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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Tricky

    Version: v1.01 | Updated: 09/16/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Wild Arms - Alter Code F
    Walkthrough V1.01
    By: Tricrokra
    FAQ History
    -.-- 04-07-2005 Day the works on this FAQ started
    1.00 04-24-2005 First release of this FAQ
    1.01 09-16-2006 Added data of a sidequest
    Contacting me
    If only want to ask a question about the game itself, then please
    go to http://www.tbbs.nl/QuestionGen.php4
    On that site, I (and others) will answer everything.
    if you think you can help people in trouble too, then you
    are more than welcome to answer questions too.
    If you have questions about this FAQ itself, or you have
    suggestions to improove this FAQ, or you can come up
    for an addition that might have been left out in this FAQ
    Please mail me at tric1975@hotmail.com and make sure
    you add "[Tric-FAQ]" to the subject, or else my spamfilter
    may reject you. If you contribute to this FAQ you'll be
    credited of course ;)
    Standard replies to e-mails
    I hope you don't find me an arrogant bastard, but there are some kinds
    of e-mail, I;ve been receiving over and over, one even more unfriendly
    and sometimes even silly than the other. Some are friendly and mailed
    to me many times. I don't mind, but I do mind typing the same message
    over and over. Therefore I name a few of these kinds of mail, and what
    my reply at forehand.
    M: Hey, Tric! You suck in levelling up.
    R: So you need to level up to beat an RPG? 
    M: I could beat this game with much lower levels
    R: Good for you!
    M: Hey idiot! Fix your FAQ!
    R: When I see this kind of language, I'm not even gonna read what's wrong
       with my FAQ. Of course, I'm only human, I can make mistakes when writing
       FAQs. But if you see mistakes in my FAQ, you can notify me on that in a 
       civil way. Calling me names will get you nowhere
    M: Are you a man or a woman? Where are you from?
    R: I do get these mails regulairy. Well, I don't mind you that you know and
       iquire about that. I am a man. My real name is Jeroen Broks. On the moment
       I wrote the first version of this FAQ, I was 30 years old, and I live in
       the Netherlands
    M: Fix your English!
    R: Some say my English is beautiful, others say it plain sucks.
       Whatever you think of my English, it's not my first language. If I spoke
       my own language, I don't think you would be able to read it at all.
       (Unless you know Dutch, of course)
    R: Whatever you say, I don't understand it.
       I've received many mails about my FAQs in a language I don't understand.
       So lemme make one thing clear. I speak only English and Dutch. I know a tiny
       bit of German and Fresh (But I do suck on those languages), for the rest I
       don't speak any other language. So if you mail me, please only speak English
       or Dutch, and if you absolutely need in German. Not in any other language.
       (My French is too bad to start a conversation, trust me)
    M: You don't cover even half of what your FAQ should cover
    R: I've received this kind of mail, several times. And strangely enough about 
       FAQs that already did cover all or at least 95% of what I should cover.
       If you think my FAQ is incomplete, mailing me this won't make my FAQ better.
       If I missed certain parts then tell me about it, and I'll put it in my FAQ
       and even credit you for your trouble.
    M: I don't agree with your technique
    R: Possible. There are as many techniques as there are people. I only tell you
       the way I do things. If you have another technique that works better than
       mine, mail me your technique, I'll put it in my FAQ, and credit you for 
       your trouble. (Put in the name you want in the credits)
    M: You know NOTHING about this game
    R: Let me state clear that ALL games I wrote FAQs on have been played 4 times 
       before I even consider writing a FAQ, from start to finish. Most of them
       even more. Most games are afterwards played again and again and again, to 
       make sure I can improove the FAQ. Plus if you know more about this game 
       than I do, you obviously didn't need my FAQ.
       I do know the games I write FAQs about. I would be stupid if I didn't.
    M: The characters you name useless aren't useless
    R: Sigh, that is a discussion I had over a million times. In most cases
       I turns out that the things you do to get those characters to their 
       full potentional (that could be good, I agree), it takes most of the
       cases more time than getting the other characters 4 times better.
       If you can proove me wrong, then come with a good, and not a too
       time consuming way.
    DO and DON'T
    This FAQ is copyrighted by JBC-Soft, Tricrokra (Jeroen Broks). It's not
    authorized by AGETEC or any other company related to WA-ACF.
    You may view, download and print this FAQ for your own personal use.
    You may post it on your site, when you ask for permission first. 
    Permission is given, assuming that the FAQ is unchanged and visitors
    are not charged or haunted by spam or irritating pop-ups because of
    viewing this FAQ.
    You may not claim this FAQ as your work, and you may not modify it.
    If you want to translate this FAQ, please ask me first.
    These sites have my permission to host this work.
    TBBS         http://www.tbbs.nl
    GameFAQs     http://www.gamefaqs.com
    Sites banned from hosting this work:
    Neoseeker    http://www.neoseeker.com
    With this game, Wild Arms 1 is being re-made. But don't get it into your head.
    The story is based on WA1 but there all ressemblence to the original game ends.
    So forget all you know about the original when starting up this game.
    Using this FAQ
    This FAQ is written in order to be a guide only for when you are stuck, and 
    not to be used to play the entire game from start to finish continuously 
    following this FAQ. Of course, if that's the way you want to follow, you can
    still do that I guess. Therefore, read the code of each section that is 
    imprinted behind a section in the index. Search (with the "search" feature 
    of your viewer of course) for it, if you want to find it quickly in this FAQ. 
    Another thing you need to know is this:
    ## Some parts of this FAQ are marked with "##" as you can see here.
    ## Those are parts you DON'T need to do in order to finish the game, but those
    ## are noteworthy hints to make the game significantly easier.
    Another thing. Bosses. In this FAQ I'm not going into just a few things you may
    want to know. For detailed info on Bosses, please use my Boss FAQ.
    An important note. I've played the English Version, so I will always use the 
    English names of all characters and stuff.
    And lastly. The levels I give at the start of each mission are *MY* levels.
    I don't believe in levelling up. It's boring, and it's even a form of cheating.
    True RPG power lies in tactical thinking is my philosophy. Still I do recommend
    inexperienced RPG players to make sure their levels are higher than mine. WA-ACF
    is a pretty hard game, with some awful hard bosses. Experienced players should
    ignore the fact that I even put them in this FAQ.
    So don't e-mail me saying I suck in levelling up. I'll ban you from e-mailing
    me if you do!
        - History
        - Contacting me
        - Standard replies to e-mails
        - DO and DON'T
        - Introduction
        - Using this FAQ
        - Characters
        - Walkthrough
          - Rudy's prologue ......................... IDX0001
          - Jack's prologue ......................... IDX0002
          - Cecilia's prologue ...................... IDX0003
          - Teaming up .............................. IDX0004
          - Lolithia's Coffin ....................... IDX0005
          - The Exhibition .......................... IDX0006
          - Escaping the castle ..................... IDX0007
          - Under Adlehyde .......................... IDX0008
          - The Quest Begins ........................ IDX0009
          - Mountain Path ........................... IDX000A
          - Milama Village .......................... IDX000B
                     (This includes a small part of
                       the sand river)
          - Guardian Temple ......................... IDX000C
          - Baskar .................................. IDX000D
          - Mount Zenom ............................. IDX000E
          - Saint Centour ........................... IDX000F
          - Caging Tower ............................ IDX000G
          - The empty city of Saint Centour ......... IDX000H
          - Port Timney ............................. IDX000I
          - The Crystal Flower ...................... IDX000J
          - The Fake Wedding ........................ IDX000K
          - The Sand River .......................... IDX000L
          - Ship Graveyard .......................... IDX000M
          - Gento Soen .............................. IDX000N
          - Ghost ship .............................. IDX000O
          - Rosetta ................................. IDX000P
          - The Elw Girl ............................ IDX000Q
          - Volcannon Trap .......................... IDX000R
          - Giant's Cradle .......................... IDX000S
          - Court Seim .............................. IDX000T
          - Barrier Shelter Part I................... IDX000U
          - "Sea Of wind" Epitaph ................... IDX000V
          - Court Seim Dinner ....................... IDX000W
          - Barrier Shelter ......................... IDX000X
          - Photosphere ............................. IDX000Y
          - On the way to the next mission .......... IDX000Z
          - Dragon Shrine ........................... IDX0010
          - The Search For The Ocarina .............. IDX0011
          - Fallen Sanctuary ........................ IDX0012
          - Demon's Lab ............................. IDX0013
          - Gate Generator .......................... IDX0014
          - The road to the Elw word ................ IDX0015
          - Forest Prison ........................... IDX0016
          - Finding "De Le Metallica" ............... IDX0017
          - De Le Metallica ......................... IDX0018
          - Healing Rudy ............................ IDX0019
          - Gimini's Corpse ......................... IDX001A
          - Pandemonium ............................. IDX001B
          - Harken at Artica Castle ................. IDX001C
          - Ka Dingel ............................... IDX001D
          - Malduke ................................. IDX001E
        - Side Quests
          - Artica Castle ........................... IDX001F
          - Recruiting Emma Hetfield ................ IDX001G
          - The Guardian Zephyr ..................... IDX001H
          - Recruiting Jane Maxwell ................. IDX001I
          - Recruiting ??? .......................... IDX001J
          - De Le Metallica ......................... IDX001K
          - Barbados ................................ IDX001L
          - Angol Moa ............................... IDX001M
          - Perpetual Engine ........................ IDX001N
          - Milama Waitress ......................... IDX001O
          - Leviathan ............................... IDX001P
          - Berial .................................. IDX001Q
          - Sado .................................... IDX001R
          - Lucifer ................................. IDX001S
          - Dungeons to get back to ................. IDX001T
          - Duplicators ............................. IDX001U
          - EX File keys ............................ IDX001V
          - Rebuilding Adlehyde ..................... IDX001W
          - Melchom Lich ............................ IDX001X
        - Enemies
    Main Chars:
    Rudy Roughnight
    Expert on ARMS. An outcast, but very helpful and friendly.
    Advantage:           His ARMS are deadly.
    Disadvantage:        Not always fast
    Force:               Lock On. Can get extra power from Arms
    Jack van Burace
    Joking swordsman. Accompanied by Hanpan.
    Advantage:           Fast. And some deadly moves.
    Disadavantage:	     None in particular.
    Force:               Accelerator. Always move first and stronger specials.
    Cecillia Lynne Adlehyde
    Princess of Adlehyde. 
    Advantage:           Neat spells and summons
    Disadvantage:        Weak on pysical offense, and low on HP.
    Force:               Material. Summon guardians to aid in battle.
    Extra characters:
    These characters can join halfaway the game temporary. Once you beat the 
    first boss at the dungeon Ka Dingel, you can make them join the party
    Jane Maxwell
    Young treasure hunting girl with a big mouth.
    Advantage:          Very fast, has mystic, and can steal
    Disadvantage:       Not very strong in both offense and defense
    Force:              Mystic. Use an item over everybody in stead of one person.
    Emma Hetfield
    A female scientist who lacks all social skills
    Advantage:          None
    Disadvantage:       All
    Force:              Alchemy. Gets stronger depending on how many moves she
                        extracted from enemies.
    This character is a total surprise. If you don't want to know who he is, then
    don't go reading sections you are not going past yet.
    Advantage:         Nothing noteworthy
    Disadvantage:      Extremely weak to magic.
    Temporary characters:
    These characters only join the party temporary.
    Magdalen Harts (Aka McDullen)
    Jane's Butler and body guard.
    Advantage:         Strong and fast.
    Disadvantage:      He's only temporary.
    Force:             Gamble. Stronger attacks, and his specials in particular.
    Shy Elw Girl.
    Advantage:         None. 
    Disadvantage:      She starts at level 1 pretty late in the
                       game, and she's too short in the party to get
                       strong enough to become noteworthy.
    Force:             Extention. Spreads her herb magic over the whole party.
    As usual and as in the original game, we start the game with the prologue's
    of each party member. In the last 3 games you could define the order yourself.
    This time you can't, you'll get them in the order Rudy-Jack-Cecilia, wanting
    it or not.
    ## One thing to keep in mind, and to use in your advantage.
    ## Each time a character levels up, his/her HP, VIT and MP is fully restored.
    ## Make use of that. There are times, this can really save you a lot of
    ## trouble, magic and items.
    ## And don't waste HP recovering items. They are hard to get and cannot be
    ## bought in a store.
    Well, here we go! Good luck!
    Rudy's Prologue                                  IDX0001
    My Levels: Rudy 3
    Rudy starts in a farm in the village of Surf. He's hired to take care of the
    animals, and he just finishes work.
    you may change Rudy's name if you want (I recommend against it, since this FAQ
    can be confusing if you do). A guy named Bambollo will talk to you and give you
    5 Heal Berries.
    Go to the mayor's house. On your way you'll encounter Tony. Say what you want
    to him. After that go to the Mayor's house and speak with the Mayor. After that
    chat, go to the next room, to the right of him. Open the chest to get your
    first tool.
    @@ TOOL: BOMB
    @@ With the bomb you can blow up obstacles. They never run out.
    When going back to the mayor's room, you'll hear about the disappearance of 
    Leave the village, and you'll end up on the world map.
    Those who know this system from WA2 and WA3, skip this:
    The world map is empty. You must "search" for locations in order to make them
    appear, so you can enter. Please note that some locations need to be named by
    somebody or something before you find them, if the requirement is not met
    the item will simply not appear. You can search by using the "Tool" button.
    Which is by default the square button.
    Now, go west, and search the mountains. You'll find the Berry Cave. Enter it.
    Inside you'll meet a man asking you to save Tony. Accept his request.
    You'll get a Lucky Card, and a Migrant Seal. The game will explain what the
    Migrant seal do. (You don't need to use them. The game uses them automaticly)
    Now go on and go into the cave. 
    ## You can blow up the crates to get some nice items, if you like.
    Lateron your path will be blocked with crates. Just use your bombs to blow 
    them all up.
    In the next room, you may get the explanation about jumping off higher
    areas. (Pending on the route you take). Go further.
    You'll see the way blocked by a sign. It says it's forbidden to remove it,
    and thus we're going to remove it. Blow the damn thing up.
    The next thing is about ladders. You can go down the ladder if you want
    to open the treasure chest, but you'll get there by another way
    later, anyway. So that's up to you.
    If you continue the way, you'll end up, behind the ladder from below.
    Bump into the ladder by running to it. (you can run by holding down the 
    action button (Default X) for some time).
    ## The chest below contains a gimel coin. The game will explain you
    ## can use them to save the game, or to start over a battle if you
    ## slain. I'll note it each time when it's wise to use a gimel coin
    ## to save the game. Of course you may use them other times too if you
    ## want, what I say is just some advice.
    Next room is just bombing some crates. Too easy.
    And at last, you'll find Tony.
    Place a lot of bombs near the rock behind him to get rid of it.
    Enter the path behind him and you'll get the holy berries.
    Watch the show and after it you'll be attacked by the first boss.
    | Boss \
    | Rotting Beast                            | Not that hard                    |
    | Just keep an eye on your HP. Use a boosted shell in combination with        |
    | Lock-On whenver you get the chance.                                         |
    After the battle the villagers will turn against you, and the mayor asks if you
    accept to them decide his fate. Accept that.
    After that this prologue will end.
    Jack's Prologue                                  IDX0002
    My Levels: Jack 5
    Jack will start at the entrance of the temple of memory.
    Go to the computer. It'll ask a password. 
    Don't bother passwords by now. It won't make sense to go for them now, trust 
    me. And those who played the original game. THE PASSWORD IS NOT "EMIKO"! Okay?
    Just fill out the name you want Jack to have.
    Watch the show, about how Jack has to run for his life, until you get control
    over him again.
    Leave the room to the north (watch out of the spikes coming out of the floor).
    Next room. The chest is empty. Step on the blue things to open the door.
    In the next room, you have to use Hanpan to activate the blue things to
    open the door.
    ## You may see a green chest now. If you open them, always do so at a distance
    ## with Hanpan's help. They'll explode after opening dealing damage, which you
    ## can prevent by using Hanpan.
    To get past the guillotine. Just run through it.
    Next room, pick up a crate and throw it to the crystal pyramid.
    Next room. Jump down. And go to the door.
    ## If you want the chest. I recommend Hanpan.
    Next room, pick up a crate and throw it to the crystal pyramid.
    Next room has a guillotine again. Same recipe. But watch out for the
    spikes, this time.
    Next room is a bit tricky. Step on the switch up the stairs and
    send Hanpan to the switch below. Unlike WA1 you can steer
    Hanpan a little with the directional buttons.
    Next room, box and pyramid work.
    You'll end up in the main hall again. But now you can reach the crates.
    Use them on the pyramids in the middle. Activate all pyramids.
    A crystal will appear in the middle. Walk into it.
    | Boss \
    | Atlachnacha                              | Not that hard                    |
    | His attacks are murder. Be sure to heal in time. When your FP are 25 or     |
    | higher you can use accelerator. Use it in combination with the "Speed Fang" |
    | move.                                                                       |
    Enter the crystal. You'll see a big device. Examine the panel beside it.
    Learn about the Elw and Lolithia.
    Now step in the crystal and leave the temple.
    Cecilia's Prologue                               IDX0003
    My levels: Cecilia 1
    Cecilia'll start in somekind of illusion. A guardian will speak to her and
    ask her name. After you gave up her name, you'll wake up under a school desk.
    After a chat with Holly, you'll gain control over Cecilia.
    First of all, find sister Mary and chat with her. (Room most west from the
    entrance hall).
    Then cross the courtyard and find Anje. (From the couryard, room most west.
    South door).
    Talk with her, and she'll request to use the teardrop on that orb that's in
    this room. Do as she asks.
    Now find Peleira, she's in one of the rooms around here. Talk with her and
    she'll say what to do (even though she doesn't believe it herself).
    Go to the courtyard. Stand before the statue on the north and
    use the teardrop. This will unlock a door. Go through this door, and
    use the teardrop on the panel you see behind it.
    You'll get in the the forbidden library. Go down and open the chest
    @@ Use this to set everything on fire.
    Go up, and light the torch south of the entrance.
    Next room. It makes no sense to go down the ladder. So don't do that.
    ## Go to the right to get some heal berries (Cam North)
    Go to the left to go to the next room. (Cam North)
    The next puzzle is easy. Just light all the torches.
    For the next puzzle. Climb the ladder and light the torches on the 
    most left on the most right and in the center. If you are not fast
    enough the torches may go out, but the time is long enough, so you
    can make it.
    Next puzzle is tricky. Light all the torches, but being too slow
    means the torches will go out, and the time is extremely short.
    Hold down the tool botton, and make Cecilia turn around 180 degrees.
    If you are not used to a PSX controller it may take some time, but
    you'll get the hang of it pretty soon.
    Next puzzle. Use the teardrop on the statue. Now you can  reach the other
    statue. Use the teardrop on it, as well.
    Leave this room to the north.
    In the next room, you can move the ladder by turning the wheel.
    Setting the ladder north will get you further
    ## setting the ladder east or west will get you treasure.
    Now climb the next ladder and go to the tablet.
    Password: Guardian Blade (case sensitive)
    Now go down the ladder.
    Use the wheel to set it either east or west.
    Climb the ladder and exit north.
    Read the book on the table.
    | Boss \
    | Nelgaul                                  | Not that hard                    |
    | Fight till Cecilia has 50 FP, then summon your guardian to finish him off   |
    Leave the room, and you'll have finished this prologue.
    Teaming up                                       IDX0004
    My Levels: Rudy 5, Jack 5, Cecilia 4
    You'll start with Rudy being kicked out of Surf.
    Go to the city of Adlehyde.
    To get there go all the way south from Surf, head east
    and go south as soon as you can. When you reach the sea
    go to the area between the trees (not the forest).
    Search here.
    In Adlehyde you'll see some men in panick. They mention a woman by the name
    of Emma. Find this Emma. She lives in the second house on the eastside. In
    this house go downstairs. You'll find her here. She'll hire you to take care
    of the monsters in Lolithia's Coffin. Accept her offer. She'll advice to bring
    Go to the inn. Here you'll find Cecilia. Talk to her and she'll join the party.
    Now go to the Royal castle. Go past the throne room and go west. Here you'll
    find Jack. Talk to him, and he'll join, as well.
    Lolithia's Coffin                                IDX0005
    My levels: Rudy 5, Jack 5, Cecilia 4
    Once you've got everybody, leave Adlehyde. Northwest of Adlehyde is some
    kind of giant alcove formed by the mountains. Search it to find Lolithia's
    Once inside, find Emma first. She's in the room on the east.
    Now you can say you are ready to go. You can also start moaning you are
    not ready and that it's too dangerous, and if you persist long enough,
    Emma will join the party too, but she'll cut the reward, she's set for you.
    Emma is no asset to your party in battle, the advantage is that you can
    open chests now only Emma can access, but you'll get her lateron in your
    party as a temporary char anyway, and near the end of the game, you can
    make her join permanently. So personally, I'm not fond of letting her
    join at this point. But the choice is yours.
    Anyway after you've spoken with Emma, with or without her joining the
    party, you're ready to go. Go through the middle door to start.
    The first puzzle. Place bombs in a line from one pillar to the other.
    if they explode in succession the door will open. Tricky!
    When you reach the area where you see the cranes, you can choose to
    go either east or west. You can choose yourself. Both areas must be done
    I'll handle the west route first.
    The first puzzle there, is stepping on one button, and using Hanpan to
    go to the other. Pretty tricky to steer Hanpan, but with a little practise
    no true problem.
    The second and last puzzle requires you to tiptoe. You can do that with
    the cancel button (Default O). Tiptoe to the other side, and use Hanpan
    to activate the switch. Now go back to the crane area.
    Now I'll handle the east route.
    The first puzzle is the flame-staff-turn-spot trick. You remember it
    from the forbidden library?
    The second and last one, is just making a way by pulling or pushing
    the boxes. No further explanation required. Hit the switch and go back
    to the crane area.
    Now, if you've taken on, both the west and the east side, you'll be able
    to open the main door. Do so by pulling the lever at the left of it.
    In the next room, keep turing the wheel until those "pins" at the pillars
    are all pointing at the center. Then stand in the center to open the door.
    | Boss \
    | Magtortus                                | Easy                             |
    | His EM laser is no true threat. Whenever he's charging for a super move,    |
    | make all party members do a normal attack. Heal when needed and use special |
    | attacks when you get the chance. No big deal                                |
    In the next room you'll find Lolithia. An unactivated Golem. If you did not yet
    bring Emma, then go back to the entrance to get her.
    After a cutscene, you'll end up back in Adlehyde.
    ## If there's anything you need to buy, then I suggest to do it now before
    ## going to the inn. 
    Now go to the inn. Take a nap. (Cecilia will now temporary leave the party)
    The exhibition                                   IDX0006
    My levels: Rudy 8, Jack 8, Cecilia 6
    Now go to the exhibition site, which is in the north east of Adlehyde.
    First thing to do, is find Emma (you can hardly miss her) and get your
    reward from the Lolithia mission from her.
    Search for a man, who has lost his son. A boy with a red balloon. If you've
    spoken to this man, head back to town. There you'll find the boy near Emma's
    house. Speak to him, and all hell will break loose. Now the demons will
    come into play. They'll destroy Adlehyde, and of course, you'll have to
    act as a protector.
    Fight the Spartois first. They are no big deal.
    (Don't cancel any combats now).
    Find Cecilia, and you'll have to save her from some Spartois. 
    Don't worry about her being ambushed. She dodges nearly all attacks, and
    very soon Rudy and Jack will come to her aid.
    After this, you'll get 5 minutes, to save all villagers. That time is
    extremely short. So search well. If you think you're not going to make
    it then let everybody who's still out there rot, and head for the gate.
    And cancel as many encounters as possible!
    Here's a list of people out there
    1 - East from the gate
    2 - In front of Emma's house
    3 - Behind the magic stand (Go between the houses no the NE to get there)
    4 - Center. (Won't come with you unless you save the boy near Emma's house)
    5 - Entrance Excavation site
    6 - Behind house on west (Between in and that house is a way to get there)
    Escaping the castle                              IDX0007
    My Levels: Rudy 9, Jack 9, Cecilia 8
    You are in Cecilia's room. Not allowed to leave. Old RPG clich» is not to
    obbey to what you are told in such situations. Same goes here. Leave Cecilia's
    bedroom and go straight south.
    Pull the statue out and push it either left or right.
    Jump down from the spot where the statue was.
    Go south, and make sure the guard doesn't see you.
    In the next room, stay out of sight from the guards, and send Hanpan to them.
    Hanpan will distract the guards, and give you free passage that way.
    Exit the room through the east door.
    Next room, go east.
    Next room, take the second door to the North.
    ## Talk to all the people here. YOu'll get nice items from them.
    Talk to the guard here. That is Ozma. Let cecilia talk to him.
    You'll get the shield badge from him. Now go back to the middle room.
    Make the guard on the stairs catch you on purpose. Go North.
    (If you are placed in your room, leave your room, and go downstairs).
    Use the shield badge on the sword symbol on the east side.
    A door will open. Enter.
    Under Adlehyde                                   IDX0008
    My Levels: Rudy 9, Jack 9, Cecilia 8
    This is a mission without any enemies. So that makes one problem less.
    First puzzle is just bombing the crates. No trouble.
    In the next room, the nets are explained. Jump into it, and go off it on 
    the west side.
    Next is most of all, net jumping and stuff. Nothing noteworthy.
    If you find a sluice. You can open it by turning the wheel in the next room.
    With that you get a bridge to cross to the next room
    ## When you find the ladder up, I strongly recommend to save.
    When you get back in Adlehyde, go to the center, where Berserk awaits.
    | Quarter Knight \
    | Berserk                                  | Murder                           |
    | He attacks you, you die. It's as simple as that. Having some revive fruits  |
    | can save you. Nothing else. be grateful, that most of the time, he's only   |
    | taunting. After some turns he'll get bored and go away                      |
    After this fight, you'll get a large cutscene. After that the quest will
    truely begin.
    The quest begins                                 IDX0009
    My Levels: Rudy 9, Jack 10
    Go to the throne room, and speak with Minister Johan. Now leave the castle
    and go to the royal tomb. (Midle door from the city).
    There you'll find Cecilia in a new outfit.
    She'll join the party and give you field viewer. A handy item to find new
    locations on the map. Use it to locate them easier.
    ## You can talk to the mayor to donate for Adlehyde's restoration.
    ## There's not much to gain from it that is noteworthy, but you can start
    ## with it now, and work to total of 600,000 Gella.
    ## That's all up to you.
    ## (The only thing I found Noteworthy was the Item Scope which you get 
    ## once you donated 10,000 Gella or so).
    Leave Adlehyde. You next target is the red flashing dot on your radar.
    All the way east of Adlehyde. (If the Radar doesn't appear, press SELECT)
    Mountain Path                                    IDX000A
    My Levels: Rudy 10, Jack 10, Cecilia 10
    ## At the start you'll get a warning about trolls. Don't throw this advice
    ## to the wind. Unless you're levels are at least 40+ you do not stand a chance
    ## against them. Just defend when you encounter them, and they'll leave.
    This dungeon is swamped with plant traps. Some plants can pop out of the ground
    without a warning if you stand on the wrong spots. They all got a main point 
    you can see, and when destroying that you can pass. You can mostly do that
    my smashing it under two chests.  Do so in the first room. There are two of 
    them here.
    ## In the second room you can see a sword. Activate it with Jack and
    ## you'll get a new fastdraw move.
    ##                      FD: Strike Buddy
    You'll see a main point of a plant trap too. Destroy it with Rudy's bombs.
    Exit south east.
    use the chest to destroy the plant trap. And destroy the second one too.
    ## You can destroy the wall behind the crates near the second plant trap.
    ## it can give you a crest graph (very important) and 3 heal berries.
    In the next room, you may see some wooden lift. Don't bother that now.
    You currently can't do anything with it.
    ## You can jump down to open the chests, but it means you'll have
    ## to do the last part over. Do you want to do that or not.
    ## Don't worry. Plant traps that are gone, are gone forever!
    ## The contents ARE noteworthy! (Migrant seal & Nectar for example)
    ## Two rooms later you can find your first personal skill.
    ## The game explains how they work. I'll leave it to you to whom you
    ## assign such skills, unless I state otherwise. One advice.
    ## If you find a way to put Cecilia HP up, then go for it!
    A little later a few more plant traps. I guess you know the trade by now.
    This is a little tricky though, so watch out!
    Don't get too close to the cores of it though. 
    A bug in the game caused me to get stuck in a trap, obligating me
    to reset the game. So watch out!
    Now you reach the exit.
    Once you're out, and go all the way south, to find Milama.
    (HINT! Use your map radar. If it's not on the screen. Press SELECT)
    Milama Village                                   IDX000B
    My Levels: Rudy 10, Jack 11, Cecilia 10
    Go to the house directly west from the gate. You find a child here who has
    lost her turtle. Now leave the village and head for the Sand River.
    It's marked on the map, north west of Milama.
    First of all. Ignore the monkey. You can't do anything with him now.
    he becomes important later. Past the monkey is a chest you have to bomb
    before you can open it. It contains the Radar.
    @@ TOOL: RADAR
    @@ With this tool you can detect treasures and secret passages.
    Now go back to Milama.
    Go back to the girl who lost her turtle and use the radar. It'll mark
    a spot near one of the beds. Search the bed and find a toy turtle.
    Give it to the girl and she'll tell something about the pub owner.
    Now go to the pub. Talk with the onwer. (And select talk).
    From him you'll get some information about the guardians.
    He'll name a time. 3:30. Memorize that.
    Now go to the guardian temple. It's north of Milama.
    Guardian Temple                                  IDX000C
    My Levels: Rudy 10, Jack 11, Cecilia 10
    First room. Use the wheels to set the giant clock to half past 3.
    The next room contains secret passages. Use the radar to reveal them.
    ## If you don't follow the route you can get some treasures.
    Take the most east passage. Go north (reveal passage with radar)
    Use the radar and go west.
    Use the Radar and go north.
    Use the radar and go north (passage is behind the statues)
    Touch the staff and you'll have to split up your party.
    it doesn't matter who you send in which direction. The outcome will
    aways be the same.
    Rudy     Set a bomb by all statues. Make sure you do this quickly
             there's a time limit.
             Next room. Bomb the statues, and make sure you reach the
             doorway in time. Don't wait for the explosions. Set the bombs 
             and get moving.
             The next one is a little tricky. Go to the NW statue, and
             start bombing all statues, in this order NW, SW, SE, NE.
             This requires lot of speed, since time is very short.
             You may need to practise before it goes well.
             Once again. Don't wait for the explosions. Set the bombs
             and get moving!
             If you do well a staff appears. Touch it to fight a guardian.
             It never attacks and you'll win after a few turns. So don't
    Jack     Step on a button, and let Hanpan touch the other.
             Next room. Step on the north button and send Hanpan to the other.
             Next room. Push a box west. Go to the north west platform and send
                        Hanpan to the SW button.
                        Push the box east and make this situation
                        Then stand on the SE platform and send Hanpan to the NE 
             Activate the staff, fight the guardian. Same story as with Rudy.
    Cecilia  Light the west torch. Walk the path till the end. Light the east
             torch. Cross to the next room.
             Next room, is trickier. Light the torches to make a path in the
             same manner, but now there's a time limit.
             Next room is more tricky. Keep note that the first switch also
             makes the last part of the bridge.
             Touch the staff challenge the guardian. You know the deal.
    You'll now get a cutscene about the guardians, their lost power and how the 
    demons are trying to revive Mother a very evil being. You'll get the task to
    make sure they won't get the three parts of Mother's heart they need to 
    succeed. After the scene, you'll be teleported close to the village Baskar.
    Go there. It's northwest of where you are standing now.
    Baskar                                           IDX000D
    My party: Rudy 11, Jack 12, Cecilia 11
    Seek out the chief. His house is to the east of the memory bird.
    Speak to him. He has valuable info. And now the next dungeon is 
    available. Leave the village and go to Mount Zenom, to the North East.
    Mount Zenom                                      IDX000E
    My levels: Rudy 11, Jack 12, Cecilia 11
    First of all, halfaway this dungeon you can get an item which
    keeps track of position more easily. It also calls room numbers.
    From that point I'll use the room numbers in front of every section
    I write about.
    Okay, first of all. Use the thinderstaff to melt the icicles.
    Next room. Choose. North route (bombing way north) is the shortcut.
    ## South route (tiptoe over the bridge) leads to treasures. After which
    ## you can easily get down to the next puzzle
    The next puzzle. If you played WA3 you must know the trick. Use the
    thinder staff to make the invisible path visible to see which road you must 
    ## To open the chest, use Hanpan.
    When you find a rock covered with ice, burn it.
    After the rock, turn east, and take the passage on the northwest.
    Here you'll find the Tracker. And you'll see you're on floor 007 now.
    007: Exit East
    009: You may know the trick by now. Burn to make the path visible.
    011: Melt the ice with fire, then bomb the rock.
    ## 011: Very good spot to save!!!
    | Quarter Knight \
    | Berserk (II)                             | Murder                           |
    | The fight is the same. Die when you get attacked. This is a short fight     |
    | That will have to make it up for it. Even the shield move cannot prevent    |
    | Death. Revive fruits are your best bet.                                     |
    After this battle, leave the room, to complete this mission.
    Now go back to Saint Centour and speak with the Chief. He'll mention
    the city of Saint Centour. Leave the village and go through the Elw Pyramid on
    the South West. It contains a teleporter device which brings you near Saint 
    Centour. After teleporting leave the Pyramid and go to Saint Centour.
    ## Before you leave you may check the treasures though. An EX File Key and
    ## new cartridge for Rudy.
    To get to Saint centour, head straight North from the Pyramid.
    Saint Centour                                    IDX000F
    My Levels: Rudy 13, Jack 14, Cecilia 13
    When entering you may be bounced back by a barrier. Don't worry, you'll
    be able to enter anyway. Remember this barrier though, it is important
    later in the story.
    Now you can enter the city. 
    When you explore the city, you may see treasure chests, but all of them are 
    blocked by somebody, so you can't reach any of them. Live with that, at this
    moment you cannot open any treasures here, you'll have to come back later for
    Go to the building in the middle, under the statue. You'l meet Kaiser, head
    of Security in this town. He'll make a request for help for the safety of the
    city. Accept his request. He'll pay you 2000 Gella and tell you about the
    Caging Tower.
    ## If you have anything to do in this town do it now. You won't be able
    ## to do it later. At least not here.
    Leave Saint Centour and go to the Caging Tower. It's all the way to the west
    of the Elw Pyramid.
    Caging tower                                     IDX000G
    My Levels: Rudy 13, Jack 14, Cecilia 13
    001: Climb ladder on East
    002: Open chest on the west to get the Wire hook
    @@ TOOL: Wire Hook
    @@ Jack can use it to get over gaps by hooking on objects on the 
    @@ other side.
    002: Go to the center and use the hook to get there.
    003: Go to the pole on the East side and use the hook on the Pyramid
         in the center from here. Go North and climb the ladder.
    004: Short way is to climb the ladder
    ## For some extra jump down, and use Hanpan on the chests.
    ## Hook over to the South and climb the ladder down. Let Jack
    ## check out the Sword.
    ##                    FD: Burst Breaker
    ## Climb up the ladder to the North, and continue your mission.
    005: Jump to the lower platform on the North and hook to the South.
         Throw the switch if you want the treasure (Heal Berryx3) if
         you do hook back to the center afterwards, and set the switch
         back. Go up with the ladder on the South.
    006: Go to the middle of the bridge and jump down to the lower bridge.
         Climb up the ladder on the East. Walk around the north and exit
         with the ladder on the west.
    007: Some "Network" I don't expect you getting trouble with.
         Before going into the last net, hook the pyramid on the east
         first. Now you can go up, and exit north.
    008: Go east and hook to the South. Here's a ladder go up.
    ## I do recommend to save here.
    | Boss \
    | Night Gaunt                              | Easy                             |
    | There's nothing impressive about this one. Just kill it                     |
    You'll get trapped now. Jane and Magdalen will come. She'll release you for
    5000 Gella. Accept this. She'll let you out but she'll run away when more 
    monsters appear (unless you had enough money to pay her, then she'll join). 
    More Night Gaunts.
    | Boss \
    | Night Gaunt                              | Easy                             |
    | Same as before, but this time there are 3 of them.                          |
    | If you got Jane, you can steal Potion Berries from them.                    |
    | If you can, use Magdalen in this fight :D                                   |
    If Jane was in this fight she'll leave after it (And so will Magdalen).
    Now go back to Saint Centour.
    The Empty City of Saint Centour                  IDX000H
    My Levels: Rudy 16, Jack 16, Cecilia 15
    When you get back, you'll find out it's already too late. Alhazad has done his 
    work here, and the city is completely empty. All citizens are gone. And 
    now the city is inhabited by monsters.
    Don't search the blind girl. She is in town, but at this moment you cannot
    get by her, so don't bother.
    ## Hey, now you can go and empty the treasure chests you couldn't open before.
    There are now two things to do.
    First check out the big statue (which is now broken) to receive the guardian
    Ione Paua.
    Next go to Kaiser's office (below the statue) and examine the bookshelf 
    to read his final journals. It will describe what happened to the villagers.
    It will also mention Aura. That's the blind girl, she'll be important in
    one of the side quests that comes available near the end of the game, so
    don't worry about her now. It'll also mention the location of another 
    Elw Pyramid.
    Leave town, and after the cutscene go to the new Elw Pyramid.
    As stated in Kaiser's journal, it's located to the North of the
    Caging Tower. Teleport with it, and you'll end up near Port Timney.
    Leave the pyramid and go to the pennynsula beside it. Search there.
    Port Timney                                      IDX000I
    My Levels: Rudy 16, Jack 16, Cecilia 16
    Go to the inn, and at one of the tables you'll find a depressed captain.
    This is Bartholomew. Talk to him. He asks if you want to hear a sailor's 
    story. Say "Yes". He'll mention the Crystal Flower. Since he appears to
    have a Guardian's statue, you may as well lend him a hand.
    The Crystal Flower                               IDX000J
    My levels: Rudy 16, Jack 16, Cecilia 16
    Leave Timney and go to the Desert to the East of town. If you have a
    green exclamation mark above you head. Don't cancel the fight. It might
    be our next target. The ghost who has the Crystal Flower.
    | Boss \
    | Phantom                                  | Hard                             |
    | This boss uses a special order. And that limits your time, since            |
    | his final move is always escape, and the game will not continue             |
    | if you don't kill him, since you need that Crystal Flower he                |
    | carries. His attacks are fucking hard. So here goes:                        |
    |                                                                             |
    | Turn 1: Unlucky             - No big deal.                                  |
    | Turn 2: Agonizing Confusion - Could make everybody sick.                    |
    | Turn 3: Feeble mind         - Lowers magic defense, and that'll             |
    |                               cost ya, trust me. If Cecilia is slower       |
    |                               let her cast "Protect"                        |
    | Turn 4: Pressure            - Very painful because of Feeblemind. So        |
    |                               be prepared. Much less trouble if you         |
    |                               casted Protect                                |
    | Turn 5: Pressure            - That could mean death, if you couldn't heal   |
    |                               the previous one quick enough. Protect could  |
    |                               be your Savior.                               |
    | Turn 6: Exhaust             - No big deal. Only irritating.                 |
    | Turn 7: ???                 - If I recall right, it's the escape move, but  |
    |                               I already killed him before finding out.      |
    Go back to Timney and give the Crystal Flower to Bartholomew. He'll offer 3000
    Gella for it. Accept it (You can refuse to raise the price, heheheh, He
    won't go higher than 3875 Gella, so once he offers that, accept).
    A big mess happens, and now a fake wedding between Cecilia and Bartholomew is
    on the way.
    The Fake Wedding                                 IDX000K
    My Levels: Rudy 16, Jack 17, Cecilia 16
    The wedding will be some kind of Trivia. Some of the answers where given along
    the way. Others are hints on this ship, or so it seems. I'm not really sure
    on that.
    Anyway, find Tom first. He's in the machine room, all the way to the East.
    To open the door, turn the right wheel right, the center one to the left,
    and the left one to the right, in that order (it IS a Japanese production
    after all). He tells you two of the questions that are gonna be asked at 
    the ceremony. Memorize those well, since it'll require some counting.
    Now go to the left room. Talk to the guy and get a nap. Now the fake
    wedding begins. As I said before, it's some kind of Trivia. Doesn't really
    matter what you answer though, right or wrong the game goes on anyway.
    Q1  - You move forward
    Q2  - Cecilia and Bartholomew (Assuming you left her name original)
    Q3  - 52
    Q4  - Right hand
    Q5  - Old Moon
    Q6  - Sweet Candy
    Q7  - 7th Question
    Q8  - Crystal Flower
    Q9  - Small Flower
    Q10 - Depends on how many good answers you gave
    Q11 - Lucadia
    Q12 - I guess I must keep the 'disguise' (HAHA GO FOR IT)
    And then somebody ruins the wedding
    | Demon Boss \
    | Zed                                      | Hard                             |
    | Zed is fast and strong. That is what makes this fight hard.                 |
    | Casting "Shield" can make this fight a little easier. Since this            |
    | is the only fight during this mission you don't have to save MP             |
    | or ammo.                                                                    |
    After that fight, you'll meet Harken, who breaks the last seal. She'll mention
    the Photospere. It becomes a location on the worldmap now, but for the time 
    being you won't be able to reach it, so forget about that for now. You'll also
    get the guardian Nua Shackx. After that Bartholomew will reward you for your
    trouble. 2000 Gella, a Mega Berry, a Revive Fruit and a Nectar. And finally
    he'll give the Magic Staff.
    (If you got all questions right you'll get 5000 Gella, Mega Berry, Ambrosia and
    @@ TOOL: Magic Staff
    @@ Cecilia can use it to talk with animals.
    Once off the ship, use the staff to talk to a cat on the dock. It'll tell
    you about the last Elw Pyramid.
    Leave Timney and see a cutscene of Mother's Revival.
    No go to the Elw Pyramid all the way to the South.
    Using it will get you near Milama. Now go to the Sand Canal.
    Sand River                                       IDX000L
    My Levels: Rudy 17, Jack 17, Cecilia 17
    001: Speak with the monkey using the Magic Staff. He'll open a new
         Passage. Exit through that passage.
    005: You'll hate this puzzle. Trust me. The monkey can give you a hint
         If you want to puzzle yourself. In the route you must always
         keep the next order in mind: Red-Blue-White-Black.
         If you don't want to puzzle yourself, I'll give a route here.
         Step one the red one.
         Go West (Blue)
         Go South (White)
         Go West (Black)
         Go South (Red)
         Go South (Blue)
         Go West (White)
         Go West (Black)
         Go North (Red)
         Go North (Blue):
         Go North (White)
         Go North (Black)
         Go North (Red)
         Go North (Blue)
         Go West (White)
         GO South (Black)
         Go West (Red)
         Go South (Blue)
         Go South (White)
         Go West (Black)
         Go West (Finish)
    007: Talk to the monkey and exit through the passage. Bomb the rock andd
         go back to continue your way.
    008: Before starting on this one (which is the same fashion of floor 005),
         Note that rock you see above it. Making it fall first will make this 
         puzzle, a lot easier. If you didn't do that, and you're still down,
         Exit West (009), Exit middle East (007), Cross the bridge and talk 
         to the monkey, Bomb the rock, and now go to the puzzle down again.
         If you already did it, you skip all this and start with the puzzle 
         right away.
         Step on the red one.
         Go East (Blue)
         Go North (White)
         Go East (Black)
         Go East (Red)
         Go South (Blue)
         Go South (White)
         Go East (Black)
         Go North (Red)
         Go East (Blue)
         Go East (White)
         Go South (Black)
         Go South (Rock)
         Go south (Red)
         Go West (Blue)
         Go West (White)
         Go South (Black)
         Go West (Red)
         Go South (Blue)
         Go East (White)
         Go East (Black)
         Go South (Red)
         Go South (Finish)
    010: Talk to the monkey, then hook to the west and exit south to leave.
    ## If you go back after you left, you'll see the monkey again. Talk to it
    ## and it'll open another secret passage. Good for 3000 Gella and a Ray Break.
    ## After that leave the river again.
    Go to Ship Graveyard, located all the way to the west.
    Ship Graveyard                                   IDX000M
    My Levels: Rudy 18, Jack 18, Cecilia 17
    ## Go to the house at the west, and talk to a woman named Jocelyn.
    ## She'll mention the puzzle boxes. For those who played WA3, this
    ## is just like the millenium puzzles. Strange puzzles all over the
    ## world map for you to solve. Now you can look for them if you want.
    ## They are not marked on the world map, so you'll have to do some
    ## searching.
    Now go to he house most East. Talk to the man here (Dan).
    Accept the mission he gives you to recover a keepsake from his wife.
    Now leave the town, and go to Gento Soen. It's located south of that
    strange thing in the desert.
    Gento Soen (Formely known as Pleasing Garden)    IDX000N
    My Levels: Rudy 18, Jack 18, Cecilia 17
    003: Use the radar, to reveal the passage north
    004: Step on the button beside the stairs on the East. Exit West
    005: Bomb the mess blocking your path.
    006: Use the radar to reveal the button in the center and stand on it.
    007: Bomb the mess blocking your path and hook over the gap.
    008: Throw the switch. Use the Radar to reveal a path
    010: Use the radar to reveal an extra torch, and then light them all.
    013: Use the radar to reveal a boss
    | Boss \
    | Gigmantis x2                             | Easy                             |
    | The only thing you must watch out for is Mantis fist, which reduces you to  |
    | 1 HP. It's weak for ice. The monster will drop the bracelet you came for.   |
    013: Exit south
    015: You'll get the Flash Hit. The Guardian Stare Roe. Touch the staff and exit
         Gento Soen.
    Go back to Ship Graveyard, and give the bracelet to Dan. You'll get a new
    Fast Draw Move
           FD: Acute Angle
    Leave Dan's house, and you'll hear some voices about a ship in the harbor.
    Go all the way west, and you'll meet Bartholomew, who is in trouble again.
    This time it's trouble that makes sense. Time to lend him a hand again.
    If you are ready tell the captain so.
    Ghost Ship                                       IDX000O
    My Levels: Rudy 18, Jack 19, Cecilia 18
    First of all, you can do over this ship as long as you want, but when you
    defeated the boss and start your way back, a timer will run before the ship
    sinks. Keep that in mind.
    Got it?
    Then let's go!
    002: Ignore the blocks for now. You have to come back for that later.
    003: Hook the Pyramid from the stairs
    004: Have Rudy to activate the power switch located to the North. Then
         Head all the way back to floor 002.
    002: Walk the way most east, use the panel beside the door to open it
    005: Crate bombing. Follow the most east road (with jumping down), go
         the South way to the west to reach the chest bombing all crates in
         your way. Bomb the chest and get the power gloves from it.
    @@ TOOL: Mighty Glove
    @@ Rudy can use them to move heavy objects
    005: Go back to room 002.
    002: Now the boxes come into play. Put the lower box on the upper
         switch and the upper box on the lower switch using the gloves.
         Exit through the door that opens.
    007: A Roll Box puzzle. I name the box in the SW Box 1, and the one
         in the NE Box 2. You have to push them using the gloves. Here goes.
         Push 1 East
         Push 1 North 3 times
         Push 1 West
         Push 2 South 3 times
         Push 2 West
         Push 2 North
         Push 2 East
         Push 2 South
         Push 2 West
         Push 2 North
         Push 2 East
         Push 2 South
    009: Make a bridge using the blocks. Pretty easy, not further notes required.
    010: Climb ladder
         Hook East.
         Jump to platfom with VIT crystals
         Hook East
         Jump down South East.
         Exit South.
    011: Another Roll Box Puzzle.
         The middle one is 1
         The one SE is 2
         The one SW is 3
         Push 1 East Twice
         Push 1 North Twice
         Push 2 North 3 times
         Push 2 West 
         Push 2 South
         Push 2 East
         Push 2 North
         Push 2 West
         Push 3 North
         Push 3 East
         Push 3 South
         Push 3 West
         Push 3 North
         Push 3 East
    013: You cannot reach the chests here. Not now. Not ever. They are part of a
         a stupid legend. Every cargo that gets lost when a ship sinks washes up on
         the beach of Ship Graveyard. So you can get the contents of it once you
         competed this mission in Ship Graveyard. Make your way to the prow.
    | Boss \
    | Captain Geist                            | Easy                             |
    | Not dangerous, but keep an eye on your HP, since if you don't you can still |
    | have bad surprises. He's weak to light                                      |
    Now you have 15 minutes to get away. No more random encounters, but some 
    enemies will still block the road. Move your ass out, ASAP! 
    The way is easy, just the way you came, so MOVE IT!
    You'll end up in Ship Graveyard if you succeed.
    As I said before, the chests of the ghost ship are now here on the beach.
    Open them now. One of them contains a Blue Virtue, which you need later.
    Now head for the gate of Ship Graveyard, but talk to the man here first.
    He'll mention a city named Rosetta.
    Now leave Ship Graveyard, and take the ship.
    Head west, and dock at the beach south. 
    Head East and search the area.
    Rosetta                                          IDX000P
    My Levels: Rudy 20, Jack 21, Cecilia 20
    Find the Mayor's house. Talk to the mayor (who is in bed). He's terribly ill
    and accuses an Elw girl of having caused that. Leave Rosetta, and head for
    the secret garden. It's south east of Rosetta.
    The Elw Girl                                     IDX000Q
    My levels: Rudy 20, Jack 21, Cecilia 20
    Here you'll meet the Elw girl, Mariel. Hear her story, and decide to help her
    to cure the Mayor. (Indeed, she's innocent, she didn't make the Mayor ill).
    After all the talk go with her to the Forest Mound. It's located all the way
    South from the Secret Garden.
    All you need to do here now is to examine the stump near the entrance and watch
    the story that follows. You cannot do anything else at this moment here.
    Leave the Mound and go back to Rosetta.
    Go to the Mayor's house and Mariel will heal the Mayor. This makes that
    Mariel cleared her name. As thanks she'll allow you to make use of her
    garden to plant healing items.
    ## The Secret Garden
    ## Plant some healing stuff here, and come back regulary to harvest it.
    ## People who played WA3 should know the system, since it works
    ## exactly the same. You may not harvest much though. It's more like an
    ## old Dutch saying. "All little bits help".
    ## Even though you may not harvest much. What you harvest can save your
    ## ass in time of need.
    Now leave town, and you'll meet Jane. She has a proposal. Hear her out
    and accept her proposal. She and Magdalen will join the party.
    Now let's go to the Volcannon Trap. Using the ship you'll find
    it easily if you head north from Ship Graveyard.
    Volcannon Trap                                   IDX000R
    Okay, this is a dungeon in which the party splits up in two teams.
    Team 1: Rudy, Jack & Cecilia
    Team 2: Jane & Magdalen.
    To clarify the situation I'm talking about, I'll put a letter behind
    the floor number. A "B" when the teams are together. An "R" for Rudy's team,
    and a "J" for Jane's Team. 
    Here Goes:
    001B: Read the sign. Say "Yes" on challenging the ruin. The party will
          Now Split up.
    ## You'll see a green crystal. You can recover and save with those spots.
    ## You may see such save spots more lateron in the game.
    002R: Hook the crystal. It's easy to hit from NE of the savespot.
    003R: Hook to get over the fire. Exit North-West.
    005R: Network. No big deal
    006R: Use Hanpan to activate all the switches.
    007R: Examine the wall and get a boss.
    | Demon Boss \
    | Zed                                      | Hard                             |
    | This fight is basically the same as before. So you know what to do.         |
    | But there's another boss later, so keep that in mind                        |
    After the fight we switch over to Jane.
    008J: Bump the East pillar to the west.
    005J: The switch is behind the VIT crystals. Pressing it won't work. Bump it.
    010J: Ignore the switch on the floor. You cannot do anything with it yet.
          Just continue your way.
    013J: Activate all switches. But there is a time limit and it's short.
          So do it fast. Running can help here since the track of switches is
          pretty straight.
    014J: End of Jane's part of this mission. Back to Rudy and Co.
    012R: Use the net to cross the fire.
    015R: Switching work with a time limit. And you may need Hanpan too.
          Start with the most northen switch with Hanpan and walk over the others
          as fast as you can.
    ##    Good time to save now
    015R: Exit East and face Berserk.
    | Quarter Knight \
    | Berserk                                  | Impossible                       |
    | This fight has two rounds. Don't expect to win the first round.             |
    | Just survive the first round. The second round the battle is for real,      |
    | but Berserk is not as strong as he used to be. That makes that this time    |
    | you can survive his attacks. Does still make his attacks pretty strong,     |
    | so beware. If you have shield and permanence, you have a small trump card.  |
    Once this fight is over, I can greatly announced that you have gotten rid of
    the strongest member of the Quarter Knights.
    017R: You can get a full libra here, nothing else. Just go back to the entrance
          to meet Jane. Rudy will save Jane's life, and as a token of her 
          appreciation (as much as she can show appreciation), you'll get the
          Red Malice.
    You'll end up in Rosetta, Jane and Magdalen will leave for the time being.
    Jane will mention her home town Court Seim, which will appear on the world map.
    You cannot get there until you complete the next mission, so don't worry about 
    that now. Now go to the ship.
    Giant's Cradle                                   IDX000S
    My Levels: Rudy 25, Jack 25, Cecilia 23, Emma 25 (Joins during this mission)
    On board the ship, press start to get inside this ship, and talk to the 
    sailors. One of them will mention the Giant's Cradle. Now talk to 
    Bartholomew to continue the journey.
    Alright, now make sure you have the Blue Virtue (from a washed up chest in
    Ship Graveyard), and the Red Malice (You get it from Jane when you complete
    the Volcannon Trap). If you don't have them both, you cannot enter the Cradle.
    Go to the Giant's Cradle, which is North-West from the Volcannon Trap.
    Use the Red Malice and the Blue Virtue to open the door. Inside you'll discover
    a Huge Golem. The suggestion will come to bring Emma here. Do leave the Cradle
    and go back to Andlehyde to get Emma. Emma will join. Now go back to the
    Cradle, and the mission can truely begin.
    (Shortest way to Adlehyde is by ship all the way East).
    ## Alright. Before you begin. Leave Emma out of battle as much as possible
    ## if you want to be sure to make it to the very end. Next, the monsters here
    ## are pretty strong. Be prepared that your items and MP may be used here
    ## like crazy, plus you run out of VIT pretty soon.
    003: Open the chest to get the change rod.
    @@ Use this staff to turn VIT Crystals into bridges or vice versa
    @@ You can also use it on ECN Crystals to teleport to their respective
    @@ spots.
    003: step op the button to make some VIT Crystals appear. Use the change rod
         turn them into a bridge.
    ## Don't open any chests. Much of them are mimics, and you are not yet
    ## strong enough to face them. Come back for that when you are at least
    ## level 30+, preferably 40+
    007: Step on the switch to make a ECN crystal appear and use the change
         staff on it. After that examine the computer and Emma will open the door.
    009: Warning! Look before you act. There's a trap here. Step on the East switch
         first, before doing anything else. And then go to the handle to pull it.
         The bridge will disappear, but you can now teleport out. If you got
         yourself stuck because of too fast acting, commit suicide by jumping into
         a gap, and you can start all over.
    013: Step op the switch first. Teleport directly south. Teleport to the 
         platform Directly West from you.
         Warp to the platfrom SW, and activate the switch. 
         Warp to the far west, and take the treasure if you want.
         (These chests are safe. No Mimics).
         Warp to the North
         Warp to the NE, and you can exit north.
    011: Step on the switch first.
         Change the VIT crystals that appear.
         Now use Hanpan to activate the switch.
    016: This one is very tricky.
         With the camera to the north. Stand between the left two pillars,
         and then as much against the right one as possible.
         and shoot the change rod to the south.
         Go to the west side, to the middle.
         Go to the southern line on the floor and fire east.
         One space south and fire east again (tricky)
         One space south and fire again.
         Now to the most southern spot and fire east again.
         And your bridge is ready.
    Now you will reach the Golem. Get through all the scenario. In the end cecilia
    will manage to wake the Golem, and so you got a new Ally. Asgard is able to 
    move you over the worldmap without encountering enemies. He can also get you
    though swallow parts of the sea, making that you can reach area you couldn't 
    reach before. He has more properties, but since you cannot make use of that now
    I won't go into detail on that now. Emma will leave the party and you can 
    leave with the Golem.
    Board Asgard and go West, and cross the swallow waters. You'll get in a snowy
    area. Just continue the way west. You'll come along the place where the
    Photosphere is located. Just ignore that, you can't reach it now. And
    even if you could, you cannot break the forcefield that the demons placed
    around it. So don't bother. Go West and then go south.
    Cross the Swallow water, and you'll end up near Court Seim.
    Leave the Golem and search the area.
    Court Seim                                       IDX000T
    My Party: Rudy 25, Jack 26, Cecilia 24
    Go to Nicholi's house, which is right east of the Memory Bird.
    Go to the back door (North West).
    Go down the ladder and you'll meet Nicholi. He appears to be an
    apprentice of Rudy's Grandfather.
    He'll make a proposal. Accept it.
    Leave the village
    Barrier Shelter Part I                           IDX000U
    My Party: Rudy 25, Jack 26, Cecilia 24
    Go to the Barrier Shelter, located in the woods south west of Court Seim
    Talk to Nicholi and he'll remove the barrier. Go all the way north.
    Bomb the chest and get the Mighty Avalance from it.
    Now go back to Nicholi. 
    Now you'll get some scenario. Some things about Rudy's past, and discover that
    Jane is Nicholi's daughter. 
    After that leave, board the Gollem and go west over the swallow waters and then
    head north. Search at the most north part of this island.
    "Sea Of Wind" Epitaph                            IDX000V
    My Party: Rudy 25, Jack 26, Cecilia 24
    001: A switch is hidden under the way north. Step on it. Use the ladder on the
         East to go up, and exit east
    006: Glove pushing puzzle. I numbered the boxes 1-4 from north to south.
         Push 4 West 
         Push 4 north
         Push 4 West
         Push 1 West
         Push 1 South
         Push 2 West
         Push 2 South
         Push 3 North
         Push 3 West
         Push 2 West
    010: Use Hanpan on the gab in the net to activate the switch
         Get in the net and move above the switch below it, and release
         the net there.
    013: Throw the switch to activate the elevator, go use the elevator.
         Password: Human
    014: Glove push puzzle again. I number them again 1-4 from north to south.
         Push 1 South
         Push 2 West
         Push 3 West
         Push 3 North
         Push 4 North
         Push 4 West
         Push 4 South
         Push 3 East
         Push 4 West
         Push 4 North
         Push 4 East
         Push 3 south
         Push 3 West
         Push 3 north
         Push 3 East
         And that's it!
    015: Go to the desk and read the book. It's about the Rune Drive.
         Now go back to the elevator. 
         Password: Sky
    013: Use the Walpurgis Night on the door on the west.
    019: Open the chest
    | Quarter Knight \
    | Boomerang & Luceid                       | Can be hard                      |
    | First of all, don't waste any power on Luceid. When Luceid is out,          |
    | Boomerang will renerate him. Next compared to Berserk he's a sissy, but     |
    | then again. Compared to Berserk ANYONE is a sissy. Doesn't mean that        |
    | Boomerang isn't dangerous. He definately is. He's pretty fast. That's your  |
    | worst problem. Shielding up will definately help you. And that covers all   |
    | you need to know for this round. He'll be back! (As suits a boomerang)      |
    After the fight Boomerang will give you the Rune Drive, and that completes
    your mission.
    Court Seim Dinner                                IDX000W
    My Levels: Rudy 26, Jack 27, Cecilia 25
    Go back to Court Seim, and give the Rune Drive to Nicholi.
    Now you are at dinner. Talk to everybody around the table.
    Now go upstairs and talk to Jack and Hanpan.
    Now go to the room under the stairs and talk to Magdalen.
    After having done all that talk to Jane (again), and she'll
    ask you to sneak out while the others are asleep.
    Now talk to Magdalen and say that you are ready to rest.
    Now you'll see some scenario in which talk with Jane about a few things.
    After this talk Alhazad will appear, and you'll have to fight him.
    (Party will be: Rudy, Jane and Magdalen).
    | Quarter Knight \
    | Alhazad                                  | Rather Easy                      |
    | You'll have to fight, Alhazad 3 times over the entire game, and all the     |
    | three fights are exactly the same. So I might as well copy-and-paste        |
    | this text over all the tree fights.                                         |
    | Alhazad has two groups of sidekicks, making him invincible. Remove from     |
    | both groups, two ones. Not less and ESPECIALLY NOT MORE.                    |
    | When you removed two sidekicks from both groups go for the mad one himself. |
    | He's far from impressive.                                                   |
    After the battle Alhazad will make a serious threat. All the citizens will
    be evacuated to the Barrier Shelter. But Alhazad was one step ahead, and now
    the villagers are in more danger. So off to Barrier Shelter.
    Barrier Shelter                                  IDX000X
    My Levels: Rudy 27, Jack 27, Cecilia 25, Jane 27, Magdalen 27
    At the entrance, Jane and Magdalen will team up with you. This is once again
    a two-team mission. As you know I use "R" when talking about Rudy's team, "J"
    when I'm talking about Jane's team, and "B" when I talk about both teams.
    Jane will explain how the barriers work and after that we can start with
    Rudy's team. You can change team whenver you're accessing a barrier.
    I'll asume you'll always do then when you step on a barrier switch.
    001R: Exit East
    007R: Step on the barrier switch
    001J: Exit West
    002J: Step on the barrier switch
    007R: Exit south
    010R: You can move the block so you can access the chest with Hanpan if
          you like. Exit South
    011R: Move the blocks with the power gloves.
          Talk to the boy (Otto) hidden here. He'll tell you about a monster
          turning into a human. After that exit north.
    010R: Exit North
    007R: Exit North
    008R: The boy east of the nun is afraid of rats. So be evil and send Hanpan to 
          him. Now the way to the nun is free. Tak to her. She'll be wondering
          about how the monsters got inside the shelter with all those barriers.
          Exit South
    007R: Stand on the barrier switch
    002J: Exit east
    001J: Stand on the barrier switch
    007R: Exit West
    001R: Speak with Jane and switch positions with her
    001J: Exit East
    007J: Stand on the barrier switch
    001R: Exit West
    002R: Exit South
    005R: Use the gloves to remove the middle block.
          Use Hanpan to empty the chest if you want
          Exit South
    006R: Use the magic staff to talk to the dog. It'll turn into a monster.
    | Boss \
    | Land Anemone                             | Medium                           |
    | The thing to watch out for most. It'll try to get you asleep, and when you  |
    | sleep he can kill you in one blow. If you keep that in mind, this fight can |
    | be a lot easier. It is also poisonous.                                      |
    If you've spoken to Otto, spoken the nun and defeated the Land Anamone, Hanpan
    will start out evaluating everything we've seen here.
    Now answer his questions
    1 - Saint Centaur
    2 - Bypassed hiding among humans
    3 - You can blend in with a crowd
    4 - Were here all this time
    5 - Humans morphed into monsters
    001B: Exit North
    012B: Talk to the guy and he'll turn into a monster. No big deal, tough.
          Exit North
    Fight Alhazad. I said I would copy-and-paste the text since the battle was
    exactly the same, so here goes:
    | Quarter Knight \
    | Alhazad                                  | Rather Easy                      |
    | You'll have to fight, Alhazad 3 times over the entire game, and all the     |
    | three fights are exactly the same. So I might as well copy-and-paste        |
    | this text over all the tree fights.                                         |
    | Alhazad has two groups of sidekicks, making him invincible. Remove from     |
    | both groups, two ones. Not less and ESPECIALLY NOT MORE.                    |
    | When you removed two sidekicks from both groups go for the mad one himself. |
    | He's far from impressive.                                                   |
    After this battle the mission is complete.
    Magdalen will now leave the party permanently.
    Jane will leave as well, but you can get her as an optional party member near
    the end of the game.
    Now off to the Photosphere.
    Photosphere                                      IDX000Y
    My Levels: Rudy 29, Jack 28, Cecilia 27
    From Court Seim, board Asgard and head all the way North.
    Go towards the Photosphere. By using the tool button Asgard is able to
    destroy the rocks that are in your way. (Default Square).
    Search the area. As soon as you find it, you'll see a cutscene and automaticly
    enter it, after Asgard destroyed the barrier.
    001: Step on the switch on top of the circle room. Then use the change rod
         on the VIT crystals. Be sure not to hit any ECN crystals. Then Exit East
    002: Step on the middle switch. Then stand on all the switches on the far 
         edges. Now Exit North.
    003: You'll be forced into combat here. No big deal, though.
         When exiting to the west, run to the door, or else you'll be hit
         by lasers.
    004: Avoid the searching light. It'll get you an encounter and you'll be
         put back to the start, and I think you don't want that. This goes
         for all the rooms with searching lights. Anyway, exit West.
    006: RUN straight to the North.
    007: Another forced combat. Three ritributors. Get used to them. :)
         Exit North, and run for the lasers!!!
    008: Step on the switch on the SW.
         Step on the switch on the North Center
         Step on the switch on the East center
         Exit East
    009: A mysterious robed man will appear and speak with you. He'll
         guide you to the teardrop he says. Follow him.
    010: Avoid the Searching light, and exit east.
         (You'll meet the robed man again).
    011: Run to the exit east.
    012: Avoid the searching light. And exit north West.
    014: You'll recover the teardrop. Exit West.
    015: Run to the west, but don't go past the last laser. To the south is
         a device. Bump it. Now run to exit West.
    009: Take the next exit and fight Lolithia.
    | Boss \
    | Lolithia                                 | Hard                             |
    | First of all, never forget that you'll also have to fight mother. And       |
    | she ain't easy. For the rest, I can say Lolithia is weak to fire, and       |
    | a master of ice. Its moves are pretty strong so keep an eye on your HP.     |
    | Watch out for the fact that she often uses "Cold Sleep" in an attempt       |
    | to attack you and bring you to snooze.                                      |
    016: Exit North
    017: Step on the switch, shoot with the change rod on all the VIT crystals.
         It works easy in 3 straight rows. DON'T HIT THE ECN crystals.
    018: Step on the SE
         Step on the center
         Step on the West Center
         step on the North center
         Step on the SE
         Step on the far south
         Step on the far east
         Exit North
    019: Make sure you're ready to face mother.
         If you are open the door North and go for it
    | Demon Queen \
    | Mother                                   | Very extremely hard              |
    | Be well prepared. If we forget about the optional bosses, this is gonna be  |
    | the hardest fight in the game.                                              |
    |                                                                             |
    | Mother herself is already very bad news, but you should be cabable to deal  |
    | with her, if she didn't had her nastly little Amadeus sidekicks. Their moves|
    | are not terrible, but enough to make the trouble Mother herself causes extra|
    | worse. They'll protect Mother from all normal attacks, so using that is     |
    | pointless. Only special moves, like magic, ARM cartridges, Fast Draw and    |
    | guardians are working. Killing an Amadeus sidekick will only cause Mother   |
    | to regerate it, so that totally doesn't make sense. If you updates Rudy's   |
    | ammo for Rudy's ARM, then the Gatling Raid makes sense. Use it whenever     |
    | Rudy is on FP25+ and his normal attack ARM is full. This in combination     |
    | with lock-on, of course. That will make this fight significantly shorter.   |
    | Jack can of course also do his thing with Fast Draw in combination with     |
    | Accelerator. Summoning a Guardian whenever you have the chance does make    |
    | sense. It may cause Mother to regenerate her sidekicks. Well that is one    |
    | turn in which you did a significant attack and she doing nothing in         |
    | return. Keep an eye on your HP, and be prepared for some status changes.    |
    | Don't waste turns on assisting. You can hardly spare the turns.             |
    | If you get Amnesia, for God's sake leave it be. Even though you may         |
    | miss a lot of EXP, surviving is already hard enough without having you      |
    | to worry about those little things.                                         |
    Well Mother has been defeated and that completes this mission. But we may have
    won the battle. We have not yet won the war. The other demons are still out 
    there. They seem to have used you to get rid of Mother (your robed guide was
    none other than Zeikfried), now they can see you as enemies once again, and
    they'll declare war upon humanity.
    You will head back to Adlehyde were you will make new plans under Emma's 
    After a long blah blah blah, you will regain control over your party in
    Adlehyde. And from there you can attent to your next mission.
    Before that Jack will try to kick Cecilia out of the team, since the teardrop
    is recovered. Cecilia will ask Rudy if she can still come along. Just allow
    her to do so. She won't take "no" for an answer.
    ## When you regain control, I suggest the first thing you want to do is to
    ## save the game. You DON'T want to have to do the fight with mother over again
    On the way to the next mission                   IDX000Z
    My Levels: Rudy 32, Jack 32, Cecilia 32
    Leave Adlehyde and set sail for Rosetta.
    Go to the Mayor of Rosetta and talk to him.
    He'll tell you about the dragon vortex, and that it's a shrine of 
    one of the Guardians. He'll also give you the Dragon's scale.
    Now leave Rosetta and go back to your ship.
    Sail west and follow the coast line.
    Doing so will get you to the Vortex.
    Sail into the Vortex and use the Dragon Scale. You'll be teleported into
    the next dungeon.
    Dragon Shrine                                    IDX0010
    My Levels: Rudy 33, Jack 32, Cecilia 32
    001: Jump down and exit North.
    002: Take the first door west.
    003: Open the middle chest to get the Jump Boots
    @@ With the Jump Boots, you can jump. You can use it to activate
    @@ switches that would otherwise not activate.
    @@ you can also use it on trampolines you reach places you otherwise
    @@ can't reach.
    Go back
    002: Jump one platform down, and jump on the switch. And two doors will open.
         Jump down two platforms. And exit East.
    004: Walk over the net and jump down to the middle platform.
         Use the jump shoes to get in the middle net.
         Exit East.
    005: Open the chest and get the river Orb. Go back.
    004: Jump down to the middle platform and use the shoes to get in the
         Northern net. Exit West.
    002: Exit West.
    006: Put the River Orb in the statue head on the South.
         Exit West.
    007: Use the jumpshoes on the eastern trampoline. (Or else you'll end
         up in the water).
    008: Get the Ocean Orb, and go back to room 006
    006: Put the Ocean Orb in the Westen statue head. Exit East.
    011: Let's put the block field like this:
           A B C D
         1 . . . .     . = Switch
         2 @ @ @ @     @ = Block
         3 @ @ @ @     # = Impassible area.
         4 . . . .
         5 #     #
         I'll say here all movements.
         C3 -> C5
         C2 -> D3
         B2 -> A1
         A2 -> B1
         D2 -> C1
         D3 -> D1 (only one of those blocks) :)
         B3 -> A4
         A3 -> B4
         B4 -> C5
         D3 -> C4
         C4 -> B5
         C5 -> D4
         C5 -> B4 (Ignore the fact that the door opens)
         B5 -> C4
         That settles it. Exit East.
    012: Get the Mountain Orb, and go back to room 006.
    006: Put the Mountain Orb in the Easten Statue Head
         Take the North Path and Exit West from this path.
    009: First step on the Southern Switch.
         Now shoot at all the VIT crystals with the change staff.
         Then make your way across with the jump shoes.
         Exit West.
    010: Get the Sky Orb, and go back to room 006
    006: Put the Sky Orb in the Northern head and Exit North.
         Once again, if you didn't follow the FAQ exactly
         West - Ocean Orb
         South - River Orb
         East - Mountain Orb
         North - Sky Orb.
    014: You need to turn the wheels to set a pattern of arrows.
         I hate this puzzle. Don't expect a short way to do this.
         When I say turn once, I mean until you see effect in the water once.
         If I say twice, I mean until you've seen effect in the water twice
         And so on.
         And I'll always turn clockwise.
         Turn the Camera to the west, and then wheel 1 is the left one 2 the
         center, and 3 the right.
         Here goes.
         1 Once
         2 Twice
         Jump over to get the treasures if you like.
         3 Three Times
         2 Twice
         1 Twice
         2 Once
         1 Three times
         And now jump over to reach your destination.
    After this you'll meet Lucadia, but the meeting will be disturbed by Harken
    | Quarter Knight \
    | Lady Harken                              | Can be hard                      |
    | She's strong, but you can survive her attacks easily. The true problem is   |
    | the fact that's she's also very fast. Keep that in mind if you don't want   |
    | Dead Party members                                                          |
    After the fight you'll get a hint about who Lady Harken really is. It seems
    she has a connection with Jack. Lady Harken makes a run for it before the
    secret is revealed though.
    Unlike the original game you won't get a medium from Lucadia, and thus leave 
    empty handed. Still the vortex has disappeared so you can now explore the 
    Outer sea.
    The Search For The Ocarina                       IDX0011
    My Levels: Rudy 33, Jack 33, Cecilia 32
    The next part until the Fallen Sanctuary, may take forever, if you don't
    know where to go. There are no clues about that, unless you search the
    entire world for every tiny detail. And that does not seem to be the way
    you want to follow, is it.
    Okay, first of all, you'll have to find your way through the outer sea to
    Court Seim. Even though it's located in the west, the shortest way to get
    there is through the east.
    In Court Seim go to the orphanage. One of the children will tell you about
    an old cabin across the Outer Sea. Now leave Court Seim and go back to your
    Follow the coastline to the east. As soon as you see a beach to dock on
    Go straight to it and dock there.
    Go to the forest and search there. You'll find a forgotten house.
    This is Zepet's house. You know Zepet. Rudy's Grandfather.
    Since Zepet's death nobody has been here, so not much is left of the house.
    Go inside the house. Play with the weight scales to open a way to the 
    treasure chest. In there is an Ocarina. It can be used to summon the 
    Gollum whereever you are (as long as it's plain land on the world map)
    If you want you can read Zepet's journal, which is in the bookshelf.
    Perhaps you can find out what he's talking about ;)
    ## Now that you got the Ocarina, there's a Guardian you can get, which
    ## I can definately recommend. That guardian will act as the "Extend"
    ## move. If you never player a WA game before. It will allow Cecilia
    ## to cast spells for one target over multiple targets. Especially
    ## for healing it can be an ass-saver. You must also have the Item
    ## scope. I suppose you already have it. If not, play donations to
    ## the Adlehyde Restoration Fund. When you donated enough money the
    ## mayor will give it to you. (You don't to donate the whole required
    ## ammount their going for. Just a part, don't know exactly
    ## how much, though. Sorry).
    ## Now go to the spot, where the Photosphere once was. Search here
    ## and you'll find the guardian.
    Now the time has come to go to the Fallen Sanctuary.
    Fallen Sanctuary                                 IDX00012
    My Levels: Rudy 33, Jack 33, Cecilia 32
    First of all. If you start reading from here. For for the Ocarina first
    as described in the previous section, if you haven't already done it.
    If you parked your ship South from Court Seim, take it.
    Go South, and pass the mountain on the right (west) on the right (West)
    side. And park it at the beach here.
    Pass through the forest on the east and use the Ocarina.
    Asgard will appear. Use him to go across the shallow water.
    Now head North. Leave Asgard and search the area.
    001: Take the east road.
    002: Exit East
    003: Take the Wind Staff
    @@ Cecilia can use this tool to create a small on the spot tornado.
    003: Go back
    002: Exit North
    ## 004: Go to the west for a fast draw move.
    ##             FD: Blade Pulse
    004: Stand under the bridge. Use the Wind Staff until it has moved, twice
         Cross it and read the tomb stone. Go down, and exit North.
    005: Jump off the bridge. Read the tomb stone. Stand under the bridge.
         Make it go up once. Take the stairs on the west and  go to the bridge
         and cross it. Exit North.
    009: Use the Radar to reveal an extra switch.
         Now push the yellow to the north switch
         Push the Blue on the east switch
         Place the red one on the South switch
         Lastly stand on the west switch
    010: Time to continue the battle with Boomerang.
    | Quarter Knight \
    | Boomerang & Luceid                       | Can be hard                      |
    | Basically this fight is the same as before, so you know what to expect.     |
    | There's only one thing to watch out for which can make this fight extremely |
    | difficult. Luceid's "Dark Renegade" move. It's power seems to be affected   |
    | by you elemental resistances. In any case, it hurts. Having the Guardian    |
    | Rigdobrite can save your ass. (Shining Star Medium).                        |
    | Once again. It makes no sense to get rid of Luceid. Boomerang will          |
    | regenerate him.                                                             |
    After the fight, Boomerang will reveal the location of one of Alhazad's labs.
    That is gonna be our next target. But before that. Get the idols of the
    three statues. When you got them all a quick exit will appear. That is the
    end of this mission.
    Demon's Lab                                      IDX00013
    My Levels: Rudy 36, Jack 36, Cecilia 35
    ## As long as you haven't completed this dungeon there is a way out.
    ## once you completed it you'll directory go to the next dungeon and then
    ## there's no more way out until you completed that.
    ## For the time being this will also be your final chance to go to the
    ## secret garden. After this it'll take a long time before it becomes
    ## available again. That doesn't scare you? Then you can go in.
    The easiest way is to warp with a teleport gem to Milama.
    From there follow the coast line east until you go straight north.
    Keep on going North and you'll find an island. The Lab is located here.
    When entering you'll see a cutscene in which Lady Harken is pondering about
    the fight she had with Jack. She seems to have recognized him, but she doesn't
    remember wher she has seen him. That should proove there is a connection 
    between her and him. After that cutscene, the mission can begin.
    001: Exit East
    002: You can use the Wind staff on that thing next to the east door.
         Won't do good, there's an optional boss behind it you cannot challenge 
         yet, since that requires a tool you don't have yet.
         Exit North
    004: stand against the wall, and send Hanpan to the switch.
         Exit NE
    005: Exit North
    006: Walk the route described below.
           A B C D E F G
         2   #     #
         4     #    #
         A3, A2, A1, B1, C1, C2, C3, B3
         B4, A4, A5, B5, C5. D5, D4, E4
         E5, F5, G5, G4, G3, F3, E3, D3
         D2, D1, E1, F1, F2, G2, G1.
         Now jump off and the door will open.
         Exit NW
    007: A guy is at the computer. Kill that guy.
         Then turn off the terminal he was guarding.
         Go back to 005
    005: Exit West
    008: exit West
    009: The bomb chest contains a new ARM. Exit west.
    010: Exit North
    011: Walk the route described below
             A B C D E F G 
         1         #
         2     # 
         3 >   #     # #   <  
         4      #      #
         G3, G4, G5, F5, E5, E4, D4, D5, C5, B5, B4, A4, A5, JUMP OFF
         A3, A2, A1, B1, C1, C2, C3, D3, D2, E2, E1, F1, F2, G2, G1
         That should open the door.
         Exit NE
    012: Kill the guy and turn off the terminal he's guarding and go back
         to room 010.
    010: Exit SW
    013: Kill the guy and disable his terminal. Exit South.
    015: Kill the guy and disable his terminal. Exit NW and go all the way back  
         floor 010.
    010: Exit South
    016: Walk the route as descibed below
             A B C D E F G
         1       #
         2       #   #
         3 >     #         < 
         4           #
         A3, A2, A1, B1, B2, B3, B4, A4, A5, B5
         C5, C4, D4, D5, E5, F5, G5, G4, F4, F3
         E3, D3, D2, D1, E1, F1, F2, G2, G1, JUMP OFF
         Now go to G3, and you completed the puzzle
         Exit SE
    017: If you disabled all terminals in this dungeon the door north will open.
         exit through it and meet Harken.
    | Quarter Knight \
    | Lady Harken                              | Can be hard                      |
    | This battle is the same as before. She's a little stronger though, so watch |
    | out                                                                         |
    After the fight, Lady Harken will show her true face. Those who have seen the
    prologue movie that runs if you do nothing at the titlescreen will recognize
    her. And Jack recognizers her too. Too bad for him, Alhazad will take her away.
    You'll be transported back to the entrance. When you leave you'll be teleported
    to the next dungeon.
    Gate Generator                                   IDX0014
    My Levels: Rudy 37, Jack 37, Cecilia 36
    On arrival you'll be fighing a doppelganger first. These very annoying enemies
    will haunt you this entire dungeon. After that you'll get in floor 001 of this
    003: Were you going to miss good old Zed. Here he is again. Now you don't
         have to fight him. But he's gonna make your life difficult in this
         dungeon, nonetheless.
         First use the grappling hook on him.
         He won't fall for that trick again. But you can now use the change staff 
         on him. That will make you swap places. Haha.
    004: When you open the chest near the save spot, Zed will appear. He checks if
         you are not looking and will then jump on a hidden switch. That's your cue
         Go to that spot, and jump on it.
    006: When you go up with the elevator wheel, Zed will turn it down again and
         he's stronger than you. Try it again, but now with Rudy's power gloves.
         this will force Zed to retreat. 
         The switch to open the exit, is activated with the jump shoes.
    008: Let Rudy examine the terminal, and Zed will leave. Now get in the net
         to cross.
    010: Okay. Do it precisely as I say or Zed will trap you. (If that happens
         you can start over by falling into a gap op purpose).
         Step on the south switch.
         Turn the VIT Crystals into a bridge, cross it and turn them back
         in VIT Crystals.
         Teleport east. Throw the switch. Now Zed will come out and try to trap
         you. He'll get mad because he can't and go away.
         Now warp back, turn the VIT crystals into a bridge again and exit north
    011: Boss time.
    | Boss \
    | Diablo                                   | Easy                             |
    | He's pathetic. Don't worry about him                                        |
    011: Make sure everybody is in full HP,MP/Bullets. Then go to the door
         Password: Password   (Yup, it's just "Password").
    ##   Once the door is open, it's a good moment to use a gimel coin.
    012: Fight Lord Zeikfried.
    | Quarter Knight \
    | Zeikfriend                               | I wasn't impressed               |
    | First of all, he's fast, and he can use that in order to counter. And       |
    | he has a weakness for wind. His physical attacks are not strong, but his    |
    | speed can still make that a little nasty. No big deal though. He's not      |
    | as fast as Lady Harken, so if you are high in level you may be faster, and  |
    | if you are low in level, you may be faster in some turns if you are lucky.  |
    | If you have the shining star medium, then good, you may need it to heal the |
    | party in once, since he has a powerfull all-target move. If you use Gatling |
    | raid, this fight may not last long though!                                  |
    After this fight, the mission is over. Zeikfried will create a black hole.
    He'll get in a short fight with Rudy. In order to save himself he sacrifices
    his arm. After a lot of blah blah blah. You'll end up in Adlehyde in a mission
    to recover Rudy's arm.
    I guess I don't need to say, that you're gonna have to do without him for
    The road to the Elw world                        IDX0015
    My Levels: Jack 38, Cecilia 38, Mariel 1 (She'll join during this section)
    First you'll have to go to the Secret Garden, and speak with Mariel. In order
    to cure Rudy, she's gonna take you to the Elw World. She'll join the party.
    Now go to the Mound. Remember where you picked the Herbs for the Rosetta Mayor.
    There's a teleporter device here. Mariel will activate the device and teleport
    you into the Elw World.
    When you leave the Mound, you'll meet some Elws who are not happy with your
    presence. They'll lead you to their village where you'll meet Fulcani.
    Fulcani will tell you something about Rudy's history. Mariel will come
    with the idea, to forge the Guardian Blade once again. This is dangerous
    since the Guardian Blade caused much destruction. And the only one
    capable of forging it would be her brother Vassim. He was banished (like her
    that's why she's living in the human world). Vassim lives beyond the prison
    forest. And that is gonna be our next mission.
    You don't have a map scope of the Elw world, but honestly, you don't need it
    since there are very little spots here, and they are all easy to find.
    Go all the way west and search at the entrance of the forest. The entrance 
    to the forest Prison will appear
    Forest Prison                                    IDX0016
    My Levels: Jack 38, Cecilia 38, Mariel 5
    ## First of all, this is the only place on the Elw World were monsters live.
    ## keep in mind that Mariel is extremely weak. In fact she's gonna be more
    ## trouble than asset. Now there are monsters here that are pretty weak too
    ## but there are extremely strong ones too. So WATCH OUT!
    001: Exit North
    002: Exit West
    004: Jump off the bridge and exit south.
    005: Go West
    006: Go West again
    007: North
    008: West
    009: Jump down and exit North
    010: East
    011: Ignore the shining orb abd go East
    012: Exit North and you're through.
    Go west and search to find the Sinner's Studio.
    Here you'll meet Vassim. At first he'll refuse to help, but Mariel can convince
    him. Now he needs two guardians. Odoryuk, the guardian of life, and Duras Drum,
    the guardian of Illusion. You can find Odoryuk in the Forest Prison, and Duras 
    Drum in De Le Metallica.
    First go for the Guardian of life, and for that you must go back into the 
    Forest Prison. (Mariel will leave the party, permanently)
    012: Go West
    011: Use the Freedom key on the Orb. Go East
    012: East
    010: South
    009: South
    011: Jump off, and go West
    010: Go into the North path and go east
    009: Hook over and go East
    008: Go North  (Not sure about the floor number) You'll receive the Life Flame.
    013: Go North
    010: East
    011: East
    012: Speak to the animal (with the magic staff) and he'll lead you to the 
         other exit)
    001: Go East.
    Finding "De Le Metallica"                        IDX0017
    My levels: Jack 38, Cecilia 38
    For those who played the original. You DON'T NEED TO GO INTO THE FORBIDDEN 
    LIBRARY! It's located elsewhere. Okay?
    You do need to go to Curan Abbey, though, so head back to the human world
    and go to Curan Abbey. If you haven't searched for it before. It's located
    South East of Adlehyde.
    At the entrance go east and go through the door on the east. This is a
    library. On the North Shelf is a book called "De Le Metallica". Read it.
    Now speak with the Librarian. The real book was checked out. You get the
    ID card of the one who borrowed it. If you read that card, you'll find
    out the book was checked out by Zepet. Since he's dead, it's no wonder
    the book never returned. Go to Zepet's house. (You still know where it is,
    don't you?) that ruined house south east of Court Seim.
    Enter the house. Go to that sun that is at the upper level. Use the ID Card
    on it, and a secret passage will open. Enter that passage. In the Southern
    bookshelf is a book called "De Le Metallica" read it. Use the Freedom key
    on it, and you'll come into a subworld.
    De Le Metallica                                  IDX0018
    My levels: Jack 38, Cecilia 38
    001: Exit North
    002: Jump down for the treasures, and exit west
    001: Exit North
    002: Exit North
    003: Go straight north. Ignore the fact that there's no road. After that 
         Exit East
    004: I number the chests 1-5 from North to South
         Open 1
         Close 3
         Open 2
         Close 2
         Open 4
         Open 5
         Close 5
         Open 5
         You'll get a Savy Key. Now go back to room 003.
    003: Exit West
    005: Exit North (XII)
         Exit West (IX)
         Exit South (VI)
         Exit East (III)
         Exit North (XII)
    006: Okay. You must leave this room exactly as it was before you entered.
         Here goes.
         Push the box in front of you once.
         You can now walk around the obstacle and push it back.
         Now pull the block straight south of the entrance once.
         Go around the obstacle again. Stand north of the block and pull it back.
         Exit North.
    007: Read the sign and exit red.
    008: Read the sign and exit blue.
    009: Read the sign and exit blue.
    010: Read the sign and exit red.
    011: Read the sign and exit red.
    012: Stand in the middle of the mandala and use the Tear Drop.
         You will meet Duras Drum and receive his medium. (Hell Scream)
         That ends this mission.
    Healing Rudy                                     IDX0019
    My levels: Jack 38, Cecilia 38
    ## Before you start, make sure you that Cecilia has a lot of attacking
    ## spells of serveral elements. You're going to need it.
    Go back to the Elw World and go to the Forest Prison. Talk to the monkey, or
    whatever it is, to get at the exit of Vassim's side. Leave the forest
    and go to the Sinner's studio.
    When you enter the "surgery" will begin immediately.
    But Rudy won't wake up.
    Now you'll have control over Cecilia only.
    Make her talk to Rudy. Cecilia will fall asleep and see Rudy's dream.
    She'll see what Rudy has gone through, and how Zepet made him what he was.
    At the end she'll discover that Rudy's mind was held by the dream demon
    Elisabeth. And since Cecilia is in Elisabeth's eyes an intruder, she'll
    try to kill Cecilia. Time for a boss fight. And Cecilia must do this alone.
    | Boss \
    | Elisabeth                                | Easy                             |
    | Her attacks are pathetic, so don't worry. At the end of every turn she      |
    | shields against all elements but one. Attack her in that weakness all the   |
    | time, and you'll have her in no time                                        |
    After this cat-fight, Cecilia will learn the true meaning of love. With that
    Rudy is saved, and you'll get the Love Charm, the Medium of Raftina, the 
    Guardian of Love.
    After the whole blah blah, you'll get Rudy back, and the party is complete 
    again. Rudy is not only healed, but he's even more advanced. And his force
    ability will now not only guarantee a hit, it will also power up the ARM
    he's using.
    Go to the Forest Prison, use the animal to warp to the other side, go to
    the mound and head back for the human world. There you'll meet Jane, and
    she'll inform you that Emma finished her flying machine.
    After a spectecular crash, you'll get a long story about the things that are
    happenings, and after all that, you get a new prototype of the flying machine.
    (This one won't crash! Trust me).
    You now can fly, but you cannot fly very high, which means, that there are
    still some areas out of reach.
    With it, go to an area East of Court Seim, which you can now reach with your
    aeroplane. Search here for the Gimini Corpse.
    Gimini's Corpse                                  IDX001A
    My Levels: Rudy 39, Jack 38, Cecilia 40
    002: Exit West
    003: Jump down. Exit South.
    004: Bomb the chest and get the grenades from it
    @@ Work the same as the bombs, but the bombs are on the spot while the
    @@ grenades are for longer distance.
    004: Go back
    003: Bomb the orb on the west, and be upstairs before the stairs disappear 
    002: Exit North
    005: Use the grenades on both orbs.
    006: With the gloves you can make a path through. Always work with the places
         where there are only two blocks in stead of three.
    007: Sacrifice all you MP to make a path down. Jump into the gap.
    010: Sacrifice nearly all you HP to the statues (sorry) to make a path.
    ## If you feel unsure, you can go out and rest. Of course you know that
    ## if you level up, you get this all back, so if all chars are close to going
    ## a level up, you shouldn't bother.
    010: Jump down.
    015: Just jump down, and you'll be able to continue ;)
    016: Use Grenades on all the Orbs and the chest will come down. Opening it
         will make you have to fight!
    | Boss \
    | Zukauba x8                               | Easy                             |
    | THEM OR YOU WILL PAY DEAR! Assisting spells to power up make no sense,      |
    | since they'll dispell it all. Next, don't be intimidated by their large     |
    | numbers, they do easily throw some turns away, and don't try to kill them   |
    | all in onces. You'll do better taking them down, one by one, as you can do  |
    | much more damage to them that way. Using Lucky Cards works wonders here, if |
    | you are lucky you have enough time to do that without suffering too much ;) |
    After the fight you'll obtain the Gemini Corpse, and that completes your 
    Go back to Adlehyde Castle.
    You'll learn that Jane and her team were not very fortunate. They got attacked
    and their Gemini Cercuit is lost. But that's easy. Go to Ship Graveyard, and 
    you'll see that the captain washed up there. (The legend is true after all)
    Use the hook on him, and you have the captain and the Gemini Circuit.
    The game will immediatly give it to Emma, who'll upgrade your aeroplane.
    Now you can fly higher, and with that basically reach all parts of the worldmap
    Now to the next mission: Pandemonium.
    Pandemonium                                      IDX001B
    My Levels: Rudy 43, Jack 44, Cecilia 45
    The Pandemonium is located west of Timney, in an area you can only reach by
    ## Good idea to save before you enter. On a difrent spot. As soon as you
    ## enter you cannot get out until this mission is completed.
    As soon as you enter, you'll have to fight a boss.
    | Boss \
    | Trask                                    | Hard                             |
    | He's shielded by some barriers at the start. Dispelling them if you can     |
    | can do some deal. He's also a master of poison. He uses it so much that it  |
    | hardly makes sense to cure it. Even worse it that nearly every attack is    |
    | countered. That is some big deal, I tell ya. Being patient is a key         |
    | here. Don't do things too hasty. One thing is good. His barriers has has    |
    | from the start will wear off after three or four turns. Be prepared         |
    | to use a lot of MP and items here.                                          |
    After this fight, the party will get split up. Therefore I'll once again give
    up a letter behind the room numbers since you'll be switching a lot here
    (which you can do with "start" as always).
    R = Rudy, J = Jack, C = Cecilia.
    017J: Examine the sewage pipe that ends in Jack's cell, and Hanpan will 
          Take over.
    When using Hanpan the room numbers no longer show. Damn. Each time I set in
    a "-" it's a new room, ok?
    - Exit into the drain.
    - When coming to a T-Crossing, Go South exit West.
    - Just follow the pipe, and ignore the side ways. At the end, go west and the
      first road south. Exit South.
    - Go all the way South. You'll hear voices. Hanpan will automaticly Eavedrop
      and hear some parts of a conversation between Zeikfried and Alhazad.
      After that go west. At the end of this pipe, go West, and exit South
    - Follow the pipe till the end. Go east and bump the grating on the east.
      Exit East.
    - There'll be another part of Alhazad's and Zeikfried's conversation.
      After that exit east.
    - Follow the road, exit north.
    - Again a part of the conversation.
      Turn East, end of the road, east, end of the road, west, exit south
    - In this room is a giant computer. Examine it.
      Password: Glumzamber
      Now the doors are open and the escaping can begin.
    017J: Bump the door to open it. Exit East.
    018J: Jump on both switches to remove the barriers.
          Exit to the most southern door.
    024J: Switch to Rudy.
    020R: Bump the door to open it, and bump the other door to reach the
          save spot.
          Bump the door of the cell with the VIT Crystals.
          Blow up the back wall of it and exit through it.
    022R: Don't leave this room. You need to throw grenades to the targets.
          But due to a time limit, trow a grenade between the two on the south
          side and the two on the north side. Only then you can make it in time.
          You may need some practising though.
          Now you can exit east.
    023R: Switch to Cecilia
    019C: Bump the Cell door to get out. Exit West.
    018C: You can pass if Jack did his jumping work here.
    022C: You can pass if Rudy did is grenade work here.
    024C: Light the three torches to disable the barriers.
          Exit West.
    021C: Get in the net and go all the way south, go as much west as possible
          and then get out. Exit South.
    025C: Light all the four torches. Exit South.
    030C: Step on the switch. Switch to Jack.
    024J: You can pass if Cecilia ded her burning work here.
    023J: Stand on the trampoline and jump over. Hook the pyramid on the North.
          Exit South.
    026J: Switch to Rudy.
    023R: You can pass if Jack did his hooking work here.
    026R: Go to the switch on the east and step on it. Switch to Jack.
    026J: Hook over to the South. Exit South.
    029J: In the middle cell is a switch you can jump on to open the door.
    030J: Step on the switch and switch to Rudy.
    026R: Exit West.
    030R: Just walk through. You get her on a diffrent spot later.
    025R: You can pass if Cecilia did her burning work here.
    030R: Step on the switch and you'll be reunited.
    ## This is a GREAT moment to save!!!
    ## Before you do anything else, give all party members as much
    ## elemental defenses as possible. (with personal skills. The next
    ## Battle is hard to survive elseway)
    030: Exit South
    031: Kill Demon Prophet
    | Boss \
    | Demon Prophet                            | Hard                             |
    | Before each turn he asks you in which element he may kill you.              |
    | Always choose the element you got most resistance against. (If Possible)    |
    | Annoying is the fact that he can predict two of your three attacks, and     |
    | avoid them no matter what trick you use, even Rudy's Lock On will not       |
    | save you from that. He can only do that twice in a row. Normally if you     |
    | attack all in a row, he cannot predict the last one. (Even guardians will   |
    | not help you against his "predict" ability). He hasn't much HP though.      |
    | It's just his predicting that makes this fight long.                        |
    031: Follow the road
    032: Exit West, and you'll get at the entrance
    001: Exit North
    All you need to do is following the road. Until you will meet Zeikfried and
    Alhazad. Jack will act like a hero and prevent a disaster. He'll get knocked
    out, and we'll see moments of Jack's past. We will now find out who Jack and
    Lady Harken really are.
    When Jack awakens, he'll know that Lady Harken must be waiting for him in
    Artica Castle. Out of love he wants to stop her from staining her hands any
    further. And so the next target is clear. (You'll be in Adlehyde castle)
    Artica castle is east of where the Photosphere once was. You can only get there
    by Plane.
    Harken at Artica Castle                          IDX001C
    My Levels: Rudy 46, Jack 47, Cecilia 47
    | Quarter Knight \
    | Lady Harken                              | Not hard at all                  |
    | This fight is just the same as always, but it can be a little harder since  |
    | Jack has to fight alone.                                                    |
    Ka Dingel                                        IDX001D
    My Levels: Rudy 47, Jack 48, Cecilia 48
    Before you start be prepared, since the mission will start with a boss fight.
    Getting here is tricky. Land on the island group south of Rosetta.
    then walk north and then east until you can go no further. Search here, and
    Ka Dingel will appear in the middle of the water. Now you need Asgard to get
    there. Once you're in, you'll have to fight
    | Quarter Knight \
    | Boomerang & Luceid                       | Not hard at all                  |
    | If you didn't know it already. Don't attack Luceid. Waste of time since     |
    | Boomerang will bring him back.  Once again, you'll have to watch out        |
    | for Dark Renegade, and that brings up up to date, I think. But they         |
    | are stronger than ever. You can survive all their moves, but they do        |
    | about 80% damage of your max HP, and they are faster than you, and          |
    | speeding up is senseless. Luceid will always beat you to it. So there's     |
    | no way to win this without sacrificing some revive fruits or being level    |
    | 60+, but that last requirement is insane, so I go for that first option.    |
    | If you have a party member low on HP, then for God's sake, use accelerator  |
    | with an item to heal him/her. If you have to wait for Cecilia, you're       |
    | gonna be dead meat.                                                         |
    After the fight you gotta choose. Enter the dungeon immediately or go for the
    sidequests that have become available. You can always go all the way back there
    are even a few shortcuts in this dungeon that become available as you get 
    further, so don't you worry one little thing. I can say that when you go back
    to floor 001, you can get Boomerang's weapon. It is a key to one of the 
    sidequests that are now available.
    My levels: Rudy 50, Jack 52, Cecilia 51, Emma 50, Jane 51
    003: There's a crystal on the east wall. Throw a grenade to it, before you
         go to the next room.
    004: These are puzzles you see regulary here. (And I despice them).
         The switches must be jumped on to activate.
         In this puzzle I name the switches. 
         Jump on S
         Jump on N twice
         Jump on E twice
         Exit East.
    006: To reach the treasures stand on the switch. Use the change staff on
         the VIT crystals to make a bridge. One of them contains a Sonar Kit.
         If you want to find all the items that are on the world map, now is
         your chance.
    007: This room is changed to room 009. What happens here, will make what you 
         can do in room 009. Good with that all said let's get going.
         When you place the blocks in this order:
         . . . . .
         . . . . .   N
         # # # . .   ^
         . . # . .   | 
         . . # . .
         You can take the treasure chest in room 009
         Whne you place them like this:
         . . . . .
         . . . . .
         # # # # #
         . . . . .
         . . . . .
         You can bomb the crystal with your grenades
         When you place them like this:
         . . # . .
         . . # . .  N
         # # # . .  ^
         . . . . .  |
         . . . . .
         You can continue your quest.
    009: In case you didn't read my earlier notice. If you can't do anything here
         Go back to room 007 and read what I wrote about that room.
    010: Ignore that blue circle on the floor, and exit North.
    012: Step on the switch, and warp to the east with the change staff.
         Throw a grenade to the red Crystal. Then you can continue.
    013: Another one. Jump shoes on and here goes.
         W = West Switch, C = Center Switch, E = East switch
         Jump on W
         Jump on C twice
         Jump on E twice
         Jump on C
         Jump on E twice
    014: Ignore the blue circle and exit North
    015: Step on the switch
         Go all the way up and use the change staff to make a half bridge out of
         the VIT crystals.
         Walk over that bridge and jump off to the east, and you'll land on a 
         Warp to the South with your change staff.
    016: You can use the hook to get by the treasure. 
    017: Jumping again. I name the switches NW, NE, SW and SE, according to their
         respective positions.
         Jump on NW
         Jump on NE
         Jump on SE
         Jump on SW
         Jump on SE twice
         Exit East
    018: Here is a dirty trick, and missing that will get you teleported a few 
         rooms back, and I guess you don't want that. :P
         Use the radar to reveal a secret passage to the west, and exit through
         that secret passage.
    020: Ignore the blue circle and exit south.
    021: Step on the south switch. Go all the way up and use the change staff on
         the orb in the center.  You'll be teleported on the switch.
         Now warp to the North, and exit east.
    023: As before this room is chained to another. Room 025. For this room I need
         to make a small map
           A B C D E      
         1     #
         2   @ # @      N
         3     #        ^
         4   @ #        |
         5     #
         Due to the fact that there are obstacles in this room. Things have become
         rather difficult here. On top of that, room 025 has a crystal we must 
         bomb. Oh yeah, if you wonder where room 025 is, just go to the next room, 
         and then the next room after that. Ok?
         Here come the required pushes.
         C3 -> A3
         C5 -> B5
         C4 -> C3
         B5 -> D5
         D5 -> D4
         C3 -> B3
         D4 -> D3
         D3 -> C3
         Now go to Room 025, and throw a grenade to the crystal. Then come back 
         here, and we make the pushes to get further.
         C3 -> E3
         C2 -> C4
         C4 -> D4
         D4 -> D3
         C1 -> C3
         Now you can go to room 025, cross the bridge you created and continue
         the quest
    024: You can step on the switch and use the change staff to get by the 
    025: See room 023 for details on this one.
    026: Throw a grenade to the crystal in the west all before going to the next 
    027: And it's jumping time again. I named the switches once again NW, SW, NE 
         and SE according to their respective positions.
         Jump on NW twice
         Jump on SW twice
         Jump on NW twice
         Jump on NE
         Jump on SE
         And exit South.
    028: Ignore the blue circle and exit south.
    031: Fight Alhazad. He may look diferent this time, but the fight is the same,
         so I can copy-and-paste again.
    | Quarter Knight \
    | Alhazad                                  | Rather Easy                      |
    | You'll have to fight, Alhazad 3 times over the entire game, and all the     |
    | three fights are exactly the same. So I might as well copy-and-paste        |
    | this text over all the tree fights.                                         |
    | Alhazad has two groups of sidekicks, making him invincible. Remove from     |
    | both groups, two ones. Not less and ESPECIALLY NOT MORE.                    |
    | When you removed two sidekicks from both groups go for the mad one himself. |
    | He's far from impressive.                                                   |
    031: After the fight a save spot will appear. Use it if you wish, and exit 
    033: You must be tired of these puzzles by now. At least I am.
         I name the switces N, NW, NE, SW and S according to their respective
         positions. (And no there is no SE button).
         Jump on S
         Jump on NW
         Jump on N
         Jump on NE
         Jump on NW
         Exit North
    034: Here is the road to Malduke.
         Use the switch to activate the device.
         Once activated you can use the blue circle to get in Malduke
    ## If you bombed all crystals you can exit North for a few treasures.
    Malduke                                          IDX001E
    My Levels: Rudy 52, Jack 53, Cecilia 53, Emma 52, Jane 53
    001: Exit using the crystal on the south
    002: Use the wind staff on the fan until you get the Defense Unit.
         Exit North.
    003: Use the Defense Unit on the fan and exit North.
    004: Use the wind staff on the west fan.
         Use the Defense Unit on the East Fan
    005: Go North over the forcefield bridge. Wind on the Fan.
         Exit East.
    006: Nothing special, just follow the way south and exit west.
    005: Exit through the way near the black chest.
    006: Remove the defense units from both fans. Exit West
    005: Exit west
    007: Use the Defense Unit on the fan. Cross the bridge you create
         and then remove the Defense Unit form the other side (with the
         wind staff). You can use the unit on the middle fan for some treasure
         (remove it when you're done). But the North fan is your next target.
         Cross the bridge you created and exit east.
    005: Exit North through the left door (Camera North).
    008: Use an defense unit on both fans.
         Cross the bridge you created and open the chest
    @@ The guitar you have now can be used to cause an instant combat.
    @@ Handy if you want to go level up.
    @@ It's primary function is to release optional bosses that are 
    @@ sealed in some large crystals that are all over the world.
    008: Now go back and remove the defense units out of the fans and
         Exit South.
    005: Now exit north through the other door.
    008: Put a defense unit in both fans and cross the bridge you created.
         Remove the defense unit from the fan here and exit through the
         crystal north.
    001: You are now at the start again and with that you have completed
         the first part of Malduke. You can go north to go to the second 
         part of Malduke, which is the final part of the game. You can
         also jump down, go back to the worldmap, because there are now
         serveral of sidequests and optional bosses available.
         The blue circles you saw along the way in Ka Dingel are shortcuts
         to the exit, and to the upper level. So that saves you a lot
         of trouble ;)
    My Levels: Rudy 55, Jack 55, Cecilia 56, Emma 53, Jane 53
    (Although it's possible to have ??? here, I didn't get him yet.
    He's more trouble to get in your party than he's worth).
    001: If you came from Ka Dingel, use the shoes to get higher up and
         exit North.
    009: You can use the save spot if you want. I need to note that when
         you reach this save spot you are not allowed to use Gimel Coins
         anymore until you leave. So from now on this is the only spot
         where you can save.
    010: You can choose between three crystals. You need to get them all
         anyway, so the order doesn't matter. I'll start with red do gree
         then and after that blue.
         Exit through the red crystal
    019: Your task is written on the stone on the west. You need to memorize
         the colors from right to left. (From left to right will get you to
         meet Lucifer, and you don't want that).
         Exit through the crystal on the east.
    020: This is gonna be a cycle. You start with playing Guitar beating 
         Power trask. And picking one of the crystals that come afterwards.
         That order will go until you got all crystals.
         Here is the order of the colors:
         Purple (North),  Green (North-East), Yellow (West),
         Orange (East), Red (North-West)
         All the power trasks are the same:
    | Boss \
    | Power Trask                              | Not Hard                         |
    | He's not hard. Ice is his weakness. He has little HP. You much keep an      |
    | eye on your HP though, since he counters easily.                            |
         If you did it all well you'll get on floor 19 on the upper level.
         Take the Kizim fire. Jump down and exit through the crystal south.
    010: Now exit through the green crystal
    013: You get your task from the stone. Exit east
    014: Push the box west
         Push it north 3 times
         Push it east.
         Exit North
    015: Push the Northern box west
         Push the box north twice
         Push it east
         Push the other box west
         Push it North twice
         Push it east
    016: Push the western and the easten box north twice
         Push the middle box west, north, then east.
    017: I number the boxes this way
         Push 1 North-West-South
         Push 3 North-East-South
         Push 2 West-North-East
         Push 4 West-South-East
    013: You get back here. Get the Kizim fire and exit South.
    010: Exit through the Blue Crystal
    026: Your task is imprinted on the stone west. Exit East.
    027: Push the Crystal three times in a row. That can be hard,
         but practice makes perfect. If you do it correctly the crystal
         will turn blue.
         Exit North
    028: Use the hook on the west crystal
         Use the change staff on the middle crystal
         Use the thinder staff on the east crystal
         Exit North
    029: Stand SE of the most west crystal. Then make a straight row
         to the most east crystal. When you did it right the bombs will
         all explode at once, and that makes the crystals shine blue.
         Use the wind staff on the 2nd from the west
         Use Hanpan on the 2nd from the east
         Exit North
    026: Get the kizim fire, jump off to the south, exit south.
    010: This is gonna be your last chance to save. If you want to 
         save exit south and use the save spot.
         Now go North. Put the green kizem fire in the west peddestal
         the red kizim fire in the middle and the blue in the east peddestal.
         Now exit North
    | Quarter Knight \
    | Berserk                                  | Yaaaaaaawn                       |
    | Who was the total idiot that revived him from the dead?                     |
    | That guy knows NOTHING about good story plots.                              |
    | His attacks are still strong, but do not closely compare to the             |
    | power he showed before. He's also damn slow. All together, this             |
    | is totally not a fight to worry about and only takes away the good          |
    | things this remake of a good game has brought.                              |
    011: Exit North
    012: Go all the way round, and exit North for the grand finale
    | Quarter Knight \
    | Zeikfried                                | Easy!                            |
    | He's pretty fast but really none of his attacks are impressive.             |
    | Rather pathetic. You don't need to worry one bit over this fight.           |
    | He's little HP too.                                                         |
    | Demon Queen \
    | Motherfried                              | Easy!                            |
    | This fight is pretty much semiliar to your fight with Mother. Most important|
    | diffrence this time there aren't two, but four Amadeus Sidekicks.           |
    | But honestly, she's pathetic. Her attacks and those of her sidekicks are not|
    | as strong as they used to be, and you don't have to level up to be strong   |
    | enough to survive her attacks so easily that the fight becomes a piece of   |
    | cake.                                                                       |
    | One thing is still certain. Normal attacks do not make sense. You have to   |
    | come with special attacks. She doesn't have so much HP, so this fight won't |
    | last that long.                                                             |
    | BTW. You can steal an EX File key from here if you have Jane.               |
    Now you can use some items to recover if needed, and then go towards the exit.
    As soon as you teleport back to Ka Dingel, one last fight will occur.
    (The savespot at floor 009 has been removed)
    | Final Boss \
    | Zeik Tuvai                               | Easy!                            |
    | Unlike his equivalent in WA1 this one is fast. But like this WA1            |
    | Equivalent not really hard. Just keep in mind that he's faster than you,    |
    | so that you have to plan ahead. Having the Star Prism medium does a         |
    | great deal. If you have that and use it in combination with the heal        |
    | spell whenever it's needed, you are not likely to loose.                    |
    Congratulations. You've completed the game. If you got the EX File key at 
    Lolithia's Coffin, you'll be able to replay the game with the levels you ended
    the game with. If you want to do all sidequests I really recommend you to do
    so. Even though you'll get little EXP at the beginning, since all bosses
    and optional bosses are there again, it'll enable to gain EXP quicker. Most
    of the optional bosses require insanely high levels.
    Another note. I finished the game without the ??? character. Not that I don't
    know how to get him, but getting him requires defeating a boss that is so hard
    that if you are strong enough to beat him, you don't need the help of the ???
    char. Plus... He sucks....
    But if you want to get him, look at the SideQuest section. You can decide
    for yourself.
    Anyway, you finished the game now. Watch the show, and celebrate ;)
    Side Quests
    These quests are all optional. so you don't need to take on any of them to 
    complete the game. However taking them on could really provide you with 
    rewards of which some are worth the trouble. Whether or not you want to go for
    them is up to you.
    Artica Castle                                   IDX001F
    Comes available: After beating Lady Harken for the third and final time.
    Reward:          Fast Draw: Maximum Risk
    My Levels:       Rudy 46, Jack 47, Cecilia 47
    003: Go up the stairs on the east. Go to the middle of this
         platform and pick up the Burnt Dogtag. Go a little to the
         east, and let Cecilia warp south. Exit South.
    002: Pick up the Rusty Dogtag and go back North.
    003: Jump down, and go all the way west. Pick up the Dirty Dogtag.
         Now go up the stairs, and exit North.
    010: Exit North. The passage is behind the chair.
    013: Activate the lift to go down
    016: Activate the lift to go down
    018: FYI: This was the place where Mother was kept before the demons
              took her to Photosphere.
         Anyway, pick up the Cut Dogtag.
         Exit East
    020: Go all the way north, and pick up the broken dogtag
         Go back and head all the way back to room 003.
    003: Exit East
    004: Exit South
    005: Pick up the Bent Dogtag and exit South
    After walking all the way you'll end up in room 004
    004: Pick up the Old Dogtag and go all the way back to room 003.
         (Don't hate me. I hate this as much as you do).
    003: Now it's the time to put all the Dogtags where they belong.
         Go downstairs and you have seen it before. That things that  
         comes out. Don't know ho to say it in English. Anyway, it
         contains all sorts of nishes in which the Dogtags can be placed.
                         1   7
                         2   6
                          3 5
         1 = Dirty Dogtag
         2 = Old Dogtag (Kurt)
         3 = Cut (Ryan)
         4 = Burt Dogtag (Coldbird)
         5 = Bent Dogtag (Asprilla)
         6 = Broken Dogtag (Elmina)
         7 = Rusty Dogtag (Garret/Jack)
         Exit East, and go the whole track once again till floor 011
         (I agree, even for a sidequest, that is ridiculous).
    011: Exit South.
    012: Get the fast draw and the treasure and this sidequest is completed.
         Now go back to the exit.
    Recruiting Emma Hetfield                         IDX001G
    Comes available:  After you beat Boomerang at the entrance of Ka Dingel
    Reward:           Emma will join the party permanently
    My Levels:        Rudy 48, Jack 49, Cecilia 49
    Go first to Adlehyde castle. Go past the throne room and up the stairs.
    Go to the sword mark on the right side and use the shield badge on it.
    Now you can enter the dungeon again.
    002: Blow up the crates. Exit South
    003: Get in the net and go west. Exit West.
    ## 004: Use the Grenade on the box on the other side and bomb the
    ##      one right in front of you. And teleport to the other side
    ##      with the change rod. Jump on the switch on the North, and exit
    ##      North.
    ## 007: Exit West
    ## 008: Open the chest to get 5000 Gella. Exit East
    ## 007: Exit South
    ## 004: Go back to the chests again. Blow them up with the grenade and
    ##      the bomb and warp back to the other side.
    004: Go north, and go up using the net. Exit East.
    005: Use the net to cross the water. Follow the road till the exit
         but don't go through that exit. Use the grenade to blow up the
         crates in stead, and warp over the water with the change rod.
         Follow the road to the east, then the north and exit east.
    011: Cross the bridge and exit east.
    012: Use the nets to go all the way up. 
         Turn the wheel until something happens.
         Jump off to the North. Exit North
    013: Get the treasure and go back.
    012: Jump off to the South, exit west.
    011: Stand on the bridge, and bomb all the pillars beside it.
         The bridge will move to a new spot.
         From here go east and go up the stairs and exit east
    012: The door should be open now. So exit east
    014: Get the treasure. Then go stand on the crack. Place a few bombs and
         don't move.
    That will complete this sidequest. You'll find Emma, and she'll join you.
    The Guardian Zephyr                              IDX001H
    Available: When you have Raftina and Justine
    Reward:    The guardian Zephyr, and the possibility to recruit Jane.
    My levels: Rudy 50, Jack 52, Cecilia 51, Emma 50
    Before you start. Be sure you are ready, because this section contains a boss
    and he's hard.
    Go to Baskar. Go to Zephyr's altar. Unlike the original game, you will not
    get the Medium for Zephyr. You'll have to deal with a certain problem before
    you can get the medium.
    (If nothing happens, talk with the guy in front of the altar first).
    ## If you haven't already done it. Under the altar is a door you can open
    ## with the teardrop. There are some treasure below. ;)
    The problem you got to deal with is the village that condemned Rudy because
    of his ability to use an ARM. Do you remember it, from the start of the game
    in Rudy's prologue. The village of Surf.
    So that is where you must go.
    Directly when you enter, you'll get a lot of scenario. At the end of this
    scenario you'll meet a boss.
    The worst part of all. In order for Rudy to settle his score, he must
    fight him alone.
    | Boss \
    | Rotten Beast                             | Hard                             |
    | First of all. The beast itself has unlimmited HP, so it makes no sense      |
    | to go for that. If you attack, always attack the core.                      |
    | Then, make sure you have given Rudy skills like HP up, defense up,          |
    | Resistance up, and last but not least: FLORAL ARTS! Don't go into this      |
    | battle without that skill.                                                  |
    | The fastest way to kill this guy is with Gatling Rate with you main ARM at  |
    | full ammo                                                                   |
    | One important note! Don't think you stand a chance with 2000HP or less      |
    | the skill "Regeneration" will also make you live a little longer            |
    | A trick I used is equip "FP Advance" and let the Main ARM have 10 bullets   |
    | and put emphasis on it's power too. Now shoot with the Gatling Raid to it   |
    | with lock on, and the turn after it lock on with the Gun Claymore. I got    |
    | him in two turns. (I would have been dead otherwise, so it is kinda risky   |
    Once you defeated this son of a bitch, this sidequest is completed. Rudy has
    settled his affairs with the people of Surf, and for that he gets the Hope 
    Shard. Zephyr's medium.
    Recruiting Jane Maxwell                          IDX001I
    Available: When you completed the Zephyr sidequest
    Reward:    Jane will permanently join the party.
    My Party:  Rudy 50, Jack 52, Cecilia 51, Emma 50
    Go to Court Seim and go to Nicholli's house.
    Go to the room under the stairs and you'll meet Jane and Magdalen here.
    Let Rudy speak with Jane, and she'll step aside.
    Now speak with Magdalen.
    He'll use a lame excuse to get Jane out of the room, and then tell you
    some things about the Maxwell family's history and most of all his role
    in it. After his story, he'll request you to take Jane in your party.
    Jane has been eavedropping all the time and will offer up herself to join
    you, and so you have now Jane in your party permanently.
    Not much of a sidequest, but hey, after having to slay that Rotting Beast
    we needed something easy, ya?
    Recruiting ???                                   IDX001J
    Available: After completing the Gate Generator, but you need a defense
               Unit from Malduke to complete it
    Reward:    The ??? will join the party
    My Party:  Rudy 78, Jack 77, Cecilia 81, Emma 79, Jane 79
    Before starting, make sure you want to have him. His only advantage
    is that his Attack Power is the highest of all, but at a terrible price.
    He's weak in everything and especially when an enemy has magic he's
    dead meat. And since this section contains a hard boss, think twice.
    FOR IT. (In other sections I'll call him ??? again)
    Go to Saint Centaur. Go to Kaiser's house. Blow up the chest. Jump on the
    button that is revealed. Enter the secret passage and you'll meet a blind
    girl, named Aura. Talk to her until she mentions a strange fellow to you.
    Now leave town, and you'll meet Zed, who'll attack you.
    | Boss \
    | Monster Zed                              | Hard                             |
    | His power is extreme. His attacks kill you in one blow, unless you've       |
    | about 2500+ HP on your weakest party member. He's also fast. Using shield   |
    | can do big deal here. If you are fast enough, have FP advance on Cecilia    |
    | you can also do a Permanence in combination with the Shining Star Medium    |
    | And basically that should do it. Gatling Raid is a quick way to beat him    |
    | When you are about level 70+, he may become rather easy                     |
    After the fight Zed will start to explain why he's here, and why he attacked.
    He wants to protect the blind girl from the monsters that invaded the city.
    Give the defense unit to him, and he'll restore the barrier that protects
    the city. Now the blind girl is safe again, and Zed will join your party.
    De Le Metallica                                  IDX001K
    Available: After finishing the regular "De Le Metallica Mission" but you need
               the Old Guitar to complete it.
    Reward:    Windbreaker 4 from optional boss
    My Levels: Rudy 81, Jack 79, Cecilia 88, Jane 82, Emma 81, ??? 82
    Go to the library in Curan Abbey and use the Savvy Key on the the version of
    De La Metallica that's there. Now you'll be in it's subworld again, but on an
    other location so that new things are available.
    Unlike the original mission, there are enemies here now.
    001: Follow the road, and exit east.
    013: I'll name the blocks 1 = NW Block
                              2 = NE Block
                              3 = SW Block
                              4 = SE Block
         Use the mighty gloves to push the blocks
         Push 3 east
         Push 3 North twice
         Push 1 east
         Push 1 North
         Push 1 west
         Push 1 South
         Push 1 East
         Push 1 North
         Push 1 West
         Push 1 SOuth Twice
         Push 2 South Twice
         Push 2 west
         Push 2 North
         Push 2 east
         Push 2 south
         Push 2 west
         push 2 south
         Get the treause (Alter Part) and continue your way.
    014: Block numbers
          Push 1 South
          Push 1 west
          push 1 south 3 times
          Push 5 north 3 times
          push 5 east
          Push 5 North
          Push 5 west twice
          Push 6 north
          push 6 west
          Push 6 north 3 times
          Get the treasure (Penetrator) and continue your way.
    002: Follow the road, and use Hanpan to activate the switch, walk back
         and you'll see an ANC crystal. Get it and use your change rod to the east
         and you'll warp to the other side.
         Exit East.
    015: Block numbers
           12 3
           45 6
         Push 6 North twice
         Push 6 West
         Push 3 South
         Push 3 East
         Push 3 North
         Push 3 West
         Push 3 South 
         Push 3 East
         Push 3 North
         Push 3 West
         Push 3 South Twice
         Push 4 North
         Push 5 east twice
         Push 5 North twice
         Push 5 west
         Push 2 south
         Push 2 east
         Push 2 North
         Push 2 west
         Push 2 south
         Push 1 South
         Push 1 east twice
         Get the treausure (10000 Gella) and continue your way.
    002: Follow the road, use Hanpan to activate the switch.
         Go back until you see the VIT crystals. Use the change staff to
         make a bridge.
         Now you can exit west.
    016: I'll number the blocks this way:
         1  3
         4  6
         Push 2 east
         Push 2 south twice
         Push 5 west
         Push 4 east twice
         Push 4 north 4x
         Push 6 North
         Push 6 west
         push 6 south
         Push 6 east
         Push 6 North
         Push 6 west
         Push 6 south
         Push 6 east
         Push 6 North
         Push 6 west
         Push 6 North twice
         Push 6 west
         Get the treasure and continue your way (Defend 2).
    017: Read the sign and a sealed boss will appear. If that doesn't happen you 
         didn't solve all puzzles yet. If the seal appears you can play guitar to 
         meet a boss.
    | Boss \
    | Balaam                                   | Hard                             |
    | If you have guts you can try to steal an Ambrosia from him (if you have     |
    | Jane). For the rest, the game tells you what to expect. Red=Physical,       |
    | Blue=Dispel or critical, grey=magic, white=nasty status changes.            |
    | Normal attacks will be blocked. SO special attacks will have to do.         |
    | Don't use stat up magic. He'll dispell it. Since he's fast, having Jane on  |
    | the front line does great deal. Let her use "Follow Me" when things are     |
    | getting dangerous. Of course, if she has Floral Arts it does great deal     |
    | too, since she has "Mystic" ;)                                              |
          After this fight, you've completed this sidequest. Go all the way back
          to get back to Curan Abbey.
    Devil's Playground                               IDX001L
    Available: When you find it on the worldmap
    My Levels: RUdy 87, Jack 80, Cecilia 91, Emma 82, Jane 85, ??? 83
    Rewards:   Various rewards
    In this section I'll talk most about what you can expect in the ring.
    I must admit that I was terribly overlevelled when taking this section on
    so I can only give you some hints on fighting here rather than full
    fighting techniques. I must note that you can also meet an optional boss
    in the arena.
    | Novice League                          | Turn limit 25 turns                |
    | 1 | Wight x3               | LV 35 | They are weak against light!           |
    | 2 | Geldam x4              | LV 37 | They are weak against fire. If you have|
    |   |                        |       | FP advance, I suggest to summon        |
    |   |                        |       | Moor Gualt (Fiery Rage)                |
    | 3 | Leprechaun x6          | LV 39 | Rudy and Jane could be worthless here  |
    |   |                        |       | since they can jam your ARM. They are  |
    |   |                        |       | weak to fire                           |
    | 4 | Fanklevine x2          | LV 40 | They are weak to thunder               |
    |   |                        |       | Watch out for confusion                |
    | 5 | Marshman               | LV 42 | Weak to thunder. It can block normal   |
    |   |                        |       | attacks                                |
    | Prizes: Medicine x3                                                         |
    |         Heal Berry x2                                                       |
    |         Revive Fruit                                                        |
    |         Nectar                                                              |
    |         Gimel Coin                                                          |
    |         Surprise Guard                                                      |
    |         10000 Gella                                                         |
    | Veteran League                         | Turn limit 20 turns                |
    | 1 | Annaberge  x4          | LV 54 | They are weak against wind!            |
    |   |                        |       | They are also fast and poisonous       |
    | 2 | Shambling mound  x?    | LV ?? | Weak to fire. FP Advance on Cecilia    |
    |   |                        |       | Moor Gault are a gold combination      |
    | 3 | Undead Servant x4      | LV ?? | Weak to light                          |
    | 4 | Nightmare x6           | LV 59 | Weak to light, watch out for sleep     |
    | 5 | Jabberwocky            | LV 60 | No weaknesses, resistant to darkness   |
    |   |                        |       | Extreme defenses, and counters easily  |
    |   |                        |       | can also cause petrification           |
    | Prizes: Antidote                                                            |
    |         Potion Berry                                                        |
    |         Peppy Acorn                                                         |
    |         Revive Fruit                                                        |
    |         Gella Card x2                                                       |
    |         Life Charger                                                        |
    |         20000 Gella                                                         |
    | Master  League                         | Turn limit 15 turns                |
    | 1 | Bombardier x12         | LV 74 | Suicide Squat! Let Jane do "Follow me" |
    |   |                        |       | and let Cecilia summon a guardian or   |
    |   |                        |       | Rudy the Arc Smash. If you don't you   |
    |   |                        |       | are in big trouble                     |
    | 2 | Pumpkinhead x6         | LV 74 | Weak to wind. Masters of fire and      |
    |   |                        |       | confusion. Very dangerous!             |
    | 3 | Apostate               | LV 75 | High resistance against all elements   |
    |   |                        |       | can put you to 1 HP. Hope Shard and    |
    |   |                        |       | Arc Nova can be of help to speed this  |
    |   |                        |       | battle up                              |
    | 4 | Olivier                | LV 80 | Absorbs all elements so don't try      |
    |   |                        |       | magic on it. Is very poisonous.        |
    |   |                        |       | Gatling Raid works wonders             |
    | 5 | Bad News               | LV 76 | He is what his nam suggests. Bad News  |
    |   |                        |       | You'll have to do extreme damage if    |
    |   |                        |       | you want to beat him under the turn    |
    |   |                        |       | limit which is next to impossible. WHen|
    |   |                        |       | weak, he'll leave the field and his    |
    |   |                        |       | stronger version will take his place   |
    | Prizes: Heal Berry x2                                                       |
    |         Revive Fruit                                                        |
    |         Antidote                                                            |
    |         Peppy Acorn  x3                                                     |
    |         Lucky Card x3                                                       |
    |         HP Up 4                                                             |
    |         30000 Gella                                                         |
    | Accept a challenge                      | No turn limit                     |
    | This isn't a league. Boomerang will appear in the Arena if you choose this  |
    | and he'll go for a rematch. And for that he'll turn into Boomerang Flash    |
    |___________________                                                          |
    | Ex Quarter Knight \                                                         |
    | Boomerang Flash                          | Very hard                        |
    | What you have to watch out for most is his "Shadow Boomerang Maximum" move  |
    | Which hits the entire party and does very much damage. Doing a shield with  |
    | Permanence might help you a little. He no longer has Luceid has his sidekick|
    | And that does VERY big deal. If you have Jane then there's no shame in      |
    | having her to mystic items or to do "Follow Me" in times of need.           |
    | Rudy's Gatling Raid does once again big deal here                           |
    | He's weak to as well thunder as light. That can do some deal.               |
    | Prizes: 160000 Experience Points                                            |
    |         60000 Gella                                                         |
    |         Battle Lust (Medium)                                                |
    Barbados                                         IDX001L
    Available: As soon as you have the Gullwing (Not its prototype)
    My Levels: Rudy 82, Jack 79, Cecilia 89, Jane 82, Emma 81, ??? 83
    Reward:    Gaia Stop 4
    There is a gigantic desert accross whole Filgaia. There's a small spt where you
    can land, so land there and use the Ocarina to call Asgard. Go through this
    desert until you see some Rocks. Use Asgard to break the rocks, cross
    the shallow waters and break the rocks on the other side.
    Keep moving in this part of the desert, until the game says something is
    going to attack you, and he ask you if you want to evade it.
    If you say "no" you'll have to fight Barbados.
    | Boss \
    | Barbados                                 | Hard                             |
    | First of all, I hope you were on board Asgard when you meet this guy. If    |
    | not you're gonna die in the first turn, no matter how strong you are. If    |
    | you survive because of Asgard's protection, you're not victorious yet. This |
    | is a level 90 boss, and that high level number ain't there for nothing.     |
    | Even when you have extreme high levels you can expect pretty strong attacks |
    | from him. He also counters easily and those attacks are very strong too.    |
    | When you are at level 80+ or so, which is recommended you are at least      |
    | much faster than he his, and THAT is your true advantage. Casting shield    |
    | does do a little deal, since all of most attacks are of the physical kind.  |
    | If you do, make sure you have the possibility to seal it with Permanence.   |
    Angol Moa                                        IDX001M
    Available: When you finished all leagues in Devil's Playground.
               (The last one does not have to be under the turn limit)
    My Levels: Rudy 89, Jack 81, Cecilia 94, Emma 83, Jane 86, ??? 84
    Reward:    Resist Up 4
    First of all you need 5 duplicators or else you cannot start on this quest.
    Now go to Devil's playground and find the room of Duke Pegucchi. If you played
    all leagues the door at the back of his room will be open.
    Go through it and use the duplicators to open all the doors.
    The last door is sealed with a password. I need to note that what I'm saying 
    now only works in the US version, it came to my attention that it may work
    diffrently in other versions.
    The password is based on the time settings of you system clock. You need
    to fill out the moth and year in MM/YYYY format that it's today (assuming
    your system clock has been set tot the right time). If that doesn't work
    remove the CD reset you Playstation and go to the system settings to check
    on which date your Playstation has been set and restart the game.
    If it works, you'll find a sealed boss in the next room. Go to it and play
    Guitar to summon it.
    | Boss \
    | Angol Moa                                | Hard                             |
    | Even when extremely high in level, this guy will be able to bring quite     |
    | some damage, so be prepared for that. If you have Jane you can steal        |
    | an Ambrosia. He's not very fast, that's your advantage, but he              |
    | counterattacks very easily with the screaming mad move that does 1500+      |
    | damage. What you once again have to watch out for is Angol's traditional    |
    | move "The 7th Moon" that does 2000+ damage on all party members. It does    |
    | a great deal to use "Protect" and to seal that with "Permanence", while     |
    | his attacks are still strong after that, the damage is significantly        |
    | reduced, and may let you stay alive a little longer. I personally had my    |
    | Arm boosted out to 10 bullets and put emphasis on attack power. I made      |
    | Emma cast great booster on Rudy, sealed that with Permanence, and then      |
    | used a Gatling Raid with lock-on. Damn that makes Rudy a force of nature.   |
    Perpetual Engine                                 IDX001N
    Available: When reaching Baskar and speaking to the right people.
    Reward:    The guardian of time, and the Milama waitres subquest
    First of all, this sidequest may come available very early in the game,
    but you cannot complete it until you got all tools first.
    Next you must have the "Dispellado", you'll get that item from a guy at
    the inn of Adlehyde if the whole city has been brought back to its former glory
    and all donations have been paid.
    You'll see that this place has been diveded into some subparts. I'll number
    them like this
      | 11 | 12 | 01 |
    --                --
    10                02
    --                --
    09                03
    --                --
    08                04
    --                --
      | 07 | 06 | 05 |
    Here goes what to do:
    At every time use the tool I tell you to, cross to the botton in the wall
    and grab the treasure.
    01: Bomb the orb
    02: Send Hanpan to the switch
    03: Light the torch with the thinder staff
    04: Use the radar to reveal the botton and step on it
    05: Hook to the other side
    06: Use the magic staff on the cat to make it disappear
    07: Use the gloves to turn the wheel
    08: Use the change staff to create a bridge
    09: use the jump shoes on the trampoline
    10: Use the windstaff to activate the strange device
    11: Use the grenade to the orb
    12: Play guitar near the seal
    | Boss \
    | Reckless Ent                             | Easy                             |
    | Its greatest asset is the fact that if you attack he'll heal himself        |
    | immediatly, and extremely much HP at that. If you do not keep that in       |
    | mind this fight can last forever. And I do mean forever, since he's not     |
    | that strong in anything else. There are two ways to get past that.          |
    | I.   Make that you can do much more damage than he can heal                 |
    | II.  Put disease on him. Emma can do that if you download the "Stink Cloud" |
    |      Move from Gagisons. That last method can work wonders.                 |
    | Good. Nice to know is that his healing move can be downloaded by Emma.      |
    | If you have put disease on him, than nothing standsin your way for a rather |
    | easy victory.                                                               |
    If you've done that all, the dispellado comes in play. You need to use it on 
    the pillars. I number them as the numbers of the clock. Now use the dispellado
    on all pillars in this order:
             7, 2, 9, 4, 11, 6, 1, 8, 3, 10, 5, 12
    Now a staff will appear in the center. Touch it.
    Now you'll meet Dan Dairam, the guardian of time.
    You'll get his medium (and you'll see make Jack a difficult decission).
    After that this side-quest is complete
    Milama Waitress                                  IDX001O
    Available: After completing the Perpetual Engine
    My Levels: Doesn't matter
    Reward:    Fast Draw "Laser Silhouette"
    Go to Milama and go to the inn. There a waitress has arrived here. I think
    you'll recognize her right when you see her. Speak to her. After a chat
    leave the inn and the waitress will stop you.
    She'll give you and old sword. And with that sword the fast draw move
    "Laser Silhouette"
    Leviathan                                        IDX001P
    Available: After the ship crash when obtaining the Gemini Circuit
    My Levels: Rudy 95, Jack 83, Cecilia 97, Emma 84, Jane 90, ??? 86
    Reward:    Water Stop 4
    One of the first things to do is to repair the hospital. For that you need a 
    model of the hospital, which you kind find behind the teardrop door at the
    Elw Shrine near Timney (From Timney to Milama). Once you have it, give it
    to engineer Tom in Adlehyde.
    Tom needs time to repair the hospital, so you can go out and do some other 
    things in the mean time.
    Once Tom finishes it, go to the Hospital and you'll find Bartholomew and Drake.
    Drake will give you the helm of the Sweet Candy. Bring it to Engineer Tom.
    Once again Tom needs time, so go out whatever you want till its finished.
    When it's finished, go to the hospital and talk with Bartholomew and he'll
    go out to the sea again.
    Now it's payback time.
    Search the inner sea (NOT THE OUTER SEA), just sail around until Leviathan
    attacks you (this may take time, though).
    | Boss \
    | Leviathan                                | Just level up, will ya           |
    | If you have Jane you can steal an Ambrosia from it. And it is also weak to  |
    | thunder. Like many others, this is a boss that even when you are extremely  |
    | overlevelled, can do a terrible deal of damage on you. But as far as I      |
    | found out it doesn't counterattack.                                         |
    | It IS pretty fast though, and even at extreme levels, Cecilia might be too  |
    | slow for comfort when it comes to healing. Jane's "Follow Me" can in that   |
    | way be an ass-saver.                                                        |
    | Sometimes it uses water zone in order to strengthen its Hydro Launcher. Be  |
    | prepared for that.                                                          |
    | A good idea is to let Emma do a great booster on Rudy, also summon Justine  |
    | with him in the front row and seal it all with Permanence. This with ARMS   |
    | like "Gatling Raid" can bring extreme good results. If you can spare the    |
    | turns, using "Protect" with "Permanence" can be a good idea too.            |
    Berial                                           IDX001Q
    Available: As soon as you do the second part of Malduke
    My Levels: Rudy 96, Jack 83, Cecilia 98, Emma 85, Jane 91, ??? 86
    When you come in the room with the three color crystals, enter the green one.
    Now it's your task to push the blocks that way that they come on the target 
    with a triangle side up. This is rather tricky, and in my updates I might 
    come up with a detailed explanation on this.
    At the end you'll reach a boss seal. Play guitar and BANZAI!
    | Boss \
    | Berial                                   | Very Extremely Hard              |
    | Even when levelled up into the extreme, this guy is very hard. The          |
    | damage he can do is very strong, not to mention that he's fast, and         |
    | very eager to counterattack. Therefore a patient approach may save your     |
    | life. Don't attack, without making sure you will survive an attack in       |
    | combination with a counter-attack. Rather one turn too many than one        |
    | turn too short and paying the price. Using Jane for Mystic and              |
    | "Follow Me" is once again a good idea. Take your time to power up Rudy      |
    | with great booster, the guardian Justine and Permanence. When you find      |
    | a save moment for the attack (after all the powerups) go for it with        |
    | your most powerful attack. That was in my case "Gatling Raid".              |
    | If you can keep your patience and don't do this in a hurry you might have   |
    | a chance to succeed.                                                        |
    Exit through the crystal south.
    Sado                                             IDX001R
    Available: As soon as you reach the second part of Malduke
    My Levels: Rudy 98, Jack 84, Cecilia 100, Jane 93, Emma 86, ??? 87
    Reward:    Dark Stop 4
    In the room with the three crystals go through the blue crystal.
    If you know which tools to use, then we're now gonna use all the wrong tools
    on the crystals. Then you'll reach the seal, play guitar and die.
    I'll update this FAQ when I know more on this.
    Lucifer                                          IDX001S
    Available: As soon as you reach the second part of Malduke
    My Levels: Rudy 98, Jack 84, Cecilia 100, Jane 93, Emma 86, ??? 87
    YOu know the trade with Power Trask. This is the same, but now in the 
    opposite order. So now the order is: 
    Dungeons to get back to                         IDX001T
    Available: -
    My Levels: -
    Reward:    Serveral items
    It is, and will probably always be, a very old tradition of Wild Arms that 
    there are spots in dungeons, where you can't get to, no matter what you try.
    But when you did other dungeons first and come back later, you may be able
    to get there now and claim the treasures stored there.
    This is a list of those spots, what you need to get there, and which prize
    you can claim. (Some prizes where lost due to some technical errors. I'll
    try to get it all, in order to complete this list)
    Temple of Memory    | Password: Fulcani                     | Monster Egg
                        |                                       | Migrant Seal
                        |                                       | 2000 Gella
    Lolithia's Coffin   | Emma, if you didn't have her with you | Crest Graph
                        | when you came here first, you  can    | Gimel Coin
                        | back there and claim the prizes       | EX File Key
                        | anyway. Have her to examine all the   |
                        | terminals to open doors               |
    Mountain Path       | Use the jump shoes on the wooden lift | ?
    Baskar              | Use the teardrop on the door below    | ?
                        | Zephyr's altar                        |
    Elw Shrines betw.   | You need the teardrop                 | Hospital
    Port Timney and     |                                       | ?
    Milama              |                                       |
    Ship Graveyard      | Get on the ramp that goes behind the  | Suprise Guard
                        | house, throw a grenade to the crate   |
                        | the other side and hook over          |
    Volcannon Trap      | You need the jump shoes for a switch  | ?
                        | in Jane's part of the dungeon         |
    Giant's Cradle      | Jump Shoes in floor 003               | 10000 Gella
                        |                                       | Windbreaker 3
                        |                                       | Small Flower x3
    Milama              | Gloves and Jump Shoes needed. Rudy    | Olive Branch 2
                        | can lower the water by turning the    | Angel Quill 2
                        | wheel with his gloves. With the jump  | Duplicator
                        | shoes you can reach all spots that are|
                        | underwater                            |
    Pandemonium         | After the party is reunited, go into  | ?
                        | Cecilia's part. There you can bomb    |
                        | a wall                                |
    Duplicators                                            IDX001U
    Available: -
    My Levels: -
    Rewards:   Serveral Items
    Here's a list of dungeons that contains duplicator doors or chests, and what
    to get from them
    Forbidden Library
    Guardian Temple
    Mount Zenom ................... Initiative
    Elw Shrine St Cent -> P. Tim... Crest Graph, Potion Berry x5
    Elw Shrine P. Tim -> St Cent... 5000 Gella, Memoirs Pen
    Fallen Sanctuary .............. Defense Up 3
    Pandemonium ................... EX File Key
    Artica Castle ................. Crest Graph, Duplicator x2
    EX File Keys
    Available: -
    My Levels: -
    Rewards:   Unlock certain features
    If you load a game as EX-File (Or when you load a savegame that was made after
    beating the game), there are many features. All are locked unless you found
    the EX-File key that unlocks that feature.
    I need to note a few things.
    First, I know this list ain't complete yet.
    Second, the Japanese version seems to have diffrent features than the US 
    version. I only do the US features here.
    Elw Shrine   Saint Centour->Baskar         | Party Status
    Lolithia's Tomb (Terminal Door)            | EX. New Game (transfer levels and
                                               | money into a new game
    Dropped by Mother                          | Art Gallery #04
    Duplicator Chest, Pandemonium              | Character book
    Find the Rooster who wants to fly. Make it | Art Gallery #02
    fly with the wind staff and talk to it     |
    In the Desert near Secret Garden           | Event Movie
    Cecilia Level 100                          | Art Gallery #11
    Rudy Level 100                             | Art Gallery #09
    Stolen From Motherfried                    | Art Gallery #17
    Rebuiding Adlehyde                        IDX001W
    Available: When you are about to leave Adlehyde for the Mountain Path
    My Levels: -
    Rewards:   Dispellado
               Item Scope
               Possibility to fight Leviathan
               Guardian Zeldukes
    Think before you start on it. The "Item Scope" is the only thing that is
    worth the trouble, and you'll get it in a very early stage of this sidequest.
    This sidequest requires an ammount of money that is simply insane, especially
    since there's so little to gain from it that is actually noteworthy.
    I mean Leviathan is impossible to beat unless you level up into the extreme.
    The Dispellado is needed for another sidequest, but there's too little to gain
    from it that makes it worth the money, and Zeldukes is the most worthless
    guardian of the game.
    If you still want to press on.... sigh... here goes...
    First of all, the Mayor will ask for a 6000000 Gella donation. You don't have
    to donate that all in once (Thank goodness), you can donate it in small parts
    which you can make as great as you want (as long as it's a multiple of 1000)
    Then there are parts all over the world you can give to Engineer Tom (once
    you completed the Ghost ship), so he can repair a building. You'll get
    Emma's House for free, but the rest requires searching for parts, and tons
    of money, since you need to cover Tom's costs he makes for materials and stuff.
    He also needs a lot of time for each building to complete, so be prepared that
    this will take much time.
    Here's a list of Adlehyde parts, where to find them, and how much it costs
    to repair the building.
    Bar            | Epitaph of Sea and Wind, F015           | 2000 Gella
    Shop           | ?                                       | 2500 Gella
    Residence      | Fallen Sanctuary, Floor 004             | 1000 Gella
    Repair Shop    | ?                                       | 1500 Gella
    Secret Tool    | Cave, Sinner's Studio. The radar is     | 1000 Gella
    (To repair the | required to find it                     |
    statue of      |                                         |
    Zeldukes)      |                                         |
    Hospital       | Elw Shrine, Port Timney -> Milama       | 3000 Gella
                   | Behind teardrop door                    |
    One part that is not part of this sidequest is the sweet candy. You can
    repair it when you get the Helm from Drake in the Hospital once you repaired
    it. Tom will repair the Sweet Candy when you give it to him.
    You can get the Guardian Zeldukes when you examine his tombstone once
    Adlehyde is completely rebuilt and all donations are paid.
    You can get the Dispellado from a guy at the inn, once Adlehyde is completely
    rebuilt, and all donations are paid.
    Melchom Lich                                     IDX001X
    Available: As soon as you have the guitar
    My levels: Rudy 53, Jack 52, Cecilia 56, Emma 52, Jane 53
    Reward:    Pending. Keep reading
    Go to Rosetta. Go to the small graveyard here, and throw grenades
    to all the crows. They will take position on a tombstone.
    When all three are sitting on a tombstone, a boss seal will appear.
    Play the guitar to activate a boss battle.
    | Boss \
    | Melchom Lich                             | Easy                             |
    | This boss gives no experience, and no rewards or anything. So basically     |
    | you'd say that it doesn't make sense to challenge this boss. Normally       |
    | I'd say you're rightt. But here comes the trick.  This boss steals your     |
    | money, and after the battle you get everything back he has stolen from you. |
    | Makes the balance zero normally. Now use a gella card on him, and you'll    |
    | get the money he stole from you twice. Now it does make sense to challenge  |
    | him, especially when he can steal a lot from you. (It IS nice to be stolen  |
    | from for a change).                                                         |
    | For the rest I advice to have Jane with you with the Floral arts skill. This|
    | bugger is pretty fast, and only Jane is fast enough to beat that speed, and |
    | therefore the first choice for healing. Heck it's always a good idea to give|
    | Floral Arts to Jane anyway. If you shield everybody (and seal that with     |
    | permanence), there's not much left that can go wrong.                       |
    This is only a quick list of enemies, and what to keep in mind when 
    you encounter them. (First Encountered is were *I* first encountered them)
    Bosses are NOT included in this list.
    Enemy:          | Description:                           | First encountered.
    Aipeloss        | Not impressive                         | Temple of Memory
    Amon            | Weak to light                          | Ka Dingel
    Amplifier       | True to its name. It amplifies its     | Demon's Lab
                    | allies. Powers them up in any way they |
                    | see fit. They can also annoy you with  |
                    | nasty status changes                   |
    Antlion         | Awful but weak to wind                 | Worldmap
    Axebeak         | Didn't impress me                      | Worldmap
    Baphomet        | Weak against darkness, and that's      | Ka Dingel
                    | pretty odd for a true Wild Arms fan    |
                    | to see. If you got Jane, try to steal  |
                    | some megaberries                       |
    Balau           | Kill all off them in once. If you      | Worldmap 
                    | don't they'll revive each other. By    |
                    | way. Emma can download that move.      |
    Balloon         | Traditional in all WA games, and by    | Temple of Memory
                    | tradition dead before you know it      |
    Beast Pillar    |                                        | Barrier Shelter
    Betelgeuse      | Weak to Ice and light                  | Pandemonium
    Blue Book       | Burn them. Don't be afraid for running | Forbidden Library
                    | out of magic. You won't! :)            |
    Capricorn       | Masters of water. Annoying because of  | Dragon Shrine
                    | them attack all party members          |
    Brave Gob       | Depend on level you meet them. (I was  | Worldmap
                    | around 44). They are not very hard     |
                    | They can steal your EXP. That sucks    |
    Cave Taurus     | Masters of Earth                       | Sand River
    Christine       | Speeds up her buddies, but can also    | Artica Castle
                    | reduce your HP to 1. Get rid of them   |
                    | ASAP! Weak to light                    |
    Clay Puppet     | Strong, masters of Earth, weak to wind | Gento Soen
    Cockatrice      | Use Earth zone, to strengthen their    | Worldmap
                    | Eath Attacks. Be extremely overlevelled| (Around Rosetta)
                    | or you wont stand a chance!            |
    Crab Bubbler    | Poisonous                              | The Sea
    Creeping Chaos  | That enemy doesn't exist. I do know    | Worldmap
                    | Hayonkontons though!!! Stupid          |
                    | translators                            |
    Critter         | Fast and nasty. Especially Cecilia     | Caging Tower
                    | could suffer because of them           |
    Cyclops         | Kills you in one blow. Watch out       | Malduke
    Decarabia       | Masters of Black Magic. Don't attack   | Caging Tower
                    | them when they are "closed"            |
    Delowbunny      | Get rid of them before they reset the  | Malduke
                    | battle. That sucks you know            |
    Devonova        | Extreme high Defense.                  | Gemini's Corpse
                    | Ice works wonders though               |
    Die Fighter     | Strong in the attack. Can do some dam. | Barrier Shelter
    Doppelganger    | Copies the form and all abilities from | Gate Generator
                    | one of your party members. I tell ya   |
                    | that really sucks. They'll always be   |
                    | as strong as you are, so levelling up  |
                    | makes no sense at all                  |
    Dryad           | Weak to fire. Poisonous too            | Worldmap
    Durahan         | Very nasty but weak to light           | Artica Castle
    Eel Volk        | Activates on water. Whatever it means  | Dragon Shrine 
    Empusa          | Watch out for their HP robber          | Lolithia's coffin
    Evil Dead       | Nice to steal from and weak to light   | Ka Dingel
    Fafneil         | Can drop Reneration. Very handy. If    | Ka Dingel
                    | you have Jane. Steal from them. You    |
                    | might get an LVL apple                 |
    Fairy Light     | Annoying. Nothing more than that       | Gento Soen
    Fiend           | Very nasty.                            | Gemini's Corpse
    Gagison         | Look out for disease                   | Worldmap
    Garum           | Hellhounds, masters of fire            | Worldmap
    Gasher Skeleton | Pretty Strong. Weak to light           | Artica Castle
    Gerbug          | Let Rudy shoot them or use magic       | Worldmap
    Gila Monster    | Counters with Hydro Launcher           | Mount Zenom
    Gob             | No threat at all                       | Berry Cave
    Gomoratoad      | Masters of water. Weaken thunder spells| Lolithia's Coffin
                    | and activate themselves with water zone|
                    | Jack and Rudy can kill him in one blow |
                    | though                                 |
    Goldrake        | Weak to earth and ice                  | Outer Sea
    Gremlin         | Annoying. Weak to water                | Epitaph Sea
    Griffin         | Can only be hit by Arms or Magic       | Worldmap
    Grow Apple      | Escapes most of the time               | Worldmap
                    | If you kill it, you get as much EXP as |
                    | your killing blow did in damage -1     |
    Haboryn         | Fighting them can take forever         | Volcannon Trap
                    | They always summon help. Get a way to  |
                    | do a lot of damage on all.             |
    Hayonkonton     | Beware of their antimatter bomb and    | Worldmap
                    | nasty status changes. They may be LV1  | (on an island near
                    | enemies. They are still very strong.   | the snowy lands,
                    | They got also very much HP. The good   | surrounded by
                    | thing is, that they give you plenty    | mountains)
                    | of experience points, and if you got   |
                    | Jane with you, you can steal           |
                    | duplicators from them. But if you don't|
                    | have Jane, you may see that they drop  |
                    | some after battle. They are a great    |
                    | way to level up, or the collect        |
                    | duplicators if you're short on them    |
    Hell Hound      | Fire masters, weak to ice              | Worldmap
    Helterskelter   | Strong and counterattacking. Very nasty| Ghost ship
                    | Be very careful when encountering      |
                    | these. Weak to light                   |
    Hercade         | Weak to water. Active on Thunder.      | Demon's Lab
    Hob Gob         | No threat                              | Worldmap
    Ifrit           | They start shielded against physical   | Volcannon Trap
                    | and magical attacks. Has quite some HP |
                    | and strong fire attacks.               |
                    | When they start summoning Garums then  | 
                    | this fight will take a lot longer. The |
                    | Garums will protect it, and he keeps   |
                    | summonning new ones.                   |
    Ignisfatuus     | Will explode when defeated             | Malduke
    Iron Maiden     | Not the HardRock Band. An android like | Pandemonium
                    | the Raidbuster. Not too hard to beat   |
    Jammer Imp      |                                        | Worldmap
    Jelly Blob      | Use magic to get rid of them           | Worldmap
    Lamia           | Watch out for sleep.                   | Guardian Temple
    Largon          |                                        |
    Larva           | Poisonous                              | Worldmap
    Lizard Man      | Pretty strong and they counter nearly  | Mountain path
                    | allways                                |
    Melchom         | No threat, just annoying               | Worldmap
    Mercurius       | Absurd high defense. Summoning         | Epitath Sea 
                    | guardians can help.                    |
                    | Weak to water.                         |
    Mu              | Invincible to and they keep on making  | Ka Dingel
                    | new versions of themself. Use a        |
                    | Guardian to get rid of them            |
    Nybass          | They use black magic like crazy. Weak  | Giant's Cradle
                    | to light                               |
    Okypete         | Weak to Earth, can steal, disease.     | The Sea
                    | Shoot with Rudy or use magic           |
    Pillbug         | Cecilia may be to weak to attack them  | Forbidden Library
                    | her magic will have to do. Don't worry |
                    | you gain levels faster than you run    |
                    | out of MP!                             |
    Pordarge        | Watch out for disease. Weak to earth   | Mountain Path
                    | hard to hit. Rudy can hit them more    |
                    | easily using his ARM                   |
    Purple Worm     | Poisonous                              | Worldmap
    Rat Monkey      | No thread. Weak to holy                | Worldmap
    Raechel         | Shoot them with Rudy                   | Ghost ship
    Raidbuster      | Don't be deceived by her looks of a    | Giant's Cradle
                    | sweet Holly Hobby girl. She's a deadly |
                    | android with some sorts of ARMS. She   |
                    | will also protect any ally of diferent |
                    | kind. If you encounter her, best to    |
                    | rid of her first.                      |
                    | Sometimes she can disable Rudy's ARM   |
    Remnant         | They summon friends. That's annoying!  | Worldmap
    Retributor      | Will always use "Rule Of Venguance     | Photosphere
                    | enabling them to return all damage     |
                    | you do to them                         |
    Rock Baboon     | Pretty strong, but not dangerous       | Sand River
    Ronway          | Ridiculous looks. They try to put on   | Fallen Santuary
                    | some nasty statusses. Not a true threat|
                    | tough                                  |
    Salamandra      | Fire monsters.                         | Volcannon trap
    Saracenian      | Watch out for Downhearted. Weak for    | Worldmap
                    | fire!                                  |
    Scarescrow      | Watch out with magic. He might reflect | Guardian Temple
                    | it                                     |
    Scylla          | Pray! I hope you saved your game       | Outer Sea
                    | Casting ice spells on it might help    |
    Sea Bishop      | Starts with shield, protect and speed  | Outer Sea
                    | by default. Will lower you magic def.  |
                    | Watch out!                             |
    Shrieker        | Weak to fire.                          | Mount Zenom
    Spartoi         | Easily killed. No worries              | Burning Adlehyde
    Stormdrake      | Beware of their powerfull thundermoves | Epitaph Sea
    Tatzelwurm      | Their fire moves are nasty.            | Berry Cave
    Troll           | To hard to kill unless extremely       | Mountain Path
                    | overlevelled. Just defend, and they'll |
                    | leave.                                 |
    Twin Tail       |                                        | Worldmap
    Virsago         | No true threat. May go for counters    | Worldmap
    Wight           | Masters of darkness. Weak to light     | Malduke
    Will-O'the Wisp | Pretty annoying. No true threat        | Fallen Santuary
    Wise Man        | Weak to thunder                        | Demon's Lab
    Zonemaker       | More an assitant than a fighter. Can   | Volcannon Trap
                    | be very annoying, though               |

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