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    Prologue Walkthrough by honestgamer

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                                Wild Arms - Alter Code: F
                                 Prologue FAQ/Walkthrough
                                       Version 1.0
                                     By Jason Venter
    Version History:
    (1.1) May 11, 2006 - Decided that the FAQ would work better if it focused on 
    the occasionally perplexing opening areas, rather than providing just another 
    broad look at the game as a whole (besides that, I found that a lot of other 
    people have already done the latter).  Fixed up formatting a bit and made 
    sure everything looks right.  This will likely be the final update.
    (1.0) December 13, 2005 - Began work on my walkthrough for Wild Arms - Alter 
    Code: F.  I plan to write this as I play through the game, so this is one FAQ 
    that will probably take a long time to write.  Ah, well.  Had to start 
    Table of Contents:
    I. Introduction
    001. Prologue 1: Surf Village
    002. Prologue 1: Berry Cave
    003. Prologue 2: Ruins of Memory
    004. Prologue 3: Curan Abbey
    005. Prologue 3: Sealed Library
    II. Conclusion
    Search Tip: You can hop around this guide easily by copying the line from the 
    contents above that corresponds to the area where you need help, then 
    pressing 'CTRL+F' on your keyboard to bring up the box. Paste the line into 
    that box, then search to skip immediately to the desired portion of the 
    I. Introduction
    One question I often hear is "Why are you such a stud, and why did you pick 
    Game X when you decided to write a FAQ?" The stud part is easy: I was born 
    that way.  As for the decision about the game, well, it just depends on any 
    number of factors.  In the case of Wild Arms - Alter Code: F, it was a matter 
    of laziness.  I'd always wanted to write a FAQ for the original, but I didn't 
    because I was always too busy and by the time I would have, plenty of people 
    had done it already and most people forgot the game even existed.  The remake 
    was the perfect excuse to go back and re-visit the game, in updated form.  
    Intitially, I figured the best way to accomplish this would be to write a 
    massively in-depth guide for the whole game.  Alas, the best of plans fell by 
    the wayside and I never really made it past the prologue.  This left two 
    choices: trash hours upon hours of work, or give you the gift of the world's 
    best Prologue FAQ.  I chose the later.  
    With this FAQ, my goal was to make it easier for everyone else to become a 
    fan of this awesome franchise, if they're not already.  The FAQ works thusly: 
    you consult the Table of Contents for the area you're at within the Prologue, 
    then you skip to that portion of the FAQ and everything you need is right 
    there in one place.  As I wrote, I assumed you'll be reading through the 
    whole thing, but I've definitely done what I can to make sure that those 
    people who only consult a FAQ when they're stuck find a lot to like.  See how 
    thoughtful I am?
    "Sure," you say. "Really thoughtful.  That's why your stupid introduction is 
    three paragraphs long!" You have a point.  So now it's over.  Enjoy the FAQ!
    001. Prologue 1: Surf Village
    LOCATION: The game begins you here by default.  Surf Village is located in 
    the middle of a vast desert.  Of course, 'vast desert' describes most all of 
    ITEMS: Bomb, Heal Berry (7), Revive Fruit
    Before you'll have a chance to do anything other than adjust a few game 
    settings, you'll get to watch a video that shows the game's characters 
    standing in a verdant field, then rushing to meet one another.  This is your 
    first chance to meet all of them, but it's brief.  Then you're looking at a 
    screen that tells you this is the first prologue (yes, there are several).  
    Press the 'X' button to get started.
    The camera will now pan around the area while you are told the history of the 
    world of Filgaia.  The once-lush world has now become a wasteland that only a 
    few people known as Wanderers dare to fully explore.  You are one such 
    person, and you are presently staying in a place known as Surf Village.  The 
    game begins properly with you brushing down a horse, until a man named 
    Bambollo tells you that it's time to finish up the task.  He's pleased to 
    have hired you.  At this point, he'll ask you to remind him of your name.  
    You'll be prompted to enter your name, or you can leave it at the default, 
    Rudy.  For the purposes of this FAQ, I left it as it was.
    After you've chosen your name, you'll be awarded with five of the HEAL BERRY 
    item.  This exchange was entirely forced, but now you're placed in control of 
    Rudy and can start exploring.  You'll notice first of all that there's a red 
    bird sitting on a nearby fence.  You can talk to this memory bird if you wish 
    to save.  Go ahead and do so, just so you have a file to work from.
    Once you've saved, head across the road to check the other side of a fence 
    for a HEAL BERRY.  If you head up the hill, a guy named Tony will stop you to 
    tell you about holy berries.  They grow in a cave just west of the village 
    called the Berry Cave (what an imaginative name!), and the town used to be 
    able to harvest them until monsters filled the region and the village chief 
    sealed it off.  Tony would very much like a holy berry, but he's hesitant to 
    ask outright.
    Head inside the building behind Tony and you'll find Clair, who offers to let 
    you rest upstairs.  You can do so if you like, or you can talk to her.  
    Choose the latter option and she'll tell you about a scary book called "The 
    World Moves to Wilderness," which is in a bookshelf upstairs.  The book 
    relates the history of Filgaia, of a time before it was in the desolate state 
    you see at present.
    When you head through the door to the left of where you meet Clair, you'll be 
    introduced to Tallman.  He is pleased with your ability to settle into the 
    village so nicely.  However, he's concerned about the desolation that is 
    settling in on the world, and on the village.  Like other people you've found 
    in town, he mentions the Berry Cave, off to the west.  He also mentions bombs 
    in the room to his side.  Go ahead and enter it to find a red treasure chest 
    that contains the BOMB tool.  As the menu explains, you can press the '[]' 
    button to set these items at your feet.  They'll explode to bust open crates 
    and the like, and will be important throughout the remainder of the game.
    Now that you've got the bombs, head back out of the room and you'll witness 
    an exchange between Tallman and a villager.  He reveals that Tony has headed 
    out to the Berry Cave, despite a ban Chief Tallman set on the area.  He says 
    to make sure no one--you included--tells anyone of the boy's indiscretion, 
    lest it throw everyone into a panic.  If you talk to him again, he'll reveal 
    that no one from the village may enter the cave, as per a law the villagers 
    enacted.  There's no time to change it, either.  Tony is in deep trouble.  
    Hmm, who could possibly go out and save the foolish boy?
    While you ponder that, go ahead and check the bookshelf behind the chief to 
    find a book entitled "Rotting Beast and Holy Berries."  It tells of the 
    history of the berries.  Go back out into the previous room where you first 
    met Clair, then head to the right and up the staircase to the next floor.  
    There, check the bookshelf to read the book she mentioned to read the book 
    that tells of the history of ARMs such as the one you carry with you.  
    There's also a patch of light that lets you exit onto an upstairs porch.  
    Check the barrel there to obtain one REVIVE FRUIT.  Now head back downstairs 
    and exit the building.
    If you look toward the left from that building, you'll see a stand-alone 
    shanty, and left from there a larger building.  Head along its front wall to 
    find a barrel that contains a HEAL BERRY, near where the horse you were 
    tending to earlier is standing, pawing at the ground with his hoof.  Once you 
    grab the berry, you can head inside the house to talk with Tony's father.  He 
    mentions that he's been injured, and can't keep a close watch on his son.  
    He's (justifiably) concerned that the boy may cause trouble for others as a 
    result.  The shelf behind him contains a book called "Zephyr of Hope," a book 
    about the hope for the future lying within the hearts of mankind 
    (translation: it's sappy and you probably don't care to read it).
    Exit the house and head back to the memory bird to save your progress.  
    You've done all you can do in the village at this point.  Though you will 
    notice a hole in the wall if you head around to the back side of the stables, 
    you don't have any way yet to enter the little nook that lies beyond.  In 
    case you're curious, you'll someday come back here to grab a treasure chest.  
    But that's not the case just yet.  Right now you should save at the memory 
    bird and exit the village into the grand world that lies beyond its rickety 
    002. Prologue 1: Berry Cave
    LOCATION: As the villagers in Surf Village mentioned, Berry Cave lies to the 
    west.  When you leave Surf Village, the game's tutorial will remind you of 
    the fact and tell you how to use the 'Search' function (just press the '[]' 
    button while exploring the world map to search for nearby locations of 
    interest).  From the village, head due west.  Stay just above the forest and 
    search as you walk.  You'll find the cave nestled against a small recess in a 
    ITEMS: Gella (200), Gella Card, Gimel Coin (10), Heal Berry (4), Lucky Card 
    (3), Migrant Seal, Small Flower
    When you enter the cave area, a man named Campbell will immediately talk to 
    you.  He says that you should enter the cave to rescue Tony, since you're not 
    bound by village law.  Go ahead and accept his request.  He'll give you three 
    LUCKY CARD items and the MIGRANT SEAL party item as a reward.
    The seal is a useful item.  With it, you can cancel out enemy encounters if 
    you have enough energy left on your gauge.  You do so by pressing the 'O' 
    button whenever an '!' appears overhead as you are exploring places that 
    monsters lurk.  Because this is an RPG, there are some battles you'll simply 
    have to fight (scripted ones, of course, and those you don't avoid quickly 
    enough).  Once a battle starts, you can't back out of it.  Keep that in mind.
    From where you talk to your pal Campbell, go ahead and walk directly north, 
    into the heart of the cave.  There's a good chance a monster will attack you 
    in short order.  You'll have plenty of time to avoid the encounter if you 
    like, but I'm all for building levels as promptly as possible.  Besides that, 
    your life meter will refill a fair amount after any battles you fight, so 
    they're not as draining as in some RPGs you may have played previously.
    The monsters in this cave should not present much of a problem for you, 
    especially with your health restored after each encounter.  The gobs tend to 
    spend more time telling each other to attack than actually doing so (it's 
    lovely when they attack in pairs for just that reason), and the snakes can do 
    a lot of damage if you let them, but fall within two rounds.  If you 
    encounter a mixed group, always take out the snakes first, because they are 
    stronger.  The gobs will usually run before you can tend to them, but that's 
    just fine; they don't give you so many EXP anyway!
    As you continue north through the cave, you'll enter a new room.  Here, 
    you'll see miscellaneous junk to your left, and a set of crates on some 
    limestone to the right.  Head up to the crates and bomb around their base to 
    get a HEAL BERRY for yourself.  You can then walk past where the crates were 
    to reach the edge of a small drop-off.  While balanced on the edge, press the 
    'X' button to jump down to the path below, then head toward the right.  Now 
    you'll see a blackened entryway to your left.  Enter it.
    In the next area, move forward and you'll find more crates sitting out in the 
    open.  Blast them open to clear your path.  Follow it as it wraps around to 
    the right, down a torch-lit chamber to a new doorway that leads into the next 
    From this door, you'll see a set of two crates off to the right.  Blast them, 
    then walk past to a drop-off and jump down to where a red treasure chest 
    awaits below.  It contains a HEAL BERRY.  From there, drop down a few more 
    ledges to where a sign tells everyone to keep out of the cave that lies 
    beyond.  It's signed by the village chief, and advises that removal of the 
    sign is punishable by law.  Naturally, you don't care.  Go ahead and bomb it 
    to dispose of it, then go into the next area.
    Here, you'll just wrap along the path as it heads off to the right, then 
    loops back toward three glowing orbs you should have noticed when you first 
    entered.  Just to the side of those orbs is an archway that leads into the 
    next chamber.  Enter it and you'll see two crates to your left.  Blast them 
    with your bombs to obtain a SMALL FLOWER.  Walk toward the left, being 
    careful not to slide down any embankments, and you'll find a tutorial on 
    climbing ladders.  There's a ladder nearby, so go ahead and descend it to a 
    treasure chest waiting below.  It contains ten of the GIMEL COIN item.
    This item is particularly useful because you can save your data even if a 
    memory bird doesn't happen to be nearby.  That's obviously quite useful.  
    Equally important is the coin's ability to let you re-attempt a battle if you 
    happen to lose.
    Climb back up the ladder and follow the path left as it continues to another 
    archway, which you should enter.  From here, you'll see a dim path leading 
    off to the right, beyond some crates.  Follow it carefully, as a misstep can 
    lead to a plummet into the abyss.  When you reach the end of the stone 
    pathway, you'll see two crates that block off a red treasure chest.  Destroy 
    them and head over to the chest, which contains a GELLA CARD.  Then head back 
    left and enter the next doorway.
    From here, you'll see three crates off to the left, and white gems that line 
    a path branching off to the right.  You'll want to head to the crates in a 
    moment, but first go in the direction the glowing orbs indicate (grabbing 
    them restores bars on your encounter gauge).  You'll find another opening 
    here that leads into a storage room.  There, step ahead and drop off the 
    ledge (or climb the plank down) to where a treasure chest waits off to the 
    left.  It contains another HEAL BERRY.  Exit back out of the room now and go 
    to where the crates were positioned in the previous room.  Blast them out of 
    your way, then continue past them along the path (be careful not to drop off) 
    to a sign.  It warns you not to bump the ladder.  Head left through an 
    archway to find a ladder blocking your path to an opened treasure chest.  
    Hold the 'X' button to dash against the ladder.  This will knock it down so 
    that you can cross a gap that lies beyond the empty treasure chest.  Use the 
    makeshift bridge to reach another opening.
    From where you appear now, head to the diagonal upper left.  As you walk 
    along the path, it will brighten slightly to reveal a pile of crates blocking 
    your path.  Blast them out of your way to obtain another HEAL BERRY and to 
    reach another high ledge.  This one has a barrier along most of it, but you 
    can find a ladder that leads down to the lower area, where there's also a 
    treasure chest hiding in the shadows.  Open it for 200 GELLA before entering 
    the nearby door.
    When you start to follow the path left here, you'll soon run into Tony, who 
    is surprised to see you.  He asks if you're here to help.  Head to him, and 
    then to where a large boulder blocks your progress.  Plant eight bombs around 
    its base (a single one just won't work) to blow it to smithereens and gain 
    access to the archway it hid.  Pass through into the next chamber.
    You've now reached the deepest area of the cave.  This will trigger a scene 
    where you wade through a shallow stream of water to a massive tree.  When you 
    climb and pick a bunch of berries from its lowest branch, Tony follows and 
    happily accepts when you hand the cluster of fruit to him.  He plans to use 
    it to cure his ailing father.  As the two of you start to leave the area, a 
    massive quake shakes the region.  Once the rumbling subsides, you're greeted 
    at the cave's entrance by a group of villagers, including the chief.  They 
    reprimand the boy and thank you.  As everyone is about to leave, the dog that 
    came with them starts barking at the darkness behind you.  A monster emerges, 
    flings the animal to the side, and approaches the cowering humans.  Time for 
    your first boss encounter!
    [Boss Encounter: Rotting Beast]
    This is your first encounter, and the game will choose now to tell you about 
    Force Abilities.  You have one called Lock-On, which allows you to focus your 
    attacks so that they do more damage.  The drawback is that you're more likely 
    to take damage, and it'll do more harm to your HP meter.
    That's fine.  The beast at hand doesn't have a particularly large life meter, 
    so you can afford to be slightly reckless.  Attack mostly with just your 
    normal shots, but as your meter permits, go ahead and use the force attack.  
    You have plenty of heal berries by now, if you need them, so don't be afraid 
    to use them.
    The monster's main attacks are physical.  Sometimes, he'll counter-attack if 
    you shoot him.  More often, he'll breathe his rotten breath in your 
    direction, which does a fair bit of damage in the likely event that it 
    connects.  Watch your life meter and use a healing item if it drops below 40 
    or so.  When you run out of bullets, as you will, just spend a turn guarding 
    to block your opponent's attack while you refill your ammunition.  A 
    combination of the Lock-On force skill along with Boosted Ammo will hit him 
    for about 1/3 of his total life.  Just keep hammering away at your opponent.  
    He only has around 300 to 350 HP and should go down fairly quickly.
    Tony is amazed that you were powerful enough to defeat so legendary (and 
    huge) a monster.  However, the others are more afraid because you used your 
    ARM to do so.  They remember the legends that warned against the use of such 
    a powerful weapon, and fear that you will bring misfortune upon the village 
    if you remain among them.  They decide to return to the village to deliberate 
    over your fate.  You'll now be prompted to save your progress to this point, 
    so go ahead and do so.  Now it's time for the second prologue.
    003. Prologue 2: Ruins of Memory
    LOCATION: When you begin Prologue 2, you'll automatically start out in the 
    ruins, at their entrance.
    ITEMS: Gella Card (2), Gimel Coin, Heal Berry (2)
    Now that the first prologue is past, it's time to change viewpoint 
    characters.  You'll find yourself walking into the Ruins of Memory, now 
    controlling a character in a flowing brown jacket.  He's a treasure hunter, 
    and accompanied by a rat-like creature (a wind mouse, the game later 
    mentions) named Hanpan.  It can talk and can also be used as an on-screen 
    item (just press the '[]' button).  If you choose to use Hanpan's skills, 
    he'll dash forward a short distance before returning to you.  This is useful 
    if you need to hit remote switches and the like.  Naturally, you will be the 
    time you complete this dungeon.  This should come as a surprise to no one.
    Start your exploration by walking directly forward.  You'll come to a glowing 
    panel and display.  It looks a bit like an ancient computer.  Examine it to 
    trigger a sequence.  Hanpan will dance over the keys, and you'll be asked to 
    enter the correct descendant's name if you are the 'successor of memory.'  
    This is just a tricky way to let you name the treasure hunter.  His default 
    name is Jack, so I'm going to just go with that to keep things simple.
    When you enter the name, the computer won't find any matches.  An earthquake 
    then follows, and you're dropped down a hole into the chamber below.  From 
    here, you'll watch as Jack runs through the ruins, triggering and barely 
    avoiding all sorts of traps.  When you again gain control, it's just after 
    you've been dropped into a low basement.
    This room is interesting, and has some traps.  If you look toward the center, 
    you'll see a marble area of sorts, with columns at each of the four corners.  
    Blue crystals are perched atop of those, while a gray stone floor borders the 
    area.  You'll notice there are holes along that gray stone, and there's a 
    reason: spikes.  As you walk on the flooring, make sure that you keep moving.  
    Spikes will rise in your wake, and will certainly come up to damage you if 
    you stand still.  Cross over to the marble area and search the strangely-
    shaped statue at the center to get a clue as to what you should do.  
    Apparently, you must somehow trigger the four blue crystals.  To do so, 
    you'll have to throw crates, but they're presently out of reach.  Instead, 
    exit out the door on one side of the room.
    In this next room, you'll be given a little tutorial on looking about.  
    Basically, holding the 'R2' button and pressing 'X' will allow you to check 
    for traps that may await.  This can be useful if you have trouble finding a 
    way to proceed, too, as the game notes.  Try using it immediately and you'll 
    find that you can cycle through items of interest within the room.  For 
    example, there's a treasure chest directly ahead, beyond a booby-trapped 
    floor.  It's empty, though.  Start toward it and then turn sharply left 
    halfway across the flooring to find a switch you can press.  This will open a 
    door off to the right.  From the trigger you've just flipped, run across the 
    floor and up the short flight of stairs.  Grab the orbs and pass through the 
    doorway into the next room.
    This area gives you a tutorial on using Hanpan.  Head down the stairs ahead 
    and then press the '[]' button to release him.  He'll rush ahead to trip the 
    switch.  This opens a doorway to the right.  Climb up the ledge to your 
    right, then drop off its right-most edge to the lower area, where you can 
    then pass through the doorway.
    You're now on the lower level of a new room.  To your right are some glowing 
    white orbs, which you should go ahead and grab.  Left from them, you'll find 
    an archway.  Be careful about passing through it, though; a guillotine is 
    positioned overhead, and it will take half your life if you pass through at 
    the wrong moment.  Send Hanpan through to trick it into dropping, then pass 
    underneath as it is rising upward again.  On the other side is a short 
    staircase that will allow you to climb up to a green treasure chest that 
    contains a HEAL BERRY.  The trap is also rigged with fire, which will do a 
    small bit of damage after you grab the loot.  Climb back down the stairs and 
    go out the nearby doorway, into the next room.
    This room has one of those blue crystal switches on its left side, while a 
    short flight of stairs leads to a raise ledge on the right.  Three crates are 
    positioned there, and you can pick one up by standing nearby and pressing the 
    'X' button.  Heft one overhead, then get a short distance away from the 
    crystal switch and heave the box.  It'll crash against the switch and open a 
    new doorway to the right, just past where the crates were positioned.  Pass 
    through it.
    You're in a room you've been to before, but on an upper level.  It's the room 
    that had the empty treasure chest.  You can drop off the sides of this ledge, 
    to the level below, and run out to the center.  Look left to the treasure 
    chest, dash across that spiky floor, and stand to the left or the right of 
    the chest.  Open it to discover two GELLA CARD items.  Now cross over the 
    spikes to the stairs to the right, grab the glowing orange orbs, and exit 
    through the nearby door.
    You're now in another room with three crates and a blue switch.  Throw one 
    crate to bust the switch, then head along the room's right side and drop down 
    to the ledge where you've just opened a door.  Pass through that opening.
    Now you're in another room with some glowing orange orbs ahead, just on the 
    other side of another one of those spiffy guillotine devices.  There's also a 
    short staircase that leads to a ledge where a treasure chest waits.  If you 
    open it, you'll find it contains a GIMEL COIN.  Grab it and then head down to 
    the lower level.  Trick the guillotine as before, then grab the orange orbs.  
    There's a treasure chest waiting on a ledge above, but you can't reach it.  
    Also, watch out for a spiked bit of flooring, just past the third of those 
    glowing orbs I mentioned.  To the diagonal left of that, you'll see a door 
    leading into the next room, so go ahead and use it.
    Here, you'll notice a bit of obvious flooring ahead, with a gray switch at 
    the center.  By now, you'll recognize that there are spikes beneath it.  To 
    the right, a short flight of stairs leads to a raised area.  Start by heading 
    there.  A blue tile along the wall provides a clue about what you should do 
    next, which is this: press both switches at once.  Clearly, you can't be in 
    two places simultaneously, so Hanpan will have to do some work.  Stand on the 
    nearby switch (the one that doesn't have a spiked floor around it) and face 
    the other one, then send Hanpan out to step on it.  You can control his 
    direction with the d-pad or left analogue stick, whichever you prefer.  When 
    both switches are pressed together, the door to your right will open.  Pass 
    through it and into the next room.
    Now you'll see two sets of two crates, some to the left and some to the 
    right.  Beyond the left set is a blue crystal switch.  Throw crates at it to 
    open two doors along the room's right side.  One of them is currently within 
    reach, so pass through it and you'll find yourself back in the room where you 
    first entered the dungeon (the one with the marble area, a statue and four 
    blue switches).  You're at the upper level now, though, so you can make your 
    way around its perimeter, grabbing crates and throwing them so that they fall 
    apart after hitting the blue switches.  When you hit all four, the statue at 
    the room's center will disappear from sight, and a glowing device will appear 
    in its place.
    Now, you'll notice there are three additional doors on this upper level that 
    you can enter.  Two are positioned near its corner (they're left from where 
    you first entered the room, in case you've lost your bearings a bit).  One of 
    those two leads to a treasure chest with 200 GELLA and one leads back into 
    the previous room, which you don't care about.  Another of the doors on this 
    level lets you access that high treasure chest you couldn't reach in one of 
    the other rooms.  It contains a HEAL BERRY.  When you've got those items, go 
    ahead and return to the room where you just broke all those crates on the 
    switches, and drop down to the lower level.  Walk up to the glowing device 
    and you'll trigger a boss battle.
    [Boss Encounter: Atlachnacha]
    If you like bosses that resemble giant spiders, then Atlachnacha is going to 
    be a welcome treat.  However, he does pose a serious threat if you let 
    yourself get cocky.  His physical attacks will cut down around a fourth of 
    your life meter, while you can only hit for around 35 damage points with a 
    standard attack.
    A good strategy is to use normal attacks (healing as necessary) so that you 
    build up your Force meter and have access to more worthwhile attacks.  This 
    will allow you to access the Accelerator, which you should mix with the Speed 
    Fang attack.  The two combined will strike for around 130 damage!  You can 
    only use it two or maybe three times in a battle, but since Atlanchnacha only 
    has around 300 HP, that's more than enough.
    After you win the battle, go ahead and walk up to the blue cylinder you 
    fought so hard for.  When you do, you'll appear in a new area.  Ahead, a 
    glowing circle of greenish light awaits.  Walk up to the terminal just to its 
    left and Jack will try pressing keys in a random fashion.  This clearly 
    doesn't work, and Hanpan is unimpressed.  However, eventually you trigger a 
    holographic image.
    The image is that of an Elw, which you may remember were a race of magical 
    beings that disappeared from the planet years ago.  They are a subspecies of 
    human.  Hanpan will explain it all to Jack.  Suddenly, the Elw begins to 
    speak in his head.  It references an absolute power, which happens to be what 
    Jack is searching for.  It warns him not to seek out Lolithia and the 
    freezing power that goes with it.  After the image disappears, Jack resolves 
    to do precisely that!  His new destination is Lolithia's Coffin.
    A new cylinder appears now at the bottom side of the room.  Walk over to it 
    and touch it to be transported back to the entrance of the ruins.  Jack will 
    exit automatically, and you'll be prompted to save your progress.  The second 
    prologue is over.
    004. Prologue 3: Curan Abbey
    LOCATION: You'll appear automatically in this region when you begin the third 
    ITEMS: Heal Berry (2), Target Tool, Witch: Ep. 1
    When the third prologue begins, a girl is spinning in space while a voice 
    calls her a shaman and demands to know her name.  She denies that she is a 
    shaman, but the persistent voice is relentless.  Finally, she admits that her 
    name is... well, you get to decide.  By default, it's Cecilia, which is how I 
    will reference her from this point forward.  You can, of course, name her 
    whatever you like.  Once you confirm the name, you'll be instructed to 
    release the spirit's power from the sealed library.  Cecilia is confused by 
    these instructions, but the next thing you know, she's kneeling under a table 
    while her friend Holly is trying to awaken her.
    Holly mentions that there was an earthquake just after a school bell rang.  
    Cecilia remembers that, and that she crawled under a desk to protect herself.  
    Holly reprimands her for daydreaming, and asks how long it will be until 
    Cecilia returns to Adlehyde.  She's about to turn 17.  With that back story 
    out of the way, you'll gain control of Cecilia.
    Begin by talking to Holly yet again.  She's nicer now, and she reminds you to 
    see Sister Mary and Master Anje.  Exit the room and you'll find yourself in a 
    hallway.  To your right is a red spire, while above that you'll notice an 
    archway.  There's another to the right, and another below it.  Begin by 
    entering the one to Cecilia's right, on the bottom side of the room.
    You'll descend a gently declining staircase, toward a patch of glowing light.  
    Left, there's an archway and another doorway.  Enter the brown doorway to 
    find Sister Mary.  She doesn't offer the assistance you seek, but it's still 
    worth talking to her.  Also, while you're here, check the bookcase to her 
    right and find a book there entitled "Our World Filgaia," which you should 
    read to find out about the ancient war you've already heard of on occasion.  
    With that done, return to the room with the red spire.  This time, exit out 
    the room to the spire's right (which, as you approach, will be on the top 
    side of the room).
    Follow this staircase, past Brea.  She's staring out the window and will 
    yammer about the earthquake if you talk to her.  Keep going past her and 
    you'll see another open patch of light leading outside, as well as a brown 
    door to the right.  Enter it and talk to Trish, who is standing behind the 
    desk.  She mentions that she was organizing things and notice that a book was 
    missing.  You'll receive an event item called WITCH:EP1.  Look to the shelf 
    at the left and search it to find... books.  This is, after all, a library.  
    One book is entitled "Crest User."  Another is called "Basic Crest Sorcery."  
    On the back side of the shelf, there's a book called "Elemental Properties."  
    To its right is a book called "The Challenge of Magic."  The final shelf 
    against the wall contains "De La Metalica."  Finally, there's one to its 
    right called "Recommended Magic."  Why read all of these?  They're great 
    tutorials on the use of magic in the game.  Head back out the door into the 
    previous room now, and this time exit out the patch of light to your right.
    You will now appear in the abbey's garden.  Walk along the path (grab a HEAL 
    BERRY from one of the barrels here if you want), then notice a door about 
    halfway down the walkway.  Enter the door and you'll find yourself in a 
    kitchen area.  The cook will give you chow mein to eat if you're interested.  
    There's also a barrel nearby.  If you search it, you'll find a HEAL BERRY.  
    Exit back out the door, and continue to follow it around the garden's 
    perimeter to the next door.  Enter it and you're in a new room full of doors 
    and torches.
    Directly ahead, you'll see a lady in a pink dress.  Talk to her and she'll 
    explain the types of magic.  From where she stands, you have a few options.  
    There are three rooms along the hallway to her left, and three along the 
    hallway to the right.  The first room to the left contains a lady who will 
    let you listen to various musical compositions from the game.  The second on 
    the left is worthless, while the one just across the hallway from it is where 
    Master Anje lives.  Enter it and talk to her.  She'll ask you to touch the 
    magical orb, which is situated on the table she stands next to.  
    This is actually tougher to do than you might imagine.  Stand near to it and 
    search to make sure that you're in the proper position.  When you are, access 
    the 'Item' menu by pausing the game.  When you do, press the "R1" button to 
    cycle through item types until you find Event Items.  Select the Teardrop 
    item and there will be a cinema sequence.  A voice asks you to release it 
    from the book of Nelgal.  When the sequence ends, you'll receive a party item 
    called the TARGET TOOL.  This useful item highlights nearby items of interest 
    in yellow, to make them stand out more.  Talk to Master Anje again and she'll 
    tell you to talk to Peleira.
    Now, head back out to the main room where the girl was standing.  It's time 
    to explore the doors in the hallway to the right.  The first leads to the 
    room where Peleira is waiting.  She knows of the sealed library, and tells 
    you to stand before the holy woman who guards the door, then raise the light 
    of life.  The second door in the same hallway has a memory bird that will let 
    you save your progress.  The door across the hallway from the room with the 
    memory bird lets you talk to another student, but is otherwise useless.  What 
    you want to do now is head out to the garden.
    In the garden, there's a statue that appears to be guarded by the other 
    statues, and is facing west.  Stand in front of it and use the Teardrop from 
    the Event Items menu.  This will cause a nearby door to briefly flash blue.  
    If you'd tried entering that door before, it would've been locked.  Now, 
    you'll be able to enter it.  If you haven't done so already, save at the 
    nearby memory bird, then go ahead and enter that door to find yourself at the 
    entrance to the Sealed Library.
    005. Prologue 3: Sealed Library
    LOCATION: The Sealed Library is actually a dungeon contained within the Curan 
    Abbey.  To find its entrance, you'll need to follow the steps outlined in the 
    section above, as it's a lengthy procedure.  Once you've satisfied the 
    requirements, you can find it by entering one of the doors from the side of 
    the garden.  In the small room you find, stand in front of the engraving of 
    the Teardrop and use that item from the Event Items menu to be warped to the 
    ITEMS: Aqua Wisp, Heal Berry (2), Tinder Staff
    When you appear in the library, you're high on a pedestal.  There's a path to 
    the right that curves down around to the lower level, so you'll want to 
    follow that.  At the base, you'll find a treasure chest.  Open it to get a 
    tool, the TINDER STAFF.  This is a powerful weapon you can use on the map to 
    do crazy things like light torches from a distance.  It's going to be one of 
    the most important items in the game when it comes to solving puzzles and 
    With your new toy in hand, it's time to resume your exploration.  To your 
    right, you'll see a door that is locked.  There's a blue plaque nearby that 
    advises you to light all the candles in order to proceed.  Climb back up the 
    winding path to where you first appeared, then turn toward the other wall.  
    You'll see one of the torches unlit.  Fire your magic at it and the flames 
    will reappear.  Below, the door will open.  Head back down the path and 
    through the newly-opened door.
    You're now in a large chamber with a few options.  Directly ahead is a ladder 
    you can descend, while the balcony leads to the right and another door.  For 
    now, ignore the ladder and head for the latter.  Sorry for that last bit.  
    I'll be good now.  Anyway, go through the door.  There's a treasure chest 
    there that contains two HEAL BERRY items.  Grab them, then return to the 
    previous room.  At this point, you will probably notice that the balcony also 
    extends in the opposite direction, and that there's another door there.  So, 
    should you go down the ladder yet?  No.  Instead, go to that other door and 
    find yourself in a long hallway that winds in a half-arc.  Follow it and it 
    leads into yet another room.
    This room is noteworthy.  You'll see two torches blazing to the right, while 
    there's a pit to the left with a rising staircase that leans out over the 
    abyss.  Climb to the end of that platform and from the vantage point, light 
    three torches.  Doing so will open a new door at the other end of the room.  
    Go ahead and pass through it.  Follow the path in this room as it winds 
    around to another room.  
    From where you appear in this room, follow the path around to the door 
    opposite the one you entered.  At the moment, it's sealed.  However, you'll 
    notice a ladder on the wall just to its left, which leads up to a higher 
    area.  Climb the ladder.  You'll notice an open door that you can enter, 
    while to the left there are some circular items that look like jars.  They're 
    actually torches, but you don't want to light all of them.  The room I told 
    you about leads to a plaque on the wall with a clue.  Basically, it tells you 
    to open up the first, third, and fifth candles only.  Return to the previous 
    room and walk along the ledge, quickly sending out tinder fire to light those 
    three (you have a short time limit, so press 'O' to escape from any battles 
    that may try to stop you).  When you are successful, the door below will 
    Through that door, you'll find another of the arching paths this particular 
    dungeon seems to enjoy so much.  At the end of that, there's another room 
    like the one I described two paragraphs ago.  This time there are five 
    torches to light.  Again, time is of the essence.  Stand on the platform and 
    quickly light all five torches to open the next door.  The trick here isn't 
    to try doing it with one torch at a time.  Instead, hold down the '[]' button 
    and spin the analog stick in a quick circle.  Cecilia will whirl about, 
    flames blazing.  It should be fairly easy, even if it takes a spin or two to 
    get it right.  When you've done so successfully, pass through that next door 
    and into another arching pathway.
    When you pass through that hallway and into the next room, you'll find 
    yourself looking at a winged statue, near the base of that ladder you never 
    got to climb down upon first entering the dungeon.  Face the front of the 
    statue and use the Teardrop.  You'll lower a ledge that allows you to walk 
    over to the other statue in the chamber.  Use the Teardrop there, as well, 
    and you'll lower yet another ledge.  Now you have created a staircase that 
    you can climb to another doorway.
    Enter that door to find a new object directly ahead.  Examine it and you'll 
    be told how to operate the wheel device.  Hold the 'X' button and rotate the 
    left analog stick on your controller in a clockwise motion.  This will swing 
    a ladder around, which you can then climb to the room's middle level.  From 
    the head of the ladder, you can walk directly ahead to another wheel.  Don't 
    use it just yet.  Instead, walk beyond it and climb the ladder up to the 
    upper level.  There, investigate the blue tile (it's flashing, unless you've 
    disabled on-screen indicators).  You'll be asked to enter the password, which 
    is "Guardian Blade," which shouldn't come as a surprise if you've been 
    reading books and plaques as you've made your way through this dungeon.
    With the password entered, head down one level to the wheel and turn it to 
    make the ladder you just descended slide to the right.  Head to where the 
    ladder has moved, climb to its top, then walk toward the diagonal upper left.  
    You'll find the doorway you opened.  Enter it only when you've made any 
    necessary preparations (if you're on the verge of going up a level, fight a 
    few monsters so that your health, vitality and magic are restored).
    In the next room, you finally find the object of your affection, a book.  
    It's sitting on a solitary table directly ahead of the doorway.  When you 
    approach the table and search, Cecilia will seat herself and open up the 
    tome.  It's called the "Book of Nelgal."  She begins reading, but suddenly 
    the book's pages begin flipping wildly and the next thing you know, you're in 
    a boss battle with Nelgal.
    [Boss Encounter: Nelgal]
    Nelgal deems you worthy of consumption, but you definitely don't want to live 
    up to your potential in that regard.  Instead, you want to kick his butt.  
    The best way to do this is by not using your fire magic, since the beast is 
    resistant to attacks of its own affinity.  Attack with physical strikes a few 
    rounds and Nelgal will summon a few companions to help defeat you.  At this 
    point, a guardian will whisper to you.  You'll gain the power of the medium 
    named AQUA WISP.
    To use the medium's skills in battle, make sure your Force level is high 
    enough, then use the Aqua Wisp skill on your Force menu in battle.  This will 
    summon the medium.  The attack will cause Nelgal and his friends to vanish.  
    The battle is won.
    With Nelgal defeated, the book begins to flip through its pages once more, 
    and a voice speaks to you.  It asks you to release it.  The voice belongs to 
    the guardian of the water, Schturdark.  Nelgal had imprisoned it with his 
    dark power.  The guardian warns you that the world is about to be enveloped 
    in darkness again, that Lolithia is about to be opened and a messenger of 
    Armageddon will appear.  It's heavy stuff.
    When that scene ends, you're not magically warped out of the dungeon as you 
    may have hoped.  Instead, you're left standing in front of the table.  Step 
    to the previous room, though, and you'll be warped back out without having to 
    worry about enemies and other pesky annoyances.
    Sister Mary greets you in the garden.  She knew all along that Cecilia was 
    actually a shaman, as it is a position the female members of the royal family 
    have always held.  After a talk, Cecilia heads out to tell everyone at the 
    abbey goodbye.  Then the third prologue ends and you finally get to see the 
    animated movie you knew must exist.
    II. Conclusion
    Of course, you must realize that the real adventure has only just begun.  In 
    the original, the three-part prologue made up only a small part of the game, 
    and signaled the start of great things to come.  That's most assuredly the 
    case here, as well, but I've gotten you started and now I have to bail.
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