    ... ... ... The Berry Cave used to be the source of a great medicinal herb,
    but now it's just a den of monsters! I don't know what we should do! ... ...
    ... In any case, keep a secret for now. I will explain it to the villagers
    later. We don't want to start a panic. 
    [Rudy exits the room as Campbell runs off; the mayor turns to him.]
    Mayor Tallman: 
    This goes for you too. You shouldn't tell anyone about Tony breaking the
    village ban. We don't need anyone running off and playing hero. We need to
    come up with a plan. 
    [Rudy nods, understanding. He speaks with the various villagers - Vincent,
    Tony's father, who is inside his house, and Dennis, outside.]
    My son, Tony, is a very mischievous boy. I have not seen him since this
    morning. Though that's no surprise. Not with a boy as mischievous as him... 
    I can't really keep my eyes on him. I'm forced to stay home with my injury.
    I'm worried he might make trouble for others without my knowledge.
    This village is desolate now, but... once it sold an effective medicinal herb
    from the Berry Cave west of here. The name of the herb was Holy Berry. It had
    an amazing power to heal any wounds immediately. The cave was sealed by our
    village chief. It had become a dangerous place, full of nasty monsters. This 
    village will become rich someday, if we can harvest Holy Berries again.
    [Rudy decides to head off to Berry Cave anyway. Once he gets there, he spots
    Campbell at the entrance.]
    Did the village chief speak with you? If he has, then you already know. I
    still can't believe it. I hope Tony's all right. I turn my back for one 
    second... Under our law, all who live in Surf Village are prohibited from
    going into this cave. What should we do? ... ... ... I got it! You're not
    from our  village, right? Therefore you are not bound by our law. Will you
    risk your life and go in the cave? Please find Tony and bring him back to me...
    2. Much too dangerous to accept. 
    You're a wander. You're not like us. Please, will you disobey our village law
    and endanger yourself to rescue Tony? 
    1.Enter the Berry Cave and rescue Tony. 
    Thank you! I am forever in your debt. This is advanced payment of your reward.
    Please take it! 
    [After receiving the reward, Rudy ventures on into Berry Cave. Signs here read:
    (Floor 4): 'Everyone keep out! Removal of the sign is punishable by law!
    ==Village Chief==' and (Floor 6): 'Watch out! The ladder is unsteady! Do not
    hit it!'. After making it to the back of the cave, Rudy sees Tony, who holds
    out his hands and smiles broadly.]
    It's you! Why are you here? Will you help me? 
    [Rudy speaks with Tony once more.]
    I came here searching for something that will heal my father's wounds. I heard
    that there is an herb hidden deep within this cave that can heal any injury. 
    I'm stuck. I don't know what to do, 'cause that huge rock is blocking my
    [Rudy blows up the huge rock and speaks with Tony.]
    It's amazing... You are awesome! You blew up such a huge rock! Now isn't the
    time to be impressed. I must continue looking for medicinal herbs. My father 
    is counting on me.
    [Rudy enters through the hole. He walks through the ankle-high waters to the
    Holy Berry tree. He looks in wonder at the glimmering berries, climbs up on top
    of an obelisk, and reaches for the nearest bunch of Holy Berries. He jumps down
    and turns to Tony, who is walking towards him in water that is coming up to the
    little boy's stomach. When Tony sees the Holy Berries, his eyes light up.]
    Thank you so very much! My father will die without a Holy Berry! He's got to
    get better! He's just gotta! [He takes the herb.] I should be going! I've got
    to get back and cure my father!
    [Tony and Rudy leave the room, jogging. An earthquake begins to rumble. We see
    the tree flash red... The camera shows the landscape, especially on a patch of
    land where Adlehyde should be. We then see Rudy hugging Tony protectively from
    the earthquake at the beginning of the cave. Slowly they uncoil. Tony sneaks a
    glance behind Rudy and sees the townsfolk.]
    It's the village chief!
    [Rudy scratches his cheek and looks at all of the villagers who have arrived.]
    Well now! Why do you always act so impulsively?
    I'm very sorry! ...But I wanted to heal my father. That's why I had to look for
    a Holy Berry... 
    Didn't you think of the possibility of you getting hurt? Or worse?
    Tony is back safe because of you. Thank you.
    [Rudy scratches his head bashfully and approaches the rest of them. Bambollo
    shakes his head.]
    An earthquake and a heroic rescue... ...on the same daay?
    Tell me, did you find any Holy Berries?
    Tony: I found the one that matched the description. The others were all wilted.
    Look, here it is! 
    [Rudy holds out the Holy Berry. Everyone gasps in surprise.]
    Chief, we might be able to harvest those berries again.
    If that's the case, it's all because of Tony and Rudy's work. If they didn't go
    deep into the cave, we wouldn't know this Holy Berry existed. 
    In any case, the most important thing is that they came back safely. Let's go
    discuss this back at the village. 
    [Rudy pockets the Holy Berry. The white dog, however, runs to the entrance of
    the cave and barks. A large creature lumbers out of the darkness.]
    What is that thing...!? There was a monster trapped in the Berry Cave in
    ancient times. Can this be it!? 
    [The Rotting Beast lets out a roar; a battle starts and ends. We see Rudy
    holding his ARM. Everyone is in shock. Tony's face lights up.]
    It's just amazing...! He beat such a huge monster!! [Clair holds him back.]
    What!? What's the matter?
    [Rudy turns to face them, his ARM in his right hand.]
    Your power... Your power might cause great misfortune to this village! 
    I knew it!! Your ARM! The legends speak of it! It's been forbidden here for
    1,000 years! An unholy, destructive power... 
    Why did you bring such a dangerous power to our village? It terrifies me to
    even think of having such a thing used in our peaceful village.
    Now I see... The earthquake we had, it was caused because you used the ARM?
    If it true, I am very convinced. It is because of your ARM that the monster in
    the cave came back to life!
    Tony: [looks defiantly at them] No! It's not true!! It can't be!! Because he
    used his power, he saved me!!!
    He may be able to deceive Tony, but you can't fool us any longer!
    Stop it! All of you, stop!! Now isn't the time for tempestuous debate...
    [walks towards Rudy] Rudy... Thank you for rescuing Tony. However, the danger
    you have brought to our village and the carelessness used in the Berry Cave is
    unacceptable. In our village, we respect peace, and a hazard like your ARM is
    prohibited. Under our law, you must allow us time to decide your fate in this
    village. Do you have any objections?  
    2. I object! 
    I can not accept your objection. You are not from our village. You wander from
    place to place, but this problem concerns Surf Village. Isn't the right thing
    for you to let us decide what we are going to do?
    1.Let them decide.
    I'm glad that you respect my decision. I will do my best to reach a verdict
    that everyone can agree on. I will go back to Surf Village now. I cannot make
    a decision here.
    [All the villagers begin to leave. Rudy stands there; the white dog approaches
    him and barks encouragingly, wagging its tail. Rudy looks at the dog before
    beginning to leave.]
    He used its power to protect. Now people fear and avoid him.
    He did not want such a power, but this destructive might is his, for he
    possesses the forbidden ARM. Unaware of his inherent strength, he wanders the
    wasteland, seeking his place in the world... 
    Part IIb. -Prologue 2: Treasure hunter-
    [A blonde man whose hair is tied back in a green ribbon enters the ruins, a
    small blue mouse on his right shoulder. 
    Human-language-speaking mouse:
    This... These are the Ruins of Memory?! How much money did you pay for the
    information on THIS dump? 
    Treasure Hunter:
    Huh, what Hanpan? Do you know this place?! 
    I can't believe that you don't! These ruins are rather famous... You believed
    someone's lie... again. 
    [The treasure hunter holds out his arm, allowing Hanpan to hop out onto it.]
    Treasure Hunter:
    Shut up! My gut is telling me that something good will come from this place. 
    [he holds out his arms] Huh... Since I'm obviously the intellectual one, I
    don't share your optimism. A better name for this place would be "the
    previously looted ruins of the dead". Maybe then you wouldn't have been fooled.
    Even IF there is some treasure, I bet it's total junk. I do not think you can
    find anything worth the money you paid. 
    Treasure Hunter:
    If you feel that way, don't come with me. 
    Ohh, don't be so stubborn. You know that you'll need my help! [hops back onto
    his shoulder]
    Treasure Hunter:
    At any rate, we came this far! We should at least check it out. We might find
    a clue about Absolute Power.
    [The two of them go down to the console. The Treasure Hunter strokes his chin,
    leaning over the machine.]
    Treasure Hunter: 
    Hey, Hanpan. What's this?
    [Jack reaches down to touch the console, but Hanpan runs down his arm and
    stands in front of him.]
    No! Don't! Stop! Don't touch it!! [He hops around on the buttons six times.] 
    Well, let me handle it... ...this should be treated, well... like this...
    >>If you are the successor of memory, enter the correct descendant's name and
    the way will be opened...
    [Hanpan and the Treasure Hunter exchange looks.]
    Hmm, interesting... It's asking us to enter a name?
    Treasure Hunter:
    Well a name is an important thing. Do you know the name, "intellectual" one? 
    Don't get smart with me! I don't know it! 
    Treasure Hunter:
    You're right. Well then, let's try... Let's enter my name. "Jack".
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . No name matches. 
    [Jack shrugs.
    [shrugs] Well, I didn't really expect it to work... Since I did not expect my
    name could be the password, I don't feel vexed.
    You thought there was a chance.
    An earthquake? You must be kidding?!
    Treasure Hunter:
    Device: . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Comparison of applicable names completed. 
    [A door off to the right opens.] 
    Treasure Hunter:
    ... ... If it opened with my name as the password, it must be totally random...
    If that were true, we could try anything...
    ... By any chance, are you thinking of something?
    Treasure Hunter:
    Maybe. It's a ruin with a random device. We can probably enter
    whatever we want.
    [He starts to mess with the console again, typing in random names. Hanpan jumps
    up and down in anger.]
    ...Hold on! That's not right! That just doesn't make any sense!
    Treasure Hunter:
    An earthquake? You must be kidding?!
    [Hanpan quickly hops onto Jack's shoulder. Jack stumbles backwards; suddenly,
    the floor falls out beneath him and lands in a room with one door.]
    Jack Van Burace.
    Master of the sword and a tireless Treasure Hunter.
    Hanpan is a wind mouse. His weapon is knowledge; 
    his attitude is a fly in theointment. 
    [Jack walks through a door and looks off to his left. After a few seconds, he
    sees a large boulder. Horrified, he runs off to his right and dashes down
    the hallway.]
    Whatever danger awaits them, Treasure Hunters live for danger and thrive
    exploring ancient ruins.
    [Jack eventually sees a pathway branching off from the corridor and throws
    himself into it, landing on the ground. He pushes himself back to his feet.
    Suddenly, the floor drops out from under him. He runs and throws himself 
    towards the ledge so that he is hanging by his hands. Jack pulls himself
    to his feet.]
    The treasure that Jack seeks is a power which rises above all existence... 
    It is Absolute Power. Where is it located? Is a Dark Sword or is a sealed
    magical power? He searches earnestly, unaware what it is.
    [Jack sees spears; he runs forward, hitting them with his sword as he runs
    through the trap. When the spears are over and done with, he now sees that the
    walls are closing in on him. He runs yet again and makes it into a room.]
    While Jack dreams of power, he dodges traps in the ancient ruins. 
    [The ground collapses below Jack in this room, and he falls to yet another
    location-this time a place where there is a pedestal in the middle surrounded
    by four deactivated crystals. He examines a piece of rock in the middle.]
    This stone pillar looks dubious. A device somewhere might make it work...
    Maybe the stones on the corners?
    [In the third room, Hanpan and Jack come upon a hard-to-reach switch.]
    I can hope over that gap to press the switch. Even with your long legs, I
    don't think you would make it.
    [A note on one of the walls later on reads: "Spikes?! I HATE SPIKES!! Pressing
    switches simultaneously is easy! That's all for today..." After activating all
    four crystals earlier on, a purple sphere of light appears.]
    Is this a reward for releasing the trap!? This is the worst reward I've ever
    seen! Keeper of the ruins, come out!! 
    Don't complain, partner. Life is often like this... Let's get done with this
    [After defeating a boss, Jack and Hanpan make their way into a suspicious room
    with a machine and a large, green circular area. They examine the machine
    first. Jack taps a bunch of buttons on it. ]
    ... ... ... Don't touch anything. You need to start acting like an adult
    instead of a child. 
    Huh? You complain too much. Acting like a child is the secret of youth!
    [Jack stops touching the panel, and a rumbling noise sounds. The green cylinder
    in the middle starts to light up. A hologram of an old man appears.]
    [startled] Hanpan!! The person in charge of this ruin is coming!
    Huh?! That's an Elw... I don't remember the last time I saw one. 
    What...? What's an 'Elw'? 
    The Elw are a human subspecies who existed in Filgaia long ago. They were a
    race steeped in nature and superior to others in wisdom and magic... It's no
    surprise this ruin was built by Elw. 
    So that's an Elw, huh? 
    No... This is just an image of an Elw that's being projected in light by their
    technology. This must be an Elw era machine used to transmit information. They
    can leave anything to the ages if they leave it in the form of information! I
    see... That's a nice trick to call this place 'Ruins of Memory'. 
    [Jack and Hanpan suddenly grasp their heads, as if in pain.]
    ...?! Hey, the Elw started to say something... No, the voice is speaking
    inside my head!
    Do not wish for Lolithia whom the Elw have set in the coffin.
    Lolithia's freezing breath, Freezing Palm... the power which can be used
    only to destroy... 
    Do not wish for Lolithia whom the Elw have set in the coffin.
    It's a blowing snowstorm of death... It's a tornado leading to misery and it's
    the absolute power to destroy everything.
    Is it real? Was that an Elw talking? An absolute power to destroy everything...
    Hey, Hanpan, where's Lolithia's coffin? [He lets Hanpan hop onto his extended
    arm.] No, wait! First off, what is a Lolithia? You must know?!
    Don't ask me everything all at once. Even with my superior wisdom, I do
    not know everything. 
    Ahh, I see... Well, it will do for now. Absolute Power...finally...maybe we
    found a clue to its location...
    Jack...what are you going to do with this Absolute Power? [hops back onto his
    You will see... Either way, we'll have to find it first. Let's go and look for
    this Lolithia's Coffin.
    [Jack takes a warp back to the main room. When he gets there, he seems highly
    astonished at the teleportation. After he regains his cool, he walks towards
    the entrance.]
    Why does a man search for Absolute Power? Is it something he does for
    atonement? Why? Maybe to cut the binding chain to his past? What will he wish
    for if he succeeds? Does he believe that Absolute Power will shine the light
    on his future? What a man may not even realize is that Absolute Power may
    exactly be what binds him to his unforgettable past. 
    Part IIc. -Prologue 3: A girl at a convent-
    [We see a blonde girl sitting in mid-air in a wide blue space, her head
    lowered. The surroundings suggest a dream.]
    Bright Light:
    Shaman... receive my thoughts... Guardians' shaman... 
    Young girl:
    ... ... ... ...Are you calling me? [she looks up] Where am I? I do not know
    this place... but I feel connected to it...
    Bright Light: 
    Can you hear my thoughts? Guardians' shaman... ...Give me your name... Then
    the contract of old will be made once more...
    Young girl:
    Who are you, who is calling me? And I'm... I'm not a shaman.
    Bright Light:
    Hurry, Shaman, give me your name... ... ... ...Filgaia will be covered in
    darkness again. Shaman...give me your name... 
    Young girl: 
    ... ... ... My name is... "Cecilia".
    Bright Light:
    Shaman Cecilia... Release my power from the 'sealed library'... 
    [The light flashes. Cecilia looks around in wonder.]
    Please wait!! Who are you!? What do you mean by the sealed library?!
    [The screen turns to white.]
    Cecilia... Guardian Shaman, Cecilia... 
    ...Hey, Cecilia?! You're so absentminded! 
    [The screen now shows us a picture within the Curan Abbey. We see Cecilia, who
    is kneeling beneath a desk, a brown-haired girl kneeling beside her.]
    Oh... What was I doing? Was that a dream?
    Were you daydreaming again? You're almost 17. You shouldn't daydream so much.
    You are so strange sometimes... 
    I guess I am strange... But Holly, you're strange too. Why are you down on your
    hands and knees like that?
    [hits the floor with her hand in frustration] Because I'm checking on you! And
    I'm the not the one who's under the table!
    Oh, that's true... 
    Holly: Right after the bell, there was an earthquake. You really don't
    ...Yes, I crawled under the desk.
    Uh, yeah. 
    (And, I heard someone's voice. Whose voice was it, calling me a shaman...)
    [Slaps the floor again] Hey, are you daydreaming again?! You don't have time
    for that. How soon until you return to Adlehyde? Time goes by so quickly.
    You're turning 17, right? You should start telling everyone goodbye.
    Goodbye? (If it was not a dream... whose voice was it? What was the voice
    trying to tell me? And, what is this 'Sealed Library'?) [shakes head] 
    Thank you, Holly. It seems I don't have any time to waste.
    [Momentarily forgetting that she is still under the desk, Cecilia makes a move
    to stand up and hits her head hard. She doubles over.]
    Ouch! Oh...
    Oh Cecilia, you're so absentminded! Are you OK? 
    [Cecilia speaks with Holly again.]
    I heard your head hit the table, and it was so loud! Is your head OK? Let me
    look at it... ...Oh no, you've got a huge bump! I'm worried about you. You were
    already pretty strange... I hope it doesn't get worse! You didn't forget to see
    Sister Mary and Master Anje, did you? I know they are always busy, but you
    should go see them at some point.
    [Cecilia goes and speaks with...]
    Sister Mary: 
    Well, Cecilia, isn't your departure day near? How are your preparations going?
    Do you feel ready? 
    Yes, Sister Mary. Thank you very much for all your kindness. But, there is one
    thing that I would like to ask you about...
    *Cecilia told Sister Mary about the mysterious dream that she had...
    Sister Mary:
    ...Sealed library... Guardians' shaman... I see, you had such a dream... 
    Sister Mary, what should I do? A sealed library...the voice which called me
    the Guardians' shaman... There's so much I don't understand... 
    I'm so confused... Please guide me.
    Sister Mary:
    It's easy to go wherever other people might direct you. But now you are an
    adult with much responsibility and so you will have to behave like one. You 
    will have to chart your own course and then face whatever may happen along the
    way. For this reason, Cecilia, I will not give you any advice in regards to
    this revelation. But you will be fine, Cecilia. There is nothing that you
    cannot overcome; just remember all that you learned at Curan Abbey. 
    [Cecilia speaks with her again.]
    Sister Mary:
    I heard that females of royal Adlehyde descent have the ability to communicate
    with Guardians. This dream of yours...it might be related to, not just you, but
    to the future of this entire planet.
    [Cecilia speaks with Master Anje.]
    Master Anje:
    Hello, Cecilia. You have good timing. I just finished the Layline device. The
    device measures the Guardians' power flowing through Filgaia. It should be able
    to observe the whole planet if it works as planned. It not only supports my
    study about Guardians, but it might solve the mystery of Filgaia's
    deterioration and reverse the process. 
    Reverse Filgaia's deterioration? If that happened, many lives would be saved. 
    I will pray for the Layline device to help you in this. But, Master Anje, what
    do you mean by good timing?
    Master Anje:
    Well, it's related to the Teardrop you possess. I heard Sister Mary say the
    Teardrop is a family heirloom that connects girls in Adlehyde's royal family
    to Guardians. I would like to observe the Layline device while you use the
    Teardrop to connect with a Guardian's mind. If you are successful in
    connecting, it might affect the Layline. If this device observes a reaction to
    the connection of you and a Guardian, it will confirm that my device works.
    But, Master Anje... I have never heard of anyone actually communicating with
    Guardians just by wielding the Teardrop. I don't think I can meet your
    Master Anje:
    Even if you fail, can you please try? I don't mind if it doesn't work, but if
    it does, I'd like to see if it affects the Layline. 
    ... ... ... I understand, Master Anje. I will give it a try... 
    [Cecilia uses the Teardrop on the device. She bows her head, and a voice
    speaks to her.]
    Shaman... Cecilia... Concentrate on the Teardrop... In the sealed library...
    release me from the book of Nelgal... By your shaman's blood of royal
    descent... as one who inherits the Teardrop... Release me... 
    (With the Teardrop, the voice is sent directly into my heart?)
    At the sealed library, release me...
    (Who are you?! Please tell me... What can I do? What does the Teardrop do?)
    Master Anje:
    Cecilia...!? What happened, Cecilia? 
    [Cecilia is shaken out of her dream; she looks startled when Master Anje tries
    to speak with her.]
    Master Anje:
    Oh, it's all right... You are awake now. At first I thought you had started to
    daydream, and then I was worried when I realized that you weren't. Maybe I
    shouldn't have asked you to do this...
    I'm OK... but it felt like, with the help of the Teardrop, I was able to sense
    this mysterious voice... 
    Master Anje: 
    Teardrop...? [presses her fist against her cheek] The glow of the Teardrop
    causes the Layline observation machine to react. Perhaps the Teardrop you wear
    is tied to Layline origins. [she rests her hands] This voice you heard... 
    ...might be a Guardian. This machine observes the Laylines... In other words,
    this device may be able to sense the power of the Guardians. 
    [Anje reaches into her back pocket, withdraws something, and hands it 
    to Cecilia.]
    Master Anje:
    Anyway, it appears I was correct with my little experiment. Thank you for
    [Cecilia ventures and speaks with Suzanne, Peleira, in their respective rooms
    and Lana in the hallway.]
    I'm not that good at magic, but I am the most talented musician at this Abbey!
    What kind of music shall I play today? I don't have talent in terms of magic, 
    though Phys. Ed. class the other day was fun... When I hit my partner with my
    scepter, I recovered an MP point. As the old saying goes, 'Better to carry a
    cane than to fall down'. When MP is about to run out, it might be a good idea
    to recover MP by using your scepter. 
    There's attack-type and support-type magic. Let me explain the effects of each.
    Attack magic changes molecular movement; support magic changes molecular
    structure... That's the gist. All the different magics you can use are made by
    combing any two different crests. There are four types: Geo, Fray, Wing, and
    Muse. Was that difficult to follow? Anyway, you practice by creating spells.
    Learning through trial and error is best.
    A sealed library? I heard about it, but it's not a scoop. I heard it is one of
    Curan Abbey's seven wonderful secrets. If memory serves me right, the story
    is... "Stand before the holy woman who guards the door and raise the light of
    life. Then the way will be open..." But this story's a lie! I threw a lamp at
    the holy woman statue, and it didn't show any reaction! Maybe a different sort
    of light...
    Hey, you know what I heard? Sister Mary was a classmate of Cecilia's mother at
    this Abbey. Both were beautiful and best friends... But they were really
    mischievous and always caused trouble in the Abbey. It's hard to imagine
    Sister Mary like that! Does it mean that being mischievous when you're young
    will lead to youthful discretion at Sister Mary's age?
    I just fried up some chow mein! You should try this since you are here. Uncle
    Logan's noodles are world famous! Whenever you're tired, come over and have
    some chow mein! Everything, like your HP, MP, and VIT gauges, are refilled
    instantly, and all negative status effects are removed! But my chow mein isn't
    the only way for you to recover. Whenever you level up from your battle
    experience, your whole body recovers. So keep leveling up, and it'll be just
    like eating Uncle Logan's chow mein. [Meal.] You ate my chow mein with such
    gusto! I love it when people enjoy the food I made. Come back anytime you're
    That earthquake was such a shock. At first I thought I was convulsing, and
    that's why everything was shaking... Then I realized that my cup on the table
    was shaking, too. I was so surprised I almost screamed.
    Cecilia, do you mind if I tell you something? I was arranging the books and
    noticed that a book which should be here is missing. I'm irritated since it
    does not look good to have only the first volume of the series. Don't get me
    wrong, it has nothing to do with me caring about how the story ends. Well,
    anyway, if you find the next volume somewhere, would you mind bringing it back?
    [Cecilia speaks with her again.]
    I'm arranging books now. Hey, take a look at this, Cecilia... The magic book
    'De La Metalica' was placed in children's literature... next to "Tragedy of
    Dolly". I feel unhappy more than angry... I wonder if other people feel strange
    when they see books placed in the wrong genre or not in alphabetical order? 
    [Cecilia stands in front of the holy statue in the middle of the courtyard.]
    A statue of a holy woman, circled by the other statues as if it is being
    guarded, faces west.
    [Cecilia uses the Teardrop on it. The statue shines; a door off to the west is
    unlocked. Cecilia enters, goes inside, uses the Teardrop, and is teleported to
    the 'Sealed Library'. The things written on the dungeon walls throughout are
    as follows... ]
    Puzzle clue 1:
    Light up the ends. Light up the center. But only three, then you may enter.
    Puzzle clue 2:
    5 fires with short lives. By standing at its peak, give life. Then the door
    shall be opened.
    [Finally she approaches a plaque with the following engraved upon it...]
    I'm the alpha and omega...
    Past and future united...
    The future is made by my edge...
    Speak my name and remember the loathsome history...
    [Cecilia enters the password "Guardian Blade" and continues into the following
    room. She touches the book she sees on the desk there, opening it to a random
    page and reading it.]
    ...Book of Nelgal? When was this book written... It seems to be about an old
    monster who was born from magic and consumes magical power. It's Nelgal.
    [There's a flash. The pages start moving on their own; Cecilia jumps back.]
    Book of Nelgal:
    Are you seeking wisdom for power? Or are you the one who heard the whisper of
    water...? No matter which one you are. Read this as a book written by dark
    forces. Everything is Nelgal's flesh and blood! 
    [A battle starts.]
    As a human being, you radiate magical power... Nelgal deems you worthy
    of consumption.
    You're the voice that's been calling me?! No, I only feel sinister thoughts
    from you!
    Hear the water whispering? Convince me of your power if you are the shaman. 
    The whisper of water? ...Shaman? 
    ...If you would like to hear the voice, you should defeat me and see. The
    whisper of water is there! 
    [On the third turn, Nelgal creates three mini versions of himself. A voice
    speaks to her.]
    Shaman...Cecilia... listen to me...release... Guardian's power...
    [The medium 'Aqua Wisp' is obtained. Cecilia uses it on Nelgal and defeats him.
    The battle soon ends. The book is consumed by a purple light. It emits a flash;
    Cecilia steps back several times. At last, she covers her eyes.]
    ...Shaman... The Guardian's Shaman, Cecilia... I appreciate that you listened
    to my whisper... Please release me... 
    [Cecilia opens her eyes to see that she is back in a dream-like world of blue
    with a light in front of her.]
    The voice...calling me... Who are you? 
    I am the Guardian who rules water, Schturdark... Long ago, I was captured and
    imprisoned in a book by Nelgal's magical power... Shaman...I have longed for
    you to listen to my whisper... 
    ...Shaman... Why do you call me a shaman!? 
    You are the one who understands our spirit and can change our spirit to
    power... Our shaman, inheritor of the Teardrop... After this long period of
    time, Filgaia is about to be enveloped in darkness. Shaman, can you hear it in
    your mind? The sorrow of the sky and ocean... The anger of earth and wind...
    [hands over her heart] ... ... ... [opens her eyes] ...Yes, I can... I can
    hear... the Teardrop... connecting me to those voices...
    Shaman, unite us... Use our power to fight the steel menace, which threatens
    all life on this world. The battle for sky and earth is about to begin once
    more... The gate to death 'Lolithia' will be opened, a messenger of armageddon
    will appear, but don't give in. You must defeat it... That is your mission...
    [The light flashes. Cecilia finds herself back in the room. She looks around,
    startled, for the book is no longer there. She is holding a stone slab with
    the etching of a turtle on it.]
    'Lolithia'... What does it mean? This is a mission for a shaman... No! My
    mission as princess of Adlehyde awaits me... 
    [Cecilia exits the Sealed library and soon appears back out in the courtyard
    where Sister Mary is eagerly awaiting her.]
    Sister Mary
    Welcome back, Cecilia. 
    Sister Mary? Did you know? [approaches the woman]
    Sister Mary:
    Yes, I knew... I know everything. I know that you are carrying something very
    heavy, too. 
    Sister Mary:
    I believe that you will have to face many trials if you are led by
    the Teardrop... ... ... ... The women of the Adlehyde royal family are born
    shamans; those who can commune with the Guardians of this world. And, they are
    often faced with the hard and difficult path of destiny... 
    [closes her eyes] ...Yes. But, even though, I'm...
    Sister Mary:
    Yes, I know you are always trying to be strong... ... ... ... No one can do
    your suffering for you, but friends can most definitely help to lighten the
    load. Cecilia... Find friends who can share the burden of your destiny. And
    perhaps you will reduce their burdens, as well...
    [looks down] Friends... yes...you are right... But I am... ...a princess of
    Adlehyde... Even if I consider them my friends, will they do the same and
    consider me theirs? Please tell me, Sister. Is it even possible to find friends
    that would accept someone like me?
    Sister Mary:
    Well, we will see. Friends are not something you make, but rather something you
    discover. Your mother was born in Adlehyde, and she was able to find wonderful
    friends here at Curan Abbey. 
    [Sister Mary winks at Cecilia. Both females erupt into chuckling. At last,
    Sister Mary puts her hand on Cecilia's shoulder.]
    Sister Mary:
    Always remember to smile and...have faith in yourself! Everyone else who knows
    you places their faith in you easily. [takes Cecilia's hands] You are a
    princess of Adlehyde, but first and foremost, you are your own person. There
    are many dictates and duties, but in the end you alone choose your life. Do
    you understand?
    Yes... I think I'm ready... 
    [Cecilia goes to leave the Abbey. She stops before the entrance, seeing many of
    her classmates gathered there.]
    I knew that you would have to return to Adlehyde's castle when you turned 17
    years old... But I didn't know that was today! 
    I'm sorry... I was being absentminded as usual...
    Do you have to return so soon? 
    [Cecilia closes her eyes briefly, opens them, and nods. Holly puts her hands
    on her hips.]
    Well, even though you weren't here long... I'm glad I got to know you. I'll
    miss you. We all will.
    [All the girls crowd around Cecilia. The scene freezes.]
    By heeding the Guardians' call, she joins the great wheel of destiny as it
    turns toward the unforeseen future. Everyone starts off by following, but
    eventually there comes a time when everyone must choose their own path. The
    path this girl has chosen by answering the Guardians' call will be fraught
    with danger. Will she find her way through? 
    Part III. -Downtown Adlehyde and Lolithia's Coffin-
    [The scene resumes at Surf Village; the camera slowly zooms in on the Mayor's
    House. We hear the townsfolk speaking of the events at Berry Cave.]
    Villager's voice 1:
    He brought this trouble to us! We must get rid of him and bring peace back
    to the village! 
    Villager voice 2:
    Now I've seen the power of ARM first hand. That horrible sound it makes is
    like the roar of legendary monsters.
    Villager voice 3:
    If he caused the earthquake, he is too dangerous to stay here. If he did it
     he must be punished! 
    Villager voice 4:
    I pity the boy, but he is a Wanderer. He doesn't live the way we do. Maybe he
    should move on. 
    [We see Rudy looking out of the window on the floor above where the
    townspeople are holding a conference. He turns away and bows his head sadly.
    He soon looks up and goes down to the first floor where he overhears them
    talking in the next room.]
    Order! Order! The will of the majority is clear. The boy is banished from the
    village. Since I have taken responsibility for him, I will tell him of our
    [The screen blacks; we see inside the conference room all of the villagers.
    Bambollo seems to be enraged.]
    That's it?! That's the punishment?! He tried to bring a monster down on us! 
    [Everyone turns his or her attention to Rudy, who is in the doorway.]
    Rudy! Were you eavesdropping? It's all right... The village has reached its
    decision. As soon as you are ready, you must leave Surf Village. 
    [Rudy nods. We then see Rudy leave the mayor's house; he walks down the stairs
    and steps onto the pathway towards the entrance.]
    Head far south. Go to the other side of the mountains. While facing the sea
    you'll find a grove. Around the grove, you'll find the kingdom of Adlehyde.
    As a wanderer, you may find that a big city has more to offer you than a small,
    lonely village on the frontier.
    [Rudy nods again. He turns, looks up to the sky, closes his eyes, opens them
     again, and looks forward. He marches on, hanging his head a little.]
    Hey, Mister! 
    [Rudy turns and sees Tony followed by his white dog.]
    You really helped me! But... But I couldn't help you... I know you're a good
    person. No one listens to me though. I'm just a kid... I... I wanted to at
    least say thank you. Nobody wants to admit it to you, but everybody knows you
    saved my life. 
    [Rudy smiles.]
    I should go home now... But thanks again, Mr. Wanderer! I'll never forget you! 
    [Rudy nods and turns. He leaves Surf Village and makes it to Adlehyde. He
    admires it briefly. When he enters, he hears a voice behind him.]
    Get out of my way!!
    [Two men come running up before the boy. One has a man on his back.]
    We have an emergency!! There was an accident at the site! 
    It's gotten out of control! We need to let Emma know!!
    Injured Man:
    ( No no no, you guys... You need to take me to the nearest hospital first... )
    [The men run off, leaving Rudy by himself. He decides to go and talk to a few
    of the townsfolk first: Cecilia, in the Inn; Jack, in front of a duplicator
    door; Randy, a lad in the middle of town; Lisett, a woman in town; Dominique, 
    the girl at the entrance; Lukardo and Martin, knights; and King Justin.]
    You are in Adlehyde, a trading mecca with a truly sparkling culture. You must
    be here for the Ancient Culture Exhibition. I hope you will find this town as
    lovely as I do. Please feel free to look around.
    You look like a wanderer. It must be exciting to be able to travel so freely.
    A caged bird can only look up at the sky and admire your strong wings.
    Randy: A boy with ARM... I tend to grow suspicious when I hear the word ARM...
    I heard there are people who specialize in the profession of ARM 
    Modification... I think they are called ARM Meisters. From what I heard, 
    they're always busy. I'm just not into keeping myself too busy all the time.
    I don't know how anyone can be so passionate.
    I just saw a traveling knight enter Adlehyde Castle. Do you think he is here
    to apply for a security job at the Ancient Culture Exhibition?
    Sometimes, you will see people getting lost in this huge castle. This is why
    the audience chamber is located in front of the entrance.
    Although you appear to be younger than me, you must have seen five times as
    many towns as I ever have. I'm envious to say the least. It is just not right.
    I mean, I know 1500 times more about this castle, but I bet you are not even
    slightly envious of me. 
    King Justin:
    With your help, the Ancient Culture Exhibition could be a huge success! I 
    speak for all of Adlehyde when I say your help is greatly appreciated.
    As if supporting all the knights is not enough, they are holding an Ancient 
    Culture Exhibition? How can they do that in this era? There's probably an 
    abundance of treasure behind this flashy door.
    [At last, Rudy goes and speaks with a green-haired woman in the basement of
    the house beside the shop.]
    Lady Scientist:
    I just heard some commotion. Is everything all right? Should I go check? It's
    kind of exciting, isn't it? We all have the urge to stop and look at accidents
    in the street... 
    [Two men come running in-they were the ones from earlier, Peyton and Murdock.]
    Boss! Emergency! There's been an accident up north at 'Lolithia's Coffin'. 
    Lady Scientist:
    [slaps her forehead] Oh no! Not the excavation site! [turns to the two men]
    Quickly! Tell me what happened! [hands on her hips]
    The damage done by the earthquake was much greater than anticipated. Parts of
    the wall collapsed in the quake, and monsters have come into the site! Some of
    the workers were attacked by the monsters, but no one's been killed yet...
    Lady Scientist:
    [points at them] Organize a group! Drive out those monsters! 
    No can do, boss! None of the workers have any experience fighting monsters.
    Besides, they have us outnumbered. They're too much for us! 
    Lady Scientist:
    I see. You leave the monsters to me then. In the meantime, get back to work!
    Pour all your efforts into restoring the ruins! The exhibition is coming up
    soon. I'm determined to bring 'Lolithia' back after 1,000 years of sleep. 
    [Both men salute her.]
    Yes, Ma'am! 
    [The two men run off. The woman turns her attention to Rudy.]
    Lady Scientist:
    OK... Now as you have heard, there's trouble at my site. And here you are, a
    young wanderer... No doubt you've fought your share of monsters. Would you
    agree to doing a little 'house-cleaning' with those monsters in the ruins? I
    believe it will be a great opportunity for you to study 'Lolithia's Coffin',
    too. I can give you 5,000 gella, payable upon your success. That's not a bad
    offer, is it? 
    2. It's too dangerous to accept.
    Lady Scientist:
    Please understand that it won't be easy. But the artifact must be excavated
    from these ruins for the upcoming exhibition. I believe 5,000 gella is a very
    good reward, considering the risks involved.
    1.I agree to fight the monsters.
    Lady Scientist:
    Good. I knew you would take it. 
    *Rudy senses his inadvertent involvement in the earthquake which caused the
    Lady Scientist:
    ... ... ... You look as if you blame yourself for what transpired. Maybe
    investigating this will help you too. In any case, we need to focus on
    our tasks. 
    [She introduces herself.]
    Emma: I am Emma Hetfield. I'm in charge of excavating the artifact. I'm
    actually an engineer... I like to work on machines. [walks up the stairs and
    turns to him] ... .... ... I'm off to the excavation site up north where 
    'Lolithia's Coffin' is located. It is a dangerous place, so please be well
    prepared. I cannot stress this enough. I will meet you there... If I were you,
    I would gather up a group before you head up.
    [Emma leaves. Rudy watches her and then takes his leave. And so, he goes and
    speaks with Cecilia in the Inn.]
    Are you heading for 'Lolithia's Coffin'? I, too, am drawn by the word
    'Lolithia'. I feel a strange connection with it. May I accompany you to 
    'Lolithia's Coffin'? I am Cecilia. I'm familiar with Crest Sorcery. With a 
    Crest Graph, it is possible to cast various magic spells as needed. I have 
    the Crest Graph with me. Across from the lodge is the Magic Guild where we can
    edit the list of magic spells. The more spells we have in our hands, the more
    ways we can handle different situations which we will encounter.
    [Cecilia joins the party. Both go to the castle and speak with Jack. When Rudy
    approaches him, he jumps back in alarm and holds his hand out defensively.]
    I wasn't going anywhere with a locked door in front of me! [he blows a sigh of
    relief] Wait, you don't work for the castle... Don't scare me like that... Oh,
    you're another wanderer. Know where I can make some money, or maybe find some
    treasure? What? You're after 'Lolithia'? You said 'Lolithia', right? 
    [Rudy nods. Jack crosses his arms.]
    We also have some business with Lolithia. We happen to be on our way there.
    [he holds out his hand] I'm Jack. And my companion is Hanpan. Like it or not,
    we're coming with you. 
    [Jack joins the party. You speak with King Justin.]
    King Justin:
    No! This cannot be!! 
    ( Shush. Try not to be so loud... Anyhow, I am back, Father. Is it OK to sneak
    around like this until the return ceremony? ) 
    King Justin:
    ( The letter from the Abbey said that you would be returning for the
    exhibition, but... Who are these Wanderers with you? )
    ( I can explain later... But please, be patient. I will be back the day before
    the exhibiton. )
    King Justin:
    ( You are stubborn, all right. But look at you now... I cannot believe how much
    you look like your late mother. Ok, Cecilia, enjoy your time in town. But don't
    do anything foolish. )
    ( Thank you, Father. I will see you later... )
    [With nothing else to be done, the three head off to the ruins where Lolithia
    resides. There appear to be a few workers there.]
    I don't understand complicated stuff, but I've heard that the supply of energy
    to the ruins is not working right. If yo find anything suspicious, try talking
    to Emma about it. 
    The Ancient Culture Exhibition depends on your hard work. I wish you wanderers
    good luck!
    You came to exterminate monsters!? The boss is in the room to the east. She's
    incredibly busy with all the problems with the ruins.
    [The three speak with Emma in the room to the east.]
    Ahh, I'm quite impressed! You somehow found an exploring party. Good job,
    young man! Now I can vouch for you! Well, best of luck, you'll need it! Are
    you ready? 
    ...Well, I feel relieved. I will go back to my work. I have a noble mission to
    restore power to the ruins. If you meet Lolithia, let me know... 
    [You speak to her again.]
    Oh, what could it be? The ruin's power must be restored. Why isn't it working?!
    Oh no, where did my calculations go wrong?!
    Emma: Ahh, I'm quite impressed! You somehow found an exploring party. Good job,
    young man! Now I can vouch for you! Well, best of luck, you'll need it! Are
    you ready?
    2. Not ready yet.
    Okay! I hope you're ready to deal with the ruins. I'm going to figure out why
    the ruin's power lines are cut... If you fall in battle within the ruins, I
    will have a hard time saving you.
    [You talk to her again.]
    We getting any closer now? Are you ready this time? 
    2.Not ready yet.
    By chance, are you the type who was told by your mother to hurry up every
    morning? I wasn't. I can't stand that. Even then, I was impatient.
    [You talk to her again.]
    You always find me the moment I come up with a great idea... It's almost
    uncanny timing. So, how 'bout it? You're all set and ready to go?
    2. I need more time.
    Emma: Really? I can tell you're uncertain about it. If you're THAT uneasy...
    ...I'll tell ya what, I'll go with you, but I need to attach a condition. I
    hired you as independent help to clear the monsters from the ruins. If I join
    you... I'm going to have to cut the reward. I promised to pay you 5,000 gella,
    right? Well, how 'bout I cut it to 1,000 gella? Deal? 
    1.Agree to the conditions.
    Emma: Really? Good! I can save so much! It's worth it... Okay then, let's go.
    Since I joined your party, no more hestiation is allowed. My motto is quick
    decision and action!
    (Emma joins your party).
    [The first plaque you come across has this to say: "These pillars are the
    sleeping grave keepers. When these two pillars awake, the path will be opened."
    In the main room in Lolithia's Coffin, the party stops and looks up.]
    [You notice to large wooden tiers connected with machinery.]
    A mechanical crane is set-up at the excavation site. This is a very large
    project. What could be sleeping in Lolithia's Coffin? 
    [The second plaque you come across has this to say: "Four solemn grave
    keepers... Turn their eyes to the center, and wait where their eyes meet." Once
    in the last room, you see a giant monster - Magtortus - sucking up all of the
    Looks like that thing found a home...
    It's eating the energy in the ruins! If we defeat it, we might be able to
    return the power to the ruins. 
    (if present) It is absorbing electric energy... Its weakness must be water
    You must be careful! It intends to eat US as well! 
    [A battle starts and ends. The three proceed into the next room where they
    look up in amazement and see Lolithia. If Emma is present, this scene is
    What is this creature...!? 
    ... It definitely looks like a... Golem... 
    [Rudy and Cecilia look to him.]
    A Golem? You mean the Golems from the 1,000-year-old legends, THAT Golem?!? 
    [Jack looks as if somebody has just broken some very bad news to him. He
    extends his arm to let Hanpan hop onto it.]
    Wait a minute...we came here looking for absolute power. Does that mean...?
    That absolute power is...
    Yes! This Golem!
    [Jack slaps his face and scratches his head in aggravation.]
    I don't believe it!! I can't control this huge creature. ... ... ... Does it
    actually move??
    [hops up and down] Settle down, Jack! Getting angry won't help. [climbs back
    onto his shoulder]
    Well, anyway... This is out of our league. We should get some help. Let's
    bring Dr. Emma here... 
    [The trio goes and speaks with Emma at the beginning of the ruins.]
    You found Lolithia!? That is great! Good job!! Good job, everyone!!
    Let's hurry! 
    [They go back to the main room where Lolithia resides. If Emma was originally
    in the party, the first Lolithia scene will automatically start out with this.]
    This is a Golem, a legend from a bygone era. Somehow it was sealed in these
    ruins... We've been excavating these ruins in the hope of exhibiting this Golem
    specimen in the Ancient Culture Exhibition.
    [She walks forward and turns to them.]
    A long time ago... When Filgaia was still green, there was a legend... Eight
    giant weapons were created to fight alien monsters that invaded our peaceful
    world. The severe battle ruined our world and this Golem was sealed away in
    these ruins... Many of these weapons have just recently been excavated in the
    various ruins. The conditions of the ones we found have been wonderful. We have
    plans to excavate all these pristine Golems. This is one we planned to excavate
    I thought I had found my absolute power... Why did I get my hopes up?
    This Golem is gigantic. How are you going to carry it?! Do you think it can
    [chuckles] Unfortunately, this Golem cannot move on its own. Our current
    technology is not sufficient to fix it. For that reason, we'll have to remove
    it from the ruins by a much more primitive method.
    [Two men - Murdock and then Brea, who looks suspiciously like Peyton - enter
    the room.] 
    Let's start the excavation at once! It isn't fragile, so it's OK to be less
    than gentle with it. Let's move it!!
    Aye aye! Let's move!! 
    I even designed a special contraption for this momentous occasion. Let's begin! 
    [Lolithia is lifted out of the ruins. The three of them are now standing 
    outside and are staring at it in wonder.]
    Emma: Now presenting...the 'Emma Motor'! It may not have been built for this
    exact task, but it's proven very useful. 
    [She turns to them.]
    This Golem can finally see the light of day. It wouldn't be possible without
    your hard work and, of course, the Emma Motor! Yes... This Golem's name is
    Lolithia. The ruins' name is derived from it. Look at this gigantic titan.
    Don't you think it's amazing? It has been dormant for centuries, yet the
    condition is excellent, so pristine...and complete. ... ... ... The workers
    and I will work overtime to prepare this Golem for exhibition at the Ancient
    Culture Exhibit. Therefore...do you think you can wait a little while for the
    reward payment? [clasps her hands together] Don't worry! I will pay you your
    reward... Please understand that I cannot leave this extraordinary find alone.
    [Rudy and Cecilia exchange looks and nod. Jack nods as well. The scene picks up
    back at Adlehyde. The three wanderers are facing one another in the middle of
    That Golem... Lolithia is supposed to be completely inactive and totally safe,
    I believe once the Golem has finished his job as a weapon, he's programmed to 
    no longer be functional after that. So, like that scientist said, the Golem is
    not operational.
    (The Guardian said there will be a battle with the 'Steel Menace'. But if 
    that's not about Lolithia, then what could it mean?)
    Man, who does that scientist think we are? We don't work for free. 
    We will find out tomorrow. I don't need to be in a hurry. After all, we had a
    very unusual day. 
    [shakes his head] Tomorrow we'll be accepting rewards and visiting the Ancient
    Culture Exhibition. I'm planning another trip out to the ruins after we're
    finished. But I'll stick around until then. 
    We just met... Do we have to say goodbye already?
    That's the life of the wanderer, right? I always sleep under a different sky.
    Speaking of sleep... Why don't we find lodging for the night and wait for
    tomorrow's exhibition? 
    [Rudy nods. They head to the Inn and talk to Pam.]
    Pam: Welcome! You will enjoy our cozy room and our exceptional complimentary
    soup. Thank you for staying with us. That will be ---- gella for all of you. 
    [After agreeing,
    ... I'm sorry. But I have to...get going now.
    You already have a place to stay? ...Or do you live in this town?
    Um...yes... You could say that. [closes her eyes] I didn't understand why I
    felt so determined to find out what the word 'Lolithia' meant. [she opens her
    eyes] But venturing into the ruin with you both gave me a feeling that... A
    feeling that I am a part of something... ...part of a team. I really needed
    that! Even if we must now part ways, I will never forget this experience.
    Ah, all right... Great...
    [Rudy nods.]
    I am planning to attend the Exhibition tomorrow. Perhaps we will see each
    other... And if, by chance, we do...please do not treat me any differently...
    [She nods at them, turns, and leaves. Jack scratches his head.]
    Hrm... What was that all about? 
    [shrugs] You never know...she could be a princess.
    [shakes his head] Knock it off... You know I don't get along with those kinds
    of people.
    Excuse me, fellas... Will you be staying with us? 
    [turns and holds out two fingers] Sorry? Oh, yes, we'll be staying here. The
    two of us and the mouse.
    [The screen darkens. We then see Cecilia arrive at the castle and greet the
    king with a hug.]
    Part IV. -The Ancient Culture Exhibition-
    The day of the exhibition is finally here.
    [Time to talk to everyone at the exhibition! Names of your party members in
    parentheses denote the leading character. Those without names indicate text
    synonymous for any leading character.]
    Bernard (Jack):
    Other wanderers and I have also contributed excavated treasures to the
    exhibition. Of course, the royal family paid us all pretty well. Men with
    sharp wits like me are more interested in Adlehyde's money than its artifacts.
    Bernard (Rudy):
    Citizens of Adlehyde should feel very privileged to be able to enjoy this
    exhibition for free. ...Why am I so irritated? Maybe it's because, in the past,
    ancient artifacts were only seen by privileged wanderers like me? 
    Mayor Howard (Jack):
    The exhibition is just up those stars. Enjoy! Many ancient artifacts await you.
    Mayor Howard (Rudy:
    I am relieved to see so many people enjoying the exhibition. I am happy and
    content. I give many thanks to our castle Guardian, Zeldukes, for delivering
    such a delightful day. 
    Ozma (Jack):
    The crowd at the exhibition is much larger than I had anticipated. All these
    novelties must have pricked the curiosity of the citizens of Adlehyde.
    Ozma (Rudy): 
    The exhibition seems to be leaving a strong impression on everyone from young
    to old. Hopefully, this event will convince His Majesty to restore Filgaia
    with ancient technology. 
    [within the exhibition hall] I was waiting for you. Ok, here is 5,000 gella
    just like I promised. ... Seeing so much gella leave my pockets makes me
    queasy. Which is funny, since it's not even my own money. I will see you soon.
    Have fun at the exhibition.
    [You speak with her again.]
    Emma (Jack):
    I am delighted to finally see this day. It is all because of my exceptional
    talent, wit, intelligence, and beauty. 
    Emma (Rudy): 
    I deserve a medal for delivering Lolithia to the exhibition on time. It was a
    close call. Of course I need to thank you for helping me to accomplish this.
    I'm sure I will be asking you help again very soon.
    Brock (Jack):
    It was well worth the long travel to see such great displays. Have you seen
    them all? If not, I would start now. This may sound too exaggerated, but I feel
    like my perspective on life has changed for good. 
    Brock (Rudy):
    It is outstanding to see all these different people at this event. It shows
    how much effort His Majesty put into promoting it.
    Darryl (Jack):
    My husband has been flipping out... If you ask me, those ancient artifacts
    should be left right where they were. I just feel like those fossils will
    bring us disaster.
    Darryl (Rudy):
    I cannot tell this to my husband because he has been running around like a
    little kid...but it just freaks me out that giant thing was discovered right
    around here. What if all those rocks I have been sitting on during lunch turn
    out to be gravestones... I don't like it.
    Randy (Jack): 
    How would you like to try a box of Ancient Artifact Wafers? The filling will
    melt in your mouth, and it goes great with a cup of tea! If you're not into
    sweets, how about a box of Excavated Crackers? 
    Randy (Rudy):
    Did you see all the artifacts? Boy, that was something. It was a crazy time.
    The ancient peoples were really determined about winning the war against the
    demons. I would only be determined if there were cute girls involved. 
    William (Jack): 
    [next room] The Golem is so awesome looking!! If I were born 1,000 years ago,
    I could have fought against the demons with Golems!!
    William (Rudy):
    Wow, wow, awesome! Y'know, ancient artifacts are cool!! I'm going to be a
    wanderer when I grow up so I can see more of this stuff!! 
    Anthony (Jack):
    [next room] I hear the King of Adlehyde is visiting the exhibition. Adlehyde
    must be a safe place because they let outsiders like me walk right into the
    Anthony (Rudy):
    This showpiece was provided by the famous lady wanderer, Calamity Jane.
    Adlehyde must have paid her handsomely. Anyway, she must be an awesome
    Wanderer. I am amazed at how she was able to retrieve such a delicate-looking
    Daniel (Jack):
    Excuse me, but I can't talk right now... I think I ate too much of Adlehyde's
    special curry... And I can't seem to find a single restroom around here... Oh
    no... I don't feel so good.
    Daniel (Rudy):
    Oh my. Oh boy! Excuse me, do you know where the bathroom is? All these signs
    around here say nothing about restrooms!! Oh no... I really need to go.
    [next room] Excuse me, but have you seen a boy with a red balloon? He's my son.
    I bought him the balloon because he was beginning me for one... And, while I
    was paying for it, he must have took off somewhere. I have looked everywhere,
    but he is nowhere to be found... Please if you see a boy with a red balloon,
    will you bring him back to me?
    [You speak with him again.]
    My son's name is Tyrell. He was holding a balloon. If you need to find me, I
    am going to wait by my son's favorite exhibit, Lolithia. 
    It breaks my heart to see the look on the father's face. Please find the child
    quickly. I am begging you. Please. 
    [next room] You're looking for a kid with a red balloon? Well, I haven't seen
    him, but maybe Glen has.
    A child with a red balloon? He ran through this room towards the exhibition
    King Justin (Jack):
    There is such beauty in these artifacts! And I don't mean their appearance.
    These fossils are not only examples of our ancestors' intelligence, but also
    their resourcefulness during the Great War.
    King Justin (Rudy):
    I am pleased to see such a turnout! There has been so much interest in this pet
    project of mine. Please, take your time. There is much to see in the exhibition
    Ellen (Jack and Rudy):
    [next room] A boy with a balloon? Let's see. I saw him run past me toward the
    front gate.
    [List of artifacts, golems, and their descriptions.]
    Memory Figure
    This machine records travelers' memories onto a specially made card.
    Exhibit 1:
    This fossil is an ancient weapon known as the 'Dragon'. It is said to have
    been used by the demons during the Great War. Studies are still under way,
    to try to understand how it works. Even though this artifact is old, it is a
    technological marvel, far more advanced than anything we could make today.
    Small parts are taken from the Dragon fossil to power the machines and
    appliances that are used for daily life in Filgaia.
    Exhibit 2:
    The blue crystal is called Aguelite. The red crystal is called Germatron. Both
    are made of condensed energy, and were used by the ancient alchemists.
    Adlehyde's secret treasure, the 'Teardrop', can also be classified as an
    energy crystal. Most energy crystals are now only seen represented in records,
    much like the Kizim Fire. 
    Exhibit 3:
    This is preserved demons' blood. It is a type of mercury, but its structure
    resembles the blood of living organisms. We call this type of mercury
    'Mythril'. Its density is less than that of regular mercury. Current
    technology cannot duplicate it. 
    Exhibit 4:
    Long-Distance Bomber Golem 'Barbados' - also known as the 'Hidden Cannon'.
    Its shoulder holds an electromagnetic long-distance cannon as well as hidden
    gun ports. It's believed it was able to communicate with New Moon and that its
    cannon was an ultimate weapon that shot beams of lightning.
    Exhibit 5:
    This mask contains unknown ore. It is said to be from the 'Sea of Stars', for
    it is found to contain a peculiar radiation. This might be evidence of Filgaian
    technology which allowed ancient humans to reach the Sea of Stars. 
    Exhibit 6:
    This archaeological artifact seems to have crash-landed onto Filgaia. A sketch
    recreating the fossil shows a dish-like shape and is referred to as the 
    'Mystery Disk' among researchers. It is thought to be part of an aviation
    device, however, it bears no similarity to any other ancient technologies.
    Exhibit 7:
    Particle-Inhibitor Golem 'Lolithia' -Also known as the 'Frost Disaster'.
    Has the ability to freeze the molecules of enemies by controlling their
    electromagnetic energy. Most of the Golem's output energy goes to its
    freezing capability; thus, its mobility is severely limited.
    Exhibit 8:
    Ancient fossils found during the excavations are classified into two different
    categories. There are ARMs, which can only be wielded by uniting the weapon
    with the user's mind and will... There are also machines, devices which are
    made up of mechanical technologies, and can be used by anyone. The fossil
    display here is a machine. Machines don't discriminate and work for anyone,
    unlike ARMs. Most modern devices used throughout Filgaia today are made by
    copying the technology of these ancient artifacts. ARMs and machines are both
    products of lost technologies and have been the object of countless studies. 
    Exhibit 9:
    This is a mock skeleton of a human. The mysterious machine-made skeletons
    found in the ruins show many similarities to the structures of humans. But,
    they are different in composition. It is unknown how and why the skeletons
    were made. It is a mystery.
    Exhibit 10:
    Land Battle Golem Diablo - Also known as 'Roaring Metal'
    Much of its chest space is occupied by a ferafully powerful Plasma-Energy
    Emission device. This war machine excelled at close-quarters combat due to
    its heavily fortified armor as well as its destructive revolving arm. 
    Exhibit 11:
    The Demi-humans, or Elw, sided with humans during the Great War, and they
    wielded the awesome power of the guardians. This was possible through the
    use of tiles like these, which are called Mediums. A Medium was a link to
    the Guardians. He who possessed a Medium was blessed with the power of the
    Guardians. Unfortunately, these Mediums are broken and have lost any such
    Exhibit 12:
    1,000 years ago, the forbidden weapon ARM was created during the Great Demon
    War. It is considered one of the most powerful weapons ever made, but it can
    only be wielded by those with a strong will. Currently, there is no one who
    can handle the magnitude and complexity of this particular ARM. 
    [Back in the main room, now that all the exhibits have been viewed, we talk
    with a few people.]
    Did I see a kid with a red balloon? Um... I'm sorry, but I don't think so. I
    will keep my eyes open though.
    Kid with a balloon? I may have seen him, or not... I cannot recall...
    A child with a balloon? I saw him running out of the exit. I don't think he
    went back inside the exhibition. 
    Huh? A lost child? Oh, the kid with the red balloon? He looked really happy
    with that red balloon. He was staring at it while he walked, and he even bumped
    into some lady. He headed out towards town.
    [Rudy and Jack go outside.]
    A child with a red balloon? Could he be the one I just saw walking around here?
    He may have been peeking around the food and flower vendors.
    Lost kid? How would I know? Go ask the mayor over there.
    Mayor Howard:
    A child with a red balloon? I saw him laughing and running back towards town.
    I assumed his parents were already there... I didn't realize his father didn't
    know where he was.
    [Rudy and Jack speak with the boy with the red balloon.]
    Sob...Sob... Father! Where are you? 
    [A scene starts. He suddenly lets go of his balloon, which floats off into
    the sky. Rudy and Jack watch it wordlessly. Suddenly, dark clouds gather over
    Adlehyde. Rudy points.]
    Above the Ancient Culture Exhibition held in Adlehyde comes a sudden thunder
    cloud... The sudden change in weather stunned the people. A spectacle of spiral
    clouds, something no one had ever seen before. 
    The sky is split... From the split a sword of light emerges and pierces the
    ground, creating an intense fire... Pandemonium reigned and painted people's
    faces with fear.
    But that was... ...merely the beginning of the end.
    [Rudy and Jack have their weapons drawn. Spartoi gather and engage them in
    battle. The battle ends. Now that you are given free control, you speak with
    the survivors scattered throughout town.]
    Father! Father! I cannot see with all this smoke...
    I'm scared, so scared... Help me!!! I don't want to die...
    No!! Everything's burning!! If this is a dream, please wake me up.
    Tyrell!! Tyrell!!! Answer if you can hear my voice!!
    Mayor Howard:
    There are still people left at the exhibition! They need help...
    You're kidding me... What is going on? 
    [Jack and Rudy travel up the stairs towards Adlehyde Castle and see that
    Cecilia is in trouble! They enter battle.]
    You two?! 
    First, let's take care of the monsters. Then we can talk all we want!!
    [They kill the monsters. The battle ends.]
    We have opened up the gate of Adlehyde Castle for all refugees! But there are
    still people out there! Please! Help me get them to the castle and safety! 
    You... Who are you? 
    We are closing the gate in five minutes. We need to gather everyone into the
    [The trio heads out into town and speaks with all six survivors.]
    What? Everyone's off to the castle? The monsters won't attack there? Ok, I
    will wait there for my father!
    I'll be safe at the castle? Thank you!! You stay safe, too!!
    The castle?! I got it. I'm on my way!!
    The castle? Adlehyde Castle has great security. 
    Tyrell's gone to the castle? Thank you!! Tyrell! Daddy's coming for you!
    Mayor Howard:
    All survivors have safely evacuated! I'm on my way to the castle now!
    [The trio treks back to the castle.]
    *Will you stop searching for survivors, and take cover inside Adlehyde?
    [You choose yes. The scene switches to the town where a large demon comes
    sauntering into town, followed by three Spartoi.]
    Pathetic! So incredibly weak and fragile! What has happened to humans in
    the past 1000 years? They are simply no match for me! 
    [He throws his head back and laughs.]
    Berserk: My preemptive strike worked all too well... There's no one left
    for me to kill. [looks at his fist] ...I suppose it's just as well... Those
    weak humans would have been no challenge for me anyway...
    [He laughs again and turns to the Spartoi on the left.] 
    You! Deliver my message to the survivors, trembling inside their little
    castle. Tell them that if they fail to surrender the 'Teardrop', I will
    demolish the castle inside and out.
    [Another Spartoi runs up to him from direction of the Ancient Culture
    Exhibition and speaks with him.]
    What?! Golems in the castle? Have they mobilized? What? They're not
    operational? Fool!!
    [He knocks the Spartoi against the wall of a nearby house, breaking him
    into pieces.]
    How dare you bring me a false alarm! Active Golems would be a force to be
    reckoned with. [pause] Hey. Wait a minute... This could get interesting...
    Golems were once the pride of Filgaia, its only true defense. What if I could
    take control of them... 
    [The scene zooms out slowly with him laughing. Meanwhile, it resumes in the
    King's bedroom with Cecilia (who is at his bedside clasping her hands 
    worriedly), Rudy, and Jack overlooking the king dying.]
    King Justin:
    Cecilia... It is a relief to know that you have survived during this time
    of chaos... ... ... ... Listen to me very carefully, Cecilia... I'm afraid
    that the demons are after you. Do not surrender to them.
    After me? Why? What do they want? 
    [enters] Sire! Begging your pardon, Sire... The demons are tearing through
    the town. They demand that their request be heard!! 
    King Justin:
    Yes, Sire! The demons say they will leave us in peace, but we must surrender
    the 'Teardrop'! What should we do?
    The 'Teardrop'? [Thinking to herself] The 'Teardrop' is not only a memento
    of my late mother, but also a... ... ... ... However, I cannot possibly
    jeopardize the many lives of those who have taken refuge here in the castle.
    ... ... ... [She lifts her head, decision made] All right then... I will
    surrender the 'Teardrop' to the demons personally.
    King Justin:
    No! You must not do that! Cecilia... The 'Teardrop' has been handed down
    through generations. It is the 'Key' to unlocking all the secrets of the
    universe, including those of Filgaia. It can only be used by those who carry
    out the will of the Guardians: A shrine maiden! The 'Key', which can change the
    fate of the world, must not fall into the hands of demons. At any cost!!
    Then, we are left with no choice but to witness useless bloodshed, sadness, and
    lives lost... 
    King Justin:
    Please understand, Cecilia. Sometimes a noble must make a difficult choice...
    Whatever happens next, you are not to leave here... Not even one step!
    [In Cecilia's room...]
    Father has asked for forgiveness, but I believe it is wrong to do nothing while
    innocent people are hurt. Ozma... He knows of a secret passage that leads into
    the town. He used to take me through the passage whenever I would cry from the
    boredom of being in the castle. We should hand over the 'Teardrop'. I believe
    that is my duty. Will you help me?
    [Rudy nods. Cecilia looks at him, but Jack raises his hand to get her
    I have a pretty good idea about who's behind this cowardly sneak attack. I will
    accompany you as needed to take down those demons... But I want nothing to do
    with the 'Teardrop'.
    [nods] ...I understand... 
    [Given free control, the trio makes its way to 'Ozma' on the other side of the
    castle. However, along the way, you meet a bit of resistance...]
    Please stay in the room! We cannot afford to make any more careless mistakes!
    Princess? What are you doing here?! Please go back into your room!
    Don't come in here! We are enforcing tight security! Please stay put!
    [To distract the two soldiers in the throne room, Hanpan runs past their feet.]
    What's wrong, George?! A burglar? 
    I just felt something pass by my feet. It could be a monster! 
    [The two soldiers look around in confusion. Hanpan meets up with Jack.]
    Hanpan: Ok. Just as I calculated. Let's go now.
    [Finally, upon reaching the room with Ozma, you speak with the refugees and
    finally to Ozma himself.]
    Thank you for saving me. I wanted to give you something more, but this is
    all I have. [You speak with her again.] Sorry, but this is all I have. I hope
    you understand you have my deepest appreciation, all of you.
    Mayor Howard:
    I had always prepared for the worst possible situation... But this was way
    beyond my imagination... I must take responsibility and initiate a move... 
    But right now, this is all I can give you. ...What a mayor I am. No wonder my
    wife is always yelling at me. [You speak with him again.] You are heading back
    into Adlehyde? As the mayor of the town, what can I do? 
    People of this ravaged land are filled with tears and sorrow. They vow 
    revenge. That's why people are working so hard... Are you all going to town?
    Please, stop this madness now... [You speak with her again.] Take care of
    yourself... I will be praying for you. 
    Fear and despair made me immobile that day. But all of you came to rescue me
    during the massive confusion. That courage made me regain who I am today.
    Because of your help, I have survived. [You speak with her again.] You are
    going to town? If you don't mind me saying so, please don't hurt yourself...
    Because I don't ever want to experience sadness again... 
    My head is spinning, but I survived... That means I still get to read my
    comic books... Big brothers and sister, thank you very much. Please take this
    as my thanks. [You speak with him again.] I will never forget about you
    saving me. 
    It's because of all of you that I am with my son again. This is not much... But
    please accept this as an expression of my deepest appreciation. [You speak
    with him again.] When I came here and saw my son, my heart was filled with
    Ozma (Rudy or Jack): 
    I understand the reason for your presence here. However, I need to hear it
    from the princess herself. ...May I speak with her?
    Ozma (Cecilia):
    Princess... What can I do for you? 
    Ozma, will you do me a favor? I need to know the secret path to the castle
    town. I must go into town and hand over the Teardrop to prevent any more
    ...Princess. Royalty should not act from emotions. A frantic action now may
    jeopardize our entire future. Do you understand the painful consequences of
    what you are about to do? 
    Ozma... I am doing what I believe is right as the Princess of Adlehyde. Is
    that a good enough answer for you? 
    ... ... ... Yes, I see. I will tell you all I know about the secret path. Once
    you proceed up the staircase of the audience chamber in the hall, you will see
    two horse statues. Check their pedestals. One will respond to this Shield
    Badge... Then you will see the old, secret path into town. 
    [You obtain the Shield Badge.]
    ...Thank you, Ozma. I understand this was tough for you to do.
    Don't mention it. I am honored to be of any help... Please don't hesitate to
    ask me anything. 
    [Cecilia, Jack, and Rudy make their way to the said horse statues. The one to
    the right...]
    When we hold up our badges to the relief, sword and shield release
    dim lights...
    [A door appears, and it leads to the water system beneath Adlehyde. After
    traversing the waterways, the trio comes to the city once more. They approach
    the center of the city where Berserk stands. He laughs as he sees them.]
    At long last, my wait is over. Now give me the 'Teardrop'.
    Do you promise to leave the humans alone once I give you the 'Teardrop'? 
    [Berserk laughs.]
    Of course! I have better things to do than slaughter the helpless. 
    [Cecilia walks forward and holds it out in her palms.]
    ...As long as I can save everyone... 
    [Berserk takes the Teardrop; Cecilia lowers her hands.]
    Finally! It always feels great to finish a job. And I will keep my word. I'll
    let you all live...for now at least. 
    [He laughs. Cecilia backs off. A Spartoi runs up to Berserk.]
    We are withdrawing as soon as the gate is open. Don't forget the 'Teardrop'.
    [Berserk turns his head to notice Jack beside Cecilia and Rudy; he has his
    sheath extended in his left hand.]
    I'm not through with you yet! 
    [Jack steps forward valiantly while Berserk turns slowly to face him.]
    What? Who is this? 
    I'm not from this town. 
    So... You are not part of that 'agreement'. 
    You are the legendary invaders, right? Demons?
    [Berserk throws his head back and laughs.]
    Of course we are demons! Why? What difference does it make to you?
    Revenge! I have waited a long time to see this day. 
    [scratches his chin] It pleases me to see such spirit in a human. Very well...
    Come try to take your revenge! 
    [Rudy and Cecilia run up to his left, their weapons drawn.]
    Cecilia: I hope you know what you're doing...
    [A battle starts. Berserk seems to be throwing his ball and chain up and down
    in his right hand, as if it carried no weight.]
    Don't worry. I will go easy on you... I don't want to finish this too quickly.
    Just try to keep up with me. I will teach you how to dance. Ha! Yes, Dance!
    [Rudy hits him with his ARM in battle.]
    I remember this power... I could not forget it, even after 1,000 years! It's
    exciting to know that we have the same strength. Show me what you can do with
    the ARM!!
    [The battle resumes. After the fifth turn...]
    I was hoping to keep myself busy until our departure... But you humans are just
    too weak!! Have you lost all your aggressiveness? Have you lost your will to
    fight? You are just no match for me!!
    [The battle ends. Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia are on their knees, panting from the
    fierce battle.] 
    Bad, humans, you are not even worth my strike. And... It is a shame for me not
    to have any time to play with you humans. Bwahahahahaha! I don't care if it is
    revenge or not, just promise you will at least entertain me a little more next
    time!! I think it is time for me to present you with a gift... See you later.
    [Berserk departs via teleportation. A beam of light shoots down from the
    heavens and blows up the Exhibition.]
    The exhibition venue?! Noooo!! 
    No... Even the Golems!! 
    [Lolithia, Barbados, and Diablo are sucked up by the huge beam. The party is
    exhausted from the events of the day, watching the event wearily. Jack is
    extremely upset. The scene fades and starts up again in the King's bedroom;
    Cecilia is kneeling at King Justin's bedside. Minister of State Johan is
    there as well, and Rudy and Jack are standing in the back of the room.]
    ...I am so sorry, Father... Against your wishes, I have given the 'Teardrop'
    to the demons... 
    King Justin:
    What's done is done... I cannot blame you for it. You did what you thought was
    best... But the problem still lies before us. The demons will misuse the
    'Teardrop'. And we must stop them before... 
    Please, do not more, Father... It will only hurt me more... I will take full
    responsibility, and recover the 'Teardrop'. So please, just rest for now... 
    Minister of State Johan:
    No! Princess, you are not to leave the Castle! Our knights will recover the
    [stands] I have already decided. I will go myself. We need to use the knights
    and the national treasury to rebuild Adlehyde. It would not be efficient to use
    knights to retrieve the 'Teardrop'. That is why I am going... It is my duty
    as a noble. 
    Minister of State Johan:
    Don't worry, Johan... I will not be alone. I have a strong team with me. With
    their help, I'm sure I can return the 'Teardrop' safely. 
    [Cecilia approaches Jack and Rudy.]
    Rudy... Jack... Please lend me your aid. So we can prevent the 'Teardrop' from
    being misused by the demons. This is for all of Filgaia. 
    [Jack and Rudy exchange looks. Hanpan runs over to Rudy's shoulder, and Jack
    approaches Cecilia.]
    You got it, Princess.
    You will help, then?
    [Jack glances back at his blue-haired companion.]
    I'm sure Rudy's with us too. I feel like I should be the one asking for help.
    I'm after the demons just as much as you are. [to Cecilia] But... I don't
    think you should come, Princess. This won't be a walk in the park. 
    [Cecilia holds her hand up to her mouth as if in shock.]
    No?! But...
    I would not have teamed up with you if I knew you were the princess. [angrily]
    I do not trust nobles! I never have... [points his finger at her] And I never
    will!! I grew suspicious from the way people treat you at the castle. And you
    never seemed to want to reveal your true identity... 
    [Jack swipes his hand across his body and puts it back at his side.]
    This may all be fun and games to you, but for me it's deadly serious. Take your
    games somewhere else! 
    Minister of State Johan:
    Enough! Mind your tongue, wanderer!! 
    It's OK, Johan. [to Jack] Jack... I apologize for concealing my identity.
    [closes her eyes] I was afraid of creating any unwanted tension once I
    revealed my true self. Because it's always been that way... [opens eyes]
    However, please know that my willingness to protect Filgaia is sincere.
    What can I do to convince you? 
    [King Justin speaks, drawing Cecilia and Jack's looks to him.]
    King Justin:
    Oh, Cecilia... Our Filgaia... 
    [Cecilia thinks momentarily before turning on her heel and approaching Jack.
    She holds out her hand.]
    ... ... ... Your sword. ... ... ... Please lend me your sword. 
    [scratches his cheek] I don't know what you are playing at, but my sword is
    not a toy. I will not. 
    Hand me your sword right now!!
    [Jack lifts his sword and places it into her hands. She staggers some when
    she grips it, for it is heavier than she thought.]
    It is heavier than it looks... This sword is as heavy as its fate. Give me
    back the sword. It is obviously too heavy for you... You cannot possibly
    carry it. 
    [Cecilia draws the sword from its sheath. Rudy reaches forward in fright; Jack
    seems equally uncertain. Then, from the right side of the screen, we see blonde
    tresses drift to the ground. Hanpan's ears stand on end; Rudy and Jack look
    greatly surprised. We see Cecilia with short hair; she is holding the sword
    in both of her hands.]
    I thank you for all you have done for me with your sword. [closes eyes] ... ...
    ... [opens eyes] Here is a request from Princess Cecilia Raynne Adlehyde to
    you, a true knight... 
    [Rudy lifts his hand up to his head so that Hanpan can stand upon it and
    transfer himself to the boy's shoulder.]
    Lend me your power, in the form of this sword, for Filgaia. 
    [Jack takes his sword from her.]
    Princess... You are truly determined. There is no turning back... 
    [Cecilia nods and turns upon hearing her father's voice.]
    King Justin:
    ...Be strong, Cecilia... And embrace them with love... 
    [A guard rushes forward and, upon examining the king, shakes his head slowly.
    Surprised, Johan and Cecilia step forward. Eventually Johan turns to the
    two males.]
    Minister of State Johan:
    Being 17 years of age, she is no longer a child. She is now an adult. 
    ... ... ... We, the survivors, shall prepare a funeral for all who have died
    in this catastrophe, noble and citizen alike. 
    [The scene darkens. We see the throne room of Adlehyde Castle. Cecilia is
    dressed in black; she looks at Johan and nods. The knights create a triangle
    with their swords and, led by Cecilia and Johan, march the coffin carrying
    King Justin out of the castle.]
    In town, people are crying. Knights carrying other coffins join the procession.
    A girl with a red ball bumps into a lady and drops her ball. It rolls to
    Rudy's feet. He picks it up and hands it to her. The little girl smiles at him
    and then runs off. Rudy then stands, clutching his fist. Cecilia's veil lifts
    in a breeze flowing west, tears coming off.
    Jack is watching the event with his arms crossed. Finally, he walks off. Then
    the procession heads into the tomb. Cecilia kneels by her father's coffin and
    cries upon it. The scene fades with soldiers bringing in more coffins...]
    Part V. -The Mountain Pass, Milama, and the Guardian Shrine-
    One week after the attack... 
    [Jack, Rudy, and Hanpan are standing and conversing in Adlehyde's Conference
    The three of us randomly got together, searching for 'Lolithia's Coffin', and
    now we're chasing after demons... I don't want to sound philosophical, but I
    feel like this is fate... Anyway, Rudy, there doesn't seem to be much in it
    for you. Are you OK with all this? 
    [Rudy nods.]
    Profitable or not... You sure are a strange fella. 
    Anyway, I'm a little concerned about the princess... She's been so busy with
    the national funeral and planning the restoration. It distracts her from her
    pangs of loss... But... ...But maybe I talk too much. Let's go get the
    princess. We have a ton of things to do. 
    [Rudy nods again. You leave the Conference Room.]
    Hey! I was just looking for you!! Minister of State Johan wishes to see you
    right now, before you continue with your journey. The minister is in the
    audience chamber past the entrance to the castle. Please hurry.  
    [First thing's first-let's talk to Johan.]
    Minister of State Johan:
    Welcome, you two. Let us cut to the chase and get right to business. The task
    the princess received from the Guardians is to stop the demons by uniting the
    power of all the Guardians. In order to unite the Guardians' power, the shrine
    maiden must communicate with the Guardian at the temple. Rudy and Jack... I ask
    you as the Minister of Adlehyde. Go see the princess at the shrine in town and
    take her to the Guardian Temple. We are counting on you.
    [You speak with him again.]
    Minister of State Johan (Jack):
    The princess went to the temple in town. In your journey with the princess to
    the Guardian Temple, may the 'Guardian Warrior' within you be released.
    Minister of State Johan (Rudy): 
    The princess has just gone to the temple in town. She wishes to say proper
    goodbyes to His Majesty and Her Highness. Young wanderers, please take good
    care of our princess. 
    [You speak with other NPCs.]
    Glen (Jack):
    I deeply regret my failure to protect His Majesty, especially since I was so
    close by when he was hit... I was supposed to be 'His Majesty's shield'. 
    Glen (Rudy): His Majesty was ushering the ones who failed to make it to the
    exit. And soon enough, we were surrounded by fire and monsters. George and I
    somehow fought our way back to the castle but His Majesty had taken a hit. It
    broke my heart to realize that I had failed to protect His Majesty... 
    George (Jack):
    Once I'm calm, I can figure out how to escort His Majesty to the castle
    safely. Now, why couldn't I have figured it out back at the exhibition? 
    George (Rudy):
    With His Majesty under protection, and now that the princess is leaving... 
    I, as a soldier, do not know who to look up to anymore... 
    Antoine (Jack):
    As a man, you have to keep your word. You have to treat the princess as your
    own and build a strong trusting bond together. Should you ever turn your back
    to her, I will strike you down without a thought. 
    Antoine (Rudy): 
    They have told me that His Majesty would not leave the venue until the last
    citizen was out of there. Why didn't the guards get him out of there, even if
    it was against his will? Sob... If only I was by His Majesty's side... This
    would never have happened.
    Lukardo (Jack): 
    This town is still reasonably peaceful, even after the attack. I am proud to
    be in a country where no one would take advantage of this confusing state of
    Lukardo (Rudy): 
    When you need to rest, look for a soldier named Gaf at the western guardhouse.
    He will be happy to let you all stay there. 
    Martin (Jack):
    While the lodges in town are closed, the west guardhouse is open to travelers
    who wish to rest. It is a good idea to return to the castle and rest once your
    HP is low. But because of the economic downfall, they will charge you 1.0 times
    more than the usual price. 
    Martin (Rudy): 
    Seeing as how you are 5.89 times more praise-worthy than me makes me want to
    better myself. But I don't know what I should change about myself... 
    Gaf (Jack): You will be staying at the guardhouse? [You speak with him.] I
    learn(ed) this from Steven... If you set Guard, the opponent's attack becomes
    less effective. It is a good idea to set your Guard during any battle to keep
    yourselves alive. 
    Gaf (Rudy):
    For the time being, we are using this guardhouse as emergency lodging for all
    travelers! Please also understand that we do have to charge you for lodging
    here. [You speak with him.] This is something Steven told me, 'If you set Guard
    during battle, the opponent's poewr decreases to 3/4 of its original power.'
    This would enable you to defend yourself much easier and much more frequently. 
    Randy (Jack):
    Hey you, the wanderer. Let me give you advice on how you can be more of a man.
    Do one good deed per day. You can start by dropping some money into this
    donation box. Doesn't it feel good to know that, because of your generosity,
    our town will rebuild again? 
    Randy (Rudy): 
    Fortunately, I have survived the attack. The Guardians must have taken pity on
    me and didn't let me die, never having had a girlfriend. 
    Mayor Howard:
    Take a look at this horrible sight. It is unfair and cruel... However, all is
    not lost. I believe we can make Adlehyde a beautiful place once more. As mayor,
    I have begun to collect donations to restore the town. Our goal is to collect
    600,000 gella. It won't be easy, but we can do it. Every mountain is scaled
    the same way: one step at a time. I would appreciate it if you could help us
    with any amount. 
    [Rudy and Jack come upon Cecilia in the cathedral. When she stands up, she
    appears to have changed her outfit.]
    What the?!
    I fixed my hair up a bit... Do you like it? 
    [She twirls around.]
    I also changed into comfortable clothes... Do they look OK? 
    Ah, yes... I think it suits you fine. 
    ...I am fine now. Crying will not change anything nor start anything anew. A
    rainbow always follows a storm... It's true.
    [She turns halfway on her heel and looks at the statue there.]
    My mother used to console me when I cried. She used to tell me, "nothing is
    impossible." Then she would say a prayer for me. She taught me to believe in
    myself and to believe in tomorrow. 
    [She turns back to Rudy and Jack.]
    Cecilia: ...I am going to be strong. Even stronger than strong. ...But I will
    need your help. 
    But I... I see... 
    Princess, we're here to ask you to be part of our team. Your spirit needs to
    take flight. 
    So I'm part of the team?!
    Yes, of course. But we don't have much time left. We need to go now.
    [Cecilia looks quite cheerful. Rudy and Jack leave. Cecilia was beginning to
    follow them, but at the steps, she turns and folds her hands together, closing
    her eyes.]
    Dear mother, dear father... When I come back here, I promise to be much
    stronger. Please say a prayer for our safe journey and a safe return... 
    [They meet up outside the temple.]
    Cecilia: To reach the Guardian Temple, we must cross the mountain path located
    east of Adlehyde. The Field Viewer we received from Father Johan can help us
    get there. Demons must be planning to attack more humans. We must hurry...  
    [The trio heads off to the Mountain Pass. Right away, the first sign reads...
    "Look out for trolls! When you are attacked, do not engage in battle. To let
    them pass, focus on protecting yourself for a while." And you come across
    a sword... ]
    *Jack feels thousands of people's feelings through the rusted sword. 
    [You acquire the Fast Draw skill "Strike Buddy" and continue on your merry
    little way. The sign at the end of the Mountain Pass reads... "Going to the
    Guardian temple? Take a break at the resort city of Milama to relieve your
    fatigue. Remember to check your map after you go through the Mountain Path."
    Traveling far south, you come upon the city of Milama...]
    Xaviera (Jack): 
    Welcome to Milama, the town blessed by the Guardian's Temple. We are known for
    our delicious water. Our wine is also something not to be missed. Please try a
    taste at the nearby bar. 
    Xaviera (Rudy):
    Welcome to Milama, the water town. This ancient temple town is surrounded by
    water and blessed by the Guardian. Enjoy your tranquil stay. 
    Xaviera (Cecilia):
    Welcome to Milama, a town once full of followers from the Guardian's Temple.
    Our town is also known for its nutrient-rich water. It will make your skin
    ultra smooth. Just take a look at all of the elders here in town. They have no
    wrinkles or blemishes on their faces. 
    [You speak with some of the NPCs.]
    Sob...Sob...Sob... My turtle... My turtle is gone... My dad said that my turtle
    went back home, to the Sand River in the northwest. But I don't believe him!
    My turtle misses me as much as I miss it! Please, please... Will you help me
    find my dear turtle? 
    Jack: Ok, leave it to us. We will bring back your turtle as soon as we find
    [You talk to her again.]
    It's a doll that the bar owner's father made for me. But my turtle would never
    go northwest to the Sand River alone. Sob...Sob... 
    Keith (Jack):
    There is a monster called Pordarge, who also lives around the Mountain Path.
    That monster is a flying creature, so the sword and the sorcerer's scepter will
    be pretty worthless in battle, you know? You're pretty tall and all, but I 
    doubt you can jump that high. 
    Keith (Rudy):
    It is a great day, isn't it? What can I do for you? Have you encountered the
    monster known as Pordarge? Since it's a flying monster, you'll need to use
    an ARM to take it down. 
    Keith (Cecilia):
    There is a monster who can steal items right out of your hands. It is known
    as Pordarge. The monster is notoriously infamous among us tool shop owners.
    There have been times when I would have to fight this monster to get my
    merchandise back.
    Rosa (Jack):
    With an abundance of water and food, the town is full of happy people. I feel
    fortunate to be living in this town.
    Rosa (Rudy):
    Our late priest put a lot of effort into spreading and cultivating our town's
    belief in the Guardians... Look at his son though... He has no intention of
    following his father's foosteps. It's such a shame.  
    Rosa (Cecilia):
    I hope the rumor about Adlehyde being attacked by the demons is not true... 
    But we all know the saying 'Where there is smoke, there is fire'. I hope 
    it's not true. 
    Bibby (Jack):
    Where could Sadie have put her doll? Everyone in town is looking for it, but 
    there's no sign of it anywhere. 
    Bibby (Rudy):
    Poor little Sadie lost her turtle. And her father didn't know what to do, so
    he told her it ran away, back to Sand River... I don't think she believes him.
    I hear her crying about her missing turtle all the time. 
    Bibby (Cecilia):
    I don't like to see a little girl cry. So I have been looking every day. I 
    have even searched in the water channel. Where could it be? I'm starting to
    think we are looking too far away when the doll may be right in front of us. 
    Carlton (Jack):
    Tall, handsome people like you with six-pack abs would not understand my
    problems... When will people stop calling me a twig? 
    Carlton (Rudy): 
    While I do not partake in any physical activity, I love to write. It is
    pleasing to see a girl enjoying my poem or novel. 
    Carlton (Cecilia):
    What is wrong with being into books? I think I am much more thoughtful than
    those muscular guys with their nice tans. 
    Matthew (Jack):
    I'm the ARM Meister Extraordinaire! But don't ask me about anything else, heh.
    [You choose to speak with him.] Since my wife left me, I have found that it is
    much tougher to take care of kids than the Arm. My daughter does not understand
    any of my logic but just cries over trivial matters. God, my wife... Why 
    couldn't she have taken our daughter with her? 
    Matthew (Rudy):
    I'm the ARM Meister Extraordinaire! But don't ask me about anything else, heh.
    [You choose to speak with him.] If someone asked you, "Which is more important?
    Me or ARM?", how would you answer? I once said, "Of course, the ARM." ...Though
    if you think about it, if someone has to ask you that, then it is a lost cause
    Matthew (Cecilia):
    I'm the ARM Meister Extraordinaire! But don't ask me about anything else, heh.
    [You choose to speak with him.] It doesn't matter who they are, all females
    are just too much. ARM, on the other hand, always respects me as long as I
    respect it. 
    Shiela (Jack):
    Welcome. I specialize in fire and water magic. [You choose to speak with her.]
    I used to be a waitress at the bar. It took care of my living expenses and
    also taught me about service. This will help if I join the Magic Guild. Ever
    since I left the bar though, the bar owner has been very busy without my
    help... I hope he finds someone to fill my shoes soon. 
    Shiela (Rudy):
    Welcome. I specialize in fire and water magic. [You choose to speak with her.]
    This town is very peaceful... The only thing that's happened lately is the
    little girl who lost her turtle. It is nice to have peace, but sometimes I
    miss excitement. 
    Shiela (Cecilia):
    Welcome. I specialize in fire and water magic. [You choose to speak with her.]
    Hey you. Are you Cecilia? The chow mein eating winner at the Abbey? Wow, I
    have not seen you in years... How are Sister Mary and Master Anje doing? 
    [You go into the pub.]
    Ramsey (Jack):
    A sword is not for random swinging but should penetrate the vital spot of your
    opponent with one swift, accurate swing. If you increase your Reaction, your
    Fast Draw will become much more powerful. 
    Ramsey (Rudy): 
    It takes so long to reload the ARM after you use up the first round of bullets
    in battle... You should spend time increasing the ARM's Easiness so that you
    can drastically cut down on reloading time.
    Ramsey (Cecilia):
    One of the Crest Sorcery spells is called 'Quick', and it increases the
    reaction time of everyone in your group. It is effective if used with
    members who have the Fast Draw technique. How about giving it a shot?
    [You speak with the bar owner.]
    Montague (Jack):
    One thing after the other. I am so busy today... Well, hello. Can I help you?
    [Talk with him.] Boy, am I ever busy... No customers here yet. I'm still
    cleaning up after the lunch rush... 
    Montague (Rudy): One thing after the other. I am so busy today... Well, hello.
    Can I help you? [You speak with him.] Boy, am I ever busy... I have to remember
    to cut up that liver when it's done cooking... 
    Montague (Cecilia):
    One thing after the other. I am so busy today... Well, hello. Can I help you?
    [You choose to talk with him.] Boy, am I ever busy... I'm so busy that my head
    is about to spin. But I don't even have time for that. 
    [Not knowing what else to do, you head over to the Sand River and achieve
    possession of the Radar. You find the stuffed toy in Sadie's house and give
    it to her.]
    Oh, hey! That's my turtle! You found it!! Thank you! The bar owner's father,
    who used to be the priest of the 'Guardian's Temple', made this for me. This
    turtle is filled with the power of the Water Guardian. It's my treasure. I am
    so happy... I'm never lonely as long as I have this, even when my father is
    [The trio goes to speak with the bar owner yet again. You choose to talk with
    The Guardian's temple?! I haven't heard that name in a while... Well, I can
    tell you everything I do know. A long time ago, my father was the priest in
    that temple... He used to tell me all kinds of stories. I guess it's odd since
    I ended up a bar owner. I have to take care of something. Do you mind waiting
    a little bit? 
    Not at all. We'll just order something for while we wait. 
    Good idea. Tell you what, this meal is on the house; it's been a while since
    I've talked about my father or the temple. 
    All right, what's the most expensive dish on the menu? ...Just kidding. What
    should we get? 
    We will have six orders of large chow mein with extra vegetables. Is that ok? 
    [Rudy, Jack, and Hanpan look at her in surprise.]
    [scratching his head] Well, certainly, Miss... But don't you think six orders
    is a little much for your group? ...As long as you finish it... Six orders of
    chow mein coming right up! I think I'll have to charge you next time, though.
    [The scene picks up after they dine. We see several empty dishes stacked on
    top of each other. Hanpan is sitting on the side of the table, his tail waving
    from side to side.]
    The enemy outnumbered us almost 2:1. However, our troops successfully engaged
    in blitz tactics and we attacked the enemy... 
    One by one our men had to stop, but there were still so many of them! If it
    wasn't for one soldier who continued her efforts... Her firepower, speed, and
    war tactics were just too much for our enemies; she finished off the last
    enemies with a vengeance... 
    All of the enemies who fell to her violence met a cruel and merciless end. Her
    ferocity toward the enemies even drew shivers down the spines of her own
    [looks to Cecilia]...How'd you like our real-time war report on the Great
    Chow Mein Uprising? It was a crazy battle!
    [looks to Cecilia as well] Wait, we forgot about the reserve armies, the fresh
    young carrot and broccoli cadets... Poor guys never had a chance...
    [puts her fists on the table] OK, you two. That's enough!! Everyone in Curan
    Abbey eats just as much. I'm sure some of them eat even more than me... Anyhow,
    being a medium and using Crest spells takes a lot out of me, and I get hungry! 
    [Cecilia lowers her head, her eyes closed.]
    And... I love chow mein. It not only tastes great, but it looks so yummy, too!
    I really enjoyed mealtimes at the Abbey. The other girls and I would just chat
    and eat! It was so different at the Abbey... In the castle, everyone just
    regarded me as royalty. Not as a real person. I was 'The Princess', and they
    were my entourage. Dinners were the worst. It was all about the fine china and
    etiquette and being proper and dainty... and it was lonely. The people of
    Adlehyde love 'Cecilia, the princess', but no one knows anything beyond that;
    what kind of food I like, or anything. And now more than ever, I need to be 
    'The Princess' and recover the Teardrop. Sometimes I miss my days at the 
    [Cecilia lowers her head even more. Jack and Rudy exchange looks. Hanpan stands
    up, his ears lowered.]
    ...Well, you know what... 
    Ok, I have some free time now. Are you ready to hear about the temple?
    [approaches] Oh, I'm sorry. Are you guys in the middle of something? 
    Don't worry about it. If you would, we would like to hear about the Guardian's
    Sure thing. First, the Guardian's temple is north of Milama, right by the lake
    that's past the woods. Let me see...what else? OK, you probably don't know this
    part since it's not really part of the legend. My father told me about a prayer
    room which only priests are allowed to enter. He used to tell me about that
    room a lot. Maybe he wanted me to follow in his footsteps... Anyway, here's
    the juicy part. You'll want to listen up... At 3:30, the door to that prayer
    room opens. I'm pretty sure that's what he used to tell me. Is this what you
    guys wanted to know? 
    It's exactly what we were looking for. 
    That's great! I'm glad I can be of some help to you. Why don't you stay here
    tonight? Don't worry, I won't charge you for it. 
    [The scene darkens and ends. Then the group heads off for the Guardian Shrine
    north of Milama. The first plaque you come across reads...]
    The light will expose the true path. Then, the deceiving illusion will
    disappear and the door to the altar will be opened. 
    [At the end of the dungeon, you come upon a strange rod sticking out of the
    ground. You approach it...]
    ... ... ... Schturdark...is telling us something...
    Schturdark's voice:
    Those who wish for Guardians' power... To receive our power... You must
    challenge our test... 
    Now it's test time! It's rather old-fashioned. Oh well... 
    1.Challenge the test.
    [If you choose the second option, 'I need time to prepare', nothing
    interesting happens.]
    Schturdark's voice:
    Earth Guardian Grudiev.
    His body is strong and solid to deflect bullets and magic. Earth Guardian...
    Who will challenge Grudiev's trial? 
    1. Rudy challenges the test
    2. Jack challenges the test
    3. Cecilia challenges the test
    [What the hey--let's just choose Jack.]
    Schturdark's voice:
    Next is (the) Fire Guardian, Moor Gault.
    It waves wings of terrible fire. It's difficult to stop the roaring blaze. Fire
    Guardian... Who will challenge Moor Gault's trial? 
    [Let's just go ahead and choose Rudy here.]
    Schturdark's voice:
    Lastly, Wind Guardian, Fengalon.  
    Running claws are sharp and fast, a strong wind that nobody can catch. 
    [Let's choose Cecilia here.]
    Schturdark's voice: 
    Earth Guardian challenger, Jack.
    Fire Guardian challenger, Rudy.
    Wind Guardian challenger, Cecilia.
    ...After passing this point, there is no way of turning back... Are you ready?
    1.Challenge Guardians' tests.
    [The first test is Rudy's. After touching the endpoint, a guardian's voice
    speaks aloud to him.]
    Small one... You wish for the Guardians' power... A power too great for human
    hands... A dangerous power... Just because you desire the power doesn't mean
    you deserve it... You must first show me that you can handle it... 
    [You engage in battle with Moor Gault, or whichever Guardian you personally
    chose. After the third turn...]
    Moor Gault:
    ...Small one...who wishes for Guardians' power... I accept that you have the
    ability to receive the power of fire in your small body... ...But... To control
    my fire, you must have strength of heart. ...Small one...who wishes for
    Guardians' power... Show your heart... Show your strength by overcoming my
    [Rudy appears in a wide, black dream-like space once the battle ends. Rudy
    looks behind him and sees Tony, who is sitting on the ground and sobbing. He
    runs to the small boy and kneels down beside him.]
    Monsters... Monsters attack everyone... 
    [A demon shadow appears behind Rudy. Rudy immediately stands up and blows it
    away with his ARM. He turns back to Tony.]
    ...You... Your power is different from ours... As if...a monster. I'm scared... 
    [Rudy looks slightly startled by the statement. He looks up to the villager
    Campbell as he suddenly appears behind Tony.]
    This world needs not your existence... There is no place for you in this
    [appears] You are a stranger in this world, who is not accepted by anyone...
    Why do you continue fighting... 
    [appears] Why do you use your power? You think it helps others? The more you
    use your power, the more people run from you... 
    The power of ARM... Power of destruction... is...the power that monsters
    [Bambollo appears lastly, directly behind Tony, holding a shining lantern
    outstretched in his hand.]
    Look at yourself! Your appearance... You're plainly different from us!!
    [Rudy turns and sees the shadow demon, a replica of the one he had just killed,
    on the floor in place of his shadow. Behind him, Tony stands.] 
    This is our world. This is not a place for you... 
    [Rudy dashes off into darkness. We switch to Jack's scenario. After Jack makes
    it to the end of his 'trial', the voice of a Guardian speaks to him.]
    Small one... You wish for the Guardian's power... A power too great for human
    hands...  A dangerous power... Just because you desire the power doesn't mean
    you deserve it... You must first show me that you can handle it... 
    [The Earth Guardian, Grudiev--or whatever Guardian you chose for Jack--engages
    our favorite swordsman. After the third turn...]
    Grudiev's voice:
    ...Small one...that wishes for Guardians' power... Now I accept that you have
    the ability to receive earth power in your small body... ...But... To control
    my earthly power, you must have strength of heart. ...Small one...who wishes
    for Guardians' power... Show your heart... Show your strength by overcoming my
    [After the battle ends, Jack appears in a void. Suddenly, he is attacked by a
    shadow-figure of himself. A sword comes down from nowhere; Jack obtains it and
    cuts his shadow away.]
    This is a great workout! As long as I have this power, I will never have to run
    from anyone. With this magic sword, I will cut away my disgusting past... This
    is the 'Absolute Power'!! Wow! 
    [The sword becomes too hot; he throws it forward into the void. It bursts into
    a big sphere of light. Jack looks around.]
    Who is it!? Stop hiding and show yourself! 
    [The figure of a man appears; we know this to be the figure of his old boss.]
    No... It...can't be... 
    You are a man who ran away... A man without courage... A man who hopes for
    power... A man addicted to power... 
    I never withdrew myself! My heart was never broken in battle!
    [Two more shadowy figures appear-the second-in-command of his old unit and
    his purple-haired friend.] 
    But, you ran away. You deserted your unit...and ran away. Ran from your
    responsibilities...and from your yourself. Didn't you run away?...
    What? What are you saying?
    [Two other men appear.]
    If you are not running away...then, can you say it... ...can you tell us your
    name? Yes...what you are doing is just self-justification. Why don't you see
    the truth? 
    [A woman appears.]
    You still use the sword for destruction. But, you cannot use the sword to
    protect what you hold dear...
    ...I know... I know that... But I'm trying to... I need power for revenge...
    Wait until I get 'Absolute Power'... Please wait... Just wait! ...Wait!! 
    [The shadows disappear.]
    ...Do I have to be left alone again? I... I am... I am...
    [The scene darkens, and we are left with just Cecilia to control. After she
    makes it to the end of her 'trial', a voice speaks with her.]
    Guardian's Voice:
    Small one... You wish for the Guardians' power... A power too great for human
    hands... A dangerous power... Just because you desire the power doesn't mean
    you deserve it... You must first show me that you can handle it... 
    [The wind tiger, Fengalon, or whatever Guardian you chose, engages Cecilia in
    battle. After the third turn...]
    Fengalon's voice:
    ...Small one...who wishes for Guardians' power... I accept that you have the
    ability to receive the power of wind in your small body... ...But... To control
    the power of wind, you must have strength of heart. ...Small one...who wishes
    for Guardians' power... Show your heart... Show your strength by overcoming my
    [After the battle ends, Cecilia appears back in the throne room in Adlehyde
    Castle. She looks around in confusion.]
    It's impossible...?! This castle... Why am I at Adlehyde castle?! 
    A Princess goes on a journey to save the world. We are much obliged. 
    [Cecilia turns to see the source of the voice but sees nothing.]
    But you are the princess of Adlehyde... ...nothing more. You must fulfill your
    [Cecilia turns and then looks up.]
    I know... I understand that! It's my choice... I'm---
    [Cecilia clamps her hands over her ears, closes her eyes, and shakes her head
    over and over again.]
    Nobody in this castle calls your name... You are not wanted.
    [Cecilia crouches, still shaking her head.]
    Huh?! I will not accept such a thing! I do not want to think that!
    [A duplicate of the Cecilia with long hair walks up behind her.]
    Another Cecilia:
    You know that this is truth. You are not loved by anyone. Why are you 
    [Cecilia looks to her in surprise.]
    What?! ...You, you are... me... 
    Another Cecilia:
    You went off on a dangerous journey. Why? For love? To fulfill your duty as a
    princess? Why? The truth is you just wanted someone to worry, someone to
    confirm that you are loved. You left for danger... You cut your hair in front
    of everyone. Everything was selfish... You sing for peace in the middle of a
    broken city in hopes of receiving someone's love... 
    [Cecilia looks away, still crouched with her hands over her ears.]
    Another Cecilia:
    You are a terrible princess...
    My thoughts and my behavior... Are they wrong? Are they not pure? Please!
    Someone tell me...
    [The other Cecilia walks forward, kneels, and puts her arms around Cecilia.]
    Another Cecilia:
    It's impossible. Because nobody loves you. Just accept it.
    [The scene begins to fade.]
    Another Cecilia:
    You must realize that you do not have the ability to love anyone... Don't look
    to me for empathy.
    [The scene fades. Suddenly, Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia all appear in a grand room,
    their heads bent from despair.]
    Schturdark's shaman and her warriors, why are your hearts so weak?
    [Cecilia stands.]
    The test the Guardians assigned us... Did we not pass? 
    Decay of the world means decay in people's hearts... It makes us wonder... Is
    it wise for us to place our power and the world's fate under your charge... 
    [Jack slowly climbs to his feet. He looks around a while. At last, Rudy climbs
    to his feet too and looks around curiously.]
    They say such selfish things. I showed my power to the Guardians! Why are they
    not satisfied with it?! 
    But we are the powerless existence. We lost most our power to hold this
    world... The heart is too weak... 
    [Cecilia puts her hand over her heart.]
    The Guardians' voice, it reaches my heart. But this... This is not only their
    voice... Their heart...? The Guardians' heart is felt in my heart, along with
    their voice... Their heart...anger, sorrow...disappointment and resignation...
    These are what fill my heart...
    I'm sick of listening to this nonsense! Accept the strength of my sword, or I
    will make you accept it!!
    [A light appears in the center of the room above them; the three of them turn
    to face it.]
    White Light:
    Your false bravado... Your roaring anger... They are the evidence of your weak
    Bright Yellow Light:
    [appears] Your hearts are so weak... With such weak hearts, you cannot confront
    the threat now. 
    Light Yellow Light:
    [appears] But we do not have power or a way to confront the threat, either.
    Filgaia must accept its fate... 
    Wait a minute! You can't judge the strength of our hearts! 
    It was enough to see that humans do not have power to fight with monsters...
    Without fighting power, how can you hope to save Filgaia... How can you take
    the Teardrop back? 
    [amazed] Teardrop...!? How do you know... 
    You do not need to tell us. We, Guardians, know... We can feel it... The
    brilliance of the Teardrop is, in a sense, the heart of this star. So, it
    connects the life and the star... [pause] The Teardrop is the very essence,
    the life of this star... Now life on Filgaia is doomed... 
    You mean... The monsters will use Teardrop to put an end to life on this
    That is correct... They intend to revive a great demon, named Mother, by using
    the life the Teardrop releases. It will mark the beginning of monsters and
    signal the end of this world. 
    ...Mother... It's the name of their boss...!
    Shaman! ...Even though your heart is weak... ...We must ask... Do you wish for
    Guardians' power?!
    [puts her hand to her heart] I am a human with a weak heart. I know this... I
    always have. And, for this reason... I wish to grow strong! Guardians' power
    that rules this world... I... I wish for the power!
    [balls his fists up] You made a fool us...
    You... wish for power because of your weak heart... Let's not waste any time
    since Mother's resurrection is approaching fast. Shaman, we will place our
    power with you. Before Mother awakes... Before monsters unify their power and
    heart into one... We will transfer out to the monsters' castle with our
    remaining power... 
    How is that possible...? 
    We can, because we are Guardians. Follow the brilliant Teardrop and fly to the
    land covered with snow and terror.
    [The screen darkens.]
    When you get your sight back, you will be in the monsters' castle. Shaman, you
    must transform our power... Incarnate the heart to power... We Guardians will
    become your power to destroy the steel menace with our last remaining 
    ability... Taking the Teardrop back from the demons' hands is the only hope of
    saving this world's future... 
    [There is a flash of light and a crashing noise. The three open their eyes.]
    This is... the Guardian Temple? We didn't reach the monsters' castle? 
    But, why?! 
    This impact, this pain... We shall never forget... The stroke of Zeikfried's 
    dark spear... With our remaining power, it's not possible to transfer you to
    the monsters' castle... 
    Is there any way... Can't we do anything about it?! 
    When hope collapsed, the future did. Our power collapsed and now it's a miracle
    to destroy monsters... 
    [A light covers the screen.]
    ...Indeed, a miracle... If it's so, we should place our last hope in these
    humans. Shaman, and warriors... We, four Guardians, will try once more by
    unifying our remaining power. The destination is a sealed land, an island where
    Mother is held... It is a wicked place where the demons will resurrect 
    Mother... A dire fate awaits if not stopped. ... ... ... The Teardrop is the
    brilliance of life... It is a desecration to use it for Mother's 
    [The scene fades and continues in the Photosphere. In the middle of a tube is 
    a large tube with a cocoon in its middle. A form in large blue armor walks up,
    turns, and allows his "spear" to fade into mid-air.]
    Guardians! Damn them! They not only spy on us, but transfer humans to our 
    [A woman walks up and crosses her arms.]
    Lady Harken:
    Their transfer... You pierced their power with your terrible dark spear. Even 
    though, the humans and Guardians finally came in contact... What are you going
    to do?
    Those who forgot how to fight can only lead themselves to their destruction.
    What do you think of Filgaia? It's a world of decay and waste... A land of
    weaklings who dare not fight! [clutches his fist] Humans, Elw...and 
    Guardians... Are there any who could stand up to us? Who would dare to confront
    [Zeikfried strikes his hand through the air.]
    No! The answer is definitely no! Humans cannot do anything! The Gaurdians do
    nut frighten us either!!
    [A demon in white robes materializes off to Zeikfried's left.]
    You are absolutely right. However, there is another worrisome resistance power,
    the Elw. Their existence is being researched... They might have been destroyed
    in the past 1000 years. We could not confirm their existence. Though, there is
    some evidence, mostly broken junk buried under soil... It won't help the
    humans. Ha ha ha ha ha... 
    [A large, muscular demon of whom we already know enters.]
    Once I stand at the front-line of this war, there is no chance of winning for
    them! It's funny to see the weak running. Their screams make me laugh!!
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! [holds out his left hand] But, I long for a worthy opponent.
    The attack of Adlehyde... That was too easy. 
    Lady Harken:
    A truly strong fighter could have taken the Teardrop without all that needless,
    wanton destruction...
    [Berserk puts his hands on his hips.]
    What?! What are you saying?! How dare you say such a thing to me!! [points at
    her] This is a battlefield! What the strong does is justice! You should be
    punished for your mouth...
    Stop it, Berserk! You too, Harken!
    [Zeikfried turns, cape twirling with him.]
    Let us have proper silence while we await Mother's awakening. Yes, the calm
    before the storm... ... ... ... Here those gathered are four knights... The
    dream we have is one. To have Mother awaken as our glorious leader once again!
    The Guardians' disgusting seals... There are three of them!! Who will release
    the first seal?!
    [Berserk hits his right fist into the palm of his left hand excitedly.]
    The honor will be mine! I will step up... I shall have the utmost honor in
    breaking the first seal! I will make those humans who contacted the Guardians
    my target! Don't meddle with this, anyone!!
    [Berserk turns and lumbers off.]
    Well... My amusement will be stolen by him. The mighty Berserk is in high
    spirits. I can't be off my guard... Ha, ha, ha, ha... 
    [Alhazad vanishes much the same way he appeared.]
    Lady Harken:
    What I want is not honor nor cheap satisfaction... It's something I do not have
    to battle for, life and death.
    [She jumps into the air and vanishes.]
    When Mother awakens, all who live in Filgaia will sleep and never rise. When
    the time comes, we Knights will stand as rulers of this world. We shall be
    [The scene darkens and resumes with Jack, Rudy, and Cecilia, all of whom are
    lying face-first on barren, desert ground. Rudy is the first to get up; he runs
    over to Cecilia to see if she's all right. Hanpan and Jack are the next to
    rise. Hanpan climbs onto Jack's shoulder while the swordsman rises and feels
    his head.]
    Ouch... Where am I?
    [Rudy is helping Cecilia to sit up.]
    A sealed place... The Guardians told us they would try to transport us there...
    And at the sealed place, we must stop Mother's revival; or so they said...
    [Rudy and Cecilia get to their feet.]
    It's OK to fight against Evil... But! Being bossed around by the Guardians on
    how to protect the world... I don't like that.
    [Cecilia notices three mediums in her hands. She obtains 'Terra Roar', 
    'Fiery Rage', and 'Gale Claw'.]
    This...medium... ... ... ... ...Thank you, Grudiev...and Moor Gault...and
    Fengalon... Thank you for giving me your powers...
    [She clutches them close to her chest.]
    Voice from the medium:
    Head to the northwest. There is a hidden town. It is called Baskar Village. The
    Baskars are world protectors... Listen to their advice and stop the demon 
    Mother's revival...
    Part VI. -Baskar Village and Mount Zenom-
    [Cecilia, Jack, and Rudy make their way to Baskar Village and speak with some
    of the NPCs.]
    Hannah (Jack):
    Please honor Mount Zenom for the monument at its peak. The monument supposedly
    sealed evil spirits from the Great Demon War of 1,000 years ago. 
    Hannah (Rudy):
    During the sunrise, the sight of the sun hitting Mount Zenom is nothing short
    of spectacular. If you happen to stay here overnight, please do yourself a
    favor and wake up early to catch the view of the mountain.
    Hannah (Cecilia):
    I never realized there could be a female wanderer who was the same age as me!
    Although I am not qualified, I yearn for that kind of lifestyle. 
    Arcroid (Jack):
    Welcome. Please feel free to examine anything that might interest you. [You
    choose to speak with him.] I left my home when I was young to explore the 
    world, and find myself. Ever since then, I have traveled around, experiencing
    many different things and learning a lot about the world and myself. 
    Arcroid (Rudy):
    Welcome. Please feel free to examine anything that might interest you. [You 
    choose to speak with him.] I love the countryside. A calm and laid-back place
    like this gives me time to reflect on my life. 
    Arcroid (Cecilia):
    Welcome. Please feel free to examine anything that might interest you. [You
    choose to speak with him.] If you look hard enough, you will notice there are
    lots of different shapes and sizes of clouds. Each shape takes its own
    course... I wish people could do the same.
    Alvarez (Jack):
    The flow of the river symbolizes life. The river flows here and there until it
    eventually reaches its end. That is indeed our life. Life takes us here and
    there until we eventually reach the end. 
    Alvarez (Rudy):
    We live and die on Filgaia. We are the children of our mother planet. 
    Alvarez (Cecilia):
    The Old Moon shines down upon us with its gentle light, as if it were a goddess
    protecting us. The New Moon, on the other hand, shines with a lifeless light.
    I can't help but feel a sense of doom every morning that I wake up before dawn
    to that sinister light piercing through my window.
    Paulina (Jack):
    What brings you here today? What would you like to do? [You choose to speak
    with her.] Quickly pressing O twice after you see the sign '!' allows you to
    engage in a battle right away. This signifies that you are prepared for the
    battle. And it increases your chances of a preemptive strike. 
    Paulina (Rudy):
    What brings you here today? What would you like to do? [You choose to speak
    with her.] The '!' symbol is a warning that there are monsters in your
    vicinity. If you wish to avoid battle, quickly press O, otherwise you will
    engage in battle. 
    Paulina (Cecilia):
    What brings you here today? What would you like to do? [You choose to speak
    with her.] Monsters are known to come around when your ENC gauge is down, or
    when you are not prepared for battle. You can prevent that hassle by having an
    'Escape' spell which allows you to forfeit the battle. But remember, the
    success rate of the 'Escape' spell will depend heavily on your FP and your
    Over there is the 'Altar of Wind'. Legend has it that the Zephyr's chosen one
    shall stand on the altar and awaken the Western Wind of Hope. 
    Camina (Jack): 
    You are the hope bringer! Welcome to Baskar Village. Have you met our Chief
    yet? We have been expecting your arrival... 
    Camina (Rudy):
    Our Chief can see the future in his dreams. But, that does not mean he can
    foresee everything about the future. There is no absolute future since a
    strong will can change one's fate. 
    Camina (Cecilia):
    There is a monument to the Guardian on top of Mount Zenom. But I advise you
    not to approach it. The monument is known to be protected by an ancient
    security system... 
    Fernando (Jack):
    You will find orange gems in the ruins that are the Guardians' blessed
    lights... Acquiring one orange gem will recover 10% of your VIT... 1% VIT 
    allows you to recover 1% of your maximum HP once you finish a battle... 
    Fernando (Rudy):
    There are fragmented gems that hold the power of the elements, like: Earth,
    Wind, Fire, and Water... You will find these amid the ruins; bits of the
    powers of the Guardians that leaked from the Layline, and crystallized...
    Fernando (Cecilia):
    A gem is a remnant of a past life... When a monster is slain by using the
    Guardians' power, a gem appears which contains a remnant of the monster. It's
    a fragment imbued with the life of a monster and the power of a Guardian.
    Garmin (Jack):
    The 'Tracker', a magical article, lies somewhere in Mount Zenom. This item is
    helpful for wanderers who are investigating the ruins. Mount Zenom is a
    treacherous mountain. But if time permits, I recommend that you search for the
    Garmin (Rudy):
    Generation after generation has believed in the revival of the Guardian in
    this frontier. Our Chief dreamt of the Western Wind. I sense a change is on
    the horizon... Don't you feel the anticipation building up in this village?
    Garmin (Cecilia):
    Wounded Guardians lost their power after the Great War against the demons.
    This is a well-known legend that I do not completely agree with. I believe
    the Guardians lost their power because the belief people held for their
    Guardians had greatly diminished. 
    [You enter the house of the Baskar chief.]
    Wanderers from a strange land, if you need to rest your wings from a long
    journey, feel free to stay with us. Allow me to guide you to the sleeping area.
    May your restful night be blessed by the Guardian. 
    [You speak with the chief.]
    I am the Chief of this village. I have been around so long that I have
    forgotten my name. Call me whatever you like. Rudy, Jack... and 
    Shrine Maiden, Cecilia... 
    How do you know all of our names? 
    How would I not? I had a dream about you visiting us here in Baskar Village.
    I've also dreamt about the Guardians and the demons. Of course, it was nothing
    more than a dream, but I believe a dream is what one makes of it. This dream 
    was just too vivid to ignore. Guardians' warriors, you must listen carefully.
    Deep in Mount Zenom lies a keystone. The "Mother" who the monsters seek is
    sealed within. Destroying the seals that contain her would be their priority,
    should the demons wish to waken the "Mother". Shrine Maiden and her warriors...
    Mount Zenom is located to the northeast of our village... ... ... ... I firmly
    believe that you are the ones who can summon the Zephyr and grant us the
    Western Wind of Hope. Visit the keeper of the "Altar of Wind". He will be a
    great help to you. 
    [And so, the trio visits the Altar of Wind. They speak with Tajini first.]
    You could be the Zephyr's chosen one. Will you stand on the altar and ask for
    the Western Wind?
    [You climb upon the altar.]
    Everyone steps onto the altar and looks up to the sky. A sandy wind blows.
    ...Nothing happens. 
    I am afraid Zephyr, the Western Wind of Hope, is not ready to respond to your
    call. Perhaps the power lost by the Guardians is making this process more
    difficult... Understand that there are many abandoned Guardian temples 
    throughout Filgaia. There are ruins that honor Time, also known as the
    'Perpetual Engine', located northeast of our village. Please, warriors and
    Shrine Maiden. I ask you to gather up all of the Guardians' power. Only then
    will the Zephyr respond to your call and render the Wind of Hope. 
    [Without much else to do, Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia head for Mount Zenom in the
    north. Inside, you come upon a sign that reads...]
    Throw fire over the path of darkness.
    [Somewhere up the mountain, you encounter a frozen rock. Cecilia aims her fire
    staff at it and, as it becomes unfrozen, it begins to roll down at her. Rudy
    leaps and pushes her out of the way. After the rock passes, we see them
    facedown in the snow; Rudy and Cecilia both stand. Cecilia turns away
    I'm sorry... All of you have encountered danger by my carelessness... 
    All right, the comedy is over now... It's over... 
    [to Rudy] ...You... You saved me...? Why did you put yourself into danger? 
    Listen, Princess, he'd do it no matter who you were. He is different than you
    and me... He lives for the chance to help others. 
    I bet it was his upbringing that made him the way he is. Jack should follow
    his example. 
    You are never at a loss for words, mouse. You want some rat poison in your
    next meal? 
    ...Thank you, Rudy... When you are in trouble, I will try my best to help you. 
    [The trio resumes its way up the mountain. At the top, they enter a room, but
    Berserk is already there. He is in front of a green light.]
    A monster!
    [Berserk laughs.]
    I am Berserk. You do not know my power... I will break you for Mother's seal!
    Like this... 
    [He draws his hand across the seal and, like he says, breaks it.]
    The seal?!
    Yes! You went on a wasted errand!! [he laughs] Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! I heard that
    there were humans who were in contact with the Guardians... It's a surprise
    that it was you. Humans led by Guardians... What a joke you all are!! Well,
    satisfy my lust for battle! Until I feel satisfied, I will torment all of you!!
    [A battle starts. When the rounds finish...]
    Muscle and spirit?! In the past 1000 years, they were given to humans?! Why
    don't you polish them? Why don't you get serious and sharpen your body and
    mind...in other words, become a honed weapon!! 
    [The battle ends. We then see Jack, Cecilia, and Rudy on their knees, as if
    the battle had been fierce and exhausting.]
    This is not good! Do we have a strategy!?
    Even...even if we have to, I will not show my back to him! Not to...not to
    these monsters!! 
    It's a pity to hear you brag without any real ability. I will put you out of
    your misery. Die! 
    [Lights are exuded from the seal behind him. Berserk turns his head in
    ...This is a...trap? 
    [Berserk is completely encased in a cylinder of light; he seems to be writhing
    in pain.]
    What's happening!?
    It's the security system! It must operate when a seal is released without
    following proper order! 
    Wha...what is it doing!? ...It's a teleporter!? I refuse to be teleported!!!
    Get down!
    [The three wanderers cover their heads. In a bright flash, Berserk is gone. The
    three of them stand.]
    ...Did we...survive? 
    That monster... Berserk... It was a stroke of luck for us that he thoughtlessly
    broke the seal... 
    We lost the battle for this seal... To win the war, we need power. Power so we
    can fight equally. We need 'Absolute Power'... 
    ...Let's follow him... We might have lost the battle, but this isn't a complete
    [After leaving Mount Zenom, we see a scene back at the Photosphere with the
    large cocoon in its tank. The cocoon-like object is actually Mother.]
    It's dark... ...too dark to see anything... I cannot hear anything... My
    precious Zeik... My loving children, where are you? Let me hear your voices.
    [A green-haired demon comes strolling into the room and crosses his arms across
    his chest.]
    Seeing that the supervisors are busy, I really wonder how tough it would be. It
    should be easier than I imagined. [he waves his hand and then rests it against
    his mouth] It's annoying to see only the 'Quarter Knights' being important. 
    [He nods many times to himself, closing his eyes and resting his hands against
    his hips.]
    This is MY time... Time to have a little happiness. They can underestimate me
    all they want, until it's too late. 
    [He balls his hands into fists and holds them chest-high, opening his eyes and
    grinning cheerfully.]
    I will become an admired fiend by leading Mother's resurrection. I must
    remember to practice my autograph, it'll be essential for an idol! 
    [Zed points forward and then gestures at himself, smiling proudly.]
    The time is now... Fortune is smiling on me!
    [He throws his head back and laughs a bit; the scene fades. Meanwhile, we join
    our heroes, who head back to Baskar Village and speak with the village chief.]
    I could sense the keystone seal being broken by the demons. 
    ...I'm so sorry... We were not strong enough... 
    Do not despair yet. Though the demons are ahead of us, their mission is not
    nearly finished. The heart of the 'Mother' will stay dormant as long as at
    least one of the three seals remains intact... There are still two more seals.
    As long as there is a seal still intact, we have the advantage against the
    demons. Protect the seal at Saint Centaur. 
    Saint Centaur... Where is that? How can we get there? 
    Use the Elw's Shrine, which is in the woods to the southwest... There is a
    strong bond between the Elw and the Guardians. That is why the seals are near
    Elw Shrines. The power of the Shrines allows any living being to be transported
    to far away places instantly. 
    [scratches his head] Wow... That's trippy. 
    Use the transfer device within the Shrine and head to even farther places. Go
    to Saint Centaur and protect the seal, Shrine Maiden and her warriors! 
    [Time to speak with the NPCs again!]
    Alvarez (Jack):
    Filgaia flourished to its highest during the Great Demon War 1,000 years ago.
    It was a time when weapons were created by humans and Elw to fight against the
    Alvarez (Rudy):
    Before they were banished from Filgaia, the Elw left us with many artifacts,
    including the 'Elw's Shrine'. Their skills in alchemy are still beyond any
    human's intelligence... We are only left with their artifacts. 
    Alvarez (Cecilia):
    The Elw were known for their long, pointy ears and longevity of life... 
    Coexisting with nature became difficult for the Elw as the land became 
    desolate... The Elw eventually left Filgaia. To this day, no one knows where
    they are. 
    Garmin (Jack):
    We may not notice it now, but things are heading toward an end. This is why we
    need to embrace the continuity of our unchanging daily life. 
    Garmin (Rudy):
    I heard all the details about Mount Zenom from the Chief. It is an unfortunate
    incident, but we need to learn from it and not let it bring us down. It is
    important to not give up. 
    Garmin (Cecilia):
    Zehpyr means 'Western Wind' in the ancient tongue of Filgaia, a language that
    has been long forgotten. 'Grudiev', 'Moor Gault', 'Fengalon', and 
    'Schturdark'... All of the Guardians' names come from words for nature, such
    as earth, fire, wind, and water.
    Paulina (Jack):
    What brings you here today? What would you like to do? [You speak with her.]
    The people of this village still hold beliefs that have long disappeared
    elsewhere. Like 'honest poverty' and 'appreciation for small courtesies'. 
    Paulina (Rudy): 
    What brings you here today? What would you like to do? [You speak with her.]
    I discipline myself to respect and learn the ways and rules of the Baskars. I
    do this because I believe I need to be more than just a guest here, don't you
    Paulina (Cecilia):
    What brings you here today? What would you like to do? [You speak with her.]
    I appreciate some of the Baskars' beliefs that do not exist in the Abbey's
    teachings. For example, the teaching of universal connection is very
    Hannah (Jack):
    What does it feel like to be a wanderer and travel all over the world? I have
    to stay here to tend to my vegetable crops, so sometimes I envy people like
    Hannah (Rudy): 
    This may not sound glamorous, but I have a great green thumb. Well, as long as
    you have sunshine and water, anyone can grow delicious vegetables. I suppose I
    need to acquire a more useful skill for the village. 
    Hannah (Cecilia):
    Nuns from the Curan Abbey sure know how to dress... I always check them out
    whenever they are around. One time, they caught me staring at them. 
    ...It was embarrassing. 
    Arcroid (Jack):
    Welcome. Please feel free to examine anything that might interest you. 
    [You choose to speak with him.] I heard you have climbed Mount Zenom. I am 
    envious. I would love to claim that I have been to the top of that mountain. 
    Arcroid (Rudy): 
    Welcome. Please feel free to examine anything that might interest you. 
    [You choose to speak with him.] I heard you went to Mount Zenom. It is quite
    an accomplishment just to climb up that steep mountain. Good for you. That must
    have boosted your confidence. 
    Arcroid (Cecilia):
    Welcome. Please feel free to examine anything that might interest you.
    [You choose to speak with him.] I heard the Chief had a dream about Filgaia 
    being in danger. I am not sure what kind of danger it is, but be prepared. And
    take a good look at my items. 
    Fernando (Jack):
    The hearts of the people in Filgaia are full of despair for the future...
    This is one of the reasons why the Guardians' power has diminished. The
    Guardians' power is fueled by the will of the people...
    Fernando (Rudy):
    The sealed gate on Mount Zenom has been broken, but the sinister soul is still
    dormant. It must mean that not all the sealed gates are broken... We still have
    a chance. 
    Fernando (Cecilia): 
    The people's will was strong enough to unite the Guardian Lords during the
    Great Demon War... But now we can barely even sense the presence of the
    Guardians... How will Filgaia survive the next attack from the demons? 
    Camina (Jack):
    We do not eat any meat at all. We were born unequipped with weapons for killing
    animals. Why go against nature? 
    Camina (Rudy):
    People cannot make progress by fearing failure. What we need now is a quick and
    clear judgment on what needs to be done.
    Camina (Cecilia):
    We, the Baskars, believe in coexisting with nature... We will patiently await
    for the Wind of Hope to come. 
    Shrine Maiden and warriors... Travel well, gathering the Guardians' power. The
    Wind shall answer only if you can summon the Zephyr. 
    [You head off to the Elw's Shrine.]
    Part VII. -Saint Centaur, the Caging Tower, and the Abduction-
    [Upon reaching Saint Centaur, the trio attempts to walk through the main gate
    until, suddenly, all three are thrown back. They sit up, Jack and Rudy rubbing
    their heads.]
    What's going on here?!
    [A man in a teal coat runs up, scrutinizing them suspiciously.]
    The alarm's been sounded! Hrm... The City of Saint Centaur is surrounded by a
    magical wall of stone. That way no monster can sneak inside the city. You look
    like a human, but are you really a monster...?
    [rubbing his little head] Does it look like I'm a human? 
    [Jack picks Hanpan up by the scruff of the neck and holds him in front of
    I am a human. Look at my long legs, see? Do short legs bother you? 
    The magical stone of Saint Centaur distinguishes monster, spirits, and wizards.
    It keeps them from coming into the city. Is that your pet?
    [flails his arms wildly] I have never been so insulted in all my life!! 
    He's my partner, not a pet. He may be short, but he is a good 'man'... If I'm
    partnered with a 'spirit', I can't get inside the city? 
    Well, just don't let him scurry around. It's best to keep him on a short leash.
    A spirit will make the wall react, but if he's held by a human he might get by.
    Although, if he is indeed a horrid monster he will be stopped by the stone. 
    [Larry walks off; Jack puts Hanpan on the ground.]
    You hear that, Hanpan? Good thing you are not a horrid monster. 
    It's not that I'm not ferocious like a monster! It's just that I'm artful and
    intelligent too! 
    [We speak with all the NPCs in the town of Saint Centaur.]
    Larry (Jack):
    Sorry about all that... Strange stuff has been occurring in town lately, so I'm
    a bit on edge. 
    Larry (Rudy):
    The name 'Saint Centaur' stands for 'Holy Beast'. The 'Holy Beast' is the
    Guardian, Ione Paua, which protects the town. 
    Larry (Cecilia):
    The Guardian that protects this town is the Holy Guardian, Ione Paua.
    Therefore, anything demon-related is expelled by the Guardian's power.
    Normally, this frees the people from fearing monsters. But lately, something
    strange has been happening and it's terrifying people. 
    McKeon (Jack): 
    If some of you friends fall in battle, you'll be in trouble. Those who lose all
    their hit points become handicapped and their maximum HP is decreased by 20%.
    This decreases the battle power of the entire party, and in the end, can create
    a circumstance where you die in ruins. If any of your friends fall during
    battle, you should quickly recover their HP for the sake of you and the rest of
    the party. 
    McKeon (Rudy):
    Even if you become unable to fight, your friends can stand to the last, so it
    does not mean the end. But when, at the end of the battle, you are still down
    and out, you won't gain any experience. Keep that in mind!
    McKeon (Cecilia):
    In battle, you can be out before you know, and when you come to, it's all over.
    Happens all the time, right? At times like that, you need Nectar. With Nectar,
    your HP is recovered to maximum and your VIT gauge is filled. But this Nectar
    is rare and hard to find... It is important for you to conquer enemies one by
    one, carefully and aggressively, so that you won't have to waste Nectar. 
    Howell (Jack):
    Welcome. We've got a nice room with a view of the town's famous statue.
    [You choose to speak with him.] I heard those who got spirited away say that
    they never felt scared or got hurt. I think it's even scarier that way. But I
    don't think they care to hear from someone who hasn't been taken. 
    Howell (Rudy):
    Welcome. We've got a nice room with a view of the town's famous statue.
    [You choose to speak with him.] I have been working inside the bar the entire
    time, so I haven't had a chance to be spirited away. According to what my
    customers say, no one seems to get hurt. Old folks say it's like being
    bewitched... Maybe it's true? 
    Howell (Cecilia):
    Welcome. We've got a nice room with a view of the town's famous statue.
    [You choose to speak with him.] Fewer folks have been taken, lately. Those
    who have yet to be spirited away are feeling bitter about it... In my opinion,
    we don't need any more strange abductions. 
    [You try to walk out the back door.]
    Hey, hey! That's our backyard over there. Off limits to customers. 
    [You resume talking to NPCs.]
    Nei (Jack):
    Welcome to the Magic Guild. What can I do for you today? [You choose to speak
    with her.] They say a person given anesthesia typically speaks in a delirium,
    and might say something brilliant, right? ...I wonder if I said something
    profound while I was spirited away?
    Nei (Rudy):
    Welcome to the Magic Guild. What can I do for you today? [You choose to speak
    with her.] I wanted to get spirited away. If you just keep worrying about it,
    it'll drive you mad. So I decided to walk around as a decoy, get taken, and
    find out what's going on. But...I didn't figure out anything. I learned that
    I was gone for three days, but I have no memory of it. 
    Nei (Cecilia):
    Welcome to the Magic Guild. What can I do for you today? [You choose to speak
    with her.] Those who got spirited away don't have any memory of being gone. I
    was no exception... I usually overcome any situation with my spirit...that's
    my motto. But I feel like I have lost my confidence... 
    Paul (Jack):
    Hey brother, what can I help you with? [You choose to speak with him.] Hey big
    brother, did you know that Calamity Jane showed up in Saint Centaur?! It was
    while I was spirited away. If I only could have only seen her... 
    Paul (Rudy):
    Hey brother, what can I help you with? [You choose to speak with him.] Hey big
    brother, do you know Calamity Jane, the female wanderer with awesome skills?
    I heard that she finally showed up in Saint Centaur, but I was spirited away
    while she was here! Man, I just missed her, it was like a flash!
    Paul (Cecilia):
    Hey brother, what can I help you with? [You choose to speak with him.] I got
    spirited away while I was on my way to make some deliveries... When I returned,
    what a surprise! They said that Calamity Jane had been in town.
    What bad timing! I wanted her to ask me for a deal on something, just once,
    man! Just one time!!
    Douglas: I assure you my work will pose zero risk to the ARM! [You do whatever
    you need to do with the ARM.] Be careful on your way. 
    Derek (Jack):
    Alan Smithy says... 'In order to become strong efficiently, you must think of
    the BONUS RATE.' But remember this... BONUS RATE only applies to the members
    positioned FORWARD. ...I am always put in the back row, so the front row will
    become stronger. 
    Derek (Rudy): Alan Smithy says... 'The reason the battle experience varies is
    due to the BONUS RATE. Therefore, if you wish to increase the amount, you need
    to figure out tactics to raise your RATE.' BONUS RATE is raised when you
    destroy monsters, but there are various other ways to raise your RATE, as well.
    It is important to find your own approach. Good stuff, huh? I've been working
    hard on my own approach since I heard that...
    Derek (Cecilia): 
    Alan Smithy says... 'Those who are thrifty and save gems or Gimel Coins are the
    foolish ones. Because no gems or Gimel coins can be used in heaven.' Does
    someone who is reluctant to use items think that when all the items are gone
    they are no longer able to wander?
    Eva (Jack):
    The person in charge of investigating the abductions is Kaiser, the leader of
    the vigilante group. He's hard at work writing up reports about the incidents
    and is investigating how to stop them. But his investigation is at a dead end.
    You guys are wanderers, right? Why don't you see if you can help him?
    Eva (Rudy):
    Welcome to Saint Centaur. In this town, being spirited away is popular right
    now. The vigilante group leader at the station is writing his daily report
    about it, as it may be caused by demonic power. 
    Eva (Cecilia): The vigilante group leader, Kaiser, is a hard-working man. He
    writes details about the incidents and is trying to find clues to solve it.
    Seeing a man who is completely engulfed in his work charms me. So I bring him
    food sometimes. 
    Barbara (Jack):
    I'm an old maid, so it's quite natural for me not to remember where I left my
    glasses. They say it's from being spirited away, but it's just not right for
    young people to be forgetting things. 
    Barbara (Rudy):
    I may look old now, but when I was young I was once 'Miss Ione Paua'. I
    could've been spirited away in those days while I was playing around late at
    night. But these days I stay inside and knit, like an old woman is supposed to.
    I am safe. No spirits will take me away. 
    Barbara (Cecilia):
    A young girl like you shouldn't come visit this town at a time like this. I am
    an old woman, so I won't feel terrified, even if I'm unconscious for three
    Stewart (Jack):
    Do not be concerned with all the uniformed men patrolling the streets. Lately,
    these brief abductions are happening much more frequently. We have just
    tightened security. 
    Stewart (Rudy):
    Since the incidents are happening one after another, we asked for volunteers
    to increase our group's numbers. But some of the members of the group have
    also been spirited away... So the group is not functioning efficiently. 
    Stewart (Cecilia):
    You can only be spirited away once, so I don't have to worry about it. That
    is, I don't have to worry about me being spirited away again. I don't pretend
    to understand it all. I just know I was taken a week ago, while I was
    patrolling town. I think I can relax about it now, I hope. 
    Nicole (Jack):
    Did you know I was spirited away a few days ago? You wanna know how I found
    out? It's really funny... I take the garbage out on Monday, and Wednesday,
    I'm putting the lid on the can. Ha, ha, ha, too funny, huh? I brag to all my
    friends about it. 
    Nicole (Rudy):
    Hey, listen. I got spirited away a few days ago. How did I know? It's quite
    funny... I was on my way to a special sale of dishware on Monday. Next thing
    I know, it's Wednesday and the sale's over. Ha, ha, ha, funny, isn't it? I am
    bragging about it to all my friends. 
    Nicole (Cecilia):
    You gotta hear this... So I was spirited away a few days ago, right? And this
    is how I find out, you're gonna love it... I go to the bar on Monday, it's
    ladies' night, free drinks, right? Then, suddenly, it's Wednesday, wet T-shirt
    night. Ha, ha, ha, that's too much, isn't it? I love telling all my friends. 
    Aura (Jack):
    I am sorry... I am hurt and blind. I can tell by talking to people whether they
    are good or bad. ...You have a very strong will. But you have yet to realize
    something important in yourself?
    Aura (Rudy): 
    I am sorry... I am hurt and blind. I can tell by talking to people whether they
    are good or bad. ...You are a very kind person. But you have gone through a
    lot, right?
    Aura (Cecilia):
    I am sorry... I am hurt and blind. I can tell by talking to people whether they
    are good or bad. ...You are a very kind person. But you have gone through a
    lot, right? 
    [You go into the guardhouse just below Ione Paua's statue.]
    Johnson (Jack): 
    All the vigilante leader's daily reports (are) stored on this bookshelf... 
    Including the current leader, Kaiser's. ...I shouldn't say this out loud, but
    it's been quite interesting to secretly read someone's daily reports. 
    Johnson (Rudy):
    I am reviewing the vigilante leader's old daily reports, but there's no record
    of these incidents happening. In Kaiser's daily report, I didn't find anything
    but a statement about a girl that brought him a lunch. 
    Johnson (Cecilia):
    I am not good at working outside, so I stay in here and read. I'm trying to
    find clues to help solve the mystery. I am not hiding in here just because I
    want to read Kaiser's daily reports. 
    [We speak with Kaiser.]
    You've heard that riots have thrown the city into chaos, right? As the safety
    officer, I am very concerned about it. Those who are missing often return
    safely after a while, so we can't treat it as an official incident. Besides,
    I am very busy handling daily tasks, so I'm unable to leave. I thought maybe
    you wanderers could find out what's really going on. What do you say? Will
    you take the job of solving the riot of Saint Centaur? 
    2. Since it is not serious, we refuse. 
    Kaiser: Let me know if you change your mind. It looks like the riot won't end
    for a while. 
    [If you go back and choose the first option...]
    1.For the sake of the city, we accept.
    I truly appreciate it. Let me tell you what has happened. First, about half
    the city's population has been spirited away. Seems like young people and
    merchants are the primary targets. Those spirited away are later found at
    the Caging Tower...it's on the southwest side of the city. We asked the
    victims what happened, but they never remember anything. So we have no clues
    yet... I am positive the key to quelling this riot is hidden at the Caging
    Tower. So first I'd like for you to check the Caging Tower. Oh, yes, I almost
    forgot. Here is 2000 gella as down payment. More than enough to start, eh?
    [You speak to him again.]
    Kaiser (Jack):
    I am pretty sure that the key to solving the abductions can be found at the
    Caging Tower, located to (the) southwest. I want you to go there to confirm
    what I think is true. 
    Kaiser (Rudy):
    I think I will try to resolve the mystery on my own. You guys should head
    southwest toward the Caging Tower. 
    Kaiser (Cecilia): 
    They say that the Caging Tower was literally used as a cage to hold captured
    monsters. Those monsters were confined in the tower and squeezed of their life
    force by some mechanism in the tower. Maybe I'm just spooked by ominous talk,
    but I cannot help but feel something unpleasant is still there.
    [Before leaving town, you examine the statue...]
    *The Ione Paua Statue stands, symbolizing justice. 
    [...and depart for the Caging Tower. At the very top, we see that Jack has
    already climbed the ladder. Rudy puts his arm beneath Cecilia's as she
    finishes climbing the ladder so that she doesn't stumble. However, a form
    materializes in front of them.]
    Berserk told us about you... You are the humans who are led by the Guardians...
    ... ... Huh, who are you? 
    Sorry, please forgive my bad manners. I'm Alhazad. I've traveled here to
    remove the seal in Saint Centaur. 
    A new monster!? How many have come back to life!? 
    Contrary to my appearance, I'm not violent like Berserk. It would be wise to
    not waste my time here. For these experiments, I ask for silence. 
    Experiment?! What are you... 
    [Alhazad raises his huge clawed hands and forms a large purple sphere, a shape
    we have commonly come to know as a "level boss".]
    Do I bore you? I will use the power sealed in this tower.
    [A battle starts against a winged creature called the "Night Gaunt". The battle
    ends when you defeat it.]
    That's good enough... Go back to your seal, Night Gaunt. 
    [The purple sphere fades. Alhazad floats backwards.]
    ...I can't let you escape... 
    [The three of them charge at Alhazad. However, four pillars light up, creating
    a large plus-sign-shaped shield around the three of them. The three wanderers
    stop and gaze about.]
    A barrier?!
    Exactly... The small one is quite smart. 
    [Hanpan hops onto Cecilia's right shoulder since she is the nearest one to
    Jack. Jack rushes forward and tries to hit the barrier in front of Alhazad with
    his elbow twice - but to no avail, obviously.]
    Well, well... You ARE simple-minded! I am not Berserk. 
    [facing him] Let us through!! 
    You have no intention of attacking us, you mean to prevent us from leaving!?
    I want those led by the Guardians to see the result of an experiment. 
    You are toying with us! 
    As time passes, the barrier will dissolve. You can try later... Well, I must
    leave... Enjoy yourself! 
    [Alhazad vanishes. The screen darkens and resumes a little while later. We now
    see Rudy where Jack had previously been, punching the barrier furiously twice.
    He stands back, rests his hand on his waist, and shakes his head. Meanwhile,
    Cecilia, Hanpan, and Jack are conversing a little ways away.]
    Someone has their eye on the seal... We must do something! 
    [nods] We've got to get out of here! [looks to his wind mouse partner] Hanpan!
    Is there a way to pass thru the barrier?! 
    Give me a second to think... 
    [The scene zooms in t o the ladder. Suddenly, a young girl, dressed
    provocatively for a place like Filgaia, steps up into the room, followed by an
    older man with grey hair who is dressed like a butler. She puts her hand in
    front of her face and closes her eyes.]
    Saucy Girl:
    According to my information, the 'Night Gaunt' must be here... I can already
    smell the reward money... 
    A man-servant:
    [She points at Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia, who are within the barrier and
    half-turns to her companion.]
    Saucy Girl:
    ...Huh, what's this? These careless people are the savage and vicious
    'Night Gaunt'? 
    A man-servant:
    These people look like... us. Moreover, it seems they are in trouble. What
    should we do, Miss? 
    If you can do something, of course we want you to do it! 
    [The girl looks to them, hands perched on her waist.]
    Saucy Girl:
    You want to get out? You want me to get you out? We are hunters as well... I
    don't work without getting paid. I need some sort of reward. ... ... ...
    Honestly... How much do you have with you? 
    You are asking for money?! We are here to protect the seal... To bring back
    peace to Filgaia! 
    [The girl shakes her finger and then perches her hands on her waist.]
    Saucy Girl:
    No, no, no! There are some, like you, who accept their fate and mission from
    the spiritual world. You accepted it? Oh, I can't stand it! The sensitivity
    of heroes... 
    No, we are not! We are really--
    [The girl holds out her hand.]
    Saucy Girl:
    Stop! I just want a reward. Do you know about rewards? I'm not interested in
    your 'extraordinarily cool' situation! We help you, you pay us a reward. It's
    a simple concept. 
    She may be a miser, but she has a sound argument. How much do you charge? 
    Saucy Girl:
    Well* How about 5000 Gella? 
    [Jack strikes his hand through the air.]
    We can't pay that much! You must be crazy!! 
    Saucy Girl:
    You know, the value of life has a fluctuating exchange rate... 
    Do you understand? I don't care what happens to strangers. So... Do you pay
    5000 Gella? Or not? 
    **[You have a choice whether or not to pay her money flat-out. If you refuse
    just once, she will not temporarily join you.]
    2.That is unreasonable.
    Saucy Girl:
    Nothing good comes from being stubborn here. 
    1.Pay 5000 Gella. 
    Saucy Girl:
    It's a deal! Watch from there! 
    You were ripped off! 
    Saucy Girl:
    [holding up her pistol-ARM] Ok, just leave it to me!* 
    [The girl fires many shots at the pillar to her left. The top shatters,
    knocking down the Barrier.]
    An ARM...like Rudy?
    I'm Jane Maxwell. Around here, I'm famous for my beauty. 
    Around town, she's well-known as Calamity Jane. 
    [Jane turns to him angrily.]
    I do not like that name! Magdalen, don't say another word!
    [bows] Excuse me... 
    This young girl is that female hunter... ...Calamity Jane? 
    If I'm a young girl, then you are a troll. Either way, I received what I was
    supposed to. Thank you very much for your business.* 
    [Everyone turns in alarm to see three vicious spheres of purple light, which,
    as we already know, signify boss battles.]
    Was the seal broken? Or did it react to the barrier?! 
    Jane: I guess I should help them... It may be an easy reward. 
    Well then, we should share the battle line formation between us.
    [Jane and Magdalen join your party and the battle starts. Once it is defeated,
    the battle ends.]
    Jane: I'm sorry, but we are busy, and we must leave now. If possible, let's
    meet again. Let's go, Magdalen! 
    [Jane and Magdalen depart.]
    We must hurry! Before the monster reaches Saint Centaur!
    I earned more than I planned today. Being too greedy is not a good thing...
    You guys take that... Maybe you'll earn what you lost! Magdalen, we should
    Then, everyone... We should excuse ourselves now.
    [turns] You! That's so unfair!
    What a day...attacked by monsters AND ripped off!
    [A battle starts and ends when you defeat three Night Gaunts. The three Dream
    Chasers gather and talk.]
    The seal... 
    He mentioned an experiment. Let's hurry to Saint Centaur! 
    [Rudy and Cecilia nod in agreement. They exit the Caging Tower and return to
    Saint Centaur. When they get there, they huddle at the entrance.]
    I don't feel the magic of the stone still filling the town... Instead... I feel
    the ambience of monsters. What happened to the town's people? 
    ...It looks just like the problem we were hired to investigate... Where are the
    town's vigilantes?
    Let's ask Kaiser what happened... We should be able to find out something. 
    [The trio heads into the building and reads 'The Vigilante Leader Daily
    The Vigilante Leader Daily Report
    Monsters suddenly attacked our city, bypassing our magical stone's protection.
    The magical stone is functioning right. Still, monsters appeared all over town,
    as if they simply sprang into being. Despite our desperate battle, we are
    losing and the Guardian Statue may be destroyed. Unless we can stop them, the
    magic stone will be lost, and more monsters will appear. I guided Aura, and I
    hid in the station with Johnson... We may be safe in here for a while, but I
    don't know for how long. Looks like Johnson got hurt somewhere. He's moaning
    in agony, and I'm worried. I hope that people of Saint Centaur who can escape
    from the attack will go to the Elw's Shrine north of the Caging Tower. The
    shrine is on the peninsula that extends toward the Inland Sea, leading to Port
    [If you attempt to leave...]
    *The Guardian's protection is gone? The streets are empty... What happened to
    Saint Centaur? We cannot leave until it's figured out! 
    [You approach Ione Paua's statue. A scene starts.]
    I am Ione Paua, the Guardian who presides over holiness... My statue has
    shattered and the magical stone was crushed. I cannot forgive this... 
    I see. The town's magical stone was built to bestow the Guardian's mercy, eh?
    I suppose that's understandable... 
    What I don't understand is... [hops onto Jack's extended arm] ...in order to
    remove the magical stone, they had to break the Guardian statue... But how were
    they able to sneak into town and break the statue of the Guardian? From what
    I've seen, we're nowhere near the truth of the matter. It just doesn't make
    This is the demon's experiment that we heard about in the Caging Tower... 
    My power, of which little is left, will be given to the Shrine Maiden. I give
    you the future of the world... 
    [Cecilia holds out her hands. The light collects in her palms, and she obtains
    the 'Holy Man Sorrow' medium.]
    What connects the Guardian and the seal is a shrine built by the Elw... There
    is another Elw Shrine that guides the Shrine Maiden. That Elw Shrine is hidden
    in the forest... 
    So another Elw Shrine exists somewhere near here... 
    The demons are quicker than us and have gotten further than we have... Do we
    have enough strength to overpower the demons? 
    [Hanpan transfers himself over to Rudy's shoulder; Jack gives his friends a
    "thumbs up".]
    We can't waste time worrying about it. At least, we know what needs to be done!
    We will find the second Elw Shrine. We'll go beyond the shrine and stop Mother
    from being resurrected! 
    [Rudy and Cecilia nod and trek towards the Elw Shrine that will lead them to
    Port Timney. We have another scene with the demons in the Photosphere.]
    I can hear...a distorted voice in pain...sorrow filled with grief... Screams
    by foolish and humble humans spark joy in the voices of my servants and will
    release me from the chains of the seal... 
    Just a little longer... I'll finally have Filgaia in my hands!
    [Zeikfried turns, his cape sweeping behind him gracefully.]
    When Mother awakens, her dream becomes reality, and she shall preside over
    this planet... 
    That is the likely outcome. Still... I kind of worry about those humans who
    contacted the Guardian. Though they are small and weak, I sense a power we
    shouldn't underestimate. 
    Lady Harken:
    [arms crossed] Unfortunately, I agree. They were Berserk's 'prey'. Of course...
    as we've heard, Berserk failed. The prey was beyond the braggart's ability...
    No matter, I will overtake them. I know I can do better than Berserk. 
    [Berserk shakes angrily, his fists balled up.]
    Grrrrrrrr!! You can't do that! You big-mouthed newcomers... 
    Berserk... You claimed them as your prey, as such it is your fault you failed
    to subdue them. Humans and Elws can show unbelievable power when they are
    cornered. [reaches out his hand, palm facing the floor] Mother will be
    awakening soon and we'll be activating the Photosphere, so any failure is
    absolutely unacceptable. 
    Zeikfried... Are you making fun of me... ...like everyone else?! [he rests
    his right fist on his waist, his left balled up still] Fine! I will bring the
    heads of those humans and lay them down in front [of] you! 
    [Berserk strikes his hand through the air.]
    So they are guided by a Guardian, I will destroy them anyway! Mark my words!! 
    [He turns and thunders off. Alhazad turns to Lady Harken.]
    No one can defeat Sir Berserk when it comes to a head-on fight, even amongst
    us... But...he is too short-tempered. Too pathetic to look at. Let me come up
    with a plan to finally destroy those Humans and Guardians. Grrrrrr... 
    Lady Harken:
    As you like. But let me give you one piece of advice. Make the plan simple
    enough so that even Berserk can understand it. Got it? 
    [Lady Harken jumps up in the air and vanishes; Alhazad disappears in a swirl.
    Zeikfried throws his cape as he turns to Mother.]
    Our lost home... It has already been 1000 years since we left Saturn Hiades...
    We came here, to this place, to make Filgaia our second home. Those who have
    power will gain everything... We will govern this planet... Only then, will
    our dream come true. 
    [Zeikfried throws his cape behind him and walks off. The scene zooms in on one
    last look at Mother before it fades to black.]
    Part VIII. -Port Timney, the Wedding, and the Third Seal-
    [You arrive in Port Timney. It's a hustling, bustling port town with all sorts
    of people to whom you can talk.]
    Dwayne (Jack):
    This is the port town Timney. You are wanderers, aren't you? You need a boat
    that sails the inland sea? 
    Dwayne (Rudy):
    Timney is a rich port town with commercial boats that sail the inland sea.
    Dwayne (Cecilia):
    Timney is like an oasis that appears in the desert. The town's sailors party
    hard and fight easily, but they have good hearts. 
    Lance (Jack): 
    The things I sell may smell like salt, but please take the time to browse them.
    [You choose to speak with him.] Captain Bartholomew is a romantic. They say
    that the name Sweet Candy comes from a cute white flower. The captain has a
    wonderful talent for naming things. He loves doing it. [????] his appearance
    and his talent, though. 
    Lance (Rudy):
    The things I sell may smell like salt, but please take the time to browse them.
    [You choose to speak with him.] Captain Bartholomew loves things small and cute
    despite his body size. That's why he calls his ship Sweet Candy. Well... That
    and his taste for cute, young girls. 
    Lance (Cecilia):
    The things I sell may smell like salt, but please take the time to browse them.
    [You choose to speak with him.] Although the haul of fish has declined, Timney
    is still bustling. A prosperous town attracts a great many people, right? I
    need to make more money. 
    Charles (Jack): The ship at the port right now is called Sweet Candy, a crazy
    name, huh? The captain that sails that crazy ship is also quite strange. He is
    drinking at the bar right now, but you'd better not get involved with him.
    That's my advice to you. 
    Charles (Rudy):
    The man who is drinking in desperation at the bar is the famous Captain. They
    say ever since he found a strange [????]. He is short, agitated and holding
    the odd statue, so you can spot him easily. 
    Charles (Cecilia):
    Two trading fleets are based in town, the Drake and Bartholomew family fleets.
    These two families are always arguing. Fire and fighting made Timney famous,
    so they keep feuding. 
    Moore (Jack): 
    I wished for a long time to have my own house, somewhere I could sleep safely.
    Standing here right now, like this, makes me realize... I got what I always
    longed for. 
    Moore (Rudy):
    Since this house is on top of a hill, a nice breeze comes in through the
    windows in the morning. A cup of coffee in the refreshing air, nothing could
    be better... 
    Moore (Cecilia):
    Since I was thirteen years old, I worked hard, not caring about how I looked.
    Somehow, I managed to buy a house. This house is proof of my hard work, so
    I will work even harder from now on to keep it. 
    Well, well, welcome to my lab. I was just thinking that I wanted to meet a
    team of adventurers like you. How about giving me a hand? I'm trying [to]
    publish my Monster Guide; it's my lifelong dream. You can help me quite
    simply... Use your magic spell "Analyze" against a monster and I'll put it
    in the Guide once you find the data. If you fight a devastating monster,
    one beyond your ability, tell me what happened and I will analyze the creature
    for you. Some people advise avoiding such monsters, but I'd rather learn about
    them. Will you tell me about the ones you've encountered thus far? 
    [You speak with him again.]
    Wilbur (Jack):
    Hello, and welcome. I will get some tea and sweets for you. Why don't you check
    out the Monster Guide? [You choose to speak with him.] The phantom in the
    northeast sand dune is a monster with a powerful magic attack. If you reflect
    its magic, you could win. Hmmm, interesting. I really want to include it in my
    compendium, the Monster Guide. Young wanderer, look at the bestiary on the
    bookshelf and see if you can defeat that monster. 
    Wilbur (Rudy):
    Hello, and welcome. I will get some tea and sweets for you. Why don't you check
    out the Monster Guide? [You choose to speak with him.] According to some 
    accounts... The phantom in the northeast sand dune is a collective body of evil
    and malevolence. It can be defeated with magic... Hmmmm, they say it is very
    strong. I really want to include it in my compendium, the Monster Guide. Young
    wanderer, look at the bestiary on the bookshelf and see if you can defeat the
    Wilbur (Cecilia):
    Hello, and welcome. I will get some tea and sweets for you. Why don't you check
    out the Monster Guide? [You choose to speak with him.] To me, monsters are very
    romantic. I don't think women understand that. No women in this town are really
    turned on by monsters.
    Maira (Jack):
    Welcome aboard! In order for you to have a safe cruise, you must have suitable
    magic. [You choose to speak with her.] A monster expert lives here in town. If
    you're interested in monsters you may want to see him. I'm sure he'll welcome
    you and tell you about monsters for hours. 
    Maira (Rudy):
    Welcome aboard! In order for you to have a safe cruise, you must have suitable
    magic. [You choose to speak with her.] The phantom that lives in the sand dune
    has a treasure called the Crystal Flower. It is the highest proof of love that
    the groom gives to the bride at the wedding ceremony. But if Captain
    Bartholomew is looking for the Crystal Flower... I wonder if he's found
    someone? I'm a bit worried... 
    Maira (Cecilia):
    Welcome aboard! In order for you to have a safe cruise, you must have suitable
    magic. [You choose to speak with her.] You know, attacking with only attack
    magic may be a lot of fun... But, if your goal is to have a smart battle style,
    you might want to think about learning how to use support magic. Support magic
    has many wonderful effects that other special attacks don't have. Keep in mind
    that the effective duration of timed support magic is dependent on the luck of
    those under the spell. That's the reason why when you use it, you might get
    a poor outcome. 
    Lulu (Jack):
    Welcome to my studio. What can I do for you today? [You choose to speak 
    with her.] What in the world does that troubled captain do with his time? 
    I wonder... I tell him and I tell him to settle down, but he never listens to
    me. What do I know, huh? 
    Lulu (Rudy):
    Welcome to my studio. What can I do for you today? [You choose to speak
    with her.] An ARM can generate steady damage at any time and anywhere without
    any preparation. That is the advantage of an ARM when you compare it to a sword
    or magic. 
    Lulu (Cecilia):
    Welcome to my studio. What can I do for you today? [You choose to speak
    with her.] ARM should be strong and beautiful on the whole. Did you notice?
    The conditions of being a good ARM are the same as being a good woman. 
    [You climb up the watchtower!]
    Philip (Jack):
    We sometimes have a traveling swordsman like you as an escort on the commercial
    ship I sail on. During battle, he uses various items and has a sorcerer cast
    spells on him. It is quite impressive; he always defeats the attacking
    monsters. I think the tactic he uses is great. Do you use the same technique? 
    Philip (Rudy):
    There is such a nice view from up here. Just breathe in that sea breeze... It
    will make you feel refreshed. There is nothing better than a good sea breeze to
    clear your head. 
    Philip (Cecilia):
    There was a time when we sailors liked to put letters inside bottles and drop
    them in the water. This activity gradually faded away. I had forgotten about it
    myself... Then, a few days ago, I received a letter from a woman who found my
    bottle! She seems very kind and sensitive... I'm sure she's a charming woman... 
    [You climb back down and check out the docks.]
    Louis (Jack):
    Do you know Calamity Jane, the famous female wanderer? She left Timney just as
    we sailed in. ...Too bad. I wanted to see her with my own eyes... 
    Louis (Rudy): 
    Bubbles that are created from waves have endless patterns... They are all
    pretty even from a geometrical point of view...  
    Louis (Cecilia):
    Gulls seem to have an easy life... I wish we could communicate with them. I
    wonder what they would tell us.
    Tom (Jack):
    I studied architecture in Adlehyde, but before long I became the chief mechanic
    for this ship. Sailing is fun and interesting, but lately I've been thinking of
    returning to architecture. 
    Tom (Rudy):
    Do you need to sail out? Our captain is at the bar, drunk, so we are not
    sailing for a while. 
    Tom (Cecilia):
    Hey, I heard that Adlehyde was attacked by demons and that the town is in a
    chaos... Is that true? I was born there, so I am really worried about it. 
    [Sorry--nobody else outside to whom we can speak, except for maybe...animals.
    But we can't talk to them...yet. So, Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia head into the
    Meggan (Jack):
    We have fresh fish today. If you stay here tonight, you'll have a good dinner.
    [You choose to speak with her.] Captain Bartholomew is already 35 years old.
    As Lulu the ARM meister says, he should get married and settle down. I think
    there are some women out there who could love a man like him.
    Meggan (Rudy):
    We have fresh fish today. If you stay here tonight, you'll have a good dinner.
    [You choose to speak with her.] Those old sea dogs, Captain Drake and Captain
    Bartholomew, are always at each other's throats. It is entertaining to watch,
    but don't get involved with them. You guys be careful, OK?
    Meggan (Cecilia):
    We have fresh fish today. If you stay here tonight, you'll have a good dinner.
    [You choose to speak with her.] Hey, what's your opinion? What do you think of
    a man like Captain Bartholomew? For me, I would like a man who is
    straightforward. I feel like I want to protect him... I wonder if that is
    maternal instinct? 
    Herschell (Jack):
    The Captain and Drake had a heated discussion about who was going to get
    married first... The Captain went on and on, "I will get married first! I have
    a Crystal Flower and am three steps ahead of you!" It just wouldn't stop. I
    know Drake will try to take advantage of this situation, somehow. 
    Herschell (Rudy):
    The Captain is a good man, but when he drinks, he starts telling tall tales...
    Which is OK if it can be dismissed. But, this time... He is in big trouble. 
    Herschell (Cecilia):
    They say that the sailor's large shirt collars were designed to increase their
    ability to hear commands... However, the stripes on their clothes have no
    particular merit. Most sailors are pretty independent. I wonder what drives
    them all to wear those similar outfits?
    Gordon (Jack):
    Arrrrrrrr... Ever since Capt'n found that strange statue, he's been havin' the
    worst of luck! My grandmother used to say that you shouldn't be possessing
    something that brings ye bad luck. 
    Gordon (Rudy):
    Arrrrrrrr... Ever since he be'getting that dern statue, Capt'n has been having
    really bad luck. My grandmother used to say that you shouldn't be possessing
    something yet not worthy of. 
    Gordon (Cecilia):
    Arrrrrrrr ye looking to sail the inland sea? Sorry mate! We can't help ye right
    now. The Capt'n is wallowing in his self-pity. He's hit rock bottom, and he's
    drinking. So, we not be knowing when we'll sail out.
    [At last, you approach Captain Bartholomew, who seems greatly troubled since
    he's sitting in his chair with his head lowered. He now has his elbows on the
    table, his eyes closed.]
    How could I be so stupid? I should never have promised that! When will I learn
    to watch my mouth? Hey you! 
    [He looks up, resting his hands on the table.]
    Bartholomew: Yeah, you! Won't you listen to the story of a sad sailor?
    [Come on, don't be so cruel! Of course we will! "Yes"! The camera zooms out so
    that we see Cecilia, Rudy, and Jack gathered around him.]
    Do you know of the Crystal Flower? It's something sailors use in ceremonies.
    For some ceremonies, it's a must... But to obtain the Crystal Flower, you must
    defeat the ghost that appears in the desert... 
    [Bartholomew lowers his head over the table and rests his hands upon his hat,
    occasionally fidgeting.]
    Why did it have to be a ghost? I can't face a ghost... Ahhh, Drake's going to
    make fun of me. I've been so unlucky lately... Ever since I got that stupid
    stone statue... I'm such an idiot! Taking a statue like that just because it's
    rare and looks like a Guardian...
    [Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia gather together, facing away from the Captain.]
    The statue this weirdo is talking about... It couldn't be...
    It may be the last seal... If we can get the Crystal Flower that he is seeking,
    we may have a chance to get our hands on the seal...
    [All three - or four! - nod simultaneously. You may choose to talk with
    Bartholomew again.]
    Bartholomew (Jack):
    I told them I'd defeat the phantom in the sand dune and bring back the Crystal
    Flower. What a fool I was... Why on earth did I say such a thing? I knew I'd
    regret it later... Ughhhh...
    Bartholomew (Rudy):
    What am I going to do? I could never defeat the phantom in the sand dune... If
    I don't do this, Drake and the others will make fun of me... Maybe a Crystal
    Flower'll fall from the sky. 
    Bartholomew (Cecilia):
    Why am I such a hot head? The phantom of the sand dune... I'm a man, a man of
    the sea!! I can't take back what I said... 
    [You trek out into the desert to defeat the Phantom and obtain the Crystal
    Flower. Upon returning to Timney, you go directly to the pub and approach
    Bartholomew with the Crystal Flower in hand.]
    Whaaa, Whaaaaat?! 
    [We see him standing facing your party--funny, too, because he is just a wee
    bit shorter than Rudy.]
    You have the Crystal Flower?! How in blazes did... Well, it doesn't matter!
    Please give it to me! To make a long story short, I neeeeeeeeed that! I will
    pay you 3,000 gella for the Crystal Flower. That's enough, isn't it? 
    [You're given a choice on whether or not to accept the price.] 
    2. I need some time to think about it. 
    Don't be cruel! Look at my face! Can't you see I must have it?! Please! Will
    you give it to me for 3500 gella? 
    2. I still need time to think about it.
    Ughhhhhh! Are you satisfied? Now I'm begging you!! OK! I will give you 3750
    2. Sorry, but I still don't know. 
    Whoaaaaaaa! Pleeeeeaaaaase!! I will do anything for you! Anything! How about
    3875 gella? That's one hell of a deal!! 
    2. No, I need more time to think. 
    [Choosing this makes Bartholomew repeat the thing over.] 
    1. Give him the Crystal Flower for 3875 gella. 
    1.Sell it for 3000 gella. 
    OK!! Done deal! You saved my life! This crystal flower is proof of a wedding
    Why, then... 
    No, no... I don't have a partner yet. I just happened to need this... There
    is more here than meets the eye. My name is Bartholomew. I sail a trade ship
    in the inland sea. I'm very happy to have met you. 
    [Suddenly, a man dressed in strapping fancy pink-reddish clothes approaches,
    and he is followed by two sailors.]
    Hey, Bartholomew. Anyone ever tell you you're as tall as a dwarf and twice as
    [The two sailors behind him laugh at his joke.]
    Hey, Drake, you have perfect timing. I am in good spirits today. Would you
    care to see my Crystal Flower? 
    [Drake clutches his fist and shakes all over.]
    You pathetic loser, Bartholomew! So what if you've got a Crystal Flower? If
    you don't have a partner, you're not really engaged! [straightens up] How are
    you going to find a partner? You are not going to do anything illegal... 
    Are you? 
    [The two sailors behind him laugh at Drake's joke, as usual, since they are
    his posse. To find some way to get the upper hand on Drake, Bartholomew grabs
    Cecilia by the arm and drags her over to him.]
    Drake, you dimwit!! Are you blind?! What do you think she is?! Look! Check her
    [Jack and Rudy seem look taken aback. Drake merely closes his eyes, a smirk on
    his face.]
    Her? She's the one? Are things really that bad, Girl? I admit, Bartholomew,
    I'm surprised. She's beautiful, she carries herself well... Not what I'd
    expect from you at all! 
    [His sailor buddies crack up again.]
    Besides, Bartholomew, isn't she just a little too old for you? A tad bit mature
    for your tastes? But, if you say so... So she is your bride-to-be, huh? 
    ...Ah...what is going on...? 
    [Bartholomew looks to Cecilia and nods proudly before turning back to Drake.] 
    Yes, we dream of having enough children to make a sports team. And believe me,
    we'll work hard at it! 
    [Needless to say, Drake's sailor buddies are still laughing uncontrollably.]
    A basketball team of five? Maybe nine for a baseball team? How about eleven for
    a football team? All right! Let's get to the wedding ceremony! Your bride isn't
    getting any younger!! We will get you married tomorrow! Tomorrow, on your ship,
    you get married! 
    [The sailors stop laughing at last.]
    No cold feet now, Bartholomew... You make us laugh. HAHAHAHA. Let's have some
    fun tomorrow, OK?  
    [Drake and his posse leave. Afterwards, Bartholomew grabs his head and shakes
    Whoaaaaaaaaaa! I did it again... Whenever things are going my way, I have to
    open my big mouth! 
    Not that I care... but how are you going to get out of this mess? 
    Umm... thanks for the offer, Romeo, but we're in the middle of an important
    There's no time to find another bride. I must outwit that nitwit! I must marry
    her--it's my destiny!
    Did you not understand me?! Destiny? No! You are not! I don't want you now, or
    Miss, you're in a situation you just can't back out of. Come now, let me take
    you aboard my beautiful ship, the "Sweet Candy". We have plans to make... 
    [The screen darkens, and they appear in Bartholomew's room on the Sweet Candy.]
    Captain Bartholomew:
    Well... Now, you're on my wonderful ship! 
    [He puts his fist to his mouth, coughs as if clearing his throat, then stands
    Captain Bartholomew:
    Us sailors follow traditions when we hold a ceremony. It's custom to have a
    wedding on the deck of the groom's ship. In my case, on the Sweet Candy. Don't
    look at me like that. I had no choice! It's not like I don't feel bad about
    If you knew that it was wrong... 
    [Bartholomew holds his hands up in defense.]
    Captain Bartholomew:
    Hey! I know! Anyway... A 'disguise' wedding ceremony is set for tomorrow... I
    need you to learn about sailing and our customs by the end of the day... OK?
    [We then see Jack, Rudy, and Cecilia gathered just outside the Captain's room;
    she has her hands perched on her waist indignantly and her head held
    He is too selfish!! What is he thinking? [gestures to herself] We are on a
    journey, an important mission...to protect Mother's seal. Why are we involved
    in this? I don't understand it! 
    Ah...calm down. Whatever happens we should just feel fortunate to be on this
    This is a great chance for us. Give it up, Princess. 
    ... ... ... By any chance... [narrows her eyes slightly] ...are you enjoying
    this situation?
    [Jack scratches his head and grins awkwardly.]
    Well, you know the old saying, 'when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade'.
    You might enjoy it, since it's not real... 
    We don't have much time until the fake wedding. Do you know the customs? 
    [Cecilia and Rudy nod, and they walk off to talk with everyone.] 
    Captain Bartholomew (Jack):
    I'm a rather timid person when it comes to some things... Once the ceremony
    starts, I'll try not to ruin it with my tension... I just need to take a deep
    breath. I will let her move forward first, and then I'll follow. Yeah, I'll be
    fine if I just follow her. 
    Captain Bartholomew (Rudy):
    The bride moves forward in front of the priest and I follow her. It's easy to
    remember... I'd better be careful not to remember it as the priest moves
    forward...in front of the bride first...
    Captain Bartholomew (Cecilia):
    Sailors say that the secret is to let your wife 'steer the ship'. Because of
    that saying, during our weddings, the woman moves toward the altar first. 
    Book (Leading Moon and Lost Moon):
    Once night falls, the light over the sea fades.
    However, there are two shiny guides in the night sky: the 'Old Moon' and 'New
    Moon'. In the darkness of the night, people can use a compass and compare
    direction, time, and position of the moon. But, there is one folklore tale...
    The Old moon is a guiding moon that shines on the correct path... The New moon
    is a lost moon and makes you lose your way, tempting you onto the reefs. Even
    today, superstitious sailors believe the Old moon protects their voyages.
    Tom, our first engineer, is knowledgeable about our traditions. Why don't you
    go and see him? To open the engine room: Turn the right handle to the right;
    turn the center handle to the left; and turn the left handle to the right.
    The door does not open unless you follow this order. It's worth hearing his
    Gordon (Jack): 
    We garnish the wedding bouquet with yellow and red flowers because it is our
    tradition... Are those colors that she likes? 
    Gordon (Rudy):
    Ohhh, no... I have to prepare a dress by tomorrow. The color of the dress is
    white. But I also need to add something blue. Normally it's a necklace or a
    bracelet, but sapphires are rather expensive... 
    Gordon (Cecilia):
    Ohhh, no... The Captain bought a dress and said, "My bride will wear this!"
    It's a very small dress that is actually too small for you to fit in...
    Ohhh, no. He is so weird! I might lose my faith in him... 
    Book (The Guardian That Ruled the Sea):
    The Guardian's name is Lucadia. Deep purple scales cover its body... The
    embodiment of sea-going terror, it overwhelms anyone who faces it. The temple
    of Lucadia is called "The Shrine of the Dragon King" and is located at the
    bottom of the sea. It is told that a long time ago a priest was allowed to
    visit the temple and received a scale from Lucadia. 
    [You go to the engine room.]
    Tom (Jack):
    Captain Bartholomew is 35 years old, but he's taking a 17-year-old wife. That
    is unfortunate... I would, personally, never marry a girl that much younger
    than me. But, he's the Captain, and who am I to judge. 
    Tom (Rudy):
    The questions you will be asked tomorrow are practical questions. Which
    question are we at now? How many questions have been answered correct so far?
    Questions that you cannot answer if you didn't know the answer to begin with. 
    Tom (Cecilia):
    At the wedding ceremony you will be asked a question about the sum of both
    your ages. Captain Bartholomew is 35 years old, your elder by 18 years. When I
    say that out loud, the age difference makes me feel... 
    [You exit and go upstairs.]
    Louis (Jack):
    By tradition the Bride praises the Groom by raising her right hand. It must be
    hard for her to praise someone like our Captain, but please tell her to do so. 
    Louis (Rudy):
    People who live on the land make fun of us like we were half-fish, half-human
    freaks. Human existence is such a small part in the story of nature. We have
    worked the sea for a long time. I wonder why people reject everything outside
    of their narrow human perspective. 
    Louis (Cecilia): 
    Male on left and female on right. It is a tradition that sailors have kept
    from times past. For what reason was this decided? Even we do not know. 
    [You return and speak with Herschell.]
    It's getting late... Lack of sleep is not good. You want to be ready for
    tomorrow, right?
    [Let's try 'yes' out of the two options.]
    Please get some rest. I will wake you up in the morning. 
    [The screen darkens.]
    Thus, a messy day begins...
    [The wedding begins. Assuming that the priest, at the tip of the boat, is at
    the northern end, we see Jack, Rudy, and Herschell lined up on the east. Drake
    and his two sailor buddies are lined up on the west. We see Bartholomew, on
    the side nearest our comrades, and Cecilia, on the side nearest Drake, walk
    very slowly down the aisle. Eventually they stand before the priest.]
    [**This is not a walk-through, but I may as well highlight in parentheses the
    correct answer anyway.]
    Hired priest:
    On this wonderful day, those who vow eternal love, gather before the Sea
    1.Follow the Groom.
    (2. You move forward.)
    2.Move forward together. 
    Hired priest:
    Bride, tell me your name and to whom you make your vow of eternal love. 
    1.Cecilia and Drake
    2.Cecilia and Dartholomew
    (3. Cecilia and Bartholomew)
    Hired priest:
    Groom and Bride, recite the total sum of your ages to praise the years you've
    1. 47
    (2. 52)
    Hired priest:
    Raise your glasses together and praise your eternal partner.
    1.Raise the glass with left hand.
    (2. Raise the glass with right hand.)
    3. Do not raise your glass. 
    Hired priest:
    Sometimes the long life together is compared to a voyage... When you feel lost
    or unsure, what will be your guide? 
    1.Two moons.
    2.New moon.
    (3. Old moon.)
    Hired priest:
    Bride, what is the name of the loving ship on which you two shall sail away
    (1.Sweet Candy)
    2.Sweet Candice
    3.Sweat Candy
    Hired priest:
    By the way, where are we in the ceremony?
    1.6th Question.
    (2.7th Question.)
    3. 8th Question. 
    Hired priest: 
    The proof of your marriage illuminates. What is the name of this gem? 
    (1. Crystal Flower.)
    2.Crystal Bud
    3.Crystal Rose 
    Hired priest:
    Be grateful to this gem, which is shaped in the form of a... 
    (1.Small flower.) 
    2. Freesia 
    3. Dandelion 
    Hired priest:
    The ceremony will go on... Honestly, how many questions have you answered
    1.7 questions 
    2.8 questions
    (3. 9 questions)
    Hired priest:
    Express your gratitude for this occasion by reciting the name of the Sea
    (1. Lucadia)
    2. Arcadia
    Hired priest:
    Now the end! To show your everlasting love, you may now kiss the Groom!!
    (1.I guess I must keep up the 'disguise'...) 
    (2.What?! This is part of the 'disguise'?) 
    3. This 'disguise' has gone too far! 
    [I chose the first one because I'm evil--Rudy and Jack look terrified while
    Drake and the two soldiers are laughing.]
    (For a girl her age, she sure is a trooper. I can't let it be known...) 
    (Judging by the look on her face, she must think I'm a leper. Is she about to
    make a run for it?)
    (Oh no!! We've come this far... Is she going to ruin it now?)
    [An unknown voice speaks. Everyone looks around in confusion.]
    Stop it now!!
    [At last, many people point to the prow where a man with green hair and an
    orange scarf is standing. He points at them accusingly.]
    I come to earn honor, and what do I see... Two people kissing in public! A
    group of 'Peeping Toms'... Since when was Filgaia filled with shameless
    I'm... I'm not shameless!! [points at him back] Who ever you are... you have
    no knowledge of etiquette. Who are you?! 
    [The man beckons to himself by hoisting his thumb towards his chest.]
    I'm Zed! Mother's seal... I'm here to break it!! 
    [Zed and the priest hurry away from the scene, but Cecilia, Jack, Rudy - don't
    forget Hanpan -- keep their ground.]
    The seal?! Is that stranger a monster?! ...I don't believe it... 
    [Cecilia throws off her dress, revealing her regular attire beneath it. Who
    knows how this is possible since the dress had only straps and no sleeves
    like her jacket.]
    It might just be a clever scheme! Or a trick to throw us off our guard! 
    [scratches his head] I don't think so... I surely can feel the danger, but
    maybe he's just crazy... 
    [Zed makes all sorts of movements--swiping gestures, slight poses, probably
    from a large dosage of caffeine. His scarf flutters in the sea breeze.]
    My time is coming! Finally, my debut fight!! The match is just right! 
    [A battle starts. Once you deliver the final blow...]
    Wait, hold it! Why do you line up like that? I'm the only one on my side! If I
    die, my death will be talked about all throughout the land. Every time you hear
    about it, I hope you have guilt. Your ways are disgusting... Even if you win,
    you cannot brag about it. I wouldn't even put it in my memoirs! This battle
    doesn't count. It's just a playful debut match. Our fate will bring us together
    [The battle ends. The scene resumes as we see him on deck. He backflips onto
    the lower part of the bowsprit and then leaps into the air again. ]
    Zed: Haaaa! It's a strategic evacuation!!  
    [Jack, Rudy, and Cecilia look up into the sky, their mouths agape; we see them
    simultaneously follow their sight to the horizon and hear a "splash", hinting
    that Zed jumped or, rather, fell into the water.]
    ...Is that a new mental attack? 
    Mother's seal... Somehow we must protect it, but I don't know what's going on
    For a fiendish creature, he didn't look very evil. I'm not even sure he was
    [Rudy nods. The trio turns as they see three men running toward them. Drake
    trips and Bartholomew topples onto him.]
    There's something over here, too!! 
    [The three wanderers run to the back of the ship and face a female demon in
    armor of reddish hue.]
    Jack: Wait! 
    Lady Harken:
    YOU are here? The shaman and warriors, led by Guardians... I thought so... I
    don't have time to play with you now. It's too early for me to trouble with
    The other attack was... a decoy?! 
    Maybe... If he was even aware of it! 
    [Jack runs forward and attempts to use a Fast Draw against her; however, in
    mid-air, she blocks it with her scythe.]
    His first blow was stopped!? 
    [on Rudy's head] How? Even with Jack's reaction speed?! No, it's not even...
    Her reaction speed is superior to Jack's?! It's a different form of Jack's...
    But it's definitely a 'Fast Draw'... 
    [Jack is thrown onto his back by Lady Harken.]
    Lady Harken:
    I see... You know fast techniques, too... Fool! With such a dull sword, you
    cannot even cut my shadow! 
    I knew a female who preached about swords... But, the person who did that is...
    Let me ask you... What can you cut with your sword? 
    [In the blink of an eye, Lady Harken turns and slashes the Guardian statue.
    Two pieces break off from the one slash.]
    The Guardian statue! The seal?! 
    Lady Harken:
    For a short time, I too had a dream. But, you don't even have the right to
    [She holds her scythe, 'Azrael', out at them.]
    Lady Harken:
    If you want to battle me, come to the land of snow, the Arctica territory. The
    Photosphere is where I live. 
    [She leaps into the air and disappears. Jack is on his knees, supporting
    himself with his sword.]
    ...Arctica territory! ...Photosphere? Lady Harken...who uses the high-speed
    Even I, the last seal, am broken. I will leave my heart to a shaman... Soon
    Mother awakens and this world will be covered in darkness. My heart will be
    with a shaman! Darkness, a strike tearing the world. Noua Shax's fang won't be
    [Cecilia holds out her hands and receives the 'Thunder Fang' medium. She holds
    it close to her chest and closes her eyes.]
    Yes...you are right... Even if Mother awakes, it's not the end... My eyes will
    never look down... You taught me that... ...Noua Shax... ... ... ...
    [opens eyes] Let's head for the monsters' castle... To fight...we won't be
    broken... We'll never surrender to them! 
    [Later, back in Bartholomew's room...]
    Captain Bartholomew:
    I'm sorry for everything... In my heart, you are friends. 
    [He reaches into his back pocket and holds his hand out to Rudy.]
    Captain Bartholomew:
    This is a reward from me. Please take it with you. 
    [You receive some items; he folds his hand behind his back.]
    Well the wedding might have been a disaster, but the result was what I was
    looking for. Drake's face was great as he was running in fear! I doubt he'll
    be meddling in my business. By the way, you were looking for a certain
    Guardian's statue? ... ... ... Since you helped me... I would like to help
    [steps forward] We want to head for the land of snow... Arctica territory. To
    do so, we need a ride across the sea. Can we use your ship? 
    ...It's a difficult thing to do. My ship is for trading... My schedule is
    booked with jobs. I'm an old-fashioned person... You're important to me, but
    I think a great deal of my job. There are some people who count on me. 
    I guess it's asking too much of you. In the future, when the timing is right,
    we may need you. 
    Captain Bartholomew:
    [holds his finger in the air] Don't be too pessimistic! Timney is not the only
    place to find a ship. Do you know the city of Milama, the one with water
    running through it? Well, near that city... [he scratches his head] There is
    a deserted wharf, after you go through Sand River. You might...be able to find
    a ship. 
    Thank you very much for your kindness. It is a great help to us. 
    Captain Bartholomew:
    [holds his arms out] Yes, please take this with you! This is an additional
    reward since I troubled you. 
    [You receive the Magic Staff! Now we can talk to animals! Yay!]
    Captain Bartholomew: 
    [folds hands behind his back] Good luck with your journey. Remember, you'll
    always be my amigos. 
    [You regain free control of your characters back at the docks at Port Timney.
    Let us try talking to everyone once more before we leave for Milama. If you
    don't care what the people in town have to say, skip to the next section!]
    Gull Groom (Cecilia):
    We gulls sometimes have more knowledge than humans. Don't dismiss us as
    ignorant. If you ask us nicely, we might tell you something good. 
    Tabby Cat (Cecilia):
    It's rare to find a human that can communicate with us, meow. Strange things
    have happened a lot lately. Is there a problem with the Guardian from the Elw
    shrine in the south, meow? 
    Single Gull:
    V-+-A-=-I-... Huh?! 
    Charles (Jack):
    That's just like Captain Bartholomew! He never lets us down. They said that his
    wedding was chaos. I wanted to attend that ceremony and see it with my own
    eyes. I would pay up to 200 gella, seriously. 
    Charles (Rudy):
    I heard how that fake wedding ended! My wife and I laughed so hard! Keep
    bringing happy stories to Timney. I count on you, big brother! 
    Charles (Cecilia):
    Another port that faces the inland sea, called the ship Graveyard, is a dull
    place. The bad name makes the town dull... Or maybe the place was already
    dull, so they give it a bad name... 
    Lance (Jack): 
    The things I sell may smell like salt, but please take the time to browse them.
    [You choose to speak with him.] The Drake family snuck out of town. Sneaky
    sneakers... I wonder what they are doing right now? They made fools out of
    themselves. Why'd they do such a shameful thing? Well, they'd better go
    somewhere far... 
    Lance (Rudy):
    The things I sell may smell like salt, but please take the time to browse them.
    [You choose to speak with him.] Some people may make fun of you and say that
    you are good-natured. But, don't worry about them. I think a kind person can
    be more popular and, in the end, gain more than a skillful person.
    Lance (Cecilia): 
    The things I sell may smell like salt, but please take the time to browse them.
    [You choose to speak with him.] Without Bartholomew and Drake, this town is too
    quiet to be restful. I think item sales are declining, which makes me sad. 
    Dwayne (Jack):
    This is the port town, Timney. If you want to sail to Arctica, you should go to
    the other town that faces the inland sea. 
    Dwayne (Rudy):
    This is the port town, Timney. Sweet Candy sailed out, but the town parties on
    with sailors. 
    Dwayne (Cecilia):
    This is Timney, the beautiful port town that receives the blessing of the Sea
    Guardian, Lucadia. 
    Meggan (Jack):
    We have fresh fish today. If you stay here tonight, you'll have a good dinner.
    [You choose to speak with her.] There is this sailor who had a habit of saying
    'Arrrrrrrr' over there. I told all my customers about him saying, "Arrrrrrrr."
    I even imitated him doing it. Now I say 'Arrrrrrrr' without even realizing it.
    You think it's bad for a single woman to say 'Arrrrrrrr', don't you? 
    Meggan (Rudy):
    We have fresh fish today. If you stay here tonight, you'll have a good dinner.
    [You choose to speak with her.] He didn't seem interested in me, and I didn't
    see a woman around him. Naturally, I assumed he likes men... Then, he secretly
    bought a wedding dress. I guess he wanted to get married to a girl after all,
    Meggan (Cecilia):
    We have fresh fish today. If you stay here tonight, you'll have a good dinner.
    [You choose to speak with her.] Tell me the truth. I heard that you and I are
    not good enough for the Captain... Is it true? If so, I better find someone
    else because I'm not getting any younger. 
    Philip (Jack):
    I wish I could fly like a bird. That would be great. I heard that ancient
    people built a flying machine to fight the demons. I would fight demons if I
    got to fly. 
    Philip (Rudy): Standing up on a high place makes you feel like you conquered
    the town. Don't you feel that way? 
    Philip (Cecilia):
    The sea breeze is stronger now than when I was a child. I love the way it
    feels... It makes me want to sail my ship. I won't give up the way that I feel
    the wind or writing to my female pen pal. She told me that she looks forward
    to receiving my letters and that they give her energy and life. I guess my
    letters do for her what the wind does for me. That's why I'll always write her.
    Lulu (Jack):
    Welcome to my studio. What can I do for you today? [You choose to speak with
    her.] You put up with Captain Bartholomew's tall tales... Didn't you? ...You'd
    better not spoil a man like him that much. Once you spoil him, he will trouble
    you again, and again.
    Lulu (Rudy):
    Welcome to my studio. What can I do for you today? [You choose to speak with
    her.] Even though it doesn't complain, ARM is a living thing. Please treat it
    well, as you would your own arm. 
    Lulu (Cecilia):
    Welcome to my studio. What can I do for you today? [You choose to speak with
    her.] I had to change my mind about Captain Bartholomew when I heard that he
    got married to a seventeen-year-old girl... But look what happened, huh? It's
    just the kind of thing he'd do, and totally expected... Well, I suppose it is
    not easy for a man his age to find a good woman around his own age... 
    Maira (Jack):
    Welcome aboard! In order for you have a safe cruise, you must have suitable
    magic. [You choose to speak with her.] Timney traded with a country called
    Arctica a few years back. But one day ships from Arctica stopped coming in
    altogether. ...What could have happened in Arctica? 
    Maira (Rudy):
    Welcome aboard! In order for you have a safe cruise, you must have suitable
    magic. [You choose to speak with her.] There is another harbor located in the
    inland sea called the Ship Graveyard. Some just call it Yard, I think. I wonder
    what kind of town that is? Since they call it Ship Graveyard, maybe they have
    a lot of ghosts?
    Maira (Cecilia):
    Welcome aboard! In order for you have a safe cruise, you must have suitable
    magic. [You choose to speak with her.] I heard that Captain Bartholomew found
    a girl somewhere and had a fake wedding ceremony. Ahhh, that captain... What
    a playboy... If he'd called me, it would've been for real. 
    Wilbur (Jack):
    Hello, and welcome. I will get some tea and sweets for you. Why don't you check
    out the Monster Guide? [You choose to speak with him.] You should feel a
    special pride when filling in the Monster Guide. I have a dream in which my
    house is filled with various samples and skeletons. So I really understand how
    you feel. 
    Wilbur (Rudy):
    Hello, and welcome. I will get some tea and sweets for you. Why don't you check
    out the Monster Guide? [You choose to speak with him.] The ocean is deep and
    endless... I bet there are monsters in the water that are beyond our
    imagination. You wanderers must go out and find out for yourselves what lurks
    beyond the horizon. 
    Wilbur (Cecilia):
    Hello, and welcome. I will get some tea and sweets for you. Why don't you check
    out the Monster Guide? [You choose to speak with him.] Women look at my
    collection, especially the skeletons, as if they're grotesque. But we all have
    them in our bodies. 
    Moore (Jack):
    I went to a party yesterday and realized that those who have inherited money
    are very different than those who haven't. I didn't have anything to begin
    with, so when I get something I don't let it go... But, others don't have this
    attachment. Since they didn't work for what they have, it doesn't matter to
    Moore (Rudy):
    I arranged some flowers in a vase to brighten the room a bit. They're going
    to die soon, though... I don't want to feel sad when I discard the flowers.
    Maybe I won't buy any more... 
    Moore (Cecilia): 
    When I relax at home, I feel more like my own boss than when I'm at work. I
    suppose people instinctively like a place to relax more than a place to fight. 
    [ You leave town since there are no more people to whom you can talk.
    Meanwhile, back at the Photosphere... ]
    What comfort it brings to see a world on the verge of collapse, its beauty
    fading... What we see with our own eyes... All the blood, all the tragedy...
    Everything is not a dream, but reality... How delightful... 
    [All the Quarter Knights are gathered below her. Purple mist consumes Mother
    in her tank; parts of her break away. It is part of a transformation of sorts.]
    How can I express my happiness that our Holy Mother will be awakening again?
    I suppose we should thank the humans... The life of a planet that is bundled
    and connected by drops of tears will thus pour into Mother. ... ... ...
    [he holds out his hands] May we be given love and unlimited power!
    Oh, Mother!!! 
    [Mother's cocoon breaks away. She becomes a new being... The Quarter Knights
    watch wordlessly.]
    ...Zeik... My dear Zeik... and children... You have done well... Releasing me
    from my confines... Awakening me from that horrifying spell... 
    We, the Quarter Knights... We have been waiting patiently for you to awaken. 
    How nice, Zeik... From now on, I won't burden you. It is my turn now to show
    my 'love' to everyone... ...Yes, to everyone and everything... Devastation,
    mayhem, and ruin... Annihilation, death, and destruction... 
    Then, my Mother... Only then will we rule this world... Will we rule and unify
    Filgaia as our second Saturn Hiades! 
    Rule? Unify? I am surprised you speak that way, Zeik. ... ... ... I have no
    such desire...I seek the glow that a dying human sheds... The last moments
    before his life ends... After I destroy Filgaia, I will move onto the next
    world and continue... This endless spiral... 
    What?! An endless spiral???? It doesn't make sense...! [rests his hand on his
    chest] I am confused, Mother... Are we not fighting...to win a world to live
    in? To regain a lost home? Our lost home, Hiades? Hiades! 
    Saturn Hiades is just another world I turned to dirt and dust... You were only
    just born then, so you couldn't realize what was going on. I am the absolute
    destroyer. It is who I am... It is what I do... Destroy, murder, and ruin...
    Annihilate, consume, and exterminate... It was I who destroyed Hiades... 
    If it was you who destroyed our home... ... ... ... W-Well then... After
    Filgaia is destroyed, what will happen to us?! 
    Oh, my dear Zeik... Do not anguish... I will take care of all those who
    survive. You will be the vessel of my next existence... Like all previous
    Quarter Knights, when a world is destroyed your role is finished... Then I,
    your Mother, shall bond with one of your lives. ...No greater joy exists... 
    [The screen cuts to our three - Hanpan, okay, he makes four - heroes who are
    just about to leave Port Timney. Jack and Rudy are walking until they look
    behind them and see Cecilia, who had stopped and touched her head with her
    right hand, leaning into it and closing her eyes.]
    What's wrong, Princess?
    The Holy Mother is now free, released from the seal... And it's about to engulf
    Filgaia... This is the last time that... ...we will be heard... ...but all is
    not lost... 
    The Guardians' voices were drowned out by something very big. It's as if they
    were being blocked... 
    Finally it has awakened... 
    [Rudy nods. Jack shakes his head and balls his fist.]
    But that doesn't mean they can just do whatever they want! [puts his hand down]
    We must find a ship going to Arctica. We must get through the Sand River and
    find the port town we were told about!! 
    [Rudy and Cecilia nod. You finally depart from Port Timney, head to the Elw
    Pyramid, and make your way to Milama!]
    Part IX. -The Sand River, Ship Graveyard, and the Ghost Ship-
    [Our trio walks into Milama and speaks with all of the NPCs.] 
    Xaviera (Jack):
    When Arctica was destroyed a few years ago, my childhood friend was there. I
    have not heard anything from here since... No, no, she has to be alive. I have
    high hopes for seeing her again. 
    Xaviera (Rudy):
    Beyond the northwestern cave of the 'Sand River' is the harbor also known as
    the 'Ship Graveyard'. Merchants used to sail their ships from there to northern
    Arctica for business. But after Arctica fell, no one travelled to the 
    'Ship Graveyard' anymore. Nowadays, the cave is home to monsters, and they say
    the 'Ship Graveyard' is haunted. 
    Xaveria (Cecilia):
    I heard the monkey that lives at the 'Sand River' has a set of sharp eyes. I
    also heard he is well groomed, so he must be someone's pet. 
    Sadie (Jack):
    I was a little scared to ask my dad... But he put medicine on the turtle to
    fix his arm. I was so glad... 
    Sadie (Rudy):
    My turtle is always with me. He even has dinner with me and my dad. My turtle
    uses the plate I used last year. 
    Sadie (Cecilia): 
    My turtle got lost once... When he came back, though, he brought a few new
    friends. ...We are friends, right? 
    Keith (Jack):
    It is a great day, isn't it? What can I do for you? [You choose to speak with
    him.] How can that white monkey live by the Sand River? It's a challenge for
    humans to survive in that area for just a day... That monkey is pretty
    determined to stay there. I need to learn from him and start putting effort
    into my business.
    Keith (Rudy): It is a great day, isn't it? What can I do for you? [You choose
    to speak with him.] There is a round-faced cat that lives behind the Magic
    Guild shop. He is a strange one. When I had the map laid out on my desk, he
    came to sit on my lap and started studying the map. He must really like the
    map, you know? What a funny cat. 
    Keith (Cecilia): It is a great day, isn't it? What can I do for you? [You
    choose to speak with him.] The white monkey at Sand River always stares at me
    as if to tell me something. But I just cannot figure out what the monkey's
    thinking, you know? 
    Bibby (Jack):
    This is just between you and me... I have noticed creaking noises coming from
    buildings throughout town. And the water level seems to be down... Pumping the
    water up may be causing the ground to sink. 
    Bibby (Rudy): Maybe because of the Guardian Temple our 'Water Town' is blessed
    with a fantastic water supply. But there have been times when I have had to
    adjust the watergate in times of water shortages. 
    Bibby (Cecilia):
    Only a highly skilled technician like me should be working on the watergate.
    People's lives and sanitation depend on a stable water supply. 
    Carlton (Jack):
    A white monkey has lived at the Sand River ever since anyone can remember. The
    pretty monkey has big, round eyes, and is almost glamorous. I am actually
    writing a short story about the monkey. 
    Carlton (Rudy):
    I am fascinated by ARMs... It's the ultimate machine. But I am frightened to
    even imagine myself using an ARM. I guess I'm just too weak and lack the will. 
    Carlton (Cecilia):
    Over the Sand River is an enormous dune, also known as 'Ground Zero'. The dry
    winds travel across the desolate ground... I'm going to write a story about
    Kitty (Cecilia):
    What a nice day. My whole body smells like dried leaves. I love it. My owner
    loves it when I snuggle up right next to him on a day like this. 
    Rosa (Jack):
    The blessing of the Guardians enable us to create such fantastic wine. But the
    wine's taste has not been very great over the past few years. This must mean
    that the power of the Guardian has waned... 
    Rosa (Rudy):
    Ah, wine tastes great after a tough day at work. We humans love the simple
    pleasures in life, don't we?
    Rosa (Cecilia):
    My mother said the reason our water is so clean is because it has been blessed
    by the Guardian. But I don't think that's all of it. Our water is clean because
    everyone in this town is devoted to our water. We even named ourselves 
    'Water Town'. 
    Bloodhound (Cecilia):
    Hey, I have always wanted to ask a human this. Do you humans also have habits
    you can't break? I've been trying to stop myself from smelling everything! But
    I keep shoving my nose everywhere. 
    Shiela (Jack):
    Welcome. I specialize in fire and water magic. [You choose to speak with her.]
    I saw Montague at the marketplace yesterday. He said he was busy as usual...
    But I think he just pretends to look busy. With this horrible attitude, I will
    never find a boyfriend. 
    Shiela (Rudy):
    Welcome. I specialize in fire and water magic. [You choose to speak with her.]
    There is a desolate harbor town along the shore past the Sand River. It is
    also known as the 'Ship Graveyard'. Not many people go there these days. 
    Shiela (Cecilia): 
    Welcome. I specialize in fire and water magic. [You choose to speak with her.]
    I'm sorry to be nosy, but I have to ask you this... Why did you leave your
    hometown to become a wanderer? I'm sure you get this question a lot. I'm sure
    you have profound reasons, too. I thought maybe you'd like to talk about it
    with someone. 
    Matthew (Jack):
    I'm the ARM Meister Extraordinaire! But don't ask me about anything else, heh.
    [You choose to speak with him.] My daughter was crying early in the morning on
    my day off. I asked her why she was crying, but I could not understand what she
    said. So I tried to go back to bed... And then I saw that one of her precious
    dolls had one of its arms torn off. I put the arm back on with some superglue
    from my shop. There was no way I was going to be able to sew it back on.
    Matthew (Rudy):
    I'm the ARM Meister Extraordinaire! But don't ask me about anything else, heh.
    [You choose to speak with him.] I have just realized something. My daughter has
    never asked me about the whereabouts of her mother. It hurts to know that she's
    been thoughtful enough not to ask me that question. 
    Matthew (Cecilia): 
    I'm the ARM Meister Extraordinaire! But don't ask me about anything else, heh.
    [You choose to speak with him.] Sigh... How many ARM Meisters do you know who
    can bake great bread? I suppose I'm getting old. And, I am sure my old friends
    would get a kick out of my new talent. 
    Ugly Cat (Cecilia):
    My friends tell me I have a strange hobby: I love to eat, groom, and study
    maps. My dream was to travel the entire world and create the most accurate map
    ever... But you know I'm only a cat. I cannot possibly accomplish that...
    ...So, I need your help. Would you please travel all around the world and fill
    in the empty spots on this map? ...Please, wonderful wanderers. This is all for
    the pretty cat purring right before you! 
    [You go to the bar.]
    Ramsey (Jack):
    Every time I see the bar owner, he's busy running around... But it is not like
    the bar is full of customers. I am starting to wonder what exactly the owner
    is doing half the time.  
    Ramsey (Rudy):
    Outside the town, you will see a small shack, which is where the
    watergate-opening valve is... I tried to open the gate once, but even a strong
    guy like me could not rate the valve.
    Ramsey (Cecilia):
    'Water bears fruitfulness in our hearts. Milama...ah Milama...' Well, I'm not
    much of a poet. 
    Montague (Jack): 
    One thing after the other. I am so busy today... Well, hello. Can I help you?
    [You choose to speak with him.] Ah... Today was a busy day again. Why can't I
    find anyone to work here? 
    Montague (Rudy):
    One thing after the other. I am so busy today... Well, hello. Can I help you?
    [You choose to speak with him.] Past the Sand River lies a huge sand dune
    called 'Ground Zero'. I wonder when and how that sand dune was formed? 
    Montague (Cecilia):
    One thing after the other. I am so busy today... Well, hello. Can I help you?
    [You choose to speak with him.] I know, you would like some chow mein. How
    would you like it? We've got it with beef, chicken, pork, prawns, and
    vegetables. ...Pick anything you want. 
    [You exit the town of Milama and head for the Sand River. At the sand river...]
    White Chimp:
    I'm the one from that day... This body is a memory from past to present... You
    can link my heart to the future by following my tracks. I will link it to the
    coming future... 
    [The chimp runs over to a nearby wall, twirls, and makes a passageway appear
    in the rock.]
    ... ... ... The monkey spoke to us as an equal! 
    It seems it wants us to follow it... Shall we? 
    [All of them nod.]
    But... That monkey... I feel like I met it somewhere... 
    Jack, you have lots of friends that aren't human. 
    [Hanpan hops out onto his arm.]
    Shut up! What are you trying to say? 
    [We see the chimp yet again and speak with him.]
    White Chimp:
    Blue before white, blue after red, and white before black. Follow this order
    to follow my track. 
    [After going through a puzzle and going through another room or two, you again
    come upon the white chimp.]
    White Chimp:
    You are quite good. You could keep up with me... But the way still continues...
    Follow me! Don't lose your way... 
    [You continue on your path and come across him again.]
    White Chimp:
    You can exit just ahead of this. Though it's up to you what you grasp in ground
    zero... I will pray for your future to be bright. 
    [You leave the Sand River. If you return and talk to the monkey, he will say...]
    White Chimp:
    The body may come to an end, but wishes never die. A dying wish is merely your
    will continuing into the future. You realize that, right? My master cherished
    the possibility of his life continuing on. The meaning of the future is to walk
    without fear of the past and convert wishes into being. It's possible if you
    have the will... That's my master's teaching. I now pass it to you. 
    [He twirls, opening another passage leading to two chests. You enter it.]
    That monkey which led us... I saw him somewhere... But where? Where did he go?
    [And with that, you head to the Ship Graveyard. Once you arrive, you start
    speaking with the townsfolk.]
    Owen (Jack):
    Welcome to the Ship Graveyard. If you came looking for a ship, you may want to
    head to the western harbor. However, we haven't seen any good ships for a
    Owen (Rudy):
    This is the Ship Graveyard. The wind and currents around here tend to flow
    toward this town. That's why the wreckage of ships that sank in the inland sea
    reach this shore. 
    Owen (Cecilia):
    This is the Ship Graveyard. This town's glory days are long gone, but you can
    still see beautiful sunsets. 
    Easy Gull (Cecilia):
    When my wings are ruffled by the breeze in a strange way, it is a sign that
    strange objects will drift ashore. My feathers are tousled now, so this means
    something strange may wash ashore in a few days. 
    Scott (Jack):
    I have been selling the sound of the waves and memories of sea breezes for a
    long time. Would you like to buy one? [You choose to speak with him.] They say
    the Guardian Blade that everyone is searching for is a sword of ultimate power.
    I wonder if a sword imbued with the Guardians' powers would be as strong as it
    was a thousand years ago? 
    Scott (Rudy):
    I have been selling the sound of the waves and memories of sea breezes for a
    long time. Would you like to buy one? [You choose to speak with him.] Once a
    lively port town, Yard is all but deserted now. That's because we don't have
    Arctica to trade with anymore. I don't mind it being deserted like some
    off-season resort, but I do miss customers. 
    Scott (Cecilia):
    I have been selling the sound of the waves and memories of sea breezes for a
    long time. Would you like to buy one? [You choose to speak with him.] Wanderers
    who visit this town are those who have heard of the Guardian Blade or of the
    legendary heartless Giant. Which one of these are you looking for? 
    Norman (Jack):
    ...What can I do for you? [You choose to speak with him.] The ARM will never
    betray me, and I will never betray the ARM... 
    Norman (Rudy):
    ...What can I do for you? [You choose to speak with him.] The shrine of Elw...
    It is a legacy left by advanced beings, where strange things sometimes happen.
    The wanderer who came by a few days ago was heading for Timney, but he was
    transported elsewhere... Goes to show that there are still a lot of unsolved
    mysteries in this world, huh? 
    Norman (Cecilia):
    ...What can I do for you? [You choose to speak with him.] While I was away from
    the shop, taking [????], [???] wanderer came by to modify her ARM... And, it
    turns out she was the famous 'Calamity Jane'! ...I lost a rare chance to modify
    an ARM that is well-used... 
    Theresa (Jack):
    Welcome. I will supply your party with magic I learned at Curan Abbey.
    [You choose to speak with her.] When I stand here all day long, my clothes
    start to smell like fish. The fish smell is hard to get rid of, even when I
    wash my clothes. 
    Theresa (Rudy):
    Welcome. I will supply your party with magic I learned at Curan Abbey. [You
    choose to speak with her.] This is not a fashionable town, but I like it the
    way it is. The only thing I can't stand is the constant flow of objects
    drifting ashore... 
    Theresa (Cecilia):
    Welcome. I will supply your party with magic I learned at Curan Abbey. [You
    choose to speak with her.] Have you already met Jocelyn? She loves puzzles. She
    lives at the far western house. I like her a lot. She minds her own business
    and doesn't speak ill of others. 
    Lionel (Jack):
    I like to sit on the beach with my dog, drink sake, and watch the stars. The
    Star Guardian that shines in the night sky... The Sea Guardian that patrols
    the ocean... The Wind Guardian that whips through the air... It's like I can
    hear their whispers and listen to them singing. I feel it in my bones. You
    gotta just let your heart enjoy it... 
    Lionel (Rudy):
    My hobby is sorting through and collecting objects that drift to shore. A few
    days ago, I picked up some fish that was probably some ship's lost cargo. A
    town like this where I can just get along and keep myself busy with random
    stuff like that...it's the perfect place for me, y'know?
    Lionel (Cecilia):
    Do you know, Miss, there is a scary story of a ghost ship that has been told
    from ancient times at the Yard? About a mysterious yet imposing giant black
    steel ship, engulfed in a dense fog for 1000 years. The sailors on board are
    not aware of their death and keep working for their captain... who is... a
    GHOST! Scary, huh? 
    Frisky Dog:
    We dogs have heart, too. I enjoy sitting on the beach, watching the waves, and
    listening to Grandpa's words. I think if I lost my heart, all I'd do is sleep.
    I wouldn't want to take walks with Grandpa or chase Tiny Edges on the beach.
    That is why I think that sleeping giant just sleeps, because he doesn't have
    a heart. 
    Claudia (Jack):
    I heard Dan and his wife were attacked by the monster called Gigamantis that
    lives inside Gento Soen. Dan regrets to this day that he fled, leaving his
    wife Anna behind. 
    Claudia (Rudy):
    Twenty years ago, my husband sailed out on a ship to search for the Heartless
    Giant. But then he disappeared into the ocean. I decided to live here in the
    hopes of finding his dead body... But, it's not easy, you know? 
    Claudia (Cecilia):
    They say that the giant's heart is divided in two, one side good, the other
    evil... I've always fancied that idea. Without the two sides, both good and
    bad, the giant's heart would not be complete. 
    Aki (Jack):
    Welcome. I cannot provide luxurious linens, but I can offer you a cozy room
    and a smile. [You choose to speak with her.] Dan should forget what happened
    and start a new life for himself... I don't think that just because you
    destroyed someone's life, you should destroy your own life, too. 
    Aki (Rudy):
    Welcome. I cannot provide luxurious linens, but I can offer you a cozy room
    and a smile. [You choose to speak with her.] There were three wanderers, Dan,
    his wife Anna, and Pegucchi, who headed to Gento Soen. During the expedition
    they were attacked by a ferocious monster called Gigamantis. Only Dan and
    Pegucchi escaped the wrath of the horrible creature. When Dan returned he
    built a hut here. Now he spends his days mourning his wife.
    Aki (Cecilia):
    Welcome. I cannot provide luxurious linens, but I can offer you a cozy room
    and a smile. [You choose to speak with her.] They say that the Guardian Blade,
    created by an Elw blacksmith, can cut through the planet. I wonder why the Elw,
    who had such power, disappeared from Filgaia. 
    I know this is random, but do you know about the Puzzle Box ruins? Somewhere
    on Filgaia, there's a very strange and ancient set of ruins. No one knows who
    built them. They say the Puzzle Box holds within it the essence of all puzzles
    and that its solutions are equally beautiful and artistic... Please! Go find
    the mysterious Puzzle Box ruins! And, share with me its secrets! Then, I can
    create an even greater puzzle! 
    [You speak with her again.]
    Jocelyn (Jack):
    Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention this... "Look at the flip side, and maybe
    it will bring you luck." It is an old adage that has been passed down from
    generation to generation in my family, but I have no idea what it means. 
    Jocelyn (Rudy):
    For starts... I suggest you head over to the puzzle box located east of the
    strange rock in the desert. According to my sources that puzzle box is
    relatively easy for a beginner. 
    Jocelyn (Cecilia): 
    There's a puzzle box right nearby... But remember, these boxes do not show
    up on the map... To find a puzzle box, you'll need to rely on your instincts. 
    Blind Gull (Cecilia):
    My grandpa used to say that a long time ago, Yard, and all the land around it,
    was the scene of the Final Battle. He also said Ground Zero was created from
    this battle. It was the price we paid to win. I wonder if it's true? 
    [At last you travel to the hut on the westernmost house and speak with Dan the
    I am the man who escaped and lost his wife... I want you to find from amid the
    ruins a keepsake of my wife, whom I deserted... I am ashamed in my request,
    but you're wanderers... Won't you accept my plea? 
    [He won't say anything if you refuse, so let's pick 'yes'.]
    I was very eager then to become a famous wanderer. It was the Guardian Blade
    that I was seeking... A legend in this region. I was young, and I believed
    that putting myself in danger was courageous, but it quickly led us to ruin.
    [bows head] Furthermore... There was no Guardian Blade at Gento Soen.
    Before long, I was separated from my wife, and I barely survived to return...
    All I am left with is this crippled leg...
    [He looks over at Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia.]
    I ask you to please go to Gento Soen and find my wife's keepsake, the last
    evidence of her life. Gento Soen is southeast of this town... In the desert
    is a strangely shaped rock; Gento Soen is directly south of that. Please don't
    let me down...
    [You speak with Dan again.]
    Dan (Jack):
    What you seek may be an illusion... At Gento Soen, you will need a good eye to
    distinguish between real and fake. Be careful not to be confused by false
    illusions which swirl around Gento Soen. 
    Dan (Rudy):
    'Gento Soen' is the shrine of the Guardian of Light. There are illusions cast
    throughout the shrine; it makes it difficult for wanderers to find their way
    Dan (Cecilia): 
    Gento Soen is proof that the Guardian of Light exists. Please find my wife's
    keepsake... The bracelet that I gave her as a gift. 
    [The wanderers take to the desert and, well, wander all the way to Gento Soen.
    The plaque in the first room reads...]
    An optical illusion. The power to grasp the illusion indicates the way.
    [You continue through Gento Soen. After killing the two Gigamantis monsters
    and acquiring Anna's bracelet, you confront the Guardian dwelling in the back
    of the ruins.]
    This is a labyrinth where truth was covered. Shaman...release me... Cast light
    over the world with my power... Before this world is covered with fear, sorrow,
    and despair. Open the future with my light... 
    [The light collects in Cecilia's palms in the form of the 'Flash Hit' medium.
    You warp back to the entrance and leave back to the Ship Graveyard. You speak
    with Dan, Anna's Bracelet in hand.]
    This is...!? I am sure this is the bracelet my wife, Anna, was wearing... 
    ...Well done. I appreciate that you brought this back... ...Thank you... If we
    did not mistake courage for recklessness, we would have led a different life...
    It is such irony that you don't realize you have the power to protect something
    precious until you lose it... 
    [to himself] Courage...and...recklessness... 
    Anyone can believe that flaunting power is courageous, but it is meaningless.
    Only if you use your power to protect that which is truly precious... Then,
    that is something you can truly call courage. 
    [closes his eyes] (If you call it courage...then I...)
    This is... the sword I used when I was a wanderer. It is old, but it has a
    secret power. I am sure you will find it very useful... Please accept it as
    a reward. 
    [Jack takes the sword and obtains from it a Fast Draw. You speak with him
    Dan (Jack):
    True strength is the power to protect something, not the power to defeat
    Dan (Rudy):
    I used to think that the only way to prove my strength was to rush headlong
    and recklessly into unknown areas. I never imagined this would lead me to my
    current state, where I fully realize my weakness. 
    Dan (Cecilia):
    I used to think it was important to have the power to destroy anything. Now,
    I realize what is important is knowing what to protect... 
    [When you leave the hut...]
    A ship has arrived at the West Harbor! 
    [You mosey on over to the West Harbor. When you get there, you notice a
    familiar face waving at you cheerfully.]
    Heeey! It's me! It's me! 
    [The three wanderers approach him.]
    They said that a ship just arrived... It was your Sweet Candy, huh? 
    Whoa, talk about friends with perfect timing! I'm so glad I ran into you guys.
    You're sure to rescue me from my troubles!! 
    Oh my, it sounds serious. 
    Don't say that. You'll lend me a hand again, right? Don't worry, it won't be
    like last time. 
    First tell us what your request is, then we'll make a decision. 
    OK, you won't regret it! Well, my request is that... Well, see, I encountered 
    a... ...a ghost ship in the outer sea... For a long time, a ghost ship legend
    existed in this area and bothered the sailors. Now we cannot sail and trade
    safely! If we lose business, it will impact lives here! That would be bad,
    [He points at the three of them briefly.]
    This is where you come in! I want you to put an end to the ghost ship legend. 
    [You are given two choices!]
    2. We cannot take this job. 
    Don't be that way, my friends... This is not just for my own sake, but for the
    people of this town. 
    [Well, you are forced to choose the first one.]
    1.Resolve the ghost ship trouble. 
    That is more like it, my friends! I knew you would take this job!! 
    [Jack rests his hand on Rudy's head, and the young gunman winces at this
    This good-natured one always will. But, not me. I think negotiating a reward
    for the request is the natural thing to do. 
    [Jack leaves Rudy alone; Bartholomew rests his chin on his fist.]
    ...Yeah, of course... 
    We want to cross the inland sea and head toward the Arctica region. We are
    looking for a ship. You know that, don't you? 
    ...Ugh, hmmm... ...Yeah... This is the second time you've helped me... If I
    don't return the favor now, I am not worthy of being a sea man! [nods]
    It's a deal!! 
    [hops up in victory] Yes!
    [smiling] We somehow managed it. 
    Not so fast! No ride until you complete this job. Don't rush. Anyhow! Let's
    solve the ghost ship trouble. Tell me when you are ready. 
    [You speak with the nearby sailors.]
    Herschell (Jack):
    Why's Tom mumblin' while he stares at the sea? He's never been one to talk to
    Herschell (Rudy):
    Tom's been staring at the sea a lot lately. I wonder if he's got something on
    his mind? Maybe it's about a girl? He's never been the type to mutter to
    himself, either. 
    Herschell (Cecilia):
    He sighs and looks off in the distance... Tom even does it when he's riggin'.
    Did he fall in love with some woman? 
    Tom (Jack):
    Having something bad happen to your hometown would really get to you, wouldn't
    it? Well, my country, Adlehyde, was destroyed by a band of demons... I heard
    that everyone is scraping by now and trying to get things rebuilt. Most
    people don't even have a house! ...My friends are having a hard time.
    Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't be bounding about on the sea. ...It really
    makes me think. 
    Tom (Rudy):
    I heard that my hometown, Adlehyde, was destroyed by the demons. I haven't been
    back that much... I remember when I was a kid, I lived on a nice, old street.
    It makes me sentimental thinking about it... 
    Tom (Cecilia):
    I heard that my hometown, Adlehyde, was destroyed in a demon attack... 
    I haven't been back since I left for sea... But, if you lose something that
    you thought would always be around, it hurts... I feel like an anchor's
    weighing down my heart... 
    [You speak with Bartholomew again.]
    We'll get close to them in the Sweet Candy, then sneak right aboard with this
    dinghy. Actually, it's you guys who'll do the sneaking. Anyway, ready? 
    2.We need a little more time. 
    You look like you're ready, but you can't be too careful. 
    [You talk to him again and choose the first choice.]
    1.We are ready to leave. 
    OK, now! Let's get that ghost ship!! 
    [We then see the three wanderers plus their wind mouse companion on a small
    boat; they accompanied by Bartholomew and the sailor Herschell, who is paddling
    with the oar.]
    Captain Bartholomew:
    The whole ship is metal... A coffin compared to my ship. A ghost ship...
    Maybe it's a battleship... It may have been built during the period of wars,
    from our history. 
    In that case, this has wandered without peace since then. ...Is there anything
    we can do? 
    To do anything about it, we'll first have to get there. Captain, check the
    surroundings of this ghost ship a little more. Find a place where we can board! 
    Captain Bartholomew:
    [somewhat frightened] ...I, I can't get a hold of myself. ...I will leave it
    to you. 
    [Once the trio is on the ship...]
    Captain Bartholomew:
    If you feel the need, come back here soon...
    [You're left to explore the inner reaches of the Ghost Ship. In one of the
    back rooms, a machine reads...]
    *The start trigger of the terminal is similar to the ARM that Rudy uses. 
    [You switch to Rudy and examine it.]
    *The start trigger of the terminal is similar to the ARM that Rudy uses.
    Rudy sets his finger on the trigger, closes his eyes, and connects his heart
    to it, as he uses ARM... 
    [All of the machines in the room suddenly gain power.]
    It started...?! 
    Did Rudy start it? 
    [Rudy shrugs.]
    This is a battleship built 1000 years ago to fight against monsters... In
    other words, this is a super ARM. Because of that, Rudy could start it just
    like he uses his ARM...
    But... How can Rudy's heart and ARM connect? Would it be possible for me if
    I practiced or received some kind of special training or something? 
    Probably impossible for you to connect your heart to ARM. It requires a born
    compatibility or a natural gift. Rudy and Calamity Jane are probably born with
    a very rare talent. ... ... ... But, honestly, I'm surprised by Rudy's ability.
    I know of no human written in folklore who can connect his heart to a complex
    machine like this. 
    [to Rudy] You look innocent, but you really are a genius. 
    [Rudy shakes his head.]
    Even if he is a genius, Rudy is Rudy. I don't think of him any differently. 
    [You read the nearby computer monitors.]
    Fragments of information are displayed on the terminal. 
    >>The Allies of Filgaia have started development of a powerful alloy to
    confront the steel-bodied Monsters. We are pursuing a destructive power that
    is superior to the Monsters'. We have started from the study of bio-mechanics
    based on the composition of the invaders' bodies. Our studies have come up with
    two possible answers: Development of a giant mechanical weapon called Golem for
    use in battle over a wide area using maximum fire power... And a smaller, more
    mobile weapons system called ARM. 
    Fragments of information are displayed on the terminal.
    >>The study of Golem as a weapon (???)
    Special - Concentration of Functionality. 
    >>The Golem was designed using the monster bio-mechanical structure as a motif.
    It formed a Giant with fighting ability. But, the possibility of an enemy
    capturing a Golem and gaining control over its destructive powers was too
    great a risk. We used the Golem as a guide to develop a new weapon...
    Fragments of corrupted data are displayed on the terminal.
    >>parts of the Golem structure have # 
    been diverted to the body of #... 
    It is AV@.
    >>increases the effect of [] at a rate... It is high portability and replaces
    the Golem.
    >>will not be available for a time due to... unsuitable factors
    >>We need to enable... / and enhance the tuning. 
    >>[^*<-- Plan]... it was hoped to create ...artificially, a new form / life
    with the #'s + metal 
    >>^* designed[Thinking] installed... type... bio-circuitry conscious of all
    its actions
    >>superior characteristics... /, once ... invested.
    >>AV@ and ^ were joined together... it was + as one and a perfect weapon.
    [Moving on, you check a computer next to a sealed door.]
    >>Release the lock?
    [Okay, sounds good. You come across a little kit along the way...]
    It's simple.
    Give first aid by using the emergency kit.
    [...and continue on your journey. At the forefront of the ship, you engage in
    a boss fight against a ghost called Captain Geist.]
    As Captain Geist vanished the ghost ship swayed! The ghost ship is not real and
    gradually collapses... Before it's completely collapsed, you have to escape
    from the ghost ship! 
    [And so you do escape. The three wanderers make it back to the small boat and
    watch the battleship sink into the depths. A beam of light shoots up from the
    ocean after it capsizes completely, clearing the dark clouds and making
    everything blue and pretty again. Rudy and Cecilia give each other hi-fives;
    Jack has a triumphant look on his face. Back at the Ship Graveyard...]
    You guys have helped me out twice! If I don't repay you now, I should be struck
    with constant seasickness! Please use my ship. Do you have a special reason for
    going? My ship can easily take you across the inland sea! But, if you don't
    mind my asking, why in the world are you traveling all over Filgaia? 
    Rudy and the others told Bartholomew what had happened... About the demons, the
    Guardians, and the Teardrop that was stolen... 
    Whoa... It's hard to believe all that happened, and I never heard about it...
    This is really exciting! Well, while you're at sea, anyway, you can trust in
    my partner Sweet Candy!
    [A man in a light green bandanna comes off of the ship and looks at the
    Captain Bartholomew, sorry for interrupting, but I must ask you for a huge
    favor! As you have heard my hometown Adlehyde was destroyed by those demons.
    Everyone's banded together to rebuild, but a lot of critical people are
    gone... Everybody's worried... 
    So Captain... I'm asking to leave. I'm sorry to ask this of you now... But I
    want to restore Adlehyde to how it was before! 
    Oh yeah, you were gonna be an architect, huh? Well, I'm sorry to hear that...
    You're a fine sailor, and a sailor should always be there for his mates! And,
    you're needed at home! So, get going to Adlehyde! Me an the Sweet Candy will
    be just fine. 
    Thanks, Captain! Thank you very much! I will always remember this.
    Tom, I am the one who should be thanking you. I know you will help restore
    Adlehyde to her former glory. Thank you. 
    I'm just a carpenter, but I'll do my best to meet your expectations! Oh yeah!
    A while ago, I noticed you guys had a tool box, right? If you're not using it
    now, can you sell it to me? It would be very helpful. 
    [Rudy nods and hands Tom the toolbox. Tom examines it and then looks back at
    the blue-haired kid.]
    Thank you! I will leave for Adlehyde right away with this tool box! [bows to
    Bartholomew] Well, Captain, thank you for everything. I wish you fair sailing,
    [Tom walks off.]
    I'm quite familiar with Tom's repair skills. We never had to fix the same thing
    twice with him aboard. You can count on him. He'll restore Adlehyde to what it
    was... No, it will be even better than before! Well, we have supplies to stow
    and rigs to get ready. We'll be ready for the sea in no time! Come by when
    you're ready! 
    [You speak with all the NPCs before leaving.]
    Theresa (Jack):
    There is a town called Rosetta, over the mountains, south of Yard. Rosetta has
    an interesting ambience. You should visit it. 
    Theresa (Rudy):
    There is a town called Rosetta to the south, over the Mountains. It is a lovely
    town... But, the people living there are kinda different from what you would
    Theresa (Cecilia):
    There is a nun who lives, to the south, in Rosetta Town. I'm a little worried
    because she hasn't written me in a while. I hope she is all right. 
    Lionel (Jack):
    I'm glad you've found a ship to cross the sea with. Now you can reach the
    Giant's Cradle to the northwest. 
    Lionel (Rudy):
    A rare blue stone drifted ashore... Could it be the key to the Giant's Cradle,
    which is northwest of here? 
    Lionel (Cecilia):
    If you head from Adlehyde along the shore to Arctica, you will see an inlet
    surrounded with mountains and shallow water. If you go inland through there
    and head toward the mountains, rumors say that there are mysterious ruins near
    there. Since you have a ship, you may as well stop by there, huh? 
    Dan (Jack):
    A swordsman's technique must also account for the particular sword's power and
    blade type. That is why the swordsman must train in techniques that grasp the
    essence of fighting and using different weapon types. Otherwise... Hone your
    technique; the sword should be dependent on its master, not the master
    dependent on their sword. 
    Dan (Rudy):
    A fighter should always maintain and upgrade their weapons especially if they
    have an ARM. But, you shouldn't just modify your weapon with only attack power
    in mind. It is important to consider your particular battle style and take
    advantage of ARM modifications that play to your strengths. 
    Dan (Cecilia):
    Crests are easy to create and undo. It's a good technique to switch to magic
    that's more suitable for a particular setting. But don't always feel you should
    change just to fit the situation. Sometimes you may want to change the magic
    to suit your fighting style. 
    Claudia (Jack):
    This place used to run a regular ship that brought traders to Arctica. But
    since its mysterious destruction a few years ago, Arctica lacks a port where
    we could dock a ship. Now this village is just a lonely harbor town where
    commercial ships only stop to refuel as they crisscross the inland sea. 
    Claudia (Rudy):
    There is a legend. Those who seek the Heartless Giant should look for the
    pieces of his heart. One half is a blue, good heart... ...the other is a red,
    vicious heart. Neither a good heart nor a vicious heart alone will awaken the
    sleeping giant...
    Claudia (Cecilia):
    In a cradle, a heartless giant quietly waits for the day to come when his
    broken heart is mended... To awaken the Giant, put his heart, broken into two
    pieces, back together. 
    Aki (Jack):
    Welcome. I cannot provide luxurious linens, but I can offer you a cozy room
    and a smile. [You choose to speak with her.] The snowy lands of Arctica? I 
    heard that the demons had something to do with Arctica's destruction. Although,
    none of it's confirmed since I've never heard of a survivor. But I do know one
    thing... There's no place for a boat to land near Arctica. And, any wanderers
    who went there never returned. 
    Aki (Rudy):
    Welcome. I cannot provide luxurious linens, but I can offer you a cozy room
    and a smile. [You choose to speak with her.] You guys are headed for Arctica
    to the northwest? You should just give up. There aren't any harbors on that
    continent for landing safely on the inland sea's shore. 
    Aki (Cecilia):
    Welcome. I cannot provide luxurious linens, but I can offer you a cozy room
    and a smile. [You choose to speak with her.] Arctica to the northwest. It was
    also known as 'the royal kingdom in the snow', a name that was from ancient
    times. And, it was a great kingdom, but a few years ago it was destroyed...
    I wonder what brought Arctica its ruin? 
    Scott (Jack):
    I have been selling the sound of the waves and memories of sea breezes for a
    long time. Would you like to buy one? [You choose to speak with him.]
    Swordsman, do you know of the magic sword whose deadly strike resembles the
    power of the Guardian Blade? It is called 'Doom Bringer', and it does what its
    name suggests. It was lost 1000 years ago, they say. Well, the name isn't so
    unappealing that it'd stop wanderers like you from searching for it, huh?
    Scott (Rudy):
    I have been selling the sound of the waves and memories of sea breezes for a
    long time. Would you like to buy one? [You choose to speak with him.] Speaking
    of Bartholomew, I know he had a rival named Drake. I have not heard anything
    about him lately though. I wonder where in the world he disappeared to? I'm
    sure Bartholomew misses him. There is a saying... "Those who fight are good
    Scott (Cecilia):
    I have been selling the sound of the waves and memories of sea breezes for a
    long time. Would you like to buy one? [You choose to speak with him.] A ship
    is convenient, but we cannot even dock or cross the shallow water. Arctica's
    bridge has fallen and it's not accessible either from the inland or the outer
    sea. Now it's just a no-man's land. 
    Owen (Jack):
    If you find a way to the inland sea... ...you can get to Rosetta. It's along
    the seashore to the west, over the mountains. But, remember there is a
    ferocious monster living in the sand dunes around Rosetta. Be sure to avoid
    the dunes. Watch where you walk, OK? 
    Owen (Rudy):
    If you catch a ship from the Yard and travel to the west, you'll find a town
    called Rosetta. But, it might be better to go by land. Just don't go near the
    sand dune. I know you boys want an adventure, but you'd better listen to an
    old man. 
    Owen (Cecilia):
    I heard that the last battle of the Great Water took place between here and
    Rosetta, which is west just down the shore. The weapons used then were so
    powerful they not only drove away the demons but also greatly weakened the
    Guardians. Maybe that's why this region is barren and covered in sand. It's
    also probably why the monsters around Rosetta are so strong. 
    [Hmm, if we use the clues that Owen provided us... Of course we'll go to
    Part X. -Rosetta and the Volcannon Trap-
    [First thing's first--let us speak with the NPCs to get a good idea on what's
    happening in this here town.] 
    Lora (Jack):
    Welcome to Rosetta! Rosetta not only has economic wealth, but also beautiful
    scenery. I hope you will love Rosetta Town. 
    Lora (Rudy):
    Welcome to Rosetta! You will be surprised to find how much the town has
    progressed! This is because all the townspeople cooperated in construction
    Lora (Cecilia):
    Welcome to Rosetta, the best town in all of Filgaia. Rosetta's beautiful and
    sophisticated atmosphere will be a feast for your eyes. 
    Heather (Jack):
    The Elw lives in a small shack and grows flowers by herself. I don't like the
    idea of appealing to people emotionally using such a cheap trick, growing
    flowers. Besides, her smiling face irritates me. 
    Heather (Rudy):
    The mayor is really smart. He united the townspeople by having us all bully
    the Elw. Some people feel sorry for the Elw, but the pain of one person is
    lesser than creating a town-wide bond. 
    Heather (Cecilia):
    Finding a common enemy is an easy trick for uniting people. I don't know if
    it's a deep bond, but it's the most effective thing for gathering minds
    Udo (Jack):
    Welcome! We have a lot of items that can help wanderers! [You choose to speak
    with him.] Here, let Mr. Udo tell you a little about the world. Monsters out
    in the field have more gella than monsters inside dungeons. This is usually
    from a day of marauding. 
    Udo (Rudy): 
    Welcome! We have a lot of items that can help wanderers! [You choose to speak
    with him.] This is a service for new customers. I'll give you some basic
    information. Monsters you meet in the dungeon don't yield much gella or
    experience. But some of them have rare treasures. When you are short on gella,
    you should go hunting for items in battle. 
    Udo (Cecilia):
    Welcome! We have a lot of items that can help wanderers! [You choose to speak
    with him.] You've come to Mr. Udo for advice? Monsters in the sea have more
    experience points than the ones in the dungeons. At sea, the rule for sailors
    and monsters is 'act like you have a lot of experience'. 
    Tokanaku (Jack):
    Hello, and welcome. I've been a professional ARM meister for 20 years. Let me
    show you my skills. [You choose to speak with him.] There is a whirlpool
    located to the southwest of Rosetta. Rumor has it that a giant Sea Dragon
    dwells at the bottom of it. I don't know if this is true or not, but it's
    certainly exciting to think about. 
    Tokanaku (Rudy):
    Hello, and welcome. I've been a professional ARM meister for 20 years. Let me
    show you my skills. [You choose to speak with him.] The Elw girl does not
    have a family? She must be lonely in such a place, living by herself. If she
    had a family, the townspeople would not do such bad things to her. 
    Tokanaku (Cecilia):
    Hello, and welcome. I've been a professional ARM meister for 20 years. Let me
    show you my skills. [You choose to speak with him.] Rosetta is a flourishing
    port town. The mayor had the foresight to encourage local businesses. However,
    misfortune has befallen him recently and now he's bedridden. 
    Mireiyu (Jack): 
    Get good use out of this crest graph. Remember, the Magic Guild is here for
    you! [You choose to speak with her.] Anyone, even people without magical
    ability, can use Gem items in battle. If you can't beat them with a sword,
    proper use of elemental attacks might be the key. 
    Mireiyu (Rudy):
    Get good use out of this crest graph. Remember, the Magic Guild is here for
    you! [You choose to speak with her.] A person who has high magic power can use
    a Gem item more effectively. If a person is not skilled, they do not use the
    Gem item as effectively. Gems are uncommon in this world, so use them
    Mireiyu (Cecilia):
    Get good use out of this crest graph. Remember, the Magic Guild is here for
    you! [You choose to speak with her.] One good thing about using Gem items is
    that it has the same effect as a crest spell without the need for MP. So if
    you use them effectively, you can conserve your MP. 
    Kimberly (Jack):
    Welcome! We have newly renovated rooms that are very comfortable. [You choose
    to speak with her.] I am not making fun of my mother, but could the Elw really
    be a bad girl? In this town, some people even blame the Elw for the red color
    of the Memory Bird. Isn't it absurd? 
    Kimberly (Rudy):
    Welcome! We have newly renovated rooms that are very comfortable. [You choose
    to speak with her.] I thought the Elw, whom everybody hates, looked like a
    scary monster. But the girl who was walking around the mayor's place was such
    a cute kid. I don't think she's a bad girl at all. 
    Kimberly (Cecilia):
    Welcome! We have newly renovated rooms that are very comfortable. [You choose
    to speak with her.] The mayor's disease can't be cured, even by the Sister's
    magic. Is it an ordinary sickness? Or is the Elw cursing him? 
    Borhas (Jack):
    Har har har! Master bartender! Keep that expensive sake on ice for me! I'm
    going to have that one next. Huh? Hey, don't tell me when I've had 'enough'!
    I don't know if I'm gonna be alive tomorrow, so I live for today! 
    Borhas (Rudy):
    Hey, boy. Ever heard of the Guardian Blade? That's the legendary sword that
    can slash through the world and shake the sky. Lately there have been all
    these rumors about its location. I want to go look for it too! 
    Borhas (Cecilia):
    When I find that magical sword, the first thing I'll do is start my own private
    harem. And I like your style, buddy, so I'll even let you visit it sometime. 
    Ted (Jack):
    Some people encourage self-sufficiency, but that's just because they don't want
    to deal with using gella. And that's great, to each his own and all, but that's
    so annoying for traders like me. 
    Ted (Rudy):
    Ted (Cecilia):
    Most of the townspeople assume that people who get bullied have faults, instead
    of the bullies. But then, people who are bullied aren't defending themselves
    very well. So I'd rather be on the side of the bullies. 
    Marin (Jack):
    I heard that the Elw has had her little girl appearance since the old days. It
    is very spooky. I have told the town kids to not get too close to her. But kids
    are naturally inquisitive, so they don't listen to me. 
    Marin (Rudy):
    Democracy is a great idea. Everyone's input is reflected in the governance of
    a town. A monarchy works if the king is smart but falls apart otherwise. 
    Marin (Cecilia):
    Do not judge people by their looks. 'Clever devils deceive others by wearing
    the masks of angels.'
    Marchero (Jack):
    Whne I was your age, I was a very popular wanderer in Rosetta. I was really
    disappointed because we couldn't open the Giant's Cradle that is northeast
    of Adlehyde.
    Marchero (Rudy): In the inland sea, north of Rosetta, along a mountainous
    shore, you will find the Giant's Cradle. People say that inside the cradle is
    a giant waiting to wake up. But the door is solidly locked. Nobody can get in.
    Marchero (Cecilia): North of the inland sea, and along the shores near Arctica,
    you will find the Giant's Cradle. But the door is solidly locked and keeps
    trespassers out. If you don't' believe me, go and check. That big door with
    its mysterious inscription will never open. 
    [You enter the mayor's manor.]
    Richard (Jack):
    What is that look for? We are the sons of the most important person in this
    town. It is blasphemous for wanderers to talk back to us. 
    Richard (Rudy): 
    The Elw is cursing our daddy even though there is no reason. When the mayor is
    sick in bed, the government does not function. In order to stop these problems,
    we should deal a crushing blow to the Elw. 
    Richard (Cecilia):
    Our daddy is deeply admired by everybody in the town as a mayor. The Elw worm
    is putting a curse on a very important person. Such a ridiculous thing should
    not be allowed. 
    Sleek Cat:
    I heard that Calamity Jane, the famous treasure hunter, has been seen in
    Rosetta. Why did she come to this town? What is she looking for? I'm really
    curious. We cats love rumors and gossip.
    Seth (Jack):
    Our daddy was afflicted by the Elw's curse and got sick. The townspeople are
    afraid that they will get the same disease. 
    Seth (Rudy):
    The Elw knows powerful curses. Our dad became very sick because of the Elw.
    So my brother and I... Will punish the evil Elw back.
    Seth (Cecilia): 
    Our daddy's been sick in bed because of the Elw's curse. I am really worried
    about him. If he can't work, he won't get paid, and then we will become
    [You speak with the mayor.]
    Harvey (Jack):
    Cough cough cough! It seems my disease cannot be cured. I have tried taking
    expensive medicine and used the magic spells of a Sister. I think the Elw,
    who lives southeast of here, cursed me. Are you a wanderer? Will you please go
    to the Elw and ask it to stop its curse? 
    Harvey (Rudy):
    Cough cough cough... My disease was caused by the Elw who lives in the woods
    to the southeast. Wanderer boy... Will you got to the Elw and end its curse? 
    Harvey (Cecilia):
    Miss, please look at this... I have a disease that is not cured by magic nor
    expensive medicine. Cough, cough, cough! The Elw in the woods to the southeast
    is the one who cursed me. I know it's cursing me; it always wishes misfortune
    on our town. 
    [Hey, can you guess where we're going next? Yes, that's right! To find the Elw!
    You leave Rosetta and go into the forest to the southeast. You enter. Rudy,
    Jack, and Cecilia stop at a flower bed covered with purplish and yellowish
    This is a beautiful flower... It is small and subtle. Yet, it is also full of
    life and powerful... I have only seen a flower this wonderful in books at
    the Abbey... 
    I never thought there were still places in Filgaia that could grow such a
    [There is a girl at the house who watches them timidly, covering her mouth
    with her hand hesitantly.]
    Sorry to disturb you. But, I just had to admire this unusual flower. 
    [Rudy nods.]
    This is indeed a beautiful flower. Did you plant this? 
    [The girl comes walking out to them.]
    Girl in Flower Garden:
    Um... Do you like flowers? 
    Of course. I love flowers. This is my first time seeing such a blossom. 
    Girl in Flower Garden:
    ... ... ... 
    I am never sure how to handle this type of girl... Did I do something wrong? 
    Jack, you're boisterous and insensitive. Of course you did something wrong! 
    [Jack narrows his eyes, reaches up to his shoulder, and holds Hanpan up by the
    Would you like to be ground up as fertilizer? Because that would surely be a
    step toward revitalizing Filgaia.
    [He lets go of Hanpan, and Hanpan scampers back up onto his shoulder.]
    Girl in Flower Garden:
    ...I greatly appreciate your love for the flower... ...But... But I must advise
    you to leave here immediately... ...I do not believe you should be talking to a
    girl like me... ...I am... I am not like you... [looks downcast] ...I am... 
    You are an Elw, right? I've seen one like you before inside one of the ruins. 
    Yes, although what we saw was the hologram of an Elw. 
    Girl in Flower Garden:
    Are you not afraid of the Elw then? 
    The more we traveled, the more we encountered different types of beings. We
    have seen funny ones, irritating ones, weird ones, strong fighters, and
    pathological liars. We've seen a little bit of everything. So seeing an Elw
    who is a gardener would not surprise us one bit. 
    Besides, we have encountered unique characters before. 
    Right... You're downright benign compared to the monsters and demons we have
    One question... I learned at the Abbey that the Elw were banished after the
    Great War 1,000 years ago. Seeing you here makes me wonder if there are any
    more Elw left in Filgaia. 
    [The girl lowers her head and shakes it. She looks down at her feet.]
    Girl in Flower Garden:
    No... I'm the only one. I'm the only Elw left in Filgaia. 
    You're the only one? How come? 
    [The girl walks over to her patch of flowers and kneels beside it.]
    Girl in Flower Garden:
    I am here to help rebuild the scarred planet... I found myself compelled to
    stay after everyone else fled. 
    [They interrupted by a voice.]
    Hey, where did you come from? 
    [The two sons of the sick mayor appear at the entrance of the Elw's residence.]
    We found that toy first. You can't have it! 
    Yeah, that's our property! Take it and we'll sue you! 
    They look alike and think alike. Think they're evil twins? 
    [The two boys come strolling down the pathway towards the Elw girl and the
    three wanderers. However, Rudy steps up to meet them.]
    She's not human! She's an Elw!! If you touch her, you'll get a disease! 
    [The brown-haired boy shoves Rudy in the chest, but he is not strong enough to
    push him back.]
    Who do you think you are?! 
    [Jack approaches too; Hanpan hops over onto Cecilia's shoulder.]
    Jack?! They're just kids, Jack! 
    [Jack stands beside Rudy. The two boys look slightly startled at this.]
    So you're a tough guy. What are you going to do? Listen, tough guys. Our dad
    is the Mayor of Rosetta! 
    Yeah! Put one finger on us, and we'll sue you for child abuse! 
    [Jack shakes his fist, and the two of them run off.]
    You guys all deserve to be cursed anyway! 
    You guys need to be taught some manners! 
    [The scamper off back to Rosetta.]
    This is the next generation? 
    [Rudy and Jack turn back to the Elw girl.]
    Girl in Flower Garden:
    Why did you stick up for me? My name is Mariel and... I don't know... I'm just
    [Soon after, we see the three wanderers gathered in Mariel's house.]
    Um... Thank you for scaring off those kids. They have been ravaging
    my flowers... 
    You sure love your flowers. I would be happy if I could grow flowers as
    beautiful as yours. 
    [shakes head] There is more than just being beautiful... There is more to it... 
    It's OK, Mariel. Take it easy. 
    ... ... ... ...I'm sorry... ... ... ... I believe a flower which can grow from
    a wasteland is as strong as it is beautiful. ... ... ... I am... I am weak...
    That is why I always yearn for strength... 
    [She turns, kneels, grabs a sharp piece of metal, then stands and turns to
    them, holding it in her hands.]
    Be careful with that! 
    My brother was a blacksmith... This is a broken piece of the sword my brother
    crafted. The only thing he left for me... This broken sword represents my
    brother's mistake... I want to become strong so that I can make amends for
    his mistake... 
    ... ... ... You are growing a flower in this wasteland. Only a strong person
    could accomplish that, right? 
    But... I am... I am not strong... 
    [Cecilia walks up in front of Mariel and lays a hand on her shoulder
    ... ... ... Those kids we just saw... Their father is afflicted with a serious
    illness. I... I was not able to tell anyone about the herb, which can cure his
    illness... If only... If only I were strong enough to tell someone. 
    But you just did, Mariel. 
    The herb known as Arnica, which is found in the southern woods, can certainly
    cure his illness! But, I never thought they would accept anything from me...
    [Jack looks to Rudy, Rudy to him, and they nod.]
    Why don't we go with you tomorrow to pick the... 
    Right. Let's all go to pick the Arnica. 
    We need to make sure that the people in town know that Mariel is not alone.
    You are not alone anymore, Mariel. All of us are with you. 
    ...Thank you. 
    [The scene resumes at what we assume is the next day. It shows Rudy, Jack,
    Cecilia, and Mariel gathered right outside her house.]
    The Elw left us with a mound in the southern woods. Some of the unique herbs
    still grow there in small quantities... Would you please accompany me there? 
    [You head for the woods. Once there, you find flowers at the base of a tree
    stump and examine them.]
    The medicinal herb is vibrant with the energy of life. 
    This is the healing herb, Arnica. The boy's father will recover with this. 
    [Right on cue, the mayor's boys enter the woods as well.]
    She has a hidden play area in the forest. 
    Let's make this ours! The old places are getting boring. 
    [Mariel approaches them and holds out her arms as if to block them.]
    Move! Our daddy is the greatest man in town. You don't want to cross us. 
    [Mariel shakes her head.]
    This is an important flower... Please, don't pick it... 
    I told you move, didn't I? Do you understand the word? Elw! Evil creatures!
    They only understand one thing! 
    [Richard approaches Mariel and shoves her at the chest. She stumbles backwards
    so much that Cecilia and Jack have to keep her from falling. Rudy, quite irked,
    steps forward and slaps the brown-haired child with his right hand so that he
    falls over.]
    Brother! He hit me! This can't be! The son of the mayor, slapped by a vagrant? 
    What did you do to my brother? I'm gonna tell my daddy! 
    This herb is to fix that old man's illness. Mariel came to get it for him and
    this is how you thank her? 
    Humans and Elw both live in Filgaia. They are not the same, but... Even though
    they weren't born here, if you have the mind to sympathize, I believe that we
    can live together. Even if we are fighting right now, someday it will... [she
    closes her eyes and thinks to herself] ...well, someday. I seek not to fight,
    but to end the fighting. At the end of my journey, if I choose to fight, there
    can be no future. 
    Don't try to double-talk us! I heard that human history is all about war! The
    strong preying upon the weak! 
    You fight too! You punched my brother; that's fighting! Even though you're
    bigger and tougher, don't push your luck with us! 
    [The two boys run off. Cecilia and Jack let go of Mariel.]
    It's all right now. You told me you will be strong, didn't you? 
    [Mariel looks to him and nods. She goes forward to Rudy and clasps his right
    hand between both of hers.]
    ...Must have hurt...didn't it...? This hand... ...no way it didn't hurt... ...
    ... ... [closes eyes] ...I... don't know... ...what to do. ...You hurt this
    hand for me... ...I don't know what to say... You are so nice... I've never
    been treated like this. I don't know how to answer... 
    [Rudy takes his hand away from her, walks forward to pick up the Arnica herb,
    then holds it out to the girl.]
    [Rudy nods. Mariel reaches out to take it and pauses with her hands upon the
    herb along with his.]
    ... ... ... Like flowers, I should become strong... ...I should... ... ... ...
    This... I will deliver to their father. ...Well... Can you come with me? 
    [All three of them nod. You head out for Rosetta and enter the mayor's house
    when you get there.]
    Cough... Cough cough! What are you talking about? Why would the Elw bring me
    an herb that cures my disease? Are you saying I should believe you? My disease
    was caused by the Elw's curse. So then... Cough cough... cough! 
    [Mariel looks at them hesitantly; Cecilia nods at her.]
    Do you understand how Mariel must have felt when she was gathering the herb to
    bring to you? 
    When we were picking the herb, we ran into your sons. Why don't you ask your
    sons to tell you what happened. Then you can think whatever... 
    Cough... Cough Cough! I treated the Elw so bad, but the Elw... This... this
    girl, brought the herb for me? 
    Mariel came to you with an open mind and open heart. You should treat her the
    same way. 
    [Mariel reaches into her bag, takes out the herb, then hands it to him.]
    Will you give me some time? Allow me some time to think about this... And some
    time to atone for my mistakes. 
    [They all nod. We then see the three wanderers with Mariel at the base of
    Well, thank you very much. I think I feel a little better because you guys
    were here with me. 
    Going back to the flower garden? Want us to go with you? 
    [shakes her head] I'm OK. Now I want to be able to help you guys back. I know!
    I will grow herbs in the garden. Swing by anytime. This is what I can do for
    you in return. 
    [She bows out of courtesy and then walks off.]
    She has changed.
    Everybody has a weakness... But anybody can become stronger, too. I should
    remember that... 
    [You head for the entrance of the town and begin to exit. Suddenly, however, a
    familiar voice calls out for you.]
    Oh, here you are! I've been looking for you! 
    You?! You guys were at the Caging Tower... 
    What do you mean, you've been looking for us?! 
    No, no, no, no! I don't wanna fight you or anything. I have a get-rich-quick
    quest. You guys should join my team. We'll go treasure hunting! 
    We have very interesting information, but the quest is a little bit too much
    for just the two of us. So, we came looking to see if you guys could possibly
    help us. 
    You don't have to be so polite. But... Isn't it weird to ask for help without
    telling us what kind of work this is? 
    That is reasonable. OK, ever hear of the Guardian Blade? It's a very powerful
    magical sword. It's all everyone around here's talking about! 
    It sounds familiar...
    Don't play around!! It's popular folklore. Everyone's heard of the Guardian
    Blade! Lately, rumors of its current resting place are spreading all over. You
    must have heard something. 
    Actually, we were wandering in forests, looking for medicinal herbs... Is it a
    famous legend? 
    [Jane slaps her forehead.]
    Come on, guys...wanderers should be keen on all the current news. Well, it's
    OK. It'll tell you the information. I want you to help us. We should be a
    team. We'll find lots of treasure! 
    2. Politely decline. 
    Don't be such a loser! The rumor's spread all over. If we don't hurry,
    somebody else will get it for sure! 
    1.We'll acecpt the offer. 
    Now that's what I'm talking about. You may be a decent guy after all. I had my
    doubts. OK now, we'll share information. I heard the Guardian Blade is located
    in the ruins called the Volcannon Trap. There are two paths winding through the
    Volcannon Trap, and we have to conquer both paths at the same time. Now you
    understand why we wanted your help. It'd be risky for just me and Magdalen.
    With two teams there's less risk, and no one's going it alone. 
    It sounds good. But, there is one thing that bothers me. You heard concrete
    info about this sword that's been lost for 1000 years. Why now? 
    That's a valid point. It's something that bothered us, too. 
    You're saying somebody intentionally spread the rumor? If they did, then the
    whole ruins might be a trap. 
    Jack: Then that sounds good to me. The more valuable the treasure is, the
    harder it is to obtain, usually. 
    I agree. Besides, it doesn't matter how high the hurdle is, wanderers can
    handle anything. 
    The Volcannon Trap is located to the north of the Ship Graveyard on a small
    island in the inland sea. We must be well-prepared, though. It feels almost...
    evil there. 
    [And so, before departing for the Volcannon Trap, you head over to the Secret
    Garden and speak with Mariel and the birds.]
    Grey Dove:
    This flower garden is so pretty. The girl here is very kind, too. It makes me
    happy every time I come here. 
    Soft Chick:
    Cheep cheep... I lost my mother, but I am not lonely at all because Mariel is
    here with me. 
    Mariel: Welcome... Here, I can help you grow useful flowers for your journey.
    I have all the water and soil necessary to start. All you have to do is to
    choose 'Gardening'.
    [You speak with her again.]
    Mariel (Jack):
    Welcome! How many I help you? [You choose to speak with her.] I feel like I am
    a bit stronger than before because of you. Well... Thank you very much... 
    Mariel (Rudy):
    Welcome! How many I help you? [You choose to speak with her.] Um, well... Thank
    you for your help the other day... Um... Is this how you thank someone?
    Mariel (Cecilia):
    Welcome! How many I help you? [You choose to speak with her.] Um... Thank you
    for coming with me to get the Arnica. I hope it was not too much trouble for
    you... I will make it up to you someday. 
    [Okay, let's head out for the Volcannon Trap! Once we get there, there is a
    plaque to read in the first room.]
    This is the palace of fire. Unless you enter both doors, you can never reach
    its deepest halls. East door chooses power; west door chooses treasure. Beware!
    Once the door is passed, your companions are lost until you meet the ruin's
    secret. Would you like to challenge the ruin? 
    [Sure, so click 'yes'. Both west and east doors open. A scene starts; we see
    all the wanderers gathered around Hanpan.]
    Jane's right. It's essential to take both routes, together.
    I can sense your doubt... What are you going to do?
    We'll choose the treasure. After all, we came this far. We can't turn back now! 
    That's what I thought. I do not have any objection. ...Because we need the
    Then it's decided. Everyone, I will pray for you. 
    [Jane and Magdalen are standing in front of the west door.]
    OK, let's do this! Guardian Blade, here we come! 
    We should go, too. Whatever awaits us, we must proceed... 
    [They walk off through the eastern door. After trekking through a couple of
    lava-filled rooms, you enter what seems to be a dead-end. But who is that we
    see on the other side of the wall? You examine the wall.]
    When you listen carefully, you can hear something hitting the wall. What is
    that sound? As you listen to the monotonous rhythm, you feel sorrow, the
    sorrow of someone who has a longing to experience the world... 
    [A hole bursts through the wall.]
    Who's coming?! 
    [Zed sails through the wall, rolls onto his feet, and poses.]
    Zeeeeeeed! [stands] It's...ME! Hurray! Honestly, you know you were waiting and
    hoping I might show up, right? Ohhh, I love a grand entrance! Well, enough
    talk! This is different from that first match! I can take double what I used
    What a wild rumor... You may come to find something you weren't expecting...
    Nobody requested a 2nd round. We are in a hurry. Would you leave now? 
    [Zed has his arms crossed.]
    Miss, do not say such rude things! I'm just making the rounds, earning points
    for a promotion! 
    ...huh?! I don't know how much you'll earn, but please put everything you do
    earn towards a shrink! 
    [You engage in battle with him. He has such a cheerful smile on his face.]
    Ha, don't be so emotional! I don't care about my victims' feelings! I'll decide
    your death sentence... I'll be the judge and executioner! I'll execute
    everyone...and savor it! 
    [You deliver the finishing blow. Zed waves his hands frantically at you.]
    Zed: Hey, now! Don't get all pissy! If you don't like my decision... You'll
    have to make a final appeal. You know, it's not nice to hit. 
    [He gets back in battle stance.]
    Even when you hit an animal, it doesn't behave the way you want. So... Don't
    take your anger out on the judge! ... ... ...Another lesson, later...
    [The battle ends.]
    ... ... ... ...I think I left the stove on... Probably... I have to check... 
    [He has his hand up to his ear and his eyes closed, as if actually listening
    for it.]
    ... ... ... [stands and faces them] You escaped narrowly from death! You are
    powerless! With your strength, you cannot beat me! I decided! I will suspend
    your execution with mercy! Usually, I am not so lenient. Because of that,
    let's cherish today. You are free to go! 
    [Zed walks off casually and waves as he's walking off.]
    He is more of a dishonest lawyer than a judge... 
    Does he have no shame? I really don't like him... 
    I wonder if his stove was on?
    [Jack looks as if he's sighing. Meanwhile, we cut to Calamity Jane in the other
    part of the ruins.]
    I hope the others are doing OK... It bothers me to leave them, but I have my
    own work to do* 
    [At the end of the dungeon, she comes into a room where a big treasure chest
    greets her.]
    Wow! We found a big treasure chest* Let's examine it, Magdalen! 
    [Meanwhile, we cut back to our three original heroes. After a few rooms, they
    run in and confront a large familiar demon.]
    Berserk!! The reason you came here was to get the Guardian Blade? 
    [laughs] Guardian Blade? You fell for my trick so easily. You didn't let me
    The Guardian Blade info was intentional... We were set up! 
    It was all Alhazad's idea. I should thank her. I get to end this fight... 
    [laughs uncontrollably] Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!! The Guardian Blade was lost when
    it went out of control during the fighting 1000 years ago! You have seen the
    sands spreading in Filgaia with your own eyes! That is the power of the
    Guardian Blade! It is a power out of control, a scar, and it's crushing
    monsters, humans, and Filgaia too! The Guardian Blade is forgotten folklore.
    It is an existence different than ours... It should never come back to life!
    You went on a wasted errand... But, you do not need to worry. You will die by
    my hands!!! 
    [You engage him in a battle. After the battle ends, we see him encased between
    two anagrams-- one on the floor and one on the ceiling-in pink energy as if
    powering up.]
    His malicious will is... Filling this place with energy! The power is
    Yes!!! The reason I chose this place for the final battle is because of the
    amplifier... My body, twisted by humiliation. I care not what happens to my
    body. A certain victory is not enough now! I will devour your strength!! I,
    the strongest among the Quarter Knights, crush you with this star's amplified
    [The power around him begins to diminish.]
    What's happening? 
    A reverse current? Instead of sending out power, the amplifier is taking his
    It can't be... Why...why is my power...?! Nooooooooo......
    [We cut to Calamity Jane. There were four pillars around the giant treasure
    chest that had struck her fancy. She is holding up her ARM.]
    This looks suspicious. Punish the suspicious! We judge by appearance.*
    [She shoots it multiple times and breaks one.]
    Miss...as I see it, this device is controlling the ruin's energy. If you get
    too frisky, you might damage something. I think moderation is best. 
    I know! But, I can't help myself. I think... ever since I met them, my head's
    been a little off... I'm releasing my anger on this thing. Trust me.* 
    [Jane turns and blows up another one.]
    (But, Miss... It was your idea to work together...)
    [Meanwhile, back with Berserk and our heroes, we see Berserk climb up from the
    ground and roar with anger.]
    ...Oooohhhhhhhh!! I will do it!!! 
    [Jack, Rudy, and Cecilia have their hands over their eyes to cover themselves
    from the power of the roar.]
    ...I won't be defeated by puny humans! I shall not be defeated... Even if my
    power is 1%!! I am Berserk!!! 
    [He leaps at them. You engage him in battle. After you deal the finishing
    ...I won't stop... I won't allow defeat... Laughed at and humiliated... Not by
    those at Photosphere! 
    [He vanishes. The battle ends. Afterwards, you snatch a Full Libra 2 from the
    room ahead and start your journey back to the entrance. We cut back to Berserk,
    who is collapsed from exhaustion in a lava-filled room.]
    Annoying humans... And the power of ARM... Created from demons' power... This
    is such shameful conduct... How can I go back to the Photosphere, losing to
    these humans. 
    It's impossible. It's a hopeless dream. 
    [Berserk looks up and stands, startled.]
    Who is it?! That voice... You're...!!! 
    [Standing behind him is a "man" in a trench coat-not Jack, of course.]
    You are ungraceful. Relying on cunning against weak opponents, and you still
    lost the battle...
    [Berserk turns to him, heaving, and strikes his hand through the air.]
    I don't need you! Just let me collect myself... Then, lend me a hand to
    I have no hands to lend someone who holds such contempt for the nobility of
    true warriors. But...
    [The man holds out his weapon.]
    ...You are right... Wasn't your nickname 'Annihilator'? 
    [We see a full body shot of the demon in the trench coat. He throws a boomerang
    at Berserk, slicing through him. Berserk stays upright with a large slice of
    light in his middle. The mystery man turns and closes his eyes.]  
    ...My thirst is not quenched... Strong soldiers must confront me...To quench
    this thirst... 
    [Light consumes Berserk, and he, well, dies. Yup. The scene cuts back to our
    five heroes running due to an unnatural earthquake. Cecilia and Magdalen are
    already head. Suddenly, Jane trips. She gets to her knees, holding her head.]
    Oh, that hurt! Why is there a stupid earthquake, now?! 
    [Jane reaches for one of the "treasures" she dropped. However, Rudy runs and
    pushes her out of the way. The scene cuts away right as a large stone pillar
    falls on him.]
    [To Magdalen's side, Jane appears, Rudy clutched beneath his left arm. The boy
    is wincing.]
    That was accelerator... Quite splendid!
    [Jack drops Rudy. Rudy stands, and Jack looks to him, seeming a little
    [Before Jack has a chance to talk to Rudy, Jane rushes forward and slaps him.]
    You! Don't jump in and risk your life for someone if there's a chance of dying!
    Don't ask like that! Did I ask you to do that? The treasure could have been
    ruined!! I don't understand you!!! 
    Miss!!! Please do not say such things... Under the circumstances, you could
    have 'ruined' along with the treasure. Your life is more important than... 
    [to Magdalen] I know! Don't tell me about it! 
    If you know... Don't you have anything to say to Rudy? 
    ... ... ... Although money can't buy happiness, there is plenty that it can
    buy. Don't forget that. ... ... ... 
    A reckless child... 
    We missed our chance to yell at them. 
    I know what you're thinking, and it's not true. I know these things. But... If
    you only wish for things you cannot see, you will never face the problems right
    in front of you! I hate such weakness! I must grow strong, at any cost!! 
    [Rudy nods simply. Jane extends the glowing orb to him.]
    I don't know its value, but this is the only one left... This is a reward for
    saving me! 
    [You acquire the Red Malice. Hooray! Rudy reaches out to take the orb.]
    I only accept things with value! I show my gratitude the same way. ... ... ...
    ... ... ... ...But, thank you... for saving me... 
    [The five---or, well, six, if you count Hanpan---gather at Rosetta once more.]
    Oh, well... That was much ado about nothing. 
    We see this all the time... It's sad, but I'm kinda used to it. The worst part
    is that we didn't get much from it. 
    All that info on the Guardian Blade was just a hoax to lure us in. But, we gave
    them a good fight. We taught them a lesson, too; humans don't give up. You
    know, I think we can win this! And, realizing that is the best thing I got out
    of this expedition! 
    You guys are involved in a lot of trouble. All this talk about demons and the
    world... It wasn't BS, huh. OK, so this is probably a stupid question... But,
    what're we doing now?
    We have something that we're going after. If you're not busy, would you like
    to help us? 
    No, no, no, no! That's kinda much for me. I'm going to have to pass... 
    She sounds callous, but actually, she also has something to take care of.
    Sorry we can't help. Please, don't fault us for this. 
    You didn't have to say all that. 
    Is this goodbye then? We will miss you... 
    Our home is located in Court Seim to the west. If you guys ever have business
    out that way, I can return the favor. 
    [Magdalen leans over to her to whisper.]
    Are you sure you should say such things? I do not think I would be of much
    But, I'm not just saying that... I really want to pay them back. Anyway, I
    don't think they'll ever come out to Court Seim. So, it's just a polite thing
    to say. Anyway, this way, we don't have to join them on their mission now.
    I guess that makes some sort of sense... 
    Well, we gotta go. I will see you guys around! Please let me know if you hear
    of any get-rich-quick quests! 
    [Magdalen bows. The both of them turn and leave Rosetta.]
    Her name, Calamity, describes her so well! I am exhausted. 
    But I feel like they could be good friends. Well, I am not completely sure,
    [Jack walks in front of the two and holds out his fist.]
    Anyway, time to look for a way to reach Arctica. I think those demons will be
    coming back for us. They'll need to get rid of us first anyway. But, we need
    to strike before they can attack us. Let's go for the jugular! 
    [Before going anywhere, however, you stop and talk with everyone in Rosetta
    one last time.]
    Udo (Jack):
    Welcome! We have a lot of items that can help wanderers! [You choose to speak
    with him.] People in this town love money. But is it foolish or romantic to
    believe that money is everything. 
    Udo (Rudy):
    Welcome! We have a lot of items that can help wanderers! [You choose to speak
    with him.] It is fun to watch a stupid person who thinks he's smart. I just
    hope I'm not like it... I mean, I wouldn't even know, would I? Oh, my god!
    Am I stupid?!
    Udo (Cecilia): 
    Welcome! We have a lot of items that can help wanderers! [You choose to speak
    with him.] Some people in town were shocked to learn that the Elw is such a
    nice person. Others are so stubborn they refuse to even believe it's true.
    What a helpless town!
    Lora (Jack):
    I heard from wanderers at the bar that the Guardian Blade lies on a small
    island in the inland sea. Are you guys looking for it, too? 
    Lora (Rudy): 
    All the townspeople are upset because their sense of values were overturned.
    It's no wonder. I, myself, cannot believe it either, yet.
    Lora (Cecilia): 
    Is the Elw girl really a nice girl? We did some terrible things to her. 
    Heather (Jack):
    Many people changed their minds, but I can't seem to. I feel disgusted
    whenever I see the Elw. 
    Heather (Rudy):
    I heard the mayor, but I cannot accept the Elw. This is a psychological matter,
    and I can't do anything about it. 
    Heather (Cecilia):
    I have bought so many cosmetics and put all my energy into anti-aging products,
    but nothing really works. How do you think I feel when the Elw, who hasn't
    changed at all since I was a little kid, passes by? I get really upset. Maybe
    you don't understand now, but you will when you are older. 
    Tokanaku (Jack):
    Hello, and welcome. I've been a professional ARM Meister for 20 years. Let me
    show you my skills. [You choose to speak with him.] The mayor of Rosetta
    belongs to the family that's always served as priests for the Sea Guardian.
    Therefore, he should have the skills needed to communicate with the Guardian.
    But he is also a really good mayor and very busy with his mayoral duties. So
    he has no time to visit the Guardian.
    Tokanaku (Rudy):
    Hello, and welcome. I've been a professional ARM Meister for 20 years. Let me
    show you my skills. [You choose to speak with him.] Merchants were seduced by
    money to leave their faith behind. Seamen still worship Lucadia. I too pray
    for Moor Gault whenever I light a fire in the furnace. 
    Tokanaku (Cecilia):
    Hello, and welcome. I've been a professional ARM Meister for 20 years. Let me
    show you my skills. [You choose to speak with him.] I saw the whirlpool to the
    southwest. A Guardian lives there, stopping the mighty monsters of the outer
    sea from entering the inland sea. 
    Mireiyu (Jack):
    Get good use out of this crest graph. Remember, the Magic Guild is here for
    you! [You choose to speak with her.] Not many people bully the Elw anymore, so
    the townspeople are looking for another scapegoat. This is such a rich and
    productive town, why can't people find something better to do?
    Mireiyu (Rudy):
    Get good use out of this crest graph. Remember, the Magic Guild is here for
    you! [You choose to speak with her.] I have heard that after the Elw deserted
    Fligaia, only one remained. Could the girl be that Elw? If so, why did she
    decide to stay here? 
    Mireiyu (Cecilia):
    Get good use out of this crest graph. Remember, the Magic Guild is here for
    you! [You choose to speak with her.] At Curan Abbey, they taught to not be
    afraid of mistakes, but to be afraid of repeating those mistakes. At the time,
    I wondered why they would teach us things that seem so obvious. I realize now
    it is hard to correct mistakes when our eyes are blinded by pride...
    Kimberly (Jack):
    Welcome! We have newly renovated rooms that are very comfortable. [You choose
    to speak with her.] The townspeople's attitudes are finally coming around. They
    no longer stare at you if you are close to the Elw girl. 
    Kimberly (Rudy):
    Welcome! We have newly renovated rooms that are very comfortable. [You choose
    to speak with her.] The Elw girl was much nicer than I expected. And she has
    such beautiful eyes. She can't be a bad kid... 
    Kimberly (Cecilia):
    Welcome! We have newly renovated rooms that are very comfortable. [You choose
    to speak with her.] I would like to talk to the Elw girl a little bit. It's
    for the best if everybody can just get along with each other. It's not too
    late, is it?
    Borhas (Jack):
    The rich trading merchants asked me to do some work for them. I blew the money
    on drinking and women. But then the bar owners and girls will purchase things
    from the merchants. So money actually connects people. Why doesn't everyone
    understand? I just like to keep people connected.
    Borhas (Rudy):
    In this town, there are a lot of well-paying jobs. Today, I got a lot of money
    again. Time to get some drinks and then go for a massage! Hehehe...
    Borhas (Cecilia):
    Huh? What do you want from me, Miss? I'm sorry, but I like my girls curvy. 
    Ted (Jack):
    I don't know where these wanderers are from, but I certainly don't like how
    they drink. On top of that, they always add a ton of salt to my dishes, even
    my special home-made sauce, without even tasting it first. I tried to drop
    hints that I don't like serving these rude visitors, but none of them notice. 
    Ted (Rudy):
    What you did was good, but that doesn't give you the license to look down your
    noses at our snobby ways. You guys are not from this town and can behave
    however you like without repercussions from the other residents. 
    Ted (Cecilia):
    The Elw cured the mayor without expecting any reward? How nice of her...
    Oh, no! I better find them another scapegoat soon, or everyone might start
    picking on me.
    Marchero (Jack):
    Rosetta, the trading city, dealt with industrial products from Arctica. A few
    years ago, Arctica was destroyed. According to some wanderers who went to
    Arctica, mighty monsters reside there now. 
    Marchero (Rudy):
    No one lives in the snowy lands of Arctica; everyone was either killed or
    forced to flee for their lives, all in one night. It is a cursed continent.
    Now, Arctica is notorious for dangerous monsters and beasts. I am not trying
    to scare you, but the monsters there are really dangerous. Don't think about
    fighting them.
    Marchero (Cecilia):
    People in Rosetta take their business very seriously and work hard. Even they
    don't want to go to the snowy lands of Arctica; there are only monsters there
    now. Miss, if you don't want to die, don't even think about fighting monsters
    in Arctica. 
    Marin (Jack):
    I heard that the mayor was cured by a herb the Elw brought... I think we were
    really prejudiced in the way we treated her. 
    Marin (Rudy):
    If the mayor was still as aggressive as he used to be before he recovered from
    his illness, he would've been faster to apologize.
    Marin (Cecilia):
    The Elw cured the mayor... I'm really shocked. I really feel sorry for the Elw.
    I think we should apologize to her thoroughly and admit that we were completely
    Seth (Jack):
    The Elw cured my dad? I don't believe that!! Even though my daddy accepts you,
    I won't! 
    Seth (Rudy):
    Since I've experienced both, I can tell you, it hurts more to be the person who
    gets hit than the person who hits. You can apologize for hitting me by putting
    your heads on the ground for me to step on.
    Seth (Cecilia):
    Why did the Elw cure our dad even though we treated her so badly? There was no
    reward and she still cured him!
    Richard (Jack):
    It's such a big lie that our dad's disease was cured by the Elw. The Elw only
    stopped cursing him. People are just confused by words. 
    Richard (Rudy):
    You! You remember how you treated us?! I am going to tell our dad. Our daddy
    will never forgive you guys. You will regret this!
    Richard (Cecilia):
    My daddy is the one who got all the townspeople to bully the Elw. I don't think
    the Elw wants to cure the disease of someone who did that.
    Harvey (Jack):
    In fact, I feel a lot better since I took the herb. However... 
    Harvey (Rudy):
    The Elw helped me... How... why would she do that when there's no reward
    Harvey (Cecilia):
    I need some more time. It might've been a misunderstanding to think the Elw
    caused my disease. I have to think about this carefully since calm judgement
    is more proper than inflamed emotions. 
    [It's time to leave Rosetta at last. Meanwhile, over at the Photosphere with
    the demons, we see Zeikfried standing before Mother. He turns, throwing his
    cape over his side.]
    ... ... ... Even Berserk failed... He had the most destructive power of the
    Quarter Knights, and he was defeated. 
    [appears] Powerful or not, his mistake was his failure to follow the plan. It
    doesn't matter how mighty the weapon may be; lack of technique is fatal and led
    to Berserk's inevitable demise. Berserk was too egotistical to have any kind of
    [Lady Harken appears in her normal fashion--that is, jumping down from out of
    Lady Harken:
    He failed to finish our plan and made us clean his mess. I say this is a
    perfect ending. The good news is that we have the pleasure of finishing up
    where we left off. He has done all right.
    I don't feel as confident with just three of us left. After all, we are the
    Quarter Knights, a group of four. Let us not continue with just three members. 
    Don't fear, my precious children. Leave it up to me to fill the void. Our
    missing piece is here.
    [We see Zed on the other side of the tube containing Mother, his head bent in
    contemplation and his arms folded across his chest. He laughs softly.]
    We need a new member who will not just increase our power, but who will also
    complement our team. I was getting tired of his mediocrity. Give us someone
    Boomerang! Come before us!! A true, valiant knight! 
    [Zed nearly falls over out of shock. He stands awkwardly as he sees the two
    newcomers at the entrance-a man in a trench coat accompanied by a purple wolf.
    Zeik looks at him for the longest time before turning back to Mother.]
    This one... He is the fourth Quarter Knight? Are you sure about this, Mother? 
    He is known as the 'Annihilator' and the 'Staunch Rogue'; both perfect names.
    A demon of such notoriety is now one of us. 
    Killing my own kind is only a small part of my duties. I merely help a soldier
    die with grace and honor. I am like a mortician who makes death presentable.
    Let me know when you are ready to be relieved from your misery. I will not
    hesitate. I took the liberty of leaving half of Berserk's remains in your room.
    Feel free to hate me. But don't forget to examine the body for me. Otherwise,
    my duty is not complete. If you find that your good friend, Berserk, had one
    last breath left, he wasted it. 
    Mother! I do not approve of this man joining the Quarter Knights! 
    As sweet as you knights are, I am not in a position to honor your request.
    Boomerang may be the missing piece of our team. I'm sure you understand that.
    The man who can finish off our own Berserk should have no problem destroying
    the humans. 
    ... ... ... ...If that is your wish, Mother, I shall do nothing... but honor
    your decision... ... ... ... 
    Oh, Zeikfried... My dear Zeikfried... 
    So that's that. Please give me the task of finishing off the humans who are
    working for the Guardians. ... ... ... I need to teach them a lesson they will
    never forget... 
    [Boomerang starts stroking his wolf companion.]
    Lady Harken:
    If you wish to continue living, do not take your task lightly. I've seen what
    those humans are capable of.
    I would heed your own warning. I don't wish to have you slaying your own kind.
    ... ... ... First, I need to size them up myself. See if they are worthy of
    being my prey. Then, I will decide on where to dispose of their corpses.
    I'm ready... Luceid.
    [He turns and walks off, accompanied by the she-wolf Luceid.] 
    A renowned power... A great threat to the humans. Or, is it also... Hehehehe... 
    ... ... ... 
    What we need now is time to regroup without any distractions. That is why I
    have chosen him to go against the humans. Do not fear, Zeikfried. 
    Then we will commence our invasion plans? 
    Without the Teardrop, I will need more time than ever to recover my strength.
    Though the humans are as dangerous as fleas, I don't wish to have them around
    right now. Understand that, Zeikfried?
    With that being said, I think we should put up our barrier, Soledelita, around
    the Photosphere to keep the humans away. 
    The Soldelita has the ability to shield the Photosphere with its power. Every
    angle will be protected. Let us engage the Soldelita at once. 
    Part XI. -Giant's Cradle, Court Seim, and the Sea of Wind Epitaph-
    [You find the Giant's Cradle located near Adlehyde, strangely enough, and
    insert the Red Malice and Blue Malice on the doors. The three wanderers enter
    and look at the stone golem that they see.]
    A Golem?! There was one still hidden?
    This is one of the eight... 
    ...Yes, it must be a Golem. This was a weapon that battled monsters. But, what
    are we going to do with this? We can't do anything with this huge thing. 
    I know! I know, but... Can't we make it work somehow? If this enormous power
    becamse ours, it would be great against the monsters! 
    Are you saying we should wake him? ...Wake him up again for battle? Is a
    Golem's only purpose to fight? To desire its existence for only one
    purpose...it's too sad.
    [Jack and Hanpan exchange looks.]
    Princess... A sword is made to slay the enemy, and a spear is made to stab the
    enemy. This Golem's purpose was no different. ... ... ... Your tenderness is a
    very precious thing in this world... But, becausse the world is like this right
    now, the possibility has to be indulged. Unfortunately, it's a fact that we do
    not have room for weakness... ... ... ... ...I'm sorry, I'm just trying to
    ...No... I'm sorry, too... 
    Either way, this is too much for us... ...We should ask that doctor for help.
    She's a bit strange, but she could probably help us with this. 
    Yes, Doctor Emma in Adlehyde! You're right! Doctor Emma should be able to help!
    All right then... let's go get her. 
    [Jack and Rudy walk off. Rudy stops and turns back to Cecilia, who is still
    standing there.]
    If everything is allowed existence for only one purpose... Then I'm only
    accepted as a princess, but not as myself... [to Rudy] I'm sorry... Let's go,
    everyone is waiting... 
    [Rudy and Cecilia leave; Cecilia stops to take one final look at the golem
    before finally exiting. You head over to Adlehyde. You speak with all of the
    NPCs there.]
    Dominique (Jack):
    Have you heard of the tale of a giant who lost two minds and now sleeps in a
    cradle? The story of the 'Guardian Blade' has been told through generations
    around the inland coastal area.
    Dominique (Rudy):
    Since I'm pretty good with tools, restoration has been easy for me. Except we
    are running out of funds and resources to continue any further.
    Dominique (Cecilia):
    Recently, the air has been calm in Adlehyde. But I know that the demons are
    planning their next attack. Will we ever wake up from this constant nightmare
    to find a peaceful world?
    Catori (Jack):
    How may I help you? Feel free to create magic as long as there's a spot on the
    Crest Graph. [You choose to speak with her.] I love the ocean... I would love
    to retire and own the business by the Ship Graveyard. I heard many interesting
    things wash onto the beach by that town. That will surely keep me from getting
    Catori (Rudy):
    How may I help you? Feel free to create magic as long as there's a spot on the
    Crest Graph. [You choose to speak with her.] It appears that the item Jeremy
    is working on has to do with the industrial sorcerer. I believe the item will
    be a necessity for anyone who travels. ...I just highly doubt that it will ever
    be on the market. Unless some miracle happens. 
    Catori (Cecilia):
    How may I help you? Feel free to create magic as long as there's a spot on the
    Crest Graph. [You choose to speak with her.] I believe you are relying too
    much on the Crest Graph. That is one way of doing it, but... I personally
    believe in strategically utilizing the quality of magic. I also believe it is
    important to research the possible creatures you may face at the ruins and
    Randy (Jack):
    Hey, you look like a nice man. How would you like to make a donation? You
    believe in karma, right? I'm sure your small donation will pay you back in a
    greater sum.
    Randy (Rudy):
    Hey you. You appear to be a nomad. Would you make a donation? Right now we
    have many homeless children in Adlehyde. Like me, the Mayor's son. Please, 
    any donation will be greatly appreciated.
    Randy (Cecilia):
    Hey you, the elegant lady. Would you like to make a donation? If you do, I will
    take you out for a nice dinner as soon as this town is restored. 
    Joanna (Jack):
    The hospital was packed after the attack. It was terrible... There were just
    too many patients to adequately treat each one. 
    Joanna (Rudy):
    We lost a lot of medical equipment in the attack. It's a problem. We are just
    barely getting by.
    Joanna (Cecilia):
    Fortunately, the demons didn't enter, but the black lights cut through the
    roof. The leaks are terrible here now... We're using buckets to catch the
    water, but the cracks in the beams worry me. I cannot mend the bones of
    Furgason (Jack):
    The nun cried over the equipment that was destroyed. But I was relieved... I
    was getting tired of those treatments. I just don't think they work... 
    Furgason (Rudy):
    Let me give you some advice, young lady. Women can be much crueler than men.
    Please watch every step you make. Because you can never be too careful. 
    Furgason (Cecilia):
    The day of the attack, I was immobile in this bed, ready to die... But none of
    the demons came here. What is this place? 
    Hey! You're from the ghost ship... How have you been? As for me, it's been hell
    trying to organize everything. But I didn't want to be laughed at. Using the
    tool kit you gave me, I've kept myself busy restoring a house belonging to a
    scientist named Emma. While I'm on a roll, I should restore everyone else's
    house too. But funds and building material are scarce. I received some funds
    from the castle, but it all went to fixing up the hospital. Anyhow, I need to
    ask you for a favor... You are all wanderers, right? Could you pick up
    something for me on your travels that might be useful? 
    [You speak with him again.]
    Wait! Is that a model of a tool shop? With a model of a tool shop and 2,5000
    gella, I can completely restore the tool shop. How about it? 
    All right. Leave this to me. I will do a better job than anybody. 
    Hello there. Welcome to my new Blue Sky Mart... I moved my business here after
    my original store was destroyed. I thought about leaving town, but I had so
    many customers here in Adlehyde... I am planning on increasing my selection
    while restoration gets under way. So you should check back often. 
    [You speak with him again.]
    Jeremy (Jack):
    Hello there. What can I do for you today? [You choose to speak with him.] Your
    rat friend looks really intelligent. I guess what they say is true; opposites
    really do attract.
    Jeremy (Rudy):
    Hello there. What can I do for you today? [You choose to speak with him.] I'm
    starting to have a pretty regular business here with steady customers! But
    this would be so much easier if I had a real store instead. 
    Jeremy (Cecilia):
    Hello there. What can I do for you today? [You choose to speak with him.] The
    noble princess of Adlehyde has become a wanderer in order to regain the
    treasured Teardrop. I used to think that all the royal family did was eat
    and eat, but I was greatly mistaken in this case. 
    Nap (Jack):
    I have no way of disposing all these ancient artifacts. Until I find some way
    to dispose of them, I'm going to have to leave them here.
    Nap (Rudy):
    It would be best to not touch the artifacts in the exhibition. We have no idea
    if these machines are stable or safe. 
    Nap (Cecilia):
    There is no way to assure your safety beyond this point. I know you possess
    great magical skill, but please do not go any further. 
    Cougar (Jack):
    The beauty of the Teardrop isn't its large, transparent crystal shape. It is
    the shining of the gentle light which beats to the rhythm of the world. 
    Cougar (Rudy):
    The 'Teardrop' is a crystal that's known for the gentle light it emits. It's
    the symbol of the Adlehyde royal family. Ever since the Council of Seven days,
    the crystal has been handed down from mother to daughter, across generations. 
    Cougar (Cecilia):
    I have heard about your many displays of heroism, Princess. I am sure your
    father and mother are watching you proudly from above. 
    [You visit the castle and speak with everyone.]
    Lukardo (Jack):
    I cannot forget what happened that day but also know we cannot dwell on it...
    I can't help but think this way when I see people in town. 
    Lukardo (Rudy):
    I was told that there is an architect who used to be a boat engineer. Have you
    met him yet? I hear he's mourning over supplies... He's saying with tools and
    enough supplies, he can fix anything from houses to the Guardian's tombstone. 
    Lukardo (Cecilia): 
    Compared to the rougher outer sea, there are many small town scattered
    throughout the inland sea. You should talk to those people. 
    Martin (Jack):
    I would love to forfeit my work and sail away into the ocean... But if I
    really did that, the probability of me regretting it is about 230%.
    Martin (Rudy):
    I see you have a ship. I think it would be fun to collect artifacts by the
    shore of the inland sea. I don't think having too much stuff will get you
    into trouble. 
    Martin (Cecilia):
    The mayor and others came here to lobby for funds to restore the hospital.
    I saw the minister signing the paperwork... I believe it is 4,001 times more
    productive to spend money on another facility than for that hospital... 
    Glen (Jack):
    If it is at all possible, I want to strike at those demons myself... However,
    I must protect Adlehyde. The least I can do now is to refine my martial arts
    skills so that I can prevent another tragedy. 
    Glen (Rudy):
    I can still hear my kid's crying as if he was being burned alive before my
    eyes. I will never forgive the demons for this. 
    Glen (Cecilia):
    The light from the Teardrop is gentle, like a mother holding her child...
    What are the demons planning to do with Teardrop? 
    George (Jack):
    After losing both red and blue hearts, the giant fell asleep... Until the day
    when the two minds meet, the door to the cradle will not open... This is the
    story I have heard.
    George (Rudy):
    There were Guardians abandoned in the wasteland after losing their temple. We
    are very sinful... The last time I worshiped a Guardian was the day before my
    knight examination...
    George (Cecilia):
    Princess, have you had enough to eat during your journey? Having a good meal
    is the foundation for any journey. We should all eat three meals a day.
    Minister of State Johan (Jack):
    I hear there is a very passionate young repair man in town. Perhaps you should
    meet him... 
    Minister of State Johan (Rudy):
    There are two famous ancient stories about an inland sea beach. One of them is
    about the Guardian Blade, which can destroy just about anything... The other
    story is called the 'Sleeping Giant with No Soul'. They both sound like fairy
    tales, but sometimes behind these stories lies an even greater truth. I would
    advise you to remember all these stories. 
    Minister of State Johan (Cecilia): 
    We are uniting the people in town for a restoration to bring back Adlehyde. So
    you, Princess, do not have to worry about the future of Adlehyde.
    Antoine (Jack):
    Monsters from the inland sea are not as tough as the ones in the outer sea...
    But that does not mean you are completely safe in any sea. The vast sea is
    still full of unknowns. 
    Antoine (Rudy):
    Yes, I have heard of Bartholomew. A single boat captain that sails the inland
    sea looking for girls, right? 
    Antoine (Cecilia):
    Princess, you have become a beautiful lady, just like Her Royal Highness.
    Please keep in mind that there are lots of dangers out there... Especially
    watch out for men. Men are all dogs. That will never change. 
    Gaf (Jack):
    People in the town are working hard for their common goal. Witnessing them
    work so hard keeps me from sitting around and doing nothing. 
    Gaf (Rudy):
    I am trying to keep the castle spiffy for you, Princess. It makes me feel good
    to clean it. 
    Gaf (Cecilia):
    Ever since the attack, we have been busy. In the afternoon we help with the
    restoration, then we train all day and night. But to imagine what you must be
    going through, Princess... It only makes me work harder. 
    Steven (Jack):
    King Justin lamented the fall of Arctica Castle a few years ago... It's sad
    because, besides us, Arcticans were the last descendants of the Council of
    Seven and had ancient knowledge. 
    Steven (Rudy):
    Demons planned massive, destructive attacks in order to obtain the Teardrop.
    There was no mercy for any civilian. Why demons were after the Teardrop is
    beyond my comprehension. 
    Steven (Cecilia):
    Because of the wintry conditions, I hear there is no way to get to the port
    of Arctica from the inland sea. That's one reason for not knowing the
    present condition of Arctica. 
    Ozma (Jack):
    A self-proclaimed repair man has moved into town recently. We have yet to see
    his skill, but his desire to revive the town is apparent. 
    Ozma (Rudy):
    Many people are working diligently toward restoring the town. We all believe
    in bringing back the beauty this town once had. 
    Ozma (Cecilia):
    Excuse me, Princess, but as a concerned citizen, I have to ask you... Is it
    true that you already married someone? Is it true? 
    Cecilia: What?! Ozma! You know I couldn't have possibly married anybody.
    No WAY!! 
    I see... I am indeed relieved to hear that from your mouth. I will investigate
    who started such a rumor and ensure it never happens again. Please forgive me
    for my nonsense. 
    [You can choose this time to pay off the Mayor if you so choose.]
    Mayor Howard:
    Because of your continuous support, we have finally reached our goal of
    collecting 600,000 gella. Now it is up to us to restore Adlehyde. On behalf
    of the city, I thank you. Please knew that you are welcome here anytime you 
    wish to visit. 
    [At last you go into Emma's house.]
    Abbot (Jack):
    Welcome! Let me upgrade your ARM! Dr. Emma even studies under me! Heh heh heh.
    [You choose to speak with him.] The scientist has many different kinds of
    friends. Lately, she has been with a nun from Curan Abbey. Since magic is
    part of science, they must get along pretty well.
    Abbot (Rudy):
    Welcome! Let me upgrade your ARM! Dr. Emma even studies under me! Heh heh heh.
    [You choose to speak with him.] From time to time, she tells me a story about
    her teacher. From what I understand, her teacher was not only an ARM Meister,
    but also quite a wanderer... He must have been a great scholar and warrior...
    Abbot (Cecilia):
    Welcome! Let me upgrade your ARM! Dr. Emma even studies under me! Heh heh heh.
    [You choose to speak with him.] I take care of Emma's two cats while she is
    away for a while. But those cats, they sure don't listen to anything I say to
    [You go downstairs.]
    He never has time to play with us. He's always busy now. Sometimes, I just lay
    down on the blueprints to get him going. 
    I like sleeping by the machine. The heat it gives off keeps me warm at night.
    My wife is the same way. I usually catch her sleeping in her chair, drooling
    all over the blueprints. 
    What? A Golem? You need to take me there! I won't disappoint you! Don't worry
    about a thing! I have plenty of experience with Golems. I will definitely
    come in handy. I'm just making all the decisions, aren't I? Oh well... I like
    to be in charge, you know? Anyway, we need to get going if we want to see
    the Golem! 
    [With Emma in your party, you return to the Giant's Cradle. Halfway through
    the ruin, you examine a computer console.]
    I can operate this type of system even with my eyes closed. I should twist
    this...like this......... 
    [A door off to the side opens.]
    Piece of cake. 
    [At last the four of them -- okay, Hanpan makes five - make it to the room with
    the golem. Emma has to keep pushing her glasses onto her face to keep them from
    falling off since she is so excited.]
    ... ... ... I did not expect to see another Golem in my lifetime...  
    [She walks forward to it and turns around to them.]
    Well... you ARE good. Your luck with ancient artifacts is excellent. Good job,
    all of you! You're almost as good as me!
    Why are we good? 
    If anything, I'm trying to understand why the doctor is good... 
    [Emma points a finger at Hanpan.]
    Mr. Mouse there! 
    Give me a hand. I'm going to examine this Golem immediately. You look most
    suitable for my assistant. 
    Wow, now that's outrageous! You judge only be appearances?!
    [Hanpan jumps off of Jack's shoulder and follows Emma to the golem. Later, the
    two of them are seen standing in front of the three wanderers.]
    I'm doing putting together the research results for us to look at. The report
    has three main points.
    Mostly, I did the examining. But, everyone, listen carefully! 
    First off, its name is Asgard, meaning 'Fortress of the Gods'. The anti-phasing
    shields that were installed on both arms seem to be the source of its name.
    Secondly, it's well-preserved. This Golem is only shut off, not damaged. In
    other worlds, it's just in sleep mode. 
    Is that the reason this place is called 'Cradle' and Lolithia's was 'Coffin'?
    Yes, indeed. It's different from Lolithia, it's just sleeping. It's quite
    possible that Asgard could work if all the conditions are met. 
    Hey... that means... 
    Don't get all excited... Wait until you hear the last point. Ahem! Third, we
    tried various things, but we couldn't find a way to start Asgard. We couldn't
    find the last condition... 
    [Jack seems extremely disappointed by this news and hangs his head.]
    That's the conclusion, huh? 
    Yes, for now. I will not give up here. For me, any reason to study ancient
    machines is a good reason. I don't expect to quickly figure it all out. 
    [Jack straightens up against while Emma turns her head to Hanpan.]
    Because of that reason, Mr. Mouse, let's continue our research. 
    What!? Are we going to do even more? 
    Of course we are. Don't move your mouth, move your hands!
    [We see Hanpan run up the Golem once more whereas the three wanderers
    Princess, maybe you'd better help them? 
    I'm not good enough. I may get in their way. 
    In the fairy tale, wasn't it a princess' kiss that wakes the sleeping prince? 
    You have that backwards. Besides... 
    [Cecilia looks up at the Golem. We see Emma ordering Hanpan around.] 
    If he is my prince, he's too tall for me. 
    [Later, we see everyone but Cecilia sleeping in the corner. Cecilia, meanwhile,
    is at the base of the Golem, staring up at it.]
    ... ... ... The best thing is for you to keep sleeping as you are now.
    Currently Filgaia is not that different from the one of 1000 years ago. It's a
    barren world of battles repeated. ...What... What do you hope for the world if
    you wake up now? ... ... ... ...Even if you do not hope for anything, someone
    will hope something of you... They hope you will be a weapon... ... ... ... I
    hoped to be someone... Someone other people wanted me to be. I was denied the
    real me and began to hate it. ... ... ... I was born to a different type of
    family... Because of it, everybody cherished me. 
    [Cecilia lowers her head and clasps her hands together.]
    ... ... ... But, what they cherished was not me. It was my name and position.
    'I, who can be anyone.' I wasn't really needed or loved... Everyone just sees
    me as 'Princess of Adlehyde'. I hoped to be an ideal princes and tried to
    forget the 'real' me. Now Adlehyde has a different hope for me. I must complete
    my mission as a shaman. 
    [She looks up at the Golem.]
    Those are my feelings... Feelings that I cannot reveal to anyone. But, I
    thought you might be able to... Understand...this feeling... ... ... ... You...
    You did not want to be born only to fight? Did you?
    [The Golem lets out a low grumble. She looks around in confusion.]
    Huh?! ...Can you hear my words? 
    [It grumbles in affirmation, and its eyes light up.]
    No! If you make a loud noise, everyone will wake up! ... ... ... The current
    world is the same as when you were last awake. It's a sad world filled with
    fighting. If anyone knows you're awake, they will treat you like a weapon.
    They will force you to become something you do not want to be! ...Please...
    Please keep sleeping until the world is peaceful again... 
    [It grumbles again softly.]
    You're willing to wake up anyway? ... ... ... ...I see... You can hear not only
    my voice, but the voices of all that live in this world... ... ... ... Fight to
    protect something you cherish. ...Yes... I, as a princess, would like to 
    protect...the country and the world.
    [We see, over where the others are sleeping, Rudy sitting up and rubbing his
    eyes. Jack is still collapsed on his back and Emma still snoring, though. She
    looks over at them.]
    But... The 'real' me just... 
    [We have a close-up on Rudy, who's still waking up. Cecilia seems to be looking
    at them, or, rather, 'him' with kind eyes.]
    I just want to protect something smaller, something more certain that I can
    grasp. Little by little, my hopes may come true. [to the Golem] The things I
    cherish... May I ask you to help me protect them? 
    [Asgard lets out a large grumble, waking everyone up. Jack pops up from his
    sleep immediately.]
    Wow!? What's going on!? 
    Huh?! Who woke me up before noon?! ...is it a salesman? ...bill collector?
    Either one, I'm not interested... 
    [Soon after, we see everyone collected at Asgard's base.]
    How in the?! We tried everything we could come up with yesterday! Why is it
    moving now?!
    I talked to him a little. He woke up...because he wanted to. No one but him
    could wake up Asgard. He willed it to happen, with his hope.
    [Jack scratches the side of his face.]
    ...That's a, ah...unexpected... I don't know what to say... ...Isn't that
    No. I heard his voice and he listened to my voice. It is OK, isn't it? 
    [Asgard rumbles softly again.]
    Wow?! It replied! I just can't believe it! I suppose I should accept reality.
    After all, I am the 'intellectual'. 
    It reacts to the princess' voice? Mmm... it must be a system that records a
    voiceprint for controlling the unit. 
    Enough with the technical stuff. The 'Absolute Power' is ours! We can use it
    to destroy the monsters. With this super weapon, we can attack their
    ...No, he is not. Asgard is not a weapon. He woke up, by his own will,
    to help us.
    We are very lucky... 
    Asgard... Lend us your large hands... So that we may create a world that all
    life can live in peace, one where people do not treat you like a weapon.
    [Asgard rumbles and raises its hands, starting up.]
    Go with us! Asgard!! 
    [An FMV starts. The platform upon which Asgard is standing raises him to the
    top. He begins to stomp out of the grand doors of the Giant's Cradle. Our
    party of five begins to follow it out into the open air.]
    What's the matter? Asgard started...
    You looked forward to it the most. What are you doing? 
    You are going to take Asgard's power? 
    [nods] We will track down the monsters and take the Teardrop back! 
    [pauses] OK, then I will go back to Adlehyde before you do. For my research and
    study, there is something I need to know. I would like to do an experiment. If
    it goes well, I might be able to make the Emma Motor more powerful... We will
    ...What's that? 
    Oh, it's just a small thing. I'll thank you in advance... I really appreciate
    this opportunity. 
    [She begins to walk off.]
    You said you are going back... But how are you going to go back to Adlehyde? 
    [pauses] I will use the Sweet Candy. Since I came here by ship, I will go back
    by ship. I'll tell the Captain to take me back. 
    [She resumes her walking and leaves.]
    That doctor is a really... hard worker. 
    [The three of them nod in agreement. Once outside the Giant's Cradle, they
    board it---Cecilia rides on its shoulder. Jack and Hanpan ride in its right
    hand while Rudy takes the left. While riding Asgard, you make your way to the
    Arctican continent but find the path to the Photosphere blocked off by rocks,
    so you make a turn and head south for Court Seim. You enter the small town and
    speak with the people here...] 
    Bruce (Jack):
    Our motto is 'All the necessary tools for anybody, delivered anywhere'! [You
    choose to speak with him.] The village is much cleaner than when I first came
    here on business two years ago. The water tower was empty, too. It is all
    thanks to the hard-working Maxwell daughters.
    Bruce (Rudy):
    Our motto is 'All the necessary tools for anybody, delivered anywhere'! [You
    choose to speak with him.] The village has a spectacular view of the 
    'Old Moon'. I recommend that you take a look at it. Seeing the silver ancient
    moon reflected in the river surface will take your breath away. 
    Bruce (Cecilia):
    Our motto is 'All the necessary tools for anybody, delivered anywhere'! [You
    choose to speak with him.] The village has developed a lot since I first came
    here two years ago on business. I remember there were only two houses then.
    It is all thanks to the hard-working Maxwell daughters.
    Otto (Jack):
    You are in Court Seim. Everything here is taken care of by all of us, including
    us kids! 
    Otto (Rudy):
    The village of Court Seim expanded from the orphanage that the Maxwells built.
    Everyone here lives by the rule of doing everything ourselves. And there's
    always something to do. 
    Otto (Cecilia): We have not seen a girl your age visit Court Seim in a long
    time. We welcome everybody here, so please make yourself at home. 
    Lestat (Jack):
    I do not believe that physical strength is the only factor which makes us
    strong. If one can study diligently and invent tools or devices that are
    useful for people... That is another way of being strong. 
    Lestat (Rudy):
    Nicholli found me by sheer luck. Since then, he's taught me physics,
    ARM theory, and the ancient language. Needless to say, I respect Nicholli more
    than anyone in this world. 
    Nicholli (Cecilia):
    The 'Warden' and Jessica work hard to keep the orphanage running. Because they
    are such good people, I often hope that someday they'll spend time pursuing
    their own happiness. 
    Michael (Jack):
    Anthony came to Court Seim in search of great treasure. But I think the
    'Warden' would've already found the treasure if it was around here. 
    Michael (Rudy):
    Are you wanderers? Are you also after the 'secret treasure' like Anthony? 
    Michael (Cecilia):
    I heard that Anthony came to the village to find a treasure called the
    'Ocarina'. I wonder when he is going to find it. I cannot wait to see it. 
    Franz (Jack):
    Oh! Ugh! Your clothes smell like a mouse... Don't... Don't come any closer!! 
    Franz (Rudy):
    I think I am a fairly strong person, but I just can't stand mice. Those big
    teeth in front and those big beady eyes... Ugh, I'm making myself sick... 
    Franz (Cecilia):
    Miss Jane always chases away mice anytime one gets near me. I just love her
    for that. 
    Diana (Jack):
    Welcome to the orphanage. We have extra bunk beds for our guests. Feel free
    to rest here. [You choose to speak with her.] Hello, and welcome to our
    orphanage. Will you tell our kids about your adventurous journey? I am sure
    they would love to hear about it.
    Diana (Rudy):
    Welcome to the orphanage. We have extra bunk beds for our guests. Feel free to
    rest here. [You choose to speak with her.] Our orphanage is well funded by the
    monkey Jessica and Jane bring in from outside. We don't discuss what they are
    up to when they are gone, we just make sure they feel at home when they are
    Diana (Cecilia):
    Welcome to the orphanage. We have extra bunk beds for our guests. Feel free to
    rest here. [You choose to speak with her.] In this day and age, we strive to
    conserve and cut back on anything unnecessary. You will notice that our soap
    is quite diluted for that reason. 
    Male Hawk:
    You must have heard about the pillars that emit strange light... Rumor has it
    that a crazy monster is trapped inside. I don't believe it though, because I
    pecked this one pillar a few times and nothing happened. 
    Molly (Jack):
    The kids would love to eat junk food every day, but they need to eat more
    nutritious meals. That is why I keep serving them fresh vegetable juice every
    day. I don't care if they hate me for it. 
    Molly (Rudy):
    The demons attacked while my husband and I were in the middle of divorce
    mediation. My husband was devoured, but I was fortunate enough to be rescued
    by Jane and the butler of the Maxwell family. 
    Molly (Cecilia):
    You look like you are pretty hungry, but dinner won't be served for a while.
    No snacking, please, because all of the kids will want to do the same.
    Jennifer (Jack):
    Jessica is gorgeous and smells like soap all the time. I want to be just like
    Jessica when I grow up...
    Jennifer (Rudy):
    I wonder when Miss Jane is coming back... Will she keep her promise and play
    house with me next time? 
    Jennifer (Cecilia):
    I don't like boys!! They always take her from me, saying 'Miss Warden this and
    that'! I don't like sharing. 
    Ackerman (Jack):
    This is the only shop in the world that sells Name Tags. What can I do for you
    today? [You choose to speak with him.] I used to live in Arctica. I was making
    a good living selling fine products until the demons attacked and I lost
    everything. After that, I utilized my parents' knowledge and started this
    "Renaming" business. 
    Ackerman (Rudy):
    This is the only shop in the world that sells Name Tags. What can I do for you
    today? [You choose to speak with him.] With my magic power, I can change your
    name in seconds! What do you say? Don't you want to rename yourself? 
    Ackerman (Cecilia):
    This is the only shop in the world that sells Name Tags. What can I do for you
    today? [You choose to speak with him.] People often ask me why I don't change
    my name. How rude is that? I love my name! Why would I want to change a name
    that I love so much? I don't understand some people.
    Bobby (Jack):
    I'm just a teacher now at the orphanage, but I used to be good with magic
    spells. [You choose to speak with him.] The more FP you have during battle,
    the more powerful your critical hit will be against your opponents. It is not
    advised to just use this power whenever you have enough FP, though; timing is
    also important. 
    Bobby (Rudy):
    I'm just a teacher now at the orphanage, but I used to be good with magic
    spells. [You choose to speak with him.] The more FP you have during battle,
    the higher you defense rating will be for when you are on guard. This is
    especially important during battles that are long and drawn out. 
    Bobby (Cecilia):
    I'm just a teacher now at the orphanage, but I used to be good with magic
    spells. [You choose to speak with him.] You cannot go wrong with saving up
    your FP. It may be a good idea to combine and configure your magic spells and
    skills based on how efficiently you can save up FP. 
    Brown Dog:
    I can't sniff straight, and I've been sweating like a dog. Do you think I'm
    getting sick? 
    Anthony (Jack):
    I have information about an artifact, but I lack the means to get to its
    location. I will just have to take my time... In the meantime, I'm making
    friends here, like Michael.
    Anthony (Rudy):
    How can I possibly get to the outer sea? I just heard about a treasure located
    there. It's an ocarina, whose sound can summon a giant... But since it's in the
    outer sea, I have to find a way to get there. 
    Anthony (Cecilia):
    I came to the village in hopes of finding a legendary artifact...
    Unfortunately, I was told that the artifact is located in the outer sea. What
    if other wanderers find a way to the outer sea and find the treasure before me?
    Anyway, I have no been feeling well. I'd better stay put for now and make a
    life here with the villagers.
    Smith (Jack):
    Anthony is a fantastic wanderer who survived the tragedy of Adlehyde. He is
    great with kids, too. I suppose it comes with being a skilled wanderer. 
    Smith (Rudy):
    My main job is to take on any manual labor that's too hard for the kids, such
    as taking care of the horses, and carpentry. Don't let that fool you though,
    they work just as hard as any adult. 
    Smith (Cecilia):
    My dog has been in a bad mood lately. He hardly eats, and he's very irritable.
    I don't think he's sick, but I'm worried. I hope it's nothing serious... 
    You don't know how great it feels to be brushed. If I only had a human hand
    growing out of my back, I would brush myself all day. 
    [You enter the main house in Court Seim, go to the basement, and speak with
    the blonde-headed man there.]
    I have no seen many wanderers recently. You have a customized ARM? May I see
    [A scene starts. We see Rudy just behind the man with Cecilia and Jack at the
    rear; Nicholli is looking over his ARM.]
    Is this... How did you obtain this ARM?!
    [The three exchange looks of confusion. The man turns to face them.]
    Excuse me, let me introduce myself. My name is Nicholli Maxwell. I am he ARM
    meister in this village. Six of my colleagues and I devoted all of our time
    studying the ARM with the Wanderer master, Zepet Roughnight. ... ... ... The
    ARM you hold was discovered and restored by my master. So, you must be... 
    [Rudy nods.]
    Rudy Roughnight! I see it now!! You are old man Zepet's grandchild! Oops,
    excuse me. I hope I did not offend you by calling your grandfather an old man.
    I got so used to calling him Old Man Zepet. Words cannot describe how much I
    appreciate your grandfather's teachings. He took care of the six of us. Oh, I
    almost forgot all about it! I once found a powerful ARM Cartridge. It's stored
    at the Barrier Shelter.
    [We see a close-up on Rudy's weapon.]
    If you can handle that ARM, then you'll be able to handle the Cartridge. You
    must let me give it to you. Please accept it as a gesture of respect for your
    [You've got two choices.]
    2. No, I can't possibly accept it. 
    Knowing you are my master's grandchild, I cannot let you leave empty-handed.
    Won't you please accept it? 
    [Okay, he won't stop badgering you unless you accept.]
    1.Yes, I'll accept it. 
    Thank you very much. Meet me at the Barrier Shelter. It's located in the woods
    to the southwest. 
    [You regain free control, so let's head out to the Barrier Shelter. When you
    get there, you are stopped at the entrance by a red force field. Nicholli goes
    over to examine a panel beside it, so you speak with him.]
    Just in case, we secured the supplies and the Cartridge for my master... This
    Barrier can only be accessed by a retina scan. But, because a small child could
    wander in, it is easily opened from inside... Oh, I think the entry pattern is
    [The barrier disappears, so let's go and get that Cartridge. You obtain the
    'Mighty Avalanche' Cartridge.]
    Is this the Cartridge Nicholli referred to?
    Yes, that's it! We better get back. We have what we came here for. 
    [You trek back to the entrance and talk to Nicholli.]
    Thankfully, the Cartridge is back where it belongs. Grandpa Zepet will be happy
    about that. Now, let's go home. I'm closing the Barrier. 
    [Nicholli closes the barrier. The screen darkens. When the story resumes, we're
    back in the ARM Meister's basement.]
    Zepet's grandchild turned out to be a talented young man who can handle the ARM
    with ease. I wonder how Old Man Zepet is doing? I hope he is well. It has been
    a decade since I saw him last. 
    Rudy tells his story... ...in bits and pieces, about his early days as a
    Zepet Roughnight. A wanderer who took the lone orphan, Rudy, under his wing, as
    if Rudy were of Zepet's own flesh and blood.
    [We see Zepet and Rudy traveling down a path together.]
    Likewise, Rudy loved and respected Zepet, like a grandfather.
    [We now see Rudy and Zepet sitting around a campfire.]
    I have been thinking of ways to utilize the ARM's unique characteristics.
    Maybe someday, we can use it to help bring people together. Instead of just
    using it as a weapon. Don't you think that would be a great accomplishment?
    Little by little, during their travels, Zepet taught Rudy how to work and
    control the ARM. And, more importantly, Zepet taught Rudy to have the heart and
    the desire to save people. 
    But one day, there was a painful separation... ...Zepet died from wounds
    suffered during their journey.
    [Rudy is sitting by Zepet's bedside, and the old man appears to be sick. He
    turns his head limply, and we see the boy stand over him, frantically trying
    to talk to him.]
    And once again, Rudy was alone in the world... 
    [We see Rudy standing next to a cross sticking out of the ground on a tall
    hill. He turns and marches away from it, looking hurt and upset.]
    For Zepet's grave, Rudy chose the place closest to the sky, and continued
    wandering. It was a very lonely journey... Till now.
    [We cut back to everyone in Nicholli's basement.]
    I always thought of the master as too tough to die. It's kind of a shock to
    hear it. ... ... ... ...But, instead of feeling down, I know the master
    would've told me to look ahead and think of ways to honor his memory instead. 
    [Rudy nods simply.]
    By the way, I must commend you on your great skill with the ARM! You must have
    a strong mind to be able to handle such a powerful and complicated ARM... And
    your collection of Cartridges is indeed something else, too... I have a
    daughter around your age who can handle ARMs... But certainly not to your
    level of expertise. You must have trained vigorously as a child. 
    [Okay, he was just talking about her, so cue Jane! The three wanderers look to
    I'm home.* Home sweet home... 
    [Jane is taken aback as she look sat the three of them in shock.]
    Huh?! What?! What are you doing here? 
    Jane... You all know each other? 
    [Jane straightens up and puts on her most innocent smile.]
    Oh, no, no, no! I have never seen these people before. Nope, not ever! 
    ... ... ... You are acting funny... Is everything all right with you? 
    Yeah... Magdalen and I will be upstairs if you need us... 
    [Jane waves at him and leaves promptly.]
    I love my daughter; she's the best, even if she acts brusque sometimes. Because
    of her hard work, we are able to support the orphanage here. ...Say, if you're
    not in any hurry, how about joining us for dinner tonight? How does that sound? 
    Well, it's not that we wouldn't want to... But, we are on a journey, and we're
    kind of stuck right now. We are... more or less looking for something that will
    help us continue our search. There are many areas we can't reach. ...If you
    have any information that may help us, we would appreciate it. 
    Actually... There is a lab where my colleagues and I once studied aviation. We
    even built a device for experimentation. 
    Wow, that is one far-out study. And did you have any success?
    Well... Given our lack of technology and know-how, we decided not to pursue the
    study. It would be very difficult, but... 
    Are you saying there is a possibility of picking it up again in the future? 
    [nods] Correct. We used to call the building the Epitaph since the tower was
    full of dead theories. It was an Epitaph to the 'Sea of Wind'. I am sure you
    could find something useful there. And... 
    Well, if you go now, you can still make it back here in time for dinner. 
    Yes. We definitely have time for dinner, then. 
    The 'Sea of Wind' Epitaph is to the northwest of this village. It is not very
    far, but be aware of monsters. I would advise you to be well prepared. 
    [Rudy nods. You gain manual control again and go upstairs.]
    Jane (Jack):
    Just so we're clear... Don't tell my dad or any of the kids any stories about
    'Calamity Jane'. Got it?
    Jane (Rudy):
    Everyone here knows me as their big sister. Don't forget that. 
    Jane (Cecilia):
    You have to promise not to tell! I don't want anybody to know about my alter
    ego, you blabbermouth. 
    Magdalen (Jack):
    Please, do not tell Jane's father about her outside work. I do not wish for her
    father to be more concerned. 
    Magdalen (Rudy): Have you visited Court Seim before? The residents' determined
    efforts turned their wasteland frontier town into a resourceful village. 
    Magdalen (Cecilia):
    We are preparing for tonight's feast. It will be a pleasant event, so please
    come back early. 
    [The four of you---yeah, Hanpan too---head off to the Epitaph of the Sea Wind.
    It's a nice dungeon complete with all sorts of box puzzles. Books in the
    shelves towards the top of the Epitaph are as follows:]
    "Record of the Facility" 
    Each floor of this facility is named after elements or properties which shape
    the world. The first floor is named 'Terra'. The fifth floor is named 'Sky'.
    Between Terra and Sky is a secret that unlocks the sixth floor, the 'Sea of
    "What Shapes Our World?"
    The world is shaped by the "Sea of Wind", or Sky. The "Earth", or Terra,
    supports the Sky. Between Sky and Terra are the creatures called Humans, which
    are supported by both. Above them all lies another vast sea. This sea remains
    yet unknown: The 'Sea of Stars'. 
    "Records of Aviation Device Study."
    The seven of us--Matthew, Lulu, Norman, Tokanaku, Nicholli, Emma, and me...
    Despite the differences in our age and culture we have the same dream. Let us
    catch the vast sky with our hands. Let us embrace the blue sky with our arms.
    Bonds secured by ARM. Thoughts inspired by ARM. People make fun of our belief
    in a human aviation device, but we just laugh and take pride in our
    foolishness. Our foolish dreams are piling up high, some day high enough to
    reach the 'Sea of Wind'. 
    [You examine a nearby door...]
    The sign on the door reads: 'Without the 'Walpurgis Night', you are not
    [Anyway, you enter the elevator. It asks you for a password. Let's put in
    ... ... ... Collation complete. 
    [The elevator moves and drops you off in another room. After solving a block
    puzzle, you enter a room and examine a book on the counter. The three are
    gathered over it; Cecilia is in the middle, examining one of the pages.]
    Is this... Some kind of flight experiment? 
    ...Fluid mechanics... ...Aviation theory... Yes, it definitely looks that way.
    [Cecilia is about to turn another page when Hanpan interrupts.]
    Oh, wait a minute!
    What is it?
    Energy amplifier... 'Rune Drive'... Give me a second... Yes, I see it now...
    This magnificent work is almost ready. The experiment is nearly concluded. 
    Ever since that Asgard incident, you remind me of a certain doctor... Anyway,
    explain to us what is going on here. 
    In a nutshell, this device can multiply the energy by 5 or even 10 times.
    But... There are a few flaws... ...the output is difficult to stabilize. Plus,
    amplified energy creates a massive reaction. A Rune Drive is just simply too
    much for a sensitive aviation device like this one... 
    If that's the case, can we use it?
    It is too dangerous. Do you think we can withstand the power when this device
    I think what's more dangerous is to become addicted to power. Once we are
    addicted to power... There will be nothing separating us from those demons. 
    I see your point, but... Are we just giving up on this?
    Well, the Rune Drive should not be ignored. Just because we can't use it
    doesn't mean it's not useful to someone else. 
    Who, demons? Never! If they got their hands on the Rune Drive...
    Well, it's not here. It may be somewhere in this tower. Let's go search for it. 
    [The three of them nod. You obtain the book 'Walpurgis Night', so you head
    back and pop the book into the slot of the sealed door.] 
    The closed door responded to the 'Walpurgis Night'. 
    [You continue on your merry way. In the final room, you open a chest and find
    that it is empty.]
    Where is the Rune Drive? 
    Damn! Are we too late!?
    I hear bells.
    Those are funeral chimes... 
    The one who stole the Rune Drive is still here, calling us!!
    [Rudy and Cecilia nod. The three exit the room and stop.]
    I heard this is the epitaph of lost hope that conquered the 'Sea of Wind'...
    What do you want on your epitaph? You human warriors...
    Show yourself! Why do you demons always hide? 
    Demon? Ha! That would be the least of what I am.
    [They suddenly look to the top of the big bell and notice a figure standing on
    the rafters just above it.]
    However, you are free to attack me anyway you choose. It is my way to accept
    any form of battle.
    [The demon leaps and lands in front of them.]
    Then, your mission is also to conquer this planet?
    On the battlefield, the goal is to quench my thirst. Nothing else.
    That is so shallow... I cannot fight you! There is no good reason!!
    Fair enough. Shall I give you a reason then?
    [The demon withdraws from the insides of his coat the Rune Drive; he holds it
    up to them.]
    Is that the Rune Drive?
    Alhazad would surely enjoy this toy.
    [Rudy and Cecilia look to see Jack drawing his sword.]
    Rage against rage. That is my style. 
    With spirit like that, I think you and I will get along just fine.
    It looks like there's no other way but to fight.
    The stage is set. My name is Boomerang. Accept this battle as my greeting!
    [He engages you in a battle.]
    Now is the time to display human strength. Do it for Luceid and me.
    Luceid! This cannot be! But the feeling is definitely here... 
    Luceid is the 'Guardian of Desire'... And desire is the only bond I have to the
    Why would a Guardian side with the demon enemy? 
    Wake up, princess! We cannot beat them by daydreaming... Look at them...we
    better be ready!!
    [You deliver the final blow.]
    ...I was curious to see your skill... But don't worry... We will finish this
    battle later.
    [The battle ends. We see Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia on their knees, exhausted from
    the battle. Boomerang turns his back on them.]
    Are you running away!? 
    From you? Ha! Don't flatter yourself. I will finish you later. But now is not
    the time.
    Currently you are no threat to me. But fear not. Although you are as dull as
    rocks now, with training you will shine with strength. Once you shine, we shall
    meet again for battle... But for now, live for today. ... ... ... Don't get me
    wrong. To live for today is to be stronger than yesterday. 
    [Boomerang throws Rudy the Rune Drive.]
    If you think having more power will get you where I am, I will let you have
    some, anytime. 
    [The two begin to walk off.]
    Wait! Luceid! Why have you joined an enemy of Filgaia? 
    [Luceid, not seeming to care, leaves with Boomerang. Jack gets to his feet.]
    ... ... ... [clutches his fist] ...I saved the Rune Drive... But that's not
    enough to bring us victory. ...Unless we start attacking, we will not save
    what's important... 
    [Rudy and Cecilia are not on their feet as well.]
    ... ... ... We need to leave the Rune Drive with Nicholli. He can safely keep
    it out of those demons' hands... 
    [With the Rune Drive in hand, the four run back to Court Seim. You speak with
    Nicholli (Jack):
    Oh, hi everyone! How are you doing today? [You choose to speak with him.] There
    were six of us who studied under Old Man Zepet... Each of us brought different
    skills that made us a great team. I wonder where they all are now... 
    Nicholli (Rudy):
    Oh, hi everyone! How are you doing today? [You choose to speak with him.] The
    'Sea of Wind' Epitaph is located northwest of the village on the tip of the
    nearby island. I hope Zepet and I left something there that you will find
    Nicholli (Cecilia): Oh, hi everyone! How are you doing today? [You choose to
    speak with him.] As a pupil of Zepet, each of us studied vigorously on our own
    chosen topics. I mainly studied the Golems, and I remember there was a lady who
    studied aviation devices.
    [Okay, let's show him the Rune Drive.]
    Oh!! Is this it...! The Rune Drive?! I never imagined that it would be found
    after all, amidst all the clutter... What a surprising discovery! Are you aware
    of the power of the Rune Drive? It amplifies the energy so that... Oh, excuse
    me. I got a little carried away. Let us eat before the meal gets cold. I will
    gladly talk more about the Rune Drive, tomorrow. My daughter does not like to
    hear me ramble. 
    [You're given control of Rudy at the party. You speak with everyone. Yeah, we
    all know Rudy loves to mingle at social events.]
    This chow mein is delicious! Rudy, why don't you try some before it gets cold?
    The Rune Drive is known for its powerful energy output capabilities. I
    understand your concern about the demons obtaining such a device and misusing
    it. Why don't we keep the Rune Drive at the Barrier Shelter? We can move it
    there tomorrow. 
    Are you enjoying the party? Since you're the honorary guest here, feel free to
    eat and drink all you want.
    It is sometimes important to forget about studying and to get out and
    experience life. I do not want to grow old without the experiences of eating
    good meals and sharing a good laugh with my friends. 
    Are you enjoying the feast? Jane did a great job of cooking today. By the way,
    if you see her, please give her my best regards. 
    Anthony said that he would tell us the greatest adventure story at the party...
    But he has been feeling under the weather since he got stung by a bug. What am
    I going to do now?
    Is it the music that makes me go wild? Or am I just using the party as an
    excuse to let loose? 
    Sooner or later, we will be facing the big and vicious demons. I feel like
    building my energy level up by eating lots of meat. 
    I love the vibe I feel from this place. It makes my whiskers tingle. This is
    certainly a welcome break, after all that constant battling.
    Since everyone says wine is so good, I just tried it... But it is terrible. I
    will stick with orange juice!! 
    Hey, listen! Doesn't the food look good today? They have all the food I like!
    I'm really happy there's no nasty vegetable juice, too... I wish every day was
    a party. 
    [You go and speak to Jane again just for the heck of it.]
    Hey, Rudy... Will you come and see me after the party when everyone's asleep?
    There is something I need to talk to you about. ...And please, don't bring
    anybody else with you... I don't want too many people to know about this. 
    [You speak with Magdalen again since he is the butler.]
    It was a fine feast. Please let me know when you are ready to rest. 
    2. It is still too early to rest. 
    I agree; I am still getting my groove on! Please just let me know when you are
    ready to rest. 
    [Okay, okay. I'm ready. Let's talk to him again and take the first choice!]
    1.You are ready to rest.
    Part XIb. -The Barrier Shelter-
    [And so you rest. An FMV starts. Jane is leaning on a fence outside; Rudy comes
    running up to her.]
    Thank you for staying up with me. You didn't tell anyone, right? 
    [Rudy nods. Jane turns away.]
    The infamous 'Calamity Jane' who became a bounty hunter to support the village
    orphanage... What a sappy, sentimental story ...I bet you thought I was lame
    when you found out.
    [Rudy shakes his head. Jane blushes and smiles.]
    ...Thanks... You really are nice... ... ... ... ...I know my family started out
    wealthy, that we lived in a prosperous town before... But, somehow we ended up
    here. There's nothing out here. In fact, there used to only be our house and
    the orphanage. And my dad was supporting all of us, so the money went quickly.
    We all had to work hard just to survive out here. I didn't like it at first,
    but that changed...
    [She remembers all of the children for whom she's been caring.]
    The kids love me... They look up to me. Heh, they even call me 'The Warden'.
    And I would never want to let them down. ... ... ... Have you ever hated
    someone or been hated by someone? 
    [Rudy has a sudden flashback to the events in Surf Village.]
    Hah, what am I saying? You don't look like the type that's ever had to deal
    with that kind of stuff. ... ... ... I don't like that my dad brought us here.
    Sometimes I think I hate him... I just don't think that, in this day and age,
    being sensitive and gracious does anyone any good, but that's all he cares
    about. He just avoids the bitter and cruel reality. Life isn't fair... It just
    doesn't pay to be nice...
    [Rudy frowns. Behind some nearby barrels, Magdalen is watching.]
    So why are you really on a quest to save Filgaia? There's got to be some
    reason. What's in it for you? is it the money, the fame? Or do you want to be
    a king? 
    [Rudy looks at her simply.]
    Just please, don't tell me you're doing this just for the good of all the
    people in the world. How can you be so generous to people you don't even know?
    I can't understand that. Because life isn't kind like that! There has to be a
    real reason... Or maybe... I'm sorry, I just feel a little miserable, knowing
    that you saved me only out of courtesy...
    [The sun begins to rise.]
    You know, there are nights when I don't think the sun will ever rise again...
    But the morning always comes in Filgaia. Both good mornings, and not so good
    mornings. ...Promise me one thing... You are saving Filgaia because you love
    Filgaia. And you're willing to die for it because you love it so much. I'll
    believe you even though I don't understand you... You're just like my dad
    that way...
    [Rudy slowly approaches her and lays a hand on her shoulder.]
    I never knew that was how she always felt... ...I was right, what she needs is
    not me, but... Oh no! This is not good!!
    ...Hey, Rudy... I...I wanted to tell you...
    [A figure suddenly appears above them.]
    Don't you just love my impeccable timing? Hehehehe... 
    [Rudy holds his arms out in front of Jane as if to protect her. Magdalen throws
    his coat jacket at Alhazad to distract him.]
    What?! Who dares?!
    Please, if I may just interrupt. When you get to be my age, you think you've
    seen it all... But I have never seen anyone as rude or ignorant as you.
    Magdalen...!? What are you doing here!? 
    We can discuss that later, but right now... We need to take care of this guy!
    [Alhazad engages you in a battle. You deliver the finishing blow.]
    Boy... Time flies when you are having fun. But, as much as I would hate to
    interrupt our little tea party, I need to discuss business.
    [The battle ends.] 
    I am here to take the Rune Drive which Boomerang let shamelessly fall into your
    hands. I am giving you 3 hours to get it and hand it to me. If you refuse, I
    will have to trample these humans like the ants they are and recover it myself.
    I will be waiting for your answer... Hehehehehe... 
    [Alhazad disappears.]
    We have to hurry and wake everyone up!
    [Later, everyone is gathered outside.]
    We will evacuate to the Barrier Shelter with the Rune Drive. The shelter, which
    is to the southwest, will not be easy for them to access. I appreciate your
    willingness to fight for the village, but... My daughter said that the enemy
    will not be easy to defeat. Please know that the shelter is also open to you at
    any time.
    [Rudy nods. He turns to Jane.]
    Let's head out. Jane, I want you to take the rear position and watch everyone. 
    Will do*! 
    [Jane turns to them. She takes one last look at Rudy. Rudy and Jane exchange
    nods. Jane turns and runs after them. For a while, the three wanderers wait in
    the village, but nothing happens. They seem pretty bored.]
    ...It's too quiet... Where do you think they are?
    Should we check on the others? He sounded pretty serious, do you think it was
    just a threat?
    [When you get to the Barrier Shelter, you notice Jane and Magdalen at the
    You're alive! I'm so relieved... The Shelter is in serious trouble right now...
    Magdalen and I were debating whether or not to come rescue you. Will you come
    here so that I can explain more?
    [The six gather on a platform.]
    The monster appeared from nowhere and started to attack everyone in the
    Shelter. Magdalen and I somehow managed to drive it away. But while we were at
    it, another monster appeared from nowhere... Everyone in the Shelter was
    terrified and ran around in a panic.
    As you may or may not know, it is impossible to break into the Shelter from the
    outside. This makes me wonder how monsters managed to invade. 
    I'm worried about these people. Our priority right now is to find and remove
    the monsters' path into the Shelter. 
    To find out we need to know how the Barrier works...
    I know how the Barrier works. Please listen to me carefully. Three different
    colored Barriers protect the Shelter: Purple, Yellow, and Green. Stepping on
    switches will deactivate it.
    [Jane steps on the yellow switch, and the yellow barrier disappears.]
    By stepping on each colored witch, the corresponding colored Barrier is
    deactivated... The Barrier can be turned off only when the switch is stepped
    OK, so for us to advance further into the Shelter, two teams need to work
    That's right. It's a race against time. Now, I need you guys to move forward
    while I deactivate the Yellow Barrier. And Magdalen and I will advance when
    you deactivate the other colored Barrier.
    [If you enter through the door you've already entered during your first trip
    to the barrier shelter, Anthony stops you.]
    Mr. Maxwell is over there guarding a precious article. Our job is to stay here
    and keep demons from reaching him.
    [You enter through the opened door and speak with the villagers present.]
    I brought my beloved dog to the Shelter. But she went astray... She must be
    somewhere nearby.
    This has not been my day... I thought I ran away from the monsters, but they
    are here too...
    During my trip, I heard that monsters managed to cross the barrier at Saint
    Centaur also. I may be wrong, but there seems to be a correlation. 
    Would you like me to cast a spell to help you with your search? 
    [Sure, nice nun lady. I guess it must be a sleep spell because the screen
    darkens and whistling starts. Anyway, back-track a little. Let's take Jane and
    talk to these same people.]
    Hey Jane! Have you seen my dog anywhere? The dog has not eaten or played with
    me since yesterday. I'm worried... 
    I saw Mr. Nicholli going further into the Shelter. I hope he's OK... Anthony,
    the wanderer, went with him. But he didn't look great either.
    I remember you had once gone to Saint Centaur. Is it just a coincidence that we
    are experiencing the same sort of catastrophe? 
    [Down in another room with the pony...]
    Oh, you're Maxwell's daughter... I don't like small places... Please help me
    Sorry to bother you... I was with my kids. Somehow I have lost them... I hope
    they're OK.
    [You switch over to Cecilia, Jack, and Rudy.]
    How can monsters be inside the Shelter?! I was told that the Shelter was
    completely monster-proof!
    Anthony went further into the Shelter to help the guards. I am a little
    concerned, but Anthony is a tough guy. I should not worry about him! 
    This is the worst day of my life... Please don't let any rats comes after me...
    [You show him Hanpan.]
    Ahhhh!! It's a rat! A rat's in here! 
    [You speak to the nun.]
    How did monsters get in here so quickly? Did they find a hole in the Barrier?
    It does not seem like there has been any kind of forced entry. 
    [You talk to the poor little kid you scared.]
    It's your fault those rats were here! You know I hate rats! That's mean, very
    mean... ...sobs...
    [In a lonely room, you see a little kid hiding behind a pillar.]
    I'm hiding from that thing I just saw... It was a monster in human clothing,
    and it was messing with that Barrier scan device! I'm sure of it! It was a
    [After messing about a bit more, Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia come to another room.
    There is a dog wandering about inside of it. Fans of the original game, we know
    what will happen. Let's talk to it.]
    Brown Dog:
    Help me... Something is crawling under my fur! 
    [A battle starts against the creepy 'Land Anemone' monster that morphed out of
    the dog. You kill it, and the battle ends. After it does so, Hanpan gathers the
    three around him.]
    I need you to do me a favor. Join up with Jane at once! 
    What happened? 
    When we came into the shelter, I finally figured out something. And, if I'm
    correct, I know what's going on with the monsters infiltrating the Barrier
    Shelter. I believe it is... 
    We must hurry, but let's pause until everyone is here. I, too, have a bad
    feeling about this.
    [Afterwards, you rendezvous with Jane.]
    You interrupted me. This better be good. 
    Of course it's good. But you won't find this amusing. I figured out a few
    things after our troubles with the monsters at the Barrier Shelter. First...
    We have encountered problems crossing a force field before. I believe that was
    (1. Saint Centaur) 
    2.Rosetta Town
    3.Court Seim
    Yes, that's right. Don't you think the incident in that town is similar? If
    I'm correct, the border which I...
    1.Bypassed using a tunnel 
    (2. Bypassed hiding among humans) 
    3. Flew over
    It's the same. Do you think it's possible as long as... 
    1.Nobody finds you? 
    (2. You can blend in with a crowd?) 
    3. There's no border in the sky? 
    ...and that's the end of the story. Don't you see it now? The monsters must be
    breaking into the Barrier Shelter the same way! 
    [points at him accusingly] I have no idea what you're talking about! I need a
    better explanation! 
    The story gets complicated from here. I'm afraid that the monsters...
    1.Penetrated through the border.
    2.Were here all this time.
    (3. Came in along with humans.)
    That cannot be... It sounds as though you have jumped to conclusions. 
    We have just witnessed a dog morph into a monster before our very eyes. With
    that in mind we can say...
    1.Humans lead the monsters in.
    (2. Humans morphed into monsters.)
    3. The monsters followed the Humans. 
    I understand that this is discouraging. But I'm convinced that a few monsters
    broke in somehow and let the rest of the monsters walk right in.
    Alhazad's voice:
    Listen to that... I have to tip my hat to your sound logic. 
    [Everyone gasps and looks upwards.]
    Alhazad's voice:
    Now then... Let me elaborate on your theory. Here's how it works... It involves
    planting a 'seed'. Recent developments in bio-manipulation allow us to plant
    monster seeds into human bodies. The side effects on humans are miniscule, and
    no one can possibly detect it. Then, with a snap of a finger, the seed
    germinates and awaits our orders. Never was an invasion more efficient! We have
    used the town of Saint Centaur as our test subject. And I must say, it was a
    success. HA haa ha... 
    [All of our heroes are braced and have a look of hesitation on their faces.]
    Alhazad's voice:
    One more thing. I shall clarify one of your misconceptions. While the elements
    which make up demons may be different from humans, our body structures are
    very similar. However, the crucial difference stems from the fact that humans
    are organic-based and demons are inorganic. It may be true for the monsters,
    but we demons will not succumb to the dimensional barrier. I have been talking
    too long. Allow me to finish what I'm here for... the Rune Drive. My boss is
    patiently awaiting my arrival with the Rune Drive.
    My father has the Rune Drive! We need to hurry and get there before they do!
    [You run into the room leading to Nicholli's. You speak with Anderson.]
    Mr. Maxwell is over there guarding a precious article. Our job is to stay here
    and keep the demons from reaching him. 
    [He clutches his side.]
    ...Ah...Ugh...What... What's happening to me? My body... It feels like bugs are
    crawling under my skin! Is this from that strange bug that bit me? I'm so very
    cold. Everything's turning...black... I...can't...stop...it...
    [He clutches his head and shakes.]
    I'm, losing myself... ...I am...
    [A battle starts. He turned into a Diefighter, poor guy. Anyways, you kill the
    monster and proceed through the door. Alhazad is there in front of Nicholli,
    who is clutching the Rune Driver protectively.]
    [Nicholli slips away while Alhazad turns to them.]
    Though my youth may be gone, I swear upon my sword to protect Mr. Maxwell.
    But, be forewarned, if I have to strike you, I will use all of my power to
    defeat you. 
    Muhahahaha... You are making me laugh. Leave now and you may live a little
    longer. I hate nothing more than your righteous attempts... Or, perhaps, you
    gnats are just desperate for anything! 
    [He engages you in a battle.]
    One thing which always irks calculated villains like me... are unforeseen
    factors like you who foil my plans. You have left me with no choice but to
    eliminate you once and for all! 
    [You deliver the finishing blow.]
    Although my defeat is unlikely, I would be the object of ridicule if I failed
    to obtain the Rune Drive. Power alone should not be the only integral part of
    [The battle ends. Suddenly, our favorite guy in the blue cape shows up.]
    Zeikfried! Why are you here?!
    [Zeikfried's "spear" materializes in his hand, and Zeik holds it out in front
    of Alhazad.]
    Agh... Are you ordering me to retreat!? You understand that once we retreat we
    will surrender any hope of moving forward with the Rune Drive plan? 
    Yes. We are retreating while our 'hope' is still alive. 
    They have the ARM. The weapon known as 'Killing Within'. Don't you think our
    'hope' should be acquainted with it? 
    Affirmative... I see your plan now. Shall we retreat then? 
    Let me be the arbitrator. How about you two fight me? Right now! 
    [to Jack] Can't you see you're inferior to us? Bring your useless spirit with
    you when you come to our castle. Go north to Photosphere. With your Rune Drive,
    there should be no problem crossing into 'Soldelita'. Do what you will. But,
    the end results will still be us dominating the world. 
    [Zeikfried sinks into a blue portal, and Alhazad vanishes. There is a pause.]
    ... ... ... What... What are we fighting against? It is as though an invisible
    force, against our will, is manipulating our every move... 
    [Back in Nicholli's house they gather.]
    It was a lot of work, but I think I was able to get the Rune Drive back in
    working order. We stopped working on the Rune Drive because it was difficult
    finding a way to stabilize its immense energy output. But the Golem, also known
    as Asgard, that you excavated from the ruins might be able to handle the power
    of the Rune Drive. Installing the Rune Drive into Asgard might even power his
    ultimate weapon. However... 
    I'm always reluctant to revive old weaponry... The risk to human life... But,
    I know that if it worked, it could save many lives... I'll do it! I'll install
    the Rune Drive into Asgard, trusting that he is indeed God's Fortress and that
    he will act as Filgaia's protector... 
    [Magdalen bows.]
    As a pupil of Old Man Zepet and as an ARM meister, I will not let anybody down. 
    [Everyone nods. Scene fades. Much later, they're standing outside near the
    Earth Golem.]
    Did you finish fixing Asgard? 
    It's still not functioning properly; the power source is damaged, so it has
    insufficient energy. But, that should be fixed with the Rune Drive. ... ... ...
    [Nicholli turns and looks at the Golem admiringly.] 
    Asgard has regained functionality almost completely here. The Anti-Phasing
    Shield... The most powerful weapon contained in Asgard's arms. When you invoke
    the barrier's energy, all that is touched by its arms... All becomes dust...
    ...Wow... This Golem... Absolute Power... 
    I don't think it is safe to arm people with great power. Violence is the ugly
    side of humanity. But it would also be a mistake to say that violence and
    fighting are synonymous. The desire for conflict and the thirst for
    destruction, that is violence. On the other hand... To wield power to protect
    something, to live strongly... that is to fight, isn't it?
    [The camera zooms up on Rudy for a minute. He seems surprised.]
    ...Heh... These were your grandfather's words. ... ... ... ...He was probably
    warning us of the dual nature of power. It is the ability to protect but also
    to do harm. ... ... ... ...I enabled the power of Asgard by keeping Zepet's
    words in my heart. ...Because now you must fight. Secure the future of Filgaia
    and all who live here!
    [The three wanderers nod. Cecilia holds up her hand to Asgard.]
    Let's work together, Asgard! We will decide our future; we believe in your
    [Before leaving, let us speak with everyone in Court Seim once more.]
    Otto (Jack):
    I hope the demons don't ever come back. Because I don't think we, the kids, can
    defend our village... Oops, I cannot be negative. I have to stay strong.
    Otto (Rudy):
    Once Jessica is back, it will make life a little easier for 'Warden J'... I
    wonder what Jessica is doing right now... 
    Otto (Cecilia):
    Anthnoy used to play with us kids all the time... He was a nice guy... I know
    Michael took it especially hard since he was really close to Anthony. Hey lady,
    if you're going to the orphanage, could you check on Michael, please?
    Bruce (Jack):
    Our motto is 'All the necessary tools for anybody, delivered anywhere'! [You
    choose to speak with him.] I just had my first visit to the shelter. There were
    quite a few interesting things there. Now I understand why wanderers are so
    interested in ancient artifacts. 
    Bruce (Rudy):
    Our motto is 'All the necessary tools for anybody, delivered anywhere'! [You
    choose to speak with him.] Mr. Maxwell is quite an innovator. He's been rigging
    a retina scanner for the Barrier Shelter. I'm not surprised though, I mean,
    just take a look at his daughters.
    Bruce (Cecilia):
    Our motto is 'All the necessary tools for anybody, delivered anywhere'! [You
    choose to speak with him.] The Maxwell daughters are not just pretty, but
    quite resourceful, too. I can't help but admire the way they can assess a
    situation and take charge. 
    Lestat (Jack):
    Anthony was always telling us how he survived the attack on Adlehyde. But, I
    suppose... Every time I think of him, I am reminded of how fragile humans are.
    Lestat (Rudy):
    I understand why the sisters ask us to forget about the incident at the Barrier
    Shelter... But I would rather remember the tragedy and learn from it, or I
    cannot become a mature and civilized man. 
    Lestat (Cecilia):
    I am concerned about the smaller children's mental health. I have seen little
    girls having nightmares and little boys crying out all for no reason. I'm fine
    though. I seldom have a hard time falling asleep. 
    Franz (Jack):
    I have to say I was a bit more scared when the mouse came near me than when the
    demons came... I thought I was going to have a heart attack! 
    Franz (Rudy):
    I was helpless. I could only stand there and shiver. I was disappointed. I
    thought I was stronger than that. 
    Franz (Cecilia):
    I wonder if the Guardians can truly save Filgaia? Maybe it would be wiser to
    study ARMs rather than worship and rely on the Guardians. 
    Michael (Jack):
    I can't believe Anthony's gone... He always had great stories filled with
    adventures and legends... I was looking forward to hearing about treasures
    hidden in the outer sea...
    Michael (Rudy):
    Anthony made me a promise. He said I would be the first one to see the 'Giant's
    Ocarina' once he found it. But the demons took that way from me. ...Sob... 
    Michael (Cecilia):
    We all know that doing bad things means no blessing from the Guardians. But
    then why do good people die too? Like Anthony, he was so close to finding the
    'Giant's Ocarina'. 
    Jennifer (Jack):
    Miss Jane and Magdalen have been down since they came back from the Barrier
    Shelter. I'm glad they are back safely. Seeing them like that makes me worry. 
    Jennifer (Rudy):
    Those boys made me laugh and cheered me up when I started crying in the dark
    shelter. It was strange though. The more the boys tried to cheer me up, the
    more I started crying...
    Jennifer (Cecilia):
    I'm never gonna forget Anthony. He used to play house with me.
    Ackerman (Jack): 
    This is the only shop in the world that sells Name Tags. What can I do for you
    today? [You choose to speak with him.] People say once you experience terror,
    you get used to it. But, I don't believe that. Ever since I saw the demons, I
    am more claustrophobic than ever. 
    Ackerman (Rudy):
    This is the only shop in the world that sells Name Tags. What can I do for you
    today? [You choose to speak with him.] I like my name and you like your name.
    But there's a way for you to LOVE your name! If you ask me nicely, I can change
    your name immediately! 
    Ackerman (Cecilia):
    This is the only shop in the world that sells Name Tags. What can I do for you
    today? [You choose to speak with him.] I am terrified of the demons. I could
    not stop shaking when I was in the shelter. I mean, I was so shaken I even
    forgot some of my sales pitches. 
    Bobby (Jack):
    I'm just a teacher now at the orphanage, but I used to be good with magic
    spells. [You choose to speak with her.] I thought I was well prepared for
    emergency situations... But I just barely rescued the kids. Diana and I need
    to sit down and come up with a better plan for an emergency evacuation.
    Bobby (Rudy): 
    I'm just a teacher now at the orphanage, but I used to be good with magic
    spells. [You choose to speak with her.] Nicholli helped pay for me to attend
    Curan Abbey because he knows I'm interested in magic. I feel that it is my
    duty to protect Court Seim with the knowledge I acquired at the Abbey. I'm
    confident that I can protect the village even without Jane and her friends. 
    Bobby (Cecilia): 
    I'm just a teacher now at the orphanage, but I used to be good with magic
    spells. [You choose to speak with her.] I cannot get the images out of my mind
    of demons snickering and laughing. But, I cannot let that get to me too much.
    After all, I must be brave for the kids. 
    Molly (Jack):
    For some reason, the kids have started drinking my green vegetable juice
    without any complaints. ...I'm not sure what to think of that. Maybe their
    taste buds have stopped working... 
    Molly (Rudy):
    Anthony used to love every dish I prepared. Something is wrong with the world.
    Why did he have to die in such a terrible way?
    Molly (Cecilia):
    No matter what happens, everyone has to eat every day. That is why I cook every
    day. But...sometimes I feel like I have too much time between meals. 
    Smith (Jack):
    If it wasn't for you, I don't think all the kids could have been saved. I am
    just so ashamed of myself. Once I saw the demons, I could do nothing but stand
    there in fear. 
    Smith (Rudy):
    Anthony volunteered to be the security at the shelter even though he was
    feeling ill. ...How could anyone hurt such a wonderful man? 
    Smith (Cecilia):
    I will never forget Anthony. I wish I could have done more for him... I will
    never forget the stories he told me about the exhibition at Adlehyde and all
    the times he helped with the stable. 
    Diana (Jack):
    Welcome to the orphanage. We have extra bunk beds for our guests. Feel free to
    rest here. [You choose to speak with her.] I thought I was well-prepared for
    emergency situations... But when one happened, and I didn't actually know what
    was going on, I was barely able to rescue the kids. 
    Diana (Rudy):
    Welcome to the orphanage. We have extra bunk beds for our guests. Feel free to
    rest here. [You choose to speak with her.] The kids are not sleeping very well.
    They all seem to be suffering from nightmares. There is not much I can do to
    help them. But it is very difficult to see them suffering... I wish there were
    ways to eliminate their nightmares. 
    Diana (Cecilia):
    Welcome to the orphanage. We have extra bunk beds for our guests. Feel free to
    rest here. [You choose to speak with her.] I am worried about Michael. I know
    he was close to Anthony. I suppose it would be best not to get too emotional
    around him; gently consoling him should do.
    Jane (Jack):
    I tried so hard, but I couldn't save anyone... It is a terrible feeling to know
    that none of my efforts made a difference... 
    Jane (Rudy):
    This is a world full of good people who are dying young. Is there any value in
    saving such a world? 
    Jane (Cecilia):
    I am going to stay in this village because the kids are very scared. If only my
    sister were here... Wait, I don't want to burden you with my problems. 
    Magdalen (Jack):
    Jane has lost everyone that she knew and loved... It is something I cannot
    relate to. 
    Magdalen (Rudy):
    I understand that I cannot even begin to understand the depth of Jane's anger
    and sorrow. I believe Jane needs someone like Rudy. I hope you understand. 
    Magdalen (Cecilia):
    There has been something on my mind. I am starting to think that, perhaps, I am
    not what Jane needs... 
    Nicholli (Jack):
    Oh, hi everyone! How are you doing today? [You choose to speak with him.] The
    'Anti-Phasing Shield' installed in Asgard is the most powerful device in
    existence. It gives him the power to destroy anything with which it comes into
    contact. But remember, the power that the Golems possess is also too much for
    humans to fully control. 
    Nicholli (Rudy):
    Oh, hi everyone! How are you doing today? [You choose to speak with him.]
    Asgard's 'Anti-Phasing Shield' is a fearful weapon which destroys everything,
    down to atom-dust. However, one should not depend on its power too much. Don't
    think of him as a weapon; treat the Golem as your grandfather treated you. 
    Nicholli (Cecilia):
    Oh, hi everyone! How are you doing today? [You choose to speak with him.] I
    heard Asgard responded to your voice. I believe you can direct the fearful
    power of the 'Anti-Phasing Shield' towards the right cause. May you and Asgard
    remain friends for the rest of your journey. 
    [And with that, let us trudge off to the Photosphere.]
    Part XII. -The Photosphere-
    [Rudy, Jack, Cecilia, and Hanpan, along with Asgard, stand before the
    Photosphere, which is guarded by a large barrier of green light.]
    A wall of light? What a lame barrier. If we go fast enough, maybe we can just
    run through it. 
    I don't think that's very smart. When anything comes in contact with it, it's
    probably vaporized. The air smells like burnt flesh...
    What smell? You're imagining things... Anyway, Princess, just have Asgard break
    through the barrier. He listens to whatever you say. 
    [angry] Please do not imply that our friend is just some handy tool... Ask him
    sincerely and Asgard will answer. Is that OK? Please lead us towards a bright
    [Asgard skids down the snowy slope and approaches the Soldelita Barrier. He
    punches it twice, and it shatters.]
    It worked! ...The power of the Golem... or maybe... I should say, his soul...
    Impenetrable defense, you say? Hah, that was incredible! Piece of cake!! 
    We know what must be done. Let's go!
    [Our heroes storm the Photosphere... Suddenly, after some walking, a "man" in
    a blue robe floats up from the ground. The three wanderers become very
    A demon! Get ready to fight! 
    Mystery Man in a Robe:
    Follow me. I know where the Teardrop is...
    How do you know about the Teardrop?
    Mystery Man in a Robe:
    Are you coming or not? Aren't you guys here to take back the Teardrop?
    You can't blame us for being a little suspicious. Who are you anyway? I don't
    know what you are up to, but we are not falling for it!! 
    [He takes one step towards your party, and the three of them step back in
    anticipation for battle. He recoils.]
    Mystery Man in a Robe:
    Hehehe... What are you afraid of? You cowards...
    Don't let him provoke you! 
    Mystery Man in a Robe:
    Last I checked, a coward is someone who is afraid to face the truth.
    Nobody calls me a coward! Nobody! Let's go! I'll take you on!
    [The man turns on his heel and walks over to a door. He turns to face them once
    Mystery Man in a Robe:
    The Photosphere is about to surface as we speak. Do not get caught up in doubt;
    concentrate on your duty. Hurry, the Teardrop is this way... 
    [He goes through the door.]
    Is he helping us, or is there an ill intent? I cannot fully trust him, but we
    should follow him.
    [You walk some more, and he appears again!]
    Mystery Man in a Robe:
    ...Hehehe... Don't be so stubborn... Give me some credit. 
    I still sense malicious intent. It is unfortunate, but I cannot fully trust
    Mystery Man in a Robe:
    Although we are enemies, I'm neither lying nor deceiving you... We are both
    here for a common cause... to defeat the Mother. It will be a long and tough
    What you mean is... We are both enemies of the same enemy? 
    That does not make us allies! 
    Mystery Man in a Robe:
    I agree. But as long as we have a common enemy, there's no reason for us to
    fight. I aid you human warriors because I find it useful... Now, we must hurry
    before the chimes of destruction ring. 
    [Jack crosses his arms. They look at each other in hesitation.]
    Mystery Man in a Robe:
    This castle, the Photosphere, is on its way to destroy Filgaia. I must take
    control of the Photosphere before it is too late. The Mother must be destroyed!
    Why are you...telling us all this?
    [The man walks to the doorway and looks back at them briefly.]
    Mystery Man in a Robe:
    Can't you see? I don't wish to see Filgaia destroyed... 
    [You walk until you come upon a room holding the Teardrop. Immediately Cecilia
    walks up the stairs and claims it for herself.]
    Oh! I missed its sparkle and its warm light... I'm so glad to have my mother's
    Teardrop again... I don't know what to say.
    [She holds it close to her.]
    I'm so sorry... I will never let go of you again... Please keep your blessing
    for us... 
    [However, the man in the robe appears yet again before they can leave.]
    Mystery Man in a Robe:
    The Teardrop is made of crystallized human energy, capable of changing thoughts
    into reality. The Teardrop powers the Photosphere. The Mother, which consumes
    massive amounts of power, is also dependent on the Teardrop. You get the
    picture, right? Without their main source of power, both the Photosphere and
    the Mother are as good as dead. The Teardrop gives humans a chance to defeat
    the otherwise indestructible Mother. ... ... ... You are all on your own now.
    Should Mother have her way, all will be left in total darkness and ashes. Just
    as my home world Hiades was.
    [The man sinks into a portal in the floor and is no more.]
    His home world was destroyed by the Mother?! 
    Now I see why he was helping us... But we were cooperating with demons to
    defeat the Mother... I still don't like it one bit. I don't like, but I'll
    fight... Not just the Mother, but every demon I see!
    Funny you should say that... I sensed something funny all along... The
    Photosphere is supposed to be the home for all demons, but we have yet to see
    any of them.
    Let's not speculate on things that work in our favor. It is time to believe in
    ourselves and do what we need to do. 
    [Jack, Rudy, Cecilia, and the mouse make their way through the Photosphere even
    further. They come to a dead stop when they see a Golem off to their right in
    one of the rooms.]
    Ha... Hahaha... He's not moving, is he? Like Asgard was... 
    [Jinx! It stomps out in front of your entourage. Hanpan is making a little
    jabbing motion with his small arms.]
    What would be a proper greeting? 'Hey, long time, no see!'
    [Lolithia's cold blue eyes light up, and it smashes its fists together.]
    Your comment irritated him, Jack! 
    Why would the Golem be coming after us?! We are the Golem's allies. They helped
    us protect Filgaia a thousand years ago! 
    I've heard that a cat forgets its owner in 3 days. We can't really expect a
    Golem to remember us after a thousand years.
    [You engage in battle against Lolithia. The battle ends as soon as you defeat
    ...This cannot be... The Golems are the front line of the demons' army. 
    I'm afraid the Golems were brainwashed once they were reanimated... 
    Without a soul, you can't discriminate between demons and humans... Sadly,
    soulless power is easily misused. Never mind me. It's just something I learned
    in the past. 
    [He crosses his arms.]
    We better get going. The Photosphere is about to surface. There's something
    else going on here... 
    [Cecilia and Rudy nod in agreement. You continue on your merry little way.
    After walking down a long hallway, you come across a sealed door. Your party
    examines it.]
    The party's mood becomes determined. Everyone is relieved the wait is over...
    Will you open the door and face the Mother, the queen of all demons and the
    leader of the Photosphere? 
    [Choose the top option--"Yes", that is--and enter. As the four of them rush
    inside, Mother watches.]
    Ugly humans full of life... I am the Mother who breeds and devours demons...
    The ultimate transcendent deity bringing universal pain and suffering. The
    absolute being... What is your wish? Pain or despair? I shall grant you any
    The only thing I wish for is an end to your life! And, an end to all the
    An end to my life? I like your spirit... But, you are no match for me... Thus,
    I'm afraid I cannot grant your wish... But, I can grant my own wish...To end
    your life right here. 
    [The Photosphere lights up.]
    The Photosphere has surfaced. Even if you somehow defeated me, you would never
    leave alive. Know that now that you stand before me, your life is ended, marked
    for death. But, fear not. I will be sending more souls after you. They will
    keep you company on the other side. As a matter of fact, lots of company. How
    about everyone in Filgaia...
    Whether you like it or not, we are not cowering in fear. We are here to stay...
    And until we stop your vicious plans, we will keep battling you and your
    minions and making it back alive. 
    You have no chance of defeating me, even with your Teardrop. Absolutely none.
    Simply killing you would be too easy, though. I will devour your souls!
    [You engage Mother in battle.]
    There is an end to everything. That is the only truth! I have accepted that
    truth. I am the mother of all that ends. You cannot run from the truth.
    [You deliver the finishing blow.]
    If human extinction is the truth... Then why are these humans still standing
    before me?! While the truth still stands, I shall correct my errors and make
    it right.
    [The battle ends. We see a glimpse of the Photosphere hurtling towards the
    ocean at breakneck speed. It crashes into the water, throwing waves up on all
    sides. However, we also see a source of hope---the Sweet Candy, headed by both
    Jane and Bartholomew. Back inside the Photosphere, we see Mother gushing and
    her tube broken.]
    This is very mortifying, to say the least. What has happened? Having ugly
    humans walking all over me, the "mother of extinction", is unacceptable.
    [A massive tremor nearly knocks our heroes off their feet, but there is still
    continual shaking.]
    I think I see... Destroying everything else has not excluded me from the truth
    of extinction... Inevitably I, too, must answer to this absolute truth, and I
    take great pleasure in it. The absolute truth... Perfect ending... Eternal
    return... Universal death... Extinction... Destruction... The Photosphere is
    out of control. Any attempt to propel it is beyond my power. It seems our crash
    into the sea caused much damage to the Photosphere. 
    [The shaking seems to grow in ferocity.]
    What can you do now? Nobody can stop the Photosphere from sinking... 
    We have to escape!
    He's right! We can't just give up! 
    Escape? I thought I made it clear that your life ended once you stood before
    me... Even if you escape the Photosphere, where can you go? We are in the
    middle of nowhere. There's no land in sight. It is useless to even try. Escape
    is out of reach... You must accept this as the end. I invite you to the
    darkness of the sea... I take pleasure in taking you there! An ode to our
    beautiful ruin, ultimate bliss. 
    [Lo and behold, good ol' Calamity Jane is behind them and points her finger
    accusingly at Mother.]
    Please... Keep your pleasures to yourself. You're irritating us! 
    Jane?! What are you doing here?
    [Magdalen and Bartholomew also come running.]
    Captain! Magdalen is here too? How did you... 
    We have become close friends since our trip to the Volcannon Trap. I requested
    his help for our rescue, and he kindly offered his ship.
    Kindly offered? More like he couldn't say no to a pretty girl.
    [Bartholomew makes several denying hand gestures while Jane just has her hands
    perched on her waist.]
    What is that supposed to mean? Never mind. There's no time to chat, we have to
    get out of here! 
    Ah, yes ma'am! We need to get to the Sweet Candy. We don't have much time left.
    The flooding on this ship is getting worse by the minute!
    [Bartholomew is the first to run; Jack and Cecilia follow. Rudy tries and stops
    when Jane speaks to him.]
    We are even. Good deal, right? 
    [Rudy nods, and he, Magdalen, and Jane run off, leaving Mother to her solitary
    demise. Back on the Sweet Candy...]
    Wow! That was close. I have been messing with death ever since I met you. 
    [scoldingly] If it wasn't for me suggesting to go after that huge sphere in the
    sky, we all would have been dead. You owe me big for this. I would be charging
    money if we weren't friends.
    Actually, Jane voiced concern about Rudy's condition.
    [Jane rests her head on her hand casually.]
    Well, I took my eyes off of him for one second, and then the next thing you
    know, he's gone. 
    [She turns sharply to Magdalen.]
    Hey wait! No, no, no, NO! I didn't say anything about Rudy. Ever!! 
    You didn't have to say anything. I could just tell by the look on your face.
    You caught me, huh? 
    [to Magdalen] You could tell?
    [Bartholomew rubs his eyes in his sleeve.]
    Ouch... The sea wind sure hurts my eyes... [to the rest of them] Anyhow, not
    only did we defeat the demon empress, Jane's found what she's been looking for. 
    [Bartholomew throws up his hands happily.]
    I would say this calls for a celebration. Where's my champagne?
    [shrugs, on Rudy's head] So typical of the captain... Anything for some booze. 
    [Jack walks wordlessly over to the side of the ship. Hanpan looks at him,
    Huh? What's wrong? 
    Well, I would like to thank everyone for their help. I have recovered the
    Teardrop; I feel like I have fulfilled my duty as a noblewoman. Thank you
    very much.
    [Cecilia bows to them. There's a pause; everyone looks to Jack as he talks.]
    I don't mean to spoil the party, but I haven't finished what I came here for.
    I cannot finish my journey just yet. Mother is not the one I had to defeat.
    There is still another... 
    [He clenches his fist tightly.]
    Jack Van Burace needs closure. Otherwise, his journey will not end. 
    [The happy music dies.]
    Hehehe... Right. Not just yet. 
    [Everyone looks around in confusion. On deck, Alhazad appears.]
    You are the one who... 
    [Boomerang and Luceid appear suddenly on the handrail of the ship; Lady Harken
    appears on the side of the ship across from the two.]
    Lady Harken:
    Don't tell me you've forgotten about us. 
    [The man in the robe rises from the ground.]
    No! You are?
    Mystery Man in a Robe:
    This blue robe is stealth-treated. Even Mother cannot detect my presence. 
    [The man pulls off his robe, revealing strange physics-defying blue armor that
    somehow managed not to look bulky beneath the robe.]
    My name is Zeikfried. And... We are the Quarter Knights who will be taking over
    [Bartholomew walks forward boldly.]
    I don't care who you are! How dare you show up here without permission to come
    Accept this as our declaration of war. Filgaia is ours now. We shall annihilate
    the Guardians! The force which supports the lives of all who breathe shall be
    [Cecilia holds out her palm, and it grows a sparkling blue.]
    We got the Teardrop back! I will not let it go ever again.
    [Zeikfried holds out his own palm, and a glowing blue that looks exactly like
    the Teardrop sparkles.]
    What? Is that a... 
    We got enough data on that energy crystal to create our own Teardrop. 
    And... Here's another surprise! 
    [Zeikfried holds the Teardrop forward, and its glow turns black. It suddenly
    bursts, letting out a powerful energy.]
    This sparkling crystal is the ticket to the extinction of all the Guardians and
    all humans! Stay put. The end is coming. [he spreads out his hands] We shall
    put an end to all Filgaia! 
    [Zeikfried crosses his arms and sinks through a portal in the ground. The
    Quarter Knights take their leave, respectively, in their own fashion.
    Bartholomew punches his palm with his fist.]
    I'm sick and tired of your talk! Come and show us what you've got! [to Cecilia]
    Princess!! We're still on, aren't we?! Those demons... We cannot back out once
    they initiate their first move into the world.
    ... ... ... [she bows her head and closes her eyes] Its black sparkle is the
    opposite of the 'Teardrop'. [looks up] Let us head back to Adlehyde. We need
    to inform our people, and we need time to plan.
    Part XIII. -The Sea Guardian-
    A few days have passed since the declaration of war...
    *Conference Room at Adlehyde Castle*
    [Our heroes at gathered at Adlehyde Castle. Emma walks in and stands before
    I think we're all accounted for. It is good to see everyone here on time! 
    Excuse me, Boss... What did you bring us here for? What do you have in mind? 
    [points at him] I am not your 'boss'. I am the leader of this vigilante group.
    If we are to be victorious, we must unite and follow one chain of command.
    Naturally, I'll be the one giving commands.
    [Emma walks forward and taps the side of her head for a moment. Shr crosses her
    As you have all reported, the demons are moving into Filgaia with a devious
    plan. Their ultimate goal is to eliminate the Guardians from Filgaia...
    Plunging the world into total suffering. It is a cold and calculating plan...
    But cowering in fear will get us nowhere! The least we can do right now is
    organize the soldiers quickly and be prepared. That's the least we can do...
    Under my command! What do you say? Do you understand the importance of this
    vigilante group? 
    I see how you somehow managed to come to this conclusion.
    What's most important in experimentation is the result, now how it started or
    how it's carried out. The result is everything.
    I'm still not sure how I got suckered into all this. 
    [softly] Personally, I like the idea of gathering us all together. 
    OK! Here's my plan! First, our main force needs to be organized by Rudy and his
    followers. Next... [turns] I need Captain Bartholomew with his Sweet Candy for
    sea transportation, and for backup in case of battle. Last, I need Jane and her
    butler working together as an independent mobile force unit to gather any
    useful information. Let me move on to the next issue... We need a plan to
    protect our Guardians. I have asked an expert to help us. Here she is.
    [A woman from the Curan Abbey, Master Anje, enters the room. She smiles,
    slightly embarrassed.]
    Master Anje:
    Hello all.
    [stands] Master Anje! What happened?
    Master Anje:
    My Guardian knowledge is extensive, so I've been made special vigilante
    advisor... But I'm a little embarrassed.
    OK, our special advisor will explain the guidelines of our plans.
    Master Anje:
    Yes. Since the demons are obviously threatened by the Guardians... What if we
    allied ourselves with an even greater Guardian?
    An even greater Guardian? 
    Master Anje:
    Yes, indeed. Perhaps one of the highest, this Guardian possesses the power of
    mind control. By freeing the Guardian Lord, we shall expel those who attempt to
    invade us.
    At which temple has the Guardian Lord been worshiped?
    Master Anje:
    The Guardian Lord is situated in an old temple far from the sea shore. Very far
    from Adlehyde. The temple is the 'Fallen Sanctuary'. Humans have not set foot
    there in ages.
    Are you trying to say that we cannot get there by sailing through the inland
    sea? How do you think we can get there then? 
    It is your job to find a way there. 
    I knew it. So much for the 'plan'. 
    [raises hand] Anyway, what is your job, 'Leader'?
    Me? I am doing something only I am capable of doing. Rudy, could you bring me
    the 'Walpurgis Night'? 
    [Rudy walks over to her and holds the large tome out to her. Emma fixes her
    glasses happily and reaches out onto it.]
    Yes! This is it. This contains all of my youth. This is my life!
    [Emma opens it and begins reading.]
    Anything interesting in there? 
    Everything is interesting in here. 'Sea of Wind'...which illustrates the way
    to fly. My job is to study this book, conduct experiments, and to invent a
    flying device. 
    That is a bold statement. It almost sounds too bold. I'm keeping my fingers
    [Emma shuts the book.]
    Ok! Everyone get to work! We don't have much time left! Let's go!
    [Afterwards, the three wanderers are gathered together by themselves in the
    Conference Room.]
    We recovered the 'Teardrop'. Your journey with us is over, princess.
    Hey... That's not nice.
    But, your revenge... Isn't that right? You told me before this journey.
    ... ... ... 
    ...I see. Our journey is over. [closes eyes] Since I have the 'Teardrop' once
    more, the Princess's journey is over... [opens eyes] But MY journey is not
    over! During our journey, thousands of thoughts crossed my mind. And I have
    come to the realization... Filgaia must be saved... And I must take part in
    it! Rudy... I want to fight too! I want to continue this journey with you!
    Please... Take me with you! 
    [Rudy is given two options. Is he going to order her to stay? Eh... I doubt
    it, personally.]
    (1. Let her participate in the journey)
    2. Order her to stay and serve as a noble 
    Thank you... Thank you so much for letting me go with you... 
    So much for being a 'princess'. ...Anyway, we have to stick together, through
    thick and thin, OK? 
    OK. Through thick and thin. 
    It would be foolish to go find this Guardian Lord at the 'Fallen Sanctuary'
    without a shrine maiden on our team. 
    Let's gather information from the town and castle. And any other towns and
    villages. We can use all the information about the 'Fallen Sanctuary' we can
    [Oh my, Jack just mentioned getting information from the people in Adlehyde.
    Well, I bet you know what this means. Yeah---more NPC chats!]
    Steven (Jack):
    There has been no report of any accidents. I cannot help but think this is
    only the calm before the storm. I can't help feeling this way. I hope I am
    just overly concerned.
    Steven (Rudy):
    The tomstone of our castle Guardian, Zeldukes, was destroyed in the attack. But
    I believe the soul of Zeldukes is still with us, even without the tombstone. 
    Steven (Cecilia):
    Curan Abbey was established to preserve the knowledge of the Council of Seven.
    It is a public organization. If you are looking to gain some knowledge, how
    about paying a visit there?
    Ozma (Jack):
    The princess has always been gentle, but now her gentleness has a new
    character. I sense more compassion. Perhaps it is from being on a journey...
    Ozma (Rudy):
    I have caught more than a few forced laughs from the princess at parties. But
    the smiles I see from you now is your true smile... I am happy for you,
    Princess, but I am also sad at the same time. Perhaps I'm getting sentimental
    in my old age?
    Ozma (Cecilia):
    The miinster has informed me that you successfully recaptured the Teardrop.
    And now you are about to pacify the world's confusion as a Guardians' shrine
    maiden... Your determination is heartfelt. Princess... You have become our true
    Antoine (Jack):
    Much time has passed since the tragedy. Civilians are looking and moving
    forward, taking everything day by day. Unfortunately, the young knights seem
    to have been relaxing too much. I think it's time that I start keeping a
    tighter rein on them.
    Antoine (Rudy):
    Looks like your skills have improved. It would be a good idea to return to
    those ruins you already conquered. There are places you can go now but could
    not before. 
    Antoine (Cecilia):
    You know, I don't just study military arts. I have started to become acquainted
    with books recently. I used to bully those 'book smart' type kids, but now I
    find myself reading quite a bit. I would like to visit the library at Curan
    Abbey sometime.
    Gaf (Jack):
    I have been hearing some strange sounds coming from the castle basement. Is it
    a ghost?! Ugh! I'm OK with monsters, but not a ghost! 
    Gaf (Rudy):
    I have been told that the lady scientist in glasses is here quite often. Our
    minister doesn't seem to care for her, while George is in love with her. What
    is she really like? I have grown very curious since I haven't come across her. 
    Gaf (Cecilia):
    We are restoring public safety as well as regaining our financial stability
    every day. Though our contribution may be trivial, I hope we are of some help
    to you, Princess. 
    Glen (Jack):
    A peddler told me about a giant object falling into the inland sea. I hope
    there is no coastal damage. 
    Glen (Rudy):
    One of the peddlers spoke of a sanctuary in a remote area that is far superior
    to the Guardian Temple. I failed to ask for its exact location, but the peddler
    was from Timney... 
    Glen (Cecilia):
    I hear that some of the Guardian Lords' power remains at a sanctuary in a
    remote area. As a shrine maiden of the Guardians, you might be able to hear
    the Guardians.
    George (Jack):
    I have heard of a monster in the open sea that holds a magic key called a
    'Duplicator'. And I heard that this monster is known for its unfair attacks.
    It must be too much for regular humans... Otherwise, some wanderer would have
    gotten the key by now.
    George (Rudy):
    There's a beautiful scientist that visits the castle once in a while. Steady
    career, intelligence... Ohh, I just can't describe her attractiveness with
    words. Ah... I wouldn't mind her ordering me around... 
    George (Cecilia):
    Seeing that the princess is in high spirits only makes me want to work harder.
    And, it is not just me. All the knights have said the same thing. So, please
    don't hesitate to show up here more often. 
    Minister of State Johan (Jack):
    Who is that lady scientist strolling around the castle as if it were hers? I
    even found myself bringing her a cup of tea after she ordered me to do so...
    She apparently did not enjoy the tea. 
    Minister of State Johan (Rudy):
    By searching Filgaia diligently, you'll gain important information, such as
    details on the Guardian Lords' 'Fallen Sanctuary'. I understand your eagerness
    to move around quickly and carefully. But for now, I would take your time
    investigating Filgaia.
    Minister of State Cecilia (Cecilia):
    Congratulations on regaining the Teardrop. But now you must be even more
    careful. As I understand it, the demons' plan to eliminate the Guardians and
    human race is still ongoing. 
    Lukardo (Jack):
    Citiziens from a big town like Adlehyde might have a different perspective on
    any given topic than simple villagers. This is only my opinion, but successful
    wanderers are the ones that learn... Read between the lines and determine
    which way the wind is blowing.
    Lukardo (Rudy):
    Sometimes there is more than meets the eye... I believe that is the case right
    now. Given the current world state of affairs, now is the time to obtain
    information from different towns.
    Lukardo (Cecilia):
    'Passion is fresh. Always be aware of new ideas.' This is all I was told as a
    rookie. The princess and company should keep these words in mind for their
    travel... If I may say so.
    Martin (Jack):
    I would much rather be working for the restoration than to be standing here.
    It is 85 times more productive... And I would have a better chance of meeting
    a girl. 
    Martin (Rudy):
    Sometimes I have the opportunity to work outside of the castle. And it is 180
    times better outside. I mean, there are all these girls outside. Unfortunately,
    I cannot bring myself to talk to them while I'm in this armor. 
    Martin (Cecilia):
    Princess, have you heard about the new item which was invented by the Tool Shop
    Guild? I hear that this item will make your traveling life 255 times easier. 
    [You exit the Castle's grounds.]
    Cougar (Jack):
    Adlehyde's ally, Arctica, also had a group of knights, called the Fenril
    Knights. They are the elite knights who once took down the legendary demon
    named Fenril. However, no one knows the whereabouts of those knights after
    Arctica's collapse... 
    Cougar (Rudy):
    You are the Filgaia Vigilante Group. Please come right in.
    Cougar (Cecilia):
    The world-renowned Adlehyde Castle has been protected by Zeldukes for over
    1,000 years. Now that the Guardian is gone, will we be able to preserve the
    castle for the next 1,000 years?
    Joanna (Jack):
    You have to eat well to stay well. That's why I prepare all the meals in the
    hospital. My meals are so healthy that no rats or other pests get near them. 
    Joanna (Rudy):
    There are lots of monsters in the open sea, right? Keep fighting, OK? You know
    I can fix the most terrible injuries.
    Joanna (Cecilia):
    People say once you have your appetite back, you are getting better. But I have
    noticed people nowadays don't eat much at all. How do you get any strength? 
    Furgason (Jack):
    Some of my old friends have come here to see me. They don't stay long, though.
    Emma keeps my friends so busy with her project. Man, I wish I could get better
    so that I could go help them.
    Furgason (Rudy):
    To pass the time I was looking through some of her magazines. I read that
    there's a cave near Curan Abbey, which is emitting poisonous gas. It has been
    a hot topic among the students at the abbey. 
    Furgason (Cecilia):
    I saw it... It was early in the morning. I saw her cooking herbs in a pot,
    and she had horns and fangs... Hey... Do you think it's from the fever?
    Randy (Jack):
    Things change so fast in this town, even if you're away only for a second. It
    might be a good idea for you to hang around a while and then continue on your
    Randy (Rudy):
    Just by talking to people on their way into Adlehyde... I found out that there
    are still many problems throughout Filgaia. You are wanderers, right? Can't you
    just fly to those troubled places and solve their problems? 
    Randy (Cecilia):
    I just uncovered a secret... I'm only telling it to the lady. The tool shop
    owner is making progress on an invention called the Teleport Gem. Supposedly,
    the item allows you to warp between towns you've previously visited. How's
    that? Pretty good, huh?
    Dominique (Jack):
    Monsters and strong tidal waves have kept most towns out of the open sea.
    However, there does happen to be one civilized island far to the south...
    There is a man named Pegucchi who rules the island. I would not get near him
    if I were you.
    Dominique (Rudy):
    Far south of Adlehyde, there is an island far out in the sea where exhibition
    battles take place every day. Someone's making money off of people fighting
    and dying...
    Dominique (Cecilia):
    There is a battle coliseum for humans and monsters located out in the sea,
    south of Rosetta Town. Lots of people all around Filgaia get together to watch
    the battle and drink assorted concoctions. There has got to be a better way
    to spend your money and time though... For instance, how about spending some
    time helping others who are far less fortunate? 
    Catori (Jack):
    How may I help you? Feel free to create magic as long as there's a spot on the
    Crest Graph. [You choose to speak with her.] Curan Abbey gathers virtually all
    knowledge from throughout the world. It is questionable as to how effectively
    the information is organized though. They might be replicas, but I heard that
    some demon literature was accessible to the students at the library.
    Catori (Rudy):
    How may I help you? Feel free to create magic as long as there's a spot on the
    Crest Graph. [You choose to speak with her.] The item Jeremy has invented is
    called the Teleport Gem? Am I right? I heard that it allows you to be
    teleported to towns you have previously visited... I personally won't believe
    it until I see it. 
    Catori (Cecilia):
    How may I help you? Feel free to create magic as long as there's a spot on the
    Crest Graph. [You choose to speak with her.] Because of my love for books, I
    was on the library committee when I was a student. The book collection at the
    abbey was huge. I sometimes inadvertently shelved demon sorcerer books in
    places students had access to. The students had no idea how dangerous those
    books were. I am sure the library committee still makes the same mistakes. 
    Abbot (Jack):
    Welcome! Let me upgrade your ARM! Dr. Emma even studies under me! Heh heh heh.
    [You choose to speak with him.] The bigger the power of ARM, the more difficult
    it is to control. One tiny bolt missing from the ARM can cause an unstable
    output in power.
    Abbot (Rudy):
    Welcome! Let me upgrade your ARM! Dr. Emma even studies under me! Heh heh heh.
    [You choose to speak with him.] Are you here because you heard the rumors about
    the new Teleport Gem? Here, try it. This item will definitely come in handy for
    Filgaia wanderers like you.
    Abbot (Cecilia):
    Welcome! Let me upgrade your ARM! Dr. Emma even studies under me! Heh heh heh.
    [You choose to speak with him.] Do you think an ARM Meister like me should have
    experience in real battle? Emma the scientist used to tell me to get out of the
    work shop once in a while or my head would explode.
    Emma (Jack):
    We need to stand on our own two feet. You cannot meet your goal without making
    an effort every day... Someone used to tell me this, but it applies to just
    about anybody. 
    Emma (Rudy):
    My teacher used to travel all the time. You could say he was a nomadic ARM
    Meister. He used to explore places by himself to further his studies. He was
    very much like a wanderer.
    Emma (Cecilia):
    The Guardian Lord is worshiped at a temple very far from Adlehyde. This is all
    I know about it... If we are patient and talk with people, we will find our
    way there. 
    Jeremy (Jack):
    Hello there. What can I do for you today? [You choose to speak with him.] We
    are finding an abundance of market places for the new item, The Teleport Gem.
    I'm very thankful. I believe this item should be distributed throughout Filgaia
    for its unique nature. 
    Jeremy (Rudy):
    Hello there. What can I do for you today? [You choose to speak with him.] The
    Teleport Gem that I've been working on with my fellow 'Tool Shop Guildsmen' is
    finally nearing completion. We are finishing up our final inspection. Please
    check back another time. It may be done by then.
    Jeremy (Cecilia):
    Hello there. What can I do for you today? [You choose to speak with him.]
    I like to create products that I wish I had or would be useful for me. The
    Teleport Gem is the result of that thinking.
    Nap (Jack):
    Three Golems were kidnapped by the demons at the exhibition... I cannot fathom
    what the demons are going to do with three Golems... 
    Nap (Rudy):
    I am more than thrilled to see our national treasure, the Teardrop, back in our
    hands. This will help restore the monument of Zeldukes, who watches over
    Nap (Cecilia):
    I am proud to witness the return of the Teardrop, which is due to the princess'
    heroic effort. Please allow me, humble Nap, to offer some congratulatory
    [We may as well head over to the Ship Graveyard and speak with all of the
    residents there.]
    Owen (Jack):
    There was a town called Saint Centaur that faced the outer sea. I heard all the
    townspeople were massacred one day by a mysterious monster. Does that mean the
    monster threat is increasing day by day? What a scary thing that would be...
    Owen (Rudy):
    This is the Ship Graveyard. Do you know the saying, "Whatever you're looking
    for, you'll find it in Yard"? Even if you cross the ocean and lose something,
    remember this.
    Owen (Cecilia):
    A few days ago, a traveling merchant told me about a town called Saint Centaur.
    It was completely destroyed by a monster. He said Saint Centaur was a peaceful
    town once, known for its prosperity and protected by a Guardian. Now it's a
    terrifying place with monsters wandering the deserted streets and women's
    voices calling out from the nether.
    Scott (Jack):
    I have been selling the sound of the waves and memories of sea breezes for a
    long time. Would you like to buy one? [You choose to speak with him.] The
    strange objects that dropped out of the sky fell into the inland sea. There was
    a shiny metal thing and a rope that looked like a weird living being. Just
    looking made me feel sick, you know? Well, it was my mistake to go there
    looking for something valuable to sell for money. 
    Scott (Rudy):
    I have been selling the sound of the waves and memories of sea breezes for a
    long time. Would you like to buy one? [You choose to speak with him.] Even
    though the Guardian Blade was not found in Gento Soen, I know it exists
    somewhere. Well, I don't know for sure, but thinking that way is romantic. 
    Scott (Cecilia):
    I have been selling the sound of the waves and memories of sea breezes for a
    long time. Would you like to buy one? [You choose to speak with him.] If the
    Sleeping Giant woke up, then maybe the legend of the Guardian Blade... Maybe
    it's true, you know? If the legendary blade that can piece open the sky and
    cut straight through the earth exists, then the demons would be nothing.
    Norman (Jack):
    ...What can I do for you? [You choose to speak with him.] A wanderer told me
    about Pegucchi. He said he was heading south, past the big whirlpool by Rosetta
    Town. He said Pegucchi had built a place there where he showcased battles, to
    the death, between humans and monsters. On an island to the south... It's an
    interesting tale, huh?
    Norman (Rudy):
    ...What can I do for you? [You choose to speak with him.] They say that you
    risk life and limb by entering the outer sea south of Rosetta. To the
    creatures who dwell there, a human's life is nothing more than an empty
    Norman (Cecilia):
    ...What can I do for you? [You choose to speak with him.]
    A man named Pegucchi came to this town with Dan, looking for the Guardian
    Blade... He left and eventually became a count. Somewhere far south of here,
    he built a paradise to satisfy his own desires. If this rumor is true, then I
    must say that he achieved his long-cherished plan.
    Claudia (Jack):
    That glimmer in your sharp eyes... Those big hands that grasp your sword...
    You remind me of my late husband. That is why I cannot help but pray for you
    to find what you're searching for. Sorry... I'm just an old woman speaking
    nonsense. Just remember, I care for you...
    Claudia (Rudy):
    Quite a long time ago, I found a bottle with a letter inside in the tidal pool
    at the shore. It looks like a young man who lives in a far away town (???) in
    hopes to find a female friend. I hated to throw it away for some reason... I
    asked a traveling merchant to bring my letter back to him. Since then, he and
    I write to each other... Since I did not say that I am an old woman in the
    beginning, he seems to misunderstand me... A long time ago, I found a bottle
    in a tide pool with a letter inside. A young man from a far away town threw it
    in the ocean hoping to find his soul mate. For some reason I did not throw it
    back. Instead, I asked a traveling merchant to take a letter back to him. Since
    then, he and I have been writing to each other. I never told him I'm an old
    woman. I don't think he knows...
    Claudia (Cecilia):
    I used to clean the shelf once a week, but now I'm scared to climb on the
    chair. I'm not sad about getting old. What I am sad about is that I have to
    allow myself to become lazy as I grow old.
    Theresa (Jack):
    Welcome. I will supply your party with magic I learned at Curan Abbey. [You
    choose to speak with her.] You think people in this town are living in the
    past, don't you? You are mistaken. They are actually moving forward. But,
    they are weak and old, so they move very slowly...
    Theresa (Rudy):
    Welcome. I will supply your party with magic I learned at Curan Abbey. [You
    choose to speak with her.] I was staring at the sky, daydreaming, when I
    suddenly saw this ginormous sphere headed straight for me. I...I just stood
    there. Suddenly, it shot out flame, and then it fell into the middle of the
    ocean. I wonder what the heck it was?
    Theresa (Cecilia): 
    Welcome. I will supply your party with magic I learned at Curan Abbey. [You
    choose to speak with her.] The little that's left of the Guardians' powers is
    all that's powering Filgaia. But the dune is spreading every year... That means
    destruction is slowly, but steadily, approaching... 
    Aki (Jack):
    Welcome. I cannot provide luxurious linens, but I can offer you a cozy room and
    a smile. [You choose to talk to her.] Have you heard of a man named Pegucchi?
    He was one of those men who challenged Gento Soen. I heard he was lucky and
    built a town out in the wasteland of the outer sea. 
    Aki (Rudy):
    Welcome. I cannot provide luxurious linens, but I can offer you a cozy room and
    a smile. [You choose to talk to her.] I have been running this inn for a long
    time. I've hosted many wanderers who head for the outer sea and never come
    back... I've never seen them, anyway. If you're headed for the outer sea, be
    careful, OK? There isn't much civilization out that way.
    Aki (Cecilia):
    Welcome. I cannot provide luxurious linens, but I can offer you a cozy room and
    a smile. [You choose to talk to her.] The spreading dune, the monster... This
    world is getting weirder and weirder. I wonder what kind of world we'll end
    up with for our children's children?
    Dan (Jack):
    The outer sea has far more dangerous monsters than the inland sea... That is
    why the ruins along the outer sea are less likely to be plundered than those
    near the inland sea. 
    Dan (Rudy):
    I used to have a partner named Pegucchi. He dreamt of being a nobleman and
    ended up leaving for the outer sea. He was an interesting man and a great
    partner... I wonder what he's doing now? I hope he became a nobleman like he
    Dan (Cecilia):
    The party we formed, Anna, Pegucchi, and I, was well-balanced with all the
    different skills and characteristics that we each brought. I think a party
    with different types of people works better than one where all the people have
    the same skills or strengths. 
    Lionel (Jack):
    I heard that a giant sphere fell right into the middle of the inland sea, huh?
    A lot of metal lumps that I've never seen before are drifting ashore. 
    Lionel (Rudy):
    I heard the town Saint Centaur was attacked by monsters and completely
    destroyed. I wanted to relax after I retire, but seeing what's going on now...
    I don't think that's going to happen.
    Lionel (Cecilia):
    A few days ago, Dan came by to say hello. I was afraid he'd bring rain with
    him... But instead some strange, gigantic thing fell into the inland sea...
    If Dan brought on something like that, I wonder what awful thing would happen
    if Jocelyn, the puzzle lover, came out...
    Jocelyn (Jack):
    Are you puzzling today? I am very puzzling as you can see. 
    Jocelyn (Rudy):
    A puzzle box is exciting, like exploring untouched ruins, a deserted island, or
    a divine fortress. A puzzle box personified would be an extremely beautiful
    woman... But she'd also be really snobby and difficult. Sigh...
    Jocelyn (Cecilia):
    Day after day, I spend my time fiddling with colorful puzzle blocks... I am so
    content though that I don't think I could do anything else.
    [And, since Rosetta is nearby, let's go there now and speak with everyone.]
    Lora (Jack):
    This is Rosetta, a beautiful town flourishing from the sea trade... There's
    been some trouble, though, and all the sea trading has stopped.
    Lora (Rudy):
    Welcome to Rosetta, the town for merchants of the inland sea. Oh, I remember
    you guys... The mayor was looking for you. 
    Lora (Cecilia):
    Welcome to Rosetta, an oasis in the desert. The whole town is confused with
    this fuss about the Sea Dragon. Please listen to our story.
    Heather (Jack):
    After the Elw issue was settled, I heard that a huge Sea Dragon appeared in
    the channel. This town seems to suffer one misfortune after another.  
    Heather (Rudy):
    When danger felt subconsciously comes to the surface, it may just seem
    irritating. People say you shouldn't judge too harshly based on first
    impressions. But I think that kind of gut instinct is important. 
    Heather (Cecilia):
    It is really hard to change my views at this old age. The best thing for me to
    do is to just avoid the Elw and forget her existence. 
    Tokanaku (Jack):
    Hello, and welcome. I've been a professional ARM meister for 20 years. Let me
    show you my skills. [You choose to speak with him.] A big Sea Dragon appeared
    in the whirlpool southwest of here. Also, I heard the mayor's precious family
    heirloom, the Sea Dragon's Scale, started glowing. Is something else going to
    happen? It's odd to hear me, an ARM meister, say this, but peace is the best. 
    Tokanaku (Rudy):
    Hello, and welcome. I've been a professional ARM meister for 20 years. Let me
    show you my skills. [You choose to speak with him.] Because of the fuss over
    the Sea Dragon, trading ships stopped coming. I don't know what I can do to
    strengthen the ARM. Resources for that are in short supply.
    Tokanaku (Cecilia):
    Hello, and welcome. I've been a professional ARM meister for 20 years. Let me
    show you my skills. [You choose to speak with him.] The mayor of Rosetta
    belongs to the family that's always served as priests for the Sea Guardian.
    Therefore, he should have the skills needed to communicate with the Guardian.
    But, he is also a really good mayor and very busy with his mayoral duties. So,
    he has no time to visit the Guardian.
    Mireiyu (Jack):
    Get good use out of this crest graph. Remember, the Magic Guild is here for
    you! [You choose to speak with her.] I can sense the Guardian's will from the
    mayor's Sea Dragon scale. Maybe the stories about the whirlpool running wild
    because of the Guardian's wrath are more than just tall tales.
    Mireiyu (Rudy):
    Get good use out of this crest graph. Remember, the Magic Guild is here for
    you! [You choose to speak with her.] The Elw girl likes flowers? Flower seeds
    sometimes float over here from where she lives. That is always nice. Next time
    I find a seed, I'm going to pot it and grow it.
    Mireiyu (Cecilia):
    Get good use out of this crest graph. Remember, the Magic Guild is here for
    you! [You choose to speak with her.] The Sea Dragon being talked about could
    be the Sea Guardian, Lucadia. I tried to analyze what witnesses have said,
    and I can't think of anything else but Lucadia.
    Kimberly (Jack):
    Welcome! We have newly renovated rooms that are very comfortable. [You choose
    to speak with her.] I saw the Elw girl in town the other day. When I said hello
    to her, she greeted me back, even though she looked shy. I think I can get
    along with her.
    Kimberly (Rudy):
    Welcome! We have newly renovated rooms that are very comfortable. [You choose
    to speak with her.] Everyone is tired of the whirlpool problem. But I think the
    gods are punishing us for forgetting our beliefs. We have lost the spark in our
    hearts. That's why the Sea Guardian is angry.
    Kimberly (Cecilia):
    Welcome! We have newly renovated rooms that are very comfortable. [You choose
    to speak with her.] My in will be really quiet if traders don't come to stay.
    These days, not many people come by.
    Borhas (Jack):
    Man! I'm the one who first saw the Sea Dragon and warned everyone about it! I
    should get to go see it. But, I haven't eaten enough lately to have the energy.
    I need to work out and bulk up if I'm going to fight the strong Sea Dragon.
    Borhas (Rudy):
    How's business, little wanderer? I don't have much money since the trading
    ships stopped coming. Lately, all I do is eat my pork rinds and drink lots
    of sake. 
    Borhas (Cecilia):
    Maybe you can't tell the difference, but I've lost 5 kilos since the Sea Dragon
    problem happened. Miss, my pants are so loose they fall off when I stand up.
    Want to see?
    Ted (Jack):
    Because of the fuss over the Sea Dragon, trade merchants who know the value of
    money won't visit. So I should even be nice to the wanderers who overstay their
    welcome. I want this to be over really soon.
    Ted (Rudy):
    You should be quiet and not stand out of the crowd if you don't want to be
    bullied. For most people, those who are too capable are as annoying as those
    who are incompetent. 
    Ted (Cecilia):
    The Sea Dragon's Scale at the mayor's office started glowing, I heard. Old
    people say the Guardian is angry at us or something... It's really ridiculous.
    Udo (Jack):
    Welcome! We have a lot of items that can help wanderers! [You choose to speak
    with him.] Hey, please listen! I'm really depressed now. I wanted to leave
    town, but the Sea Dragon was sighted in the whirlpool to the south. Now the
    ships have stopped coming by. 
    Udo (Rudy):
    Welcome! We have a lot of items that can help wanderers! [You choose to speak
    with him.] Oh, I'm so bored! All the traders have been scared off. It's so
    hard to find a way to get products. Sailors are a cowardly lot, aren't they?
    Udo (Cecilia):
    Welcome! We have a lot of items that can help wanderers! [You choose to speak
    with him.] I wonder what the Elw is doing lately? When I saw her the other day,
    she looked a little different. Do you know her?
    Marchero (Jack):
    It was good that the fuss happened after the mayor got better. If it'd happened
    when he was sick, nobody could have managed this, and it would have been
    Marchero (Rudy):
    I noticed recently that the desert to the west is smaller now than when I was
    a little kid. Lots of places in Filgaia have turned into desert, but none of
    them have shrunk. 
    Marchero (Cecilia):
    The young people in the town were all scared of the Sea Dragon. But it was
    Lucadia the Sea Guardian, not some random beast. It seems blasphemous that
    they confused it with simple monsters.
    Marin (Jack):
    You know that old man, the Arm Meister, who lives in this town? I don't feel
    comfortable around him. I can't tell what he's thinking. Besides, a normal
    person would never have a hair style like that.
    Marin (Rudy):
    I heard the Sea Dragon's Scale at the mayor's house suddenly started glowing.
    Since then, the merchants have been saying that they saw a big dragon near the
    whirlpool. I bet there's something relating these two incidents.
    Marin (Cecilia):
    My parents believed that a kind Sea Dragon lives in the big whirlpool. I hear
    people claiming that they saw it, but since it does not destroy any ships it
    must be a nice sea dragon.
    [You hop over to the mayor's house.]
    Seth (Jack): Don't be so arrogant just because you think you have authority and
    money. Daddy! The strange wanderers are bullying me and talking trash. When I
    cry out like that, everyone comes to my rescue. 
    Seth (Rudy):
    Oh, there you are! You're the bully that hit me the other day, aren't you?! I
    could not study or do homework at all because of the pain. I am asking for a
    public apology and a large cash settlement.
    Seth (Cecilia):
    The Elw have long fingernails like monsters and disgusting hairy ears. Even
    though they aren't evil, we don't know what kind of gross diseases they have.
    Just so you know, I won't help you if you touch them and get a stomachache or
    anything like that.
    Richard (Jack):
    It's natural to think that the Elw is a monster because of its ears. It is
    impossible to accuse small kids of being responsible for this incident. 
    Richard (Rudy):
    Why don't you face reality? Our instincts tell us that as humans, it is
    necessary to eliminate the Elw... Because they are different from us.
    Richard (Cecilia):
    Our private cook, Nicbat, makes the best dishes in town. That's how me and my
    brother stay so pleasantly plump during a poor harvest time like this. 
    Nicbat (Jack):
    It seems like there is a lot of strange stuff happening in town. But I'm happy
    as long as I can make a satisfying dish.
    Nicbat (Rudy):
    The boys love to eat sweet stuff, such as chocolate pudding and cake with a lot
    of whipped cream. They always ask me to make that stuff. It's OK with me to
    make them goodies, but the boys really should brush their teeth after dinner. 
    Nicbat (Cecilia):
    What shall I make today? We don't have much stuff, but a professional chef can
    overcome that. Cook non-fresh fish twice. Put lots of dry fruits in the bread,
    so they can't tell if the flour's bad. Instead, I'll make a gorgeous dessert.
    A lot of fruits and whipped cream in a pudding a la mode. Wow, I am so
    creative, ain't I? Doesn't it just whet your appetite, Miss?
    Harvey (Jack): Hello, wanderers, thank you for visiting! I want to tell you
    something... Southwest of Rosetta, in the channel between the inland and outer
    seas, there is a whirlpool. Ancient town lore says the whirlpool is the
    entrance to a Guardian's castle that is in the depths of the ocean. Trading
    merchants usually don't put much stock in such stories. But lately there's been
    reports of sea dragon sightings! I know that this is really selfish of me to
    ask you this. But, if nothing's resolved, no merchant ships will travel here.
    And, that's really bad since our town depends heavily on trading. Will you
    please go to the whirlpool and try to contact the Guardian? Try to ask him what
    he's up to. This Sea Dragon's Scale will help you communicate with him... 
    [You obtain the Dragon Scale and speak with him again.]
    Harvey (Jack): 
    I believe showing hard work to kids is the most important thing to teach
    children. Our children must learn that they can challenge mightier things, in
    my opinion. 
    Harvey (Rudy):
    Hmm... I don't know what Lucadia, the Sea Guardian, is trying to do... 
    Harvey (Cecilia):
    Actually, as a priest I should receive and follow the Guardians' will. But, I
    have to manage my work as a mayor first for now. Please, will you go to Lucadia
    and ask what it is the Guardian wants?
    [You heard the man! Let us go try and solve this whirlpool incident! And so,
    you venture out into the seas, armed with your mighty Dragon Scale. You use
    the Dragon Scale right beside the whirlpool...]
    The priest's proof, the Dragon Scale, was held aloft. The whirlpool's presence
    seemed to shift... From the impenetrable depths arose a presence of enormous
    power, as if to welcome the bearer of the Scale!
    [An FMV starts. The Sweet Candy is sailing on the outer edge of the whirlpool.]
    Captain Bartholomew:
    What's happened? What's going on? Those clouds came out of nowhere! ... ... ...
    The Sweet Candy cannot take much more of this, Cecilia, or it will be torn to
    [Everyone is struggling to maintain his or her balance. Suddenly, the Teardrop
    glows. Jack and Rudy exchange looks.]
    Is someone calling me? Lucadia... ...The Guardian of the Sea. [closes eyes]
    ...I can hear you... Your thoughts are being delivered straight to my heart...
    What was that!? 
    [A large cyclone rises out of the whirlpool.]
    Captain Bartholomew:
    The sea... I have spent all my years at sea, but I have never seen that before! 
    Yes... ...I understand... I will follow your will... ...Please... Show me... 
    Princess! What's happening?! Are you OK? 
    [Jack walks over to Cecilia and grabs her by the shoulders. Suddenly, however,
    both of them begin floating. Jack holds out his hand so that Rudy grabs it.
    Then, the three heroes, including Hanpan, fly off into the cyclone.]
    Captain Bartholomew:
    If that wasn't the wildest thing I've ever seen...
    [The dark storm clouds vanish, and everything is left a blissful blue.
    Meanwhile, our heroes are deposited at a new shrine.]
    Lucadia's voice:
    ...Warriors... Welcome to my temple... I am Lucadia, the Ocean Guardian. I have
    a message for the Medium. Please go into my temple to receive my will. The
    'Dragon Scale' is the key to opening this temple from any ocean. When you wave
    my scale while at sea, whichever ocean you may be sailing, you will be led to
    this temple... 
    [So, let's go exploring! The plaque in one of the rooms reads...]
    Blessing start as a water droplet. It falls and is absorbed by the mountain,
    then flows into the river, which joins the ocean. The temple honors this
    life-giving cycle. You must understand the natural order to offer the spirit
    orbs to the Dragon Heads.
    [At end of the dungeon, you enter a room where Lucadia, changing into a large
    bubble, greets you.]
    You finally made it here. Medium and warriors... I am Lucadia... Master of the
    temple that lies in the Abyss, and Guardian who controls the ocean... In your
    hands, Medium is the Teardrop. It led thee to me...
    [Cecilia puts her hand on the Teardrop.]
    Does the Teardrop link us to the Guardian? 
    Lucadia's voice:
    The demon queen is now defeated... However, the evil has yet to disappeaer. 
    Lucadia, please tell me what the evil ones are trying to do... Zeikfried said
    that he would cut the throats of the Guardians, to obtain the world. Please
    tell me what he means by it.
    Currently, the Guardians can't maintain the world's present condition.
    Therefore... The Guardians came together, amplifying each other's powers.
    Long ago, the Elw built a network, a system of life energy. The Elw Shrine
    maintains the life of this world and has kept it alive, but barely. 
    Then that device is so important...
    Using the Elw Shrine, the network encompasses the whole planet. We call these
    life circles the Layline. Laylines are the blood that runs through Filgaia. As
    you can see, this is literally flesh. That is to say...
    Lady Harken's voice:
    [interrupting] That means... Tearing apart the Layline will shatter the
    lifeblood of this planet. It would put an end to the Guardians without much
    trouble. Zeikfried's idea is brilliant, though it disgusts me.
    [Lady Harken appears from a large sphere of red energy. Cecilia readies her
    weapon, but we see Jack step forward, his sword drawn.]
    Lady Harken:
    I was following you... No one knows you contacted the Ocean Guardian. 
    You followed me?!
    Lady Harken:
    I always wanted to measure swords with you.
    Wait! Youuu... 
    Lady Harken:
    You are only a Guardian. Don't try to come between things that are between a
    man and a woman. A fast draw skill just like mine... You should be afraid. I
    will find my answer in battle!
    [You engage in a battle against Lady Harken. You deliver the final blow.]
    Lady Harken:
    Is that your answer? All you can come up with is this?! If so, THIS is my
    [She throws her scythe forward at your party and hits all of the characters.
    Oh well, I guess it wasn't much of a final blow. The battle ends. We see our
    three heroes exhausted from the battle; Lucadia shoots a spear of ice at her
    to slow her down.]
    Lady Harken:
    My swift strike, coupled with the power of the Darkness Tear, ends all life it
    touches, including that of Ocean Guardians! And... My next targets are your
    pitiful lives! What... No... What is happening?! This feeling... ...coming
    over me... Is this the work of the Ocean Guardian?! What are you doing to me?! 
    You must know... why this human warrior has the same sword skills that you
    possess... You must remember... who you are...
    Lady Harken:
    Who I am...?! 
    You know everything... Just have forgotten all... ...Think back and speak...
    ...Your name... ...It was a tribute to your existence!
    Lady Harken:
    I... I am... I am the Red Quarter Knight, the Sword Princess, Lady Harken! 
    Sword Princess?!!
    Lady Harken:
    This match was interrupted... We will battle another time!
    [Lady Harken leaves; Cecilia pushes herself to her feet.]
    My body... My powers... I'm sorry. I will not be able to physically help you
    battle the demons... But, fret not... As long as there are the Laylines, the
    Guardians will not be vanquished... ...Medium... Search for... Sanctuary...
    Follow... Guardian... Sanctuary... they... must be awakened from sleep...
    Remnants of power... the Guardians... Before... the Laylines... are cut...
    Please wake... the human spirit... Raise hope in everyone's hearts... .........
    The Guardian... It's unusual for a Guardian to disappear... when it's not in
    the form of a Medium. Is this...the way Guardians perish...?
    I don't know how it happened, but I do know that if we don't stop the demons...
    Filgaia, the Guardians, even us...have no future... Let's hunt them down! 
    [Rudy and Cecilia nod]
    We must stop them!
    [The scene ends. Back on the world map...]
    The whirlpool separating the Inland and Outer Seas disappeared! You may not
    head out to the Outer Sea! 
    Part XIIIb. -The Devil's Playground-
    [There is a myriad of places to explore now that the whirlpool is gone. We will
    head for the Devil's Playground and chat with the good people here.]
    Lucile (Jack):
    The old guy with the beard, known as Pegucchi, is running the battle arena. He
    is also known as the Immoral Count. I just don't get his style and how he gets
    excited watching a gruesome fight. And he loves the fact that people refer to
    him as the Count.
    Lucile (Rudy):
    Do you know what some people call Count Pegucchi? They call him the
    'Immoral Count'. Anyway, you have to be a bit eccentric to think of building
    this type of battle arena.
    Lucile (Cecilia):
    Count Pegucchi, the man in charge of the battle arena, loves spiders. I think
    he's gone too far though. Does he really need all those spider webs around the
    Rose (Jack):
    'Be prepared and have no regrets.' Lots of fighters say this around here.
    Anyway, what can I do for you? [You choose to speak with him.] The coffin-like
    machine supposedly cures anything from HP to MP. I have never been in it. I'm
    kind of scared to try it.
    Rose (Rudy):
    'Be prepared and have no regrets.' Lots of fighters say this around here.
    Anyway, what can I do for you? [You choose to speak with him.] That mysterious
    orange device... I hear it heals you once you get in it. I've never been in it,
    though. I think it's too creepy.
    Rose (Cecilia):
    'Be prepared and have no regrets.' Lots of fighters say this around here.
    Anyway, what can I do for you? [You choose to speak with him.] Hey, Lady, do
    you like scary stories? Do you see that orange box behind me? Well, that
    machine supposedly sucks out the life energy from defeated fighters and feeds
    it into a wanderer. The story may be a little exaggerated, though, since the
    device was found by Count Pegucchi. 
    Alejandro (Jack):
    Sometimes, we hear a loud rumble from down below. We call it the
    'Devil's Yearning'. It's very loud. What? Who's yearning you ask? Mmm...I don't
    know. Wait here, I will go check.
    Alejandro (Rudy):
    I heard Count Pegucchi had a different personality when he was a wanderer. I
    just cannot picture it... What kind of personality you ask? Mmm...I don't
    know... Wait here, I will go check.
    Alejandro (Cecilia):
    I heard the battle arena is built over an ancient artifact. What kind of
    artifact you ask? Mmm...I don't know... Wait here, I will go check.
    Henry (Jack):
    I'm the director, in charge of all events held by Count Pegucchi. Let me know
    if you need anything. [You choose to speak with him.] The wanderers love the
    bonus prizes we give away. There are some competitors who only fight for the
    bonus prizes. Unfortunately, a lot of them don't make it.
    Henry (Rudy):
    I'm the director, in charge of all events held by Count Pegucchi. Let me know
    if you need anything. [You choose to speak with him.] People often ask me how
    to safely enjoy a battle in the arena... I tell them to be a spectator and not
    a participant. But, that's not what they want to hear.
    Henry (Cecilia):
    I'm the director, in charge of all events held by Count Pegucchi. Let me know
    if you need anything. [You choose to speak with him.]
    Rumors abound on Immoral Island. If you are bored with the battle here, it may
    be a good idea to talk to people and listen to their stories.
    Ichabod (Jack):
    I sometimes get so excited that I can't sit still... Thank God for these
    Ichabod (Rudy):
    Some say the 'Devil's Playground' is sinful and sacrilegious. Personally, I
    think that's why people come here... Of course, sometimes those very people
    end up being breakfast for the monsters.
    Ichabod (Cecilia):
    Have you ever had a savory steak with red wine after watching a great match?
    It is the best remedy for your stress. 
    Amanda (Jack):
    Pegucchi did not really gain his Countship in a conventional way. He just paid
    everyone to call him Count Pegucchi! That's something I admire about him. 
    Amanda (Rudy): Welcome. Are you a spectator or a competitor? I personally would
    love to see you fight until there is blood all over.
    Amanda (Cecilia):
    Dressed like this, I bet I look like a Guardian worshipper... But the only
    thing I worship is Count Pegucchi.
    Nomar (Jack):
    I used to care more for my well being... Now the battle arena is my life, and
    everything else means nothing. I don't think I can fit into normal society.
    Nomar (Rudy):
    Every day I fight in the battle arena... I know once I'm dead, that's it. But,
    I just can't seem to stop fighting.
    Nomar (Cecilia):
    I get a strange feeling when I look at the empty battle arena. It's surreal to
    think that I engage in gruesome fights there every day...
    Connie (Jack):
    Sometimes you need to sit back and relax a bit. Well, you could say that I
    work very little between my breaks. 
    Connie (Rudy):
    I think there will still be a battle arena even if the demons take over the
    world. People will always want to see bloody fights.
    Connie (Cecilia):
    I have been coming to the battle arena for such a long time that I've seen
    every method of death. I like the fights that are unpredictable. Like when a
    fighter is killed by one blow, the second after he's just revived himself. Then
    there's the type of fighter I don't like; the one who thinks he's hot and
    strolls into the round only to get killed immediately. Just be careful and
    always prepared, okay?
    Judy (Jack):
    Count Pegucchi loves to see a bloody mess... But, what I love the most is an
    exciting match full of action!! Just make it exciting and you'll be safe from
    bored spectators coming for you after the match! 
    Judy (Rudy):
    My name is Judy. I'm the arena announcer!! Many competitors have praised my
    skill in live broadcasting. Some even claimed I helped them win!! Then there
    are some who think I'm more fierce than the monsters themselves... Call me
    whatever you want!! 
    Judy (Cecilia):
    How do I get up every morning and do this? Well, you have to hear the sounds
    of bone crunching and blood spewing to understand. I'm just very fortunate that
    I get to see this every day!! I truly love being able to scream into a
    microphone all day long!! 
    Sam (Jack):
    You have to be a certain rank and pay a membership fee to watch the battle.
    Actually, 'ranking' doesn't mean much these days because of the Count's greed.
    You can just buy your rank nowadays. But the membership fee is not cheap.
    Sam (Rudy):
    Only selected members are allowed to watch the match. Do you want to become a
    member? I'm sure you'd love it. 
    Sam (Cecilia):
    There is nothing more fulfilling than witnessing fighters' agony during battle.
    That is when I feel the membership fee is well worth the price. 
    [You can also speak with the Count himself if you've beaten enough rounds.]
    Count Pegucchi (Jack):
    There is nothing I love to see more than a bloody battle. Don't think I don't
    mean that, because I really do. This is almost like my religion, if you will.
    Count Pegucchi (Rudy):
    Welcome! You are in paradise, where morality and common sense are forbidden!
    I'm expecting you to give us the greatest show ever! 
    Count Pegucchi (Cecilia):
    Hi there, Cute Lady. I don't think I want to see a pretty flower like you
    fighting. Maybe you should plant blood red flowers in the arena instead?
    [You've finished talking to all the NPCs here. Now, in order to get to the
    Fallen Sanctuary, we will need Anthony's treasure, the Gaint's Ocarina. Who
    was it that knew so much about Anthony? Oh yeah---that kid in Court Seim.
    Let's go there.]
    Part XIV. -The Fallen Sanctuary and the Demon's Lab-
    [You arrive in Court Seim and speak with the residents.]
    Otto (Jack):
    Michael has been cooped up in his room ever since the incident at the Barrier
    Shelter. I try to get him outside, but he just will not go... He hardly ever
    eats now. I know how he feels, but I am worried about him.
    Otto (Rudy):
    The 'Warden' has already left on her new assignment. I hear it's not easy to
    fix up the Barrier Shelter. 
    Otto (Cecilia):
    Lady, you're not too shabby, but you have a long way to go compared to our
    'Warden J'. You are missing something she has. Maybe it's the 'Warden's'
    oozing sexiness?  
    Bruce (Jack):
    Our motto is 'All the necessary tools for anybody, delivered anywhere'! [You
    choose to speak with him.] What's the world coming to? All I hear about is the
    world's demise. Since I'm not that flexible, I'm just living my life as I
    always have been. But sometimes, I daydream about betting all of my saving at
    the fighting arena. 
    Bruce (Rudy):
    Our motto is 'All the necessary tools for anybody, delivered anywhere'! [You
    choose to speak with him.] I used to not like how independent these kids
    were... But when they are playing with the Maxwell daughters, I'm reminded of
    how cute they can be.
    Bruce (Cecilia):
    Our motto is 'All the necessary tools for anybody, delivered anywhere'! [You
    choose to speak with him.] I heard about the fighting arena where they hold
    matches between a wanderer and a monster. The fighting supposedly lasts until
    one of them dies. I would love to visit there... But I fear not being able to
    come back once I get hooked. I always get cold feet.
    Jennifer (Jack):
    Miss Jane left us again to do some more work... I hope she will play house
    with me next time. 
    Jennifer (Rudy):
    Magdalen knows a lot of different games to play. I bet you didn't know that. 
    Jennifer (Cecilia):
    Miss Jane always tells me, "It's not enough to just be a nice person." But I
    don't understand... Miss Jane is such a nice person.
    Molly (Jack):
    I owe you a great deal... The least I can do is to prepare a delicious meal
    for you. 
    Molly (Rudy):
    It is tough washing all these dishes. Sometimes, I have the kids help me, but
    I'm better off washing them by myself. I know they need to learn these things,
    but usually I just end up telling them to go outside and play. 
    Molly (Cecilia):
    It is becoming difficult to get ingredients for the green vegetable juice. I'm
    sure the kids don't mind. Sigh... If they only knew how healthy it is for them.
    Smith (Jack):
    I would love to fight with an ARM in my hand, but unfortunately, I don't have
    what it takes... I may be too old for that, but I did start taking lessons in
    sword fighting. 
    Smith (Rudy):
    Nicholli and I went to check a series of mechanical parts on the Barrier
    Shelter the other day. I tell you, I had never seen Nicholli so serious. Maybe
    he's making something great.
    Smith (Cecilia):
    The villagers here saved my life when I was down. I will never forget what they
    did, and I swear to help the village any way I can.
    Bobby (Jack):
    I'm just a teacher now at the orphanage, but I used to be good with magic
    spells. [You choose to speak with her.] The tuition at Curan Abbey is very
    expensive. Everyone in my class was from a well-to-do family... I had a hard
    time relating to those kids.
    Bobby (Rudy):
    I'm just a teacher now at the orphanage, but I used to be good with magic
    spells. [You choose to speak with her.] My job in the village is to tend to
    the well-being of the kids and help them with their studies... Diana is like
    their mother, and I am like their teacher.
    Bobby (Cecilia):
    I'm just a teacher now at the orphanage, but I used to be good with magic
    spells. [You choose to speak with her.] The 'Giant's Ocarina' that Anthony's
    searching for is a treasure that lets you summon giants. Is there any
    relationship between you, Asgard, and giants? 
    Ackerman (Jack):
    This is the only shop in the world that sells Name Tags. What can I do for you
    today? [You choose to speak with him.] There is a monster who gives you EXP
    points equal to the amount of damage you inflict upon it. The monster is known
    as the 'Grow Apple'. Don't let the cute name fool you, though. Just destroy it.
    Ackerman (Rudy):
    This is the only shop in the world that sells Name Tags. What can I do for you
    today? [You choose to speak with him.] Have you encountered the rare monsters
    'Grow Apple' or 'Melchom'? Supposedly, they exist in Filgaia, but very few
    people have seen them. They are extremely shy monsters. And there's even a
    'Mega Apple'!! What a name! Just remember, if you're fortunate enough to see
    one of these monsters, you better make the battle count!
    Ackerman (Cecilia):
    This is the only shop in the world that sells Name Tags. What can I do for you
    today? [You choose to speak with him.] There is a monster in Filgaia who is
    activated by all elemental attacks! This monster is known as 'Melchom'. The
    best part is, when a Melchom is defeated, he leaves behind an amount of gella
    three times to the activated damage.
    Nicholli (Jack):
    Oh, hi everyone! How are you doing today? [You choose to speak with him.]
    Something seems to have been bothering Magdalen ever since the incident at
    the Barrier Shelter... What exactly happened at the Shelter?
    Nicholli (Rudy):
    Oh, hi everyone! How are you doing today? [You choose to speak with him.] Looks
    as though your quest is going quite well. Jane and Magdalen just left Court
    Seim. If you see her, please give her my best regards. 
    Nicholli (Cecilia):
    Oh, hi everyone! How are you doing today? [You choose to speak with him.] Tell
    me all about Crest Sorcery when you have some time. The principles of magic
    spells are also helpful when it comes to tuning ARMs.
    Diana (Jack):
    Welcome to the orphanage. We have extra bunk beds for our guests. Feel free to
    rest here. [You choose to speak with her.] It is tough looking after kids.
    There is a lot of cleaning, and it requires a lot of patience... But when I
    see their sleeping faces, I am reminded of how much I love these kids. 
    Diana (Rudy):
    Welcome to the orphanage. We have extra bunk beds for our guests. Feel free to
    rest here. [You choose to speak with her.] When kids have an accident in the
    room, we clean up the floor with tea leaves. We can not only cut back on
    expenses, but also the scent of tea calms people. See? We can kill two birds
    with one stone.
    Diana (Cecilia): 
    Welcome to the orphanage. We have extra bunk beds for our guests. Feel free to
    rest here. [You choose to speak with her.] We make kids get up early and get
    to bed early. This custom will not only help with their future, but will also
    cut back on lamp usage. See? We can kill two birds with one stone.
    Franz (Jack):
    Miss Jane is 14 years old, and I'm only 4 years younger. I should be able to
    do what she does! If I can't, I'll have to try harder! 
    Franz (Rudy):
    Even the kids have to learn to fend for themselves. We need to be stronger...
    Strong enough to stand on our own. 
    Franz (Cecilia):
    I am tired of relying on someone to save me. And how would I feel if someone
    died while trying to save me... I have to be stronger so that I can stand on
    my own.
    Lestat (Jack):
    I suppose adults are influenced by our actions. When they see how hard we work
    here, they swear to do the same. 
    Lestat (Cecilia):
    We cannot be sad and depressed, hoping someone will come and help us. Jane
    used to help us with our problems, but now that she's not here, we have to
    help ourselves.
    Michael (Jack):
    Anthony told us about an old cabin in the woods that are across the outer sea
    to the southeast. Inside the cabin, you'll find a magical ocarina which can
    summon Golems. ...Hey, if you happen to be near the cabin, will you go look
    inside? Let me know if the ocarina is really there.
    Michael (Rudy):
    Anthony knew the 'Giant's Ocarina' was in some cabin in the southeastern woods.
    Anthony was so close to finding his treasure, but the demons... ...Sob...
    Michael (Cecilia):
    If only Anthony was able to reach the outer sea, he could've gotten the
    'Giant's Ocarina'. He knew that it would be in a cabin in the woods to the
    southeast. I will never forgive the demons for this... 
    [Let us depart for the 'Forgotten House'. You arrive there and speak with the
    lovely little birds around.]
    White Dove:
    My grandma said that the owner of this house used to be the ARM Meister. He was
    living with his son and was quite the traveler. 
    Lazy Dove:
    I'm too old to find my own food. It's such a chore. When the old man was living
    here, he would feed me some bread crumbs. Those were good days. 
    [You run in and nab the Giant's Ocarina. It's time for the Fallen Sanctuary.
    Inside, various plaques read...]
    *At the end where the light of hope fixes, Love positions quietly.
    *The shining red light of the Love Guardian warms the heart and supports you...
    *Crystallization of love, courage, and hope... It appears as if it is
    illuminated by the light which expose reality.
    *Shining blue light of the Courage Guardian. A firm power elevates us... Like
    a sun rising in the east. 
    [You put the statues in place on the last "floor" and march forward. A scene
    starts. We see our heroes strolling casually out to the stone statues.]
    I thought it would be boring to hunt a Guardian who had lost its power.
    [One of the statues sparks; suddenly, in a burst of light, Boomerang appears
    there upon the stone statue, his arms folded and his coat flapping in that
    cool-guy way.]
    But this is fun... It is fitting that I fight you for the Guardian.
    How did you find us here?
    Luceid led us. 
    [Luceid appears on the fourth empty pedestal where the statue of the Guardian
    of Desire should be.]
    If you're planning on exterminating the Guardian, you have to get past us
    If that is what you want. I will fight you and then annihilate the sorry
    Guardian who supports this world!! 
    A fight to the finish! It's time to settle this!! 
    [You engage in a battle against Boomerang. You deliver the final blow.]
    It's just as I suspected. You guys are surviving day to day and steadily
    making great progress. But when will you match my power? I allow you a future;
    it's my gift to you. But, it's also a gift for my own delight. You should
    cherish this gift and be prepared to sharpen your fangs... The next time we
    meet will be the last.
    [The battle ends.]
    Are you letting us go?
    Letting you go? It's more like a death sentence. I give up... I will not
    exterminate the Guardian... 
    It's about time!! 
    West of Photosphere, on a deserted island, Alhazad has one of his labs. He must
    be researching weapons to battle the Guardians. 
    Why are you telling us about it?
    Such a battle is not my style. It does not matter to me if you disrupt
    Alhazad's research... Besides, if you fight Alhazad, it will sharpen and build
    your strength. You need more time on the anvil.
    [The duo vanishes.]
    West of Photosphere... I bet horrible research is being conducted... 
    [You examine the stone statues--first, the one on the left.]
    ...For us... ...to crystallize the power... ... it is impossible... Evil isn't
    what has stolen our power, the weakness of heart is what has weakened our
    power. But, if you believe that our power will return some day... Hold the
    body of my will... 
    [You acquire the Goddess Idol and examine the pedestal beside it.]
    If love, courage, and hope filled the minds of all humans, the world would
    never die. Remember, if the world wasted away, it would be because these
    disappeared from the minds of those who live here. If you believe these
    qualities will return to the minds of all humanity, then you believe in my
    [You acquire the Lion Idol and examine the pedestal beside it.]
    Shrine maiden and warriors, if the spark of your mind shines we will regain our
    power... Don't be frightened of love, don't misunderstand courage, and don't
    lose sight of hope. In your hearts, if you believe in yourself you will soon
    hold my power... When love shines, Raftina will answer... When courage shines,
    Justine will answer... When hope shines, Zephyr will answer... 
    [You acquire the Dragon Idol. A portal appears below. You exit to the world
    map. Now, let's follow Boomerang's advice and hop on over to the Demon's Lab.
    When we enter, we see a scene involving Lady Harken.]
    Lady Harken:
    His swordplay... Why does it mimic mine? Who is this man? Have I seen him
    before? He is so familiar... My sword technique... My battle tactics... Just
    fragments of memories... ... ... ... 
    [Harken clasps her hands against her chest, contemplating.]
    Lady Harken:
    ... ... Why?! Why can't I remember more than that? 
    [Lady Harken remembers the words Lucadia spoke to her.]
    You know everything...
    You have just forgotten... 
    Remember... Your name... The evidence of your existence!
    [Lady Harken clasps her head and sinks to her knees.]
    Lady Harken:
    ...This body... It doesn't feel like MINE... What is this...place? What
    happened to me... 
    [Alhazad appears to her left.]
    You are YOU... You are Lady Harken. Nothing more than that. 
    Lady Harken:
    ...Alhazad... ...What do you know...
    It is stress on your spirit and flesh. You must take care. You're just working
    too hard. 
    [He floats closer to her.]
    You are so beautiful... Every time I see you, I feel ashamed... But, also
    glorious pleasure... I must hide my ugly figure under my robe. Your body is
    like crystal... In fact... You are like the black crystal itself... beautiful
    and breakable... 
    [Lady Harken leaps away from him, drawing her scythe in less than a second.]
    Lady Harken:
    How rude you are! You should watch your words, or it will be the end of you! 
    Was it something I said? I'm just saying what was on my mind. Nothing more.
    Lady Harken:
    ... ... ... ...What do you want?
    There are trespassers, here in my research center... 
    Lady Harken:
    The Medium and her warriors?
    That is correct. To better protect the Darkness Tear from them, I thought you
    should know. That's why I came to see you... 
    Lady Harken:
    I don't need any warnings! I will just slice them to pieces when they arrive. 
    I see. I am quite busy... I will just leave it up to you. 
    [Alhazad vanishes, but he speaks again.]
    Alhazad's voice:
    One final thing, I must stress this... Do not damage the Darkness Tear...
    [The screen fades to black, and we continue with our beloved characters.]
    [FLOOR 007]
    Demon's Lab Researcher:
    The life in this world... Will soon be tinged with Mother's dark light!
    [You battle him, kill him, and read the information on the monitor.]
    At the console, fragments of information can be read...
    >>Generator and connector... 
    >>Negative tuning of waveforms... 
    This contains detailed data about the Teardrop... Were they analyzing it after
    they took it? This terminal seems to be running the program that controls locks
    on certain doors. If you turn it off, the program will no longer control the
    locks. Do you want to shut off the console? 
    >>The terminal has been shut down, and the locks have been released.
    [FLOOR 012]
    Demon's Lab Researcher:
    Reboot and control the legacy of our past... Our power is not only from the
    Photosphere. But, you'll be dead before you realize it!
    [You battle him, kill him, and read the information on the monitor.]
    At the console, there is some fragments of information...
    >>Three Golems...
    >>Reboot of Lolithia and Diablo...
    >>Disposal of wrecked machine... 
    From the Golem log, the existence of other Golems, besides those stolen from
    the exhibition, seems possible. The terminal seems to be running the program
    that controls locks on certain doors. If you turn it off, the program will no
    longer control the locks. Do you want to shut off the console?
    >>The terminal has been shut down, and the locks have been released.
    [FLOOR 013]
    Demon's Lab Researcher:
    Taking away life is the power over life! And you guys will be killed by me!! 
    [You battle him, kill him, and read the information on the monitor.]
    At the console, there are some snippets of information... 
    >>Layline fragment...
    >>Wide area irradiation by reflex diffusion...
    It seems to be a conspiracy of evil, though not everything is clear. 
    The terminal seems to be running the program that controls locks on certain
    doors. If you turn it off, the program will no longer control the locks. Do
    you want to shut off the console?
    >>The terminal has been shut down, and the locks have been released.
    [FLOOR 015]
    Demon's Lab Researcher:
    I don't know how you found this place, but this is Alhazad's laboratory. I
    can't allow this! 
    [You battle him, kill him, and read the information on the monitor.]
    At the console, there are scattered reports... About Filgaia and the Layline...
    Blue life energy... Reversal functions... This facility seems to be dedicated
    to research about life. All sorts of data is being recorded. This terminal
    seems to be running the program that controls the locks on certain doors. If
    you turn it off, the program will no longer control the locks. Do you want to
    shut off the console?
    >>The terminal has been shut down, and the locks have been released.
    [With all that said and done, it's time to enter the last room! You approach
    the sealed door just before it.]
    *The hard, thick metal door, electronically locked by the four terminals, opens
    with a loud rumbling noise... 
    [It opens, and you enter. Immediately Cecilia holds up her glowing Teardrop to
    the Darkness Tear and then pulls it away, closing her eyes.]
    Just like before... It emits a different sort of light that cancels out the
    light of the Teardrop... 
    [Enter Lady Harken in her usual fashion.]
    Lady Harken:
    It is a duplicate of the Teardrop... It is the Darkness Tear. However, it is
    more powerful than the Teardrop. It's optimized to send out negative light. 
    Harken! I was waiting to see you again!! Who are you? Your technique... It's
    Lady Harken:
    I could ask you the same question, but I won't... Words are not necessary
    between warriors! In battle, your skill is all that matters!! 
    [You engage her in battle. You deliver the finishing blow. At last she freezes
    up, shuddering all over.]
    Lady Harken:
    This is utter nonsense! Not now... What is happening to me?! 
    [The battle ends. We see Lady Harken change costumes and become Elmina. Jack
    walks toward her, wordlessly and in disbelief.]
    [Suddenly, the Darkness Tear emits a bright light and bursts, throwing the
    three heroes back. Alhazad appears in its place and lifts Elmina off the
    floor his magic.]
    I still need her, you can't have her yet. 
    [She disappears. Jack stands.]
    Noooo!! ALHAZAAAD!!!
    Sorry, bub. Hehehehehe... 
    [Alhazad disappears. Jack falls to his knees and punches the ground several
    times. Rudy and Cecilia climb to their feet.]
    What just happened?
    My revenge... what was I doing?! Who am I avenging... Her technique... Why
    didn't I realize?! Why...I'm so stupid! 
    [Jack is about to punch the floor again before he stops and looks to the ground
    in surprise. Hanpan is standing there, his arms spread out.] 
    Is punching the floor going to help? Calm down, Jack... It isn't wise to hurt
    your fist right now! 
    I will keep my big nose out of it, because we are friends. 
    [Jack climbs to his feet.]
    Sorry... I'm cool. Thanks. 
    [Cecilia and Rudy approach him from behind.]
    I haven't told you anything about me... I am such an idiot. I am so ashamed... 
    Don't say that... Anyway, let's get moving. We might catch up with him. 
    [Rudy nods simply. Jack turns to them, his smug look back on his face. He
    scratches the side of his head bashfully for a moment, and Hanpan takes his
    place back on Jack's shoulder.]
    You're right. Forgive me, guys! 
    [The two younger heroes dash off. Jack eyes Hanpan.]
    ...Hanpan... When the time comes, I will tell you everything. Because we
    And I will listen, Partner. 
    [Jack dashes off as well. You head back to the entrance.]
    Part XV. -The Gate Generator-
     A scene starts. The three wanderers are walking across the desert casually.
    The sky is split, and a beam of light comes down. It knocks them over.]
    The sky... [points] Just like before, the sky is being ripped open?! 
    [They all climb to their feet. Zeikfried appears next to the split sky;
    apparently he can float.]
    The Darkness Tear is the weapon we developed to fight against the Guardians.
    Don't move. You'll only make this harder on you... I'd like to ensure your
    certain and speedy death.
    [Zeikfried vanishes temporarily. Another beam of light comes slamming down to
    the earth. There is another one and another. The fourth one sends them
    head-over-heels, literally, giving Cecilia a nasty jolt and nearly rendering
    her unconscious.]
    Dammit! We can't accurately hit little targets?! We can't just keep doing this! 
    [Cecilia is struggling to get up.] 
    [Another beam of light comes down. We see Rudy running towards Cecilia to get
    her out of the way in time, but too late--the beam hits them.]
    Well, there's another handy feature to this weapon. If we can't blast them,
    we'll just use the gate generator and bring them to their doom. That's it,
    through the gate and to your deaths! It's the perfect set-up... I will let
    you finish yourselves off.
    [They wake up and are floating in a weird dimensional void---even little
    Shoot... What the hell is going on!?
    So you've finally awakened. Welcome. You are in the subspace created by the
    Gate Generator. 
    [A purple sphere, which we know by now means a battle, appears above them.]
    Subspace!? You mean, we are inside of the gate! 
    I prefer to think of it as... your tomb! 
    [You engage in a battle. You kill the monsters, and the battle ends. Zeikfried
    You are recklessly ignorant! Battling in subspace could create a shock effect
    that would destabilize and destroy it. 
    You set a trap for us. Are you just going to watch and wait from where you're
    safely perched? If I were you, I would not be so confident that your comfy
    little nest is so secure. You may think we are trapped, but I see this "trap"
    as an opportunity to hunt down a fearful coward. So until we come, please wait
    there, shivering in your boots. 
    Skinny, dwarfish, vulgar... Humans are hopeless! ...I will fight you!! Come to
    me and let me show you the price you pay for insolence! 
    [You appear in a room within the "Gate Generator". After two rooms, you come
    across a familiar demon who decides to knock down some steel grating so that
    you cannot pass.]
    Irresponsible comrades... Buck-passers and daydreamers... Long time no see!
    Genius always arrives unexpectedly! Before you know it, it's gone! Good bye,
    everyone! Good bye! 
    [You grapple onto Zed and land on his platform.]
    Do you think me a fool?! I heard that punchline yesterday! It will take more
    than that to satisfy me!! 
    [Zed jumps on the platform, and the second piece of grating falls down. He
    runs across the makeshift bridge and knocks that grating into who-knows-where.
    He looks back at you smugly.]
    It is sad to say for one such as I, but today's task is held up! I must scheme!
    I must come up with a super-duper idea to release you from this mortal coil...
    One that highlights my magnificence!! 
    [You try to grapple him again.]
    You thought that I would repeat the same mistake over and over?! That sounds
    like something you would do! 
    [You use Cecilia's change staff and trade places with him.]
    Don't be such a jerk! Here is the deal! I am putting my heart into it, working
    so hard! 
    [Zed runs off the ledge. You continue into the next room and nab a coin from a
    treasure chest. Zed, thinking the coast is clear, runs by and jumps on a secret
    switch. He runs through the open door. You follow him. In the room after next,
    you attempt to raise the platform with your hands. Zed appears to be on the
    other platform.]
    Sorry to disturb you in full swing, but I must interfere! I feel so bad! 
    [Zed turns the wheel and reduces you back to where you were. If you attempt to
    grasp the wheel again, he says...]
    For a man, it is good to be manly! Look at my biceps! Big! And in good
    condition! With your small muscles, you can write a success story. But, you
    could not battle with me! 
    [Rudy uses his might gloves. If you let go too early, he says...]
    Spinning like tea cups! 
    [Once you use your might gloves, he looks defeated.]
    Only uncouth barbarians scheme to show force! You're so behind the times!
    Anyway, the party train ends here! Everybody off! 
    [Zed runs off. You follow him. In the room after the next, we see Zed yet
    Humans are barely more than monkeys! They couldn't possibly take control of a
    security system as great as ours! Machines are too complex for them. Confusing
    zig-zag movement!
    [He uses a machine to pull in the steel grating so that you can't get across.
    However, with Rudy, you examine the console nearest to you.]
    *It is just as with ARM. Rudy connects his heart, and the device starts to
    work. The security system control is in our hands. 
    [The grating comes back out. Zed looks defeated.]
    What the?! No one told me they have a boy who can handle ARM... Releasing the
    security is nothing for him! Cheaters! Cheaters! A human can handle ARM...
    What in the world?! That power was originally our power! Give it back, you
    [Zed runs off. You follow him. In the room after the next, we make our way to
    the switch using Cecilia's change wand. If you don't plan ahead, Zed runs in
    from the newly opened door and steals a white gem.]
    Oh, you think you accomplished something? Well, prepare to be knocked off your
    feet... Most super-especially this time. 
    [If, however, you change the orange gems back to the way they were, Zed is
    Is that all your tiny brains can manage? I would expect more, myself. But
    such brilliance is not for everyone. I have nothing to be ashamed of. I'll be
    preparing for my next chapter. Now follow me, and hurry! 
    [Zed runs off. You follow him. In the next room, he is standing before, yes, a
    Right, ha, ha, ha!! We've already collected seven Golems! More than half are
    under our control, just like Lolithia! This one, Diablo, is one of them! Stop?
    Never! Nothing will stop us! Feel Diablo's heat! Feel it burn! 
    [You engage in a battle against Diablo. You defeat him, and the battle ends.]
    I wasn't playing, but even Diablo got shocked easily?! Handling ARM and
    catching Golems... You might almost be cool enough to hang with me! OK! Here
    comes the next big game plan!! Enjoy the big finish! ... ... ...!! Right after
    [He runs through a door.] 
    Ta-da! (music note)
    Wa-la! (music note)
    Oh-ya! It's time to play the game of Password! Let me explain the rules: 
    To open the shutter, you need to input Password. You can only try twice!
    Na,ha, ha! I've heard that mothers are puzzled by baby's teething fever. Do
    your best! Don't waste time. 
    [If you input the wrong password, he says...]
    So here you are... Couldn't figure out Password? I envy you guys! No attention
    span! Brainless! Life must be so easy! 
    [If you input the right password, "Password", however, the door opens.]
    Shoot, did they realize? Only a little more to set everything up... Let it be!
    [Zed runs off again. You may as well follow him! An FMV starts. We see Zed run
    out to the platform, the heroes following him. He turns to face them.] 
    You! This is quite the challenge! This is my day to shine! To walk all over me
    is not acceptable! And for that crime, I sentence you to death!! Alhazad has
    given me a reborn, immortal body! Feel my power!! Here I come! 
    [Zed begins to transform. However, a portal opens way beneath them. A large
    tremor interrupts them; Zed stops.]
    Wait a moment... What's this feeling... Like the world is creaking?!
    The generator is working?! I neglected to check that point. Arrgh! This place
    is dangerous... I'm doing the best I can! Who is responsible for this!?
    I am.
    [Zeikfried appears beside Zed.]
    Sir Zeikfried!?
    Gate generator is on full-drive. Because these clowns wasted time on you, we
    were able to finish the energy build-up. We just have to enter the coordinates.
    Sir?! If you do this... What will happen to the reactor? 
    When the system disintegrates, a quasi-blackhole will be created...
    What?! How?! 
    Humans are weak... But if you test them, they can gather unexpected power.
    Like when they destroyed our Mother... That's why we should settle this now,
    once and for all... The blackhole is our failsafe... There are no more tricks
    they can play. Death surely awaits... 
    What in the world are you talking about?! In your selfish wish to gain power,
    you sacrificed your own master! That's all there is to it!!
    All that's important now is, no matter what happens from this point, only
    demons will be left to enjoy this world. All the Land and Sky of Filgaia will
    be under my control!! 
    [Zeikfried engages you in battle.]
    Here, until the face of the earth opens up and swallows you... Come play with
    the evil spear Glumzamber! 
    [You land the finishing blow.]
    Hmm... not bad... Humans... And the power of the Guardians... 
    [The battle ends.]
    I didn't plan to have to retreat here... I couldn't have imagined such a fate.
    To have fulfilled my desire... I shouldn't have overlooked... ...the life
    power of Filgaia... Right here, this is your end! 
    [Zeikfried looks up.]
    I don't know what you expect to do. You're trapped...
    The blackhole will swallow everything... Everything! Even demons are not safe
    from its hunger. But, our live won't end here... We are the supreme rulers of
    this world! We would not let such a thing happen!! Zed, you fool! Set the
    direction of the forward gate! We'll make our escape! Set it to wherever there
    are no humans. It doesn't matter where! Ha, hahaha!! So what do you think!
    Where will we end up?! It's wherever that clown chooses!! 
    Don't be so insensitive, sir... You obviously don't think much of my life. But
    you sure as hell value your own! ...I have no choice... Damn you! I hate
    having to be a subordinate!! [pause] ...fine, if I must.
    Already on it!
    [Hanpan goes to intercept Zed by distracting him and jumping on his face. Rudy
    runs forward and knocks Zeikfried off the ledge. However, Zeikfried shoots a
    cable at the boy, and it locks firmly around Rudy's left wrist.]
    [Poor Rudy is holding onto a piece of metal railing and struggling to support
    Zeikfried's weight.]
    HA! Trying to dispel me to darkness will get you nowhere! You shouldn't cling
    to your hopes... They are absurd. Hope only leads to despair... 
    [Rudy is still struggling.] 
    What's wrong? Heh, no way out of this... No way to escape... Ready to join me?
    ...Brother... ...Berserk told me... You are just like us... Tell me I'm wrong?!
    Do you really think your existence is by accident?! 
    [Rudy has a sudden flashback to the events at Surf Village at the beginning of
    the game.]
    I know... the power is revealing... Yours is the power of destruction...
    ...but, even with your ARM power, it's impossible to thwart my plan. Now your
    fate is mine. There's no escaping death! Even though the forward gate wasn't
    set, the generator won't be stopped... It's about to reach critical mass. Your
    time is up... Prepare to DIE! My careless friend, our fate is upon us. What do
    you say?! 
    [Rudy wordlessly puts his ARM to his wrist and blows it apart. Zeikfried flies
    into the black hole.]
    Rudy?!?! What in the world?! 
    [Cecilia and Jack immediately run to the boy.]
    You sacrificed your arm?! WHY?! I...I can't take anymore of this... That was
    not necessary!! 
    Rudy?! Rudy?!?! Why... Why do this? Why hurt yourself?! 
    [The black hole begins to swell and grow in size.]
    The generator is acting very unstable; there's no way to stop it. I can't do
    anything from this terminal...
    Sir Zeikfried... even if you had become the master... Would you have enjoyed
    it? If there was no one left to rule over, even if you were the master, who
    would care? 
    [We see Cecilia hugging Rudy tenderly.]
    My poor friend! I want to help him, but... My power alone is not enough...
    Please help! Father, Mother... Teardrop... Grant me your power! 
    [Hanpan hops over to Jack. The Teardrop begins to glow in Cecilia's hands; poor
    Zed is standing dejectedly over next to the console with no hope of surviving.
    Everything is swallowed by the black hole; the heroes are sucked into the void.
    The screen turns white. I believe Cecilia's thoughts are next...]
    We must go back to Filgaia...
    Lead us...
    [The three of them appear back in the chapel in the town of Adlehyde. Cecilia
    sits up.]
    Huh?! Back at the castle...temple? We started here...
    [Cecilia turns immediately and looks at the boy that has practically fainted
    not far away from her. Jack immediately runs to his side.]
    [Jack puts an arm beneath Rudy to support him. Cecilia runs over, kneels, and
    puts her hands over her mouth.]
    Princess, help Rudy!! Magic... a berry... Do something!
    What...the...what happened?? Rudy's arm... No, his whole body is... Why is it
    like this... 
    Oh... [closes eyes] ... ... ... [opens them] ... ... ...No. This can't be...
    Through all our travels... How can this be? Rudy... it's like... Rudy has
    a...demon's body... I...I...
    [angrily] Princess! 
    [Jack calms down. He looks Cecilia in the eyes.] 
    He is my friend. He put himself in harm's way and ruined his body... All to
    protect others. ... ... ...
    [Jack pauses; he is still holding the boy.]
    Princess... If he's your friend too... Please don't say that... Rudy's
    shaking... Look at him. He got hurt protecting us. It's our turn to protect
    him... His own body held this secret. He didn't know... He's as scared by this
    as we are... Imagine, fighting to protect the world, only to find out you're
    just like the enemy. How cruel... Why must he be singled out as an outsider
    to Filgaia? 
    Even if the whole world denies you, I will stand beside you, Rudy. I won't
    leave you... I swore it in my heart at Mt. Zenom. I will stand by you...
    Hey! From here we can call Dr. Emma! I'm on my way!!
    [Hanpan hops off of Jack's shoulder and runs out to find Emma.]
    The secret of Rudy's body... I hope that old man is alive, the one he was
    traveling with. ...I wanna help him! Why am I always helpless when I am needed
    [The screen darkens. We have a cutscene with Zeikfried. We see the Glumzamber
    zoom out of the void and land in the ground; Zeikfried himself lands in the
    Who are you...dark voice? Summoning us somewhere... calling me...and the evil
    [He stands and looks about.]
    What kind of joke is this?! This is Photosphere...the throne of Mother... What
    is going on? The abhorrent of Mother's arms is a netherworld for us? That
    reckless generator and raging dimension wave...and, us in the middle of it
    all... Well, looks like we're okay. At least we didn't die between dimensions.
    The breakdown was severe...not able to fight these conditions... Although, we
    didn't stop!!! We were selected to control this planet!! We were led to the
    future which we control. 
    [Zeikfried takes his Glumzamber from the ground.]
    Were led...? Hum, I heard between the dimensions...the voice that called me...
    the voice that led me here... I was led, by someone, to Mother's throne. It
    can't be true... I'm sure it was destroyed... My scheme was perfect. It was
    devoured from the world!
    [We see a very suspicious jelly blob collecting on the ground.]
    Revived!! Mother!!! 
    [The ooze really seems to like him, if you get my meaning.]
    You gonna eat me!? Mother!!? I won't let you! I won't be eaten! Instead, I will
    eat you up! 
    ...what ... ...scared... ... ...Zeik... ...come ... ...my... ...
    [The screen fades to black. Later, we find our heroes in Emma's basement. Jack,
    Cecilia, and Emma are looking down at Rudy, who is pulled up in a chair with a
    blanket spread over him.]
    I wasn't sure the tranquilizer would work. We're lucky... 
    Emma, you're a scientist... 
    Before you ask... I don't think there's anything I can do... I am truly
    sorry... I wish I could help.
    No! Then what about Rudy?!
    We all have the same skeletal, muscle, and nervous systems... But there is one
    fundamental difference, which is, thousands and thousands of tiny machines...
    It is as if...as if he... ...has the same body system as a demon.
    That's a lie!
    [We see Jane at the top of the stairs. Emma still has her back turned.]
    Scientists explore the truth. We have no time for lying. What I just said is
    true. [turns] We have to face the truth. Lying to ourselves will not save
    [Magdalen and Bartholomew also enter.]
    Now let me continue. And, please, listen carefully... Rudy's body structure is
    similar to the demons'. Similar, but not the same. Rudy must have been created
    using technology that is now lost. This is clear from the way he can maneuver
    and control the ARM. It is beyond a human's capacity. I believe he is a product
    of the war 1,000 years ago... A human cyborg.
    So what you are saying is... Rudy is not a demon!!
    Wonderful! He is truly one of our own: a child of Filgaia. 
    If he is a cyborg, then let us seek out his maker and ask for help.
    Of course!! Let's find his maker!
    [Magdalen bows, as if in agreement. Bartholomew seems to be pondering this
    But... If Rudy was created 1,000 years ago...
    Wait! I know of a possibility! There's an Elw who's the creator of an ancient
    Jack and Cecilia:
    Mariel from the Garden! 
    Emma: As long as there's a chance to help Rudy, we have to do all that we can.
    Let's not give up just yet!
    Our job now is to take Rudy to Mariel.
    Mariel the Elw will certainly help us. 
    [to Bartholomew] Captain, please prepare your ship. We are relying on the
    Sweet Candy. 
    You can count on me!
    [Bartholomew did a mini victory pose and ran off. Jane raises her hand.]
    What can we do?
    Do you believe that Rudy will be cured?
    [Jane pauses for a minute. Then, confidently, she answers, lowering her
    Of course!!* 
    Then let us plan for after Rudy's been cured. Could you lend me a hand?
    What are we doing?
    I think we should get Rudy a gift for after he's cured. I'll take you to the
    secret base. Feel free to bring your butler.
    [Emma walks up the stairs and leaves, followed by Jane and Magdalen. Cecilia
    approaches the sleeping Rudy.]
    Don't worry, Rudy. You're going to be just fine... We're all here for you. And
    we're going to do everything we can to make you better... So please... Hang in
    [Jane is still there; Cecilia turns.]
    There is more to this than simple fate or destiny. Otherwise, I would not be
    so determined. This kind of determination... It means seeing a sliver of hope
    and giving it all you've got. ... ... ... I only get this determined about
    someone I really care for. And I will not quit for anything. No one can make
    me quit, and that includes you.
    ... ... ... I am not quitting either. We have to stick together. 
    All right. But if something happens to Rudy, you will not be 'all right'. 
    [Jane leaves. We see Hanpan, his ears lowered, with his paws against his
    ...Oh oh... I smell trouble...
    I'm afraid Rudy's real suffering won't start until after he's cured...
    Don't talk nonsense. We have to take Rudy to Mariel.
    [Cecilia nods. Let's head for Mariel's place, the Secret Garden.]
    Part XVI. -The Elw Dimension-
    [We arrive at the Secret Garden and speak with Mariel. A scene starts; we see
    Rudy lying in the bed.]
    Oh, no! What happened? Why? Poor Rudy... His arm...
    We didn't mean to scare you... Let us explain to you what's going on...
    Oh, no! The sedative is wearing off...
    I understand. ...I see it now...
    Mariel's herb must be working. Rudy already seems to be in less pain.
    ... ... ... ... ... With this herb, you can take away the pain. It also
    cauterized the wound...because it is Living Metal.
    Living Metal... How do you know about that? 
    [Mariel walks over to her shelf and picks up the shard. She turns around to
    This is also a Living Metal... My brother's sword... ... ... ... One of the
    mistakes which the Elw and humans made 1,000 years ago was to create Living
    Metal. It is the essence of life in the shape of a demon. It is capable of
    closing up a small wound just as any human body would do. However... I am
    afraid there is not much we can do about Rudy's left arm or the sword... Not
    anymore... We have neither skills nor the technology to create Living Metal
    in this day and age. In this day and age... Wait... What if we could travel
    back in time 1,000 years?
    Travel back to that time? Is that possible? 
    Why don't you come with me to the 'Holy Wood Mound'. In that place we may be
    able to travel back in time 1,000 years. 
    [You enter the Holy Wood Mound.]
    Our passage to the Filgaia of 1000 years ago is at the back of the forest.
    Let's hurry! 
    [You step up onto the platform in the back of the forest.]
    It's been 1000 years since this was used? 
    ...1000 years ago... ...the Elw left Filgaia because it was ruined in the war
    against evil. ...Green trees, and blue water... For we who live in harmony with
    nature the world had become a harsh place. There was nowhere left for the
    Elw... ...anywhere in Filgaia... So the Elw left and created a second homeland
    on the floating island which drifts in space. That world is the Elw Dimension.
    [Mariel pauses and turns away from them.]
    The Elw Dimension is the world, which Filgaia used to be 1000 years ago...
    In the Elw Dimension, there must be a technology to heal Rudy's arm. 
    So let's go! Rudy doesn't have much time here! Mariel! Please take us to the
    Elw Dimension now!! 
    [Mariel nods simply and retrieves the shard of the Guardian Blade from her
    This relic opens the passage that connects Filgaia and the Elw Dimension. To
    begin we must tell the relic that the user is an Elw... Using the life of an
    Elw... ...Brother Vassim... Please lend me the power... 
    [Mariel twists the Guardian Blade shard in her hands. Cecilia looks startled.]
    Mariel!? ...You, your hand!! 
    Elw exist through bonding. By our bond with time, we are allowed to live
    eternally; by our bond with the world, we hear nature's voice. And, to preserve
    these bonds, we're not afraid of giving up everything... Rudy protected me in
    this forest... So, I also want to preserve that bond...
    [Mariel drops to her knees. Cecilia kneels next to her to see if she's okay.
    There's a tremor.]
    What's going on?!
    I don't know! Trust Mariel...
    [They are teleported. When they open their eyes, they are in a similar-looking
    ... ... ... Is this the Elw Dimension?
    The air is so different... The wind feels much cooler...
    [Jack looks at the boy in his arms.]
    We're here, Rudy, in the Elw Dimension... Just a little now...
    Mariel is also weakening considerably... We must find a place to treat them
    somewhere, and soon...
    [You leave the mound. Upon approaching the entrance, you are stopped by two men
    with furry ears.]
    This cannot be... Who could possibly activate the...
    We are here to ask for your help! 
    We, the Elw, do not wish to have contact with humans. Leave our premises
    We have an injured man here. And only you can heal him! And... We have an Elw
    who requires your attention, too! 
    Her?! She is the sister of the traitor... There is no reason for us to help
    her... Take her back to your decaying world! 
    [The man with the squinty eyes holds out his arm.]
    Wait... If we let them go, people will know about the mound. ... ... ... Let's
    take them back to the village. We will ask Fulcani for guidance. 
    [Later, in a hut in Tarjon Village, we see Rudy taking up one of the beds and
    Mariel the one beside him. An old Elw is standing above Rudy.]
    Please, help Rudy! I am begging you!
    So will you help us?! 
    Please follow me, travelers from the decaying world.
    [The two follow Fulcani to his Hut.]
    So, you wish to use the power of the Elw to heal that boy's left arm, is that
    Rudy is a member of our team. We are fighting together to save Filgaia. 
    So you are to fight off the demons who are again invading our world? ... ...
    ... How can you trust that boy when you are aware that he is not fully human?
    Can you accept him, even if he is more closely related to demons than humans? 
    [Jack hits the table with his right hand.]
    Why do you think we came all this way?! Of course we trust and believe in him!
    And the people of Filgaia feel the same way we do. They are waiting for his
    Rudy is the hope that the world needs right now! He's saved the lives of many
    people, myself included. 
    [Fulcani turns on his heels and takes a few steps away.]
    ... ... ... During the Great War, the Elw and humans created eight giants...
    You mean the Golems... They possess a devastating power... 
    However, a Golem is only as good or evil as the one who controls it. This led
    us to search for ways to create a Golem with heart and conscience without
    knowing the consequences. We began...the 'Holmcross Project'. The 'Project'
    started with an analysis of a demon we captured. This would help us create a
    cyborg utilizing Living Metal. The idea was to mimic a human's inner structure
    so that the cyborg becomes capable of adapting to various situations. The
    Artificial Intelligence would be complete only if the cyborg could both make
    its own judgments and had the capacity to reason. 'Holmcross' was to be a
    perfect weapon. It would be fully adaptable to ARM, which was designed to be
    compatible with demons. ... ... ... However, to the dismay of its creators, the
    'Holmcross' turned out to be a malicious killing machine. 
    [The camera pans over Rudy, who is sleeping soundly.]
    ... ... ... We were baffled by the result of our efforts. Perhaps using a body
    derived from demons triggered a demon-like desire to destroy. We destroyed the
    'Holmcross' at once and its prototype was sealed in a chamber deep beneath the
    But Rudy isn't a killing machine! He has a bigger heart than anyone I know!! 
    [Fulcani turns slowly to them, still stroking his beard.]
    Are you telling me that Rudy feels human emotions? That is impossible... 
    Old Man Zepet must have taught him! He was the one with whom Rudy used to
    travel, before we met him. The old man's compassion must have transformed him
    from a cyborg weapon into a lifeform with a kind heart.
    ... ... ... No matter how much the 'Holmcross' has changed, we cannot be of
    any help to you... The technique of coaxing life from metal has long been gone
    for over 1,000 years. 
    [Hanpan, Jack, and Cecilia gasp in horror.]
    Are you telling me... Rudy...
    There is nothing we can do for him...
    [They all turn to see Mariel leaning against the door frame.]
    ...The Guardian Blade...
    Mariel! You should be resting!! 
    [Mariel slowly makes her way up to the table, seeming weak and wounded still.]
    ... ... ... The Guardian Blade is derived from Living Metal. I think my brother
    Vassim can help. 
    Do not speak of the Guardian Blade!! 
    I clearly remember when it vanished 1000 years ago! The Guardian Blade ravaged
    through Filgaia with its uncontrollable and devastating force! 
    [Mariel bows her head sadly.]
    There is a massive crack in the dune at Rosetta which disrupted the world. It
    is evidence of the destruction caused; a weapon, inadequately forged by my
    ... ... ... Mariel stayed in Filgaia to make up for what her brother had done.
    She was determined to stay in the dune until the day when the flowers returned
    to the land and flourished. I cannot afford to make another mistake... If we
    wish to revive the world... 
    We must take action now before it is too late! Running away from past mistakes
    will accomplish nothing but the imminent demise of the world! ... ... ... I...
    I... I cannot afford to lose Rudy. He's the one who gave me the strength to
    carry on during tough times. Please...
    ... ... ... Vassim is living alone in the west, out past the Forest Prison.
    ... ... ... 
    [Jack and Cecilia nod. Mariel looks to Cecilia.]
    May I... May I come along? I must teach him not to give up, just as you have
    taught me. 
    [Jack is the first to start leaving. Mariel follows him slowly, as does
    You have to understand, the Guardian Blade may again ravage the world, even
    in the hands of a skilled blacksmith like Vassim... It could happen. Are you
    willing to take that risk? Know that it will take a miracle to complete the
    Guardian Blade.
    [Cecilia turns to him before she exits.]
    ... ... ... A miracle means so much more if you can make it happen yourself.
    And I am sure to make it happen. 
    Impossible... A miracle does not happen so easily unless you are... ... ...
    ... (Humans...the Guardians of Filgaia are humans...)
    [We switch back to our friends standing over Rudy's bed.]
    We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, though I was pretty
    skeptical at first. I'm afraid we cannot do this alone. We need you to help us.
    Come on, Rudy... 
    [Let's act like tourists and talk to everyone in Tarjon Village.]
    Dektus (Jack):
    Do you have any Gimel Coins? They are the Elw's currency. If you do, you're my
    best customer. [You choose to speak with him.] Welcome to Tarjon Village. I
    have not seen any customers since the sages from the woods came. 
    Dektus (Cecilia):
    Do you have any Gimel Coins? They are the Elw's currency. If you do, you're my
    best customer. [You choose to speak with him.] This is an Elw colony called
    Tarjon Village. ...I see... So this is what humans look like. ... ... ... Oh,
    excuse me. It's been a while since I've seen a human. I couldn't help but stare
    at your funny-looking ears. 
    Kenneth (Jack):
    Vassim is not wanted here. He was sent somewhere past the Forest Prison where
    no one would have to see him. 
    Kenneth (Cecilia):
    If you wish to see Vassim, you will have to pass through the Forest Prison.
    But, I don't believe any human could pass through its foggy maze. 
    Ravinia (Jack):
    I never imagined that the humans would step into the Elw's village... Is this
    a sign of change in the world, or is this a warning sign of imminent danger? 
    Ravinia (Cecilia):
    The Elw Dimension has not changed for the past 1,000 years. Same air, same
    water, and same residents. I'm starting to wonder if it is OK to live this way.
    Brabacchi (Jack):
    The overconfidence of her brother, Vassim, ended up jeopardizing the very
    future of Filgaia. Vassim now lives as an exiled man... I personally think
    the punishment does not fit the crime...
    Brabacchi (Cecilia):
    'Guardian Blade' was forged by Vassim. I hear some humans are seeking to
    recover it without knowing its deadly nature... Human stupidity has not
    Nice Mage (Cecilia):
    You see, there are lots of monsters in the woods, including an ape-man named
    "Vargon". I am hiding in the village to protect myself. 
    Chitwood (Jack):
    For the past 1,000 years, we ignored and refused to face our problems. I don't
    believe we have been taking the right path...
    Chitwood (Cecilia):
    The Guardian of Life has been trapped in the Forest Prison for a long time...
    We just had no way of rescuing the Guardian because the prison is securely
    Darres (Jack):
    The Forest Prison is said to confine numerous monsters of different kinds of
    monsters from Filgaia. The monsters roam around the maze-like prison aimlessly,
    ready to attack anything in their way. I advise you to be well prepared.
    Darres (Cecilia): 
    The Guardian of Life, Odoryuk, is also confined in the Forest Prison. We
    sincerely wish to rescue our Guardian from the prison... But, it is securely
    sealed with a spell, and there is no way for us to enter. 
    Flamel (Jack):
    There was a bond between us and the Evil Guardian, and we both shared a vast
    ancient knowledge... However, the Evil Guardian rejected our suggestion to
    transfer to the Elw Dimension once the Great War ended. He chose a life with
    humans in a decaying world. 
    Flamel (Cecilia):
    The human mage is depicted in the book 'De La Metalica'. The literature
    illustrates a Living Metal, the resulting product of alchemy. It was read by
    the Evil Guardian. This Guardian is said to live in secrecy, in search of the
    right human who could serve as his apprentice...
    Lafleur (Jack):
    The Holmcross was created to defend during the Great War 1,000 years ago, yet
    almost divided us... How can you trust the Holmcross boy to be a part of your
    Lafleur (Cecilia):
    We cannot trust the Holmcross... We know how vicious it can be... Perhaps your
    lack of such a memory allows you to welcome him as a member of your team. That
    is an advantage humans possess...the ability to forget their memories. 
    Calm Mage (Cecilia):
    The Forest Prison is a maze-like woods which the Elw created to confine
    monsters. We, the mages of the woods, know the way to not get lost in the
    maze. It is quite simple. Just follow the directions of the orange colored
    fragments of life force. 
    Fulcani (Jack):
    The Forest Prison confines the monsters which crept into the Elw's Dimension.
    The prison is protected by a maze spell which keeps any monsters from escaping. 
    Fulcani (Cecilia):
    Only monsters from the Elw Dimension are in the Forest Prison. As a result,
    you can say the Elws have an untroubled daily life. 
    [You travel through the Forest Prison. When you get to the Sinner's Studio,
    you see a man standing outside his door.]
    Brother Vassim! 
    Mariel?! It's you! What are you doing here? 
    [Mariel runs up and throws her arms around him.]
    Please, Vassim! I need you to help Rudy! He is one of my dearest friends! 
    Calm down, Mariel. Now, tell me what's going on...
    [Inside, they gather around Rudy, who has been tucked into bed.]
    The taboo one... the Holmcross... After all these years... He's right here in
    front of me... 
    We need Living Metal to heal Rudy's left arm. I bed of you, brother... Will
    you please create the Guardian Blade once more? 
    [Vassim turns and walks off, a little angry.]
    Forget it, Mariel! You want me to deliberately endanger the world for a
    second time? I will not recreate the Guardian Blade... The weapon would
    destroy our world. It is completely out of the question... 
    It is more than a weapon! It is life I ask you to bring back. A living thing,
    neither good nor evil! Brother Vassim, you are the only one who is capable of
    breathing life into the cold metal. 
    [looks to Mariel] ... ... ... Mariel... My dear Mariel... How you have
    changed... Your spirit is much stronger than before...
    Rudy taught me to never give up. I believe Rudy can change the future, maybe
    even the minds of the Elw... So please, recreate the Guardian Blade. We are
    running out of time. We need your help to save Rudy... 
    [Mariel draws the Guardian Blade shard from her bag and holds it out to
    Is this what I think it is?! 
    Yes, a fragment of the Guardian Blade... ... ... ... Use it to recreate the
    Guardian Blade! Let it shine with our hope! 
    Using this fragment, it shouldn't take very long...
    So you'll do it?! 
    I will make the Guardian Blade to heal his left arm. To do that, I will need
    the Guardian of 'Life' to revive the metal and the Guardian of 'Evil' to
    control it. Looks like I have to ask you to gather up the powers of both
    'Life' and 'Evil'.
    You can count on us. We will get them in no time! 
    [Vassim nods and holds out his hand.]
    What's that? 
    This is the key you will need to release the Guardians of 'Life' and 'Evil'.
    It's the least I could do for those who have helped my sister. 
    [You obtain the Freedom Key and several other items.]
    There is a secret fountain hidden in the Forest Prison. They key that opens up
    the path is the 'Freedom Key'. To hear the Guardian's voice, you will... 
    I know... That's my job... I'm a Shrine Maiden of the Guardian. 
    Let's get started then. Mariel, I'll need you to help me. OK? 
    [You regain free control and speak with them again.]
    Vassim (Jack):
    To revive Rudy's left arm, I need the Guardian of 'Life'. I'll also need the
    Guardian of 'Evil' to control the power of the blade. Only then will I be able
    to transplant the Guardian Blade onto his left arm. 
    Vassim (Cecilia): 
    Mariel and I will be preparing for the transplant surgery. I trust you to
    handle getting the powers we need from the Guardians of Life and Evil. I'm
    counting on you... The whole world is counting on you! 
    Mariel (Jack):
    Please tell me if you are in any pain... Perhaps I can help... [You choose to
    speak with her.] I wonder if my herbal medicine is working on him... It is
    difficult for me to see him suffering. I wish I could help...
    Mariel (Cecilia):
    Please tell me if you are in any pain... Perhaps I can help... [You choose to
    speak with her.] Please... Will you two find the Guardians of 'Life' and 'Evil'
    for Rudy? In the meantime, my brother and I will be preparing for the surgery. 
    Aloof Mage (Cecilia):
    Vassim lived here alone for a long time. I was the only one whom Vassim could
    talk to in those days. 
    Part XVIb. -Forest Prison (again) and De La Metalica-
    [You examine the white light in the Forest Prison---the one trapped within the
    scary-looking rock.]
    *The rock is shaped like a demon's face. Floating within it is a white
    gem-like light. The dancing light seems like it's trapped, waiting for release.
    [You use the Freedom key.]
    *When you lift the key, the shackles grasping white light disappeared in the
    [The white light floats out of the rock and down several paths; you follow it
    and enter out into an area with a pond---one not clouded by fog. The light is
    waiting above Jack and Cecilia; Cecilia's Teardrop responds to it.]
    ...We exist to protect life... And, LIFE is the source of possibilities.
    Whoever has life should cherish the possibilities to achieve. That's why life
    is shining. At the end of the shining life, if you wish to build the future,
    wield my power... Under the name of Odoryuk, your life will lead to the
    [You obtain the Medium 'Life Flame'. You can talk to the ape at the end of the
    Forest Prison. 
    Brothers and sisters. If you want to go towards Tarjon village, I can help take
    you there.
    All right. Close your eyes and hold on tight.
    [Immediately you head off to the Curan Abbey. You speak with the girls around
    the place.]
    Brea (Jack):
    ...It's against my nature, but... I have to accept you since you are Cecilia's
    companions, and she obviously trusts you. But I feel uncomfortable around men
    like you. I know I'll feel better when you finally continue on your way.
    Brea (Cecilia):
    Peleira was saying that she has something she would really like to tell you.
    ...Though I'm not sure if it's worth believing... If you have time, it might
    be a good idea to listen to what she has to say. 
    Holly (Jack):
    Cecilia's bad habit is her stubborn, headstrong ways. And for a princess,
    she daydreams too much... She might not fit in with the royal family.
    Holly (Cecilia):
    Cecilia, are you handling your Crest Graphs all right? They may be difficult
    to manage, so you should be careful about giving them strange names. 
    Sister Mary (Jack):
    When you need any help, please visit this Abbey. This is a place where
    knowledge gathers. We will help you however we can. 
    Sister Mary (Cecilia):
    I'm very proud of you. You care not only for yourself but also for Filgaia.
    You can use the Teardrop and the Guardians' power to help our world.  
    Lana (Jack):
    I was told by Master Anje that the world can't be saved unless people keep
    their hope and spirit of self-control. That's not really for me though... But
    if I say that I will be scolded again, so I guess I'll fake it, at least for a
    Lana (Cecilia):
    How are things going? Are you collecting Crest Graphs OK? When the magic you
    can use increases you need to be careful not to give strange names to your
    Master Anje (Jack):
    Because of you, my study has made rapid progress. I really appreciate your
    work. But I still cannot allow you to enter Curan Abbey. Parents leave us
    their daughters because they trust we will raise them in a very principled
    environment. As a teacher of this Abbey, I cannot betray their trust.
    Master Anje (Cecilia):
    All creatures of Filgaia possess a life force. The Teardrop is life force,
    gathered and concentrated into stone. Although I do not understand how demons,
    with metal bodies and mercury blood, could draw energy from it... It seems
    there are still many points that we need to focus on in the study of Guardians
    and their energy. 
    Suzanne (Jack):
    I'm not that good at magic, but I am the most talented musician in this abbey!
    What kind of music should I play today? [You choose to speak with her.]
    My musical instruments were taken away. I can't restrain my feeling, my
    love for music. I feel like I understand wanderers who can't help their
    Suzanne (Cecilia): 
    I'm not that good at magic, but I am the most talented musician in this abbey!
    What kind of music should I play today? [You choose to speak with her.] I was
    scolded again because I was writing a new song during class... At this rate,
    I will be known as the girl in this Abbey who always gets scolded...
    Sad, isn't it?
    Peleira (Jack): I've got a scoop!! East of Adlehyde is a monster that's
    secreting a poison gas. That gas is contaminating the world!! Moreover, the
    monster's nest is surrounded by sea and mountains, and there is no way to
    approach it! Sounds like a job for a sorceress, right? We should fly over
    and attack the menacing stone cave!! 
    Peleira (Cecilia): 
    I've got a scoop!! North of Curan Abbey is a terrifying thousand year old
    monster with nine tails!! It's trying to contaminate the lands of Filgaia with
    the poison it spreads!! Mmmmm, this story is hot, even for one of my gossipy
    Irena (Jack):
    Hey, you know what's weird? How humans need to sleep, while monsters are OK
    with none! But I think dreaming is fun, so I feel sorry for monsters who don't
    get to sleep! 
    Irena (Cecilia):
    Hey, you know what I just found out? A while back this school was coed!
    I wonder why Curan Abbey became girls-only? Sigh... I long for hot sorcerers.
    Logan (Jack):
    Purchasing ingredients is getting more difficult day after day... Now my
    mission is to continue to serve good meals in spite of this.
    Logan (Cecilia):
    I believe that a delicious meal has the power to ease sorrow and comfort the
    soul. Because of it, Cecilia, you should eat when you feel sad. Even if you
    don't feel like eating, you should eat my cooking. 
    Trish (Jack):
    Supposedly the founders of Curan Abbey decided to hide the most powerful magic
    books from normal people's eyes. No one's ever confirmed the existence of the
    Sealed Library. Although most of the magic books in this library are
    Trish (Cecilia):
    According to the library committee, the library is protected by Duras Drum,
    the Dark Guardian. The rumor is if you take a book from the library, without
    following the proper procedure, Duras Drum will haunt you. How can people say
    that? It sounds a bit foolish to me.
    [You examine the book 'De La Metalica' on the bookshelf.]
    This records how alchemy was practiced during the period of the Great War.
    Many ancient techniques are considered forbidden territory in today's world.
    For example, planting life into metal. If an unskilled sorcerer gained this
    book, the world's natural order could be overturned. For that reason, I sealed
    this book. If you would like to release the seal, obtain the key of knowledge.
    Then the essence of this magic book will be revealed... Stuck in the pages of
    the table of contents, there is a note. 'Original is missing...research
    required'. Judging by the handwriting, it seems Trish, the librarian, put it
    [You speak with Trish.]
    Where is "De La Metalica"? What a coincidence! I was just looking into that.
    If you need to find the book now, I can tell you who borrowed it. It would be
    great if I could get the book back. It's long overdue. ... ... ... ... ...
    ... Yes, this is the person's ID card. It was only supposed to be checked out
    for only one month... Here's his card. Please remind him to return it. 
    [You obtained the ID Card. When you examine it, the name on it reads
    'Z. Roughnight'. Let us go to the Forgotten House, shall we? You make your
    way down to the basement and examine 'De La Metalica'.]
    Despite being full of unknown and meaningless words, one can assume this text
    is about metals. Nonetheless, the demon literature is certainly not easy to
    decipher. If one wishes to comprehend the text and discover the power of
    demons, one would require some kind of a key.
    [Luckily we've got the Freedom Key, then. Jack and Cecilia stand in wonder as
    they see the book rise above them, its pages turning automatically.]
    *The page turns as if it is alive. Instead of words, it displays a forbidden
    power. Consciousness slowly fades away, as some strange force opens the way
    into the unknown...
    [Cecilia and Jack disappear. We see the book on the ground, and it slowly
    closes itself. The two wanderers appear within the book. The first plaque
    you come across reads...]
    Without being frightened, without being influenced, without fear the abyss,
    just go forward. 
    [The second plaque reads...]
    Brave humans. What are you looking for? The right corridor leads to knowledge.
    The left corridor leads to power. Choose the way you seek... 
    [The plaque in the east room reads...]
    This knowledge is the treasure. When two become one, knowledge will appear as
    [You can examine the books here.]
    "The Bell that Tolls at the End"
    The future opened by death. However, because of conflict, the world began
    falling into darkness. Injured, the world was close to death... Did the bell
    ring to toll the end? None yet have heard the knell. If so, in the world's
    future, there must be some light. If future was closed by life, the key to
    open it must also be life. As long as life exists, the future will. Life is
    the future and a treasure... If you are the right person, I will honor you
    with the magic key.
    "Four Great Guardians"
    The Guardians support the powerless world... With the power they have left,
    they tried to do their duty. The Guardians are the essence of creation,
    sacrificing themselves to gather power, and using their body to save the
    world. Our world is the result of sacrifices. The people lost in battle, did
    they become a thread of hope for the future? 
    "Two Worlds, Conflicted Lives"
    The world is not alone. There is another world, foreign from ours. One we do
    not know... Encounter alien life created friction, and led to the water to end
    the future. And it was the violent, sad conflict of lives. 
    "Future of the Three"
    The future will be opened by life... But, the war that foreign lives caused,
    left a serious scar for the future. The Guardians and the planet weakened.
    The Elw couldn't stand the changes, and moved to a hidden village. Only the
    humans remain. However, humans closed their minds, and the future was no longer
    "Song of the Beginning" 
    Future of the world... Song of the beginning, song of life. Life is the future.
    Life is a great treasure. The future of the world, formed by many lives,
    seemed never-ending and nobody doubted it. Until 1000 years ago... 
    [After obtaining the Saavy Key, you head through the west door. The plaque
    inside reads...]
    For those resisting time, and those ascending, the road will open. Start at
    12 o'clock, keep skipping 3's, and toll 12 o'clock again. 
    [The plaque in the upcoming puzzle room reads...]
    The room forgotten by time. Nothing changes here. This is the destiny of the
    [The door puzzle room! Yay! Plaque no. 1 reads...]
    If you seek the Evil Guardian's power, go through the correct five gates,
    beginning with the red gate. In the center of the magic camp, when the Shaman
    raises the proper tribute, the Evil Guardian will appear... 
    [Plaque no. 2 reads...]
    After gaining the Skill of Evil...you will have the power of Demons. Which way
    will you humans proceed? The red gate, is the way of demons. The blue gate,
    is the way of humans. Choose the way you believe in...
    [Plaque no. 3 reads...]
    Humans who visit the evil book 'De La Metalica'. What do you seek in this
    world? The red gate grants the power of Evil. The blue gate grants the magical
    power of life... 
    [Plaque no. 4 reads...]
    Guardian Blade... Gaining unworthy power... What are you going to achieve? To
    open the future, take the red gate. To take away the future take the blue
    [Plaque no. 5 reads...]
    When people wield power they often speak of justice... But, what is justice?
    If justice brings power, take the red gate. If power is justice, take the
    blue gate. 
    [You walk out into the circle in the next room and use the Teardrop. A sphere
    of light appears far above the two.]
    Enter the world of De La Metalica. I am the Guardian of Evil, I am Duras
    Drum... My trial is to test your knowledge. You have passed the trials that
    brought you this far. My secret evil ceremony, is now given to you. However,
    do not forget... Knowledge is power, not good or evil save for how your spirit
    guides it... With this ceremony... The care with when and how to use it is the
    real knowledge. 
    [Cecilia obtains the 'Hell Scream' Medium. You appear back in Zepet
    Roughnight's basement in the Forgotten House. Now it is time to return to the
    Sinner's Studio...]
    Part XVIc. -The Surgery and the Dream-Demon-
    [We speak with Rodriguez the "Mage" at the entrance of Forest Prison.]
    Brothers and sisters! If you want to go to the Sinner's Studio, I can help take
    you there. 
    OK! Close your eyes and hold on tight. 
    [At once you hurry to Vassim. When you arrive there, a scene starts. Cecilia,
    Jack, Hanpan, Mariel, and Vassim are gathered around the table.]
    We now have the powers of the Guardian of 'Life' and the Guardian of 'Evil'.
    ... ... ... I pray that this time the sword I create will not be one of
    destruction, but rather one to protect the world. 
    [Mariel and Vassim nod at one another.]
    I shall recreate the Guardian Blade. In so doing, perhaps I can create hope
    for the future. 
    [The screen fades to black.]
    *The new, improved Guardian Blade, made from a fragment of the old one, is
    forged into Rudy's new left arm. The implant surgery, which took over half a
    day, was a complete success. However... A week has passed since the surgery,
    and Rudy has yet to awaken... 
    [All five of them, which is including Hanpan, are gathered around Rudy, who is
    still lying in the bed quietly.]
    The surgery was a success, right? So... Why isn't Rudy awake? 
    Brother Vassim?
    ... ... ... It was a flawless surgery. Mariel's herbal medicine is working
    well, and Rudy is recovering his strength. There shouldn't be anything wrong...
    Isn't he supposed to be up by now? 
    Yes. If he's not awake yet, the only reason I can think of is that he doesn't
    want to be... 
    Are you saying Rudy refuses to wake up? 
    Rudy's been forced into facing the truth of who, or rather, what he is. This
    may be hard for him to accept. He might be hiding from this knowledge. He must
    decide on his own, whether or not this is something he can live with. If this
    is indeed the case, we'll just have to be patient and wait for him to awaken.
    Rudy... I wish I could talk to you... 
    [You are given free control of Cecilia. You go outside and speak with Jack and
    I can understand why Rudy hasn't opened up to us yet. I would be the same way
    if I had just found out that I am not who I thought I was...
    I think Rudy will be fine. We have to believe in him, or he will not return
    to us. 
    [With Cecilia, you go and speak with Vassim and Mariel.]
    I've done everything I can for him... All I can do now is trust that he will
    return... Still... It makes me feel a little helpless. I guess we can only
    I wish I could take away all his pain and sorrow... But, all I can do is pray
    for him. I am very worried about him...
    [Cecilia walks over to Rudy.]
    (Rudy... What can I do to make you hear my prayer?) 
    [Later, we see that Cecilia has fallen asleep at Rudy's bedside. We see Cecilia
    walking about in a strange town.]
    Cecilia's thoughts:
    Oh, no... How long was I asleep for? ...Or, am I still dreaming? No, I don't
    think so... This isn't my dream... I am in someone else's dream? 
    [Several kids run by.]
    Hey, Rudy! Hurry, hurry! Over here!! 
    Rudy? I don't know this place... Am I inside Rudy's dream? That looks like
    Rudy, only much younger. This must be his childhood memory...? This is where
    Rudy ended up, after running away from reality... Am I trapped inside Rudy's
    [We see Rudy confronted by several kids.]
    I'm going to be a world-class wanderer when I grow up. 
    Boy 2:
    Like Rudy? 
    No! I will be a much stronger wanderer. And not with the Old Man, all by
    myself! All right! Let me show you what I can do. Don't get scared!!
    [All the kids wander over to a crate and gather around it.]
    No way! You can't pick that up! Maybe when you grow up...
    So you are saying that Rudy can't pick this up either? I guess we're even then.
    [Rudy goes and picks up the crate.]
    Just kidding! Rudy's not like us. He's not one of us!! 
    Didn't you know? Rudy has no mom or dad! Rudy's parents were monsters! I'm
    outta here!! 
    [The kids run off, leaving Rudy alone. Little Rudy hangs his head and begins
    walking away. He approaches Cecilia.]
    Rudy! What is it? 
    [Rudy walks through her. Cecilia turns and watches him in surprise, but she
    sees Old Man Zepet approach the boy.]
    What's wrong, Rudy? Are they teasing you again? Not again... What's that? Why
    are you different from the other kids? Oh, I see... You're old enough to
    question that now... 
    This must be a memory of traveling with Old Man Zepet... This must be Rudy's
    comfort zone. In the memory of Old Man Zepet who protects him at all times... 
    [We see Zepet and little Rudy watching a sunset.]
    You have a unique power which no one else has... You are the chosen one with
    the power which allows you to control the ARM. You don't understand? Oh, I'm
    sorry, Rudy... You understand how much it hurts when someone hits your head or
    when you fall, right? See, that is called a feeling. And you know your
    feelings are hurt when things are not going your way or when you are sad,
    right? And you understand why you don't wish that feeling upon anyone, right?
    Because you have a kind heart. Anyone with a kind heart will help the people
    they care for. See, being strong does not just refer to your physical strength.
    It refers to your inner strength as well...
    [We see Rudy standing solemnly with his eyes closed in front of a wooden cross
    stuck in the ground. He is alone. Zepet's voice continues talking to him.]
    ...Do you see it now? You are strong because you have the most kind heart in
    the world. 
    Rudy understands pain... ...I see it now... As a Holmcross, your creator bred
    a feeling of hurt into you to teach you about the power of heart. 
    [Rudy kneels at the cross. There are brief flashes from the events that
    happened at the Village of Surf. Then, the strange village from before is on
    fire. Rudy, 15, runs into view and looks around in horror. Cecilia is still
    standing behind him.]
    Don't be scared, don't run away! Please! Nothing will hurt you!! Rudy, be
    strong. Running away will not solve anything...
    [Zeikfried is approaching slowly from the burning town. Rudy hesitates when he
    sees Zeikfried; then, he turns and flees.]
    You're not running away from demons. 
    You are running away from yourself.
    You're not a demon... You're one of us.
    ...You are Rudy Roughnight...
    [The background changes to a weird pinkish void. Zepet is standing in front of
    Rudy, and he is in a rocking chair. Rudy is facing him, his head bent; Cecilia
    is behind the boy.]
    What's wrong, Rudy? What's the hurry? You must have seen something really
    scary... Ha ha ha... Don't worry, Rudy, I can drive away all your sadness and
    hardship. I will always be here for you... 
    Have faith in yourself, Rudy. You need to wake up!
    Rudy... Stay here with me. Do not listen to anyone else. Just listen to me... 
    Everyone's waiting for you, Rudy. Jack, Hanpan, Jane, Magdalen, the Captain,
    and Mariel... They're all waiting for you... And... I am waiting for you too...
    You're part of our team. You're one of us, remember? I understand that you
    would love to be with Old Man Zepet, but that is only a memory now! This is not
    where you are supposed to be!! Old Man Zepet is gone. I know it, and you know
    it too!!
    Zepet ?:
    I don't know how you got in here, but I can't listen to your nonsense any
    [He stands up from his rocking chair.]
    What?! You're not Zepet?! 
    Zepet ?:
    I can't let this kid go yet. His heart is so pure and delicious. 
    [He puts his hand to his forehead and transforms into a flamboyantly dressed
    I'm Elizabeth, a Dream Demon. I feed on hearts, and this kid is mine.
    So you are the one keeping Rudy from waking up! 
    Not gonna leave, huh? All right. If you want him back so bad, why don't you
    come and get him? 
    [You engage in a battle with Elizabeth. The battle ends when you deliver the
    final blow. We see Cecilia in the dream-like world; she runs to the boy lying
    on his back and kneels beside him.]
    Rudy, be strong! You are free to get out now! Rudy!! Please, Rudy, you
    understand how to care for someone just as much as we do!! ...Now I
    understand why I despised myself so much for being a noble of Adlehyde.
    Why I disliked being treated as a noble. But, now I know... I know that
    was just my way of distancing myself from everyone... Watching Rudy has
    shown me... If I want to be loved, I need to love someone first... 
    *The Goddess Idol Shatters!
    I am the Guardian of Love... I'm the light within a forgotten heart... Shrine
    Maiden of the Guardians... I have heard your prayers. ...Shrine Maiden... Why
    are you risking your life? 
    At first, because I thought it was my duty as a Shrine Maiden. But now I know
    that is not so! I'm risking my life because I care for Filgaia, and everyone
    in Filgaia... And I care for Rudy...
    Shrine Maiden, you understand love... If you wish for my hand to protect what
    you care for, then, in the name of love, call my name...
    [You obtain the 'Love Charm' medium. We then see Cecilia still lying, mostly
    asleep, on the side of the bed. Her head is down.]
    ... ... ... [wakens] Oh, no... How long was I asleep? Did all of that happen
    in my dream? 
    [She looks quizzically at the empty bed.]
    Rudy? Rudy! 
    [She worries at this point. However, as soon as she turns her head, she sees
    the young boy standing there.]
    ... ... ... ... ... ... Is it really you? 
    [Rudy turns to look at her. He nods and smiles. Then he approaches her. She
    holds his right hand up to her face.]
    I had a dream about you... 
    [Rudy nods again.]
    What?! Rudy, you saw me in your dream? We must have had the same dream... ...
    ... ... Do you remember me from the dream? 
    [Rudy pauses a minute, looking a little stumped.]
    Never mind, never mind! Do not try to remember! I just thought I'd ask... 
    [Rudy nods again.]
    So... You really don't remember? ... ... ... It would make me so happy if I
    knew you remembered... 
    [Jack runs in and stops at the doorway, looking happy.]
    I told you I heard something!  
    Rudy! Man, were we worried about you! You all right? 
    [Rudy nods and smiles. Vassim and Mariel enter shortly thereafter. Soon, we see
    them all facing Vassim.]
    Are you getting used to your new arm? 
    [Rudy nods.]
    I have entrusted you with the Guardian Blade as your left arm. My question
    is... How do you intend to use it? 
    [You have three choices.]
    1.I will use it to ensure a bright future.
    2.I will use it to achieve world piece. 
    3.I will eradicate every threat. 
    [It doesn't matter which you choose.]
    I haven't seen Rudy in such high spirits for a long time. 
    We can't afford to let our guard down. I'm worried about the demons... They
    haven't tried anything in a long time. I've a bad feeling about this... 
    They're bound to do something soon. 
    I am going with them to Filgaia. 
    But why? You could stay here with me. You'd be safe here... 
    While you have your battles, I also have mine. I need to plant flowers in the
    To Filgaia! 
    Yes! We need to tell everyone how well Rudy is doing! 
    [Rudy joins the party once more. You can talk with Vassim if you so desire.]
    Vassim (Jack):
    Mariel and I owe you so much. Feel free to visit me again. If you need
    anything, I will try to accommodate you.
    Vassim (Rudy):
    I saved Rudy? I don't think so. It's the other way around... Rudy taught me
    about facing reality... 
    Vassim (Cecilia):
    The courage to pursue the truth... The strength to believe in miracles... And
    above all, thoughtfulness... You have taught me these things. Thank you. 
    [You return via the Holy Wood Mound. Once on Filgaia yet again...]
    ...Well, I can handle it from here. I can return by myself. 
    I was going to go with you.
    I'm by myself, but I'm not alone anymore. I'd like to hurry home, and take
    care of my flowers.
    That's your mission, isn't it? 
    Yes, but not to atone... Filgaia is where my favorite people live. I want to
    do my best. I think I love Filgaia more than ever... 
    [Rudy and Mariel exchange nods. The three watch the Elw girl leave.]
    Let's go back to Adlehyde for now. Everyone is waiting for our return.
    Part XVII. -Protowing-
    [You see the three wanderers walking back from the Holy Wood Mound. You see
    Jane sitting on a rock in the middle of the path. Upon seeing the three, she
    stands up.]
    [The three of them look at her.]
    [Jack waves back at her.]
    [After waving frantically, she gives up and runs towards the three wanderers,
    sliding to a halt right before Cecilia.]
    Be careful running on the slope like that... 
    When I'm calling you, the least you can do is answer! 
    [She runs over to Rudy.]
    So slow! Slow, too slow!! Well, I knew you would be back... 
    [She steps on Rudy's foot. He hops up and down in pain.]
    Humph, you're exaggerating the pain... Pain is a sign of vigor and life. You
    should've come back quicker! 
    Rudy, this young lady was worried, a great deal.
    Worried?! Who was worried?! Anyway, it's none of your business! Well, forget
    about all that! There's something going on! Let's hurry back to Adlehyde! 
    [Jane grabs Rudy's hand and drags him off. We then see them all walking down
    a path. Jane is walking backwards to be able to talk to them.]
    It is really true! Enormous!! I've never seen anything like it! 
    Hey! Slow down! You gotta explain... What's the big deal?
    Ahem! Anyway, it is wonderful. It's the invention of the century!! Don't be
    so surprised... Professor Emma's doubtful resarch, might become a reality!
    The Flying Machine! F.L.Y.I.N.G. M.A.C.H.I.N.E!! 
    Really? I wonder... 
    The only thing great about that professor is her ego.
    You're disgusting!! Hey you, honor student! Give me an answer!!
    Well, if it's a Flying Machine... Maybe it's a machine that flies? 
    Yes! It is a wonderful, Flying Machine!! 
    During the Great War 1000 years ago, I heard that they had vehicles that
    reached not only the sky, but also to the stars... But, using current
    technology... How is possible to fly in the sky? What did you use?!
    I'm not sure about that... Professor Emma's been working on how to fly for
    a long time. The trial product for that is something called the Emma Motor.
    The machine rattles. But it didn't have enough power to fly in the sky. So
    it was never used, but it didn't have enough power to fly in the sky. So it
    was never really used...
    So... How'd did you finish it?
    It seems that she obtained some sort of research information.
    Ah, and while you were gone...she was examining Asgard's innards. 
    Is that right...?! 
    Let's hurry, or we'll miss the test flight!
    [They all stand on a hill overlooking the area around Adlehyde.]
    That strange captain was assigned as the test pilot... He is scared of
    heights... He was sniveling and crying like a baby. Of course, I ignored him.
    Usually, a monkey or dog would be used, but none were available. So, the honor
    went to him.
    ...Poor captain...
    If things go wrong, his spirit might be shot out from the force of gravity...
    From what I know of him, there's no chance he'll go to heaven if he dies...
    Everyone, it seems that the test flight has already started.
    [We see the aircraft take off into the sky, but it emits smoke and swerves all
    over the place.]
    Oh, shoot!
    The captain is...riding in that thing!? 
    [Meanwhile, we see Bartholomew in the cockpit. He has a look of genuine fear
    and surprise on his face.]
    The acceleration is surprising. The handling is tricky.
    [We see the aircraft, however, take a turn for the worse.]
    Dwwwwaaaaa! By god's invisible hand!
    [The airplane starts spinning out of control.
    Captain! Smile, smile!! You must smile at a time like this! You'll be demoted
    in the next world!
    [Jack and Cecilia slap their foreheads after it crashes; Rudy looks taken
    How much fuel was it carrying?
    I don't know the details, but I did hear something about weapons...
    Now is the time for a decision. Rescue first, or report first?
    From the looks of that crash, we'll be lucky to find his remains...
    Don't worry. Before I restrained him in his seat, I checked his height. 
    [She winks cutely with her left eye.]
    ...Wow, how clever of you... Now we don't have to measure him for his casket...
    [Later, at the Adlehyde Castle Conference Room, Emma comes strolling into the
    I wonder what's wrong? I cannot see any flaws in my design... Perhaps I need a
    'Gemini Circuit'. It may be helpful for the pilot to have more confidence in
    flying. I should install a hypnosis device in there... 
    Is the Captain all right? 
    What? Ah yes... He earned a gold medal in the napping competition. While you
    have some time, why don't you visit the hospital in town? You will meet a
    miraculous survivor of the catastrophe. Speaking of survivors... Let me look
    at you, Rudy.
    [Emma approaches the boy, and he stands at his seat.]
    You look all right. I'm happy for you. Stay healthy, OK?
    [Rudy scratches his head bashfully.]
    How come Rudy and Bartholomew are treated so differently...
    Are you concerned for the Captain? You must feel a bond with him. After all,
    you both have short legs.
    Back off! 
    [Emma claps her hand to get everyone's attention and strolls to the middle of
    the Adlehyde Conference Room.]
    OK. Let's discuss the main topic now that we are all together again. Before we
    start, let me present the main man, err, woman of our vigilante group, the one
    and only Master Anje! 
    [Master Anje enters the room holding a large dish.]
    Master Anje:
    Hello all. This is embarrassing... 
    With Master Anje present, are we ready to discuss the Guardians? 
    Yes. There has been a disturbance in the world of Guardians. I'm sure you are
    all aware of who the responsible party is. 
    [Master Anje steps back from the device she placed on the table; it is the
    Layline device from earlier.]
    Master Anje:
    Take a look at this. This is called the 'Layline Observer', which measures
    the power of the Guardians. We detected a very strong interference against
    the Guardians' power. Both powers almost cancel each other out. The
    interference is quite massive. 
    This confirms that the demons truly intend to annihilate the Guardians. 
    Is it possible to detect the origin of the interference point? 
    Master Anje:
    ...Yes, it's possible. Let me see. It originated southwest of Adlehyde at
    Pandemonium, an old battle site. It is not easy to get to the area because
    it is surrounded by steep mountains.
    Nothing is easy I suppose... Any ideas? 
    Of course! This is why I have been working hard on the aviation device.
    Unfortunately, it is not complete yet. 
    I think I saw one crashing... 
    I just need one more part installed to stabilize the output of the device.
    It's a 'Gemini Circuit', which can independently magnify and control the
    output energy of the aviation device. 
    It took me and Magdalen a while to figure it out while you were away. 
    If you knew, why did you test the aviation device without the 'Gemini Circuit'?
    We should have no problem getting to the interference point, once the aviation
    device is complete. But first, I need you to get me the 'Gemini Circuit'. 
    Based on the meaning of 'Gemini', there must be two parts that make up the
    circuit. Why don't Rudy and his company take charge of one while my lady and
    I take care of the other? I am counting on you to investigate the ruins known
    as 'Gemini's Corpse', which are located east of Court Seim.
    The Captain may not be well yet, but he needs to be discharged from the
    hospital to guide us through the sea route.
    The Captain... I feel badly for him... Is he well enough to travel? 
    Wait a second. How do you expect us to get there? Oh no... No... No, we are
    Yes you are. But don't worry. As long as you keep the altitude low, the Emma
    Motor will not explode. 
    [Jane and Magdalen stand and head for the door. Jane stops before leaving.]
    I wish I could take your place, but I have to go now. Take care.*
    [The duo leaves.]
    Quit whining. You will get there somehow, right? Now, come with me to the
    secret base. 
    A secret base? Where is that? 
    It's a secret; the location is confidential. If you don't mind... I need to
    blindfold you before I can take you to the secret base. 
    [We see Emma leading the three wanderers down stone stairs, which presumably
    lead to Emma's secret base. They approach a large doorway.]
    When was this large facility built? My dear Adlehyde...
    You are violating quite a few regulations by creating such a thing... We might
    find you in the public courthouse, later. 
    Are you telling me that I should have obtained a proper permit in this time of
    urgency? With or without it, I started the construction. Hey Princess, get
    retroactive approval for me. [to the room] OK.
    [In the middle of everything, the Protowing lights up.]
    The 'Walpurgis Night' theory aviation body with my 'Emma Motor'! They combined
    to form everyone's dream! The aviation device!! It's like a phoenix's wing!!
    I call it, 'Gullwing'!!! ...and it's test model, 'Protowing'. 
    [Jack shakes his head.]
    It sure sounds great, but it is in for an imminent crash. So sad... 
    If you ask me, everything that goes up, must come down.
    All right! Steadiness and controlling the output... That's the key here. 
    That is easier said than done... And you do not sound all that confident. 
    My skill and my love for Filgaia deserve some trust... Don't you all agree?
    ...Let's leave that aside... To make 'Protowing' complete, I need everyone's
    cooperation, all right? Do you understand the importance of splitting the team
    into two in order to obtain the two Gemini Circuits within a limited time?
    [Emma turns.]
    How is 'Protowing' coming along?
    [Several recognizable men are behind her.]
    It is finished! It is ready to go once you find a daredevil to test it! 
    Are they... 
    These are my loyal assistants who helped with the excavation at
    'Lolithia's Coffin'. 
    [shrugging] Our boss, Emma, loves to make us work no matter what! 
    [to Peyton] They are the perfect candidates to test my proud creation. Bring
    the machine into Gate 14 before they change their minds. Are you ready? Here
    we go!! 
    [Emma holds out her arm]
    'Protowing'... Go!!! 
    [We see the machine dispatched to the surface. A gate opens above ground, and
    the Protowing speeds off through it, taking to the sky. With control of the
    Protowing, you head for Gemini's Corpse. The first plaque you come to reads...]
    The altar of Redemption needs not prayer. With a dedicated mind, offer up your
    bodies' stored power.
    [You examine the statue.]
    My desire is the power of Evil. Offer me the power that I desire. 
    [It asks, "Do you want to make an offering?" Let us say yes. Then you continue
    on with only partial strength. There are three statues in the next. All say the
    same thing.]
    My desire is the life and the fragment of flesh... Offer me the power that I
    [They ask, "Do you want to offer a sacrifice?" Let us pick yes. The next plaque
    across which you come reads...]
    This is the end for those without courage. A cowardly person is not allowed to
    [You step up to examine the large chest in the very back room.]
    There is a giant treasure chest. Is the Gemini Circuit inside? 
    [A battle starts against eight Zukauba; after finishing off the last one, the
    battle ends. The trio gathers itself together.]
    Is this the circuit Doctor Emma was talking about? 
    I don't know. Can two of these things make that flying coffin safe? I don't
    believe it.
    Isn't it about time we get this Gemini Circuit to the unit? Let's go back to
    [You enter the Adlehyde Conference Room and speak with Emma.]
    Good job everyone. We have one part of the Gemini Circuit. Everyone did well
    and I did a great job assigning you to the task! As soon as we obtain the other
    part of the Gemini Circuit, I can complete the 'Protowing!' 
    [A soldier appears at the door.]
    I have an update from the Sweet Candy! They are on their way back after
    acquiring the second part of the Gemini Circuit! 
    Sounds like everyone has been successful. Looks like I'm going to be busy
    pretty soon. 
    Another update from the Sweet Candy! They've encountered a Golem in the inland
    sea!! They need backup at once... ...It looks bad... 
    ...What rotten timing... 
    [Rudy and Jack exchange nods.]
    We need to go! Are you ready, Princess?
    [They dash off.]
    Wait for me! I'm coming with you!!
    [Emma runs after them. Meanwhile, we visit our friends on the Sweet Candy.
    The Sweet Candy is at high speed, fleeing the "Stone Mermaid". Bartholomew is
    yelling things to his crew and is spending time shaking in fear. Magdalen and
    Jane run up to him from behind.]
    We finally obtained one of the 'Gemini Circuits' for this? Hey, Captain! Do
    [Jane approaches him menacingly and crosses her arms.]
    The ship is now a high-speed cruiser, right? Then, do you have anything
    installed like a secret weapon in case of emergency? 
    My ship is a trader, not a battleship! Jane, you can beg all you want. It only
    goes faster, that's it. Nothing else!
    [Jane looks at him sweetly.]
    ...Give me something else.*
    [Bartholomew clenches his fists in frustration.]
    There is no 'something else!!'
    [The Golem hits the ship, rocking it. Jane staggers.]
    Lady, we must hurry... We are getting awfully close to tea time. 
    OK then... 
    [Jane turns to the sailors on the ship.]
    It is a shame, but we must abandon ship! We cannot risk our lives!! Are you
    all with me?
    [We see three sailors salute her.]
    All sailors:
    Aye aye, Captain!!
    I don't want them thinking we ran away... OK then, this will buy us some
    time... I am crashing the ship right into it!!
    [Bartholomew looks completely hopeless.]
    Wait, who is the captain here? I thought I was in charge here... What happened?
    [Magdalen approaches him with a small bluish chest.]
    OK, Captain. Will you take the 'Gemini Circuit'?
    Butler... You still trust me...?
    [Bartholomew puts his hands around the small chest.]
    Well, I just thought you had the biggest body here.
    [shaking his head] ...Oh, I see... 
    We aren't too far from shore! Put on lifejackets, everyone! This is an order!
    Let's go!! 
    [The "Stone Mermaid" impacts the ship, throwing splinters of wood everywhere
    and breaking part of the deck. We see Bartholomew and a few others jump off
    and then the Sweet Candy sinking. Later, on the beaches of the Ship Graveyard
    in the light of the setting sun, we see Jane, Magdalen, and some sailors
    collected. The sailors are crying; meanwhile, we see Cecilia, Jack, Emma,
    and Rudy sprinting up along the shores.]
    What happened? I never thought the ship would sink...
    [They slow to a stop once they approach the others.]
    Oh, wait! What happened to the Gemini Circuit... 
    [Jack looks over at Emma, who looks back questioningly.]
    Oops, I meant that old man... Captain Bartholomew. I don't see the captain's
    huge body floating around anywhere.
    [Jack looks around. Jane says nothing but has a sort of "guilty look in her
    eyes". Magdalen, his back turned, speaks.]
    Allow me to explain what transpired... [turns] We saw a stone creature similar
    to the one you were acquainted with, Asgard. There was no way of retaliating,
    thus we resorted to abandoning the ship. 
    [We see all the sailors still sobbing.]
    I Jumped into the ocean with my lady, while the captain jumped with a box
    containing the 'Gemini Circuit'... ... ... ... He may have reached a different
    shore... Because we are the only ones here.
    [Hanpan is hanging his head, his ears lowered.]
    This is terrible... But I can't picture a middle-aged man sinking into the deep
    blue sea with a treasure box... 
    I feel horrible for having him carry the box. 
    [turned away] Thank God I wasn't hanging onto him.
    I suppose we must postpone the update. We cannot solve anything by staying
    here. Why don't we return to Adlehyde?
    All sailors:
    No!! Captain Bartholomew!! You will be missed!!!
    [The camera pans up to the sun low to the horizon and slowly fades out to
    black. Back in the Adlehyde Conference Room...]
    I had high hopes for the Gemini Circuit. But now it's gone into the deep blue
    sea... How come you don't look disappointed? Or at least pretend to look upset?
    Because of the Captain? He'll be all right. This is the man who survived a fall
    from the Protowing. We don't need to worry. 
    You have a point there. 
    God... You mean we worked so hard for nothing? 
    Can you be any more blunt? But Magdalen... His uncharacteristically heroic
    effort must be applauded. 
    Thank you. 
    Aren't we all concerned for the Captain? I mean, if this was Rudy, we would
    all be very worried right about now. 
    Let us direct our concern toward plan B. 
    All right... 
    What's plan B, 'Fearless Leader'? 
    This may sound too primitive, but we must travel on foot... Of course, I will
    be coming with you. 
    [Emma heads toward the exit. Jane stands from her chair.]
    This is going to be a long day. I need a vacation... 
    [Jane and Magdalen leave. Magdalen bows before doing so. You can choose to
    speak with some of the people in town.]
    I heard from Tom that you helped acquire building materials. It really helped
    make this place look a whole lot better. I cannot thank you enough. It made my
    work much easier and gave me the chance to fix my secret device. I will
    definitely make it up to you. I promise. When the 'right time' comes, I will
    show you my secret place. No questions asked, OK?
    Jeremy (Jack): Look who's here. It's none other than the vigilante group. What
    can I do for you? [You choose to speak with him.] Our newly invented product,
    Teleport Gem, is in such demand that I can hardly keep it in stock. It has
    already been nominated for the New Product of the Year. 
    Jeremy (Rudy): Look who's here. It's none other than the vigilante group. What
    can I do for you? [You choose to speak with him.] Are you here because you
    heard the rumors about the new Teleport Gem? Here, try it. This item will
    definitely come in handy for Filgaia wanderers like you. 
    Jeremy (Cecilia): Look who's here. It's none other than the vigilante group.
    What can I do for you? [You choose to speak with him.] Catori from the Magic
    Guild suspected that I was conducting business with a bad crowd... But the
    truth is that I was inventing an item that is useful for virtually anybody.
    I cannot blame Catori though... Because I am usually up to no good. 
    Kimble (Jack):
    The circular object that fell in the inland sea is the legendary 'Photosphere'.
    Arctica dug it up from the ground a long time ago. Can you believe that? 
    Kimble (Rudy):
    I sent her a gift in return for the chicken soup she fixed for me when I was
    down. But I remember she didn't open the gift for a long time... I think she
    was just playing hard to get... 
    Kimble (Cecilia):
    Now listen, young lady. There's a song warning you not to fall in love with
    wanderers. Now I know it's hard. I mean they are always on the go, and always
    in danger of some sort. I know you are attracted to me, though. I know it's
    tough not to be. 
    Pam (Jack): Welcome! You will enjoy our cozy room, and our exceptional
    complimentary soup. [You choose to speak with her.] Don't be discouraged by the
    slow progress. As long as we don't give up, we will be rewarded handsomely in
    the end. These were the Mayor's words. I like them. 
    Pam (Rudy): Welcome! You will enjoy our cozy room, and our exceptional
    complimentary soup. [You choose to speak with her.] Same as your profession,
    a wanderer. Those people have a pretty good track record. Well, it is just my
    opinion, but it should certainly count.
    Pam (Cecilia): Welcome! You will enjoy our cozy room, and our exceptional
    complimentary soup. [You choose to speak with her.] The wanderer over there
    gave me a gift the other day. He said it was for the chicken soup I made him
    when he was ill... I don't know if I should keep it. ...Although it made me
    feel good to receive a gift from a man. 
    Lumino (Jack):
    I need to ask Emma the scientist about something... Among the eight Golems,
    there is one capable of underwater operations. The stone monster disturbing
    the inland sea may just be that Golem... 
    Lumino (Rudy):
    Could Emma the scientist have gone to the battlefield in the open sea? I hear
    the monsters over there are brutal, and are looking to take on wanderers.
    Lumino (Cecilia):
    Hey fellas. Do you know where Emma is? I need to ask her a thing or two, but
    she is never home... 
    Chappy (Cecilia):
    I love my owner. Especially when she pets my head. And I'm just as happy to
    chew on a bone. Messing with my owner means you are messing with me. 
    Ellen (Jack):
    I heard a huge ball fell into the ocean. Is it someone's garbage? That's
    littering! The Guardian of the sea will be very angry.
    Ellen (Rudy): 
    Thank you! You and the repair man made my house pretty again. But... I hear
    some rattling noise from below. I wonder what that is... 
    Ellen (Cecilia):
    Chappy always listens to me. But I can't listen to Chappy. I wonder what
    Chappy is thinking about... I wish I could talk to Chappy... 
    Lisett (Jack):
    Is it true that the scientist working on the aviation device has a long ways
    to go? I just cannot believe that such a machine can exist. It is too
    Lisett (Rudy):
    I hear there are still many undiscovered frontiers because they're surrounded
    by steep, dangerous mountains. Once Emma completes the aviation device, we'll
    have no problem getting over those mountains. 
    Lisett (Cecilia):
    With the house restored, I can now live with my granddaughter again. I am very
    grateful... And I'm determined to be strong for my granddaughter. 
    Catori (Jack): 
    How may I help you? Feel free to create magic as long as there's a spot on the
    Crest Graph. [You choose to speak with her.] Curan Abbey gathers virtually
    all the information and knowledge in the world. It is questionable as to how
    effectively all the information is classified and organized. Although they are
    replicas, I did hear that some of the demon literature was accessible to the
    students at the library. 
    Catori (Rudy): 
    How may I help you? Feel free to create magic as long as there's a spot on the
    Crest Graph. [You choose to speak with her.] The Teleport Gem is now on the
    market! It's an item created by the Tool Shop Guild, to allow transportation
    between towns. I never thought it was possible to create such an item without
    sorcery... I suppose someone with passion and a strong will can accomplish
    Catori (Cecilia):
    How may I help you? Feel free to create magic as long as there's a spot on the
    Crest Graph. [You choose to speak with her.] Because of my love for books,
    I was on the library committee when I was a student. The book collection at
    the abbey was huge. I sometimes inadvertently shelved demon sorcerer books
    in places students had access to. The students had no idea how dangerous those
    books were. I am sure the library committee still makes the same mistakes. 
    [With free control, you head back to the Ship Graveyard. Who's that in the
    water? Jack pulls him to shore with his grappling hook, and they stand around
    Bartholomew, who is now face-down and holding onto the small treasure chest.]
    [surprise] This is?! The other Gemini circuit that was lost in the inland sea! 
    ...No, what you meant was, 'It's Captain Bartholomew!' right? 
    [Rudy nods.]
    Quick! We need to get the Captain to a doctor! 
    Oh, yeah. Let's go back at once, and power up the Protowing! 
    [Rudy stamps his foot and turns to Jack, a little angry. Cecilia seems to
    channel the same mood.]
    We should take the Captain to the hospital first! 
    [Jack scratches his head. You obtain the 'Gemini Part'. You head back to the
    Adlehyde Conference Room; Jack is wearing a confident smile and approaches
    Emma first.]
    Check it out! I found the other part of the Gemini Circuit; it was lost in the
    inland sea! 
    It washed ashore by the Ship Graveyard. 
    Wow! I can't believe it! 
    Will this help to fix the Protowing? 
    Of course. I will not disappoint you. Good job, everyone. 
    [She walks forward and places a hand on each of Rudy's shoulders, looking down
    at him.]
    Come along now. Follow your much older 'sister'. This way. 
    [Emma leaves. Yet again, we see them following Emma downstairs to her secret
    One of the 'Gemini Circuits' is for amplification of energy... But it relies
    on the other to control the output energy. Each circuit's power may be small,
    but together they can accomplish much great things. I suppose the same can be
    said for human beings.
    [The lights turn on, revealing five people that the group has met during its
    travels. They are standing in front of the Protowing.]
    Are they?!
    They are all my colleagues from different areas of Filgaia. We are all in the
    same line of work... 
    We are six sons unworthy of their father. 
    Emma called us all of a sudden. But we knew nothing of the aviation device. 
    ...We should have known... This is one of our master's dreams. 
    It was such short notice. But then again, it is Emma. We should have expected
    You are working on this aviation device for Rudy, and ultimately for Filgaia? 
    You are correct. Good job, Nicholli. I knew you were smarter than you look.
    Yes, there was a pulse that interfered with the Guardian power, right around
    the far southwestern point... It has been a while since the reading was
    detected... Something should happen soon. I did not gather all of you for a
    party. I need you to help me finish up the aviation device. I am going to
    boss you around more than ever. Watch out! 
    [The scene fades to black. Later, we see a glorious sunrise, showing that
    Emma and her friends have worked all night on the machine. Back at Emma's
    laboratory, we see her standing in front of the red aircraft.] 
    I have done all that I can! I'm not one to believe in fate, but I sure believe
    in myself!! Ok we shouldn't waste anymore time. Let's go for it!! Well, we have
    some time, but I think it would look cooler if we just go for it. I hear people
    do better when their backs are against the wall. Come on! We just have to do
    it! Gullwing!!! Start the engine and go!!!
    [She signals by waving her arm through the air. The Gullwing is loaded up on
    the dock, drives down the runway, and flies off into the sky...]
    Part XVIII. -Pandemonium-
    [You enter Pandemonium. The three heroes, including Hanpan, are confronted by
    a purple sphere, which, as we know by now, is some kind of monster.]
    What a tough defense... I'm sure there is something here! 
    [Rudy nods. Jack holds out his hand defensively.]
    Well, we've got things to do. Let's get this out of the way! 
    [You engage in a fight against Turask. You defeat it, and the battle ends. As
    Turask is lying there, we see Alhazad high above, a suspicious-looking girl
    held by the neck in his large right claw.]
    [Jack rushes forward on the offensive. However, Turask begins to secrete a
    purple gas. Jack covers his face as it engulfs all of them. Soon, the three
    are lying on the ground.]
    I... I can't move... 
    Hahahaha... Even strong warriors are frail when caught off guard. This is
    one of the best tactics. 
    [Cecilia collapses entirely. Jack pushes himself up just a little.]
    What the? What are you doing, Alhazad? Is that... Elmina... Isn't that one
    of your comrades!? 
    [Alhazad turns to Jack and holds the woman up.]
    Yes, that's right. She's what we need for our plan. That's why she is serving
    us. Haha...Hahahaha... 
    [Rudy tries to push himself up a little bit; we see his arm shake severely
    before he collaspes again.]
    Now I'm starting something that can't be disturbed. I want you all to be quiet.
    [Jack collapses, and the screen darkens. Later, in a dark stone prison cell,
    we see Jack hit his hand against the wall in anger.]
    Dammit!! We're all in this mess because of my carelessness. 
    I wonder if the others are safe? They are in a separate jail cell. 
    [Jack hits the wall again.]
    Don't do that! Why are you doing that?! 
    [Jack goes limp and sighs.]
    Just checking...for numbness... 
    [Jack stands up straighter.]
    I think I've recovered. Let's escape, partner! 
    [You regain a bit of free control with Jack. You examine the door.]
    *The door is shut firmly with some sort of barrier! 
    [You examine a small pipe.]
    The drain... Hanpan... You have short legs. Can you fit? 
    You're always picking on my size! But... I see... It's my turn this time.
    Yes, please. Somehow, we have to unlock this cell. It's up to you, partner! 
    Yes, sir!
    [You get control of Hanpan. You speak with Jack one last time.]
    I am counting on your intelligence. What do ya know, partner? 
    [As Hanpan is scurrying through the pipes, there is a small shielded area out
    of which he can look.]
    Riding on the wind, it sounds like somebody talking!
    [Hanpan approaches it and looks out. We see Alhazad and Zeikfried standing,
    er, gathered together in a room.]
    Entropy is the inevitable progression of life throughout nature. Chaos arising
    from order, but for one exception... Life creating life... This is the
    exception that escapes entropy's domain. But to create life is a women's
    power... So I gave her the important task of 'giving birth' to the dark
    light that undermines all life. 
    When you wanted to bring a filthy human wretch among us, I was shocked,
    honestly. But I understand now; it was all in preparation for this time,
    this day. 
    That's giving me too much credit. It was also for my own interests. It is
    glorious to appreciate something beautiful. 
    That's not quite right... Don't you mean, it's glorious to destroy something
    [Upon crossing a small walkway above where Alhazad and Zeikfried are
    conversing, Hanpan listens again.]
    What are you going to do with the Guardian's medium and warriors? 
    I threw them into an underground prison. 
    That's all!? 
    Yes, that's all. Don't worry. If they try to make a desperate effort, and
    stand in the way of our plan, just point out their hopelessness. As long as
    humans have hope, they will keep fighting. Crush their spirit... And they
    will wither away... 
    Are you sure? Normally you use more direct methods. What happened to you after
    returning from subspace?
    I haven't changed at all. What is going to change is this world. 
    [Hanpan comes upon another opening.]
    Riding on the wind, it sounds like somebody talking! 
    [Hanpan goes and listens into the conversation.]
    The underground prison is secure. It was sealed by my evil spear. The prisoners
    can't escape. Even if they escape, the guards will take care of them. Your fear
    is groundless. 
    The plan has to be carefully built, step by, careful step. Don't forget we are
    not erecting such complicated plans just so they can be undone... 
    Then let's hurry and accomplish it. Let's break that Guardian seal before
    those bugs can crawl out of prison. 
    Yes, sir. That is our dream. The Darkness Tear was made for that reason. Let's
    hurry our preparations. Soon, the Mirror will be in orbit, and pass the
    scheduled position. 
    [Hanpan comes upon Rudy's cell and speaks with him.]
    Zeikfried said that he sealed this prison with his evil spear. He was so
    confident we would not escape. Damn his pride and confidence. There must be
    a way to escape! 
    [Hanpan comes upon Cecilia's cell and speaks with her.]
    Zeikfried said that he sealed this prison with his evil spear. He was so
    confident we would not escape.
    Zeikfried's evil spear... He was probably boasting of its horrible power. But
    how is the spear sealing the prison? Anyway, we will find a way out. 
    [Hanpan goes back and speaks with Jack once more.]
    Zeikfried said that he sealed this prison with his evil spear. He was so
    confident we would not escape.
    Cocky bastard! What, he stuck that Glumzamber through the doors or something?
    Whatever it is, we'll find a way out!
    [Hanpan comes upon a device.]
    *State the name of the power that seals the prison. Then the prison will be
    [Hanpan puts in the name 'Glumzamber'. There is a rumbling.]
    I did it! It was easy, once I figured it out! Let's hurry! The demons are up
    to something! 
    [Hanpan meets up with his partner back in the old jail cell.]
    Great job! Pretty clever for a Mouse!! 
    It was more physical than mental. 
    Let's find Rudy and the Princess. We can't stop now...
    [Eventually, the three of them meet up together again. "Traveling buddies
    reunite!" You go through the next room and engage in a battle. I will list
    his elemental attack descriptions in no particular order.]
    How would you like to die?
    1.Shattered by the roaring thunder. (Electrigger)
    2.Caught by a freezing blizzard. (Flirtation)
    3.Exposed to a dazzling flash. (Luminous Impact)
    4.Sucked by a swirling torrent. (Maelstrom)
    5.Crushed by a rough ground. (Crack Tremor)
    6. Burnt by red flames. (Ash Reducer)
    7. Fallen into the deep darkness. (Phantom Hazard)
    8. Chopped by the slashing whirl. (Storm Blade)
    [Upon delivering the final blow, the battle ends. In the final room, an FMV
    starts. Jack rushes forward and stops upon seeing Alhazad, Zeikfried, and
    finally Lady Harken, who is encased in a transparent crystal above them.]
    Elmina?! What did you do to Elminaaaa?!
    [Zeikfried points his spear at him.]
    I've already told you once, we will annihilate all the Guardians. With this,
    our ultimate weapon, the Darkness Tear, is fully operational.
    So you also made it out safely.
    To tell you the truth, I was surprised, too. It's such a dangerous place...
    Of course, you're the Blue Quarter Knight... Hahahahaha...
    Anyway, we have special seats for you... Watch and learn. The black light of
    the Darkness Tear will pour out all over the planet, and will tear apart the
    Is that even possible?! 
    Yes, it's possible. Possible and very easy. You see, the black light of the
    Darkness Tear is the antithesis of the Teardrop's energy. It's a negative
    life force. You remember how to transfer life energy to anywhere you want? 
    [Hanpan holds his head in thought before his ears perk up, an idea having
    hit the mouse.]
    The Shrine of Elw... Using the transporter of the shrine! 
    Clever. The reflex satellite, which your horrible race stationed in orbit, is
    the basis of our plan. We will use these satellites to reflect the negative
    life energy and irradiate Filgaia... Do you understand what this means? This
    will destroy the network, the basis of the Guardian's power. This will break
    the Layline and bring death to this planet. Filgaia will turn into a dead
    world, as every creature is torn apart! 
    [Jack has a pained look on his face before shouting back at them in fury.]
    How does Elmina figure into such a disgusting plot?
    Lady Harken was originally a human female. A female body has the ability to
    create life. It holds the essence of existence. There couldn't be a more
    convenient way to generate the negative energy needed for the Darkness Tear's
    [Zeikfried points at his comrade without turning.]
    Do it, Alhazad. Set the output to maximum power. 
    [Alhazad looks at Zeikfried with slight distrust.]
    [thinking] Maximum power? What are you thinking, Zeikfried? We don't have to
    take such a risk to achieve the objective of this project... Or is there
    another aim... ?
    Obey me!! Spread the black Teardrop over the world!
    [Alhazad floats over to who knows where, does as he is told, and returns to
    Zeikfried's side.]
    ... ... ... 
    [Both disappear in flashes of light. Jack runs up to where they previously
    were, looks about, then turns his eyes above him, using his hand to shield
    his sight from the brightness of the Darkness Tear. He drops to the floor. He
    pounds his fists into the floor a few times.]
    Damn, what should we do?! We can't just sit back and watch! 
    [Jack looks up at Lady Harken and slowly climbs to his feet. A burst of energy
    from the Darkness Tear pushes him backwards, and Rudy catches him.]
    It's started!! 
    [Cecilia drops to her knees, clutching her own crystal, which is shimmering
    brightly from her clasped hands.]
    The Teardrop... All the lives in the world... Everyone's screaming...
    [Jack gets to his feet, Rudy beneath his left arm. He clenches his fist.]
    [We see the Darkness Tear emit a large beam of red energy. The beam travels all
    the way up to a satellite, breaks apart, and hits every satellite.]
    The Darkness Tear's dark energy, 
    diffused by the orbiting reflectors, 
    poured out over all Filgaia. 
    [We see the beams rain onto Filgaia, burning holes through the atmosphere much
    the same way fire would do to paper.]
    The life-supporting Laylines were severed. 
    Immediately, the Guardians were weakened, 
    and lost much of their power. 
    [The energy cuts through the rock, revealing pools of lava. We switch to
    another location and see a large tidal wave collecting on the coast. A dog is
    sitting there, barking.]
    Great destructive power, untempered by any Guardian, was unleashed. It split
    the earth and founts of lava raged... 
    The energy of the Darkness Tear, 
    the polar opposite of the Teardrop, 
    devastated Filgaia with violent storms. 
    [The dog runs away. The tidal wave comes crashing down with dangerous force.
    We also see a whirlpool swirling viciously in the seas.]
    Time seemed to stand still,
    As the roar of destruction howled...
    Tidal waves of unnatural height,
    tornadoes of immense ferocity...
    [We see then several tornadoes whistling through the air.]
    Nothing could be done as all these
    Disasters overwhelmed Filgaia.
    People could only stand in awe, terrified. 
    [It is now shown that these tornadoes are only on the outskirts of Court Seim.
    Jane is standing outside with two children; she puts her arm around a girl
    and holds the hand of a boy. Meanwhile, back at Pandemonium, Jack grips his
    [He runs forward, jumps into the air, and swipes his sword at the glowing
    Darkness Tear. There is no effect. Jack, more determined, jumps up once again
    and, with a powerful swipe of his blade, puts a hole into it. It begins to
    emit light. Jack, suspended in slow motion, is still near it as it shatters
    into many pieces. He is pushed away by the sheer impact. We see Rudy and
    Cecilia supporting him beneath each of his arms.]
    El... Elmi... na... 
    [We see the woman dressed in Lady Harken's outfit lying face-first on the floor
    among pieces of the shattered Darkness Tear. She moves a little, and Jack looks
    worriedly at her. She begins to push herself up.]
    Don't come any closer! 
    [Lady Harken struggles to her feet, staggering and looking feeble.]
    Lady Harken:
    I am the Red Quarter Knight! Lady Harken!! 
    [Standing defiantly, she disappears in a sphere of red light. Jack sinks to his
    knees, his palms on the floor.]
    I couldn't protect you! With all my power, I couldn't protect you! Again! 
    [Jack falls forward, unconscious. Rudy, Cecilia, and Hanpan gather about him.]
    Oh, no! Jack! We're here. 
    Jack!? Come on! Open your eyes...!! 
    [Everything fades to black. We see Alhazad and Zeikfried conversing in the
    darkness, half of their bodies lit by a dim, light bluish light.]
    Even if we didn't use max output, we could have accomplished our plan. You must
    know that. Our aim was to find the location of Ka Dingel, the evil tower sealed
    1,000 years ago by the Guardians. It would have been enough to kill the
    Guardians' power by using the Darkness Tear, for just a moment.
    Maybe I was just a little over-excited. We achieved our purpose though. At
    this moment, the Guardians' power has waned and the seal on Ka Dingel has been
    broken. Everything is going according to plan. Am I wrong?
    If that human had not stopped Lady Harken and the Darkness Tear, Filgaia would
    have been seriously damaged. Our purpose is to control this planet, not to
    destroy it. Zeikfried... Your words... Your actions... Has something changed? 
    Nothing changed inside me. My body is mine, and my mind is also mine. Let's
    take our plan to the final level. We'll drive through to Ka Dingel, and gain
    the power of the New Moon. Black out Filgaia with fear... 
    If that is your will, I will follow.
    [The screen fades. Then there is a flashback. The screen pans in on Arctica
    Castle and two knights--a man and a woman--standing and overlooking the city.
    The male knight tries to put his arm around her, but she bats his hand away
    You guys! What are you doing out here?! 
    [The two knights flinch and turn around to see an older man decked out in
    heavy armor walking toward them.] 
    Slipping out of the honor ceremony, what were you thinking?! Elmina! Garret!
    Should I just punish you or expel you?! 
    Dammit, my nosey uncle found us. 
    [Coldbird punches Garret in the gut, and he doubles over.]
    I'm not your uncle. And starting today, I am your boss, Knight Leader Coldbird.
    Sir, I brought Garret here. Punishment should be mine. 
    [Coldbird scratches his head and turns to the woman.]
    Really, Elmina? But Elmina... Why during the ceremony? Why here? 
    [Garret has recovered from the hit. Elmina, meanwhile, walks and looks over at
    the city. Coldbird watches her.]
    From here, we can look out over the street at all the houses. Even before we
    hone our skills, we must find something which we can pledge our lives to
    protecting. We looked around the castle far and wide. I sought to find
    something for Garret to protect. 
    It's important that... ...I have such a thing? 
    [Garret looks at Coldbird questioningly and then hugs himself.]
    Let me see... For the beautiful women of Arctica, I will pledge my knightly
    courage! How's that, Elmina?
    [Elmina turns away, amused by him.]
    You still have time to find something. You'll have to show it to me sometime.
    I expect to see it one day soon.
    [Their boss speaks, and the two turn to him.]
    That's right. It is MOST important for a knight to find an important THING to
    protect. We, the seven Fenril kngihts, are a symbol of its defense. That is
    what we stand for. I am the Armor, the Pillar of Defense. My assistant, Ryan,
    is the Shield, and Elmina is the Weapon. 
    I am the Sword. Lately everyone calls me the Sword Princess. 
    How about me? I am one of the knights. What am I going to be called? 
    Garret, you are the Gauntlet. 
    [Garret looks disappointed at the news.]
    ...I am the Gauntlet? I wish I were something sharper. 
    The Sword, which intercepts, is the fang that protects from invasion. You are
    the arm that wields the Sword. That means you must protect Elmina. Do you
    object to being the Gauntlet? 
    [Garret salutes his boss proudly.]
    Hehehe, I see. Gauntlet has that kind of meaning. Ha ha ha, no objections!
    All right! I will protect the important things, all of them! 
    [He clenches his fist proudly but is interrupted by a voice.]
    That's so nice, new guy. Are you going to protect me, too? 
    [Over to the side are the four other knights. From left to right, we see a
    purple-haired man, a blonde-haired man in armor, one with platinum-colored
    hair and yellow armor, and a brown-haired man clothed in purple. Coldbird
    turns to them.]
    Not you guys, too? What's going on? Have all the knights ditched the ceremony?!
    [Coldbird slaps his forehead. Kurt, the man in yellow, strokes his chin
    It had just started. I felt it was a good time to slip out.
    [Kurt lets his arms down to his sides and then shrugs. Ryan, the blonde one
    in armor, speaks.]
    You can't really get angry, Coldbird. You slipped out to look for Garret,
    because it was as good an excuse as any. 
    Heh, looks like you got caught, too. If this becomes an issue later, please
    take care of it.
    [Coldbird sighs. Ryan, meanwhile, approaches Garret and holds out his hand in
    greeting. Garret clutches it briefly.]
    I am the Head assistant, Ryan. Nice to meet you. This is Asprill, otherwise
    known as, Helm. He is a reticent man, but his battle skill is unequaled. 
    [Ryan gestures to the man in purple. The man with purple hair, however, runs
    up and poses.]
    I am Marco. Marco the Greave! Now you're the new guy! Don't worry, I'll make
    sure we all treat you real nice. 
    Kurt Barouz, the Lance. I'm your biggest competition.
    ...I...I am... Garret Stampede!! Today I am a Fenril Knight!
    Well, that takes care of the greetings. Let's start drills! 
    Haven't you heard the saying, 'There is no rebel without reason!' You don't
    always have to be strict, y'know... 
    [The scene begins to fade.]
    Today is the knight Honor Ceremony. On such an occasion, you don't have to
    train us.
    Especially because of the ceremony, we need to train. That way at least, I'll
    have some excuse for us not being there! 
    At last, thinking a cut above us. Well, we better get training, so we don't
    look bad if the royalty start asking what happened during the Honor Ceremony.
    [The flashback ends, and everything fades to black. Soon we see Jack lying in
    the guest room's bed in Adlehyde Castle, his eyes open. Hanpan is on top of
    the covers; Rudy and Cecilia are also in the room.]
    ... ... ... ... ... ...Rudy... ...Princess... ...What's happened? ...Hanpan,
    you all right? 
    [Hanpan hops on top of him and waves his arms frantically.]
    Am I all right?! What do you think? I thought you were... After you fell to
    the ground, we had to carry you all the way here! 
    [Jack looks around.]
    We are back at Adlehyde Castle. There is nothing to worry about. 
    ...Thank you... You must be exhausted, carrying me all that way. I... I
    experienced some flashbacks. ... ... ... ... ... I realized how much I've been
    blocking out. I was so caught up with my plan for revenge that it affected my
    memory... ... ... ... I am not here for revenge... I'm here to save someone...
    [Jack sits up and rests his right hand over his face.]
    I had abandoned all of my past to find 'absolute power'... Who am I to blame
    the princess for not revealing her true identity? I had no right to do that...
    [He looks to them.]
    I have been hiding my real name from everyone too. My real name is... 
    [Cecilia, hands at her heart, shakes her head softly and then raises a finger
    in front of her lips in a "Shh" gesture.]
    You are Jack Van Burace. You are on my team. That's who you are. 
    [Rudy nods in agreement.]
    Yes, we are a team. Isn't that enough? You must have hurt your head in the
    That's right, we're a team... You guys saved me. I really trust you guys...
    ... ... ... Rudy, Princess, Hanpan... There's something I need to ask you...
    [Everyone nods.]
    There is an abandoned castle in the snowy valley in the Arctica region. And...
    At Arctica Castle, there is someone waiting for my arrival. ...I can sense
    it... I've been there before, and we both abandoned our pasts together... I
    must get to Arctica Castle, if I am to start a new life. To Arctica Castle!
    ... ... ... ... ... I am determined not to fail this time! No more feeling
    guilty... No more blood... 
    [Rudy nods.]
    So you will never again swing your sword in the name of revenge? 
    Right, no more... This sword is to protect what we value... It is our sword. 
    Arctica Castle, here we come! 
    Part XIX. -Arctica Castle- 
    [When the three, including Hanpan, arrive at Arctica Castle, Elmina is waiting
    with her back turned. As she turns to see your party slowly, however, she
    becomes Lady Harken. Rudy and Cecilia become defensive, but Jack walks out
    before them.]
    Guys... Let me take care of this. 
    [Cecilia looks concerned but backs down when Rudy nods.]
    I leave it up to you. 
    I will handle it. 
    [Hanpan hops off of his shoulder. Jack speaks to Lady Harken.]
    We... We took too long to get here. Let there be no more hesitation. 
    Lady Harken:
    My body is stained with blood. I cannot go back. 
    It's the same for me. But, we have important work to do. We cannot be stopped
    here. Besides, if I fail here, I could never show my face to her again! That
    I would regret!! 
    [Jack rests his hand on the hilt of his sword and closes his eyes.]
    I have Elmina in my heart. For Elmina... Harken, I... 
    [He draws his sword, eyes open.]
    I must kill you!!! 
    Lady Harken:
    My life started and ends here... My fighting meant nothing... ...even if things
    turned out different. I degraded myself to evil... 
    [Lady Harken goes into battle stance.]
    Lady Harken:
    Come on, Jack... Bring the power you have held since that day! 
    [A battle starts.]
    Lady Harken:
    Don't hesitate! ... Please, not any more... Your sword... I want you to deliver
    to me... With feeling... 
    [Jack delivers the finishing blow.]
    Lady Harken:
    You are worthy to be in my heart... 
    [The battle ends. Lady Harken falls to the ground as Elmina.]
    [He runs to her, kneels, and holds her.]
    Elmina! Elmina!! Elminaaa!!! 
    [An orange light suddenly erupts around him.]
    [opens eyes] ...You, haven't realized? This light your heart sends out...
    ...Yes, it makes the impossible, possible. Your own Absolute Power...
    To protect something important, the power exceeds even yourself... The light
    of courage your heart sends out... 
    [Elmina winces in pain.]
    Don't talk! Please, don't talk any more... 
    [Elmina gets onto her knees and looks at him, face-to-face.]
    From your hand...lots of important things... Would have fallen... You have the
    light of courage... Stronger than anyone's... Believe that... that any power...
    [Elmina falls over onto his shoulder.]
    Open your eyes! Hang on, Elmina!! 
    From the knight who perished, I must tell you something... Can you listen? 
    [Jack nods.]
    Even if it is a dull, boring world, this is where you and I met... So, please
    protect it... 
    [Elmina falls limp in his grasp. She then fades into nothingness.]
    Elmina... I... Elmina!! ...No more, not the past... I won't be possessed with
    revenge... The sword I wield will protect... 
    *The Lion Idol Shattered!
    [The orange light flared up into white and now faced him high above.]
    I am the light that humans have lost...
    The Guardian of Courage...
    What wakes me is the
    feeling of a human knight and
    the falling of an evil knight.
    Do not be a slave of the past. 
    If you wish to exceed yourself,
    call me under the name of Courage. 
    My name is Justine. 
    I am the Sword of Courage. 
    [Jack stands, and you obtain the 'Brave Seal' Medium. Hanpan appears back on
    his shoulder, and Rudy and Cecilia exchange looks with each other.]
    I'm fine... Really. ... ... ... I still have something to protect. She showed
    me... That's why I can wield the sword... To protect what's important. I can
    still be myself...
    [However, upon leaving Arctica Castle, Cecilia drops to her knees, holding her
    head. Rudy and Jack look at her in fright.]
    Hey! You, OK?
    I... I'm all right... But, the Guardians... 
    What about the Guardians?!
    Through the Teardrop, they are telling me... ...Defined world...decline...
    ...seal... release... ...Ka Dingel?
    [Jack and Rudy exchange looks and become even more concerned. At last, Cecilia
    looks up, her hands on her heart.]
    ...Evil's final invasion... It's starting...
    [We are shown a view of a tempestuous sea, the area about which the Guardians
    are contacting Cecilia.]
    Darkness poured over the earth, 
    damaging the Layline, and decreased 
    the Guardians' power sharply.
    It was at the bottom of the sea.
    The position of the evil tower,
     was detected by Zeikfried.
    1000 years ago...
    [An object on the floor of the ocean begins to rise in a cloak of bubbles.]
    The technology of human and Elw,
    expanded to the sky and the sea of stars,
    launching satellites into orbit.
    The subspace elevator
    between space an the earth...
    Ka Dingel.
    [The tower breaks trough the surface of the water and continues until it breaks
    through the clouds.]
    Ka Dingel, which was
    sealed by the Guardians,
    appeared again, after an eternity.
    Now, the last ambition of Zeikfried starts.
    [Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia gather again in the Adlehyde Conference Room. Master
    Anje greets them, her Layline device on the table.]
    Master Anje:
    Ah, I was just looking for you! 
    What is going on? 
    Master Anje:
    The Terrestrial Magnetism and the Layline Observer have shown disturbance in
    their readings. Similar disturbances have been read at all of the Guardian
    The Teardrop has also signaled a world disturbance. It was quite sudden...
    Could something be wrong with Filgaia?
    Can't you detect the origin of the disturbance with the device? 
    Master Anje:
    All I can detect is that the disturbances have happened at the same time at
    various locations in Filgaia.
    I have an idea! Can you pick one common numeric reading from each observation
    point? And then, connect all those points? 
    [Master Anje leans and begins fiddling with the device.]
    Master Anje:
    Let me try that. 
    When you connect the dots, it should form the shape of a circle. I believe
    the center of the circle is the origin... 
    Master Anje:
    I got it! Connecting the observation points... Getting the center
    coordinates... Here is the center point... 
    X: 15300
    Y: 5000
    Here it is! This is where the disturbance originates! 
    Wow. Good work, guys! 
    Master Anje:
    Thank you. Thank you. This is embarrassing... 
    I feel as though this will be our last battle. 
    Master Anje:
    Allow me to return to Curan Abbey and continue observation. ... ... ...
    Please use extra caution, for you are entering the epicenter of an earthquake.
    Please be careful. 
    We need to be well prepared. I doubt the demons will like uninvited guests. Not
    to say that their reception won't be... Enthusiastic. 
    [Rudy nods, and you regain free control. If you wish to skip the optional
    material, refer to the contents.]
    Part XX. -Rudy's Despair and Hope-
    [SURF VILLAGE, bustling from the Holy Berry Trade. You speak with everyone.]
    Dennis (Jack):
    I'm putting on weight. It's because I'm eating very well with the money from
    my business... I can buy all the new pants I want, since I have so much money.
    Ha, money is such a wonderful thing. 
    Dennis (Rudy):
    I hear people still smell rotten meet or sense the beast's presence in the
    Berry Cave... They must have overactive imaginations. Our business is about
    to take off. Why are people so scared? 
    Dennis (Cecilia):
    Holy Berries are selling well these days, because of all the recent troubles.
    Now, get away from here. You're bad for business.
    You are wanderers, aren't you? Please get me get out of here before they pluck
    and roast me! 
    My brother, on the other side of this fence, longs to soar through the sky!
    But chickens cannot fly! I set him straight by teasing him! 
    Little Hen:
    Even if I keep laying eggs, they are taken everyday... Where are my children
    Horses are no good for eating, but we love to go running! I'm a fine,
    3-year-old horse! 
    White Dog:
    I smell something bad coming from the people who go out to the Berry Cave.
    It makes me insecure for some reason. I want them to stop going to the Berry
    Cave before it's too late... 
    Recently my owner went a long time without brushing me at all. My shaggy coat
    was starting to spoil my good looks. 
    Bambollo (Jack):
    We don't have to suffer in this hard world, because of the Holy Berry money.
    We really appreciate it. 
    Bambollo (Rudy):
    It seems many villages are cities are receiving awful damage because of that
    black light... Because we are civilized people, we were spared from it's
    destruction and can continue harvesting Holy Berries. Is it the Guardians'
    divine protection? 
    Bambollo (Cecilia):
    We cannot trust people from Adlehyde. They treated us like simpletons when
    they did business with us... But now we don't have to be humble when they
    buy our harvests. They will have to treat us as equals! 
    Free Chicken:
    Where it is blue, and wind is blowing... I want to fly someday! 
    [You use the wind staff on him.]
    Free Chicken:
    Wanderers! Did you see? Did you see? Did you see me fly? Great!! Finally I
    can fly!! Thank you, wanderers, for being witnesses to my triumph!! To show
    my gratitude, I will give you my treasure! Don't be shy. I want you to take
    [You receive an EX File Key and talk with everyone else.]
    Campbell (Jack):
    I keep telling you that you should leave this place as soon as possible. The
    incident with the black light caused a disturbance in Filgaia... Some
    villagers insist that you are responsible for it. 
    Campbell (Rudy):
    That black light... Everyone says that was your doing. But that's not true,
    is it? You don't have that much power, right? 
    Campbell (Cecilia):
    Sometimes, in the Berry Cave, I smell rotten meat. I can't get it out of my
    head... I hope it's just my imagination. The Holy Berry business is about to
    really take off. 
    Tony (Jack):
    Everyone says we can make money from Holy Berries. But, I'm scared... They all
    look frightening, like little green-eyed monsters. 
    Tony (Rudy):
    Oh, Rudy!! I am so glad that you are OK! Black light fell all over the world
    and I heard of many scary things... I was so worried. 
    Tony (Cecilia):
    I made friends with a white dog. He lives on the outskirts of the village.
    When I feel lonely, he licks my face. We're good friends now. 
    Vincent (Jack):
    The village chief is planning to sell Holy Berries far and wide. I have no
    right to say anything. Still, I think it's unwise to move so quickly... 
    Vincent (Rudy):
    Tony has recently become depressed. He can't forgive the villagers for exiling
    you and then exploiting your good work... If you see him, please talk to him...
    Vincent (Cecilia):
    The fields in this village lie untended and over-grown. Everyone deserted their
    fields and went to work harvesting Holy Berries. 
    Clair (Jack):
    We can afford a richer life than before, because of the Holy Berry. With
    things going so well, we don't want to get involved with a wanderer. We don't
    want to lose this life. 
    Clair (Rudy):
    The black light wasn't your doing, either? Recently, people have reported
    seeing threatening shadows in the Berry Cave. 
    Clair (Cecilia):
    I'm afraid of your constant, frantic movement. Why can't you just do what
    everyone else does? What drives you to keep going? 
    Tallman (Jack):
    Did your friends cause the black light? That's the rumor going around. Let an
    old man give you some advice. Leave this village as soon as possible. 
    Tallman (Rudy):
    The incident with the black light... There are many people who think you had
    something to do with it. I didn't say anything about it, since we can't tell
    the truth. But, you understand, there are reasons that they think that way...
    Tallman (Cecilia):
    We decided to do the Holy Berry business on our own without depending on other
    merchants. Because of your friend, we can't trust strangers. 
    [BASKAR VILLAGE. You speak with everyone here.]
    Hannah (Jack):
    Peopple not of our village often say that our life lacks excitement. But I
    like my life here. I tend to my garden on sunny days, and I study the
    Guardians on rainy days. It is perfect for me.
    Hannah (Rudy):
    While I was taking care of the garden, I noticed sprouts coming out of the
    soil that had never been there before. It was just as the Chief says, 'You
    can make anything happen if you try hard enough.' Even miracles. 
    Hannah (Cecilia):
    Chief said the future depends on the faith of people's hearts. Seeing you glow
    even more than last I saw you makes me believe that his hope for the future is
    Arcroid (Jack):
    Welcome. Please feel free to examine anything that might interest you. [You
    choose to speak with him.] I thought I was pretty much done for when I saw
    beams of destruction falling on us. But the rays disappeared just as fast as
    they came. Was that because of the prayers of the people in the village? 
    Arcroid (Rudy):
    Welcome. Please feel free to examine anything that might interest you. [You
    choose to speak with him.] I heard that once the Guardian of Hope is revived,
    our quality of life will change for the better. Does that mean that people
    like me will turn into honest and diligent business men? 
    Arcroid (Cecilia):
    Welcome. Please feel free to examine anything that might interest you. [You
    choose to speak with him.] Why is it that the only time you tend to appreciate
    nature is when you're feeling down? ...Hey, young lady, do you have an answer
    for me? 
    Fernando (Jack):
    Since the beginning of time, every life form walks on the circular path and
    eventually returns to its original form. Guardian Warriors... You shall learn
    more about life while you are on this path. I will be praying for the Guardian
    to guide you in the right direction. 
    Fernando (Rudy):
    There is more to life than a rainbow after the rain or a bundle of beautiful
    flowers. Even the creatures you cannot see have their purpose. Life is
    worthless without purpose.
    Fernando (Cecilia):
    Shrine Maiden... There will be much hardship for you... But do not fear. You
    will learn a great deal from it, and gain maturity. 
    Alvarez (Jack):
    The 'New Moon' has been traveling through the sky at an unusual pace. Its
    movements are not as natural as they used to be... I may be just imagining
    things, but every time I see that moon, I become uneasy about the future. 
    Alvarez (Rudy):
    Only those with a clear mind can summon 'Hope' from the 'Altar of Wind'.
    Once you feel the Western wind, it is a sign that the wind has erased your
    weakness from within you. 
    Alvarez (Cecilia):
    The Wind of Hope can only be delivered to a devastated land... It is said
    that 'Hope' comes only as a glimmer of light in the darkest hour. 
    Paulina (Jack):
    What brings you here today? What would you like to do? [You choose to speak
    with her.] To believe and wait for the arrival of the Wind of Hope... I have
    just recently realized how tough it is to do that. 
    Paulina (Rudy):
    What brings you here today? What would you like to do? [You choose to speak
    with her.] To be honest, I am not sure what will happen to this world. But I
    am just going to be happy I'm alive today and not let it get to me. 
    Paulina (Cecilia):
    What brings you here today? What would you like to do? [You choose to speak
    with her.] My name is pretty strange... But everyone else in this colony also
    has a pretty strange name. I should stop thinking about that. Perhaps, my
    advisor sent me here for that reason. 
    Hungry Chicken:
    How come these greens taste so good? I especially love the green tips of
    carrots. I cannot stop eating them. Why don't you try some, too?
    Tiny Chick:
    The people in this village raise chickens even though they don't eat them.
    I suppose the least I can do for them is to grow up and make lots of chicks.
    Relaxed Chicken:
    I am afraid I'm almost at the age where I can no longer lay an egg. My time
    is coming. I am going to do my best so that the quality of everyone's life
    can get better.
    Garmin (Jack):
    Enemies will cease to be a problem once you gather the four Guardian Lords.
    Then, no demons can match Filgaia's primordial power. 
    Garmin (Rudy):
    The Chief said that true hope exists only when, after many failed attempts,
    there is still a will to find a guiding light. Your determination to move
    forward assures me that you are the one who can deliver us the Western Wind of
    Garmin (Cecilia):
    The Guardian of Desire, Luceid, still proudly holds its original power from
    1,000 years ago. You will need to present her with your convincing desire if
    you wish to rule her. 
    White Dove:
    This villager came up to me while I was eating. He said, 'Your life must be
    so easy, I wish I could be a bird, and just fly in the sky without a worry.'
    Well, excuse me, guy! How does he know my life isn't any harder than his? 
    Black Dog:
    Woof! Woof! Woof! Do you think I should bark once or twice to get a female's
    Camina (Jack):
    The stone circle to the northeast is known as the 'Perpetual Engine' among us
    Baskars. There is an old saying that if you solve the puzzle of the stone
    circle, you will be greeted by the Guardian of Time... I am sure it is just
    another legendary myth. 
    Camina (Rudy):
    The 'Perpetual Engine', located northeast of our village, is an artifact from
    a primitive culture. Early primitives believed that Filgaia was the center of
    the universe. It is mysterious how they aligned stones so perfectly, or how
    they managed to chart a constellation perfectly on the ground. 
    Camina (Cecilia):
    Demons have a heart and soul just like us. Although we are born in different
    places, we can still learn to respect our differences. 
    Demi (Jack):
    The planet will be a better place if everyone in Filgaia can unite and work
    together. We must understand that a perfect world is impossible to achieve.
    But that's just it. We must continue to strive for the impossible ideal, so
    that we find the best ideal that is possible. 
    Demi (Rudy):
    Guardians live in people's minds. Thus, they do not need any temples. The
    temples you see throughout Filgaia are the result of weakness. Weak people
    need a temple to worship. 
    Demi (Cecilia):
    What a nice day. Although the morning we were struck by the evil light beams
    was just like this. Tragedy always happens when you least expect it. 
    Old Coyote:
    A strange device protects the 'Perpetual Engine', located in the ruins to the
    northeast... The 'Border' is protected by 12 pillars, and is very tough to
    break through. Without breaking through the 'border', it is impossible to
    break the seal on the 'Circle of Time'. 
    Chief (Jack):
    Warriors... You must have already noticed. 'Courage' is the power that can
    better yourselves, regardless of your past history. 
    Chief (Rudy):
    The power of 'Courage' and 'Love' shall bring us the Western Wind of
    Prosperity. As well as the power to believe our dreams. That power is 'Hope'.
    Hope that Zephyr will bring forth a bright future. 
    Chief (Cecilia):
    Our sweet Shrine Maiden of the Guardian... As you mentioned, 'Love' means to
    live for today and to preserve the precious moments in life.
    Shrine Maiden and warriors... Travel well, gathering the Guardians' power.
    The Wind shall answer only if you can summon the Zephyr.
    [The three wanderers step onto the altar in Baskar.]
    ...Hey, what's going on here? 
    [Dark storm clouds cover the area in less than five seconds. They all look
    around in wonder.]
    Shh, listen, I can barely hear... 
    [Suddenly, the Teardrop lights up on Cecilia's chest. Jack covers his eyes
    from the brightness, and both the guys seem startled.]
    ...the Teardrop... This feeling... Raftina... ...And, Justine!
    [A bright pink light and a bright yellowish light appear above them.]
    This is the Alter of Wind... It renders Hope, with Western Wind... But... 
    We have had misgivings in our faith, and since then, we have been unable to
    summon the Guardian Lord... 
    We lack a social with unalloyed hope. Doubt is the enemy which hampers the
    advent of the Western Wind... 
    Wait a minute! Are you saying that we cannot call the Western Wind? 
    [Rudy, with determination, steps up to the plate.]
    Right! Rudy is the innocent naif! He has always had hope. He believes in the
    world regardless of the situation. 
    Do you wish to open up the future with your heart and soul? ...But you are not
    human... How can an heart artificial and soul... Summon the Wind of Hope? With
    all that has happened, do you still have hope for the future? ...You are
    singular and unique... You have no place in this world, you are an unnatural
    being... But you still insist on attempting to summon the Wind? You truly
    believe in the future? 
    [Rudy, hurt from this, sadly looks down at his hand. Jack rests a hand on
    Rudy's left shoulder.]
    Hey, Justine... This guy would never give up on anything... This world needs
    a guy like him, with such strong will and determination. He's human in the
    way that counts! 
    Please listen, Raftina! We would not have had the faith to come this far, if
    it was not for Rudy. Calling him unnatural is unworthy of him! You cannot say
    Rudy has no place here... There should not even be a question as to who belongs
    on Filgaia, or who does not.
    [Rudy raises his hands above his head and closes his eyes. A flash of blue
    nearly blinds his friends nearby.]
    Light from his artificial heart is reaching out to the future?! 
    This is the beam of Hope... But...it should not be... Could it possible...
    Rudy holds up the statue of Dragon God.
    But the Draogn God does not appear...
    *A voice is heard from the statue... 
    I am the one who rules the brilliance of heart, and gathers lost Hope...
    Though your heart is man-made, your radiance was more than enough to wake me
    from my slumber... However... There is a shadow that lies upon your soul,
    which hinders my awakening... This scar is your fear and pain... It is a deep
    'Despair'. Once you have purged your heart and soul of this 'Despair', I shall
    appear as the Western Wind... The Western Wind does not blow from the altar,
    it blows from your heart... 
    [Baskar Village is no longer covered by clouds, nor are Raftina and Justine
    there any longer. The three, including Hanpan, are still standing upon the
    altar. Rudy has his back turned to them, his head bowed in shame.]
    ...Did we do it?! 
    We have failed to summon the Guardian... 
    Rudy... I'm sorry, I had no idea of the anguish in your heart... Forgive me
    for my earlier words... 
    [Rudy shakes his head slightly.]
    Is this from before we met? 
    (...I think I know... I remember... a dream?) 
    An insensitive guy like me can't be much of a help, but... I can at least
    listen to you. Anytime you need me, I will be here for you. 
    [They approach him.]
    I've had so much help from all of you. So I want you to know, we are always
    here for you, as well. 
    [You regain free control and head over to Surf Village. When you get there,
    the air is littered with miasma.]
    There is a lot of bad gas in the air here... But we're outside. Why hasn't
    the wind blown it away?
    [They walk in through the entrance.]
    I can tell since I'm a wind mouse... The wind is foul... Something must be
    polluting the air around here... 
    Watch out! Something is approaching! 
    [Rudy and Cecilia turn immediately but instead see the shadow of a small boy
    running toward them. He stops for a moment.]
    ...Mr. Wanderer? 
    [He resumes running and throws his arms around Rudy.]
    It's you! I knew you would come and help us when we were in trouble!! 
    [The scene skips to later; through the fog, you can make out the three
    wanderers gathered before the villagers in the middle of town.]
    The monster emitting noxious gas
    from the Berry Cave was destroyed
    by a boy who visited this village.
    The village was taking steps
    toward making the Holy Berry
    harvest a new industry... 
    As Holy Berries were harvested, 
    the life of the land weakened and 
    the ominous gas began spreading... 
    And, today... 
    Surf Village's time has finally ran out. 
    The gas is about to consume the grounds...
    Just as I thought... The Holy Berries probably had the ability to hold back
    that monster's gas... It happened because people got greedy! 
    [to the villagers] You want us to do something... 
    No...we don't mean...well...ah...let's see... 
    Let's see? So you're not sure... 
    [Rudy seems pretty depressed when we see a brief look at his face. Tony,
    however, is quite chipper.]
    Why not?! He can help us! Or... ...are you still afraid of him? 
    Excuse me... Would you please let us talk for a moment? 
    [As Cecilia suggests, the three, including little Hanpan, rendezvous for a
    quick discussion. Rudy is standing by himself, in the same abysmal mood as he
    was when they arrived.]
    This all happened before you met us... I want to tell them to take a flying
    leap. But it's not as simple as it looks... 
    When superstition and rumors spread, they grow with every telling. The truth
    becomes lost along the way. In this case, it's not that the villagers saw the
    real power of ARM. They only saw the ARM, and with it Rudy, through a lens of
    superstition and rumor. It's not that they're wrong. They just didn't have
    the knowledge to make an informed decision. We have been groping around for
    information too. If they take a step back, they'll understand. The very reason
    we can do something is the fact that we do not live in this village. 
    ...I understand... I understand it, but... 
    Let's do something. That is, if Rudy would like to help them. Let's fix it.
    But only if Rudy would like to fix it. 
    Ah, Princess... He must want to help them. You know the way he is... Even
    if these are the very people who hurt him before... 
    Yeah, you're right. But still... Even if he wants to do something for them,
    does he want to do something for himself? 
    [Rudy turns to look at them finally.]
    Rudy, you are no longer alone in the world. 
    [Suddenly, however, they hear something. Everyone collects at the village
    entrance to see darker miasma collecting before them.]
    The gas is spreading into the ground. We're running out of time!! 
    That's not our only problem...
    [Three balloons appear out of the deadly mist. Cecilia and Jack have their
    weapons drawn.]
    Some kind of...?! 
    We can split hairs later! We must get this problem taken care of!! 
    [Rudy is more or less standing with Tony and the other villagers.]
    I can't find Uncle Bambollo! 
    [Rudy and Tony run away a little bit to see a man fleeing for his life not
    far away in the thick miasma. He trips and falls. Then he stands and backs
    away as a large creature emerges out of the gas and steps toward him. Rudy
    whips out his Hand Cannon and aims it, frightening Bambollo.]
    Wo, wow! 
    [Rudy is a little hurt by his reaction. Meanwhile, the rotten beast roars
    loudly, and Bambollo gets to his feet and quickly runs to safety behind Rudy.
    Rudy clicks the trigger on his ARM, but nothing happens. Jack and Cecilia
    look over at him.]
    What's wrong, Rudy?
    [Rudy, looking worried, keeps trying to pull the trigger.]
    He didn't connect his heart with ARM... 
    No! Rudy's heart...rejected the ARM?! 
    [Jack and Hanpan exchange looks.]
    He's afraid if he uses the ARM, he might scare the people again... The pain of
    others... He is afraid of it so much, his heart rejected ARM without his
    Why would you do that for me? 
    Because he's trying to help us! Do you want to be saved, too? Then we have to
    work together! 
    Work together? I'm just a man with no power... How can I help? Should I get
    set like this? 
    [Bambollo puts his arms around Rudy, and Tony does the same.]
    No, Uncle. You have to take aim more carefully.
    They are risking their lives for us! We must help them! Let's do everything
    we can! We all know what we must do! 
    [All of the villagers approach Rudy and hold onto him.]
    The men of this village will support you, then we have a favor to ask of you.
    Please lend us your power! 
    [The ARM begins to glow with a dazzling light. Briefly, for a moment, Rudy
    remembers something Zepet told him when he was but a child. He can see the
    face of Zepet looking down at him as a boy...]
    The ARM connects directly to your heart... Its life is the power of your
    heart. It is the pinnacle of wonderful technology... ...the ARM's bonding
    characteristic... ...connecting with a heart... I'm thinking we can maybe
    use that characteristic to connect people's hearts to each other. The weapon
    designed to cause harm, could connect people's hearts... If we could make
    this happen, we could set the world aright... 
    [Back to the present, the ARM lets out of a large beam of energy, which
    crashes into the rotting beast.]
    Rudy...you got your power back! 
    Come on! Show me what you can do!! 
    [Rudy, smiling with more hope, engages in battle. He delivers the finishing
    blow to it.]
    The Rotting Beast cowers from Rudy's attack! The best chance to win is now!!
    [The battle ends. We see it roaring in agony.]
    Rudy! Here is a Holy Berry!!
    [The man chucks a Holy Berry at the Rotting Beast. Rudy sends a blast via his
    ARM at the creature. Its power, combined with the Holy Berry, sends the beast
    into oblivion. Meanwhile, back in Baskar, a man climbs onto the Altar of Wind
    and looks up at the sky.]
    Keeper Tajini:
    ...Good wind was blowing at the altar of the wind reader... A wind to blow
    away the dark cloud, which encloses this world... It was such a wonderful
    [Meanwhile, back in a healthier-looking Surf Village, a blue light showers
    Rudy, his friends, and the villagers.]
    I'm the heart that people lost... I'm the existence of hope... The positive
    attitude for the future. Never giving up even if you fail... It is this
    attitude that blew away the shadow covering your heart. Don't be afraid
    of mistakes. Don't shy away from the pain. There is hope after all... If
    you fight by believing in the future, I offer up my protection, in the
    name of 'Hope'... A zephyr blows in your mind, blowing away the darkness
    covering the world... 
    [Rudy holds up the Dragon Idol.]
    The Dragon Idol shattered!
    [You obtain the 'Hope Shard' medium.]
    Part XXI. -Character Recruitment- 
         Part XXIa. -Emma Hetfield- 
    [You explore further the water system beneath Adlehyde. You come upon a room
    and bomb the floor. Jack is the first to fall onto the floor below. Rudy
    lands on top of him, and Jack looks about to give away. Cecilia falls upon
    them, crushing the two utterly, and lastly Hanpan, who hops at last to Jack's
    head. Emma walks to them, for she was in the room at the time.]
    Now, that was a little dangerous... You'll damage your brain if you do that
    too much. 
    Besides Jack, of course, it'd be very bad for us to get brain damage... 
    Indeed, I don't want it... 
    I don't want it further than what I have now. 
    You broke through my ceiling with an explosion. That wasn't very subtle...
    Well, never mind that... 
    [She spreads out her arms cheerfully.]
    Welcome to my secret base. Here is the forefront of modern science, Total
    Order Bridge! 
    3 people and an animal:
    [Later they all stand gathered around the doctor.]
    My studio was too small to design and construct the Gullwing. That's why I
    built this secret base. All the expense is from my own pocket. Although I do
    occupy land and borrow materials without permission. 
    Well, we'll over look your actions. We wouldn't waste our time on a trial by
    bringing charges against you... 
    Wow, isn't she understanding? I would like to make more confessions. Would
    you listen? 
    I will listen to whatever you confess once peace comes back to Filgaia.
    Do you need legal advice? 
    The distance to peace is unexpectedly long... 
    [Rudy nods in agreement.]
    Pardon the interruption... Since you've shut yourself up in here, are you
    working on some inventions? 
    Well... You could call it an invention, I guess? Recently, my work has showed
    some amazing progress... I used the Emma Motor, which was at the trial stage,
    and excavated two Golems. One of them, I confirmed reactivation. I completed
    building a flying machine. I succeeded in using it's wings for flight, from
    just a theory. I've been wondering where all this rapid progress has been
    coming from. 
    [She surveys the three of them, her arms crossed.]
    Of course, my brilliant mind and our meeting means a lot... But it's not only
    that. In Filgaia's history, we once had a period when technology showed great
    progress like it is now... ...You know... That was also during a period when
    monsters were attacking Filgaia... My guess, behind the current progress of
    technology, is the influence of the battle with monsters starting yet again.
    And, if our technology achieves further progress and leaves the hands and
    minds of people--- 
    ---Like the incident 1000 years ago, it brings great disaster? 
    Exactly... You are wise, Mr. Hanpan. 
    If you expect that will happen again, what are you trying to do, Dr. Emma? 
    My next research project will be... I can't find a proper word for it, but
    basically, it is 'world peace'. 
    Did I mishear something? Or should I be reading between the lines? The gaps
    between those lines are huge! 
    Oh, I'm pretty serious. I wish for scientific progress. I may be only a
    petty scientist, but, it's only normal to dream. As much as science grows,
    people also need to develop their minds. Scientists should only use science
    they discovered on their own. It's not good for people to use science that
    they just dug up somewhere and do not fully understand. For everything to
    succeed, we need to work toward 'world peace'. Not depend on the residue of
    lost technology and ARM. If my dream comes true... Then for the first time
    can we study ARM, not as a fighting power, but as the inheritance of a
    prehistoric civilization. 
    [Cecilia claps.]
    Then, how do we create this 'world peace'?
    [Emma smiles broadly.]
    I do not know that, either! 
    [The three wanderers seem greatly disappointed at this news.]
    We should attack monsters? We should defeat monsters? Then we can have
    peace? After driving away enemies, is lasting peace promised? ...This is a
    proposition that looks simple, but it requires great consideration. ...Well,
    for that reason, I would like to go with you. All right, everyone? 
    What do you mean, 'For that reason?!'
    Until now, peace was such a vague concept and nobody could invent it. Because
    of the quest for peace, there has been always a battle somewhere... Longing
    to head for the sky was a dream that old Zepet and his six pupils had. Now,
    I have made it come true. I would like to challenge the dream I have. That's
    the invention of 'world peace'. 
    If you say so, I will not object. In my opinion, I want you to be able to
    protect yourself at least. 
    Please allow me to work with you on your new invention, Doctor Emma.
    [Rudy steps forward and extends his right hand. Emma takes it.]
    My hope for Filgaia is real. I expect to create the ultimate invention.  
    [Emma joins your party. You walk to the door.]
    Oh, wait, wait! This place is the center of the secret base. I want to keep
    it a secret... Do you understand? Now I want you to put on the blindfold. It
    will be trouble if you remember even the approximate location of this base...
    It's OK, don't worry. I will take off your blindfold when we get there. 
    Part XXI. -Character Recruitment-
         Part XXIb. -Jane Maxwell- 
    [To recruit Calamity Jane, you must first obtain Zephyr, the Guardian of Hope.
    When you do, you return to Court Seim, enter the Maxwell household, and speak
    with Jane.]
    Magdalen! What are you thinking?! Don't you remember what happened with the
    'Gemini Circuit'? You have had a back problem ever since you jumped into the
    ocean. You should be more careful. 
    [You speak with her.]
    Oh boy... I am sick and tired of worrying about you! Aren't you guys sick of
    it, too? 
    [She stands aside, and you approach Magdalen.]
    How humiliating. I am sorry you had to witness that. I should have known
    Please take care of yourself. Leave it to us young ones next time. 
    Are you OK? Is there anything we can do for you?
    [Magdalen nods.]
    You are too kind. ...Well, Jane, could you give me the painkillers that I
    handed you earlier? 
    [Jane looks shocked.]
    What?! You didn't hand me painkillers, did you? ...Hmm, or maybe you did.
    Let me go check In my room. 
    [She leaves casually.]
    Butler, was there something you wanted to talk to us about?
    Yes, there is, Hanpan. And, I don't wish Jane to know about this. 
    If that's the case, we only have a few minutes before Jane gets back. 
    I have a rather large favor to ask of you. 
    [Magdalen stands and faces them.]
    First, allow me to tell you an old tale... This is a rather long story, but
    please bear with me. It is about the Maxwell family. 
    (Magdalen, narrating):
    This happened 15 years ago... 
    The Maxwell family was a very well off
    family: Nicholli, the head of the house 
    and ARMS researcher, his wife Mabel, 
    and their young daughter Jessica. 
    The beginning of their misfortunes came 
    by way of a wanderer who brought a 
    newly discovered ARM from nearby 
    ruins to the town's fair.
    This particular ARM was placed on 
    display at the fair. It was not broken, 
    yet it would not activate.
    The ARM was greeted with curiosity and 
    people were amazed by its mystery. 
    Unfortunately, something woke the 
    ARM from its long dormancy.
    The unexpected awakening of ARM can 
    only be described as chaotic, and it 
    only ended when the ARM self-combusted.
    The explosion was responsible for many 
    deaths, and an even greater number 
    were wounded.
    When Nicholli arrived on the scene, he 
    found pieces of the ARM still rumbling. 
    Nicholli disposed of them properly.
    But the tragedy did not end there. 
    Mrs. Maxwell who was at the fair during
    the incident, came across the responsible
    wanderer, who had been badly wounded. 
    She knew the town would not look kindly
    upon him, so Mrs. Maxwell brought him back
    to the Maxwell residence for treatment. 
    Since they could not find the wanderer, the 
    townspeople held Nicholli accountable, 
    since he was an ARM researcher. 
    Even though the family faced exile, Mrs. 
    Maxwell told her husband that they should 
    take responsibility, in lieu of the wanderer.
    She knew it would be easer for them to 
    take the blame, because of their family's 
    status; the grieved townspeople would deal 
    harshly with a strange wanderer.
    Nicholli readily agreed.
    The wounded wanderer accepted 
    their heroic generosity with tears.
    After taking the blame, the Maxwells knew 
    they had to leave, but they stayed long 
    enough to help with restoration of the town.
    This whole time, the wanderer stayed with 
    them while he recovered. He swore that he 
    would never forget all that the Maxwell 
    family had done for him.
    The family spent their savings establishing 
    an orphanage for the children who had lost 
    their parents in the explosion. It was the 
    only other building besides their home.
    The wanderer helped them with the move. 
    But just as the Maxwells settled into their 
    new home, Mrs. Maxwell collapsed.
    Mrs. Maxwell was pregnant, and the journey 
    had finally taken its toll, not to mention 
    the injuries she had sustained at the fair. 
    That night, 
    one life was born while another was lost.
    The wanderer owed his life to the Maxwell 
    family, especially Mrs. Maxwell. That very 
    night, he swore to serve the Maxwells, and 
    especially watch over Mrs. Maxwell's baby.
    That baby's name was Jane.
    [Magdalen finishes narrating the story.]
    I am sorry, that was quite a long story. I hope you did not find it boring.
    Of course not... Who would have thought... I assume Jane does not know any of
    No, and I hope she never finds out... It is my sincere desire to always
    protect Jane. However, I have started to question if I am indeed what Jane
    needs right now. 
    [Jack shakes his head ferociously.]
    Nonsense! Who could support and protect her as well as you do?
    I believe what she needs right now is the company of friends with whom she can
    relate, and share her dreams. I did not mean to eavesdrop... But earlier, I
    overheard Jane pouring her heart out to Rudy. She has never confided in me
    before. That is when I realized that she does not need me following her
    footsteps; rather, she needs friends walking with her. Will you please take
    Jane into your group? I'm sorry for all this, but obviously I wanted to ask
    you when Jane was not around.
    [We see a glimpse of Jane hiding right outside the door, having listened to
    the conversation. Soon after, she enters and approaches Magdalen.]
    You didn't hand me any painkillers. You know, I think you're getting too old.
    I don't think I can work with you anymore. Or at least not until you're better.
    Is that OK, Magdalen? 
    I mean, I'm sure I could even work with these guys for the time being. I'll
    join your group as long as none of you slow me down. There's not much of a
    future in this job, but I feel like helping out today, anyway. Don't worry,
    I'll bring peace to the world. I'll be back to check on you. Please get better
    by then, OK?
    Of course, Jane. Please take care of yourself. 
    [Jane puts her arms around Magdalen in a hug.]
    Hopefully, by the time I'm back, I'll be a little more grown up. And a better
    Like your sister Jessica? I will look forward to it. 
    No. Like my mother. Thank you for everything, Magdalen. I'll see you soon.
    [Jane joins your party. You can speak with Magdalen again if you wish.]
    Magdalen (Jack):
    Jack, please listen to one of my concerns. It has to do with the Captain. I
    know Jane always seems sharp and almost too in-control... But, sometimes she
    gets in a spacey mood. If she's ever acting like that, please keep her out of
    the Captain's path. Will you promise me?
    Magdalen (Rudy):
    Rudy, please take good care of Jane. She trusts you with all her heart, like
    with no other.
    Magdalen (Cecilia):
    Cecilia... Please take Jane under your wing. I'm sure you and Jane will form
    an extraordinary bond that will last through thick and thin. 
    [You speak with all of the other villagers in town.]
    Nicholli (Jack):
    Oh, hi everyone! How are you doing today? [You choose to speak with him.]
    Sometimes, you may become irritated by Jane's brash ways. But it is only
    because she is, in fact, very shy, and comes off the wrong way... Please,
    do not take whatever she may say personally.
    Nicholli (Rudy):
    Oh, hi everyone! How are you doing today? [You choose to speak with him.]
    I never imagined that I would have to say goodbye to my daughter so soon...
    But I have to trust you... You are Zepet's grandchild, after all.
    Please, Rudy... Take good care of my daughter, Jane... 
    Nicholli (Cecilia):
    Oh, hi everyone! How are you doing today? [You choose to speak with him.]
    Please, Cecilia, be good friends with Jane. She may come off a little strong
    because she has never had a friend her age... She does not mean everything
    she says. So please, be patient with her.
    Male Hawk:
    You must have heard about the pillars that emit strange light... Rumor has
    it that a crazy monster is trapped inside. I don't believe it though,
    because I pecked this one pillar a few times and nothing happened. 
    Otto (Jack):
    I miss 'Warden J', but I have to be strong! The 'Warden' wouldn't want to
    see me like this. I have to be strong. 
    Otto (Rudy):
    Magdalen looked very sad. I hope he will not go crazy or senile. Will you
    please make an effort to come see Magdalen whenever you're near Court Seim?
    I know there isn't much here, but we'll make you feel at home.
    Otto (Cecilia):
    'Warden J' told me to always be nice to the younger kids, too. Lady, you
    better be nice to 'Warden J'! She's younger than you!!
    Bruce (Jack):
    Our motto is, 'All the necessary tools for anybody, delivered anywhere!'
    [You choose to speak with him.] I understand Miss Maxwell comes in and out
    of the village a lot... But for some reason, I feel like I'm going to miss
    her more this time. 
    Bruce (Rudy):
    Our motto is, 'All the necessary tools for anybody, delivered anywhere!'
    [You choose to speak with him.] I try to get fresh air when I'm tired. I
    love to feel the western breeze on my face. Besides, dinner somehow tastes
    better after I take a walk.
    Bruce (Cecilia):
    Our motto is, 'All the necessary tools for anybody, delivered anywhere!'
    [You choose to speak with him.] I heard Miss Maxwell will be accompanying you
    this time around. Her leadership will make your journey much easier for sure. 
    [You talk to Michael. If you haven't talked to him in forever, he will say...]
    Say... Is that the 'Giant's Ocarina' that Anthony was searching for? Wow!!
    That is super cool!! Thanks! Here, I'll give you my treasure just for letting
    me see yours! Take good care of it, OK?
    [You speak with him again.]
    Michael (Jack):
    When I grow up, I'm going to be a famous wanderer like 'Warden Jane' and
    Anthony!! So from now on, I'll even drink Molly's nasty vegetable juice!!!
    Michael (Rudy): 
    Hey you, please look after the 'Warden'! Anthony used to always tell me to
    remember to be nice to girls!
    Michael (Cecilia):
    Since they have not seen each other lately, I need you to give a message
    to Jessica!! I am sure Jessica wishes to see her father. ...Please, just
    tell her to come and visit more often!
    Lestat (Jack):
    I used to think this was the only place the 'Warden' would ever call home.
    I mean, she's the 'Warden'! I guess I never thought she'd end up leaving for
    good. I guess she's doing what grown-ups do, going on an adventure, and maybe
    finding a new home along the way... 
    Lestat (Rudy):
    Is the 'Warden' joining you guys? There are a lot of things I want to say,
    but I'm keeping my mouth shut. I just hope your guys get along with her.
    Lestat (Cecilia):
    Someday, I want to be great, like Jessica and the 'Warden'. I will be cool
    and collected like Magdalen, with the smarts of Nicholli.. Please tell Jane
    to wait for me to grow up! 
    Franz (Jack):
    Ah! Wait up!! ...Wheeze... Please...deliver a message to Miss Jane for me.
    As long as Miss Jane is friends with a mouse, I will do my best to overcome
    my fear of mice.
    Franz (Rudy):
    Nicholli used to be such a night person, but I see him during the day more
    and more. It must be because of Magdalen. He mothers Nicholli like a hen.
    I mean... he always takes care of him. 
    Franz (Cecilia):
    Dreams can come true if you strive for them. Just look at Miss Jane. She
    makes me try harder to reach my goals. 
    Diana (Jack):
    Welcome to the orphanage. We have extra bunk beds for our guests. Feel free
    to rest here. [You choose to speak with her.] Jane, one of your companions
    is a mouse! How nice! I hope Franz can take this opportunity to overcome her
    mouse phobia. 
    Diana (Rudy):
    Welcome to the orphanage. We have extra bunk beds for our guests. Feel free
    to rest here. [You choose to speak with her.] Because of our efforts in
    stockpiling our harvests, we have enough now to feed the orphans for the next
    two years. Please tell Jane that we will be fine here, and to have a safe
    Diana (Cecilia):
    Welcome to the orphanage. We have extra bunk beds for our guests. Feel free
    to rest here. [You choose to speak with her.] Will you tell Jane not to
    throw away fruit peels? She should preserve them in vinegar and spices.
    They make a great meal for wanderers in times of emergency. 
    Molly (Jack):
    Is it just me, or does everything seem to be getting better lately? I don't
    know anything about the Guardians; I never went to Curan Abbey or anything.
    But I just hope someday soon, kids can grow up in a safe place without having
    to experience things that our orphans did.
    Molly (Rudy):
    It's not just the kids and Magdalen who will miss Jane. Smith and I will miss
    her a lot, too. But we will try to send her off on a positive note... I am
    going to go wish her good luck.
    Molly (Cecilia):
    You and Jane will get along just fine. ...She'll come in handy when you want
    to have girl-talk. I have no doubt that you will be the best of friends. 
    Jennifer (Jack):
    Do you think you guys can reach the moon? If you do, check and see if the moon
    is as soft as a pancake! 
    Jennifer (Rudy):
    I almost told her to not leave. But, I decided not to. See, Miss Jane played
    house with me the other day. She kept her promise. So I'm going to keep mine,
    and not be a brat.
    Jennifer (Cecilia):
    The other day, Bobby told me to never give up! That's why I decided to wait
    patiently for Miss Jane to come home. 
    Bobby (Jack):
    I'm just a teacher now at the orphanage, but I used to be good with magic
    spells. [You choose to speak with her.] Will you tell Jane not to worry
    about anything here? Magdalen and I will watch over Court Seim while she
    is away. 
    Bobby (Rudy):
    I'm just a teacher now at the orphanage, but I used to be good with magic
    spells. [You choose to speak with her.] Jane can be difficult to get along
    with sometimes, but what I like about her is her straightforward manner.
    Rudy, please take good care of her, OK?
    Bobby (Cecilia):
    I'm just a teacher now at the orphanage, but I used to be good with magic
    spells. [You choose to speak with her.] There are many innocent people in
    this world who meet unfortunate circumstances through no fault of their
    own. Jane's really good at empathizing with these people, and she can show
    them how to deal with bad fate positively.
    Ackerman (Jack):
    This is the only shop in the world that sells Name Tags. What can I do for you
    today? [You choose to speak with him.] Without Jane, all of the kids' attention
    will be on me. All the kids want to do with me is, rename this and rename that.
    I'm really tired of it.
    Ackerman (Rudy):
    This is the only shop in the world that sells Name Tags. What can I do for you
    today? [You choose to speak with him.] Oh?! Is Jane leaving with you?! Jane,
    you will be missed... 
    Ackerman (Cecilia):
    This is the only shop in the world that sells Name Tags. What can I do for you
    today? [You choose to speak with him.] Are you taking Jane with you to the
    demon tower near Rosetta, the one that lies in the depths of the ocean? Just
    bring her back safely, OK? There are a lot of concerned orphans.
    Smith (Jack):
    I thought Nicholli looked quite sad when he sent Jane off. He must have mixed
    feelings about his daughter growing up. 
    Smith (Rudy):
    Magdalen has been helping me with the stables. But where does he find the
    time? He just does everything from taking care of the horses to perfectly
    fixing the entrance door. 
    Smith (Cecilia):
    The crop yield is much higher this year. Could this be a sign of better times
    Part XXI. -Character Recruitment-
        Part XXIc. -Zed- 
    [Innocently you enter the town of Saint Centaur. In a hidden area behind the
    main house where Kaiser used to live, the three, plus Hanpan, find the blind
    girl, Aura, hiding there.]
    Good... I don't feel like he is a monster any longer. 
    A survivor! A human that is left in this town! 
    Have you been hiding here all this time? 
    The leader of the vigilante group, Kaiser, guided me here... He told me there
    is plenty of water and preserved food, and to hide here until things get
    settled down. Then, where is Kaiser... Oh no... If I am the last human, that
    ...I hate to tell you, but he is gone.
    Everyone was so nice and kind to me, since I am blind. I couldn't do anything
    for them, and now everyone is gone... 
    [Rudy walks forward and puts a hand on her shoulder.]
    Your sorrow will not solve anything. The people who saved your life, you must
    live your life for them.
    This place is under the Guardian statue... Perhaps, a bit of the guardian's
    mercy was at work here. I think you will be very safe staying here, until we
    can drive those monsters away. 
    I understand. I will not cry anymore for the sake of the town's people.
    We will come visit you from time to time, OK? 
    Yes. Good luck.
    [You speak with her again.]
    Aura (Jack):
    This voice, it is Jack, right? Someone has come to town and is taking care of
    me. He is also a swordsman, but he is a big strange and very funny. 
    Aura (Rudy):
    Ah, you are Rudy, right? Someone visiting this town has recently been tending
    to me. He seems a little strange, but I feel that he is trying his best. 
    Aura (Cecilia):
    I think this is Cecilia, right? How have you been? A visiting swordsman has
    been taking care of me lately, so I feel lucky. He is so energetic that I
    sometimes get overwhelmed by him. I wonder if he will visit me today. 
    [You attempt to leave town.] 
    *You feel something cheerful, like a laughing gas... Shall you continue?
    [Yes! You see a familiar man standing above you on the stone wall.]
    [He does a flip as he leaps to the ground.]
    Landed! Perfect... 
    [He turns his head to see the three wanderers.]
    You're spying on me! ...you sneaky fiends!! 
    You looked like you were having fun, so... 
    Please go on...this was an accident... We feel kind of awkward, to be honest.
    [Zed stands and swipes his arm across the air angrily.]
    I don't believe you! Your insensitivity flies in the face of my sensitivity!!
    Anyway, how come you guys are here? Is this an ambush? You bushwackers are
    ambushing me?!
    [He clenches his fists and contorts his face with a sort of agony.]
    You cheaters!!
    What's with you, junior?! 
    [Zed points at them defiantly.]
    You guys are envious of me because I am a star! You are engulfed with the
    flames of jealousy! 
    [Zed stands straight and crosses his arms, closing his eyes and regaining
    his composure.]
    To protect my peace of mind!
    [music note]Hmmmm, hmmmm 
    hummmm, hmmmm [music note] (humming)
    [Zed takes out his Doom Bringer and holds it defensively in front of him.]
    I will show you my secret skill that I failed to display at the Gate
    Generator!! A scarf blowing in the wind! True power!
    [He begins to "transform". He becomes a little purple sphere of light, which
    floats up to the top of the wall. He then appears in his new form.]
    Monster Zed:
    [The camera takes several glory shots of him. The three wanderers are
    confused. Jack points at him.]
    Huh, where is your sword?! 
    Monster Zed:
    That's all you have to say?! You can do better than that!! 
    He looks just like a robot... Where does he get monster as part of his name?
    Monster Zed:
    You must look at the big picture! Can't you do that with your tiny little mind?
    The big picture is... ...you've hit rock bottom! Or perhaps your monster career
    is "on the rocks" or maybe you're just having a rocky start on a new career? 
    Monster Zed:
    You monkeys can't outsmart me! ... ... ... Why are you still chattering? Hey
    you, boy! When will you get it right?! You need sharper with than that to get
    [Rudy, confused, points at himself to see if he was being talked to. Then he
    scratches his head.]
    Monster Zed:
    You are too slow, too slow! But if you don't get it, let me spell it out!
    ...slower than your educators have done! Clearer than your parents could have
    done! Let me be your 'News Flash'! 
    [Zed clenches his fist.]
    Monster Zed:
    I will teach you a hard lesson, so that my charm will finally sink in!! 
    [You engage in a battle with Monster Zed.]
    Monster Zed:
    I shine today! Like the magic seasoning, Arnica, was added! Well...let me show
    you the power that Uncle Alhazad gave me. One hundred percent destruction!
    [You deliver the finishing blow.]
    Monster Zed:
    No! Don't go any further! I will destroy you!! That is enough. I seem to be
    going in between mental derangement and confusion. Give me just five
    minutes... To sit down and figure this out! You should should knows how it
    goes. This Jekyll and Hyde thing. Just Kidding!!! 
    [The battle ends, and Zed becomes normal again. He has a look of surprise on
    his face for a moment.]
    Monster Zed:
    What the?! A reverse transformation! What's happening to me?! 
    [A few minutes later, Zed is on his knees, the three gathered around him.]
    Ah the monster leaves the way he came... He seems so pathetic, I almost feel
    sorry for him.
    Yes, he is so stupid he won't do any harm, even if he is at large... Shall
    we end his anxiety once and for all? 
    [Zed looks to Jack with what seems like a sad face.]
    Noooo! You are incredibly narrow minded! 
    Is that so? Just don't say anything more or I WILL make you stop! 
    Don't you have something to ask me rather than punishing me? Like, what
    happened after the Gate? Or how come I am here? Or something... Isn't that
    I suppose, but make it quick.
    [Zed throws his arms in the air happily.]
    I thought you would never ask! You want to know what happened? Well then, I'll
    tell you what happened as quickly as I can! 
    [Time passes. We now see Jack, Rudy, and Cecilia sitting on the steps of Saint
    Centaur, bored, with Zed still before him on his knees.]
    You really are a fool, aren't you? You waste too much time! 
    So, after the riots at the Gate you snuck in here, and have been here ever
    since, right? 
    You found the last human survivor in this town full of monsters and you've
    been helping her, correct?
    [The green-haired man scratches his head bashfully.]
    W--Well, I think you got it. I may not look like it, but I am a wizard you
    can be proud of. I thought of putting her in a group of monsters, if she
    screamed. But she was so calm and composed. 
    [He rests his arms on his knees and looks down, eyes closed in memory.]
    I found out that she is blind. That is why she is not scared of me...and she
    treated me like a... person. It made me feel good... so I looked after her...
    I was just thinking that I will never be very popular hanging around Uncle
    Zeik... He's like, 'how do we bring about 'more' death,' and I'm thinking that
    life isn't so bad. Is it? When I saw you, I thought maybe you'd tell her who I
    really am... 
    [He scratches his head momentarily.]
    So I got pretty defensive... He, he, he... I lost my head totally. 
    You think that's funny? 
    No, it is not. This is not like me. And I opened my big mouth. Kill me, if that
    is what you have in mind. 
    [Jack gets up to his feet and pulls out his sword with a strange burst of
    If you say so. Your swift death would be my cup of tea.
    [Zed, looking horrified, holds out his hands sympathetically.]
    You are merciless, human! Any normal person would feel sympathy, if he heard a
    soap opera like mine! 
    [Rudy walks in front of Jack, holds out his arms, and shakes his head. Jack
    puts his sword down.]
    ...I was just joking... But I have no sympathy for you. 
    You've got some head problems, but I don't wish for your death. That will
    solve nothing... Why don't you make up for your past now with what you do
    in the future? There is someone who needs your support. You can live your
    life for her. That way you can make up for your sins.
    Moi...? What can I do for her? I am a wizard, and she is a...
    Don't you think it's foolish to limit what you can do and what you must do
    to be responsible for someone's life? 
    [Zed pauses, jumps up into the air, flips, and lands turned away from them.]
    Blah, it's just not cool at all! Maybe...but maybe it's cool for cool Zed to
    do something not so cool. 
    [He turns to them.]
    A comedian is sometimes needed! So if I wish to be popular, perhaps I can use
    humor as a weapon. OK, I'll protect her. I'll use my wit to kill all the bugs
    that come near her! 
    Zed...you've changed...or, maybe this is who you really are, huh?
    [Zed proudly strolls to the top of the steps, throws his head back, and
    Don't think I'm not still dangerous! It can take you off guard!!
    Yeah, ha, ha, haaaaa!!! Well, I am now on guard! She'll be under my 24
    hour surveillance! 
    [Zed walks into town, his scarf trailing behind him. Cecilia watches for a
    minute before looking to her comrades.]
    I thought it'd be good, but things are going unexpectedly well.
    [Cecilia and Rudy, who has his arms crossed, look at Jack, who bows his head.]
    Can you do jail time for excitement?
    We've got the princess of the kingdom. Can't we at least plead for amnesty?
    If something happens, we'll be responsible for it and we'll clean up the mess,
    all right? 
    [The screen darkens. Back in town, you can talk to Zed.]
    Being a bodyguard must feel like being the parents of a teenage girl. Those
    who confuse freedom with license will never get to be the number one member
    of my fan club! ...On the other hand, having so many monsters around is a
    concern. Hey you, don't you have a convenient item that reactivates the
    magical stone?
    [If you've been to Malduke, then you obviously have a Defense Unit. You give
    it to him.]
    I see! If I use this, I may be able to put the stone back to its original
    condition! What are we waiting for? 
    Yeah, I know. If I use this, the magic stone will return, and the monsters
    will be driven from town. Everything will be A-OK, right? I won't have to
    protect her anymore, so I will be free. Well, it must be time for me to be
    bad again. 
    [Zed turns to them and clenches his fist.]
    We will be fighting against each other again. Heh, heh, heh, it is a promise.
    [Zed leaps back through the closed door. Later, we see that he and Aura are
    standing at the base of Ione Paua; they are holding up their hands to the
    If you use this, can you drive away the monsters from town? 
    Yeah, of course! 
    Well then... I'll be fine without Zed, right? 
    Y-Yeah... Of...course... 
    [Zed pauses momentarily, bows his head in thought, then looks away.]
    ... ... ... ...Can you do me a favor? I've got important business to tend to.
    So, I've got to go... But...ah...but... 
    Yes, I understand. You must go. 
    [Zed is slightly surprised, but then he looks disappointed.]
    But...please come back from time to time. I may be safe from monsters, but I
    will be lonely, and I don't like it. You will tell me funny stories again,
    Yeah, sure! I will come back to you! You can count on it!! 
    [The crystal vanishes; over where they are standing, Rudy and Jack hold out
    their hands and feel the magic aura returning to the town.]
    That fool did a good thing. 
    Who knew? 
    I sense that the monsters are disappearing... I feel the power of the magical
    stone filling this town... 
    [Later, they stand in Aura's house.]
    Be careful. But, come back from time to time, OK? You promise me that. 
    Yeah, I am a man of my word when it comes to a promise! 
    Then, why don't you keep your promise now?
    Yeah, that promise. You promised to fight against us on a battlefield or
    something, right? 
    [Zed, surprised, scratches his head bashfully. He then covers his face and
    shakes his finger, as if to dismiss the thought.]
    Ah?! That? That was... I made up my mind at an awkward moment.
    [Rudy approaches him and holds out his right hand.]
    [Zed grabs his hand.]
    Let's fight for the same side. In this world, there are many people who are
    suffering like her. Please give us your hand, not only for one person, but
    for everyone.
    But I am an evil monster...right? 
    [Zed looks over to Aura momentarily.]
    Yea...all right... Maybe I'm not so bad. I will not limit what I can do and
    what I must do for the sake of a life... 
    You'll be popular in no time! 
    [Zed points at Hanpan.]
    That's it! What a nice thing to say you rat! 
    [Zed leaps into the middle of the trio and then laughs triumphantly.]
    Yeah, my plan for me to become popular has just begun! OK! Come along with me,
    you all! I, the strongest of the group, will lead you to final victory! 
    [Zed joins the party. You talk to Aura one last time...]
    Aura (Jack):
    Why, Jack. How are you? Thanks to you and Zed, the town is now at peace. I
    think I will pick some flowers today. And I will pray to Ione Paua for the
    people to return.
    Aura (Rudy):
    Hello, Rudy. I wonder how Zed is doing? Heheh. I'm sure he's as funny and
    cheerful as ever. 
    Aura (Cecilia): 
    Ah, you are Cecilia, right? I am glad you're all right. I like this town,
    and I am fine along, but please visit when you have some time. When you and
    Zed come, I feel that the ambience of this town softens.
    Part XXII. -Ka Dingel and Malduke-
        Part XXIIa. -Last Stand-
    [You arrive at Ka Dingel. Two familiar faces greet you.]
    I was sure if I waited here, you would arrive sooner or later. This is where
    our paths cross... Now is the time for battle. Zeikfried is shooting for the
    New Moon... Malduke. This is the subspace elevator which connects to Malduke
    in the sea of stars. 
    Why don't you explain this... What are you up to?!
    Malduke has the ability to attack Filgaia with the Malduke Gaze. If Zeikfried
    obtains his toy, it's not hard to imagine how he will play with it. Now that
    you know Zeikfried's plot, I assume you'll invade Malduke... Am I correct? 
    If that's the way to protect Filgaia! 
    But... What if someone blocks the way? What will you do then? That's right,
    unless you beat me, you can't go after Zeikfried. You can't protect Filgaia!
    ... ... ... Come on, human warriors! To battle!
    [He strikes his Saber Fang through the air.]
    The thirst of my heart, can only quenched by battle! I am a demon!!! 
    [You deliver the final blow. Boomerang sinks to his knees.]
    What I caught a glimpse of is the embrace of death... Ha, ha, ha, ha...
    Ha, hahaha! 
    [He stands.]
    Do I sense fear!? Did I smell your fear... Humans!!! Lay your own life as a
    bet, and play the odds against me. Sweet is the smell of battle! 
    [The battle ends. Your party seems pretty exhausted.]
    The way you humans fight for your beliefs. It warms my heart, and sends a
    chill down my spine. Nevertheless... Our fates have crossed. I am ready for
    battle. I have no desire for a happy ending... 
    [There is a rumbling noise that distracts him.]
    [Six figures in blue robes rise all around them.]
    This is the stage that you prepared for battle?! 
    No way... Such a victory... It doesn't satisfy my thirst... 
    [Boomerang clenches his fist and calls out angrily.]
    Finish this farce! What are you up to? Zeikfried!!! 
    Look at you Boomerang, all wounded. I am here to help. My men have orders to
    cut down the enemy. Leave them be. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I
    also told them to kill anyone they do not recognize. Having you ripped apart
    with the humans seems a suitable ending. Dying with the ones you tried so
    hard to protect. 
    [Boomerang slashes his Saber Fang through the air.]
    He who doesn't know shame, pretends to be a knight!? 
    How're we going to survive this one?! There are so many... 
    [Boomerang turns his back to them.]
    I will take care of things here. You guys, hunt down Zeikfried in Malduke. 
    What are you up to!? 
    ... ... ... Don't misunderstand me. I'm not trying to save you. I just crave
    battle. Do not worry... When I am done here, I will hunt you down. So do me
    a favor... Survive until we can meet again. I will take pleasure in that day.
    ...Luceid... Can we only exchange our thoughts on the battlefield? 
    [Luceid looks to her and growls lowly before turning her focus away.]
    Let's run, don't look back! Rudy! Princess! Just leave it to them...here! 
    [Cecilia and Rudy nod. They run off through the door. One cloak leaps at
    them, but Boomerang intercepts it. Rudy pauses to watch Boomerang slice it
    in half before leaving.]
    ... ... ... As humans take their courage and make it power, I use my thirst
    for battle to power my blade. Such is a war demon's way of life. ... ... ...
    Luceid... We might have to go to hell together. But, don't worry. The hell
    I choose, with never-ending battle... It is anything but boring.
    [A familiar figure steps out against Boomerang; we see a large green foot and
    a ball and chain.]
    Oh... We are already in the Abyss? I see the one I killed... It cannot be
    helped... I'll just look for a suitable place for me, a battlefield. There
    must be a battle that can satisfy my thirst! Come now, run and pass through!
    [Boomerang puts his Saber Fang defensively in front of him. We meanwhile catch
    up with our heroes who fall after a tremor erupts from the room just behind
    them. You go back inside and examine the object in the middle of the ground.]
    *Boomerang's lost Saber Fang, standing like a tomb in the hallowed floor.
    When touching its hard metal, you feel a mysterious feeling. It's as if his
    words communicate through it... 
    [You continue up Ka Dingel. A plaque across which you come reads...]
    Block by block, become a bridge liking its shape. Open the way, connect the
    [At last you enter a room, and Alhazad appears before you.]
    It has been some time since Lady Harken's body stopped responding... It
    seems she has been broken. You are the one who did it, aren't you?
    Ke, kekekeke... What a waste... She was a masterpiece. A beautiful
    representation of my work. 
    That's funny to you? Is it funny to play with a human's life?! 
    My desire is to play with toys forever. ...that's all. I play with
    captured humans. I fool with them, remake them... Things like that. When
    it loses its original shape, I start to get bored... But, I revel in their
    tortured screams. Kill me, they say... Ke, kekekeke... Ke, kekekeke...
    Ke, kekekekekekekeke... 
    I've never fought with hate. You are now the exception, Alhazad! 
    Zeikfried aims for supremacy of Filgaia, but it doesn't matter to me. Still,
    I can't let you overlook one fact. In my true form, I would bury you guys. 
    [A battle starts. You deliver the finishing blow.]
    ...N, no way... This ugly figure, I don't want to die... ...don't want to
    die... ...don't... w... ant... ...'t ... die...
    [He dies, and the battle ends. You continue on your merry little way
    afterwards. You examine a console upon a platform.]
    *A subspace elevator start switch. The programmed direction says, Malduke.
    Do you want to start the subspace elevator? 
    What do you think, Hanpan? Will this take us to Malduke? 
    We don't have to think. Sometimes, we just have to be decisive. 
    New Moon floating among the stars... In Malduke, the end of our battle must
    be waiting...
    [They all nod.]
    I will go! Not for anyone. But, because I love Filgaia... 
    Yes... Let us never feel the regret of losing something important again.
    [They all step onto the portal and travel to Malduke.]
    [MALDUKE, at last. You examine the first plaque you come across.]
    To start the engine, use the power of the orb. 
    [GREEN AREA plaque reads...]
    On the carved spell, match 
    up the same spell over it. 
    The right spell invites you to Kizim Fire.
    If you use the wrong spell, a giant, 
    faster than wind, will await you. 
    It is called Berial...
    [RED AREA plaque reads...]
    One route ends in the color of fire,
    where Kizim Fire flickers, and
    invites those who seek...
    The opposite route that ends in purple.
    There waits a giant in purple armor.
    It is called Lucifer...
    [BLUE AREA plaque reads...]
    If you give the correct answer,
    you will be sent to Kizim Fire
    by the sparkle of Blue Crystal. 
    The wrong answer will send you to
    the deep darkness, where the giant, 
    Sado, awaits.
    [You arrange the Kizim Fires in the correct place and proceed through the
    proper door in Malduke. Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia run up to a platform but are
    stopped by an explosion of dust.]
    But, this welcome... Isn't it too direct for him!?
    No... This isn't Zeikfried... 
    [A large form stomps out from the opposite door, throwing his ball and chain
    up and down rhythmically.]
    Very good! And here I thought you'd forgotten me... Bwahahahahaha! At last I
    get to finish you off! Bwahahahahaha! 
    But... But you... We...
    You thought you killed me? Never! Worms like you could never kill me!!
    Bwahahahahaha! Indeed, I lost at Volcannon Trap, but it was not to you!
    Gufff... My body was wasted, but... Zeikfried secretly regenerated me to
    carry out his bidding. 
    You would wield your devastating ball and chain under Zeikfried's command?
    Zeikfried prepared the battlefield. I only go there and crush humans. I
    destroy everything that displeases me! Such as you... Your friends...
    Everything you care about! 
    [Rudy pulls out his ARM and aims it at him.]
    All gone!! Bwahahahahaha!
    [You engage in battle against Berserk.]
    My enemies will be crushed and no mercy will be granted. This will be executed
    quickly and as intended.
    [You deliver the finishing blow. He, uhm, blows up, and the battle ends. You
    continue on your merry little way until you get to a great door.]
    On the other side of the giant door,
    you can hear laughter growing louder...
    Open the door, and tempt battle?
    [Yes. The trio enters and runs into the main room of Malduke surrounded by
    glass that gives one a fine view of Filgaia. Zeikfried is on a platform in
    the very middle of it all.]
    Zeikfried! I won't let you attack Filgaia.
    We killed berserk! You're alone. What do you really think you can do?!
    Alone? Hahahahahahahahahaha! 
    What's so funny!? 
    [Zeikfried turns to face them.]
    You're too late... Far too late, humans... ... ... ... Do you see? Behind me,
    shining blue is Filgaia. 
    [We see a cannon attached to Malduke preparing itself for firing at Filgaia.]
    Filgaia's time has ended... Watch from the specially prepared seats. Watch
    your world die. 
    No!! This cannot be!! 
    Ah, but it can!! Malduke is not just an artificial moon... It is a weapon of
    unimaginable power! Malduke is my trump card, forged by the very people of
    Filgaia herself! By Humans! By Elw! Pure power makes no distinctions... Not
    between Demon, Human, or Elw. This power... ...it should be used for
    destruction! That is the truth!! 
    [Zeikfried engages you in a battle. The battle begins.]
    It will be painted black...
    The future of Filgaia, life... 
    Even us... 
    [You deliver the finishing blow.]
    My power is disappearing... 
    Not yet awakened... My body is... my body...
    Gwaaaaaaa! Body...can't...let...go... I...Zeik...fried...
    [The battle ends. We see Zeikfried on the ground. He is trembling all over,
    trying to hold onto Glumzamber. There is a tremor. ]
    No way!? Malduke is moving! 
    Who's controlling it?! Who else is here, other than Zeikfried?! It's aiming
    at Filgaia!! 
    [There is a brief picture of the cannon charging.]
    Nothing can be gained through destruction! Why would you destroy our future?!
    All things flow with time... Some age... Some wither... Some break... To hope
    for the future, is to wish for death. Destruction is the only truth... 
    [Zeikfried, glowing with purple energy, slowly stands.]
    ...Mmm... What is this...I'm feeling... ...it isn't like Zeikfried...
    Wait... This is not the Zeikfried we know! 
    [Rudy readies his ARM for battle. We hear a woman's wicked laughter. Cecilia's
    eyes widen.] 
    You're right! It sounds like... Mother...
    Beware of the power...Malduke... What is the power you are given? It is the
    power of destruction... Submit to my will... Bring my essence to Filgaia...
    [A large ball of dark energy collects at the end of the "Malduke Gaze" cannon.]
    Please... Please stop this! 
    [The cannon fires at Filgaia. Its ray strikes the earth, turning the planet
    black. Cecilia sinks to her knees.]
    What are you after? To cloak our world in darkness? To destroy us all? Such
    pain, such sadness... And all for what? Please, let it end here... 
    [Blackness begins to eat the very room in which they are standing.]
    Cry... Yell... Despair... Negative feelings become power, they fill me...my
    body... It feels so good... 
    [The entire room becomes black, and Zeikfried seems to become even more
    I bring the future... A complete regression to the beginning. An extinct
    [There is a bright light, and he shields his eyes.]
    What is that light...? Is it coming from Teardrop? 
    [We see Cecilia standing there with her Teardrop held above her. It lights the
    darkness with its power.]
    The future is life! It is beyond the light of the Teardrop. That is truth!
    You say these things to the Godmother of Destruction! It means nothing!
    [Zeikfried transforms into Mother.]
    I, Motherfried... Godmother of destruction, together with my beloved son. 
    Though I died once, I am revived through my son's flesh. I will destroy
    It's as if... He's a child in his mother's arms... Zeikfried is surrounded...
    No, she devoured him from the inside! She's using him as fuel for her revival!
    The one we fought, was Zeikfried, but not really... It was his mother!
    Mother and child together. Nothing is more beautiful than this... Well, you
    who are about to die... Show me your last struggle... Satisfy me...
    [You engage in battle with Mother. You deliver the finishing blow; Mother
    begins to spew large amounts of purple goop.]
    As I have decayed, destruction is the truth... the truth shall never die! My
    body fell into Filgaia, and became darkness... Darkness will always be here...
    What exists cannot escape destruction. The life of Filgaia, ends with me...
    [The battle ends.]
    We have done our best... Was it all for nothing? Is this how it ends?
    No... I'm not letting it end here. We can't give up hope! 
    We won't give up! We're not gonna lose everything! 
    [Cecilia raises the Teardrop with both hands.]
    ...Respond to me, Teardrop... Please shine the future on this world, with the
    sparkle of life... 
    [The Teardrop releases brilliant light.]
    We have to fight to the last breath! If only a miracle can save us, then let's
    make the miracle happen!! 
    [Jack and Rudy approach Cecilia and place their hands on the Teardrop. The
    crystal shines so brightly that it is almost blinding.]
    What the... Such a warm light... 
    This light is the support of the world... The light of Filgaia's life... 
    This voice... Sounding through my heart... Did the Guardians regain their
    The Teardrop is the crystal of life... It is the symbol to lead and bind all
    the lights of life in one... We Guardians surround the shaman... And gather
    the power in the Teardrop to wipe out the darkness over Filgaia. 
    [Instead of dark energy forming at the cannon, light energy from the Teardrop
    forms and shoots down at Filgaia, covering it like a prison.]
    The darkness...is being expelled... Did we...?
    The light of life is shining the future on Filgaia... Is this the power of
    Yes... We, the Guardians, and Teardrop. The power of shaman and warriors...
    ...Watch... From here, it is shining blue, he shaman and warriors know... 
    [The blackness around Filgaia begins to fade away, like stains do after you
    apply bleach.]
    The heart of Filgaia, and people who live there, how much it is hurt and
    ruined... But, we, the Guardians, found the future of Filgaia in the light
    of humanity. 
    [Blackness completely fades from Filgaia.]
    It will take time... As long as people keep their thoughts on Filgaia,
    destruction can be avoided. It is all about the feeling one creates. The
    power of will makes cannot into can. That power is called, 'miracle'...
    Humanity can exceed its own limits, shining beyond those limits is the
    power of miracle... Miracles are the absolute power, and they can only be
    wielded by humans. The guardians of Filgaia...
    Humans...are the guardians of Filgaia?
    Right now, not all humans have the light in their heart to make miracles.
    But some day... The light will fill the human heart and Filgaia will be
    restored... ...know this... 
    Light in all the hearts... That must be a miracle. 
    So, it hasn't ended...? It starts from here... 
    [She turns to the two guys gleefully.]
    Let's go back! Back to Filgaia, where everyone awaits!! 
    [You attempt to go back to Ka Dingel. However, something is amiss. The three
    look around and notice something swoop down on them. A battle starts.]
    Zeik Tuvai:
    Did you assume Mother devoured me?! I'm Zeik Tuvai!! I am reborn; death was
    only the beginning! Mother's revenge is mine. Subspace, between the heavens
    and Filgaia, is a good place for you to die. You will either be cut in half
    by my sword, or trapped in the ensuing explosion! Your future will not be
    automatically illuminated by the light of life. You will have to fight for
    your future.
    [You deliver the finishing blow.]
    Zeik Tuvai:
    We are crossing swords with each other in unstable subspace. Did you forget my
    words at the generator? You realize how dangerous it is to fight here,
    don't you? We will be blown away together... Muahahaha... Hahahahahaha!!!
    I've never known defeat; I can never be defeated! Never......
    [The battle ends.]
    Part XXII. -Ka Dingel and Malduke-
        Part XXIIb. -ENDING-
    [We have a front-row seat to the crumbling of the massive tower that is
    Ka Dingel. Not far away from it on the shore surrounding the tower is Asgard.
    Jack, Rudy, Cecilia, and Hanpan (!!) appear right next to his feet.]
    This is not Ka Dingel!? Were the wrong coordinates entered? Was the gate just
    completely off!!? 
    [Jack, along with Cecilia and probably Rudy, stands up. They're staring in
    awe and fear at the goings-on around them.]
    The battle in subspace made everything unstable. Is it affecting Ka Dingel!?
    This is not good... 
    [Asgard's eyes flash. He begins to march forward towards the crumbling tower.]
    What's happening!? Asgard! I didn't ask you to do anything! 
    [Asgard activates a barrier that envelops all of them.]
    I see. With its Anti-Phasing Shield! It's... trying to stabilize things!? Just
    the reverberations from the battle in subspace is destroying Ka Dingel!
    There's nothing we can do...
    [At last, Ka Dingel almost completely explodes. Jack, Cecilia, and Rudy are
    within the barrier, but Asgard seems to be struggling to maintain the shield.]
    Anti-Phasing Shield... and the energy of Ka Dingel... I heard Asgard is also
    powerful defensively... Princess. Please ask Asgard to protect us with the
    Anti-Phasing Shield. 
    Wait... I haven't told him anything. Asgard is not responding to my voice!!
    Asgard is already protecting us... It moved of its own will.
    [Asgard's hands surge from the energy and power, and his left one breaks off.
    Cecilia cries out.]
    Please! Please stop it, Asgard!! If you keep protecting us, you... 
    [Asgard begins to crumble from the power. The screen turns to white.]
    ... ... ...
    I see. It is your choice, Asgard...
    ...Thank you...
    [We see a dream-like setting with the ruins of Asgard lying half-buried in
    the sand; Cecilia is sitting on his left shoulder.]
    ... ... Asgard... I understand you... ... ... ...
    [She leans over and looks at the "sleeping" Golem.]
    That's right... You are no longer a weapon... Not made just for violence...
    [She bows her head.]
    You considered us friends... Therefore, you... Moved of your own will, to
    protect us... Didn't you?
    [She looks up with a smile.]
    Yes, you never need a reason to protect your friends. You just do... ... ...
    ... Thank you for protecting us... We will cherish Filgaia. 
    [She stands up.]
    And you... 
    [She leaps off of his shoulder and makes her way gracefully to the ground. She
    turns and takes one last look at the immobile form. Cecilia then walks off.
    The screen blacks out.]
    I love Filgaia.
    And that is why I protect it...
    I realized why I like Filgaia 
    while on this journey, 
    while traveling and fighting every day.
    And some day, I will tell you why.
    When Mariel's flowers bloom...
    [We now see pictures of the many friends that the three met on their journey.
    There's Captain Bartholomew with his sailor friends, Mariel with the people
    of Rosetta, and Emma bent tiredly at a work desk in her shop. We see Aura
    outside in Saint Centaur and a Zed watching covertly from behind a building;
    she turns but not quickly enough to see him. Not that she can anyway. Then
    we see a nice clear path between several trees; Rudy and Jack are walking it.]
    ...Rudy... You know, traveling with you is unbelievable... ... ... ...
    [Jack looks down at his legs.]
    I'm still walking on my own two feet. I survived the huge explosion, didn't I?
    [He comes to a stop.]
    Sometimes I dreamt that I woke up, and saw you and the Princess preparing to
    leave. Without me... 
    That's pretty sentimental for you. You're awake now. Want me to pinch you? 
    By the way, Rudy. I have a letter from the princess for you. She said to read
    it after you left.
    [Rudy pulls the letter from his vest.]
    Here Hanpan. Read it. 
    Yes. It is decided. You must read it. 
    [Hanpan jumps from Jack's extended elbow to Rudy's shoulder. Then the mouse
    climbs upon the boy's head and looks down at the letter.]
    Awwww. Make the mouse do all the work. Ahem... Let's see...
    [Rudy holds the letter up so that he can see it. We get a glimpse of the
    past--Cecilia looking outside the window of her room.]
    I wonder, when you read this
    letter, what the sky looks like.
    Is it sunny and clear, or is it raining?
    Here, the days are very comfortable,
    and thoroughly satisfying.
    It's a welcome change of pace 
    from fighting every day.
    [We see a picture of Asgard.]
    I am so grateful to Asgard for protecting
    us with his own life so that we could live
    and tend to Filgaia.
    Good night, Asgard...
    We will see to it that Filgaia is rebuilt. 
    It was Asgard's desire. 
    That he will not see this peaceful world, 
    Is something I greatly regret.
    [She sadly looks out her window, and then the scene switches to her in the
    temple in town. She is standing before her parents' graves. We see Jack and
    Rudy enter and approach her.]
    I was very surprised to hear that 
    you are undertaking another journey... 
    I was very surprised to hear that 
    you are undertaking another journey... 
    In the future,
    I hope we may all meet again...
    I've been thinking lately...
    [We see Rudy and Jack, their bags over their shoulders, standing in the
    throne room before Johan and Cecilia.]
    Everyday we fought...
    ...new things were being born.
    The future of our planet.
    If I had been alone on this quest,
    It would have been too difficult.
    Together, though, we were able to triumph. 
    It was because of my friends, who helped
    me through all adverse circumstance,
    that I was able to recover the Teardrop.
    Because of your support, know that I 
    am forever bonded to you both.
    [We see them being marched out of Adlehyde. Rudy waves at the children. Jack
    waves at the adults and winks at a woman, who faints summarily. Finally a
    group of townspeople, including Cecilia, are seeing Jack and Rudy off.]
    Jack, you said, 'There is surely 
    someone who needs my sword.' 
    Is this the purpose of your wandering?
    I was surprised at what you said,
    because you had never said anything
    like that before.
    You've changed so much since we met,
    haven't you?
    But also, we...
    were able to change without
    losing ourselves...
    [Jack and Rudy wave; the children wave back.]
    You started off on a new journey
    because you found purpose, right?
    I have found a new purpose in life, too.
    And I will do my best.
    Just as I'm sure you will.
    [Cecilia walks towards them and holds out a letter for Rudy to take. Later, we
    cut to a scene where Cecilia, dressed in her wanderer suit, is dragging out
    a suitcase.]
    My new mission is praise-worthy,
    even of a princess of Adlehyde... 
    But what I'm doing is just
    part of my nature. 
    All my thoughts and energy are focused;
    I am working hard for Filgaia.
    [She holds the Teardrop in the palm of her hand and looks at it. She then
    fastens it around her neck, picks up the suitcase, and leaves. We then see
    her in the throne room being scolded by Minister Johan. She eventually
    winks and then runs off without listening to him.]
    When I remember your support and 
    companionship, how you guys cheered me 
    up, I feel like I'm able to do anything.
    [Cecilia is running through Adlehyde with the suitcase. Emma is sitting on
    the steps to her house, her legs crossed. The woman stands and gives her
    the 'thumbs up'; Cecilia flashes her the piece sign. We then see Cecilia
     struggling somewhat down the path with her large suitcase.]
    Today the west wind blue through
    Adlehyde. The west wind hopefully
    brought prosperity with it...
    I pray my wise arrives, 
    with this wind.
           -- Cecilia Lynn Adlehyde
    [Cecilia stops and takes one last look out at Adlehyde. She bows at the
    cathedral. The screen blackens.]
    I'm sending you something.
    You forgot it in Adlehyde. 
    Please, please accept it.
    [Jack, Rudy, and Hanpan finish reading the note.]
    If the princess has a new mission, we have to aid her right away...  
    You heed her every word. I remember when you used to dislike the royal family.
    There're exceptions... I mean, there's royalty, and then there's royalty.
    Anyway, she mentioned we forgot something. 
    [Hanpan is perched on Rudy's head, his arms crossed.]
    And it is delivered. What do you think it is? 
    Rudy, you have gella, don't you? What did you forget in Adlehyde? We won't get
    angry. Just tell us.
    [Rudy, bewildered, reaches into his back pocket and begins checking for all
    his things.]
    What? I don't get angry; Jack gets angry.
    [Rudy, looking concerned, shakes his head to say 'no, nothing's missing';
    Jack stretches and yawns.]
    Nobody knows... I don't know, anyway. How annoying. 
    Ha... What, I'm annoying now?! 
    [Cecilia steps up in front of them, holding her suitcase in her left hand and
    perching her right on her waist. Jack and Cecilia look frightened, or at least
    surprised. Hanpan's ears are standing up.]
    What the! Princess, why are you here?! 
    [Rudy nods, seconding the question. Cecilia smiles coolly.]
    We...? Consider it a special delivery. 
    It's great to see you! ...But what did we forget in Adlehyde? 
    [Cecilia giggles. Jack and Rudy exchange confused looks.]
    You haven't figured it out yet? 
    [Jack and Rudy stare dumbly at her. Cecilia smiles, embarrassed.]
    Yes. Well this is what you forgot... It's a pleasure to be here. 
    [Jack seems to be in disbelief.]
    Huh? Now wait a minute! We read your letter, where you said you'd found a new
    mission, and that we should also do our best or whatever... 
    [Jack points at her accusingly.]
    Anyway, don't you need to be in Adlehyde?
    Adlehyde has my uncle Johan, the minister of state, for which I am relieved.
    He will do well. 
    ... ... ... 
    My new goal is to help Filgaia, and to rebuild the world into a wonderful
    place. I'm headed this way, for my mission, and I am walking with
    you...by coincidence.
    Today? By coincidence? Are you sure it's by chance? 
    Yes, very sure. It is a chance encounter today. Today, tomorrow, and forever.
    It is absolutely absolute! 
    [Off by a tree, we see Jane with her butler, Magdalen. They are watching the
    four converse.]
    I can't believe it! What is she doing? I don't like her just showing up like
    [She is shaking her fists in anger and gritting her teeth in what seems to be
    a bit of a temper tantrum. She points at them angrily for a moment.]
    Now what's my place in the group? 
    It is not good for your blood pressure to get so angry. How about a cup of
    chamomile tea to calm you down? And some ginger snaps?
    [Jane throws her arms in the air several times.]
    Ohh, I wish I was brash enough to just...march over there right now and
    interrupt them... But I don't think I can. 
    My lady is sensitive. I feel for you. 
    [The three come and stand on a dusty-brown hill overlooking much of the
    countryside. Cecilia, eyes closed, smiles, enjoying the air.]
    I feel like I could kiss the sky! 
    [Jack is standing at the very edge looking out.]
    Well, Rudy... Princess. Let's get going. 
    [Rudy and Cecilia join Jack's side.]
    We are back in business! 
    Ah. We have protected Filgaia. 
    It is not only from our doing. Doctor Emma, Jane, Magdalen, Captain
    Bartholomew, and Mariel. And so many more. A lot of lives and many prayers.
    And we cannot forget... 
    [Cecilia and Jack turn and begin walking off. Rudy doesn't keep up with them.]
    Now. In order to earn a hot meal, let's go find someone to help. 
    And fast! We only have one more person, but the food expenses just tripled! 
    Hey! Is that how you welcome people?
    [Rudy is standing at the base of a wooden cross in the ground, the cross of
    Zepet Roughnight. After Cecilia and Jack have traveled a ways, Rudy runs to
    catch up with them. At length, he turns and waves back at the cross, a smile
    painted on his face. A movie and its credits ensue.]
    [We see Mariel standing in a field of beautiful white flowers.]
    Flowers have so much to say, if you listen. They told me I would see everyone
    [Standing a few feet away are Jane and Magdalen.]
    We arrived early, didn't we? It was because my lady rushed me. 
    What?! Is being early a bad thing? 
    [Emma turns to them from her spot near the ruined golem.]
    He's not blaming you. Anyway, it should be any time now. Look, someone's
    coming! Speak of the devil... You know, that's a dumb saying. 
    [Jane looks greatly surprised when, instead of the infamous trio, she instead
    sees Bartholomew running towards them. However, she sees that they are far
    behind and go running to meet them. Bartholomew, who is thinking that Jane
    is coming to see him, is sorely disappointed when she runs past him. Jane
    collapses to her knees, panting, and receives a friendly hand up.]
    ...Let me... catch... my breath... It's not polite to keep a girl waiting...
    [The screen turns to black.]
    ...At last, we meet again.
    [Back to the group, Rudy smiles at Jane as she climbs to her feet. Jack
    stands, admiring the scenery.]
    This is the perfect place to have a reunion. 
    We promised to reunite when Mariel's flowers finally blossomed. 
    And they did. Here is a Land of Promise. We swore to Asgard that we would take
    care of Filgaia. [closes her eyes] (That was the most important promise. Which
    we will keep forever. You're finally sleeping peacefully now; I don't want to
    have to wake you. I came to tell you what I had realized... Why I want to take
    care of Filgaia... It is... )
    [Suddenly, a green-haired demon makes his entrance. He stands proudly upon
    Asgard's head.]
    Hey! Ha, ha, ha... They say if your friends give you the cold shoulder, or
    you feel left out, it means they must be planning for your birthday. 
    [Zed grins gleefully.]
    And what do you know, I was excluded. And they're all here. They must be
    planning me an awesome surprise party!! 
    [He gets hit by a rock and dizzily falls off Asgard, hitting the ground
    head-first. We see Jane throwing a rock up and down in her hand.]
    Don't hold your breath. You have no shame and bad karma. This rock, not a
    party, will be coming your way. 
    [Zed sits up, wincing and then glowering at her.]
    You are just a girl. Who are you to throw a rock at a good boy like me.  
    Why'd you get to live for so long? You're not immortal anymore, and I'm going
    to figure out exactly how much life you have left, right now...  
    [Zed, clenching his fists, jumps to his feet and walks towards her.]
    Don't waste my life!! You're so rude. 
    [Jack and Bartholomew, on cue, walk forward and drag him back. Magdalen and
    Rudy do the same to Jane. Cecilia looks at them amusedly.]
    (Asgard. Filgaia is such an important and precious world. It is, isn't it.
    Human, Elw, demon, sprite... A lot of different people, and species, exist
    together on Filgaia. That's what makes this planet so wonderful. And that's
    why we have to take care of it.)
    [Cecilia puts her palms against the Teardrop, her eyes closed, and it emits a
    glow. She spreads her arms out, and its brilliant light spreads all over in
    bright sparkles.]
    Thank you, Asgard... For protecting us, and all Filgaia...  
    [Zed and Jane finally stop trying to tear at each other, and the entire group
    looks at Cecilia.]
    Thank you for bringing everyone together... For everyone and everything in
    this world... 
    [We see close-ups on all their faces. Hanpan is waving; Bartholomew winks;
    Magdalen bows; Zed nods; Rudy smiles, and more. We see one last glimpse of
    Cecilia before everything fades to black.]
    Thank YOU!
    Part XXIII. -Optional-
        Part XXIIIa. -Guardians- 
    Fallen from the sea of stars, I arrived with the falling stars... I am but
    the Star Guardian. Let me stand guard over Filgaia as the impregnable shield
    against falling stars. Though my light shines but faintly, I, Rigdobrite,
    shall answer should you convince me of your need... 
    Let pure white snow and ice blanket the world, and cover even the darkness
    of evil. My harsh, but purifying power shall drive back the forces of
    calamity and chaos. For I am Aru Sulato, the Guardian of Ice. A blizzard
    of unimaginable cruelty I shall be to the disciples of evil. 
    (Broken) - The tombstone for Castle Guardian Zeldukes lies shattered and
    pathetic before you. 
    [Once it is fixed, a sphere of light collects above it, its energy slowly
    collecting in Cecilia's palms.]
    People's bodies and souls may be altered... But they can be rejuvenated by
    the power and the will of the people. Shrine maiden and warriors... I am in
    charge of 'safety' and 'stability'. I shall grant you my divine protection...
    My 'Castle' shall protect you, and the rest of the world, from all that is
    [You obtain the medium 'Castle Defense'.]
    May the sword in hand cleave evil. May it bring doom to those that harm
    life... If you see a sword that severs uncertainty and brings justice to evil,
    then shout my name in the heat of battle. I am the Guardian of Swords. My
    name is Equitess. All manner of fiends shall fall before me... 
    [You obtain the 'Sword Swipe' Medium.]
    Part XXIII. -Optional-
        Part XXIIIb. -Battle Arena- 
    Here are the leagues you can choose. Are you looking for a big prize, or do
    you just want to make small change?
    Under the rules of the Novice League, you have 25 turns to finish 5 rounds.
    If you win, prizes will be given for each round, as well as a bonus prize.
    The bonus prize is 10,000 gella and a rare item called the 'Surprise Guard'.
    Sounds good, huh? How about it? Are you in or out?
    [You select 'yes'. You appear in the arena.]
    Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone else in between!! The most highly anticipated
    battle of Immoral Island is about to begin!! Let's hear it for...
    'Battle Carnival on the Spider Web'! Sponsored by Count Pegucchi!! Before we
    begin, allow me to explain a few rules for all of you newcomers! The first,
    and most obvious, is that you will be matched against our in-house monsters!
    If you make it through five rounds, you will receive the grand prize! But,
    if you lose just once, you're out! But, that's not all... There's a time
    limit! So fight your battles quickly!! That's right, if you don't beat them
    quickly, you'll be disqualified! No excuses! No exceptions!! Beat all five
    monsters in 25 turns, and the grand prize is yours!! Now, let's get to the
    Novice league! Are we ready? Battle Carnival... Begin!!!
    [The cage doors swing open, and you engage in battle. You defeat the monsters.]
    Good job!! But, Count Pegucchi isn't impressed. Maybe the match was too
    boring... Well, there's still another match! Perhaps the second round might
    be a little more exciting for him! 
    [Yes; you engage in the second battle. You defeat the second set of monsters.]
    This is getting exciting! I'm starting to see the fire within Count Pegucchi!
    Just keep going and going, until you can't fight any more! Let's go to the
    third round! 
    [Yes; you engage in the third battle. You defeat the third set of monsters.]
    A victory using splendid tactics! Who's next? The scientist, the minister? Is
    it the war monster, or the Count? Let's go for the fourth round and watch as
    the tension builds! Are you ready? 
    [Yes; you engage in the fourth battle. You defeat the fourth set of monsters.]
    Wow, these wanderers don't hold back! Count Pegucchi is quite pleased! Oh!!!
    Look at Count Pegucchi!! He's stroking his beard proudly!!! Between you and me,
    the Count is in his greatest mood if he's stroking his beard. OK! Let's go to
    the final round!! Do not disappoint us, kids!! You must finish this up!!!
    [Yes; you engage in the fifth battle. You defeat the fifth set of monsters.
    You appear back in the arena.]
    A flawless and overwhelming victory!!! Wonderful, just wonderful!! The best
    match I've seen today!! Even our sponsor, Count Pegucchi, 'the battle fanatic',
    is speechless!! Anyone you want to thank for the win, maybe mom and pop back
    home? Let me present the wanderers with their well-earned cash and prizes!! 
    [You receive some items.]
    Thank you, everyone!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We'll see you soon!!
    In the Intermediate League battles, you have 20 turns to finish 5 rounds.
    If you win, prizes will be given for each round as well as a bonus prize.
    The bonus prize is 20,000 gella and a rare item called the 'Life Charger'.
    Sounds good, huh? How about it? Are you in or out?
    [You select 'yes'. You appear in the arena.]
    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Get ready for a no-age-limit battle
    contest on Immoral Island!! Please give it up for the "Battle Carnival on
    the Spider Web"!! Sponsored by Count Pegucchi!! After this, we will be
    holding the Intermediate League. The rules are simple: Defeat all five
    monsters within 20 turns and the grand prize is yours!! Now, without any
    further adieu, Let's start the... Battle Carnival!!
    [The cage doors swing open, and you engage in battle. You defeat the monsters.]
    Only the most experienced fighter can surpass the Veteran League with style!!
    Count Pegucchi has high hopes for you! Let's go to the second round!
    [Yes; you engage in the second battle. You defeat the second set of monsters.]
    F is for Fight!! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight until one of you drop!! Fight for
    Count Pegucchi!! Fight for the prizes! Let's go to the third round!! Fight!!!!
    [Yes; you engage in the third battle. You defeat the third set of monsters.]
    What an outstanding performance!! It inspired Count Pegucchi to write a poem...
    'Cold sweat, 
    pouring down, 
    with no regrets'.
    That was one dark poem! While Count Pegucchi is still poetic, let's go to the
    fourth round! 
    [Yes; you engage in the fourth battle. You defeat the fourth set of monsters.]
    No matter how reluctant you may be to fight, you will come out as a winner!!
    Oh!!! Look at Count Pegucchi!! He just uncorked one of his most expensive
    bottles of wine!! You know, they say that the next match after Count Pegucchi
    opens his wine is always bloody. But don't be afraid! It's just an absurd
    superstition! Keep going, I can't get enough!! Let's go to the final round!!!
    You can cry all you want, but this is the finale!! 
    [Yes; you engage in the fifth battle. You defeat the fifth set of monsters.
    You appear back in the arena.]
    A flawless and overwhelming victory!!! Wonderful, just wonderful!! The best
    match I've seen today!! Even our sponsor Count Pegucchi, 'the battle fanatic',
    is speechless!! Anyone you want to thank for the win, maybe mom and pop back
    home? Let me present the wanderers with their well-earned cash and prizes!!
    [You receive some items.]
    Thank you, everyone!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We'll see you soon!!
    Under the rules of the Expert League, you have 15 turns to finish 5 rounds.
    If you win, prizes will be given for each round as well as a bonus prize.
    The bonus prize is 30,000 gella and a rare item called the 'HP up 4'.
    Sounds good, huh? How about it? Are you in or out?
    [You select 'yes'. You appear in the arena.]
    And now, the moment you've all been waiting for... All of tonight's
    festivities have been preparing us for this... A battle so big... Even
    the demons want to watch! Please give it up for... 'Battle Carnival on
    the Spider Web'!! Sponsored by Count Pegucchi!! On to the rules of the
    Expert League... Win all five rounds of matches within 15 turns, and the
    grand prize is yours!! Are you ready?! Battle Carnival... Go!!!
    [The cage doors swing open, and you engage in battle. You defeat the monsters.]
    Ha, ha (music note)
    How did you like that monster? Well, it's not quite over yet... There are
    stronger monsters on the way!! Let's go to the second round!!
    [Yes; you engage in the second battle. You defeat the second set of monsters.]
    From the look on Count Pegucchi's face,
    I can tell that this is a great matchup! 
    We may just see the first casualty of the day!!
    Why don't we go to the third round!
    [Yes; you engage in the third battle. You defeat the third set of monsters.]
    A recent poll shows that the most popular
    goal among kids is to become a count! 
    It's all thanks to Count Pegucchi!! 
    If you want to be like Count Pegucchi,
    Why don't you go for the fourth round?
    Come one, keep the kids' dreams alive! 
    [Yes; you engage in the fourth battle. You defeat the fourth set of monsters.]
    You guys are great!! 
    Not many people can come this far!! Ahh!!
    Take a look at Count Pegucchi!! 
    I see tears rolling down his face!!! 
    They say that Count Pegucchi
    only cries once every 75 years.
    Seeing Count Pegucchim in such a 
    great mood, I got so excited that
    I broke 75 microphones!! 
    This might not be your best match ever,
    but you are putting on an awesome show!! 
    Now, are you ready for the final round?!!
    [Yes; you engage in the fifth battle. You defeat the fifth set of monsters.
    You appear back in the arena.]
    A flawless and overwhelming victory!!! Wonderful, just wonderful!! The best
    match I've seen today!! Even our sponsor Count Pegucchi, 'the battle fanatic',
    is speechless! Anyone you want to thank for the win, maybe mom and pop back
    home? Let me present the wanderers with their well earned cash and prizes!!
    [You receive some items.]
    Thank you, everyone!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We'll see you soon!!
    Part XXIII. -Optional-
        Part XXIIIc. -Battle Arena: Accept a Challenge- 
    [You appear in the arena once more. Greeting you, however, is a familiar
    Thanks for your patience... I have escaped from hell to finish our battle
    once and for all. 
    [Jack, Rudy, and Cecilia step back.]
    Boomerang! And...
    [Luceid appears beside Boomerang to his right.]
    This is the perfect setting to finish what we started without any
    interruptions. The perfect opportunity for each of us to put this bond to
    the test. 
    [Rudy steps towards him, undaunted.]
    What are you doing?! 
    [Rudy holds out the Saber Fang.]
    I have waited for this moment... I will never be satisfied until I defeat
    [Boomerang puts a hand on the Saber Fang.]
    I can only be satisfied by defeating you with all of my might. You are my
    greatest foe... And, now I shall finally defeat you!
    [Rudy leaps back. Boomerang holds the Saber Fang and transforms using it,
    turning into his new form.]
    Boomerang Flash:
    I'm fighting with all of my strength... 
    [Luceid transforms into a blue mist. Boomerang holds out his hand and clasps
    something invisible.]
    I'm fighting for my own revenge. Say your last words! 
    [Boomerang, now armed with a sword from Luceid, engages you in battle. The
    battle starts.]
    Boomerang Flash:
    The bond held by Luceid and I was made by the Guardian Blade. It is the
    Demon Sword, Luceid! Once it was lost, but now it is in our possession at
    last! Feel the power of the Demon Sword!
    [You deliver the finishing blow.]
    Boomerang Flash:
    Achieving the impossible requires that the hearts and souls of Filgaia are
    united. This is, in fact, a miracle, given only to humans so that they can
    guard and protect Filgaia... 
    [The battle ends. Boomerang is on his knees.]
    Boomerang Flash:
    ...I'm afraid this is it for me... But have I lost? No... 
    [He slowly rises to his feet.]
    Boomerang Flash:
    The meaning of victory is to use your will to fulfill your dreams. I lived
    and fought as a fighter. I did everything I could! You may have defeated me,
    but I gave it my all. In that way, I am victorious! I lost the battle, but
    I have no regrets!
    [Boomerang bursts into blue energy and quietly holds out the devil blade.]
    Boomerang Flash:
    I am leaving. But I won't take her with me. She is still thirsty for blood.
    Take her to the battlefield... 
    [Rudy goes forward and grabs onto the sword while Boomerang vanishes. He is
    left holding a medium, 'Battle Lust'.] 
    Part XXIII. -Optional-
        Part XXIIId. -Vassim and the Doom Bringer- 
    [You travel to the Sinner's Studio and speak with Vassim.]
    Huh? Who is this 'Green Head'? Let me see your face.
    'Green Head'?! Who're you calling 'Green Head'? You're one to talk, Weird Ears!
    Anyway, as a popular celebrity, it is my duty to attend to anyone who wishes
    to see me. And I forgive you, Weird Ears, for calling me such a disrespectful
    name. Is that not noble of me? Now, then... Would you like my autograph?
    ... ... ... I'm not sure what you are talking about. Anyway, my interest is
    not in you, but your sword. 
    Oh, you must be kidding! You would do battle with one such as I? For my
    beloved sword, the 'Doom Bringer'? 
    I don't wish to fight you. You may not know this, but there is a strong curse
    on this sword. If he who holds this sword shows any sign of hope or a light
    within, the accursed blade will hurt him at once. As a swordsmith I might
    be able to remove the curse. But that would require an enormous amount of
    pure 'Silver'. It would be quite a challenge... 
    Now I feel foolish for even listening to your nonsense... You're just looking
    for some gella, aren't you? 
    You're the biggest fool I've met in 1,000 years. I get exhausted just listening
    to you... Let me know when you're ready to stop wasting my time and have me
    remove the curse. 
    Part XXIII. -Optional-
        Part XXIIIe. -Sweet Candy II- 
    [You enter the hospital after Adlehyde's Restoration. Drake is sitting on his
    bed and talking to Bartholomew.]
    Feh... How can you call yourself a captain when you let monsters sink your
    You're one to talk! You're here because your 'Grand Chester' was sunk by
    [The three are watching with some amusement and irritation.]
    Oh, the camaraderie... 
    I'm starting to question the survival skills of so-called 'men of the ocean'. 
    Captain Drake, you were also attacked on the inland sea? 
    Yeah... As I was returning from Ship Graveyard. Take a look at what I found
    on the shore. 
    [Drake pulls out a ship's wheel from ... somewhere.]
    Hey! That's the helm from my Sweet Candy! 
    Just as I was laughing at the fact that your ship had been sunk, the same
    thing happened to me. Hey kid. I'll give you wanderers a job. How'd you like
    to help me get revenge? The reward is...um... Well, it's not much, but how
    about the helm of the Sweet Candy? 
    [Rudy nods and takes the Broken Helm.]
    Not much?! Anyway, don't you think you should return it to its rightful owner?
    Take it easy, Captain. Or your wound will get worse. 
    Calm down, guys. You may be great sailors, but leave the revenge to us. 
    [The two lean in together.]
    Captain Drake:
    Give 'em hell for us! 
    [You talk to them again.]
    Bartholomew (Jack):
    We say being underneath the ship plank is hell, but to have nothing is much
    more terrifying! But the terror didn't end there... That hospital... There are
    ghosts there... Ugh... 
    Bartholomew (Rudy):
    How can you travel on that terrifying machine... Ouch... I am never going to
    be part of that scientist's experiment! 
    Bartholomew (Cecilia):
    Ugh, ah, lady... The pain... My whole body is in pain... That high place...
    I was so scared...
    Drake (Jack):
    Bartholomew cries every night when he starts seeing ghosts... I'm more sacred
    of Bartholomew's face covered in tears and snot. 
    Drake (Rudy):
    Sigh... It's tough living without smokes and beer. Anyhow, how is that helm
    working out?
    Drake (Cecilia):
    How did I end up having to sleep next to Bartholomew?! And the food here came
    from the beach by Ship Graveyard? God! I can't take this anymore! What did I
    do to deserve this? 
    [You speak to Tom.]
    What? You want me to repair the Sweet Candy? I'm only really good with
    buildings... But I can certainly give it a shot. I cannot refuse the Captain.
    I owe him so much. With the ship's broken helm, and 5,000 gella, I can
    completely restore the ship. Is that all right with you?
    All right. Leave this to me. I will do a better job than anybody.
    [After the job is done, you go back to the hospital and talk to Bartholomew.]
    Thank you very much for taking care of me and the Sweet Candy. 
    [He hops off of the bed.]
    Are you really OK now?
    I'm afraid I'm not healing very fast staying here in the hospital... I don't
    do well, staying on land for too long. 
    [Bartholomew begins to leave but turns to them.]
    Come see me at the shore later. I need to show you the new and improved Sweet
    Candy. I have upgraded a few things on the ship while I was repairing it. 
    Part XXIII. -Optional-
         Part XXIIIf. -Elmina- 
    [You go into the Inn in Adlehyde and speak with Kimble.]
    I have been traveling for a long time, and I think my time has arrived. Or you
    can say that I found a wife, and I'm thinking of starting a family here. So
    now I'm trying to sell the things I no longer need... And because I hear you
    helped my wife with rebuilding the house, I'm giving you this item free of
    charge. Here, take it. It will come in handy.
    [You hike over to the Perpetual Engine.]
    Black Cat:
    I have one seal... I am the shadow of the Perpetual Engine's master. 
    [After unlocking the seal, you touch the scepter in the middle of the room and
    land in a dream-like space.]
    My name is Dan Dairam. The Guardian of Time. Along with the correct time flow,
    if you lead the world to the future, I will give my power to the medium...
    However... ...stuck between the dimensions, there is a lost, floating spirit... 
    [It shows a picture of Elmina lying lifeless.]
    Indeed, a soul you've longed for... The spirit's name is Elmina Niet. Even
    though the degraded body rotted, the spirit retains her human mind, and has no
    place to go... The only thing truly dead, is the evil body. Elmina's human
    spirit is still alive. What do you wish... By my power it is possible to rescue
    her and give her life again. By the grace of the Guardian of Life. 
    Yes, right. ...Elmina's spirit... 
    [Jack hesitates for a moment although Rudy and Cecilia are quite happy
    for him.]
    Elmina... Please revive Elmina. ... ... ... But, I have one favor to ask of
    you... Guardian... If you can control time please set her mind back... That
    she debased herself with evil... That she destroyed many things... Erase those
    things from her memory. 
    ...It can be done... ...But... It also erases her memory of your existence. Do
    you know what that means? How cruel that result is? 
    ...I know... ...I think... ... ... ... I just don't want to leave that feeling
    in her mind... That memory of evil... Even if she forgets me, or finds someone
    else, I am ready for that... 
    [The image of Elmina vanishes quietly.]
    It seems you are prepared. I will erase most of her memories, and return
    Elmina Niet's spirit and body to Filgaia. If you and Elmina are destined to
    meet each other again, you will find each other.
    [The screen turns white.]
    Have faith and receive my power.
    [Back in the Perpetual Engine, Jack is left holding the 'Cosmic Cog' medium.]
    Is this really OK with you? 
    [grins] Are you kidding? I get to hit on her all over again. That was my
    favorite hobby! You may not understand, Princess. 
    [shakes head] Honestly, Jack... Don't you know anything about women? 
    [Jack holds out his arm for Hanpan to sit on.]
    I'm not like you, mouse. I don't fail with the ladies. 
    [Hanpan returns to his shoulder. Jack holds his hand to his mouth and calls
    over to the boy.]
    Hey, Rudy... How 'bout I teach you a special skill? Could come in handy
    [Rudy looks startled or surprised at this.]
    Jack, you jerk! Don't mess around with me! Our trip is not over yet! 
    [Jack scratches his head, and the screen fades to black. Afterwards, you
    travel to Milama and speak with the waitress there. Jack's mouth hangs open
    for a minute.]
    No, it can't be... 
    What? Do I have something on my face? ... 
    [She looks at herself and then shrugs.]
    What is it? Is it my work uniform? Let me tell you, I'm not fond of it
    either... Oh, I got it now... Do I remind you of one of your ex-girlfriends?
    Let me give you some advice... That's a crappy pick up line. ... ... ... What's
    going on? Did I scare you that bad? Or, did I say something wrong? 
    [Jack shakes his head.]
    No, never mind. I was just thinking. Please excuse me. 
    OK... Do I have anything to do with this? See, it's just that I've had amnesia
    for the last few years, and I have no recollection of who I am, or was... All I
    know is while I don't like this uniform, I do like the free food that comes 
    with working here... ... ... ...
    [She perches her chin on the top of her fist in thought for a moment.]
    I wish I could remember my real name... I picked a new one, of course, but I'm
    not sure if I like it... 
    [She seems surprised as she remembers something and then turns her attention
    back to Jack.]
    Oh right! I have no heard your name. What's your name? 
    [He looks away for a few seconds as if deciding on the name. Then he looks at
    her with resolve.]
    My name is... ...Jack... Jack Van Burace. 
    OK, Jack... I promise to remember it, if you promise to come by more often. 
    [Jack nods and then unties his hair. He takes his green ribbon and holds it up
    to her.]
    Will you... take this ribbon? 
    What is this? Why are you giving me a gift? 
    [She takes it from his hand, examines it, shakes her head, then holds it back
    ... ... ...I cannot accept this. I can tell that you cherish it. This must
    have a lot of sentimental value. You need to keep it. You should not just give
    away your memories to some strange girl you've only just met. 
    [Jack takes it again and then ties it back into his hair.]
    Ok, thank God... You have not changed one bit. You still like to lecture... 
    What?! What did you just say? I couldn't hear you.
    Never mind. I think we better get going now. 
    [Jack turns and begins to leave, but he stops when she calls him.]
    Jack!! Will you come visit again, Jack Van Burace? I think I would like that.
    Yeah, when I feel like it... See you around.
    [The scene ends. You can talk to the "Waitress" again.]
    Waitress (Jack):
    You all look to be... Wanderers, or knights? You guys are pretty cool. Let me
    see if I can use your sword. Ha, just kidding!
    Waitress (Rudy):
    I don't feel so bad about my amnesia. We all have something in our history that
    we would like to forget. Perhaps, I am happier this way. 
    Waitress (Cecilia):
    I am surprisingly much stronger than I thought. I have no problem carrying all
    the heavy pitchers and plates full of food. Maybe I was a waitress before I
    lost my memories. 
    [You attempt to leave.]
    Oh, right! Hey, wait up!
    [She walks up to Jack.]
    I have a gift for you, wanderer. 
    [She holds out a sword, the same one she used to use.]
    ...All of my memories are gone, but I did keep this with me all along. 
    This is from when you were a knight... ... ... ... ...No. I cannot accept it. 
    You should not give away your memories either... 
    [She shakes her head.]
    ...You're right. But... ... ... ... ...Even though my memories are gone, I
    know one thing for sure... ...I don't need this sword anymore. Please Jack...
    Take this sword for your journey. 
    ...You don't need a sword?
    A waitress only needs dinner knives and hot coffee. 
    [She steps closer and gives it to him. He takes it and holds it at his side.]
    I see... With this sword, I promise to protect you.
    [Cecilia and Rudy leave. Jack also begins to leave shortly after that, and she
    watches him leave for the longest time.]
    I'm counting on you, Van Burace... I like your name even more now... 
    First of all, I thank Media Vision and its affiliations for diving in and
    creating this wonderful game and bringing it back to life once more. Second of
    all, I thank Agetec for doing us English-only folks a service and releasing it
    state-side. And last of all, I thank everyone on the GameFAQs Wild ARMs message
    boards for not being impatient with me and for being generally supportive and

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